Case Study Seminar Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

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1 Case Study Seminar Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Dipl.-Kfm. Mark Gazecki, MBA

2 Why to apply for this course? Student quotes prior semesters "The Case Study Seminar delivers very interesting knowledge about how to manage various types of innovations and what topics to focus on when getting them into the market. Especially the learning by working on it method and the way the course was organized made it highly attractive. All in all it really motivated me to start my own business idea." (Student, TUM BWL Master) "I truly enjoyed the case-study seminar and learned a lot. I really thought that the things we learned were applicable for my future career." (Student, Master of Consumer Affairs)

3 Course Outline The course Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation is about what it takes to launch innovative products and services onto the market. This course is intended for students interested in launching a product or venture in a novel, innovative industry context - either as a start-up or within a corporation. The course introduces a set of conceptual frameworks and tools that help students to identify, evaluate, and manage innovative products and ventures. We will examine what types of innovations can serve as the basis for a successful business. These can be of technological nature, but don t necessarily have to be. Many successful businesses have risen to prominence based on non-technological innovation such as business model innovation, innovative distribution models, and innovation within the valuechain. Based on case studies and real-life examples we will explore businesses ideas and novel concepts behind such innovative businesses. We will then cover what it takes to spread innovative products into the market, and take an innovative idea into a revenue generating business. In this we will distinguish between innovation in established industries and innovative products that shape new industries. Frameworks around customer adoption, customer acquisition strategy (e.g. crossing the chasm with early adopters), and methods such as customer lifetime value calculation will provide theoretical underpinning for the case discussions. Key concepts covered in this course are: Sources and types of innovation Innovation- and business opportunity evaluation Launch plan for a product / service

4 Course details Lecturers Language Course Weight Time Exam Literature Target audience Dipl.-Kfm. Mark Gazecki, MBA English 6 ECTS Fridays 9: hrs No exam. Grade will consist of class participation, a team project, and one take-home case. Course documents are provided online. Master TUM-BWL/TUM-WIN/TUM-WITEC, Master Consumer Affairs, SBWL oder Integrationsfach (Slot: Unternehmensführung) TUM-BWL Diplom, Erasmus, MBA-Schwerpunktmodul, MBA-Managementmethode (Innovation/Marketing), All students who have business administration as a minor enrollment To enable class discussion, there will be a limit of 20 people in the seminar. Dates October 21,28 November 4,11,18,25 December 2,9,16 January 13,20,27 Feb 3,10

5 Application Deadline: Before Saturday Oct 15, 2011 (the former deadline was extended) Successful applicants will be notified by October 18, 2011 Please send a short mail in the following format to Header Application CSS WS2011 [Your Name] Content of Course Motivation Final A-Level grade (Abiturnote) Undergraduate grade (Bachelor -, Vordiplom - Note), grade of first studies (Diplom) Attachment (in one PDF!) One PDF file! Resume Signed registration form A-Level grades Undergrad. academic record Current academic record

6 Registration for the Case Study Seminar: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Winter Term 2011 Last Name: First Name:.. Student ID: # of Semesters:. Form of credit: TUM-BWL, Master TUM-BWL, Integrationsfach TUM-WIN TUM-WITEC MCA MBA, Schwerpunktmodul MBA, Managementmethode Other, please specify:.. I understand that this registration is binding. If I get accepted to this course, I can only withdraw from it by handing in a written (informal) deregistration before October 19 th, Date, Signature..