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1 myphone 8920MARK / myphone 8920 TV MARKpro User manual CONTENTS 1 Key elucidation 1.1navigate key (1)Key on the direction:while edit according to the direction key;need machine appearance bottom, press this key into music player. (2)The direction descend key:descend key according to the direction while edit;need machine appearance bottom, press this key into an alarm clock. (3)The direction left key:while edit to press the direction left key;need machine appearance bottom, press this key into scene mode. (4)The direction right key:while edit to press the direction right key;need machine appearance bottom, press this key into a bell ring a constitution. (5)OK key:usually, choice menu juniors line confirm key;needing machine interface bottom, pressing this key can the realization get into main course list interface;taking photo, recording image to take view interface, pressing this key can the realization take photo, record image beginning respectively or pause function. 1.2 Numeral key: Importation numeral and character list;2-9 numeral can constitution for fast stir the number fast key. 1.3 Stir number key 1: Stir the number of make a phone call by card's 1 ways;connect to listen to card 1 with card 2 telephone;need machine appearance, adjust have already stired a telephone record. 1.4 Stir number key 2: Stir the number of make a phone call by card's 2 ways;connect to listen to card 1 with card 2 telephone;need machine appearance, adjust have already stired a telephone record. 1.5 Right and soft key: Performance the screen be right to descend Cape leading sign manifestation function.

2 1.6 Left and soft key: Performance the screen be left to descend Cape leading sign manifestation function. 1.7 Hang machine key: The be over is converse or brush-off telephone;press this key under the other condition general return to need machine appearance. 1.8 The TV fast key: Need the machine interface press this key and get into a cellular phone television interface. 1.9*key: BE edit appearance, according to this key importation all special sign, Chinese punctuation;stir number interface bottom, long press this key can cut over realization+, P, W character list of importation.needing machine interface bottom, pressing OK key and this key can realization keyboard lock function #Key: At edit appearance press this key, cut over input method appearance, need machine interface long press this key can at mute mode with general the of mode carry on cut over.the touch hold bottom, stir number key interface, long press#key also realization this function.the keyboard lock behind basis hint according to this key realization solution lock function Switch key: Be located on cellular phone top, long press this key realization to switch on with shut down function, short press can realization the keyboard lock function Side key: -Volume key: Top and bottom adjustable stanza volume size, after launching function menu can the top and bottom roll over cursor. -Take a picture key:long press fast get into a camera, short press can turn on flash light namely flashlight. Attention: In this manual"press the some key", is press that key behind namely loose open;"long press the some key", is press that key and keep 2 or 2 above. 2 diagram mark While need the machine interface, the small diagram mark may appear be as follows concrete elucidation:

3 Diagram mark Elucidation Mean the strength of network signal. You can usage GPRS service. Start vibration machine function. Receive a new information. Receive a new colorful message. Alarm clock already enactment and start. Appear while inserting headphones. The start call to transfer function. The lock keyboard openned. Target a keyboard. Manifestation battery electricity quantity. The manifestation answered the phone. Start chat function. Start many to the stopwatch function. Start JAVA The conjunction arrive wireless network

4 Receive a new service information. 3 function menu 3.1 The usage of function menu - Roll over to search choice function Need machine appearance bottom, get into main course a list according to the OK key, or need machine appearance bottom, press touch to hold into main course list. Press touch to hold the function need in all main course the list or the submenu Class, according to hint get into or withdraw menu. - Withdraw menu General circumstance, you can pass to press the right and soft key to withdraw a certain menu item;perhaps usage touch pen press right descend Cape of small diagram mark to withdraw a certain menu to hang machine key to send back to need machine interface. 3.2 Function menu structure The touch hold appearance bottom, lack of function menu province structure as follows: 1. Telephone directory 1-1 fast look for 1-2 names check to seek 1-3 add to numbered 1-4 all replication 1-5 delete 1-6 telephone a group of set 1-7 other number 1-8 telephone directory constitution capacity search storage position name card constitution 1-9 telephone picture 1-10 telephone bell ring 2 News 2-1 message 2-2 colorful message

5 2-3 chat 2-4 speech mailbox small area broadcasting 3 Converse center 3-1 converse record answer the phone have already stired a telephone have already answer the phone delete converse record converse time converse charge messages count a machine The GPRS count a machine 3-2 converse constitution SIM card 1 converse constitution machine number call to wait for call to transfer call restriction circuits cut over SIM card 2 converse constitution high class constitution blacklist autos are heavy to stir soon stir The IP stir number background sound converse time manifestation converse time hint auto limit 4 Constitution 4-1 mode constitution 4-2 touch to hold a school quasi-

6 4-3 accelerations spread a feeling machine enactment 4-4 accelerations spread a feeling machine a school quasi- 4-5 cellular phone constitution times and date time- switch machine language input method choice first input method code a way need machine menu a manifestation salute language fast function appointed function key auto time of renewal handwritten constitution UART constitution other constitution 4-6 network constitution 4-7 safety constitution SIM card 1 safety constitution cellular phone lock keyboard lock change a password certificate management guard against theft to track telephone fire wall message fire wall long range control 4-8 factory constitution 4-9 sound effect 5 multimedia 5-1 intelligence cinema 5-2 FLV companion 5-3 cellular phone television

7 5-4 camera 5-5 photo album 5-6 video frequencies record image a machine 5-7 video frequency player 5-8 photograph editor 5-9 music player The 5-10 AB reply to read 5-11 recording 5-12 frequency modulation broadcasting 5-13 FM in fixed time recording 5-14 slide 5-15 e-book 6 File management 6-1 cellular phone 6-2 memory card 7 Amusement and game 7-1 intelligence game paradise 7-2 palm academy 7-3 game center 7-4 multimedia e-book 7-5 cellular phone QQ 7-6JAVA 7-7 JAVA constitution The 7-8 JAVA recognize tacitly a safety 7-9 game 7-10 movement game 8 Scene mode 8-1 general mode 8-2 meeting mode 8-3 outdoor mode 8-4 indoor mode 8-5 headphones mode 8-6 blue tooth mode 9 Tool box

8 9-1 calendar 9-2 mission 9-3 alarm clock 9-4 world time 9-5 stop-watch 9-6 number ownership ground search 10 Network service 10-1 STK service* 10-2 WAP* 10-3 data bank account 10-4 conjunction management 11 Additional function 11-1 calculator 11-2 units convert 11-3 rate of exchanges convert 11-4 answering machine 12 Blue tooth 3.3 telephone directory You can usage telephone directory the function be some saving importance of the person's name, cellular phone, family telephone, company telephone etc. name card election to choose telephone directory from the main course list, get into a telephone thin. Note:This cellular phone 800 saving telephone number. 3.4 short news The choice"information" menu get into a submenu. If your network support, and you already to network supplier application should business, pass short news service center, you can at will receive and dispatch medium, English short news and multimedia information message constitution The time in the usage short news function, you want to do a necessity first of constitution. Get into a submenu message constitution, can difference to card 1 or card 2 carry on

9 corresponding a constitution. - Mode constitution:is a cellular phone message the choice be an accommodation of mode.get into each mode can rightness the name, message center number, term of validity for correspond, send out a format of constitution. - Appearance constitution:constitution whether open news a report or reply path. - Capacity search:look into SIM card or cellular phone mailbox in of the space occupy a circumstance. - Storage position:choice cellular phone or SIM card. - Information transmission enactment:the short news deliver the choice of way, GPRS or GSM. The center number of the constitution message:please with the supplier contact of your network to get short news service center number.such as China move a short news service center number in Shanghai BE: The concrete operation is:choice message constitution submenu in of any mode constitution, at two importation your short news service center number after, press assurance to keep constitution. Appearance report:if you appearance report constitution in order to open, when the other party receive you hair of the short news perhaps a certain reason don't by that time receive, the short news center send a present in return appearance report, and you can expediently see whether the other party have already receive or not. Note:Should the realization of the function demand operator support. 3.5 colorful message Note:This function card is 2 nonsupports. Write a letter interest:new set up a multimedia an information.your demand fill in to place a receiver, duplicate, airtight piece duplicate, subject and contents. - Constitution:The constitution's multimedia's information send out with receive of related parameter. - Send out a constitution:the colorful message send out of some related parameter constitution. Such as usage period inside, send out repay, read repay, priority, time partition, send out etc. in time. - Receive a constitution:the colorful message receive process in of some related parameter constitution.such as lord network, travel extensively a network, transmission reading report, allow transmission report etc..

10 - Filter a constitution:filter a parts of colorful message. - Network constitution:choice rightness should of network. - Saving space:look into the capacity information of colorful message. - Memory appearance: Choice saving position. 3.6 chat Chat room enactment:the other party cellular phone of the choice a chat room, enactment pet name and chat number. Beginning chat:importation information, beginning and pre-established cellular phone number square chat The choice mail get into menu, submenu as follows: Send out to be alongside of to accept: bank account enactment also after open, choice this can send out mail and be alongside of to accept an . Edit an New set up an .Your demand fill in a receiver, copy to send, airtight send, topic, have the initiative class, contents and enclosure.after filling in completion, can choice send out, send out and keep, keep preliminary draft or not keep leave. Accept a box:look into the information for receive.can carry on look into, the row preface, marking for delete, delete, turn hair etc. operation. Hair piece box:keep to send out an unsuccessful .(The concrete operation together accept a box) Preliminary draft: after edit complete if don't send out can keep here.can carry on look into, row preface, marking is delete, delete etc. operation. Pure empty mailbox:there is five submenu in the pure empty mailbox.accept a box, hair piece box, already the hair mail, preliminary draft, all mailbox. Customer can choice pure empty a certain row form, choice all the mailbox then delete all mailbox all . Delete a marking already:there is five submenu.accept a box, hair piece box, already the hair mail, preliminary draft, all mailbox. Customer can choice pure empty a certain row form, choice all the mailbox then delete all mailbox already marking . bank account:press the options into 1.New set up bank account:start establish bank account, importation you the address of the for apply for.(such as com)click the options can the choice next move, input method, cancel.the importation's completion get into next move communication

11 agreement. 2.Communication agreement:the communication agreement, IMAP4 or Pop3 of choice mail.(the agreement provided according to your mail server, like POP3).The completion click an options into a next move data bank account. 3.Data bank account:the choice mail deliver a GPRS account number (such as CHINA MOBILE GPRS)for use, can contact the operator provide.the completion click an options into a next move to receive a server. 4.Receive a server:the enactment mail receive the pop of server 3 addresses,.(such as pop com)the completion get into a next move to send out a server. 5.Send out a server:the smtp address of importation mail server.(such as smtp.126. com)the completion get into a next move an user's name. 6.User's name:the name of electronics mailbox.(like A, here have to importation A, of havings character list)the completion get into a next move a password. 7.Password:The password of importation electronics mailbox.(like B)The completion get into a next move bank account name. 8.Bank account name:recognize tacitly is importation of pop com. Namely completion new set up bank account of constitution. Can click bank account into at this time the bank account had already set up, can carry on a start, edit, new set up bank account and delete operation. Get in to edit, can carry on change to the related item. Two manifestation name:the name of manifestation for the other party to receive mail.(like C, this can arbitrarily importation name) Seven high class constitution: Bank account constitution:mail enactment related parameter enactment after complete, again get into: Network service >the data bank account-gprs, the choice be previous to make selection of deliver an account number.(such as CHINA MOBILE GPRS) Then, change to from"cmwap" two GPRS conjunction point "cmnet"(attention:please change to return to"cmwap" while use this account number conjunction wap(include a colorful message)). Biggest receive capacity:receive of each mail the biggest capacity(this can not modification) Send out a server constitution:

12 Send out a port:under the general circumstance fill in 25(this can not modification) Attestation:Here please recognize tacitly to"open". Receive a server:receive the port choice recognize tacitly of 110. Signature:Manifestation of mail end the signature contents of the tail(this doesn't make to change) Template:Prepare the information for save, you can carry on edit, moving to the template information in addition to, edit an operation. 3.8 speech mailbox The speech information that you receive is saving in the network, listen to that information you have to stir a dozen speech mailbox number. Edit:You can add/edit remaining rhyme mailbox number, so, at the function of the usage speech mailbox will be getting faster. The conjunction go to a speech:call the speech mailbox establish by you number, listen to message. 3.9 small area broadcasting Receive mode:the choice open in to receive mode, close brush-off receive small rea broadcasting news. Read information:get into this menu read what you make to order small rea broadcasting news. Language:Constitution small rea broadcasting of receive language. Channel constitution:constitution small rea broadcasting channel. Note:The service of small area broadcasting and speech mailbox all provide for the operator and please with your operator contact converse center look into a converse record Is a SIM card respectively 1 converse record and SIM card 2 converse record Here with card 1 is example, card 2 homology and card 1 operation. Answer the phone, press assurance can look into and don't connect the row form of telephone. Have already stired a telephone, press assurance can look into have already stired telephone row form. Have already answer the phone, press assurance can look into have already answered the phone row form.

13 The GPRS count a machine Last time transmission:record last time transmission word stanza number. The last time accept:the record last time receive word stanza number. Altogether transmission:record altogether transmission of word stanza number. Altogether receive:record altogether receive of word stanza number Heavy design few machine:restart to count converse constitution Note:Is a SIM card respectively 1, card 2 constitution, with card 1 give examples, card 2 constitution together card 1 1.Converse constitution(sim card 1) This machine number: - The system prepare to establish:whether number send out or not the adoption system recognize tacitly value. - Conceal number:while call, the other party could not see number.(need support of operator) - Send out number:while call, the other party's ability see number. Call to wait for: Open or the close call to wait for function.choice search can look into current call wait for appearance. Call to transfer: Transfer all speech telephone:while telephoning to telephone for the speech, transfer. The contact doesn't arrive to transfer:open a contact after don'ting arrive to transfer, will will stir to transfer your number for establish into the telephone under the sistuation that the other party can't connect you. - Have no should answer to transfer:open to have no should after answering to transfer, will under the circumstance that your cellular phone have no should answer, the number willing stir to transfer you constitution into the telephone. - Meet the favour transfer:openning to meet favour after transfer will at your cellular phone favour, will stir to transfer your number for establish into the telephone. - Transfer all data telephone:while telephoning to telephone for the data, transfer. - The cancel transfer:the cancel is all to call to transfer. Call restriction: Make a phone call to carry on restriction towards stir.

14 - Forbid to stir:carry on restriction towards stiring a telephone. - Forbid to telephone:carry on restriction towards telephone. - The start is all:namely to stir restriction also to telephone restriction(need importation password) - The cancel is all:cancel constitution of restriction.(need importation password) - Change a password:modification password. The circuit cut over: Choice circuit 1 or circuit high class constitution Blacklist:Being included in blacklist medium code will be shield. The auto is heavy to stir:open auto heavy after stir, every call failure to carry on the auto heavy stir. Soon stir:open to soon stir, then long while need the machine form press correspond of The key realization is fast to broadcast, 2-9 can constitution soon stir number. The IP stir number:constitution also open this, can realization pass telephone directory number a record realization IP to stir number function. Background sound:converse medium can choice the background sound open, close Converse time manifestation:manifestation converse time, choice"close" not manifestation converse time. Converse time hint:constitution after the frequency, converse medium time is up will have Hint sound hint. Auto limit:will auto limit open, constitution time, make a phone call arrive constitution of time would auto hang up a telephone constitution Mode constitution Can choice double the mold open, only SIM card 1 open, only SIM card 2 open, Fly mode. Fly mode: Concerning fly mode:fly the mode is close telephone correspondence function, can't connect to make a phone call hair message, have no signal contact with Ji station, also don't try contact Ji station The acceleration spread a feeling machine enactment This menu provided can the usage acceleration spread a feeling machine of concrete

15 menu, can choice or cancel to make selection characteristic of acceleration spread a feeling machine usage scope. Choice also the constitution want realization gravity to respond the menu of function. The some and particular menu of the motive accelerator can the function of realization At the music player interface, or so rock, fast cut over up one song or next song;top and bottom rock, can fast of is broadcast with the of pause cut over. At the FM interface, or so rock can realization in front and back frequency modulation. On TV the interface, the or so rock, can the top and bottom choose Taiwan.The cellular phone dissimilarity direction revolve, can hold to watch TV programs a program in the dissimilarity all of the angles. At the video frequency interface, or so rock, can the top and bottom cut over a video frequency.the cellular phone dissimilarity direction revolve, can hold to watch a video frequency in the dissimilarity all of the angles. While browsing a photo album, cellular phone top and bottom four or so dissimilarity direction revolve, can make you appreciate dissimilarity the photograph of the angle. At telephone interface fuselage 180 degrees be inside out after, can make to telephone the bell ring present mute appearance. At movement game interface, or so flutter a cellular phone can carry on play games Cellular phone constitution Time and date:time of enactment and date. Time- switch machine:time of the enactment, in the enactment time is up auto switch on or shut down. Language:The manifestation of the enactment cellular phone menu language. Input method choice:the choice correspond of language and input method. The head choose an input method:the choice recognize tacitly an input method. Code a way:can the choice Big5 or GB2312. Need machine menu a manifestation: - Wallpaper:The choice keyboard need machine interface a wallpaper after lock. - Screen saver:hold to need machine interface a choice for the lord is a screen saver picture, and constitution wait for time. - Switch on animation:can the choice switch on animation picture. - Shut down animation:can the choice shut down animation picture. - Manifestation date time:the choice open or close change a manifestation while need the machine interface current time.

16 Manifestation origin machine number:the choice open or close change a manifestation while need the machine interface origin machine number. - The screen cut over effect:at choice function the menu get into will have dissimilarity of animation effect. - Clock type: Can the choice need machine interface a manifestation of clock type. Salute language:be switch on animation process manifestation salute language.choice close not manifestation. Auto renewal time:every time switch machine cellular phone would auto time of renewal Handwritten constitution:the constitution handwritten speed color with handwritten pen. UART constitution:can choose SIM card 1 or SIM card 2. Other constitution:to the LCD bright degree with delay time to carry on a constitution Network constitution Network choice: - Re- search:register a network afresh after press assurance. - Choice network:be in the choice network of the network detailed list carry on register. - Search mode: Auto:Auto search that SIM card to belong to a network. Move:Search currently all available network, move to carry on register. Hobby constitution:prepare a network that save several oneself's like Safety constitution SIM lock: You can under this menu the safety options of constitution cellular phone with avoid cellular phone or SIM card drive illegal usage. Attention: If PIN code continuous three times lose wrong, the SIM card will were die by the lock, at this time, you demand the PUK code come to solution lock SIM code and PUK code possibility and the SIM card provide together to you, if have no, please with your network supplier contact.the PIN code lacked province general is 1234, please change it as soon as possible for oneself constitution of password. Cellular phone lock: The cellular phone lock can prevent from your cellular phone was use by the nonauthorization. Choice cellular phone lock can open a cellular phone password protection, next time switch on will inquire your cellular phone password;pressing again once can close cellular

17 phone password protection. Attention:Lack the cellular phone of province lock password is 1122, you should change it as soon as possible for oneself of password. Keyboard lock:enactment keyboard lock of wait for time.after constitution complete, cellular phone at time that need to be machine been appointed inside don't drive usage, the keyboard target the auto. Change a password:modification password.the modification included PIN, PIN2 and cellular phone lock password. Attention:The support of operator of your network of the parts of function demand. Guard against theft to track: Ability realization be cellular phone after throwing to lose, as long as the SIM card be replace, cellular phone would auto give in advance enactment the good number send out a message, you can immediately pass to receive of guard against theft and track information but understanding your cellular phone now just at drive who usage, be advantageous to let you of the cellular phone lose but reply. Note:The factory which get in to guard against theft to track interface recognize tacitly a password to ;This password customer can carry on a modification. 1, guard against theft to track number:the importation track number, then the importation receive the number of track the information of guard against theft; 2, guard against theft to track a constitution:can the choice open or pass, choice open behind can immediately open to guard against theft to track function. Attention:Please must track number to establish for can receive a message combine just at the number of the normal usage. Telephone fire wall This cellular phone support telephone fire wall function, can according to the effective demand, to shout into the telephone number carry on many clock form of choice.such as connect to listen to to the parts of telephone number choice, or don't connect to listen to, or the choice connect to listen to the number in the name card, let you face not to want to connect of telephone, attain the concealed body needed, the telephone which pick you up to want to connect. Message fire wall This cellular phone support message fire wall function, open this function, and constitution filter number, arrestment the message from this number. Long range control

18 Can realization be cellular phone not at nearby, pass other the telephone number give oneself of the cellular phone send out a message, thus opponent machine performance long range control: Note:Get into a long range control a constitution of the interface factory tacit approval password to 0000;This password customer can get into a constitution a modification. A, long range control constitution:can choice 1 long ranges shut down 2 call to transfer 3 words machine lock 4 disk formats turn 5 turn a hair message 6 send out name card Attention:1.Only was your choice a certain function, should item long range control the function just take effect 2.Call to transfer function a demand a network support Two, constitution control square number:you can choice arbitrarily number or appointed number is long range control number 1 arbitrarily number(can pass arbitrarily the number to you of the cellular phone send out a long range control an information) 2 appointed number(pass should appointed of number to you of the cellular phone send out long range control information) Three, modification password:change into a long range control a constitution of the interface factory tacit approval password Four, long range control the order prepare to establish:system recognize tacitly long range control order, choice correspond of order, importation exactitude of order, direct hair message of the way send out then: 1. The long range shut down order: Order contents:power OFF 2. Call to transfer an order: Order contents:call DIVERT 3. Words machine lock order: Order contents:phone LOCK 4. The disk format turn an order: Order contents:data RESUME

19 5. Turn a hair message an order: Order contents:sms DIVERT 6. The cancel turn hair a message order: Order contents:cancel SMS DIVERT 7. Send out a name card order: Order contents:phonebook DIVERT Attention: 1.Change a long range control order can provide choice of is numeral, letter of alphabet and sign, support numeral, the character list of letter of alphabet and sign for not more than 19(contain 19) 2.With direct send out the way of message to send out system recognize tacitly of call transfer order and turn hair message order, would auto reply, if at current prepare to establish order after, plus need to be transfer of the number can then transfer the number lose up. 3.send out a name card order:plus name for need after orderany contents is send out with message, receive order future reunion auto reply Instauration factory constitution Instauration factory constitution of recognize tacitly password BE: multimedia This item is include as follows function:the intelligence cinema, FLV companion, cellular phone television, camera, photo album, video frequency record image a machine, video frequency player, photograph editor, music player, AB to reply to read, recording, the frequency modulation broadcasting, FM in fixed time recording, slide, e-book.among them intelligence cinema and the FLV companion demand network operator support, and in the usage probably creation correspond of GPRS discharge Cellular phone television Place a handheld video frequency broadcasting to receive a machine inside your cellular phone, should receive a machine can receive television broadcast, provided to watch TV programs the function of program and the cellular phone television of the choice menu get into. Being broadcast interface you can click to correspond a button diagram mark to regulate volume size, video frequency measurement and take photo piece diagram according to the demand etc. operation.