July 7, Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

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1 July 7, 2014 Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, Thank you for your interest in the OTC Dual Credit program. Dual credit is a great opportunity for your student to earn high school and college credit at a fraction of the cost, without ever leaving their high school. OTC is excited to announce that now dual credit is an even more affordable option for your students to get a jump-start on college courses. OTC has slashed our dual credit prices in half to $35 per credit hour for online and seated dual credit options (online courses have a $65 online fee). This is a significant cost savings over that of general tuition costs. A general in-district college student pays $393, whereas a Dual Credit student pays only $105 for a comparable course. There are many benefits to the student to complete college courses before graduating high school. Students who participate in a dual credit program are more likely to complete their first year of college and complete it with a higher grade point average than those students who do not complete dual credit courses. Depending on the amount of hours your child is enrolled in for dual credit at OTC, while attending high school, they could knock out their entire freshman year of classes at over half the cost. This also gives your student an opportunity to finish college quickly with less debt so they can start their career. We will begin registering students on August 1 st, but are accepting registration forms now. More information can be found at Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at or Sincerely, Kim Greene Coordinator for Dual Credit

2 Tuition Savings Tuition for a Seated Dual Credit Student (for a 3 credit hour course) Dual Credit Tuition: $35 per credit hour X 3 (credit hours) $105 Tuition for an OTC College Freshman (for a 3 credit hour tier I course) Tuition: In-district $95 x 3 $285 Out of District $ x 3 $ Fees: Student fee: $45 $45 Technology fee: $18 $18 Facilities and Infrastructure Fee: $45 $45 $393 $ Total Savings Per Course $288 $ Tuition for an Online Dual Credit Student (for a 3 credit hour course) Dual Credit Tuition: $35 per credit hour X 3 (credit hours) $105 Online Course Fee: $65 Total course cost: $170 Tuition for an OTC College Freshman (for a 3 credit hour tier I online course) Tuition: In-district $95 x 3 $285 Out of District $ x 3 $ Fees: Student fee: $45 $45 Technology fee: $18 $18 Online course fee: $65 $65 $413 $ Total Savings for Online Dual Credit $308 $ That is a savings of over 70% of regular in-district college tuition!

3 Parent Information If your student decides to enroll in an online dual credit course, you will need to understand the information below and give permission to your student on their registration form. Students are not enrolled until they complete the registration process. Students who participate are expected to perform at a college level. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is the pre-requisite to enroll in Dual Credit. Final grades will be assigned at the end of each semester the student is enrolled. These credits are transferable. If a registered dual credit student drops the course, the student must complete the proper drop/withdraw forms at OTC. Student must heed to the payment deadlines and pay in full or make a payment plan be the deadline or they will be dropped from their class, which could also affect earning of high school credits. Admission Guidelines Students seeking admission to the OTC Dual Credit Program should meet or exceed the following guidelines: 3.0 cumulative high school grade point average Satisfactory Compass or ACT score for English and math courses Be recommended by the high school principal Have parental permission

4 Courses Available Online Courses o ART 105 Art History II o MTH 130 College Algebra o BUS 115 Personal Finance o PHY 100 Introduction to Astronomy o CIS 101 Personal Computer Applications (4cr) o ENG 101 Composition I (Fall) o PHY 105 Introduction to Physics (4cr) o ENG 102 Composition II (Spring) o PHY 110 Introduction to Geology (4cr) o HST 120 First Americans to the War (Fall) o PLS 101 American Government and Politics o HST 130 Reconstruction to the Present o PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology** (Spring) o SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology** *Check for a complete list of seated and online courses **ENG 101 strongly encouraged to be taken prior to PSY 110 and SOC 101. Higher levels of critical thinking skills are required. Controversial subjects will be discussed, sometimes, emotionally charged topics such as religion, race, violation of social norms, etc. Some high school students (although great students) are not prepared for this level of critical thinking. High levels of writing skills are also required (APA and MLA format are required to be known as well as the ability to recognize plagiarism). Please keep this in mind when recommending students for these courses. How do I sign up? 5 Steps to Enrollment o Speak with your high school counselor. o Become an OTC student. o o o o Complete the application online at Meet prerequisites. o Placement testing is required for English, math or science dual credit courses. You can submit ACT scores to OTC, or complete the Compass test at an OTC location. Complete the Registration Form. o The registration form is found online at and must be signed by your high school counselor and parent/guardian. o Registration will be processed beginning August 1 st. Make Payment (see attached)

5 Dual Credit Registration and Payment Deadlines Fall 2014 Please Pay Attention to Your Deadlines All SEATED dual credit registration must be completed by Friday, September 5 th and payment must be completed by Wednesday, September 10 th. All ONLINE dual credit registration and payment must be completed by August 14 th. Deadlines will not be extended payment MUST be completed by date above Your class schedule will be cancelled if you fail to make tuition payment arrangements by the above payment deadline dates. Please pay careful attention to instructions: Sign in to my.otc.edu. Click on AccessOTC. Click on one of the following: You may pay your tuition by choosing one of the following options: 1) To Pay Tuition in Full Select QuikPay to make a ONE TIME FULL immediate payment with a credit card or echeck (a secure, password protected payment gateway) Only choose this if you are paying in full. DO NOT select Quickpay if you do not plan to pay in full. A student can also authorize others to make payments on their behalf by using the Authorized Payors option. 2) Enroll in My Payment Plan Choose this option if you plan to make more than one payment MyPay Monthly -- Preauthorized monthly payments deducted from your bank account or charged to your designated credit card. Pay at least 50% down, with two additional payments to be withdrawn from your account in September and October ($35 enrollment fee will be deducted from your account the day you sign up for the plan).

6 We hope that dual credit courses go well for all your students. Usually this is the case. However, if you find that one of your students is not being successful, he/she may officially withdraw from the course on or before December 8 th, 2014 Please note OTC s official withdrawal/refund policy for Fall 2014 dual credit courses: 50% refund will be given for official withdrawal on or before August 31, No refund will be issued to a student who withdraws after September 1, The last day to officially withdraw and receive a W is December 8, Course Withdrawal: If you find that you must drop either one course or withdraw from all courses, you must fill out an official drop or withdrawal form in the Student Services office at OTC. Failure to officially drop or withdraw will result in an F grade posted to your college transcript. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal and does not entitle the student to a refund, nor absolve the student of any financial obligations to the college. If the student is entitled to a refund it will be mailed within 30 days of withdrawal. For questions regarding dropping or withdrawal, please contact the OTC Dual Credit office at (417) Grades: Once you have completed your school year, your instructor will post your final grade(s). Once these grades have been processed by the OTC Registrar s Office, your final grade will appear on your online transcript. If you need to send an official transcript from OTC, please check online first to ensure that your final grade has been posted. Please remember that OTC does not mail grade reports. Grades can only be found online at Use your user name and password to access this information. If you have forgotten your user name or password, you must contact the OTC Help Desk at (417)

7 Transcript Requests: Official transcripts may be requested via fax, mail or in-person by written request of the student. In order to fax or mail a transcript request, you may print, complete and return the following form: Transcript Request Form Fax: Mail: Ozarks Technical Community College ATTN: Student Services 1001 E. Chestnut, Springfield, MO In-person: Any OTC Student Services Location Transcripts requested for pick up will be available with a photo ID after 3:00 p.m. the following business day after the form is received. Transcripts may be picked up in Student Services on the Springfield Campus in the Information Commons Building. There is no charge for an official transcript. Transcripts are not released if there is a hold on the student s records (ex: financial, library, etc). Further questions concerning transcripts requests may be directed to the Registrar s Office at Unofficial transcripts may be requested in Student Services.