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1 68 Computer Audio Interfaces - USB DIGIDESIGN Mbox 2 M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro #DIMB interface bundled with Pro Tools LE software. It features a wide range of connection options, including ibility with the worldwide DAW standard Pro Tools been so easy and cost effective. phantom power & (2) 1/4 DI inputs powerful plug-ins, applications and software tools) #MAFTP EDIROL UA-101 The UA-101 is a 10 input/10 output 24-bit/96kHz USB 2.0 audio interface designed for both portable and project studio applications. It is equipped with two microphone preamps with iter and S/PDIF optical inputs and outputs. This powerful interface offers incredibly M-AUDIO Mobile Pre #EDUA #MAMP bus powered 2x2 audio interface and preamp perfect for laptop recording. Its flexible Inputs and outputs include preamps and high-impedance instrument inputs, ideal for connecting Keyboards. The Fast Track Pro is a 24-bit/96kHz, portable USB and Abelton Live Lite 4 software. This bus-powered 4x4 interface is equipped with dual mic/instrument preamps, headphone A/B source switch for DJ-style hardware direct monitoring Fast Track USB NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Audio Kontrol 1 #NAAK The Audio Kontrol 1 is a perfectly adaptable interface for musicians, producers and DJ s. This unique 24-bit/192kHz USB audio interface and controller combines 2 balanced inputs, 4 balanced outputs and freely-assignable top-panel buttons and Combos and Traktor 3 LE.

2 Computer Audio Interfaces - USB 69 DIGIDESIGN Mbox 2 Mini audio interface and the most affordable option available for recording with the included Pro Tools LE software. The of use, and an instructional DVD is included to help beginners get up and running. It features an XLR input with phantom power for pristine microphone recording and 1/4 inputs for guitars and keyboards. #DIMB2M TASCAM US122L #TAUS122L EDIROL UA-25 with phantom power SOUND DEVICES USBPre #EDUA The UA-25 is a high-quality 24-bit/96kHz USB Audio/ for computer recording in the field. It features two microphone preamps with Neutrix XLR/TRS combo S/PDIF optical I/O. The high-grade aluminum chassis stands up to the rugged conditions associated with location recording and is an excellent shield against highfrequency interference. #SOUSBPRE The USBPre is a bus-powered 24-bit USB audio interface with two high quality mic preamps (with phantom power), instrument/balanced-line/tape level inputs, and digital I/O. Its top-quality hardware components, compact design and extremely durable construction make this portable interface a no-compromise solution for digital recording in the field. num chassis interface capable of simultaneously recording two tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio with zero latency. It ins and outs. Ideal for mobile recording, the US122L draws its power from the USB bus, has an independent headphone level control and features phantom power on both its two XLR mic inputs. APOGEE Duet #APD The Duet is a highly compact, ultra-lightweight portable FireWire interface for unit sports a pair of phantom-powered mic of gain and LED metering, ports multiple sample rates up to 96kHz, and serves up the legendary Apogee sound at 24-bit resolution, with simplicity and elegance. -

3 70 Computer Audio Interfaces - USB M-AUDIO Fast Track Ultra #MAFTU The Fast Track Ultra is an 8-channel high-speed, cross-platform USB audio interface featuring 4 Octane-technology mic pres with phantom power and internal DSP. The unit provides 8 simultaneous recording channels at 24-bit/96kHz resolution. The small footprint and light weight of the device (under 2 lbs.) allow for flexible desktop or location use. audio interface up to 96kHz cessing and channel routing and peak indicators EDIROL UA-1EX #EDUA1EX LEXICON OMEGA The Omega is an AC-powered ultra-compact 8-in/4-out USB mixer and software package, designed to be a complete and inexpensive computer audio recording solution. The mixer features the programmable Pantheon reverb (a Lexicon specialty), an opto-isolat- channel recording capability, and 24-bit resolution. Cubase LE software is included, offering 48 #LEOMEGA with full editing, processing, and automation ALESIS io-2 #ALIO The IO-2 is an elegant little two-chan- vice, bus-powered and 24-bit capable. The unit features a nice analog-style work surface, zero-latency monitoring and professional microphone and instrument connectivity. Cubase LE audio software is included, turning the IO-2 into a low-cost, cross-platform recording solution for desktop music production or songwriting. The UA-1EX is a tiny bus-powered 2-in/2-out USB audio interface with 24-bit/96kHz and cross-platform capability. The device is also equipped with optical SPDIF connectors, and is well-suited for use with a laptop computer as an inexpensive but high-quality vinyl or CD s to disk. EDIROL UA-4FX The UA-4FX is a portable bus-powered 2-channel tures 24-bit/96kHz capability, built-in effects processing, low-latency performance, and a phantom-powered XLR microphone input. Cakewalk s SONAR LE audio software, and Edirol s Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in are packaged with the UA-4FX, creating an inexpensive, recording alternative. #EDUA4FX /4

4 Computer Audio Interfaces - USB 71 TAPCO Link.USB The Link.USB is a two-channel, bus-powered USB audio recording interface. The 24-bit/96kHz-capable unit is clean-sounding and ruggedly housed, with sturdy knobs and metal front handles. The unit features a pair of phantompowered microphone preamps, with pro combo jacks for line and software, along with a collapsible swivel-foot for desktop use. DIGIDESIGN Mbox2 Micro #TALUSB #DIMB2MICRO About the size of a typical USB high-quality 24-bit / 48 khz sound, a 1/8 inch stereo output for headphone or speaker monitoring (no audio inputs), and a convenient volume wheel, providing you with the freedom of true editing, sequencing, and mixing mobility. This compact solution comes with Pro Tools LE software and a full suite of plug-ins. LEXICON Alpha Studio The Alpha Studio is a compact USB audio interface and desktop recording solution. The unit comes with Steinberg s Cubase LE audio/sequencing software, and the Pantheon VST reverb plug-in. The Alpha Studio box is a 4-in/2-out conduit with 2-channel recording and ample connectivity. Simple and clean-sounding, the Alpha Studio is an excellent low-cost desktop recording system. 1/4 TRS phone, (2) RCA phono line outputs M-AUDIO Transit #LEALPHA #MAT2496USB DIGIGRAM UAX220v2 The UAX220V2 is a portable USB 1.1 stereo audio interface, suitable for laptop or desktop use. Bus-powered and plug-and-play, the unit is basically a tiny hub with an attached breakout cable, offering professional XLR connectors, a headphone cable, and a USB connector. Ultra-quiet and lightweight, cross-platform and 24-bit capable, the UAX220V2 redefines mobility. #DIUAX220V The Transit is a pocket-sized, bus-powered USB recording and playback device with 24-bit/96kHz capability, an ideal and low-cost laptop audio companion. The unit allows for crystalline audio transfer between a on digital output AC-3 and DTS to compatible external decoders.

5 72 Computer Audio Interfaces - USB & FIREWIRE IK MULTIMEDIA StealthPlug The StealthPlug enables you to easily plug any electric guitar or bass, or even an acoustic with a pick-up directly into the USB port of a computer. A bundle of powerful software is included that transforms effects, as well as a powerful multi-track recording studio and mastering suite. M-AUDIO JamLab #IKSP #MAJL JamLab is a compact audio interface/software bundle designed for guitar players on the go. The interface connects to your computer via USB, and is equipped with a 1/4 input for your guitar and 1/8 Player Express software, a full-featured amp simulator and virtual effects box that can also play standard audio files, and even slow them down (perfect for learning new songs). ReWire or VST plug-in operation) and Loops Library PRESONUS Firebox Featuring dual low-noise mic preamps, 2 balanced TRS 1/4 inputs, and S/PDIF digital I/O, the Firebox is a complete, palm-sized professional 24-bit/96kHz FireWire audio interface for computer-based studios. Combining Cubase LE production software and a bus-powered interface, this cross-platform system provides a convenient all-in-one recording solution for both mobile and studio production. EDIROL FA-66 The FA-66 is a professional six input/six output 24-bit/96kHz portable FireWire audio interface designed for mobile recording. Simultaneous I/O performance is determined by the sampling rate used; 96kHz allows for 6-In/6-Out, while 192kHz allows for 4-In/4-Out. This FireWire bus-powered metal design, making it a great solution for high-resolution location recording. M-AUDIO FireWire Solo The FireWire Solo is compact bus-powered 24- bit/96khz portable audio interface equipped with microphone, guitar, and line inputs, coaxial S/PDIF I/O, and a stereo headphone amp. Ideal Core Audio compatible, and is small enough to go anywhere you want to take your music. #PRFB #EDFA #MAFWS

6 Computer Audio Interfaces - FIREWIRE 73 DIGIDESIGN Mbox 2 Pro MOTU UltraLite #DIMB2P mobile high-definition 24/94k FireWire audio production system featuring a wide variety of connections, industry-standard Pro Tools LE software, over 50 effects and instrument plug-ins, and the powerful multi-track recording and mixing capabilities you ve come to expect from Pro Tools. Vocals, keyboards and guitars can be simultaneously recorded and monitored with dedicated outputs and low-latency monitoring. #MAUL The UltraLite is a 10 input/14 output, 24-bit/96kHz FireWire audio interface ideal for mobile recording applications. This high-quality, bus-powered unit is equipped with 2 mic/instrument inputs with preamps (on XLR/TRS combo jacks), 6 line-level 1/4 TRS inputs, 10 1/4 TRS M-AU DIO FireWire 410 FireWire 410 is a 4x10 FireWire audio interface that and multiple output options. The compact FireWire 410 can be completely Bus-powered for total mobile operation, delivering a powerful and flexible solution for the traveling musician. hardware direct monitoring individual level controls M-AUDIO FireWire 1814 #MAFW #MAFW ECHO AudioFire 8 The AudioFire8 is a highquality FireWire interface featuring comprehensive analog and digital I/O and an intuitive software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels. Ideal for most any studio or mobile production, the AudioFire8 provides 10 simultaneous I/O channels of pristine audio over a wide dynamic range, all at 24-bit/96kHz. #ECAF ECAF12 12-channel 196kHz version #ECAF The FireWire 1814 is a 24-bit 18 input/14 output FireWire audio interface with 2 high-quality microphone interface has a flexible internal mixer for input and output routing, two individually assignable headphone outputs, and can be completely bus-powered, making it a great solution for both studio and mobile recording. 192kHz sample rate

7 74 Computer Audio Interfaces - FIREWIRE PRESONUS FireStudio #PRFS MOTU 8pre #MA8PRE The FireStudio is a pro-level, cross-platform FireWire audio interface with a total of 26 I/O s. The unit offers 24-bit recording resolution and selectable SRC up to 96kHz, and delivers the warm, transparent sound Presonus is known for. Of particular note is the internal zero-latency full-matrix mixer and JetPLL jitter-elimination technology for the Word Clock I/O, enabling flexible routing and artifact-free playback. - Console software routing, mixing and monitoring - 16 channels of ADAT I/O, SPDIF digital I/O software bundle MACKIE Onyx 1200F #MAO1200F The 8Pre is a professional 16-in/12-out Firewire interface with 8 microphone/instrument bit/96khz resolution. The unit includes AudioDesk, a sample-accurate software solution for is loaded with pro features for a very reasonable price. T.C. ELECTRONIC Konnekt 24D #TCK24D The Konnekt 24D is a compact, crossplatform FireWire bus-powered audio interface and desktop music production solution with built-in effects processing. The unit is equipped with dual phantom-powered With stand-alone effects processor capability as well, the Konnekt 24D is a good value for both live performing and studio recording. The Onyx 1200F is a cross-platform FireWire frontend computer audio mixer/interface with stand-alone capability. The hefty rackmount chassis houses twelve pristine mic preamps, a 30-in/34-out connection matrix, built-in control room functionality such as talkback and A/B speaker switching, and 24-bit/192kHz converters. The Onyx 1200F offers professional studiograde headroom, sonic clarity, and versatility virtually unmatched at its price point. FOCUSRITE SAFFIRE PRO 26 I/O #FOSP26IO The Saffire PRO 26 i/o is a bus-powered, 1RU FireWire interface with 8 microphone preamps and 24-bit/192kHz resolution. The cross-platform unit features 16-channel ADAT interfacing, dual headphone outputs, and monitor control with muting and dim options. A nice set of included. This interface offers pro connectivity, versatility and transparent sound.

8 Computer Audio Interfaces - FIREWIRE 75 TAPCO Link.FireWire The Link.FireWire is a compact 4-in/6-out, bus-powered FireWire audio interface. The sturdy little unit offers clean, uncolored sound, and is equipped with 2 high-headroom mic preamps, a headphone amplifier, 24-bit/96kHz converters, and sturdy frontpanel knobs providing complete control of all level and routing requirements. Traktion 2 recording software completes the package, with tracking, processing and automation capability. ALESIS io-14 The IO-14 is a cross-platform desktop Firewire audio interface and mixer. This bus-powered unit offers a clean, high-tech appearance and flashy LED metering. The io-14 records at up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution, and is equipped with dual 48V mic ins, 8-channel ADAT and 2-channel SPDIF connectivity. The unit includes Cubase LE recording software. #TALFW #ALIO MACKIE ONYX Satellite The ONYX Satellite is a unique 2-piece Firewire audio interface and control surface. The unit consists of a detachable, bus-powered portable field recording Pod sporting flagship ONYX mic preamps, and an AC-powered desktop Base docking station replete with additional I/O s and control room functionality. This versatile recording alternative offers 24-bit/96kHz resolution and ample pro connectivity in a rugged, compact frame. #MAOSATELLITE LINE 6 TonePort UX2 FOCUSRITE Saffire The Saffire is a desktop FireWire audio interface featuring 24-bit/192kHz converters, dual phantom-powered mic preamps, and a bundled suite of effects plug-ins, powered by the unit. The 4-in/10- out box offers analog and digital connectivity, and the plug-ins, compression, ampmodeling and reverb, will run within the user s software platform of choice, allowing for five separate stereo mixes. #LITPUX The TonePort UX2 is a USB computer audio interface guitars, basses, and vocals in real time with effects and amplifier modeling. With two microphone and instrument inputs and preamps you can create studio-grade recordings with up to 24-bit 96kHz resolution. With low latency ToneDirect monitoring and two analog VU meters, you ll have all the tools to make the music of your dreams. of amplifiers speaker cab models #FOS

9 76 Computer Audio Interfaces - FIREWIRE MOTU 828 MK3 MOTU 896HD #MA828MK input, 24-bit/96kHz FireWire Audio Interface. It able phantom power and front panel trims, ADAT mixing and monitoring matrix. or patchbay and ADAT Sync no computer required #MA896HD APOGEE Ensemble Ensemble is a digitally controlled, professional FireWire audio interface designed specifically any CoreAudio software applications. It is equipped with 8 channels of 24-bit/192kHz Apogee A/D and D/A conversion, four mic preamps, ADAT I/O, Word Clock I/O and coaxial & optical S/PDIF. This high-definition interface also features Precision digital encoders and Apogee s exclusive SoftLimit, UV22HR, and Intelliclock technologies. #MATRAVELER without a computer MOTU Traveler #APE The Traveler is a professional mobile 24-bit/192kHz FireWire audio interface equipped with 4 mic/instrument pre-amps, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and ADAT optical I/O. Small enough to fit in a computer bag or briefcase, the Traveler can be powered via the FireWire bus, industry-standard battery pack or a unique 4-pin XLR power socket feature, giving users a complete batteryoperated 20 input/22 output remote studio. The 896HD is a high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz preamps, 8 channels of ADAT I/O, and stereo (a flexible DSP-driven 18-input/8-bus mixing and monitoring matrix) eliminates the need for an external mixer or patchbay. The versatile 896HD can be used as a stand-alone mixer and is equally well suited for both studio and stage, with or without a computer. 48V phantom power and front-panel trim controls RME Fireface 800 #RMF Featuring unique innovations like SteadyClock DSP-based mixing and routing, Fireface 800 is a high-performance 56-channel, 24-bit/192kHz est FireWire protocol. All of the inputs and outputs of this high-speed workhorse can be memory, with or without a computer.

10 Computer Audio Interfaces - FIREWIRE 77 M-AUDIO ProjectMix I/O surface/firewire audio interface that makes an ideal hardware complement to popular DAW applications. The interface is equipped with 8 analog mic/line inputs and 4 analog outputs, I/O. The intuitive control surface is comprised of eight touch-sensitive motorized channel faders and one master fader, eight assignable rotary encoders, a jog/shuttle wheel and dedicated transport controls. TASCAM US-1641 #MAPMIO #TAUS The US-1641 is a 16-in/4-out USB 2.0 audio recording interface, featuring 8 XLR mic preamps supplying phantom power and a hefty 60dB of gain. The unit offers zero- completely independent speaker and headphone monitoring outputs. The US-1641 is a DIGIDESIGN 003 Rack Factory #DID003RF The Digi003 Rack is a powerful 18 channel rack-mount- preamps and A/D conversion have been rebuilt and upgraded. New features include BNC word clock I/O, an additional headphone jack and a second set of monitor outputs to accurately monitor your work. Industrystandard Pro Tools LE production software and 80 professional plug-ins and instruments are included with the Factory system. and Aux In professional software plug-ins and instruments DIGIDESIGN 003 Factory #DID003F TASCAM FW-1884 #TAFW The FW-1884 is a professional FireWire Interface. It provides 18 simultaneous channels of I/O featuring 8 balanced microphone preamps), 8 balanced TRS outputs, ADAT lightpipe and S/PDIF in and out. The 003 is a hands-on software control surface and surface keeps your hands off the mouse and your head in the music. Featuring (4) improved microphone preamps and updated A/D conversion, BNC word clock I/O, and more monitoring options, plus industry-standard Pro Tools LE production software, the 003 makes a formidable production workstation. professional software plug-ins and instruments

11 78 Computer Audio Interfaces - PCI / FIREWIRE PRESONUS INSPIRE 1394 The INSPIRE 1394 is a versatile FireWire interface equipped with four analog inputs and two analog outputs. The I/O includes two microphone preamplifiers with phantom power & two instrument inputs on the front panel and stereo RCA inputs & outputs on the rear panel. It is bundled with Cubase and (2) RCA line level phono inputs DIGIGRAM VX222v2 #PRI #DIVX222V M-AUDIO Audiophile 192 The Audiophile 192 is a high-definition 24-bit/192kHz PCI audio interface that provides rock-solid drivers and seamless integration with your It features two 1/4 TRS inputs & outputs, coaxial S/PDIF digital PCI 2.2 compliance & 64-bit audio drivers enable the Audiophile to take advantage of next-generation platforms and software. LYNX STUDIO TECHNOLOGY LynxTwo-B audio PCI card designed for audio/video production, DVD-Audio and mastering. It provides two 24-bit balanced analog inputs and six 24-bit balanced analog AES3 or S/PDIF I/O. #MAA #LYLTB The VX222v2 is a high-quality digital audio interface that connects to a computer through PCI and PCI-X slots. D-Sub cables attach to the card and give you the option of stereo AES/EBU, S/PDIF, or analog line inputs and outputs. It s compatible with both Win- features a dedicated Wave mixer as well as an ASIO M-AUDIO Delta 66 The Delta 66 is a six input/six output24-bit/96khz fullduplex audio interface that connects via the Delta Series PCI host card. The breakout box is equipped with four 1/4 TRS analog inputs/outputs, and the PCI host card provides coaxial S/PDIF I/O. Dedicated control panel software enables software-driven routing for all analog and digital I/O and #MAD Delta

12 Computer Audio Interfaces - PCI 79 MOTU HD192 APOGEE Symphony Bundle The Symphony PCI Express bundle connects any combination of Apogee s renowned Rosetta or X-series This gives you 32 channels of I/O, with the option of using up to 3 cards (192 channels). It s a powerful and elegant-sounding hardware companion to Logic Pro, with ultra-low latency and the DSP capacity to run hundreds of plug-ins. Symphony M-AUDIO Delta 1010LT The Delta 1010LT is a 10 input/10 PCI audio interface with two color-coded breakout cables. Connectivity includes: two mic/line preamps on XLR connectors, six I/O and coaxial S/PDIF I/O. Up to four Deltas can be combined in your system for a maximum of 32 analog and four stereo S/PDIF inputs and outputs. #MAHD The HD192 is a PCI-based audio interface with exceptional digital converters. 12 professional-grade XLR inputs and outputs adorn the back panel, with a 19-segment LED meter on the front for every input and output. Word clock inputs and outputs allow the HD192 to act as the master clock, or sync to another. You can record at 192 khz while synced or digitally connected to devices of various sampling rates. - HD192PCIE HD192E #APSEB #MAD1010LT ECHO Mia MIDI featured 24-bit/96kHz PCI audio card with a pair of balanced 1/4 analog inputs and outputs with a breakout cable for coaxial S/PDIF software as if it had eight separate outputs, which are digitally mixed down to the physical outputs using 1/4 TRS connectors 4-channel out operation and monitoring M-AUDIO Audiophile 2496 #ECMM #MAA Featuring reliable, rock-solid operation and a simple, seamless setup, the Audiophile 2496 is an affordable all-in-one solution to high quality 24-bit/ 96kHz audio production. Bundled with mum Audio Tools creative music making software, the 2496 is capable of both digital and analog performance, while providing a fast throughput, low latency, and a patchbay router control panel for maximum control of the audio signal.

13 80 Computer Audio Interfaces - PCI RME HDSP9632 RME HDSP9652 #RMHDSP The Hammerfall DSP 9632 is a high-resolution PCI au- est 192kHz A/D and D/A converters, unbalanced stereo analog inputs and outputs, ADAT lightpipe, and coaxial S/PDIF (optional balanced XLR/ AES and EBU breakout cable available). It features unique innovations like SteadyClock be upgraded with a variety of expansion options. - Expansion Options include: BO9632-XLRMKH XLR breakout cable AO4S-192 TRS output daughter card AI4S-192 TRS input daughter card WCM #RMHDSP The Hammerfall HDSP9652 is a 52-channel, 24 Bit/96 khz PCI I/O card that provides DSP-based mixing and routing, low latency and flexible I/O & expansion. This high-performance digital interface is equipped with 3 ADAT I/Os, coaxial S/PDIF I/O, Word Clock I/O, bit internal resolution Word clock I/O (BNC) on included expansion board RME Multiface II/ HDSP PCI Bundle Designed to provide the highest level of is a superior 36-channel 24-bit/ 96kHz I/O box that connects to a computer via the HDSP PCI host card. It s award-winning Hammerfall technology provides zero almost limitless intuitive routing capabilities with 40-bit internal resolution. Multiface II/ HDSP PCMCIA Cardbus Bundle RME Digiface The Digiface is a compact 52-channel 24-bit/96 khz digital I/O interface It is equipped with three ADAT analog line out. The Digiface s zero CPU load technology guarantees high performance and low latency. HDSP PCI HDSP PCMCIA M-AUDIO Delta 1010 Delta 1010 is a 24-bit/96kHz full-duplex breakout-box interface that connects via the Delta Series PCI host card. Its superb engineering and high-quality converters deliver fidelity that surpasses systems costing many times more. 1/4 TRS connectors #RMMF2PCIB #RMDF #MAD software bundles

14 Computer Audio Interfaces - PCI & PCMCIA 81 ECHO Layla 3G MOTU 2408MK3 #ECL3G flagship 24-bit/96kHz PCI-based recording system consisting of a bus mastering PCI host card and a full-featured breakout box. Featuring two Neutrik combo inputs with mic preamps, six balanced inputs/eight balanced outputs, choice for today s professional computer recording studio. (2) auto-sensing Neutrik combo inputs (mic/guitar/line) #MA2408MK The 2408 is a rackmounted, 24-bit/96kHz audio interface equipped with 8 1/4 TRS analog inputs/outputs, 24 channels of ADAT PCI-24 card is used to connect this versatile interface to computer audio workstations and provides the DSP horsepower for creating custom tailored monitor mixes of up to 96 channels of 96 khz audio. ECHO Indigo DJ The Indigo DJ is a dual stereo, 24-bit cardbus audio card designed for portable digital DJ applications. It offers two independent stereo 1/8 analog outputs; one for setting up your cue mix on a pair of headphones, and the other for the house mix (with analog volume knob to control headphone output). playing back house mix on the line output 1/4 connections E-MU 1616M #ECID #EM1616M MOTU 24I/O The 24I/O is a high-quality, rack mount 24-bit/96kHz audio interface that provides 24 1/4 TRS analog input and outputs and attaches to a computer workstation via the included PCI-24 audio card. The PCI-24 features a powerful DSP chip dedicated to creating custom tailored audio interfaces to meet your exact I/O needs. #MA24IO production tools software bundle. This 16 input/output system provides two XLR mic preamps, four 1/4 TRS Inputs, six 1/4 TRS outputs, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF output, turntable input, stereo 1/8 speaker outputs and two Headphone/Line Outputs. 48V phantom 28 effects plug-ins

15 82 Computer Audio Software NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Traktor DJ #NATDJS3 Studio Traktor 3.0 DJ Studio is the leading-edge software solution for professional DJ mixing and audio CD file formats. With advanced features that only software can provide, Traktor 3.0 goes far beyond the possibilities of conventional DJ gear, allowing almost infinite creative possibilities. pitch control and 2-channel cue section automation file High-quality time stretching and pitch shifting of processing 1000 s of tracks instantly filters and kill switches for each deck BIAS Peak Pro 5 Peak Pro 5 is the professional standard for stereo Recording, Editing, Processing, and suite solution now includes Roxio Jam 6, (the professional Redbook standard for CD burning) sound design plug-in). Peak Pro 5 is ideal for music production, broadcast editing, and film/ video/multimedia sound design applications. Over 25 VST audio effects plug-ins bundled free view and advanced crossfade control Change Pitch, Change Duration and Sample-Rate Conversion DVC clip support compatible hardware CAKEWALK Sonar 7 Producers Edition #CAS7PE #BIPP a professional digital audio workstation with a variety of unique, powerful tools that allow users to compose, record, and mix their projects at the highest possible quality. Its 64-bit mix engine brings more clarity, detail, and definition to projects, accessible even on 32-bit computers. Dynamically re-map hardware controllers, improve project efficiency, multitrack audio quantize, and safeguard your work against faulty plug-ins and other crash sources via Crash Recovery. A must for the next generation of audio production. parameters to hardware controllers Roland s V-Vocal SONY MEDIA SOFTWARE Acid Pro 6 Acid Pro 6 is loop-based music composition and production application for Windows, with a host of advanced professional features and a user-friendly interface. With its straightforward pick, paint, and play track creation, real-time pitch and tempo matching, and groove creating audio beds, and scoring digital video. and search loop database STEINBERG Nuendo 4 Nuendo 4 is Steinberg s complete Designed to meet the exacting demands of audio professionals working in a variety of specialized applications, including music composition, game and multimedia sound design, broadcast, and post production film/video. #SOSAC #STN large-scale projects (optional Dolby Digital and DTS encoders)

16 Computer Audio Software 83 MAKEMUSIC Finale 2008 #MAMFHR08 Finale 2008 is the industry-standard music notation and publishing software for by educators, students, and composers worldwide, the powerful yet intuitive 2008 version features revolutionary tools for creating, evaluating and shaping ideas into the most basic songs or complex arrangements and compositions. Improvements include timesaving editing and navigation enhancements, high-end editing and spacing improvements. educational tool expressions exactly as you want part automatically synchronization to music APPLE #APLSU Logic Studio - USA Logic Studio USA is a complete production solution for professional desktop audio production. The bundle includes Logic Pro 8, the renowned audio and sequencing program, the large Studio Instruments plug-in collection, the Studio Effects collection of compressors, amp models, and mance interface, the Soundtrack Pro 2 audio postproduction tool, and the Studio Sound Library, a huge collection of loops, sampled instruments, and channel-strip settings. - live virtual instrument and plug-in performance - audio post-production for picture sampled instruments, 2400 channel-strip settings M-AUDIO Pro Tools M-Powered #MAPTMP Pro Tools software designed specifically to work including: Audiophile 2496 & 192, the Ozonic, and software provides 32 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio sequencer, and session compatibility with Pro Tools-equipped studios worldwide. Pro-Tools-equipped studios analysis/correction tool Audio Suite plug-ins SONY MEDIA SOFTWARE Sound Forge 9 with CD Architect Sound Forge 9 is a professional software package for 24-bit/ 32-bit/192kHz two-track audio recording, editing, processing, and mastering on the PC platform. With extensive file format support, powerful audio effects, and support for multiple video formats, the comprehensive Sound Forge 8 Bundle enhances workflow and productivity with its ease of use and intuitive interface. STEINBERG Wavelab 6 Wavelab 6 sets a new standard for integrated audio editing, effects processing and mastering on Windows XP and DVD Audio authoring and CD/DVD burning/archiving are both fully supported, including highresolution stereo and surround formats. Not just a top-level mastering tool, Wavelab 6 offers powerful features for multimedia, broadcast, and multi-channel surround applications. #SOSF #STWL Red-Book CD mastering toolkit including signal processing, track

17 84 Computer Audio Software STEINBERG Cubase 4 Cubase 4 is an advanced digital audio workstation that combines excellent sound quality, intuitive control, and a vast range of highly advanced editing, and mixing. It features a powerful Control Room section, VST3 plug-in technology, the revolutionary SoundFrame-Universal Sound Composers and musicians will benefit from enhanced score editing, the efficient, redesigned user interface, and multiple features for adapting to individual workflow and creativity. tracks and plug-ins studio environment instruments with more than 1000 sounds PROPELLERHEAD Reason Reason 4 is an infinitely expandable standalone music workstation application with a simple yet powerful interface. It features a wide variety of synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and effects that perform just like their hardware counterparts, and includes both pattern-based and piano scroll style sequencers. Version 3.0 features the new Combinator, allowing you to build elaborate chains of instruments, effects, and sequencers that are saved as Combi patches. Native Performance, no special hardware needed 3.0 Expanded library of synth patches, multi-sampled instruments, and Combinator channels of synchronized audio Orkestra sample library #STC4Q #PRR CAKEWALK Sonar Home Studio 6 XL Home Studio 6 XL is a complete ware package for Windows. With #CASHS6XL instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keys, orchestral sounds), VST and DX plug-in support, and ReWire capability, you have everything you need to create compelling music. The XL edition includes professional signal processing, sounds and instruments like the Dimension LE synth and Session Drummer 2. simulation, and more your mix directly to CD compatible) TASCAM GigaStudio 3 standalone sampling workstation for the Windows platform, available in three different versions: Orchestra, Ensemble, and Solo. instruments to appear in your workstation software, right beside your plug-in instruments and results in more polyphony than any other software sampler, and allows DIGIDESIGN DV Toolkit The DV Toolkit 2 is a software upgrade bundle that adds postproduction functionality to Digidesign Pro Tools LE systems. With the addition of frameaccurate Time Code export, and specialized plug-ins, the DV Toolkit 2 enables users to easily edit and sweeten the audio content of film and video projects. #TAGS #DIDVTK2

18 Computer Audio Software 85 MAGIX Samplitude 10 Professional Samplitude Pro 10 is a comprehensive professional recording, mixing, editing, and mastering DAW with outstanding stability and audio quality. Few DAW s meet the complete production needs of users quite like Samplitude, with its dynamics processing, and enhancing, this Windows-only format provides an absolute phase stable, low latency engine that delivers superior tracking, mixing and mastering capabilities. Red Book CD burning plug-ins (CPU dependent) the whole signal path burning capabilities tools provided MOTU Digital Performer 5 #MASP ABLETON #ABL7 Live 7 most comprehensive integrated designed for studio recording, exciting new features have been introduced including: a new Beat Detection Engine, plug-in latency that displays cue points in a manner familiar to film composers. Digitar Performer music production software that allows users to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit musical ideas in a seamless single interface, loop and linear production methods with virtual instruments and effects. Freeze editing, multi-processor support, and a comprehensive collection of instruments and project management tools. hard disk recording sound to picture is playing #CASP5V2 CAKEWALK Project5 Version 2 Project5 is an integrated software studio environment that incorporates sequencers, software synthesizers, samplers, effects, and audio looping tools into one easy-touse application. With powerful features like real-time pattern genesis and triggering, and its seamless live-performance audio engine, Project5 gives users all the creative tools needed to create and perform exciting electronic music tracks step sequencer, pattern editor loop support keyboard mapping, and pattern triggering SIBELIUS Sibelius Professional Created for musicians by musicians, Sibelius 5 does it all by allowing more attention to notes and less to details. Utilizing unique composition systems applicable for both professional and beginners alike, Sibelius Pro 5 has become recognized as a sophisticated, yet creative and simple-to-use notation tool. Styles and arrangements are freely adjusted while maintaining the expressive nuances and dynamic phrasing required for an intelligent, well-executed layout. #MADP #SIS5P

19 86 Computer Audio Software STEINBERG Cubase Studio 4 #STCSE Cubase Studio 4 is an affordable way to tap tools developed by Steinberg, such as its rich sounding 32-bit audio engine, unlimited audio and virtual instrument tracks, and disengages a plug-in when no signal is present to conserve CPU. The customizable user interface has been carefully redesigned to intuitively enhance the workflow. and guitar amp/speaker simulators and scores FXPANSION GURU sample content, an advanced 128-step sequencer and manipulation effects such as loop slicer automatically categorizes and maps each of your samples, giving you manual slice-tuning capability and flexible audio output routing. Up to 8 engines can be layered at one time, giving you a complete sample workstation environment #FXG classification and mapping Kits and more APPLE Logic Express 8 #APLE8U Logic Express 8 is Apple s affordable featurepacked software that provides professional production. It combines a core collection of powerful effects and virtual instrument plug-ins with slick recording, mixing, and editing capabilities. Record up to 12 different files and Apple loops, or re-wire your favorite stand-alone instruments, all with 32-bit processing and 24-bit/96kHz audio quality. production features tracks, 8 buses and 4 inserts - scores MACKIE Tracktion 3 Project Bundle Tracktion 3 was designed to be an easy-to-use audio/ All operations in the program take place on a single screen, making everything from initial composing to final mastering as painless as possible. Its new Loop Browser helps you navigate hundreds of supplied sounds to help get ideas flowing. You can even integrate Tracktion 3 with other audio software with full ReWire 2.0 support. and dynamics plug-ins MAGIX Sequoia Sequoia is a complete recording editing and mastering suite for recording studios, broadcast facilities and post houses looking for the utmost in flexibility and solid performance. Features like full plug-in delay compensation throughout the program, quick burning as well as separate crossfade Undo management put it in a class of its own. Full networking is supported for multiple users and plug-ins like Renovator (which removes sudden unwanted acoustical events such as coughing and car horns) are only a hint at the depth of this program. #MAT3P #MAS10

20 Computer Audio Software 87 BIAS Master Perfection Suite Suite is a collection of professional mastering plug-ins for #BIMPS project studios on a budget. The suite includes PitchCraft (pitch correction), Reveal (analysis), pander), Sqweez 3 & 5 (multi-band compres- curve matching). SuperFreq BIAS Deck Deck is a professional multi-track recording, editing, processing, and mixing solution for effects, edit dialogue, and process soundtracks to complex stereo or 5.1 surround mixes. It s a cost-effective editing platform for broadcast, film, and multimedia development of video games, Web podcasts, presentations, and more. Deck s intuitive interface makes taking advantage of the broad range of audio tools fast and easy, all while syncing precisely to a music production 64 tracks simultaneously spotting, and external chase-lock sync VST audio effect plug-ins #NAKORE2 #BID NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kore 2 Utilizing software and hardware, KORE 2 effectively unites VST and Audio Units s instruments and effects into a single, clearly structured user interface that enables users to find sounds and presets based on their musical attributes, making producing with plug-ins far easier and musical. Its high-resolution hardware controller interacts perfectly with the software, with touch-sensitive, back-lit knobs, bi-directional communication, and a context-specific display. VST and Audio Units plug-ins sequencer tracks and effect slots KORE hardware controller manages presets into a single interface studio use on USB 2.0 connection CELEMONY Melodyne Studio 3 application that allows you to edit the pitch, timing, phrasing, and formants of an audio file independently of one another. detailed fashion has always provides the service with a stand-alone application or integrated into your production environment via Rewire, VST, RTAS, AU or DirectxX support. This is an indispensable tool for creating and editing vocal harmonies or stretching into the experimental for film scoring and remixing. ADOBE Audition 2.0 Audition is integrated software for audio recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. Its flexibility and control make it an all-in-one tool set for professional audio production for video, radio, and music. Features include unlimited record, mix, and tools, a pristine low-latency mixing engine and easy integration with ASIO, VST, DirectX and ReWire support. #CEM #ADA

21 88 Computer Audio Software CYCLING 74 Max/MSP environment, in which modular tools and objects are user-connected with virtual patch cords to create custom cross-platform music applications pertaining to audio processing, synthesis, and virtually unlimited creative power. looping PROPELLERHEAD CAKEWALK ReCycle Guitar Tracks Pro 3 ReCycle.21 is a sample-based, cross-platform looping program, one of the first and still the most forward-looking and flexible. This version offers full 24-bit resolution, program process offers fully-automated sample loop analysis, with tempo change, sound replacement and individual component manipulation, with an intuitive user interface allowing the producer, composer, or musician-programmer greater creativity. #CYSWMMSP #PRRC21 and Transient Designer sound processors Recycle, Reason Adapted, and Reload quencer import #CASWGTP software audio recorder with an intuitive portastudio user interface, designed for guitar-playing musicians and songwriters. The recorder boasts a guitar amp simulator and multi-effects collection, a drum loops library, and a chromatic tuner. The editing and mixing process is highly visual, and finished product may be burned to CD in Up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution Up to 32 in/out recording, hardware dependent Audio import and export with high-quality SRC fects included Automated mix parameters and effects Unlimited undo/redo with edit history ADOBE Soundbooth CS3 Soundbooth CS3 is a stand-alone application for creating and editing audio for film, video, presentation, and Adobe Flash projects. Designed for video or film editors, sound designers, and motion graphics work, the program deploys on-clip controls for intuitive audio clean-up, voice-over enhancement, and effects drop-in. Soundbooth Scores, a collection of easily-customized music themes is included, and additional themes and effects may be downloaded from Soundbooth Resource Central. ROXIO Toast 8 Titanium Toast 8 Titanium is an software CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc-burning utility. The program features single-click CD, movie, and DVD copying, and in this version allows for EyeTV DVD or ipod transfers. Toast Titanium 8 also includes DSP functions such as Roxio Jam audio mastering tools, dynamic DJ-type cross-fades, effects processing, normalizing, and track trim. #ADSBCS31M #ROTOAST8 -

22 Computer Audio Software 89 STEINBERG Sequel #STS Sequel is a cross-platform audio software solution for music composition and performance, designed for the novice. This easy-to-use program contains the basic recording, editing, mixing, and performance tools necessary for complete music creation. Sequel is equipped with a large collection of genre-hopping loops, instrument sounds, and drum kits, ing on each channel. Complete music creation package for beginners, hobbyists Full multi-track recording, editing, and mixing 5000-loop cross-genre library 600 instrument, 60 drum kit sounds Software tempo sync and key transposition Live-performance mode for on-the-fly remixing/arrangement Linear or pattern-based recording AUDIO EASE BarbaBatch V4 #AUBB batch-file conversion utility offering vast file format support. The program supports up to 192kHz sampling rates, pro formats such as BWF, Sonic Solutions, 32-bit float files, and Redbook CD image extraction. Low-res audio may be compressed and up-sampled for improved fidelity, automated CD-ripping is supported, and audio-snippet conversion to multiple streaming formats is available. and music production web delivery imported Practically universal file format support IMAGE-LINE FL Studio Fruityloops Edition #IMFLSE FL Studio Fruityloops Edition is a low-cost and surprisingly full-featured software application for music composition and production, offering program provides CPU-dependent track count, virtual instruments, multi-effects and flexible editing, mastering, and audio processing tools. Up to 64 simultaneous recording tracks Time-stretch, pitch-shift, beat-slice, chop, and mangle Step-sequencer, Piano-roll, automation-clip editing Virtual synthesizer collection, sampling tools Wide range of synthesis techniques supported VST, DX plug-in support, large effects collection included SONY Vegas Pro 8 Vegas Pro 8 is a professional Windows-based non-linear editing solution with complete DVD authoring capabilities. The program also offers a powerful set of audio-for-video production tools, with unlimited track count, 24-bit/192kHz recording resolution, and a host of other features. Sound Forge 8, an advanced and intuitively-presented 2-track audio editor, processing, and mastering program, is included in the package, enabling a completely self-contained workflow. MAKE Finale Allegro #SOVP #MAMAHR Finale Allegro is a fast, powerful cross-platform scoring and notation program for educators, students, composers, and arrangers. The software offers a simple, score playback, multiple methods of note-entry, and the ability to instrument sounds as an alternative means of score playback. -

23 90 Computer Audio Plug-Ins IZOTOPE RX #IZRX Rx is a cross-platform stand-alone audio restoration tool designed to be used in a wide variety of production and archiving applications. The program features 5 different types of noise removal functions, an advanced spectrogram that visually represents the audio at a very high time and frequency resolution, and a streamlined user interface. noise from A/D and analog overloads digital impulse noises ambience and fixes audio gaps, dropouts NOTION MUSIC #NONS Notion Notion is a cross-platform music performance and composition program using a score-based environment and a sound library and playback engine featuring the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra. The program is designed for speedy page layout and note entry, offering a set of intuitive key commands and shortcuts. - Ntempo real-time tempo control tures, quarter tones NOTION MUSIC Progression Progression is a cross-platform playback and score-generating program written specifically for the guitar. The program will create lead sheets, backing tracks for practice, and includes a sound library featuring electric and acoustic guitars, drums, electric and acoustic bass, and keyboards. A virtual audio mixer is included in the user interface #NOP between tablature and notation staves mandolin, dobro and more IK MULTIMEDIA ARC ARC is a cross-platform software roomcorrection system for DAW-based studios. It is comprised of both measurement and correction plug-ins, along with an omnidirectional measurement microphone. The key function present technology, which essentially corrects any sonic aberrations present in an acoustic space and allows for much-improved studio monitoring and critical listening. NOTION MUSIC PROTÉGÉ #IKAS #NOPZ Protégé is a budget-mined music performance and notation program designed for generating smaller lead sheet and ensemble scores. The cross-platform software features an intuitive score-based user interface, and a sound library culled from the London Symphony orchestra sample collection for playback purposes. The program includes an audio mixer, and the ability to save score performances as WAV files for export applications.

24 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 91 WAVE MACHINE LABS Drumagog 4.0 Pro #DIRTS The Drumagog 4.0 Pro is a cross-platform drum-replacement plug-in with full RTAS, VST and Audio Units compatibility. The software is designed to automatically replace selected drum tracks with sounds from a large library of drum and percussion samples. The emphasis here is on speedy, powerful operation accompanied by an intuitive and orderly user interface. end DAW host applications function when supported by host Drumagog 4.0 Platinum ALGORITHMIX ScratchFree #ALSFP ScratchFree is a Windows-only DirectX/ VST plug-in designed for artifact-free removal of annoying pops, clicks, and crackles from varioius audio sources with zero degradation of the original signal. The program features a high 80-bit internal calculating resolution, and easily handles old vinyl and tape sources for archiving and restoration purposes. ScratchFree operates in 2 modes, de-clicking and decrackling, offering a user-friendly interface with minimal controls. and shellac records digital cross-talk and static discharge compatible DAW s DIGIDESIGN Reel Tape Suite #DIRTS Reel Tape Suite is a cross-platform audio plugin that essentially models classic tape recorders and tape formulations, designed to add a bit of tape saturation color, along with tape delay and flanging to digitally recorded tracks. The software is a collection of 3 distinct plugin modes, each with its own set of intuitive real-time controls. tion, delay and flanging modes tracks and tape formulations tape delay and echo boxes machine flanging techniques ALGORITHMIX NoiseFree NoiseFree is a Windows-only DirectX/VST broadband noise reduction plug-in featuring an efficient, minimalist control interface and a proprietary, psychoacoustically optimized algorithm that reduces artifact build-up and preserves the timbre and ambience of the original signal. DIGIDESIGN Smack! LE #ALNFP #DICLLE Smack! LE is a cross-platform compressor/limiter plug-in with a charming school control knobs and a really large VU meter. The software, which is largely designed for musical applications, features 3 compression modes, some unique compression ratios and induced harmonic distortion. Smack! LE basically models the automatic gain reduction behavior found in classic hardware compressors.

25 92 Computer Audio Plug-Ins BIAS SoundSoap 2 SoundSoap 2 is a cross-platform standalone or plug-in processor that dramatically reduces tape hiss, buzzing, hum, rumble, and background noise without harming the audio you want to preserve. Ideal for cleaning noise-related problems associated with shooting video, building websites, multimedia applications, or making music. automatically reduces noise noise outside the range of the human voice to the noise being removed audio or video file registration #BISS #WANPP WAVES Native Power Pack Native Power Pack is the indispensable audio Dynamics processor 6 seconds of delay ahead peak limiting Room Emulator Dynamics processor AudioSuite, Direct X and Audio Units ANTARES Auto-Tune 5 #ANAT Auto-Tune 5 is a real-time audio plug-in capable of correcting pitch imperfections in Vocals and Solo Instruments, while retaining all the expressive nuances of the original performance without Distortion or Artifacts. glitches in an otherwise perfect take special effects and automatically corrects it to match scale pitch pitch adjustment SERATO Pitch n Time Pro Pitch n Time Pro is a high-quality timecompression/expansion and pitch shifting AudioSuite plug-in for the Pro Tools platform. The intuitive user interface and flexible DSP tools allow users to process single tracks or entire mixes with real-time previewing, graphic, and numeric editing modes, and Varispeed mode for drawing automation curves. Pitch n Time offers precision time compression/expansion from a ratio of 1/8 speed to 8x speed (independent of pitch), and pitch shifting of up to 36 semitones (independent of tempo) without the artifacts typically associated with these processes. Pitch n Time LE #SEPNTLE WAVES IR1 #SEPNTP #WAIR1CR IR1 is an exceptional sounding Convolution Reverb plug-in with an extensive library of Impulse Response Samples (with different miking options) that faithfully recreate the sonic environments of over 60 carefully sampled real acoustic spaces, and 60 classic hardware devices. Version 2 features new tools for capturing custom Impulses Responses from rooms or devices. Direct X, and Audio Units

26 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 93 WAVES Renaissance Maxx Native #WARXNA collection of great sounding plug-ins featuring Vintage-Inspired Equalization, Dynamics and Reverb, a powerful Vocal processor, Desser, Renaissance Bass, and the Renaissance Channel. This collection is truly the best-of-both worlds, digital precision with an analog sound. combines the best of the Renaissance technologies into one channel strip plug-in Direct X, AudioSuite and Audio Unit NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Guitar Rig 3 #NAGR3KE and Effects solution with Rig Control, a fully-assignable hardware Footboard controller. Create any imaginable guitar setup easily with an arsenal of classic and modern guitar amps, cabinets, microphones, and effects models. Dynamic Tube Response (15) quitar & (5) Bass Cabinets, (4) rotary speakers, (9) mic w/adjustable positioning AudioUnit or Dxi plug-in AUDIO EASE Speakerphone #AUSP Speakerphone is an exciting new plug-in from Audio Ease dedicated to recreating speakers of all sizes plus their natural environments. This powerful software is more than just a distortion with samples of hundreds of speakers from bullhorns, walkie talkies, cell phones, laptops, ear buds, guitar amps, etc. Windows- RTAS, VST IZOTOPE Ozone 3 Ozone 3 is an audio plug-in that delivers a complete integrated suite of world-class mastering processors that combine analog modeling with 64-bit digital precision, in a single powerful user interface. This CPU-efficient plug-in supports up to 192kHz sampling rate and includes all of IZOTOPE Trash Trash is an all-purpose distortion processor plug-in that uses high fidelity, 64-bit internal processing to selectively add subtle or extreme distortion to your tracks. This extremely flexible multi-band, dual-stage distortion plug-in provides: 48 algorithms, 85 speaker cabinet models, 3 microphone models, 36 sweepable filter types, dynamic and delay processors, and a comprehensive preset library. #IZO #IZT

27 94 Computer Audio Plug-Ins IK MULTIMEDIA Total Studio Bundle #IKTSB The Total Studio Bundle is a cross-platform desktop music performance and processing software solution. The collection is rich in sample-based 16-part multi-timbral virtual instruments, electric bass and guitar amplifier, cabinet and effects modeling, a dedicated reverb effects group, and a mastering effects complement. The Total Studio Bundle is a comprehensive plug-in solution for virtually all major DAW software. of samples IK MULTIMEDIA AmpliTube 2 AmpliTube 2 is a complete guitar effects and amplifier/speaker modeling application that can be used in stand-alone mode, or as a plug-in within host software. Choose from among 21 stomp effects, 11 rack effects, cabinets, and 6 modeled microphones. At your disposal are 20,000 combinations of custom sounds, or choose from 400 readyto-go presets. amps and effects songs, change tempo - keep pitch and Vista compatible) IK-MULTIMEDIA T-Racks T-Racks is a collection of vintage modeled plug-ins that provides all the necessary tools for creating superb, tube-toned masters with astonishing warmth and clarity. Combined with your favorite audio sequencing software, T-Racks s familiar user interface and high-quality presets enhance your final mixes. #IKAT2PI #IKTRPI leveler designed for mastering DXi, Audio Unit WAVES APA 32 / APA 44 #WANSAPA The APA 32 and APA 44 are audio processing accelerators that provide external DSP for running multiple Waves plug-ins without taxing the host CPU. These powerful DSP processors connect via a standard Ethernet connection, support multiple users over a standard LAN network, and interface with #WANSAPA44M the APA 32 T.C. ELECTRONIC PowerCore Platform The PowerCore Platform is an extremely powerful hardware/ software processing solution that provides massive amounts of DSP processing power to your DAW without taxing your host computer. Comprised of a dedicated hardware processor and plug-ins, this flexible DSP workhorse is available in three different hardware configurations. PowerCore PCI MkII PowerCore Compact #TCPCC PowerCore FireWire #TCPCFW

28 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 95 URS Classic Console EQ Bundle Native high-quality software emulations of two URS Series A digitally recreates the sound of API s 550B vintage Four Band Equalizer, and the Series N recreates Neve s 1084 vintage Five Band Equalizer (3 bands plus HP/LP Filters). frequencies each, Low & High bands are Peak/Shelf switchable, low-mid & mid-high are Peaking types bands are Shelving, mids are Peaking types, VST, and Audio Units FOCUSRITE Liquid Mix #URCCBNAT WAVES #WAMNB Native Masters dedicated control surface. It uses convolution emulations of classic plug-ins on the host DAW. It s capable of powering 32 instances without affecting the host CPU s performance. Compatible with most audio software including Pro Tools, it can greatly empower both the professional and home studio s mixing capabilities. stunning transparency, control, and sonic excellence with no phase distortion. Phase Linear Filters, preserves original musical balance 5 user-defined frequency ranges with Linear Phase crossovers Re-quantization to 24-, 22-, 20-, 18-, 16-bit and ARC AudioSuite, Direct X and Audio Units WAVES Native Restoration Bundle The Native Restoration Bundle is a real-time, cross-platform software suite consisting of four specialized audio plug-ins that set a new standard in software-based noise reduction and restoration. Fast and incredibly easy to use, the Native Restoration Bundle is an indispensable toolkit for post-production and forensic audio applications #WARB manual click removal reduction for LP restoration Rumble filtering UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-1 Flexi-Pak The UAD-1 Flexi-Pak is a powerful custom-built DSP card that combines Analog Emulation plug-ins. This cross- Limiting Amplifier (a low DSP version of Pro room modeler, CS-1 Channel Strip and Nigel guitar effects processors. Complete integration of DSP hardware and over 20 software plug-ins provides a serious upgrade to any audio workstation. Additional plug-in included as 14 day demos. #FOLM #UNUAD1FP

29 96 Computer Audio Plug-Ins McDSP Classic Pack #MCBCPN gives you four very useful plug-ins for finetuning your mix within the Pro Tools recording environment. Analog Channel emulates the sounds of high-end analog tape machines, tape and channel amplifiers. CompressorBank is a high-end compressor plug-in designed to deliver the sounds of vintage and modern compressors, while maintaining complete control of dynamic compression. FilterBank brings you the sounds of vintage and modern equalizers multi-band compression to your toolbox. analog systems ANTARES AVOX #ANAVB The AVOX vocal toolkit is a bundle of five state-of-the-art vocal processing modules that give you all the tools you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications. These powerful plug-ins use unique vocal modeling, and sophisticated processing algorithms to precisely shape and fine tune vocal performances. and Audio Units ANTARES Harmony Engine #ANHE Harmony Engine is a real-time, cross-platform plug-in that generates vocal harmony arrangements up to 4 parts in density with formant-corrected, independent voice characters, vibrato and panning settings. The software supplies several harmony-generating modes, humanizing features, and a real-time preset grouping system for harmonies and vocal types. up to 4-part functionality through physical models of vocal tract automatic and individual note control pitch range and harmony styles and recall up to 6 unique vocal ensembles SOLID STATE LOGIC Duende The Duende is a professional Firewire DSP dynamics effects processor that uses SSL-designed plug-in software based on that company s re- processing for cross-platform native systems, or integrates nicely with other dedicated DSP environments. The Duende serves up to 32 channels of processing, and supports multiple sample rates and RTAS, VST and Audio Units file formats. Mini Duende WAVES GTR is an integrated hardware/software amp modeling and PC. It is comprised (made in collaboration with Paul Reed designed to provide recording professionals with a level of sound quality and performance previously unattainable in software. #SODUENDE #WAGTRSONA

30 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 97 #WAL3NA WAVES L3 Maximizer Native cross-platform mastering tool for Native DAW users. Presented as a pair of multi-band peak minimalist Ultramaximizer respectively, both and offer a combination of transparent phase correction, minimized intermodulation, and, yes, maximized, distortion-free loudness. If you re looking for a clearer, louder mix with some tone to it, look no further than this program. package for Native DAW users crossover points IK-MULTIMEDIA Ampeg SVX #IKASVXPI Ampeg SVX is a high-end virtual bass amplifier plug-in with component by component models of Ampeg s most sought-after bass amps. Designed in cooperation with Ampeg, this all-in-one recording solution for bass features: mixand-match amps and cabinets, six fully configurable stompbox effects, and a highprecision tuner. now available in plug-in format SVT Classic, SVT 5 PRO, BA500, and the BR15R 1x15, 2x10, 2x12, 4x10, 8x10 with flexible routing VST, DX and AudioUnits McDSP Emerald Pack #MCBEPN The Emerald Pack is a collection of world-renowned emulations of vintage equalizers, compressors, tape machines, and channel amplifiers, combined with custom console modeling, and the latest technology in convolution reverb and mastering limiters. This package also includes Synthesizer One, which combines wavetable and analog oscillators, a completely modular design and flexible filtering. Waveforms may also be drawn, generated from a suite of tools, or imported from an audio track within this unique synth. all Pro Tools platforms modeling and effects AUDIO EASE Altiverb 6 #AUAV Altiverb 6 is a convolution reverb plug- Windows XP that uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cabin of a fire truck. It offers an extensive set of parameters, supports all professional plug-in formats, offers parameter automation and surround capability. Every few weeks there are free new spaces available for download on the Audio Ease site, giving you a tremendous selection of reverb types to choose from. WAVES Vocal Bundle Native Vocal Bundle is a comprehensive vocal toolkit made up of three classic Waves plugins and two brand-new processors. It includes: Tune (high-quality pitch correction and melody transformation), DeBreath (removes breath sounds on vocal tracks), Renaissance Channel (virtual channel strip), Renaissance DeEsser (sibilance attenuator) and Double (double track emulator). #WAVNB gating and limiting

31 98 Computer Audio Plug-Ins IZOTOPE Spectron #IZS Isotope is a 64-bit Spectral Domain Effects Processing plug-in that allows users to split audio into thousands of frequency bands, apply effects independently to each band, and then resynthesize the audio to create entirely new sounds. This incredible sound-shaping tool provides limitless possibilities for exciting new sounds in an elegant, easy-to-navigate user interface. frequency-selective panning Audio Units and DirectX XP compatible TASCAM GigaPulse VST #TAGIGAPVST reverb plug-in for Windows that can emulate microphone setup with precise control over critical parameters. Unique features like mic modeling, selectable room position, and tail great choice for top-quality room emulation. convolving algorithms environment or used alone load to free up your CPU for more instances to up to 18 locations in a room own recordings McDSP Project Studio #MCBPSLE Project Studio is the most comprehensive LE plug-in bundle ever, featuring award-winning equalizers, filters, and compressors, plus a sound synthesizer, guitar-amp modeler, convolution reverb, mastering limiter, and analog tape machine simulator. This set is the perfect addition to any Pro the tools to truly begin sonically sculpting your work. Weather you track a full band, record your own songs, edit audio for video, or produce voice-overs, you will be able to put the finishing touches on your project. CYCLING 74 #CYSWP Pluggo There has never been anything close to the selection of plug-ins assembled in Pluggo. With its range of sound design possibilities, it is a real-time interactive audio processing, modulation, and synthesis environment that works right inside your favorite audio application. The wide range of effects categories includes delays, filters, pitch effects, distortion, granulation, spectral effects, modulators, multi-channel effects, synthesizers, audio routing, reverb and dynamics, and visual display. This package delivers lots of interesting plug-ins for a modest price. DIGIDESIGN TL SPACE NATIVE EDITION The TL Space Native Edition is a cool RTAS and Audio Suite convolution reverb plug-in designed for use with Pro Tools LE systems. Appropriate for music recording and post-production requirements, the software combines rich samples of actual acoustic spaces with sophisticated DSP algorithms for highly realistic programming and sound design in an intuitive operating environment #DITLSN

32 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 99 SYNCROARTS VocALign Project #DISAVPQ VocALign Project is an Audio Suite plug-in designed for time-aligning vocals, dialog, or instruments in Pro Tools. It reduces the need to re-record performers and drastically reduces editing time. User interface allows adjustment of selected audio regions for processing, and the scrolling, scalable display allows visual confirmation of sync. vocals, or instrumental performances VocALign Project WAVES Tune #WATNE Tune is a plug-in that runs via ReWire and allows complete control over the pitch, vibrato, and melody of a prerecorded vocal track. You can use it right away with its default automatic correction mode, or fine tune its operation with a host of parameters and controls. Whether you re changing a singer s note, adding or smoothing out vibrato, Tune will work transparently and naturally. tation with vocal melody function, looping, and scrolling IK-MULTIMEDIA CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb #IKCSR The CSR-1: Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of four reverb plug-ins modeled after classic high end studio reverb hardware masterpieces. This high quality, musical reverb processor includes four different reverb algorithms: Classik Hall/Room, Classik Ambience, Classik Plate, and Classik Inverse, and in advanced mode users have full access to more than 50 reverb parameters. (2) internal Envelope generators Audio Units and DirectX McDSP Revolver Revolver is a high-powered convolution reverb that operates like no other, providing total impulse response control, dedicated and lines, a reverb decay crossover network, and specialized stereo imaging for unprecedented flexibility. Additional acoustic spaces and outboard gear can be modeled in just a few minutes with the Revolver impulse response tools and images of the included impulse sources are available. All parameter adjustments are heard immediately without muting the outputs during any control updates so there is no need to wait while the reverb is re-rendered. WAVES Q-Clone plug-in that utilizes unique (patentpending) technology to capture and hold the sound of outboard hardware sends its special capturing signal to allows you to save and recall the sound of every adjustment you make in real time. #MCPIRN #WAQCNTDM

33 100 Computer Audio Plug-Ins WAVES SSL 4000 #WASSLNB The SSL 4000 Collection is an ambitious set of or Windows XP applications. Developed under license from SSL, and emulating the sonic character and power of the now-classic SSL 4000 series of mixing consoles, the 3 plug-ins are uncanny renditions capable of the same extreme compres- such a success with engineers and producers. all-discrete design and boost dynamics or in dynamics sidechain SOLID STATE LOGIC Pro-Convert Pro-Convert is an audio project translator and file conversion program for #SOPC Windows. It is designed to allow seamless project movement between Digital Audio Workstations from different manufacturers and supports over 40 applications. Pro Convert allows musicians, composers and producers to work in their DAW of choice and easily export or import their music to and from other audio programs for tracking, mixing or mastering purposes. conversion program pan automation curve conversion DIGIDESIGN Maxim #DIM sound and an elegant interface, designed for use with Pro Tools HD or LE systems running uses a transparent, intelligent look-ahead process, anticipating peaks and reducing levels without coloring the track or mix sound quality and character. serves track integrity functionality vidual tracks DIGIDESIGN DINR LE DINR LE is a sensible, intuitive noise-reduction program, compatible systems as an AudioSuite plug-in. The software removes anything from tape hiss to amplifier noise, serving both archiving and music production applications. An overlooked feature of DINR is its sound-design capabilities; used incorrectly the program is capable of some of the most #DIDINRLE DIGIDESIGN Music Production Toolkit #DIMPTK tion Toolkit is an enhanced set of upgrade features and plug-ins for existing Pro Tools LE and systems. Featuring an increased track count of up to 48 mono or stereo tracks with 24-bit/96kHz resolution, multi-track Beat Detective rhythm correction. - and Windows XP compatible

34 Computer Audio Plug-Ins 101 SRS Circle Surround VST Pro Circle Surround VST Pro is a multi-channel surround encoder/ decoder plug-in designed for #SRCSVST use with Steinberg s Nuendo and Cubase DAW s. The software allows the engineer delivery of up to 6.1 surround sound through standard stereo transmission or storage media. The program is pression codecs, while providing comprehensive output level panning and decode option control. stereo and mono CHANDLER EMI TG12413 #CHEMITG emulation of a classic hardware limiter built ary Abbey Road recording studios in the versions of the limiter, a 1969 version with the original HOLD input knob, and a 2005 version with the HOLD modified to INPUT gain and providing a 10dB signal boost. Pro Tools LE systems or bass tracks in a mix recordings BIAS SoundSoap Pro #BISSP SoundSoap Pro is a complete cross-platform audio noise-reduction and restoration plug-in, featuring the Broadband, Click and Crackle, and Hum and Rumble restoration tools, along with a is great for tape and vinyl archiving, or for cleaning up problematic tracks on a multi-track digital recording. tape or vinyl archiving, multi-track cleanup pops, clicks, transient noise peaks between program material spectral noise WAVES Native Plug-In Bundles Wave s professional plug-in bundles are an ideal solution for Track- and Sound Design. Available in a variety of configurations, these bundles support over 20 different audio editing environments on Bundles support the following file formats: VST, RTAS, Audio Units, Direct X, and AudioSuite. Gold Bundle includes: Reverberator, Renaissance Compressor, Renais- - #WAGNB Platinum Bundle includes: Bundle plus- L2 Ultramaximizer, L3 Ultramaximizer, UltraPitch, Linear Phase Axx, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance Channel, Renaissance DeEsser, Renaissance Vox, C4, IR-L, Waves Tune LT Diamond Bundle includes: All of the plug-ins in the maximizer, X-Noise, X-Click, X-Crackle, X-Hum, Mercury Bundle includes: All of the plug-ins in Diamond - #WAPNB #WADNB #WAMBN IR360 Convolution Reverbs, 360 Surround Tools

35 102 Virtual Instruments NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Battery 3 #NAB Battery 3 is a precision Drum Sampler plug-in that features a powerful new sampling engine as well as enhanced sound shaping and modulation capabilities with sophisticated sample is fast and easy to use by simply loading your sounds into the sample cells, creating a whole new drum kit in a matter of seconds. group and choke group management sound-shaping tools Compatible with a wide range of sample formats Battery 3 Plug-in updater also available for owners of previous version #NAB3U SPECTRASONICS Trilogy Total Bass Module #SPTRIMPA Integrating a powerful user interface and a remarkable all-in-one sampled bass solution for a wide variety of musical styles. Trilogy s core library includes multisampled acoustic bass, electric bass, and synth bass instruments, and its powerful user interface allows users to create unique custom patches. Synth Basses, each with dual layers dynamic combinations articulations for ultimate expression Easy to use built-in patch management system Filter and Amplitude VST, Audio Unit MOTU MX4 #MAMX engine that combines several types of synthesis into one virtual instrument Plug-In. Filter Topology give the user Infinite creative possibilities. and Analog Emulation up to 192kHz Instantiations (as many as Host CPU allows) NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Absynth 4 With its unique interface and sonic flavor, Absynth 4 is a powerful virtual instrument that combines sampling and synthesis to create an extremely diverse spectrum of amazing sounds. The creative musical and sound design possibilities offered by its semi-modular architecture and innovative features stretch well beyond the boundaries of existing synthesizers. morphing textures with the flexible 68-breakpoint envelopes Absynth 4 Plug-in updater also available for owners of previous version #NAA4U #NAA4 NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Massive #NAM With an array of sounds from snarling basses to shimmering leads and a sizable list of 460 a deluge of synthesis for the studio and the stage. Beginners will appreciate its ease of use, while more experienced users can dig deep within its wave scanning oscillators for analog and digital sounds. A step sequencer is included as well as flexible routing and internal effects.

36 Virtual Instruments 103 EAST WEST Symphonic Choirs #EAEW Symphonic Choirs is a professionally-recorded collection of 5 choirs Boys, Alto (female), Soprano (female), Basses (male), Tenors (male) and Solo Singers. Three simultaneous stereo mic setups are used to record the chromatically-sampled, multi-dynamic vocals, allowing any combination of mics to control the overall tone and ambience. An advanced Wordbuilder utility enables users to type in words for the choirs to sing, while the included complete performance control. stereo mic setups blend seamlessly light vibrato, and heavy vibrato extensive sound shaping MOTU Symphonic Instrument #MASI Symphonic Instrument is a cross-platform virtual instrument plug-in designed to give high-quality orchestral sounds for composing, sequencing, and realistic performances. Driven by a 32-bit UVI engine, Symphonic Instrument provides sixteen-part multitimbral operation, controls to adjust individual instruments, and a built-in convolution reverb with a menu for choosing the desired acoustic space. woodwinds, orchestral percussion, male and female choirs, pipe organs, period instruments, and pianos (including Steinway D for more advanced layering and programming. includes a wide variety of acoustic spaces SPECTRASONICS ATMOSPHERE DREAM SYNTH MODULE #SPATMMPA With a powerful intuitive interface for creating new textures, the Atmospheres synthesizer that integrates a massive 3- unique sounds and layer elements. Designed by acclaimed sound designer Eric Persing, Atmosphere can provide a broad scope of sounds suitable for a variety of musical and sound design applications. 1,000,000 mix combinations plus master filters M-AUDIO GForce imposcar The imposcar is a virtual synthesizer that is a faithful reproduction of the classic vintage OSCar analog synthesizer. This incredible sounding soft-synth features user programmable waveforms, built-in effects, polyphony, programmability, controllers to its programming controls. M-AUDIO GForce M-Tron virtual vintage keyboard that faithfully emulates popularized by first sample-based keyboards, each key on the original instrument moved a tape head onto an eight-second tape loop that played a sound such as a violin. In order to replicate the original instrument s unique #GFIOSC #GFMT

37 104 Virtual Instruments SPECTRASONICS Stylus RMX #SPSTYRMXA cutting-edge sample elements and loops, over innovative rhythm production tools and performance into a simple-to-use, expandable, groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for auditioning and organizing of grooves samples per part variations and improvising within stereo audio grooves Control, REX, and ACID sample libraries SYNTHOGY Ivory #SYIVORYMPA new samples of Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290, platform plug-in is powered by Synthogy s custom sample and DSP engine which delivers a new level of realism in digital sound creation. Each piano is chromatically sampled with all 88 notes at every dynamic level including the extra 9 notes for the Bosendorfer 290 and release samples at multiple velocities and variations. DSP engine Synthogy Italian Grand Expansion Pack adds an amazing Italian 10-foot concert grand piano to Ivory #SYILIVITA EAST WEST Hardcore Bass XP #EAEW Hardcore Bass XP is a multi-sample bass 5 total basses were used to produce a superior general purpose bass tool as opposed to genre specific bass categories. The built-in multiple layers of bass to be easily blended and crafted, resulting in tones from aggressive plucks and slides to round, solid tones. Patches are expertly programmed and are available in multiple amp configurations. bass included vintage rigs enabling custom mixing included with Direct-from-Disk support M-AUDIO GForce Oddity The Oddity is a virtual synthesizer that authentically emulates the classic ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer used by many of the pioneers of electronic music. Oddity has some improved features the original Odyssey designers never even dreamed of, including programmability, preset morphing, host-syncable LFO and automation. M-AUDIO GForce Minimonsta #GFO #GFM synthesizer that expertly emulates the classic landmark instrument known to be one of the biggest, fattest synths ever made. Enhancements to the original include polyphony, programmability, morphing, additional LFO and allowing you to easily adjust parameters via hardware controllers or record them into your favorite sequencer.

38 Virtual Instruments 105 NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt 3 #NAK Kontakt 3 is a powerful cross-platform software sampler with unrivaled professional features and compatibility, and includes a comprehensive library of top-quality instruments. Features like Universal Import (compatibility with virtually every sample and library format), and a Script Processor for programming custom modules, make Kontakt 3 a standout choice for applications ranging from simple music composition to complex sound design projects. voices and 64-fold multitimbrality per instance to 16-channel surround sound ningly authentic Impulse Response effects AudioUnit, DXi IK MULTIMEDIA Sonik Synth 2 #IKSS Sonik Synth 2 is a sixteen-part, multi-timbral, sample-based virtual synth workstation with thirty-two built-in DSP effects and than most hardware workstations, Sonik Synth 2 covers an incredibly wide palette of synth flavors, including: analog, digital, additive, resythesis, and more. The built-in search engine with images of the instruments allows you to easily navigate through over 5000 sounds quickly and efficiently. and Pitch-shift/Timestretch 50 Synth-Sampler engine controls Audio Units, DXi, and RTAS SUBMERSIBLE MUSIC DrumCore2 Drumcore2 is a cross-platform virtual instrument, composing tool, and drum sample player #SUDC and hits performed by a crack corps of stage and studio professionals. The loops have been more human feel, and the program generously ing other sound libraries or hardware samplers. for drum track creation by stage and session drummers with 24-bit/48kHz resolution KORG Legacy Collection Digital Edition The Digital Edition of Korg s Legacy Collection includes recreations of WAVESTATION synthesizer from 1990, and a new multi-effect plug-in two classic synths run as stand-alone applications or plug-ins, and have been painstakingly reborn as digital entities with all of the tones and controls that made them classics, with added features for today s DAW. - ARTURIA Analog Factory #KOKLCDE #ARAF Analog Factory is a virtual instrument collection of analog synthesizer sounds. The software contains 3500 sounds culled from Arturia s collection of Prophet V, Jupiter-8V, and many other renderings of classic analog synthesizers, all of which may be edited in an essential, hands-on, knobs-and-levers environment. Analog Factory is a great value for musicians, producers and sound designers.

39 106 Virtual Instruments EAST WEST Quantum Leap Voices of Passion #EAEW Voices of Passion is a virtual instrument with both plug-in and stand-alone functionality, featuring 5 female vocalists from as many different countries performing a variety of vocal phrases in the manner and emotion peculiar to their native lands. The software contains over film, media and gaming composers in need of unusual vocal approaches and atmospherics for their scores. Wales and the U.S. phrase generator words, phrases, and calls WAY OUT WARE KikAxxe #WAKA KikAxxe is a virtual RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit instrument plug-in that faithfully emulates the venerable ARP Axxe, a classic analog synthesizer. This software rendition adds two features not found on the original: a dedicated 16-step sequencer and a sample-based drum machine replete with five kits and its own step sequencer. The KikAxxe comes with a large preset library, but offers full programmability for the more adventurous. and drum machine controls M-AUDIO Drum & Bass Rig #MADBR Drum & Bass Rig is a top-quality virtual instrument that incorporates four great sounding modules into one powerful virtual rack. This cross-platform instrument includes: RD-5 Real Drums, EB-6 Electric Bass, split, layer, and mix these four powerful modules in whatever way best suits your performance and recording needs. Audio Unit CAKEWALK Kinetic 2 Kinetic 2 is a powerful virtual instrument for Windows that allows users to compose music and create beats with an easy point-and-click interface. It includes 400 instrument patches, featuring genuine Roland sounds (101, 606, 808, 909, more). Kinetic 2 s innovative content browser allows quick access to patterns and sounds (by instrument type and music genre). ACID format loops EAST WEST Quantum Leap COLOSSUS COLOSSUS is a massive, 32- with a huge 160-instrument sound set including: Drums/ Orchestra, Piano/E.Piano, Pop Brass, Choir, Vintage Organs, New Age Ensembles, StormDrone, Synth Basses, Synth Leads, and Synth Pads categories. This virtual instrument combines intuitive handling with excellent sound quality, and is powered by the efficient KONTAKT audio engine. #CAK #EAEW164

40 Virtual Instruments 107 M-AUDIO Key Rig #MAKR Key Rig is a versatile virtual instrument that incorporates four great sounding keyboard modules into one powerful virtual rack. This cross-platform instrument includes: SP-1 Stage route, split, layer, and mix these four powerful modules in whatever way best suits your performance and recording needs. and Audio Unit NATIVE INSTRUMENTS REAKTOR 5 #NAR REAKTOR 5 is a completely modular real-time sound synthesis, sampling and effects software that is both a collection of hundreds of software instruments, as well as complete studio environment for constructing entirely new and individual instruments. It includes an extensive collection of first-class synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, loop tools, step sequencers, live performance machines, and effects units; ranging from authentic emulations of classic gear to innovative, cuttingedge instruments and sound manipulators. include: VST, RTAS, DXi, and Audio Unit REAKTOR 5 Plug-in updater also available for owners of previous version #NAR5U DIGIDESIGN Music Production Toolkit #DIMPTK includes a full range of professional music tools that expand the creative power of system. It includes an impressive collection of plug-ins, a multi-track version of Beat Detective rhythm analysis and correction tool, up to 48 mono or stereo tracks at up to 96 khz (interface permitting), includes a host of powerful plug-ins for creating and producing music. definition synthesizer EAST WEST Quantum Leap Gypsy virtual instrument featuring instruments specifically associated with gypsy culture such as violins, accordions, trombones and Spanish steel-string guitars performed in the authentic gypsy style. The software contains samples representing a viable collection of instruments and styles for use in film and documentary scoring projects. EAST WEST Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock #EAEW #EAEW samples of drums, electric guitars and electric basses performed in a wide variety of rockin styles in a variety of acoustic spaces with a variety of ampli- clean and distorted tones with both legato and staccato techniques with dual amplifier configurations. and Fender amps

41 108 Virtual Instruments FIXED NOISE OTTO #FIO OTTO is basically a cross-platform virtual instrument library for sound designers and techno or electronica musicians, packed spectral instruments, and a custom version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 2, which itself provides a 600-instument library. The crossgenre loops and sequences are also found as individual hits, allowing for a creative mix-and-match process not found in other collections. and hits sound designers categories for quick reference EAST WEST StormDrum #EAEW and multi-samples from 3 world-class percussionists. Thousands of original evolving drum beds, kits, and percussion are available with up to 20-way velocity-switching. Special and INTAKT samplers are built-in, allowing for quick, synchronized loop manipulation, disk streaming, and multitimbral capability. StormDrum delivers big, ethnic-sounding drums with wide dynamic ranges, especially suited for film and multi-media composition. instruments Chase, Fastbreaks, Film Tech, and Thunderous envelopes, effects, and more MOTU Mach Five 2 #MAM sampler created for professional sound design, music production, or broadcast with support for up to 24/192kHz audio. It combines superior sound quality and operation speed with a powerful, flexible synth engine that s compatible with all sample libraries. Samples are handled using an intelligent file management system optimized for browsing and loading libraries quickly. with unlimited polyphony mance parameters in one view importing of all major sampler formats channel waveform editing parameters in one window ARTURIA Moog Modular V platform virtual instrument featuring more than 400 unique presets from some the industries best sound designers. True Analog Emulation enables an accurate digital reproduction resulting in aliasing-free oscillators, the typical warmth created by the 24dB low-pass filter. With new ergonomic functionality and audio opportunities, its synthesis possibilities are truly endless. ARTURIA minimoog V The minimoog V is a crossplatform virtual instrument capable of accurately emulating the famous musical characteristics of the original minimoog. With over 500 builtin presets, the minimoog V utilizes its sharp filters, aliasing-free oscillators, soft-clipping, and faster envelope and modulation response to be closer than ever to efficiently reproducing the sweet sound of the original. The minimoog V s superior analog emulation and intuitive musicality make it one of the best emulations available today. #ARMMVH #ARMMV

42 Virtual Instruments 109 DIGIDESIGN Velvet #DIVPI Velvet is an RTAS virtual instrument plug-in for Pro Tools systems, featuring uncanny emulations of the Fender Rhodes Suitcase, with the Wurlitzer A200. Afficionados of the original instruments will marvel at the presets, which are comprised of highdefinition samples and advanced modeling techniques. presets and compression and other authentic effects IK MULTIMEDIA Philharmonik Miroslav #IKMP faithfully reproduce the lush warmth and emotion of orchestral instruments, ensembles, sample libraries into a dedicated plug-in instrument specifically tailored for orchestral composition. Recorded in the famous Dvorak Symphony Hall, all instruments have been captured in their proper acoustic orchestral positions, further enhancing their acoustic realism and performance. orchestral workstation orchestral and choir sounds CYCLING 74 Mode # CYSWMQ classic synthesis and effects techniques with unique performance control. It features user-friendly arpeggiators, integrated synth effects and simplified control of complex systems, opening creative doors previously seen only in the best hardware devices. Developed by the Creative Synth team, the heard deep basses, soaring lead lines and bizarre percussion processed by synchronized effects and even a lopper s paradise of delay lines. engine patchbays ARTURIA CS-80 V present films, the CS-80 V utilizes Arturia s outstanding emulation technology to reproduce one of music s ultimate polyphonic synthesizers. It takes all the great original features and adds innovations such as a modulation matrix, multitimbral mode, an arpeggiator and stereo delay. This inspirational 8-voice synth provides over 400 presets and 64-bit floating point precision with no aliasing below 16kHz. ARTURIA ARP2600 V The ARP2600 V is a virtual instrument with over 400 presets that effectively bring this powerful synthesizer back to life. It provides all the original functions polyphony, and the ability to create, save, and recall your own presets. Expanding upon the initial ARP2600 design, innovative features have been added including 4 revolutionary tracking generators, additional effects, and sound design capabilities never before seen. #ARCS80V #ARARP

43 110 Virtual Instruments #NAK DIGIDESIGN Hybrid #DIHHDS Developed by the Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research group, Hybrid is a highdefinition RTAS software synthesizer for Pro that combines the warmth of classic analog waveforms with digital wavetables. Emulate your favorite classic synth or create something no one has ever heard before. Hybrid comes equipped with 256 preset patches that include a full range of analog and digital sounds, but it is made for tweaking and shaping your own sounds. generation EAST WEST #EAEW160PS Symphonic Orchestra Gold Bundle superbly engineered collection of strings, woodwinds, brass, and orchestral percussion recordings. The bundle consists of the original These high-quality samples are achieved using the best recording gear available, sampling the instruments and sections chromatically. Chorus effects processing 256-voice polyphony NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Komplete 5 Collection Komplete 5 is an extensive collection of powerful software synthesizers and sound generators encompassing a broad spectrum of classic and futuristic instruments for all styles of music. All of the award-winning instruments countless musicians, producers, and sound designers swear by are now bundled together in one affordable package. The entire collection comes easy to install DVD s and includes a comprehensive 400-page, printed manual. ARTURIA Prophet V Utilizing improvements in Arturia s advanced True Analog Emulation technology; the Prophet V virtual instrument is born. There are three user interfaces in the Prophet V: a Prophet 5, a Prophet VS and Hybrid mode. While maintaining every individual nuance of the originals, the Hybrid mode uniquely stacks these two synths on top of each other, combining the warmth of the Prophet 5 with the digital shimmer of the VS. STEINBERG Groove Agent incarnation of Steinberg s Agent virtual drummer VST instrument, and is a major step up from previous versions. a huge library of drum and percussion sounds with a range of player technologies to give you dynamic, ready-togo drums, beats, rhythms, and percussion in only a few mouse clicks. It features top-quality drum samples and live recorded drum performances in a massive number of variations covering 123 different styles that automatically sync to your song tempo. #ARPV #STGA3

44 Virtual Instruments 111 G-FORCE Virtual String Machine classic string synthesizers supporting RTAS, VST and Audio Unit plug-in formats. The collection is filled with startling emulations Crumar, Korg, and many others, and allows the user dual-layering of the program s proprietary Sample Sets and application of all synth parameters for some complex and creative programming. with 500-plus presets processing and effects NATIVE INSTRUMENTS FM8 Distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation and effects capabilities, an audio input and more are now added to the already brings 32 different waveforms to the operators, sound architecture and expression. 32 waveforms and 512 presets 8 operators, no fixed algorithms envelopes and unlimited stages #GFVSM #NAFM8 FM8 plug-in updater also available for CAKEWALK Dimension Pro #CADP over 1500 production-ready presets to your disposal. This advanced sample playback synth is capable of covering every genre of music, from orchestral, ambient and electronica to hiphop, R&B and pop. Its quick hands-on control of deep editing capabilities including 20 graphical LFO s with multiple filters and shapes makes it ideal for sound design in cinema, TV, videos games and commercial sound. waveguide and wavetable oscillators crossfading acoustic simulation via physical modeling EAST WEST Fab Four Fab Four is a cross-platform RTAS, VST and Audio Units plug-in or stand-alone virtual instrument consisting of guitar, bass, keyboard and drum sounds one might hear on recordings by the Beatles in their heyday. The emphasis here is on authenticity, with the sampling proceedings presided over by the legendary engineer Ken Scott, who was an integral part of the Beatles recording team. All instrumental and recording equipment is identical to that used in the original recordings. EAST WEST Quantum Leap Pianos instrument collection of four individually sampled acoustic grand pianos, each meticulously recorded using three microphone positions with multiple velocity recordings per note and dedicated soft, sustain and sostenuto pedal samples. The pianos may be Units plug-in, and functions quite nicely as a stand-alone instrument as well. #EAEW #EAEW171 instruments

45 112 Virtual Instruments ILIO Tassman #APAATSMA The Tassman is a modular virtual instrument based on physical modeling technology. Its 50 pre-patched instruments comprise over 1000 presets right out of the box. Classic analog and various drums, chromatic percussion, strings, EP s and more are provided with the expression and subtleties not possible with typical sample based solutions. Customizable modules can create synths, effects, envelopes, filters, mixers, I/O, and more. Tassman is a perfect tool for creative, intuitive sound design and performance. and over 1000 presets a tone generator CAKEWALK Z3TA+ #CAZ3TAP Waveshaping Synthesizer plug-in among the most expressive and inspiring available. It s fully capable of producing authentic vintage sounds or the most modern professional presets, 32-bit wavetable synthesis, a complete 16 row modulation matrix, a full arpeggiator with over 100 patterns, stunning filters, effects and more. 64-voice polyphony programming flexibility loadable waveforms with 14 wave transformations CAKEWALK Rapture #CAR Rapture is a powerful Wavetable synthesizer with extensive sound-manipulation capabilities. It provides 600 programs and a beautifullydesigned interface that s well suited for electronica related music styles. 6 fullyprogrammable sound-generating Elements allowing users to easily generate rhythmic sequences with multi-mode oscillators, filters creatively-crafted musical programs Textures, Percussion, and Sequences and ring modulation functions NATIVE INSTRUMENTS #NAP53 PRO-53 The PRO-53 is a virtual instrument designed to authentically reproduce the brilliance, warmth, and beauty of the original Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. Along with programmed by one of the original creators of the unit, the PRO-53 effects, filters and more. The PRO-53 can run original Sysex patches but offers more creative tools for live and studio production. LFO-envelope retrigger NATIVE INSTRUMENTS AKOUSTIK PIANO AKOUSTIK PIANO combines the expressiveness and graceful playability of three of the world s must reputable pianos, the Steinway D, Bechstein D 280, and the Boesendorfer 290 Imperial as well as the unique vintage Steingraeber 130 upright into one virtual instrument. All four pianos are captured in exact detail, their warmth and distinctive characteristics are achieved by combining a specially developed microphone setup with the latest recording technology #NAAP and seamless velocity

46 Virtual Instruments 113 M-AUDIO I Drum The I Drum adds a fully-programmable studios. It s easy to use, but loaded with the flexibility and power of a virtual instrument. Create patterns right alongside your current tracks or use any of the hundreds of pre-programmed patterns and are built into the I Drum, including filters, amp envelopes, and bit-reduction, all of which can be utilized while mixing and matching parts and samples. drum samples, patterns and parts #MAID 4900 #MAE MOTU Ethno Instrument The Ethno Instrument delivers expressive ethnic instrument sounds combined with authentic world music loops and phrases in one easy-to-use window. From solo instruments to full ensembles, the Ethno Instrument delivers all of the exotic textures you need to take your recordings to the four corners of the globe. It comes with a massive loops and phrases, instantly tempo-locked to your host software time line. region and category TOONTRACK EZ Drummer #TOTT and VST or Audio Units plug-in. The software features a huge collection of meticulously recorded drum samples and a user interface designed for simplicity of operation and ease of access. The drag-and-drop method of kit construction and instantaneous sound auditioning process couldn t be simpler. and d rag-and-drop functionality and non-cycling and level controls McDSP Synthesizer One Synthesizer One for Pro Tools combines wave table and analog oscillators, a completely modular design, flexible filtering, and a dedicated effects section to produce inspiring leads, fat basses, and evolving synthetic textures. Its wavetable editor allows users to create unique waveforms for oscillators and LFO s and may be drawn, generated from a suite of tools, or imported from an audio track. There are also three clock sync-able wavetable LFO s per voice with dedicated multi-mode ASR envelopes. #MCPIS VIENNA SYMPHONIC LIBRARY Symphonic Cube #VICSLVSCA Symphonic Cube is a professional collection of 10 virtual instruments specifically designed to quickly and easily marry raw samples with performance algorithms for stunning are provided, including hundreds of inspiring articulations which can now be combined into a single Preset on automatically selected in real time by Vienna s proprietary Performance Detection, making composing more natural, efficient and fun. -

47 114 Virtual Instruments EAST WEST Quantum Leap Goliath from Colossus and adds an #EAEW an astounding 180 instruments and over 600 patches. This total sound set includes drums and percussion, guitars, basses, acoustic and electric pianos, keyboards and mallets, pop brass, orchestral instruments, choirs and vocals, ethnic instruments, new age ensembles, morphing atmospheres, synth basses, synth leads, and synth pads. 290 Piano BEST SERVICE Chris Hein Guitars library of 40,000 samples #BEBS content with many variations of dynamics and articulations, often featuring 3000 to 6,000 samples per instrument. With the included Native Instruments Kontact 2 player, all of the sounds are easy to navigate and control. You can achieve a customized natural performance with features like chord mode, slide mode (with hammer on/pull off), up and downstroke, and lots more. and filter included EAST WEST Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Complete This is a huge 4-volume, cross-platform 24-bit symphony orchestra sample library designed to work in all plug-in formats for professional use in film scoring, sound design and composition. Native Instrument s Kontakt player, which functions as either a standalone or a plug-in for seamless DAW integration, and supports directfrom-disk streaming. functionality concert hall ambience LFO s for sound design SUBMERSIBLE MUSIC Terrypack I Drummerpack The Terrypack I Drummerpack is a cross-platform plug-in collection of custom sounds fills and loops performed on his own custom kit by world-renowned drummer Terry Bozzio, fusing pop, fusion and progressive stylings with his truly amazing technical skill. The software is designed for seamless integration with Drumcore2 composing software for songwriters and producers. loop collection performed by Terry Bozzio SUBMERSIBLE MUSIC Upbeat and Aggressive Drummerpack The Upbeat and Aggressive Drummerpack is a cross-platform plug-in collection of kits suited for rock, metal and alternative music projects. The collection is designed for seamless integration with Submers- software, and is arranged into 45-loop Layer feature, which allows for custom multi-channel loops, fills and breakdowns. #SUTP1DX #SUUADX collection for rock, metal and alternative projects

48 Virtual Instruments 115 IK MULTIMEDIA Sample Moog #IKSM This sample-based virtual instrument is an anthology of 16 classic modular and self-con- with SampleTank, with over 50 synth controls STRETCH EAST WEST Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection This collection includes seven highly useful virtual instruments that are ideal #EAEW for professional composition, and features a Each instrument is powerful in its own right, but when used together you will be able to approach any scoring situation with confidence. NI Kompakt provides a streamlined and logical user interface and is compatible with all major plugin formats. Complete EMU Proteus X2 #EMPX The Proteus X2 is a Windows-only software Phatt rackmount synths. The Proteus X2 sound engine, and offers extensive filtering and parameter control, real-time audio expansion/ interface thrown in for the bargain. alone or VSTi operation eters for each preset playback modes EAST WEST #EAEW175 SD2 SD2 percussion module is twice the size of the original Stormdrum, featuring over 12 percussion instruments with both 64-bit and 24-bit support. Also included are over 100 film mances, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings from bombastic to hypnotic. Not only can you effortlessly change tempo of your performance but, with 24 velocity layers to work with, sound replacement and external triggering become attractive options. BEST SERVICE Ethno World 4 Professional Ethno World 4 Professional is an extensive collection of world instrument samples, over over 200 instruments from all 6 continents, and more than 14,000 samples. The sounds sotti, and the sample quality and detail reflects his professional knowledge and experience, for the benefit of film scorers and sound designers #BEBS408 -

49 116 Virtual Instruments YELLOW TOOLS Independence Pro Independence is a true sampling workstation and sophisticated search and import browser that lets you assign attributes to your files for quick and easy management. Culture is an Independence instrument that provides you with a huge selection of world, ethno, orchestral and industrial percussion captured with an amazing level of authenticity to create a truly playable in- bass sounds like no other software instrument. Culture percussion instrument #YECULTURE Majestic electric bass instrument ARTURIA Brass Brass is a cross-platform physical modeling software plug-in or stand-alone virtual instrument specializing in uncanny emulations of the acoustic behavior of a saxophone, trumpet and trombone. The models or breath controller, and the great attention to nuance and exacting simulation of the control parameters provided allow for highly realistic, expressive performance possibilities. simulating sax, trumpet, and trombone controller attack, pressure, vibrato and timbre simulator for trumpet, trombone BIG FISH AUDIO Addictive Drums Addictive Drums features superior multi-mic samples, a full set of production tools and more than 3,000 built-in beats to get you up and running quickly, whether you are an experienced drum programmer or a songwriter looking to spice up your production. It can sound extremely realistic, producing true acoustic drums, but it can also be tweaked and manipulated into machine-like kits or weird rhythmic effects. Its user interface gives you instant access to every parameter and it is compatible with most major plugin formats. #YEIP #ARBRASS #BIADD envelopes and mics YELLOW TOOLS Premium Suite Premium Suite includes the complete Yellow Tools product range in one package to serve as the ultimate bundle for music producers, film-composers, sound designers, songwriters and remixers. The package includes the full-featured Independence Pro Sample Workstation, saxophone instrument Candy, Culture for a bass instrument, and the Freedom virtual provided Independence alone, this kit is sure to offer options for almost any situation. SUBMERSIBLE MUSIC Blues & Boogie Drummerpack The Blues & Boogie Drummerpack is a cross-platform plug-in collection of guitar based music projects in the blues, rock, and country vein. The collection is designed for seamless integration drum composing software, and offers a versatile collection of authentic shuffles, delivered on a superbly and consistently recorded drum set. #YEPREMIUM #SUBBDX country and rock projects

50 Virtual Instruments 117 BIG FISH AUDIO Elite Orchestral Percussion Elite Orchestral Percussion puts more than 250 categorized instrument patches under your fingertips. From chimes and cymbals to mallets and snare drums, this #BIEOP collection will help to fill out your percussion your selections in any one of over 50 different sonic spaces. A randomization engine helps to inject more realism into your performances, and articulations such as flams, 3-stroke ruffs, chokes, rolls, and realistic rhythmic patterns are easily achieved. custom articulation and volume ously plugin formats PERCUSSA AudioCube (4-Pack) The AudioCube is a truly #PEAC4 unique cross-platform USB/ sound generator. The unit comes with a set of software configuration patches and communicates wirelessly with other adjacent compatible hardware or software instrument or plug-in processors, creating exotic real-time performance effects not possible application of low-res, low-fi audio effects to external signals the more AudioCubes, the more changes and effects settings. bit/32khz low-fi effects generator commands by placemen and hand motion DIGIDESIGN Structure #DISTRUCTURE Structure is a full-featured and reliable software sampler that has been designed and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools. It includes comprehensive, premium factory sound sets from East West and A.I.R., while allowing you to make use of your existing SampleCell, Kontakt, and EXS24 sound libraries. There are six freely assignable, context dependent Smart Knobs to give you quick access to its most important sound sculpting parameters. Its powerful database and integrated file browser make finding and managing files a snap while its sound engine supports all common bit-depths, sample rates and surround formats. to sampler OCEAN WAY DRUMS Sampled Drum Kits The list of top artists who have recorded in the Ocean Way recording complex is both long and star-studded. Ocean Way Drums brings these drum rooms right to you with a massive library of 19 kits, each with 12 presets in both snare on and snare off position. These have been recorded in some of the world s most revered rooms with he best possible sounding drums at the hand of top-notch producer/engineers. If you crave tweakability, individual instrument faders and stereo sub mixes can be adjusted for unlimited possibilities. 40GB Gold Edition GB Platinum Edition #OCDKPE...1, DIGIDESIGN Strike #DIS Strike is a unique drum composition tool that behaves like a virtual drummer with its wide range of high-definition drum kits and styles to choose from. Create your own custom patterns or choose from over 1,500 editable presets to apply to one of the five high-resolution drum kits. After choosing a kit and style the only thing that you have to do is tell your virtual drummer how to play your parts by adjusting the intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics and much more.

51 118 Podcast Production Solutions ZOOM H4 Podcasting Kit #ZOH4PCEKW SOUND IDEAS Podcasting Production Toolkit The Podcasting Production Toolkit is a presented in a clean 128kbps fi le format tion Elements and Sound Effects folders. It s a versatile, inexpensive solution for producing a polished, professional Podcast presentation. #SOPCTK The H4 Podcasting Everywhere Kit for Windows is basically a portable podcasting solution put together by B&H for fi eld production and immediate distribution applications. Audio Technica AT804 dynamic microphone with cable, podcast recording and RSS distribution software. Mac version SAMSON C01U Recording Pak The C01U Recording Pak is a low-cost podcast solution for directto-computer podcast recording via the digital C01U condenser microphone equipped with a USB output. The package is further equipped with a shockmount, microphone clip and aluminum case, a desktop microphone stand, a USB cable, and Windows-only Sonar LE software for multi-track recording and editing. Mac version #SAC01UPK format divided into 3 folders one-minute tracks from 15 genres BEHRINGER Podcastudio Firewire The PODCASTUDIO FIREWIRE is a complete lowcost package for creating podcasts right from the desktop. The kit includes the XENYX channel mixer, the C-1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, the FCA202 Firewire interface, HPS3000 headphones, and Ableton Live Lite 4 multi-track audio recording and editing software. Firewire and microphone cables and a desktop mic stand are also included. #BEPCSFW Also available PODCASTUDIO USB #BEPCSUSB B&H Podcasting Kit - Mac en bundle dedicated to creating and producing podcast content. The kit includes the Samson C01U digital condenser microphone and SP01 shockmount, high- software featuring Bias Peak LE 5 for optimized Web audio recording and editing. #BHPKM Windows version #BHPKW

52 Podcast Production Solutions 119 ALESIS imultimix 9R station with video and audio ipod support. A video output for the video ipods endows the mixer with full A/V playback capability. There are nine channels with 1/4 TRS connectors, fi ve phantom-powered XLR microphone preamps, and two stereo channels. audio applications. #ALIMM9R ALESIS USB-Microphone Podcasting Kit #ALUPCMK Podcasting Kit is a solution for creating and distributing CD-quality podcast content right from the desktop. The Alesis Podcast dynamic microphone connects directly to the computer via a USB output, and the included Cubase LE software allows for high-quality, cross-platform audio recording, mixing and editing. The kit also includes 30 days of free podcast posting on alesispodcast.com for immediate user gratifi cation. ALESIS imultimix 8 USB recording or live sound mixer with internal effects processing, an ipod dock, and a 24-bit/96kHz multi-channel USB port. Featuring 4 mono and two stereo-paired line inputs and four phantom-powered mic preamps, this fl exible mixer also provides 3-band and a post-fader aux/effects send on each channel. The unit is an excellent desktop solution for Podcasting, personal DAW recording, and small-venue sound reinforcement. #ALIMM8USB Cubase LE software included NOTEPAGE Feed For All #FEFFAM MXL Desktop Recording Kit production package designed for home and multimedia studio desktop use. The kit includes a 9V battery-powered cardioid condenser microphone, a desktop stand, mic clip, and cables, preamp, allowing for direct connection to an Apple computer via the standard 1/8 line-level input connector. cardioid condenser microphone #MXMXLDRKM FeedForAll is a slick, easy-to-use podcasting and OSX. Podcast content creation and publishing is aided by help wizards for novices, while advanced users may manually input RSS tags at will. The program offers full support for the RSS namespaces and extensions used on itunes, allowing for podcast publishing with direct itunes access. Windows version #FEFFAW

53 120 USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers NOVATION X-Station 25 #NOXS The Novation X-Station 25 is a revolutionary synthesizer/controller with built-in audio and fects, and powerful controls and templates for complete control of popular software synthesiz- run down one single USB cable, the unit is extremely portable, ideal for mobile production, and remotely powered by batteries or USB. and software, with all controllers fully assignable 48kHz simultaneous 2-channel audio I/O and with phantom power on Neutrik combo XLR jacks X-Station key version of X-Station 25 #NOXS X-Station key version of X-Station 25 #NOXS XIOSYNTH25 25-key version #NOX XIOSYNTH49 49-key version #NOX NOVATION XioSynth controller into one powerful keyboard. The subtractive synth engine boasts an arpeggiator, multi-effects and 200 distinctive patches from a variety of musical genres. The 2in/2out audio interface allows simultaneous recording of external and internal sources. And finally, the 16 built-in templates and comprehensive control surface deliver instant feedback and control of many current software applications. NOVATION Remote SL 25 hands-on control with two large back-lit LCD screens capable of displaying 16 parameter names and values simultaneously. Thirty-nine Template (Automap) intelligently maps the supported application and all active components within the session to itself; a truly revolutionary controller. #NOR25SL software/instrument templates including Automap feature joystick and a total of 56 encoders, pots, sliders, and buttons 144-character LCD s YAMAHA #YAKX25 KX25 Yamaha s KX8 is a 25-key board featuring a built-in Arpeggiator with over 500 selectable phrases and a library of drum, guitar, bass and other musical phrases for quick composition. Designed with the software music production environment and work flow in mind, the KX25 controls and transports are optimized for seamless DAW software and virtual instrument compatibility, including recording, programming, navigating and performance functions. - KX49 49-key version #YAKX KX61 61-key version #YAKX M-AUDIO Axiom #MAA The Axiom is a 25-key velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch. It features 8 trigger pads that are ideal for drum programming and loop triggering, 8 rotary encoders and 6 re-assignable transport buttons. The unit is USB bus-powered and contains 20 non-volatile locations for custom setups. Ableton Live Lite 4 and the Enigma editor/ librarian are both included for production and controller assignment. Axiom49 49-key version with additional assignable sliders and buttons Axiom

54 USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers 121 EDIROL PCR-300 #EDPCR with an extensive array of assignable real-time knobs, faders, and buttons. This updated version of the popular PCR-3 features a newly designed key mechanism, selectable velocity curves, and a redesigned pitch/modulation controller. Its wide variety of real-time controllers are ideal for adjusting sequencer and virtual instrument parameters. Curves, and a Fixed Velocity mode PCR key version #EDPCR PCR key version #EDPCR BEHRINGER UMX49 #BEUMX interface for a computer, virtual instruments, and Ableton Lite production software. The keyboard controller allows you to play software instruments. The audio interface allows you to connect to a sound system, or to record audio into the included Ableton Lite software. It s a complete digital audio bundle to enter the world of digital audio. (pianos, synths, samplers, etc.) NOVATION Remote ZeRO SL #NORZSL your project and intelligently maps the controls to its front panel. Running along the top of its front panel are two 144-character screens, which can display up to 16 parameter names and access to your software with an expressive X/Y touchpad, dedicated transport controls and 8 musically-responsive trigger pads. and (24) switches M-AUDIO KeyStudio 49i #MAKS49I The KeyStudio 49i is a dual-function bus-powered 49-key controller keyboard and 2-in/2-out USB audio interface. The unit features an internal software sound module and Ableton Live Lite audio recording software, adding expanded functionality as a desktop music production package. (5) assignable switches M-AUDIO MidAir system complete with a battery-powered transmitter, and a USB bus-powered receiver that also functions as a stand-alone musicians and engineers. #MAMAQ

55 122 USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers E-MU Xboard 25 featuring a high-quality synth action with velocity-sensitive keys and aftertouch. Xboard Control software allows the creation of custom templates for assigning the 16 real-time control knobs to both hardware and software instruments. Drum loops are easily controlled by defining a section of the key- CME VX6 #EMXB keys and aftertouch triggering drum loops module with over 1000 presets and Abelton Live Lite 4 (Win) M-AUDIO Oxygen 8 v2-5 dedicated function buttons, and 10 non-volatile memory locations. It s an ideal mobile solution for triggering samples, visual effects, or performing basslines and pads. The VX6 is a unique master keyboard that goes well beyond the feature set of a simple controller and gives you complete access to your entire recording and performing environment. It supplies growth with the proposed addition of a sound module/sampler, analog synthesizer module, firewire audio interface module, digital mixing module and more. Xboard Oxygen49 49-key version with 35 controllers Oxygen #CMVX #MAO8V with velocity-sensitive keys support and compatibility to Enigma editor/librarian buttons (assignable), (5) dedicated function buttons VX VX VX CME Bitstream3X The Bitstream3X is a tactile control surface that features full control over 3 different Axes, with a joystick allowing control over the X and Y while a 16 buttons, the Bitstream3X gives you total hands-on control of any DAW software and comes with an astounding 13,000 presets including Reason, Live, Reaktor, Traktor, Absynth, Cakewalk, and of course, Cu- sampler allows automated recording of the movements of the knobs, joystick, crossfader, and ribbon controller. #CMB3X CME UF50 #CMUF The UF50 is a robust 49-key controller keyboard housed in a high-tech, rugged aluminum casing, designed for mobile recording and interface with line-of-sight RF transmission capabilities of over several hundred feet. faders UF UF UF UF400E

56 USB / MIDI Keyboard Controllers 123 M-AUDIO KEYSTATION PRO88 - that provides 59 different controllers ideally suited for computer-based programming, mixing, and performing. This powerful controller gives users full command of their virtual synths and digital audio sequencers. (22) buttons, (9) faders, (2) wheels and pedals #MAK88P KX25 25-key version #YAKX ARTURIA Analog Factory Experience #ARAFEK The Analog Factory Experience is a unique, uniquely affordable hardware/software solution comprised of a 32-note keyboard controller and a software package containing a collection of 3500 classic analog synthesizers of - Prophets, ARPS and Jupiters for days while stirring the pot with a full-featured, highly-playable micro-controller. YAMAHA KX8 Arpeggiator with 342 selectable types and a library of drum, guitar, bass and other musical phrases for quick composition. Designed with the software music production environment and workflow in mind, the KX8 controls and transports are optimized for seamless DAW software and virtual instrument compatibility, including recording, programming, navigating and performance functions. templates for 30 different software instruments keyboard with velocity sensitivity lection with 3500 classic analog sounds wheels, clickable encoder (11) switches, (4) sliders pedal inputs software synths with organized parameter presets Instrument, Type or Characteristics XP/Vista compatible #YAKX LINE 6 TonePort KB37 #LITPKB is a hybrid, self-contained, computer recording tool, combining a bus- keyboard, and an audio interface with analog and digital connectors, level controls, and sound modeling software, along with a custom version of Ableton s transport controls, patch-select buttons AKAI MPK49 #AKMPK performance controller keyboard featuring a set of 12 percussion pads and an arpeggiator. The pads offer repeat and Swing functions, and a total of 48 pads may be accessed via a 4-bank assignment. The control surface is packed with 8 assignable sliders, 8 full-rotation control knobs, and a large bright LCD screen.

57 124 USB / MIDI Pad Controllers M-AUDIO Trigger Finger drum control surface designed for drum programming, triggering lops and samples, or generating Its velocity-sensitive pads enable expressive performances keyboard controllers can t provide, and its full programmability enables users to customize the Trigger Finger to fit a variety needs. #MATF sensitive pads, (8) assignable knobs, and (4) assignable faders DC power supply software AKAI MPD24` ALESIS Control Pad cussion pad controller that is equally at home as a performance It features 8 velocity sensitive pads with gum rubber surfaces for excellent stick response as well as two trigger inputs for connecting external pads such as the Alesis Drum Pad and Cymbal Pad expansion kits. Further, there are two switch-pedal inputs to accommodate open and closed hi-hat as well as kick drum. #AKMPD unprecedented creative freedom for manipulating sampled material. It is equally at home on stage or in the studio. #ALCP setups with program change compatibility for use without computer Pad Trigger external pad trigger #ALPT Cym bal Trigger external cymbal trigger #ALCT KORG padkontrol The padkontrol is an expressive and versatile 16-pad controller designed to produce natural sounding drumbeats. It combines an assignable X-Y touchpad for natural-sounding flams and rolls, 16 great-feeling illuminated trigger pads with 8 dynamic velocity curves, 2 assignable knobs and a footpedal input. It can not only accesses drum sounds and samples, but also control soft synths, effects, trigger video clips, and even be a transport control for DAW programs. Adapted 3.0, Live Lite 4, and more AKAI MPD pad controller that can be used with any sampler/ sound module to record percussion tracks with the expression and feel that only pads afford. 16 pads, based on the famous pressure programming of percussion tracks over two banks. The continuous controller slider is capable of hi-hat or other sample switching and can help you set the feel for each individual pad. #KOPADKONTROL #AKMPD16

58 USB / MIDI Surface Controllers 125 JAZZMUTANT Lemur #JAL The Lemur is a live performance touch-screen software control surface packaged with the cross-platform JazzEditor programming application. The controller features a 12 screen and communicates via Ethernet using the Open Sound Control protocol, enabling complete software adjustment of parameters from fader movement to rotary and transport control, in a drag-and drop Object environment. All Object edits may be labeled, saved, and stored for instant recall. control interface multiple custom control interfaces faders, switches, rotary knobs and more with Ethernet communication DIGIDESIGN Command 8 The Command 8 is a USB tactile control surface for Pro well-suited for both music and post-production studios, the Command 8 features 8 bankable channels of touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 rotary encoders, transport control, and a fl exible Focusrite onboard monitoring section. # DICM LCD screen ProControl, Control 24, and Digi 002 MACKIE Control Universal Pro #MAMCUPRO a bright back-lit display. The unit is packed with ergonomically-presented rotary and transport controls, a large jog/ DAW s on the market, and multi-unit operation is seamless. EUPHONIX MC Control #EUMCCONTROL EUPHONIX MC Mix #JCMCS3800W one of the world s elite automated mixing console manufacturers, ensconced in a sleek ergonomic chassis that connects to the computer via an Ethernet interface. The modular unit is expandable, and features a customizable touch-screen, touch-sensitive motorized faders and rotary encoders, selectable record/automation keys, and control room monitoring level control. It features EuCon Ethernet computer integration enabling lightning-fast hi-res metering and information displays. The unit sports touch-sensitive motorized faders and rotary encoders, an ultra-sleek footprint, an ergonomic work surface, and includes attachable desktop riser brackets.

59 126 USB / MIDI Surface Controllers BEHRINGER BCF2000 #BEBCF controller featuring 8 motorized faders, 20 fully-assignable illuminated buttons, and 8 dual-mode high-resolution rotary encoders with LED rings and additional push function. Designed for easy setup and control of virtual mixers, synths, and samplers, the BCF2000 provides computer based studio musicians the analog feel, automation, and control of larger mixers for every software screen. and (8) rotary encoders encoder groups via user-friendly learn mode BEHRINGER BCR2000 Designed for both studio and live use, the BCR2000 is a flex- rotary encoders and switches. Its solid feel and ease of use make multiple parameter control of effects, mixers, and softsynths a breeze. Create music more efficiently by dedicating specific knobs to control your most frequently used parameters, effectively reducing time-spent digging around for settings. #BEBCR LED rings, (20) freely assignable buttons, (8) dual-mode rotary encoders with LED s and manually or via user-friendly learn mode for additional external hardware control MACKIE Control C4 Pro V-pots and 4 large back-lit displays, providing simultaneous control of up to 32 plug-in and virtual instrument parameters without switching banks. Dedicated function buttons beneath the screens and controls allow the user software parameter arrangement identical with that on the computer monitor for immediate, intuitive control. #MAMCC4PRO control surface neous parameter control monitoring of settings Reason, and Traktion M-AUDIO #MAUC33E UC-33E UC-33e is an affordable USB/ controller with urable controls in a compact tabletop design. The intuitive layout of Knobs, Faders, and Buttons can be assigned to control parameters of virtual Instruments, plug-ins, and host applications. M-AUDIO icontrol #MAIC icontrol is a tactile control rageband audio software. Its straightforward design provides a simple button push to cycle through each bank of 8 tracks each. 8 endless rotary knobs, mode buttons, solo, mute and record-enable buttons, and a dedicated transport and jog wheel that provides immediate user playback and record control

60 USB Transport Controllers 127 FRONTEIR DESIGN GROUP Tranzport The Tranzport is a compact wireless remote control for digital audio workstations that uses high-frequency radio waves (RF) to send and receive control data, and uses advanced coding and frequency-hopping techniques to operate with minimum interference. Requiring only one USB port for the small receiver, the Tranzport allows users to arm tracks, use transport controls, set markers, control pans, punch in/out, and start loops remotely. #FRT transport controls, marker/ locate, track control (level, pan, solo, mute, arming) timecode position, track name/number, track volume, pan setting FRONTIER DESIGN AlphaTrack The AlphaTrack is a compact USB control surface equipped with a 100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, transport control, three touch-sensitive encoders, and an innovative touch-sensitive jog and shuttle strip for fast timeline control. This cross-platform DAW controller also has a set of 22 buttons & 21 LED s for track-specific and global functions. A 32-character back-lit display provides users with context-specific feedback in real time. #FRATC software PRESONUS Faderport The Presonus Faderport is a high-quality, USB motorized fader and recording software including: Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, and Logic. This compact control surface features an ultra-smooth, long-throw fader, and dedicated pan, mute, solo, record enable buttons. The easy-to-use FaderPort simplifies writing automation & fades in real-time, and is equipped with a footswitch jack for hands free punch in/out recording. #PRFPQ enable controls motorized fader recording software and rubber feet ALESIS io Control The io Control is both a bus-powered Firewire audio interface and a software control surface, expressed in a sleek, compact frame. The unit includes dual microphone inputs and 1/4 outputs with 24-bit/96kHz resolution, along with eight ADAT Lightpipe channels. The control surface features 4 rotary controls with 360 rotation, transport controls, and a robust jog/shuttle wheel. The unit is packaged with Cubase LE software. #ALIOCONTROL TASCAM FireOne #TAFO The FireOne is a unique bus-powered desktop Firewire audio interface and control surface. The 2-in/2-out unit offers dual phantompowered mic preamps and input. The elegant control surface features logically arrayed control knobs, function switches, transport control keys, and a large back-lit jog wheel. The FireOne, which ships with audio software, is a self-contained solution for personal desktop music production. recall

61 128 Wind / Foot Controllers AKAI EWI4000S #AKEWI4000S tions that are necessary for expressive performance. This model features a lower price and several improvements to the design as well. It now features a built-in sound module, direct the sound module and the instrument all in one unit, players can move freely on the stage vibrato, glide time, and bend width, users can adjust the settings of the EWI4000 to their specific playing style. YAMAHA WX5 #YAWX mance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the WX5 makes expressive erator, it gives experienced wind players a new medium for expression in a familiar format and is even playable enough for beginners. This exciting instrument provides expressive generator or keyboard VL70-m physical modeling sound module with direct YAMAHA BC3A If your keyboard or sound module sports a breath controller input then you will definitely want to plug in a BC3A to see just what fun you have been missing. This unit is a lightweight headset that features a small mouthpiece which may be angled for your comfort and specific fit. Blowing with very expressive changes in volume, vibrato or any parameter that you select ances that were very difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods. ROLAND #ROPK5A PK-5A pedalboard lets you play a variety of sounds from any your hands free to play your favorite musical instrument. Easy one-foot operation gives you complete command over four separate performance modes, letting you play bass lines as well as harmonies, drums and percussion sounds, or even sound effects. Two-function footswitches provide instant control over a wide variety of useful parameters and you can also set the PK-5A s other channels simply by selecting the appropriate footswitch. #YABC3A input on many keyboards and sound modules maximizing fit tailoring breath amount fortable wear ROLAND PK-7A foot controller for the Roland VK series combo organs. This 20-key pedalboard allows for pedal bass control, complete with Pedal Attack and Pedal Sustain functions, adding even more authenticity to your organ performances. It features 2 footswitches for controlling Rotary slow/fast and Rotary Brake operation as well as VK parameter data like Seq Start/Stop, Preset Up/Down, VK and makes for a very portable yet powerful organ package #ROPK7A

Co-designed by TASCAM and

Co-designed by TASCAM and Page 1 of 6 FW-1884 Control Surface and Audio/MIDI Interface Up to 18 simultaneous inputs Comprehensive mixing, automation, editing and navigation tools for DAWs Eight 100mm motorized touchsensitive channel

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miditech Audiolink II

miditech Audiolink II miditech Audiolink II "Class Compliant" USB Audio Interface (WinXP/Vista/Win7/Mac OSX no drivers necessary) 16 Bit/ 48 khz resolution line stereo interface XLR Mic preamp with 48 V Phantom Power and gain

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TECHNICAL NOTES SYSTEM SETUP Type: Use Hilo to Compare Mixes Description: This is one of the slickest ways to use Hilo - to easier compare alternate mixes. A simple one button push and you quickly and easily toggle between up to six

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Basics. Mbox 2. Version 7.0

Basics. Mbox 2. Version 7.0 Basics Mbox 2 Version 7.0 Copyright 2005 Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. This guide may not be duplicated in whole or in part without the express written consent of

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MIDI Interfaces MOTU MOTU MIDI Express XT 34900 MIDI Express 128 $23500 MOTU MOTU FastLane USB $6995 Micro Lite $13900 M-AUDIO M-AUDIO

MIDI Interfaces MOTU MOTU MIDI Express XT 34900 MIDI Express 128 $23500 MOTU MOTU FastLane USB $6995 Micro Lite $13900 M-AUDIO M-AUDIO MIDI Interfaces 63 MOTU MIDI Express 128 #MAME128 235 00 MOTU MIDI Express XT #MAMEXTUSB 349 00 The MIDI Express 128 is a rack mount 8 MIDI in/9 MIDI out USB MIDI interface that provides 128 MIDI channels

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The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution

The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution 48 channels / 18 buses / 8 matrices / 56-bit processing www.rolandsystemsgroup.net Copyright 2009 Roland Corporation. All rights reserved. All specifications

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The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution

The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution The cornerstone of Roland's Audio and Visual Solution 48 channels / 18 buses / 8 matrices / 56-bit processing www.rolandsystemsgroup.com Copyright 2009 Roland Corporation. All rights reserved. All specifications

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Soundcraft Multi Digital Card

Soundcraft Multi Digital Card APPLICATION NOTE Soundcraft Multi Digital Card The Soundcraft Multi Digital Card for the Si consoles provides USB, FireWire and ADAT interfaces to external equipment. The USB and FireWire connectors provide

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StudioLive digital recording and performance mixer

StudioLive digital recording and performance mixer StudioLive 16.4.2 digital recording and performance mixer StudioLive 16.4.2 digital recording and performance mixer StudioLive is the most powerful and flexible sixteen-channel digital mixer the world

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PURE SOUND FOR YOUR MUSIC UR PURE SOUND FOR YOUR MUSIC SERIES SERIES GREAT-SOUNDING USB AUDIO INTERFACES UR the WoRld Is YoURs SERIES SERIES For producers/engineers The acclaimed D-PRE Class-A discrete mic preamp is carefully designed

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Mbox Basics Guide. Version 6.7 for LE Systems on Windows XP or Mac OS X. Digidesign

Mbox Basics Guide. Version 6.7 for LE Systems on Windows XP or Mac OS X. Digidesign Mbox Basics Guide Version 6.7 for LE Systems on Windows XP or Mac OS X Digidesign 2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard Daly City, CA 94014-3886 USA tel: 650 731 6300 fax: 650 731 6399 Technical Support (USA)

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User Guide FFFA001106. www.focusrite.com

User Guide FFFA001106. www.focusrite.com User Guide FFFA001106 www.focusrite.com TABLE OF CONTENTS OVERVIEW.... 3 Introduction...3 Features.................................................................... 3 Box Contents...3 System Requirements....4

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Miditech Audiolink USB

Miditech Audiolink USB Miditech Audiolink USB "Class Compliant" USB Audio Interface (WinXP/Vista no drivers necessary) 16 Bit/ 48 khz resolution line stereo interface XLR Mic preamp with 48 V Phantom Power and gain control HI-Z

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LINE 6 GEARBOX 2.0 RECORDING SETUP GUIDE LINE 6 GEARBOX 2.0 RECORDING SETUP GUIDE LINE 6 GEARBOX 2.0 RECORDING SETUP GUIDE Table of Contents Getting Started... 2 Updating & registering with Line 6 Monkey... 2 About this guide... 2 Line 6 Hardware

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GETTING STARTED WITH STUDIO ONE ARTIST GETTING STARTED WITH STUDIO ONE ARTIST 2009, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. TABLE OF CONTENTS Studio One Artist Features...3 System Requirements...4 Installation and Authorization...5

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USB AUDIO INTERFACE I T USB AUDIO INTERFACE EN DE FR ES PT IT ZH JA Contents Message from the Development Team...2 Panel Controls and Terminals...3 Front Panel... 3 Rear Panel... 4 Software... 6 Using the UR12...9 Connection

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Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via MADI. Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4

Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via MADI. Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4 Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via MADI Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4 Summary: This guide will show how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha

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DJ Controller with 4-in/4-out Audio Interface

DJ Controller with 4-in/4-out Audio Interface DJ Controller with 4-in/4-out Audio Interface Cutting-Edge DJ Controller with built-in Audio for Live & Studio DESCRIPTION Dual-deck metal DJ controller with audio dedicated to computer DJing. TARGET Advanced

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2.0 AUDIO RECORDING INTERFACE 24-Bit/96kHz USB 2.0 AUDIO RECORDING INTERFACE USER MANUAL 1 of 13 Contents: 1. Instruction 03 2. Key Features 03 3. Front Panel 03 4. Rear Panel 04 5. Minimum System Requirements 04 6. Installation Process

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Professional 24-bit USB Audio Interface. User s Guide

Professional 24-bit USB Audio Interface. User s Guide Professional 24-bit USB Audio Interface User s Guide - Copyright 2016 Revision 1, January 2016 www.esi-audio.com INDEX 1. Introduction... 4 1.1 Features... 4 2. Installation... 5 2.1 System Recommendation...

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1. Introduction. 2. What s in the Box

1. Introduction. 2. What s in the Box Table of Contents 1. Introduction.............................................................................................2 2. What s in the Box........................................................................................2

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Focusrite Saffire 6 USB. User Guide

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB. User Guide Focusrite Saffire 6 USB User Guide 1 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. 4. Follow all instructions. 5. Do not use this apparatus

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User Guide FFFA

User Guide FFFA User Guide FFFA001256 www.focusrite.com TABLE OF CONTENTS OVERVIEW.... 3 Introduction...3 Features.................................................................... 4 Box Contents...4 System Requirements....4

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Saffire PRO 40. User Guide FA0212-01

Saffire PRO 40. User Guide FA0212-01 Saffire PRO 40 User Guide FA0212-01 1 Contents Introduction... 3 Basics... 3 Box Contents... 3 Getting Started... 4 Hardware... 5 Back Panel... 5 Front Panel... 6 Installation... 7 Audio Set-up in your

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Sound. Overview. Sound-Capture Basics. How Sound Works in a PC. Sound-Capture Basics. Sound-Capture Basics

Sound. Overview. Sound-Capture Basics. How Sound Works in a PC. Sound-Capture Basics. Sound-Capture Basics Overview Sound In this part, you will learn to Describe how sound works in a PC Select the appropriate sound card for a given scenario Install a sound card in a Windows system Troubleshoot problems that

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1. Introduction. 2. What s in the Box ESP1010

1. Introduction. 2. What s in the Box ESP1010 Second Edition Jan., 2005 Index 1. Introduction 2 2. What s in the Box 2 3. Key Features 3 4. System Requirements 4 5. Exterior Features 5 1. Rack 5 2. PCI Card 7 3. I/O Cable 8 6. Hardware Installation

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Getting Started with a blank desk...3. Understanding the Rear Panel and Top Connectors...3. Understanding the Front Panel...5

Getting Started with a blank desk...3. Understanding the Rear Panel and Top Connectors...3. Understanding the Front Panel...5 2nd Edition Table of contents Getting Started with a blank desk...3 Understanding the Rear Panel and Top Connectors...3 Understanding the Front Panel...5 Controlling Channel Faders...6 Changing INPUT PATCH...7

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is Hercules DJ Console Mk2 Mac for Mac only or for Mac and PC? Hercules DJ Console Mk2 Mac hardware is compatible with Mac OS 10.4, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The included

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Using the US-122 with GigaStudio and Cubasis

Using the US-122 with GigaStudio and Cubasis Using the US-122 with GigaStudio and Cubasis To use the US-122 with the supplied GigaStudio 24 and Cubasis applications together on Windows, you will need to carry out the following steps after installing

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City of Dublin Education & Training Board. Programme Module for. Music Technology. Leading to. Level 5 FETAC. Music Technology 5N1640

City of Dublin Education & Training Board. Programme Module for. Music Technology. Leading to. Level 5 FETAC. Music Technology 5N1640 City of Dublin Education & Training Board Programme Module for Music Technology Leading to Level 5 FETAC Music Technology 5N1640 Music Technology 5N1640 1 Introduction This programme module may be delivered

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Editor / Plug-In Editor Manual

Editor / Plug-In Editor Manual Editor / Plug-In Editor Manual E 3 Table of Contents Introduction................................................. Main features...................................................................... Please

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High Quality 4-in / 4-out USB Audio Interface. User s Guide

High Quality 4-in / 4-out USB Audio Interface. User s Guide High Quality 4-in / 4-out USB Audio Interface User s Guide - Copyright 2002-2007 Revision 3, January 2007 www.esi-audio.com INDEX 1. Introduction... 4 Features... 4 2. Installation... 5 System Recommendation...

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Digital Audio Workstations

Digital Audio Workstations Digital Audio Workstations As personal computers evolved, their ability to perform the necessary amount of data storage and transfer to allow real-time data acquisition made them an attractive platform

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EUROPEAN COMPUTER DRIVING LICENCE. Multimedia Audio Editing. Syllabus

EUROPEAN COMPUTER DRIVING LICENCE. Multimedia Audio Editing. Syllabus EUROPEAN COMPUTER DRIVING LICENCE Multimedia Audio Editing Syllabus Purpose This document details the syllabus for ECDL Multimedia Module 1 Audio Editing. The syllabus describes, through learning outcomes,

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24-bit USB Audio Interface with S/PDIF I/O. User s Guide

24-bit USB Audio Interface with S/PDIF I/O. User s Guide 24-bit USB Audio Interface with S/PDIF I/O User s Guide - Copyright 2008 Revision 1, July 2008 www.esi-audio.com INDEX 1. Introduction... 4 1.1 Key Features... 4 2. Description of U24 XL... 4 2.1 Front

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Introduction. Main Features. 2 Operation Manual

Introduction. Main Features. 2 Operation Manual EN Introduction Introduction Thank you for purchasing the ADVANCED INTEGRATION DSP STUDIO MR816 CSX/MR816 X. This comprehensive audio interface allows you to transfer the sound of your instruments (keyboards,

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Advanced Certification in Sound Engineering & Music Production

Advanced Certification in Sound Engineering & Music Production Advanced Certification in Sound Engineering & Music Production At TGC, Sound PRO is a program for all the music enthusiast having keen interest in Audio Engineering and Recording. Made with a 100% practical

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How to Start Making Music in Pro Tools

How to Start Making Music in Pro Tools How to Start Making Music in Pro Tools Read this guide if you are new to Pro Tools or are just starting out making your own music. Inside, you ll find quick examples of how to record, compose, mix, and

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ADOBE SOUNDBOOTH CS3. What s New What s New ADOBE SOUNDBOOTH CS3 Edit and create AUDIO with fast, intuitive tools Adobe Soundbooth CS3 software delivers a focused toolset that enables creative professionals in all disciplines to quickly

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Portable USB Soundcard

Portable USB Soundcard Portable USB Soundcard Introducing the iconnex, the all new compact, plug and play USB powered sound card that along with your favorite Recording or DJ software, gives you the flexibility and convenience

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ALL THE HARDWARE YOU NEED FOR YOUR SOFTWARE MUSIC STUDIO 28-channel 4-buss digital mixer with 9 motorized faders 8-channel of Mic/Line inputs 24-bit/96-kHz multi channel computer I/O 4-band parametric EQ and dynamics processing on each mixer channel Two 32-bit

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Message from the Development Team. Contents. Message from the Development Team..2. Panel Controls and Terminals...3. Using the UR22mkII...

Message from the Development Team. Contents. Message from the Development Team..2. Panel Controls and Terminals...3. Using the UR22mkII... EN Contents Contents Message from the Development Team..2 Panel Controls and Terminals...3 Front Panel...3 Rear Panel...5 Software...7 Using the UR22mkII...10 Connections...10 Configuring Audio Driver

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Contact-Free Infinium Crossfader

Contact-Free Infinium Crossfader Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design 45-mm infinium contact-free" optical crossfader with adjustable tension and fader curve for years of use State-of-the-art 24-bit

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Radio for Everyone...

Radio for Everyone... Radio for Everyone... P R O D U C T I O N O N - A I R C O N S O L E Eight dual inputs Drop through design Budget friendly 4 USB in/out stereo channels Play out USB control section included Ideal for Production,

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PIX 220 PIX 220. Superb Video and Audio Performance. Key Features

PIX 220 PIX 220. Superb Video and Audio Performance. Key Features PIX VIDEO PIX 220 Superb Video and Audio Performance PIX 220 For cameras with HDMI I/O only, the PIX 220 is the perfect master recorder. It adds Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD file recording, the same file

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www.fishman.com TRIPLEPLAY SOFTWARE BUNDLE INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR WINDOWS www.fishman.com TRIPLEPLAY SOFTWARE BUNDLE INSTALLATION GUIDE FOR WINDOWS Read Me First Locate the software download card on your TriplePlay packaging as well as the serial number. You will need these

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Audiomedia III Installation Guide

Audiomedia III Installation Guide Audiomedia III Installation Guide Digidesign Inc. 3401-A Hillview Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA tel: 650 842 7900 fax: 650 842 7999 Technical Support (USA) 650 842 6699 650 856 4275 Product Information

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Open Pro Tools. Click File/ New Session and name your session.

Open Pro Tools. Click File/ New Session and name your session. RECORD USING MIC BOOTH Open Pro Tools. Click File/ New Session and name your session. If you are working to video click File/ Import / Video and select your video. When the video pops up as a track a small

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Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via EtherSound. Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4

Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via EtherSound. Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4 Live Recording with M7CL or PM5D Via EtherSound Using Steinberg Cubase 4 or Nuendo 4 Summary: This guide will show how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a

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UltraLite- mk3 Hybrid User Guide for Mac

UltraLite- mk3 Hybrid User Guide for Mac UltraLite- mk3 Hybrid User Guide for Mac 1280 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138 Business voice: (617) 576-2760 Business fax: (617) 576-3609 Web site: www.motu.com Tech support: www.motu.com/support

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Midi Workshop. SAWStudio. From RML Labs. To order this product, or download a free demo, visit www.sawstudio.com

Midi Workshop. SAWStudio. From RML Labs. To order this product, or download a free demo, visit www.sawstudio.com SAWStudio Midi Workshop From RML Labs Welcome to the exciting new Midi WorkShop add-on for SAWStudio! The Midi WorkShop requires SAWStudio, SAWStudioLite, or SAWStudioBasic as a host. The Midi WorkShop

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Apogee ONE. QuickStart Guide. V3, March, 2013

Apogee ONE. QuickStart Guide. V3, March, 2013 Apogee ONE QuickStart Guide V3, March, 2013 Contents Overview!... 5 Introduction! 5 Package contents! 6 ONE Panel Tour! 8 Optional Battery Power! 9 Connecting to your Mac!... 10 System Requirements! 10

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a reliable choice to go on-air

a reliable choice to go on-air DT a reliable choice to go on-air P R O D U C T I O N O N - A I R C O N S O L E 16 module positions Modern D(rop) T(hrough design) Play-out Control Module Program and Sub busses Ideal for production and

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Using Line 6 Hardware & POD Farm with Popular Recording Applications

Using Line 6 Hardware & POD Farm with Popular Recording Applications Recording Setup Guide Using Line 6 Hardware & POD Farm with Popular Recording Applications Table of Contents Getting Started...1 1 Installing Line 6 Audio Drivers and POD Farm Software... 1 1 About POD

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QUALITY AV PRODUCTS INMATE/INMATE USB PROFESSIONAL 19 MIXER. User Guide and Reference Manual INMATE/INMATE USB PROFESSIONAL " MIXER User Guide and Reference Manual INTRODUCTION Welcome to the NEWHANK INMATE and INMATE USB professional " mixers series user manual. INMATE and INMATE USB both offer

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To reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fire, and related hazards:

To reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fire, and related hazards: Owner s Manual 1 Contents 1. Safety Notes 5 2. Introduction 6 3. Features 7 4. Installation Guide 8 5. Front Panel Explained 9 6. Rear Panel Explained 10 7. Software Control Panel 12 8. Advanced User Tips

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Ultimate USB & XLR Microphone for Professional Recording

Ultimate USB & XLR Microphone for Professional Recording eti pro Ultimate USB & XLR Microphone for Professional Recording 3 desktop or studio, the possibilities are endless. Congratulations on your purchase of Yeti Pro, the first microphone to combine the exceptional

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Fast Track Pro User Guide

Fast Track Pro User Guide Fast Track Pro User Guide Legal Notices This guide is copyrighted 2010 by Avid Technology, Inc., with all rights reserved. Under copyright laws, this guide may not be duplicated in whole or in part without

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Technical Datasheet. Overview

Technical Datasheet. Overview Allen & Heath Limited Kernick Industrial Estate Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9LU, UK www.allen-heath.com Technical Datasheet Overview Compact and portable powered mixer. Touring-Grade build quality. 2x 500 watt

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Version 3.5. Recording Setup Guide. Using Line 6 Hardware & GearBox with Popular Recording Applications

Version 3.5. Recording Setup Guide. Using Line 6 Hardware & GearBox with Popular Recording Applications Version 3.5 Recording Setup Guide Using Line 6 Hardware & GearBox with Popular Recording Applications GearBox 3.5 - Recording Setup Guide Table of Contents Getting Started...1 1 Installing Line 6 Audio

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INTRO GUIDE TRIPLEPLAY INTRO GUIDE TRIPLEPLAY FCC Notice (for U.S. Customers): This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules: Operation is subject to the following conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference,

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Soundcraft Signature MTK Recording Guide

Soundcraft Signature MTK Recording Guide Soundcraft Signature MTK Recording Guide S O U N D C R A F T S I G N AT U R E M T K R E C O R D I N G G U I D E 2 Table of Contents USB Overview... 04 Installing the Drivers (PC Only)... 04 Finding the

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Bose L1 Model II Single B2 w/t1

Bose L1 Model II Single B2 w/t1 Bose L1 Model II Single B2 w/t1 Bose_L1_Model_II_5159d15dc668e.jpg Rating: Not Rated Yet Price Variant price modifier: Base price with tax: Price with discount: $3,198.00 Salesprice with discount: 1 /

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Windows Audio Drivers Guide

Windows Audio Drivers Guide Windows Audio Drivers Guide Version 8.0 Legal Notices This guide is copyrighted 2008 by Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc. (hereafter Digidesign ), with all rights reserved. Under copyright

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Nanoface. User manual

Nanoface. User manual Nanoface User manual Disclaimer Contents The information contained within this manual is solely advisory. ALVA is not responsible for actions you may take without proper advice. You should not rely on

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2015 PRODUCT GUIDE 61-KEY USB/MIDI KEYBOARD CONTROLLER 49-KEY USB/MIDI KEYBOARD CONTROLLER 25-KEY USB/MIDI KEYBOARD CONTROLLER 25-, 49-, AND 61-KEY USB/MIDI S WITH X/Y TOUCH PAD Smooth-feeling semi-weighted keybed with four assignable zones 16 fully assignable backlit drum pads Exhaustive number of assignable controllers including

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The Duende collection The SSL audio suite for your DAW

The Duende collection The SSL audio suite for your DAW The Duende collection The SSL audio suite for your DAW Duende Mini Duende PCIe Ideal for mobile laptop studios High-speed PCIe card Up to 128 channels of SSL console-grade processing for your DAW NEW Hybrid

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Music Technology II. What are some additional applications understand midi sequencing. for music production software?

Music Technology II. What are some additional applications understand midi sequencing. for music production software? Music Technology II This class is open to all students in grades 9-12. This course is designed for students seeking knowledge and experience in music technology. Topics covered include: live sound recording

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SX-1. Digital Production Environment

SX-1. Digital Production Environment SX-1 Digital Production Environment The SX-1 off e r s not only an i n c redibly p o w e rful f e a t u re set, but also a care f u l l y c o n s i d e red user i n t e rface design that ensure s smooth

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Live Large With More Mediums!

Live Large With More Mediums! Professional 2-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with state-of-the-art phono preamps Built-in USB interface for recording and playback of any digital music file. Works with your PC or Mac* computer no setup

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The Future of Professional I/O

The Future of Professional I/O The Future of Professional I/O AJA s Io family of devices bring desktop I/O power to a portable size and shape. Move between desktop and mobile, Mac and Windows with a single device that has all the power

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WORKMATE COMPACT STEREO 19 MIXER, USB/SD CARD AND BLUETOOTH PLAYER. User Guide and Reference Manual. page 1 WORKMATE COMPACT STEREO 19 MIXER, USB/SD CARD AND BLUETOOTH PLAYER User Guide and Reference Manual page 1 INTRODUCTION Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the NewHank Workmate mixer. This mixer

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PSR-S950 DIGITAL KEYBOARDS The PSR-S950 arranger keyboard effectively blurs the line between digital and acoustic sound, and the result will alter your musical perceptions forever. We recorded pro musicians to achieve authentic

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Cubase System 4. New Product Guide December 2003

Cubase System 4. New Product Guide December 2003 Cubase System 4 New Product Guide December 003 Introduction With the launch of Cubase System 4, Steinberg enters a new era with the introduction of its first line of integrated hardware and software solutions.

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Funktional Technologies. Model: Chocolate Box

Funktional Technologies. Model: Chocolate Box Funktional Technologies Model: Chocolate Box November 2013 The Funktional Technologies Chocolate Box is a 2U analog & digital professional audio device. It incorporates two Cadac K type analog input modules.

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STEP Committee Technology Fee Application

STEP Committee Technology Fee Application STEP Committee Technology Fee Application Performing and Live Recording System Robert Willey School of Music Signature of Gordon Brooks, Dean College of the Arts Title: Performing and Live Recording System

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PART 1. Using USB Mixer with a Computer

PART 1. Using USB Mixer with a Computer PART 1. Using USB Mixer with a Computer Universal Serial Bus Mixers The USB mixer is equipped with either one or two USB ports that allow you to play and record audio directly from your computer! Just

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Home Recording Setup For Singer/Songwriters

Home Recording Setup For Singer/Songwriters Home Recording Setup For Singer/Songwriters Introduction My name is Keith Livingston and I m a singer/songwriter who's been playing music for, let s just say decades, shall we? I'm also probably just like

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Audio Recording Setup Oct. 07

Audio Recording Setup Oct. 07 Audio Recording Setup Oct. 07 Recording is broken down into 6 sections; A. Introduction\overview B. Using the Mackie recording mixer C. Tape recorders D. Computer recording E. Output to Video camera F.

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FA-06/FA-08 Application Guide. Track-making and DAW Workflow

FA-06/FA-08 Application Guide. Track-making and DAW Workflow FA-06/FA-08 Application Guide Track-making and DAW Workflow 01 00 Introduction This guide explains the procedures and know-how that you ll need for basic track-making operations such as step recording

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Stunning sound and revolutionary intelligence to analyze and correct the problems in any room.

Stunning sound and revolutionary intelligence to analyze and correct the problems in any room. L S R 4 3 2 8 P L S R 4 3 2 6 P L S R 4 3 1 2 S P Stunning sound and revolutionary intelligence to analyze and correct the problems in any room. STUNNING SOUND Engineered to deliver the stunning sound

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RECORDING AND CAPTURING SOUND 12 RECORDING AND CAPTURING SOUND 12.1 INTRODUCTION Recording and capturing sound is a complex process with a lot of considerations to be made prior to the recording itself. For example, there is the need

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Music Servers/Streamers Line For 2015

Music Servers/Streamers Line For 2015 Music Servers/Streamers Line For 2015 The only company offering a complete line of industry-leading Music Servers with content storage (up to 12TB), SSD caching Network Streamers and in-house developed

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DCP : D-Mitri Core Processor

DCP : D-Mitri Core Processor DP : D-Mitri ore Processor The DP is a 2U rackmountable processing which provides complete audio processing for up to 72 inputs, outputs, and internal buses. The DP receives audio inputs from and sends

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Apogee Ensemble. Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Apogee Ensemble. Thunderbolt Audio Interface Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface User s Guide Fall 2014 Contents Overview!... 5 Introduction!... 5 Features!... 5 Package Contents!... 6 Ensemble Thunderbolt Panel Tour!... 7 Front Panel!...

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AUDIO INTERFACE MANUAL AUDIO INTERFACE MANUAL ZOOM Corporation Reproduction of this manual, in whole or in part, by any means, is prohibited. Contents Contents 2 Audio interface and control surface 4 Cubase LE Installation overview

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Introduction... 3 ProKeys Sono 61 Features... 4 What s in the Box? Minimum Requirements Controls and Connectors... 6

Introduction... 3 ProKeys Sono 61 Features... 4 What s in the Box? Minimum Requirements Controls and Connectors... 6 Sono 61 User Guide 1 Introduction.............................................................. 3 ProKeys Sono 61 Features............................................... 4 What s in the Box?.......................................................

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High Definition Broadcast Server BROADCAST

High Definition Broadcast Server BROADCAST High Definition Broadcast Server BROADCAST HD MAXX-1200 HD transcends earlier HD video servers, offering a new standard for multi-channel performance in an economical package. Large-Scale Performance for

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USB AUDIO INTERFACE. UR22 Operation Manual 1

USB AUDIO INTERFACE. UR22 Operation Manual 1 USB AUDIO INTERFACE EN DE FR ES IT ZH JA UR22 Operation Manual 1 Contents Contents Contents...2 A Message From the Development Team...3 Accessory disk...3 Power supply...3 Cubase AI Download...3 How to

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Multi Channel, 24bit/192kHz Audio Interface for the Macintosh. User s Guide V1.6 - April 2008

Multi Channel, 24bit/192kHz Audio Interface for the Macintosh. User s Guide V1.6 - April 2008 Multi Channel, 24bit/192kHz Audio Interface for the Macintosh User s Guide V1.6 - April 2008 User s Guide Contents Owner s Record 2 Introduction 3 Getting Started Quickly 4 1. Installing software 4 2.

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MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 NEW! NEW! Intelligent start dialog: NEW! NEW! Click to get an overview: IMPROVED! Easy-to-use effects: IMPROVED!

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 NEW! NEW! Intelligent start dialog: NEW! NEW! Click to get an overview: IMPROVED! Easy-to-use effects: IMPROVED! With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 17 deluxe you can easily digitize and restore music from old LPs and tapes, or enhance the sound quality of any MP3 file. It's easy to record speech or web radio and remove

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Audio Shift Studios. Intermediate Audio Engineering Certificate Program Course description, outline, prerequisites and tuition.

Audio Shift Studios. Intermediate Audio Engineering Certificate Program Course description, outline, prerequisites and tuition. Intermediate Audio Engineering Certificate Program Course description, outline, prerequisites and tuition. 2013 Course Description This certificate program is designed for basic and intermediate audio

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Logic Pro 9. TDM Guide

Logic Pro 9. TDM Guide Logic Pro 9 TDM Guide Copyright 2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Your rights to the software are governed by the accompanying software license agreement. The owner or authorized user of a valid copy

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d MPC Studio Black Compact, Slimline Music Production Controller With Full-Featured MPC Software

d MPC Studio Black Compact, Slimline Music Production Controller With Full-Featured MPC Software www.akaipro.com d MPC Studio Black Compact, Slimline Music Production Controller With Full-Featured MPC Software At under one-inch thin, with low-profile controls and a brushed aluminum body, MPC Studio

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Also available. 40-input Digital Mixing Console and 32-in/32-out USB Interface with ipad Control. Remote mixing with your ipad

Also available. 40-input Digital Mixing Console and 32-in/32-out USB Interface with ipad Control. Remote mixing with your ipad Also available MADI-USB USB MADI USB COMBO (CAT 5) (USB) OPTICAL MADI CAT 5 MADI A complete range of powerful I/O expansion cards Featuring a 32x32 expansion card slot on the rear panel, Si Impact can

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