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1 Tourist and Convention Office of Cassis Quai des Moulins CASSIS - France Tel.: (special number - 0,34 /minute) Fax: +33 (0) YOUR TOURIST OFFICE OPENS FOR YOU AT THE FOLLOWING HOURS: J F M A M J J A S O N D Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sunday and BH: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday and BH: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday and BH: 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday and BH: 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PARKING IN CASSIS 2012 FEES Parking de la Viguerie Tourist package (sold on the spot): 3 days: 25-7 days: 50. Parking Relais des Gorguettes : Follow the signs Parking Relais des Gorguettes. On site, paying shuttle buses are available JULY-AUGUST to reach the town center: 1,50 return, from 6 years old. Shuttles to town-centre (Casino round-about): In May, June, September and October, week-ends and BH: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. From 6 th of July to 3 rd of September, 7/7 days: from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. 21 st and 30 th of June, 14 th and 21 st of July, 1 1 th, 15 th and 25 th of August 2012: until 2 a.m. Shuttles to Presqu île (Bestouan and Viguerie bus stops): From 7 th of April to 30 th of June 2012, week-ends and BH: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. From 6 th of July to 3 rd of September, 7/7 days: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. From 8 th to 16 th of September, week-ends and BH: from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Subject to modification OFFICE DE TOURISME This mark shows conformity with the standard NF X and the certification rules NF 237. It guarantees that the activities of reception and information, promotion/communication, production, marketing and sale of tourist services and products, service quality assessment and improvement are monitored regularly by: AFNOR Certification. 11 rue Francis de Pressensé LA PLAINE SAINT DENIS Cedex - France MILLE SABORDS MARC DERNESCH Document non contractuel - Imprimé en juin SIRA Sanary - Crédit photos : OMT Cassis, G. Scicluna - P. Diot, Ville de Cassis - 4 Vents, Syndicat des vignerons, D. Gorgeon, T. Kreiser, M. Debatty, Henri Cosquer, Club Narval, Fernando Ferreira, Marc Bergbauer, Marc Dernesch. DR. Irmina TRAV EL GUIDE Cassis 4 seasons in

2 Contents 24 Cassis, our history 2 Our visits 4 Our vineyards 6 Our gastronomy 9 Natural landscapes 1 0 Maps 14 Walking and driving 1 9 Leisure activities 20 Around the sea 22 Going out 23 Shopping 24 Restaurants, bars and cafés 25 Practical information 26 Events 27 Welcome to Cassis Parc National Cassis is a village with a population of 8,000 located 20 kms from Marseille, in the geographical heart of the land and sea National Park. beautiful Nestling in a beautiful natural landscape of vineyards Mediterranean. port Cap Canaille East (the tallest coastal cliff in Europe, Calanques sustainable in environmental issues. territory pine trees, rocks in shades of yellow ochre and white, and vineyards on the plain or in terraces up the hillsides, Cassis runs down to the It is a true gem, a small authentically Provençal fishing harbour protected by two natural monuments, Cap Canaille to the which reddens when the Mistral blows) and the supremely beautiful white limestone coves (Calanques) to the West. To preserve its old town centre and the extraordinary scenery, Cassis has taken a sustainable territory approach that benefits locals and visitors alike, developing a fundamental principle of responsability to future generations The sustainable territory principle covers every aspect of local life, from the environment to the economy, the social dimension, lifestyle, culture, heritage and recreation. environnement The water of Cassis, for example, has been certified as suitable for swimming and the European Blue Flag flies in the cove at Port Miou. Its beaches are also excellent and the village has been awarded 3 flowers in the national urban floral display competition. Help us to develop this sustainable territory policy still further, to protect and improve the future! Cassis is a lively place at any time of year with prestige events combining culture with lifestyle, among them the spring book fair, maritime festival, photography event, celebration of food & wine, the Ancient & Modern exhibition and other high-quality exhibitions, major sports competitions, traditional events and markets such as the Christmas Market etc. NEW! Download the IPhone application Visit Cassis 1

3 Cassis, our history Our history 2 The Cosquer cave Several years (from 1985 to 1991), numerous, sometimes highly dangerous dives and a good dose of sheer luck were necessary to discover the extent of this geological marvel, decorated with cave paintings and carvings. Who could have imagined that people lived here in 20,000 B.C., to shelter from the intense cold of the last ice age? At the time, the sea level was 110 metres lower, and Cassidaigne lighthouse was accessible on foot. Scientists have now authenticated this fantastic heritage, dated between 20,000 and 12,000 B.C. The only decorated cave ever discovered in Provence, Cosquer is exceptionally wellpreserved and features paintings of hands, horses, marine birds, deer, felines and bison. For safety reasons the cave is not open to the public. The first signs of human occupation date back to B.C. The remains of dry stone walls built by the Ligurians - who lived from fishing, hunting and farming - have been found high up on the slopes of Baou Redon (near la Couronne de Charlemagne). Links with the ancient city of Massalia (Marseille), founded by the Phoceans, also suggest the possible presence of ancient Greek settlements. In Roman times, Cassis was one of the Emperor Antonin's trading ports. The Baux quay. At the time, the port extended all the way to Place Baragnon, and the coves of Arène and Corton were home to many pottery and tile workshops. Between the 5th and 10th centuries, the local population took shelter inside the fortified town (oppidum) to escape the Barbary invasions. The town became the property of the Baux-de-Provence family in In the 15th century, after the Baux family died out, Cassis became part of the County of Provence before being transferred to the Bishop of Marseille by King René. Cassis was governed by the bishops until The town's Coat of Arms - d'azur à crosse d'argent posée en pal, accostée de deux poissons, aussi en pal - azure with a silver cross en pal (placed on a strip from top to bottom), flanked by two fishes, also en pal - first appeared during the following period of prosperity. Cassis finally became French between 1481 and In the 18th century, the town expanded outside its old walls and began to develop around the port. New industries including cod salters, scourtins makers - baskets makers, coral workers, cement, lime and stone quarries emerged after the Restoration. Perhaps its deeply-entrenched fishing traditions, or simply the raw energy emerging from the port's daily hustle and bustle. The town's simple, sober but powerful architecture perfectly reflects the ethos of Cassis. The old quarter overflows with colourful lanes, old mansion houses, and shady squares with bubbling fountains. The town's major fishing industries died out in the 20th century, but have now been replaced with a thriving wine-growing and tourism industry. CELEBRITIES WHO HAVE VISITED, LIVED IN OR SIMPLY LOVED CASSIS Napoléon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Georges Pompidou, Virginia Woolf, André Derain, Paul Valery, Jérôme Hill, Henri Miller, le commandant Cousteau, Frédéric Mistral, Annie Girardot, Alain Delon, Philippe Noiret, Marcel Pagnol, Tino Rossi, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Patrick Malakian, Ingrid Chauvin, Patrick Bosso, Laurent Kerusore, Edouard Montoute... Sportsmen: Jean-Pierre Papin, Jean Tigana, Michel Platini, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Fabien Barthez, Bixente Lizarazu, Jean Galfione, Stéphane Diagana, Laure Manaudou. Aïoli mortar. The Cassis stone Cassis' magnificent local stone was extracted in profusion from the Calanques and hoisted this little fishing village to international fame. Cassis stone was used to build the Mediterranean's largest ports (Alexandria, Algiers, Pirea, Marseille, Port-Said, etc.). It is still used for the manufacture of typical Provençal kitchen sinks, swimming pools and decorative objects. GUESSING GAME Who invented the famous old Provençal motto Qu'a vist Paris, se noun a vist Cassis, a ren vist? (Those who have seen Paris but not Cassis, have seen nothing). These words, transformed by Frédéric Mistral and used in his poem Calendal, were actually pronounced by travellers from Paris, as they stood in front of a replica of one of the capital's fountains on Cassis' Place Royale. Both fountains were subsequently destroyed during the Revolution. 3

4 Cassis, our visits Amphoras (Museum). Our visits 1 TOWN HALL (MAIRIE) This superb 17th-century mansion house was built by order of Désiré de Moustiers, the former consul of Marseille. It features a lavish staircase and reception room with original chimney, over which hangs a portrait of Pierre Garnier, one of the last owners. The panelled ceiling is now a listed monument. Remains of a medieval kitchen, visible under a plexiglass window. Preceded by the Baragnon Place, it's the historical site of the new village coming down from the castle in the 15th century, it's one of the most visited places of the village. This beautiful square is also home to the open weekly market, and also the Christmas market. The Cassis stone fontain is dedicated to General Counsellor Pierre Baragnon who in the 19th century brought fresh water to town via the Canal de Provence. 3 ST MICHEL CHURCH (EGLISE ST-MICHEL) Built between 1859 and 1867 from Cassis stone, this Romanesque church, featuring 3 knaves, is dedicated to Saint Michael and Notre- Dame de la Mer. 4 FISHERMEN S COURT (PRUD HOMIE) The court was first opened in 1791 after lengthy disputes with the authorities of Marseille. The small niche on the facade harbours a statue of Saint Peter, which is carried through the streets during the traditional Sea festival and Saint Peter's day in June. 5 MAISON DE L EUROPE ET DE LA VIE ASSOCIATIVE Dating back to the 17th century, this former town hall has been a headquarters for local associations since October Its monumental staircase is now a listed monument. 9 FOLK MUSEUM (MUSÉE MUNICIPAL MÉDITERRANÉEN D ART ET TRADITIONS POPULAIRES) Rue Xavier d Authier Tel. +33 (0) Open from Wednesday to Saturday. From the 1 st of October to 31 st of May: open from 10 a.m. to a.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. From the 1 st of June to 30 th of September : open from 10 a.m. to a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Free entrance for individuals. Guided tour 3. The museum is housed in an ancient presbytery, built in the early 18th century. The façade is austere, but the interior is warm and seductive. The museum hosts high-quality temporary and permanent exhibitions all year round, including excellent Christmas exhibitions. The museum's oldest canvas dates back to Other collections include Roman remains, amphoras and various ancient objects. Typical Provencal lifestyle BOULES GAME Square Gilbert Savon Every afternoon, the locals get set for a nail-biting round of Provence's most famous sport... LA BOULE CALENDAL organizes local boules tournaments. Tel. +33 (0) LOCAL PERSONALITY Calendal, the hero of Frédéric Mistral. 6 THE CASTLE (LE CHÂTEAU) The famous Provençal Ancient 14th-century fortification, now privately owned was first introduced to author Frédéric Mistral 2 LIBRARY (BIBLIOTHEQUE) VILLA L ARIANE and partly converted into a Cassis by Ludovic Legré Elegant 19th-century residence, luxury B&B. in When the two formerly owned by a wine friends were out walking grower. Greek-style garden 7 CALENDAL STATUE one day, they took the with amphitheatre and lily pond. Calendal was a humble shepherd's path leading anchovy fisherman and hero to the chaotic tumble of of a work by famous local poet rocks at the top of Mount Frédéric Mistral. His memory > CASSIS TOURIST TRAIN Gibal. The incredible is now honoured by this statue A delightful and fun way to explore Cassis. made in Cassis stone. panoramic view from the The train travels up to one of the highest point of the town, where visitors can enjoy summit, stretching from 8 COMMUNAL BREAD OVEN stunning views over the Bay of Cassis, castle, Toulon to the Calanques, (FOUR BANAL) Cape Canaille and Port-Miou Calanque. and La Gardiole to Dating back to the 17th century, Length 40 mins. Sainte-Baume, inspired the oven was discovered in 2012 fee: adults 7. Mistral to write his poem the town's old fishermen's and children 5-12 years 3. Calendal from the quarter and has now been Tickets for sale at the Tourist Office. Provençal word Calendau, entirely renovated and received recounting the exploits of an art gallery. It's also a From to : departure a modest anchovy fisherman to win the heart of meeting center to collect at 11:15 a.m., 12:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m., Cassidain recipes. 3:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. his true love, the beautiful Rue Thérèse Rastit. From to : additional Tel. +33 (0) departure at 6:15 p.m. Trains leave only if half-princess, half-fairy Open on Monday, Tuesday, more than 10 passagers. Estérelle. Calendal is an Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. Disabled access: on demand. ode to the landscapes and to 11:30 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to Mobile +33(0) people of Provence. 4 p.m. (closed on bank holidays). 4 5

5 Our vineyards Cassis, our vineyards Gently sprinkled by sea spray, the vineyards of Cassis tumble down the green hillsides bordering the town, amid dry stone walls, country houses and olive groves. A true enchantment for nature lovers and wine connoisseurs. 12 EXCEPTIONAL VINEYARDS Tucked away on the hillsides or at the foot of Cape Canaille, the vines of the 400 acre Cassis terroir, first awarded the AOC label on May 15, 1936, are exclusively planted on the town's territory and produce 1000,000 bottles of internationally-famed wines every year. LOCAL PERSONALITY Emile BODIN A fervent defender of Provence's culture and dialect, Bodin welcomed traditional folk groups in the exceptional exotic gardens of his country house, the Mas Calendal. Émile Bodin was also one of Provence's most famous wine growers; he was the first to replant his vines after the phylloxera outbreak and the first to bottle his wines in Provence. His family is now pursuing his work. A Long-Acclaimed Terroir. According to historians, the Greeks who founded the City of Marseille may have decided to develop their wine-growing techniques in Cassis. Certain texts refer to wine growing in Cassis in the 12th century. In the 15th century, the good-living visionary King René became personally involved in the area's economic growth and in particular in the development of the wine industry. He is said, in particular, to have introduced the Muscat grape variety, to which the Cassis AOC owes its renown. The reds, whites and rosés of Cassis soon became highly coveted; when the Duke of Guise - then admiral and governor of Provence - received them as a gift, he spontaneously released 20 Cassis sailors from a war galleon. The vineyards of Provence were ravaged by a phylloxera outbreak in the 19th century and the disease was only wiped out in the mid 20th century thanks to new grafting techniques imported from Texas. As local-born poet Frédéric Mistral so aptly wrote: Oh, if only you could taste it! No bee could make a sweeter honey, it shines like a diamond, it is fragrant with the scents of the rosemary, heather and myrtle bedecking our hillsides

6 Our vineyards The Vineyards of Cassis VINEYARDS MAP ON PAGE 17 Since not all vineyards are open for tasting sessions every day, we recommend phoning before you go. From Casino roundabout. 1 LE CLOS STE-MAGDELEINE Mr. Sack. Avenue du Revestell Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE DU BAGNOL Mr. Génovesi 12 avenue de Provence Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE DU PATERNEL Mr. Santini, Chairman of the Association of Cassis Wine Growers 11 route P. Imbert (road to La Ciotat) Tel. +33 (0) or Tel. +33 (0) LE CHÂTEAU DE FONTCREUSE Mr. Brando. 13 route P. Imbert (road to La Ciotat) Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE ST-LOUIS Mr. Jayne. Avenue P. Imbert Chemin de La Dona Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE DE LA DONA Mr. Tigana. Avenue P. Imbert (No sale on site) 7 LE DOMAINE COURONNE DE CHARLEMAGNE Mr. Piche. Les Janots, chemin des Cuëttes Tél LE CLOS VAL BRUYÈRE Cerciello/Simonini family Sale at Château Barbanau, in Roquefort La Bédoule Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE DE LA FERME BLANCHE Mr. Paret. RD 559, Quartier du Plan. BP 57 Tel. +33 (0) LE CLOS D ALBIZZI Mr. Dumon. Avenue des Albizzi Tel. +33 (0) LE DOMAINE DES QUATRE-VENTS Mr. De Montillet 7 avenue des Albizzi Tel. +33 (0) LE CHATEAU DE FONTBLANCHE Mr. Bontoux - Bodin Route de Carnoux Tel. +33 (0) Our wine bar and wine institute also offer visitors a friendly introduction to the wines of Cassis: LE CHAI CASSIDAIN (wine bar and wine institute) 6 rue S. Icard Tel. +33 (0) LA MAISON DES VINS (wine institute) 30 avenue de la Marne (Marseilles road) Tel. +33 (0) LE DIVINO Sommelier (wine waiter) bar and wine institute 3 rue Alexandre Rossat Tel. +33 (0) Cassis, our gastronomy Provençal food symbolises a certain lifestyle lifestyle Sun-drenched, fragrant and convivial, sourced from a fertile land and wellstocked sea, Provençal cuisine makes extensive use of fruit and vegetables, for example in aïoli (garlic), soupe au pistou (garlic and basil) and petits farcis (stuffed vegetables). The produce is already excellent so all it takes is a soupçon of garlic, a dribble of olive oil and a few fragrant herbs from the hillsides (thyme, rosemary, lavender) to make a recipe flavours truly sublime and delight the tastebuds. Flavours with the accent, that blend perfectly with the wonderful Cassis wines. Pairing food and wine The Cassis wines can be drunk at any time, as a pre-dinner drink or at table The whites, with their green-gold reflections, dry and fruity, are the most famous. They have a nose of citrus, white flowers, almonds and honey. In addition to the famous bouillabaisse, bass grilled with fennel, sea bream in a salt crust, anchoïade, aioli or shellfish, white wines from Cassis are a great drink. It is also delightful when drunk with dishes made with garlic, saffron or spices. It should be drunk at a temperature of between 8 and 10 C. The rosésare ideal with white meat and dishes such as vegetable terrines, ratatouilles or barbecues. The reds, full-bodied, go well with meat served with a sauce, cheeses with character. You can discover the Provencal cuisine in Cassis restaurants (see on p.25). > WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY MORNINGS On and around Place Baragnon All year round: Provençal food market, where you can buy fresh local produce, olive oil, tapenade (crushed olives and capers), honey, etc. Sea urchins. > EVERY MORNING (Subject to weather conditions) On quayside Fish market. > ALL YEAR ROUND Taste local specialities and Provençal delicacies: fougasses (traditional flat bread), dry biscuits, marzipan, crystallized fruits, lavender cakes, etc. Book your holidays on line, it s easy! Réservez en toute tranquillité. Urlaub on-line reservieren? So einfach ist das Prenota on-line, è facile. 8 9

7 Natural landscapes Cassis,our Calanques When the dawn sunlight pierces from behind Cap Canaille and lights up the majestic "Calanques", Cassis resembles a genuine work of art, combining stunning Mediterranean Sea, fjords and hills. and Cap Canaille En-Vau. Cap Canaille To the East: the imposing Cap Canaille. Its red sandstone rocks, streaked with chalk, date back around 90 million years. Its impressive cliffs, soaring over the sea and village, are one of the highest in Europe, reaching an altitude of 399 metres at La Grande Tête. Several theories exist as to the origin of the word Canaille : it may come from the Canalis mons, meaning mountain of the waters and aqueducts, or from the Provençal, Cap Naïo, meaning mountain that swims towards the sea. Cassis benefits from a fascinating geology and remarkable natural landscapes. To the West: the Calanques. Composed of 400 metre-thick chalk, formed 120 million years ago, these little fjords are actually the remains of ancient valleys submerged when the sea level rose over 120 metres after the last ice age. The chalk was used for building and decorative purposes for many years. Stone extracted from the Bestouan and Port-Miou quarries was used to build many Mediterranean ports and large edifices in Marseille, including the Prefecture, Courthouse, Bourse, and La Major cathedral. In addition to its valuable stocks of raw material, the Calanques also act as a fresh water receptacle and are pivotal in the underwater circulation of fresh water along the coast. The Port-Miou and Bestouan springs produce large quantities of fresh water for use by local populations. > T O F O L L O W ROUTE DES CRÊTES CLIFFTOP ITINERARY (access prohibited in case of strong winds or of major fire risks) 15 km of roads and footpaths leading all the way to the town of La Ciotat and offering spectacular views over the Bay of Cassis, the Calanques, and islands of Marseille. Car travellers can stop off at several car parks to admire the view. Walkers and cyclists will enjoy taking the beautiful footpath (24 km return). > W H A T T O S E E The native flora of the Calanques was largely exploited by previous generations. The evergreen oaks were used to build homes and equipment for the stone quarries. After successive forest fires, today's vegetation is largely halophile and thermophile, and includes myrtle, wild asparagus, clematis, Aleppo pines and Mediterranean aromatic plants such as juniper. Native fauna includes several species of reptiles, small mammals and a wide variety of bird species such as warblers, Bonnelli's eagles, peregrine falcons, eagle owls, Northern gannets and green cormorants. The cicada Four years underground... then it's song time all summer long! The female cicada lays her eggs at the end of summer in the pulp of a branch. A few weeks later, the larvae emerge from the branch and fall to the ground, where they dig galleries in which they live for the next 3-5 years. The larvae feed on roots and shed their skins successively. The nymph finally emerges from the ground at the start of summer and climbs onto a support, where it metamorphoses into a cicada. Adult cicadas live for around 50 days. They feed by sucking out sap. Only the males sing... to attract the females!

8 Cassis,our Calanques The port, the Calanques of Port Miou and of Port Pin. Port Miou Natural landscapes Since April 2012, the massif des Calanques is classified National Park. It is the 1 st sea, land and peri-urban National Park in Europe and includes the cities of Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat as heart of Park. With an essentially maritime area (90 % on a total surface of ha), its main missions are to protect the wonderful natural and cultural heritage of this territory, to inform and to make the users aware of its resources and its vulnerabilities. The Massif des Calanques is a natural and wild area that can be hazardous (fires, falling rocks, falling trees, etc.). > P R A C T I C A L I N F O R M AT I O N There is no car park at the beginning of the Calanques, but you can park in one of the car parks located on the peninsula (La Presqu'île), at Bestouan or on the Gineste road. Access to the Calanques (on foot or by car) is ristricted and can be prohibited from 1 st of June to the 30 th of September, in case of major fire risks. Please ask for information at the Tourist Office or call (recorded message available throughout summer) During high-season, take bus shuttles from the Gorguettes parking relais, or simply set off on foot from Cassis town centre. Port-Miou Calanque. > B E W A R E O F F O R E S T F I R E S! Smoking, gas burners, and camping in the Massif des Calanques are strictly prohibited. For your safety, please avoid the Massif in strong winds. Please respect the signs (fine : 135 ). WALKS IN THE CALANQUES Port-Miou (half hour walk one way from the town center) The meandering Port-Miou fjord carves its way deep inland and offers a naturally sheltered harbour for over 500 pleasure boats. Sentier du Petit Prince A delightful 1 to 1- hour 30 walk in a loop (11 boundary markers on fauna and flora...), starting out from the Peninsula parking (1 st boundary mark at the entrance). Open all year. WALKING ITINERARIES IN THE CALANQUES Port-Pin (1-hour walk one way from town centre) The smallest and most intimate of the three Calanques, Port-Pin is swathed in greenery and Aleppo pines. Walkers will also appreciate the small, sloping sandy beach at the foot of the cliff (no lifeguard). En-Vau (2-hour one way of a challenging walk from town centre. Caution! Difficult descent to the beach ) En-Vau's spectacular allure, with steep and ragged cliffs plunging down into the infinite blues and greens of the Mediterranean Sea, has made it the most famous of all the Calanques. It is also a coveted rock-climbing venue. Small shingle beach (no lifeguard). > P R A C T I C A L T I P S Take along water (at least 1 or 2 litre/per.), good walking shoes and suitable clothing. The Calanques are protected natural sites. Please leave nothing behind: rubbish collection is not provided. No food or drink, accommodation or fresh water available in the Calanques, along walking paths. The IGN map of the calanques is requested

9 Maps NEW! Download the IPhone application Visit Cassis KEYS See Cassis, our visits Tourist train Banks Public toilets 14 15

10 Natural landscapes Les Calanques > SCHEMATIC MAP OF WALKS AND HIKES Painting: Caroline Parra Navettes Parking Relais des Gorguettes Cassis Label of origin vineyards and the Route of the crests (Route des Crêtes) > SCHEMATIC MAP Les Calanques Sentier du Petit Prince Entre Terre et Mer La Presqu île On sale at the Tourist office, bookshops and sports shops IGN WALKING MAPS Les Calanques de Cassis à Marseille (Calanques from Cassis to Marseille) Série Plein-Air - (Scale 1:15 000) Aubagne La Ciotat Série bleue W 3245E (Scale 1:25 000) To know To discover the protected area of the Calanques and Cap Canaille : Carte IGN série Plein Air and Topoguides for hiking. Take long water and good walking shoes. Be careful! The colours of the map do not correspond to colours on walking paths. The Massif des Calanques and the Cap Canaille are natural and wild areas, that can be hazardous (fire, falling rocks, falling trees...). As the prefectoral decree, the access to the Calanques and to the Cap Canaille is restricted the whole year and can be closed, some days in summer by the autorities in case of major fire risks. Please ask for information at the Tourist Office. Smoking, gas burners, camping, bivouac are strictly prohibited. For your own safety, please avoid the Massif des Calanques and the route or the Sentier des Crêtes in strong winds

11 Natural landscapes Cassis,our Calanques Cassis, walking and driving FROM THE TOURIST OFFICE (maps on pages 16 and 17) THE 3 CALANQUES (blue tour) Time: 4 to 6 hours return on foot (6 hours from the parking de la Gineste, information and belvedere). See pages 12 and 13. Difficulty: slippery limestone slabs. Of interest: The Cacau headland and Trou souffleur, the Calanque of Port Pin and the breathtakingly high cliffs of En Vau. MINI-CRUISES IN THE CALANQUES The Calanques can be toured by boat all year round, everyday in general (subject to weather conditions and if there are enough passengers). Reduced service in winter. Tickets for sale at the port (yellow kiosk) or ask the captain out of the season. For further information: GIE Bateliers Cassidains Tel. +33 (0) fee 3 CALANQUES (45 mins) Cassis / En-Vau / Cassis Adults 15 Children * 9 5 CALANQUES (1 hour 5 mins) Cassis / Devenson / Cassis Adults 18 Children * 12 8 CALANQUES (1 hour 30 mins) Cassis / Morgiou / Cassis Adults 21 Children * 15 *from 4 to 10 years old THE HIKES Calanques buissonnières : Nature ramble into the very heart of the beautiful Provençal coastline. Tel. +33(0) Mobile +33 (0) THE BUREAU DES GUIDES The Bureau des Guides A c c o m p a g n a te u rs Cassis Calanques Canaille (Calanque Guides Office) proposes open air activities. The program: hikes, adventure playground, climbing, abseiling, canyon and aquatic games, mountain bike and caving, for all levels and all ages! Detailed program on: Booking on: Tourist Office of Cassis: +33 (0) Bureau des Guides : +33 (0) THE BETWEEN LAND AND SEA DISCOVERY TRAIL (violet tour) Time: 1h The coastal trail, overlooking the quarry and creek in Port Miou is accessible to people of all ages for a walk with view of Cassis Bay and Cap Canaille. WINE AND LOCAL PRODUCTS Time: 2h on the road. See pages 8 and 17. Difficulty: none Of interest : Country houses, low drystone walls, shrines, olive trees and vineyards. LA PRESQU ÎLE (brown tour) Time: 1h30 on the road Difficulty: none Of interest: The Quays, the residential quarter and the shaded alleys, the Calanque for sailing ships at Port-Miou, the Notre Dame de Bon Voyage Chapel. THE TRAIL OF THE LITTLE PRINCE (dark blue tour) Time: 1h/1h30 in a loop, from the Presqu île car park. A wonderful discovery hike to discover the Calanques, starting at the Presqu île. CAP CANAILLE PAR LES CRÊTES (orange tour) Route des Crêtes (panoramic road), Time: 2h walking distance to the Cap Canaille. See also pages 10 and 11. Difficulty: uphill gradient of 15% until Pas de la Colle - Road and paths are closed in case of strong winds. Of interest : Many panoramic view points with views over town of Cassis, the Calanques, the Islands of Marseille, the Provence of Marcel Pagnol, and La Ciotat

12 Leisure activities Cassis, leisure activities Cassis is taking a proactive approach to the management of water quality in swimming areas. It is the first town in Bouches-du-Rhône to comply with the future obligations of the European Directive. Dogs are not admitted on beaches. Grande Mer beach. Bestouan beach. UNGUARDED NATURAL AREA Anse du Corton Tiny pebble beach. Anse de l Arène Rocks. Les Roches Plates Flat rocks sloping seawards. BEACHES WITH LIFEGUARD IN PEAK SEASON Grande Mer beach Cassis' largest beach. Sand and pebbles. > AMENITIES: Showers, WC, disabled facilities (only in service when the lifeguard are there). > PRIVATE BEACHES Le Grand Large: Tel. +33 (0) Le Bada: Tel. +33 (0) Bestouan beach Pebble beach. > AMENITIES: Showers, WC, disabled facilities (only in service when the lifeguard are there). > PRIVATE BEACHES Le Same Same Beach: Tel. +33 (0) Le Bestouan: Tel. +33 (0) NEW > SWIMMING POOL AND AQUA PARK Cap Provence Quartier des Gorguettes Tel. +33 (0) > D I V I N G C LU B S Lessons and courses for beginners and confirmed divers, plus diplomas and air filling stations. CENTRE CASSIDAIN DE PLONGÉE Nitrox diving 3 rue M. Arnaud BP Cassis cedex Tel. +33 (0) Mobile: +33 (0) NARVAL PLONGÉE 11 avenue de la Viguerie Cassis Tel./Fax +33 (0) Mobile: +33 (0) > PA R KS & G A R D E N S Recreational parc Régis Vidal - Le Mussuguet (Closed in case of major fire risk) Educational itinerary, fitness run, skateboarding, picnic area, children's play area. Public Gardens (next to town hall) Play area for tiny tots. Le jardin de Belzunce Avenue de Belzunce Children s play area. > T E N N I S SPORTING CLUB DES GORGUETTES Tel. +33 (0) TENNIS DE LA PRESQU ÎLE Mobile: +33 (0) ASSOCIATION CASSIDAINE DE PADEL Mobile: +33 (0) The Olivier Guys underwater trail Located under the Promenade des Lombards and starting from the Grande Mer beach, the Olivier Guys underwater trail can be visited in two ways on your own or with a guide. This means that it is suitable for all levels and meets everybody s expectations, whatever their age and however experienced in sub-aqua, as they explore the richly diverse marine environment. Book with the Centre Cassidain de plongée Qualified instructors and light equipment supplied. > ADVENTURE TRAIL Cassis Forest In the heart of the Régis Vidal Park near the free car park at Les Gorguettes, there are 7 adventure trails with continuous lifelines and more than 170 experiences for children from the age of 2+ and older people. Tel. +33 (0) NEW > LE MEHARI CLUB Z.A. du Bregadan (at 200 m from the train station) Tél Exhibition on the famous Méhari car. Free entrance for individuals.

13 Around the sea Cassis, around the sea > SAILING / YACHTING CASSIS HARBOUR MASTER S OFFICE Quai des Moulins Tel. +33 (0) Fax +33 (0) PORT-MIOU CALANQUE MASTER S OFFICE Tel. +33 (0) PORT BLEU Fax +33 (0) > BOAT HIRE with or without permit, with or without skipper J.C.F. BOAT SERVICES Mobile +33 (0) Mobile +33 (0) LOCA BATO (and waterskiing and rubber rings rentals...) Impasse du Grand Carnot Tel. +33 (0) Mobile +33 (0) Boat hire with skipper CASSIMER Mobile +33 (0) Tel. +33 (0) LES CALANQUES 11 avenue de la Viguerie Mobile +33 (0) Fax +33 (0) > FISHING Mobile +33 (0) Fishing boat hire with captain. > BOAT PERMITS LITTORAL CONDUITE 5 rue P. Eydin Mobile +33 (0) > SPORTS Sea canoeing CLUB DE CASSIS Port de Cassis. Quai des Moulins Mobile +33(0) Kayaking KAYAKEO Mobile +33(0) Kayaking CALANKAYAK Mobile: +33 (0) CLUB SPORT LOISIRS NAUTIQUES Plage de la Grande Mer Place Montmorin Tel./Fax: +33 (0) Mobile +33 (0) KAYAKALANK PORT MIOU Mobile +33 (0) KAYAK CLUB DES CALANQUES DE CASSIS Mobile +33 (0) K6KAYAK Booking on PROVENCE KAYAK MER Sea kayak itineraries, accompanied by an official instructor. Mobile: +33 (0) Sailing ECOLE MUNICIPALE DE VOILE Quai des Moulins Nautic base: +33 (0) From the age of 7+. ECOLE DE CROISIERE LE KELTIA Calanque de Port-Miou Mobile Simon: +33 (0) Navigation school. Government approved. > SAILING BOAT HIRE Calanque de Port-Miou with or without owner. Mme ROUSTIT Mobile +33 (0) UPCC (Union des Plaisanciers des Calanques de Cassis) With or without skipper. Mobile +33 (0) CASSIS BIO MARINE Mobile +33 (0) With captain. Discover and explore the marine biodiversity around the Calanques. YACHTING EVENTS Tel. +33 (0) Boats for rent (Minimum 10 people). 22 Going out Passionately! BARRIÈRE CASINO IN CASSIS Avenue Professeur R. Leriche Tel. +33 (0) With the Barrière Casino, live your desires! Open every day from 10 a.m. until dawn. If you have free time, this is definitely the place to come. It s a subtle blend of refinement, colours and quality, ensuring that your leisure hours are quite simply outstanding! 270 slot machines, some playable for as little as 1 cent, and 15 gaming tables (English Roulette, French Roulette, semi-automatic English Roulette, Black Jack and Texas Holdem with numerous tournaments). 2 different areas = 2 different atmospheres - O'zé Lounge Bar / Restaurant, a trendy place with live concerts, the screening of sports events and, on Saturday evenings, our resident DJ X. Bajade and gogo dancers! - La Suite Bar / Restaurant in the gaming room where you can enjoy the dishes created by our chef, Sylvain COMMEIRAS, in a more sophisticated ambiance. > CINEMA Monthly film club (Friday) at the Centre Culturel, Avenue Agostini. Tel. +33 (0) Cinéma in summer. > ART GALLERIES BOUTIQUE L ART DU TEMPS 10 rue P. Eydin Tel. +33 (0) Contemporary art exhibitions. GALERIE COULEUR CASSIS 15 rue Thiers Tel. +33 (0) / Mobile: + 33 (0) Photos of Cassis and Provence. GALERIE MARINA 5 place Mirabeau Tel. +33 (0) / Mobile: +33 (0) Purchase, sale, estimates and permanent exhibitions of works by the 19th and 20th-century Provençal schools. Slot machines open every day from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. (4 a.m. on fridays, saturdays and the eve of public holidays). Gaming room open from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. (4 a.m. on fridays, saturdays, the eve of public holidays, and in July and August). > NIGHT CLUB BIG BEN Place Clémenceau Information and booking: +33 (0) G. PIETERS, GALERIE RESTAURANT D ANGELINA Avenue Victor Hugo Tel. +33 (0) Contemporary art exhibitions. GALERIE STYLE DE VIE 4 rue P. Eydin. Mobile +33 (0) SALLES VOÛTÉES Place Baragnon. Tel. +33 (0) Temporary exhibitions. BIBLIOTHÈQUE VILLA L ARIANE 22 av. E. Agostini. Tel. +33 (0) Temporary exhibitions. 23

14 Arts, crafts and shops Cassis, shopping > LOCAL ARTISTS L ATELIER 1 rue Brémond Tel. +33 (0) Jewels designer. L ATELIER LOMBARDI Mobile +33 (0) Cassis stone articles. ATELIER DES CALANQUES 3 rue du Four Mobile +33 (0) Hand-crafted and plant candles. ATELIER PATATRAS (by appointment only) Avenue M. Jermini Mobile +33 (0) Ceramics, provencal hand-crafted crockery. L ATELIER DE LA SARDINE Clos du Petit Jésus 4 avenue de Provence Mobile +33 (0) Hand-crafted decoration objects (raku). BAZARETTES 2 rue du Jeune Anacharsis Tel. +33 (0) Cassis stone articles. CHRISS POÈMES 5 rue M. Blanc Tel. +33 (0) Les poèmes sont des mots vivants pour l éternité. MUSÉE ET BOUTIQUES DE L EAU DE CASSIS 8 rue St Clair. Tel. +33 (0) place Baragnon Tel. +33 (0) Master perfumer, perfumes and soaps... MARINA DUMON (by appointment only) Clos d Albizzi, Chemin St Vincent Mobile +33 (0) Ceramics... TERRE DESSINÉE, ATELIER GÉRARD PERONE 1 rue Ducros Mobile +33 (0) Glaze creations and decoration articles. > ANTIQUES AND DECORATION L ART DU TEMPS 10 rue P. Eydin Tel. +33 (0) > DECORATION, SOUVENIRS, GIFTS, DELICATESSEN... ANTINEA 2 place Mirabeau (on the port) Tel. +33 (0) LA BOUTIQUE DE NAT 22 avenue Victor Hugo Tel. +33 (0) LA CIVETTE DU PORT 3 avenue Victor Hugo Tel. +33 (0) CASSIS PROVENCE 9 rue Brémond Tel. +33 (0) DECLIC PHOTO 30 rue de l Arène Tel. +33 (0) DECORUM CASSIS 34 rue de l Arène Tel. +33 (0) GRAIN D ÉPICES 1 rue Brémond Tel. +33 (0) JACK ET DANY 2 place de la République Tel. +33 (0) LE MAGASIN 2 rue A. Rossat Mobile +33 (0) LE MARSEILLAIS 19 rue Victor Hugo Tel. +33 (0) NAIS / MILOU EN MER 9 quai des Baux Tel. +33 (0) LES OLIVADES - LAVANDE 24 avenue Victor Hugo Tel. +33 (0) OPHELIA S Rue du jeune Anacharsis Mobile +33 (0) PASTIS ET COMPAGNIE 9 bis rue Brémond Mobile +33 (0) VIA CASSIS 4 rue Brémond Tel. +33 (0) Cassis,restaurants, bars and cafés Restaurants mentioned in gastronomic guides Chez Gilbert +33 (0) Fleur de Thym +33 (0) La Presqu île +33 (0) La Villa Madie +33 (0) Nino +33 (0) Romano +33 (0) Mediterranean cuisine À table +33 (0) Calendal +33 (0) Chez César +33 (0) El Sol +33 (0) La Cigale & la Fourmi +33 (0) Les Frangines +33 (0) Bar Canaille +33 (0) La Déf +33 (0) Le Don Camillo +33 (0) La Petite Cuisine (La Villa Madie) +33 (0) La Plage Bleue +33 (0) La Poissonnerie +33 (0) L Arène +33 (0) La Vieille Auberge +33 (0) La Voûte +33 (0) Le Bistrot de Cassis +33 (0) Le Bonaparte +33 (0) Le Cap +33 (0) Le Chaudron +33 (0) Le Clos des Arômes +33 (0) Le Commerce +33 (0) Le Grand Bleu +33 (0) Le Grand Large +33 (0) Le Mistral +33 (0) Le Perroquet +33 (0) Le Rivage +33 (0) Le Romarin +33 (0) L Escalier +33 (0) Les Roches Blanches +33 (0) Le Yacht Club +33 (0) L Oustau de la Mar +33 (0) O ze Bar Lounge & La Suite +33 (0) Restaurant Angelina +33 (0) Sporting Club des Gorguettes +33 (0) Foreign specialities Il Ristorante (italian) +33 (0) La Fringale (pizza) La Girandole (T-Mex) +33 (0) La Goccia d Olio (italian) +33 (0) La Place (pizza) +33 (0) La Stazione (italian) +33 (0) Le Bistro (pizza) +33 (0) Marco-Polo (italian) +33 (0) Saveurs Latines (Corsica) +33 (0) D une rive à l autre (Lebanese) +33 (0) Bars, snacks, brasseries, cafés and ice cream makers Amorino +33 (0) Bar de la Fontaine +33 (0) Bar de la Marine +33 (0) Bar le France +33 (0) Bar le Port +33 (0) Brasserie de la Mer +33 (0) Brasserie de la Presqu île +33 (0) Chez Greg +33 (0) Croque Soleil +33 (0) Grand Marnier +33 (0) I gelati della casa rosa +33 (0) Le 8 et demi +33 (0) Le Bounty +33 (0) Le Cendrillon +33 (0) Le Concorde +33 (0) Le Delphin +33 (0) Le Golfe +33 (0) Le Liautaud +33 (0) Le Pastis +33 (0) La Peace in +33 (0) Le Repaire +33 (0) Le XXème +33 (0) Midday Express +33 (0) Le Naïo +33 (0) Monsieur Brun +33 (0) Snack Les gourmands +33 (0) Snack des Calanques +33 (0) Sun dwichs +33 (0) Quai Zako +33 (0) Le Panini s +33 (0) Les Photophores +33 (0) Take away and home deliveries À table +33 (0) Atelier traiteur +33 (0) Chaud bouillant (pizzas) +33 (0) Cuisine et bien être (Chef at home) +33 (0) L Épicerie de la Stazione +33 (0) Fourchette et potager +33 (0) La Baie d Halong (asian) +33 (0) La Caille d Or +33 (0) Terroir et Marée +33 (0) Romano +33 (0) ZenZin (asian) home deliveries only +33 (0)

15 Practical information Cassis, practical information > CASSIS BY TAXI Our local taxi companies propose a series of itineraries: > LA ROUTE DES CRETES (CLIFFTOP ITINERARY) 45 mins - 1 hour. > CASSIS VINEYARDS with wine 1 tasting at 2 vineyards, hours. Bookings: +33 (0) > BICYCLE AND SCOOTER HIRE EXACT BIKES Mobile +33 (0) > CAR HIRE GARAGE DE PROVENCE (Europcar, Citer) 13 route Pierre Imbert Tel. +33 (0) SARL MH GARAGE (Citer, Rentacar) 4 avenue Jules Ferry Tel. +33 (0) / Mobile +33 (0) > BOOKS SHOP LIBRAIRIE PREAMBULE 8 rue P. Eydin Tel. +33 (0) > LIBRARY VILLA L ARIANE 22 avenue E. Agostini Tel. +33 (0) Tuesdays and Thursdays p.m. Wednesdays 9-12 a.m./ p.m. Fridays 9-12 a.m./ p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Free inscription for the Cassidens. > NEWSAGENTS FONT VERT 34 rue de l Arène Tel. +33 (0) VAL D ORE 13 avenue de La Viguerie Tel. +33 (0) > INTERNET POINTS SERVICE CENTER GRAIRI Rue de l Arène Tel. +33 (0) > CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS CENTRE CULTUREL Tel. +33 (0) Manual, physical and cultural activities. L ART ET LA MANIÈRE Tel. +33 (0) Oil and pastel painting courses. Drawing courses. MAISON DE L EUROPE ET DE LA VIE ASSOCIATIVE Rue S. Icard Tel. +33 (0) Talks and debates. > TRAVEL AGENCY ALPILLES VOYAGES 16 rue A. Thiers Tel. +33 (0) FOR KIDS Library Villa l Ariane. LA RESPELIDO av. J. Ferry Holiday camp: Tel. +33 (0) Daycare drop: Tel. +33 (0) HALTE GARDERIE LE LAVOIR av. de la Viguerie Tel. +33 (0) CRECHE DES CANAILLOUS Avenue de Verdun Tel. +33 (0) LES PARPAILLOUS Centre Canaille, av. P. Bérard Tel. +33 (0) Cassis, events Cassis is a lively place throughout the year with traditional festivals and events, as well as religious, gourmet, cultural and sports events. It s a busy, varied programme to ensure that there is something for everybody! > IN JANUARY LA PASTORALE MAUREL (Provencal Nativity Play) This piece of musical theatre, acted and sung in the Provençal language, tells the story of the Nativity, from the announcement of Christ s birth to the shepherds ("li pastre", hence the word "pastoral") and to the people of a 19th-century village in Provence, until they arrive at the stable to see the newborn babe. > IN MARCH LE RAID VTT It attracts the sport s top champions for a 2-day festival of sport. The programme includes running, hikes, 35-km and 60-km timed hikes, special events and demonstrations. Adults and children. Booking recommended. More information on: > FROM APRIL TO OCTOBER OPEN-AIR PAINTINGS EXHIBITIONS One Sunday per month. Les Peintres Cassidains Tel. +33 (0) Place aux Peintres l Art et la manière Tel. +33 (0) > IN APRIL / MAY Last weekend of April and 1 st weekend of May LE PRINTEMPS DU LIVRE The spring book fair celebrates writing through books and famous authors. Talks, discussions, meetings and book signings orchestrated by Serge Koster and Antoine Spire in the Camargo Foundation s open-air amphitheatre. Le Printemps du livre also combines literature with film, photography and art and includes a prestige concert and a literary dinner (booking required). More information on: > IN MAY LES VOILES DE CASSIS Wooden boats regatta. > IN JUNE / JULY In June DÉFI CALENDAL Running competition. ARRIVÉE DU MARSEILLE CASSIS Rowing event. Information: +33 (0) FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE (MUSIC FESTIVAL) FÊTE DE LA SAINT-JEAN Cassis celebrates the shortest night of the year, and the Feast of St. John, with a torchlight procession, street dances and fire. LA FÊTE DE LA MER ET DES PÊCHEURS Fishing was the main industry in Cassis for many years. Now, there are only 8 boats still operating but their crews still show the same passion in celebrating their patron saint, St. Peter. Events include the procession of the prud hommes (regulators of the local fishing industry), the blessing of the boats, water jousts, grilled sardines and anchovies, dancing etc. June 30th WALL FOR is an evening event based on a GIGANTIC DIAPORAMA of photographs by world-famous photographers projected on the cliff topped by the castle, with commentary by the photographers themselves. There is also a CONCERT on the beach. Marseille Provence 2013 European capital of Culture 27

16 > IN JULY / AUGUST > IN NOVEMBER Events QUAI DES ARTISTES (Art Fair) (Quai Calendal) and EVENING ARTS AND CRAFT MARKET (Pl. Baragnon) Every evening. The 13 th of July RETRAITE AUX FLAMBEAUX (Torchlit Procession) The 14 th of July and the 15 th of August FIREWORK DISPLAY and dance LES NUITS VAGABONDES (Wandering nights) Concerts, Literary night. Sundays from 15 th July to 19 th August LES COMPTOIRS DU JAZZ Concerts on Sunday evenings, at Oustau Calendal. > IN SEPTEMBER FOIRES ARTISANALES DES TISSERANDS, DU CUIR, DES POTIERS (Weaver s, leather and potteries Fair) JOURNÉES DU PATRIMOINE (Heritage Day) Guided historical tours. COUPE DE FRANCE D AVIRON CASSIS RACE France s largest rowing event with 300 competitors. Information: +33 (0) Saturday 22 nd, Friday 28 th, Saturday 29 th and Sunday 30 th of September 2012 LES VENDANGES ÉTOILÉES Gourmet events focusing on wines and flavours sponsored by Mr Alain Passard, the 3-star chef at the Arpège restaurant. Cookery demonstrations by 4 chefs who have been awarded stars, introduced by Vincent Ferniot at the Oustau Calendal. Discovery workshops with fun and tasting activities, producers market etc. in the village. Numerous special events for children e.g. drawing competition. The Sunday 30 th of September, in the morning Cassis honours its vineyards. After a Mass in the Provençal language, folk groups dance and sing around a vinestock on the square in front of the church. This is the Blessing of the Vine and it is followed by free Cassis wine tasting and sales from 10am to 1pm round the harbour, arranged by the local wine growers. (After purchasing a glass: 5 ). 4 boards and 8 hands cookery demonstration. > IN OCTOBER The 6 th and 7 th of October 2012 BRADERIE/SALE TIME IN CASSIS The village shopkeepers set out their best bargains, in all price brackets and all styles. Clothing, accessories etc. October / November 2012 FESTIVAL D HUMOUR (Comedy Show) Experience 3 days of madness, laughter, fun and good humour with talented young comics and those who are top of the bill at the present time. Saturday 27 th of October 2012 MARSEILLES-CASSIS HIKE in the Calanques (2 itineraries). Sunday 28 th October 2012 MARSEILLES-CASSIS HALF-MARATHON Booking required on: From 1 st to 4 th November 2012 LES ANTIQUES ET MODERNES DE CASSIS For 4 days, there is an exhibition of the finest antiques in the PACA Region, major works and contemporary art, organised by Mr Gilbert Mouret, expert, and the Tourist Office and hosted in resolutely modern surroundings that leave plenty of space to wander from one masterpiece to another at l Oustau Calendal. > IN DECEMBER From 8 th to 16 th December 2012 LE MARCHÉ DE NOËL PROVENÇAL In the heart of the village. Rediscover all the flavours of Christmas by tasting local produce and dishes from days gone by. Go shopping to the sound of traditional pipes, drums and Christmas carols. Wander from stall to stall in the open air to see wonderful gift ideas made by the best craftsmen in Provence. A delight to be shared with friends or family. Santa Claus and storytellers can be seen at the market, a feast for the eyes and the senses of people of all ages. And find out about the wonderful traditions of Provence at the Musée Municipal Méditerranéen d Art et Traditions Populaires de Cassis (museum), the Four Banal (communal bread oven) and the library. From 1 st to 5 th November 2012 VILLAGE ITALIEN CIAO CASSIS For 5 days, enjoy gourmet food, decorative items, clothing, leather goods etc. LES RENCONTRES MUSICALES DE CASSIS Classical music concerts. More information on: ICE RINK The ice rink takes over from the Christmas Market and welcomes young and old until March. Place Baragnon. Entrance: 2. Throughout the year, there are concerts, plays, talks and exhibitions at the Oustau Calendal, St. Michael s Church, the Arts Centre, the MEVA cultural centre, the museum etc. Spécial Marseille Provence 2013 European capital of Culture From June 6 th to October 6 th the Salles Voûtées (Arched Rooms) and the Museum of Cassis welcome the exhibition: CASSIS, A HARBOUR FOR PAINTING: MOVING TOWARDS MODERNITY ( ), A partnership with Regards de Provence Museum. This exhibition compares Provençal painters from the Marseille school with Cubists and Fauves who spent time in Cassis. It also features English, German, Russian and American artists from the Roaring Twenties up until the Second World War

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Must see Attractions and Sights

Must see Attractions and Sights Must see Attractions and Sights Highlights Tips Great Heights - Top Sights Rupertiwinkel Bad Reichenhall Berchtesgaden Königssee u1 Bad Reichenhall 1 Respiratory Rehabilitation Center Breathe

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ISSN 2086-2539. B a l i. Green. APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000

ISSN 2086-2539. B a l i. Green. APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000 ISSN 2086-2539 LIFE ON THE ISlaND B a l i GOING GREEN APRIL 2011 9 7 7 2 0 8 6 2 5 3 9 3 9 APRIL 2011 Rp. 30.000 Going Green April 2011 1 APRIL 2011 CONTENTS 6 OPENING

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The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures.

The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. with 2 walking tours & map 2014 4 26 60 80 104 4 CITY from north to south and east to west 26 CULTURE all over the place 60 SHOPPING till

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First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live

First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live Brought to you by THE South Gardens Issue First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live South gardens Healthy homes surrounding tranquil gardens In the hub 20 great places to cycle

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Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way

Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way 150 Secrets of the...go where the locals go Wild Atlantic Way 2014 / 2015 Edition Download the FREE Wild Atlantic Way App now - your official guide to the journey of a lifetime! INTRODUCTION CONTENTS 1

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erasmus 2012/2013 WWW.ISEG.utl.PT Page 1

erasmus 2012/2013 WWW.ISEG.utl.PT Page 1 erasmus WELCOME GUIDE 2012/2013 REACH A HIGHER LEVEL. WWW.ISEG.utl.PT Page 1 contents 01 > 02 > 03 > 04> 05 > 0 > 07 > 08 > 09> 10 > 11> 12> 13> Welcome Message Why Choose ISEG? Life long Learning Academic

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International Center Family Resource Guide

International Center Family Resource Guide International Center Family Resource Guide 107 South Wildwood Dr Tallahassee, FL 32306-4240 Phone: 850.644.1702 Fax: 850.644.9951 Email: Florida State University Division of Student

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Shooting. locations, contacts, action! location flanders Film Commission. Manual. Antwerp Bruges Ghent Leuven Mechelen Ostend

Shooting. locations, contacts, action! location flanders Film Commission. Manual. Antwerp Bruges Ghent Leuven Mechelen Ostend locations, contacts, action! location flanders ShootingManual Shooting Manual location flanders Film Commission Antwerp Bruges Ghent Leuven Mechelen Ostend FI Publishers ISBN /

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Day trips. Top. Best sights & hidden gems. Helsinki Region. events in every city. Hotspots of. & Southern Finland. Map included on page 19

Day trips. Top. Best sights & hidden gems. Helsinki Region. events in every city. Hotspots of. & Southern Finland. Map included on page 19 & Southern Finland Day trips Top events in every city Best sights & hidden gems Map included on page 19 Hotspots of Helsinki Region Helsinki Espoo Vantaa Sipoo Järvenpää Lohja Vihti Loviisa Porvoo Southeast135

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ISEG. School of Economics and Management ERASMUS Welcome Guide 2011-2012. ISEG. 100 years thinking ahead.

ISEG. School of Economics and Management ERASMUS Welcome Guide 2011-2012. ISEG. 100 years thinking ahead. ISEG School of Economics and Management ERASMUS Welcome Guide 2011-2012 ISEG. 100 years thinking ahead. 2 Contents Welcome Message 3 Why Choose ISEG 4 Lifelong Learning 7 Academic Information 8 Subjects

More information 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 contents 10 Dominion

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Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization

Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization Festivals: Challanges of Growth, Distinction, Support Base and Internationalization TABLE OF CONTEST PREFACE 4 PART ONE An overview of the festivals involved in the project 10 1.1. A presentation of the

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THE BEST OF THE ALENTEJO AC»»»» THE BEST OF THE ALENTEJO JS »»» THE BEST OF THE ALENTEJO A GUIDE AND SOME SUGGESTIONS ( ) He who sets out to sea prepares himself on land, as the saying goes. Applying the

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Ryde Conservation Area Conservation Area Appraisal

Ryde Conservation Area Conservation Area Appraisal Directorate of Economy and Environment Director Stuart Love Ryde Conservation Area Conservation Area Appraisal Adopted April 2011 [Insert images here] Conservation and Design Planning Services 01983 823552

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Wrocław. [vrotswav] Mandatory vaccinations does the Polish mandatory vaccination schedule apply to the children of foreigners?

Wrocław. [vrotswav] Mandatory vaccinations does the Polish mandatory vaccination schedule apply to the children of foreigners? Okładka przód 2 3 Wiewiórski Law Firm, established in 2004, specialises in providing services to foreign investors. Our clients including, among others, many companies from the group of the ten largest

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