Destination. Aneby Boxholm Kinda Tranås Ydre Ödeshög. From Lake Vättern to the Kinda Canal

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1 2011 Destination Aneby Boxholm Kinda Tranås Ydre Ödeshög From Lake Vättern to the Kinda Canal

2 2 2-3 Events on the water 4-5 The human experience 6-7 Wildlife, cuisine & adventure 8-9 Go where the road takes you or follow the map Discover the Sommenbygd region Map of the Sommenbygd region Discover the Sommenbygd region Where to eat, sleep and adventure in Sommenbygd 27 Index to map

3 Events on the water In the Sommenbygd region you re always moving between waters. In this borderland between Småland and Östergötland you re never far from glittering lakes and rushing waterfalls. The heart of the region is Lake Sommen. To the east stretches the Kinda Canal, to the north is the bird reserve of Lake Tåkern and to the west is the mini ocean, Lake Vättern. Just go with the flow! There is much to experience on dry land as well. The Sommenbygd region has always attracted authors and artists. Ancient, untouched forests rub elbows with heritage farm landscapes, historical factories, monastery ruins and bustling small towns. So allow plenty of time to explore! You never know what s around the corner in Sommenbygd 3

4 Wildlife, cuisine & adventure! The four seasons natural charm all year round All the seasons have their charm. You can really see this in Sommenbygd: The small marinas come alive as the spring sun begins to warm up. Boats are launched and picnic baskets are dusted off. Leaves burst out in the oak forest reserves and cowslip abounds in the meadows. Activity blooms on the golf courses as well. Summertime means even more action. There are more outdoor activities than days in your holiday, so pick your favourites! We ll understand if you choose angling; delicious char lurk at the bottom of Lake Sommen. Lake Vättern is bubbling with crayfish. Perch, pike, whitefish, burbot and eel are other great catches you may bring home. In autumn, mushroom aficionados fill the woods. The cranes arrive on Lake Tåkern, but they are not alone. Many hunters come to the Sommenbygd region when golden leaves blanket the trails. When the cold weather arrives, all the waterways in Sommenbygd are perfect for touring skates and ice fishing. The prepared slopes of Tolvmannabacken and Asbybacken are a haven for skiers and snowboarders. If you re more the comfortable type, just bring a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy the winter sun. The best flavours from locally produced finger foods to à la carte dishes Good food starts with good raw materials. Sommenbygd has an abundance of locally produced delicacies: spice biscuits, ecological spelt bread, cheese, pickles, Småland cheesecake, ice cream, game, smoked fish, marmalades Many growers and producers have farm shops where you can fill your picnic basket or your larders. If you don t feel like cooking, there are plenty of restaurants. Sit down to a candlelight dinner or kick back at an outdoor café with a refreshing drink. A wealth of experiences for adventurers and gourmets Are you an art lover? Or is wild adventure on horseback more your style? Bring along the family on a game safari, or join in on a sing-along. See a chronicle play in a ruined monastery in the sunset glow, or cut loose at an outdoor dance. Enjoy classical music in a medieval church or attend a folk music festival. You get the idea. You ll never be bored in Sommenbygd! 4

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6 Go where the road takes you or follow the map The Sommenbygd region is made for spontaneous excursions. There are exciting things to discover everywhere you go. Just get out and go, alone or with friends. Perhaps you ll see a breathtaking waterfall, a wood-burning steamboat or even a pyramid! Let your curiosity be your guide! Just to tickle your fancy, we d like to share a few of the gems of the region. Do you want to go on foot, or by water? Maybe on two wheels or four? Whatever you choose, we promise you ll come home full of impressions and experiences! Accessible to everyone? Is there a disabled toilet for me? If you have physical disabilities, you ll want to know about accessibility at the various attractions. For example, take Naturum Sommen, a permanent exhibition on the wildlife and history of Lake Sommen. It has no stairs to inhibit people with a wheelchair or rollator. The restaurant next door has a disabled toilet. If you d like to know more about companies and attractions that are disabled-friendly, contact the tourist office in that town. 6

7 On foot: Wander among primeval caves and orchids The 140 metres of underground passages make Trollegater one of Sweden s biggest primary rock caves. Bring a torch and descend into the labyrinth! If you re not quite up to all that excitement, you can stroll through the long, wide rock fissures, called gatera. For above-ground ramblers, you can t go wrong with Sommenbygd s walking trails: Holavedsleden, Östgötaleden or the pilgrim trails, Fraciskusleden and Klosterleden. Mount Omberg is a must if you like heights. Its highest point, Hjässan, offers an expansive view of the landscape and Lake Vättern. Go for a long ramble; the storied mountain is home to a wide range of plants, including orchids. If you want to get even higher, try Stenabohöjden in Ydre. You can t get higher than that anywhere in Östergötland. Waterways: From canal boat to canoe The Kinda Canal cuts through picturesque oak woodlands and deep coniferous woods. Ride on a passenger vessel or take your own boat! You can travel in style on Lake Sommen as well the S/S Boxholm II, one of Sweden s few wood-burning steamboats, regularly plies the lake, which is said to have as many islands as there are days in a year. Rent a canoe and find your own island to spend the night on. Åsunden, Tåkern and Vättern are just some of the lovely lakes in the region. If you want to see vertical water, head for Stalpet, where you ll find southern Sweden s highest waterfall: 19 metres high with extra mighty flows in spring. Cruise along or pedal lightly: Taking the scenic route The old road between Boxholm and Malexander winds charmingly between forest and lake and is a joy to ride along, especially for motorcyclists. The nostalgic petrol station in Björkfors is another ideal destination for motorists of all sorts. The carefully preserved 1955 station is a little piece of history that attracts many visitors, especially on rock n roll nights. Want to avoid exhaust fumes? How about a bicycle ride? The Vättern-Sommenleden bicycle route winds through the whole area, showcasing the best scenery. 7

8 Genuine Sweden. A journey in time and space. The wildest experiences. The richest fishing waters. The grandest adventures. You know how it is. Sometimes you want everything all planned out for you. Sometimes you d rather wing it. The Sommenbygd region is a smorgasbord of experiences, well off the beaten path, where you can pick and choose what you want to do and see. How about a safari on horseback through enchanting woodlands? Explore narrow cobblestone alleys or shop for delicacies in exotic farm shops! Immerse yourself in an archipelago you didn t know existed! Sommenbygd is a slice of genuine Sweden. E4 50 ÖDESHÖGS KOMMUN TRANÅS KOMMUN Tranås ANEBY 32 KOMMUN Aneby 132 Ödeshög 133 E4 32 Mjölby Boxholm BOXHOLMS KOMMUN 131 Österbymo Sommen YDRE KOMMUN Kisa KINDA KOMMUN Åsunden Aneby The Stalpet waterfall The smallest municipality in Jönköping County is a taste of genuine Småland: red cottages, lingonberry bushes and spruce forests. But that s not all. Top-notch Swedish and international jazz musicians play in Aneby, which has Sweden s third-oldest concert hall. Stroll along the Svartån River to Stalpet and have a snack overlooking southern Sweden s highest waterfall. Journey a century back in time in the cultural reserve Åsens By. 27. The Stalpet Waterfall The 19-metre high Stalpet waterfall is the highest in southern Sweden and one of Aneby s greatest attractions. Downstream of Stalpet, the Svartån River flows through a deep, rocky ravine and into Lake Ralången. In the summer, you can have a snack in the garden of Stalpets Café och Hantverk, and buy the works of local artisans in the shop. for human sacrifices. What is very unusual is that the stone was allowed to remain here. 21. Fornborgen at Sundsmålen Ancient Fortress On the top of Sundsmålen Hill are the remains of an ancient fortress from the Great Migration, about AD. The view of Lake Noen and the surrounding farms from the fortress is breathtaking. At the base of the hill are kettleholes, pits carved in the rock by the inland ice sheet, and not far away is a nice place for a swim. 28. Hyllingen Nature Reserve and Bird Tower Lake Hyllingen with its surrounding wetlands is a popular resting place for migrating birds, including whooper swans, northern shovelers, western marsh harriers and hen harriers. In the mating season you can see ducks, coots, Eurasian curlews and great crested grebes. Please use the tower on the eastern shore to observe the birds. On a quiet summer night, you re also likely to hear the rare grasshopper warbler, which mates in the area. You can park at Äng Farm along the road between Aneby and Blå Grindar. 25. Quarry in Askeryd The swath of granite that runs through the region is called the Småland-Värmland Granite Belt and is about million years old. The granite in this area has a unique red colour, which comes from the high content of potassium feldspar. Stone quarried 26. Bredestadsdalen Valley Bredestadsdalen has a fascinating history and an amazing natural setting. The valley was inhabited as early as the 6th century. The hill to the east, Skrivareberget, boasts an incredible view of the whole valley. Bredestad Church was built on an ancient place of sacrifice. Next to it is an inn from the 1750s, Bona Gästgiveri, which has Bredestad s only runestone in its garden. Not far from the church is one of Sweden s largest, most magnificent phallic stones, a relic of national interest. It was raised in about 200 AD as a fertility symbol to the god Frej. This was the site of planting and harvest festivals, and much evidence seems to indicate that ritual dramas were performed here as well. The altar stone may well have been used Bredestadsdalen Valley 22. DockskåpsHuset Dollhouse Museum Ancient fortress Between Vireda and Ryd, in a charming old mission house in a verdant landscape, Christine Kainu exhibits a giant collection of antique doll s houses and other children s items from the past. There is even a real princess playhouse. Come and find a forgotten world! Admittance: adults SEK 50, children SEK 30. Hulu, Vireda, +46(0) , +46(0) Contact us for opening hours. Lat: Lon: Hyllingen Nature Reserve and bird tower Quarry in Askeryd 8

9 here is called Askeryd granite or Tranås red ruby. The quarry was operated by AB Bröderna Wallins Granitindustri from the 1950s to the 1990s, when the reddest stone of the highest quality had all been extracted. Blocks of this granite were sold worldwide and have been used for house façades in Milan and San Francisco, as well as for sculptures, including the Hiroshima monument in Tokyo and the statue Red Notepad on the square in Aneby. There is a marked walking route, and a wind shelter with a barbecue area next to the quarry. 31. The Stierngranat Museums and Pyramid In the northern part of Lake Ralången lies a manor called Stjärneborg, built by the very eccentric nobleman Malte Liewen Stierngranat ( ), who certainly left his mark on the area. He built a museum with a curio cabinet, and there is also a railway museum in the area. In addition, Stierngranat had a 7-metre high pyramid erected as a family mausoleum, in the woods next to the manor he built on returning from the United States with his family in The manor is privately owned and not open for tours. Open in June Aug, Sat and Sun Other times by arrangement. Stjärneborg, Aneby, +46(0) (0) , 23. Åsens by Cultural Reserve Åsens By is a model of a Småland village 100 years ago. The traditional farmland is well preserved, with grazing animals and old fences. The cultural reserve is open year-round and you can roam freely through the village, which also has a youth hostel (STF), museums, a country shop, walking trails and a café, open May August. In addition to daily guided tours, you can attend activities such as Country Life in the Olden Days (21 24 July) and various activities for children and families in July. Åsen, Haurida, Aneby, +46(0) Lat: Lon: The Stjärneborg Museums with the unique pyramid created by nobleman and engineer Malte Liewen Stierngranat, known as the man who did whatever he wanted. Åsens By the epitome of a Småland village of a century ago! Open May Aug with guided tours, food, coffee and accommodation at an STF youth hostel. 57. Liljeholmen Liljeholmen Manor on the shore of Lake Sommen is known for its decorative early 18th-century murals, which are well preserved and amazing to see. Boxholm The central square Tourist office, commuter trains, public pool the central town of Boxholm has plenty of services within easy walking distance. A digital cinema and a golf course are equally close. Located in Folkets Hus, the community centre, the cinema also shows live broadcasts of operas and rock concerts. The golf course is beautifully situated on the winding Svartån River. Learn the fascinating history of Boxholm at the Bruksmuseet. Not far from that is Boxholmsost, which makes and sells exquisite cheese. And don t miss a visit to picturesque Malexander and Blåvik on the shore of Sommen. 58. Malexander Church Village and the Pelargrottan Cave Malexander Church Village, stunningly situated on the shore of Lake Sommen, is a summer paradise with a marina, swimming, camping, youth hostel, holiday village, hotel, café and restaurants. History buffs will love the church and the local heritage museum, Hembygdsgården Södra Sand, which has several 18th-century buildings containing valuable collections of objects of rural life. And don t miss the impressive Pelargrottan, or Pillar Cave, carved by the inland ice sheet. The cave is nearly 20 m wide and quite deep. 56. Blåvik Church Village The church in Blåvik Church Village, picturesquely perched on the shore of Lake Sommen, dates back to Rather than an altar painting, the church has a window overlooking the lake. Boating is a very popular activity in Blåvik, where you can also swim or catch a ferry. 49. Boxholms Bruksmuseum Ironworks Museum Why was an ironworks built in Boxholm? Learn this and much more at the Ironworks Museum, Bruksmuseet, which has exhibits on the steel industry, forestry, agriculture and more. A working nail-making machine bears witness to an era when Boxholm was home to one of the biggest nail makers in the country. The museum is located in a beautiful old mill built in Open June Aug, Tues Sun Guided tours for groups also available in April May and Sept Oct. Masugnsvägen, Boxholm, +46(0) , +46(0) , 51. Ekeby Ekeby has hosted traditional Midsummer celebrations since the 1930s at the local community centre, Hembygdsgården Boden, which consists of 10 buildings. Ekeby Church dates back to the 12th century. Ekeby Church Why was an Ironworks built in Boxholm? You ll get the answer to this question and many more at the Boxholm Bruksmuseum. Malexander Church Village 9

10 58. Malexanders hembygdsgård Take a tour of our local heritage museum, scenically located on the northern edge of Lake Sommen. Originally a farm, which stood on this place in the days of Saint Bridget (1345), the museum features several well-preserved 18th-century buildings and valuable collections of objects of rural life. Skilled guides tell you about Malexander 10,000 years in 30 minutes! See how people lived in days of old. Forestry, charcoal making, fishing, hunting, farming. Groups welcomed in Apr Oct. Malexander, +46(0) , For other opening hours, see: 52. Åsabackarna, Rinna Nature Reserve Rinna Nature Reserve in Åsabackarna on the edge of the Östergötland Plains is an area of rolling hills with a pleasant walking trail that starts at Rinna Church. The nature reserve consists of till and other glacial river sediment, with rich flora and several ancient relics. 54. Åsbodalen Valley, with Hybbeln Farm and Pålsbo Äng The valley of Åsbodalen is home to a heritage farm called Hybbeln with a collection of photos, paintings, books and objects from poet and Swedish Academy member Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom. The valley also contains a nature reserve, Pålsbo Äng, which is part of an agricultural landscape that has been used for over 2,000 years. Åsbo Church dates back to the 12th century. Kinda Härna If your dream is to swim in a different lake every day, then Kinda is the place for you! The municipality has over 400 lakes, not to mention the Kinda Canal, the Stångån River and its lake systems, all of them offering fishing, canoeing and boating adventures. The great wave of emigration to North America started here in Every other summer, the community celebrates America Week and Peter Cassel Day in honour of the first emigrant. Visit the tourist office on the central square in Kisa for more information. 91. Gumhem Grave Field Gumhem dates back to the period AD, and is the second-largest grave field in Östergötland. It has 24 ancient relics, including a stone ship 15 m long and 5 m wide, consisting of 24 raised stones. 87. Föllingsö Agricultural Landscape Widely varied agricultural landscape around the 18th-century Föllingsö Manor. Follow the trail through flowery pastures, or find your own path. 98. Hallstad Ängar Nature Reserve A unique meadow with lobbed lime trees and rich floral beauty, as well as a great diversity of grasses and herbs. There s also a great place to swim in Lake Järnlunden. 80. Humlehögsravinen Canyon Humlehögsravinen is a canyon measuring 800 m long and m deep, carved into the bedrock by a glacial river. Today, the much milder Pinnarpsbäcken stream flows at the bottom of the canyon, running out into Lake Övre Föllingen. 93. Old Hägerstad Church Probably originally built in the early 13th century, the Old Hägerstad Church was rebuilt in the 17th century. It gradually decayed and fell into ruin, but has now been restored. The walls still bear traces of frescoes by Matz Målare of Linköping. 92. Idhult Nature Reserve The countryside around the village of Idhult, including the nature reserve, is quite beautiful, with rolling terrain and a fantastic view. The rich flora includes plants that are normally found at the coast, reminding us that this was once a seabed. Nature trail. Guided tours. 94. The Kinda Canal The 90 km Kinda Canal is one of Sweden s most beautiful waterways. Along its route from the Göta Canal and Lake Roxen to Åsunden you pass 15 locks and 5 lakes. Very little of the canal is manmade; most of it consists of lakes and the Stångån River. The total height difference in the canal is 50 m. In summer there is regular boat traffic between Rimforsa and Linköping. Canoe rentals. 94. M/S Kind Kinda Canal Order the canal brochure with tips on sights, accommodation, food, events, activities and more when visiting the canal and the lake system with your own boat, canoe, passenger vessel or by land. Passenger boat quay, Rimforsa Passenger boat information: Rederi AB Kind +46(0) , +46(0) Other information: AB Kinda Kanal +46(0) , 86. Kisa Kisa is the central town of the Municipality of Kinda, charmingly nestled among hills and valleys. Unique sights include the Emigrant Museum, the Tingshustorget (Courthouse Square) and Kisa hembygdsgård, the local heritage museum. The town centre features quaint shops and artisans, and Fridays are market days. Kisa s best-known son is Magnus Samuelsson, the Strongest Man in the World. 86. Kisa Emigrant Museum The Emigrant Museum exhibits letters, pictures, documents and objects from the first organised emigration in 1845, when 25 people, led by pioneer Peter Cassel of Kisa, set sail for North America. In this 18th-century building, pharmacist Carl-Gustaf Sundius was granted permission to open Sweden s first Emigrant Bureau in 1846, inside the former pharmacy. Guided tours by reservation. Kisa Emigrantmuseum Kinda Canal Gumhem Grave Field 10

11 81. Per s Mechanical Cabinet A part of the Affären Svalsjö shop. Picture a room full of wind-up wooden toys that enact little scenes for you. Cogs, levers, seesaws and more we guarantee smiles and laughter. Don t miss the mechanical goat, the hand-cranked home cinema and the frog & book cabinet. Admittance SEK 25. Affären Svalsjö, +46(0) Open 28 May 11 Sept. May June Sept: Fri Sun 12 17; July Aug: Tue Sun Tidersrum Church 97. Tignemåla School Museum Tignemåla School was in use from 1877 to Today, it is a museum showing exactly what school was like in olden days: desks, schoolbooks, organ everything is preserved. 88. Tolvmannabacken Ski Slope The biggest ski facility in southern Sweden, with 5 lifts and 7 slopes, is located in Kisa. The longest slope is 1,200 m, with a vertical drop of 140 m. Alongside the slopes are lighted cross country trails, an ice rink, ski rentals, a restaurant, barbecue and winter campsite. Usually open from December to March. Trollegater Nature Reserve Kisa One of Sweden s oldest wooden churches, probably built in 1263 in honour of patron Saint Olof. The church is clad with patterned red shingle. An extensive restoration in the 1950s revealed high Gothic-style paintings in the chancel. The freestanding clock tower dates from the 18th century Trollegater Nature Reserve A unique geological attraction. One of Sweden s largest bedrock caves, with a 140 m long triangular labyrinth. Guided tours year-round. Two other nature reserves, Hallstad Ängar and Hackelboön, are nearby. Tidersrum Church Tolvmannabacken Ski Slope 42. Hättebaden Beach Tranås Storgatan Tranås is a small town bubbling with activities for people of all ages. You won t be bored, whether your interest is culture, outdoor life or sports. Visitors come from all over to experience Sweden s best small-town shopping. Outside the city centre is Lake Sommen, the glittering pearl of Tranås, offering breathtaking scenery, unforgettable experiences and endless activities. The surrounding countryside is full of things to discover and do. There are lots of farm shops, cafés with home-baked goodies, an untouched old-growth forest, ancient grave fields, one of Sweden s oldest wooden manors and the mysterious Troll Stone. There are many trails for walking or bicycling, and our knowledgeable staff at the tourist office are happy to give you tips about unusual, unforgettable experiences in Tranås. Hättebaden on Lake Sommen offers a sandy beach with long shallows, many jetties and a diving tower, but that s not all. Stretch out on green lawns in the sun, just a stone s throw from a restaurant, convenience store and ice cream parlour. Next to this recreational haven is a four-star campsite that also has cottages. Rent a kayak, canoe, motor boat or small sailing boat in Hätte to enjoy the lake to its fullest. Concerts are sometimes held in the evenings on the charming outdoor stage. 39. Illern Nature Reserve The Illern Nature Reserve is a great place to walk, jog or ski, with several easy, marked trails bearing exciting telltale traces of the Ice Age. Lose yourself in a gorgeous pine wood, green fields and seemingly endless patches of lingonberry and blueberry bushes. Tiny Lake Illern is the gem of the nature reserve, perfect for swimming, fishing and ice skating. Pick up a hiking map at the Tranås tourist office. 41. S/S Boxholm II Steamboat Ride on Lake Sommen An unforgettable ride in the old wood-burning steamer, the S/S Boxholm II. Runs several days a week in June August. Contact the Tranås tourist office, +46(0) , for route lists and reservations Eriksberg Museum After educating students for 101 years, the Eriksberg primary school, built in 1884, was converted into a museum of cultural treasures. The School Museum shows the evolution of Swedish schools from the 19th century until The art studio shows the works of Herman Norrman and sculptor Ansgar Almquist. The exhibition from raw hides to soft furs gives you a close-up look at the fur city of Tranås. Revel in the successes of five-time speedway world champion Ove Fundin, and view the temporary exhibitions. Guided tours by reservation. Storgatan 54, Tranås, +46(0) Ekbergsparken Nature Reserve At walking distance from the central town lies a peaceful, green oasis with a large population of old oaks, some of them estimated to be over 500 years old. The park also contains a local heritage museum in a semi-detached house from the 18th century. Next to the museum is a little café surrounded by natural beauty and genuine historical buildings. Boxholm II Illern Nature Reserve Ekbergsparken Nature Reserve Hättebaden Beach 11



14 41. Storgatan in Tranås Tranås offers Sweden s best small-town shopping. Forget about the impersonal shopping barracks of big cities; in Tranås you wander through the charming shops lining the high street Storgatan at your own pace. In summer, restaurants and cafés in the centre offer plenty of outdoor seating. The town hosts all sorts of fun and exciting cultural events year-round. In winter Tranås becomes a glittering Milky Way as the whole shopping street is illuminated with hundreds of strings of lights, chasing away the darkness and creating a charming atmosphere for Christmas shopping. Gripenberg Manor Trollstenen Säby Church 46. Hultet Old Village Hultet, between Tranås and the Tenbäck flyover. A Småland cultural idyll on the shore of Lake Sommen. Explore some 20 historical buildings with genuine interiors and over 7,000 utility items. The buildings and their contents give a picture of the old farming culture and the artisan environments of the industrial age, from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Open only for guided tours: General showings 1 June 31 Aug (Swedish, 2 hrs), Tue, Thu and Sat at 14. May Sept: groups by arrangement (food can be arranged). Admittance SEK 50 (adults), children under age 18 free. Reservations: Tranås tourist office +46(0) , Lat: Lon: Gripenberg Manor This unique building is privately owned and is not open to the general public, but do stop and take a look at one of Sweden s oldest preserved wooden manors. Built in the years as a hunting chalet for Field Marshal Carl-Gustav Wrangel, who received some 70 farms in the area as a gift from Queen Kristina, the manor is believed to have been designed by architect Nicodemus Tessin the elder. The main building has a Carolinian style and was originally painted red. At the start of the Tranås Wagon Museum has a unique collection of wagons, sledges and harnesses from the 18th century into the modern day. 18th century, Henrik Rehbinder took over the property, and later sold it to Samuel af Söderling. Descendents of Söderling still own and live in the manor today. 36. Säby Church Built in the 12th century, Säby Church is one of the most beautiful medieval churches in the county, gracing the shore of Lake Säbysjön. Thanks to many generous donations, the church s interiors are of a high quality. Among other things, it has a regal altar screen with a Pieta image. The 14 sculptures on the pulpit, dating back to the 17th century, are among the most interesting ones from this era in all of Sweden. The church is open during daytime hours from May to September. Audio cassette tours are available in Swedish, English, German, French and Dutch. 38. Tranås Vagnsmuseum Carriage Museum Scandinavia s largest collection of wagons in their original condition. The museum houses about 50 wagons, sledges and harnesses from the 18th century until the beginning. Hultet Old Village is unique with its well thought-out interiors and the multitude of objects that clearly show how people lived and worked in the past. Open Fridays and Sundays, 12 16, May Sept. Groups by arrangement 15 Apr 30 Oct. Reservations: Tranås tourist office, +46(0) Hubbarps Gård, southern approach to Tranås Leopold Creutz +46(0) Trollstenen The Troll Stone This enormous boulder really fires the imagination. Well hidden in the dark pine forest is a huge boulder resting atop three smaller stones, which in turn rest on yet another block of stone. In the old days, locals thought giants had placed the stones there, and well into the 20th century, little boys liked to show the Troll Stone to visitors, warning them to leave a few coins at the site to appease the trolls. A clever way to make your weekly allowance last a bit longer 67. Asby Alpine Asbybacken is a popular family ski slope with barbecues and a cafeteria next to it. Ydre Österbymo Right in the heart of Sommenbygd, Ydre offers lakes for swimming and great fishing waters. Enjoy the grand view along the road to Korpahålorna at Svinhult. Take a little detour westwards to the highest point in the province of Östergötland, Stenabohöjden, 328 m above sea level, and discover the mighty waterfall at Helgesfall. Don t miss the popular barn dances in Rydsnäs on Saturday nights in summer, or the big Country Music Festival in Hestra the first week of July. Let the many nature reserves of Ydre tempt you with their beautiful, untouched countryside, or drop in to the Lake Sommen nature centre, Naturum, on the north tip of Torpön Island. Adventure and quietude Ydre has it all. 68. Asby Church Village Beautiful medieval church with separate clock tower, a country store and a picturesque oak copse. Asby has a pleasant walking trail with descriptive signs posted in Swedish, English and German. 65. Holkåsa look-out An incredible look-out point over Torpadalen Valley, surrounded by Lake Sommen and the wooded heights. 14

15 73. Korphålorna Nature Reserve The Korphålorna Nature Reserve, near the village of Svinhult, is over 100 hectares in size and consists largely of old forest, only marginally impacted by humans. The reserve s name comes from the local name of a unique east-west rift in the southern part of the area. At the bottom of the rift valley is a small brook, and the damp, shady environment is home to a wealth of mosses and lichen. Korphålorna is located about 2 km from Svinhult in the direction of Ydrefors. 63. Råås Kvarn Ramfall Mill Råås Kvarn is a unique old mill built in 1741 with impressive construction techniques. The walls of the lower structure are three ells (about 2 m) thick. The technique is called dry wall, meaning that the stones are carefully positioned to lock one another in place without the use of mortar. Mill operations here ceased in 1953, but began again in 1987 when the mill was declared a listed building. The Friends of Råås Kvarn have gradually restored the mill to working order, ensuring that all other buildings, ponds and surrounding areas are also returned to their original character. 77. Smedstorps Dubbelgård Double Farm This double farm is a unique cultural environment from the 18th century, which is still inhabited and used today. Unpainted log buildings in an oldfashioned cultural landscape. The area is a cultural reserve and the buildings are listed. On Road 134 between Kisa and Österbymo, +46(0) Sunds Bruk Iron Mill Sunds Bruk is a ruin of a major industry along the Bulsjöån River. All that remains of the old ironworks is the ruins of a blast furnace, but sketches, photos and signs in the area can give you a good idea of what it looked like 100 years ago. Signs provide extensive information on the ironworks, iron manufacturing, bog ore and so on. These days Sunds Bruk is a peaceful place that s great for walking and picnicking. 62. Torpa Church Village A medieval church with a separate bell tower stands in the middle of the village. The parish house is located in a semi-detached house from the 1730s. Take a walk through the village, past the vicarage and down to the steamboat dock on the shore of Lake Sommen. 60. Torpön Island, Sommen, Naturum and Camping Torpön Island is worth a trip all by itself. It has several excellent look-out points, including one on Bodaberget where the cliff drops straight into the lake. The Lomsviken Nature Reserve has sunwarmed rocks for sunbathing and swimming, a walking trail and an old charcoal-burning pit. The ferry dock has a campsite, marine fuel station, restaurant, walking trail and the nature centre, Naturum Sommen. From the ferry dock on the northern tip of the island you can take a car ferry across the lake in summer. 60. Naturum Sommen Activities for all ages! Visit the fox den, see the fish of Lake Sommen in our aquarium, hear the loons or pat the legendary giant cow (if you dare). Learn more about nature and culture on our nature trail or a guided tour. Adapted for the disabled. Färjeläget, Torpön, +46(0) Open May Sept; see our website for hours and programme. 76. Vassviksberget This height offers a sweeping view of the Norra Vi bay in Lake Sommen. The nature reserve boasts 300-plus-year-old pines, as well as spruce, birch and aspen and the occasional oak and beech. Directions: Road 134 Österbymo Kisa. Look for the signs about 10 km from Österbymo. 66. Ydre School Museum & the Andrew Peterson Exhibition In the middle of Asby, a beautiful old school building from 1872 houses the Ydre School Museum and the Andrew Peterson Association exhibition about a man who emigrated to America in A classic trilogy of novels based on his life became two films with Max von Sydow in the early 1970s. The School Museum is a great place to wax nostalgic old posters, desks, maps, books and also various collections. 70. Österfors Smithy A genuine water-powered smithy from the 1880s. Open in summer, with real blacksmiths demonstrating the craft. They even do repairs on wrought-iron goods. Directions: Road 134 Österbymo Kisa. Look for the Österfors Smedja sign on the outskirts of Österbymo. 71. Österbymo The central town of Ydre, Österbymo, is also the largest, with a tourist office, stores and community services. Råås Kvarn, Ramfall The family-friendly Naturum Sommen is a nature centre that tells about the nature and culture of Lake Sommen in the past, present and future. Asby Alpine Smedstorp is a double farm with utility buildings dating back to the 18th and early 19th centuries. The farm, surrounded by a picturesque old-fashioned agricultural landscape, is still inhabited. Ydre Country Festival 15

16 The Rök runestone, with over 760 runes carved in the ninth century, boasts the world s longest runic inscription. Ödeshög Omberg Eco-Park A miniature of all Sweden, with mountains, woods, lakes and plains, offering magnificent adventures in time and space. To the north is Omberg Hill once a mythical, holy place to the people of the region, now an Eldorado for nature lovers and Lake Tåkern, an amazing bird sanctuary. At the foot of the hill, the waves of Lake Vättern lap the shore under author Ellen Key s home, and further south, at Stora Lund, one of Sweden s most beautiful swimming areas rubs elbows with a championship-class golf course. And everywhere you hear echoes of history: From the ruins of the Alvastra Monastery (founded in 1143), to impressive Bronze-Age rock carvings and Stone-Age settlements, to the giant Rök Runestone, which has the world s longest runic inscription. Replenish your spirit with the peace and beauty of the area, then head on to the Hästholmen harbour and the central town of Ödeshög, where the E4 and Road 50 meet, for more tasty experiences. Lake Tåkern 5. Alvastra Monastery The first monastery in Sweden was established by Cistercian monks in 1143 and flourished until the Reformation, when it was torn down. Midnight concerts and a chronicle play are arranged each year in the ruins. Saint Bridget lived here at one time. Alvastra Pålbyggnad is the only known genuine stilt house north of the Alps, over 5,000 years old. 1. Omberg Eco-Park One of Sweden s most beautiful and popular hiking areas, Omberg is known for its many species of orchids, and it s no coincidence that it is often called the hill of flowers. The peak offers an incredible view of the plains, woods and lake. Many hiking trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty depart from Naturum the area s information centre. One of Sweden s first youth hostels is also located here. 3. Ellen Key s home, Strand Famous Swedish author Ellen Key s home is a monument to the period she lived in. The house has remained untouched since her death in 1926 and is now a popular museum. 14. Holaveden A large forested area that forms the border between the provinces of Östergötland and Småland. Lysings Urskog is an untouched part of the forest. There is a nice place to swim in Trehörna, and a flea market in Boet. Horseback riding year round. 4. Hästholmen Hästholmen is a thriving community with a lovely visitors marina, swimming area, cottages, restaurants and cafés. The harbour is a popular starting point for scuba diving and trawling. Don t miss the Bronze Age rock carvings. 6. Rök Runestone Sweden s most unusual runestone stands in the tiny village of Rök, where the plains and woods meet. Carved in the 9th century, its 760 runes make it the world s longest runic inscription. Experts are still puzzling over the meaning. Outdoor museum open year round. 12. Turistvägen the Tourist Road One of the most beautiful stretches of road in Sweden, with well-kept lay-bys, starts in Gränna and follows the old national highway up through Ödeshög, via Hästholmen to Heda and Rök. Known for its many historical sights. A very enjoyable detour if you re looking for a slower tempo than the E4 motorway. 7. Lake Tåkern One of northern Europe s finest bird lakes, with 250 species. Follow the 2 km long footbridge from the bird-watching tower in Glänås, through wet meadows and reeds, accompanied by an astonishing assortment of birds you won t find anywhere else. The newly built tower is easily accessible for disabled and able-bodied visitors alike. Guided tours are arranged year-round with knowledgeable ornithologists and biologists. 8. Ödeshög Strategically located at the junction of the E4 motorway and Road 50, Ödeshög is an easy commute from nearby towns, perfect for large and small companies to work and grow in. Alvastra Ellen Key s home Hästholmen One of the most beautiful stretches of road in Sweden. 13. Östergötlands Ullspinneri Spinning Mill Artisanal spinning of wool yarn on a spinning jenny, and blanket weaving in the Swedish textile tradition. The most famous product is the BÄÄ Sheep blanket. The spinning mill has received the prestigious Excellent Swedish Design award several times and has also achieved international recognition. This year it celebrates its 30th anniversary with an exhibition in the factory shop. We hope to see you there! Åby Storeryd 1, Ödeshög, +46(0) Lat: Lon:

17 Discover the hidden treasures of Sommenbygd Did you know that there are over 1 million hidden treasures around the world? Some are right here in Sommenbygd! All you need is a GPS device. This popular treasure hunt is called Geocaching, with several million players worldwide! If you want to know more about our own hidden treasures, visit or contact one of our tourist offices. Want to know more about Geocaching? Visit Discover Sommenbygd with a guide! Nature tours Guided boat tours Fishing guide For more information, visit: BOOK ONLINE! Discover Sommenbygd Book your stay online here: 17

18 Tasty pasta dishes in the restaurant. Italian delicacies in the shop. You ll find us right across from Tranås Square! Tel: +46(0) Cottages with a beautiful view at lake Vättern Tourist route Ödeshög - Gränna Phone: J3 Köket Jönköpingsvägen 3 Aneby, +46(0) We serve a breakfast and lunch buffet every weekday, We take orders at other times. Catering, conferences, small groups. Lat: Lon: Stalpets Café & Hantverk Great Food Stalpet, Aneby, +46(0) Café in a lovely garden, child-friendly and accessible for the disabled, at southern Sweden s highest waterfall. There are stairs down to the water so you can experience the waterfall from below. Sandwiches, homebaked bread, ice cream, pies and more. Waffle evenings with entertainment. Shop selling local crafts. Miniature golf. Open May Aug. 48. Ekebergs Värdshus Tranåsvägen 14, Boxholm, +46(0) , Up on a hill at the southern approach to Boxholm. Restaurant, party service, catering and conferences. Weekdays Open by arrangement other times. Lat: Lon: Cafe Columbia Kisa Emigrant Museum Storgatan 40, Kisa, +46(0) Café Columbia and the Kisa Emigrant Museum are located in one of the oldest buildings in Kinda. It housed a pharmacy as far back as the 18th century, and has had a café since Cultural events and a small shop. In summer, the cobblestone courtyard has outdoor tables overlooking the Vråken neighbourhood and the Kisaån River. Open every day. Lat: Lon: Falla Spelt & Bagarbod 8 km south of Tranås. +46(0) Home-grown spelt (wheat) makes delicious, nutritious bread. Organic Småland cheesecake from local milk. We serve ecological, fair trade-labelled coffee/ tea. Tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse. Outdoor cultivation. All ecological. Organic food products in the shop. Fair trade-labelled crafts. Boules. Lat: Lon: Pelargonen Lunchcafé At Mårdsmålen, north of Tranås, +46(0) Delicious traditional Swedish dishes, home-baked buns, sandwiches, ice cream, waffles and more in a charming green environment next to the Mårdsmålen nursery. Open year round except for 2 weeks in July. Lat: Lon: Villa Ekliden Dining & Conferences Ekliden 11, Tranås, +46(0) Have a great meal and fresh-baked bread at our outdoor tables or enjoy our charming turn-of-the- 20th-century restaurant. Playground in the garden and playroom upstairs. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Wienerbageriet Bakery Storgatan 15 in Tranås, +46(0) A traditional Swedish bakery dating back 50 years. A baker s and confectioner s all in one, with outdoor tables in summer. The perfect place to buy cinnamon buns, bread, pastries, cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, salads, ice cream and coffee. Open Mon Fri , Sat Ydregården Österbymo, 1 km north of Österbymo on Road (0) , A charming 18th-century farm, perfect for excursions. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Discover life in a Småland village a century ago! Old-fashioned agricultural landscape, native breed livestock, walking trails, STF hostel. The Coffee House serves home-baked treats and small dishes. Buy local products in the Country Shop! Special theme days with activities for all ages! Open: 1 May 30 June, Sat, Sun, holidays July 14 Aug, Daily Aug 31 Aug, Sat, Sun Read more at The reserve is open year round Åsens by, Åsen, Haurida, Aneby, Phone

19 24. Brovillan B & B Eat & Sleep Well Sund, Lekeryd, +46(0) , In a beautiful natural setting just 5 m from Lake Stora Nätaren. Ten rooms, each with TV, toilet/shower and refrigerator. Sauna. Free wifi. Fishing, crayfishing when in season, large barbecue tent. Boats for hire. Rent the whole building for a conference, family reunion, etc. No pets. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Ralingsåsgården Ralingsås, 3 km outside of Aneby, +46(0) In a lovely green setting overlooking Lake Ralången. A conference and recreation centre with camping, hostel and cottages. Rent a boat or canoe, or go for a swim. You can also reserve the church, which seats 1,500, for large conferences. Food must be pre-ordered. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Smålandsgården Hotel & Conference Gamla Brunnsvägen 8, Örserum, +46(0) Beautifully situated by Lake Ören in an old spa environment. Excellent home-cooked food with traditions from bygone days. Modern conference facility. Popular walking trails just outside the door. Lat: Lon: Vandrarhemmet in Bunn Youth Hostel Fågelkärr 8, Bunn, Gränna, +46(0) t: Youth hostel by southern Lake Bunnsjön, 15 km south-east of Gränna. A small hostel with a personal atmosphere and an incredibly beautiful location. Go fishing, rent a boat or canoe, or go for a swim. Big jetty, spacious lawns for ball games and more. Self-catering cabins. Free-range hens and cats on the farm. Close to a walking trail and two different golf courses (15 km). Open year round. Lat: Lon: Alla Sporters Center Sports Centre Rinna Nyhagen, Boxholm, +46(0) Peaceful year-round campsite focusing on families and the family dog. With its own little lake for swimming, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and two restaurants. Gym, fitness room, solarium. And for the dogs: Agility courses, areas for obedience training, searching and tracking, flyball and more. (Free access if you are staying at the campsite or holiday village.) Kiosk selling basic necessities. Breakfast SEK 25, lunch, dinner with 8 dishes to choose from SEK 59. Lat: Lon: Boxholms Brukshotell Annexgatan 1, Boxholm, +46(0) A hotel with the perfect location! Secluded, but close to the centre of town and the commuter train. Breakfast buffet. Golf, museum, swimming, theatre and nature walks all within walking distance. Sauna. We look forward to seeing you at our lovely hotel, where old meets new. Lat: Lon: Fem rum och kök Hotels & Restaurants Kyrkovägen 1 Malexander, Boxholm, +46(0) , Treat yourself to a night in one of our cosy hotel rooms. Enjoy the peace, quiet and beautiful setting. Have a good meal and relax with a beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with Småland cheesecake, whipped cream and jam. Lat: Lon: Gjestgifveri Sommarhagen Sommarhagen, Malexander, +46(0) Hotel Restaurant Activities. You ll love our fabulous hotel in beautiful Malexander. Fifteen cosy double rooms in an 18th-century vicarage. You won t be bored: we offer an outdoor hot tub, wine tasting, horseback riding, barbecue evenings, canoeing, bicycle excursions and more. Open every day, year round. Lat: Lon: Kulla Hunting & Fishing Kulla Gård, Boxholm +46(0) Cabin and boat rentals. Hunting and fishing. 58. Malexander Turism & HönsaLottas Restaurant Malexander, Boxholm, +46(0) You won t soon forget a great meal at HönsaLottas Restaurang in central Malexander! Have a seat on our summer veranda and let us pamper you. Gorgeous campsite on the shores of Sommen, plus a hostel and cottages. Reasonably priced packages for families, groups and more. Lat: Lon: Föllingen Hotel Föllingen Hotell, Pinnarp, Kisa, +46(0) km from Kisa in green and peaceful Pinnarp, Hotel and cottage accommodation at low prices. Canoe, bicycle, boat and moped rentals, transports and maps. We arrange company activities and conference packages round off the day in our outdoor wooden hot tub or a meal in our barbecue hut. Open year round. Welcome to Badhotellet Historic Badhotellet, with its green park along the Svartån River, is an oasis in central Tranås. Spa with two heated pools, sauna, steam room, relaxation area and gym. Free access to wireless Internet and a night-locked car park. Treat yourself to a relaxing stay at Badhotellet. Let us pamper you! Ågatan 16, Tranås,

20 20 Brovillan We have ten rooms, each with toilet/shower. Access to sauna, fi shing and crayfi shing. Sund Karlslund 1, Lekeryd Phone: +46(0) Fax: +46(0) mail: Accommodation and camping in Ödeshög or Hästholmen Klockaregårdsängens Camping Central in Ödeshög in a lush green setting. Hästholmens Hamn Small campsite along Lake Vättern, with marina and swimming close at hand. /hastholmenhamn 86. Kisa Wärdshus Tingshustorget 1 2, Kisa, +46(0) Right on the central square in Kisa, this hotel and restaurant with roots in the 17th century serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, including three-course menus. We have several family packages combined with local activities, as well as conference packages. A workout centre is available nearby. Open year round. 94. Liljeholmens folkhögskola Youth Hostel Rimforsa, +46(0) , Delightful manor house on Lake Åsunden. Boat, sauna and private beach. You can also rent a house for a longer period in summer. Parties, conferences. Drug-free environment. Members of SVIF and KGH. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Nystad NäraMat Opphem Nystad, Rimforsa, +46(0) (0) , Accommodation in our newly built flat in the old hayloft. Just 300 m to swimming and fishing. Cows, pigs and small animals on the farm. Have a coffee break at the Kafé Nystad overlooking Lake Ämmern. Homebaked goodies and light lunches, like slow-roasted beef from our own farm. We also sell cuts of beef. Must be pre-ordered. Lat: Lon: Rimforsa Strand Courses & Conferences Rimforsa Strand, Rimforsa, +46(0) Meetings Events hosting Gastronomy The best place for your business meetings and unforgettable weekend experiences, such as afternoon tea and Östgöta breakfasts. Member of Regional Culinary Heritage. Summer at the Beach festival, 27 June 7 August Restaurant, shop, café and hotel with boat and swimming jetty. Barbecue evenings. Open every day Lat: Lon: Rimpact Sweden AB Muggebo Nytorp, Rimforsa, +46(0) Rimpact aims to provide added value to those who choose to stay in one of our available houses, by offering local and regional experiences along with smart, high-quality accommodation. You won t soon forget a stay with us. Always close to a lake with excellent fishing opportunities. Lat: Lon: Öknehult Vandrarhem Youth Hostel Öknehult, 11 km NE of Kisa towards Ulrika, +46(0) , A youth hostel offering beds and food (must be pre-ordered). Go horseback riding, fishing, hunting, mushroom picking or just rambling in untouched wilderness. Rent a cottage next to crayfish waters. How about a crayfish party, or maybe a wedding with horse-drawn carriages and dancing, or a birthday party with food from the self-catering kitchen, or provided by Öknehult? 41. Badhotellet Spa & Conference Ågatan 16, Tranås, +46(0) Historic Badhotellet, with its green park along the Svartån River, is an oasis in central Tranås. Spa with two heated pools, sauna, steam room, relaxation area and gym. Free wifi and a night-locked car park. Spa treatments available in season, must be booked in advance. Lat: Lon: Best Western Hotel Tranås Statt Storgatan 22, Tranås, +46(0) Hotel for business and leisure, right in the middle of Tranås shopping street. We promise green Småland forests and Sweden s best small-town shopping experience. Round off your day in our relaxing spa. Enjoy a meal or a drink in our restaurant, or on our large veranda, weather permitting. For current special offers, visit 41. Hotel Åberg Storgatan 53, Tranås, +46(0) Pleasant, friendly accommodation at walking distance from the rail and bus station. Twenty rooms, each with its own shower, toilet, wifi and free parking. 42. Hätte Camping Hätte, Tranås, +46(0) Lakeside swimming and great fishing. Rent a canoe or boat and explore Lake Sommen. Great opportunities for walking/cycling in the green Swedish countryside. The campsite is just 4 km from central Tranås, with an excellent bicycle trail the whole way. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Lugnalandet Hotel & Conference Sommen, Tranås, 0+46(0) Picturesquely situated on the shores of Lake Sommen in northern Småland, Lugnalandet offers: conferences restaurant weddings parties courses catering retreats. By reservation only. Open year round. Lat: Lon: Vandrarhemmet Tranås Youth Hostel Ekliden 16, Tranås, +46(0) Charming youth hostel in and surrounded by 18thcentury buildings, but close to central Tranås. In the Ekbergsparken nature reserve, with nearby walking trails, playground and more. Open year round. Lat: Lon:

4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events.

4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 24 CULTURE AND EVENTS You will be swept away by fascinating culture and world-class events. TOURIST GUIDE 2014 PYHTÄÄ KOTKA HAMINA VIROLAHTI MIEHIKKÄLÄ 1 4 MAP Navigate the Southeast! 6 ATTRACTIONS A host of museums and attractive settings will bring moments of joy and wonder to all. 10 CHURCHES

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Day trips. Top. Best sights & hidden gems. Helsinki Region. events in every city. Hotspots of. & Southern Finland. Map included on page 19

Day trips. Top. Best sights & hidden gems. Helsinki Region. events in every city. Hotspots of. & Southern Finland. Map included on page 19 & Southern Finland Day trips Top events in every city Best sights & hidden gems Map included on page 19 Hotspots of Helsinki Region Helsinki Espoo Vantaa Sipoo Järvenpää Lohja Vihti Loviisa Porvoo Southeast135

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Under the spell of Maaseik. > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10

Under the spell of Maaseik. > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10 Under the spell of Maaseik > Maaseik information brochure > 2010 edition > Price: v 3,10 Maaseik, keeping you on your toes 4 culture 6 4 A voyage through time at the Regional Archaeological Museum 6 The

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helsinki & Southern Finland Daytrips

helsinki & Southern Finland Daytrips helsinki & Southern Finland Daytrips Contents Helsinki 4 Espoo 6 Vantaa 7 Lake Tuusula 8 Vihti 9 Lohja 10 Hanko 11 Raseborg 12 Porvoo 13 Loviisa 14 Kouvola 15 Southeast135 16 Hämeenlinna 18 Neighbours

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh

Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh Fermanagh Lakelands I Visitor Guide 2014 fermanagh Cruising & Boating Visitor Attractions Arts & Crafts Activities Shopping Eating Out ransport ourist Services Accommodation & much more...

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castles, forts, parks and gardens

castles, forts, parks and gardens castles, forts, parks and gardens Travel back in time to the Royal Route in Niedersachsen 2 3 Take a journey through time and experience magnificent castles and proud forts.

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Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go

Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go 50 Secrets of the Wild Atlantic Way...Go where the locals go CONTENT S 1 Introduction 1 2 Map of the Wild Atlantic Way Route and Discovery Points 3 3 Signature Experiences 4 4 North West Map 15 5 North

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Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL.

Marshalls. Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16. of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community IMP TRAVEL. Marshalls of Sutton on Trent Ltd Working with the community for the community Day Trips & Holidays 2015/16 IMP TRAVEL 01522 513009 Working together for our passengers 01636 821138

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Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way

Secrets of the. Wild Atlantic Way 150 Secrets of the...go where the locals go Wild Atlantic Way 2014 / 2015 Edition Download the FREE Wild Atlantic Way App now - your official guide to the journey of a lifetime! INTRODUCTION CONTENTS 1

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Must see Attractions and Sights

Must see Attractions and Sights Must see Attractions and Sights Highlights Tips Great Heights - Top Sights Rupertiwinkel Bad Reichenhall Berchtesgaden Königssee u1 Bad Reichenhall 1 Respiratory Rehabilitation Center Breathe

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Podlaskie tourist guide

Podlaskie tourist guide Podlaskie tourist guide W. Wo³kow Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Augustów Tourist Organisation archive General information on Podlaskie Voivodship Knowledge of foreign languages

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Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. We would all like to go on holiday all the time, but if we did, there would be nothing to look forward to,

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime. We would all like to go on holiday all the time, but if we did, there would be nothing to look forward to, CONTENTS PAGE 02 - CONTENTS PAGE 03 - WELCOME PAGE 04 - ERASMUS PAGE 05 - THE BOLOGNA PROCESS PAGE 06 - AUSTRIA PAGE 07 - BELGIUM PAGE 08 - BULGARIA PAGE 09 - CYPRUS PAGE 10 - CZECH REP. PAGE 11 - DENMARK

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THREE DAYS IN OLSZTYN. History and Culture By Canoe and Horse through Olsztyn On Foot and by Bicycle through the Olsztyn Forest

THREE DAYS IN OLSZTYN. History and Culture By Canoe and Horse through Olsztyn On Foot and by Bicycle through the Olsztyn Forest THREE DAYS IN OLSZTYN History and Culture By Canoe and Horse through Olsztyn On Foot and by Bicycle through the Olsztyn Forest The statue of Nicolaus Copernicus Whenever you dream of resting by a lake

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Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins. Geography

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins. Geography Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins Geography with activities for children ages 2 to 5 years of age By Carol Sue Fromboluti Carol Seefeldt Edited by Linda Darby Illustrations by Barbara Leonard Gibson

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First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live

First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live Brought to you by THE South Gardens Issue First nature Creating Central London s greenest new place to live South gardens Healthy homes surrounding tranquil gardens In the hub 20 great places to cycle

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Streetwise. OSLO 2009 / 2010 Tourist information for young people visiting Oslo

Streetwise. OSLO 2009 / 2010 Tourist information for young people visiting Oslo Streetwise OSLO 00 / 00 Tourist information for young people visiting Oslo For years Streetwise has been a good read and a dear friend for people visiting Oslo. Trends come and go. The same goes for tourists.

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The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures.

The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. The best shopping tips, sights, restaurants and hidden treasures. with 2 walking tours & map 2014 4 26 60 80 104 4 CITY from north to south and east to west 26 CULTURE all over the place 60 SHOPPING till

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New Zealand. New Zealand. Paradise on earth

New Zealand. New Zealand. Paradise on earth New Zealand New Zealand Paradise on earth Most visitors consider New Zealand a haven for those seeking peace, rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. Inhabiting

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Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi

Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Fonksiyon Kelimeleri Listesi Bu dosyada İngilizce'de En Fazla Kullanılan Kelimeler Listesi yer almaktadır. Hazırladığımız liste, 7037 kelime içermektedir. Listede yer alan kelimelerin 1468 tanesi fiil (verb), 3566 tanesi isim (noun),

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Gardens. Alluring Charms of Japan. The essence of Japanese culture... Shrines,

Gardens. Alluring Charms of Japan. The essence of Japanese culture... Shrines, 1 The essence of Japanese culture... Shrines, Temples, Gardens Temples in gold, temples in simplicity, shrines in tranquility, and gardens in refinement... Which is your favorite? Magnificent Buddhist

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OFFICIAL MAP & VISITOR S GUI DE. OFFICIAL MAP & VISITOR S GUI DE Welcome to Kuranda! Whether you come by road, train, or Skyrail, make sure you plan to stay a while to take in everything Kuranda has to offer. Experience

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Headway. Matura Exam Practice and Culture & Literature Companion. Basic Level. New

Headway. Matura Exam Practice and Culture & Literature Companion. Basic Level. New Headway New Matura Exam Practice and Culture & Literature Companion Basic Level 2 Headway New Matura Exam Practice and Culture & Literature Companion Basic Level 3 Contents Matura Exam Practice 1 Reading

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Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of

Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of STAR CLIPPERS Tall Ship Cruises That Dreams Are Made Of CARIBBEAN CENTRAL AMERICA BALTIC SEA MEDITERRANEAN PANAMA CANAL OCEAN CROSSINGS November 2011 - April 2013 1 Welcome to STAR CLIPPERS I must down

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LONDON WONDERS WEST END PLANNER. Free. As Billy Elliot celebrates 10 years, we look at long-running musicals

LONDON WONDERS WEST END PLANNER. Free. As Billy Elliot celebrates 10 years, we look at long-running musicals LONDON Free WE END WONDERS As Billy Elliot celebrates 10 years, we look at long-running musicals PLANNER AR WARS The force is strong at Madame Tussauds CANAL FEIVAL River party at Little Venice Chelsea

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DISCOVER FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS DISCOVER FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS WHO WE ARE We have chosen to specialise within the hospitality industry, by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognised

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TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper

TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper TheBurg Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper June 2009 Free Glamorous Women in Paradise opening June 5 for Harrisburg s First Friday event, 7-9 PM Featured artists: Joanne Landis, Renee Weiss Chase,

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