Implementation Plan in 2015

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1 Kyoto University "Re-Inventing Japan University Project" - International Course on Approaches for Disaster Resilience - Implementation Plan in 2015 March, 2015 Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University Project Leader, Vice Dean, Prof. Hiroyasu OHTSU 1 Schedule of DRC Education Project in FY Japan ES Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb 3: Orientation Aug 2: Arrival 25: Departure MS1 MS2 MS3 2. Thai AES1 & AES2 3.Administration work for ASALUs students 4.Administration work for Kyoto Univ. students Selection of students Selection of students Exchange of letter For Visa acquisition Distance learning from Kyoto Univ. 2: Orientation (, (GMT+7)) (Tue, (GMT+7)) Sep 1: Arrival 25: Departure 2

2 PROGRAM SCHEDULE IN KU 2 Aug : Arrive at Kyoto 3 Aug : Orientation 4-13 Aug : MS Aug : ES3 (20-21 Aug) : Field-Trip to Kyusyu 25 Aug : Leave from Kyoto 3 Schedule of DRC Education Project in Japan in August, 2015 Remarks Remarks Aug.2 Sun Flight to Japan Aug.14 Home Study Aug.3 Orientation Aug.15 Sat Home Study Aug.4 Tue MS1(1) & MS1(2): ORT Aug.16 Sun ES3(1), ES3(2) & ES3(3) Aug.5 MS1(3) & MS1(4): ORT Aug.17 ES3(4) & ES3(5) Aug.6 Thu MS1(5) & MS1(6) Aug.18 Tue ES3(6) & ES3(7) Aug.7 MS1(7) & MS1(8) Aug.19 ES3(8) & ES3(9) Aug.8 Sat MS1(9) & MS1(10) Aug.20 Thu ES3(10) & ES3(11): ORT Aug.9 Sun MS1(11): Group Work Aug.21 ES3(12) & ES3(13): ORT Aug.10 MS1(12) & MS1(13) Aug.22 Sat ES3(14) & ES3(15): ORT Aug.11 Tue MS1(14) & MS1(15) Aug.23 Sun Home Study Aug.12 Home Study Aug.24 ES3(16) Final Exam Aug.13 Thu MS1(16) Final Exam Aug.25 Tue Flight to Home Countries 4

3 of MS1 (2015) draft Aug.4 Tue MS1(1)(2): ORT (Fire Fighting System of Kiyomizu & Yasaka Area, Kyoto) Aug.5 MS1(3)(4): ORT (Museum of DRI & Hanshin Expressway, Kobe) Aug.6 Aug.7 Thu MS1(5): Disaster medicine and epidemiology (Prof. Mitani) MS1(6): Concern that elderly people in rural area have over health and mobility (Dr. Ando) MS1(7): Unique challenges of humanitarian logistics (Prof. Taniguchi) MS1(8): Advancement on humanitarian logistics (Dr. Teo) Aug.8 Sat MS1(9): Earthquake disaster and human casualty (Prof. Kiyono) MS1(10): Earthquake protection and emergency responses (Dr. Koyama) Aug.9 Sun MS1(11): Group Works (Prof. Kiyono and Dr. Koyama) Aug.10 MS1(12): Differences in logistics and humanitarian logistics (Dr. Teo) MS1(13): Resilient society (Prof. Fujii) Aug.11 Tue MS1(14):Transition of the design for amenity in the river-front (Prof. Kawasaki) MS1(15): Human brain function and behavior (Prof. Seiyama) Aug.12 Home Study Aug.13 Thu MS1(16) Final Exam. 5 of ES3 (2015) draft Aug.16 Sun Aug.17 Aug.18 Tue Aug.19 Aug.20 Thu Aug.21 Aug.22 Aug.23 ES3(1): Overview, Historical view and future perspective of flood risk management - Japanese cases (Prof. Hori) ES3(2): Water supply and disaster management (Prof. Shimizu) ES3(3): Sewer systems and disaster management, discussion (Prof. Shimizu) ES3(4):Sediment disaster (Dr. Takebayashi) ES3(5):Tsunami and storm surge disaster (Dr. Mori) ES3(6):Disaster risk management (Dr. Yokomatsu) ES3(7):Disaster Informatics (Dr. Hatayama) ES3(8):Toilette issues and disaster management (Prof. Shimizu) ES3(9):Overall discussion about disaster management (Prof. Shimizu) ES3(10)(11): ORT (Exercises at the disaster recovery sites in the disaster ES3(12)(13): ORT (Exercises at the disaster recovery sites in the disaster ES3(14)(15): ORT (Exercises at the disaster recovery sites in the disaster Sat Sun Home Study Aug.24 ES3(16) Final Exam 6

4 PROGRAM SCHEDULE IN ITB 1 Sept : Arrive at Bangkok 2 Sept : Orientation 3-11 Sept : AES Sept : AES Sept : Field-Trip 25 Sept : Leave from Bangkok 7 Schedule of DRC Education Project in Bangkok in September, 2015 Remarks Remarks Sep.1 Tue Flight to Bangkok Sep.14 Sep.2 Orientation Sep.15 Tue Sep.3 Thu Sep.4 AES1(1) & AES1(2) AES1(3) : Exercise AES1(4) & AES1(5) AES1(6) : Exercise Sep.16 Sep.17 Thu AES2(1) & AES2(2) AES2(3) : Exercise AES2(4) & AES2(5) AES2(6) : Exercise AES2(7) & AES2(8) AES2(9) : Exercise AES2(10) & AES2(11) AES2(12) : Exercise Sep.5 Sat Home study Sep.18 AES2(13) & AES2(14) AES2(15) : Exercise Sep.6 Sun Home study Sep.19 Sat ORT(Filed Trip) Sep.7 Sep.8 Tue AES1(7) & AES1(8) AES1(9) : Exercise Academic Conference (students join) Work as AES1(10) & AES1(11)&AES1(12) Sep.20 Sun ORT(Filed Trip) Sep.21 ORT(Filed Trip) Sep.9 AES1(13) & AES1(14) AES1(15) : Exercise Sep.22 Tue Home study Sep.10 Thu Home Study Sep.23 Home study Sep.11 AES1 Final Exam Sep.24 Thu AES2 Final Exam Sep.12 Sat Home study Sep.25 Flight to home countries Sep.13 Sun Home study 8

5 ASEAN Engineering Subject 1, AES1 in 2015 (draft) Sep.3 Thu AES1(1)(2): Geo-Risk Engineering (Prof. Ohtsu) AES1(3): Exercise/PC Operation (Prof. Ohtsu) Sep.4 AES1(4)(5): Earthquake Disaster (1)(2) (Prof. Pennung) AES1(6): Exercise (Prof. Pennung) Sep.5/6 Sat/Sun Home Study Sep.7 Sep.8 Tue AES1(7)(8): Tsunami Disaster (Dr. Anat) AES1(9): Exercise (Dr. Anat) AES1(10)(11)(12): ORT, EIT-Japan-AIT Joint Seminar on Geo-Risk. Engineering Sep.9 AES1(13)(14): Landslide Disaster (Dr. Suttisak) AES1(15): Exercise (Dr. Suttisak) Sep.10 Thu Home Study Sep.11 AES1(16) Final Exam. 9 ASEAN Engineering Subject 2, AES2 in 2015 (draft) Sep.14 Sep.15 Tue Sep.16 Sep.17 Thu Sep.18 Sep.19 Sat Field trip Sep.20 Sun Field trip Sep.21 Field trip Sep.22 Tue Home Study AES2(1)(2): Flooding Disaster (Dr. Sucharit) AES2(3): Exercise (Dr. Sucharit) AES2(4)(5): Dam Risk Eng. (Dr. Napaporn) AES2(6): Exercise (Dr. Napaporn) AES2(7) (8): Costal/River Erosion (Dr. Sutat & Dr. Anurak) AES2(9): Exercise (Dr. Sutat & Dr. Anurak) AES2(10) (11): Land Subsidence (Dr. Noppadol) AES2(12): Exercise (Dr. Noppadol) AES2(13) (14): Water Resource Engineering (Prof. Tachikawa) AES2(15): Exercise (Prof. Tachikawa) Sep.23 Home Study Sep.24 Thu AES2(16) Final Exam. 10