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1 Artgineering Adres: Tel: Fax: Eendrachtsweg LG Rotterdam The Netherlands 0031 (0) (0)

2 Artgineering devises and implements strategies whose effects extend beyond the built boundary. The firm establishes a concept of architecture that tackles subjects that the discipline traditionally does not deal with, such as the media, marketing and mobility. We find solutions by a positive take on problems and constraints. Our inspiration is the banality of everyday life and we strongly believe that the re-interpretation of reality is just as effective as physically changing it. The aim is to integrate creativity and technology: art-gineering Artgineering is an interdisciplinary office based in Rotterdam, the collaboration of Stefan Bendiks (architect), Aglaée Degros (urban planner). Stefan Bendiks: architect, *1971, Germany, graduated at the TU Karlsruhe m +31.(0) Aglaée Degros: urban planner, *1972, Belgium, graduated at St. Luc Arch. Brussels m +31.(0)

3 URBANISM / RESEARCH 2004 N4 / Netherlands / research about the direct relation between infrastructure and programme Fileportret (accompany in Rijkswaterstaat) / Netherlands / study about the potencial of travel time 2003 FILEkit/ STAUkit (in cooperation with D+NL, feld72) / Productdesign and urban intervention in relation with files as an urban condition Route Nationale 4 / Belgium / study about the urban potencial of infrastructure Salamhitec / WTC herontwerp and Burka design / statemente about the forms of a multi-cultural living together Kleiburg / Bijlmermeer Amsterdam / communication strategy 2002 Concept Kanaleneiland / Utrecht / concept for a postwar living quarter Boek Citybranding / NAI Uitgevers / Rotterdam /study about citybranding Ecotec Andreas Terrein (in cooperation with Gemeente Slotervaart and with Marx&Steketee) / Amsterdam / urban masterplan / transformation of a hospital 1999 Californication / Los Angeles / interactive analyse of the Lincoln Boulevard ARCHITECTURE 2003 Coolhaven/ Rotterdam / private / interior renovation 2002 Dakterras P.d.Hoochweg / Rotterdam / private / extension of a roof and a terrace AWARDS 2005 Limes prijsvraag: DBP / Utrecht / design for the heritage of the romains Lovers Garden: le radure degli innamorati / Bolzano / design for a botanical garden 2004 Bedrijventerreinen die het aanzien waard zijn: Bedrijven Berm / Noord-Holland / design for the improvement of a business quarter Bauhaus Award: FILEkit/STAUkit / Dessau, Germany / nomination Geest en Grond prijsvraag: Driedubbel winst / Netherlands / regional strategy / first prize Karl-Hofer Award: FILEkit/STAUkit / Berlin, University of the Arts Fusedspace: Social control / Rotterdam / new media for public space / honorable mention 2003 Wonen op Niveau: Lonnekerspoorlaan 27a / Enschede / housing / honorable mention 2002 Bouwfonds prijsvraag: Mixte to the max / Almere / project for 100 flats 2001 Stadskantoor prijsvraag: Coming out / Rotterdam / renovation stadskantoor Europan 6: B.O.B / Hoogvliet / project for 40 flats / second prize 1999 Baunetz Internet Competition: FREEarchitecture / Berlin / media facade / third prize EXHIBITIONS 2005 Wonderland / magazini del sale / Venezia / September ABC Haarlem Typische NLdoor NO-NL / June-August Wonderland / la maison de l architecture / Paris / June Wonderland / WTC Schiphol / Amsterdam / April-May (Re) nouveaux plaisirs d architecture / Place Flagey / Brussels, Belgium / February-April 2004 Geest en Grond / Architecture Center RAP / Leiden / July-August Geest en Grond / Museum De Zwarte Tulp / Lisse / April-June Wonen op niveau / Projectbureau Wederopbouw / Enschede / April Il Progretto, Video / Politecnico di Milano / Milaan, Italy / January 2003 Artimage - Biennial on media and architecture / Graz, Oostenrijk / December Archimedia / Video di architettura / Catania, Italy / 15 November Intimacy / 7e International Festival of Architecture in Video/ Stazione Leopolda / Florance, Italy / October European Forum Alpbach / Architectuur Symposium / Alpbach, Austria / August 1th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam / Las Palmas / Rotterdam / May-June Inprogress / Nederlands Architectuur Instituut (NAI) / Rotterdam / March-April 2002 Citybranding Groepsportretten / FBKVB / Amsterdam / September-October Concepting and the City / Aorta Architectuur Centrum / Utrecht / May-June Water is a right / Platform Gras Architecture Center / Groningen / April-June 2001 Europan 6 / Palais des Congres / Luik, Belgium / December Coming soon / Van Nelle fabriek / Rotterdam / June-July 2000 Europan Hoogvliet / Informatie Centrum Hoogvliet vernieuwt / Hoogvliet / October-November EXTERN CONSULTANCY 2005 Jury jearboek Groningen 2005 Jury Archiprix RGL / Kunstplan for an art building (foundation art and culture Zuid Holland) 2004 Urban advisor in service of the city of Nijmegen / price housing sint Josephhof 2003 AM Wonen / city branding strategy TEACHING 2005 Visiting lecturer Master 1 Arnhem, summer shool Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, Amsterdam Academy of Workshop Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (Oostzeedijk) Thesis mentor La Cambre Brussels 2004 Visiting lecturer TU Delft Bachelor 3 en 1 Stedenbouw, Master Architecture and Modernity (Flexibility) Visiting lecturer Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (Portfolio) Visiting lecturer Amsterdam Academy of Architecturet (Scenario, Conceptual building) Visiting lecturer Arnhem Academy of Architecture (Typological studies) Thesis mentor Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, Ecole d Architecture in Paris Val de Seine and Ecole d Architecture in Rennes Workshop mentor Berlin University of the Arts / UdK Berlin ( Stauworkshop ) 2003 Visiting lecturer en thesis mentor Design Academy Eindhoven (Design Research) Visiting lecturer TU Delft Master Architecture and Modernity (Flexibility), Bachelor 3 and 6 Urbanism Visiting lecturer Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (Scenario, Conceptual Building) Visiting lecturer Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (Portfolio) 2002 Workshop mentor Amsterdam Academie of Architecture (Winterterm) Visiting lecturer TU Delft Master Architecture and Modernity (Living and working), Bachelor Urbanism Visiting lecturer Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (Scenario) 2001 Visiting lecturer Tilburg Academy of Architecture (The Artificial Landscape) Visiting lecturer TU Delft Architecture, Urbanism (different studies) 1999 Workshop mentor TU Delft (Industrial design) LECTURES 2005 CIVA / Brussels / / Re-nouveaux plaisirs d architecture 2004 Stiching Nor / Amsterdam / / New puplic spaces Amsterdam fashion academy / Amsterdam / / The city as catwalk Architectuurweek A2 / München, Germany / / Enwicklungshilfe Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) / Berlin, Germany / / Stauworkshop Bouwnetwerk / Lisse / / Driedubbel winst 2003 Vishal Haarlem / Haarlem / / De ziel van Haarlem Arnhem Academy of Architecture / Arnhem / / Design Roombeek Amsterdam Academy of Architecture / Amsterdam / / Capita Selecta / Reconnecting the Real Stylos workshop / Delft / / Image for sale Groningen Academy of Architecture / Groningen / / Citybranding 2002 Noordelijke Vastgoed Societeit / Groningen / / Citybranding BNO Romeo Delta / Rotterdam / / Import, there is Dutch spirit in everyone Amsterdam Academie van Bouwkunst / Amsterdam / / Capita Selecta / Identities Saint Luc School for architecture / Brussels, Belgium / / B.O.B ETSAV Sant Cugat / Barcelona, Spain / Schiphol Airport city Baunetz Symposium / Düsseldorf, Germany / FREEarchitecture

4 Andreas Ziekenhuisterrein Urban analysis, masterplan and architectural design Place: Client: Partners: Year: Amsterdam Slotervaart Gemeente Slotervaart Marx en Steketee architecten 2002

5 The area of the Andreas hospital is a site with an unique position just within the Amsterdam ring road: 8 minutes to Schiphol by train and 12 minutes to the city center of Amsterdam by tram. It is connected to the Lelylaan, one of Amsterdam s main traffic axis. In the north the area overlooks the Rembrandt park and in the south the open water of the Westlandgracht. Afmaken groenstructuur greenstructur finished ecological Meer ecologisch water water The commission was not only to design of a high-density development of housing combined with amenities, offices and atelier space, but to make the project a link between the contrasting urban environments. The proposal interweaves the existing water and green structure with the building mass and makes the site a high quality green area; an oasis accessible for the entire city. The key for the future identity of the area is the proximity of two contrasting environments that are of great relevance for our contemporary urbanity:? STEMPEL STEMEL BLOK BLOK Legenda asfalt verharding ecogroen sportvoorziening - the high-tech world of infrastructural networks, offering the possibility to be part of the global network and the feeling of omnipresence. - the ecology of local biotopes, areas with a distinct set of environmental conditions that supports a particular community of both nature and inhabitants. betweeen Tussen stamp stempel and block en blok fingerconnection Vingerlas The additional program of start-up companies and creativity has the potential to strengthen this combination of ecology and technology; to become the new identity of living within the Andreas ensemble: eco-tech. WONEN m2


7 kidstop INGANG P-GARAGE Tuin ouderenvoorziening INGANG P-GARAGE speeltuin Kunstveld SCHIPLUIDENLAAN Andreas 1 Andreas 2 Kapel

8 Route Nationale 4 Research about the potential of a national road Place: Client: Partners: Year: Brussels/Luxemburg Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, MET Goudappel Coffeng

9 The Belgian national road N4, in the vernacular La Nationale quatre, links Brussels with Luxemburg. Ever since the completion of the motorway E411 parallel to the national road, the N4 has lost its initial function as major European traffic axis. Today La Nationale quatre is an oversized infrastructural element, along which a kaleidoscopic ad-hoc accumulation of functions and services came naturally into being: a wonderful informal world of one-family-houses, churches, castles, disco s, offices, snack bars, gas stations and warehouses. The N4 integrates everything. The result is an architecture in a spectacular, yet obvious, direct connection to a highway profile. The N4 settlement follows the organizational scheme of the traditional Belgian straatdorp, evolving in a ribbon development with a multitude of contemporary program, triggered by the excess of infrastructure. A different kind of city stretched out between the capital of Europe and Luxemburg; a manifesto of Wallonia s own urban identity. The visual and programmatic analysis of the N4 shows the potential of La Nationale as an urban condition and aims to initiate a discussion about the future of this forgotten piece of infrastructure. On a long term basis the N4 might even become the fourth city of Wallonia after Luik, Charlerois and Namur: La vraie Nationale 4.



12 Triple Profit 1. prize Geest en Grond Competition Place: Client: Year: Bollenstreek Provincie Zuid-Holland 2004

13 Triple profit is a strategy for the future development of the Bollenstreek, a region southeast of Amsterdam, world famous for the cultivation of tulip bulbs. Today it represents one of the few agricultural areas that actually still are profitable. The commission was to redefine the relation between the increasingly massive agricultural building volumes and the beautiful open landscape. Instead of a conservation scenario, that ultimately would limit the economic development of the area, Triple profit opts for a combined strategy of agriculture, tourism and recycling. Triple profit increases the profitability of the landscape and actively creates new spatial qualities. Triple Profit = Driedubbele tulipfields + winst (XXI.) = tourisme + recycling of contaminated ground bollenteelt + tourisme + recycling vervuild grond The history of this area characterized by the striving for maximal profit: In the 18th century through the double profit of selling out the sandy ground of the dunes for construction and the cultivation of tulips on the remaining soil. In the 21st century through the triple profit of tulips, tourism and the recycling of polluted soil. The project proposes to dig up the polluted mud from the drainage canals and turn them into a tourist water network for boot tours throughout the tulip fields. The polluted mud gets recycled and generates a landscape of dynamic hills in the open landscape with scenic viewpoints overlooking the tulip fields. These mud mounds cover clusters of large-scale agricultural buildings and other tulip related industries. They optimize the



16 FILEkit Product design and urban intervention Place: Client: Sponsors: Partners: Year: Rotterdam First Architecture Biennale Rotterdam Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst (FB- KVB), Oostenrijks instituut voor innovatie in architectuur BKA, BMW, Edding, e.a. feld72, D+NL

17 FILEkit is a project about one of the most intense, yet annoying experiences of today s mobility -the traffic jam. FILEkit interprets the tailback as a new kind of public space. There is - and there will always be - traffic jam in. Any attempt to solve it with navigation systems, toll roads and spitsstroken (special rush-hour lanes) has failed. As in the future we will only spend more time in file (the Dutch word for traffic jam), we rather start enjoying ourselves and finally uncover the contradicting beauty of being in traffic jam. The FILEkit is a collection of must-have -items for the individual driver stuck in traffic: a water pistol, a bible, a condom or a flower. In combination with each other and in the context of the traffic jam they stimulate the awareness of potential activities in traffic jams and enables communication with fellow File-Victims. The FILEkit is being distributed on the road as a free welcome pack by a team of FILEangels on motorcycles. To open the package is a first step towards rethinking one s attitude within the social and spatial condition of traffic jam. The FILEkit inspires the individual driver to go beyond the physical and mental barriers of his or her own car. Being stuck in a traffic jam becomes a social event.



20 Fileportretten Photographical essay and analysis of file victims Place: Client: Year: Rotterdam Rijkswaterstaat, Weg naar de Toekomst, Pilot Reistijdverrijking 2004

21 Fileportrait is a contribution in the publication enrichment of the travel time in the innovation agenda Ways to the Future of Rijkswaterstaat, with questions about the ways travellers could make their trips more comfortable and effective. The project contains a visual analysis in form of a photoessay: inventories of the car s content, the objects trouvés in the car that report as physical witnesses about the use of the journey time of the contemporary driver The portrayed people are experts on (car)mobility from different disciplines. In the following interviews, they talk about their personal journey time experiences. The essay clears up with the prejudice that people see the journey time as lost time and shows the car as an interactive living- and working- space.


23 DANIELLE DE WIT (29) IS AN ADVISOR FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AT LEASEPLAN NEDERLAND. SHE DRIVES KM PER YEAR IN HER OPEL CORSA DIESEL. Route most driven: Woerden/Kamerik Almere-Stad. Daily traffic jam: when I start in time, in the morning at the A2 Breukelen- Vinkeveen, sometimes until Abcoude (12,5 km), and in the evening A 27 Utrecht/De Meern Woerden (10 km) Traffic jam hours per year: 60 Most annoying traffic jam: on my way to winter holiday, during friday night s rushhour before Christmas, snowed in on a highway somewhere in Germany. that traffic jam really lasted, the motors where put out, rows with stopping cars in the dark, the biggest parking place I ve ever seen! The next morning, we heard news that snowploughs have dug out snowed in cars. About noon, cars started riding again. Nicest traffic jam: a traffic jam in the radio, that turned out not to be one. I headed the traffic jam and had the chance to go home by normal speed. Car content: works that I have to prepare, technical literature, writing pad, papers, mobile phone, cleaning stuff for dashboard and front, and books in the summer as preparation fro holidays. Favourite activities in traffic jam: waiting, observing the kind of traffic jam, listen to traffic jam news, calling home or work for letting them know, that I m coming later and also for having a nice little talk. Killing time, turning the radio up, working a little bit, reading, catching something to eat or drink at the gas station or cleaning up the dashboard again. FileKit favourite: the bulb. I should plant it on the roadside where I slowly ride along every day and hope to see my flower day by day! File wannahave : Een verrekijker om te zien of het einde van de file al in zicht is en een fototoestel om in de spits heel mooie luchten te fotograferen. Traffic jam of the future: the traffic jam will probably not change a lot. People accept the fact that they re stuck again in the traffic jam the next day. They see apparently more advantages in the traffic jam, than disadvantages. They will not do plentiful other things in the car than they do right now. The attention must stay at the traffic that s going on. There s potential danger in every deflection. JOKE JAGER (48) IS THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT AT THE CONSULTING SERVICE FOR TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT OF THE RIJKSWATERSTAAT. SHE DRIVES KM PER YEAR IN HER VOLVO 245. Route most driven: A13 Rijswijk Rotterdam Daily traffic jam: A13 Delft (3km) File-uren/ jaar: 40Traffic jam hours per year: 40 Most annoying traffic jam: a unbelievable hot traffic file at the A28 in the sunshine, and one time after midnight at the A12 where I almost felt asleep. Nicest traffic jam: an oldtimer traffic jam at the freeway close to Oudenrijn. I just popped into a bunch of beautiful old cars. Car content: blankets, food (banana), something to drink, radio, mobile phone, maps, shopping bag, writing pad and on longer journeys a car-coffee-machine. Favourite traffic jam activities: going-on, having the time to think about a lot of things, private stuff. Sometimes about severe and important things, sometimes about things like shopping lists. FileKit favourite: no idea! Traffic jam wannahave : a nice, fitting writing pad. Traffic jam of the future: Everybody s in the car, planning of an automatic stopand-go system and a car-pc (computer, tv, and so on) that is in use when the car switches into the stop-and-go status. The car becomes more and more office and part of the home. BEN WILDENBERG (59) IS TEAMLEADER AT WAYS TO THE FUTURE OF RIJKSWATERSTAAT. HE DRIVES KM PER YEAR IN HIS VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT VARIANT TDI. Route most driven: Apeldoorn Delft Daily traffic jam: in the morning A1 Bameveld Amersfoort (2-4 km), A1/A28 Knooppunt Hoevelaken (1km), A28 Amersfoort Utecht (3-6 km), A12 Gouda - Voorburg (5 km), A13 Nootdorp - Delft Zuid (2 km) of A20 Gouda - Rotterdam (3-6 km), A13 Rotterdam - Delft Zuid (3-4 km). in the evening: A12 Voorburg - Gouda (4-8 km), A12 Gouda - Utrecht (2-5 km), A28 Utrecht - Amersfoort (4-10 km), A1 Amersfoort - Barneveld (2 km). Traffic jam hours per year: 160 in business travelling. Most annoying traffic jam: being stuck in a tunnel it s a feeling of powerlessness, it s menacing. One on the A12 because of a serious accident. The way was blocked and you can t go out of that. On viewing distance,: chaos, a burning car, injured people that have had to be rescued. Nicest traffic jam: on a warm day. Everybody puts the engine off and comes out of the car. You meet people you don t know before and talk about private things as well as about how to solve the traffic problems of today. It s a very social behaviour. I got a business card from someone that I later invited to a workshop. Car content: reflection jacket, tape measure, boots, a quick umbrella, a rain jacket, supersession RW, plate of the Rijkswaterstaat, phone, handheld computer, laptop, camera, executive case, post-it and a pen for notes on the way, cd s, a bottle of drinking water, penknife, electric torch, chewing gum, sweets and a vitamin cookie when I m hungry during the traffic jam. Favourite activities in the traffic jam: making up my mind, staying away from other cars, thinking about solutions and taking notes of that. Putting the radio on (information) or a cd (music). Making phone calls, giving informations or instructions, having important phone calls on a parking place, quickly getting over unread s and checking papers. As an expert I see the traffic jam from a different point of view and I make pictures and take notes. FileKit favourite: it seems to be pretty useful for kids because they re the first to be annoyed. Traffic jam wannahave : a mobility computer on the dashboard that is not only navigationsystem but also can give you a lot of individual info about journey time prognoses, alternative routes, available P+R places and alternative transport combinations. Traffic jam of the future: it s not recognizable as such. The traffic jam is only in the booking computer of your provider. The traffic is going to be programmed (journey trips, ends, ) that s how the route, the beginning and the final journey time are defined. Automatic vehicle escorting on the main roads. Here and there are still organised traffic caches at access- and dosagepoints. (???) HENK TROMP (45) IS AN ADVISOR FOR TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT AT GOUDAPPEL COFFENG. HE DRIVES KM PER YEAR IN HIS CHRYSLER PT CRUISER. Route most driven: IJlst - Deventer Daily traffic jam: once a week in the morning at Bilthoven and once a week at Zaanstad, twice a week in the evening A10 west. Traffic jam hours per year: 80 Most annoying traffic jam: I drove into a very long traffic jam while I tried to avoid another one. Nicest traffic jam: the one that wasn t there afterwards I suddenly got time for myself. Car content: Laptop, telephone, tea, bread, apple, radio, tennis racket. Favourite traffic jam activities: listening to the radio, making phone calls, going over things again, and preparing meetings. And for that, even the radio has to be turned off. FileKit favourite: the little flower, because it brings you happiness and joy, and calms you down. It would be nice to put it on the sidemirror. With that, you invite other drivers to react on it. Traffic jam wannahave : virtual clutch attached to the man in front (following him with low speed in a few meters distance). Traffic jam of the future: shutdown, waiting quarter of an hour with the engine turned off, in the meanwhile passing by of toll-inspectors. MIRJAM BOODE (32 IS A FREE-LANCE COMMUNICATION ADVISOR WITH HER OWN BUSINESS BE ORGANIZED. SHE DRIVES KM PER YEAR IN HER MITSUBISHI SPACE-STAR. Route most driven: Barendrecht - Delft of Den Haag Daily traffic jam: just before the exit Barendrecht direction Den Haag (2 km), ring Rotterdam direction Den Haag (3 km) Traffic jam hours per year: Most annoying traffic jam: from Eindhoven to Oud-Beijerland. It was a very large traffic jam because of heavy snow fall. I was stuck there for six hours. No mobile phones yet, no food or drinks in the car and I had to go to the dentist in short: a disaster. Nicest traffic jam: I don t really know that kind of traffic jams, I honestly find it always very irritating. Not that long ago, I was stuck in a strange traffic jam, with old cars, flags and transparents. It seemed to be a commemoration march for Pim Fortuijn. Funny traffic jams are always caused by flocks of goats or sheeps in holidays. Car content: always my mobile phone speakers included, cd s an apple, something to eat/to drink and as a matter of course my bag with work in it, a map and a road guide are essential for me as well. Favourite traffic jam activities: making phone calls and listen to music. FileKit favourite: the water pistol. I like to irritate other people and with that, you can easily aim at other cars and scare the people. Traffic jam wannahave : listening to my s and replying them so that I don t have to do that at home. Traffic jam of the future: I believe in automatic vehicle escorting, where you drive directly to or from the highway, but for the longer distances you just follow them. In that scenario with a constant speed, you can do other things perfectly and you can work trough.

24 RGL - De Blauwe Lijn Vision and strategy for the kunstplan lightrail (Leiden-Gouda) Place: Client: Partners: Year: Den Haag Kunstgebouw (Foundation Art and Culture Zuid-Holland) Sascha Bierl (Designer) 2004

25 The reputation of the lightrail (Leiden-Gouda) is developed, intensified and made visible via the creation of icons by means of interactive art projects in the heads of users and abutters. First, an artist is chosen who works in an interactive and analysing way and who takes the experienced environment of people as a starting point. The Blue Line is the result of the clarified process after the experience of the target group and the function of the route and after that a possible creation of icons. The final consumer takes the centre stage!

26 De De Blauwe Lijn het het icoon icoon van van de regio de regio uitgangspunten voor voor een een kunstenplan

27 N4 Profiles Study for a more direct relation between infrastructure and buildings Place: Client: Partners: Year: Brussel/Luxemburg Rijkswaterstaat, Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur Goudappel Coffeng, Projectbureau Driehoek RZG Zuidplas

28 Direct-aan-weg type Oprit type Parkeerplein type Rustplek type Ventweg type Zijweg type The strict separation between fast traffic and program is due to change. The national road N4 in Belgium is an example of a main infrastructural axis with a unique direct relation between buildings and road. The N4 serves as a laboratory and source of inspiration for a new kind of regional infrastructure: the missing link between the highway network and the secondary network. In the Netherlands, the buildings alongside the main roads are paradoxically enough the most difficult to access. As a result of the policy to strictly separate through traffic from program (the Dutch duurzaam-veilig principe ), business parks for example have no direct relation with the infrastructure they are situated at. U-turn type Onderbroken barrier type Middenstrook type Gesegmenteerde middenstrook type Uitvoestrook type The buildings are exposed to the nuisances caused by the road, such as noise, pollution and security restrictions, without being able to take full advantage of accessibility, visibility and a clear address. The spatial result is an inefficient terrein vague between road and building that remains unused. The design research N4 Profiles documented the various infrastructural conditions along the N4 and distilled archetypical profiles for the integration of infrastructure within the built environment. Within a series of interdisciplinary workshops the resulting typologies were applied onto three locations in The Netherlands. The outcome is visualized in 4 archetypical infrastructural models with an improved relation between road and program.

29 3 m geleidebarrier 3 m geleidebarrier rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km 2,5 m geleidebarrier 2,5 m geleidebarrier rijbaan 50 km rijbaan 50 km rijbaan 50 km rijbaan 50 km parkeerstrook parkeerstrook geleidebarrier geleidebarrier rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km rijbaan 90 km invoegstrook vluchtstrook invoegstrook vluchtstrook oprit oprit 34 m verharding parkeerplaats 34 m verharding parkeerplaats KM 112.3_1 o bord KM 160.3_1 w Object garage depannage Object Hostellerie An der Stuff Address N4 35, Bande Address Rue Roche Percee 1, Martelange Function auto gerelateerd Function hotel/restaurant bord haag haag bord KM KM 112.3_1 o KM 160.3_1 KM 160.3_1 w profielopbouw rechts afslaand Ventweg type profielopbouw rechts afslaand Pechhaven type links afslaand U-turn type links afslaand Onderbroken barrier type zichtbaarheid toegankelijkheid veiligheid overslag capaciteit efficientie grondgebruik profiel privatisering van beheer programmatische flexibiliteit potentiele dichtheid koppelbaarheid met context/ onderliggend netwerk + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - *0 bord bord zichtbaarheid toegankelijkheid veiligheid overslag capaciteit efficientie grondgebruik profiel privatisering van beheer programmatische flexibiliteit potentiele dichtheid koppelbaarheid met context/ onderliggend netwerk + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - + [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] - *0 haag KM KM 160.3_1 3 m 2,5 m 34 m geleidebarrier geleidebarrier geleidebarrier verharding rijbaan rijbaan rijbaan rijbaan parkeerstrook bord rijbaan rijbaan invoegstrook vluchtstrook oprit parkeerplaats 90 km 90 km 50 km 50 km 90 km 90 km KM KM 160.3_1

30 a adress tennisclub public - private cooperation publiek privaat Apple computer, Inc. bakkerij woonhuis SIKMA Veevoeders mix of functions architectural quality economical use scenic quality

31 B.O.B 2. prize Europan 6 Hoogvliet Place: Client: Year: Rotterdam Hoogvliet Europan 6 NL 2001

32 B.O.B offers the best of both: it combines the modernistic ideals of space, light and view with the contemporary longing for living in nature; the reconciliation of urban life and backto-nature. Every unit consists of two parts: a penthouse in the sky and a cottage on the ground, allowing for a multitude of different individual lifestyles. The site is located along the A15 highway between the northern fringe of a postwar housing area in Hoogvliet and the Shell-territory in the harbor. B.O.B extends the eco-zone along the highway up to the existing residential area. Every cottage to be built creates a circle of nature in this in-between zone. Every inhabitant of B.O.B can adopt and personalize her eco-sphere according to a catalogue of environments: swamp or leafy trees, a pond or dry bushes, etc. Within this sprawl of eco-spheres the non-planted leftovers between the circles form sequences of clearings and naturally become the access paths to the cottages. The program consists of 50 residential-work premises with a minimum of 120m2 residential area and working spaces of various sizes. By splitting the requested floor area per unit in two unequal parts a wide range of spatial and programmatic combinations becomes possible. The architecture of B.O.B is based on the provision of casco spaces that can be furnished with a catalogue of possible