Participation in leisure, not obvious for people with psycho-social problems

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1 Participation in leisure, not obvious for people with psycho-social problems Joery Baes, Sooi Dubois, Olivier Letellier, Lydia Loose, Nicolas Tant, Lisa Vandevelde

2 Introduction We are Students in the fifth semester From Vives From Belgium, West-Flanders, Bruges (STRABAG, n.d.) (Luventicus Academie van Wetenschappen, 2013) (Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, n.d.)

3 Introduction Citizenship: to participate in society People with psycho-social problems haven t always got the abilities to participate Participation is possible on three domains, we focus on leisure Functions Socialization Boosting self-esteem Structure in life

4 Introduction Assignement The rate of mortality in Europe by suicide is high in Belgium There isn t always a smooth transition from institutions for people with psycho-social problems to participate in society During spare time depressed feelings occur more often It is important we interfere and coach our clients to find meaningful activities

5 Assignement Analyse a fictive case Research about possible services Outcome: meaningfull occupational performance

6 Holistic view based on CMOP-E (Polatajko, Townsend, & Craik, 2011)

7 Person Male, 51 years old Spirituality Misses a drive to move on because of the alcohol addiction Loves nature Physical Normal physical functioning Heavy alcohol intoxication Cognitive Poorly educated Affective Feels lonely Has a need to be socially active

8 Occupation Productivity No job Self-care Trouble sleeping Lack of personal hygiene Leisure: Watches football Goes to public places

9 Environment Physical Rents a home Institutional Institutionalized, mental health institution Culture Has financial problems Social No family contacts One friend

10 Method Evidence-based practice Leisure activities in Belgium Defining leisure Average time spend on leisure When does it take place Budget

11 Method Client discussed in CMOP-E Importance of leisure for the client Meaningful daily life activities Social contacts Participation

12 Method Free time and interests Hiking Loves nature Watching tv and football at home Talking to random people Going to public places Drinking alcohol at home Defining the problem Meaningless, socially isolated activities: no participating in society

13 Method Searching for services in the community On the site: (the social map) Going to the local community Using connections (other OT s)

14 Method Discussed the case with the facility

15 Results 5 facilities OKRA De Lochting VELT OCMW Residence De Vliedberg

16 Results OKRA 55+ Offers social contact with people of the same age Different activities Not suitable for the client because he is too young and he s still in therapy

17 Results De Lochting Little farm, specific for people with psycho-social problems and mental retardation Work for minimum 3 half days On their own speed It s suitable when he sees it as leisure and not as a working activity

18 Results VELT Non profit mark, for amateur gardening Organizes demonstrations, exhibitions, lectures, Promotes environmental awareness and sustainable gardening It s suitable because he has the possibility to meet new people with the same interests.

19 OCMW Results Public Centre for Social Welfare People with financial, medical, social or psychiatric problems Activities of the month, a very wide range It s suitable because he can be a part of a course concerning creating a little garden en taking care of it.

20 Results Residence De Vliedberg Volunteering: walking with older people Client has to be sober for at least 3 months. Now it s not suitable because he has to stay sober. After therapy it s suitable, he can meet people, perform meaningful activities,

21 Conclusion It s not easy to find a suitable service for the client. Choosing one service in consultation with the client and preparing him is a necessary step. After placement an evaluation takes place with the client and the service He needs to perform activities that demand his interests and makes him participate in society.

22 FINAL CONCLUSION Everybody deserves a dignified place in society. This also includes leisure. They need to know their rights and possibilities. It is important to look for a suitable service that helps the client in meaningful activities.

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