» What defines a champion, no matter the sport, is the. wish to achieve your goals.«debby winkler malloy, US-American Show Jumper ( )

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1 Rear Mirror 2012

2 » What defines a champion, no matter the sport, is the overwhelming inner wish to achieve your goals.«debby winkler malloy, US-American Show Jumper ( ) 2 3

3 CONTENTS Foreword Editorial Facts and Figures Locations Star Engineering Berger Elektronik Star Marketing Star Publishing Star Distribution Star Consulting Star Systems Group Specials Highlights Snap-Shots Visions 2013 Imprint 06 KICK-OFF 08 ADRENALINE 12 AMBITION 16 TAILWIND 20 CONCENTRATION 24 FULL SPEED 28 VIGOR 32 PLAYMAKERS 36 BULL'S EYE 42 FAVORITES 48 FIGHTING SPIRIT 50 Deutschlands kundenorientierteste Dienstleister Wettbewerb

4 KICK-OFF 2012 has been an athletic and most notably a victorious year. I am proud that I can say: the last year has been the year with the highest sales in the history of the Star Cooperation! In this annual report 2012, discover more about our projects, changes and highlights - from a sportive perspective. We are in the right markets. The past year was marked by many exciting projects, raised to the highest bars. Especially when serving international markets and our clients that are located everywhere in the world, we need a maximum of expertise. Last November, we decided to open an office in Peking, our second one in China. Now we can support our expanding course on the Chinese market even more intensely. We have the right services. The decision to introduce our profit-center-leader-structure proved right in This way we were able to sharpen our service portfolio, especially thanks to the increased entrepreneurial spirit of the individual teams. We have the right staff. A team is only as strong and successful as each individual athlete. Sportsmanship and the necessary teeth enabled us to maximum performances - from the starting block to the finish line. At this point, I would like to thank all of our colleagues, who made our successes possible with their creativity, their commitment, ideas and their above-average dedication. Another thank-you to our partners and suppliers and especially to our clients for their continuing trust. So let us start a new year of competitions, as winners who can jump the highest obstacles. We are ideally equipped with a stable value system, flat hierarchies and a business philosophy of open doors. In 2013, the Star Cooperation Group, growing healthily, stays on a road of success. For this, we are equipped with 16 years of experience and expertise to hold our ground in various market environments. As one of our established clients, let us fire your imagination with innovative solutions. As a new client, let us convince you with our vast service portfolio. We are close-by, on location, wherever you are. We have solutions and ideas for your tasks of tomorrow. And we would like to keep scoring goals for you. Kindest Regards, Prof. Dr. Alfred Neher 6 7

5 ADRENALINE Right before the starting signal, the tension is highest. But business means to be full of energy and ready to start every day. To achieve milestones in projects and to efficiently bring them to success. Especially with the expertise, knowledge of our clients and with the fresh ideas of our colleagues. After the starting signal, we prove every time that we are capable of maximum performance. Ready, set... Star kicks off and puts their shoulder to the wheel for you. Star Spirit: Our genetic code accompanies us on the entire way. 8 9

6 ADRENALINE EDITORIAL The General Managers of the Star organization would like to welcome you to the "Rear Mirror 2012". And we would like to answer the questions of what makes Star an "athletic" company, apart from our services and ambitions and where we want to stand on the winner's rostrum. Certainly, our business philosophy - our Star DNA - is based on values every athlete would share with us: responsibility, competence, dynamics, reliability or dedication. Our goals, too, can be compared to those of top athletes. We always aim to come in first and break records. Our dedication to our clients includes setting the highest target values, for when it comes to that, top performances are the least we can do. That is why we continued to gain many new clients last year. Big enterprises, as well as middle-sized companies, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we were able to inspire our established clients with our broad range of services. Our highlights: When we could welcome our clients to our house. We had this opportunity at a total of three Star Galleries, three expert days and one in-house exhibition. To fascinate our clients with our services anew every day, we need a fit and strong team. Therefor, we especially focused on the attractiveness of our "Employer Branding" last year. In the spring of 2012 we presented our new HR campaign, titled "MOST WANTED!" at the university fair in Aachen, one of 14 trade shows Star was present at last year. The campaign contributed to the addition of several top athletes to our team. But we do not just want to attract new colleagues, but also to keep our established players in the long term - for they are the engine for our growth and our success. In 2012, Star has been literally "athletic". We supported several colleagues, who volunteered in clubs and teams, as a sponsor. This includes the Formula Student, the Formula 1 of the student racing teams so to say, the German Wrestling Championships which were hosted by the TSV Ehningen this year, and a regional soccer tournament of amateurs, the "Sennerpokal". To give everything for success and not to avoid any competition, that is Star's every-day work within their teams and with their clients. Accompany us on our athletic performances from Take a look back with us on the obstacle courses, neck-and-neck races and the medal winnings of the past year. Our facts, dates and figures are followed by retrospects on our locations and business areas, our projects, the successful work with our clients, our research initiatives and our contact with universities. Furthermore, we offer you insights into our Specials, before we show you our visions and an outlook to our aims for We are looking forward to our future "teamplay". Have fun reading our annual report 2012! Your General Managers of the Star organizations Years of Star Cooperation Start-of-the-year Kick-Off Event at the "Meilenwerk" New HR campaign Be yourself. Be a star Star Cooperation Group's summer party in Böblingen Star Galleries Star Gallery Einladung Expert Days, 16 topics, 16 lecturers, 160 visitors and action! Production starts for the House of Media & Logistics video clip Middle of February 2012 Facebook page gets a new look Star expands its employee-benefitmodel Star Cloud goes live 2012 Dedication. Our trainees (the "Sterntaler") support: Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung e.v. Ortsvereinigung Böblingen, Winterhaldenkindergarten (a kindergarten for physically handicapped children) Sindelfingen and Waldkindergarten Räuberhöhle Herrenberg e.v Star accompanies the Formula Student Teams, the TV Bittenfeld, the TSV Ehningen, the "Sennerpokal" as a sponsor Dr. Alfred Neher receives the honorary professorship from the HS Esslingen 10 11

7 AMBITION Nothing has more charm than a figure which stands for top performances. Nothing is more difficult than achieving an ambitious target value. Nothing makes us more proud than our results in We gained once more. Sales and colleagues. Experiences and our clients' satisfaction. In short: a solid base for further growth. And for 2013, we raised the bar even higher. Our clients are going to evaluate our continuous and professional performance. Nothing else matters. Star Spirit: Recognizing obstacles, looking for paths, finding solutions

8 AMBITION DEVELOPMENT OF SALES OF THE STAR COOPERATION GROUP IN MILLIONS EUR ,0 70,4 77,4 87,7 100, WORKFORCE OF THE STAR COOPERATION GROUP Sales/Subsidiary in Millions EUR Star Distribution 23,9 Star Publishing 11,5 Star China 1,4 Berger Elektronik 7,3 Miscellaneous 2 3, Star Cooperation 15,7 Star Systems 2,8 Star Engineering 21,2 Star Distribution 23,4 Star Publishing 15,8 Star China 1,7 Berger Elektronik 8,6 Miscellaneous 2 5, Star Cooperation 19,7 Star Systems 3,5 Star Engineering 22, , , , ,7 81,1 74,1 52,5 Sales 100,6 Mio. Euro 2012 Employees EMPLOYEES/SUBSIDIARY Star China 13 Star Distribution 69 Star Publishing 74 Berger Elektronik Miscellaneous 2 4 Star Cooperation 104 Star Systems 19 Star Engineering 192 Star China 16 Star Distribution 67 Star Publishing 77 Berger Elektronik Miscellaneous 2 5 Star Cooperation 124 Star Systems 25 Star Engineering Asset Deal Note: Data of 2012 prior to final confirmation via ongoing annual examination. Star Cooperation Group sales according to total (prior to consolidating entry). 2 Considers Star Venture Invest GmbH, Star Equipment Switzerland GmbH, atio druckkonzepte GmbH, Star Equipment GmbH, Star Venture Invest Filial en Españia 14 15

9 TAILWIND With a fixed point, you can unhinge the world. Beside the headquarter in Böblingen, Star has established seven of such points so far. They represent customer focus, market knowledge and the direct docking to specific needs on location. Our local teams are innovation drivers and part of the local dynamics. They use the tailwind of the respective market and they offer impetus. To help our customers to achieve their goals in the fastest possible speed. What can we unhinge for you? Star Spirit: Dedication means to set sail for the highest possible customer satisfaction

10 TAILWIND LOCATIONS Berlin we were authorized for the same project in Switzerland. Atlanta (USA) Johannesburg (South Africa) Quality hits the bull's eye! In Berlin, the very high customer Furthermore, in 2012 the implementation of a consulting project In the USA, the established team gained several new members. In Projects in quick succession: In Johannesburg, we supported satisfaction at Toll Collect was confirmed: Star Distribution is now for BMW in China appeared on the agenda, with the aim to optimize addition, we secured the business in force with Hughes Telematics, Mercedes-Benz South Africa when introducing new models to the the strategic service partner. Together with Star Systems, they also the after-sales processes within the Chinese dealership network. thanks to the reliably high quality and positive teamwork. With our market, such as the B-Class, M-Class, SL-Class, G-Class and CLS optimized Toll Collect's returning process in Europe by expanding customer Mercedes-Benz USA, instead of individual assignments, we Shooting Brake, with the compilation of price lists and introductory the webshop. Star Publishing was able to strengthen the relationships to our established customers further. In 2012, again, the Standort Wolfsburg succeeded to gain an entire annual contract in the area of customer documentation for import vehicles. With their expertise, the US team literature. Star Publishing successfully finalized the qualification of new sup- Mercedes-Benz ServiceGipfel was supported by producing printed In 2012, Wolfsburg showed its vigor especially with VW: we realized also secured listing as a supplier for Mercedes-Benz Canada and pliers for the production of the training manuals for Mercedes-Benz matters and advertising material. For our customer "smart", we several brand-crossing projects for the automobile manufacturer. from now on supplies this office with after-sales literature. South Africa. Furthermore, we were able to further strengthen the logistically handle the known media products and since 2012 also And the team in Wolfsburg also consulted further customers. In the customer relationships to the automobile manufacturer's South the salesmen clothes. Teamplay par excellence: Star's experts for area of technical project management, we realized several vehicle- African office. So unerring, that the continuing collaboration has logistics and business-intelligence designed the logistic reporting and platform projects on a national and international basis at VW. been confirmed. for an automobile manufacturer. At the component plant in Braunschweig, the team took over tasks Frankfurt in project controlling of the development of a front axle. The development of a central gear testing method was supported in Shanghai and Peking (China) With quality and clean processes, we take the lead: In Frankfurt, the area of vehicle testing. Star in China - a guarantor for new all-time highs! Star Distribution was successfully audited by our customer Atos During the first pricing project at this location, together with Star Due to our success in the Far East, we opened our IT Solutions and Services GmbH. The auditing was made by Atos' department to evaluate the processes handled by Star Distribution in 2011 and by purchasing. The contract was renewed after a one- Consulting, our consultants analyzed different price points for extra equipment in vehicles. Atlanta, USA Barcelona (Spain) Barcelona, Spanien new office in Peking with an independent management team in November. This way, we are able to answer to our customers' needs more flexibly and year term. This confirms the great service performed by the team in Frankfurt. Our Service Center for Tourism in Frankfurt took over Zug (Switzerland) Our team in Spain attacked the areas of after-sales and retail consulting for Mercedes-Benz Espana (MB E). The project included to ensure an improved service quality in China's northeast. Additionally, we were able to gain several various additional tasks within the scope of this order transaction. In 2012, we climbed many peaks in our neighboring Alpine country. the collaboration with about 40 dealers for cars and commercial new projects. Munich For example, our subsidiary atio druckkonzepte was assigned by a mountings manufacturer to handle the production of catalogues, price lists and brochures. Our consulting qualities were needed as vehicles of the entire Spanish market. The business consultancy of the Spanish office Star Business Advisory (SBA) advised a corporate group on their re-structuring, aiming for a considerable For example, the "homologation/certification" at the Volkswagen Group China in Peking. Our four colleagues coordinate the test vehicles Shanghai, China Quality convinces in the long term. In Munich, we obtained a service well, for example when building a center for trucks and commercial improvement in efficiency. At SEAT in Barcelona, our Spanish and our when re-certifying them for an import to China and contract with BMW until 2015 for 30 employees in the areas of parts vehicles. The task for Star Equipment was to plan and design the German offices worked closely together to design and deliver board they conduct the technical evaluation for emission clearing and supplier support for more than 20 markets. bidding for garage equipping. Furthermore, we consulted during the literature for different models of the SEAT family tests and endurance tests. Our location has been successful for BMW in other disciplines, as allocation and coordination with regards to deadline of the building 2012 has also seen the first project for Porsche in well. For example by gaining a project of securing special utilities with scope, before and during the building phase. Also, Star Consulting Shanghai. We are going to design a new, innovative, a high potential for expansion, or by the authorization for a project improved the after-sales business performance of the retail organi- interactive and graphically appealing process manu- to consult dealerships to reduce the rate of follow-up repairs in zation of a German premium OEM on the Swiss market. al. This has also been the first close collaboration Germany. The latter turned out to be a double victory: shortly after, between Star Engineering & Consulting Shanghai and Star Publishing. Peking, China 18 19

11 CONCENTRATION STAR ENGINEERING AND BERGER ELEKTRONIK Highly concentrated and always one curve length ahead. Star Engineering and Berger Elektronik have mastered the past distances at maximum performance with their projects and products. Even more: We created new benchmarks. With long-term solutions for the future demands of our customers. For example for testing technology, vehicle remodeling, engine technology, controlling, digitalization and much more. Our maxim is to gain a measurable headstart for you. How can we help you find your best racing line? Star Spirit: We love the speed. It brings us forward

12 CONCENTRATION Business Activities Technical overall solutions for automobile manufactures and system suppliers with a focus on research and development Core Business: Consulting services along the automotive value chain with a focus on project-, process- and quality-management; creation of animations based on the development data, test benches in the area of passive security and power-train Employees 2011: 192 Employees 2012: 203 Sales 2011: 21.2 million Sales 2012: 22.8 million Core Business: Development service provider for vehicle electrics and electronics with a focus of competencies on tests and integrations. Development of hard- and software, production of prototypes and small series of wire harnesses, test bench and test hardware and special control devices. Employees 2011: 96 Employees 2012: 105 Sales 2011: 7.3 million Sales 2012: 8.6 million Retrospect the Electronic Stability Program (ESP (R)), for example for tests Vehicle remodeling and Garage services Digital engineering lab opens From the 12th to the 14th of June, the Messe Stuttgart was on a roller test bench. The Renault office in Portugal uses Berger In the area of vehicle remodeling, Berger Elektronik was able to win By opening the laboratory "Digital Engineering", Star Engineering swarming with visitors, despite the warm weather. And it was no Elektronik's PDM generators since The subsidiary's products over AMG and Bosch. A new part of our portfolio are garage servi- assembles their team for changes in automotive development, surprise, for inside, the Automotive Testing Expo (AT E) 2012 was were also ordered from the Czech Republic: A Miele subsidiary ces, like for example maintenance and service for Mercedes-Benz which are already noticeable. happening, Europe's leading event about quality, security, reliability ordered ISI opt CAN seperation adapters, which enables a control- cars as an officially registered garage workshop, outside of the More precisely, this is about the increased conversion to the CAD and longevity of vehicles. Especially one stand in elegant white and free transmission of CAN signals over long distances. distribution network. Additional brands will be available on request software NX by Siemens. This tool is used for the entire product with blue lettering caught people's eyes - that of Star Engineering and Berger Elektronik with their Austrian partner tectos. But Star Cooperation's technologically inclined subsidiaries did not just score on trade fairs with their knowledge and their services, but Test bench expertise and Project Management Star Engineering realized successful projects in quick succession. In in the future. Furthermore, since 2012, Berger Elektronik offers tire service, like sales, fitting and additional services. ISI coi development and therefore as a solution to tasks concerning design, engineering and development. At the laboratory, our colleagues are broadening their competencies regarding NX in Böblingen and Wolfsburg right now. throughout the entire year What is Star Engineering's engine to success? Products in demand January, we won over Norgren, one of the world's leading providers of pneumatic solutions. It included the technical project management for an engine component in the area of commercial vehicles. Star Engineering also provided the project management for a ship Last year, Berger Elektronik launched ISI coi in series. ISI coi is a CAN interface, with which it is possible to transform data on the CAN-bus into digital signals to the status indication or to connect external peripheral components. Simulta- KESS - no bump remains undetected With the KESS project, Berger Elektronik develops an electronic damage identification system, in collaboration with Bremen univer- David Walter Associate The team and their ability to adjust dynamically and flexibly to complex project demands. And since our managers always keep in close contact to our customers, our qualifications remain goaland future-oriented. Powerful! 2012 was the year for Berger Elektronik products. Thanks to their high quality standards, they convinced well-known companies. For example engine project at MAN Diesel & Turbo SE in Augsburg. Even internationally, the test bench expertise of Star Engineering was in high demand: Nissan USA ordered an infeed conveyor with seven transport vehicles for three engine test benches, including construction, production, installation and implementation. Capturing new areas at a big corporation neously, with the ISI coi you can memorize digital inlets and thus display and send signals on the CAN-bus. Battery cart for electrical system support Last year, Berger Elektronik also developed a battery cart, which sity, cambio Mobilitätsservice and Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten. This is based on the analysis of impact sound signals for motor vehicles. This system allows for the detection, classification and spatial attribution of minor damages, like for example dents on motor vehicles. Audi ordered a supply of Star Engineering's consulting engineers were moving on a whole was designed for electrical system support during repair- and cable sets for the next three years for the radio installations for all the special vehicles of the A3. Also, the pulse duration modulation- (PDM)generator scored with MAN. With the PDM-generator, actuators, like e.g. electric or dc motors, are controlled, without them being installed in a vehicle. The generator's fields of operation are for example component test benches. International Orders Berger Elektronik also achieved several away wins. The Luxem- new field last year: We obtained new projects at Daimler in the areas of production and material purchase. With project management know-how and process knowledge, our consultants supported automobile corporation with the implementation of international projects, such as outsourcing or acquisition. Teamplay from one source Several projects showed the close collaboration between Berger Elektronik and Star Engineering very obviously, for example in the service work on motor vehicles. It includes a recharger, a car battery and several electronic components. Innovation management attack In April, the innovation management in the business area Future Lab started. With this, by gathering new ideas for products and services, we ensure the sustainability and support growth. One colleague's idea has already been developed into a project, which even reached patent application. Dirk Daub Design Workshop In which ways does Berger Elektronik accelerate even more for their customers in 2013? It is our goal to speed up in all areas. My focus in 2013 is vehicle remodeling, garage services and cable set production. Here, we have to become more efficient, without losing quality. bourg office of the tire manufacturer Goodyear ordered several development departments of the Porsche AG in Weissach. Our This concept, by the name of "MÜRA" (Mechanisch Überlagerter ESP (R) off-adapters. These simulate a signal, which switches off function designers as specialists and our project managers as Radnaben-Antrieb = mechanically superimposed wheel hub actua- generalists showed impressive teamplay when dealing with the tion) combines the advantages of an electric actuator with that of a ordered projects - from one source. combustion engine and therefore contributes to an improvement of driving dynamics and driving safety

13 FULL SPEED STAR MARKETING, STAR PUBLISHING AND STAR DISTRIBUTION When 50,000 gift boxes reach the addressee at the right time in the right place. When image films spark a light bulb moment in the target groups. When mobile apps inform about a huge product range, clearly and quickly. Then, the broad service range of Star Marketing, Star Publishing and Star Distribution stands behind it. The easier the result seems to look, the bigger the team effort has been. Coordination, precision and the control of communication and distribution channels. Easy, isn't it? Star Spirit: our freshness gives us strength for innovations

14 Business Activities Development realization, optimization and controlling of communication procedures and of media-, marketingand logistic-processes Core Business: Star Publishing is a globally acting communication service provider, who integratively serves all media channels (classic, web, mobile) and works for middle-sized and big companies. Employees 2011: 74 Employees 2012: 77 Sales 2011: 11.5 million Sales 2012: 15.8 million FULL SPEED Core Business: The creative factory for integral communication and marketing solutions, focusing on products in need of explanation, services and processes in predominantly technical industries Core Business: The specialist in everything concerning questions about logistics, focusing on media and spare parts logistics, logistic consulting and trade & e-business Live from the Star film studio "And action!", calls the director, after which the actress starts using a tablet-pc with a concentrated look on her face. All around her are spotlights, a camera in front of her. This is not a scene from the Babelsberg film studios, but from Böblingen, more precisely from the third floor of the Star Cooperation headquarters. And the actress is a colleague from Star Publishing. No no, we are not (yet) in the film and TV business - but in November, our building was the filming location for our two new image movies for the business area House of Media & Logistics, which introduce the bundled range of Star Cooperation's media and logistics department. This is just one of many successful scenes with which Star Marketing, Star Publishing and Star Distribution inspired their audience in Logistics Specialists with a Fighting Spirit In 2012, Star Distribution hit a lot of bull's eyes. For example, the on-time logistic of 50,000 gift boxes which the Daimler service centers in Sindelfingen gave out to their customers. Furthermore, with exact timing, the company sent Daimler's wall- and bookcalendars to the dealers of Daimler's regional organizations. During the launch of the new A-Class, Star Distribution controlled the entire logistic of the print and advertising media, as well as the promotion activities for driving schools. The Star Distribution team also scored in their own halls in Pleidelsheim: With team spirit, training discipline and the will to win, they exceeded the expectations of the sophisticated audience - at the KPMG-audit, where they passed the LZZ-(Lieferanten Logistik Zentrum = supplier logistics center) auditing with flying colors. Premier League's Projects Star Marketing, too, looks back on a successful season. On the 25th of May, the first of five image clips of the Stadtmarketing (city marketing) Böblingen was launched online. These video clips play a big part in better marketing Böblingen as a business location. We want to especially address specialists and managers, as well as companies. We also designed a service manual for an automobile manufacturer in This manual presents a broad reference work for core processes within the company. Star Marketing and Star Publishing actively consult and support the international roll-out by intuitively and appealingly preparing the topics. During this project, the unique factors of success of the Star Cooperation Group came into operation for our customer: Using the synergies of technical know-how and media competence of the different Star subsidiaries. For several trade fair displays of the Moog company, Star Marketing produced interactive tablet presentations, designed a showroom and realized 3-D animations. Lena Kuisle Graphic Designer What is the formula for success of Star Publishing's and Star Marketing's strong team spirit? We are working hand in hand when creating and producing media for our customers. This creates a strong bond! Trading Platform accelerates The trading platform an online marketplace developed and maintained by Star Distribution, including an international shipping process, was able to gain customers with the help of its intelligent process controlling. The customers were also convinced by the innovative possibility of scanning market and demand, to purchase cost-efficiently and to avoid unnecessary storage. This high-quality e-business solution was certified by the TÜV in On the Fast Track Winners! In 2012, Star Publishing won once more the pitch for the vast production controlling of the AMG Driving Academy catalogue 2013 and the brochure 2013/2014. FUSO has its product catalogue produced in ten languages by Media Solutions, starting in The project "Just-in-Sequence"-delivery of the customer literature has successfully started at the Daimler plant in Bremen and guarantees huge possible savings to our customer. Referee Qualities Last year, the watchful eye of Star Distribution's logistic experts was in high demand. They already made names for themselves as auditors to test logistic process chains and forwarding points and they will keep being successful in Tablet App: Pole Position in Distribution In 2012, Star Publishing developed an app for a customer, which transforms the tablet into an ideal instrument for distribution. A common thread runs through the app, in which the range of products is displayed with many interactive elements that can be dragged and wiped. Also, with every product you can see all the additional information and share them comfortably from your tablet. The app is further enhanced my media such as videos. Also, the contents can be updated centrally - this way, the distribution department is always up-to-date. The middle-sized company can now outperform its competition and has been so enthusiastic that they ordered Star Publishing to develop the app for their international office. Druck & Medien Awards 2012 The expertise of House of Media & Logistics' business area manager Ramona Kaden was needed in 2012 at the jury of the Druck & Medien Awards: On the 22nd of November, she awarded the price "Customer and Sales Team of the Year". Marketing Production Systems as engines to success "From potentials to solutions": That is the title of a study by Albrecht Heidinger, manager at Consulting House of Media & Logistics. With this study he deals with the question which software modules and background processes a marketing department needs for an ideally integrated system landscape in media productions. Team Spirit on Dragon Boats Employees 2011: 69 Employees 2012: 67 Sales 2011: 23.9 million Sales 2012: 23.4 million With what does Star Distribution bring maximum performances for their customers in 2013? Of course with everything that supports our customers in the best ways possible! We especially focus on planning and implementing tailor-made processes for our customers - from the idea to the realization, from one source. Alexander Hewel Business Development & Consulting Pure competition, but always fair play: An exciting dragon boat race was part of the program of the House of Media & Logistics Team in October. 41 old and new colleagues of this business area met on a Saturday afternoon to exchange opinions and have fun together. The strong solidarity of the team is the base of success of the House of Media & Logistics

15 VIGOR STAR CONSULTING AND STAR SYSTEMS Fighting spirit alone is not enough- Paired with intelligence and agility, it becomes an unbeatable combination. Star Consulting and Star Systems transform these abilities into strategies, processes and IT-solutions, which hit bull's eyes across all segments. For instance, to business intelligence from the "cloud" for automotive logistics. To significantly improved service processes in after-sales. To European guidelines for price structures. Here, the collaboration with leading research facilities ensures the high innovation force. Because visions win. Star Spirit: Intuition combined with logic and sustainability. An unbeatable combination

16 Business Activities Consulting services in technical, commercial and IT problems VIGOR Core Business Consulting in automotive sales & marketing and after-sales Employees 2011: 65 Employees 2012: 78 Sales 2011: 8.5 million Sales 2012: 9.4 million Information Pool to E-Mobility Maximum performance at the pulse of time: Consulting World always stays on the ball and does not wait until their competition passes them. An example: The automotive industry is about to face big changes, new concepts of mobility and actuation need matching structures and processes. To ideally handle this development, the business area created a "brainpool" for electric mobility in It came up with various possibilities to discover new ways of collaboration with our customers. With the bundled knowledge about e-mobility in this pool, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. This also counts for many other areas - whether it is retail consulting, strategic consulting services or business intelli- Nils Hertz Senior Consultant Star Consulting's greatest hit in 2012 in your opinion? The diversity of highly successful projects, which we managed last year. But it is also the smaller things, such as the dynamic atmosphere within the team, the cooperation or the successes when developing innovative concepts together. Bull's Eye with Retail Consulting Utilizing Market Potentials at the push of a button For an OEM in the automotive area, Star Systems realized an MS access suite with SharePoint to provide methods, processes and IT infrastructure to implement marketing measure in international markets. Here, all processes, from the market performance analysis to the result evaluation, were displayed so that they are available at the push of a button. With this solution, market potentials are being detected and utilized. Complex Challenges At a technical service provider in Heidenheim, Star Systems won a Core Business: IT - Business Intelligence solutions and highquality IT consulting Employees 2011: 19 Employees 2012: 25 Sales 2011: 2.8 million Sales 2012: 3.5 million Consulting Services: Game, Set and Match In only five weeks, the management consulting team, together with the Wolfsburg office, developed an optimized price structure for gence (BI) from the "cloud". With retail on a podium: In October, the retail consulting team orga- a business-intelligence project. The aim was to convert the multi- various special equipments of an automobile manufacturer. Within Intelligent Parking in Metropolitan Areas nized a training for 70 OEM key account managers from 16 nations of a big corporation. Another highlight was the retail consulting project at a Volkswagen dealership group. Our goal was to improve dimensional databank within the company-wide reporting solution from IBM Cognos TM 1 to Microsoft SQL Server. Beside the large amount of data and the technical innovations, another challenge this project, they evaluated and analyzed about 10,000 price data about equipment of different vehicle models and compared them with nine different European markets. Furthermore, the consulting The pole position in ideas for the future! Starting in October, the employee- and customer-orientation in after-sales. was the complexity of the authorization scheme which had to be team managed to jump onto the Arabian market, by securing a Star Consulting is part of the roll-out of an innovative mobility concept to intelligently use temporarily occupied parking spaces in Successful with E-Commerce re-designed. consulting project with a general importer of a truck manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. metropolitan areas. In September, Star Systems' e-commerce team, together with Premiere for BI Apart from many other successful business intelligence projects, since 2012 Star Systems has been offering the possibility to use "business intelligence from the cloud" to our customers. For example the logistic reporting of a automobile manufacturer's Berlin office will be handled from the cloud starting in System Integration at a Bank Star Systems won the highly demanding project of an automo- Star Distribution appeared on the NEOCOM trade fair in Wiesbaden. At this industry event for e-commerce and mail order business, the two subsidiaries were able to present their joint portfolio as fulfillment-providers. At a vendor of forestry supplies, the implementation of a shipping system and the connection of the webshop system to SAP was initiated. After-Sales of the Future For the German market organization of a leading automobile manufacturer, Star Consulting put the after-sales innovations for 2020 Wolfgang Kraiss Manager What is Star Systems' special vigor? Star Systems is characterized by the combination between business and IT. It means that we do not just implement technical solutions, but we also understand IT as a "business-driver" and we advise and act accordingly. Contact with Universities In 2012, too, the contact with universities has been a great opportunity to work on innovative concepts together and to get to know our potential new colleagues. For example, Star Systems was the sponsor of Heilbronn University during the 10-Year Anniversary of the Electronic Business program. During a project with Pforzheim bile manufacturer's bank: the parallel replacement of four IT down on paper. University, Star Consulting designed an after-sales cockpit which systems which display the bank's core business, with an integrated shows the developments and trends in automotive after-sales. solution. The areas concerned were monetary transactions, deposit Furthermore, Star Systems is a member of the Academy for Data business, credit transactions and securities business. Processing (AD) 's advisory board and was present at their annual day of company presentations, together with Berger Elektronik

17 PLAYMAKERS STAR AUTOMOTIVE, STAR EQUIPMENT AND STAR FACILITY To reach a highly aimed goal, a couple of things are needed: the right strategy, the team's skills and of course the fitting equipment. Only then can the playmaker score and make a hit out of every shot. Star's Group Specials have proven this to be right and they even surpassed their goals. Whether it is full rental, modernized room design, sustainable vehicle management or a customeroriented portfolio for garage equipment. Star is well equipped to lead you to your victory. Star Spirit: we possess intuition for flashes of inspiration

18 Range of Services Group Special Facility Management, mobility concepts and special projects Core Business: Online-trade with garage tools and equipment (www.startools.de), conception, planning and equipping of new garages PLAYMAKERS Sales 2011: 1.1 million Sales 2012: 1.2 million Core Business: Professional facility-, IT-, reception-, car pool- and area-management. For the Star Group and for external clients. Sales 2011: 5.0 million Sales 2012: 6.5 million Star Facility Star Automotive Star equipment 2012 has been a peak time for Star Facility, for their result was much higher than previously planned. Renting in Böblingen One reason for theses peaks was that in July, a new major renter moved into our main building in Böblingen. For at least five years, the Deutsche Post is going to be based on 2,500 sqm. The entire building is now occupied - a success which is attributed to Star Facility's high customer orientation. Further sales were generated with the rental of meeting- and conference rooms. Record-breaking: 2012 has been the most successful business year in vehicle sales since the founding of Star Automotive. Also, Star Automotive has made another step towards sustainability. Since 2012, two "smart for two electric drive" have been part of the fleet at the Böblingen office and are used for short business trips of up to 50 kilometers. These vehicles are eco-friendly and a future-oriented alternative to diesel-fueled vehicles. starequipment-shop.de Star Tools is a business customer shop for garage tools and equipment. On the online platform, we sell more than 65,000 products, for example garage equipment, tools, factory equipment, machines, measuring devices, automotive electronics, wires and other equipment. The target groups are car dealerships, garages, industry, universities and OEMs. Core Business: Individual vehicles, vehicle fleets or VIP shuttle service, for rent, for buy or with a chauffeur Sales 2011: 2.0 million Sales 2012: 2.0 million Modern room design at Berger Elektronik At Berger Elektronik in Sindelfingen, the replacement of the first floor was finished. The entire floor was modernized and completely re-designed. A fresh design, which fits the headquarter's look and feel with its individuality. Extensive revision In 2012, Star Tools has faced an extensive revision. It especially improved usability and visibility, optimized shipping costs and introduced further payment options. Industry customers will find the possibility of automated tender preparations especially interesting. In cooperation with the supplier, the entire product portfolio was evaluated, to make it even better fitting for our customers. Berger Elektronik's product range, consisting of wires and tools, can now also be found in the shop, in the area "Automotive Electronics"

19 BULL'S EYE A good shot is always worth the news. Whether it was sponsoring, technology, research, cooperation or the launch of successful projects - in 2012 the news came in rapid succession once more. They stand for effective commitment in the areas of technology, young academics and social environment. But they especially represent our colleagues' untiring dedication far beyond the everyday business. To honor the joint development and responsibilities. We mean: Only good news are good news. The better the more Star. Star Spirit: our reliability ensures our customers' trust, even during turbulent times

20 BULL'S EYE HIGHLIGHTS: OUR STAR NEWS MAN orders PWM-generator With their pulse-width modulation generator (PWMgenerator), Berger Elektronik was able to win the central area of purchasing of MAN! In February, they received the first order, including a supplier number. Berger Elektronik's robust PWM-generator was specifically developed for mobile operations on test benches. All adjustment can be made via handy rotary switches and impulse sending switches. The set data can be read at any given time on the integrated display. Start of innovation management in the Future Lab "Ideas on a fast track - full speed ahead!" With this motto, Future Lab's new innovation management enters the race. "By gathering fresh ideas for products and services, Future Lab's sustainability and growth will be ensured", says the new representative for innovation management, Adam Bindek. "These ideas are collected in workshops or can be contributed by any colleague via their supervisors or the product-center-managers." Green, young, fresh: Star's new HR-campaign The new "MOST WANTED!" HR-campaign is in! From now on, Star presents itself to potential applicants in a consistent, fresh design across all channels - the new trade fair stand, the job area on our website and all HR material like flyers or job advertisements now gleam in a new green look & feel. With the new HR-campaign, Star presents itself from now on with a consistent appearance. With the message "Be yourself. Be a star", young potentials, professionals and experts should feel addressed. For this campaign, our very own colleagues were photographed - this enhances authenticity and applicants can identify better with Star. With this campaign, Star Marketing and Human Resources supported Star's strategic growth curve. "With the appealing and fresh design and the clear message of the 'MOST WANTED!' -campaign, Star is going to establish itself on the highly competitive job market", says Nicolai, Stickel, personnel director. The cover picture on Star's Facebook page gives a first look on the campaign. By the way: Just hit the "Like"-button and stay informed about all of Star's news! Be yourself. Be a star. First film clip of the city of Böblingen launched online Since Friday, the 25th of May, you can see the first of five short image films of the city of Böblingen on their official website This movie is a collaboration of Star Cooperation's creative team and the director Matthias Mayer of thinkin-pictures. The goal is to market the city of Böblingen better as a location. It especially addresses specialists and managers, as well as companies. Innovative after-sales products for the distribution of a major company The Berlin office of a automobile manufacturer wants to take over new market segments with innovative product ideas and reverts to Star's management consulting from May until August In a preproject, Senior Consultant Elke Bange will analyze and evaluate new service and product ideas and develop a concept which will be introduced by the customer during their service summit in fall. Star Cloud goes live! To the cloud: Star Systems is going to convert all "thin clients" company-wide onto the new Citrix terminal servers. This does not only enhance performance - but the conversion will also enable Microsoft Office 2012 and Windows 7 on the thin clients. Furthermore, online access to enabled Star applications will be available from web browsers outside of our network in the future. This transforms working - no matter the location, time and computer - from a dream of the future into a company-wide standard. This project is the start of the "Star-Cloud". It enables the access to the Star desktop with all its applications via any browser-capable device. Deutsche Post moves into the building in Böblingen SStar Facility is happy to welcome the Deutsche Post AG as a new renter in the Otto-Lilienthal-Straße, starting July 1st, After months of negotiations, the deal is now struck: Within the scope of a project, the mail company is going to occupy 2,500 sqm in building B for at least five years. Star Facility now completely lets buildings A and B with a total area of 10,000 sqm

Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers

Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers Annual report 2012 Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers 1 The year 2012 was full of challenges, to say the least. The telecom sector underwent major changes, which had an important impact

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Annual Report 2006. Changes

Annual Report 2006. Changes Annual Report 2006 Changes Contents Changes 01 Letter to the Shareholders 02 Report of the Supervisory Board 04 Our Strategy 12 GFT International 16 Our Staff 24 Innovation and Development 32 GFT Share

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d. always pressing forward

d. always pressing forward annual report 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Revenue k 1,379,307 1,722,919 1,994,881 record 2,096,835 revenue: 2,273,485 k 8.4 IT system house & managed services k 919,956 1,151,119 1,315,669 1,394,455

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AUGUST 2014 A JOURNAL BY AND FOR DAIMLER FINANCIAL SERVICES BIG. data AUGUST 2014 A JOURNAL BY AND FOR DAIMLER FINANCIAL SERVICES BIG data 4 6 The power of data Whether it s the creditworthiness of a bank s customers or the networking of cars for insurance purposes, the

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CLARITY. ANNUAL REPORT 2014 MAGAZINE GfK GROUP GROWTH FROM KNOWLEDGE CLARITY ANNUAL REPORT 2014 MAGAZINE GfK GROUP GROWTH FROM KNOWLEDGE Clar ity SPELLING Word type: noun Line break: clar ity MEANING The quality of being clear, in particular: 1. The quality of being coherent

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When technology suddenly understands itself much better...

When technology suddenly understands itself much better... Bosch Software Innovations Customer Magazine March 2013 Issue 02 InnovateIT Enabling Business Success in a Connected World BRM When technology suddenly understands itself much better... M2M...then an intelligent

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Annual Report 2013. For a better working life. www.xing.com

Annual Report 2013. For a better working life. www.xing.com For a better working life www.xing.com XING is the social network for business professionals. Fourteen million members worldwide and more than 7 million in the German-speaking region alone use the platform

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executive review ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194

executive review ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194 executive review 2/2007 ENGINEERED PRODUCTS & HIGH TECH > Designing new products and solutions > New business models > Globalizing R&D ISSN 1617-4194 "We analyze current management issues to find out what

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ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2003/2004 ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2003/2004 October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004 The Company Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world s leading suppliers of IT solutions to the retail and the retail banking industries.

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ENABLING FUTURE KONTRON GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2013 THE PULSE OF INNOVATION ENABLING FUTURE KONTRON GROUP ANNUAL REPORT 2013 THE PULSE OF INNOVATION Kontron in figures Table 001 New Group structure Previous Group structure 2013 2012 2013 2012 Profitability Revenues million 445.3

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Value Creation by Innovation Daimler-Benz is the world leader in innovative, high quality transportation products, Systems and Services.

Value Creation by Innovation Daimler-Benz is the world leader in innovative, high quality transportation products, Systems and Services. Value Creation by Innovation Daimler-Benz is the world leader in innovative, high quality transportation products, Systems and Services. Innovations drive growth. This is why they are a central element

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Annual Financial Report. Part 1: Annual Report 2012 Part 2: Financial Statements and management report 2012 of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG

Annual Financial Report. Part 1: Annual Report 2012 Part 2: Financial Statements and management report 2012 of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG Annual Financial Report Part 1: Annual Report 2012 Part 2: Financial Statements and management report 2012 of Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG 1 2012 Annual Report Welcome to the connected world We are

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BEYOND MAINSTREAM FRONTRUNNERS POTENTIALISTS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS INDUSTRY 4.0. The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed BEYOND MAINSTREAM POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed MARCH 2014 THE BIG 3 1 40% is the share of worldwide manufacturing (a total

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Service now! Time to wake up the sleeping giant

Service now! Time to wake up the sleeping giant Service now! Time to wake up the sleeping giant How service can boost long-term growth with attractive returns in industrial goods businesses Imprint Editor Bain & Company Germany/Switzerland, Inc. Karlsplatz

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of any business is in its people

of any business is in its people the true value of any business is in its people annual report 2008 contents profile 3 our services 4 our mission, global presence and culture 5 our core values, unit model and strategic approach 6 profile

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AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer

AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer AmongstUs A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009 AmongstUs is printed on environmentally friendly, chlorine free paper Siemens Africa cluster launched Our future is green Empowerdex level

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INDUSTRY 4.0 POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS HESITATORS. The role of Switzerland within a European manufacturing revolution BEYOND MAINSTREAM

INDUSTRY 4.0 POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS HESITATORS. The role of Switzerland within a European manufacturing revolution BEYOND MAINSTREAM BEYOND MAINSTREAM POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS Special Issue Switzerland The role of Switzerland within a European manufacturing revolution MARCH 2015 THE BIG 3 1 2is the number

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Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 *

Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2011 31.12.2011 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 * Annual Report 211 Profile Delticom is Europe s leading online tyre retailer. Founded in 1999, the Hanover-based company has more than 1 online shops in 41 countries, among others the ReifenDirekt domains

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ANNUAL REPORT 2013. Ready for Industry 4.0

ANNUAL REPORT 2013. Ready for Industry 4.0 ANNUAL REPORT 2013 Ready for Industry 4.0 Our title illustration shows the manufacturing of the future with no assembly line. Components move on their own initiative to production islands. Contents 02

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IFFOCUS. Logistics Connects. Smart Planning for Sustainable Success 1/2011

IFFOCUS. Logistics Connects. Smart Planning for Sustainable Success 1/2011 IFFOCUS Logistics Connects 1/2011 Smart Planning for Sustainable Success Developing Tomorrow s Logistics: Interview with Dr. Keith Ulrich from DHL Efficient Transportation Systems: Smartly Organized Flows

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Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2013 31.12.2013 01.01.2012 31.12.2012

Key Figures. /+ (%, %p) 01.01.2013 31.12.2013 01.01.2012 31.12.2012 Annual Report 213 Profile Delticom is Europe s leading online tyre retailer. Founded in 1999, the Hanover-based company has more than 1 online shops in 42 countries, among others ReifenDirekt, www.mytyres.co.uk

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Manufacturing Consulting. Turning strategy into reality

Manufacturing Consulting. Turning strategy into reality Manufacturing Consulting Turning strategy into reality What We Can Do For You As a leading provider of Business & IT Consulting, NTT DATA offers: Consulting services that span the entire value chain and

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A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change

A nnual Report 2009 UNIT4 Em br Annual Report 2009 acing Change Annual Report 2009 Contents About UNIT4 Creating value Message from the CEO Company profile Product portfolio overview Key figures 2009 Our identity, vision, mission and strategic approach UNIT4 and our

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BEYOND MAINSTREAM #DIGITAL IMPACT SHARED MOBILITY. How new businesses are rewriting the rules of the private transportation game JULY 2014

BEYOND MAINSTREAM #DIGITAL IMPACT SHARED MOBILITY. How new businesses are rewriting the rules of the private transportation game JULY 2014 BEYOND MAINSTREAM #DIGITAL IMPACT P P P How new businesses are rewriting the rules of the private transportation game JULY 2014 THE BIG 3 1 50% of car owners in industrialized countries would, in principle,

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Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015

Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015 Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015 Detailed insight into how Machine-to-Machine communications and the Internet of Things are driving business transformation around the world m2m.vodafone.com Vodafone Power to

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Innovating automotive retail

Innovating automotive retail Advanced Industries Innovating automotive retail Journey towards a customer-centric, multiformat sales and service network Consider a few staggering facts about the changes in automotive retail In China,

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Design the future. Annual Report 2014

Design the future. Annual Report 2014 Design the future Annual Report 2014 Technological progress paves the way for future success. To ensure that our fleet customers are always well positioned, we work systematically on solutions for tomorrow.

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press Conference Fiscal 2009/2010 based on preliminary figures

press Conference Fiscal 2009/2010 based on preliminary figures press Conference Fiscal 2009/2010 based on preliminary figures Düsseldorf, November 09, 2010 2 Key Figures 2009/2010. Financial Statement ( million) 3 2009/2010 1 2008/2009 2 Change Net sales 2,239 2,250

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Postgraduate Prospectus 2014/15

Postgraduate Prospectus 2014/15 Postgraduate Prospectus 2014/15 UK university Masters and MBAs delivered by online distance learning Flexible university study to fit your lifestyle Our UK Partners Contents 2 5 7 8 10 11 12 14 15 16 The

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FINAL TRANSCRIPT. Intact Financial Corporation. Investor Day. Event Date/Time: November 27, 201308:30 a.m. E.T. Length: 180 minutes

FINAL TRANSCRIPT. Intact Financial Corporation. Investor Day. Event Date/Time: November 27, 201308:30 a.m. E.T. Length: 180 minutes Intact Financial Corporation Investor Day Event Date/Time: November 27, 201308:30 a.m. E.T. Length: 180 minutes 1 CORPORATE PARTICIPANTS Dennis Westfall Vice President, Investor Relations, Intact Financial

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