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1 Spec Issue f Inenn Cnfeence n Busness Resech, Dep f Cmmece, Fcuy f Scence nd Humnes SRM Insue f Scence & Techngy, Knkuhu, Tmndu. STUDY ON COMMON HURDLES AND GENDER DISCRIMINATIONS FACED BY WOMEN EMPLOYEES WITH REFERENCE TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CHENNAI D.G.SANGEETHA Asssn pfess,depmen f Cmmece, Fcuy f Scence nd Humnes, SRM Insue f Scence nd Techngy,Knkuhu.M: Absc Ths esech ppe expes he ssue f gende dscmnn n he wk pce; specfcy ssess hw gendeed ssumpns ffec wmen nd fnd u he fcs ffecng wmen s pcpn n mngemen nd scen whehe pecncepns egdng gende ccu n he pfessn seng nd hw hndes wmen s dvncemen n p nkng mngemen psns. D gheed n w fms pmy d nd secndy d. The fndngs fm he sudy eveed h wmen e ndeed undeepesened n he mngemen. Thee e seve fcs he nsun eves pevenng qufed wmen fm scendng sen psns n Infmn Techngy. The sudy gues h f wmen pcpe n mngemen specy n Infmn Techngy sec effecvey, sme f hebes mus be emved, nd suggess wys hepfu enhnce wmen s pcpn n wkpce. Keywds: wmen, dscmnn, equy, nequy, gende. I. INTRODUCTION The gwh f nn es n s cpcy eeve he sus f he wekes secn f s scey especy wmen. Ind s ne f he few cunes n he wd whee wmen nd men hve ney he sme fe expecncy bh. The fc h he ypc feme dvnge n fe expecncy s n seen n Ind suggess h hee e sysemc pbems wh wmen s heh. Indn wmen hve hgh my es, pcuy dung chdhd nd n he pducve yes. The heh f Indn wmen s nnscy nked he sus n scey. The wmen n Ind beng vus sc-ecnmc bckgunds nd e smemes mgnzed negeced when cmes bsc hehce. Wmen hweve, e he vey bckbne f ny scey nd f ne needs hehy scey, he wmen need be we ken ce ff. Resech n wmen s sus hs fund h he cnbuns Indn wmen mke fmes fen e veked nd nsed hey e vewed s ecnmc buden. Wmen py cuc e n he scecnmc devepmen f cuny. Despe he unpecedened gwh nd devepmen, wmen s psn hs wsened cnsdeby n evey sphee wh he excepn f sme gns f mdde css wmen n ems f educn nd empymen. Ind hs wnessed gende nequy fm s ey hsy due s sc, ecnmc nd egus pcces h esued wde gp beween he psn f men nd wmen n he scey. Hw we cn fge h men nd wmen e he w whees f c whse equ pcpn s needed n nn pgess. Whu he devepmen f ne we cnn mgne he devepmen f he. Men nd wmen e he w hves f humny wh need equ supp nd cpen nd whu he ne; nhe ne cnn ech up he exceence. Wmen fce dscmnn gh fm he chdhd. Gende dspes n wmen s ecnmc pcpn hve emned deep nd pessen n Ind. Subsn gende gp exss n bu fce pcpn. Wmen n u cuny suffe fm he dsdvnges epessns ccdng gende nd css. They e vcms f he mupe negve fcs, nd hey fce bh vec (css) nd hzn (gende) ppessns. Thee e gende dffeences n evey sphee f scey. In Ind, he sun s ws due egn, egus nd cuu dffeences nd ubnu dspes. Anmen f equy n humn cpbes especve f gende n vus dmensns hs hdy ny enve n he pcess wds n pm sc-ecnmc devepmen f ny cuny. In fc, esbshng eve pyng fed n ems f pvsns f sc nd ecnmc ppunes f men nd wmen especve f cse nd ceed shud be he nm n ny jus scey. Abens fm hs nm mnfes sef n he fm f gende bs n humn nmen whch f e s gwng mse n he sc-ecnmc funcnng f numbe f devepng cunes. Gende dscmnn gns wmen n he mke pce educes he vbe en n n ecnmy, whch hs negve ecnmc cnsequences. Gende dscmnn kes mny fms. Mny sc pcces seen s nm fm egus cuu pn f vew (whch my hve deep hsc s) eve wmen u f he ecnmc mnsem. These sc pcces my hve pfund ecnmc cnsequences becuse hey d n w scey ke dvnge f he en nheen n wmen. Wmen n Ind fce dscmnn n evey dmensns, ehe s sc, ecnmc pc. They hd n nfe sus ve. Gende nequy pevs n wk, educn, cn f fd, heh Inenn Jun f Resech n Engneeng, IT nd Sc Scences Pge 174

2 ce nd fey chces. Mny devepng cunes ncudng Ind hve dspyed Gende nequy n educn, empymen nd heh. 1.1 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Gende dscmnn nd nfe sus f wmen hve been mj dwbcks n he mdenzn f Indn Scey. In de cheve he g empwe wmen n ps ndependen ped, numbe f seps wee ken by he gvenmen. As esu, Sevenh ( ) & Egh ( ) Fve Ye Pns gve spec enn nd emphssed n pvdng me heh fces neged wh fmy wefe nd nun f wmen, cceen f wmen s educn, he ncese n he b fce nd wefe sevces. Vus wefe nd devepmen schemes hve been nduced mpve he vng cndns f wmen nd ncese he ccess me nd sc esuces. Gende dscmnn uns he empyees emny be, smpe pece vng empyees nsfm n pnd nd suspcus, fefu nd ngy ndvdus. Emnn f Gende Dscmnn s cuc f he ssfcn nd mvn, cmmmen nd enhussm nd ess sess f he empyees. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. T exmne he sc-ecnmc pfe f he seeced espndens. 2. T denfy he gende dffeences n empymen fcs nd wkng cndns. 3. T sudy pecepn f he empyees n equ ppunes wk, decsnmkng, emumens, fces, benefs nd pbems wk pce. 4. T ssess he neen beween peceved gende dscmnn wkpce nd pfessn gwh f feme empyees. 5. T sudy he gende dffeences n he pecepn f he empyees n he deemnns f jb ssfcn. 6. T ecmmend pces educe gende dscmnn. II. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ths esech ppe ms knw bu he gende dscmnn n he wkpce wh spec efeence Infmn Techngy ndusy n Chenn. The d wee ceced usng quesnne wh hee ps f quesn schedue. Fs p nvves he d cecn f demgphc fcs, secnd p nvves he d nyss f wkpce ssfcn nd hd p nvves wh cen vbes f d nyss usng -es, ANOVA nd Fc nyss. The numbe f smpe s 150 (n= 150). The fs nd fems nyss ws mde wh egds f demgphc fcs f he espndens, he be cn be efe f he demgphc fcs ke Gende, Age, Educn, Incme eve, Fmy sus, nd M sus. Tbe 1 Demgphc Fcs Pcus Gende Educn Qufcn Age Incme eve M sus N. f Respndens Pecenge Me % Feme % Secndy eve 12 8% Gdue % Ps Gdue Pfessn qufcn % % Bew 25 yes Yes Yes Abve 45 yes % % % % Bew 15, ,000 26,000 35,000 36,000 50,000 Abve 50, % % % 21 14% % Un med % Med % Fmy sus Jn fmy 48 32% Inenn Jun f Resech n Engneeng, IT nd Sc Scences Pge 175

3 V % T f C V u m u n % c T e v e f C % V u m u n % T c v e f C % V u m u n c e v e % Nuce fmy % Suce : Pmy D Infeence f he bve be 1.1 The bve be mkes ce pcue bu he demgphc fc f hs esech ppe. Mjy f he espndens e me (76.67%), wh he gdun (49.33%) n he ge gup f yes. Mjy f he espnden ncme eve s 16, (30.67%), whch s fwed by bve 50,000 ncmes (23.33%). Ms f he espndens e med (77.33%). The fmy sus s nuce fm f fmy sucue. Fc Anyss Tbe 2 KMO nd Be's Tes Kse-Meye-Okn Mesue f Smpng Adequcy. Be's Tes f Sphecy.673 Appx. Ch-Sque Df 276 Sg..000 The KMO mesue f smpng dequcy s.673, Be s es f Sphecy wh ppxme Chsque vue e sscy sgnfcn 5 % eve. Ths shws h he smpe sze s deque f 50 vbes denfy he pedmnn fcs. In Egenvues V Tbe 3 T Vnce Expned Excn Sums f Squed Ldngs Rn Sums f Squed Ldngs V In Egenvues Excn Sums f Squed Ldngs Excn Mehd: Pncp Cmpnen Anyss. Rn Sums f Squed Ldngs Accdng he fc nyss esu he Tbe 1.3 epesens he T vnce expned unde he n egenvues nd excn sques. The fcs deved e me pppe f epesenng he ppun pmee. The cmmunes vues nges fm Ths ndces h he 24 vbes pssess he vnces ngng fm 48% 81.1% whch s hghy cnducve f he devn f menngfu fcs. The cumuve vnce s fund be % nd he ndvdu vnces e , , , 8.216, 6.721, 5.636, nd 4.572%. These vues cey ndces he fc deved pssess pppe vnces cnn he vbe. The denfcn f fcs nd he vbe dngs e pesened bew. On he he hnd n sums f squed dng epesens he equzed vues wh he excn nd n dng s cceped he eve f sgnfcnce. Accdng he esu he d educn wee mde nd he vues e nsfmed cmpnen mx unde egh cmpnens s shwn bew s Tbe 4. Tbe 1.4 Cmpnen Mx Scng Cmpnens scng The nue f jb sus yu sks nd bes. The mun f wk yu d n dy s much me hn.175 yu cpcy. Wmen e ced me wk n yu gnzn.652 s cmped men n sm jb psns. Wmen fcus me n quy f wk s cmped men. Men ge me bed due une nue.649 f wk s cmped wmen. Men wy me.600 bu wk even Inenn Jun f Resech n Engneeng, IT nd Sc Scences Pge 176

4 Cmpnens scng fe wkng hus s cmped wmen. Wmen fee exhused he end.412 f he wkdy s cmped men. Yu fen hve sy e he.127 wkpce cmpee he wk. Yu fen hve sy e he.127 wkpce cmpee he wk. Yu fen cme ey he.083 wkpce cmpee he wk. Yu jb espnsbes e.086 cey knwn yu. Yu fen eceve cndcy nsucns fm dffeen ffces egdng yu wk. Wmen n yu gnzn e n gven ce nsucns s cmped men, wheneve new sk s ssgned. Wmen e n pvded wh suffcen esuces.172 ccmpsh sk s cmped men n yu gnzn Yu se ce pes he jb ssgned yu. Yu ce yu me n such mnne s h yu.021 cn bnce bh wkpce nd hme. Muu cpen nd em-sp exss mng he empyees f yu gnzn. Yu supe gves yu he needed.223 gudnce nd supp. Wmen emphsze me n Cmpnens scng nepesn ens s cmped men n yu gnzn. Wmen e me ende-heed hn men. Yu fee cmfbe wkng wh bh men nd wmen cegues. Wmen n yu gnzn pefe men nd n wmen s he bss. Wmen e n gven due ecgnn n ppn he mun f wk hey d s cmped men. Wkng cndns e ssfcy n yu gnzn. Infeence f he bve be The bve sed vbes e hghy ssced wh he cuen sudy nd mny esued he sgnfcn vbes wh gee vue. Geney he pme esns espnsbe f Gende Dscmnn wkpce such s hee pevs fvsm f men n sme gnzn whe n he he hnd unf emen s gven wmen. Gende dscmnn wkpce my be peven wmen fm becmng fnncy ndependen. Thee s unceny whch s emns wh wmen empyee. F exmpe, wmen s by ge pegnn. Empye my cnsde hs fc n gvng dvncemen ppunes. Sme wmen e vey cve n he gnzn nd hey e n hghe psn s. In he vew f hs, he gnzn s empye my fee nsecuy h wmen empyee my pve bee hn men n ms specs f pens. Mny wkng wmen pefm mjy f husehd dues ncudng kng ce f n- ws, cenng nd chdce. In me dmnn scey, s ssumed h he ncme f wmen s suppemeny ncme nd n pme ncme nd h s why wmen shud n be gven pmn nd hgh sy s bscy hey d n eque. The he esn f gende dscmnn s h men e n used see Inenn Jun f Resech n Engneeng, IT nd Sc Scences Pge 177

5 wmen n me pwefu psn. Educn gp my be cnsdeed s nhe mn esn f gende dscmnn. Ths ws ue befe 80 s. Nw--dys scen s y dffeen. Wmen e s geng hghe educn nd heeby hs educn gp s becmng nw dy by dy. Afe cqung deque educn qufcn, he he hndnce s f mge he Indn cusm n whch bde eve fhe s hme fm gm. N empye s edy ffe pemnen jb unmed feme n hs egd. Theefe he bve sed esns shud be esed nd pvde gende equy n evey sec. Suggesn nd Cncusns I s vey mpn f ny empye ke pcve mesue cn Gende Dscmnn wkpce. I jny espnsby f Humn Resuce Depmen nd he pesnne ecung empyees fgue u he wy n whch hey cn mnge gende equy n he gnzns. Ognzns hve ppe undesndng bu gende dscmnn nd HR Pesnne shud wys be e egdng gende dscmnn n he gnzn s n ny hms he pesge f he cmpny bu s s eg cvy. Bew e sme suns whch cn be pped n he gnzn nd gende dscmnn wkpce cn be mnmzed. A he me f ppnmen, ce ce f evun shud be esbshed nd HR Pesnne shud sck especve f gende f empyee. Tnspency mus be mnned whe hng, pmng demng empyees n he fm. Gende bsed pymen dspes shud n be enened n he gnzn, he e pymen sysem mus be bsed n he quy nd quny f pducn cu hus f wk. Thse wmen wh e vcm f gende dscmnn mus cme fwd nd ep he cncen uhy. Wmen hemseves shud y knw nd be we bu gende dscmnn. In hs wy hee shud be weness mng wmen empyee s Andscmnn nng pgm shud be mde cmpusy nd nng shud be gven nd wke shud be mved nfm he bss bu gende dscmnn ehe gns hemseves gns hes. Empye shud bn cmpee nfmn bu dscmnn ws whch e ppcbe he fm/cmpny. A bd/cmmee shud be esbshed mpemen n-dscmnn pcy. Cmmee shud cey ecfy ech css f dscmnn ke c, gende, seny, pducvy nd egn. One ndscmnn ce shud be ceed nd shud nvesge bu he cmpns s sn s pssbe whu ny dey. N ny hs, bu necessy cns mus be ken wheeve necessy. Thee shud be cnnuus ssessmen f empyee needs n he gnzn. Feedbck shud be bned fm empyees n nfm wys bu he dy dy cves. If empyees e ssfed, hey cnsdeed h he mngemen kes ce f hem. The me w bs, pducvy w ncese nd cmpny w be benefed. F exmpe, sexu hssmen s s fm f gende dscmnn. Mngemen mus be cncen knw f ny men empyee wkng n he cmpny s mkng wmen empyee fee uncmfbe. Numbe f wmen ke KnBed, Fs Indn Ldy IPS Offce, KpnChv f NASA nd Pbh P, fs wmen pesden f Ind hve cheved ge heghs. Whe numbe f wmen e s svng nd e n be cme up wh he pen n hs me dmnn scey. Ppe fmewk wh cnsucve pnnng s equed hs juncue mke he wmen fee fm gende dscmnn wkpce n Infmn Techngy ndusy. REFERENCES 1. Avessn, M. & Bng, Y. D. (2007). Undesndng Gende nd Ognzns Lndn, Sge. 2. Adyf-Schndf, E. (2005). Dffeen Pces, Dffeen Vces: Gende nd Devepmen. Genev, Swzend. 3. Akwh, A. B. (2009). Wmen Mnges: Pspecs nd Chenges. Jun f Educn nd Sc Mngemen 16: Chudh, B., &A.K.Pngh. (2013). Gende Bs n Indn Indusy. The jubn f Indn Sscs, V.2, N.1, E.Rju. (Jn 2014). Gende Dscmnn n Ind. IOSR Jun f Ecnmcs nd Fnnce (IOSR-JEF), V.2 (Issue 5), Eseve-V, B. (Jnuy 2004). Gende Dscmnn nd Gwh:They nd Evdence fm Ind Resech jun s Jun f Educn, V.2, N.4, Dvsn, H. &. Buke H. (2000). Sex dscmnn n smued empymen cnexs: A Menycnvesgn. Jun f Vcn Behv, 56, Dk, R. (2008). Sveegn vue: he hey nd pcce f equy. Cmbdge, Mss. Lndn, Hvd Unvesy Pess. 10. Fe, M. &. (2004). Newkng behvs nd cee ucmes: Dffeences f men nd wmen? Jun f Ognzn Behv, 25, Inenn Jun f Resech n Engneeng, IT nd Sc Scences Pge 178