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1 D TE T E C OUP, t\ OU AC E,a!, /r LJ 0 cc c: cn r;, r t :L, HUMaER OF OJCTS :S :\) ), _ " \ { TYPE Or 0 8SERV TON i COU fse, } ",,J L" L :,, &? t o:{ o:t _ 000 "t J 0,,4 \,, o d \ " c ::t u ) ; cifoi _; o i t ti : Ob e : t, n" o :o c: :0 n r " ), J) J,,, A, r 7 t 3? H O ros? PHYSCAL E/O!NC 0 Y \" _ fi O W FTO S! " u OJ29 TOE),,, taa,,, ""

2 , r,, \ t,,, k! " t # "!::" c NCLASS/FJED GN <=>) ;, "* :: J,; "!r xnc : _, 5:; AD 9 & 8,,, "" " r : t: i 09:03 v \ t\ ) &,,, : r, /AT/ :),, #7 /, : ties \! " : #

3 4 "" Aaska Rt POH T 0 CA 0 J53 AR N"JELLGENCE NFORMATON REPORT 3 CT j Sight of Un dentitied Li sr:rt,j EPOfrto o 4 fro i;r, J! Aaska Oth Ur Di7js! on DeCe ) o \ ;>F R!POAT =,:C:::,; : " "A CH A " C, 2Q_eb _ 5) i, \R 0 BY J7Utr ) = : _ Rort M ant, 2nd Lt, _es :A! RF"E REhC 5 C" cu P4 SUa Jrm ftu rij)or, 4!"/ " 9 b _2_,,, cr,!_;:: Ma i or, tf> \F La ; J5;, _ }f,sg DTC 7/ 3_eb Msg_ o 0670 \AAY : Erucr c:t< tt "" <Jrf J/ rr,pfr G "f" tnt ",,,4 onc_,ent,te puruqff p /,J wdof a! tctr t] J;iJm trt of,, nqrt vn : ttr / Jr t t i"d t;,jed! tbe appra:date hours of 0945Z and 005Z, 7 FebM?J 95J, 9D uni dentiti:jd r ying Objec t was observad :" t n gsner s a_ea or LfiO"J a3 0 GECJEF )_B 5545) The object, which aopeare j to be a r ti ; t wa3 s:r=: t e:! iroa a C4 7 a ircrai"; AY 042) by two rau piots t he 2! :t, iga tion M3 t that and re v a sd no airc r aft vt "a tr ca! vans de n fca t i on has no t be n pos b3 o t i n t>jc_: Pffi OVED UnQ t OR! COMA T ;),_ / CiCJL ficv EA:,_ EAP c 3004tJ ASS st Ccmposi te Wing SOOtb CCposte Wing!J,u,r"NT t"fnta NTtnN,U w T r; nr N&Tin, r c:rrcr \: TUC: 39th r De pot W!"g Ten

4 " t,! J t CG T, "\, " "" r "\ " n,, L L r J,,, _] n: :c! L,,_ L J, J,, v J ;, r:, J L _,, nls J \ C L : ""\ :; J ) / t, _ i J n, "" J M \ " T L ", r \: v n!" u r L " " L / : J,,, J T Oi h tlj,_ o J L r J \,, :,! 0 J <J\VNGRA DD \ T DECfi E U, o) J, " " y;: n : Tr: L,_ f:, J_) : \ r t \ E " RS DOD DR S ; ) _, " :!J t _, t + " \ tjnclass\fed i c " r :;o ion rs )\L,&!Y \ )_ 0,, piijt and :an in,cnutnr in : CA7 nva Tnm:e i n \rma h:a, ncu \nthtr:t&cc ;\J" :tw: rrt u that tu y pa ccd tn w t :nruaft r,c mik :a " ) \ " dav " d t o >,,;cr ami hrit;htcro :u ht:arrd to:artf tt n"!\,,,,,, r, : P:t r \ o \ n "r rrir 0 \!C: t! : it :t :h n c r r _ ft, : r 0 :) t ", \,\ \Cd r J, r r C t " \ 0 0 brr h J; 0 " H rj, " v

5 r FOR M 2? RT J C P"\ J j R U C LAS:FiED NiELL!GENCE JNFCRMAT0N REPOT "t" J, : G Oh ir iision Defense) 0\DJ _ Ft 0< i 7oowi ng i3 an account jer r7ed f r om an inrv i,_ it:, :!a_jor Joes!>h! Lemo", i \) SJ 53 : At aj ttox:im3 t7 2)50 :T) 6 7!!b 95) CJ, 7, A CU, o,d by " jar J )son 3 rm, " 0 3J 5J,,a!k ::\rryj"g a;:vd:o _;,30e 5 v:"mjr, \:, of) 2J,, " S instructor oiot, vas st oi?e aand and South of \rch o r 3 orcr t ho J<J,tn o: sb,l:,, GEm? P"s:! tion B 550) fy_ g on tt! aopro:dma e hfaj!n of :orrheast At that tiue an object, deecribed as : r ounj ::ad i5ht a!)proxi a tey he sise ot a rng nav a ion ight of an a i:"eraft apur ox tr:c7 ri ;e :nib!:} Jista:tt, :;as obeerv!d at a te ocock position from t C47 r he C 47 ri:t :7i: nt 20f"0 i f3et and n 2t ws ea timt,ad to be!!t OCO 3 T:s t i aj :eo J h ] :orison a t th point The object ras estimated to e,:>st of /ir T:t::! nnd ;,r:j ""eedizut on :e saop c our s!s h e C7 at ruij o 3peu / ",,! :r :ad ::> be J:o coa,j"=tn i t JJ!t raized tbtt he red _i a, " i::h is :o:a on tctt j 3t"t ving of srcraft, ;as ap"frent7 on t:e ri h <i::9 ";: "Ain ;,,; "nta!! c t : "oy radio, t:8 me ndort C\ r d the e!r9st r ads: 5tati:>o n ;n :o:t to itteniy h e objeet as s j et air c r t 9th the tover and the rd s t io r cor d o ; :! t e airborne and the rad8 r a t a tion as unabe t,:, pi ex u:> a f,: ng J ) ;ect in t:d ae i r r \ t The object eontinud n a s traiht course for the ;io r9 a 3o 7 ccl o approxiutey 2000 teet " td Jncreaing t) ttjiee ita origina siza ad intansi";7 )n reaching tie aboft pon ttte objeet seeu:ed to 3top and hang 3usrenCPd in rnidi:, } oaiataininp,\hat uspende J ftf) t ti on for approximate y five minutes t was Rbove the horion at thst point The C47 approached Y,,Pndorf and ent4!d the traftic pattarn i 500 et on he upvind eg!or run Jay r, continued on around t"e tr<it:c pa:ttan onto the ;!n approach then broke t f!ie and ci!d out!ga L" L or der to mon cosey )Osene the object Arter U J C4 7 had taken up & beading o 330 :nagnetic the object vas directy ahead o! t At this ti:re t he ight appeared to eontnue an a :orther eours and, g d uay diminishing in sie and intens i ty, dis:, a red!he C4 7 circed t he area nortb ot Ewendorf "for severe ad nutes 0t no rnrther s f«htings vere aade Uter the object bad disa ppetnd a C24 arri r!g at Emendorf!raa Ladd AB vas obsemed by tbe C47 piots at appror:dpte 7 the same poiut at ob tbe object diaapped!he duration of the sighting vas approx:mte:r 5 mi"utes under CA7TJ,esther onditons Aurora Boreais iuminated the sky behind tie object Tne ou7 j eseiption ot the object vas that it,s a r otjnd, red ight, ro aci te ; mnng ighta o an aireratt HO\entr, t he shjce As n," ri Mtr7 st!er a i:fe the obeer \ ", "" V,, ; \, _, _) J c\:5sfr; n \ : A, A, JJ """o D n:o, >s r " L, J

6 , r J \, L" " :,: /E:: :UNE :Jd UN CLSS t Ft C:::J AR NTELLGENCE NFORM A TJOt REPORT L Fooirut s an account ::eri r J : a 86 u 7 : OAD3 53 t r am an i:te:"7ie" vit!: Cap\:a:!n Eugene S C!"ner, On 6!o 953, at &??T hour3 AST), a C 47, 7 C42, ooed J fs jor Joesph H Lemon, JO 8J 53, and crrying as instrctor piot Caotaio Lne S ;, O , waa proeejdi::g on an a ppr oach h e adin of 00 jegrees JB:!o tic ovard EL"terdorr Ar or D:" At thi * ime, Jh) n i: a ;r:> t:!on a o"tox tn 4a:7 r,a n 0) :uids!aat ot Fire 3and oter Turnagain Arn GECREF Poa ition 3!"? 5;;) :d appr :ccl at a speed r 20 b ot, CaptaL" : aoor ocsq t n,"\ ),oek OO!_ i o n t o the C47 A; thi3 time the t,;;it apoearcd to be 9 ta : i c"> ry \ ts ater t i: in coor from r,d to b uegmen Beieving i : to be cecjjia! "Jody or 3J a!reratt at some di:stance, Ca ptain C:r d i d to :e:n!on ais ocser"ra o:, : Major Lemon wti they had pr oceeded a ppr oxi"nbte7 ten m?s :t: r on tni= :ourae t t his t the ;zbt began to move in a aou :he 3 ter 7 d!rec:!on, "mu :: tain Cr :e!"! stmated t:s qpeed <Ud atit ude as bei:\g ar ur0xi:nauj :C:or,, r our at :co : et and its o:!ti:t posit i on a s bein : t :9 v : :!"!t7 be t tz : nd iov nasmuch e toe i ht nov apcearso a3 a co o :t red coor d ";as about "r,:e tze of & rttnjld{ ight of an aircr a :f t Jhe a 3d : frco 7Jis e S JA :SO : i atnce, C to ain Crmar :ntt n M iand it to a j t a :r s tr :i:>,9 er, a 3 a y ;ontnued oo ourse, the ou) ct versed its figh i the 7!in:7 or GZCR?osition BUB ) 030 and retaed at &J!)rox»te7 the same ::ed rd a:i ud9 to i":3 vrigine posi tion This tv r was accompis hed s t da3t on e anu oos,i::>y t i:e Jue to the f ac4 that the! ;,, Mtmained r ed weo tr avei n nor he >t 3 t in pn r O xj"iv ey i t oe direction as the 7 rather than appeuing gree n a 3 oud te :: t t"""l,li i gbt ot an!irerat:t Cap t ta ; r :UDer contacted the Emendorf to\er a a to wba t ce r an7 \ j ets ware airborne in the v Jcinity or whether tbe towr had Us o sihted te o bj 3t!he towr ans\ered in U e negative to both quest i ons Aftar reuestiag je t i:ne : :e ptioa of the object azd be iag advised that no airs : t en a,ao9 r or th t!ssicn, C tai n Cramer an,, jor U!mon received per!ni s s i on o r:7 a course t oyar ;:} e object, Jhicb then apjcu d to be o,er Jass Takin up a Qeadi:g o J45 iegxee eic and a ape r 50 knots, they broke ou t of the trat ic pstrn ard fv toward t!a object L rney continued onsr Kni k Laa on thi s course, the ig:tt,,_ sta tinary and befij to iereaae in eithe: size or briiane! unt! 3d to be about three time a ts origina proportion and apreared t o be te?ranp coor of maton iron u the C47 "ached t he a ocr oxtttata GECFEF P,st ion CF ddi s h CAB 530, at about 0005 hour, 7Peb 953, the objeet began to ::O"fe ag!un, t his t 0 a headi ng bet satn < nd 290 degrees tio at an estimat!d ati tude of 2500 t t, and at ad tmbovn speed t graduay assed a bright r ed coar acd bepa to d:zdnsb i aise unti it disappeand about 45 seconds a ter f Uter circing tor senra minutes and making nd mo obsertations of thp object, the C47 retarded to EmeDdort Air Foree Ba3e and and d?r0!e :h e the ight, first ob, errpd mt:u i J;a:!::c q aet=! i i 0 i anee ha ignt appe d ::> have the baj! ova 30!:: "Ar t : : i::: :::> :" o r :,r nts :! g;,, :4 size or C:n::Jisnc i r "s :me J "3,! c,a 3 )?C,, :e ic "! s heard o re any smoke or 7 or trs ij d d"\ "O of" the s!t:: :i:: ms a ppra;_:n; 7 :!:"r nditions \ : "0 tme id e J rs et or :J 3B!z:t ::> f i: _, _ " i,

7 F FO RM 2PRT :JNCLASSFED AJR JNT:LLJGENCE NFORMATO REPORT o L,m,,, CQ Oth Air Diruion Defanse) c oofbn!s CF?PE?ARL GF:trcEa: 0iJ 5J 4 ;a """ t is beie ted that the aoureea of this nror:ua t io" are ver,r r9iabe Eoth officers apoearf)d to ce 3taoe "!d inteigent; and tot : cou! be \,:e,"afi" :, from a numoor of years!7 xrer)r, to a,;l u, "! r:u :;"d th : J observ&tions ;at ber bad! prconce ive d ooin ons c onct>rning u i eot it i a d t yin )bjects,!"d 3eermed to be omp atey )Ojdctive in r :J! : " ei: O":i vc ou3 i poesibuities as t o the source of this { t :tav ce e: o9xrunined "ith!0 i i:!sntifica:ion be in &de Apparent ce descrencies tofe>o t::e :H" c,e:nents of the to of!iee:s :nay be attribu ted to the fact t! t the i Rh r ;a3 bi ti:r o cs ev n 7 :, :r! LJOD approximatey rive minutes attar bel"g fi!st Si,5:ted oy Cauta" Cr9r, s!d that the officers yere e" f d L b::l:ginp heir a irc t rc::> :,e:i or, ) : \ C:t 4 P\G J ROBERT M G\LU: 2nd L t cs L";" Co:mba t :tei9nce )fficer!