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1 Madison Park Business and Arts Academy in Sobrante Park (MPA) Mission: MPA Park Business and Arts Academy shall provide all TK-12 students a full service, rigorous and thought-provoking education that empowers all students to become productive, responsible citizens who are successful in college and beyond. Philosophy Core beliefs Madison Park Academy (MPA) embraces these concepts: *Education is a shared responsibility of everyone, including administration, faculty, students, parents and school community. *Educators must be caring and attentive role models, guiding students in character development and personal growth, and preparing them for present and future academic challenges. *A safe and secure environment, marked by respect for the rights of self, others, and acceptance and personal responsibility, it is conductive to effective learning. *Education must encompass the development of the whole individual: academic, aesthetic, creative, social, physical, and emotional. *Students are individuals whose learning is influenced by age, prior knowledge, background, experience, personality, and physiology. *Instruction should be researched-based, data driven, project-based, and student-focused. *Curriculum should be challenging, and focused on improving students learning. *The learning environment and educational process should recognize different learning styles, abilities, and interest. *Education is most effective when the learner is actively engaged in the learning process. *Education should provide meaningful and relevant experiences that parallel those found in everyday life. *Establishing realistic, yet challenging, expectations and making learners responsible for their achievement promotes excellence. *A student s school experience should foster self-esteem and self-confidence, which are integral components of the successful learner. *Education should develop a sense of values within each student to assist them in understanding themselves and how their values related to the world in which they live. *Education should foster independent thinking and encourage creativity, thoughtful decision making, critical analysis, and an appreciation and understanding of difference in opinion. *The school experience should promote positive interpersonal relationships where students can work cooperatively with partner, group, or team to become caring, sharing, individuals, aware of the concerns of others. *Education should encourage responsible citizenship and global awareness. 1

2 *Education should instill PRIDE, PURPOSE, PERSERVERANCE, and POSSIBILITIES and a desire for lifelong learning. Love and Logic Our staff dedicates itself to individualizing disciplinary procedures and to help students see reasonable connections between their behavior and the resulting consequences. *Students are guided and expected to solve their problems, or the ones they create, without creating problems for anyone else. *Students are given opportunities to make decisions and live with consequences, be they good or bad. *Misbehavior will be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving in preparation for the real world. School Climate Positive School Climate The image a school portrays is often determined by the climate of the school. The climate is determined by the hospitality of the staff, the behavior of its students, and the physical appearance of the building. We must all -students, teachers, administration, staff, parents, and community members show pride by doing our share to make our school a better place in which to learn and work. Student Responsibilities *Accept responsibility for your academic achievement, behavior and actions. *Be courteous and show respect toward others and their property. *Keep hands, feet, and all objects to yourself. *Do NOT bully or use inappropriate language or gestures. *Keep ALL inappropriate and non-school items at home (gum, candy, toys, balls, electronic equipment, etc.) *Follow all rules specific to locations and activities such as classroom, hallways, locker room, the playground, and other outsides areas, field trips, assemblies, the library, computer lab, and Multi-Purpose Room. Parental Support *Review the school rules with your child(ren). *Do not allow your child to arrive at school before 8:00am, on the elementary and middle school campuses, and on the high school campus. *Make sure your child is at school on time every day no later than 7:55am, for the Middle and High Campuses. *Emphasize to your child the importance of appropriate behavior at school. *Communicate with your child s teacher before/after * school or during their prep period if your child is having difficulty with the school s rules, citizenship plan, or grade level academic standards. *Ask your school principal to coordinate a meeting with all of your child s teachers, and counselor, if difficulties have not been resolved. *If corrective measures are necessary, work with teachers and administrators to design and implement a plan of action that will address *Be on time and prepared to learn. 2

3 individual needs and can be effectively reinforced both at school and at home. Administrator s Responsibility *Establish the school-wide disciplinary policy. *Work closely with parents, teachers, and students to promote and reinforce the school discipline and academic plans. *Provide support and guidance when inappropriate behavior has not been correct through classroom procedures. *Structure an academic program/master schedule that holds teacher s accountable to teach, and students accountable for their own learning. Academic Program Instructional Program Student instruction is based on the state and districted-adopted, standards-based/common core curriculum for each grade level in the core content areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Lesson planning and assessment are based on multiple measures, including district and state standards-based tests. Our goal is to help each students master these standards. We offer remedial, accelerated, and enrichment programs based on individual students needs. Small group instruction, reading and math interventions, before and after-school support, tutoring and homework help, honors, and GATE academies all benefit our students. Students may be recommended for other remedial strategies by our Instructional Team. Some students may qualify for extra assistance in our intervention, speech, or Special Day Class as part of our Special Education Department. Information and registration for GATE academies, tutoring, and homework help will be available in August during registration. If you have any questions or concerns about SES programs or your child s placement, please speak to Ms. Saulsberry our school counselor. Instructional Teams TK-5 students are grouped by grade level/ a combination of academic performance and appropriate age categories. 6-8 grade level students are grouped into instructional Professional Learning Communities (PLC s) language arts, science, social studies, and math. These teachers will work with the physical education department and elective teachers a needed, to help students be successful in all classes grade level students are grouped into Academic Courses Core Courses TK-5 Academic Program: -English Language Arts -Mathematic -Science -Social Studies -Physical Education -Art/Music Teachers are also encouraged to integrate curriculum subjects to create academic 3

4 experiences aligned to common care and reallife tasks. 6 th grade students all have the following cored academic program: -Language Art/History (2hr Block) -Math/Science (2hr Block) -Physical Education (PE-1hr class) 7 th and 8 th grade students all have the following five core academic courses: -Language Arts -Mathematics -Science -Social Studies -Physical Education (PE) -Foreign Language -Art/Music Program Students who are performing below a proficient level on district benchmark and/or state mandated testing in Mathematics/Language Art will receive an additional period of math/language art instruction. 9 th Grade has the following academic program: English 9 (2hr block every other day) Modern World History (2hr block every other day) Biology (2hr block every other day) Algebra 1 or Advanced Algebra (1hr every day) Physical Education (1 hr every day) Extended Day All TK-5 students do not participate in an extended day. However, they do have the opportunity to participate in our after-school program Higher Ground. All 6-8 MPA students are expected to participate in our extended to participate in our extended day program, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 2:45pm-3:45pm. During this time students participate in intervention programs across campus, and homework clubs. Students who are performing at a proficient or higher level on state-mandated tests in language arts and mathematics are eligible to be excused from extended day programming. Students that leave campus at 2:45pm will NOT be able to participate in any after-school programming. All 9-12 MPA students are expected After-School Programs (Higher Ground) Trained staff funded through the 21-Century Grant will assist Elementary school students with homework, plan recreational games, and crafts, and special events for students to enjoy. An afternoon snack is provided. Higher Ground meets every day that school is in session including, minimum days. Families can register their children for the after-school program until all sessions are full to capacity. Ms. Khariyyah Shabazz-Wade and the Higher Ground will have registration material available during August registration. Space fills up quickly so talk with your child about their interest, and make sure to sign them up. 5% of MPA TK-5 students attending after school programming 90% of the time each academic 4

5 grade level grouping especially FB, BB, and ELL will experience increased opportunities to focus on literacy acquisition through read alouds, small group instruction and the use of structured strategies for after school learning acceleration. In partnership with teachers via academic liaison a comprehensive vocabulary skill building program focusing on high frequency words that align with classrom instruction including literature circles and review will be done. The following enrichment program is offered to our elementary school families: -Reading Support -Dance -Sports -oratorial competition -Competitive Karate -Art -Computer (Project Achieve) Trained staff funded through the 21-Century Grant will assist Middle and High students with homework, plan recreational games, and crafts, and special events for students to enjoy. An afternoon snack is provided. Project Achieve meets every day that school is in session including, minimum days. Families can register their children for the after-school program until all sessions are full to capacity. Ms. Marshall and the Project Achieve After- School Program will have registration material available during August registration. Spaces fill up quickly so talk with your child about their interest, and make sure to sign them up. Students in the program must be picked up no later than 6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 4:00pm on Wednesday s. The following are enrichment and recreation courses offered to MPA Middle and High School students: Sports Teams: basketball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, track and field, volleyball (for boys and girls) -cooking -computers -music/video -graffiti art -leadership -gardening -yearbook -hip hop 101 (Music writing course) -dance -debate -Tech-Bridge (girls only science program sponsored by Chabot Space and Science Center) -academic support -SES Providers -barber/beauty shop For more information about Project Achieve options talk with our Project Achieve staff in Room 29. Homework Policy 5

6 Homework is an important part of learning. Achieving mastery in anything requires practices. Homework helps students practice the skills and concepts they learned during class time. Expect your child to have homework each evening. Check your child s Student Planner (4-12) or notify your child s teaching team or teacher, if he or she seems to be spending to little or too much time completing homework assignments. Specific guidelines for homework will be explained in the class letter at the beginning of the year. Research shows that students who complete their homework show greater academic growth than students who don t. If homework is a problem for your child, you may wish to take advantage of our extended day support, and our after-school homework program. Contact our counseling/after-school program office for more information. Homework Guidelines All students should spend at least 20 minutes reading or being read to reach evening. As recommended by the National Education Association, in addition to nightly reading, a typical student should be expected to spend minutes per night in the first grade, and an additional 10 minutes per grade level thereafter (e.g., 20 minutes for second grade, 120 minutes for twelfth). High school students may sometimes do more, depending on what classes they take. Homework usually falls into one of three categories: practice, preparation, or extension. The purpose usually varies by grade. Individualized assignments that tap into students existing skills or interest can be motivating. At the elementary school level, homework can help develop skills and habits and can keep families informed about their child s learning. At the secondary school level, student homework is associated with greater academic achievement. Make-up Work It is the student s responsibility to ask each teacher for makeup work the day he or she returns to school following an absence. Students have one day for each day missed to complete and turn in any make-up work. If student is absent for two or more days, a parent or guardian may request class and homework assignments from the attendance/counselor s office, either in person or by phone. Please call the office before 9:30am to give teachers time to prepare homework for pick-up at 2:45pm, or later that day. Requests placed after 9:30am may be picked up the following school day. We make every effort to fill homework request as soon as possible. However, teachers may not be able to send assignments to the office until the day following the request. We appreciate your patience. Homework help and tutoring program The after-school program Higher Ground has structure homework support time in during the after-school program. Contact Higher Ground for more details. Secondary Level, students may sign up for homework club, which provides academic assistance. This program is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:45pm- 6

7 3:45pm. Contact your child s teacher or counselor for details. Teacher homework responsibilities *Plan meaningful homework related to classroom objectives. *Assign homework that is independent, practice, or follow-up of previously learned skills. *Consider and promptly evaluate returned homework. *Check to see if students can do homework assignment before leaving class. *Ask for progress reports on long-term homework projects. *Inform parents when a student repeatedly fails to complete homework assignment. Inform parents/recognize students that continuously turn in homework correctly and on time. *Recognize individual differences in students and adjust assignment to meet these needs. Student homework responsibilities *Know all homework assignments before leaving school (Use your student planner, and write them down!) *Take homework assignments home. *Spend the necessary time each night on homework. *Write down questions for anything you don t understand. (Ask for help if needed.) *Demonstrate pride in homework by doing work well, and with high quality. Parent homework responsibilities *Arrange a quite time and study area, including proper lighting. *Expect regular assignments *Encourage reading for pleasure *Spend a few minutes each evening reviewing and monitoring homework progress/completion. *Encourage your child to report to you about long term projects *See that your child recognizes papers for return on the right day and time. *Select a place where homework is ALWAYS placed so it is picked up each morning and returned to class. *Contact your child s teacher if assignments are not understood or are not arriving home. Physical Education MPA Elementary Goal for physical education is to help students adopt a lifetime of healthy habits. The classes are taught by their primary teacher and should foster social skills in addition to healthy habits. No additional dress requirement. MPA Middle Students need physical activity as well as academic stimulation. Our goal in Physical Education is to help students adopt a lifetime of healthy habits. Our curriculum provides a balanced program emphasizing social, physical, and personal skills. This is done through collaborative and cooperative team activities, stressing sportsmanship along with physical competence. 5 th, 7 th, and 9 th grade students will also participate in state physical testing. 7

8 All secondary students are required to dress in the school physical education clothes to participate in all physical education activities. Students must also wear appropriate footwear for physical education class. All students will be provided a locker to store their backpacks and regular clothes during their physical education class period. A lock can be purchased from the school for $5.00 *Secondary PE shirt and shorts ($25.00 for the set) *MPA sweats (optional, for cold weather, sweatshirt $17, sweatpants $17, or $34 for set) *MPA secondary students also may purchase a MPA hoddie for $25. Our hoddies come in a variety of colors, but must be ordered through the main office. Physical education classes, for secondary students, are held outside and in our gymnasium. For our elementary site, classes will be help outside. Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen during physical education classes, especially during the summer months. During extreme weather conditions, such as wind, heat, cold, precipitation, students will remain inside for physical education. Students we cannot participate in physical education classes due to injury or illness need a note from their parent. A doctor s note is required to excuse students from PE for any period of time longer than three days. Any student that has a doctor s medical excuse for missing physical education should report to school counselor for an IWE assignment. Students who do not dress appropriately for physical education classes will not be able to participate and will receive a consequence following progressive discipline guidelines. Special activity days will reward students who dress and participate appropriately in class during each grading period. Academic Resources: Textbooks and online textbook support Students must exercise care to prevent damage to our loss of these textbooks. Students who lose or damage textbooks will be held financially responsible. To be eligible for end of the year activities, students must return all textbooks and laptops. These are collected in early June. As an alternative to having copies of the actual textbook at home, the high school campus will pilot an online version of their textbooks. When this service is available to our parents, we will let you know. Computer and Technology Students and teachers have access to current technology in all academic classes to enhance learning and instruction; smart boards/interactive whiteboards are in 90% of classrooms on the middle and high school campuses, net book computers for every student in every classroom. This year 4 classes at the elementary school will pilot blended learning technology. Technology Software: MPA students and parents are required to sign a Technology User Agreement prior to using any technology at MPA. Any students using technology in inappropriate ways will be disciplined and may lose their computer technology privileges. Students must 8

9 follow proper procedures, courtesies, etc. when using the computers or school technology. The following rules apply to all computer usages at MPA. *Treat all equipment with care and respect. *No food, drinks, or gum near the equipment. *Follow the teacher s instructions. *Use computers with clean hands. *Students must have current Technology User Agreement on file, and must follow all of the guidelines set forth in the contract. Library MPA has 2 main libraries. One on our elementary campus, and our middle school campus. Our libraries contain a wide range of age-appropriate fiction, and nonfiction books, as well as reference materials. We continually add to the quantity and quality of our literature. Please notify the librarian about books you would like to see in our libraries. Students may check out books or work in the libraries during lunch, after-school, and whenever permitted by their teacher, on the middle/high school campus. Students must obtain a pass from the campus security to enter the library during lunch. The campus Library opens by 9:00am. *Keep the library a quite, orderly place. *Follow the directions of the library staff. *Lost or damaged books are the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian. *Students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out new books. Please support our book fair to help out library collection grow. Watch the school marquee and newsletter for information on reading contest, awards, and special events. If is our desire for students to not only increase their reading level, but also experience a wide range of reading genres. Students should not limit their book selection based only on their reading level or one particular author or series of books. Many exceptional literary works are written at a lower reading level, and are well worth reading. Our language arts teachers and our librarian are happy to help students locate appropriate books to reach reading goals. We invite students and parents to suggest new books and quizzes for our library. Please contact our librarian with your suggestions. Lockers: Each secondary student at MPA will be assigned a school locker. The locker assigned to the students will be housed in their grade level hallway. It is the responsibility of the students to refrain from sharing their school locker combinations, school books, and materials. The campus will conduct regular locker sweeps. The content of these lockers will be the responsibility of the assigned student. If inappropriate items are found in a locker, students will receive disciplinary action, and locker privileges can be restricted. How to open your lock: (Middle/High Campus) 1. Beginning at 0, turn right two whole turns and stop at the first combination number. 2. Then turn left one whole turn past your first number and stop at your middle number. 3. Now turn right and stop at your last number. Open lock. 9

10 Counseling Service In additional to caring teachers and administrators, MPA has a counselor available to students and families. If the student has an urgent issue, he/she may request a pass from and adult or be escorted to see the campus counselor. Students with nonurgent issues may fill out an appointment request at the counselor s office. Students will be notified when the counselor can meet with them. As part of our support staff, the school counselor will: *Treat each student with respect as a unique individual. *Are concerned with student s educational, academic, and personal and social needs. *Encourage each student to develop his or her potential to the fullest. *Respect students values and beliefs. *Respect each student s right to privacy and confidentiality, and comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality in the school setting. *Understand laws, regulations and policies relating to students and strive to protect and inform students regarding their rights. Information shared in a counseling office may be shared with appropriate person when there is disclosure about harm to the student and harm to others. We reward students for outstanding citizenship, academics and attendance throughout the year, through special events, and assemblies. We invite eligible students and their parents to attend these events. Renaissance TK-5 students will participate in a number of academic incentive programs throughout the year, but will not participate in the Renaissance program until 6 th grade. This year we will continue our Renaissance Program it rewards students, 6 th 9 th grade, who have achieved academic excellence, or are working to improve academically, have demonstrated good citizenship, or have perfect attendance. It is an attempt to motivate all students to strive for excellence with a commitment to their educational success. Renaissance is more than a program; it is an attitude that everyone can be successful in school whether it is in citizenship or academics: Card GPA Requirement Gold 4.0 Renaissance Card, Teacher incentives/classroom privileges, FREE entrance to school dances or activities, award certificate, freedress Friday s, and passes to campus/community activities. Silver Renaissance Card, teacher incentives/classroom privileges, discounted dance tickets, award certificate, free-dress Friday s, and passes to campus/community activities. Bronze Renaissance Card Students will earn recognition at an awards assembly and receive a certificate that allows special privileges and incentives for the quarter. Students Recognition Strive for.5 Recognition Outstanding Citizenship 10

11 Students, who raise their GPA.5 by the end of each quarter beginning the 2 nd quarter will earn recognition at an awards assembly, a renaissance card, certificate, entrance to a school dance, and special privileges and incentives Perfect Attendance Perfect attendance requires attendance in every class period, every day. These students will be recognized at the quarterly awards programs where they will receive certificates, and a Renaissance Card, which allows special privileges and incentives. Trojan of the Week Students that consistently display Trojan or exemplary citizenship characteristics in and outside of the classroom are nominated to be Trojan of the week. They will receive a MPA pin that allows Free Dress Friday for one quarter and a picture of the student will be on display in the school hallway recognizing him/her as a MPA Trojan Student of the Month. Special Education Students with high citizenship grades will be honored during the awards assembly and will receive a certificate each quarter, a renaissance card, with special privileges and incentives. Soaring Behavior Students may earn a Renaissance Card by making good choices and avoiding office discipline referrals each quarter. Be referral free!! The MPA Special Education program emphasizes individual and small group instruction in the academic and prevocational skill areas, as well as social skills. The Special Education teacher and instructional assistant work with each student on special skills and objectives. Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program Gifted and Talented students are identified beginning of their 3 rd grade through a process of multiple measures and intellectual ability. In grade 6-8, GATE students will participate in accelerated and enrichment activities that feature more complex and abstract higher-order thinking skills, in their academic core classes. We also encourage our gifted and talented students to enrich their school experience by participating in our extended day program for GATE students. This program will encourage students in the area of public speaking, foreign language, and the arts. They integrate hands-on activities, projects, and competitions. Our annual GATE parent meeting (TBD) in the school. If you have any questions, contact our GATE Coordinator, Ms. Saulsberry, School Counselor. Newcomer Program The screening process for this program begins with the child s enrollment to the district. If at that time the Home Language Survey specifies any language other than or in addition to English being spoken in the home, the child is referred for testing. The CELDT testing will determine your child English fluency. If appropriate, English instruction is arranged, and student could be placed into our newcomer program. This year MPA will host a 4 th - 6 th grade programs on the elementary campus, and a 6 th -9 th grade program on the middle school campus. Student Activities Assemblies Please review attachment for TK-5 Assembly activities. 11

12 Assemblies are held for students recognition, curriculum enrichment, character building, and for student motivational purposes. These programs are carefully planned and selected to be interesting, instructive, and inspiring. These objectives can only be achieved through the cooperation and enthusiasm of the audience. Students must exhibit proper respect and manners throughout assemblies or be dismissed from assembly and/or disciplined. Student Leadership (ASB) Student Leadership is an elective class at MPA secondary. Students learn teamwork and leadership skills. Leadership students plan spirit day, lunch time activities, school dances, community service activities, and special events and activities. They are expected to spend time after school preparing for special school-wide activities. Leadership student must have NO discipline problems and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and Satisfactory (S) or better in citizenship in all classes. Leadership officer elections are held in the fall. Stay informed about Leadership activities by listening to the morning announcements. Co-curricular activities Students are encouraged to take part in academic as well as extracurricular activities to become more actively involved in the MPA experience. Please review the school activities calendar which will include events from all campuses. Field Trips Field trips are an important extension to our school curriculum. For your child to benefit from these activities, we expect appropriate behavior from all students at all times. Our staff reserves the right to prohibit students from attending field trips due to disruptive behavior. School staff will distribute permission slips in advance, detailing the specifics of the trip including the date, time and cost of the field trip, if any, and the deadline date for eligibility, permission slip, and any fees that are due. It is the student s responsibility to see that all materials are received and return, signed by the parent or guardian, by the due date. No child will be allowed to participate if these conditions are not met. Please contact the office or the teacher in charge of the trip if your child is absent on the deadline date and has not returned the necessary forms or fees. In most cases, field trip reservations are paid in advance for a specific number of students. We cannot add students or refund monies expect in extreme circumstances. Students travel by school or chartered buses services approved by Oakland Unified School District. Student Expos Language Art and History Fair The annual MPA secondary Language Arts and History Expo will be held in January. Student design/construct project related to common core themes. For History, students select an historical research project based, with many options available for presenting the information. Language Arts students prepare a variety of writing project, and reports that emphasis great writing and reading skills, using a variety technology resources. All students participating will receive honorary mention, awards and/or certificates. Science and Math Expo The annual MPA secondary Science and Math Expo is held early June. Students design and conduct experimental project research or develop inventions. Math/Science students test theories and display their project for family and friends. All students 12

13 participating will receive honorary mention, awards and/or certificates. Washington D.C. Trip During our spring break, 7 th and 8 th grade students may participate in a remarkable visit to our nation s capital. It is a well-planned trip with an exciting, educational, and historic itinerary, supervised by MPA staff and parents, and organized with a tour company that specifically runs educational school tours. All expenses must be paid for by the parents, student and/or school. This trip is limited to a small number of participants and fills up quickly on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Intramurals, clubs, & activities Clubs, intramural sports, and activities at MPA will be determined by student interest and faculty sponsorship. Leadership wants all students to participate in extracurricular activities. Show your Trojan PRIDE and be a part of the complete MPA experience! Information will be provided throughout the school year on specific clubs, sports events, and other activities. Eligibility requirements To be eligible to participate in sports programs, clubs, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities: *Students must maintain good citizenship. Students who are on in-house or at home suspension may not participate in after school or evening activities. *Students who are disciplined at a pervious special events will not be allowed to attend the next event, or in the case of a serious infraction, any events for the remainder of the year. *Students must attend school for a minimum of four class periods to be eligible to participate in or attend a school activity or event on that day. Dances, celebrations, and other special events Socials, dances, and other special events or activities will be held throughout the school year. Students eligible for and wishing to attend these events must follow these guidelines. *Students must be in good academic and citizenship standing to attend these events. *Tickets will be available during lunch, through Leadership, prior to the event. *Student MUST show their MPA ID card in order to purchase a ticket. *Unless approved, only MPA students are permitted to attend these school-sponsored events. *Students will be sent home, and no refund will be issued, for any that violates these conditions, school rules, or school dress code at any of these events. End of the year activities 5 th grade students participate in the following end of the year activities: Each team and grade will offer end of the year activities and field trips that celebrate students scholarship, citizenship, and character. 8 th grade students will have various activities during the last 2 months of school, culminating with a promotion celebration of their middle school years. Students must fulfill eligibility requirements to be allowed to participate in these events. Students that are suspended under EC or EC will not be eligible to participate in off campus end of the year activities. (See attached suspension form.) Communication and Support 13

14 School/home communication Your involvement in your child(ren s) school experience is vital to his/her success. A successful school must have active communication, collaboration, and family and community involvement. We must always welcome your suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns to assist us in this goal. Monthly Newsletter It is the goal of MPA to provide parents and families with monthly newsletters. Our campus news-letter is packed with parental support information, important dates for upcoming events, and principal message. This news letter will be mailed to the address on file. Web site Our school Web site provides the latest news and information about our school and upcoming special events. Go to click the Schools tab, then scroll down and click site. Auto-Dialer MPA families can expect automated telephone message dialer to keep you informed about specific events or activities that are taking place. Please make sure the school has your current , address, and phone numbers. Parent/teacher communication You should periodically receive information from your child(ren s) teaching team that include information on classroom policies and procedures, unit of study, special projects and events, etc. If you have specific needs or concerns, teachers are available to meet with parents before or after school. 6 th -8 th grade teachers are also available during their conference period. Please contact the main office with your concerns or call to schedule a phone or face-to-face meeting. Back to School Nights Our annual MPA Back to School Night will take September 26, We will meet beginning at 6:30pm, on all campuses. Parents will meet their child(ren s) teacher(s) and learn about the expectations, requirements, and programs offered at MPA. Progress reports and report cards TK-5 campus have 3 grading period during the year. They are: -December 6, March 7, June 12, 2014 Students thrive academically when administration, teachers and parents work together to motivate them to reach their full potential. We believe it is important that parents are aware of their child(ren s) academic progress throughout the grading period. There are six grading periods in the school year. Students will bring home progress reports midway through each grading period and report cards at the end of each grading period. Parents will be required to sign and return a form showing they received report cards. Our school calendar will list the approximate dates that we will distribute progress reports and report cards. Student Planner Each student in grades 5-9 will receive a Student Planner at the beginning of the school year or when they register. All students are expected to record their daily assignments and other important information in their planner to help develop responsibility and organization skills. Parents and families teachers may use the Student Planner to 14

15 communicate regularly with each other and to check that students are recording and completing assignment. The Student Planner will be used occasionally during the advisory period for character building activities. Students need to be responsible for their Student Planners. A limited number of replacement planners are available in the office for $7.00 each. All students are required to use their planner each day. Campus digital Marquee Parents are encouraged to review our campus marquee daily for upcoming events and times. Our Marquee is located in the front of the campus, and can be seen from the entry gate. Yearbooks Each year, MPA publishes a Yearbook filled with memories of our students, staff, and families, and sharing the activities, events, and accomplishments that took place took place throughout the year. Students should purchase their yearbooks early to take advantage of lower prices. 8 th grade student will receive a yearbook as part of their 8 th grade promotion packets. Yearbooks are distributed in June. School Uniform All MPA students are required to wear a MPA uniform daily. All FREE Dress day will be announced. During registration each MPA student will receive (1) FREE uniform shirt. If families want to purchase additional shirts, they can be ordered through the main office. TK-5 students are required to wear a PURPLE MPA Polo *6 th grade student are required to wear a WHITE MPA Polo *7 th grade students are required to wear a GREY MPA Polo *8 th grade students are required to wear a BURGUNDY MPA Polo * High School grade students are required to wear a GOLD MPA Polo or a button up white shirt with a tie. Students reporting to school without campus uniform will be subject to campus discipline, and/or could be sent home. Parent support Opportunities MPA encourages parents to become a full partner in the education of their children. We provide a wide variety of opportunities for parent involvement. All classroom teachers welcome parents into their rooms to provide assistance to students and/or teachers. (Please make sure to sign in and out in the main office.) Throughout the school year, parents are invited to attend grade level team events and activities, evening programs, Renaissance Recognition Celebrations, dances, and awards presentations assemblies. EVERY WE INVITE OUR PARENT S TO PARENT VISITATION DAY. CHECK THE SCHOOL CALENDAR FOR SPECIFIC DATES AND PARENT ACTVITIES. Parents are also invited to be science fair judges and assists student Expo presentations. School Site Council (SSC) Parents are integral members of our School Site Council. This group is responsible determining areas in which the school plans to improvements, creates plan with specific time lines, and approves the categorical budget for the school to accomplish these improvements. Parents and staff always have student safety and achievement as their ultimate goals. The Council evaluates the effectiveness of the SPSA (School Plan for Student Achievement) and makes revisions whenever and wherever appropriate. Family Engagement MPA and Elev8 invite you to school to participate in a variety of parent/guardian specific activities: 15

16 *Monthly parent workshops *Community Services Opportunity *Parent Advocacy & Leadership *Legal Workshops *Adult Education *Physical Activity for Parents/Guardians *Baby Learning Community Family Support MPA s and Elev8 provide programming for families in time of need. We provide various supports to meet individual family needs. *Legal Counseling *Family Counseling *Medi-Cal Eligibility *Food Bank *Home Visits *Tax Clinic Procedures Office Hours The office is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm. The office telephone is answered from 7:30pm to 4:00pm. However, messages may be left when calling the office at any time of the day or night. On minimum days for our staff meetings and professional development, (Friday), the office closes at 3:00pm. The School Day Regular Schedule Elementary School students TK-5 should arrived to campus no later than 8:00am. There is no advisory for the elementary school campus. Please review regular day schedule below TK-2 OUSD Authorized Instructional Minutes for Grade TK - 2 From 07/01/2013 To 06/30/ Grade Start Time Start Time Regular Day End Time Label Type Minutes 08:40 AM 10:40 AM Period 1 Instruction :40 AM 11:20 AM Lunch Non- 40 Instructional 11:20 AM 01:50 PM Period 2 Instruction :50 PM 02:00 PM Break/Recess Non- 10 Instructional 02:00 PM 02:55 PM Period 3 Instruction 55 Shortened Day Wednesday s Start Time End Time Label Type 08:40 AM 10:40 AM Period 1 Instruction :40 AM 11:20 AM Lunch Non- 40 Instructional 11:20 AM 01:30 PM Period 2 Regular Day End Time Instruction 130 Minutes Label Type Minutes 08:40 AM 11:20 AM Period 1 Instruction :20 AM 12:00 PM Lunch Non- Instructional 12:00 PM 01:10 PM Period 2 Instruction 70 01:10 PM 01:30 PM Recess (K ONLY!!) 40 Instruction 20 01:30 PM 02:55 PM Period 3 Instruction 85 Shortened Day Start Time End Time Label Type Minutes 08:40 AM 11:20 AM Period 1 Instruction :20 AM 12:00 PM Lunch Non-Instructional 40 12:00 PM 01:10 PM Period 2 Instruction 70 Secondary Campus: 16

17 Students should arrive to school no earlier than 7:30am. Student can report to the Multi-Purpose Room for breakfast. Student can remain in the Multi-Purpose Room or in front of the school until the bell rings at 8:00am. Advisory begin at 8:05am for all grade levels. MPA students are expected to participate in our extended day program on the secondary campus. Parents with extenuating circumstances may speak with the administration regarding an alternative schedule. The following is the standard MPA schedule: *Advisory *Period 1 8:00am 8:30am-9:30pm *Campus Break 9:25am-9:35am *Period 2 *Period 3 9:40am-10:40am 10:45am-11:45am *A Lunch 11:45am-12:20pm (6 th Grade Only) *Period 4 11:50am-12:50pm (7 th /8 th Grade) *B Lunch 12:50pm-1:25pm (7 th /8 th Grade) *Period 4 *Campus SSR *Period 5 *Period 6 12:25pm-1:25pm (6 th Only) 1:30pm-1:45pm 1:45pm-2:45pm 2:45pm-3:45pm (Intervention) At the end of the day, all students are dismissed at 3:45pm. Those students participating in the afterschool program are dismissed at 6:00pm. All other students not participating in after-school activities should be off campus by 3:50pm. Minimum Day Schedule During the school years, a number of minimum days have been scheduled for staff development or parent conferences. (See attached school calendar). On minimum days, students are dismissed at 12:30pm. Students not participating in after-school activities should be office campus by 1:00pm. Lunch is provided to all students at 12:30pm, and our students are encouraged to eat lunch on minimum days. Attendance Closed Campus Supervision of the school grounds begins at 7:30am, when our breakfast program begins. Students should not arrive for school before this time. Once students arrive on campus, they may not leave campus for any reason, unless signed out by an approved adult. All adults who have permission to pick-up your child must be listed on your child s current emergency card. Absences What do I do if I am absent or need to leave school? Attendance is important for your child(ren s) success in school. Statistics show that 80% of all California students scoring below proficient on state tests missed more than 10 days of school during the school year. 90% of students scoring proficient or advanced on the state test missed fewer than 6 days of school during the school year. If your child(ren) is absent from school he or she must return to school with a written excuses signed by the parent or guardian, stating the reason the child(ren) was not in school and the date(s) of the absence. Absences may also be verified by telephone, by call, extension (510) Valid excused absences The State of California only recognizes the following reasons as valid excused absences. 1. Illness 2. Bereavement 17

18 3. Medical or dental care Repeated, unexcused absences or tardiness may result in disciplinary action and referral to the School District Attendance Review Board (SARB). An uncleared absence is any absence that has not been verified by phone or note from a parent/guardian explaining the absence. Excessive absences for illness may require a doctor s note. Planned Absences Please try, if at all possible, to schedule vacations and non-emergency medical and dental procedures while school is NOT in session. A school calendar is attached. District calendar is attached, but can be downloaded from the OUSD district website at If your child(ren) must miss school for five or more days for a planned absence, please make arrangements in advance with the school counselor, and attendance clerk. This allows the student to receive credit if he or she completes the assigned work during the absence. Call or leave message at (510) Students participating in extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs events, etc.) must be in school for a minimum of four period, excluding lunch, to be eligible to participate in that day s activity. Tardies We expect students to arrive on time for school daily. A student arriving late to school not only misses important parts of the daily instruction, but also disrupts the learning process of the other students in his/her class. All students who arrive late for school must first check in at attendance office and take an admit slip to their teachers. Students with an excessive number of tardiness will be referred to the principal and/or Outreach Consultant for discipline. Students who are tardy to class miss important instruction and are disruption to the rest of the class. Students who need extra time to use restrooms, visit the health clinic, or speak to a teacher MUST obtain a pass from an adult or their tardy will NOT be excused. We will conduct random tardy sweeps throughout the year to encourage students to be in their classes on time. Students tardy 3-4 times per quarter will be given an N in citizenship for the quarter. Students with 5 or more tardiness will be given a U in citizenship for the quarter. Students with 2 or more Ns or 1 or more us will not be permitted to participate in any schoolwide activities. Students receiving 1 or more Ns or Us will not be eligible for our Renaissance program. Students who habitually arrive late to class will be disciplined under our tardy policy: Tardies Consequence 1-3 -Lunch detention 5 -After school 1 hour detention -Reported to Out-Reach Consultant 10 -After school 2 hour detention 15-2 days of Saturday School campus beautification -Behavior contract -Parent conference Leaving class- hall passes If a student needs to leave his/her classroom to go to the library, office, computer lab, restroom, health clinic, school nurse, or any place on campus, they must have a valid pass. Students will be allowed to leave class to use the restrooms in case of urgent, personal need. Students without a pass or in an unauthorized area are considered truant and will receive appropriate consequences. The pass should be visible at all times. Early dismissal Once students have arrived on campus, they are not permitted to leave campus until 3:45pm, or 1:00pm on Wednesday, minimum day school. If students must leave before dismissal, an authorized adult 18

19 must sign them out of the office. A person signing out a student must be a parent, legal guardian, or other adult listed on the student s emergency contact information form. The office staff requires a valid ID for identification purposes in order to pickup a student. Please keep us up to date on your child(ren s) emergency contact numbers. We will only follow written court orders in the case of child custody issues. Without current written orders, either natural parent with proper identification may sign out a student. Upon request, we are happy to provide report cards, calendars, separate parent conferences, etc. to the noncustodial parent if permitted by the court. Prohibited areas Students must only use bathrooms and travel though hallways designated for their grade level or class. Students must have a pass or an escort to the health clinic. Students must remain in the campus Mulit-Purpose Room or black-top during their lunch break. During physical education classes, students may only use the restrooms in the locker rooms and outside restrooms. PE students should never use the restrooms in the main building. Advisory Period (6 th -8 th Grade) Every morning, expect minimum days, from 8:00am- 8:25am student will meet in their Advisory Period. This year MPA staff will develop a unique advisory program to maintain a positive and supportive educational environment. Our goal is to assist students in improving their study skills, interpersonal relationships, moral development, and strength of character, this becoming better and more effective learners and leaders. Students will participate in student-centered activities involving discussions, role-playing, and reading and writing on the following themes: *Respect, Cooperation, Tolerance, Relationships and Team Building *Organizational skills, goal setting and responsibility *Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention and awareness *Peer pressure and conflict resolution *Fairness *Empathy, caring community, and service *Study Skills *Trustworthiness, courage, and problem solving *Citizenship *Pride, Purpose, Possibilities Morning Announcements Elementary site will hear important announcements, and will have access to the announcement board in the main hallway. Secondary morning announcements include information on upcoming events, and special presentations. Don t be left out of the information loop-listen to the morning announcements! Procedures Food Services Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch The Oakland Unified School District Food Services program offers breakfast and lunch at MPA. A complete breakfast is served every morning : - 8:10-8:30 at the Elementary Site - 7:30am-7:55am, at the Middle/High School 19

20 Students are also offered morning snack, a - complete lunch is offered to students during : -ADD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -A lunch 11:45am 12:20pm; -B lunch 12:50pm 1:25pm) in the Multi-purpose rooms. We encourage students to eat lunch daily. Our students are also offered afternoon snack. Students in all grades must present their school ID card to receive lunch, except for TK-K students. Students who do not have ID cards must wait until other students who do have ID cards are served to get their lunch. Students may not use another student s ID card to purchase lunch. Various food items will be available to student without lunch or an ID card. Free and reduced lunch applications must be completed each year and will be available on the first day of school. Please make sure to complete this form during campus registration. Lunch procedures for all students *Wait in line quietly and courteously. *You may not hold another student s place or cut in line to purchase food or snacks. *You may consume food and beverages ONLY in the Multi-Purpose Room/Cafeteria. *You may NOT exchange food. *Sit at the tables and benches when eating or drinking, and use good manners at all times. When finished eating, clean up after yourself. Deposit all trash and recyclables in the designated receptacles before leaving. *Stay in designed areas for eating, socializing, recreating, or using the restrooms during lunches unless you have a pass for another area. *You must immediately proceed to class when your lunch period is completed. Each grade level has been designated a point of entry into the main building. 6 th graders main hallway, 7 th grader should enter the building at the 7 th grade hallway door, and the 8 th graders main hallway back-top door entry. ID Cards (6 th - 9 th ) At the beginning of the school year, each student is issued a temporary ID with their student ID number. After the scheduled picture day, students will received their permanent photo ID which includes student s picture, name, grade level, and ID number. This card is required to check out library books, textbooks, and PE equipment during lunch, vote in ASB elections, lunch, and buy ticket to ASB sponsored events. If your ID cards is lost or stolen, see Ms. Saulsberry. THERE IS A $5.00 FEE FOR REPLACING AN ID CARD. Health Services Immunization requirements California law requires all 7 th grade students to have received all necessary immunizations including Hepatitis B, or has a personal belief or medical waiver on file in order to enroll in school. If your child(ren) is in need of immunization, free to MPA students, see our School Nurse, Mrs. Daniel, or visit our health clinic on campus. Our health clinic provides medical services and immunizations to our students and their siblings K- 12. MPA students will be seen in our school health clinic on referral from the school Nurse, Mrs. Daniels. Health Concerns For your child(ren s) health and well-being TK-9, we need to be aware of any health conditions that he/she may have. Please not any health problems, including allergies, in the appropriate space o the emergency card. You can also schedule an appointment to meet with our school nurse 20


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