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1 Transfers

2 Contents Introduction... 3 Moving to another Newlon property... 3 How to apply... 4 If you are not happy with your number of points... 4 Allocation of properties... 4 Review... 5 Other ways to move... 6

3 Our transfer policy Introduction Each year a number of tenants apply to Newlon for a transfer; we aim to assess each case in line with our Transfers procedure in a fair manner that meets housing needs and makes the best use of our stock. Moving to another Newlon property If you do need to move, we want to give you as much advice as possible about how you can do so. You can join our transfer waiting list if you want to move to another Newlon property. Your position on the waiting list will depend on why you need to move. You will be given points for the reasons listed below. Full details of how these points are assessed are available on request and will be given to you when you apply for a transfer. Decants: If you need to move to enable the Trust to do repairs or improvements that cannot be done around you. Emergency: If you have an urgent need because of racial or sexual harassment, domestic violence, urgent medical reasons or severe overcrowding. Medical: On the recommendation of your doctor, you will be given points if your health is affected by your current housing or would improve by moving to more suitable accommodation. Overcrowding: If you need extra bedrooms, or if you need a double room instead of a single. Under occupancy: If you need to move to a smaller home. Social factors: If there are other important factors which need to be taken into account relating to your need to move. For example, if you are suffering harassment but do not qualify for an emergency transfer or if you need support from relatives. 3

4 Upper floor flats: If you have children under five on the second floor or above without a lift. Central heating: If you would prefer central heating but cannot get medical priority for this reason. Time points: Awarded each year. How to apply Your Housing Management Officer will visit you and complete an application form. If you state that there are medical reasons which need to be taken into consideration when assessing your transfer application, you will also need to complete a Medical Assessment form. The Lettings staff will assess this and you will be told how many points you have within two weeks. If you are not happy with your number of points If you are not happy with the number of points that you have been awarded, you can appeal to the Lettings Panel (which consists of a team leader, Lettings staff and the Housing Manager). You will need to state why you are unhappy with your points and why you think we have not followed our policy. You will receive a response within ten workings days. If you are not happy with this response, then you can go through the Trust s complaints procedure (described in our Complaints leaflet). Allocation of properties Newlon has introduced a more flexible approach to transfers. When a property becomes vacant, it will be offered to the top five people on the transfer list for that particular size property they will each be invited to view it. The number of people offered to view properties may be adjusted on particular occasions, such as when a property is obviously inappropriate i.e. the resident has a medical need for ground floor access and the property is on the second floor). Each person will be advised as to his or her position on the waiting list for that property. 4

5 A specific time will be set for the viewing for all applicants. Twentyfour hours after the mass viewing, tenants will be asked to express an interest in the property. The applicant with the highest points on the transfer list will then be officially offered the property and will sign the tenancy agreement. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed of the outcome and the level of points that received the final offer. Additionally, in order to avoid the same tenants remaining at the top of the list and failing continually to bid, when a tenant is offered two properties appropriate to their needs and they fail to bid, they will lose their time points. If you do not feel that the offers are reasonable, you can appeal to the Lettings Panel. To ensure that Newlon has assessed all medical cases appropriately, we have started using the services of an independent medical advisor to review the details of applicants with medical priority at appeal stage. If you owe rent or if you are in breach of your tenancy in some other way, for example if there are outstanding repairs needed which are your responsibilities, you would need to keep to agreements to repay arrears or remedy other breaches before receiving an offer. If you have arrears, it is likely that Newlon will not transfer you until the debt is cleared. Review Each year we will send you a review form to check if your circumstances have changed. If we don t hear from you following a review, we will assume you no longer wish to move. You have the right to view information we hold from you about your application. We aim to let our property fairly, without discrimination. We will monitor the ethnic origin, gender and disability of everyone who requests a transfer and who is made an offer to check that different groups have equal treatment. This information will not be used to affect the type of property you are offered. Our transfer policy will be reviewed regularly in consultation with our Board and Residents groups. 5

6 Other ways to move We have to let three out of every four properties to people nominated by local authorities that identify people in housing need in their area. This limits the number of properties we can offer to our own tenants who need to move, and you may have to wait a very long time for an offer. There may be other ways in which you can move and your Housing Management Officer can offer advice on all these options. Mutual Exchange You may be able to exchange your home with other tenants of councils or housing associations. Other landlords If you need to move to an area where Newlon does not have property, we may be able to nominate you to another local authority or housing association. This is more likely to be successful if you want to move out of London. Some local authorities operate schemes to assist people to move out of London. You can ask your Housing Management Officer about this. HomeBuy or Shared Ownership HomeBuy or Shared Ownership may help you buy a home of your own. Various schemes operate around London. Call our Customer Service Centre on for details. Local authority waiting list We can help you to apply to the local authority waiting list, where this is possible, and you may receive an offer this way if you have a high priority. 6


8 Arabic Bengali French Gujarati Somali Sorani Spanish Turkish Vietnamese Urdu If you would like this information in large print, audio, Braille, any other language or format, please ask a member of staff. Newlon Housing Trust Newlon House, 4 Daneland Walk, Hale Village, London, N17 9FE. Tel: Phone calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes. Newlon Housing Trust is a charitable housing association. Last published March 2013.