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1 Media Kit 2015 Content Page TRADE MAGAZINE Portrait Circulation and distribution 5 Editorial Schedule Rate Card 11 Special Issue ACHEMA GUIDE from 15 NEWSLETTER 19 WEBSITE 20 DIALOGUE-MARKETING Address Rental ing Lettershop 22 Lead Generation Webinar 23 Whitepaper 25 SERVICE Event 26 Trade Fair Planner 27 Konradin Industry 28 Contacts 29 + ACHEMA GUIDE + Special Issue: Energy Efficiency in Process Dialogue with your target group Media partner of

2 Media Brand Trade magazine E-Paper Newsletter Pharmaproduktion is the dedicated pharmaceutical industry trade magazine. It has four main areas on which it focuses: production, management, packaging and service. Its core target group is the technical management of the pharmaceutical industry, with the emphasis being on decision makers for the acquisition of systems and components for GMP-compliant production. Now available as an e-paper Read all editions in Digital form! ACHEMA GUIDE For the most important trade fair ACHEMA the influential magazines cav chemie anlagen verfahren, dei die ernährungsindustrie and Pharmaproduktion will be joining forces to publish the extensive bilingual Exhibition Guide. With enhanced circulation and additional distribution at ACHEMA, Frankfurt Central Station and via all exhibition entrances. More information on Page 15. Website We make process technology transparent In the Pharma section of our website we feature product information, current events and important technical trends in the industry. There are also supplementary articles and background reports on the subjects of production, packaging, management & services. Prozesstechnik Newsletter Our process technology news letter appears regularly, at least once a month (more frequently in show months) and carries topical articles together with product and event reports from across the entire spread of the process technology industry. The Top-Products Newsletter appears once a month and features the best products of the month. www. 2

3 Trade Magazine Portrait 1 Title: Pharmaproduktion 2 In brief: Pharmaproduktion is a quarterly trade magazine that offers application-oriented and practical articles and reports, interviews and product information in the fields of production, packaging, management and support in pharmaceutical operations. Topical economic and company reports from the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturers of the systems and apparatus it uses, complemented by reports from research and science, add to the range of information. 3 Target group: Technical management in the pharmaceutical industry and especially those occupying senior positions who make decisions about the procurement of systems and components for GMP production. 4 Frequency: 4 issues per year 5 Format: DIN A4 6 Year of publication: Volume 6, Reference Price: Annual subscription: Inland Made available to qualified recipients 12 Advertising: Andreas Hugel, Advertising Manager 13 Editor: Günter Eckhardt, Editor-in-Chief Lukas Lehmann, assist. Editor-in-Chief Ursula Fisely-Bustorff, Daniela Held, Dr. Bernd Rademacher, Angelika Stoll phone Pagination analysis 2013 = 4 issues Total pages: 253 pages = 100,0% Editorial: 187 pages = 73,8% Advertising: 66 pages = 26,2% including bound inserts: 4 pages loose inserts: 5 pieces 15 Content analysis of the editorial section in pages = 100,0% Production 79 pages = 42,3% Packing 54 pages = 28,9% Management 26 pages = 13,9% Services 21 pages = 11,2% Other 7 pages = 3,7% 8 Organ: 9 Media partner: bvik Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation e.v. 10 Publishing house: Konradin-Verlag Robert Kohlhammer GmbH 11 Publisher: Katja Kohlhammer 3

4 Trade Magazine Circulation Analysis 1 Audited by: The IVW is an independent, non-commercial and neutral inspection body. It audits and controls the circulation of newspapers, magazines and other periodical press products. 2 Circulation analysis: Average copies per issue (1. July 2013 to 30. June 2014) Circulation: 11,100 Actual circulation: 11,029 of them abroad: 2,058 Copies sold: 1,386 of them abroad: 2 Subscriptions: 30 of them for members: Retail sale: Other sales: 1,356 Free copies: 9,643 Residual / archive copies: 71 3 Geographical analysis: Share of total distributed copies Economic area % Copies 3.1 Circulation by post code regions: Percentage of actual circulation zip code 2 8,5% = 762 copies zip code 4 12,7% = 1,139 copies zip code 5 12,6% = copies zip code 6 14,4% = 1,292 copies zip code 7 15,1% = 1,355 copies Dortmund Düsseldorf Köln PLZ 5 PLZ 4 Osnabrück Mainz Saarbrücken PLZ 2 Hamburg Bremen Frankfurt PLZ 6 Stuttgart PLZ 7 Hannover PLZ 3 Kassel Nürnberg Schwerin Magdeburg Erfurt PLZ 9 PLZ 8 München PLZ 1 Berlin Potsdam Leipzig Dresden PLZ 0 zip code 1 2,9% = 260 copies zip code 3 9,5% = 852 copies. zip code 0 5,1% = 458 copies zip code 9 7,5% = 673 copies zip code 8 11,7% = 1,050 copies Germany ,971 Foreign countries ,058 thereof Switzerland ,101 Austria Netherlands Belgium und France Others Actual circulation ,029 Summary of the survey method: 1. Method: File-based recipient-structure-analysis total circulation 2. Population: Actual circulation) 3. Sample: Total circulation 4. Target persons of the study: Recipients of the magazine 5. Study period: June/July Survey completed by: Konradin Publishing Group Contact: Andrea Stegemann, Market-/Media research, phone

5 Media and communication services for your Multichannel Marketing With Multichannel Marketing you can reach your customers at the right time in the purchase decision process Adapt your communication to the specific needs and opportunities of each station within the purchase process. For maximum efficiency. Purchase requirement: Buying impulses (Push) will be included. Print is the ideal pulse generator. Reading promotes new ideas* Activate impetus media such as trade magazine, website, newsletter or mailing to promote Information Procurement* Evaluation/Contacts: The more Touchpoints, the greater the influence on the product/vendor selection. Prospective buyers search aggressively on all channels (Pull). Information services are used, such as Digital, quickly and precisely. Customers require answers to their questions: virtual (e.g. Webinar) or real life (e.g. Trade Events). Purchase: E-Commerce push, Optimised Shop, POS-Campaign Communication, etc. * B2B Decision Makers Analysis 2013/14. Roadshow Seminar Promotion Events epaper Application Video Trade Event Advertorial Interview Banner Lead Generation Website Catalogue Newsletter Trade Magazine Trade Event Banner Webinar Social Media Microsite Customer Magazine Evaluation Crossmedia Round Tables Company Profilel Market Research Copy Test ing International Trade Fair Product Test Corporate Publishing Purchase Advertising need Video Markenbekanntheitsstudie Loyalty Purchase u.v.m dshow Seminar Promotion Supplement Whitepaper Application Video Website Advertorial Interview Banner Lead Generation Catalogue Newsletter Initiate Customer Loyalty Adoption Search Experience Trade Magazine Trade Event Banner Webinar Social Media Microsite Customer Magazine Crossmedia Round Tables Company Profilel Market Research Copy Test ing International Trade Fair Product Test Corporate Publishing Satisfaction (according to McKinsey, Customer Decision Journey model) Satisfaction: After the purchase starts before the buying. By matching personal experience with external information, a positive attitude towards vendor and product will develop. Without solutions the need for knowledge reduces, which makes Push communication important once again. Marketing Research indicates, for example, where Vendors stand in terms of Customer Loyalty (Image and Satisfaction Surveys). Loyalty: Create and maintain customer loyalty. Customer relationships will shorten the next buying decision process. Valued customers remain loyal. Positive experiences supported by a positive public image, this will deepen customer loyalty. 5

6 Trade Magazine Subject Overview 2015 Production Systems, apparatus and components in hygienic design, CIP and SIP cleaning, mechanical, thermal and chemical processes, biotechnology, measurement and analytical equipment, automation equipment, water preparation, clean room equipment, technical gases, tablet presses, energy efficient solutions In the Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 Packaging Packaging machines, packaging elements, marking equipment, logistics, RFID, weighing and metering equipment, storage systems In the Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 Management Software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, validation, quality management, GMP, operational and cleaning equipment, company organization, servicing and maintenance, remote servicing, asset management, pharma news, pharma law In the Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 Packaging Production The themes for the pharmaceutical industry Services Contract manufacturing, system planning and commissioning, contracting, analysis, synthesis, product design, consultancy and certification, training, seminars, meetings, events In the Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 Services Management 6

7 Trade Magazine Editorial Schedule 2015 Issue Focus Fairs 1/2015 Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: With show preview: HANNOVER MESSE, Lounges/Vision Pharma/Innovation Food, ACHEMA LogiMAT Stuttgart, FILTECH Cologne, CeBIT Hanover, Pharma-Kongress Dusseldorf, , Anuga FoodTec Cologne, HANNOVER MESSE Hanover, Lounges/Vision Pharma/ Innovation Food Issue Focus Fairs 3/2015 Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: The Edition for Show preveiew: FachPack, BIOTECHNICA, LABVOLUTION, SCHÜTTGUT 2015 Exhibition Reports: ACHEMA FachPack Nuremberg, BIOTECHNICA Hanover, LABVOLuTION Hanover, SCHÜTTGuT 2015 Dortmund, NAMuR-Hauptsitzung Bad Neuenahr, FoodPharmaTech Herning (DK), SPS IPC drives Nuremberg, /2015 Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: The Edition for With show preview: ACHEMA ACHEMA Frankfurt/Main, /2015 Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: Exhibition Reports: FachPack, SCHÜTTGUT 2015 SCHÜTTGuT 2015 Dortmund, NAMuR-Hauptsitzung Bad Neuenahr, FoodPharmaTech Herning (DK), SPS IPC drives Nuremberg, ACHEMA GuIdE Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: The Trade Fair companion for Frankfurt in German and English with the most important product innovations Classified according to Hall and Stand Number International Distribution Total Circulation: 50,000 copies with additional distribution at ACHEMA Powered by Pharmaproduktion, cav chemie anlagen verfahren, cpp chemical plants & processes and dei die ernährungsindustrie TOP PROduCTS Publication date: Advertising deadline: Editorial deadline: The Best of Pharmaproduktion, cav chemie anlagen verfahren, dei die ernährungsindustrie and Circulation 40,000 copies Includes Top Product of the Year 2015 Categorised by subject: Equipment, Apparatus, Machinery, Components, etc. Powered by Pharmaproduktion, cav chemie anlagen verfahren, cpp chemical plants & processes and dei die ernährungsindustrie 7

8 Trade Magazine Rate Card No. 6 (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) Page 1 of 4 Magazine format: Type area: Printing and binding: Charges: Position: 210 mm wide x 297 mm high, DIN A4 untrimmed: 216 mm wide x 303 mm high 188 mm wide x 270 mm high, 4 columns, each 44 mm wide Web offset, perfect binding No discounts on special position charges Other prescribed positions (from 1/4 page) additional on the relevant b/w 10% Colour: Colour charges see Price Table on page 9 colours (CMYK) in accordance with ISO , other colours treated as spot colours. Price per special colour 900, Metallic and phosphorescent colours on request Formats: see table on page 9 Series discount: For orders within any 12 months (insertion year) 3 ads 6 ads 9 ads 12 ads 5% 10% 15% 20% Classified Advertising Basic rate Opportunities 1 column, 44 mm wide, per mm b/w 2.80 Situations vacant 1 column, 44 mm wide, per mm b/w 2.60 Situations wanted 1 column, 44 mm wide, per mm b/w 2.10 Box number including response postage Partner-Entry (crossmedia) per year 1, see page 18 for details Contact: Data delivery: Conditions: Payment conditions: Bank account: Advice, booking: see contacts on page 31 Order confirmation, Invoices, vouchers: Andrea Haab, Order management Take advantage of our advertisement portal to deliver via the Internet to Prior to digital transfer of advertising artwork the publisher must receive the corresponding advertisement booking. The order and copy deadlines are specified within the editorial schedule. A full size print out is required for checking the supplied advertisement, or a contract proof or press proof in the case of a colour advertisement. Advertising must be seen as distinct from the editorial section and, as such, a booked advertising format (display, bound supplement, loose insert, etc) may contain only the offer of an advertiser. In the case of Advertising Specials or Special Formats, specific placement and/or technical specifications may also apply. For further information please visit: mediaservice For direct debit or advance payment 3% discount, for payment within 10 days of invoice date 2% discount payment in full no later than 30 days from invoice date. VAT No.: DE Baden-Württembergische Bank, BIC: SOLADEST600, IBAN: DE Our general terms and condition are available on the Internet at www. We would be happy to send you a copy on request. 8

9 Trade Magazine Rate Card No. 6 (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) Page 2 of 4 Ads: Standard format Formats Basic rates b/w Surcharge 2c Total rate 2c Surcharge 4c Total rate 4c Bleed surcharge Formats: Wide x Portrait in mm Trim: add 3 mm to each side Type area Trimmed 1/1 page 3, , , , x x 297 Junior page 2, , , sp 140 x x 205 1/2 page 1, , , lands. portrait 4sp 2sp 188 x x x x 297 1/3 page 1, , , lands. portrait 4sp 2sp 188 x x x x 297 1/4 page , , lands. portrait portrait 4sp 2sp 1sp 188 x x x x x x 297 1/8 page , lands. lands. portrait 4sp 2sp 1sp 188 x x x 133 not possible No discounting is applied to the colour surcharge. Price by 1-Column for Referral Ads is 4.60 per Millimeter. For Special Formats and Ad Specials please see overleaf. For more information and technical details please visit 9

10 Trade Magazine Rate Card No. 6 (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) Page 3 of 4 Ads: Special sizes and Placement Basic rate b/w Surcharge 4c Total rate 4c Bleed Surcharge Formats: Wide x High in mm Trim: add 3mm to each side 2nd and 4th cover page 1/3 page next to editorial 1/2 page next to table of contents 4, , , Type Area Bleed 1, , Type Area Bleed 2, , Type Area Bleed 188 x x x x x x pages inc. gutter (DPS) 8, Double Page Spread 1/1 page left followed by 1/1 page right Panoramic spread 2 x 1/2 pages 5, Spread over 2 pages, including gutter. Placement at the foot of the page. 420 x 150 Text format 44 mm wide per mm Maximum 50 mm high, minimum 20 mm high, surrounded by editorial on at least 3 sides, placement in the magazine section. 44 mm x spec. 10

11 Ad Specials More on Ad Specials: mediaservice Trade Magazine Rate Card No. 6 (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) Page 4 of 4 Specifications Prices More Options / Technical Notes Quantity/Formats: Wide x High in mm, plus 3 mm Bleed Cover Band Wrap 105 mm high 1 Single sided printing plus processing inc. production. 5, per thou. Paper: 200 g matt art paper, 2 x fold grooves with adhesive dot Quantity 465 x cop. Title Flap* mm wide, positioned on the left side with magazine title featured on the front 5, Partial front, full back printable. Advertising space approx. 0.8 Page 105 x 297 Bound inserts gsm Bound inserts gsm 1 leaf = 2 pages 80* 134 g/qm 2 leaves = 4 pages 80* 134 g/qm 1 leaf = 2 pages * g/qm 2 leaves = 4 pages * g/qm 3, , , , Front page marked. Other weights and sizes on request, with sample. Insert format: Delivery: Quantity: 210 x 297 untrimmed cop. Loose inserts up to 25 g With inserts in all copies of magazine. Partial coverage is possible after first digit of Postcode per thou. Min. run 3,000 cop. Other weights and sizes on request, with sample. Supplement format max: Quantity: 200 x cop. Tip-ins Postcard 3 Postcard, Automatic gluing Minimum size of backing advertisement: 1/1 page per thou per thou. plus Display Advertising Manual gluing (i.e. precise gluing) 74 per thousand. Quantity: cop. Partial allocation not available Edition: cop. Tip-ins Post-it 4 Post-it Manual gluing Minimum size of backing advertisement: 1/2 page per thou per thou. plus Display Advertising Booklets and other Tip-ins (such as product samples) upon request. Quantity: cop. Partial allocation not available Edition: cop. *ACHEMA-Availability upon request

12 TOP PRODUCTS (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) TOP PRODUCTS Is the enhanced annual Special Edition of the trade journals cav chemie anlagen verfahren, dei die ernährungsindustrie and Pharmaproduktion. Our newly designed magazine, with a combined circulation of 40,000 copies, reports on the best products of the year from the Process arena, including selected Top Product of the Year Classified in the following subject areas: Systems, Apparatus, Components Valves, Pipes, Hoses, Fittings, Seals Pumps and Compressors Process engineering MCR Technology, process automation Packaging and Identification Technology TOP PRODUCTS Advertising formats and rates 1/1 page, 4-colour 7, Junior page, 4-colour 5, /2 page, 4-colour 4, /3 page, 4-colour 3, /4 page, 4-colour 2, NEW: with increased circulation of 40,000 copies! Circulation: 40,000 copies Publication date: Advertising deadline:

13 Special Issue for ACHEMA (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) ACHEMA GUIDE: The bilingual Special Issue for Frankfurt! The trade magazines cav chemie anlagen verfahren, cpp chemical plants & processes, dei die ernährungsindustrie and Pharmaproduktion join forces to present the optimum reading companion for the most important trade fair of the year. A clear floor plan, concise product information and important messages from exhibiting companies, interesting visitors and coverage of special events, all combine to make this Fair Guide an essential resource for every visitor. Strong presence with the ACHEMA GUIDE With your advertisement in the ACHEMA GUIDE, you can speak directly to your international audience and lead visitors to your exhibition stand. With extensive distribution at the trade fair and both the Frankfurt am Main Central and Exhibition Train Stations, you are guaranteed increased contact opportunities! 50,000 Copies Bilingual in German and English! Additional distribution at the trade fair, Frankfurt am Main Central and Exhibition Train Stations. ACHEMA GUIDE Advertising formats and rates * 1/1 page, 4-colour 8, Junior page, 4-colour 5, /2 page, 4-colour 4, /3 page, 4-colour 3, /4 page, 4-colour 2, * Additional publication of your advertisement within the Englishspeaking section of the Guide for an extra Total circulation: 50,000 copies Publication date: Advertising deadline: The printed guide is also complimented by exclusive promotions on and a special online newsletter! Ask your Account Manager/ Media Representative for exclusive combination offers! Besides the ACHEMA GUIDE, we also cav chemie anlagen verfahren Issue 6/2015 offer you the ACHEMA Preview editions dei die ernährungsindustrie Issue 6/2015 of our Process Technology trade titles: Pharmaproduktion Issue 2/

14 Energy Efficiency in Process Event Innovation Dialogue Contacts Practice Day: Energy Efficiency in Process Solutions and services for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food The economical use of energy resources and supply are essential. But what energy efficiency options are there available to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries? Which new services, solutions and products will help? Answers to these and other pertinent questions will be given to participants in Practice Day: Energy Efficiency in Process Solutions and services for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food, a very special event hosted in Stuttgart by the influential trade journals cav chemie anlagen verfahren, dei die ernährungsindustrie and Pharmaproduktion in October The one-day event will be divided into the core subject areas of: Pumps and Drives, Compressors, Measurement and Automation and Energy Services and Solutions. Participate in the first Practice Day Energy Efficiency in Process Take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase your innovative products! Engage in direct dialogue with your target group! The special issue of Energy Efficiency in the Process will be published parallel to the Practice Day event. In addition, topical activities will be scheduled online via and our dedicated newsletter. Our range of services Basic Premium Lecture (approximately 20 minutes) Editorial coverage for the Conference Event Promotion: Print/Online/Newsletter Free Guest Tickets quota. Presence within the App INDUSTRIEevents (ios) Allocated Exhibition area (approx. 2 m x 2 m) Video interview with the Speaker or Video recording of the Lecture 1/2 page feature within the Special Issue of Energy Efficiency in Process Package Price in 4, , A strictly limited number of Partners can be accommodated! Booking deadline (subject to provision of lecture proposal) will be early April Further information is available upon request. Please see contact details on Page

15 Energy Efficiency in Process Special Issue Efficiency up, energy costs down Rising energy costs directly impact the competitiveness of energy-intensive industries including chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing. Clever energy management and increased use of energy-efficient and climate-friendly technologies are therefore essential. In response to this there are already a wide variety of products, in addition to specific approaches and solutions that will save money whilst protecting the environment. The most important products and solutions will be presented in our special Practice Day issue under the motto Energy Efficiency in Process Solutions and services for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food. Primary topics: Pumps and Drives Compressors Measuring and Automation Energy services & solutions Special Issue: Energy Efficiency in Process Advertising Formats and Prices 45,000 copies As a magazine supplement within the trade journals cav chemie anlagen verfahren Issue 10 dei die ernährungsindustrie Issue 10 Pharmaproduktion Issue 4 1/1 page, 4-Colour 7, Junior page, 4-Colour 5, /2 page, 4-Colour 4, /3 page, 4-Colour 3, /4 page, 4-Colour 2, Total circulation: 45,000 copies Advertising deadline:

16 Crossmedia Partner Entry (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) Promote yourself as a partner in the Pharmaceutical meeting place! Business Card (Print) Permanent presence The crossmedia Partner Entry links both print with online to offer lasting presence. Attract the attention of potential customers with your business card reproduced in all 4 issues of Pharmaproduktion. You will be directly located via the appropriate Category assignment! You can use a QR-Code to route interested partners directly to your online Partner Profile on With one click, the potential customer receives the most important facts about your business, services and special offers. You benefit from guests users too, with those searching by appropriate keyword and topic also directed to your profile page. C-TEILE-MANAGEMENT HANS BECKER GMBH better for you Hans Becker GmbH Keltenring Oberhaching Fax Die ganzheitliche Beratung beim strategischen Einkauf von Nicht-Produktionsmaterial & Dienstleistungen ist die Kernkompetenz von Hans Becker. Dem Kunden werden neben dem klassischen einmaligen Projekt auch dauerhafte strategische Partnerschaften angeboten, um die erzielten Ergebnisse langfristig sichern und erhalten zu können. Zudem bieten die Experten von Hans Becker praxisnahe Schulungen zum Thema an. C-TEILE-MANAGEMENT Ferdinand Gross GmbH & Co. KG Daimlerstraße Leinfelden-Echterdingen Fax Ferdinand Gross ist Spezialist für Verbindungstechnik und C-Teile-Management und bietet Kunden und Partnern aus der Industrie maßgeschneiderte Dienstleistungen. Unser Sortiment reicht von Verbindungselementen über Werkzeuge bis zu Sonderanfertigungen. Wir sorgen für schnellste Verfügbarkeit von über Artikeln. Im Bereich C-Teile-Management bietet Ferdinand Gross kundenspezifische Lösungen zur Sen- kung Ihrer Beschaffungskosten um bis zu 70 %. C-TEILE-MANAGEMENT REIFF Technische Produkte GmbH Tübinger Straße Reutlingen Fax Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für die Industrie. REIFF Technische Produkte setzt täglich neue Maßstäbe Wer heute über die Service- und Produktstärke im Technischen Handel spricht, kommt an REIFF nicht vorbei. Denn REIFF Technische Produkte setzt mit seiner Kundenorientierung und der Erfüllung seiner individuellen Anforderungen Maßstäbe. Als Partner in der Erst- ausrüstung und dem Betriebsbedarf mit Schwerpunkt im Maschinen- und Apparatebau. Intelligently linked information channels Unbeatable Price The combined Print + Online perform doubly: ENTWICKLUNG + FERTIGUNG LOGISTIK MEDIENBESCHAFFUNG Media Pharmaproduktion Term 4 Issues 12 Months Entry Category Available within each Issue Freely selectable Kremp-Wetzlar Präzisionszahnräder Christian Kremp GmbH + Co. KG Hörnsheimer Eck 13a, Wetzlar Fax Produzent hochpräziser Verzahnungen Flexibel, lösungs- und kostenorientiert Seit 125 Jahren gefragter Spezialist und Zulieferer Hauseigene Konstruktion und Produktion Produktion von einem Stück bis zur Großserie RECRUITING Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG Großer Grasbrook Hamburg Fax Kühne + Nagel bietet maßgeschneiderte Logistiklösungen aus einer Hand. Hierbei decken wir die gesamte Bandbreite hochwertiger logistischer Dienstleistungen ab und gewährleisten global einheitliche Umweltund Qualitätsstandards. Das weltweite Netzwerk, unser internationales Know-how sowie die 120-jährige Erfahrung machen Kühne + Nagel zu Ihrem kompetenten und zuverlässigen Partner rund um intelligente Logistiklösungen. SRM Schweitzer Fachinformationen Elsenheimerstraße München Fax Schweitzer Fachinformationen ist mit 167 Millionen Jahresumsatz und rund 700 Mitarbeitern einer der führenden europäischen Komplettanbieter für Fachinformationsbeschaffung und Wissensmanagement in Unternehmen. Schweitzer betreibt deutschlandweit 40 Standorte. Vollständiges E-Procurement, individuelle Intranet- und Fulfillmentkonzepte, die Vollintegration von E-Books, E-Journals und Online Datenbanken als Kostensenker. WEITERBILDUNG Format Business Card 60 mm wide x 82 mm high, four colour, with QR-Code 7 lines for name, 9 lines of 50 characters inc. spaces Package price 1,000.00* PartnerProfil (Partner Profile) Up to 5,000 characters including spaces, logo and images * Only available exclusively as a combined print-online package with a single record format. QR-Code and link to PartnerProfil will be created by the Publisher. Data delivery: Text as DOC/TXT. Logo and image as JPG, CMYK/RGB. Hays AG Willy-Brandt-Platz Mannheim Fax Als Marktführer rekrutiert Hays weltweit Spezialisten für Topunternehmen für zeitlich begrenzte Projekteinsätze wie auch für die Festanstellung. In Deutschland sind wir auf die Berufsgruppen IT, Engineering, Finance, Life Sciences, Legal, Construction & Property sowie Sales & Marketing spezialisiert. Über 800 Unternehmen nutzen unsere Kompetenz in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz. Wir bringen Unternehmen und Spezialisten zusammen. Onventis GmbH Untere Waldplätze Stuttgart Fax ONVENTIS ist seit 10 Jahren ganzheitlicher Lösungsanbieter einer Beschaffungsplattform für strategisches und operatives e-procurement. Die Software-Lösung ist modular aufgebaut und wird als Cloud-Lösung zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Beschaffungsplattform ist funktional ganzheitlich und wird von über 200 Kunden weltweit genutzt. Die Lösung ist 24 Stunden/Tag an sieben Tage/Woche verfügbar.onventis steht für kurze Projektlaufzeiten. Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG Lörracherstr Freibung Fax Die Haufe Akademie gehört zu den führenden Instituten für berufliche Qualifizierung im deutschsprachigen Raum. Seit 1978 hat sich einem klaren Ziel verpflichtet: einen entscheidenden Beitrag zum Erfolg von Menschen und Unternehmen zu leisten. Jährlich werden über Veranstaltungstermine zu 560 Themen bundesweit durchgeführt. Pharmaproduktion Your tags: Company profile Core competence Performance References Partners Special features PartnerProfil / Partner Profile (Online) You can also implement this advertising solution with the trade journals Beschaffung aktuell, elektro AUTOMATION, EPP, Industrieanzeiger, medizin&technik and QUALITY ENGINEERING. 16

17 Newsletter Portrait Formats Prices (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) prozesstechnik-online: We make process technology transparent! 1 Name: Prozesstechnik-Newsletter 2 In brief: Bundled expertise and current news for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries 3 Frequency/circulation: Monthly to nearly 13,000 named recipients. Dates on request. 4 Target group: The Newsletter reaches just under 13,000 named recipients; owners, managing directors, technical managers and investment decision makers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. 5 Data delivery: 7 days prior to shipment date via to Format: GIF, JPG, (DOC additionally for text/image display), tracking code and redirect are possible, tracking pixels are not built in. File size: max. 60 KB. In the case of animated images, please bear in mind that not all systems can identify these as animations. Ad form / format in Pixel (W x H) Text/image ad image: (GIF, JPG) / 200 x 100 text: 300 char. (inc. spaces) + link Fullbanner 468 x 60 or 590 x 100 Leaderboard above Header 728 x 90 Skyscraper 120 x 600 Top-Product Newsletter Price / Frequency 1 x 3 x 6 x , , , , , , , , , , Monthly Newsletter with interesting information about the best products of the month. Dates on request. To view the current newsletter go to: 17

18 Website Portrait (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) We make process technology transparent 1 Web adress: 2 In brief: offers topical information, product reports and events news from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The joint portal for cav, dei and Pharmaproduktion provides a rapid overview of the major events in the whole process technology sector. 3 Target groups: Owners, managing directors, technical managers and investmentdecision makers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. 4 Publishing house: Konradin-Verlag Robert Kohlhammer GmbH Ernst-Mey-Str Leinfelden-Echterdingen The advantages for you as an advertiser: The structure of prozesstechnik-online offers the option for target group specific online advertising. Your advertising on the pages of the portal will reach all those interested in process technology in the various sections (Chemicals, Foods, Pharmaceuticals) and the Specials (Energy, Environment, Science) and you will talk to precisely the right experts. True to our motto We make process technology transparent. We provide clearly organized information about trends across the industry together with a technical overview of the relevant themes in all areas of the process industry. We bundle together a range of coverage that is found nowhere else in the same form. The home page of prozesstechnik-online offers a quick overview of current events in the process industry and this information is then intelligently filtered and treated in depth in the individual Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Foods sections, as well as the Energy, Environment and Science specials. Take advantage of the combined expertise of three editorial teams for your online advertising! You decide whether you want a broad approach or if you want to talk to specialists. The optimized search function generates additional traffic. 18

19 Website Formats Prices (Prices valid as of , in, plus VAT) 5 Advertising formats and prices: See table for overview, other advertising formats on request. * Size and position in illustration indicative; rotating position Advertising format*/website position Size in pixels (W x H)/Type Price per week Hockeystick On all pages 728 x 90 und 120 x 600 (I) 728 x 90 und 160 x 600 (II) 1, Data delivery: 7 days before start of campaign by to Format: GIF, JPG, SWF, HTML, DOC, tracking code and redirect are permitted. File size: max. 60 KB. Video: format FLV, MPEG3/4 Skyscraper On all pages Leaderboard On all pages FullsizePlus Home page and sections 120 x x 600 (Wide) 728 x x 90 (Large) x Crossmedia increases success You can generate synergy through a creative and well-timed linkage of print and online. This increases the impact of your advertising and deepens the impression you make on customers. We have a powerful media network to help you achieve this objective. Ask for an individual proposal. Fullbanner Home page and sections Rectangle Home page and sections Button III On all pages in the toolbar 468 x x 200 (Medium I) 716 x 200 (Large I) x More information and technical details, see 19

20 Trade Show Planner 2015 (Details in the editorial schedule on page 9) Selected shows in further industry magazines of the Konradin Publishing Group in issues ACHEMA Frankfurt, Biotechnica/LABVOLUTION Hanover, Cleanzone Frankfurt, FachPack/PrintPack/LogIntern Nuremberg, Hannover Messe Hanover, Lounges/Vision Pharma/Innovation Food Stuttgart, Pharma-Kongress Dusseldorf, SCHÜTTGUT 2015 Dortmund, P2, S1,