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1 Town of Saugeen Shores Façade Improvement Loan Program Guide for Applicants and Application Form Façade Improvement Loan Program Details Where a proposed project satisfies the Town s Façade Improvement guidelines, an interest-free loan to cover up to 33% of the capital cost of the façade improvement to a maximum of $10,000 per façade may be available on approved applications. Capital costs may include professional design fees, material, labour and taxes necessary to complete eligible work. If the project involves second or double façades, a loan of up to 50% of the capital cost of the façade improvement to a maximum of $15,000 per property may be approved. Funding for the Façade Improvement Loan Program is provided entirely by the Town of Saugeen Shores. If, however, funds should become available through a Provincial or County program, the Town will endeavor to participate in such program using available monies to augment or enhance the Town s program. The maximum available municipal funding envelope shall not exceed $50,000. The Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee shall consider and approve applications submitted in compliance with this program. Where an application has been approved, the loan would be payable after the Applicant executes a Commitment Agreement with the Town, construction is complete and has been inspected by the Chief Building Official and the Development Co-ordinator, and upon presentation of proof of accounts paid for the completed project. A maximum of one year (12 months) is allowed for completion. The Commitment Agreement would specify eligible works and require no changes to work on the approved façade for five years without Town approval. The Commitment Agreement will stipulate: the repayment schedule, which shall not exceed 5 years loan security, to be registered as lien on property for the full amount of the loan loan disbursement confirmation that loans that are in default may be transferred to the property owners property tax account transferability of the loan details on the inspection of approved works the responsibility of the applicant to pay all costs associated with the registration of the lien, preparation of the Commitment Agreement and other costs associated with the loan The Town may, at its sole discretion, terminate the Façade Improvement Loan Program at any time Further information about the Loan Program and the process for approval is contained herein: Process for approval 1. Prior to the commencement of any façade project for which the applicant wishes to remain eligible for a loan, the applicant is required to fill out the attached application form and include the required drawings and documentation. Development Services Department Staff are available to assist in the preparation of a complete application.

2 2. Following submission of a complete application, Development Services Staff will complete an inspection of the façade to affirm the application contents. If affirmed, the application will be submitted to the Saugeen Shores Downtown Revitalization Advisory Committee (DRAC) for their consideration. 3. The DRAC will evaluate the proposals based on the information provided. DRAC may approve or refuse the application. DRAC may also choose to defer the application and seek additional input from the applicant as requested. 4. IF DRAC approves the application, the applicant will be asked to enter into a Commitment Agreement with the Town which will outline in detail the matters listed above. 5. Once the Commitment Agreement is executed by the applicant and deposited with the Town (and any required fees associated with the preparation or registration of the agreement deposited), the applicant may commence the façade improvement project. 6. Upon completion of the project within the allotted time (1 year), the applicant will request an inspection of the completed façade by Development Services Staff. Staff may affirm the completion of the façade project or may require alterations be made to conform to the approved application. 7. Upon completion of the project, the applicant shall submit proof of accounts paid. 8. If the project has not been completed within the allotted time the Manager of Development Services may, at his discretion, revoke the approval of the loan. If the applicant believes he may not complete the project within the allotted time, he shall advise the Manager of Development Services and provide the reasons the project may not be completed in the allotted time. The Manager of Development Services may, at his discretion, extend the allotted time to accommodate a reasonable future completion date. 9. Once Development Services Staff have affirmed the façade project s completion, the loan will be paid. The applicant will be responsible for the repayment of the loan in accordance with the terms of the executed Commitment Agreement (maximum 5 years). Eligibility Limitations The subject lands are within defined area on Schedule A The property is within a Commercial designation under the Official Plan or is a designated heritage property. Residential properties are given lowest priority Applications shall be consistent with façade guidelines, unless exceptions approved by Council or designated approval authority Applicants require the signature of the land owner (if tenant is applicant) All mortgages and charges, including the Façade Improvement Loan, shall not exceed 90% of the Current Assessed Value of the property Property Taxes must be current Project shall not commence prior to Town approval

3 Schedule A


5 Façade Improvement Loan Program Application Form Application #: (assigned by staff) Date Application Received: Municipal Address: Registered Land Owner: Contact name: Address: Municipality: Province: Postal Code: Telephone Applicant: (if same as owner, skip this section) Contact name: Address: Municipality: Province: Postal Code: Telephone: Estimated Construction Value of project: $ I hereby make the above application for Façade Loan Improvement, declaring all the information contained herein is true and correct, and acknowledging the Town of Saugeen Shores will process the application based on the information provided Signature of Owner: Signature of Applicant: Date: In order to complete this application please include the following: a photo of the existing façade and/or sign. a detailed, written description of the proposed improvements and a coloured sketch showing the proposed improvements to scale. A detailed, written outline of how the proposed improvements comply with the Façade Guidelines