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1 WAYNE POLICE DEPARTMENT ENTRANCE EXAM REQUIREMENTS James Clarke Acting Chief f Plice Wayne Twnship is an equal pprtunity emplyer

2 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS All applicants fr the must meet the fllwing minimum qualificatins t be eligible t participate in the recruitment prcess fr the psitin f entry level fficer. Failure t meet any f these qualificatins will autmatically disqualify a candidate frm further cnsideratin. At the time f the written examinatin the applicants must be: 21 years f age A citizen f the United States Have Bachelrs Degree frm and accredited cllege r University r 60 credits frm an accredited cllege r University and 2 years as a full time plice fficer r 60 credits frm an accredited cllege r University and 2 years active Military Service with an hnrable discharge frm the United States Armed Frces. Upn appintment must reside within 15 mile radius f Wayne Twnship, New Jersey Must nt have been cnvicted f any crime f the first, secnd, third r furth degree, as designated by the Criminal Cde f New Jersey, r a crime r felny ffense in any ther jurisdictin that invlved mral turpitude r, at the time f applicatin, is underging r awaiting curt actin f any kind in regard t such a crime r felny ffense. Pssess a valid New Jersey driver s license An applicant must: Scre f 70 percent r better n the written examinatin Scre f 70 percent r better n the ral examinatin Physical agility test is Pass/Fail Swim Test is Pass/Fail Psychlgical Examinatin Eye Examinatin Medical Examinatin HOW TO APPLY All applicatins will be cmpleted nline at PliceApp.cm/WayneNJ NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT 1

3 Preferred Cunty List: In accrdance with the prvisins f the Stipulatin f Settlement entered int with the NAACP. In cnnectin with any such list, preference in recruitment and hiring f plice fficers shall be given t residents f Passaic, Essex, Bergen, Mrris and Sussex Cunties (cmbined) ver nnresidents f thse cunties. [Amended by Ord. N ; by Ord. N ; by Ord. N ; by Ord. N ; by Ord. N ] ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES May include but is nt limited t the fllwing: Prtect private and public prperty Prepare and present written reprts and cases fr prsecutins and/r investigatins f criminal, civil, and traffic ffenses. Cmmunicate effectively with the public, ther agencies, in curt and ther frmal Settings Ability and willingness t wrk a variety f shifts f up t twelve hurs duratin, including nights, weekends, and legal hlidays. Read and cmprehends legal and nn-legal dcuments, including the preparatin and prcessing f such dcuments as citatins, affidavits and warrants. Perfrm cmputer inquiries and type reprts n cmputer system. Ability and willingness t lead thers in slving cmmunity prblems, facilitating discussin, and negtiating slutins. Endure verbal and mental abuse when cnfrnted with hstile views and pinins f suspects and thers encuntered in an antagnistic envirnment. Stp traffic vilatrs and take apprpriate actin, identify suspicius individuals and investigate their activities. Apprehends vilatrs r ffenders f the law, smetimes invlving substantial elements f persnal danger. In instances where lawful arrests are resisted, the fficer must be prepared and able at times, thrugh high levels f physical exertin, t prtect citizens, themselves, fellw fficers, and vercme the resistance. 2

4 OVERALL RANKING 1) Candidates receiving a grade f 70 r better in bth the written and ral examinatin(s), and having received a passing scre n the physical agility tests are eligible fr scre ranking. (2) Fr purpses f ranking, each candidate having received passing scres (70 r abve) n bth the written and ral examinatins, and having received a passing scre n the physical agility test shall receive a final scre equal t the sum f the written examinatin and the ral examinatin. Scring shall be accurate t five decimal places. (3) All eligibility lists prepared must rank the candidates in the rder f their final scres frm high t lw, and are cnditinally ffered emplyment in this rder. Backgrund Investigatin and Interview (1) Once a candidate has successfully passed the written, physical ral and agility phases, the candidate shall be subject t a backgrund investigatin and interview. (2) The Chief f Plice shall appint fficers f the rank f Sergeant r abve and/r members f the department t cnduct a detailed backgrund investigatin f the passing candidates. (3) The necessary investigatin shall include is but nt necessarily limited t the fllwing: a) Criminal backgrund. b) Mtr vehicle backgrund. c) Character check. d) Educatinal institutin checks. e) Emplyers (past and present). f) Military infrmatin. g) Neighbrs, friends and reference checks. 3

5 h) General backgrund investigatin. i) Curt and ther legal infrmatin, including a credit backgrund. j) In-depth persnal interview. (4) The investigating team shall furnish a written reprt t the Chief f Plice with its recmmendatins cncerning the suitability f the candidate fr appintment. Ord. N. 26, 1995, Chapter 25, Article VI, 25-17, Sec. B. Each persn applying fr a full-time psitin in the Plice Department shall, by the date f the written examinatin, have the fllwing qualificatins t be cnsidered eligible fr appintment: A. He/she shall be a citizen f the United States. B. He/she shall have ne f the fllwing: (1) A Bachelr's degree frm an accredited cllege r university; r (2) Sixty credits frm an accredited cllege r university and tw full years as a fulltime plice fficer. (3) Sixty credits frm an accredited cllege r university and tw cnsecutive years f service in the Armed Frces f the United States, with an hnrable discharge. He/she must nt have been cnvicted f any crime f the first, secnd, third r furth degree, as designated by the Criminal Cde f New Jersey, r a crime r felny ffense in any ther jurisdictin that invlved mral turpitude r, at the time f applicatin, is underging r awaiting curt actin f any kind in regard t such a crime r felny ffense. Cnditinal Offer f Emplyment Once a candidate has successfully passed the written, ral and physical agility phases, and successfully passed the backgrund investigatin and interview and is made a cnditinal ffer f emplyment, the candidate shall be subject t: 4

6 Medical Examinatin: perfrmed by the Plice Physician. He/she shall furnish the Plice Department and the applicant with a written certificate f that examinatin. Eye examinatin: an eye examinatin perfrmed by an phthalmlgist designated by the Twnship. Psychlgical Examinatin: a psychlgical examinatin t be administered by a licensed psychlgist r psychiatrist selected by the Chief f Plice. A reprt evaluating the suitability f the candidate fr plice and law enfrcement duty shall be submitted t the Chief f Plice. If the candidate fails the medical, eye r psychlgical examinatin, he/she shall be autmatically disqualified frm the hiring prcess. Nte: A cnditinal ffer f emplyment des nt guarantee a psitin as a plice fficer. Applicants must still successfully cmplete the abve testing and be apprved by Wayne Twnship. Applicants wh pass all f the abve testing and are then selected fr emplyment must successfully cmplete recruit training cnducted by a New Jersey Plice Training Cmmissin Plice Academy. Once a recruit successfully passes the Plice Academy training they enter the Wayne Plice Department Field Training Prgram. New fficers are n prbatinary status fr 18 mnths frm the date f appintment. EXAMINATION and FEES 1. Written Examinatin: Fee $ due at time f applicatin submissin The examinatin is given by the New Jersey State Chiefs f Plice. The ttal test time fr all fur sectins f the written examinatin is 90 minutes and it cnsists f fur sectins: a) Math b) Reading Cmprehensin c) Spelling and Grammar d) Reprt Writing 2. Physical Agility Test- The tests shall evaluate the applicant's strength, agility, stamina and speed. 3. Swim Test 4. Oral Examinatin: Fee $ Fee due at time f Oral Exam 5

7 Yu must scre at least 70% n the written and ral prtins f the examinatin. Failure t d s will result in yur eliminatin frm cnsideratin. HIRING PROCESS The hiring prcess cnsists f numerus phases and assessments. Candidates must successfully pass each phase in rder t prceed thrugh the prcess. The cmpnents f the testing prcess are listed belw. Candidates wh fail t reprt t any f the testing prcedures and/r wh fail any cmpnent f the testing prcess will autmatically be disqualified frm further cnsideratin. There will be n make up dates scheduled. The reserves the right t change any f the psted dates if necessary and applicants will be prperly ntified if this shuld ccur. Phase 1: Applicatin Prcess: Applicatins will clse n July 7, 2014 by 12:00 am Phase 2: Written Examinatin: Mnday July 14, 2014 at 4:30 pm * If an additinal written examinatin test date is necessary, it will be annunced prir t July 14 th. Lcatin: Wayne PAL 1 Pal Drive Wayne NJ All eligible applicants will take a written examinatin. The passing scre fr the Written examinatin is 70%. Phase 3: Oral Examinatin July am - 4:30 pm Lcatin: Passaic Cunty Plice Academy 214 Oldham Rad, Wayne NJ Phase 4: Physical Qualificatin Test July 29, 2014-Lcatin t be determined Lcatin: Passaic Cunty Plice Academy 214 Oldham Rad, Wayne NJ Results f ALL tests will be available nline at PliceApp.cm candidate prfile ONLY thse candidates passing the written test will be scheduled fr the agility test. We will initially nly test the tp 75 candidates fr the physical qualificatin prcess, and the tp 50 fr the swimming cmpnent. Effective Perid f Test The list shall remain in effect fr a perid f three years frm the date that the ttal evaluatin scres are tabulated, prvided that the list is nt exhausted prir t that time. 6

8 Plice Physical Qualificatin Test PRIOR TO PARTICIPATING IN THE TRAINING CONTAINED IN THIS COMMUNICATION, YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN TO ENSURE IT IS SAFE FOR YOU TO ENGAGE IN THE WAYNE POLICE PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING REGIMENT. The purpse f the entrance testing is t ensure that the candidate has the physical capabilities t be able t perfrm the required essential jb tasks necessary fr the psitin f law enfrcement fficer. The entrance fitness test is mdeled after the Cper Institute Test and will cnsist f the fllwing: 1. Vertical Jump (1-2 minutes recvery) 2. 1 minute sit-ups (5 minutes recvery) Meter Sprint Measured 300 Meters n flat surface & timed (5-10 minutes recvery) 4. 1 minute push-up (5 minutes recvery) mile run Measured 1.5 miles n flat surface & timed (cl dwn 5 minutes) These tests will be administered in the abve listed rder with the prescribed recvery perids between each test. Recvery between each test shuld be active (i.e. slw walking, gentle stretching) T successfully cmplete the Physical Fitness Test, yur must meet scre r exceed the belw nrm. Yu MUST successfully pass each cmpnent. Thse candidate wh d nt meet the minimum standard in all tested categries will receive a failure and will be disqualified frm the testing prcess. Male Standard Female Standard Vertical Jump Minute Push Ups Meter Sprint 63 Sec. 82 Sec. 1 Minute Sit Ups Mile Run 13:48 16:46 7

9 Vertical Jump. This measures leg pwer, and cnsists f measuring hw high a persn jumps. Training Tips fr Vertical Jump A gd way t prepare fr this cmpnent is t d plymetric training. The basic plymetric exercise rutine cnsists f three exercises: duble leg vertical jump, single leg vertical jump and the duble leg hp. Perfrm each exercise with 1 set f 10 repetitins, 3 days a week. D the repetitins ballistically withut stpping. Rest 3 minutes between each set f each exercise One Minute Sit Ups. This measures abdminal, r trunk, muscular endurance. The purpse f this test is t evaluate trunk strength. Attain a psitin lying n yur back with the knees flexed at a 45 t 60 degree angle, feet tgether and apprximately 18 frm the buttcks. Fingers interlcked behind the head. The feet will be held in place during the test. On the cmmand GO tuck the chin twards the chest, curl trs frward until the elbws tuch the thighs. Once the elbws tuch the thighs, return t a psitin in which the midback tuches the flr. Once the midback tuches the flr, perfrm anther sit up. Cntinue t cmplete sit ups fr tw (2) minutes. Only crrectly perfrmed sit ups will cunt. Training Tips fr Sit Ups T prepare fr sit ups, perfrm sit ups fllwing the prcedures described abve. Attempt t cmplete as many crrect sit ups as yu can in (2) minutes. If difficulty is experienced cmpleting the sit ups, have a secnd persn hld yur feet. If yu are unable t cmplete ne sit up, practice cming halfway up and returning t the flr fr ne t tw minutes. On each training day, attempt t perfrm full sit ups, the student will be given ne (1) minute t d as many bent leg sit ups as pssible. 300 Meter Run. This measures anaerbic pwer, r the ability t make an intense burst f effrt fr a shrt time perid r distance. This cmpnent cnsists f sprinting 300 meters as fast as pssible. 8

10 Training Tips fr 300 Meter Run T prepare fr this cmpnent, it is a gd idea t d interval training. The first step is t time yurself fr an all-ut effrt at 110 yards. This is called yur initial time, r IT. The secnd step is t divide yur IT by.80 t get yur training time. Then fllw the schedule belw. Push Ups. This measures the muscular endurance f the upper bdy. This cmpnent cnsists f ding as many push-ups as pssible until muscular failure. The purpse f this test is t evaluate the muscular strength and muscular endurance in yur upper bdy. The push-ups will be perfrmed in the standard psitin in which the frnt f the ft and hands are in cntact with the flr. The feet are 8 t 12 inches apart and the arms are fully extended, directly under the shulders, and slightly wider than shulder width apart. The legs, buttcks, back, and shulders must be in a straight alignment. On the cmmand GO, keep the bdy fully extended and lwer yur trs twards the flr by flexing the elbws until the elbws frm a 90 degree angle. Next extend t the starting psitin. Cntinue t cmplete pushups fr tw (2) minutes. Only crrectly perfrmed pushups will cunt. Yur scre will be the number f crrect push-ups cmpleted in tw (2) minutes. Training Tips fr Push Ups T prepare fr pushups, perfrm pushups fllwing the prcedures described abve. Attempt t cmplete as many crrect pushups as pssible in (2) minutes. If unable t perfrm ne push up, start in the initial psitin and lwer the trs halfway tward the grund and extend t the extended psitin. Each time yu practice, lwer the trs clser t the grund until the crrect psitin is achieved. 9

11 1.5 Mile Run. This measures aerbic pwer r cardivascular endurance (stamina ver time). The purpse f this test is t evaluate aerbic capacity. On the cmmand GO yu will run 1.5 miles n a marked curse. Training Tips fr 1.5 Mile Run T prepare fr the 1.5 mile run, start by running 1.5 miles withut stpping and nte the time t cmplete the run. If unable t cmplete the distance, run as far as yu can withut stpping and nte the distance and the time yu ran. It is best t d this self test n a track. If yu are unable t cmplete 1.5 miles withut stpping, start by running fr a time perid f apprximately 30 t 60 secnds less than yu were able t achieve withut stpping. Next walk fr 30 secnds and then run the same distance again and walk fr 30 secnds. Repeat this sequence until yu have run 1.5 miles. Attempt t increase the running distance withut stpping each time yu run and decrease the walk time. Once able t cmplete the 1.5 miles withut stpping, run part f the distance at a faster pace fllwed by a slwer pace. Repeat this cycle thrughut the 1.5 mile distance. If yu are able t cmplete the 1.5 miles withut stpping, start t pick up the pace fr every ther ¼ mile. In additin, interval training can be used t increase yur speed and enable yu t cmplete the 1.5 mile distance at a faster pace. Interval training invlves running shrter t medium distances at a fast pace fllwed by walking r jgging between the intervals. Fr example, run 220 yards (1/2 arund a track), walk 220 yards, and run 220 yards. Keep this up until yu have cmpleted fur t five intervals. Increase the length f the interval and decrease the length f the walk t lwer yur time t cmplete the 1.5 mile run. Cuple the interval training with running 1.5 miles cntinuusly. General Weight Training Weight training can be used t increase muscular strength and muscular endurance. Fr mst purpses weight training can nly be perfrmed every ther day r three times per week. T determine starting weight fr an exercise, chse a weight that yu think yu can use t cmplete 8-12 repetitins f the exercise. Next attempt t perfrm ne set r 8-12 repetitins with this weight. If yu are able t cmplete 12 repetitins increase the weight. If yu are unable t cmplete 8-12 repetitins but can cmplete fur r mre, cntinue t use this weight until yu have achieved 8-12 repetitins. If yu are unable t cmplete fur repetitins, lwer the weight. T increase muscular endurance, lwer the weight and attempt t cmplete repetitins. 10

12 Medical Clearance Reprt Frm Applicants Printed Name Date f Birth Date The abve individual is being asked t take part in a fitness assessment prgram as part f an verall prcess t becme a Wayne Plice Officer. The fitness assessment invlves submaximal measurements f cardi-respiratry fitness (1.5 mile run), muscular endurance and abslute strength f the arms and chest (push-ups & bench press), and muscular endurance f the abdmen (sit-ups). The assessment scres are listed belw as determined frm nrmative data cllected by Dr. Kenneth Cper f the Cper Aerbic Institute f Dallas, Texas. The factr listed in the tables fr the bench press is multiplied by the applicant s weight. The Female push-up clumn are full bdy psitins respectively. Male Standard Female Standard Vertical Jump Minute Push Ups Meter Sprint 63 Sec. 82 Sec. 1 Minute Sit Ups Mile Run 13:48 16:46 By cmpleting this frm, yu are nt assuming any respnsibility fr ur assessment prgram. If, hwever, yu knw f any reasn why the participant shuld nt undertake a basic assessment f fitness as listed abve, we wuld be mst grateful if yu culd indicate that belw. I have examined the abve captined applicant n the fllwing date and based n my finding: I knw f n reasn why the applicant may nt participate. I recmmend that the applicant NOT PARTICIPATE. Signature f NJ Licensed Physician NJ ID # Date Street: City, State, Zip: THIS FORM TO BE RETURNED THE DAY OF THE PHYSICAL QUALIFICATION TEST 11