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1 Country of Travel: Saudi Arabia Visa Type: Family Visit NOV 2018 DOCUMENTS CHECKLIST Passport: Please submit Original Signed passport with at least two empty pages SIDE BY SIDE. It must be valid for 6 months after the date of departure. Non-Canadian National: Please include a copy of PR card or valid status in Canada (Work Permit, Study Permit) One Recent Passport Pho: Canadian passport pho, on white background, with your name written on the back. VISA Application Form: It should be completed, dated & signed in full in either Arabic or in English (Attached). Copy of Sponsor s Residency: Please provide a copy of the valid residency permit (Iqama) of the sponsor. Visa Authorization: Your sponsor must provide a copy of the visa authorization slip obtained from the Saudi MoFA. Proof of Relationship Saudi Sponsor: The Embassy would like inform you that for all type of family visit visas require proof of relationship Sponsor from Saudi. Please provide copy of a marriage certificate for a spouse and a copy of the long form birth certificate for a child indicating names of both parents. The Birth and Marriage Certificates from Canada have be notarized and stamped by the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry. Any certificates from Arabic countries should be translated English, then notarized and stamped by the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry. Copy of an Arabic passport may serve as a proof of relationship of a son or daughter their father. Any certificates from other countries outside Canada should be translated English, then notarized and stamped by the Canadian Foreign Affairs Ministry. If it is a Saudi marriage certificate or a Saudi birth certificate, then just a phocopy is good enough without further legalization. Notarized Letter of Permission: A notarized letter of permission from the absent parent is required if one parent is travelling alone with minor children. (Not needed if the sponsor is the inviting parent currently residing in Saudi Arabia). POLIO Immunization: Phocopy of the POLIO immunization record is required for children under the age of 15. Copy of Passport Validity: Please include a phocopy of the first page of your passport (showing the expiry date). Copy of Travel Itinerary: Please submit a copy of your travel itinerary showing entry and departure dates. The Embassy stresses that the client should not pay or confirm their ticket until the visa is issued. Itineraries can be obtained from travel agencies or online free of charge. (You may obtain itineraries online from It has show entering Saudi by air: NOT by highway from neighboring country.

2 Client Information Sheet Completed and signed. Please read and sign the disclaimer at the botm of the page. Signed Notification Page: Please sign the notification page attached in the package. Medical Insurance: The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa has started enforcing mandary Saudi medical travel insurance policy on applicants starting June 20, The price is CAD $80 and Visaconnection will process it on your behalf as part of the visa application. VISA PRICES for CANADIAN PASSPORT holders: Single Entry Multiple Entries 6 Months Multiple Entries 1 Year Multiple Entries 2 Years $ 385 $ 465 $ 2145 $ % Discount for 3 or more applying gether. VISA PRICES for NON - CANADIAN PASSPORT holders: Single Entry Multiple Entries 6 Months Multiple Entries 1 Year Multiple Entries 2 Years $ 915 $ 1295 $ 2145 $ % Discount for 3 or more applying gether. NOTE: PROCESSING TIMES ARE SOLELY BASED AT THE EMBASSY S DISCRETION. Please note that the fees listed include the Embassy s fees, all applicable courier fees and from the Embassy in Ottawa, the additional fee for the online application (required by the Embassy) and HST. The fees do not include return courier from Visa Connection the Client and Mandary Medical Insurance fee. 14A Hazeln Ave., Suite 204 Tel: Toron, Ontario Fax: M5R 2E2 Toll Free:

3 TOLL FREE: CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET Name of Applicant (s) Home Address: City: Province: Postal Code: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: Contact Person during the application process: Phone: (if applicable - i.e. Travel Agent, Admin. Assistant, etc) Date You Require Your Passport Back: Travel Details Country the Visa Required for Purpose of Travel Entry/Departure Dates (dd/mm/yy) Number of Entries Single/Double/Multiple Level of Service Basic/Urgent/Rush Return Instructions Pick Up in Office Courier Next Day (5pm) $45 Courier Next Day - AM Delivery - $65 Courier Next Day US $80 Personal Courier Name: Account #: Return Address (if different from above): City: Province: Postal Code: Phone: Who Referred You Travel Agency (Complete name & address): Other: Payment Information Card Type: Visa Card Number Expiry / Security Code MasterCard AMEX I authorize Visa Connection charge my credit card for the amount of: Signature: $ Date: Visa Connection continuously works provide safe delivery of all visas in a timely manner. Regrettably, we cannot accept responsibility for delayed, lost or slen Passports. When documents are submitted a Consulate or Embassy, the issuance or refusal of the visa is strictly at their discretion. Visa Connection will charge $ per person for cancelled/rejected Single-Entry visa application & $200 per person for cancelled/rejected Multiple-Entry visa application. I agree the terms and conditions outlined in the disclaimer: Signature: Date: 14A Hazeln Ave, Suite 204 Toron, ON M5R 2E2 T: Albert St., Suite 1602 Ottawa, ON K1P 6A4 T: Robert Bourassa Blvd., Suite 1700, Montreal, QC H3A2A6 T:

4 SAUDI ARABIA - ADDITIONAL SERVICES Please complete and sign this document and attach it the Visaconnection Client Information Sheet. If you don t require any of the additional services listed below, please leave the table blank and complete the botm section only. Service 1 st Document Each Additional Document Chamber of Commerce ** $ $ Notary Public $ $ Ministry of Foreign Affairs $ $ Saudi Embassy Legalization $95.00 $70.00 College of Physicians (Ontario) $ $ Other (please contact us): Translation Number of Documents Total TOTAL CHARGE ** Effective July 2009, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will NOT stamp Canadian Support Letters for Saudi Visas unless they are notarized, or, submitted with a notarized letter of waiver. Please contact our office for more details. Disclaimer: The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Ottawa reserves the right issue or refuse any visa at their discretion. Additional documents required by the Embassy may delay processing times. Processing times are only approximate, therefore, the Embassy stresses that the applicant should not confirm or pay for a flight ticket until they get confirmation the visa has been issued. Therefore, Visaconnection cannot be held responsible for the delay or refusal of any visa application by the Embassy. I agree the terms and conditions outlined in the disclaimer: Name of applicant (s): Signature: Date: 14A Hazeln Ave., Suite 204 Tel: Toron, Ontario Fax: M5R 2E2 Toll Free:

5 Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Ottawa Consular Section المملكة العربیة السعودیة أوتاوا القسم القنصلي استمارة طلب تا شیرة Visa Application Form Stamp of Canadian Agent BARCODE : E#: للاستعمال الرسمي For official Use Pho الصورة رقم التا شیرة: نوع التا شیرة: First Name الاسم الا ول Middle Name الاسم الا وسط Last Name اسم العاي لة Mother s name إسم الا م Father s Name إسم الا ب Name of Spouse إسم الزوج أو الزوجة Date of Birth تاریخ الولادة Place of Birth مكان الولادة Present Nationality الجنسیة الحالیة Passport No رقم الجواز Date of Issue تاریخ الا صدار Place of Issue محل الا صدار Expiration Date تاریخ إنتھاء صلاحیة الجواز Previous Nationality الجنسیة السابقة الجنس Sex ذكر Male أنثى Female Marital Status الحالة الا جتماعیة Religion متزوج Married أرمل widow الدیانة أعزب Single مطل ق Divorced Profession Qualifications Place of issue المھنة المو ھل العلمي مكان الا صدار Home Address and Telephone No in Canada عنوان المنزل ورقم الھاتف في كندا البرید الا لكتروني Address عنوان الشركة ورقم الھاتف في كندا Business Address and Telephone no in Canada نوع التا شیرة Visa Type Diplomatic دبلوماسیة عمل Employment زیارة عاي لیة Family visit رجل أعمال Businessman Special خاصة إقامة Residence Work visit زیارة عمل شخصیة Personal حكومیة Government دراسیة Student Commercial تجاریة مرور Transit مستثمر Invesr Name, Address, telephone number of the Company or Sponsor in Saudi Arabia إسم وعنوان وھاتف الشركة أو الكفیل وعنوانھ في المملكة ھل سبق لك أن حصلت على تا شیرة دخول إلى المملكة لا NO نعم Have you previously been issued a visa Saudi Arabia? Yes مكان الا صدار Where تاریخھا When ما نوعھا Type Port of Entry in Saudi Arrival in Saudi Arabia Duration of Stay City of Embarkation Arabia Date Airline Flight I, the undersigned, hereby certify that: - I agree have my fingerprints taken and my Iris scanned - All the information provided is correct. I will abide by the laws of the Kingdom during the period of my stay - I fully understand that alcohol, narcotics, pornographic materials and all types of religious and political activities are prohibited. I accept that if I violate the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I shall be subject capital punishment. أنا الموقع أدناه أوافق على أخذ بصمة الا صابع وقزحیة العین أقر با ن كل المعلومات التي دونتھا صحیحة وسا كون ملتزما بقوانین المملكة أثناء فترة وجودي بھا. Name: Signature: Date: 201 Sussex Dr. Ottawa, ON, K1N 1K6 Canada. Telephone (613) Fax: (613)

6 NOTIFICATION TO ALL AGENTS AND ALL APPLICANTS Please note and sign the following statements 1- All visas are issued under the discretion of the Consular at the Saudi Embassy. 2- There are no exemptions or fast processing of visas. To all agents, please make sure tell your applicants not purchase any tickets before the visa is issued 3- To all agents, please do not tell your applicants whether a visa is authorized or denied. This is for the Consular section decide. 4- There is no time restrictions for visas be issued, they will be issued as soon as possible 5- If applicants have any questions or complaints about any agent, please do not hesitate contact the consular section at Name Signature Date