My First Preschool Kenton Tiny Tots Summer Camp

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1 My First Preschool Kenton Tiny Tots Summer Camp 131 FINCH AVE. WEST, TORONTO, ONTARIO, M2N 2H8 TEL: (416) Week #3: July 17 21, 2017 Week #4: July 24 28, 2017 Dear Parents, Welcome to your child s first week of SUMMER PROGRAM! Here introducing our summer counselors: Silvia Michael Julie Annie Ms. Joannie (supervisor) Our team has put together themes, activities and a list of reminders and things to bring; please read below. IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND POLICY Afternoon Snack will remain to be served everyday at 2:00pm for those children who want to have afternoon snack Weekly Program Calendar and News Letter: Parents and guardians can go onto our website: anytime to see our weekly summer

2 schedule/program. Our calendar/news letter will be updated every week. It is important parents and guardians read our weekly program calendar since we ask children to bring items from home to school as part of our program activities. Cancellation, Refund, Make-up days/ Switching days Policy: There are no make-up days or refunds if your child misses our camp program. We are also unable to accommodate any changes and switch days once your child has been registered. My First Preschool will not be able to provide any refunds after June 1, 2016 and anytime after this date. Please read over our policy and instruction attachment provided for more IMPORTANT information. Late Fee:Late pick up will be charged: $1.00 per minute starting after 2:31 pm. All late fees will be collected and be given to the staff who stayed behind with the child(ren). If you need to drop off your child late, or pickup your child early, please notify one of our staff ahead of time so we know when to expect your arrival; late fee still applies. Drop-off/ Pick-up: During morning drop-off please do not park your car or idle within the fire zone area, please park your car in our parking area before dropping of your child at our front entrance through the small fenced outdoor park. One of our summer staff will open the classroom door (room 110) when the clock hits 9:30am. Before this time, please do not interrupt the staff for they are usually preparing for the day or having a staff meeting (unless you have made prior arrangements to speak to Ms. Joannie or one of the staff members). During all drop off and pickup period no adults are allowed in the classroom, unless prior arrangements or appointments were made. If it is urgent and you need to speak with one of the staff members; you re more then welcome to come into the room once all the children are inside (drop-off period) or have been dismissed (pick-up period). All goodbyes during drop off are to be done at our entrance before your child enters the building.

3 Pick-up time is at 2:30pm; prior to this time for your child s safety please DO NOT hang around the small park area and parking lot. The summer group is usually walking back from outdoor play/water play, and to avoid children running away or running into the parking lot, we ask you to stay inside the building or arrive exactly 5 minutes before 2:30pm. We will release your child at the small-park or from our main entrance. Please do not take your child without us knowing, we will release your child once we see your face, please be patient. Immunization Record: For all those who have not yet provided a copy of your child's immunization record, please prepare a copy or bring in the immunization card for us to make a copy for our records. It is a requirement by the Ministry, without your child's immunization record we are unable to allow him or her to participate in our camp program. Photo 4x6: Prior or on your child's first day of camp please prepare 2, 4x6 photos of just your child for our contact list safety book and allergy board. If your child has any food allergies or restrictions, please bring in 3, 4x6 photos of your child. These photos can be taken back on your child's last day of program. Food Allergies: Our facility is a NUT FREE center; all children are not allowed to bring any outside food other then our program catering. All food and snacks will be provided by the center. Please address all food restrictions and allergies with our supervisor prior to your child s first day in our program. Water-play: We will have water play everyday; but Friday's, however this activity will begin starting July 10, Please notify any of the staff s at the begging of the day if your child plans NOT to participate water-play. If your child plans to participate water-play, the staff s will call a

4 group of children at a time to go change into their water clothes during water preparation period (assistance will be given if needed). However, water play will be cancelled if weather condition is poor (raining, heat alert and etc.) and in the case swim pack will not be needed for the day. No Toys from Home Policy: are not allowed to bring toys to camp from home, unless the program specifies. If a child does bring a toy to our center (sometimes without the parent knowing) My First Preschool Summer Counselors will not be responsible if it goes missing or damaged. If a staff member discovers a child with a toy from home, the child will be asked to place their toy and etc. in their bins from our coat room. Sunscreen Policy: No staff members are allowed to help children apply sunscreen. Parents are expected to apply sunscreen before coming to our center. We scheduled water-play to be the last activity of the day before pick-up time. Thank you for your co-operation, and please feel free to contact me with any questions. Sincerely Joannie Phone: (416)

5 Theme: Holiday Week s of the week: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Activities: July Week #3 St. Patrick s Valentine s Christmas Easter Halloween Movie + Popcorn Things to bring: *4x6 photo of themselves (2 or 3 photos) *Immunizat ion Record are to wear Red or Pink on this day. are to wear their Halloween Costume to class on this day. *X2 photo of your child in our program *Address of Emergency contact from returned

6 Theme: Around the World International Week s of the week: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Activities: Theme: July Week #4 Europe Africa Australia Spain Asia Movie + Popcorn Things to bring: are to bring one item from home to be presented during our show and tell time. O Special Events O Closed O Reminders and things to bring *Above activities can change without notice. Notice and Things to Reminder: Sunscreen: Please apply sunscreen protection before coming to camp. Staffs are unable to assist on helping children to apply/reapply sunscreen, please be sure to have sunscreen on your child before coming to camp. Extra Clothes: Please place your child`s clothes in a large zip-lock bag labeled with their names, and the camp counselors will place the bag of extra clothes in their personal bins in our preschool cubby room. All items belonging to your child MUST BE labeled with your child`s name.

7 Water Bottle: `s water bottle and outdoor hats will be placed in special bins, all items belonging to your child MUST BE labeled with your child`s name.