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2 Because your brand deserves the very best! BINDER PRODUCTS Unbeatable quality in every binder type imaginable! Vinyl: When volume is the first consideration, but quality counts, our vinyl products are YOUR solution! Poly: Looking for the greatest durability at the lowest price? Poly is perfect! Seal Cut: The durability of poly and the great look of top quality vinyl! Turned Edge: Perfect for dazzling, eye-catching graphics! Turned & Sewn: If you need to make the best possible impression, turned & sewn binders give you the plush look and feel you need to make your mark and close your sale! It s not just a binder it s the face of your company. In today s hyper-competitive marketplace, the power of your brand is a key point of differentiation. And, if you want to Vinyl associate quality with your brand, you re looking in the right place! Nobody knows binders better. We ve been in the binder business since 1929 and have led the industry through numerous rounds of innovation. If it s been done with a binder, chances are, we ve designed and made it and done it better than anyone! The secret is our employees. It s not unusual to find employees that have been here 20, 30 even 40 years or more! That s because we ve built a culture around product quality starting with the members of our team. With us, it s not just a job it s a passion. And it shows in our products. We can make almost any binder you can imagine from color to substrate to decorating method we can do it all. And we take the extra step to ensure every binder we make is one that you ll be proud to present to your customers or prospects. Glue is glue, right? Not when it comes to binders! We rigorously test dozens of glues for every application and substrate to ensure the perfect adhesion. The right glue for the right job. Then we take painstaking care to evenly and thoroughly apply it so you get the tightest turns and edges possible. TURNED EDGE POLY vinyl seal cut A PASSION FOR QUALITY We re excellent at what we do because our employees have so many years of experience. I ve been here more than 20 years and there are many with more tenure than me. We work hard to perform beyond customer expectations. We re passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and empathetic. My motto is treat your customers well and they ll return time and again. Paula Kuder Employee Since 1989

3 Bank on us to give you the highest quality passbooks, checkbook covers, and more! BANKING PRODUCTS Incredible quality and value in: Passbooks Savings & Checkbook Covers ATM Books, Wallets & Stock ATM Registers Vinyl Jackets & Note Holders In the banking business, reputation and image is everything. You need to look solid, stable, and dependable. That s why our customers trust us to manufacture banking products that cast them in the right light. What s more, we custom manufacture all of our products exclusively with our customer in mind, giving you exactly what you need! Do you need special colors to reinforce your brand identity? No problem! Exquisitely detailed foil stamping? Piece of cake! Unique design and construction? Absolutely! Call us today so we can build the perfect solution for your bank bank on it! Separate yourself from the competition with top-notch tabs! INDEX TABS You ve invested in a binder that reinforces your brand quality. Let us assist you by adding that final touch that really sets your product apart custom tabs. All too often, tabs are an afterthought. But with a bit of foresight and planning, great index tabs can have a huge, cost-effective impact. Let us help you separate your company from the competition with full-color graphic tabs or tabs made from fine, textured paper. We can deliver tabs made in just about any color or paper weight/style. We can also do Mylar tabs for extra durability. Call us today for top-notch tabs that will not only separate your binder pages, but your company too! Keep it tight! When it comes to tabs, detail is king. If the color or die-cut is even a hair off, it just doesn t look right. That s why we have a proprietary 3-step process to ensure your tabs are consistent in color, cut and registration! Quality as a way of life I m very proud to be a part of a company that makes the highest quality standards its everyday way of life. We take pride in our work and the quality of our products makes our company what it is. Kelly Zerwig Employee Since 1978

4 The know-how you need to pull off the impossible! CUSTOM PRODUCTS If you can imagine it, we can build it! CD Holders Custom Boxes Portfolios Presentation Products Flip-back Binders Document Cases Clip Boards Menu Covers And so much more! Sometimes you need more than a binder to properly package your message. No worries! We ve built a longstanding reputation for working with our customers to design and develop unique packaging solutions. Not only can we produce it, we can work with you to properly engineer it! With our years of experience manufacturing oneoff specialty items, we ll work with you to create a solution that is not only attractive, but economically viable, as well. Whatever your packaging need, we re geared to give you incredible quality and service throughout the entire process! The style you want, with unmatched precision! Printing & Decoration Nobody offers more decorating options or better quality! Multicolor Silk-screening Four-color Process Screening Embossing or Debossing Foil Stamping (blind or color filled) Applique Reverse Screen Overlay Picture Perfect This is a business that is made or broken in the details. Fine detailing of decoration is our special niche. If quality decoration is important to you, look no further. Simply put, nobody does it better. Over the decades, we ve led the development and perfection of many of the techniques listed above. The secret? Well, it s no secret. It s our people. Our employees have seen more and done more in the decorating field than anyone. Over the years, we ve picked up enough tricks to get the processes down cold. Our standard is nothing less than the finest, tightest possible image. Just ask for a sample so you can see for yourself and experience true craftsmanship firsthand! We ve got the right people, the right equipment, and the right process to give you unparalleled quality right now! Image is everything! Especially when it comes to your logo and graphics. We ve earned a reputation over the years for incredible printing and decoration quality. Only the tightest images and registration pass our rigorous inspection. When you put your graphics in our hands, you can trust they ll look incredible! picture perfect DEBOSS BLACK FOIL DEBOSS SILK SCREEN DEBOSS with reverse stamping BLIND DEBOSS multiple silk screening EMBROIDERY FOIL EMBOSS Four color process Lithography reverse screen overlay FOIL STAMP FOIL EMBOSS QUALITY Teamwork Quality is not just about me, but about all of us that make it happen. We all work on jobs as if they were our own and we all want the very best! Linda Kettinger Employee Since 1988

5 Contact us today for the products you need and the quality you deserve! For more information contact: