A Year in the Children's Universe Billund

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1 1 January: A Year in the Children's Universe Billund Attention point: "Great Liceday". By hanging up posters and notices at Children Intra, there will be attention to the "Great Liceday". A day where focus on lice and control will be nationwide. February: Arrangement: "Fastelavn" Background of Fastelavn: Fastelavn Sunday is always seven weeks before Easter Sunday. Fastelavn comes from the word in German "fastelarbend" as they had the night before the fasting. Fastelavn was kept within 40 day fasting. Initially and until well into the 1800s Fastelavn was an adult party where the adults drank alcohol in large amounts, ate meat, partied, danced and dressed out and beat the cat out of the barrel, often on horseback and with a live cat in the barrel. The cat symbolized the Evil and the evil in general, as they wanted to protect themselves against. Children's Universe Billund: There will be fastelavns carnival in each unit. This day the children can come in costumes or have some costumes with them to the kindergarden / nursery. All teams and nursery gathers and sing carnival songs and talk about what the children are dressed as. They beat the "Cat of the barrel" by taking turns beating on a small barrel (without a Cat) with a bat. When the bottom falls, there is a little surprise to the children, for example. Raisins, müslibar, fig bar or something like that. The child who cracks the foundation, crowned as "Cats King / Queen". Parents are welcome to this day, mayby costumed. We serve coffee and buns with icing (cream buns)

2 2 Activity: Theme: "Science" Each unit will in different ways, make "Scientific tests" for and with children. Ex.: "What happens when yeast raises?" "Can you color the water with red cabbage?" March: Arrangement: "General Assembly" Parents Board of the Children's Universe Billund holds general meeting, which is presented in reports of the former year of work on the board. In addition, it is possible for all parents to stand for election to the Parents board. "Parent Board" In all municipal day care there is selected parental boards. Parents Board determines, among other principles for day-care work and the use of day-care economy. Parents' Committees working for political board approved statutes. Parents Board consists of five parent representatives and two employee representatives. The leader is the council's secretary and participates as such in the board meetings without voting rights. The leader is the supreme leader of the institution's governance structure.

3 3 "Farewell Party" There will be a celebration for the team with "The oldest children" This team will continue in Preschool April 1st and it's time to say goodbye with a party.the party planned by team teachers and the children are involved in the preparations. The party is for "The oldest children" and their parents. Easter: Background: Easter is regarded as Christianity's most important holiday. Easter is in its origin the Jewish feast of Pesach, when Jews celebrate their deliverance from Egypt. For Christians, it is the feast where Jesus atonement death and His resurrection are celebrated. Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. This means that Easter Sunday may vary from 22 March to 25 April. Children's Universe Billund: Easter marks by talking about Easter, and why we celebrate Easter. There will be clipped Easter cut and decorated for Easter with little chicks and more. We also have an Easter lunch. April:

4 4 Activity: "Children Univers Billund's birthday" Trætoppen, Træstubben and Klatretræet meet, we hoist the flag and sing the birthday song and shout hurray. We play together and finally we eating together. May: Arrangement: "Business Day" Parents, children and staff help each other to make different tasks in and around the kindergarten. The work can be: remove weeds on the playground, running sand in the sandbox, cleanup of stuff for the sandbox, repair of various toys, swings, football goals ect. Wash toys, sewing and some cleaning inside. A day of working gloves where large and small helps each other. "Grandparents Days" The children's grandparents, or a good friend of the family are invited to a day in kindergarten. These days there will be the opportunity to socialize with the child's grandparents / adult friends, such as reading, playing, doing something creative outside or inside.

5 5 June: "Parent" Parents are invited to after-work meeting on each device. The teachers tell about the daily life of the various children team and how we work with the various teacher planning themes and the pedagogical considerations.

6 6 "Skt. Hans" Background: Skt. Hans, Midsummer, is not only a folk festival with bonfires and fire, but also an old religious tradition in memory of John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin, who was born six months before Jesus. Feast Skt. Hans is Danish made saint name for John the Baptist, whose birthday has been set for 24 June. In Nordic tradition celebrated festivals often the night before the holiday, and therefore celebrated Skt. Hans on June 23, and Christmas Eve is held the day before Christmas Day. Previously it was believed that Skt. Hans night was filled with magical forces of nature, which could be both bad and good. The purpose of the Skt. Hans bonfire was originally to chase the evil away. The witches were at Skt. Hans be particularly active and travel through the air to witch gatherings at Bloksbjerg. One of the tips to avoid witches were bonfire, which it believed, could scare the dangerous forces. The custom of putting a witch on the Skt. Hans bonfire we know not until the late 1800s. It originated possibly from German immigrants brought the custom to burn the winter in the form of a figure at the stake. Children's Universe Billund: Skt. Hans marked differently on each device. We make a bonfire and burn a stuffed witch

7 7 "Summer for the family" Each unit will hold a summer party for all children, siblings, parents and the employee s. The party will be at the device's playground. The program can be different from theme Party with dressing up, to some kind of entertainment with music, games for children and adults, concert with the children etc. Juli Sampasning August/september Activity "Sing along " This day all children from the Trætoppen, Træstubben og Klatretræet meets and sings. It may be in Billund Centre Church, perhaps another place.the program for this morning is to sing together. Sometimes we get the help, it could be the church organist. Them"Business Day" Parents, children and staff help each other to make different tasks in and around the kindergarten. The work can be: remove weeds on the playground, running sand in the sandbox, cleanup of stuff for the sandbox, repair of various toys, swings, football goals ect. Wash toys, sewing and some cleaning inside. A day of working gloves where large and small helps each other.

8 8 e: "Let the child" Each unit focuses on all the independent and practical tasks the child can cope in the wardrobe and the bathroom. It is important that children are supported in getting dressed and go to the toilet. There will be given good advice for children, parents and staff. There is highlighted posture for staff. That the child is allowed to do things themself: Walk into kindergarten. Dining itself Getting dressed Toilet Visit October: Events: "Bake for a cause" Children bake and pastries will be sold for a good cause. Bake For A Cause is also about inspiring children to help children, who in one way or another is struggling. The money earned on the sale of bakery products, go to the Children's Rights - and their important work with particular children phone, which many children uses. The baked goods like kids bakery and coffee are sold at a small event in each unit.

9 9 "Portrait photo": It offers the opportunity to have their picture taken on a Saturday. The parents provide for enrollment and attendance. Activities: "Hygiene" In January, focuses on hygiene for children. In different ways are there displayed how and talked to the children about the importance of hand washing and possibly. brush teeth. Possibly there will be visits by nurses or dentistry. November Events: "Juleforældrehyggedag" This day parents are invited to participate in the child's daily life in the kindergarten. There will be activities where there will be the chance to enjoy Christmas spirit with cut and paste, read Christmas stories, make Christmas decorations and decorate the kindergarten.

10 10 December Events: Theme: "Christmas": Throughout December, each unit sizzle of Christmas spirit.the children make Christmas presents for Mom and Dad. The gift is given Christmas Eve, celebrated d. Dec. 24. Writing

11 11 Christmas cards clip decorations etc.there will be talked about elves (nisser) and Santa Claus (Julemanden) and read many stories about these. Christmas gospel and the Bible's message (Protestant church) is the background for Christmas and the children will also be presented in different ways. Some participate in a small Christmas service in the church, singing Christmas carols and gospel s told in different ways. Santa Claus (Julemanden): Santa Claus is a fat, good-natured old man with long white beard, dressed in a red suit with white fur edges. He lives up at the North Pole, where his elves through the year are engaged in producing toys. Christmas Eve the elves put the toys in his Christmas sack, he flings it up in his sleigh, spanning his reindeer and sets out on its long journey to the worlds children, and he climbs through the chimneys and places gifts in children's stockings or under the Christmas tree. Gnomes (Nisser): In Scandinavian folklore is a elf originally a kind of household idols. The name comes from the old Danish Nis or Niels. He was often called small Niels, Niels Gårdbo or farm goat. A elf keeps traditional to the houses, stables and barns where he acts as a protective spirit. Here he lists around playing practical pig and takes care of the animals while he brings happiness to the people who live there. But Gnomes can also be naughty. If they are not treated properly they will scar the people with their teasing. At worst, goblins get so mad that they leave home in anger, and take the good luck along. However, it is not difficult to set the Gnomes satisfied. They require just a

12 12 bowl of porridge with a knob of butter in the middle - then nissefar is really happy and make an effort to help those he lives with. "Lucia morning coffee" Background: There are several legends about Lucia and one of them says that Lucia was a beautiful and rich young noblewoman who lived in Sicily around the year 300. Her mother was suffering from a serious and incurable disease, but then heard Lucia a day that miracles were performed by the holy Agates grave, and she said to her mother: "If you go in there, you will get well." The mother came with and when they came to the tomb, knelt down and prayed. But then something happened that Lucia fell asleep at the tomb, and in the dream she saw the Holy Agate and heard her say, "Sister Lucia, why are you asking me something that you can do yourself? With your faith, you have the already made your mother well. " When Lucia woke up, she said: "Mom, you are healthy, and I ask you, that you will give all the wealth that I will inherit, to the poor." In Denmark we saw the first Lucia brides in the early 1950s. Lucia Traditions are like many other traditions a mix of completely different pagan customs as well as from the Catholic and Protestant religion. Children's Universe Billund: St. Lucy's Day is d. Dec. 13 where all are invited Lucia morning coffee. Here goes "The oldest children" Lucia procession while it is still a bit dark. Then served Lucia Bread and coffee / tea. Activities:

13 13 "Christmas lunch" Each unit holds Christmas party for children and staff. For lunch there are some traditional Danish Christmas dishes. Subject to change.