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1 of FlexWATCH 2014 lite version

2 Contents Company Profile Company Technology Questions Why FlexWATCH? Core-competency (Uniqueness) How to Choose Cameras?

3 Company Profile Company Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd. History Established September 3rd, 1997 in Seoul Business NVR, Hybrid NVR, NVS, IP camera, CMS Solutions for Video Surveillance Offices Headquarter : Seoul, Korea USA : LA, California Today Manufacturers Develops Shares Pursues IP surveillance product & solution Broad range of software solutions More than 10 years of experience and know-how Network Video Recorder Manufacturer and Developer Homepage

4 Company Technology HW & OS platform Embedded hardware design Embedded Linux Different types of codec hardware Embedded System Design CCTV System Design Huge scale IP surveillance Factory, Airport, Museum etc. City Surveillance Service Oriented Application Protocol Design Proprietary Middleware IP address management protocol Network Protocol Streaming Server Audio. Video & Data Data compression: MJPEG, H.264, etc. Data multiplexing & synchronization Signal Processing Embedded Streaming Engine Low latency Mirror engine Combinational query control system

5 Questions

6 Why FlexWATCH? Fully dedicated to only IP video Only IP camera & IP NVR The Longest History & Experience

7 Why FlexWATCH? Complete Product Portfolio

8 Why FlexWATCH? From Small to Enterprise level security system Security System for Samsung Semiconductor More than 8,000 IP video Streams Multiple Security Centers Multiple different locations Hyundai Automobile

9 Core Competency

10 Powerful Streaming Engine Mirror Engine The Shortest Latency Around 100msec at D1 Around 200msec at Full HD Stable & reliable Streaming Performance

11 Powerful Streaming Engine What if Latency is longer? Can you adjust Megapixel camera s zoom & focus manually? Do you control Megapixel PTZ using Joystick & Mouse? Low latency reduces lots of installation & operation burden

12 Unified Communication Single Port Bi-directional Communication over HTTP port Benefit

13 Unified Communication Bi-directional Communication over HTTP port Other systems Video streaming IP Sharer PC Command & control Playback General Approach FlexWATCH IP camera & NVR Video streaming Command & control Playback IP Sharer PC (HTTP port) FlexWATCH Note : All Tx, Rx streams use HTTP only

14 Unified Communication Benefit to Installer & Developer Installer s Benefit Do not need to remember PORT NUMBER Easy to install over Corporate Network Developer s Benefit Bi-directional request-response over HTTP session Optimized request-response latency Simplicity at software development

15 Query Control Mechanism Uncountable Service Conditions Combinational Query Control Multiple Concurrent Services Maintain Low Computing Power

16 Query Control Mechanism Service Conditions Allow any types of conditions (multiple combinations ) Efficient Query control mechanism

17 Query Control Mechanism User Authentication Various permission authority Each user has different permission authority like huge NVR system

18 Modular Architecture Component basis modular architecture FlexWATCH Middleware (IP Camera & NVR platform) Web Server PB (NIP) (Play back) REC(NIC) (recor ding) Tx (streaming engine) Mirror Engine (VMFD) Output Device DEC (decoding) ENC (encoding) Rx (remote streams) H D D S D U S B V out HDMI CCD CMOS Analog camera IP cam NVR stream ENC stream

19 Modular Architecture Same User Interface regardless of H/W & OS Same SDK regardless of platforms

20 Value added Features SD card = HDD NVR using SD card NVR functions are perfectly implemented at IP camera Forced recording Instant Playback Event/Motion/Forced recording Smart Search through PC & mobile devices

21 Value added Features Remote Focus (option) DOME/Bullet cameras No manual adjustment of Focus & zoom Video Analytic Embedded (option) Cost effective (software at ip camera) Trip-wire, Intruder Detection Object count, Tampering Bandwidth Adaptive Streaming Regardless CBR & VBR, streaming performance adapts to actual bandwidth

22 Value added Features Add on Package FES (FlexWATCH Extra System) available POS, ATM, Serial device interfaces, etc. Widely compatible SDK Current SDK works with products 10 years ago Proprietary Streaming Protocol ONVIF Profile S All FlexWATCH devices (IP camera, NVR, S/W) use the same SDK and user interfaces Various levels of SDK for developers HTTP CGI, ActiveX, C/C++, dll, source code examples

23 How to Choose Cameras? Category Details Company A Company G FlexWATCH Latency medium slow fast Video quality good medium good Features (S/W, H/W) high high high Product Streaming Performance medium low high Product release (NEW) fast medium medium Various configuration medium medium various Product lineup high medium high Price Price competitiveness low high medium Public openness high medium Low (good for dealer) On-off line service Um-known low medium Service Customization service low medium high Consulting service medium low high Competition protection high low high A/S & RMA high Un-known high Position Public awareness high medium low Career high medium high Reference (huge site) high Un-known high

24 Contacts J.S. CHO Sam Eric Jason Address #404-1 GaYang Techno Town, 217, Heojun-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, , South Korea

25 Thank You