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1 Homebush West Public School 5 April 2018 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering every student to be active, informed, creative and successful Exeter Rd, Homebush West 2140 T: F: E: W: Special Points of Interest International Games Day Uniform Reminder A Special Celebration Managing Screen Time OC Classes P&C Cupcake Day From The Principal Right: Interna onal Games Day Term 1 Week 11 Monday Parent Teacher Interviews con nue ANZAC Biscuit Community Cooking Demo Wrap with Love 1.30pm Tuesday FINAL Noodle Lunch Fundraiser A Special Celebra on Wednesday Student Banking Day Playgroup 9am P&C Cupcake Day Our Spec Choir Rehearsal Moving Bodies Athle cs Spanish Class Thursday ANZAC Day Ceremony NO Assembly Debate HWPS v Strathfield North Enrichment Groups Scripture Stage 3 Camp Fundraiser Disco Chess Friday Kindy Buddies Teddy Bear s Picnic Stage 1 Swimming Begins Winter PSSA Begins Croydon Interna onal Games Day This week we hosted our inaugural Interna onal Games Day, a very special event designed to facilitate authen c learning experiences and student connec on with real world events such as the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and with the characteris cs that athletes demonstrate when they par cipate in these challenging events. The day started with an opening ceremony that included a real Olympic torch, relay, flag bearers, a flaming cauldron, oath taking and an actual Olympic and Commonwealth Games athlete, Craig Stevens, who spoke to our school. This was followed by a series of structured events that had students highly engaged and enthused. Students could be heard cheering each other on, trying their best and having fun. Our deep thanks go to Mr Fung and the PDHPE team including Mr McFarlane, Miss Kelleher Mr Smith, Miss Healy, Miss Willmington, Mr Debnam and our fabulous GA s Mr Dillon and Mr Bentley, who have worked hard to ensure that the day was full of memorable teaching and learning moments. We hope you and your children enjoy some rich discussion about the event including lessons of compe ng and being an athlete and how they apply to life and learning. Obstacles don t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it Michael Jordan French Class Page 1 Term 1 Week

2 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful Parent Teacher Conferences This week we commenced our Parent Teacher interviews. The primary purpose for the interviews is for teachers to get to know your children on a deeper level and collaborate with parents to; a) Develop a shared partnership for student learning and b) Set key individual learning goals that will make the biggest difference for each child, in the year of learning ahead. All the research supports star ng this partnership early in the year to ensure the best outcomes for our students. Please remember to bring the Student Profile survey to your interview so that you can share your child s interests and habits. The aim of our student profile survey is to help us gain a deeper insight in effec vely suppor ng your child. h ps:// Uniform Reminder The school community is commi ed to maintaining a strong uniform policy. A strong uniform policy supports our student wellbeing and discipline policies and an bullying strategies. Currently there are a large propor on of students who are not wearing a full school uniform. Our school uniform includes; black shoes school hat yellow shirt with emblem green shorts or long pants long hair ed back school colour accessories school jumper tracksuit for winter We value Success for all Uniform Shop The shop opening hours are: Mondays 9am 10am Thursdays 2pm 2.30pm. Please note that orders may me placed through the school office. Cash only. Library Bags can be ordered through the Library for $15. All students require a library bag to be able to borrow. Page 2 Term 1 Week

3 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful A Special Celebra on for Mrs Holland Parents and carers are invited to a end a special community a ernoon tea to celebrate Mrs Judy Holland, our School Administra on Manager, who is taking Long Service Leave next Term. We have planned a wonderful a ernoon of fes vi es to deeply thank Mrs Holland significant contribu on to Homebush West Public School. Mrs Holland has worked at our school for nearly 20 years and has forged enduring rela onships with students and their families. We are looking forward to celebra ng as outlined below. Event Details When: Tuesday 10th April K 6 Assembly Time: 2:30 3:00pm Venue: School Hall This is immediately followed by; Community A ernoon Tea Time: 3:00 3:30pm Venue: The Ponds outside staff room We value Success for all Managing Screen me Helping kids find the right balance between ac vi es, homework and screen me is a challenge that only gets harder as they grow older. Commonsense Media has lots of useful resources to help from movie and game ra ngs to ar cles like this one on se ng screen me limits that are realis c enough that your children will actually follow them. Read the ar cle here: h p://bit.ly/1pbifmk More resources here: h p:// events/ managing teen screen me.pdf? Kidsma er resource: h p:// er.edu.au/families/enewsle er/keepingkids safe online Coming Up in Term 2 Week 1 Tuesday 1 May School resumes for students Tuesday 1 May Camp Parent Informa on Night 6.30pm 7.30pm Wednesday 2 May Opera on Art Exhibi on Thursday 3 May Stage 3 Camp Fundraiser K 2 Movie Day Thursday 3 May Peer Support Training for Year 6 Friday 4 May Stage 1 Swimming con nues Estelle Southall Principal Roxanne Picoaga Deputy Principal Page 3 Term 1 Week

4 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful We value Quality in all that we do Page 4 Term 1 Week

5 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful We value Quality in all that we do Page 5 Term 1 Week

6 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful Anzac Day Assembly Parents and community members are invited to a end our Anzac Day ceremony to be held on Thursday, 12 th April in the school hall from 12.15pm. This is a very significant assembly in our school calendar in which we show our respect to all people who have served to keep us safe and free. Floral Wreaths Each stage will have a wreath to bring to lay at the front of the assembly as a mark of respect for those who have lost their lives serving their countries in war. It would be greatly appreciated if you could bring any flowers/rosemary to school on Thursday morning so they can be made into floral tributes. ANZAC Day Commi ee Inten on to Apply Opportunity Class 2019 Opportunity classes cater for highly achieving, academically gi ed. These classes support gi ed and talented students to learn by grouping them with other gi ed and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educa onal materials at the appropriate level. Applica ons for opportunity class placement for current Year 4 students, for Year 5 entry, are considered mainly on the combined results of the Opportunity Class Placement Test and school assessments. The Opportunity Class Placement Test will be held on Wednesday 1 st August For considera on for entry into an OC class in 2019 parents need to apply at the beginning of next term. You will need to apply online using a valid address (not the student s address). We value Respect for others Detailed instruc ons on how to apply online will be available from Tuesday 1 st May 2018 in a printed applica on informa on booklet or at h ps://educa on.nsw.gov.au/selec ve high schools and opportunity classes/year 5 The applica on website opens on Tuesday 1 st May 2018 and closes on Friday 18 th May No late applica ons will be accepted. There are no paper applica on forms. Please contact the school for assistance if you are not able to do this. You must submit only ONE applica on for each student. Please return the Inten on to apply no fica on which was sent to all Year 4 students earlier this week, to the office by Friday 13 th April Copies of this form are also available on the school app. PSSA Coaches Winter 2018 Mrs Tuazon Senior Netball Mrs Pachos Junior Netball Ms Pashley Senior Girls Soccer Ms Pene Junior Girls Soccer Mr Smith Senior Boys Soccer Ms Joseph Junior Boys Soccer Page 6 Term 1 Week

7 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful P&C Cupcake Fundraiser Wednesday 11 April P&C is holding a cupcake fundraiser and this term it is Stage 1 s turn to donate cupcakes Stage 1 families please bring cupcakes on Wednesday 11th April 2018 Please bring (nut free) cupcakes to the canteen in the morning before school Label your containers with your child s name and class for return. All students please bring $2 to purchase a cupcake. Thank you for your support! 2019 Symphonia Jubilate Hawaii Concert Tour Year4 Year 11 Students An informa on mee ng on the proposed 2019 Symphonia Jubilate Hawaii Concert Tour will be held next week. Tuesday 10 April 7:00pm 8:00pm Strathfield Educa on Office 65 Albert Ave Strathfield This mee ng is relevant for any parent who has SJ students in Years 4 Year 11, we intend to take eligible SJ students who are in Years 5 12, Interested staff members and tutors are welcome. Tour informa on will be provided by Chris Gibbs, Managing Director, World Projects South Pacific. Chris will present an overview of the tour and explain the i nerary. There will be plenty of opportuni es for parents to ask ques ons. Stewart House Dona on Drive 2018 Win a $4000 Holiday to a des na on of your choice. Your dona on supports the 1800 children who a end Stewart House each year from public schools across NSW and ACT. We value Community involvement Please place $2 in the envelope provided and return to the school office. Fill in your contact details on the back of the envelope. You may enter as many mes as you like. Entries can also be in any envelope as long as they are labelled correctly and your contact details are on the back of the envelope. Entries must be returned to school by Friday 18 May to be able to reach Stewart House by Friday 25 May. The draw will take place on Friday 25 May. For more informa on visit or phone Page 7 Term 1 Week

8 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful Walking Bus All families can use the Walking Bus even if their parents can t volunteer. Walking is an easy way to stay ac ve and reduce the traffic conges on around the school. Hampstead Road route If you live near Melville Reserve, Hampstead Road, Exeter Road or Henley Road enrol to use the Hampstead Road route. Courallie Ave route If you live near Aus n Park, Courallie Ave, Mandemar Ave, Marlborough Road or in the Centenary Park Estate enrol to use the Courallie Ave route. There is a map here to show where the Walking Bus goes h p://wsbhwps.weebly.com/ uploads/1/4/2/4/ /current_wb_map_2014.pdf Please enrol your children online h p://wsbhwps.weebly.com/enrol my childchildren.html We look forward to welcoming new students to the Walking Bus. If you have ques ons please see the office, Suzanne Ellis or Chris Prouty, School Chaplain Ac ve Kids rebate launches in January 2018 Parents of school children across New South Wales are encouraged to take advantage of the $100 Ac ve Kids rebate for spor ng and fitness related costs. Treasurer Dominic Perro et and Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres has released the Ac ve Kids Rebate Guidelines explaining how families can take advantage of the rebate from January 31. For more informa on visit the link below. We value Community involvement h ps://sport.nsw.gov.au/news/ ac ve kids launchesjanuary 2018 State Junior and Senior Music Camp Applica ons Are Now Open! Talented music students join together for one week each year to receive expert tutelage and develop their performance skills. Par cipants rehearse and perform high quality repertoire culmina ng in a concert for families and friends on the final night of the camp. Musical ac vi es at camp include par cipa on in a major ensemble (symphony orchestra, symphonic bands, vocal ensembles, stage band) as well as a number of elec ve ensembles and ac vi es. Elec ve ac vi es include brass and woodwind ensembles, jazz improvisa on, composi on, music theatre, percussion ensemble. Dates for 2018 Junior Music Camp (Years 5 8): Sunday 22 July Friday 27 July (week 1, Term 3) Senior Music Camp (Years 8 12): Sunday 1 July Friday 6 July (week 10, Term 2) Venue: The camps will be held at Sydney Academy of Sport, Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen. Cost: $ inclusive GST. Applica ons & more informa on: h ps:// junior and senior musiccamps If you have any queries please contact Lindsay Pringle at or Page 8 Term 1 Week

9 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful Kids Holiday Art Classes A er School Term Art Classes Saturday Term Art Classes Art Par es for Kids & Adults Adult Art Classes HSC Tutoring Visual Arts BOOK ONLINE TODAY Ph Like & Follow us on Facebook Thank you We would like to thank the following businesses for their support of our Stage 1 Swimming Program: Xenotech Ryde Eastwood Leagues Dooley's Lidcombe David s Fresh Doctor Tang Flemington Captain Cook Cruises Please support our sponsors. We value Community involvement Merit Award Recipients Week 9 & 10 Congratula ons to the following students: KC Ashwathi N Sarah R Yuvan R Henry O KO Meghna G Nidhi H Aryan N Gee ka O KS Amulya Zainab Vihaan Ramanan KT Nathan Y Metelini A Saihajdeep S Jiwon Y KW Skye Nicole Trisha NIbbish 21B Kenson C Esther S Khian S Anushka T 21H Oliver S Ella Costa Karambir S Mia O 21K Dellwin Suyoj Stacey Mohammed 21L Chen Lin Clayton Z Aryan S Vy Thai 21M Puveetha J Karl E Aaditya N Amelia A 21P Iksha Yashvardhan Amaan Keira 21S Eyad I Sumedha K Krutant M Luna M 21T Suren D Sweety X Munazza F Keith U 43E Aki H Milan s A Joseph F Ziv S 43J Ellaisha P Shris P Niyanth C Yathodsajan S 43K Kaito N Bradley Y Sahana V Joanne L 43P Jinda Z Layalli O Pranav K Elena L 43S Kanishk K Nanda K Amelia C Angelina C 43Z Szymon F Sofia S Faith H Adhrit M 65C Koharu S Maisy W.S Yaliniyan J Sambodh P 65D Suhaan A Winona W Ivan W Hadi D 65J Turtushig E Femi S Chris J Sai S 65M Rainaa B Nathan C Kovid S Hailey L Page 9 Term 1 Week

10 Homebush West Public School Excellence in Public Education Empowering students to be active, informed, creative and successful Walking for the Heart Founda on Come and join the HWPS walking group every Tuesday morning. Meet Mrs Prouty at the front gate a er morning assembly. The group will walk down to the oval. Ideal for mums and bubs. Come along, meet new people and get fit! Cha erbox Café English Class FREE Come and join the con nua on of English Classes now called Cha erbox Café in our Media Room (in the library) every Tuesday from 9:15 11:30am. Strathfield Council will provide teachers and volunteers to prac se your conversa onal English skills. Morning tea and prin ng resources will also be available. Exclusive Real Estate suppor ng Homebush West Public School Exclusive Real Estate is very keen to help our school and community and is a top Real Estate Agent in the area. They have offered an extra incen ve that you can pass on to friends and family. If you take advantage of Exclusive Real Estate s great service you can benefit the school at the same me, Exclusive will donate: $500 from any sale referral $250 for any property management referral $500 for any strata building Just men on Homebush West Public School!! Andrew Bova m: e: The Walking Bus is proudly sponsored by Exclusive Real Estate We value community participation Thank you to Xenotech for their generous dona on towards our Stage 1 Swimming Program Hotdogs Hotdogs are available each Friday for $3 each. If you would like to prepay for the whole term for $25, you will receive the reduced rate of $2.50 per hotdog. Friday Hot Dog Orders Last orders by 3pm Thursdays Hot Dog Order Form First Name: Last Name: Class: Plain Hot Dogs at $3 each Halal Chicken Hot Dogs at $3 each I wish to order for the whole term, I have enclosed $ Page 10 Term 1 Week


12 SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS WEEK 1, 16 th -20 th APRIL, 2018 Ph MONDAY 16 th April POKEMON IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 5-8 yrs TUESDAY 17 th April HARRY POTTER IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 8-12 yrs WEDNESDAY 18 th April PETER RABBIT IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 5-8yrs THURSDAY 19 th January CUTE MONSTERS IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 8-12 yrs FRIDAY 20 th January GODZILLA MONSTERS IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 5-8 yrs MONDAY 16 th January MANGA FOR MINIS Drawing 1.30pm-4.30pm 5-8 yrs TUESDAY 17 th January S Drawing 1.30pm-4.30pm 8-12 yrs WEDNESDAY 17 th January OWLS IN OIL PASTEL Drawing 1.30pm-4.30pm 5-8 yrs THURSDAY 18 th January CARTOONS Drawing 1.30pm-4.30pm 8-12 yrs FRIDAY 19 th January LITTLE MONSTERS IN WATERCOLOUR 1.30pm-4.30pm 5-8 yrs Liverpool Rd, BURWOOD. kidzartworxinburwood

13 SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS WEEK 2, 23 rd -27 th APRIL, 2018 Ph MONDAY 23 rd April MAGICAL STUFF IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 8-12 yrs TUESDAY 24 th April SHERLOCK GNOMES IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 5-8 yrs WEDNESDAY 25 th April FANTASY CREATURES IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 8-12yrs THURSDAY 26 th April BABY ANIMALS IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 5-8 yrs FRIDAY 27 th April DESIGNER TOYS IN CLAY 9.30am-12.30pm 8-12 yrs MONDAY 23 rd April Beautiful Mandalas Draw/Paint 1.30pm-4.30pm 8-12 yrs TUESDAY 24 th April UNDER THE SEA IN PASTELS Drawing 1.30pm-4.30pm 5-8 yrs WEDNESDAY 25 th APRIL FEATHERS IN WATERCOLOUR & ETCHING 1.30pm-4.30pm 8-12 yrs THURSDAY 26 th April Sea Creatures in Watercolour & Relief Printing 1.30pm-4.30pm 5-8 yrs FRIDAY 27 th April FASHION ILLUSTRATION IN WATERCOLOUR 1.30pm-4.30pm 8-12yrs Liverpool Rd, BURWOOD. kidzartworxinburwood

14 Children s Holiday Tennis Camps Weekdays: 9am to 1pm or 5pm to 9pm 4 days, 16 hours for $160 + GST Also private & term group lessons Competitions & high performance teams Quality Coaching 40 years experience Bankstown Beverly Hills Burwood mobile:



17 Anxiety group for children Community Health is running Take Acton to help children whose anxiety and fears are interfering with their lives. Take Action is a cognitive and behaviour therapy based group program where both children and parents attend. Group sessions include presentations, discussions, practical exercises and home practice to help children manage their anxiety. Take Action is evidence based and has been run since Who is it for: Children age 8-12 and in Years 3-6 and their parents. Both parents are invited to attend and at least one parent must attend consistently. How long: 8 sessions When: Wednesday 9 th May to Wednesday 4th July 3.30p.m p.m. Where: Croydon Health Centre 24 Liverpool Road, Croydon, NSW, 2132 (free parking available underneath ) Cost: Free for Children living or attending school in the Sydney Local Health District. Please contact Community Health Central Intake on to organize an assessment for suitability

18 DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE THEIR SPORT? JOIN OUR SCHOOL HOLIDAY MULTI SPORTS CAMP TEAM SPORTS ON OFFER Dodgeball Competition NFL Oz Tag Tournament Soccer World Cup Touch Footy Round Robin Basketball & Netball Twenty 20 Cricket Cup AFL Goal Kicking Challenge PLUS: Awards, Prizes and More Sports! CATERING FOR ALL ABILITIES Designed for beginner, proficient and advanced athletes. EARLY BIRD SAVINGS Book by March 16 to save up to $20 off the regular price. GROUP BOOKING OFFER Book in a group of 3 to receive a $10 discount for each day booked. PROFESSIONAL COACHES Experienced, qualified and enthusiastic coaches. BUILDING TEAM WORK SKILLS Program is structured to teach children about teamwork. Dates: April $65 Each Day * * Regular Price of $75 starts March 17. LOCATION: DROP OFF & PICK UP: TIME: AGE GROUPS: Airey Park Homebush Clubhouse 8.30am pm (Programs begins at 9.00am) 6-13 Years REGISTER YOUR CHILD AT

19 Monday 16 th April Tuesday 17 th April Wednesday 18 th April AFL SWANSFIT & NRL West Tigers Skills, Drills and Modified Games Basketball Skills, Drills and Modified Games Multisport and Boxing for Fitness Skills, Drills and Modified AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM Monday 23 rd April Tuesday 24 th April Thursday 26 th April Multisport includes AFL, Soccer, Cricket and Touch Footy Skills, Drills and Modified Games AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM Basketball Skills, Drills and Modified Games AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM Soccer Skills, Drills and Modified Games AGES : 5-12 TIME : 9AM-3PM Costs 1 day = $50 2 days = $90 3 days = $120 All participants need to be a PCYC youth member $10 annual fee 2-4 Minogue Crescent Forest Lodge, 2037 For all enquiries or to register contact us on or at

20 School Holiday Program Registration Form Please return to or to PCYC 2-4 Minogue Crescent, Forest Lodge, 2037 Child and Parent information Child Name : Age : Sex : Female or Male Is your child an existing PCYC member : Yes or No Parents Name : Parent Phone Number : Parent address : Emergency Contact details if different to above : Do you give permission for PCYC to contact 000 if case of an emergency: Yes or No Does your child have any allergies? Or medical conditions we need to be aware of? Yes (list below) or No Program (tick all that apply) Mon 16 April $50 - AFL Swansfit & NRL West Tigers Mon 23 April $50 - Multisport Tues 17 April $50 - Basketball Tues 24 April $50 - Basketball Wed 18 April $50 - Multisport Thurs 26 April $50 - Soccer Combo Deal 2 Days = $90 3 Days = $120 Payment I, Credit Card Name: Authorise PCYC to charge my card $ Credit Card Number : Expiry : / CCV: Signature: Date: Would you like to hear more information about the programs PCYC offers : Yes or No Office use : Date Registered: Parent ed confirmation send: Yes Registered by: