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1 aiqs Contents Message from the National President & Strategic Alliances Board 1 Communications & Marketing Board 2 Publications & Research Board 3 Membership & Education Board 4 Policy & Development Board 5 National Education & CPD Committee 6 OverSeas Section 7 The AIQS College of Expert Witnesses 8 College of Contractor s QS 9 AIQS Membership Statistics 10 AIQS National Office 11 Photographs from Committees List 13 Chapter & Division Reports 14 ACT Chapter 14 New South Wales Chapter 15 Queensland Chapter 16 Queensland Chapter North Queensland Division 18 South Australia Chapter 19 South Australia Chapter Northern Territory Division 21 Victoria Chapter 22 Victoria Chapter Tasmanian Division 23 Western Australia Chapter 24 AIQS Achievements in Certificate, Scholarship and Award Recipients during International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) 27 Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) 28 Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) 29 National Building Specification (NATSPEC) 30 Australian Council of Professions (ACP) 31 National Building and Surveying Alliance (NBSA) 32 Register of Members as at 31 December Financial Statements and Auditor s Report for 2008 (i) - (xix) 2008 Council Photograph 66 Agenda & Proxy for 2009 AGM 67 Published by THE AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF QUANTITY SURVEYORS ABN POSTAL ADDRESS PO Box 301 DEAKIN WEST ACT 2600 AUSTRALIA T F W E

2 The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Strategic Plan Role Vision To lead, inform, develop, promote and encourage the profession of Quantity Surveying. Achieve universal understanding & recognition of the Quantity Surveying profession by Mission To inform the community of our roles and capabilities. Set and maintain Standards of Excellence and Best Practice. Promote QS as indispensable and independent. Collect and disseminate the QS body of knowledge. Develop new markets and opportunities. Promote careers in QS. Goals Goal 1: Raise the profile of the QS profession to the public, younger people and industry. Goal 2: To lead and service AIQS volunteers. Goal 3: Provide direction and communication for members. Goal 4: Deliver people with appropriate competencies. Goal 5: Be recognised as the custodians of QS standards. Goal 6: Broaden the scope of membership.

3 This year has been a time of celebration and forward planning. In May and June each Chapter held Gala Evenings to celebrate 100 years since the inauguration of the first Institute of Quantity Surveyors in Australia. Over 2,500 people enjoyed the festivities and each evening was a wonderful celebration and indeed an opportunity for us to advertise our longevity and importance in the market place. Message from the National President & Strategic Alliance Board John Popplewell FAIQS National President By coincidence it was also the Centenary Year of the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors, and I was fortunate to be invited to South Africa as their guest to help them celebrate this great milestone. I attended their Board Meeting for two days and it was interesting to note that many of the items that appeared on their agenda also appear on our own National Council agenda, for example recruitment, maintaining standards, professional development, raising the bar. There is no easy answer to any of these items but it is up to all our members to avail themselves of the opportunities offered to them by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. With the announcement of the retirement of our General Manager, Terry Sanders next year, the National Council with an eye on the next twenty five years, appointed a Management Consultant to look at the way we do things at the AIQS and to investigate better ways of going about our business. The consultant has come back with a number of recommendations. We were pleased to recognise that some of these were already being implemented, albeit in a low-key fashion and will now be enhanced and strengthened. Other ideas are being worked on now and others may be deferred until the appointment of a new General Manager. We are conscious of maintaining the momentum of Raising the Bar. Many of you will have seen an increased number of articles in the newspapers where information supplied by the AIQS has been recognised by the newspaper. The two-page spread in The Australian also continues to be well received. But without the commitment of every one of our members to enhance their reputation in the market place and to help in the ongoing strategy of the AIQS to increase our value, then we will find it hard to move forward in the direction that the surveys we have conducted have suggested. You will all have received a copy of the revised Code of Professional Conduct. This revision was in response to criticisms we received from clients in recent surveys. It makes us more accountable for our work and actions and again is another step in the direction of raising the profile. Your National Council are beginning to implement ideas and strategies for a new Strategic Plan. Many of the decisions we make for the future proofing of our profession will need to be implemented within the Strategic Plan and I urge all of you to make any ideas known to your Council Members so that they can bring them to the table to be discussed is shaping up to be a challenging year for us all, and certainly one of the best ways of maintaining our position in the market will be to not only enhance our services but to be able to offer our clients more in the way of services. Better CPD opportunities, new education strategy, new and more meaningful membership categories are all part of the greater plan and I urge you all once again to be part of the decision making of the Institute. John Popplewell FAIQS ICECA National President 1

4 Communication & Marketing Board Continuing Raising the QS Profile and Marketing the AIQS The repeat of the two page feature spread on QS in the Australian Newspaper in September 08, was again successful in raising the awareness of QS for the public and industry. The success of these promotional features has lead to the Institute funding an advertising campaign in 2009 which will cover most states major newspapers. Our continued sponsorship of the CRC for Construction Innovation, the Construction Industry Leaders conference, the Construction Forecasting Council seminars and a number of community activities, helped promote the AIQS name and the profession once again. The appointment of Simon Welsh of the Andrews Group as our National Marketing Manager in September 2008, marked the next step in implementing our marketing and communications plan. Simon s first task was to revise and publish the new AIQS Code of Professional Conduct and develop and publish the complaints procedures and appeals system. Peter Cox FAIQS Vice President These were successfully done and circulated to members and related groups in December It is interesting to note that since the publishing of the revised Code and complaints procedures, the AIQS General Manager has reported renewed interest from QS clients in the standard of professional service expected from AIQS members and their accountability under the Code. Simon also met with AIQS National Office staff to commence a major review of the AIQS website design and presentation. Work on this continued into the new year and meetings with web service hosts and graphic designers were held early in The AIQS Centenary celebrations in 2008 have been well covered in our membership publications. There is no doubt that they greatly assisted us to raise both the awareness of the profession and the Institute s profile with both clients groups and related professions. Similarly, the release of the History of Quantity Surveying in Australia has show cased the QS profession and AIQS to governments, industry groups, related professionals and students. The marketing and communications plan is a major part of the Institute s future strategic initiatives, which will be developed further in the next 5 year strategic development plan. This plan is to be developed during 2009 and will cover the period from 2010 to This will be a crucial time for the profession and the AIQS, as industry recovers from the financial crisis and the skills shortages once again start to appear in the building design professions, including QS. Promotion of QS as a first priority choice by school leavers must therefore continue and build on the good work done in 2008 with our QS scholarships. Similarly, our promotion and support of young QS needs to continue through the AIQS sponsorship of the Travelling Scholarship and the Australia Japan Exchange program for young professionals. Our marketing and communications activities are long term strategies and need to be assessed in the context of our budget and goals for the future. The AIQS National Council has made them a priority and members should look forward to our continued efforts to promote both the QS profession and the Institute. Peter Cox FAIQS ICECA Vice President 2

5 Publications & Research Board Gerry Postmus FAIQS Vice President BRIX The BRIX survey management changed hands during Anthony Mills who has been running the BRIX survey since its inception in 2001 has handed over the reins to Peter Lawther. The data collected from the QS firms around Australia through the BRIX survey is an invaluable source of information. BRIX information has been the basis of the AIQS Building Cost Index (Building Economist pages A-1 to A-3) since The design and construction times table and most of the unit rates and the building cost rates (also published in the Building Economist) are updated using the building cost index CENTENARY YEAR and QS HISTORY The Quantity Surveying profession celebrated its 100 years of service with the publication of The History of Quantity Surveying in Australia. Sales during 2008 comprised 107 hardcover coffee table copies and 99 paperback copies. AUSTRALIAN COST MANAGEMENT MANUAL (ACMM) Guidelines for cost planning consultant services became the sixth volume of the ACMM during Like the previous volumes, these guidelines are based on similar publications issued by NPWC members. OTHER PUBLICATIONS A review of the financial clauses in standard form of contracts AS2124, AS2100 and ABIC MW was published in This publication was the result of a research grant to an ACT Chapter based committee headed by Pat Copping and Maurice Falcetta. AUSTRALIAN STANDARD METHOD OF MEASUREMENT (ASMM) The ASMM5 was reproduced in electronic format in The base document is in an Excel spreadsheet format that allows corrections and changes to be made for future reprints. There is also a PDF version incorporating the ASMM Questions and Answers book. The PDF version is yet to be released. JOURNALS The quarterly editions of the Building Economist continue to be a source of interesting articles and useful information. Two thousand and eight saw the publication of another two editions of the Australian journal of Construction Economics and Building (AJCEB). The publications are a joint venture with the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), the New Zealand Institutes of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) and Building (NZIB) and the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV). Associate professors Peter Davis and David Baccarini of Curtin University of Technology in Perth WA are the joint editors. This journal is a source of papers on some very interesting topics; two that drew my attention this year were on access for people with intellectual disability (as different to physical or sensory disability) and on risk pricing in construction tenders. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Over the previous years, the AIQS has awarded several research grants to Chapters. The grants are provided to assist Chapters and members to undertake research of a practical application for the profession. In 2008 the NSW Chapter conducted a project to develop a measurement resource publication which could be used in the teaching of measurement. Other Chapters received grants for activities to promote the AIQS and the QS profession, to increase membership and to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of our members. Gerry Postmus FAIQS ICECA Vice President 3 Continued on page 4

6 The last 12 months has been a busy time for the Membership Committee with an overall growth in membership of 2.8%, although this was below our 2007 year which was approximately 5.4%. Membership & Education Board A pleasing aspect of the increase in numbers was the growth in numbers of Affiliates 5% and Probationers 8.2%, although there was a decrease in the number of Students. The December 2007 Conditions of Membership were implemented during 2008 and we are seeing a growth in applications for Associate grade using the specialist route methodology. It is proposed that a further minor update of the conditions of membership will be prepared during The membership committee is currently reformatting the Conditions of Membership to suit access by electronic media which is by no means a simple task. Interestingly the existing Conditions of Membership were originally set up to match a Bills of Quantities format using standard preambles and definitions, luckily without Ditto s and Do s. Chris Leach FAIQS Vice President I would like to thank the Membership Committee(s), both Nationally and at the Chapter level for its tireless efforts over the last 12 months. Young QS The Young QS are essentially State and Territory based Committees throughout Australia. They have been particularly active during the year organising both social and educational events. Education (Including CPD) Refer report from the Education Chairman (Page 6). Overseas Section Refer Report from the Overseas Section Chairman (Page 7) Chris Leach FAIQS ICECA Vice President 4

7 Policy and Development cuts across all facets of the operations of the AIQS. Almost every decision made by National Council is governed by AIQS policy, or sets new AIQS policy. Policy & Development Board Trevor Sanders FAIQS Vice President In light of economic changes and changes within our own organisation, National Council is constantly reviewing and refining policy. In the past year, National Council has considered the commencement of a number of major policy agenda items that if adopted will significantly change the direction and perception of the AIQS. Briefly outlined below are some of the matters under discussion, some of which the membership is aware and some of which are still just ideas being considered. Membership Categories One of National Council s prime objectives is to raise the profile of Quantity Surveying as a profession. Council is currently considering achieving this objective in part by reviewing the current membership categories to provide a more robust range of categories in keeping with the changing profession. Not surprisingly this proposal met with some resistance from membership when canvassed during the year. Education It seems that universities are moving further away from producing specialist QS graduates to producing more generic graduates. It is no surprise therefore that the practicing firms are becoming more and more disappointed with the ready for work status of new QS graduates. National Council is investigating alternative methods of education delivery to provide either better trained graduates or provide additional training of QS s after graduation. Overseas The AIQS has an extremely strong overseas membership. Council is considering options to further embrace the overseas members within the AIQS. Often referred to in Council discussions is the vexed question are we an Australian Institute with overseas members or should we be a world wide institute based in Australia? Interesting! These three issues currently demand National Council s attention and involve serious debate amongst the councillors. None of the issues is simple and each of them involves a major shift in policy and direction. Members will be kept up to date with these developments as they gain momentum and be consulted on any major changes in Policy. National Council has a lot of Policy to consider in the coming year and beyond. Don t expect smooth sailing through these issues. Trevor Sanders FAIQS ICECA Vice President 5

8 In 2008 the Education Committee dealt with a variety of matters and oversaw several very significant developments in accreditation of tertiary courses. New courses introduced under the Melbourne model at the University of Melbourne were accredited following a panel visit in September. This accreditation was significant in that it is the first time that a Bologna style 3+2 course has been assessed, and equally significant as both masters programs were accredited, albeit with some additional APC requirements. National Education & CPD Committee Of at least equal significance were the first accreditation of a TAFE degree (Holmesglen) and the first accreditation of a three year equivalent bachelor degree (Bond University). In both cases some conditions were attached, e.g. for Bond graduates the APC period post graduation has been extended. These accreditations are, however, important steps for Rick Best FAIQS the AIQS as hitherto only four year equivalent undergraduate degrees Chairman National Education have been accredited. These new accreditations recognise that there & CPD Committee are other pathways to full membership of the institute that do not reflect any lowering of standards. Completion of a tertiary degree is only part of the process that any individual may follow in order to become a fully fledged quantity surveyor and a member of the Institute, and as such the degrees mentioned above are all valid parts of a longer process that includes professional experience both before and after graduation and an assessment of professional competence. The tertiary degree that an individual completes should be seen as part of a wider education experience rather than training for a particular professional position. The ongoing expansion and success of our online learning programs was a notable feature of 2008 more courses were introduced and existing courses continued to attract considerable demand from members both in Australia and overseas. Further expansion is planned for 2009 and this initiative, too, reflects the forward looking attitude of the AIQS as it reacts to changing times and new and different demands from members. Measurement workshop were once again run in Sydney and Brisbane and will be repeated in 2009 as firms recognise the value of giving their staff, particularly younger members, the benefit of some additional intensive measurement training. In conclusion, I should just mention again the valuable contribution that the late Robyne Nash made to the committee over the past couple of years. As Chair of the committee I worked closely with Robyne and valued her input very highly. She is sorely missed. Rick Best FAIQS ICECA Chairman 6

9 OverSeas Section It has been a busy year for the Overseas Section despite the number not growing for the 2008 calendar year. Our current numbers within the OSS section include: Chris Leach FAIQS Chairman Overseas Section Associate 500 Affiliate 96 Fellow 27 Life Fellow 1 Probationer 474 Retired 8 Student 17 Technician 16 TOTAL 1139 During the year, the Overseas Section Committee reviewed:- 152 Applications. 12 Diary/Logs. 18 Member Enquiries. As this was the AIQS Centenary Year five of our overseas representatives attended, National Council in May which was a great opportunity for our National Councillors to hear our overseas representatives views first hand. It also provided an opportunity to hold the Annual OSS Section meeting as face to face in lieu of a tele-conference typical of past years. During the year, Rob Little s two year term as Senior Overseas Representative came to an end and I would like to thank him for his efforts during his tenure. Dato HJ Mohd Ishak Bin Mohd Yusuf was appointed as the replacement Senior Overseas representative in May for a two year term. As part of that role he attended the November National Council meeting in Canberra. During the year, Beryl Chon was employed on a part time basis to assist our Hong Kong representative. I would like to thank the efforts of the overseas representatives during the year in performing their duties representing our overseas members: Dato HJ Mohd Ishak Bin Mohd Yusuf Senior Overseas Representative Mr Joseph Chin Tsun Fung Brunei Ms Chitra D.E.R. Weddikkara Sri Lanka Mr Christopher Lawrence UK Dr. Indrawansa Samaratunga Middle East Mr Peter Ng Yau-Yee Hong Kong Mr Hettarchige D. Chandrasena Sri Lanka Mr Andrew J. Millard New Zealand Dr. A. T. Ong Singapore Mr Julian A. Anderson USA I would also like to thank our local committee members, both Pat Copping and Peter Clarke for their tireless work over the last 12 months and finally the efforts of Carol Ward who is responsible for all the hard work. Chris Leach FAIQS ICECA Chairman 7

10 The primary purpose of this college is to: 1. Approve Members admission to the AIQS Register of Expert Witnesses 2. Over see the provision of formal Expert Witness training for members 3. Provide advice to the AIQS National Council on Expert Witness matters 4. Draft submissions on behalf of the AIQS on matters relating to Expert Witnesses. AIQS College of Expert Witnesses In 2008 four new members were approved by the College panel for admission to the Register of Expert Witnesses. The AIQS register of Expert Witnesses is published on the AIQS website and is also included in the privately operated Expert Witness Register a commercial publication which is widely used by the legal fraternity and industry clients. John Barker AAIQS Chairman College of Expert Witnesses Formal training in Expert Witness report writing and presentation in court was conducted by seminars in Sydney in October 2008 and in Melbourne in December 08. This followed previously successful sessions in 2006 and 2007 and it is intended that these become annual events on the AIQS National Education program. These seminars are conducted in conjunction with the University of New South Wales and are managed by the AIQS National Office on behalf of the AIQS College of Expert Witnesess. We still hope to conduct these training sessions in other capital cities in due course but until now have found difficulties in identifying suitable facilities and qualified personnel for the program. The college committee in 2008 was: John Barker AAIQS Peter Clack FAIQS John Deans FAIQS Cliff Ventris FAIQS Robyne Nash provided AIQS secretariat support to the committee until Nov. John Barker AAIQS Chairman 8

11 During the course of the year, we have produced our second newsletter, with a third newsletter in preparation. A survey of Members to learn of their backgrounds and requirements has been commissioned and the results will be summarised in our next newsletter. AIQS College of Contractor s QS Gavin Thomson AAIQS Chairman College of Contractor s QS Our numbers remain close to 100, with a spread predominately in Australia, but with members in many parts of Asia and some in Europe. We had intended to introduce some form of CPD course orientated towards those who work in the Contracting sphere, but due to our small numbers and diverse locational spread, we found this to be impractical. It became obvious that we were too widely spread to make face to face tuition viable, and an on line lecture was cost prohibitive for the small numbers likely to be involved. Lack of participation and feedback from College members continues to limit our efforts in a number of areas and I strongly encourage College members to become involved in our activities. This can be done by providing responses to our surveys and commenting on the industry/profession. In the coming year we plan to promote ourselves to other Contractors QS s, outside of the College, in the hope that we can generate some interest in the Institute by this medium. Gavin Thomson AAIQS Chairman 9

12 AIQS Membership Statistics MEMBERSHIP GRADE % as at 31 DECEMBER, 2008 Student 25% Associate 38% Retired 3% Probationer 23% Grade Numbers Hon. Fellow 2 Life Fellow 30 Fellow 219 Associate 1512 Affiliate 180 Probationer 901 Retired 121 Student 982 Technician 39 TOTALS 3986 Life Fellow Fellow 1% 5% Hon. Fellow 0% CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP % as at 31 DECEMBER, 2008 VIC 14% WA 10% Affiliate 5% 2008 Membership Numbers New Members 467 Reinstated Members 145 Elevations 241 Resigned 28 Deaths 5 Lapsed 468 Migration Assessments 251 ACT 2% NSW 25% Chapter Numbers ACT 73 NSW 990 OSS 1139 QLD 522 SA 310 VIC 548 WA 404 TOTALS 3986 SA 8% QLD 13% OVERSEAS 28% 10

13 2008 has been a year of highs and lows for the AIQS and particularly the National Office. Membership exceeds 4,000 The milestone of 4,000 members was reached in mid year. The total membership grew by just on 2% which, in the deteriorating financial climate, is somewhat of a welcome surprise. AIQS National Office Report Marketing Staff In August we contracted with the Andrews Group to provide our Marketing Manager services. Simon Welsh was duly appointed to fill this role with support from Anna Pappalardo. Simon s positive but considerate approach to change and development has been well received by both members and staff. Terry Sanders General Manager Skilled Migration As the Australian qualifications assessing authority for skilled migration of QS, the AIQS has been efficiently processing an increasing number of skills assessments each year. The global financial crisis does not seem to have effected the interest from QS seeking to migrate to Australia. Indeed it may actually result in a further stimulus to such migration. Staff Changes The start of 2008 saw the resignation of Lynn Adams as our book keeper and the appointment of Harry Hoang. Lynn has continued to provide desk top publishing services to us for the INS/OMNI and this annual report. Harry who has a Masters Degree in Accounting has taken on additional responsibilities and his position is now titled Finance Officer. Harry is ably supported by Dale Phillips who started with us in 2007 as the Book Keepers Assistant, and handles both merchandise orders and event/program registrations. Samantha Mussett, our Receptionist/Office Trainee completed her Certificate II in Business Administration and has also managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy in early October. She has now been replaced by Aneesa Khan who will be full time and taking on additional administrative duties. Julie Herd was temporarily employed as a Membership Assistant during the absence of Carole Ward on long service leave. Julie s service was extended to help us over the busiest period of the year for membership and she left us on 1 Feb During the year Andrea Versteegan assumed more of the National Membership Officers tasks and basically job shared the position with Carole Ward. In early November 2008, our Education Manager, Robyne Nash, lost her eight year battle with cancer. While not totally unexpected, we were certainly not aware of the seriousness of her condition until late October. Robyn was a fighter and did not look for sympathy or special treatment in performing her job. Our thanks and those of her husband Frank and mother June go to the many members who sent their condolences. One of the recommendations from the Office review that was held in September/October 2008, was to undertake a more structured training program for National Office Staff. This constructive idea was welcomed and actioned quickly, with the first of a number of in house staff training sessions conducted in November. Programs of both in-house and external training activities are planned for Thanks for support As always, the National Office staff relies heavily on the good will and commitment of many members at the national, chapter, division and committee levels. Our appreciation and thanks go to all of you. Terry Sanders General Manager 11

14 Photographs from 2008 John Popplewell, Trevor Sanders and Terry Sanders at the Sydney Gala Centenary Dinner Comedian Jimeion entertained us around the country at all the Centenary functions Mike Munroe, Prue Goward and Michael Manikas in Sydney AIQS Overseas Reps - Joseph Chin, Peter Ng, Carole Ward, A T Ong and Chittra Weddikkara at the Centenary Dinner Sydney 30 May Our Middle Eastern colleagues celebrated our centenary with a CPD function Mr John Popplewell FAIQS AIQS President and Prof. Rob Pearl President of ASAQS sign the reciprocity agreement. Scholarship recipient: Ben Luck was presented with his prize at the NSW Chapter AGM AIQS YQS Travelling Fellowship winner Hugh McGaw carries the Australian flag during the entrance parade for the PAQS Congress Gala Dinner on 18 June PAQS Board Mr Trevor Main, PAQS Chair, and Mr Orest Stachniak, President of CIQS, present Mr Takayoshi Sato with the PAQS medal 12

15 STRATEGIC ALLIANCES BOARD J POPPLEWELL FAIQS MEMBERSHIP & EDUCATION BOARD C LEACH FAIQS COMMITTEES Membership Standing Committee A Page (Chair) L Vlatko C Leach N Cambridge J Lowry A Knowles M Davies S Warne P Copping C Ward NMO Ex Officio OverSeas Section Education (includes CPD) J Robinson R Best M Davies V Shaw C Leach P Smith C Nixon T L Sanders R Nash REPRESENTATIVES J Chin Tsun Fung Brunei P Ng Yau Yee Hong Kong A Millard New Zealand C Lawence United Kingdom J Anderson USA I Bin Mohd Yusuf Malaysia Dr A Ong Singapore C Weddikkara Sri Lanka H Chandrasena Sri Lanka I Samaratunga Middle East R Little Dubai Young QS COMMUNICATION & MARKETING BOARD P COX FAIQS COMMITTEES Tax Depreciation D Kelly Chair S Taylor J Deans J Lowry Marketing D Kelly M Manikas T L Sanders M Davies CISA/NATSPEC P Clarke Standards Australia T Main M January M O Shea Scholarships J Deans T L Sanders POLICY & DEVELOPMENT BOARD T SANDERS FAIQS COMMITTEES Current Construction Costs Committee Vacancy VIC G Costin ACT S Ceric WA M Viscariello SA S Gray QLD V Shaw NSW G Postmus National Chair Aust. Cost Management Manuals Volumes 2&3 M January G Postmus V Shaw J Stranger Aust. Cost Management Manuals Volumes 4 S Grimes K Jaunalksnis Method of Measurement Revision S Beavis Chair M de Jager ACT Vacancy NSW T Sanders WA T Main VIC J Popplewell SA J Deans SA G Kinlay (Interpretations) Practice Notes J Sierra PUBLICATIONS & RESEARCH BOARD G POSTMUS FAIQS COMMITTEES Research Committee J Popplewell Chair C Leach QS History T L Sanders M Hodgetts Building Economist T Main I Blyth Editor Australian Journal of Construction Economics and Building R Best Chair V Shaw T L Sanders R Nash P Davis Editor Expert Witnesses J Barker P Clack J Deans C Ventris R Nash BRIX A Mills P Lawther J Barac-Heath T L Sanders College of Contractors QS G Thomson chair A Ma I Samaratonga K Chan Swee Lin Seet R Nash Ex Officio T L Sanders Ex Officio NATIONAL OFFICE GENERAL MANAGER T L SANDERS REPRESENTATIVES T L Sanders ACP T L Sanders AUBEA T L Sanders NSH Joint Venture T L Sanders Body Corporate T L Sanders ABCB 2008 Committees List International Associations P Cox ICEC Region IV T Main PAQS Chair J Popplewell AIQS Delegate T L Sanders PAQSTreasurer J Lowry PAQS Research R Little PAQS Education P Smith ICEC/PAQS Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) P Cox Member T L Sanders Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES BDP Delegate T L Sanders National J Popplewell National M Manikas NSW Vacancy Vic G Brady Qld C Wright NT P Tulla SA T Sanders WA Finance J Popplewell Chair E Schick Treasurer P Osborne Member P Dowling Member T L Sanders Ex Officio Code of Conduct - In Confidence COMMITTEES J Smith NSW R Healy VIC D Dello Iacovo SA M O Connor WA P Krahn QLD C Leach Chair P Copping ACT P Clarke ACT C Ward NMO Ex Officio J Popplewell Chair P Cox Chair P Copping Chair T Main Chair 13

16 2008 has again been a very busy year for our members, with a high level of construction activity and workload. A highlight of the year was the commencement of the new course for Quantity Surveyors Bachelor of Building & Construction Management at the University of Canberra. To coincide with the new course the Chapter is sponsoring a prize for the best Quantity Surveying student in the course which will commence in ACT Chapter Report As Canberra has been without a Quantity Surveyors course for years, all available students were keenly snapped up by local firms. The QS course also had a significant impact on the ACT Chapter membership which at 31 December 2008 was 73, an increase of 20% over the calendar year. Student membership increased from 5 students to 12 students. Peter Spaven AAIQS ACT Chapter President Social events during the year included the very popular Go-karts, a drinks night at the University Pub to meet the new students of the University of Canberra course and the Centenary Dinner held in Sydney. Thanks to the NSW Chapter for organising the event. CPD events during the year included:- Stress Management Seminar. Fast Track Arbitration Event, which was held in conjunction with the IAMA, CIPSA and MBA and over 70 people attended. The event included live role plays and a DVD of the event will be released in the near future. The ACT Careers Day was held at EPIC on 21 June. The event was successful and will be supported again in Thanks for members and national office staff who manned and set up the booth. The major works contract review undertaken by the Chapter as part of the AIQS National Research Grants Scheme, was completed this year and a CPD Event on this topic is proposed during Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the activities of the ACT Chapter over the past year, especially in helping the new University Course get off the ground. Peter Spaven AAIQS ACT Chapter President 14 ACT Chapter Council President: P Spaven AAIQS Vice President: A Feng AAIQS Secretary: M Chappe De Leonval AAIQS Treasurer: G Costin FAIQS National Councillors: C Leach FAIQS M De Jager FAIQS Chapter Councillors: P Clarke FAIQS E Schick LFAIQS M Falcetta AAIQS

17 2008 was a huge year for both the NSW Chapter and the AIQS in general. As you would know it was the Centenary of Quantity Surveying Profession in Australia. This involved events in every state to celebrate this momentous occasion which culminated in National Council, the AGM and the Major Centenary Dinner being held in Sydney. This event included guests from many affiliated overseas QS associations and local industry associations as well as 350 members and guests. The evening was hosted by Mike Munro from Channel Nine, the food was prepared by celebrity chef Darren Simpson and entertainment was provided by comedian Jimeoin and music by the Sydney Metro Big Band. These events were roaring successes and definitely Raised the Profile of the AIQS in Sydney. NSW Chapter Report Michael Manikas AAIQS The NSW membership continued to grow in 2008 and we finally cracked NSW Chapter President the 1,000 member barrier. We carried out a number of APC interviews during the year and would like to thank Louise Vlatko, our Vice President and Membership Chairperson, for organising these interviews. I would also like to acknowledge both Brian McCloy and Ian Menzies for assisting with the interview processes. Several events were held during the year including our Economic Update with speakers Chris Caton, Chief Economist with BT Financial, and Angus Nardi, Deputy Executive Director at the Property Council of Australia. We also held several social events including two Barefoot Bowls nights and a Tenpin bowling night. Several of these events were held in conjunction with other industry bodies including the RICS and PIA. Looking forward, 2009 is again another major year for the Institute with the retirement of our General Manager, Terry Sanders. The National Council has begun the process of recruiting a replacement for Terry as well as a major marketing campaign to Raise the Profile of the AIQS. This includes a revamp of the website, upgrading the Building Economist, new format for weekly s, consistent rebranding across all the AIQS publications and stationary, print media advertisements. The aim is to raise the profile, increase membership and hopefully create more business opportunities and increased fees for the profession. I would like to thank Greg Newman our Chapter Secretary who is finally retiring from Chapter Council after over 10 years to be succeeded by Richard Croxson. I would also like to thank all the Chapter Council who donate their personal and work time to AIQS is going to be a big year of changes and we are looking forward to the new challenges that face us. NSW Chapter Council President: M Manikas AAIQS Vice President: L Vlatko FAIQS Secretary: G Newman FAIQS Treasurer: P Osborne FAIQS National Councillors: B McCloy FAIQS M Manikas AAIQS Chapter Councillors: J Smith AAIQS R Best FAIQS I Menzies AAIQS Michael Manikas AAIQS NSW Chapter President 15

18 QLD Chapter Report The commencement of 2008 saw construction activity in Queensland continue at a high volume across all sectors, with a number of large infrastructure and mining related developments underpinning a strong commercial market. This resulted in strong demand for Quantity Surveying services and most local practices grew in numbers through the recruitment of consultants from overseas. This volume of work continued until the fourth quarter which saw the results of the global financial crisis commence its impact on the level of development within Queensland. While Government expenditure has remained strong, the downturn in commercial developments has seen the volume of work decrease to a point that competition to secure future workload has increased. The federal stimulus package has commenced rollout and while it is expected to provide some improvement in opportunity, it does not provide the larger projects that our profession relies upon. 16 Ben Foster AAIQS QLD Chapter President In 2008 the Queensland Chapter successfully celebrated the Institute s Centenary year and has continued to provide support to members through the local council members who have continued to volunteer their time to meet with industry, liaise with tertiary institutions, promote the Institute and organise educational and social activities. Membership - Michael Davies continued as our local membership manager through 2008, which saw APC interviews conducted for 10 new members and the review of logbooks on an increasing number of graduates. Education - The Chapter continues to maintain a strong relationship with QUT as the primary provider of Quantity Surveying education in Queensland. QUT was represented on the Council by Dr Johnny Wong with Course Co-ordinator Jason Grey and lecturer Adrian Bridge also providing support to the Institute. In 2008 intake of students remained constant at approximately 30 with approximately 18 graduates. The Institute carried out its five year accreditation review of the course content, with Ben Foster acting as the local Practice Representative. While continuing the accreditation, it was noted in the review that an increase in core subject material should be considered, especially with the cost management subject and the industry should assist in providing guest lecturers with real life examples. This year has also seen a significant change in the course structure with the point of entry now being through the Construction Management degree, with selection of Quantity Surveying as a major occurring at the end of first year. Chapter has again supported careers stalls at the National Careers & Employment Expo and the Tertiary Studies Expo, with members rostered on at both events to answer questions and promote Quantity Surveying as a career. These stalls would not be nearly as effective as they are without the support of volunteers and QS academic staff from QUT. In addition to QUT, Bond University now offers a Quantity Surveying degree as part of their School of Sustainable Development. This year the Institute carried out and approved the accreditation of this degree course, on the basis that graduates obtain an additional 2 years of APC. The Chapters Practitioner representative on this occasion was Tracey Lunniss. National - The Queensland chapter was well represented this year at National Council meetings by Gary McDonald and Michael Davies and I refer to the national report for a summation of the National Council activities. QLD Chapter Council President: B Foster AAIQS Vice President: S Gray FAIQS Secretary: T Lunniss AAIQS Treasurer: G Eaton AAIQS National Councillors: M Davies FAIQS, G McDonald FAIQS YQS P Krahn AAIQS Secretariat S Carter Chapter Councillors: S Beavis FAIQS G Brady FAIQS B Jackson AAIQS P Kamp FAIQS D Mitchell FAIQS

19 QLD Chapter Report continued... Social - This year we celebrated the Centenary year of the Institute with a local Gala Dinner celebration which was held at Rydges Hotel Southbank with over 200 guests. Despite the challenging room layout, an enjoyable evening was had with Steve Haddin our MC for the evening and Jimeon and the band Hotsauce providing the entertainment. It was pleasing that many members suggested similar events should be considered in the future. The annual charity golf day was again organised by Stuart and Davina Gray at the St Lucia Golf Course. An amount of $2,250 was raised and will be distributed to a selected charity in combination with funds raised at the 2009 event. The Annual Christmas function at the Tattersall s Club, organised by Gary McDonald was well supported with approximately 80 members and guests in attendance. Training - As a Chapter we have continued to run the Further Education Program in Measurement. The program was organised by Matthew Brown of Project Services and was delivered by John Thompson and Paul Marsden with David Mitchell s team providing the on-screen takeoff experience. Measurement is of course a core skill for Quantity Surveyors and the Chapter considers that it is important for the AIQS to be able to offer further education opportunities in measurement for its members to develop and improve their skills. We also acknowledge the support of QUT in providing the venue for this activity. As we saw steel prices rise dramatically in the first half of the year, the Chapter was able to organise a CPD event with David Ryan from the Australian Steel Institute presenting on why global steel prices were rising and what the steel industry was doing to combat this. Online professional development courses have continued to be developed and run by National office and the local interest and attendance of these courses has been strong. Regulatory - In late 2007 changes to the Queensland Building Services Authority Act were passed through the Parliament which increase licensing requirements for persons carrying out building work as defined under the act. Since then, Chapter Council members have been actively debating the requirements with the Building Service Authority regarding the need for Quantity Surveyors to be licensed and if required the format it should take. After initial indications that an exemption may be granted for the majority of our services, this did not transpire and the QBSA,at the commencement of 2009, introduced a new license class titled: Builder Project Management Services. While the Chapter is not in a position to recommend members obtain this license, we do recommend that members investigate their need for this licence. Other activities during the year included: AIQS represented on the Building Design Professions committee. Presentations to QUT students on career opportunities as quantity surveyors. Orientation week presentation at QUT Construction Cost Forecasting Council Forum (June & November 2007) Construction Forecasting Breakfast Panel ACIF 2008 Industry Leaders Conference, Gold Coast. CRC for Construction Innovation Conference President s attendance at Presidents Conference at National office. Representation at QMBA, API, AIB, RAIA, Engineers Australia and RICS functions. In conclusion, I acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the activities of the Queensland Chapter over the past year. As always, the success of Chapter Council will ultimately depend on the time, energy and enthusiastic support of our members. Ben Foster AAIQS QLD Chapter President 17

20 QLD Chapter - Nth QLD Division No report received Moorthy Karuna AAIQS Chairman Nth QLD Division Moorthy Karuna AAIQS Nth QLD Division Chairman Nth QLD Division Chairman: M Karuna AAIQS Secretary/Treasurer: M Karuna AAIQS Rockhampton Rep: N Richardson AAIQS Cairns Rep: Michael Spicer AAIQS 18

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Demand Driven Funding System REVIEW OF THE Demand Driven Funding System REPORT The Hon Dr David Kemp Andrew Norton ISBN 978 1 74361 422 8 [PDF] 978-1-74361523-2 [PRINT] 978 1 74361 423 5 [DOCX] With the exception of the Commonwealth

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