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1 101 She determines independently (of anybody) * bestemme * uafhængigt ( af ng. ) på egen hånd the final date for submission of proposals. * sidste dato / frist ( for ) * indgivelse / -levering / ind- / fremsendelse af The deadline for submission is so soon that no one * & sidste frist will have the opportunity to make submissions to this bill. * komme med indlæg i forbindelse med * lovforslag Complaints must be submitted before the end of the day, * klage * indgive / -levere / -sende and late submisson will be rejected / not be considered / * -lse / -ing * afvist * ikke komme i betragtning receive no consideration. * = For the sake of appearance / for appearances sake, the enchantress makes the council have / take a vote. * for et syns skyld * holde ( en ) afstemning 10 She signals to the councillors to be con`tented. * signalere til ng. om at - * rådsmedlem * tilfreds lykkelig Having signalled the voters to be con`tent and obedient, * = * stemmeberettiget ( person ) * = * lydig vælger she signals that they must vote for / in favout the bill. * signalere at * stemme for ngt. They all wait for the signal to vote for / i favour of her * vente på ngt. * signalet til at * for ng. so everybody waits for her to make a signal. * på ( at ) ng. * lave et signal gøre tegn Nobody signals their discon`tent(ment) by refusing to vote, * signalere * utilfredshed tilkendegive or by voting against her. * stemme imod ng. When she gives the signal for approval, * give signal til ngt. everybody signifies their approval and content(ment) * tilkendegive * tilfredshed at a prearranged sign or signal. * ved * forudaftalt * tegn * signal 20 As everybody signifies their agreement with a contented * tilkendegive ngt. * samtykke * med * tilfreds tilslutning lykkelig nod, and nobody signifies a contrary intention, * nik * = the vote has a predictable result. * forudsigeligt Her proposal is met with / wins u`nanimous approval. * mødes med / vinde > * enstemmig * godkendelse At the announcement of the unanimous vote, * kundgørelse * = * valg (-resultat ) the enchantress has a smug expression on her face. By means of the voters obedience to the enchantress, * selvtilfreds / -god / -behagelig * lydighed overfor the bill is passed unanimously / gets all the votes. * vedtaget * enstemmigt * stemme After the passing of the bill by common / general consent, * vedtagelse * bred enighed all the council members signify that they agree by nodding. * tilkendegive / vise at - * være enig * ved at nikke 30 They nod to signify they are agreed on signing the bill * nikke for at > * være enige > * underskrive ngt. > tilkendegive at - om atinto law : by common / general assent a great law. * til at blive ngt. * ~ efter alles mening Signifying her approval with a smile, the enchantress * tilkendegive ngt. med ngt. presents the statute to the council for signature. * presentere / * udfærdiget * til underskrift fremlægge ngt. for ng. lovkompleks The council are signatories to the statute as well as * underskriver af the enchantress is a signatory of this piece of legislation. * = * lovgivning / -sforberedelse As they sign the statute into statute law, she has * underskrive ngt. * til vedtagen lovgivning a look of self-`satisfaction as she grins smugly and smirks. * selvtilfredshed * smøret * smiske, grine / smile > selvtilfreds / fjoget / smørret

2 102 Having a self-satisfied smirk on her face, * selvtilfreds * fjoget / smørret { grin / smil the enchantress signs the statute into law. * underskrive ngt. > * til lov Her signature is valid even if it s totally illegible. * underskrift * gyldig * ulæselig The signing of the statute is a signal victory. * underskrivelse * bemærkelsesværdig * sejr eklatant Although she doesn t care to hide a smug expression, * bekymre sig om at - * selvtilfreds * ansigtsudtryk nobody sees through the deceiver and her smugness. * gennemskue * hed After the passage of the bill, the council at once * vedtagelse sign over property to her without further / more ado. * ngt. til * uden videre postyr / ståhej Having a smug smile on her smug face, * selvtilfreds- / -god * i sit ansigt / -behagelig 10 she is smug about her signal achievement. * med hensyn til * bemærkelsesværdig eklatant The cheat is a signal success. * = Money incarnates the enthantress greed. * konkretisere være det håndgribelige udtryk for The problems don t appear until after a couple of weeks. * opstå * før efter vise sig You can credibly describe the town as a madhouse. * troværdigt * beskrive ngt. som * galehus Unhappiness appears below / beneath the surface. * ulykkelighed * vise sig * under overfladen When the helpless townspeople were bewitched * hjælpeløs * forhekse / -trylle by her por`tentous enchantment, they couldn t help it. * imponerende * fortryllelse * gøre noget ærefrygtindgydende trolddom, hekseri Eventually everybody has a sense of helplessness. * fornemmelse af * hjælpeløshed They all have a horrible feeling of helplessness. * forfærdelig, frygtelig * følelse af skrækkelig 20 It s natural to feel helpless against such abuse. * føle sig hjælpeløs overfor * misbrug The townfolks seem helpless victims of her magic. * hjælpeløst offer for None of them could help it; it couldn t be helped. * ingen * gøre for / * der er ikke noget noget ved det at gøre ved det The worst part is being helpless to change anything. * hjælpeløs overfor at kunne Abandon hope all ye that enter here. It seems a hopeless situation. * her lades alt håb ude * håbløs There is no help for it (ee); it s past help. * der er ikke noget at gøre ved det * = They shall have to face the result of their sub`servience. Unable to resist the enchantress sexual allure * underordning / -danighed servilitet * tiltrækning and the allure of her charm, many townsmen have been * = 30 lured into (playing) a sub`servient role. * lokke ind i * underordnet / -danig ydmyg, servil Unable to resist her alluring charm and promises, * tillokkende dragende the whole town has been subservient to the enchantress. * byen ( sg.) * << overfor Unable to resist the lure of her enchanting company, * tillokkelse * fortryllende dragende magt betagende everybody has considered their own needs subservient. * underordnet komme i anden række People didn t take their own need into consideration * tage ngt. med i sine overvejelser as they considered them subservient to those of * << i forhold til ngt. the enchantress. *

3 103 Then one day, a stranger checks in at a hotel. * tjekke ind indskrive sig An event of happy portent. * ( godt ) varsel His appearance spells the end of the cheat. * opdukken * varsle ankomst All guests must go to reception (U) and sign in on arrival, * receptionen * indskrive sig modtagelsen and sign out at the reception desk on departure. * udskrive sig * receptionsskranke The guests fill in (ee) / fill out (ea) a form containing * udfylde questions on their full name, ( Christian / first name, * spørgsmål gående på * fulde navn * fornavn family name / last name / surname, and middle name ), * efternavn * mellemnavn sex, place of residence, and date and place of birth. * fødseldato / -dag * fødested 10 When a guest has completed the form, * udfylde ( helt ) the receptionist / A&: (desk) clerk signs the guests in. * receptionist * inskrive ng. portier He sign in the guest on a form and in a book. * = * formular He signs the guests out on their departure. * udskrive ng. He signs out the guests in the hotel register. * = * register optegnelse The stranger has to lend the receptionist his ballpoint pen. * låne ng. ngt. * kuglepen The pencils disappear all the time - they vanish as soon * blyant * forsvinde * = blive væk as I buy them, the latter complains, borrowing the ballpoint. * klage * låne * kuglepen beklage sig The stranger s name is spelt / spelled wrong. * stave * forkert ( adv. efter verb. ) The receptionist has spelt / spelled his name wrongly. * = 20 He has misspelt / misspelled it. * = How do you then spell your surname - * = * efternavn Could you spell that name out again - * = Could you spell out your surname again, he asks. * = It is not spelled with a double s, and it s spelt with a K. K-l-a-u-s-e-n spells klausen. * med * siger The stranger signs his name in the hotel register. * underskrive sig med sit navn * & protokol When a guest has signed the register, the receptionist * indskrive sig i usually signs that the porter picks up the luggage (ee) but * give tegn til at * hotelkarl * bagage the bellboy ( page(boy) (E) / (A) bellhop) has disappeared. * piccolo * forsvinde 30 Hesitantly, the stranger turns to the receptionist asking, * tøvende * henvende sig til ng. Could you give / lend (me) a ( helping ) hand? * give / række ( ng. ) en hjælpende hånd The receptionist doesn t appear to be very helpful, though. * hjælpsom tjenstvillig I can t help it if the baggage (ea) is heavy, he answers, * det er ikke éns skyld / * bagage én kan ikke gøre for at unwilling to offer (the stranger) a ( helping ) hand. * uvillig * tilbyde ( ng. ) en ( hjælpende ) hånd When the stranger politely repeats the question, * høfligt * gentage the receptionist, called Bill unhelpfully replies, * uhjælpsom utjenstvillig God helps them that help themselves. * Gud hjælper dem, der hjælper sig selv

4 104 Having asked for help and assistance, * bede om hjælp * assistance bistand and just received an unhelpful response and answer, * modtage * uhjælpsom * response, reaktion * svar få igen utjenstvillig svar, -melding the stranger remarks ironically You re a great help. * være en stor hjælp * ironisk Really, Bill responds in the same tone (of voice). * svare * tonefald The stranger then lifts his luggage ready to climb the stairs.* løfte * bestige * trappe hanke op i gå op ad At the first step, however, the stranger stumbles and falls. * trin ( skridt / trappetrin ) * snuble The stranger screams for help. * råbe på hjælp He lies helpless on the floor with a helpless look, * ligge hjælpeløs * hjælpeløst blik making a helpless gesture. * hjælpeløs bevægelse 10 Even if the stranger apparently has sprained his ankle, * tilsyneladende * forstrække * ankel forstuve Bill, the receptionist, merely looks on helplessly. * blot se hjælpeløst til I can t help you / your being so clumsy, Bill hesitates, * gøre for * klodset * tøve until the stranger makes the sign of the cross. * gøre korsets tegn Bill suddenly feels urged to sign and be helpful. * tilskynde * gøre korsets tegn * være hjælpsom / slå kors for sig behjælpelig, tjenstvillig Giving / lending the stranger a helping hand, * række / give ng. en hjælpende hånd Bill he assists / helps the mysterious stranger to his feet. * bistå / hjælpe ng. > * mystisk * på fode Noticing (that) the stranger s coat is awkward to handle, * bemærke at - * frakke * akavet / * håndtere ubekvem at - and that he has difficulty (in) taking off his coat, * tage frakken / sin frakke af the receptionist asks, Do you need any help with that? * have brug for hjælp med 20 Can I be of any help? - can I be of any help to you? * kunne være ( ng. ) til nogen hjælp / hjælpe ( ng. ) med noget Let me help you off with your coat, he offers, * hjælpe ng. af med * tilbyde and sighs Helpfulness is in short supply nowdays, isn t it? * sukke * en mangelvare * ikke sandt You re quite right, the stranger assents, * helt ret * samtykke bifalde tottering along, almost forgetting a bad ankle sprain, * vakle * forstrækning / -stuvning as Bill helps him upstairs / up the stairs. * hjælpe ng. * op ad trapperne ovenpå Thank you for all your help, the stranger concludes. * takke ng. for al deres hjælp If the receptionist really is helpful, that s a good sign. If he s just pretending to be helpful, that s a very bad sign. * være et godt tegn * være et rigtigt dårligt tegn I hope I m not interrupting you, and I hope you don t * jeg håber ikke ( at ) jeg * bryde ind * > forstyrre 30 mind me asking, but what s the matter with this town? * jeg håber ikke, du / de har noget imod, at jeg spørger the stranger enquires / ea: inquires later on in reception. * forhøre sig * i receptionen Having enquired the receptionist s name and enquired into * om * angående ngt. the matter, the stranger enquires where to find a bible. * forhøre sig om hvxx * bibel Although an atheist himself, the stranger believes that * the sight of the bible would help matters. * gavne / fremme sagen If the receptionist is co(-)operative, it s a sure sign that * samarbejdsvillig * være et sikkert tegn på at the enchantress influence is tottering. * vakle

5 105 Without hesitation, Bill, the receptionist, admits that * uden tøven a blonde has pulled the wool over most townspeople s eyes * føre ng. bag lyset ( trække uldstof over ngs. øjne ) by means of enchantment, and taken them in * ved hjælp af * ~ tage ng ved næsen with the help of her devoted followers. Owing to their devotion, their help and assistance, she took / gained control of the town. * ved hjælp af * ved hjælp af * tage / få kontrol over ngt. Bill has obviously turned into a credible witness. * tydeligvis * troværdig It s just not credible that he should distort / twist the truth. * troligt * fordreje forvanske The stranger finds the story bizarre, not to say * bizar sælsom 10 unbelievable; it is hardly believable. * utrolig * næppe til at tro på Bill helpfully suggests (that) they try the library. * hjælpsomt * foreslå at * bibliotek Let me help you on with your coat * hjælpe ng. ngt. på let me help you into your coat, he offers. * hjælpe ng. i * tilbyde They reach the library with the help of a wheel chair as * ved hjælp af * rullestol the stranger could walk only with the assistance of crutches. * ved hjælp af * krykke The helpful information is (of) much help. * nyttig * til stor hjælp The helpful advice and suggestion are a big help. * = * en stor hjælp Not until Bill, however, repeats the sign of the cross, * gentage the librarian asks, Can I help you? * bibliotekar * kunne hjælpe ng. 20 When he asks for a bible, the librarian answers helpfully, * hjælpsomt tjenstvilligt I m afraid they have all been burnt * brænde ngt. sorry I can t be more helpful! * behjælpelig Bill, however, can t help thinking (that) * kunne lade være med / undgå the librarian knows more than that. * If the librarian is cooperative it s a sure sign that the stranger is about to break the spell. When Bill reiterates the sign of the cross, * være et sikkert tegn på * bryde trolddom ophæve fortryllelse * gentage flere gange the librarian suddenly remembers some bibles. * huske komme i tanke om It strikes her that a number of bibles were once discarded. * det slår én * kassere ( komme i tanke om ) skille sig af med 30 It occurs to her that a number of discarded bibles * det gå op for én ( komme i tanke om) were set apart in the stacks (pl.) * sætte til side * bogmagasin The librarian is much help when she comes to think of * til stor hjælp * komme i tanke om a box of bibles. * She is of much help when she thinks of the bibles. * til stor hjælp * komme i tanke om ngt. Come and help me lift the box, she entreats. * komme og hjælpe ng. med at - * bede bønfalde As Bill helps (to) carry the box, and helps them ( in ) * hjælpe (til) med at - * hjælpe ng. med at - dis`tributing the bibles, they make a concerted effort to * uddele ngt. * gøre en fælles indsats / & [ `dis- ] kraftanstrengelse for at - distribute the bibles. *

6 106 That very evening, like a sign from heaven, * selvsamme * som et tegn ( fra ) * himmelen an old electric sign showing a cross suddenly starts to give out light. * lysreklame * lyse It s a sign that God helps in breaking the spell. * det er tegn på * hjælpe til Believe you me, she s a deceiver! the stranger shouts. * tro mig Believe me! the `resolute stranger reiterates, * = * beslutsom * gentage ( mundtligt ) flere gamge Don t believe a word of what she says. * tro ikke tro på et ( eneste ) ord af ngt. God help us if this doesn t work - heaven help us * gud være os nådig * himmelen if this doesn t work. they pray. * bede 10 Resolute in his belief that there is still a glimmer / a ray * fast i > * troen på at - * et glimt / svagt håb of hope, the stranger says, I ll do what I can, * = but don t get your hopes up as the situation * sætte forventningerne i vejret is fraught with difficulty, problems, and danger. * ladet med ( yderst farefuld ) There are, however, sure signs that a fraud * der er tegn og varsler på * bedrager / svindler, der foregiver at kunne noget and `demagogue of portentous power is on the retreat. * demagog * frygtindgydende * på tilbagetog folkeforfører ildevarslende, uheldsvanger The strangers firm disbelief of superstition together with * vantro tvivl his belief in himself shake the townspeople s belief in * tro på ( sig selv ) * ryste * = the enchantress and their belief in her promises. * = He intends to disclose the credibility gap between what * afsløre * troværdighedskløft åbenbare 20 the dema`gogic fraud promised, and what she s done. * folkeforførende There is a lot credible in what the stranger says. * en masse troværdigt It s beginning to work but none of it would have been * possible without the stranger s help. * uden ngs. hjælp While the townspeople were acting in the belief that * handle i den tro at - the horrible enchantress were doing good, they were actually * forfærdelig, frygtelig * være ( svæve ) > skrækkelig under the delusion that she ever intended so. * i den vildfarelse at - * have sådan i sinde There was, in fact, nothing `creditable in what she did. * intet > * anerkendelsesværdigt / hæderligt i ngt. The case has all appearances of (a) fraud. * have alt hvad der ligner * bedrageri fupnummer The stranger reiterates that even if you believe in some- * gentage at 30 thing or somebody you ve got to believe in yourself. * skulle tro på sig selv All the townsfolks who see that the stranger acts creditably * anerkendelsesværdigt hæderligt give the stranger the thumb-up sign and the V-sign. * tommelfingeren-op-tegn * v-tegn ( victory- ) It s a very creditable result for the stranger * ærefuld anerkendelsesværdigt He is helped around in the town by restored townsfolk, * hjælpe afsted * restituere komme sig and assisted about by the restored townspeople. * = As these townsfolk go to bat for (A) the stranger, they all * ~ give sig til at hjælpe / støtte ng. pass on a reiteration (sg.) of the stranger s statements to * viderebringe / -give ngt. * gentagelse the rest of the town-dwellers. *

7 107 As the stranger seizes the initiative with both hands, * gribe initiativet and does his best to undermine enchantress credibility * underminere * troværdighed and `demagogy, she little by little loses credibility. * demagogi * miste folkeforførelse Gradually the townspeople lose faith in the enchantress. * miste tiltroen til There are signs of her declining and waning credibility. * synlige tegn på ngt. * aftage dale, falde There are obvious signs that her credibility is in decline, * på at - * i aftagende for nedadgående and that her popularity is on the wane. * aftage dale, falde The stranger makes the townspeople realize that * få ng. til at indse their faith in the self-possessed enchantress, * tro på * velafbalanceret [ po`zest ] rolig og fattet 10 and their faith in her promises ares a mi`staken belief. * = * fejlagtig tro The stranger is now the hope of the town. At a close encounter with the stranger, the enchantress * ngs. håb * tæt / farligt møde uses all her charm to dazzle him with her enticing beauty. * forblænde * fristende tillokkende Even so / Despice that, he remains unaffected. * på trods af det * upåvirket In spite of the fact that she used to be able to * af ( det faktum ) at - entice everybody by her charm, he refuses to be enticed. * friste / lokke ng. * nægte at - * lade sig Despite the fact that she is enticingly beautiful, he is * på trods af ( det faktum ) at - * fristende determined not to be persuaded and change his mind. * fast besluttet på at - * overtale ng. In spite of her enticement he is adamant. * lokken * stenhård fristen urokkelig 20 Despite her enticements, he remains adamant. * på trods af ngt. * lokkeri * forblive fristelse He is peculiarly adamant on this point. * usædvanlig * på det punkt Having seized the iniative from her, he speaks in * tage iniativet fra ng. a masterful tone of voice without un`necessary hesitation. * myndig * unødvendig * tøven Adamant in his resolution, not to yield to her enticement, * urokkelig i > * beslutsomhed * bøje sig / give efter / vige for ngt. he is adamant that he will not yield to any enticing offer. * være fast besluttet på * lokkeri fristelse The enchantress fails to appear calm in spite of herself. * virke * rolig * imod sin vilje She loses her self-possession despite herself. * miste selvbeherskelsen * = He notices (a certain) hesitancy / hesitance in her voice. Adamantly opposed to her, and knowing that alternative * tøven i stemmen * urokkelig i sin modstand mod 30 therapy has gained credence, he pretends to be * terapi * vinde troværdighed helbredelse an exorcist: an expert at / in / on ( practicing ) exorcism (U) * djævleuddriver * ekspert i ( at ) ngt. * -uddrivelse who has the most cunning exorcisms to his credit. * dygtig * = * der tjener til ens ære snu, snedig He take steps to exorcize the evil spirit; exorcize it from * tage skridt til at - * uddrive ngt. * ngt fra ngt. her body and exorcize it from the town by all means. * = * med alle midler It s apparantly a cunning piece of rapid exorcism. * tilsyneladende * durkdreven, snedig * hurtig udspekuleret You know what I mean, he hints, but not deigning to wait * antyde * nedlade sig til at - for an answer, he emphasizes, Do I have to spell it `out? * pointere * stave / forklare det understrege skære det ud i pap So he `resolutely spells () `out his intentions. * resolut, beslutsomt * ngt. fast besluttet

8 108 Facing such adamant resolution and opposition * stenhård * beslutsomhed urokkelig shakes the imposter s belief in herself. * ryste * & selvtillid She looks fraught, and sounds fraught. * anspændt Her enthusiasm for the whole idea wanes rapidly. * aftage * hastigt dale, falde As the voices of dissent grows louder and louder, * uenighed she is up against more than she can match - obviously! * oppe mod mere end * måle sig med * helt klart ( finde sin overmand ) / tydeligt There is a spell of coughing followed by a fraught silence. * kort stund med * hosten * anspændt anstrengt She finds herself in a situation fraught with difficulty. * ladet med Hesitantly, she realizes she has come `off second best. * tøvende * finde / fundet sin overmand 10 It is apparent from her face that she s really up`set. * ( det fremgår ) tydeligt af ngt. at * ude af sig selv rystet It s obvious from the way she acts that she s concerned. * << The imposter is obviously upset and concerned, * tydeligvis apparantly concerned (that) she might act pre`cipitately. * tilsyneladende * bekymret for at * forhastet som det ser ud overilet Obviously, she makes an effort to recover herself. * tydeligvis * anstrenge sig ( for at ) * genvinde fatningen The sudden appearance of a police car in the street * opdukken tilsynekomst makes her draws in her horns and dash `off / make `off. * trække følehornene til sig * styrte væk * stikke af Having smelled a rat the imposter takes to her heels. * lugte lunten * tage benene på nakken When her pursuers appear in the distance, she makes * forfølger * komme til syne * i det fjerne * > dukke op a dash for it and disappears behind a corner in / like a flash. * stikke af * forsvinde * på et øjeblik ( lysglimt ) i et nu, lynhurtigt 20 Having watched her pursuers disappearing from view, * betragte ( + -ing ) * komme ud af syne forsvinde she must face the fact that it s time for flight. * tid til ngt. * flugt Having watched her pursuers vanish from sight, * betragte ( + inf. ) * forsvinde she faces the fact that it s time to flee ( from the town ). * tid til at * flygte ( fra ngt. ) It was about / high `time she fled. * på høje tid * = Looking for sign of life all over, the police find her hide-out, * tegn på liv / nogen hjemme * gemmested but there is no sign of life in the `mews house. * ingen / hjemme * baghus All doors and drawers are open; that s a bad sign. * et dårligt tegn At the first sign of trouble, she has obviously prepared * ved første tegn på * forberede ngt. her flight without unneccessary hesitation. * flugt * uden tøven 30 The police finds a farewell letter from The Blonde - * afskedsbred It s definately not a suicide letter even if it s signed `off so. * selvmords- * sluttelig underskrive ngt. The police must face the fact that the enchantress * indse / se i øjnene erkende at has disappeared from them like (greased) `lightning, * forsvinde fra * ( så ) hurtigt som lynet ( smurt ) med lynets fart / hast, lynhurtigt and vanished from the town (as) quick as a `flash. * forsvinde fra * = ( lysglimt ) Having disappeared at / with lightning speed, * forsvinde * = she has vanishes into thin air / the blue. * forsvinde * ud i den blå luft together with all her wrongfully acquiered fortune. * uretmæssigt erhvervet * formue

9 109 Having fled from the town pre`cipitously / with a rush, * flygte * over hals og hoved the enchantress is soon ( over the hills and ) far away. * langt borte over alle bjerge Police investigate the enchantress disappearance. * undersøge * forsvinden efterforske The deception is eventually disclosed and revealed. * bedrag * afsløre * = / -eri It has become apparent that she s a deceiver; * blive tydeligt at it has become obvious that she s a deceitful imposter. * = As the most wanted person she s wanted by the police * ~ eftersøgt * af on a charge of deceit. * sigtet for * bedrag / -eri It s soon apparent to the townsfolk that she s a cheat (ee); * åbenbart / * bedrager tydeligt for 10 it's obvious to everybody that she s a cheater (ea), * = * = and the whole thing has been a cheat and a fraud. * bedrageri * bedrageri snyderi fupnummer She used low cunning to get away with her fraud. * bruge gemen snedighed * bedrag / -eri / udspekulerethed She was a cunning liar; she was a fraud and liar. * snu, durkdreven * bedrager udspekuleret As cunning as a fox, the enchantress had deceptively * snu som en ræv * bedragerisk and fraudulently presented an inviting credo. * bedragerisk * tiltalende It is hoped that the money obtained by fraud can be found * man håber * opnå ngt. ved > * bedrag and she can be caught and get / receive her ( just ) deserts. * få sin ( retfærdige / velfortjente ) straf There are, though, neither signs of her anywhere nor signs of the money obtained by her fraudulent activities. * tegn på spor af * bedragerisk 20 As there are no sign of the fraudster s (E) whereabouts, * = * bedrager * opholdssted svindler hopes for the missing money are fading. * håb for ngt. svinder It s a situation fraught with problems, and the townsfolk * ladet med sprængfyldt med have yet only scratched the surface of the problem. * kun se problemets overflade ( * kradse i ) When the full extent of the enchantress fraudulence (U) * fulde udstrækning * svigagtighed bedrageri dawns on the townspeople, it dawns on them that they have * gå op for * ng. at been thoroughly cheated and de`frauded of all their money. * grundigt * bedrage ng. for ngt. It spells a time fraught with difficulties and frustration. * varsle * ladet / sprængfyldt med Many townspeople overdrew their accounts. * overtrække Some accounts are overdrawn by several hundred pounds. * << 30 It s hard to keep your cool and stay out of debt when * holde sig fri af * gæld [ det ] you are blinded ( to reality ) by fraudulent enchantment. * blinde / ( * overfor ngt. ) * bedragerisk ( for-) blænde ng. svigagtig Many townspeople have for the first time got into debt. * komme i gæld Their overdrawn accounts are overdrawn several hundred. * overtrukken They have run up credit card debts of hundreds of pounds.* oparbejdet * gæld Having outstanding debts of several hundred, * udestående gæld the defrauded townspeople find themselves heavily in debt. * bedragen * i dyb gæld Being hundred of pounds in debt they have a debt burden. * i gæld They need to pay off all their debts before they feel happy. * betale ngt. af * gældsbyrde * gæld

10 110 Hoping to find a way out of the crisis situation, * håbe at * vej ud af * krisessituation the townsfolk hope (that) the situation will soon improve. * = As they believe there is no hope, a few pessimists * der ikke er noget håb * pessimist sortseer in particlar find their situation hard to accept. * især * finde ( situationen ) svær at - Having a pessimistic view of life, and pessimistic about * pessimistisk * livssyn * med hensyn til ngt. the future, they find it hard to accept their situation. * finde det svært at - Among them, there s deep pessimism (U) over the future. * dyb pessimisme mht. In a mood of pessimism about the future, * = they feel that their lives are ( in ) a hopeless mess. * håbløst ( * i ) * rod / -eri 10 They feel certain that there is no hope of recovery; * ikke være noget håb om * bedring, helbredelse generhvervelse no hope that the enchantress will ever be caught, * håb om at no hope of recovering the missing property, * = * forsvundet * generhverve savnet få tilbage no hope for the deceived townspeople, and no hope for * håb for ng. * bedragen * ngt. the future in the wake of their expensive and costly mistakes. * kølvandet * dyr * & fig. omkostnings- * fejltagelse krævende So the pessimists virtually hold out no hope. * ikke have noget håb They almost do not hold out any hope as they fear ( that ) * noget som helst the situation is very near beyond hope. Fearing the situation is beyond hope of improvement the pessimits fear it s beyond hope of getting better. * hinsides håb * om * om at 20 They virtually hold `out no hope of recovering. * stille ngt. i udsigt * intet håb ( om at ) * forbedre / komme sig Not holding out any hope of recovering the lost money * noget som helst * generhverve få igen from the enchantress and from the cheat, the pessimists * fra ng. / ngt. do not hold out much hope of recovering from the deceit. * meget * komme sig af / over They hold out little hope of recovering their optimism, * kun stille lidt * generhverve * optimisme få igen and of recovering from the depression. * komme sig over * > So the pessimists don t hold out much hope of recovery * ikke have meget håb om * generhvervelse kommen sig as they hold out no hope of recovery of the missing money * noget * generhvervelse af and hold out little hope of recovery from the cheat. * kun have lidt håb om * komme sig over As the pessimists don t hold out much hope for the town, * ikke have meget håb for 30 they pessimistically hold out little hope for the future * på pessimistisk vis * kun have lidt håb for As hope putteth not to shame there is cautious * håbet beskæmmer ingen * forsigtig optimism about the future among most townspeople. * optimisme mht. The realists and moderate optimists look foreward * realist * moderat * optimist * se fremad with optimism (that) the situation is not past hope. * med optimisme om at - * hinsides håb Taking a more optimistic view (of the future), * anlægge et ( mere ) * opimistisk syn ( på ngt. ) the optimists believe there is still a faint hope. * spinkelt / svagt håb There s a faint hope of recovering from financial ruin. * om at - * komme sig fra * økonomisk ruin

11 111 There is a glimmer / a ray of hope of recovery, * antydning / glimt af * uden håb as the optimists themselves are a glimmer / a ray of hope. * påmindelse om ( flakkende skær / stråle ) As there are always grounds for cautious optimism, * grunde til > * forsigtig * optimisme they optimistically say that he town is not without hope. * optimistisk * uden håb In an optimistic mood the optimists always find things that * i optimistisk * humør give cause / reason for optimism. * give grund til > * optimisme Living in hope, they live in hopes of a better future. * leve i håb * leve i håb om ngt. In a mood of optimism for the future, they are in hopes that things will improve. * i et optimistisk humør med hensyn til ngt. * være i forhåbninger / forventninger om 10 Optimistic about the future, they live in the hope that * optimistisk mht. * leve i det håb at - there's light at the end of the `tunnel. * lys for enden af tunnellen Cautiously optimistic that improvement will take place, * forsigtig * optimistisk mht. at they have confident hopes that things will become better. * have > * fortrøstningsfuld * håb om at - In the hope that things will get better, most townsfolk * i det håb at put their trust in the future without being over-optimistic,. * sætte sin lid til ngt. * overoptimistisk While there is life there is hope. * hvor der er liv er der håb Hope springs eternal in the human breast. * håbet er lysegrønt ( * udspringe * evigt * bryst ) opstå Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel the stranger * lyset is a beacon / symbol of hope for the townspeople. * ledestjerne ( * bavn, fyr, sømærke / symbol på ) Let s hope we can stand / stick together, he says, * lad os håbe at but be careful to get / build your hopes up if you * optrappe ngs. forhåbningerne skrue ngs. forventninger i vejret 20 raise your hopes too much, you may be disappointed. * for meget * skuffe The town is in the stranger s debt. * stå i gæld til ng. The townspeople owe a debt of gratitude ( to him ) * stå i taknemmelighedsgæld ( til ) and all of them acknowledge their debt to him. * anerkende, erkende * taknemmelighedsgæld vedkende sig Some of the deceived townsfolk claim that the enchantress * bedragen cheated death by her prompt disappearance. * snyde døden * prompte ( med nød og næppe undslippe døden ) omgående Although the townspeople, believe many of their assets to * anse ngt. for at * værdier tro / være overbevist om at ngt. have disappeared, they don t organize a witch hunt. * heksejagt As they believe their accounts to have been drained, * << * dræne tømme they believe their bank accounts drained and empty. * anse ngt. for + adj. * tom 30 All their money has disappeared, believed trans`ferred. * antaget for * overføre Will we get any money back? they wail and whine. * jamre * jamre klage klynke Although they certainly hope so they believe not. * håbe det * tro det ikke / næppe In fact they do not have a hope; not a hope in hell. * ikke have et håb * det fjerneste håb As they don t have a hope (in hell) of getting their money * om at back, there is no obvious solution to the problem. * ingen indlysende løsning på

12 112 Things are as fraught as ever in the town. * anspændt / anstrengt belastet The town is in dire straits, and may go bankrupt. * alvorlig knibe * gå bankerot ( stræde i havet ) / fallit In dire need of help, the town dwellers hope not as they * have alvorlig behov for * ikke håbe det have already mortgaged all their tangible assets / property. * belåne ngt. * handgribelig * værdier / ejendele [ `må~gd d ] As long poverty is a dire threat, they hope to God (that) * alvorlig trussel * håbe ved gud they may just have to live in dire poverty for some time. The deceiver s foreign accounts are believed to * alvorlig fattigdom * antages at have swelled / swollen by credit trans`fer. * vokse / svulme * kredit overførsel Her `transference of money is believed to * overførsel [ A: -`fe- ] 10 have swelled / swollen her foreign accounts. * få ngt. til at vokse / svulme Has she settled in a safe place, * slå sig ned * sikker * hvidvaske bosætte sig whitewashed her reputation, and laundered the money * omdømme * hvidvaske * narre ngt. fra ry / ud af cheated out of the credulous townsfolks? * godtroende They believe so and admit she has batted a thousand (A). * tro det er sådan It will appear that this is a major problem. * det skal vise sig at * have succes klare sig rigtigt godt It appears likely (that) the enchantress will never be caught. * forekomme / synes sandsynligt It seems unlikely (that) she will ever be caught * usandsynligt at and the naive townspeople have their money back. * naivitet, godtroenhed [ nai`i~v ] troskyldighed The townspeople don t believe their naivety; * have svært ved at tro * -hed 20 they can t believe their credulity. * = * godtroenhed Their credulity bring dis`credit on the town. * bringe ng. i vanry kaste skam over The townspeople don t hesitate to draw conclusions, * tøve med at * drage konklusioner and don t hesitate over what to be done. They ought to be more sceptic and hesitant; more hesitant about believing in strangers, * overfor * tøvende * med at and more hesitant to believe in glittering promises. * = * gyldne løfter Devoted followers of a religious creed, to their discredit, * begejstret, hengiven * vanære opofrende skam, skændsel often hesitate to speak out; they often hesitate to * udtale sig / tale åbent tage bladet fra munden speak out against atrocities. * imod * ugerning, overgreb grusomhed 30 To the townspeople s credit, no one cares to * til ngs. ære keep up appearances to save appearances * bevare skinnet * redde skinnet holde facaden for the sake of appearances. * for et syns skyld They wonder when happiness will appear again. * opstå vise sig Still, there is a lot `creditable in what the stranger has done. * ærefuld It may be stating the obvious, but he has acted creditably. * ( komme med ) en banal sandhed * -t The stranger admits his exorcism was just make-believe but the enchantress fortunately promptly believed in it. * indbildning, leg noget man leger * straks

13 113 The enchantress has `preyed on all of the town. * udbytte ng. Would people credit it? (E) * tro ( på ) ( norm.? og neg. ) Would people really credit what had happened. * = Would they credit that they have been easily cheated; * = credit how they have been cheated of their money. * = * narre ngt. fra ng. franarre ng. ngt. and credit how easily they have been cheated out of it. * = Some of them won t credit it, but they d better credit it. It s an obvious comment and an obvious statement but what the townsfolk have done is beyond belief. * tro på * indlysende og overflødig * mere end utroligt 10 Conditions are incredible; conditions in the town are * betingelserne * i ngt. * utrolig ( forfærdelig ) unbelievable. * = The dwellers have gone through an incredible amount * of deceits, and an unbelievable amount of humiliations. * bedrag Her frauds beggar description. * overgår enhver beskrivelse ( gøre til tigger / fattig ) It beggars belief how things could have gone this bad. Unbelievably it actually worked. Some townspeople believe she was the evil in`carnarte. Those who believe in Satan believe she was * & det er fuldstændig utroligt * utroligt * den skindbarlige ondskab * Satan a devil incarnate or even the Devil incarnate. * en legemliggjort djævel i * den skinbarlige Djævel 20 Only psychopats believe in cheating people. * psykopat * gå ind for As the townspeople didn t believe cheating of such * tiltro ng. ngt forvente ngt. af enthusi`astic i`dealist, they believed in the enchantress. * entusiastisk * idealist * have tiltro til begejstret The idea`listic en`thusiast, however, seems to * idealistisk * entusiast * være forsvundet have vanished, her companion in crime left helpless behind. * være forsvundet * hjælpeløs forladt Seized by the police, the accomplice has to submits to * på- / gribe * lade sig underkaste questioning and submit himself a body search by the police. * kropsvisitering If he would assist police with their enquiries (E) * bistå med * undersøgelse efterforskning ( & inquiries ) it would really help matters. * fremme / gavne sagen Yet, behaving unpredictably and weirdly, he can t help * utilregneligt * underligt * hjælpe > 30 them with their enquiries; he appears to be under a spell. * synes at være * underkastet trolddom forhekset / -tryllet Suffering from dizzy spells, the accomplice is examined * svimle perioder svimmelhedsanfald by a doctor who cannot account for this case, though. * ( berette ), redegøre for & stå uforstående overfor As the police are unable to understand this unpredictable * & stå uforstående overfor * utilregnelig weirdo, they send for a psy`chiatrist promptly. * sende bud efter * psykiater * straks uden tøven The psychiatrist, however, gives the patient no hope; * ikke give > * patient * noget håb he holds `out no hope of recovery. * stille ngt. i udsigt * håb om You can t expect me to just wave a (magic) `wand, * svinge ( med ) * ( trylle-) stav and find a cure for this case, he says regretably / regretfully. *

14 114 As the psychiatrist is at a complete loss about what * være ( helt ) fortabt / uforstående overfor ( * tab ) to do, the police decide to call () `in / call the stranger. * tilkalde / ringe til ng. The shrewd stranger promptly recognizes the symptoms * dreven, kløgtig * straks * symptom skarpsindig as symptoms of loss of identity having to do with hypnosis. * på * & personlighed- * ( have ) at gøre med overensstemmelse The tell-tale signs of crisis are to do with identity crisis. * afslørende tegn på * identitets- There is now hope of a cure. * håb om * kur The stranger s treatment gives hope to the authorities * behandling * give håb til involved, and offers hope to the accomplice. * = The stranger talks to the accomplice, first in a enticing * lokkende 10 tone then in a commanding tone to wake up. * kommanderende The signal for waking (him) `up is to be a pat on the back, * signal tegn * klap på ryggen and a pat on the shoulder followed by a loud clap (sg.). * skulderen * klap / klappen So, having clapped his hands, the stranger claps / pats * klappe med hænderne * klappe ( ng. ) > the accomplice on the shoulder and then on the back * på skulderen * ryggen as a signal ( for him ) to wake up. As the accomplice comes (a)`round / comes to him`self * signal klap tegn * komme til sig selv the bystanders clap ( the stranger / performance )( in relief ). * omkringstående * klappe ( af ng. ) ( i / af ngt. ) They greet the stranger with clapping. * hilse ng. med ngt. klappen They give the stanger a clap (E). * en klappen 20 Waking up from hypnosis (U) the accomplice does not * hypnose recall (the moment) (that) he was hypnotized by a hypnotist. * genkalde sig / * hypnotisere * hypnotisør huske ngt. / at He remembers he was hypnotized by a girl * suggerere stirre sig blind på who signalized her beauty by blond hair. * kraftig signalere særlig fremhæve/ udtrykke Acting to (a) sinister purpose, he admits he used to * handle udfra > * skummel * hensigt consider blonds dumb and easy game for him. * let bytte for ngt. Falsly believing blonds to be easily seduced, he was * easy prey himself and fell victim to his own foolishness. * let bytte * blive offer for As he had been easy prey for the enchantress, * være et let bytte for ng. he had soon fallen prey to her and to her sinister design. * komme i kløerne på ng. / * skummel plan blive offer for ngt. 30 Being prey to the enchantress and to her charm, he had * være been hypnotized into a passive tool at / in her hands // at / in the hands of the cunning enchantress. * hypnotisere ng. til > * passivt redskab i ngs. hænder * i hænderne på ng. Harbouring sinister designs, she was up to no good. * nære / * skumle planer * være ude på ngt. ikke godt gå med ~ have ondt i sinde Harbouring sinister designs to take signal revenge, she * << om at * tage frygtelig hævn harboured sinister designs of cheating the whole town. * = High and low failed signally and were signally defeated. * høj og lav * & dumpe * eftertrykkeligt besejret med at brag Is blond hair a signal of danger? * faresignal

15 115 It appears (that) the stranger is a psychologist * vise sig ( at ) * psykolog and a practised hypnotist. * hypnotisør He has had a spell as a magician before becoming * ( kort ) tid * magiker, troldmand / periode som tryllekunstner a fully trained and fully qualified psycologist. * færdiguddannet * = His first public appearance was at the age of twenty. * offentlig * optræden * i en alder af Magicians like conjurors only use conjuring tricks. * tryllekunstner * tryllekunster A magician does his hypnotic tricks like magic * hypnotisk * som ved or as if by magic, often using his wand. * = * tryllestav A performer s ideal and great example are often * forbillede * = 10 given advance programme credit for their inspiration. * forhånds * program * hæder, ære omtale Having to appear before the Justice of the Peace * komme for dommeren in a magistrate s court, the accused will appear in court * i underretten * komme for retten charged with theft and conspiracy to de`fraud. * anklaget / * tyveri * sammensværgelse > tiltalt for ngt. med svig for øje He will appear on charges of complicity in a fraud of * stå tiltalt for meddelagtighed * bedrageri på svindel til thousands of pounds / several thousand pounds. * His mother has been asked to appear as (a) witness for * møde som vidne for ng. the defence when he comes up before the magistrate(s) * komme for > * underretsdommer ( pl. ) underretten as an accessory / a party to fraud * medskyldig i ngt. So `help me - So help me God, she murmurs, * Åh, hjælp mig * Gud * mumle 20 having sworn to God to tell the truth. * A friend of the stranger is the lawyer appearing for the * advokat * optræde som sagfører defendant; he appears on behalf of the accomplice. * person, der forsvares Counsel for the prosecution submits that some evidence * anklagemyndigheden is admissible while the counsel for the defence submits that * tilstedeligt tilladeligt it is inadmissible. * u- * fremføre * forsvaret The judge listens to the submissions of both parties. Would you believe, the enchantress didn t even * indlæg * vil du tro have a man - would you believe it. * have sex med * det Nevertheless, the accomplice had a happy spell; * kort periode 30 it was a magic time being under a spell. * være ramt af (en) fortryllelse He felt happy until the spell was broken, * fortryllelse * bryde hæve and he woke up from the spell. * vågne op af Having pinned all his hope on this chance, he has been hoping against `hope. He set (all) his hopes on the enchantress Having pinned (all) his hopes on getting this chance, he * sætte sit håb til lade sit håb afhænge af * klamre sig til håbet * sætte sit håb til * at has pinned his faith on her, and pinned all his hopes on her. * sætte sin lid til * <<

16 116 All his hopes (were) centred (up)on her. * dreje sig om This chance was his one hope, and she was his only hope. * være ens eneste He had hoped against hope that the chance would * klamre sig til det håb at lead to or result in successful outcome. * føre til * resultere / * resultat ende i Hopelessly in love (with her), he had been full of hope for * håbløst forelsket * fuld af håb for the future, and all her lies had kept false hope (U) alive. * holde liv i falske forhåbninger ( * i live / levende ) The lies had just kept a forlorn / a vain hope alive * = ( forloren / falsk ) * = ( tom / forgæves ) ~ udsigtsløs The day of her sudden disappearance, she had invited * her unsuspecting companion to watch the sun setting / * intetanende * solen gå ned 10 the sunset when the sun disappears on the horizon. * solnedgang * forsvinde * i horisonten The weather forecaster had predicted good weather. * vejrprofet * forudsige meteorolog A spells of sunny weather was forecast(<ed). * kort periode * solrigt * forudsige Trusting in the weather forecast he had been hoping for * vejrudsigt * håbe på a sunny day and a clear sky at the setting of the sun / * solrig * klar * ved solnedgangstid at sunset on that Sunday. * = * på den søndag As the weather is little predictable or unpredictable, * lidet forudsigeligt * u- there was rain first with sunny spells later, then showers * periode * byge ophold and sunny interwals and then a bright spell in the evening.. * inteval * skyfri periode ophold / periode med klar himmel Hopefully, she would be there in good time, * forhåbentlig * i god tid 20 but by 11 o clok, long after sunset / the setting of the sun * ved -tiden * solnedgang * = she hadn t still appeared. All he could do was wait and hope. * dukke op * vente og håbe He waited for (quite) a while in hope of her appearance. * vente * i nogen tid * i håb om ( temmelig land ) He waited a long while in the hope of a late appearance. * i lang tid * i håbet om He waited (for) a couple of hours in the fond hope that she * i det forfængelige håb at ( * kærlig, øm ) was just delayed owing to unforeseeable circumstances. * forsinke * på grund af * uforudselige omstændigheder He hung `on for a (long) time in the vain hope that * vente * en tid holde ud ( i lang tid ) she was just late owing to an unforeseen delay. * uforudset * forsinkelse His eyes glazed as he sat there staring in front of him. * blive glasagtige * stirre hen for sig / ud i det blå 30 His eyes glazed over, he sat staring into space. * = Reluctant to abandon hope, he had desperately * utilbøjelig ( til ) * opgive kvie sig ( ved at ) kept his mind busy a little / short while wondering why * holde ngt. beskæftiget * et kort stykke tid the moon is sometimes waxing and sometimes waning. * måne * tiltage * aftage As a clear demonstration of the unpredictability * klar demonstration af * i overensstemmelse med of the weather, it was a cloudy night with wet spells * skyet * våd / regn- periode when he eventually gave up hope. Having lost hope, he turned home quite late. * opgive håbet * miste håbet

17 117 Even if hopes for the missing enchantress were fading, * håb for ng. svinder he clung (`on) to a last hope that he would hear from her. * klynge sig til * håb om at * høre fra What a hope! Disappeared / vanished without a trace * hvilket ( forgæves ) håb * være sporløst forsvundet she seems to have disappeared / off the face of the earth. * forsvinde fra jordens overflade Will he hear anything from her? Some hope! * = * = False hope (U) in fact: a fond, forlorn and vain hope. * falske forhåbninger * naivt * falsk * frugtesløs The chances were small but he was still hopeful. * fuld af håb He felt hopeful; he felt hopeful that he would * føle sig fortrøstningsfuld * med hensyn til at hear from her, but he didn t hear anything from her; * høre fra ng. * ikke høre ngt. fra ng. 10 he neither heard a word nor had a word from her. * et ord / en lyd fra * = Hopelessly in love, he felt lonely and hopeless. * håbløst * ensom * uden håb Although her disappearance disappointed his hopes, they * skuffe didn t really vanish until he was dehypnotized by the stranger.* forsvinde * forhåbning * afhypnotisere The story of the fraud and the fraudulent blond is * front-page news and appears in all the national news media. * forside nyhed * komme frem i * medier While the media show the accomplice little or some charity,* mild- / velvillig- / overbærenbarmhjertig- / næstekærlighed they show no charity towards the enchantress. * overfor She had had the foresight to prepare her disappearance. * forudseenhed til at and be (over the hills and) far away leaving no trace. * over alle bjerge * uden at efterlade sig nogen spor 20 What a sly old devil! She had covered her tracks. * snu / lusket * skjule / slette sine spor All the townspeople, however, who are tared with * tjære the same brush ( as the accomplice ) have a more * børste ( have en rem af huden ) pensel charitable view of his actions. * mild, etc. * syn på They have to think about him a lot more charitably. * = The media is / are often accused of sensation-seeking. * medierne * sensationslyst medieverdenen ( - søgning ) Some media are sensation-seeking. * -lysten ( -søgende ) ( The medium of ) television (TV) is the modern medium of * medie * fjernsyn * middel communication. * kommunikation meddelelse The accused s appearance in court is front-page news; * den anklagede * optræden i * forsidenyhed 30 it appears on the front page of the newspapers. * være på * forside * avis In order to punished the accused, a court of law imposes * straffe * idømme a harsh, severe, lenient, or light punishment on him. * straf Passing sentence, imposing a sentence on him, * afsige dom / straf * pådømme ng. en straf the Court may sentence him to prison / jail. * dømme ng. til Will he receive a stiff, heavy, severe and long sentence? * få * hård / streng = = * lang * dom / straf modtage ( afsagt af en domstol ) We hope not, his fellow townsfolk reply. * håbe det ikke Will he be given a light, lenient, or short sentence? * få * mild = = * kort modtage I hope so, his mother continues, I certainly hope so. * håbe det * bestemt

18 118 When the Court has reached a judicial decision, * nå til en juridisk / retslig afgørelse the presiding judge pronounces the decree, * retspresident * domsafgørelse [ pri`zaid- ] and the sentence in consequense. * som følge deraf den deraf følgende The accomplice is convicted on charges of fraud. * dømt på anklage(-r ) om Convicted of fraud, the fraudster (E) is, however, * domfælde * bedrager finde skyldig i given a lenient sentence as he is considered a helpless * victim of fraudulent hypnosis. * bedragerisk ( Sitting in prison is no joke. ) * sidde i fængsel After the passing of the sentence, the convict * domsafsigelse * den dømte 10 breathes / heaves a sigh of relief but somehow * ånde lettet op * på en måde drage et lettelsens suk he feels a fraud accepting people s sympathy. * føle sig som bedrager * medfølelse Will the convicted accomplice lose his self-respect? * dømte * selvrespekt I should hope not, the stranger answers. * det vil jeg da ikke håbe Will he get () `back / regain his self respect? * få ngt. tilbage / genvinde ngt. Expressing the hope that he will, the stanger goes on, * udtrykke det håb at So I should hope I should hope so. * det vil jeg da håbe The accomplice tells him about his hopes of reconciliation: * håb om * forsoning his hopes for a reconciliation with the deceived townsfolk. * forhåbninger til The accomplice can t help thinking about the past. * lade være med undgå 20 He can t help wondering; he can t help but wonder. * = The stranger is the accomplice s last hope; he s the last hope for him. * være ngs. sidste håb * for Being a beacon of hope the stranger is a symbol of hope. * sømærke, fyr ( lysende håb ) forbillede There is just one small ray of hope. * stråle ( glimt af håb ) * på An apparantly crazy idea is a glimmer of hope. * glimt lysskær Ignoring all warnings and just hoping for the `best, * ignorere * håbe på det bedste overhøre / -se the accomplice begins writing in the hope of regaining * i håbet om at self-respect. * It doesn t really help matters lacking self-respect. * gavne sagen 30 The stranger volunteers his services as an assistant. * tilbyde sig ( sine tjenester ) som ngt. He volunteers for assistance. He volunteers to assists the accomplice in writing a book. The stranger offers to help him with the writing so he assists him with the writing. So he starts writing with the help of the stranger and keeps on with the assistance of him. * tilbyde sig til * hjælpe ng. til * hjælpe ng. med * bistå * med ngs. hjælp * bistand

19 119 The stranger is a tremendous help to the accomplice. * enorm * = kolossal His advice is a big help - a great help to the accomplice. * stor hjælp * for Writing a book gives hope to the accomplice. * give ng. håb I ll never manage it, he says hopelessly to begin with. * opgivende * til at begynde med i begyndelsen Offering hope to him, writing becomes his greatest hope. * give ng. håb * største håb It has become his greatest hope for happiness. * om The book is his only hope; it is his only hope of * eneste * om rendering the true story. It helps being able to write about it - it helps a lot. * gengive * det hjælper / gavner at 10 It helps a lot to relive everything. * meget at * genopleve He couldn t help the way he felt about her. Her charm had a predictable effect on him. * gøre for * forudsigeligt It helps his concentration if he listens to music. * = Once in a while a pill can help. * hjælpe gavne It helps (to) reduce the pain and helps him (to) relax. * hjælpe med / * hjælpe ng. til at bidrage til at Eight hours of deep sleep helps enormously. * ( dyb ) søvn * hjælpe * enormt gavne A lot of townspeople have been incredibly stupid, too, * utrolig and the awakening has been incredibly painful. * opvågen * = At first most of them won t admit more than they can help. * være nødt til end strengt nødvendigt 20 Realizing they have been unbelievably stupid, * = the rude awakening is unbelievably painful. * brat opvågen They realize the glory of her promises stretched credulity * strække * troværdighed not only to the limit, but beyond the limit. * til grænsen * over Straining the credulity she really exploited their credulity. * = The credulous townsfolk has been far too easy to deceive. * lettroende * bedrage The deceived dwellers stare at their surroundings * bedragen * omgivelser with unbelieving eyes. The townspeople can t believe their ears neither can they believe their eyes when they realize what deceptive * vantro * tro sine egne ører * øjne 30 and deceitful person they have been exposed to, as well * bedragerisk as the deception and deceitfulness they have succumbed to * bedrag / -eri when she deceitfully presented her creed to the townsfolk. * på bedragerisk vis * presentere / fore- * holdnings- / / fremlægge ngt. trosgrundlag The whole town ended up in a web of deceit, as the en> * spind af bedrag chantress prevailed (up)on them to believe in her promises. * overtale ng. til at - Her deceit caused delusion(s) and illusion(s). * bedrag * ( selv-) bedrag * illusion, selvbedrag vildfarelse, vrangforestilling falsk forestilling When you have been cheated like that, it can easily * narre shake / shatter your belief in yourself. * ryste troen på ( en selv )

20 120 Some townspeople consider disclaiming responsibility * fralægge sig ansvaret but then reason / common sense prevails. * sund fornuft * sejre They see the error of their ways. * indse sine fejltrin Believing is seeing ; you believe it when you see it. * man vil se det, før man tror det Believe me - believe you me! the townspeople have * tro mig * = been taught a lesson and hopefully learnt their lesson. * lære ng. lektien * lære lektien Many people feel as if they had signed away their life. * fraskrive sig First of all, she dashed / shattered their hopes. * slynge ( og knuse ) ( knuse ngs. håb / forhåbning ) fare, styrte They stare unbelievingly at the sad remains (pl.) of their * vantro * sørgelige rester 10 belongings and gaze at the sad remnants (pl.) of their * ejendele * stirre tomt * efterladenskab property, unbelieving. * vantro As the enchantress is over the hills and far away, * justice will probably never prevail. The stranger is credited with the success. All the credit must go to the stranger. All the success is credited to the stranger. The stranger gets all the credit. * ske fyldest * være tilkendt æren for ( norm. pass.) * æren må tilfalde * være tilkendt ng. * få anerkendelse His deed gets all the credit it deserves. * dåd * = * fortjene gerning The town wants to do the stranger an honour. * vise ng. ære 20 So it does him the signal and rare honour of making him * den at * bemærkelsesværdig honorary citizen. * æresborger Modesty does the stranger credit and great honour. * beskedenhed * tjene ng. til ære * = The stranger can take the credit for the success with a clear conscience. * tage æren for * med god samvittighed To the stranger s credit, he never holds the townspeople * det tjener ngs. til ære at * holde ng. > up to redicule; he never redicules them. * for nar * latterliggøre People wonder about his political and religious creed. * trosgrundlag Don t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries - * tøve med at * forespørgsel spørgsmål don t be hesitant about contacting me if you have anything * = 30 to query, the stranger insists. * stille ved * insistere betvivle holde fast på How do we know in whom and what to have confidence? * a sceptic queries, as he s being given credit for having * ( fore-) spørge * give ng. æren for at - at least tried to oppose the imposter. * To the credit side the cheat has taught people a lesson. Their inner strength will enable them to prevail over life's obstacles. * på plussiden * vinde over / overvinde ngt. * genvordigheder The prevailing / current attitude and mood is optimistic. * fremherskende * stemning

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