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1 Life at Bocconi A Guide for Prospective Students Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Bocconi. Empowering talent.


3 Contents Life at Bocconi 3 Students 3 Faculty 6 Rankings 6 Making the Choice 7 Guidance Initiatives and Services 7 An International Environment 9 International Student Desk 11 Studying Abroad 13 Language Studies 15 The Bocconi Campus 17 The One-Stop Service Center 17 Classrooms, Labs and IT Services 17 The Library 19 The University Publishing House and Bookshop 19 Other On-Campus Services 20 Living on Campus 21 Campus Life 21

4 Heading to Work 25 Finding Your Path 25 Get to Know the Job Market 26 Meet with Employers and Apply 26 Internships 26 After Graduation 29 The Alumni Network 29 Study Paths 30 Chart of Study Paths 31 Educational Offer 32 Campus Map 35

5 Life at Bocconi This guide is dedicated to students interested in attending a Bocconi Bachelor or Master of Science program. It outlines the University, its services and facilities, and study paths offered to students, thus providing all the information necessary for making future academic choices and getting to know the University. Studying at Bocconi means: Choosing from among a wide range of avant-garde study programs, many of which are taught entirely in English Going through an overall challenging experience in which you will grow not only academically, but also personally Being part of an institution renowned for its academic research, which also offers a contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, allowing the quality of study programs to improve and stay upto-date Interacting with students from all over the world, in a multicultural setting with an exchange of ideas and knowledge that is unmatched in the rest of Italy Taking advantage of the many educational and cultural opportunities available, from international exchange programs to arts and sports activities Being in contact with the professional world right from the start of university and getting assistance when entering the job market through various initiatives Students One of the main characteristics that Bocconi students share is their diversity, in terms of where they re from, where they have studied and their culture. This diversity represents a great richness and continuous incentive for debate and exchange. Bocconi distinguishes itself with the quality of its students, thanks to an admissions process that takes into consideration applicants academic curriculums as well as their personal skills and abilities, aiming to develop each person s highest potential. In addition, to ensure that the best and most deserving students can access 3

6 and pursue their studies at Bocconi, for years a policy supporting academics has been activated, offering a well-structured system of financial aid based on both merit and need: each year the University invests over 20 million euros in scholarships, tuition exemptions and other forms of economic support for students. Facts and Figures (a.y ) 13,834 Total student enrollments, 1476 of whom are international students 7492 Bachelor enrollments, 12.2% of whom are international 4081 Master of Science enrollments, 10.9% of whom are international 1483 Enrollments in the Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law Bachelor and Law Students By residence 60.5% from other Italian regions 10.0% from abroad 15.2% from Milan 14.3% from Lombardy By secondary school (non-italian diplomas only*) 5.8% GCE/GCSE/A Levels 17.3% French Baccalaureat 52.3% Other diplomas 24.6% IB - International Baccalaureate *International diplomas represent 11.9% of the total number of enrollments (including those with Italian diplomas) 4

7 Master of Science Students By residence 59.3% from other Italian regions 11% from abroad 16% from Milan 13.7% from Lombardy By Bachelor program 82.2% Management 2.7% Other programs 15.1% Economics 5

8 Faculty Bocconi Faculty is made up of over 1300 highly-qualified and increasingly international faculty members. Thanks to the academic research that faculty members work on in the University Research Centers and Departments which influence classroom lectures, students can learn from up-to-date and innovative content and teaching methods and complete an education comparable to the highest European standards, in line with professional changes and the needs of an increasingly global job market. Rankings Bocconi is listed in many of the most prestigious worldwide rankings dedicated to universities and business schools. Financial Times Masters in Management rd worldwide for the CEMS MIM program 23 rd worldwide for the Master of Science in International Management Financial Times Masters in Finance Pre-experience th worldwide for the Master of Science in Finance QS World University Rankings th worldwide in Finance and Accounting 6 th in Europe for Finance and Accounting 17 th worldwide in Economics 4 th in Europe for Economics QS Employer Review th worldwide 6

9 Making the Choice Guidance Initiatives and Services Choosing a university and a Bachelor or a Master of Science program is a very important process. Bocconi helps prospective students make their choices through projects and initiatives organized by the Guidance and Recruitment Office. Throughout the year, secondary school and university students, as well as graduates with both Italian and non-italian undergraduate degrees, can benefit from our orientation services and activities to make the most well-founded and informed choices. With around 11% of students now coming from outside Italy, Bocconi continues to build its reputation abroad and expand its search for top international applicants. To support them in their choice, the International Services branch of the Guidance and Recruitment Office has put in place a series of activities aimed at supporting international students and providing information on application and admission to Bocconi. GO-Open Days: Organized every year (in fall, spring and summer), offering prospective undergraduate students, secondary school teachers and parents open access to Bocconi. Graduate Open Days are organized twice per year ( Anteprima in November, Open Days in March) and are dedicated to Bocconi students and students coming from other universities. During the Open Days visitors can tour information stands, attend presentations and have individual orientation interviews. The GO-Open Days include introductory presentations on degree programs and information on professional and international opportunities. Guided tours of the University: One-on-one meetings with Bocconi staff and senior students, as well as counseling activities and guided tours for individuals or groups can be organized upon request. Bocconi Experience activities for high school and university students: Aimed at providing prospective undergraduate students with information about specific subject matters in economics and legal studies, and related professions. They also give prospective students the chance to experience university life. Projects include Model United Nations, Discover Your Talent Summer Week, the Bocconi Premium Program, the Admitted Students Experiences and other educational events carried out in collaboration with schools and institutions in Italy and abroad. 7

10 Lectures, presentations and school visits in Italy, Europe, Asia, North and South America: Senior Bocconi student ambassadors give presentations at schools and at a variety of organizations describing the University s programs and services as well as their own personal experiences. The Bocconi staff is also a part of international conferences and organizations and provides useful tips about studying in Italy and at Bocconi at a variety of professional events. Student events in Italy and abroad: During student fairs and exhibitions around the world, Bocconi representatives are available at the University s stand to answer questions and provide information. Please check the website for dates and events of this kind in your area. Guidance material: A series of brochures and factsheets containing all relevant information on the University are available and can be downloaded from our website. Online initiatives: Facebook groups for Bocconi Undergraduate and Graduate applicants have been created to help students get in touch with the Guidance and Recruitment Office and get involved in Bocconi campus life. Live video presentations and online chat sessions are available upon request. Should you require further information, you can contact us at the addresses below and we will be happy to help you. Student Affairs Division Guidance and Recruitment Office International Services piazza Sraffa 11, Milano Call Center For students interested in Bachelor Programs tel For students interested in Master of Science Programs tel For students interested in single courses

11 An International Environment Students at Bocconi become part of a truly international and multicultural community, with classmates and faculty from all over the world. Bocconi currently offers a number of programs held entirely in English amongst Bachelor, Master of Science, PhD, Specialized Master and MBA programs. The University is a founding member of 2 important international networks (CEMS - the Global Alliance in Management Education and THEMIS - the International Legal Network of Excellence, which is made up of 5 of the best European universities in legal studies) and is also a member of PIM - Partnership in International Management. In addition, over the years it has developed a strong network of exchanges and relations with approximately 200 international universities from 50 countries around the world, collaborating on research and joint academic projects. Partners include Yale University, Princeton University, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Northwestern University, the University of Minnesota, the University of California, Duke University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Southern California, London School of Economics, ESADE Barcelona, HEC Paris, the National University of Singapore, Indian School of Business Hyderabad, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Keio University Tokyo and the University of Sydney. 9

12 Facts and Figures (a.y ) 1476 International students enrolled at Bocconi Students by Origin Bachelor programs 80.9% Europe 0.7 % Africa 4.7% North and South America 13.7% Asia & Oceania Master of Science programs 0.2% Africa 3.4% North and South America 73.2% Europe 23.2% Asia & Oceania 1277 Incoming students from partner schools (in 2011) 3048 Outgoing students (in 2011): in study abroad programs for work abroad opportunities 10

13 Destinations of outgoing students (2011) North America 25% Europe 47% Middle East and Africa 2% Asia 18% South America 4% Oceania 4% International Student Desk The International Student Desk (ISD) is the Bocconi office committed to helping international students acclimate to their new surroundings during the beginning of their program by offering a series of tailored services and activities. Arrival in a foreign country and getting used to a new environment can be challenging: the ISD dedicated team provides assistance and practical information regarding relocation issues, in order to help international students to better adjust to their new lives in Italy, Milan and at Bocconi. Welcome Activities and Relocation Assistance Special information sessions and a series of activities are organized at the beginning of the academic year. Permit of Stay sessions: Dedicated to non-european students, these sessions are intended to assist them in filling out their Permit of Stay application package, and help them with the steps to be carried out and the documents to be prepared in order to obtain their Permit of Stay. 11

14 ISD Welcome Desk: Operating at the beginning of the academic year; Bocconi senior students provide first hand information on all aspects of student life, university services and facilities, life in Milan and Italy in general. ISD presentations: Information sessions providing practical info concerning relocation in Milan. Milan guided tours: Tours of different places of interest with an English speaking guide will help students discover the city. For more information: 12

15 Studying Abroad Spending a period of time studying abroad is a unique opportunity to expand knowledge horizons as well as methods and tools for study and analysis and to add an international aspect to your curriculum. Bocconi students can take advantage of around 2000 opportunities available each year, including Exchange, Campus Abroad and Double Degree programs. Short Study Abroad Programs Campus Abroad These programs last approximately one month and are held during breaks in the academic calendar (January- February and July-August). They are organized by the University in collaboration with partner schools from around the world with the objective of placing students in an international setting through an elective Bocconi course taught in English and a series of country-specific activities (seminars, visits to local companies and institutions, etc.). Free-Mover Summer (for Bachelor students only) These are 3- to 5-week summer programs organized by international partner schools where students can take curricular courses in various fields (e.g. Economics, Management) which Bocconi then recognizes as courses taken abroad. Long Study Abroad Programs Exchange Programs Programs consist of a semester abroad at one of several leading international universities. Exchanges are reciprocal and are made based on bilateral agreements between Bocconi and other universities in the program. Courses taken abroad are recognized by Bocconi (grades from each individual exam are converted). Scholarships are available for this program. Free-Mover Semester This program is available for students interested in studying abroad for one semester at universities which do not have bilateral agreements with Bocconi (fee-paying students). Double Degree Programs (for Master of Science students only) These programs allow students to obtain a Bocconi Master of Science degree and, at the same time, another title which is equivalent to a Master of Science issued by one of our 17 partner universities. Double Degree programs involve spending the entire second year of the graduate program at the partner university, for an overall program duration of 2 to 2 and a half years. 13

16 CEMS Program (for MSc in Management and International Management students only) The program allows students to obtain the CEMS MIM degree (Master in International Management), created in collaboration with 26 top European and international universities and over 75 multinational companies leading in their industries. The aim of the program is to train European managers who understand and adapt to various cultures and business methods and who are fluent in more than one language. The program takes place during the second year of the Master of Science, and involves participating in a semester exchange program, completing an internship abroad and carrying out other educational activities (e.g. skills seminars, one-week specialist seminars in Italy or abroad and in-company business projects). AEEP Advanced Economics Exchange Program (for MSc in Economic and Social Sciences students only) This program allows outstanding students from the Master of Science in Economic and Social Sciences program to attend the first year of the PhD in Economics at Yale University or the University of Minnesota, with recognition of the exams taken while abroad. THEMIS Program (for Law program students only) This program offers students the opportunity to obtain not only a degree from Bocconi, but also an international certificate which is awarded jointly by European partner schools. The THEMIS program involves studying abroad for one semester as an exchange student, participating in a seminar at one of the partner schools and completing an internship abroad or at an international firm. 14

17 International Simulations and Competitions Model United Nations All enrolled students can participate in the Model UN, conferences during which university teams from all over the world take on the role of United Nations members states. Teams support country positions and simulate debates on internationally-relevant issues and current events. Moot (for Law program students only) A competition held in English also known as the Arbitration Olympics which is a simulated arbitral case based on a complex case regarding the buying and selling of goods deriving from a contract regulated by the Vienna convention. It is divided into several sections: a written stage, during which participants are required to prepare memorials for the plaintiff and defendant, and an oral stage (in Vienna), during which students simulate an arbitration hearing before the opposing attorneys and a court made up of arbiters. For more information: Language Studies Mastery of several foreign languages and an increasingly international CV are important requirements for Bocconi graduates entering the job market. Students enrolled in an English-language program have to take two foreign languages, choosing from Italian (compulsory for non-italian students), English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. For all other degree programs taught in Italian, English is the first language required, while a second language is also compulsory for programs in economics (optional for the Law degree), with a choice between French, German, Italian as a Second Language, Portuguese and Spanish. The Language Center offers curricular courses for compulsory languages as well as extracurricular language and culture courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and U.S. language and culture. Various initiatives to support foreign language learning are also organized at the Center and all students have access to a language lab using avantgarde technology (106 work stations) and modern multimedia support and materials for all languages taught. The Language Center also hosts a classroom equipped for multimedia teaching (40 seats). For more information: 15


19 The Bocconi Campus The Bocconi campus, which has developed around its original headquarters at Via Sarfatti, is undergoing constant transformation. Over recent years, new buildings have been completed for classrooms, offices and services, supporting university activities. At the same time Bocconi continues to invest in creating student dormitories, aiming to offer an increasing number of housing to students arriving from all over Italy and abroad. The campus has thus become not only a reference point around which all activities connected to study and teaching rotate, but also the main place for getting together during student social, sports and cultural life. The Bocconi campus can be explored online at: The One-Stop Service Center To facilitate contact between students and various University offices, the One-stop service center was established as a reception area for administrative procedures and where students can access the front offices for all services (including Admissions, Tuition and Fees, Student Services, etc.). Classrooms, Labs and IT Services The University provides students with: Over 80 classrooms (plus 4 IT classrooms with around 380 PCs) for teaching in the Piazza Sraffa and Via Sarfatti buildings Over 850 work stations available for individual study Wi-Fi coverage all across campus 2 IT labs with a total of around 110 PCs connected to the University network The University website ( is the main point of reference for students and anyone working at Bocconi and it is also available for mobile devices ( Updated on a daily basis, the website provides information on all 17

20 University events and provides access to a range of multimedia services, which include: student agenda: A personal student diary and an essential tool with information about lesson timetables, classrooms, examination timetables and exam results which also sends reminders about various administrative deadlines. In addition, specific functions can be enabled such as registration for courses, the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and supplementary activities. All students are automatically assigned a free account upon enrollment which they can also consult on the internet through webmail. Virtual Punto Blu: Enables a series of student administrative procedures to be carried out online such as enrollment in the academic year, registration for exams, viewing the study path, etc. The Punto Blu selfservice terminals on campus carry out the same functions. Bocconi on your mobile phone: Students may receive text messages with information about exam results. Bocconi also provides several services to enable students to make the most of academic IT opportunities: The elearning portal is used to access online material and activities for elearning courses and to support traditionally-taught courses in Bachelor and Master of Science programs 18

21 IT certifications and courses are managed by SEDIN, the IT Education Services Center, which offers curricular and extracurricular courses in computer skills. All Bocconi students must pass the 7 modules of the ECDL Core, the first level of the European Computer Driving Licence, for which Bocconi is a Test Center. Anyone who would like to expand their IT knowledge can continue with the course for the Advanced level of the ECDL Lastly, Bocconi is on YouTube with a university channel ( in addition to several major social networks: Facebook: Twitter: ITunesU: Slideshare: The Library The Bocconi library is the largest library in Italy for economics and houses more than 770,000 volumes and 23,000 periodicals in electronic and hard copy format. It also provides students with a number of reading rooms and a dedicated area for group work, a remote digital reservation service for borrowing books, many specialist collections and connections to 76 databases. Its electronic catalog can be accessed on the internet or at computers on campus. The library also organizes special seminars on bibliographic research to aid students in writing theses and reports. In addition, the library is part of the European Documentation Center network, which collects all official European Union documents, and is a depository of Asian Development Bank publications. For more information: The University Publishing House and Bookshop Founded in 1988 to circulate the economics and management knowledge produced by universities, today Egea has over 700 publications. With its UBE (Università Bocconi Editore) brand, it offers the best of educational publishing with texts that are well-known both nationally and internationally. The bookshop, located at Via Bocconi 8, is specialized in varied and international university and professional markets and also hosts events to discuss current topics with authors and journalists. On the website visitors can buy books and ebooks and students can find case studies and materials supporting reading and studying, as well as the bookstore s catalog, bibliographies and exam topics and exercises. For more information: 19

22 Other On-Campus Services There are several dining areas available to students on campus: A self-service dining hall and a coffee bar inside the Bocconi Residence Hall at Via Bocconi 12 A restaurant and a coffee bar inside the building at Via Sarfatti 25 A coffee bar inside the Via Röntgen 1 building Moreover, additional on-campus services offered to students include: A nursing service at the Bocconi Residence Hall Support for students with disabilities, including rooms equipped to house students with special needs, access to Library services and support in professional placement The opportunity to work part-time with University services 20

23 Living on Campus Campus Life Bocconi provides many opportunities to experience a lively, dynamic and interesting time at university. Campus Life is a point of reference to get to know and access various activities. Online at students can get information about all on-campus activities, agreements with cultural institutions in Milan, sporting events, recreational events and activities about current events scheduled at Bocconi or to get information on how to activate new projects. Cultural Activities One of the various opportunities for cultural enrichment offered at the University is the Sapere a tutto campo Round Out Your Knowledge program. The program is made up of interdisciplinary courses held by experts and faculty members from other universities that focus on current events and topics not strictly related to economics and legal issues, focusing on current events (e.g. art history, music, literature, astrophysics, journalism, cultural anthropology, etc.). 21

24 Throughout the year, an original language film review, the Foreign Language Film Festival, is held, organized by the Language Center. ISU Bocconi also organizes painting exhibitions and classical music concerts with internationally-recognized pianists, all free of charge. With over 1500 students involved over the years, ACTMB, the Bocconi Art, Culture, Theater and Music Association is the point of reference for anyone passionate about the performing arts. Each year, the ACTMB organizes two plays and one musical. Students can also play an instrument in one of the University bands, sing in the choir or practice with friends in one of the association's practice rooms. For more information: Sports, Wellness and Free Time Sporting activities act as a complementary element to the economics and business education which the University is famous for. Sports are played both at a recreational level as well as in national and international university tournaments and include mountaineering, track and field, women s 11-a-side and 7-a-side soccer, men s 11-a-side and 5-aside soccer, golf, judo, lacrosse, swimming and water polo, men s basketball, men s and women s volleyball, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, squash, tennis and sailing. The men s basketball, men s 5-a-side soccer, women s 11-a-side soccer, lacrosse, women s volleyball and water polo teams also participate in respective national federation championships at a competitive level. Throughout the year the University organizes several sporting events, including Bocconi Sport Days, with several days dedicated entirely to sports taking place on campus, which are open to students from Bocconi, other universities and secondary schools, and the Bocconi Run, an 8km non-competitive race open to everyone. A small gym and a 5-a-side soccer field are available to students and faculty in the Bocconi Residence Hall building. The years spent on campus should be a balanced and stimulating life experience: this is why Università Bocconi also focuses on aspects relating to student quality of life, wellness and free time. Bocconi offers several initiatives, organized by Campus Life, to enrich and develop an awareness about lifestyle, with courses on yoga, shiatsu, body relaxation and selfdefense. Other activities are offered to help develop new interests: courses on photography, improv, chess, bridge, first aid and several cooking classes. For more information: Development of Personal Skills To increase self-awareness, improve personal skills, acquire an effective study method and organize time-management, students can access Counseling and Self-Empowerment, a service reserved to students which 22

25 offers individual counseling (available in English, Italian, Spanish and French) as well as a series of in-class courses for the development of personal skills (some of which are held in English). For more information: Student Associations and Activities Students are the protagonists of university life: on one hand they have an active role within the collegial bodies of University governance through their representatives, and on the other hand they are encouraged to propose and organize activities and meetings both individually and through their associations. This is why Bocconi makes available spaces, means of communication and funding for students to carry out cultural projects to the public. Student Media Center There are three communication channels at the University that students manage directly: Radio Bocconi, the student newspaper Tra I leoni and an 23

26 online video channel, B Students TV. These are three tools for students to express their ideas and creativity, cultivate their passions, facilitating debate and discussion about university issues and current events. Additionally, MilanoZine, an online community available to international students to get settled into Milan, offers the opportunity to debate and share advice and suggestions on housing, job opportunities, news and events in the city and free time activities. For more information: Living in the City Università Bocconi has always been strongly connected to Milan, a city full of history, architecture and art, but one that is also cosmopolitan and dynamic, with theaters, events, exhibits and musical shows. To allow students to participate in Milan s intense cultural life at discounted prices, the University offers several agreements with various cultural and artistic organizations in the city. In recent years participants have included the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and Choir (Auditorium of Milan), MITO International Music Festival, the Milano Film Festival and a number of theaters including Arcimboldi, dal Verme, Franco Parenti, Manzoni, Elfo Puccini, Carcano, Piccolo Teatro and Teatro Oscar. For more information: 24

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