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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.0 Higher Education System of Pakistan 2.0 Bahria University 2.1 History and Background 2.2 Bahria University s Establishment 2.3 Vision 2.4 Departments Department of Management Sciences Department of Engineering Department of Graduate Studies and Applied Sciences Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Law 2.5 Constituent Units Institute of Professional Psychology National Centre for Maritime Policy Research Bahria University Medical & Dental College 2.6 Affiliated Units Frontier Medical & Dental College Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad Islamabad Medical & Dental College Shifa College of Nursing Islamabad Institute of Teachers Education Yusra Medical College 2.7 Academic Support Units Research and Development Office Quality Enhancement Cell Office of Student Affairs Management Information Centre Department of Human Resource Leadership Development Centre Office of Foreign Collaboration 2.8 Campus Facilities Students Resource Centre Health Care Cafeteria Libraries Sports Community Work 3.0 Why Bahria University seeks a QS Ranking? 3.1 Comparison with NUST Concluding Remarks 4.0 Statistical Data 5.0 List of Degree programs at Bahria 6.0 List of Ph.D faculty 7.0 List of Research s 8.0 Contact Us

3 1. HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM OF PAKISTAN When Pakistan came into being in 1947 it had only one university, the University of Punjab. That same year the first Educational was held in which the educational policy was laid down so that high quality education could be produced. In the early 1970s, all of Pakistan's educational institutions were nationalized by the government. For the next decade, Pakistan's entire system of education was state-run. However, the growing demand for higher education fast outpaced the rate at which new public universities were being established. And the system could only accommodate 25 percent of the high school graduates who applied to the higher education institutions. The University Grants Commission (UGC) was established in 1974 to provide financial funding to universities in Pakistan and to regulate the system of higher education. In the mid 1980s however private new universities emerged and they started performing better than the nationalized universities. This then triggered the denationalization process of the higher education institutions. In recent years the higher education sector in Pakistan has gone through a dramatic revival. A Higher Education Commission (HEC) was established on 11 September 2002, replacing the old University Grants Commission. The aim of this revival was to reform higher education and transform Pakistan from an agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. The establishment of the Higher Education Commission led to the mushrooming of many universities all over the country. Those in the public sector were granted much larger funds to cater to their research and development needs. Acting as a regulatory body the Commission drew up regulations for universities to attain a certain standard of excellence. On the domestic scene the National Education Policy calls for increasing the university student enrolment base, in the 17 to 23 years age group, by 10 per cent. Currently there are 128 universities recognized by the HEC across Pakistan. Page 1 of 84

4 To further strengthen the quality of faculty, a highly qualified faculty was hired from different countries through foreign faculty hiring programs by offering them various incentives. Students have also been sent on scholarships abroad as a result of international partnerships with other countries. A major part of the Commission s policy aims to promote a rich research culture in higher education institutions. For this purpose it has drawn up a list of approved research journals for the scholars to publish papers in, while the promotion of faculty members is linked with the number of research articles published in ISI-indexed, international journals or its approved research journals. This significantly helped in strengthening the research culture as well as promoting new knowledge in the country. Bahria University, an HEC-recognized institution, is also working towards attaining excellence in research and higher education, and that includes applying for the QS World University Rankings. Page 2 of 84

5 2.0 BAHRIA UNIVERSITY 2.1 HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Pakistan s new federal capital, Islamabad, started functioning in 1962, with a skeleton staff and minimal infrastructure. The burden of logistics, accommodation and other facilities had to be borne by the small city of Rawalpindi, some twenty kilometers away. Providing essential amenities for the new settlers became the main priority while basic educational facilities came after that. The first seat of higher learning in Islamabad, the Quaid-e-Azam University, became functional in With no other competitor in the capital, the pursuit of higher education remained a distant dream for the settlers. During the 80s and 90s Islamabad began to expand rapidly. New institutions for higher learning emerged, mostly financed by the private sector. They had foreign affiliations, operated from hired premises and somehow failed to fulfill the needs of the people. 2.2 BAHRIA UNIVERSITY S ESTABLISHMENT The Pakistan Navy made a start with setting up and running two high school level Bahria Colleges, one at Karachi and the other at Islamabad. ( Bahria means Marine in Urdu, Pakistan s national language.) With this experience, the Navy started university level education at its Bahria College campuses in Islamabad & Karachi in the mid 90s with two departments. They were then known as Bahria Institute of Management and Computer Sciences. Later they were given the status of a university in February 2000 with campus in Islamabad as well as in Karachi. Starting with the two departments, four more were added over ten years, inaddition to three constituent units at Karachi. Its total student strength, including those of its affiliated units, now hovers around 9,500. Bahria University aims to meet the higher educational needs of not only the northern part of the province of Punjab but also of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Gilgit Baltistan region. With the expected opening of trade routes with the Central Asian states, the university hopes to attract students from this region as well. The university and its affiliated units can be seen on the attached map. Page 3 of 84

6 BAHRIA UNIVERSITY AND ITS AFFILIATED UNITS Bahria University Islamabad Campus Islamabad Medical & Dental College Shifa College of Medicine Frontier Medical & Dental College Shifa College of Nursing Institute of Teacher s Education Yusra Medical & Dental College Bahria University Karachi Campus Institute of Professional Psychology National Centre for Maritime Policy Research Bahria University Medical & Dental College Page 4 of 84

7 2.3 VISION Bahria University aims to create a centre of excellence in higher education, focused on high quality teaching with an international outlook, enabling its graduates to achieve their potential in life and work. 2.4 DEPARTMENTS Bahria University has six academic departments in both its Islamabad and Karachi campuses. A wide range of physical and extracurricular activities cater to diverse interests and talents. The university has many societies that are active in playing an important character-building role in grooming young adults for their future. The six departments are: Department of Management Sciences A portfolio of programs at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels are on offer at both the Islamabad and Karachi campuses; BBA, MBA, M.Phil and PhD. The department aims to become the best business school in the region BBA class in progress at Leadership Development Centre Department of Engineering The Department of Engineering was recently split into two; the Electrical Engineering and the Computer and Software Engineering departments. Together both these make up the second largest department of the university with around 1,500 students. They offer degrees in Electrical Engineering with specializations in Electronic and Telecommunication, Computer Engineering and Software Engineering. All programs are accredited by the Pakistan Students working on Electro Optical Trainer in Communication Systems Lab Engineering Council as they meet all international educational standards in quality engineering. Page 5 of 84

8 The faculty is actively involved in research having produced 20 international research publications and nine ISI-indexed publications during the last year. This department has also received a grant of Rs 162 million from the HEC in which was used to buy the latest equipment for laboratories, as well as enabling its members to pursue PhD studies in the United Kingdom Department of Graduate Studies and Applied Sciences (GS&AS) The department of GS&AS offers two undergraduate programs of four years each: BS Computer Sciences and BS Electronics and Telecom Management. It also offers MS Programs in Software Engineering and Telecom Networks. A four year PhD program in networking has also started, while state of the art hardware and computer labs are available for teaching and research GS & AS class in progress at one of the Lecture Theatres at Islamabad Campus Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (E&ES) This department offers BS (4 years) and MS (2 years) degree programs in Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Sciences. The graduates of this department are employed by national and multinational companies. Field trips form an essential part of the syllabus. Professional student chapters, such as the Society for Exploration Geophysists (SEG) and the Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geologists (PAPG) and the Green Environment Field trip of Geophysics students Club provide young aspirants with the opportunity to participate in and organize learning and sharing events like seminars, workshops, lectures and conferences Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS) Established in 2007, this department offers multidiscipline bachelor degree programs in social sciences. It offers four major interest areas: Anthropology/Sociology, Parallel lecture with York St. John University (UK) using Video Conferencing facility at Islamabad Campus Page 6 of 84

9 Development Studies, International Relations and Media Studies. The Social Sciences degree program provides students the opportunity to discover the social world around them Department of Law (DoL) The Department of Law is a recent addition; it aims to provide high quality legal education with the most updated curriculum. The local legal and judicial system is developing fast and needs highly skilled people to meet the challenges of today. This department follows a modern curriculum approved by Browsing through a stock of over 20,000 books at Islamabad Campus the Higher Education Commission and the Pakistan Bar Council. 2.5 CONSTITUENT UNITS Three constituent units were added at Karachi as follows: Institute of Professional Psychology (IPP) IPP was set up by Bahria University in IPP attracts students from all over Pakistan to build specialized skills in Professional Psychology and in Clinical, Educational and Organizational Psychology. The institute provides training as well as Psycho diagnostic and Psychotherapeutic services to patients who are either referred from the naval hospital, PNS SHIFA, or are admitted in its wards and are being visited by psychologists. In addition to these is an increasing number of private patients Campus building of IPP at Karachi National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR) As its name applies, Bahria University had to establish a maritime centre, so it set up the NCMPR in the port city of Karachi in It aims to provide a platform for think tanks and research scholars to work on maritime matters, and recommend strategies and measures to further develop the maritime sector. The centre serves as a focal point for advice and knowledge on Page 7 of 84

10 maritime affairs. It offers diverse research and consulting services in maritime industries and logistics for public and private sector organizations. It has also successfully launched a unique MBA-Maritime degree program on human resources for middle management in the maritime sector Bahria University Medical and Dental Reception of International Maritime 2009 organized by NCMPR at Karachi Campus College (BUM&DC) Established in 2009, the BUM&DC s MBBS program has the capacity to admit up to 100 students annually. 2.6 AFFILIATED UNITS Campus building of Bahria University Medical & Dental College Bahria University has six affiliated units, which are as follow: Frontier Medical and Dental College (FMDC) Frontier Medical & Dental College and its teaching hospital are self-financing institutions established in 1995 in the rural outskirts of Abbottabad on main Karakoram Highway. It is housed in purpose built spacious buildings with well equipped laboratories and museums with wide range of educational specimens and models. The 300-bedded Shahina Jamil Teaching Hospital has been built at the college premises adjacent to the college. The 360 bedded Frontier Medical & Dental College Government DHQ Teaching Hosital Mansehra is also utilized for teaching and training of medical students. The college was granted affiliation with Bahria University on 8th May Page 8 of 84

11 2.6.2 Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad (SCM) The SCM operates under the umbrella of Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad since the last 10 years. Shifa International Hospital was established in by a small group of Pakistani doctors and other healthcare professionals working in the USA. Since then Shifa has grown from over 450 contributing members to being a public limited company. The hospital is located on 11.2 acres in Campus of Shifa College of Medicine Islamabad. A major component of its healthcare delivery system is the advanced biomedical technology that is used, especially in the field of diagnostic imaging. The 550-bed hospital currently provides nine operating rooms, 50 bed ICU-CCU and NICU, 37 specialists clinics and a rehabilitation centre. The Shifa College of Medicine has a well developed infrastructure, state of the art facilities and a new integrated curriculum taught by one of the best faculties of the country. The college has been affiliated with Bahria University since May Islamabad Medical & Dental College (IMDC) IDMC is also located in Islamabad; with the campus spread over 7.7 acres near the scenic Margalla hills. IDMC is affiliated with Bahria University since 23 May 2007 and is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and Ministry of Health. It is also included in WHO Directory as well as in the International Medical Campus building of IMDC Education Directory available through the ECFMG website, IDMC has a purpose built campus with large teaching halls, well equipped modern laboratories and a spacious library providing internet access. IDMC has a 300-bed Social Security Hospital as its attached teaching hospital. The hospital is a referral centre for over 18 Social Security dispensaries Page 9 of 84

12 from the nearby districts of Attock, Jhelum, Rawalpindi and Chakwal. It provides free of cost health and patient care for approximately 1.5 million workers and their families. Students have access to facilities at the Medical Complex (AMC) and St. Joseph s Hospice. AMC is one of the leading private hospitals; it is a 200-bed hospital with fully-equipped laboratories, private and semi-private rooms, CCU, NICU and operation theaters. Likewise, St.Joseph's Hospice is a charitable hospice and is an attached teaching hospital of IMDC, with a capacity of 60 beds for resident patients; it also provides an out-patient clinic which treats approximately patients daily. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has increased its seats for the college by another 50. IDMC hosts a diverse student body not only from all across Pakistan but also from Middle East, the U.S.A. and Europe Shifa College of Nursing Islamabad (SCN) Shifa College of Nursing, which also operates under the umbrella of Shifa International Hospital, offers undergraduate education in nursing in Islamabad. Established in 2004 for training nursing students, it has the latest educational and clinical technologies. It is integrated with Shifa International Hospital (SIH) and Shifa College of Medicine (SCM), and has a well reputed faculty. The college was Nursing students at Shifa College Library affiliated with Bahria University in January Institute of Teachers Education (ITE) ITE is working under the umbrella of Kashmir Education Foundation (KEF) and is affiliated with Bahria University since 30 June KEF found it difficult to impart quality education without teachers fully trained in pedagogical skills, interactive teaching methodology, class room management and child psychology. Campus building of Institute of Teachers Education Page 10 of 84

13 In 2003, the Board of Trustees at KEF decided to shift the ITE to a central location where this facility could realize its potential and help teachers from across the country. Consequently, in 2005 the new Institute of Teachers Education was constructed near Rawalpindi; adjacent to the Soan Valley Public School, which also serves as a resource centre and venue for initial teaching practice. The Ministry of Women Development provided partial funding for this project. ITE had a constant supply of foreign teacher trainers who trained a large number of teachers including trainees from interior Balochistan and Sindh. The ITE has a hostel facility for 48 students and also conducts a number of short courses and workshops to raise education standards in private and public schools in Rawalpindi and adjoining areas. It is affiliated with Bahria University for awarding diplomas to primary teachers Yusra Medical & Dental College (YMDC) Yusra Medical and Dental College, located near Islamabad, was granted affiliation by Bahria University in May The faculty is one of the major strengths of the College, as its selects faculty members who are top-of-the-line in their respective fields. YMDC has affiliation with three hospitals: Cantonment General Hospital, Al-Sayed General Hospital, and Bilal Hospital 2.7 Students working on Spiro meter in medical lab of YMDC ACADEMIC SUPPORT UNITS Research and Development Office A Research and Development (R&D) Office was established at Bahria University at its headquarters in Islamabad in February It aims to streamline the research process in various disciplines of Bahria University and its constituent units as well as to develop a database of research work produced by the faculty. In less than a year, the R&D Office has created a database of about 932 research papers including 528 research publications in the ISI-Indexed and other International and National s of repute. To ensure original research, the R&D Office has a plagiarism detection software: Turn-it-in. All departments have their own Research Cells (RCs) also equipped with this software. Page 11 of 84

14 The university has introduced two research journals: 1. Bahria University of Information and Communication Technology (BUJICT), published by the Computer and Engineering Department, Karachi 2. Bahria of Professional Psychology. An International of Professional Psychology, published by the Institute of Professional Psychology, Karachi. An R&D webpage is available at the university s website; it shares the latest research news and updates with the university community. To ensure a high standard of student research and write-up for theses and dissertations, two documents have been disseminated by the R&D Office recently: 1. The M.Phil/MS and Ph.D. Rules and Regulations Manual 2. The Thesis Write-Up Handbook for M.Phil/MS and Ph.D Quality Enhancement Cell The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) assesses and reviews the performance of academic programs in the university based on national and international parameters of quality and excellence in teaching and research. It helps the departments in preparing Self Assessment Reports of academic programs with the guidelines given by the Higher Education Commission. QEC has arranged several workshops for the development of faculty and students, inviting renowned international speakers. Currently the QEC is running a self assessment exercise in which the entire faculty at the university is being evaluated. Recently, this cell was recognized as the number one Quality Education Cell amongst all public sector universities of Pakistan Office of Student Affairs Bahria University s Office of Student Affairs links the classroom with the community. It offers: Academic Advisory service: for selection of courses, transfer of credits and orientation to university life. The Director Student Affairs serves as a resource Page 12 of 84

15 person for university information and in guiding students about graduation requirements. Scholarship Programs: it offers merit and advanced merit scholarships including financial assistance scholarships. It also assists students in attaining various foreign scholarships and those offered by the Higher Education Commission. Talent Enriching Activities: these include organizing talent hunts, competitions, job fairs, seminars and workshops. Career Counseling Services: it guides and assists students about career choices and job opportunities. It has established linkages with over 200 companies in Pakistan for job placements for the students. This service provides a wide range of assistance to students, from job and internship hunting, mock interviews and resume writing, to graduate profiling and tracking. Alumni Networking: The Bahria University Alumni Association (BUAA) brings together both alumni and students through programs, events and services to use their shared knowledge and skills and make a positive difference in society. Study Tours to Foreign Universities: successful study trips to the United Kingdom have been arranged for students Management Information Centre The Management Information Centre (MIC) supports the university by providing information technology services to its users Department of Human Resource Bahria University is one of the few universities of Pakistan with an HR department. The HR office helps to assess the overall performance of its faculty and staff and to find areas of improvement. Over the last three years, a complete faculty evaluation has been conducted. Thus not Page 13 of 84

16 only the students but both faculty and staff are also evaluated to ensure good performance. This helps the faculty to see where they stand and where to improve themselves, because incentives are tied to performance Leadership Development Centre Leadership Development Centers were created at both the Islamabad and Karachi campuses in These centers invite distinguished people as guest speakers to raise awareness among the students on issues of national and international importance. The centers also organize workshops, seminars and professional trainings on offer diverse Justice (R) Rana Bhagwandas delivering a lecture on Why do we need a fair and independent Judicial System subjects keeping the students up to date in their areas of interest Office of Foreign Collaboration The Office of Foreign Collaboration was established in order to increase international linkages and to improve the global perspective of the university. Bahria University has established linkages with 13 international universities worldwide and is part of several educational networks including the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Association of Universities. Bahria University students trip to UK This office has arranged workshops and seminars by international faculty and sent Bahria University s students on visits to foreign universities. Bahria University is the only university from Pakistan to take part in a prestigious UN-Model conference, since 2008, that is organized by Harvard University, USA, annually. Page 14 of 84

17 2.8 CAMPUS FACILITIES Students Resource Centre (SRC) A Student Resource Centre provides students with the opportunity to boost their core management skills such as communication, team working, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. There are five clubs that provide platforms for promoting a wide range of extracurricular interests. They are Arts and Dramatics, Literacy and Debates, Media, Events and Music. A student week will become a regular feature where students showcase talent and compete with each other in a healthy spirit. There are also two student bodies, BACSAP and IEEE, which cater to the interests of those intending to become engineers Healthcare Doctors are available to provide medical cover to the students. OPD treatment and hospitalization is provided at the best hospitals. All the university staff is fully covered under General Health Insurance from a reputable insurance agency. Free dental & medical check-up is provided to over 20,000 people in the close proximity of the location of the medical & dental college Cafeteria There are cafeterias at both campuses, in every constituent unit and affiliated college; they provide good food and snacks at prices that students can afford Libraries There are well-stocked libraries with over 50,000 books, and are run by professional staff. Libraries are fully automated and book circulation is bar code enabled. CCTVs are installed for surveillance providing secure surroundings. Catalogs of university libraries and those of its units are linked with the Library of Congress Z3950 gateway. The libraries remain as active members of the HEC s digital library with ready access to over 50,000 online books and Students at Islamabad Campus library 26,000 journals. Page 15 of 84

18 2.8.5 Sports The university provides many opportunities and facilities to its students to participate in international, national and university level sports. In the academic year Bahria University won four inter-university competitions in Pakistan in hockey, table tennis, cricket and basketball. The jubilant Bahria University hockey team after winning HEC Inter University (Zone C) Championship In Islamabad, the facility of a new 18-hole Margalla Greens Golf Club, located at the foot of the Margalla hills, is available for Bahria university students. The golf course membership is free for the students, faculty and staff of Bahria University. As an additional attraction the semicircular club house, which resembles the stern of a ship, offers a wide range of social activities and recreational facilities for its members and their families. The Margalla Greens Golf Club in Islamabad A new gymnasium is under construction at the Islamabad campus. It is a multi storied structure being built at a cost of over 70 million rupees. The gymnasium will have a wide range of indoor games facilities: courts for basket ball, volley ball and badminton, a fitness room equipped with the latest machines and a cafeteria D Image of the under construction Gymnasium at Islamabad Campus Community work Since 2006 all Bahria University s undergraduate students have to put in 32 hours of voluntary community service. This service has to be done with a semi government, non- Page 16 of 84

19 government, international welfare organization or at any other work place, venue or site selected by the university. By completing this requirement, students earn 2 credit hours. Students have volunteered with the Anti Narcotics Force to help fight drug abuse among young people; the International Rotary Club to eliminate polio from Pakistan; the Islamabad Traffic Police to help run traffic control exercises; the flood-affected people of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to help raise funds and the Pakistan Air Force to distribute medicines, food and supplies to the flood affectees of the Sindh province. (Bahria s role in relief activities was not only lauded, but also widely reported in the national and International media including BBC). Bahria University students unloading food items for flood victims Page 17 of 84

20 3.0 WHY BAHRIA UNIVERSITY SEEKS A QS RANKING Bahria University aims to achieve the status of a world class university in order to attract students not only from across Pakistan, but also from neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Iran, the Central Asian States and others. To do this, BU has initiated linkages with thirteen universities and four international educational networks, which include those from the US, UK, Australia, Iran, Canada, Azerbaijan, Italy and the UAE. Bahria University s Office of Foreign Collaboration is constantly pursuing more linkages, through student and faculty visits and exchange programs. Our students are taught by highly accomplished faculty dedicated in their role as educators. Students are offered a complete education package that not only fulfills their academic needs but also ensures their overall growth and development through extracurricular opportunities. There is a strong focus on the exchange of knowledge and applied research in emerging fields in collaboration with national and international universities and research institutions. Ph.D scholarships worth 70 million rupees have been provided to deserving scholars. To further this initiative, an endowment fund has been created that aims at providing more students with the opportunity of attaining higher education through our scholarship programs. The university is entirely self-financed and is not dependent on any government grants. It has set up campuses, research institutes, schools and colleges and thus played its part in boosting education in Pakistan. 3.1 COMPARISON WITH NUST National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) is the only university in Pakistan which has earned a QS Ranking. Established two decades ago in 1991 for promoting higher education in science and technology, NUST has demonstrated that it is the leading university of the country. Bahria University on the other hand, commenced with a very modest beginning a decade ago in The journey since has not been easy, but in this short time the university has risen to join the ranks of some of the leading higher educational institutions of Pakistan. Page 18 of 84

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