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1 System Approach to Technical Learning: Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program Wilfrid Lammers, Kellyn Kruger Berlin

2 : State recognized school within Siemens AG Placement within the corporation Siemens Board Corporate Personnel Siemens (three main sections: Dual system education in business and technical professions, and technical schools (nondual system) (Berlin, Munich, Erlangen) State-recognized private school within the corporation Some state funding, slots ordered and financed by business units of Siemens (remaining tuition and fees) State-recognized qualification ( Associate Engineer )

3 Structure of the 2+2 program Associate Engineer + Bachelor of Engineering Engineering content management skills teamwork intercultural experience employability skills high school Associate Engineer Bachelor of Engineering Master 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th Semester Internship Mechatronic Systems and Data Technology Associate Engineer test Academic coursework (Bachelor of Engineering) FH Brandenburg (BE in Mechatronics) TFH Berlin (BE in Communication Systems) Internship in business units 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th Semester Bachelor of Engineering thesis

4 Intercultural Training for international Students for first all-english STA program German and Chinese students got to know each other during the on-line intercultural training using our VCAT platform. German students greeting their Chinese classmates upon arrival at the airport in Berlin.

5 Traditional approach to technical education: Theory First synthesis last Mechatronic system exercises for single components Theory of electrical components, principles voltage current resistance laws Fundamentals Bottom-up approach: Build the theoretical foundation first

6 System Approach Mechatronic System Mechatronic Subsystem (Functional Module) Mechatronic Subsystem (Functional Module) Electrical Subsystem Mechanical Subsystem Computer Programming Reflective Sensors Electric Motor Drives Pneumatic Piston Digital Logic Programming Techniques Top Down Approach: Learn the theory from the system

7 System Approach: Overall Picture First Practical example based on real system Learning within the system Complete mechatronic system is the focal point Select a module of a system Examine functionality of the module Select a component of the module Examine functionality of the component Learn theoretical principles of the component Handle with characteristics, limit values, datasheets for the component Evaluate sources of errors connected with the component Ability to measure the component - mechanical and electrical (theory, real system) Independent learning e.g. Pspice/Matlab simulation of an electrical subsystem Experience in troubleshooting strategies simulation Action oriented troubleshooting strategies in the real system Mechatronic system

8 System Approach: System as focal point

9 Mechatronic system: Gear-sorter

10 Mechatronic system: Gear-sorter Selected module

11 Video Presentation Gear Sorting Line

12 Module in mechatronic system

13 Electrical components in module motor sensor solenoid

14 Module Simulation of the module with PLC simulation or PLC hardware SIMIT Simulation with PLCSIM and PLC Program

15 SIMIT Simulation with PLCSIM and PLC Program

16 Electrical components of the module Learning the principles of the components using simulation tools To be fully aware of how to use datasheets and books Work and communicate via Internet Earn the ability how to use the experience of professionals

17 Troubleshooting strategies Learning steps: How to identify malfunctions How to measure: theory, simulation, and real system Learn troubleshooting strategies Deepen the strategies by using simulation tool heidi

18 Back to the module and the complete system

19 System Approach - The Chance to Create a Comprehensive Process Orientated Way of Learning Customer Cost Controlling Presentation Preventive Maintenance Project Management Internet - Teamwork Process Optimization Goal: Handlungskompetenter Facharbeiter selbständig flexibel fähig sich zügig in neue Situationen einzuarbeiten

20 Come visit us - in Berlin Communication Cooperation Learning Organisation