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1 '*; 8th year 24 Pages ST JOHNS', MICHIGAN'48879' " Vol. 22 October 4,973, Accdents clam ves over DEWITT - Two clnton County resdents, both of DeWtt, lost ther lves n separate automoble accdents over the past eekend. j Lela Maxne Zmmer, 37, 7505 W. Cftadwck Rd, DeWtt lost her lfe Frday nght n a fatal accdent on Grove Hd n Watertown Townshp. Clayton Allen Church, 20, 2 Solon Rd, DeWtt receved fatal njures n a DeWtt Twp accdent early Saturday mornng. Accordng to the Clnton County Sherffs Dept, the dept receved a call about 0:45 "* oncernng the accdent of Mrs Zmmer, but beleved the accdent had happened sometme earler. Sherff's Dept offcals sad the car was evdently eastbound on Grove Road when t left the roadway on the south sde. The car appeared to travel about 290 feet from where the vehcle left the road and struck a tree. She was the only occupant of the car. Servces were held Tuesday from 'Lee Rummell Funeral Home n DeWtt. Survvng are her husband, Robert Zmmer; 3 daughters; Dawn, Tracy and Jod; 2ssters, Mrs Phylls Wallace and Mrs Mana Jean Stanton, both of Iona; stepfather, John Badderof Iona and grandson. Accordng to Lansng State Polce, Clayton Church also lost hs lfe when the car he was drvng struck a tree. State Polce reported the accdent occurred about 3 am Saturday mornng on N Arport Rd n DeWtt Twp. Accordng to ther report, the church vehcle'was travelng northbound on Arport Rd when the car left the road on the east sde. The vehcle struck a tree about 7 feet from the sde of the road Funeral servces were held Tuesday from Lee Rummell Funeral Home. Survvng are hs parents, Mr and Mrs ClaytonB.Church of DeWtt; grandparents, Mr and Mrs Vrgl Sample; grandparents, Mr and Mrs Nckolas Surdenk of Lansng; 2 brothers, Steve and Mchael of DeWtt; and 2 ssters, Karen and Sharon, both of DeWtt. DeWtt teachers agree to 3-year contract DEWITT - It was reported Tuesday by a ratfed or servces are wthheld. Meanwhle, employees of the Clnton Mchgan Educaton offcal that DeWtt A further 'negotaton procedure stated Intermedate School Dstrct and the School teachers had-approved-an agreement that no more than 2 non-economc artcles Dst Board had not yet reached agreement, between the DeWtt Educaton Assocaton wll be opened n and agan jn 975-7, Howard Ward of the Mchgan Educaton and 'the DeWtt Board of Educaton. unless by mutual consent. f Assocaton sad a 2-year proposal was beng Unable earler to reach an agreement; a Another part of the agreement wll consdered and, f that was not successful, medator was called n for the negotaton. w elmnate the BA-5 clause n 3years. the staff would.. ask for a -year contract to A 3-year conh^ct^theagmmnfncludff^ JT/he, BA-5 dause aljowjs.jjsacjwumw noludelhe^lmstartng^alary^full-famly a negotaton procedure desgned to ncreasedsatary stepfor 5,25and30hours 'nsurance, 2 ceqts a mle mleage and a mnmze the threat of a'strke at the end of accumulated a«wm«*«h toward» m» BW a Q master's m n.»». degree. A*«~.~ 4.5%.-*, rase.._. next year, contnued «-._J nsurance =-_.. the 3-year perod,. Accordng to the agreement, negotatons wll begn 90 days pror fo the expraton of the contract and the terms of the contract wll be hbnored untl the new contract s Step 2 3 " Step Step l,** BA $8,225 8,728 9,23 9,734 0,237 0,740,243,74 2,249 2, " BA $ 8,03 9,27 9,55 0,84 '0,707,234,70 2,28 2,82 3, BA $ 8,94 9,52 0,00 0,,5,70 2,254 2,802 3,350 3,899 Teachers must have ther master's degree by or revert to the basc bachelor of arts schedule. Followng s the salary schedule reached n the agreement: BA-20 $ 8,75 9,78 9,8 0,84 0,87,90,93 2,9 2,9 3,202 BA-20 $ 9,074 9,00 0,2 0,52,79,705 2,23 2,757 3,252 3,80 BA-20 $ 9,455 0,003 0,55,099,48 2,% 2,774 3,292 3,808 4,389 MA $ 9,25 9,28 0,3 0.34,37,40 2,43 2,4 3,49 3,52 MA $ 9,545 0,07 0,558,08,05 2,28. 2,53 3,77 3,70 4,280 MA $ 9,94 0,493,00,54 2,092 2,37 3,84 3,730 4,27 4,880 MA-30 $ 9,75 0,78 0,8.84,87 2,90 2,93 3,9 3,99 4,202 MA-30 $0,20 0,05,29,53 2,77 2,70 3,22 3,750 4,274 4,855 MA-30 $0,545,050,59 2,42 2,88, 3,234 3,78 4,327 4,873 5,479 and 3 cents asked for n the 2-year contract. Ward sad they actually wanted to go nto fact fndng, addng, "We don't thnk t can possbly hurt us." St Johns pool schedule ncludes "adults nght ST JOHNS - For the st tme, St Johns adults wll have ther own nght to swm at the St Johns Hgh School swmmng pool. Wednesday nghts from :30-8:30 have been scheduled for adults only swmmng. Those partcpatng must pre-regster. Cost for the 8-week program wll be $0 wth the st evenng of swmmng set for Oct 7, Partcpants must be at least 8 years of age. For further nformaton call "No bomb" ST JOHNS -- A call was receved at 7:38 am Sept 28 by the St Johns Polce that a bomb threat had been reported to Federal' Mogul offcals. The busness was searched by the St Johns Polce, St Johns Fre Dept, Clnton County Sherff's Dept and Federal Mogul employees, but no evdence of a bomb was found." The nvestgaton s contnung and St Johns Polce Chef Lyle French sad hs department wll seek prosecuton to the full extent of the law aganst anyone makng such threats or falsely reportng the exstence of bombs.,*» Tenns anyone? On hand for ceremones openng the new St Johns Cty tenns courts last week were (from left) Mayor Robert West, Park Board * Charman Ed Schmtt, Cty Commsson and Park Board member Dr James Grost, park board member Kurt Becker, park board member Lester Lake, Cty Commssoner Roy Ebert, School Park Board lason Gordon Vandemark, cty clerk Tom Hundly, cty admnstratve assstant, Park superntendent Erne Lance, cty manager and park board member Harvey Weatherwax, cty treasurer Eugene Smon. The 5 new courts were offcally opened to the publc last Thursday. - ' Week of actvtes wll honor St Johns Homecomng ****>.,* - ST JOHNS - A full week of actvtes have been announced leadng up to the St Johns Hompenmna game Oct 2 and dance Oct 3. Actvtes leadng up to the Frday and Saturday nght festvtes begn Saturday when St Johns Hgh School students wll call \ vsual attenton to the homecomng week by pantng the downtown store wndows. The hgh school cafetera undergoes a change Monday when t wll be decorated for the Frday game and the Pep Club wll be makng sgns Tuesday to post throughout the school. Decoratng takes to the road Wednesday when cars wll be panted wth Homecomng messages. "Clash Day" s Thursday wth students dressed n anythng but matchng ensembles and then comes the bg day Frday, "Red and "Whte Day." The Homecomng parade wll begn at 5:5 pm at the corner of Floral Avenue and North Clnton. Included n foe 973 parade wll be the St Johns Polce escort, Amercan Legon and VFW color guard, Grand Marshall Rchard Kramer, Mayor Robert Wood, Redwng Marchng Band, Honorary Redwngs, Freshmen cheerleaders, freshman float, football captans, sophomore cheerleaders, sophomore float, 972 Homecomng Queen Anne Barber, junor float, varsty cheerleaders, senor class float, Student Councl and the Queen's Float. The parade route wll be announced n next week's County News. If nclement weather forces a cancellaton of the parade, announcements wll be made over rado staton WRBJ between 4-5 pm. Then, at 8 pm, the St Johns varsty football squad takes on Waverly. Coronaton of the queen and the float contest results wll be announced at halftme. The publc s nvted to a socal hour n the hgh school cafetera followng the game. Cder and donuts wll e served. The annual sem-formal dance wll be held n the hgh school cafetera Saturday nght, Oct 3. tckets are $2.50 per couple. Playng at the dance, 8:30-:30 pm, wll be a Mt Pleasant group, "Mystc Crcle." 4-H Far Assocaton meetng set for Oct 5 The Clnton County 4-H Far Assocaton and changes to be made n the H Far wll hold ts annual meetng on Monday, Oct as t0 prog ra m deas, judgng, schedulng of 5,8 pm at Smth Hall n St Johns. events and others. There wll be an electon of 2 drectors for a 3-year term. George Hazle of St Johns and The publc s nvted to attend. People Walter Nobs of Fowler terms expre at ths may jon the far assocaton as a member meetng. for 50C a year. Other busness nclude an evaluaton of To vote for drector or other tems a the 973 Clnton County 4-H Far, dscusson person must be a member of the 4-H far on mprovements needed at the fargrounds assocaton. DeWtt Councl apponts member DEWITT -- Dale Bohm was apponted to now fll the postons recently vacated by the the DeWtt Cty Councl Monday nght to fll resenat ons 0 f Wavne (Rw Wlmv «nrt a vacancy created by a recent resgnaton. matons ot wayne (Gus) Wlcox and He and Keth Blzzard, annonted earler, Ron Mull. < Head-Start Progranl s recrutng t chldren CLINTON COUNTY -The HeadStart pre- chldren who are 4 years old, or wll be 4 by school program s currently recrutng Dec l. ' All chldren must meet low-ncome gudelnes. Interested.parents should mmedately contact: Audrey Lakes at her offce at 400 Walker St, St Johns, or call at for addtonal nformaton. Huard \ wns grd contest Wnners of the -H pumpkn contest are from left Carre Barrett, st place wth a 97-pound pumpkn; Steve VanVlcet, 2d, 49 pounds; and Rck Batora, 3d. 45-/2 pounds. Wnners of the Clnton County 4-H Sunflower contest are (from left) Steve VanVleet, st; 20 Inchest ted for 2d place Peggy Favor, 9-/2 nches and Helen Blakely, 9-/2 nches. Not shown IsU place wnner Jay Mller, whose sunflower measured 9-/4 nches. ST JOHNS - Rolln Hoard, Jr, 209 E Walker,, was the bg wnner n last week's County News Football Contest. Out of 4 game selectons, Huard pcked successfully the outcome of 3 and came, closest on the te-breaker between MSU- UOXHe predcted 47 total ponts, whch was closest to the actual 55. 'One other person pcked 3 games, but mssed on the te-breaker, however v he faled to wrte hs name on the entry, ' Why not try your hand at wnnng the $20! n the County News Football Contest - and don't forget, put your name on the entry,

2 2A, "Brght Belgum"!st Rotary travel program ST JOHNS - The St Johns Rotary Club wll present ts st program of the "TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE SERIES'* at 7:30 pm n the St Johns Hgh School Audtorum, Wednesday, Oct 0. JOHN STRONG, narrator for the program ~ Brght Belgum - * was born n Phoenx, Arzona and grew up among cact and" rattlesnakes. He entered Unversty of Calforna at Berkeley Where he majored n physcs, After graduaton he dd research n nuclear physcs workng on guded mssles and electronc computers. Vacatons he spent travelng always wth a camera. For a short tme, he worked wth a travel agency but found that sendng other people on trps was a-poor substtute for gong there, hmself. He; therefore, started travelng on hs own, photographng the beautful, the unusual, and the humorous n out-of-the-way places all over the world. "Those modest Belgans," accordng to Strong, have kept ther fascnatng country a secret long enough. Now s the tme to reveal the brght secrets * Good Lstenng from GE comes jn many shapes and szes ("»->^»»>»»» Where You Fnd Selecton Four-channel 8-track Stereo \ Tape Player System Unsurpassed In The Area P774 Deluxe Stereo Phonograph System wth FM/AM/FM Steeo Tuner TA00 Eght-Track Recorder/Player Deck of ther tny kngdom, towerng castles, pageantry and pomp, scenc beauty at every turn. Majestc forests and sweepng vstas n the valley of the Meuse pack the sghtseeng boats wth Europeans out to have a good tme. Where the Battle of the Bulge thundered n hlls and streams of the Ardennes, we now hear the crunch of hkers boots and, the splash of doomed trout. In Flander's Felds from Brussels to Oostende, we see Belgans growng flax, begonas and hops. Beach resorts from Knokke to De Panne dot the channel coa'st," ' '*-***«'*' M840 8-track Stereo Player/Recorder wth FM/AM/FM Stereo Tuner M8550 Deluxe FM/AM Rado/Cassette Recorder for the home CLINTON COUNTY NEWEST JOHNS, Mlty! IGAN John Strong * Concerned Ctzens annual set' meetng ST JOHNS - Clnton County Concerned Ctzens Inc wll hold ther annual^ meetng and electon of offcers Oct 9 at 7:30 pm n the Communty Room of Central Natonal Bank. Membershp dues are due at the meetng. The publc s nvted. Stuaton not as tseemed ST JOHNS - St Johns Polce have sad that reports of a woman or women attemptng to pck up chldren n St Johns are unfounded. After recevng a call at 2:20 pm Sept 27 that 2 females n a cream colored car were.observed attemptng to pck up a local chld, the polce advsed local resdents of the report. The next day they receved a call from a local woman who sad she was takng her son home from school when she saw a couple of her son's frends and asked f they wanted a rde Home, the ncdent beleved to have prompted the report. The 47 Farm Bureau famles of Clrton County receved offcal notfcaton of that organzaton's annual meetng last week along wth a specal nvtaton to attend from the presdent Robert Kssane. A dnner meetng wll be held Oct 9 at Smth Hall n St Johns as the organzaton marks ts 54th year. Two drectors wll leave the board ths year Robert Kssane who has served as county Farm Bureau presdent for the past 2 years and Denns Phllps representng Essex- Lebanaon dstrct. Kssane has served the Bngham-Olve dstrct. The membershp wll elect 2 new drectors by secret ballot at the sesson. The delegaton wll also name 3 delegates to the State Farm Bureau conventon to be held n Grand Rapds Dec -4. Nomnatons for these delegates have been submtted by communty groups n- the County. Sx delegates wll come from the membershp at large and 7 wll be members of the county FprdMustahgll sonelftlejevvel pfacac.deep dbvvn whfere t counts. Take a good close;look. Vou-lbe:. surprsed,al the close -attenton lo detal. In the ft- In the-fnsh; In the way t rdes.~ smooth,; sold, easy;.quck, fun It's really a whole new.class of'.-'smart. Sprted. Bu)t, and fnshed lke a 'fne jewel. ';...' '.;;''.'..,;'. '." ","',"'--, Farm Bureau annua meetng to be Oct 9 board of drectors. Polcy resolutons, the most mportant part of the county annual, wll be-voted upon. The commttee composed of Harmon Cropsey, Andy Cobb, Lee Ormston, Dan Thelen, James Becker, Bob Moore and Denns Phllps,' wll present these resolutons from a slate prepared by them from suggestons by varous groups wthn the county Farm Bureau. A 973,Farm Bureau Queen wll be selected from at least 8 contestants tobe judged pror to the annual meetng. Contestants are Ellen Feldpausch, Agge Rademacher both of Fowler: Becke Gbson and Sharon Wood both of DeWtt; Kathy Moore of Else and Ruth Fox, Janet Davs and Crystal Rhynard all of St Johns. Mr and Mrs Tom Benson and the Young Farmer Commttee are n charge of arrangements for the Queen Contest. The county Queen wll compete n the State Contest n December at Grand Rapds. Conne Burnham last year's for 74 NOW ON DISPLAY DICK HAHEAD Sales Department open Monday & Frday evenngs. Servce Department open Monday evenngs. QUeen wll crown the new Farm Bureau Queen. Introduced at the meetng wll be the 3 partcpants n the Farm Bureau Ctzenshp Semnar, Mss Pat Ely and Mss Shelly Zegler and Kevn Owen all from DeWtt Hgh School. The young people attended the Farm Bureau sponsored Semnar held at Ferrs State College n June. Awards wll be presented to Octobers 973 communty groups at tne meetng and a contest for table decoratons wll be a feature of nterest to grqups. Dnner wll be served by the lades of the Plgrm Unted Methodst Church and wll begn at 7:30 pm. Tckets may be purchased at the Clnton County Farm Bureau offce, from members of the Board of Drectors s or from Communty Group secretares. A lmted number wll be avalable at the door. Senor Ctzens appont drectors At the regular meetng of, Clnton County Senor Ctzens Sept 25th charman Clarence Hll apponted drectors Clarence Bauerle, Arthur Curts, Earl Darnell and Lawrence Frees to represent the local organzaton at a State meetng Oct 9. The Clnton County group has been nvted to vst the Owosso A Better. Ft-Ths full front-end; 'assembly s typcal,bf; 'Mustang TI'S: close tolerances; and fne detalng. Turn on a Dme-^Rackr and-pnon' steerng pomes standard- Helps make cornerng and parkng a breeze., FORD Golden Agers Oct 23 and the Rhythm Band wll put on the program. Mrs Lawrence Frees showed colored sldes of a trp she and her husband and frends took n the southern part of US and Mexco. The next regular-meetng wll be Oct 9. All senor ctzens ar^ nvted. talk About DetaH- Mustang:H's.'hgh. luster trm moldngs have fewer;jonts.. Use neat fttng;butt jonts. ELSIE PHONE C2455 "The Captan" AM Clock Rado that travels 7 T235 The "Red Baron" FM/AM Calendar Rado n cylndrcal desgn nmm JsSrtft IwA&M) T2275 The Informer"., Three-Band Rado P2790 GE Qualty AM Pocket Sze Rado 99 V952 Deluxe Wldcatautomatc stereo phono and FM/AM Rado Stereo Cassette Recorder wth bult-n FM/AM/FM Stereo Tuner and Cassette changer. V944/V94 Mustang II Detachable Speaker Stereo Phonograph V944 V94 Bege' Black 0 DAILY INTEREST PAID OR COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY BUY WHERE SERVICE ALWAYS ASSURED! (v Start a passbook savngs account wth Captol Savngs & Loan. Now you can have nterest pad or compounded quarterly on your savngs. Take advantage off ths smart way to save. Home Offce: 2 E. Allegan, Lansng INCORPORATED 890 LANSING, MICHIGAN MEMBER FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM Lansng Memos Grand Ledge Lathrup Vllage Mason St. Johns Wllqmston Pontac f DOWNTOWN ST. JOHNS PHONE

3 October 4,973 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN 3A Wnners n the 0-year-old St Johns Punt, Pass and Kck Contest are (front, from left) Rchard Kngsley, st; Doug Sleep, 2d and Kevn Fedewa, 3d. Eleven-year-old wnners are (rear, from left) Marty Green, lst,nclliufnagel2d; and Jeff Wllams, 3d. THURS.-FRI.-SAT.-SUN. October Bg Features!. $ ""'# **. * MOVlEMUSGALl * M co«jwbapcubtsp««ws*l*ns8unr;cwc*>/anuhffloouc'om JZ/ THE WINNER OF THE SEPT. 29 FREE CAR DRAWING WAS GQMRVNY ^ow JEFF BRIDGES Mss Janet Schafer of Fowler Courtesty of Ralph Dara's COMMUNITY DODGE AMD DON'T FORGET YOUR CAR'S OTHER NEEDS: TIRES - MUFFLERS Safety Pays! WE HAVE A GOOD SELECTION OF HUNTING EQUIPMENT: Shells Hats Gloves Coleman Fuel, Etc. SERVING THE OVlD-ELSIE AREA SINCE 955 Open 7 Days A Week Untl Mdnght St Johns 973 PP&K wnners ST JOHNS--A total of 28 boys partcpated n the 973 Punt, Pass and Kck competton n St Johns sponsored bv Eean Ford and the St Johns Jaycees. Jame Werbsh, 4o"w Gles won the 8-year-old competton wth 94 ponts. Twenty-four 8- year-olds partcpated. Jeffrey Casler, 805 S Lansng, defeated 5 other 9-year-olds wth 79 ponts to take hs dvson. In the 0-year-old competton, 9 boys partcpated wth Rchard Kngsley, 503 S Traver, wnnng wth 3-/2 ponts. Marty Green, 3778 County Farm Rd, took the -year-old dvson wth 205 ponts. A total of 5 -year-olds competed. Mark Brun, 378 E Taft Rd was the wnner n the 2-yearold dvson wth 20 ponts. He defeated 4 other boys. The 3-year-old competton was won by Warren Hengesbach, 434 Jason Rd, Pewamo, who earned 250 _ ponts, beatng 24 other boys. * Wnners wll compete Saturday, Oct at am at Lansng Sexton. Arrested ST JONNS -- Earl Denns Sperow, 2, '40 N Water, Owossrj, was arrested Sept 28 at 3:05 am on a charge of drvng under the nfluence and drvng wth a suspended operator's lcense. He was arran'ged n Dstrct Court where he entered a plea of not gulty. Wndow broken ST JOHNS -- St Johns Polce are nvestgatng the reported breakng of an automoble wndow Sept 2. James Archambault, 0 W. Steel St, reported to polce that someone broke the rear door wndow out of hs car on that date. PRE-WINTER At Jm' Servce IN OVID COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES CORNER OF HOLLISTER RD. AND M-2' JIM'S SUPER SERVICE OVID PHONE Twelve-year-old wnners n the St Johns Punt, Pass and Kck Contest are (front, from left) Mark Brun, st; Mark Hcbcck, 2d, and Kurt Conley, 3d. Thrteen-year-old wnners are (rear, from left) Warren Hengesbach, st; CragGoff, 2d and Doug Kurpla.Bd. Eght-year-old wnners n the St Johns Egan Ford and Jaycce Punt, Pass and Kck Contest are (front, from left) Jame Werbsh, st; John Jacus, 2d and Gary Kelen, 3d. Wnners n the 9-year-old dvson arc (rear, from left) Jeff Casler, st; Dave Kocngsknect, 2d and Dean Sharck, 3d. ST JOHNS -- The Mchgan Employment Securty Commsson announces the followng job openngs n the Clnton County area; A St Johns area servce staton has openng for a part tme attendant wth some experence, $.5 per hour. An openng exsts n the Ovd area for a watress/water, full tme, wth some experence, $.5 per hour. There are 2 openngs for charwomen/porter, n the St Johns area and other n the Ovd area. Both are part tme and pay $.85 per hour. A salesperson drver, fulltme s needed n the DeWtt area. Those applyng must have a chauffeurs lcense. Pay s by commsson. Two full-tme nurses are needed, n the St Johns area and n the Ovd area. Both pay $.0 per hour. R.E. PLUMBING & HEATING 0 N.Clnton St, John Phone MASTER PLUMBERS t Amercan-Standard ' Plumbng, Hot Water Heatng Lennox Warm Ar Heatng and Ar Condtonng CUSTOM SHEET METAL SHOP 47 Years Same Addre AAESC lsts job openngs A lve-n house mad s needed n the St Johns area. Applcants must be dependable and relable. Pav s $20 per week. A full tmeja borer landscaper s needed n the DeWtt area. Applcants must have some experence n landscape work. Pay s $2.50 per hour. An openng s lsted n the Lansng area for a full-tme materal handler, who must havea drvers lcense. Pay s $2 per hour. A full-tme mantenance person wth some experence n water mans, valves, meters etc s needed n the DeWtt area. Pay s $8000-$2,000. Applcants must apply n person at the Mchgan Employment Securty Commsson Offce, 9 E State, St Johns, Monday-Frday, 8 am - noon. CUKITOM WED. thru TUES. Oct. Two women loved hm. One ded for hm. One lulled for hm. MGM SPECIAL KIDDIE MATINEE Saturday 2 p.m. "YOG, MONSTER FROM SPACE" ' All Seats» THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO AND THE MAN TO SEE FOR YOUR FALL DISCOUNT ON LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT Choose from famous brands such as: Alls-Chalmers Hahn-Eclpse Toro Lawn Boy o Wheel Horse Hgher Prces Are Comng... SO BUY NOW! AND EARNS 9% INTEREST! 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Armstrong JOHN WESLEY COLLEGE 00 S, Washngton Street Owosso, Mchgan 4887 Phone: (57) STATE-.- ZIP ' (h) "Ths advertsement Is nether an offer to sal nor a solctaton of offers to buy any of these certfcates. The offerng Is made only by the Prospectus." j

4 Ml Vewng some of the fall fabrcs to be dsplayed n ther fnshed form at the Oct 9 Lamberts Fashon Show are (from left) Jane Knght, Lamberts Fabrcs assstant manager; Jean Murray, Manager; Bonne LaBre, fashon show hostess and Marelle Rehman, owner of Lamberts. The fashon show, to start at :30 pm wll feature fall fashons 'of garments made at home by St Johns area women. Onehundred tckets are on sale at $2.75 apece. The show wll be held at Jeanne's Beans n St Johns. Mrs Helen Kohls wll accompany the actvtes of the show on an organ furnshed by DePeals. Turkey salad and cocktal punch wll be served and a doorprze wll be awarded. CLINTON COUNTY NEWEST JOHNS, MICHIGAN Donha Kramer becomes PEWAMO - Donna Jean Kramer, daughter of Mrs Esther Kramer, Route, Pewamo, and Marvn Leonard Koengsknecht, son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Koengsknecht, exchanged marrage vows August 8 at St Joseph's Catholc Church n PewamO. Monsgnor Thomas Bolger performed the double rng ceremony. Mrs Cornela Schafer accompaned solost Theresa Ladsk. The brde chose a gown of slk organza wth a lace overlay fallng nto a tran. The bodce - and sleeves were of lace.' Her wast-length vel fell f rbm a'la'ce band and fnshed wth lace matchng that on the gown. Shecarred a cascade of whte roses.-., l U sster's matron of honor. Judy Kramer and Janet Taylor, both sster's of the brde; Sh,er Kramer, sster-n-law of the brde; ard Rta Koengsknecht, sster qf the groom, served as her other attendants. Each wore a gown of chffon over of Marvn Koengsknecht satn wth a lace bodce trmmed n orchd, pnk, yellow, aprcot, and green, Each wore a whte lace bow hat and carred two whte roses wth streamers matchng the color of her dress, Mrs Kramer selected a full length gown of pnk polyester.wth sheer pnk sleeves. The groom's mother also wore a full length gown of pnk polyester. Each had a corsage of sweetheart roses.. Raymond Koengsknecht was hs brother's best man. Mark Hufnagel, brother-n-law of the groom; Claud Rademacher; Eugene Feldpausch; and Donald Kramer, brother of the brde were groomsmen. James Wse, cousn of the brde, and Leon Koengsknecht, brother of the groom, seated the. guests. Mchael George, cousn of the' brde, was rng bearer, and Kelley Kramer, also cousn of the brde, wasflowergrl. A recepton was held shortly after at St Joseph's Hall n Pewamo for the couple's 250' guests. Specal guests were Mrs. Mary, Goodman and Mrs Eleanor Kramer, grand-, mothers of the brde. Followng a trp to Copper Harbor, the newlyweds are resdng at 24 Maple St, n Fowler. The brde s a graudate of Pewamo - Westphala, Hgh School. Her husband, graduated from Fowler Hgh School and s employed at S and S Plasterers of Fowler. Rollns and Wsners hold reunon The famly of Blanche Rolln and the Wser famly all gathered at the Blanche Rolln resdence for a reunon Aug 23. There were 0 of them n all - - L \ - and they had dnner and many actvtes durng the day. 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A recepton honorng the 50th weddng annversary of Mr and MrsNorman Johnson wll be held Sunday, October 7th at the Fulton Center Hall, 'Alger Rd., Perrnton, Mchgan, startng at 2 o'clock, 'Tne^vent wll be hosted by ther daughter and son-n-law, Mr and Mrs Arthur Chant and grandchldren, Mr and Mrs Mchael' Werman, Erc Chant and Jule Chant. Frends and relatves are nvted. It s requested that there be no gfts. 22 N.CLINTON ST. JOHNS COMING OCTOBER 7th 50th. ANNIVERSARY AT of Budget Hearng St. Johns Publc Schools of, ' < PHONE Clnton and Gratot Countes Offce of Superntendent of Schools' t 50 W. Sckles St St, Johns, Mchgan V Copes of Proposed Budget May Be Obtaned at the Superntendent's Offce FRED G.MEYER, Secretary. Board of Educaton

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The brde-elect s a 973 graduate of DeWtt Hgh School and Is employed at Farm Bureau Insurance and attendng LCC. Her fance s a 972 graduate of DeWtt and s employed at Stone Prntng Company n Lansng. A June 29 weddng s planned. J Kay Roedel, Douglas Brzak marred \ n Frankenmuth ' FRANKENMUTH -- Kay 'Roedel, daughter of Mr and Mrs Howard Roedel of Frankenmuth^ and Douglas Brzak, son of Mr Frank Brzak and Mrs Luther Cleland, both of St Johns, were unted n marrage on September. The rtes were performed by Rev - Guenther Schoepf at St Lorenz Lutheran Church. Erch VonBehren was organst and Lynn Weneke was the solost. The Lord's Prayer was sung n German. Gven n marrage by her father, the brjde wore an empre gown of polyester organza W^h a scoop neck encrcled by Vence lace. Deeply scalloped cotton vense lace formed the bodce and encrcled the hem. The gown had a detachable Watteau Chapel tran. She wore a matchng Julet cap whch held her mported brdal lluson vel. Her bouquet was of roses, carnatons - and stephanots. The brde's attendants were attred n ranbow colored gowns of polyester organza wth nylon flower prnt skrt and short puff sleeves. Ruffles encrcled the necklne and hem. The brde chose Clauda Hall of Lansng as her mad of honor. She was gowned n blue. Her three ssters, Mrs Pat Grffs n orchd, Mss Amy Roedel n maze, and Mss Joy Roedel n mnt, were her brdesmads. Dawn Brzak, sster of the groom, was flower grl. She wore a matchng gown n pnk. The honor attendants carred whte baskets wth carnatons colored to match ther dresses. Davd Brzak carred the rngs on a pllow whch matched hs twn sster's dress. Don Palmer vwas best man. Groomsmen were Gary Brzak, the groom's brother, Tm Duraer, and Joe Kus. Guests were seated by Lee Lynam and Jeff Geller. The mother of the brde chose a navy blue floor-length gown wth whte accessores. The groom's mother was attred n turquose floor-length gown and the groom's stepmother wore a. navy and prnt floor length gown. All had corsages of yellow roses and whte carnatons, The couple were chauffeured to ther recepton n an antque fre engne. They greeted about 200 guests n an afternoon 'recepton at the Frankenmuth Townshp Hall. Ths was 5A followed wth a dnner and evenng recepton for the mmedate famly. After a honeymoon n Florda, the couple are at home at 3 BeeJay Avenue n Lansng. Prenuptal partes were hosted by the brde's attendants and by the groom's mother. Gottobethebestlookgong. l 'Cause they're styled wth your wardrobe n mnd. ST. JOHNS 2 N. Clnton Ph Shop Frday and Monday Ntes Tl 9 SHOE STORE Frst n Foot Fashon wth Famous Brand Shoes DURAND OWOSSO STRAND'S SHOES, IONIA %!8Mtt m^3lmrbzfz3mbzz2mv^^ ] 200W.HghamSt. ST. 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The brde-elect s a graduate of Ovd-Else Hgh School and Crag's College of Beauty n Lansng. She s employed at Marlene's Beauty Salon n Ovd. Her fance s also a graduate of Ovd-Else Hgh School and s employed at Fsher Body n Lansng. He was dscharged from the Army. A June 22 weddng s planned. Clnton County. News Second class postage pad at St. Johns, Mch , Publshed Thursdays at?0 E. Walker Street, St. Johns by Clnton County News, Inc Subscrpton prce by mal- In Mchgan, $5 for one year. S9 for two years, S3.75 for sx mpnlhs; outsde Mchgan, s lor one year. Ths motorcycle polcy may save you money and gve you more protecton than you're gettng nowl Our altogether nsurance has more unusual coverages than you'll fnd In many of those so-calted "standard" polces. In addton to the Usual collson and lablty coverages, you're protected aganst unnsured and "ht and run" drvers, and when you use borrowed or substtute vehcles. 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6 Mr and Mrs Raymond Bradley wll celebrate ther 50th weddng annversary wth an open house to be held at the Asbury Unted Methodst Church, 2200 Lake Lansng Road, Lansng, Mch., Oct 4 from 2-5 pm. The event wll be hosted by ther chldren, Mr and Mrs Kenneth McCue, Mr and Mrs Maron Bradley, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Buell. All frends and relatves of the honored couple are cordally nvted. Comng Events OCT 9 ~ Clntor County Concerned Ctzens annual meetng and electon of offcers, 7:30 pm, Communty Room, Central Natonal Bank. Publc nvted, OCT -- Clnton County Taxpayers Assocaton wll meet at 8 pm on Thursday n the Central Natonal Bank Communty Room. Dscusson wll be centered on the Land Use Act, Bll No NOV 3 ~ East Essex School Carnval. -9 pm. Snowmoble to be gven away. Tckets avalable from any East Essex School student or parent. nn IP«C can BUI en DYIHE PUBUSHER If you don't know Cancer's WarrngSgnals, howdoyouknow you haven't gotone? SEE THE LITTLE CAR THAT CHANGED THE Because t was the frst lttle Amercan car that you could sort of use lke a staton wagon. WE CAN TELL YOU MORE AT OVID PHONE BuUdMjfabettefwSvtof&ctteUSA. HAVE YOU BEEN THINKING OF A NEW FIREPLACE FOR YOUR HOME? A Vst To Karber's. ^ Can Make Your Dream A Realty CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN MR AND MRS JERRY BROWN October 4J 973 St Johns ceremones unte Susan Prce, Jerry Brown ST JOHNS -- On August 24, Susan Prce, daughter of Mr, and Mrs Kenneth L Prce, 85 N Sprng St, was unted n marrage wth Jerry Brown, son of Mrs EJnore Brown, 5 Crum St, Langsburg, and the late Harvey Brown. The Rev Wllam Hankerd performed the double rng ceremony at St Joseph's Catholc Church before an altar decorated wth arrangements of summer flowers. Musc was provded by Jacquelne Schneder. The brde chose a gown desgned wth a hgh collar scalloped n lace above a sheer yoke'of clear chffon. The ftted bodce, cuffs, and A-lne skrt were graced wth lace qpplques and outlned wth lace ruffles. Her vel featured a Julet cap wth lace outlnng the chapel length mantlla. She carred a cascade bouquet consstng of whte roses, carnatons, and baby's breath, wth bachelor buttons and an ntermngled rosary gvng a touch of blue. Lor Salters of St Johns served as mad of honor/sandy Weber, St Johns; Jule Pung, St Johns; and Barbara Prce, St Johns, sster of the brde, were brdesmads. Each of the attendants wore a gown of blue and whte chffon featurng an empre wast, long sleeves, and hgh collars outlned wth whte antque lace. Ther bouquets were of mxed summer flowers accented by baby's breath. Andrea Brown, Carson Cty, St Mary's church settng of Schafer -Dershem weddng ST JOHNS -- St Mary's Church, Westphala, provded the settng for the marrage of Mary Ann Schafer, daughter of Mr and Mrs Raymond F. Schafer, Route 2, Fowler, to Roger Lee Dershem, son of Mrs Raymond Dershem, Route l, St Johns, and the late Mr Dershem, on May 9. The brde was gven n marrage by her parents. Rev James Schmtt performed the double rng ceremony before an altar decorated by baskets flled wth assorted yellow, pnk, and lavender mums and gladolas. Four members of the parsh chor provded musc. The brde chose an A-lne gown of Vctoran style wth a lace nsert for the bodce. A detachable tran edged n lace accented the dress. Her shoulder length vel featured a beaded cap wth a nylon bow. The bnde carred a bouquet of WE HAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL MODEL ON DISPLAY pnk and yellow sweetheart roses, purple statce, whte carnatons, and mums, and green vy. Janet Schafer, Fowler, was her sster's mad of honor. Other attendants were Jule Schafer of DeWtt and Melnda Slm of St Johns. They wore dresses of lavender, pnk, and yellow nylon trcot whch featured long sleeves and empre wasts trmmed n whte lace. Each carred a bouquet of red sweetheart roses, yellow mums, and pnk carnatons accented by baby's breath and ted wth whte lace. The brde's mother chose a gown of blue polyester wth sheer long sleeves She wore a corsage of red sweetheart roses. The groom's mother selected a gown of salmon polyester wth a contrastng jacket, her corsage was of yellow sweetheart roses Best man was James Wesner of St Johns. Groomsmen were Ray Creghton and Ronald Dershem, brother of the groom. Gerald Schafer, brother of the brde, and Maurce Dershem, brother of the groom, were ushers. A recepbon served by Ye Olde Country Caterers from DeWtt was held at the St Johns VFW Hall. 350 guests attended. Specal guests ncluded Josepth W. Thelen, grandfather of the brde; Mrs Harlen> Dershem, grandmother of the groom, Mrs Geraldne Stewart, godmother of the groom; Mr and Mrs Ivan Holcomb, Mdland; and Mrs Mldred J Rahl. < * Followng a weddng trp to the southwestern states, the couple are at home at 370 N DeWtt Rd, St Johns. The brde s a 9 graduate of Pewamo-Westphala. Her husband s a 95 graduate of Rodney B. Wlson Hgh School. nece of the groom, and Teresa Prce, St Johns, nece of the brde, served as flower grls, Both.wore gowns matchng the other attendants and carred whte wcker baskets flled wth summr flowers. Mrs Prce selected a floor length gown of blue chffon. The groom's mother chose a floor length gown n aqua. Both had a corsage of sweetheart roses and baby's breath. Pat Coe of Langsburg; and Lynn Feldpausch of St Johns. Scott Prce and Crag Prce, both nephews of the brde, were rngbearers, A recepton for 250 guests was Held mmedately followng weddng at the munc_ buldng. Assstng were Ju. Bpzung, Janet Thornton, Rta Kssane, Bernce Fox, and Pam Moore. Specal guest present ncluded Mrs Anna Lawless, grandmother of the groom, and Mr and Mrs Larry Freeman of Oho. After a honeymoon to Upper Mchgan, the newlyweds are resdng at 885 Hollster Rd, Langsburg. The brde s a 973 graduate of St Johns Hgh School. Her husband graduated from Langsburg n 99. "Calendar s a gft for the man who has everythng, to remnd hm when the payments are due." (Anonymous) LINGERIE and KNIT FABRICS m ALL DOUBLE KNITS 99 Reg $4.99 and up LINGERIE CLASSES BEING SCHEDULED EVERY 5 WEEKS 2 hour sessons $5 for 5 weeks KNIT CLASSES ALSO 2 hour sessons - $8 for 5 weeks Call and Regster Today DONA DOUGLAS Dress Makng & Alteratons Lngere and Knt Classes 244 S. Warren Rd., 3 mles east of Ovd on M-2,2% mles south Ph HOURS: Mon. thru Thurs. 9 to 5; Fr. 9 to 9 Sat. 9 tonoon, otherwse by appontment CAREER OPPORTUNITIES I^LTHE BEAUTY FIELD -,~ ALL SERVICES RENDERED BY SUPERVISED SENIOR STUDENTS New Classes Startng The Frst Monday of Each Month For further nformaton, wrte or call James Lyon, 5557 North East St. Lansng. NATIONALLY ACCREDTEPBYTHE COSMETOLOGY ACCREDITING COMMISSION Clnc Open To The Publc FREE PARKING DO-IT Yourself Ready To Use Cement Products BLACK TOP PATCH MORTAR CONCRETE PLASTER All Avalable At HOME CHOICE OF MANY STYLES AND COLORS DON'T FORGET YOUR CHIMNEY NEEDS s Safety Pays WE CAN SUPPLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED, Chmney Flues Chmney Block Chmney Caps Clean Out Doors MR AND MRS ROGER DERSHEM BUYING or SELLING? r f B -. - M W B «. M u M. a «f H B m Complete Selecton of Accessores Androns *Screens *Tools *Fre Grates SAND, GRAVEL, BLACK DIRT, MORTAR MORTAR SAND READY-MIX Call Us! Church b OVID SERVICE Agency, Inc. 04 North Man St. Glbert O. Bovan - Broker sales Personnel: Tony Sncrop Phone Balcom Rd. 4-bedroom remodeled house on 4 ncres.all tllable, 3x0 barn - Ovd-Else schools. For Sale or Rent, Store Bltlg., In center of busness dstrct, mmedate possesson. 230 E. Front St. 3 bedroom, 2 lots, new gas furnace, completely remodeled. No down payment. V.A. Fnancng, Avalable. 5-acres-North Merdan Rd. Excellent home buldng ste. 0 acre parcel wth creek thru t. Terms. 3 - New Ranch Homes n Ovd, 3 bedroom, full basement, carpetng. 2 Acres n Shawassee County, Nce pne trees, 22 E. Front St., 4-bedroom, 2-car heated garage, targe lot, IM W M»- r f f T«M M- *

7 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN 7A SfLY 74^MS^LCHRIStMAS LAY-A-WAY NOW... That specal Chrstmas gft, and chose from our fne selecton of jewelry, watches and other gft tems. STOP IN AT Holt scored when'dan Brggs ST JOHNS - A favored Holt* t went n from the 3-yard lne on a squad was jolted by St JoHns^., quarterback keeper* Frday as the Redwngs upset The Redwngs stretched the last year's West Central, lead In the 2d perod when champs 2-2. ' Scheuller made a fantastc l- Not many would predct St handed grab of a Pertler pass. Johns as a wnner before the The pass was over Scheuller's contest, but the Redwngs head, but he saled up and surprsed a lot of people, snagged the ball Wth hand to poundng out 74 yards on the gve the Redwngs ponts. ground, whle passng for on Agan t was Carpenter who ther way to scorng more ponts added the extra pont than had been scored aganst. St Johns was held scoreless n Holt n 4 seasons, the 3d quarter and Holt pulled Bran Pertler started the wthn 2 when Bob Maxey scorng n the st quarter when scored on a 3-yard run. The he tossed to Ray Schueller for a Redwngs defense turned back 3-yard touchdown. Drew the Holt converson attempt. Carpenter kcked the extra The Redwngs added an nsurance TD n the fnal perod pont to gve the Redwngs a 7-0 lead. when Pertler scored from 2 Holt struck back wth a touchdown, but the unsuccessful sneak. yards out on a quarterback converson stll left them Carpenter kcked hs 3d extra tralng St Johns by pont, 7-. pont of the evenng for the fnal Holt 2-2 Redwng vctory. number, we really prepared St Johns rushed for 74 yards for them. Our offensve lne wth Pertler httng of 3 really fred out and got off the passes for yards, gvng the football. All of our backs ran Redwngs a total offense of 240 tough." yards. ' The bg dfference was of- Holt out-rushed the Redwngs Itense. Holt s a very strong wth 84 yards, but pcked up defensve football team. Ths s only yards n the ar. the most ponts scored aganst Holt was faced wth a wellbalanced Redwng offense. them n 4 seasons." Pertler passed for 2 touchdowns Becker also sad the passng and ran n another, Kevn Knght rushed for 70 yards n 24 carres, Harold Wellman ran the ball 7 tmes for 45 yards,. Mark Barz carred 3 tmes for 22 yards and Rusty Waggoner pcked up awards n carres. Defensvely Jm Lynch nterecepted 2 passes and was n on tackles whle John Hayes ahd Marty Brewbaker each contrbuted 3 tackles. Jeff Thornton was n on 2 tackles. Three Holt fumbles were captured by Hayes, Chrs Slamka and Knght. Knght also punted twce for a 37-yard average. Coach Erne Becker also commended the defensve play of Brent Coffman, whom Becker sad, "Played an outstandng game." Coach Erne Becker prased the play of the offensve lne, sayng, "The blockng by our offensve lne wth Bran Downng, Dck Parker, Jeff Hazle and Chrs Slamka was really a factor n helpng us move the football ths week." Asked what led the Redwngs n ther upset vctory aganst Holt, Becker sad, "I thnk, game helped pace the offense, "Our passng game was-effectve enough to throw them off. They came up to stop the run." - - The Redwngs take on an 0-3 Iona team n an away game Frday. The Redwngs next home game wll be aganst Waverly Oct 2. DWINGS, RAMS SCRAMBLE FOR BALL HEARING AID CONSULTATION AT Steel Hotel ST. JOHNS A.M. to 2 P.M FREE GIFT WRAPPING 07 N. Clnton Avenue VOldjFashQned FrendfoServce" St. Johm, Mchgan,. - Phona Open Monday & frfdayngh'ts'tl 9 O'C 'Clock f M (.. RAY SCHEULLER SNAGS PERTLER fes FOR. POINTS Church, class donates Bbles for ambulances ST JOHNS - The Plgrm Unted Methodst Church TNT Sunday School Class (Twentes and Thrtes) have donated 2 Lvng Bbles to the Clnton. 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8 8A ' VARSITY St Johns MarkWawsczyk Tom French Jame Moore John Bond TOTAL Hastngs DaveVanderveen Pete Hook St Johns golfers defeat Hastngs, Grand Ledge Greg Cole 35 BobPeuracl 37 TOTAL 4 ' 42 JR VARSITY 55 St Johns Jeff Hunt 39 KenJorae 4 Dave Cole Wayne Dedyne 48 TOTAL 85 Hastngs JCevn Beyer 39 Marvn Spyker 47 Bruce Colvn 48 Bruce Smth 52 TOTAL 8 The Redwng golf team put t all together to nearly equal the school record accordng to golf coach Mke Humprhrey. Ths wn puts the Redwngs nto a te for frst place n the conference. Rexall < SALE 0 BIG DAYS, OCTOBER 4th thru OCTOBER 3t. BIG SPECIAL ON Vtamns Cosmetcs Dental Needs Sundres Statonery Baby Needs Hosptal and Flatware Rubber Goods Mancure sets $.88 Dresser sets Ktchen towels $.99'J 2/99tf Ironng board L,. pad and cover $.97 Cosmetc bags 29«E Around Neck Mrrors 79^ ls Sofl DRUG and FIRST wss I AID ITEM ~ *S-l2'Forl PLUS a PENNY ordered tlr 20% OFF 0gr. asprn 00's 2/$.40 Good Thru \\ Mouthwash pts 2/$.09 2/49 <* IBH^SSW' Frst ad W Halloween Cards Peroxde * 0 VO 2/ * Alcorex pt 2/78*f assftww^ Pneolpt 2/$5 COUPON one lot of COSTUME JEWELRY Vz PRICE Good Thru Many Many Mnctoman vtamn 00's. 2/$2.79 f One Daly vtamn 00's.. 2/$2.79, Red Spray deodorant... 2/$.24 \ Party Hose 2/99rf Toothpaste % oz 2/$.09 Vz x 0 yards tape 2/rf Cotton Balls 30's 2/8^ 3 pack c0 cassette tapes... $.47 Morejtems _..,,*- nq v v BfsSwwwws; Roball Deodorant Vk.oz..-2/$.03 Bathtub applque «COUPONT 200 Fast Home Permanent... 2/$ gallon cool spray Vaporzer $0.39 BILLFOLDS SJOO I Toothbrushes 2/50^ SPALDING golf balls $ *l! Mens and Lades,j Support Stockngs 2/$5.9 Sun Lamp Kt $0.95 f BILLFOLDS» 99 rll Su PP rt pant V Hose 2/$.9 * m Heatng pads 2/$7.9 Electrc Blanket $7 95! H Good Thru J! fl^^b^j! Sn 8 e Ed 9 e B,ades " 2/70dehsa3^^mw*~ p asc j a j Tssues 2/50«f RELIABLE SERVICE f«fa "Your Famly Health Center FOWLER Phone CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN ATTROYHHAS ', GRANDLEDGE Mark Brooks VARSITY Jm Law Kevn Knes BarryWeatherby 'Total STJOHNS Jame Moore 38 MarkWawsczyk 40 Tom French 42 John Bond 42 Total 2 JR VARSITY * STJOHNS Dave Cole ' -25, Legal Notce Statement of Ownershp, Management and Crculaton (Act of August 2, 970: Secton 385, Ttle 39. Unted States Code). Ttle of Publcaton: Clnton County News. 2. Date of Flng: Oct.,973.?. *" :PCV of Issue:' Weekly. 4. Locaton of Known Offce of Publcaton: 20 E. Walker St., St. Johns, Clnton, Mchgan Locaton of the Headquarters or General Busness Offces of the Publshers: 20 E..Walker St., St. Johns, Mchgan Names and Addresses of Publsher, Edtor and Managng Edtor: Publsher -- Harold Schmaltz, 800 W. Baldwn St., St. Johns, Mchgan ' Edtor - James Edwards, 504 N. Morton St., St. Johns, Mchgan Managng Edtor ~ None. 7. Owner: (If owned by a corporaton, ts name and address must be stated and also mmedately thereunder the names and addresses of stockholders ownng or holdng percent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporaton, the names and addresses of the ndvdual owners must be gven. If 'owned by a partnershp or other unncorporated frm, ts name and address, as well as that of each ndvdual must be gven.) Greenvlle News, Inc., 09 N. Lafayette St., Greenvlle, Mch Dale Stafford, 40 South St., Greenvlle, Mch John Stafford, Rural Route 4, Greenvlle, Mch Robert W. MacDonald, 32 N. Jeffery Ave., Ithaca, Mch '8. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Securty Holders Ownng or Holdng Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages or Other Securtes. I None. J. Extent and 'Nature of Crculaton. A. Total No. Copes Prnted (Net Press Run), Average No. Copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 7,00. Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct., 973):,800. B. Pad Crculaton; () Sales through dealers and /carrers, street vendors and p 'nter sales, Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 2,40. Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct., 973): 2,437. (2) Mal Subscrptons, Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 4,49. Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct.,973): 3,928. C. Total Pad Crculaton: Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months:,579. Sngle ssue publshed nearest to flng date (Oct., 973):,35. D. Free Dstrbuton Dy man, Carrer or other m^ans: () Samples, complmentary, and other free copes: Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 20. Sngle ssue publshed nearest to flng date: 3, (2) Copes Dstrbuted to News Agents, but not sold: Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 240. Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct,973): 94. E. Total Dstrbuton (Sum of C and D): Average No. Copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 7,020. Sngle ssue publshed nearest to flng date (Oct., 973):,722. F. Offce use, left-over, unaccounted, spoled after prntng: Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 80, Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct.,973): 78. G. Total (Sum of E and F - should equal net press run shown n A): Average No. copes each ssue durng precedng 2 months: 7,00. Sngle ssue nearest to flng date (Oct., 973):,800. I certfy that the statements made by me above are correct and complete. rs* r r HAROLD SCHMALTZ," \ ^Publsher Jeff Hunt 4 KenJorae 4 Wayne Dedyne- 5 Total 88 GRANDLEDGE Bran Fox 40 Scott Kelly 43 TmMcFnn 44 Gary Mller. 47 Total 74 CURRENT ADVICE Be cautons at school crossngs gve our chldren ther rght-of-way to a long lfe. NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPI0NSH SERIES October -7 Also ST. JOHNS IONIA FOOTBALL FRIDAY, 7:50p.m. WRBJ-FM NOTRE DAME - MICHIGAN STATE SATURDAY WRBJ-FM DALLAS COWBOYS -WASHINGTON REDSKINS - MONDAY NIGHT WRBJ-FM REDWING SCHEDULE GOLF Oct 5 Ithaca H Ovd-Else to be announced. Oct 9 Conference Day Oct 3 Regonals Oct 20 State Fnals October 4,973 TO MS WE STE R N STQ R E OVID. MICHIGAN 4SB.G* ' _ $* ' Hlftsr AND PONY. fpuipmfni * ~.VHE DANC.'fA WCSTT Hf". CIO THING' It,! no. tr (n S*r.! on m S.J'l SI*'fBl7 834,544 Dtmer Broadcastng Co. WRBJ-FM WRBJ-AM 580 J W &*!r*/ 92. tj- -n^p^, The Staff of 'Wngs', the 973 St. Johns Hgh School Yearbook, would lke to thank the followng area busnesses and merchants for ther support wth advertsng n the yearbook: PHILLIPS ALLABY AND BREWBAKER, INC. D & C STORES, INC. HGJGHTEN. REAL ESTATE > IMPLEMENT CO. ALOHA DRIVE-IN ANTES CLEANERS ARNOLD'S DRUGS D & B PARTY SH0PPE DEPEALS MUSIC CENTER E. F. BORON CO. HOWE'S GREENHOUSE HUB TIRE CENTER J C PENNEY STORE P0NDER0SA SPORT CENTER QUALITY DISCOUNT HOUSE BECK'S FARM MARKET BEE'S CHEVROLET-OLDS EGAN FORD SALES E. MACKINNON & SON JEANNE'S BEANS JULIE K SHOP R. E. BENSON PLUMBING & HEATING REHMANN'S BURGER CHEF BURTON ABSTRACT & TITLE F. C. MASON CO. FEDERAL MOGUL KARBER BLOCK CO. KURT'S APPLIANCE CENTER RON HENNING INSURANCE CAPRI MOTEL GAMBLES STORE KWIK K00K SAYLOR-BEALL CO. - / "Tp^HK ^^^8 K[*- tnh^^^h m W^ Vsts'l* ^^^9 ^w HHHf] CAPITOL SAVINGS & LOAN CAROL ANN SHOP C & J TASTEE FREEZ CENTRAL MICHIGAN LUMBER H^ffmpENTRAL NATIONAL BANK; \ \/^^^^^H f%*m%$w CLINTON NATIONAL BANK COLONIAL RESTAURANT DALEY'S FINE FOODS GRATIOT FARMERS SERVICE HARR'S JEWELRY HERBRUCKS HETTLER MOTOR SALES HIGHLAND HILLS GOLF COURSE HITCHING POST RESTAURANT H0AG FUNERAL;HOME HOBBY LOBBY MEL WARREN INSURANCE MCDONALD'S METROPOLITAN LIFE MILLER-JONES SHOES MIN-A-MART MOORE OIL CO. NICK'S FRUIT MARKET NORM HENRY FINE SHOES, PARR'S REXALL DRUGS * SEALED POWER C0R>. SHAPIRO AUTOMOTIVE SILVESTRI PAINT & WALLPAPER STR0USE OIL CO. TOM'S TEXACO TONY'S PIZZA * TREASURE CHEST WES'S GULF SERVICE WHEEL INN. r * y. *, WOODBURY'S FLOWERS

9 ^UftobeM, 973 CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN Bullock Creek s vctm O-E gets st vctory 9A? &em- ***** PLENTY OF INTERFERENCE LEADS WAY FOR MARAUDER RUNNING BACK Ovd-Else pcked up ther frst vctory of the season wth a 20-4 wn over Mdland Bullock Creek Frday. The Marauders drew frst blood after fullback Randy Bowles^broke off tackle for 25 yards'to the Bullock Creek 4- yard lne. One play later halfback Dean Hbbler scored the touchdown and quarterback Perry Munson passed to end Ted Geger for the 2-pont converson. Bullock Creek came rght back after recoverng a fumble and scored ther touchdown on a 33-yard pass play from quarterback Don Mller to end Mark. Howson. The converson attempt faled. O-E came back when Munson threw a short pass to Ted 'Geger who just outran the Lancer defenders for a 8-yard touchdown, * The try for the extra pont was not successful and the st half ended wth O-E ahead 4-. The Lancers kcked off to O-E n the 2d half and forced a punt. In the next seres of plays halfback BllMcDonald wentup the mddle on a draw play for 45 yds and a Bullock Creek touch; down pcked up the 2-pont converson to te the game 4-4, In the 4th quarter the Lancers were knockng on the door of the O-E goal lne when junor lnebacker Tm Bolton pcked off a BC pass and scampered 50 yds before beng,caught from behnd. O-E then put together a 50- l yard drve n 2 plays to pck up the wnnng TD. Tm Qune scored up the touchdown on a - yard run. O-E's offense collected 23 total yards wth 90 of those yards comng from passng. Randy bowles pcked up 94 yards rushng n 2 carres. Munson ht" 4 of 8 passes for the 90 yards and end Ted Geger caught 3 for 84 yards, BC had 84 total yards. O-E had 7 frst downs wth 5. for BC. k O-E had 85 yards n penaltes to BC's 20. Coach Mark O'Donnell sad, s "We defntely mproved our ' Fowler remans unbeaten wth vctory over Olvet Fowler made t 3 straght wth a -8 vctory over Olvet Frday ^nght, wth the only score of the season aganst the Eagles comng n the last 4 mnutes of play. Fowler took the lead n the openng quarter when Bob MacKnnon raced all the way wth a punt return for a 5-yard touchdown. Terry Thelen ran n the 2-pont converson to gve the Eagles an 8-0 lead. In the 2d quarter Terry s Thelen scored from the 4-yardlne and Roger Thelen made t -0 wth a 2-pont converson on a quarterback sneak. That ended the scorng untr about 4 mnutes were left n the game. That's when Olvet's Steve Copeland connected wth Rch Schrner on a 5-yard pass play for ponts. Rck Perry ran the 2-pont converson for Olvet. Fowler rushed for 9 yards, led by Terry Thelen who ran for 83 yards n 4 carres. The Eagles' leadng rusher, John Pung was out for the week wth a bad back, but s expected to play n Frday's game aganst Langsburg. Olvet was held to 57 yards on tne ground, but pcked up 3 yards n the ar wth Copeland httng on passes n 4 attempts, Glen Smon, Fowler mddle lnebacker, and Kenny Halfman defensve tackle, both had 5 tackles followed by defensve tackle Dave Halfman wth 2 Last quarter run leads De Wtt over P-W DEWITT-Wth tme runnng out n the fnal perod and Pewamo-Westphala leadng by 2 ponts, DeWtt's Al Brown hauled n a Bob Rce pass and ddn't stop runnng untl he crossed the goal lne 75 yards from the lne of scrmmage. The touchdown gave the Panthers a 4-2 vctory over the Pewamo-Westphala Prates. DeWtt started the scorng n the contest wth a 32-yard run by Rck Moody n the st quarter. Bob Rce ran n the 2- pont for an 8-0 DeWtt lead. In the 2nd perod, Pewamo- Westphala bounced back and scored on a -yard run by Randy Walter and another by Pat Thelen. Nether converson attempt was successful, gvng the Prates a 2-8 lead at the end of the half. Both teams were scoreless n the 3rd perod and the DeWtt wnnng touchdown was the fnal score of the* game. Brown pcked up 9 yards n 3 carres for DeWtt and caught 2 passes for 0 yards. Defensvely, the Eagles were led by lnebackers John Perez and Steve Dalman and halfback Members of the 973 St Johns Hgh School cross country squad are (front, from left) Ralph Shnevar, Steve Sutfn, Andy Clark, Wayne Fedewa, Larry Kanask, Kevn Wrght, Jm Wagner, (2d row) Debbe Rudy (manager), Bob Chamberlan, BUI Kohls, Leonard Maland, Dave Spousta, Erc Barks, Bran Maer, Ruff Frost, Rck Pardee (3d row), Larry Slagell, Mke Warr, Don Lews, Stewart Hazle, Jm Rasmussen, Kevn Bargar, Dan Magsg, Randy Root, Gary tosekrans and Regno Salazar, ^ CITY OF ST. JOHNS Notce of Publc Hearng October 23, 973 To be held n Commsson Chambers, 2 E. Walker Street, St. Johns, Mchgan, at 2:30 p.m. " Purpose: An appeal on the Zonng Admnstrator's nterpretaton of the Zonng Ordnance to deny Mr. Howard Purvs a buldng permt to construct an unattached garage. Mr. Purvs proposes a sde yard setback of only foot, when 5 feet s requred for an accessory buldng. Legal Descrpton: Lots 4,5, of Block 00, Walker and Steel Subdvson Tax Roll No.:, Address: 7 Frankln Street _ Randy L. Humphrey, Zonng Admnstrator SPECIAL CLINTON BOARD OF A Specal Meetng of the Clnton County Zonng Appeal Board wll be held on Tuesday, October 9, 973 at 8 p.m. n the Courthouse, St. Johns, Mchgan. DEWITT TOWNSHIP The appeal of Long Development Company L to erect structures whch do not meet the mnmum yard requrements on the followng descrbed parcels: Lots 3 through 34, lots 39 through 4, lots 92 through 99, lots 0 through 05, lots 45 through 47, lot 49, lot 5, lot 0, lot 3, lot 24, lot 37, lots 25 through 30, lots 80 through 83 and lots 35 through 9. The above lots are land embraced n the Plat of Country Meadows Estates, a Proposed Subdvson of part of the E. /2 of Sec, 8, T5N, R2W, DeWtt Twp., Clnton Cty,, Mch, desc as fol: Beg. at the N/4 cor of sd Sec 8; th S 00 43'-45" W f t. alguhe N-S/4 In. to the cen. of sd. Sec 8; th contnung S, OOMW W 827,7 ft alg the N-S /4 In; th S 89W-4" E ( ft to the cen of Shavey Rd; th alg the c/ of Shavey Rd., N5-5'-4" E 42,9 ft; th alg the arc of a 2 ( *-30' tangent curve to the rght (the c/ of Shavey Rd) havng a central angle of CITY OF ST. JOHNS Notce of Publc Hearng October 23, 973 Tobe heldn Commsson Chambers, 2E. Walker Street at 2:30 p.m. Purpose: Appeal on the Zonng Admnstrator's nterpretaton of the Zonng Ordnance to deny Mr. Donald M. Dewtt a buldng permt to construct an unattached garage n hs rear sde yard. The Ordnance requres on a corner lot, that a garage set back the requred sde yard dstance of that of the prncpal buldng (20ft) and further provdes that n no case shall the buldng set closer than 20 ft. to street lne whch s the rght-of-way lne. Mr., Dewtt proposes a 0' setback. Legal Descrpton: Lots l&2block 94, Orgnal Plat % Tax Roll No.: Address: 70 S. Mead Randy L. Humphrey, Zonng Admnstrator COUNTY ZONING MEETING r -07'-3", a radus of ft, & a long chord of ft. bearng N 9*00'00" E ft; th N 2S03'-45" E alg. the c/ of Shavey Rd.22.7 ft; ths B9^58'-2S" E ft; th S 00"2'- 32" W 200 ft; th S 37=M9'-L" W ft; th S 5^50'-03" W ft; th S 89^8*5" E 429.5I'ft; th N 00-02'22 M E ft;' th S 89"-23'-ll" E ft; th S 0(P-09-53" E 9.55 ft; th S 89"- M)9"E ft; th N'OCW-TO" E ft; th N OOP-00'-52"' W ft to the E-W/4 Sec In of sd Sec 8; th N,89' L 28'-02" W alg sd /4 sec In ft; th S 00 F <-30M8" W ft; th N M3" W ft to the cen of Shavey Rd; th N WW- 45" E 7,39 ft; th alg the arc of a 4 '-O0' tangent curve to the left (the c/ of Shavey Rd) havng a central angle of llw-5", a radus of ft., & a long chord of 289. ft bearng N - 5'-38" E ft; th N 00A27*-30" E ft alg the c/ of Shavey Rd; th S. 89*29'-00" E ft to the E In of sd Sec 8; th N 00'M3, -57" E alg sd, Sec In 2.0 ft to the NE cor of, sdscclo, (also beng the cen of HerbsonRd); thnw^w W alg the N In of sd Sec 8,734.5 ft to the cen of Shavey Rd, th S 0O w -27, -30" Walg the cen of Shavey Rd ft; th S 89^29'- 50" W ft; th N 3 r -49'-28" W ft; th N 00 A -27'-30" E ft. to the N In of sd Sec 8 (cen of Herbson Rd); th N 89«07'-00 n W alg sd Sec In, ft. to the p.o.b. Ths tract contans lots numbered one (h thru 49. Arnold RMnark, Zonng Admnstrator Bruce Brown. Pat Thelen led the P-W rushng game wth 53 yards and also ht on 8 of 8 passes for 9 yards. ' Gery Beachnau led the P-W defense wth tackles and 7 asssts and Steve Smon was credted by coach Bll Marks wth a good overall defensve job. DeWtt takes on Fulton Frday. The Fulton Prates, new to the CMAC have an unbeaten 3-0 record. Pewamo-Westnhala k nnw 3-0 and takes on Portland St Patrck Frdav n a home game. Freshmen beat Holt ST JOHNS - The St Jonns freshmen defeated the Holt freshmen 28-0 Thursday nght n St Johns. Mark Barrett scored on a 70- yard touchdown run and he also ran for 2, 2-pont conversons. Barrett pled up 09 yards rushng n 9 carres. Mark Geller ran n from the 50 and the 28 for 2 touchdowns and had 99 yards n 4 carres. Quarterback Jerry Bashore scored a touchdown on a 4-yard run and had 2 yards n 8 carres. Terry Sehlke also rushed for 8 yards n 2 carres, The freshmen Redwngs grounded out an amazng 439 yards rushng aganst Holt. The Redwngs had recovered fumbles by Alan Rennells and Jerry Bashore. Scott Maland pcked off a Holt pass. Ther next game s Thursday at 7 pm aganst Iona away. St Johns Cross Country OCTOBER 55T- ' ' Almalv. Mcn - 8 Lowell Inv. Thu- Hastngs (T) 5:00 Sat -3 Clnton County IThu - 8 GdLdge(H)5:0Q, Thu -725 Alma q? 5:0ft.Sat -"27 " ' Regonal! Tue - 30 Conference MORTGAGE, PAYMENT V PROTECTION We offer a combnaton of mortgage nsurance whch wll pay off the. mortgage f you de and ; REPLACEMENT INCOME INSURANCE whch Wll make (Inpayments f you are. sck or njured and can't work. ' " ', '' Ths fne coverage costs legs than you thnk! A father at age 25 can protectasap.odo, 30-year mortgage on hs.home for just over $0.00 per month-a small amount for famly peace of lnd.. '.. For Complete" Facts See Or Call WILLIAM KHOLLEY Carter - Melvn INSURANCE AGENCY. Your Independent Insurance Agency:.22 W. Man, Else ' Phone Resdence Phono / and Norm Koengsknecht wth 0. Koengsknecht and Smon are both sophomores. Eagle coach, Steve Spcer descrbed Olvet as a "good defensve ball club." He sad they shouldn't be taken lghtly... "They'll probably beat a few teams before the season's over." Fowler wll host Langsburg Frday nght. Langsburg suffered ther st loss to new league opponent Fulton -0 last Frday. After the Langsburg contest Frday, the Eagles fnd the schedule no softer the next week-they face Pottervlle who s currently 3-0. REHMANN'S- offense, but we stll had too many penaltes," He stated, "We can't rest on ths wn because of the Corunna game ths v week. They had 22 returnng lettermen returnng and we know they are always a fundamentally sound team." Corunna was the only team to beat Ovd-Else last year. Leadng the defense were RobbNethaway wthl4 tackles; Ran'dy Bowles, 2; Mke Rummell, ; Denns Cross, _and Jm Qune wth JO. The O-E JV's lost ther game to the Bullock Creek JV The Lttle Marauders only TD came on a pass from Nethaway to Wyrck. Halfback Kevn Byrnes, the JV's leadng scorer and rusher was njured and wll mss the rest of the season. The O-E freshman played to a scoreless te wth the BC freshman. They met the Corunna freshman at the O-E feld 7 pm Tuesday and the OE JV's wll be at Corunna for a 7 pm game Thursday. COMING OCTOBER 7th 50th. ANNIVERSARY SALE AT BORON'S J 22 N.CLINTON PHONE ST. JOHNS ,\W> of St. Johns- The Store of Large Selectons NS^ *' " \ J! > * Natonally Known Brands 2^ y B G DAYS 0F SAVINGS TO YOU -C SALE STARTS THURS:,OCT.4TOOCT.3 ALL MERCHANDISE FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY SALE IS FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK OF FIRST QUALITY NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS a specal group of NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS SUITS and ORIGINAL PRICE OTHER SUITS *ato*30 OFF and OTHER SPORT COATS 8 5 to*5 OFF All Weather Coats and Wool Topcoats UNDER $50 OVER $ OFF 8 0 OFF GROUP OF HAGGAR DOUBLE KNITS SLACKS Peg.$8 NOW S 2 $ 2 00 Off Sleeveless Sweaters Wth Purchase of Corduroy Slacks ALL MENS and BOYS NEW FALL SHOES ON SALE S-A-L-E ON ALL '-MENS-LADIES ANDCHILDRENS SNOWMOBILE SUITS Our Entre Stock of MENS and BOYS Fall and Wnter / Coats and Jackets ON SALE ncludng Leather Coats ONE GROUP JACKETS and COATS V 2 PRICE CLOTHING FURNISHINGS SHOES for DAD and LAD ST. JOHbS OPEN MONDAY and FRIDAY NITES K I s

10 ^ 0A Lons test vson * vat Fulton The Maple Valley Lons Club s holdng eye examnatons through the use of sght screeners Thursday, Frday, and Saturday, Oct 4, 5 &. Hgh School students wll be screened Thursday and Frday from_8 am untl 4 pm. Adults are encouraged to also take elementary chldren to the sght screen. The eye examnatons are beng held at Fulton Hgh School, /2 mle south of Mddleton. There s no charge, CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN Saylpr-Beall promotes ST JOHNS-Walter Steward Jr, 28,90 N Oakland, St Johns has been named transportaton manager and government sales representatves for Saylor Beall Corp. Formerly a plant employee Walter Steward Jr Steward has been wth the company year. He formerly taught school for 4-/2 years and was an ndustral arts teacher at Fowler for 3 years. Born and rased \n Greensboro, Md, he s a graduate of Denton,, Md Hgh School and receved hs bachelor of scence degree from McPherson College n Kansas n 97. Steward and hs wfe, Barbara, have been resdents of St Johns for 3 years. L Obtuares Clayton Church Servces were held Oct 2 from Lee A Rummell Funeral Home, n DeWtt for Clayton Allen Church, 20, 2 Solon Rd, DeWtt, who ded Sept 29 followng an automoble accdent Rev Lavern Bretz offcated wth buralat DeWtt Cemetery. He was born Feb,953 n St Johns, the son of Mr and Mrs Clayton B Church of DeWtt. He was a 97 graduate of DeWtt Hgh School and was employed as a salesman, for Roberts Dstrbutng Co, Survvng are hs parents; grandparents, Mr and Mrs Vrgl Sample; grandparents, Mr and Mrs Nckolas Surdenk of Lansng; 2 brothers, Steve and Mchael of DeWtt; 2 ssters, Karen and Sharon, both of DeWtt.. Lela Zmmer Servces were held Tuesday, Oct 2 from Lee A Rummell Funeral Home n DeWtt for Lela Maxne Zmmer, 37, 7505 W Chadwck Rd, DeWtt. Rev Father Jerome Schmtt offcated. She ded Sept28n Watertown Twp, the vctm of an automoble accdent. Y She was bom Nov 5,935 n Iona, the daughter of Bart and Iva Flnt. She was marred Nov 5,953 n Portland to Robert H Zm- Survvhg are ter husband, Robert E Zmmer of DeWtt; 3 daughters, Dawn, Tracy and Jod; ssters, Mrs Phylls Wallace and Mrs Mana Jean Stanton, both of Iona; stepfather, John Badder of Iona and grandson. " Mrs Eva Waters ELSIE (c) -Funeral servces for Mrs Eva Waters, 8, of Carland were held Monday, Oct, at the Carter Funeral Home n Else. The Rev Darold D. Boyd offcated and bural was made n Farfeld Cemetery. Mrs Waters ded Frday mornng at Carson Cty Hosptal, Mrs Waters was born ^n'gram-comty-oj-bep's; 887 and hatf resded allol her' lfe n the Carland area. She and George Austn were marred n 90. He ded n 99. She and Henry Waters were marred n March 93. He ded n June 97. Survvng are v l son, Glenn Austn of Alma; step-son, Russell of Shepardsvlle; grandchldren and greatgrandchld. AAarle Shepard ELSIE (c) - Funeral servces for Marle J. Shepard, 3, of 2 Sterlng St, Ashley were held Saturday at the Carter Funeral Home n Else. The Rev Maran Demnt offcated and bural was made n Ford Cemetery. Mr Shepard ded Thursday, Sept 27, at Carson Cty Hosptal after an llness of several months, Mr Shepard was born Sept 2, 90 n Elwell to Perry and Nelle Shepard. He had resded most of hs lfe n the Bannster and Else areas for the past 2 years. He and the former Alverta Harshman were marred Dec 9, 933 n Detrot. Mr Shepard was retred from October 4,973 Oldsmoble n Lansng. Survvng are hs wfe; daughters, Mrs Nelle Russell of Bannster, Mrs Marlene Wlhelm of Ithaca,' Mrs Donna Smth of Cncnnat, Oho; 3 sons, Donald of St Johns, Earl of- Owosso, Leland of St Clar Shores; sster, Mrs Martha Dobschnsk of Brant; 3 brothers, Clare of Utca, Glenn of Lakevew, Gene of Indanapols, Ind; 34/ grandchldren and 2 great grandchldren. One son, James, preceded hm n death, John Faban John Faban, 52, owner of Hghland Hlls Golf Course, ded suddenly at hs home, 583 US- 27 Saturday, Sept 29. Funeral servces were held Wednesday, Oct 3, at People's Church n East Lansng. He s survved by hs wfe, Eleanor; son, John Jr of 405 Meadowvew, St Johns; 2 grandchldren, John Robert Faban n and Amy. / Bural was at EvergreeK Cemetery mlansng. John Drew ST. JOHNS - John Drew, 84, 50W Park S t r e e t, St Johns, ded Sept 27 at the Ovd Convalescent Home after a long llness. Funeral servces were held Sept 29 at the Osgood Funeral 'Home. Rev Francs Johanndes offcated. Bural was n Unon Home Cemetery. He was born n Clnton County on Sept 5, 889, the son of Frederck K. Drew and Augusta Rudolph. He was marred to Jenne M. Grubaugh n Owosso, March 2, 9. He resded n Clnton County most of hs lfe and he was a member of the Unted Methodst Church n St Johns. He s survved by l son, Gordon Drew ofj Newayo, Mchgan;.l daughter, Mrs Vlla Davs of Bancroft; 5 grandchldren and 2 greatgrandchldren. " - < from VAN W.HOAG Dear frends. II deserves emphass that the tme, the place, the character of the funeral servce, the merchandse used, (he cemetery selected - these are decsons of the famly of the deceased. The funeral (drector acts only as a representatve of the famly. The clergyman should be consulted In matters that concern hm before any decsons are made. Respectfully, ^*V ^ /J^*yfr~"' foog Funeral Home ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN When you get rght down to t, they're more mportant than anythng else n the world. Your famly and your frlertds fll your lfe and gve t meanng. Losng them s lfe's worst experence... and we're here to do What we can to help at such a tme. 0S00D FUNERAL HOMES ST. JOHNS MAPLE RAPIDS FOWLER IT( OVID f

11 -=s«call.;.#»,*'%< v *s TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIEDS NOW! Cltton County News "The Secton Wth The Want Ads" Secton B October 4,973 Help Wanted MAN OR WOMAN-Detrot Free Press motor route n and near St Johns and Else tf-l ^ ftlan OR WOMAN for motor route delvery of newspapers n the St. Johns-DeWtt area. Prefer someone who lves n ths area. Opportunty to have a proftable part-tme busness. Must have own car and be avalable at 2:30.m. daly and :00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more nformaton call or wrte W.A. Snyder Extenson 300. The State Journal, Lansng. 2-3-p-l EGISTERED NURSES part-tme on 7:00 to 3:00 and 3:00 to :00 shfts. Full and part-tme on :00 to 7:00 shfts. Every other weekend off. Please call Gratot Communty Hosptal, 300 Warwck Drve, Alma. Phone Extenson 24. An equal oportunty employer. 2-3-p-l NOW TAKING applcatons for shoe salesman. Good workng condtons and frnge benefts. Apply n person at Economy Shoe StorenSt.Johns EARN AT HOME, addressng envelopes & labels n your spare tme. Send 25$ & self-addressed envelope to I.S.R. Chase, R.F.D., Wngdale.N.Y. 2-4-p-l WANTED - Man wth GM parts experence to manage parts department for GM dealer. Good workng condtons, pleasant surroundngs, good p.y, pad vacatons, hosptalzaton nsurance avalable, retrement plan. Apply n person. See'Norman Can, Can Buck, Pontac, 20 W. Hgham, St. Johns, Mch tf-l WANTED Beef unloader. Must be neat and relable. Experence not necessary. Good wages and benefts. Phone or apply n person, Mchgan Beef Company, DeWtt. 23--p-l WANTED Relable person to be manager and bartender of local prvate club. For further nformaton call after 4 p.m p-l APPLICATIONS flow beng taken for employment. Apply at the Wheel Inn p-l WANTED - Auxlary Polceman for nghts and weekends. 'Applcaton avalable at the Bellage offce 7 E. FrontSt, Ovd p-l SANITATION foreman wanted. Full tme employment. Must be neat and relable, 5 nghts week. Experence not necessary. Good wages and benefts. Phone or apply n person, personnel offce, Mch. Beef Co. DeWtt. 23--p-l WANTED Man to work n low temperature condtons wth local meat company. Wll supply all cold weather clothes. Must be neat and relable. Experence not necessary. Good wages and benefts. Phone or apply n person, personnel offce, Mch. Beef Co., DeWtt. 23--p-l BUSINESS ' : SERVICE: DIMlScM* Use Ths Classfed Lstng For Fast Servce From Clnton County Busness Frms ARTS & CRAFTS CLEANERS JEWELRY NEEDLE ARTS, 70 S. Kbbee Ph Needle pont, crewel embrodery, rug hookng. AUCTIONEER AL GALLOWAY, AUC TIONEER Used.Farm Machnery & Parts. St. Johns, AUTOMOTIVE BILL FOWLER FORD. New & Used Cars & Pck-ups. N. US-27, DeWtt, CAIN - BUICK PON TIAC, New & Used Cars, 20 W. Hgham, Complete Body & Servce: EGAN FORD SALES, INC., 200 W. Hgham, phone Pnto-Ford-Maverck- Torno-Mustang. HUB TIRE CENTER, B.F. Goodrch Tres, Ph , Front End Algnment, BOB'S AUTO BODY, Complete Collson Servce, , 800 N, Lansng. ENRY E. DREPS, INC., Cars, Trucks & Motor Home Serv. 375 N. US-27, \ DEBAR CHEVROLET CO., New & Used Cars, Else You can't do better anywhere. MOORE OIL CO., If tfs tres, see us, 909 E. State, Ph HETTLER'S MOTOR SALES, 24 Hr. Wrecker Servce, Good Used Trucks, BARBERS BEAUFORE'S BARBER SHOP, 002-/2 State. Open Tues. Thru Sat. also Wed. & Fr. evenngs. ANTES DRY CLEANERS, pckup and delvery, 03 W. Walker, phone DRUGS PARR'S REXALL DRUGS, open daly 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday 8:30-2:30 & 5 7 p.m. ELECTRICIANS SCHMITT ELECTRIC CO., Resdental - Commercal - Industral, , 807-/2 E. State St. FERTILIZERS ZEEB FERTILIZERS, Everythng Tor the sol, St. Johns, , Ashley, FINANCIAL CAPITOL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOC, 222 N. Clnton, , Safety for Savngs snce 890. FLORISTS Say ft wth Qualty Flowers from WOODBURY'S FLOWER SHOP, 32 N. Clnton, St. Johns, FOODS ANDY'S IGA, St. Johns, Home Baked Bread, Pes, Cookes, Choce Meats, Carry-out servce. GIFTS THE TREASURE CHEST, 220' N, Clnton, Hallmark Cards - Russel Stover Candy. HARDWARE DALMAN HARDWARE, Ph DeWtt, Whrlpool Applances, Zenth TV, Plumbng and Heatng. INSURANCE JIM MCKENZIE IN SURANCE, All Lnes of Ins Iona LEVEY'S JEWELRY, Orange Blossom damond rngs, Bulova & Accutron Watches. Else, PARTY SUPPLIES D & B PARTY SHOPPE, Package Lquor 9 a.m. - 0 p.m. Mon. Thurs. Frl. & Sat. 9 a.m. - p.m. 224 N. Clnton. PLUMBING DUNKEL PLUMBING AND HEATING, Lcensed Master Plumber Ph , 807 E. State St. REAL ESTATE BURTON ABSTRACT AND TITLE CO. Abstract and Ttle Servces, 9 N. Clnton. Ph RESTAURANT DALEY'S FINE FOOD, Dnng & cocktals, Ph , S. US 27-/2 mle S. M- 2. VACUUM SALES KIRBY CENTER OF ST. JOHNS, Vacuum Sales and Servce moved to new locaton at 705 N. U.S.-27, formerly known as the Aloha Drve-In WESTERN TOM'S WESTERN STORE, lm. W. Ovd, &-5:30 Mon.- Sat., Fr, ll 0. Anytme by Appt.f , ' - j FOR ALL YOUR CLASSIFIED NEEDS CALL NOW TAKING applcatons for shoe salesman. Good workng condtons and frnge benefts. Apply n person at Economy Shoe Store n St. Johns MAN OR WOMAN for motor route delvery of newspapers n the St. Johns-DeWtt area. Prefer someone who lves n ths area. Opportunty to have a proftable part-tme busness. Must have own car and be avalable at 2:30 p.m. daly and :00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more nformaton call or wrte W.A. Snyder Extenson 300. The State Journal, Lansng. ' 2-3-p-l REGISTERED NURSES parttme on 7:00 to 3:00 and 3:00 to :00 shfts. Full and part-tme on :00 to 7:00 shfts. Every other weekend off. Please call Gratot Communty Hosptal, 300 Warwck Drve, Alma. Phone Extenson 24. An equal opportunty employer. 2-3-p-l EARN AT HOME, addressng envelopes & labels n your spare tme. Send 25$ & self-addressed envelope to I.S.R. Chase, R.F.D.,Wngdale,N.Y. 2-4-p-l WANTED - Man wth GM parts experence to manage parts department for GM ' dealer. Good -workng condtons, pleasart surroundngs, good pay, pad vacatons,. hosptalzaton nsurance avalable., retrement plan. Apply n person. See Norman Can, Can Buck, Pontac, 20 W. Hgham, St. Johns, Mch # 20-tf-l HELP WANTED - Woman for general offce work. Bookkeepng necessary, references requred. 5 days week for ntervew. Karber Block Co p-l Busness Opportunty SALESMEN: Fnd out about the challengng career opportuntes wth IDS. We sell Face Amount certfcates, Lfe Insurance, Mutal Funds, ol and gas lmted partnershp, etc. Annualzed commssons. Call Mr. Meyers, , after 5 PM. 7-0-P-2 NEW EXQUISITE OF FERING 38 year old company s seekng dstrbutors n St. Johns area* Opportunty unlmted. Earn $5,000. frst year parttme and more full-tme. Under $,000. nvestment s protected by nventory. Wrte Md-West Protecton, 270 W. Court, Sute, Flnt, Mchgan. 2-3-D-2. DEALERS WANTED FOR VIKING snowmobles, please contact E & M Dstrbutors, Inc., 958 Greenwood Road, Prescott, Mchgan 4875, Phone (57) p-2 CONCRETE A new home s a lfetme nvestment. Let us help you secure ths n- vestment wth the best basement wall possble a poured concrete wall. We are equpped to do the complete job or any par of'it. Brng your prnts over or call for an appontment READY-MIX CONCRETE For All Your Needs QUALITY-SERVICE FEDEWA BUILDERS, Inc. ^8 Wrght Road, 5!//Mles South of Fowler. SALESMEN: Fnd out about the challengng career opportuntes wth IDS. We sell Face Amount certfcates, Lfe Insurance, Mutual Funds, ol and gas lmted partnershp, etc. Annualzed commssons: Call Mr. Meyers, , after5PM., 7-0-p-2 NEW EXQUISITE OFFERING 38 year old company s seekng dstrbutors n St. Johns area. Opportunty unlmted. Earn $5,000. frst year parttme and more full-tme. Under $,000 nvestment s protected by nventory. Wrte Md-West Protecton, 270 W. Court, Sute, Flnt, Mchgan. 2-3-D-2 Jobs Wanted CUSTOM Barn Whte Washng. Call B.G. Schafer, Pewamo tf-3 CUSTOM Barn Whte Washng. Call B.G. Schafer, Pewamo tf-3 BOOKKEEPER 2 years experence p-3 Real Estate FOR SALE BY OWNER-3 bedroom ranch style home completely carpeted wth large ktchen, full basement and attached garage. Call a0-tf-4 BRICK RANCH HOME on large double corner landscaped lot, freplace, pato, heated garage, possble land contract terms. Shown by appontment only. Call P-4 FREE LOTTERY TICKET Wth s Purchase Excludng Beer, Wne & Cgarettes pp ^ ^ PEANUT BUTTER PLAIN or 8 oz. CRUNCHY BAKERS 2 oz. BAKERSANGEL FLAKE COCONUT 70, 29 $ NORTHERN TOWELS 2-PAK GREEN gnmt WHOLE bllul MUSHROOMS 2&oz. If AMERICAN-LEADER 0LE0 < LB FOR SALE New house on corner of Johnson Rd. on US /2 acres of land, 3 bedrooms wth full basement. Also, 3 homes for sale on Arport Rd., l/4 mle south of Kfnley Rd. One beautful home sets on 0-/2 acres of land featured by. a walkout sundeck on the upper level and a walkout basement wth sldng glass doors onto a pato. Also hghlghtng ths beautful settng s a pond. The other 2 homes are near completon and set on acre lots. Call or D-4 BUILDING LOTS avalable n Ovd area. Wll buld usng your plans or ours. Fedewa Bulders, Inc. " 5-tf-4 WE, OURSELVES, wll buy your land contract. For prompt, courteous acton, call Fofd S. LaNoble, LaNoble Realty, 5 E. Mchgan, Lansng, Phone (57) Evenngs (57) tf4 4 NEW HOMES under constructon n Westphala and surroundng area for sale. Call Fedewa Bulders, Inc tf-4 FOR SALE 3 bedroom older home, zoned,.com-, 'Hercal, can arrange fnancng. 00E State. 8-tM OVID Almost new (3 months ago) 3 bedrooms, lvng room, dnng room, ktchen wth bult n range nlayed and carpetng throughout alumnum sdng, full basement CALL NOW It won't last long! Mr. Augsbury (33) or (33) G.E. BAKER BUILDING IN CORPORATED G 4298 Corunna Road, Flnt. 20-tf-4 HOME SEEKERS! We have sx new homes under constructon n the St. Johns area all wth 7-3/4% nterest rates wth assumable mortgages. We also have buldng lots n the country wth low, low nterest rates on the fnancng! Exstng mortgages can be easly assumed... all are well below the current rates. Don't wat... call today! Duane J. Andersen Real Estate, Inc. or call Joyce Andersen at W. Sagnaw n Lansng, Mchgan. _2-tf-4 FOR SALE by owner. Ranch style home. rooms at 804 E. Sherdan Rd. Phone P-4 - TO BUY OR SELL real estate call, a salesman. - Stan Cowan. Area representatve. For Superor Realty of Owosso. Phone AGRICULTURAL-INDUSTRIAL-LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT Uaslng-Rentals-Servlce-Parts "Home Of The Frendly People" MORTON FORD TRACTOR, INC 522 North Grnd Rlftr Lrun, Mch ^ NORTHERN PAPER TOWEIS «" " «LADY KAY BREAD Lean Meaty SHORT LB. ICE CREAM SANDWICHES /53 * Pan Ready IM. Pak CAMPBELL'S SOUPS CHICKEN NOODLE No Depost or MUSHROOM 0 oz. Bottle Coca Cola 8/79" * Mchgan Grade New Crop 3 lb. Bag COOKING ONIONS ONE LOT FOR SALE on Lehman Road. Wll buld usng your plans or ours. Wll help arrange fnancng. Call Fedewa Bulders, Inc tf4 NEED acreage, St. Johns, DeWtt, or Portland area. Call Dave Whtcomb. LaNoble Realty - Realtors, 5 E. Mchgan, evenngs p-J FOR SALE BY OWNER - 3 bedroom ranch style home completely carpeted wth large ktchen, full basement and attached garage. Call tf-4 DAY, WEEK, MONTH or LONG TERM LEASE CAINS, Inc. BUICK-PONTIAC OPEL-GMC 20 \V. Hgham LOOKING FOR ANEW HOME? We'll Buld You What You Want 2-tf ON YOUR LOT OR OR OURS... WILLARD SEARLES Resdental Bulder ST. JOHNS Phone Best Blade Cut BEEF ROAST ROUND BONE or ENGLISH BONE BONELESS CHUCK ROAST 09 LB. FRESH ;ROUND CHUCK 9 LB. Fresh Crsp Large 254 PASCAL S " B "7 CELERY AT MAHARS WINE TAKE-OUT

12 2B BUILDING LOTS avalable n Ovd area. Wll buld usng your plans or ours. Fedewa Bulders, Inc. 5-tM HOME SEEKERS! We have sx new homes under constructon n the St. Jonns area all wth 7-3/4% nterest rates wth assumable mortgages, We also have buldng lots n the country wth low, low nterest rates on the fnancng! Exstng mortgages can be easly assumed,.. all are well below the current rates.. Don't wat,,.call today! Dane J. Andersen Real Estate, Inc. or call Joyce Andersen at 9-52, 400 W. Sagnaw n Lansng, Mchgan. 2-tf-4 WE, OURSELVES, wll buy your land contract. For prompt, courteous acton, call Ford S. LaNoble. LaN,oble Realty, 5' E. Mchgan, Lansng, Phone <57) Evenngs (57) tf-4 FOR SALE - 3 bedroom older home, zoned commercal, can arrange fnancng. 00E State. 8-tf-4 4 NEW HOMES under constructon n Westphala and surroundng area for sale. Call Fedewa Bulders, Inc , 42-tf-4 ONE LOT FOR SALE on Lehman Road. Wll buld usng your plans or ours. Wll help arrange fnancng. Call Fedewa Bulders, Inc* tf4 0 ACRE PARCELS, WHILE THEY LAST, excellent huntng, fshng, snowmoblng, all wooded - some wth water -- some adjon state land -- campers & tralers allowed - good roads - all parcels surveyed and have nsured ttles - some parcels at $4,900. Property located 7 mles off of I- 75, just east of Wolverne, Mchgan, whch s 9^mles north of Gaylord. OPEN HOUSE Frday, Saturday, & Sunday, each-week for balance of September, at Feld Offce on Wurm Road near Wolverne mle east on Afton Road, 2 mles south on Mollneaux Road, and 3/4 mle east on Wurm Road. Wrte or phone for map and full nformaton. BEN SCHENCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 200 Man St., East Jordan, Mch, Phone: () or Wolverne Feld Offce, Phone: () FOR SALE - New house on corner of Johnson Rd. on US-27. -/2 acres of land, 3 bedrooms wth full basement. Also, 3 homes for sale on Arport Rd., /4 mle south of Knley Rd. One beautful home sets on 0-/2 acres of land featured by a walkout sundeck on the upper level and'twalko'ut basenent wth sldng glass doors onto a pato. Also hghlghtng ths beautful settng s a pond. The CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN CLASSIFIED AD PAGES CASH RATE 5* per word Mnmum 50' per nserton Save a 25rf servce fee by payng for your charged ad wthn 0 days of nserton. BOX NUMBERS n care of ths offce add < 00 ALL CLASSIFIEDS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL MONDAY AT5P;M. other 2 homes are near completon and set on acre lots. Call or D-4 BRICK RANCH HOME on large double corner landscaped lot, freplace, pato, heated garage, possble land contract terms. Shown by appontment only. Call p-4 Tuton IB oppressvely hgh n the school of hard knocks. OVID Almost new {3 months ago) 3 bedrooms, lvng room, dnng room, ktchen wth bult-n range nlayed and carpetng throughout alumnum sdng, full basement CALL NOW Itwon't last long! Mr f Augsbury (33) or (33) G.E. BAKER BUILDING INCORPORATED G 4298 Corunna Road, Flnt. 20-tf-4 TOWN & COUNTRY SHAG Grand NYLON Immedate Installaton On All Stock Carpet PLUSH WOOL CARPETS New Carpetng...THEN... * t: L tll It tuuvllli BE WELL WORTH TO COME TO OUR GRAND OPENING SALE! : m fl! ^ -^ - SCULPTURED ACRILAN JUTEBACK '\''«< 5 ; \.-^ _*s,.,: %<3j&'n!% A TOWN & COUNTRY 32 N. CLINTON RFRESHAA.ENTS! SL JOHNS STORE HOURS: MON/and FBI,9-9-'TUES,WED,THURS,SAT : 9- SPECIAL SUNDAY OPENING 0a.m. to 5p.m. 00 % NYLON COMMERCIAL WEAVE Sq.Yd. ^ CANDY STRIPE PHONE Out of. town call collect DOOR PRIZES! COUNTRY Ranch near Ovd - Offers 3 large bedrooms, tastefully decorated throughout, large lvng room, offerng wall to wall carpetng, combnaton ktchen and dnng area, full bath, basement wth, attached 2-/2 car garage, located on a large country lot; Prce reduced to $28,500. Else - 3 bedroom - loaded on a quet resdental street, features good room szes throughout, man floor bath, basement, gas heat, l-/2 car garage, prced n the low teens. Avalable on land contract wth $ down. Roy Spess Agency, 33 N. Washngton St., Owosso, Mch. Phone Frank Santrucek , P-4 I HAVE a buyer for 80 to 20 acres of farmland n the md- Mchgan area. Call Jm Wrght, Slonaker and Berry Realtors, l-p4 Resort Property For Sale 0 ACRE PARCELS, WHILE THEY LAST, excellent huntng, fshng, snowmoblng, all wooded - some wth water -- some adjon state land -- campers & tralers allowed - good roads - all parcels surveyed and have nsured ttles - some parcels at $4,900. Property located 7 mles off of -75, just east of Wolverne, Mchgan, whch s 9 mles north of Gaylord. OPEN HOUSE Frday, Saturday & Sunday, each week for balance of September, at Feld Offce on Wurm Road near Wolverne mle east on Afton Road, 2 mles south on Mollneaux Road, and 3/4 mle east on Wurm Road. Wrte or phone for map and full nformaton. BEN SCHENCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 200 Man St., Bast Jordan, Mch Phone: () or Wolverne Feld Offce, Phqne: () P-5. ASSOCIATES, INC. 200 Man St., East Jordan, Mch Phone: () or Wolverne Feld Offce, Phone: () D-5 Tor Rent TRAILER sffefcevw ' '/ *' *' ' 2*3^ ' FOR RENT 3 bedroom upstars apartment. Stove, refrgerator, and all utltes furnshed, fully carpeted. No depost to responsble party. Phone , 23-l-p- MODERN' Apartments n country 4 mles south of Fowler D- FOR RENT - 2 bedroom apartment. All utltes ncluded; stove, refrgerator, garbage ' dsposal and some furnture. No depost to responsble party. Phone P- FOR RENT - Furnshed bedroom house. Also small separate unt wth lght housekeepng. South US-27. Adults only or sngles. No pets l-p- TRAILER space for rent; ,. 2l ; 3-p- Automotve, 973 Mercury Comet 4-door, cylnder automatc. Power steerng, rado and deluxe trm. Only,000 mles. Call p-ll LATE 970.GMC truck custom camper. Bult and travelng twn camperself contaned. Has 2 large beds Turner St. Lansng p-ll 973 Mercury Comet 4-door, cylnder automatc. Power steerng, rado and deluxe trm. Only,000 mles. Call p-ll Motorcycles 2 Suzuk TC Dual range transmsson perfect condton except needs new pant. $ or 50 ' Clark St. 2-3-p-2 Suzuk TC Dual range transmsson perfect condton except needs new pant. $ or 50 Clark St. 2-3-p-2 Farm Machnery 8 BEHLEN CORN CRIBS Heavy steal rods welded and dp galvanzed for years of rust-free servce and hgh resale value. Wll stand hgh wnds even when empry. See the varous szes avalable n stock for mmedate delvery at Fedewa Bulders, Inc., 28 Wrght Rd., Fowler. Lmted supply at pre-season prces. Fnancng avalable through your ASC offce at 8-3/4 nterest BEHLEN CORN CRIBS - Heavy steel rods welded and dp galvanzed for years of rust-free servce and hgh resale, value. Wll stand hgh wnds even when empty. See the varous szes avalable n stock for mmedate delvery at Fedewa Bulders, Inc., 28 Wrght Rd., Fowler. Lmted supply at preseason prces. Fnancng avalable through your ASC offce at % nterest FARM MACHINERY BOOMS t RED-*.. WHITE, TOP SILOS: Now n our 45th year servng the, ' more aggressve "and'-"cost' conscous farmers. Slos for every purpose. Get all the facts before you buy. Fnd out what a really heavy plaster coat s. -Is t appled wth a cement gun for better adheson and a much much heaver plaster lnng nsde lke we do? We nstall the foundaton. Our trucks are self unloadng wth hydraulc, booms. Slo-Matc and VanDale equpment. Order now and avod the fall rush. Booms Slo Co. Inc, Harbor Beach, M, Phone (57) or contact Jm O'Connor, St. Johns, M Phone: lo-tf-8 FOR SALE - Mounted New Idea 2-row corn pcker and sheller p-lB USED Gehl self unloadng wagon wth runnng gear good condton. Cable Farm Shop, Bath, M, p-8 John Deere 2 row corn-head (30" rows) - for John Deere 34 chopper John Deere 5% ft. pckup attachment for John Deere 34 chopper Kewanee n. & 8 n. Augers Lttle Gant n. & 8 n. Augers 2 New Idea 5 ft. elevators 2 New Idea 4 ft. elevators 3 Kewanee 3 pont Htch feld cultvators 5% and 84 ft. USED TRACTORS JD 4020 DSL wth cab 2 to choose from John Deere "A" John Deere Late Model "B" (two to choose from) Farmall 350 utlty DSL I.H.C. Model 50 feld chopper w/two row cornhead 'JD 20 ft cultpacker 38 chopper wth two row (narrow) cornhead John Deere 335 N Cornhead for a 55 Combne John Deere 434 N Cornhead for a 95 Combne DON SHARKEY John Daaro Sales & Servce /2 Mles East of St. Lous Phone Octobers 973 FARM MACHINERY BOOMS RED & WHITE TO" ;SILOS:Nownour45th,y n - 'servng the more aggress and cost conscous farm Slos for every purpose, all the facts before you Fnd out what a really h plaster coat s. Is t ap wth a cement gun for better adheson and a much much heaver plaster lnng nsde lke we do? We nstall the. foundaton. Our trucks are self unloadng wth hydraulc. booms. Slo-Matc and yvandale equpment. Order how and avod the fall rush. Booms'SIIo* o. Inc, Harbor Beach, M, MSItt/Vta,... (57) , or contact Jm V O'Connor, St. Johns. M, H Phone; tf-8 FOR SALE Mounted Ne Idea 2-row corn pcker and sheller P-8 Farm Produce 9 FOR SALE - Sweet onons, varety of squash, and rummage sale. /4 E, /4 south of Ashley School. McClelland Rd V 2-3-P-9 _ FOR SALE - Sweet onons, varety of squash, and rummage sale, /4 E, /4 south of Ashley School. McClelland Rd p-9 SHELLED corn at dscount Bn damaged. 00's of bushel nsy Essex Townshp. Contact Fred MohnkeSt. Johns, Mch. 300 E. Ralroad, before 9 a.m. 22-tf-9 FOR SALE - Squash, all knds. <; Glen Pearson, 3540 West Jason Rd p-' < SHAPE UP A reckless drver unc MB lfe. are soon parted so take measures to protect your lfe today. Symbol of Servce' 200 W. State St. PHONE &) 0tl$>: ll- '^3! ELSIE BRANCH * J '".j* Phone WMKffrt. *', H > jftruttd;' < > <»!S. LANSING ST. plenty of home for the money, corner lot, oversze garage, 3 bedrooms, nce lv. rm., modern ktchen w/plenty of cupboards, full basement, just $22, #77 COLOR YOUR FUTURE. PRETTY ths fall, get. started buyng a house of your own, 3 large. bedrooms, lovely ktchen,. carpeted lv. rm. w/bay. wndow, 4 car garage,. askng prce $24, #75. [800 W. BALDWIN Northern. settng featured n the. < landscapng, brck front,. real nce lv. rm., large famly rm. w/sldng glass. door to pato, throughout. the home there are. cathedral wndows, -/2. baths, man floor laundry. WTO 9 E. CASS ST. largo kt-. chen w/extra cupboard. space featured here, full. basement, deal for rec.. rm., extra deep garage,. plenty of nce pnes. planted across the back, 22. foot Hv. rm., #55 < 4 BEDROOMS, COULD BE 5. f needed, modern ktchen w/new snk & Counter,. 5x2 lv. rm., excellent. locaton, beautful back. yard all fenced, garage &. basement, panted last. summer. #80. HAVE A DINNER BY THE. FIRE n ths lovely- car-. peted dn. rm., even has a> > wndow seat, ktchen all. > new, 5 x 20 carpeted lv... rm., w/open starcase to - the 3 bedrooms up, juj^ stars outsde balamy^" just $24, ALMOST,00 SQUARE FEET n ths new ranch, 3 large bedrooms.yfaster bedroom has jamng 4 pc. bath, famly rm. w/freplace, large ktchen, w/eatng area, wll be corner lot, 2 car garage,, $37, #2 2 ACRES ON DEWITT RD. ( < w/large L-shape ranch,, famly rm. w/freplace, 4, bedrooms, 2 full baths,, plusutltyrm.w/l/2bath, 2 car attached garage, just $37, , FOR APPOINTMENTS AT OTHER TIMES PHONE: Bruce Lantermon ' Derrlll Shlnabery Dll Holley or Fat & Ruth Lusk RoyF.Brlggs Ranny Brfggs , Member of Lansng ' Board of Realtors

13 s* Hogs & Sheep 20 H Cattle TFOLK Rams to trade, Ovd -53, 22-3-p-20 R SALE - Purebred' yearlng hampshre ram. mle west, 3-/4 mles south of Fowler. Tallman Road p- 20 FOR SALE year old regstered Suffolk ram and 3,'ram lambs. Lloyd Southwell, 7083 Wllams Rd p-20 FOR SALE 2 year old Hampshre Ram.; Corner of Colony and Lowell (Rd Raymond Murton. j 23-3-p-20 SIMON'S m\m MILL Manufacturers of: Truck, pck-up, hay and gran racks, forage boxes, bunk feeders, portable cattle mangers and accessores. Custom Woodworkng. 28 S. Henderson Fowler, Mchgan Phone (Area 57} E.O.W. FARM and INDUSTRIAL TRACTORS and EQUIPMENT New and Used Smplcty LAWN and GARDEN EQUIPMENT HENGESBACH FORD TRACTOR SALES Phone PORTLAND, MICH. 5-tf FOR SALE U regstered Holsten cows. 4 regstered hefers year old. 2 regstered calves month* Old or D-2 FOR SALE Angus bulls, servce age. Stanley Geller, 354 West Prce Rd. 2-3-p-2, FOR SALE 3 yearlng" Holsten bulls. 2 regstered,' Robert Borton, Lansng, P-2 FOR SALE - regstered Holsten cows. 4 regstered hefers year old. 2 regstered calves month old or ' 2-3-p-2 FOR SALE Angus bulls/ servce age. Stanley Geller,.354 West Prce Rd, 2-3-p-2 FOR SALE 3 yearlng Holsten bulls. 2 regstered. Robert Borton, Lansng, P-2 FEEDER cattle sale. Frday October 2th, November 2, December 7. Mchgan Lvestock Exchange, St. Lous l-p-2 FOR SALE Holsten feeder steers,. Approxmately 00 lbs after p.m. 22-5f-2 LOST Tuesday - Small black and brown shepherd type dog. Red collar, answers to the name of Waf. Reward. Call orafterp.m l-p-23 LOST Grey and whte female cat. Pnk nose, no front claws. Lost snce September frst. Has been seen n area of Ovd between end of East Clnton and- M-2. Call ! collect and reward p-23 DISTRIBUTORS NEEDED-EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY 9 SIMDNIZa ", U,0N \* NNUAL Km " jexze,, n M I K "* s No Experence Neeewry. 0 Spre, Pan, or Full Tme. Nw marketng jyttem permts mrr or woman to dstrbute multlmllon pre-0 Id adverted products (or ml or u >S. compantet In the «bllon % Auto/Home products feld. Retlock company secured account! W weekly wtn hgh proft, hgh Impulse, flt reneat eontumer tem tom f SIMONIZ. TEXIZE. DUPONT, JOHNSON WAX, HOLLYWOOD-ACCES- S SOFtlESandPREMlUMTOOLS. HO IKITIA SIUHG! INCOME STARTS'IMM[OUTElY! COMPANY FURNISHED ACCOUNTS! GUARANTEED IHVINT0RY IUMKKI MINIMUM CASH INVESTMENT, JJAU or SHSQ, UP TO H7S0.O0 S Applcant thould have car, mnmum of pre hours weekly, relable and elgble lo assume busness responsbltes wthn 0 days. II you meet these requrements, have the cash Investment an.d sncerely want to own your own busness, then wrte and fncluoe pfone number to: -. V*.., IHnRNATIONAlMWflETHd'MEMJrc.'''""* " AUTO/HOME DIV., DEFT. JOHNSON MZ5 MID-C0UHTY INDUSTRIAL DR. n way W ST. IQUIS, MISSOURI UH A * CARL S. OBERLITNER Wafer Well Drllng 4" and larger Reda Submergble Pumps Wholesale Phone AL GALLOWAY Retal USED FARM EQUIPMENT TRACTORS - COMBINES - CORNHEADS TILLAGE TOOLS - PLANTERS - PICKERS TRACTOR PARTS-REBUILT HEADS GOOD SELECTION AT ALL TIMES Phone (57) or Frst Farm North of St. Johns on US-27 ST. JOHNS, MICH. 3-EEW-tf I FOR SALE - AKC regstered beagle pups, 8 weeks old, From excellent huntng stock. Call tf-23 Garage Sale GARAGE SALE Oakdale Drve, Round Lake. Westnghouse refrgerator, double bed, box sprngs, corner cabnet seats, books, qultng frames, antques, furnture, clothng - all szes, many household tems. October 3,4,5, and. 23-l-p-25 Mscellaneous 27 TUB ENCLOSURES - Foldng, polyvnyl doors - $ Dean True Value Hardware, St. Johns, Ph AN APARTMENT sze pano and bench. 5 years old P-27 B flat clarnet. Call after lp.m p-27 LET US RECOMMEND a' panter or paper hanger for you. Your Sherwn Wllams' Dealer, Fnkbener's, Fowler. Phone tf-27. LARGE INVENTORY OF' Balzer Jmmy and Bronco accessores now n stock. Tres and wheels for all 4-< wheel vehcles. YODER'S Sales & Servce, 893 Alward Rd., two mles west of Langsburg. Phone "* 50-tf-27 NORWOOD hay savers and slage bunks, all steel welded wth rolled edges to last a lfetme. See at our yard, 5-3/4 mles south of Fowler. Ph. '587-38, Fedewa Bulders, Inc. 22-tf-27 FOR SALE 8 Jealouse wndows 2-/2 x. 3 wth screens p-27 FOR SALE Wcker and wrought ron furnture. 4 foot round table, 4 chars, $ lamp tables - $20 each. 4 chars - $5 each. Fsh shaped chase lounge $25. All fne condton. 30 nch Hollywood bed, good for cottage or small apartment. 2 ar condtoners $35. Pella facjjnj^&dr;for,2.foot wde openfng^'or"wll "make nto 4 ndvdual doors. New $ p-27 2 brand new G-70-4 Goodyear tres wth chrome rms. Never been used! For Ford. $00. CLEAN expensve carpets wth best. Blue Lustre s Amerca's favorte. Rent shampooer, $. DeanHardware,St. Johns DRIVER Head Start - good drvng record, lkes chldren a hour. Call 482-3%. 23--D-27 ELECTRIC DRYER sewng machne, and would lke to care for chldren n lcensed home p-27 FOR SALE 3" snow blower. Fts John Deere 0 tractor through 98. $50. Phone after. 23-l-p-27 FOR SALE Lra accordan n excellent condton. Call p-27 FOR SALE Black and whte 23 nch GE, console televson. Mahogony cabnet wth casters P-27 NORWOOD hay savers and slage bunks, all steel welded wth rolle'd edges to last a lfetme. See at our yard, 5-3/4 mles south of Fowler. Ph , Fedewa Bulders; Inc. 22-tf-27 «Patos Drveways Floors Poured Walls e Barnyards KARBERS DELIVER CONCRETE THE "RITE-WAY" AND WE FEATURE FAST, EFFICIENT SEBVICE DAYS A WEEK, TOO For All Your Concretng Needs, Call Us! OR RENTALS AVAILABLE: Ar Compressors Power Fnshng Trowels Compactors CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN LET US RECOMMEND a pa nter or paper hanger for you. Your Sherwn Wllams Dealer, Fnkbener's, Fowler. Phone tf-27 LARGE INVENTORY OF Balzer Jmmy and Bronco accessores now n stock. Tres and wheels for all 4-wheel vehcles. YODER'sS Sales & Servce 893 Alward Rd., two mles west of Langsburg. Phone tf-27 SUMP PUMPS - 4 styles - good qualty, as low as $39.88, Dean True Value Hardware, St. Johns. Ph SHALLOW or deep well water systems at True Value prces. Dean True Value Hardware.* Ph , St. Johns TUB ENCLOSURES - Foldng, polyvnyl doors - $ Dean True Value Hardware, St. Johns, Ph ' AN APARTMENT sze pano and bench. 5 years old "" * "" 2-3-P-27 CUSTOM Plowng, fall and sprng. Phone Ken Eldrdge.' 22-3-p-27 FIREPLACE hardwood for sale. Phone p-27,FOR SALE -/2 x 2 Jealouse wndows wth screens D-27 Wanted r : ; Mscellaneous ^8 WANTED Chna cabnet. Phone p-28 WANTED - 2nd cuttng alfalfa or clover, also mxed hay No. qualty, H.R. Bllsbrough Hay and Straw Co., 987 N. Warren Road, Ovd p-28 TIMBER WANTED - Logs and standng tmber. Logs delvered to our yard. DEVEREAUX SAWMILL, INC., 2872 N. Hubbardston Rd., Pewamo, Mch. Phone and/or tf-28 TIMBERWANTED - Log's and standng tmber. Logs delvered to our yard. DEVEREAUX SAWMILL,. INC., 2872 N. Hubbardston Rd., Pewamo. Mch. Phone T4anaTor 593-^552" : 2J3; WANTED "Chna cabnet- Phone p-28 CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND PROCESSING. We butcher on Wednesdays and Frdays. Beef-Pork. Halves and quarters, also retal cuts. All meats MDA nspected. Pendell's Meat. Processng. West Cty Lmts on Bussell Rd. just off M-57, Carson Cty. Phone Jake Vaughn. 5-tf-nc-29 THERE IS NOW a Tmex- Repar Servce n Mchgan. Free estmates wll be sent on all repars, do not send^ money. We" also repar all' other makes of watches. Please send watches to Tmex Repar Servce, P.O. Box 28, Knde, Mch tf-29 CHURCH - LOWE - Oct 4th 5:30 p.m. -.chcken and ham smorgasbord, bazaa>, and bake sale. 2-3-p-29 BEAUTIFUL* WEDDING' nvtatons and accessores. Speedy servce, Fnkbener's Fowler. Ph tf-29 FOWLER RESIDENTS ' Take your ads to Fnkbener's Pharmacy for fast, convenentservce! ". 50-dh-tf-29 YOU CAN buld a new home and fnance t at 7-/4% nterest wth low monthly payments and very small closng costs f you qualfy.,under ths plan you can buld a 3 or 4 bedroom home. If you" can't qualfy for ths fnancng program, we have other fnancng programs avalable whch can be adapted to.your budget. For more nformaton, call fedewa Bulders, Inc <38U or stop n at our offce located 5-/4 mles south of Fowler on Wrght Rd.. 27-tf-29 FOR SALE - Parts for all* electrc shavers. Levey's Jewelry, Else, l-tf-29 ST. JOSEPH ALTAR Socety rummage sale, and country farm market. St. Joseph Church' basement. Sept. 27 from 9-5 and Sept. 28 from p-29 WOULD LIKE begnnng pano and organ pupls, chldren or adults. Call p-29, BEAUTIFUL WEDDING nvtatons and accessores.' Speedy servce, Fnkbener's Fowler. Ph tf-29 FOWLER RESIDENTS - Take your ads to Fnkbener's Pharmacy for fast, convenent servce! 50-dh-tf-29 YOU CAN buld a new home and fnance t at 8-/2% nterest wth low monthly payments and very small closng costs f you qualfy. Under ths plan you can buld a 3 or 4 bedroom home. If you can't qualfy for ths fnancng program, we have other fnancng programs avalable whch can be adapted to your budget. For more nformaton, call Fedewa Bulders, Inc or stop n at our offce located 5-/4 mles south of Fowler on WrghtRd. 27-tf-29 CHURCH - LOWE - Oct 4th' 5:30 p.m. - chcken and ham smorgasbord, bazaar and bake sale. 2-3-p-29 FOR SALE - Parts for all electrc shavers. Levey's Jewelry, Else. l-tf-29 FRANCIS AVIATION, INC. Travel the safe way wth our charter servce or learn to fly wth us. Vets approved, Captol Cty Arport. Ph tf- 29 CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND PROCESSING. We butcher on Wednesdays and Frdays. Beef- Pork. Halves and quarters, also retal cuts. All meats MDA nspected. Pendell's Meat ' Processng. West Cty Lmts on Bussel Rd. justoff M-57, Carson Cty. Phone Jake Vaughn. 5-tf-nc-29 THERE IS now a Tmex Repar Servce n Mchgan. Free estmates wll be sent on all repars, do not send money. We. also repar all other makes of watches. Please send watches to Tmex Repar Servce, P.O. Box 28, Knde, Mch tf-29 WAGNERS Well Drllng and Complete Pump Servce and:nch wells p-29 RILEY TOWNSHIP The regular board meetng wll be held October 8 at the townshp hallat8:00p.m. 23-l-p-29 GOLDEN KNOB ORCHARDS Sorry, noapples p-29 TRUCKING Ear corn, gran, feed,' fertlzer, or what have you. Anywhere n Mchgan, Oho, or Indana. Call tf-29 WE ARE now takng applcatons for membershp n. our snowmoble club. Lots of planned safares and fun for the entre famly, Call DeWtt for nformaton. DeWtt snowmoble club p-29 HUNTERS - Now open n. St Johns, Rnk's Gun Shop. 07 E. Walker St. Specal prces on Remngton 870 and , 23-4-p-29 SMALL Grey shaggy schnauzer male, wearng a collar. Reward offered p-29 STEVE'S REFUSE SERVICE (Lscensed Refuse Servce) ST. JOHNS, EUREKA OVID-ELSIE 4 AND BANNISTER AREA. Commercal and Contaner Servce 4007CarlandRd. PHONE Else, Mch. Card of Thanks 30 DURBIN - Many thanks to * those who sent cards, gfts, and showed other acts of kndness durng my stay at St Lawrence Hosptal.' It was all greatly apprecated. Mabel Durbn 23-l-p-30 WARREN - wsh to thank Dr, Olson and all the nurses and ades at Lansng General Hosptal who took such good care of me durng my recent surgery. Also I wsh to thank my famly, relatves, and frends for ther vsts, cards, gfts, and prayers. Madelyn Warren. 23-l-p-30 WICKWIRE Wth deep apprecaton I thank relatves, frends, and neghbors for ther prayers, cards,' flowers and food at the tme of my husbands death. Thanks to Dr. Grost and nurses, to Osgood's for ther knd servces, the pallbearers, and Rev. Paul Jones for hs comfortng words, to the church for the lovely meal that was served. Ths s all greatly apprecated. The famly of Paul Wckwre, 23--P-30 MAIER I would lke to thank Drs Russell and Grost, nurses and ades on thrd floor for wonderful care. Also thanks to all dear frends, relatves and neghbors for helpng care for my chldren and all who brought food, meals, flowers, gfts, and cards durng my stay n the hosptal and snce returnng home. Just thanks s not enough. Rta Maer Bannster The Kozy Korner Hobby Club met recently at the home of Mrs Bonne Orweller and an outdoors barbecue was held. Electon of offcers was held wth the followng results: presdent, Mrs Ann Fnley; vce presdent, Mrs James Wassa; secretary, Mrs Ruth Ferrall; treasure^ Mrs Joan Krstn. Project leaders elected are Mrs Irene Bernath, Mrs Dors Moore, Mrs Marlyn Bearup, Mrs Jose Oberln and Mrs Lllan "Terrell. The flower commttee wll be Mrs Gerry Halteman, Mrs Bonne Orweller and Mrs Margaret Coon. The reporter s Mrs Dorne Krdner. vthe next meetng wll be held n October at the home of Mrs Marlyn Bearup. A Rejoce Celebraton was held ths past week by the members of the Bannster Women's Socety Of Chrstan Servce. The celebraton was to rejoce n the changng of the name and structure of the Women's Socety of Chrstan Servce to the Unted Methodst women. Mrs Robert. Valentne explaned the worshp settng whch conssted of black lght posters of Love and Sharng. She read the Scrpture from Romans 2:-5. Mrs Ray Peck led the group n the Rejoce Servce. A pledge servce was also held wth medtaton by Rev Mram DeMnt wth presdent, Mrs Janet Swanson gvng membershp cards to each member. Mrs Swanson conducted the busness meetng. It was voted to send the monthly msson money to "Jo's Telephone Home". Hostesses for the evenng were Mrs Walter Mller, Mrs Donald Hnkley, and Mrs Davd Green. h 73 MODELS PONTIAC LUXURY LE MANS 4 door... Only 3400 Mles, loaded wth extra BUICK RIVIERA Factory offcals cor. Loaded wth extras! Only 7,000 mles, BUICKLE SABRE CUSTOM 4-dr. H.T. clmate control, 5,000 mll PONTIAC CATALINA 4-dr., Demo wth Arl PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4-door H.T. Has Ar and Everthlngl. 2 PONTIAC LUXURY LE MANS 4 door.. Only 3400 Mlos loaded wth extras GMC 3/4 ton 4 wheel drve automatc PS & PB and many other extras! 7000 mles FORD-PINTO,_ vary low mlage, runs lke new. Mncad Mr and Mrs Howard Sargent took Mr and Mrs Harold Hoerner out for supper to the Scale House near Iona Sunday evenng. Otto Dcknson attended the funeral of Charles Shultz of Manton Thursday at DeWtt. Mr and Mrs Dale Mannng of Wacousta vsted Mr and Mrs Otto Dcknson Saturday evenng. Mr and Mrs Roy Bennett of San Antono, Texas called n the Porter Parks home a week ago. He s the son of LeRoy Bennett who dd lve n ths area. 2-bedroom' luxury apartment. New shag carpetng, ndvdual storage space, central ar condtonng from $5 a month. 205 N. Scott Rd. St Johns. Call Scott Rd. Apartments. f- We're watng for you to call 3B The Clnton County News staff fnds It mpossble to attend meetngs of all' clubs and organzatons that take place In busy and actve Clnton County, And there are nsuffcent hours to chase the presdent or secretary of each group to get the stores that arse out of ther meetngs. Club secretares are requested to drop us a card or gve us a call at Qland fll us In on the hghlghts of ther meetngs and especally about specal upcomng actvtes. If we could fnancally afford t, we'd employ enough reporters to follow youaround and report what you do...and take your pcture, too. Bulour bankers nsst on our remanng solvent, payng our nterest on tme and occasonally makng a payment on the prncpal. THE CLINTON COUNTY NEWS Fall Color Schedule for 973 CO»Ml HllOU TRACTORS MF 00 Desel wth Duals MF 5 Desel w/3. x 38 tres: MF 5'Gas'Hgr Clearance' '^ w/superor Industral Loader Olver Super 77 Desel SPECIAL PRICE FOX 2000 CHOPPER 2 IHC No. 7 Combne JD 30 Combne John Deere 33-3-Row Cornhead Innes No. 570 Bean Wndrower 2 Innes No. 520 Wndrower wth Cross Conveyor 2 Innes No. 500 Bean Wndrower Sattler & Son, Inc Phone 23V7280 CHEVROLET VEGA 2-dr. H.T. A beautful green car! EL CAMINO auto., V-8,'vnyl top BUICK SKYLARK A gold Beauty wth Arl OPELGTFIREGLOW ACmb PINTO 3 doors, one owner, lowmleago PONTIAC CATALINA 4 door one owner, low mleage BUICK PONTIAC S. U.S. 27 Ph CAIN ST, JOHNS ft Mddleton 7 MODELS BUICK SKYLARK 4-dr. H.T. Only 8,000 mles. Has Ar, too! OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS WAGON A Red Beauty! V-8, auto BUICK ESTATE WAGON Ar, stereo, much more!, BUICKLE SABRE 2 door hardtop, ar and many other extras 70 MODELS OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 2-dr. H.T., Ar, auto FORD MUSTANG SPORT COUPE Small 302 V-8 PONTIAC LE MANS 2-dr (H.T. rv-8,auto. FORD FALCON cyl Specal Prced at $895 FORD MUSTANG dark green, new tres PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 4 door hardtop, lke new CHEVELLE - 2 door hardtop, very, very clean! GMC 3/4 ton pfekur flke new GMC OPEL 20 W. Hgham Ph

14 4B Real Estate Transfers From records Jn offce of Regster of Deeds) Sept 8: Perce, Keth A and Louse M to Lorrane Hesrodt property n Sec 20 Eagle. Sept 8; Kaser, Donald G and Mare M to Gerrt and Barbara Vandenburg property n Sec 25 Bath. Sept 8: Harper, Stanley E and Jance K to Howard L and Boukje T Rchter Lot 7, Geneva Shores. Septl8: Herrman,MareV to Jake and Mare V Herrman property n Sec 5 Eagle. Sept 9: Van Deventer Bulders, Inc. to Davd G and Nancy J Noble, Lot 2 West-, wnds No 3. Sept 9: Cronk. James Edward Jr and Carrdllee T Lous M and Alce M Kulpa property 'n Sec 29 Bath. Sept 20: Zabrodsky, Anastaza to George Keth and Alce Carol Brown, Lot 59, Northdale Farms, Sept 2: Jury, Loren C and Dasy M Jury, Harry W and Alce to Wllard D and Lllan C Searles property n Sec 0 Bengal. Sept 2: Searles, Wllard and Lllan C to Davd J and Suzanne K Paks property n Sec 0 Bengal. Sept 2: Evans, Keth Rchard and Vretta J to John M Jrand Mare M Danko property n Sec 23 DeWtt. Sept2: Pung, Rchard P and Rosemary T to Ronald P and Rosemary H Pung property n Sec 27 Eagle. Sept 2: Eyke, Walter and Mldred G to Frank W and Constance L Glynn, Lot 7 Nelson Sub. Sept 2: Hcks, Clara B to George E and Esther E Wlson property n Sec 28 DeWtt. Sept 2: Lusk, Walter S and Ruth H to Ivan Sr and Sylva M Raney property n Sec 3 Ovd. Sept 2: Raney, Ivan Sr and Sylva to Jack and Rosemare Ott property n Sec 3 Ovd. Sept 2: Whte, John E to Brockrdge Constructon property n Sec 3 Bath. Sept 2: Stall, Leonard and Betty to Denns L and Lnda L Roath property n Sec 33 Vctor. Sept 2: Perry (Bouts), Blanche to Terry L and Darlene L Elowsky property n Sec 34, Olve. Sept 2: Summers, Raypon; N and Edna J to James Edwar)l and Thea J McKeone property n Sec 23 Olve. Sept 2: McKeone, James Edward and Thea J to Thomas RandDarleenJHarry property n Sec 23 0ve? Sept2: Brown; Wnchell and Mldred to Earl Roger and Patrca Ann Hammontree Lot 4 Brown sub. Sept 2: Dck, Casse M to Paul F and Dane K LaMaccha property n Sec 4 DeWtt. Sept 24: Mannng, Russell J and Shrley A to Donald A and Los E Mller property n Sec 33 Westphala. Sept 24: Davs, Wllam E and Clara Faye to Laverne G Lyons Lot 2,22,25, 2, Hckory Hlls. Sept 24: Hunt, John E and Beverly J to Hervey J and Audrey A Mlls property n Sec 8 Watertown. Sept 24:.Mlls, Hervey J and Audrey A to Lesle E and Jance M Dassance property n Sec 8 Watertown. Sept 24: Woodbury, Bruce E and Blanche M; Paks, Davd J and Suzanne K to Wllard D and Lllan C Searles Lot 9, Blk23, St Johns. * LEGAL NOTICES PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF HEARING State of Mchgan, The Probate Court for the County of CLINTON. Estate of CHARLES A. KWILINSKI, Deceased, Fle No TAKE NOTICE: On Wednesday, October 24,973 at 0:30 A.M., n the Probate Courtroom, St. Johns, Mchgan before the Hon Tmothy M. Green, Judge of Probate, a hearng wll be held at whch all clams aganst sad estate wll be heard and hers wll be determned. Credtors are notfed that copes of all clams aganst the deceased must be presented personally or by mal to both Geraldne L. Kwlnsk, 4823 W. Grand Rver, Lansng, Mchgan and to the Court on or before October 24, 973. Notce s further gven that the petton of Geraldne L. Kwlnsk, Executrx, for allowance of her fnal account wll also be heard. Dated: August 9,973 James A. Moore Pettoner 5 E. Walker Street St Johns, Mchgan Attorney for Pettoner: James A. Moore 5 E, Walker Street St Johns, Mch Phone (57) CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN Busness and Professonal Announcements, Legal News NOTICE OF MORTGAGESALE Default havng been made n the terms and condtons of a certan mortgage executed by CHARLES JOSEPH CARROLL and CAROL CARROLL, hs wfe to CAPITAL MORTGAGE CORPORATION, a Mchgan corporaton dated 9th day of January, 99, and recorded on 4th day of January, 99, n Lber 254, Page 7, Clnton County, Mchgan, Records, whch mortgage was assgned by sad Mortgagee to FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION, a Natonal Mortgage Assocaton, by assgnment dated the 9th day of January, 99, and recorded on the 4th day of January, 99, n Lber 254, Page 75, Clnton County, Mchgan, Records, on whch mortgage there s clamed to be due, at the date of ths notce, the sum of Seventeen Thousand Seven Hundred Ffty Sx and 0/00 Dollars ($7,75,0) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that by vrtue of the power of sale contaned n sad mortgage and the statute n such case made and provded sad mortgage wll be foreclosed by a sale of sad mortgaged premses, or some part of them, at publc aucton on the 3st day of October, 973, at 0:00 o'clock, a.m., at the man entrance to the Courthouse* n the Cty of St. Johns, County of Clnton, State of Mchgan, that beng one of the places of holdng Crcut Court n sad County. Sad mortgaged premses are descrbed as follows: Lot, Block 2, Lynd's - Addton to the Cty of St. Johns, Clnton County, Mchgan, accordng to the recorded plat thereof as recorded n Lber 2, Page 39, Clnton County Records. Commonly known as: 207 N. Lansng The length of the perod of redempton from such sale wll be Sx () months. Dated at Lansng, ^f%ganfsfrmbej l * t FEDERAL & NATJONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCATION a Natonal Mortgage Assocaton Assgnee of Mortgagee John J. Hays, for Davd M. Lck, of Farhat, Burns and Story, P.C. Attorneys for Assgnee of Mortgagee 47 Seymour Avenue, Sute 2A Lansng, Mchgan State of Mchgan, The Probate Court for the County of Clnton. At a sesson of sad Court, held at the Probate Offce n the Cty of St. Johns, n sad County, on the 2th day of September, A.D PRESENT: Hon. Tmothy M. Green, Judge of Probate. IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF Patrca Jane Seybert to have her named changed to Patrca Jane Conway havng fled her ap- plcaton n sad Court that the name of Patrca Jane Seybert be changed to Patrca Jane Conway. IT IS ORDERED that the 24th day of October, 973 at :30 o'clock n the forenoon at sad Probate Court be and s hereby apponted for hearng sad petton. It s further ORDERED that the publc notce thereof be gven by publcaton of a copy of ths ORDER for one week prevous to sad day of hearng n the Clnton County News, a newspaper prnted and crculated n sad County. Tmothy M. Green Judge of Probate 23- North Bengal ttj.mrs Y>'m. Ernst Mr and Mrs Floyd Foerch were Sunday, Sept 23, dnner guests of hs brother-n-law and sster, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Nequette. of Lansng. Mrs Wllam Ernst and Maxne were callers on Wednesday evenng, Sept 9»- of Mrs Fred Epkey of Fowler. ' FOWLER Mr and Mrs Marvn Mller Were Saturday evenng vstors of Mr and Mrs Arnold Mller. Mr and Mrs Vernon Benjamn and Charle Boak were Sunday vstors of Mrs Lula Boak. Mr and Mrs Paul Schafer and daughters, Cheryl and Lnda, of DeWtt were Sunday evenng vstors of Mr and Mrs Arnold Mller, DRAINS-NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF DETERMINATION, State of Mchgan, Offce of, Clnton County Dran Commssoner, In the Matter of Clnton County Dranage Botroff. ' NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF DETER MINATION Notce s Hereby Gven that the Board of Determnaton, composed of Walter Nobs, Herman Openlander and Walter Thelen, wll meet on October th, 973, at 0:00 A.M. where Botroff Dr. crosses Arport Rd. between Sec., Rley Twp. and Sec., Olve Twp., Clnton County Mchgan to hear all nterested persons and to determne whether the dran known as Botroff as prayed for n the Petton to cleanout to orgnal grade dated September 24th, 973, s necessary and conducve to the publc health, convenence and welfare, n accordance wth Secton 72 of Chapter IV of Act No. 40, P.A. 95. Dale R. Chapman Clnton County Dran Commssoner 234 State of Mchgan, In the Probate Court for the County of Clnton. ESTATE OF MARTHA M. VOLK, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING TAKE NOTICE: On October 3, 973, at 9:30 a.m. n the Probate Courtroom, n the Cty of St. Johns, Mchgan, before the HONORABLE TIMOTHY M. GREEN, Judge of Probate, a hearng wll be held on the petton of Lynn R. Volk for probate of a purported wll of sad deceased dated January 7, 94, for grantng of admnstraton to Lynn R. Volk, the executor named n sad wll, or some other sutable person, and for a determnaton of hers. Credtors of the deceased are notfed that all clams aganst the estate must be presented sad Lynn R. Volk at Route, Eagle, Mchgan 48822, and proof thereof fled wth the Court on or before the 9th day of January, 974. Notce s further gven that the estate wll be thereupon assgned to the persons appearng of record enttled there>^ \ 4$f jgtf DjeJ OctoBerS l$m Huoln^DemnW^ Attorney/for Pettoner'' Busness Address: Box 87, 200 S. Brdge Street Grand Ledge, Mchgan Telephone: PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF HEARING State of Mchgan, The Probate Court for the County of Clnton. Estate of Calla L. Nel, TAKE NOTICE: On October 24, 973, at 0:30, A.M., n the Probate Courtroom, St. Johns, Mchgan, before the Hon. Tmothy M. Green, Judge of Probate, a hearng wll be held on the Petton of Charles R. Nel for grantng of admnstraton to Ardth R. Nel, or some other sutable person, and for a determnaton of hers. Credtors of the deceased are notfed that all clams aganst the Estate must be presented sad Ardth R. Nel at 3050 South Merdan Road, RRfll, Ovd, Mchgan 488 and proof thereof fled wth the Court on or before January 9,974 at 9:30 A.M. Notce s further gven that the Estate* wll be thereupon assgned to persons appearng of record enttled thereto. Dated: September 28, 073. v WILLIAM C. KEMPER, Attorney for Pettoner 03 East State Street St. Johns, Mchgan Phone (57) PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF HEARING State of Mchgan, The Probate Court for the County of Lvngston. Estate of Arlene M. 'Hoag, Fle No TAKE NOTICE: On Wednesday, December 9, 973 at 0:30 a.m., n the Probate Courtroom, n the cty of St. Johns, Mchgan, before the Hon. Tmothy M, Greene, Judge of Probate, a hearng wll be ' held the hearng on clams. Credtors of the deceased are notfed that all clams aganst the estate must be presented to Lafayette Hoag, 5500 DeEuf Park Lake, East Lansng, Mchgan and copes of the clams, fled wth the court on or before Wednesday, December 9,973. Notce s further gven that the estate wll be thereupon assgned to persons appearng of record enttled thereto. Dated: September 25, 973. Lafayette Hoag Pettoner 5500 De Euf Park Lake East Lansng, Mchgan Attorney for Pettoner; E. Reed Fletcher Attorney for Fducary Howell, Mch Phone DeWtt Townshp Proceedngs Synopss of the Regular meetng of the DeWtt Townshp Board held on September 24, 973 at the Townshp Hall, 780, E. Weland Road, Lansng, Mchgan. The meetng was called to order by Supervsor Emerson at 8:00 p.m. Board members present: Corr, Purves, Syverson, Emerson, Angell, Kzesk and Plne. The meetng was opened wth the Pledge of Allegance., The agenda was approved wth the fre contract deleted. Mr Maschke agan asked that Daggott Road be deleted-from the sewer system. He was vsed to petton the Clnton County DPW. There were no other comments. The fre Commttee mnutes and the fre report were revewed. Adopted the polcy absolvng St Johns Fre Department of any lablty n the event of any breakdown n the transmtter whle they are dspatchng our fre department. The equpment for the alterng system has been ordered and should be n operaton by the mddle of November. Transportaton Commttee mnutes were revewed. The Townshp personnel wll take care of the complant regardng the sewer easement on Stoll Road. Parks and Recreaton Commsson mnutes were revewed.-the shelter should be completed by the mddle of October Then the sewer hookup and other thngs wll be consdered. Voted not to adopt Ordnance No. 23 at ths tme. Ordnance No. 29 whch wll repeal Ordnance No. 24 was referred to the Fre Commttee. The Polce Commttee mnutes and polce report were revewed. Actng Chef Wlcox explaned (he summons. Bds wll be taken on patrol cards at our next meetng. There were some questos about the operatons of Polce Department. _ Approved the change n the Cemetery truck as far as cost and year.? "" ' Corr, Emerson and Syverson wll attend the MTA meetng n' Alma. A sewer resoluton wll be prepared for the next Board meetng. Captol Area Transportaton Authorty and bus servce was dscussed. Adjournment at 9:05 pm. "Respectfully submtted, Donna B. Syverson, Clerk. Approved, Dale S. Emerson, Supervsor. Shepardsvlle By Luclle Spencer Mornng Star Chapter 279 OES of Ovd wll meet on Monday evenng, Oct. Ths s the Annual Meetng and yearly reports are due. There wll also be electon of offcers, Be There! Welcomed as new members of the Shepardsvle Church on Sunday, Sept 23, were Mr and Mrs Carl Rnckey, Mr and Mrs Lester Becker and Mr and Mrs Rex Baker, baptzed was Mrs Pearl Wallace. The Ovd Duplan Lbrary Club wll meet on Frday, Oct 5. Luncheon wll be served at the. home of Mrs Stanley Day, 2 Devonshre Court. All members are asked to meet at Alderman's. Entertanment for the day wllbetovsta 02 year-old log vcabh that has been restored. The host wll be Mr George Getman. A date to keep n mnd s Oct 28. The Troubadors, a Gospel Sngng Group, from East Lansng, wll be havng charge of the Worshp servce at both the Prce and Shepardsvlle Churches. More detals aboutths later. There wll be a Central Dstrct Workshop for the churches,n ths area at Greenbush on Oct 0 from 7 to 9:30 pm. North Bengal Cheryl, Jeannne, and Mchelle Tedt of Ithaca spent the weekend wth ther grandparents, Mr and Mrs Erwn Tedt and ther uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Keth Tedt and famly. On Sunday afternoon, Sept 23, Mrs Wllam Ernst and Maxne called on Mrs Albert Mortz of rural Maple Rapds and n the evenng they vsted Mrs Edward Mortz. \ Douglas Gwyer and fancee, Ruth Johnson, of Benton Harbor spent the weekend wth" hs pa rents, Mr and Mrs Leo C. Fox and Bruce. Mr and Mrs Robert Beckhorn of Iona ate supper Tuesday, Sept 8, wth ther aunt, Mrs Wllam Ernst and Maxne. On Monday evenng, Sept 7, Mr and Mrs Roy Beck of Maple Rapds were supper guests of Mr and Mrs Floyd Foerch. NIGHT HAWK McKenzes Coca Cola Zeebs Hettlers Egg Staton Legon St Johns Ol Becks ; G&I Dunkels Randolphs Masark Shell W L Hgh game Ind, T Bullard 232; Hgh three games Ind, T Bullard 588; Hgh games team, McKenze's 940; Hgh three games team, McKenzes 258. HONOR ROLL - T Bullard 232; L Chldress 24; 223. DREWRYS CLASSIC Mama's &Papa's The Half ways The Wldcats The Gamblers The Last Chance The Splts & Mrs The Underdogs The Four Strkes TheSparemakers The Odd Couples The Lucky Strkes The Four Pro's S Bunce W L Hgh Game, Splts & Mrs 872; Hgh Seres, Halfways HIGH SCORES - Men: S. Behrens ; B. Spkovsky 54; E. Wreggelsworth ; J. Horn ; L. Howard ; Women: D. Wrght 88475; S. Page ; D. Attenberger 8-48; M. Spkovsky 7-490; P. Spkovsky 8-487; M. A. Horn ; H. Wlcox 9. TUESDAY TEATIME LEAGUE W I. S&HFarms 2 4 Redwng Lanes 5 E-Z-Flo Chemcal 0 Henkel& McCoy 9 7 Central Natl Bk 9 7 Randolph's 9 7 Melvlle Emb Co 8 8 Kozy-KornerCafe 8 8 Md-Mch Metal Fab 8 8 Texaco 0 Furman Realty Co 3 3 Schwan's Ss 3 3 Ind Hgh Game. Sharon >j. jutjjn Jll lu J W JH»j*( t.ll[ Hnl am nou» ouph w In* ' J PfceDstrfcl ' By Mrs Harold Crowley The Prce Unted Methodst Women's Socety met at the Church Sept 2 for a cooperatve dnner meetng. Mrs Hla Bross was the guest program speaker relatng an account of the hstory and actvtes of Bement Lbrary n St Johns. She also dsplayed books of dfferent categores. The busness meetng was conducted by the presdent, Mrs Ben Walker. The Socety wll hold a Garage Sale Oct 4-5 at the home of Mr and Mrs Roy Ormsby of 807 E Walker from 9 am - 5 pm. Plans have been made for the annual Chcken Supper and Far at the church "Wednesday, Oct 0, wth servng at 5:30 pm. There wll be a free-wll offerng. "All n the Famly Sunday", a specal day of Worshp and Fellowshp, wll be held at the Prce Church Oct 7. Sunday School convenes at 9:45 am and worshp servce at am, after whch a cooperatve dnner wll be served at 2:30 pm. A fun tme wll follow at 2 pm. The Gospel Troubadours wll be present at the Prce Unted Methodst Church Sunday, Oct 28, at am to present the Worshp Servce. Ths s an exctng group of young people who express ther "Good News" of a lvng, exctng fath n Chrst through the meda of musc. Ludwck 209; Ind Hgh Seres, Sharon Ludwck 52; Team Hgh Game, E-Z-Flo Chemcal 850; Team Hgh Seres, Redwng Lanes 242. HONOR ROLL - Jean Heathman 5; Judy Pease 505; Ruby Pearson 50. SPLITS CONVERTED - 3-0, Iva Kees, Mary Adams, Shrley Mygrants, Joan Pardee, Arlene Smth; 5--0, Jean Heathman, Bernce Dutcher, Judy Cramer; 5-7. Joyce Woodhams; 4-5-7, ' Donna Hqmenek; 5-0, Emly Davs; - 8-0, Mary Kngsbury, 5-, Phylls Eastment, 'Snyder TENPINKEGLERS W L rej's Standard 5 NITEOWLS E Amercan* Legon 2 4 FC Mason Co McKenze's Ins 5 St Johns Co-op AHaby&Brewbaker 9 7 Krbys Auto Ss Bruno's, 9 7 Gen Tel Daley's 9 7 Moore Ol Co HallenbeckCon 9 7 Wheel Inn Jule K 8 8 Hllsde BtySh Parr's t 7 9 Drakes Clntbn'NaflBk ' 3 3 Kurt's Appl Masark's Shell 2 4 Rvards Hub Tre Center 2 4 Hobby Lobby Ind Hgh Game, Dawn Cans Sharck 2, Marsha Snyder 20; Ind Hgh Seres, Shrley Baley 535, Kay Penx 525, Marsha Snyder 522, Dawn Sharck 505; Team Hgh Game, Allaby & Brewbaker 889; Team Hgh Seres, Allaby & Breqbaker SPLITS CONVERTED - R. Hubbard 3-7. FRIDAY NIGHTMIXED W L TenPns, 3 3 Pnguns " 0 Ally-oops 0 Fearsome 4 9 7' Ntehawks 9 7 WPA 8 8 Sunshne Group 8 8 North Enders 7 9 Gutterballs 7 9 Goofoffs 0 Roadrunners 5 ' Kng Pns 4 2 Hgh game, Ind, H. Pearson 99, K. Wohlfert234; Hgh three games Ind, H Pearson 539, C Pearson 553; Hgh games team, Kng Pns 729; Hgh three games team, Ntehawks HONOR ROLL - K Wohlfert <d234; D^Mtchell 2U( GM»yj208 > J Brockmyre 203; C Pearson * 200; J Schumaker 2G0aa a r SHIRTS &SKIRTS W L Kelly Tres 5 Phllps Imp» 3 3 E-Z-Duz-It's 5 Car Dal Farms 5 CenNatBk 9-/2 -/2 Herbrucks Cheese Cntr 8 8 Coldstream 7 9 DunkelPl&Htg 0 Ma-Ta 0 Guys Sunoco Ser.4 2 Lucky Wonders 3 3 Fedewa Bulders 2-/2 3-/2 Hgh game Ind, Kay Penx 202, Stan Bunce 200; Hgh three games Ind, Kay Penx 574, Rolln dunkel 575; Hgh games team, Dunkel Plumbng and Heatng 72; Hgh three games team, Dunkel Plumbng and Heatng 208. HONOR ROLL - Carol Egres 200; Rolln Dunkel 2; Marsha W L Hgh game. Ind, Sharon Brokaw 9; Hgh three games Ind, Jean Heathman 480; Hgh games team, Hllsde 830; Hgh three games team, Hllsde HONOR ROLL - Maxne Smt 3-0; Sue Paks 3-0, 5-0; Nancy Webster 2-7; Dorothy Nght 3-0. COFFEE CUP Van Horns Gar JaysServ Da leys Snack Bar W I, 3 HoughtonsRIEst 8 8 Bobs Auto Body 7-/2 8-/2 Gen Tre 7 9 Jms TV 7 9 v, Clnton Crop 7 9 ^Chaparral -/2 9-/2 Tastee Freeze Overway Agency 4 2 Hgh ^eam Seres, Jay's Servce 2345; Hgh team game, Clnton Crop 858; Hgh nd, seres, S Mudget'508; Hgh nd game, S Mudget 82. Splts-'P Haught, G Nu berg, J Cramer,, p Hopp, Gove 3-0; J Smalldon^ G Nurenberg 5-7; M Musolf, R Conkln, D Shepard 2-7; J Dush, 5-0; M Snyder, 3-7; T Cartwrght, Fowler A surprse brthday party wa* ' held for Mrs Leona her home Saturday evenng. Guests were her chldren and son-n-laws and daughter-nlaws. A farewell party was held for Mr and Mrs Davd Pohl and famly at ther home : Frday evenng, who are gong to mov" on the Robert Thelen farm, Mr and Mrs Clar Thelen spent last week n Tennessee. Mr and Mrs Clare Boak and famly were guests of Mrs Lula Boak Tuesday evenng and Mrs Boak returned home wth them for a few days for a vst. Mrs Agnes Fox, Mrs Anna Droste, Betty Jandernoaj James Halfman and Wllam Jandemoa attended a VFW dnner at Hemlock on Sunday. CLINTON COUNTY ZONING COMMISSION MEETING A regular meetng of the Clnton County Zonng Commsson wll be held on Thursday, October 8,973 at 8:00 p.m. n the Courthouse, St. Johns, Mchgan. Any persons havng nterests n the county or ther duly apponted representatves, wll be heard relatve to any j-matters that should.properly come before the Zonng FeommssBfr? 9 ' " 3 &&&*- <' -hfomoa ym u T ' 'M, t n t * 'q-jfl ' 990 Qfl <n''* - h* MP Arnold R*. Mnark, Admnstrator Sealed bds wll be receved by the Clnton County Road Commsson, 70 West State Street, St. Johns, Mchgan untl 0:00 A.M. Thursday; October 8,973 for the followng: 2 tandem trucks 4 sngle axle trucks Specfcatons may be obtaned at the. Road Commsson offce. The Commsson reserves the rght to reject any or all bds and>to accept the bd that s, n ther opnon, n the best nterest of the Clnton County Road Commsson. THE BOARD OF CLINTON COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS Marvn Platte, Charman Paul Nobs, Member Gerald Lankford, Member A meetng of the Clnton County Board of Commssoners wll be held on Tuesday, October 9, 973 at the Courthouse, St. Johns, Mchgan. At :30 p.m. the Board wll act on the followng referrals from the Clnton County Zonng Commsson: DEWITT TOWNSHIP From Zone B-4, Planned Shoppng Center to B-2, General Busness: Com. at a pt. 259' S. ov, E & 90' N 89 44' W. of NE cor of Sec., T5N-R2W, th. N, 89*44' W, 200 ft, th. N. 200 ft., th. E ', th SE0', th. S2' to pt. of beg. DEWITT TOWNSHIP ZoneB~-l, Local Busness tob-2, General Busness, AND, also aspecal Use Permt to allow servce and repar: Com. at a pt. 3 rds. 9-/2' S. of cen. of the htvn. of US-Trunk Lne 27 & Grand Rver Road, so called; th.s. 8 rds., E rds., th. N. 8ds., th, W. rds to place of beg., all n Sec. 3, T5N- R2W, In Mch,, subject to all easements and restrctons of record. BATH TOWNSHIP, An applcaton for a Specal Use Permt for a moble home park on the followng descrbed parcel of land. Also, to rezone from R-B, One-Famly Low Densty Resdental to A-l, Agrculture that porton of the followng descrbed parcel of land lyng East of Upton Road. Part of the E/2 of NE /4 of Se. 34. T5N-RW, Bath Twp.,' Clnton County, Mch & part of the NW /4 of Sec. 35, T5N- RIW, Bath Twp., Clnton County, Mch, descasfollows: Beg at a pt on W sec In of sd Sec 35 S 0939'07" E 987.8' from NW cor of sd Sec 35; th S 89^8'59" W ' to a pt on E/8 H In of sd Sec 34; th S00'38'9 M E ft alg the El/8 In of sd Sec 34; th N 89 28'5" E ft to a pt on the W sec In of sd Sec 35; th N 89 37'3" E ft to a pt on N&S /4 In of sd Sec 35; th N 0 53*7" W ft alg the N&S /4 In of sd Sec 35; th S 89*38'02" W ft to the p.o.b. on the W sec In of Sec 35; excludng therefrom a.02 ac parcel excepton n sad Sec 35 desc. as follows; beg. at a pt. N 89^8*02" E ft from the pt of beg. desc above; th. S OtRffl'42" E 239 ft; th N 89=98'02 t * E ft to a pt on c/ of Upton Rd; th N <HW42" W 239 ft alg the c/ of Upton Rd; th S 89338'02" W ft to the pt of beg for the excepton. The above desc Id contans 89. ac & are subj. to the rts. of the publc over the ' r/o/w of Upton Rd & other easements & rest, of record, f any. AND, the W 20 ac of the S 40 ac of the NW /4 of Sec 35, T5N-RW, cxc. that porton thereof conveyed to the State Hghway Commssoner by deed recorded n Lber 7, page 579 and to the Mchgan State Hghway Dept. by deed recorded n Lber 29, pages * Arnold R. Mnark, Zonng Admnstrator

15 *r October 4,973 Clnton County News HAROLD SCHMALTZ Advertsng Drector JIM EDWARDS Edtor ftsssssssksssss^^ % <xm (yftuwm, Inflaton may stll be soarng wth most controls havng lttle success., The vce-presdent of the Unted States may face crmnal proceedngs. Unemployment s stll a great natonal problem.. Our defense budget boggles the mnd whle money for domestc '' programs are cut. Fnancng educaton s stll a problem facng dstrcts throughout the naton. But, by gosh, when t comes to the mportant thngs, you can't say our naton's leaders don't take postve acton.,' Wthout hestaton, they have stepped n and'saved the day for mllons of football fans who would rather st at home n front of a, televson than buy a tcket. If Congress hadn't assumed such a hard, lne of reason and ntated such clear sghted acton, t s dffcult to thnk of what shape the naton mght be n today. -JE MIMIR ER A PERSONAL LOOK AT THE NEWS wtth Jm Edwards CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN "If It Ftz 2 wrongs make a rght? Edtor, Lapeer County Press " By Jm Ftzgerald How come the Republcans catch more hell from the press and TV than the Democrats do? Easy. It's because Watergate s a lot easer to spell and pronounce than Chappaquddck, But f that s true, how then do you explan Abplanalp? Don't ask me. I'm stll wonderng f I should jump off a clff just because Rch Davs jumps off a clff. WHEN I was a lttle kd, Rch Davs was my buddy. And when hs parents let hm rde hs bke on the hghway, or qut wearng long underwear, I wanted the same prvleges. So I'd tell my dad that Rch could do t and my dad would always say: "If Rch Davs jumped off a clff, would you jump too?" * Ths was Dad's way of rephrasng the old bromde: "2 wrongs do not make a rght." I was brought up on that marvelous bt of phlosophy. It ddn't matter f "all the guys" htchhked to Detrot to see the burlesque show. It was stlt the wrong thng to do and t ddn't become a rght thng just because Rch Davs dd t, even f he was a mnster's son. Ah, memores. Whatever dd happen to that dea about 2 wrongs? A BUMPER stcker reads: "Nobody Drowned at Watergate." Whch s as sckly funny as the story about John and Martha Mtchell meetng Ted Kennedy at a party and John asks Ted to drve Martha home. The.dea we are asked to swallow s that Vew from By SEN. WILLIAM S. BALLENGER Watergate sn't so bad because, after alt, Ted Kennedy drove a grl nto the Chappaquddck and then fled the scene lke a thef n the nght Or t's OK for Robert Abplanalp and Bebe Rebozo to buy a frend n the Whte House because Esenhower's buddes gave hm 5 tractors and a golf course. Or t's OK for the taxpayers to buld palaces for Nxon because they bult arports for Lyndon Johnson. ' OR IT'S OK for the GOP plumbers to break nto a doctor's offce n 972 because the ant-war demonstrators made a lot of nose n 99. Or t's OK for Nxon to send your son to Vetnam to de because Johnson dd the same thng to your neghbor's son. And so t goes... Lately, because of Watergate,and Abplanalp and Spro, the Republcans have been catchng most of the mud. And many Republcans clam no far newsman should use the word Watergate n a sentence that.doesn't also contan the word Chappaquddck. ^ I GAVE l of those Republcans my sternest look the other day and told hm solemnly: "Two wrongs do not make a rght." "Don't gve me that relgous stuff," he answered. "If you were a real Chrstan you'd wrte somethng about Frankln Delano Roosevelt's mstress." I thnk I'll take off my long underwear and go jump off a clff. the Senate LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR The recently conducted "Breath of Lfe" campagn has resulted n over $2,000 beng collected n the tr-county area, n the fght aganst cystc fbross and other lungdamagng dseases. St Johns led the way n Clnton County wth more than $750 realzed from the St Johns' Jaycettes' door-todoor drve on Sept 20. Cocharmen Mary Hutton and Janet Scott enlsted leutenants and marchers who ably carred the story of CF to ther neghbors as they walked ther blocks. Our heartfelt thanks to those women who enthusastcally gave ther tme and talent to make our drve a success: Dorothy Cornwell, Mara Holley, Tom Ann Schultess, Dane Sharrck t Kathy Can, Dane Westonn, Glynns Garapetan, Nancy Hundy, Mram Kdney, Carol Montogue, Joyce Ball, Mary Lvngston, Donna Humenk, Nancy Wells, Carol Burkhardt, Kay Arehardt, Sharon Ftzpafrck, Dane Woodbury, Beth Bennett, Shrley Patrck, Lz Nobs, Volet Hughes, Judv Hunt, Sue Brggs, Ann Palmer, 5B Eunce LaBar, Ellen Sherwood, Robn Humenk, Jan Schwartz, Gal Connelly, Joanne Banner, LndaKentfeld, Tn Sudgeest, Lynn Bannnga, Pat Smth and! Jean'Vtous. Volunteers are the lfeblood of the "Breath of Lfe" campagn - ther generous response has resulted n a successful drve and a wellfought batue n the fght aganst CF. Thank you Sncerely, Nancy Berger, campagn coordnator Greater Mchgan Chapter Natonal Cystc Fbross Research Foundaton Lason to vst Congressman Elford A. Cederberg's lason man, Ronald W. Stolz, wll be vstng the Clnton County Courthouse n St Johns on Tuesday, October 9, from am to noon. Cederberg remnds those who mght have a problem wth a Federal agency to brng along any documents that mght help to dentfy hs case to Stolz. Tony Kuntz Tony has dstngushed hmself as a communty leader > through hs nvolvement n a broad number of actvtes but % partcularly as presdent of the St. Johns Cemetery Assn., St. p Johns Lbrary Board and St. Joseph Church Councl. In g addton he s most actve n Knghts of Columbus and can be S counted on for help whenever t's needed. For hs dsplay of s communty concern and hs wllngness to partcpate we're rf pleased to honor Tony Kuntz as our ctzen of the week. Fall s a unquely troublesome season for "Aw come on/' I whned, " I realze I'm not husbands. lstenng to the baseball game, but ths s the No other season of the year offers such begnnng of the football season and I don't want to aggravatng ncdents as fall. mss the Lons whle Congress stll says they have You see, fall weather has a strange energetc to televse the games." and ambtous effect on wves whle husbands tend Knowng Wfe ddn't exactly understand that to suffer from autumn lethargy when t comes to statement, I went nto a lengthy explanaton those "thngs around the house." descrbng the new polcy that teams must televse Take for nstance the poor soul who vews fall as the game at home If the tckets are all sold. a tme when an afternoon of clear sky spells of Agan ctng the partcpaton n an hstorc the last chances to get n a round of golf. event, a home Lons game beng televsed locally, He may drve to the golf course, open up the car I found myself wnnng the rght to relax and trunk to lft out hs golf clubs and fnd, nstead, watch the game. that hs wfe has replaced them wth a note to put Shortly 'after, my wfe passed through the room up the storm wndows. and asked, "Why dd they say Cleveland just kcked a feld goal.and now trat New York by just An nstance n my home ths weekend concerned rl-pont?:" the ceremony of changng the furnace flters. vw** o t " I frst pleaded off wth the understandable reason that I was lstenng to the Detrot Tgers play the last game of the season. My wfe, who keeps up on such nstances for spte, nformed me the Tgers were n 3d place, had no chance to get n 2d and ddn't need my support to wnd up a generally bad season. I then explaned the hstorc mportance n the fact the Tgers were playng the Yankees n the last game to be played n Yankee Stadum for over 2 years. It was the st tme n hstory that Yankee Stadum was gong to be closed down. It worked. She saw the hstorcal pont and allowed me to do my "You Are There," bt. But, honestly, I couldn't generate a whole lot of nterest n lstenng to the Tgers, so turned my attenton to a football game. "If you aren't gong to lsten to the Tger game," she pounced, "you mght as well change the furnace flters." ONE YEAR AGO Oct4,972 Clnton County Commssoners gave fnal approval Thursday for a tentatve 4.2 mllon sewer project for Bath townshp. A $750,000 roadproject -one of the bggest undertakngs Clnton County has eyer wtnessed - s n ts fnal stages of completon. Funds for the resurfacng and reconstructon project, whch started Mar, came from a $750,000 bond ssue. The amount s to be over a 0-year perod from Motor Vehcle Hghway fund recepts. <^K^)t^K^>X^X^M^K^K^K^K^K^K^M^>M^', "That's just a score from another game," I explaned. "If t's a score from another game," why do they have shrts that say Cleveland on half of them and New York on the other half?", "You don't understand, "I sad, "they're called jerseys.". ^k "I don't care f they're called tuxedos, that doesn't sound lke a Detrot game to me." Fnally decdng t wasn't worth the effort argung wth me, she departed to let me watch the Browns and Gants n peace., Then came the nght-monday nght-9 pm. "Whaddya thnk you're dong, ploppng down n that char?" "Whaddy mean, whaddya thnk I'm dong? I'm gonna watch the Lons on Monday Nght Football."' *...They were takng the 2-mnute tme out n the last quarter before I got my head out of that furnace flter. Smth, 5, well-known former Clnton County agrcultural agent, who succumbed to a heart attack early Saturday at Grand Rapds Osteopathc Hosptal. 25 YEARS AGO Sept30,948 Fve West Vrgna boys who. partcpated n the armed robbery of Anderson's Northsde Shoppng Basket here on Sept 9 were sentenced to 2-/2 to 5 years n Jackson prson when they pleaded gulty to breakng and enterng n the nght tme. before Crcut Judge Paul R Cash here Tuesday* Earl Sefferly, 5, of Bay Cty ded n Clnton Memoral Hosptal Monday afternoon from njures he receved when hs car plunged nto a truck on M-2, about 3-/2 mles west of Ovd, Frday at pm. George C Young, 78, wellknown resdent of Ovd and Clnton County undersherlff for 25 years ded at the Marne Hosptal n Detrot on Saturday. Mr Young had been n poor health for a number of years, Clnton County people wll be TEN YEARS AGO 0ct3,93 The body of Davd Knapp, 2, of Durand was recovered from beneath fve feet of slage In a slo on the Green Meadows farm near Else about 9:45 pm Tuesday. St Johns Lodge No 05, F&AM wll change ts locaton for the frst tme n nearly a century Saturday when t moves nto the' new EfqffSTlfn^rnm $30,000 Masonc Temple on gven an opporunty to nspect SLPUrcL ' the new $00,000 addton to ^ L l n S h ^ ntan /9 ClntonMemorlalHosptalatan M^^rf^wnS'S Open House at the hosptal ths Ufocad Mr and Mrs Harold Hoerner and Mke Potts flew to the Dawn Patrol at Grand Ledge Sunday mornng. The Msses Jll and Valere Hoerner accompaned Mr and Mrs Harold Hoerner, Mke Potts on the trp home from Grand Ledge. Mr and Mrs Howard Sargent, Mr and Mrs Don Potts, Harvey Hoerner all went to the pawn Patrol Sunday mornng'at Grand Ledge. * Mr and Mrs Harold Hoerner served ce cream to Larry Forment of Lansng, Mr and Mrs Howard Sargent, Mr and, Mrs pop Potts and Mke, Mke and grandson/ What may, or may not, be a btter fght s mpendng as the Legslature prepates to return for ts fall sesson begnnng October. I'm referrng to a proposal to shft the Mchgan Tourst Councl from the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to the State Department of Commerce. Ths dea s emboded n House Bll 4950, now n commttee n the State House of Representatves, and t may well be one of themeasures that wll b"a"cted"upon ths fall..,, Whle* DNR offcals have not yet publcly crtczed the proposal, most departments do not lke to see part of ther operatons curtaled. It goes almost wthout sayng that the Department of Commerce, one of the state's fastest growng empres, wll be most happy to have the mllon dollar operaton of the Tourst Councl added to ts organzaton chart. Backers of the measure note that toursm s the second largest ndustry n the state and, as such, would be more logcally located n the Commerce Department. They contend that the goals and purposes of the Tourst Councl and the Commerce Department would more sensbly complement each other. Toursm s the only ndustry that provdes many communtes wth an economc lvelhood and, say backers, the economc expanson unt of the Commerce Department s deally equpped to promote greater toursm expanson. The proposed transfer s seen as an opportunty for the Tourst Councl and the Com-. merce.department to share expertse and data collecton operatons. Snce the Tourst Councl and the Offce of Economc Expanson both advertse, both agences could beneft from the work of the othef and create more effectve advertsng. Proponents say that the Tourst Councl could use the TODAY'S Real HANK FURMAN What s a mortgage? It conssts of two legal documents,.sgned by the borrower. The frst pledges the property beng ' 'bought as securty for borrowed funds. The second part Is the 'bond or pote.'whchjs your promse as a borrower to repay borrowed funds n the prescrbed perod of tme and at the prescrbed rate of Interest. Therefore, when you sgn a mortgage* you haveboth pledged your property as securty, and promsed to repay the amount borrowed. A member of the Lansng Bo*ard of Realtors, FURMAN REALTY J C0; JB5 'North U.S. 27, s pledged to mantan IhV* hghest ethcal standards of the real estate professon and offers you the utmost n concerned personal * servce,ncludng.complete assstance n obtanng a mortgage. Hours: 8:3>5Mon-Fr;9:30-3Sat;&byapp't economc expanson offce's foregn facltes and contacts to good advantage and could utlze ts trade fars abroad as ^a means of promoton. It's ponted out that only 7% of the populaton whch travels' does so for an outdoor recreaton purpose, whch s nevertheless now the man thrust of toursm n Mchgan under the DNR. One of the prncpal arguments aganst the plan to shft the councl s that, under (Contnued on page B) BANK & TRUST CO. It was a busy weekend. Football games. Pckng apples. Frends vstng. Kds comng and gong. But here t s 7:5 Monday mornng wth a whole new week starng you n the face and already you're behnd the clock. Three hot lunches to pay for and at 7:5 Monday mornng you have only three pennes, two dmes and a quarter. Hardly enough. And you can't send checks. «& St. Johns Auto Bank -t * Monday thru Thursday - 7 o.m. to p.m. Frday - 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday - 9 a.rn.-to p.m.' Valley Farms Auto Bank Monday thru Frday - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday-9 a.m. to p.m. No, he doesn't have any money except a bg bll, after all, he's got to buy hs lunch toot What do you do? Where do / la 4 you turn? We know what you mean. That's why we nstalled mornng bankng hours convenence hours - to cover emergences just lke the one you have at 7:5 ths Monday mornng. Convenence hours for cashng checks, savngs transactons or other routne bankng matters. You know what we mean? The wde-awake hank makes tausoeasy. GUKTQNrUnQHJU. CLINTON NATIONAL BANK and Trust Company Mrs Ethel Haan, 38, of Lansng Medcal Sodety fop Wg M yearg ' Funeral servces were held n of practce at the meetng of the the Frst Congregatonal socety last Wednesday at the Church Tuesday for Roscoe G, Book Cadllac Hotel n Detrot. HELPFUt HINT: Your real estate man Is In the poston to suggesu mortgage from a reputable lendng nsttuton. W '> e* Member FDlC All Offces Closed Monday Oct. 8, Columbus Day

16 8 30 C -r or 5* ** I I B * > M^ Jay Mller, Green Acres 4-H Club, St Johns, placed frst n the 973 State 4-H Meats Judgng Contest September 22 at Mchgan State Unversty, He scored 5 ponts out of a possble 775. The contest conssted of judgng classes of beef, pork and lamb carcasses, a class of beef rbs and a class of pork hams, dentfyng 25 retal cuts of meat by spece, wholesale cut and retal cut, plus gvng a s et of oral reasons on the class of beef carcasses, pork carcasses and beef rbs. 4-Jtf Chatter 4-H meats judgng contest The top G ndvduals n the contest were Jay Mller - Clnton County, Tm Grau- Washtenaw County, Karen Baldus - Washtenaw County, Jm Core - Leelanau County, Myra Jackman - Macomb County and Barbara Wtng- Shawassee County. The top 5 members wll now compete n the Natonal 4-H Meats Judgng Contest at Kansas Cty, Mssour, October -9 wth the judgng contest beng on the 7th. Snce Karen Baldus was too young to ByJOHNAYLSWORTH Jay Mller, Green Acres 4-H Club, s observng what to look for n a good ham shown by Dr. Robert Merkel, Department of Anmal Husbandry, Mchgan State Unversty, followng the State 4-H Meat's Judgng Contest, September at MSU. Jay won frst place n the judgng contest wth 5 ponts. Located Vk Mles North of Mddleton on Ely Hwy. SERVES ALL YOUR NEEDS IN STEEL FARM BUILDINGS, BUTLER GRAIN BINS AND KAN-SUN CONTINUOUS FLOW GRAIN DRYERS Call Us For All The Detals WE ARE ALSO DEALERS FOR CLAY AND CARDINAL EQUIPMENT LINES MIDDLETON Phone compete n the Natonal Contest, Barbara Whtng, who placed sxth, wll jon the group n Kansas Cty. Ths s the second year of the State 4-H Meats Judgng Contest and the second year Clnton County had the top scorer n the 4-H Meat Judgng Contest. In 972, the state wnner was Ted Ashley of St Johns. Larry Martn of Ovd s the meats judgng coach for Clnton County 4-H youth. Our congratulatons go to Jay Mller on ths hgh honor and who wll represent Clnton County and Mchgan n the Natonal 4-H Meats Judgng Contest n Kansas Cty, Mo. * * * * Steve Conkln, Olve 4-H Projects Club, DeWtt, represented Mchgan n the Eastern Regonal 4-H Tractor Operator's Contest at Rchmond, Va, - September Steve placed 2th out of 8 entres. The contest conssted of a wrtten exam, backng and drvng a two-wheel traler through a course, backng a four-wheel wagon and a safety test. Steve won the Clnton County 4-H Tractor Operator's Contest and the State Contest last August for the rght to represent Mchgan n the Eastern Regonal Contest. Our congratulatons go to Steve on hs accomplshments and beng an excellent representatve at Rchmond, Vrgna. * * * * * The 4-H Glass Collecton project wll be held on Saturday, Oct at the St Johns Fargrounds wth Charle's Gang and Wllng Workers 4-H Club members n charge. To date, over 50,0000 of glass bottle contaners have been collected by 4-H'ers n Clnton County for recylng nto new products nstead of gong nto a landfll or thrown out along the road. ***** Charles Green - Brush & Halter 4-H Club, Else, returned home Wednesday evenng from the 4-H Dary Judgng Contest at the Pennsylvana All Amercan Dary Show, September 2-2 n Harrsburg, Pa. The Mchgan 4-H Dary Judgng team placed 9th overall n team competton, but placed n the top 5 teams n judgng Holsten, Ayrshre and Jersey Dary cattle classes. Indvdually rankng n the contest, Charles Green placed frst n Holsten cattle judgng, frst n gvng oral reasons on hs classes and nnth n ndvdual total scorng. Our congratulatons go to Charle on hs fne showng at Harrsburg, Pennsylvana, ths past week. ***** 4-H members, leaders, parents and guests are nvted JOHN DEERE LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT TRACTORS Ford 3000 J.D. 200 Gas J.D.B J.D. A J.D. 300 Gas J.D. 200 D A.C WD w/loader SPREADERS 205 Massey Case belt drve New Idea 20 5 New Holland COMBINES New Idea Un-702 I.H.C. 80 Bean 95 EB Combne XD. 25 Combne NEW IDEA MHM fauipmfnt s J.D. 227 J.D. 237 PICKERS N..3 w/huskbed M.M. Row N.I. 325 Pcker Olver Row HAY TOOLS N.H. Forage Box No, 5 J.D. Mower N.H. Baler N.I. Forage Box A.C. Chopper w/ Row & Hay Heads New Holland Haybne 49 Case Rake J.D. Rake J.D. 38 Chopper 2 Heads I.H.C. 45 T. Baler 2 Colby Forage Boxes MISC. Used 570 Innes Wndrow MF 2'Feld Cultv. J.D. 2'Feld Cultv. Olver 2' Dsk 2 N.I-4 ft. Elevators 2 Used Bean Pullers -row Gehl Chopper J.D. 507 Rotary Cutter Superor Loader for Ford NAA J.D. 3 Hole Gran drll J.D. 4 Loader J.D. 3-4 Mounted Plow Loader for Farmall H Olver 3-" Plow Traler J.D. Dsk KBA KlferDlsk J.D. 334 Corn Head MF 43 Corn Head 2'GrahnHoe Carson Cty Farm Servce JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE CARSON CITY PHONE I CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN to attend the Barry County 4-H Idea Far Saturday, October 3, 4-9 pm at the Communty Buldng on the fargrounds n Hastngs, Mchgan, The publc wll see Acton Exhbts and Dsplays showng a Panorama of 4-H Acton. Mchgan State Unversty Specalsts and resource people wll be on hand to answer your questons. The program s free and s sponsored by the Barry County 4-H Councl. * * * * * The 4-H roller skatng actvty begns ths fall on October 8,7-0 pm at the Ranch Roller Rnk n St Johns. The cost wll be $.00 each and s open to 4-H members, leaders, parents and ther guests. The 4-H roller skatng actvty wll be held the thrd Thursday of each month from October to Aprl. ***** 4-H members seekng a source of feeder steers for ther 4-H beef steer project mght attend the Mchgan Herefore Assocaton Club Calf Sale, November 3, :00 pm at the Egypt Valley Hereford Farm north of Grand Rapds. There wll beat least 35 4-H qualty steers and 20 regstered hefers for sale, so far, but could be many more. The calves must have been born n 973, be regstered and vaccnated. The Egypt Valley Farm s northeast of Grand Rapjds at Knapp, NE, Ada, Mchgan. ***** The County 4-H Dary members who exhbted at the State 4-H Dary Show wll be holdng a group pcnc for themselves and ther famles on Sunday, October 28,:00 pm at Duane Green's at Else. Kncnd Dstrct Mr and Mrs G. V. Pyle and Mr S. C. Swanson of Grand Ledge vsted Mr and Mrs James Austn of Langsburg, Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Porter Parks vsted Mrs Clarence Parks and. son n the Sparrow Hosptal,, Saturday.,. * Mrs Porter Parks vsted Mrs Vernon Sargent Saturday also at Sparrow Hosptal, also Mrs Carol Bckley. Stayng alve s a good dea and t takes a lttle thought, and judgment and luck to do a good job of stayng alve. Safety should be on your mnd when operatng farm equpment, especally harvestng equpment, because harvestng equpment choppers, combnes or corn pckers all have a way of gettng the crop nto the machne. And the machne doesn't know or care f ts corn or soybeans or you that go nto t. It wll do ts job of choppng slage or separatng the gran from the chaff. If you get too closely nvolved wth one of these machnes, you could be chopped orseparated just as the, crop would be. The machne may not succeed n puttng you through t, but you'll be the worse off, that's for sure, I recently read some gudelnes for lvng a rpe old age. Frst, pck your parents! If they lved to be 90 years of age, your chances of lvng that long PGA/tftgo Tajk To CHARLES BRACEY hdptoplt mktm ft A fltmm fwmbu WKtlllMlnH Q4S.US-2? St. Johns Phono g By: ELAINE CDJOALA SEEDS.FOR US - Seeds are forthebrds-andus! We adorn our breads and rolls wth poppy seeds and sesame seeds. And t's cheese to please when stuffed wh caraway seeds. Although not as well known, there are varous other seeds readly avalable for our use, Cardamon s an aromatc and pungent seed. Actually, t's the dred frut of a plant of the gnger famly. Ths seed s a natve of Inda but s also grown n Guatemala and Ceylon. Ths seed s more expensve than most spces, but a lttle makes a bg dfference. The Vkngs dscovered ths seed n ther travels, and today cardamon s used n much of the Scandanavan cookng. You've probably tasted t, whether you know t or not, for ths seed s the secret to that "specal" flavor of many a Dansh pastry. Cardamon comes to market n several forms. You may fnd t n a green or more lkely, a bleached whte pod. Ths pod contans the small black seeds, Used n ths form, t's good for pcklng cucumbers. For the most part, supermarkets carry packages of just the whole seed or ground seeds. All you need s one whole seed, and you can soon dscover what a fantastc taste team cardamon and coffee make. Drop the seed nto the cup of coffe for a delcous brew. Ground cardamon has a multtude of uses. Try t n custards, cakes, cookes and breads. Or add t to sweet potatoes and pork or beef roasts. Add t to the French toast batter. Cardamon fts almost anywhere - even sprnkled on ced melon! Corander seed usage has survved from 5000 B.C. to present day. Orgnally from Inda, ths seed now comes mostly from Morocco, Argentna and Russa. The fragrance s mld, and t remnds you slghtly of lavendar. The taste s sojnewh'at jjke u a t mxture of lemon peel and sage!'corander seed s the dred rpe frut of an herb n the parsley famly. The herb tself s rather pungent, but the seed s mlder. The seeds range from, whte to Safety at harvest IJ\ WILLIAM LAKIIKK Ksl'son AtnnllH \yl tme are better than f your parents lved only to age 40. Second, do thngs n moderaton and thrd look both ways before crossng the street, that's called safety. So when runnng farm machnery read the operator's manual and ts comments on safe machne operaton, keep all shelds and guards n place, stop the machne before gettng off and shut down the power before makng adjustments, wear tght fttng clothng that won't get caught n the machne. In lvng a long lfe, don't trust to luck too often, remember to look both ways when crossng the street and to operate harvestng machnery n a safe manner. The Home Economst yellowsh brown, and have alternatng straght and wavy rdges runnng vertcally. These whole seeds can also be used n pcklng, or for spcng fsh and orental candes, Many Mexcan and Spansh cooks use corander for rce, lentl and meat dshes. Many of the commercally prepared meats n ths country areflavoredwth corander. You can easly use ground corander n your meal. Add t to rolls, pasteres, cookes and cakes. Sprnkle t over applesauce, or add the corander to punch and seasoned butter. Fennel s a yellowsh brown seed natve to Europe, but now found n several other places ncludng the U.S. It has a pleasant fragrance and a sweet taste that's remnscent of anse or lcorce. Scandanavans also make good use of ths seed, and Itab'an bakers use fennel extensvely for bread, rolls and pastres. (Ths seed s shaped rather 'lke a mnature watermelon. Fennel s another pcklng ngredent, whle beng a delcous seasonng for fruts, soups, fsh and sauces. Mx ths seed nto the fllng of an apple pe or spaghett sauce. Sprnkle fennel on a pzza or potatoes. Seeds, they're for the people ~ and brds! Our thanks to Sharon Van dyne, Consumer Marketng Agent, MSU for ths nformaton. VIEW FROM THE SENATE (Contnued from page 5B) the Department of Commerce, not enough emphass may be gven to envronmental factors and preservng the state as a tourst attracton. There s also the queston of whether any more tourst pressure should be put on our exstng recreatonal facltes - - although more recreatonal facltes are beng added n the state every year. Another measure whch may be consdered ths fall s one to change the name of the Tourst Councl to the Mchgan Travel Commsson and enlarge ts membershp from nne to 3. The new commsson would comprse 2 members each from the 4 regonal tourst assocatons and one at-large to be apponted by the Governor wth Senate approval. The commsson would appont the drector, ' Brdgevlle By Mrs Thclma Wogdbury y - p. Mr and Mrs Henry Schmd Sr, Mr and Mrs John Woodbury, Mr and Mrs Zenos Hyler of St.Johns, Mrs Irene Crowell of Else and Mrs Olve Anthony of Lansng spent Saturday and Sunday, Sept 22 and 23 at Harrson at the Anthony cottage. A lovely tme was had by all ncludng a brthday cake and dnner on Sunday n honor of Thelma Woodbury's brthday. An 8 lb 3 oz son was oom Saturday, Sept 22, to Mr and Mrs Paul Looms at Carson Cty Hosptal. A crowd of 54 people attended the Flm, "Lke a Mghty Army", shown at the Salem Church, Sunday evenng, Sept 23, at 7:30. FEED BOOKING TIME IS HERE Remember the savngs by havng your feed booked ths past year wth the St. Johns Co-op? LET US HELP YOU FIGURE YOUR NEEDS FOR THE COMING YEAR Full 2- Month Contract.Avalable QUALITY FEEDS See the St. Johns Co-ap for all your farm supply needs. ST. JOHNS CO-OP St. Johns Phone October 4, Donates blood Eghty-three people responded to the call of the Ovd-Else Blood mo ble last week. A specal call for blood for open-heart surgery was flled early n the day. Those donatng were: Lyle Acre, Rchard Acre. Merle Baese, Sandra Bsson, Barbara Copeln, Rev Earl Copeln. Dors Conkln, Betty Couch, Veronca Daley, Glenn Decker, Joanne Decker, Vcky Doten. Lyle Dunham, Ncholas Dunay, Jean Durham, Thomas Ferens, JoAnn Fogarty, Agnes Galecka. Ross. Martn Galecka; Robert Green, John Goebel, Gary Good, Harold Goodrch, Kay Goodrch. Elzabeth Hardaker, Janet Herblet, Jerry Herblet, Jance Hettnger, Dorothy Hcks, Mary Ann Her. Davd Hll, Dane Hll, Donald Hnkley, Carol Htchens, Robert Hubbard, Walter Huffman. Donna Huss, Dorothy Kadolph, Charles Krdner, Mary Evalevog, Carol LaR Karen Louth, Clara Maron, John M Marjore Martn, Normpn Martn, Hlda Mcka, Dens Mller. Jack Mller, Marlyn Mller, Leonard Mtchell, Wells Monroe, Paul Nemars, Ronald Nethaway. Suzanne Nethaway, George Ncholson, Alfred Ornelas, Oscar Ornelas, Davd Ott, Sonja Page. Opaf'Parker, Dale Peck, Eugene Peterson, Ronald Plot, Rchard '.Purchase, Norma t Orvlle Selfrdge, Emele Schoch, TonySSovs, Selma. Stroub, Larry Squers, Elane Swanson. Cyrl Tremblay, Vera Tremblay, Conne Underhll, Sue Wakefeld, Donald Whtaker, Davd Wtt. Mary Ann Wttenberg, Sdney' Wttenberg, Maurce Woodworth, Joellen Wonsey, Lousella Wonsey. Hfocadhtttrct By ROSALYN PARKS, Correspondent Mr and Mrs Gerald Scarborough and Leanne of Lansng vsted Mr and Mrs G. V. Pyle, Sunday. Mr and Mrs Harold Hoerner were hosts for Mr and Mrs Howard Sargent at the Scale House near Iona Sunday. Mrs Howard Sargent and Elmer Hardenburg went to St Charles on busness Monday. Mrs Harvey Hoener and grls vsted Mrs Harold Hoerner Sunday. ' Mrs Charles Fsher, Kevn Fsher and Mrs Porter Parks attended Band Day Saturday at Chesanng. Dan Sullvan came home Saturday from Battle Creek Hosptal. Mrs Raymond Sherman and Kevn of Grand Ledge, Garry and frend, Russell Sullvan and son Randy of Edmore were all dnner guests of Mr and Mrs Donald Sullvan Sunday. Kevn Sherman of Grand Ledge spent Saturday nght wth hs grandparents, Mr and Mrs Don Sullvan. Mr and Mrs Eldors Hahn vsted Mr and Mrs Don Hennng and chldren Sunday afternoon. Mrs Edth Fuhr passed away Saturday and wll be bured Tuesday from DeWtt Funeral Home. We would lke to extend our condolence to the bereaved famly. Kenneth Pyle of St Johns vsted Mr and Mrs G. V. Pyle, Thursday. AFUELforALL SEASONS NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NEEDS- LP GAS WILL DO THE JOB! Prompf Delvery WHITE' MINI MAG AUTOMATIC (Weghs less than 7 lbs.*} S0S.BegoleRd. PERRINTON /2N-2W -/2N From Pompe PHONE POMPEII pc.0UTDQQRSMAN KIT Lmted Tme Offer... only Wth 4" bar & chan 5 95 Value The world's most popular chan saw wth automatc olng plus specal 4-pece outdoorsman ht. It's everythng you need to cut lke a pro. Deluxe carryng case, complete chan saw mantenance kt wth fles, gauges, wrench/screwdrver, two-cycle ol, chan ol, gas can, and 0 projects book. Mess cuttng attachments FREE DEMONSTRATION AT Phllps Implement Co. 33 N, Lansng, St. Johm Ph For bcsl pnhrrrncc alwjs t» McCullth pt*t( maltttd chans, bus and sprockets.

17 October Pewamo 4,973 h\ MKS. IRENE FOX Mrs Irene Fedewa and Mrs Kathleen Lawless left early Monday mornng to vst her cousn, Mrs Erma Johnson at East Jordan, returnng Tuesday nght. Mrs Vera Cook and Mrs Joan Danels of Lansng spent 2 days at Carey, Oho. Mrs Nell Wood of Alpena spent several days vstng at the home of Mrs Charles Cook., Sunday afternoon vstors at the home of Ralph and Maude 'Doane were Mr and Mrs Ted Sherwood of Carson Cty, Lades 'of the Altar Socety wll have ther st fall meetng Monday, Oct, Startng at 8:00 pm n the parsh hall. Mrs Ann Bower spent Sunday as a guest at the home of Mr and Mrs John Bower of Lansng. Mrs Freda Davarn s a medcal patent at Carson Cty Osteopathc Hosptal as of ths date Sept 24. Mrs Clfford Freund was dscharged from Carson Cty Osteopathc Hosptal as a surgcal patent Saturday, Sept 22. Sunday vstors of Mr and Mrs Clell Bssell were Mr and Mrs Berne Smth and son,.crag, of Portland. Joseph Klen was admtted at Blodgett Hosptal n Grand Rapds Sept'3. He s scheduled for major surgery Tuesday mornng, Sept 25. He s n room 48. Vstors of Joseph Keln at Blodgett Hosptal n Grand Rapds Sunday were Mr and Mrs Patrck Klen and Mrs Rchard Lnn. Mrs Laurne Schafer and Mrs Frank Ormston of rural St Johns have returned from a 4 day trp n northern Mchgan to ph Sault Ste Mare then returnng on the east coast along Lake Huron. In the upper pennsula the leaves had started to turn, They arrved home late Frday. Mr and Mrs Wllam Fox of Salne spent the weekend wth hs sster, Mrs Dolly Cook. Mr and Mrs Ambrose Fox and famly moved from ther home at the Vance traler park to a home on Maynard Road, Portland. A son was born Frday mornng at St Johns Hosptal Sept 2, weghng 7 lbs and 8 ozs. They have one other chld a grl Noel Schneder. Mrs Schneder s the former Beth Noeker of Westphala. Mother and son expect to be home Wednesday. Wacousta Charles Rose was taken nto St Lawrence Hosptal Wednesday where he was treated and released. Mr and Mrs Ralph Embry of Battle Creek called on the Kraft famly Sunday. Mrs Charles Phllps and Rodney and Van Phllps were Sunday dnner guests of Mrs Ion Phllps n Mason. Mrs Mna Clark of Holt was a Wednesday guest of Mr and Mrs Dan Stenzel. Mrs Howard McDonough was hostess of the Wacousta Crcle Wednesday evenng. Wllng Workers Crcle meets Thursday wth Mrs Don Maer on Forest Hll Rd. The Masonc Lodge #359 wll serve ther frst Fsh Dnner of the season Frday, Oct 2, startng at 4:30 pm. Begnnng October 20,973 a truck from Steves Refuse Servce wll be at the Ovd Water Works the thrd Saturday of each month from 9 A.M. to l P.M. for old applances and tems too large for regular pck up. Patrons wll brng tems to that locaton and pay for the servce at that tme. Ths wll replace the annual Clean Up Day, formerly held each year. ;jr-'»' ^ Vllage Councl CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN CITY COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES September 0,973 Mayor Wood called the regular meetng of the Cty Commsson to order at 7:30 pm. Commssoners Present: Hannah, Rand, Ebert, Wood, Grost Commssoners Absent; None Staff Present: Cty.Manager, Cty Clerk, Cty Attorney Ebert, supported by Commssoner Rand to approve the mnutes of August 27, 973. Moton carred. Moton, by Commssoner Grost, 'supported by Commssoner Rand to approve the warrants. Moton carred. Ebert, supported by Commssoner Grost to approve the agenda. Moton carred. Mr Rodney Devereaux ap- EdwnT. Stles Post 53 Amercan Legon n St Johns has new offcers for the year: (from left) peared before the Cty Com- EdScmtt 2nd vce, Dean Hcnnng st vce, Cecl Smth commander, Bran Woodbury, adjutant, Toby msson regardng an auto Mshlevcaplan.BllActonwasthecommandcrlastyear.NotshownsCragBartholoncwsergeantat arms. Postmaster says servce needs ST JOHNS - "The US Postal Servce depends heavly on customer partcpaton to help meet ts servce standards," postmaster Keth A. Mshler of St Johns recently explaned. "Publc cooperaton n 2 areas s vtally mportant," he sad. "Frst, to qualfy for servce standard handlng, mal addresses must contan the Zp Code. Second, armal tems and st class tems for overnght delvery must be deposted n mal collecton boxes desgnated for the. 5 pm collecton, or by 5:5 pm at the Post Offce. The Postal Servce has made detaled commtments to the Amercan people on depen- Fowler Mr and Mrs Frank Smon and famly of Lansng spent Saturday afternoon wth Mr and' Mrs Leonard Thelen, Mrs Eleanore Kramer and customer help dablty and tmelness of mal servce, Mshler sad. Called Servce Standards, they specfy levels of servce the publc can expect for armal and frst class mal. "Ther use wthn the Postal famly s mportant too," Postmaster Mshler sad. "Servce standards measure success or falure. They promote cooperaton and teamwork from all Postal workers-those who pck up and delver, those who man the post offces, and those who operate the vast postal transportaton network." For armal, the Postal Servce commtment s to delver,95% by the next day between specfed ctes wthn a radus ofgoo mles, such as Chcago and Cleveland. Ths overnght delvery recently has been extended to selected ctes beyond 00 mles. At least 95% of all armal wll be delvered by the 2d day anywhere n the Contnental Unted States. "Frst class, standards are no r nmrs Mark Weberand 3 chldren <J e ' S j demandng?*- MShler sacv : 4' twere Frday afternoon vstors * "Nexr'day'^delveryT'tV local of Mss Cecla Thelen. servde areas are made for at least 95% of the mal." Ths standard s now beng expanded to provde for 2d day delvery to ponts wthn 00 mles at least 95% of the tme, and 3d day delvery s to be made to any communty wthn the Contnental Unted States at least 95% of the tme. "Equally demandng servce standards are now beng developed and tested for parcel post and other classes of mal," postmaster Mshler sad. dealer %«r von 200W. HghamSt. / repar garage operated by"hs neghbor. General 'dscusson followed. Ebert, supported by Commssoner Rand to have the Zonng Admnstrator and Cty Attorney revew ths problem and seek possble solutons. Moton carred. Rand, supported by Commssoner Grost to adopt as permanent Traffc Control Order No Moton carred. Grost, supported by Commssoner Rand to adopt as permanent Traffc Control Order No Moton carred. The Cty Manager presented a communcaton requestng nstallaton of a street lght md block, on Park Street, between Mead and Swegles Street. Rand, supported by Commssoner Hannah to refer ths request to Consumers Power for recommendaton. Moton carred. The Cty Manager presented a resoluton to appont an offcer representatve to the Mchgan Muncpal Employees Retrement System annual meetng. Hannah, supported by Commssoner Grost to appont Mr Eugene Smon, the Cty Treasurer, to attend the MMERS meetng. Moton carred. The Cty Manager presented a communcaton requestng approval of the Homecomng Parade Route. Grost, supported by Commssoner Rand to grant permsson for the Homecomng Parade Route as outlned. Moton carred. Rand, supported by Commssoner Grost to open the Publc Hearng on the Proposed Revenue Sharng Moton carred. Budget. 7B Mayor Wood asked f anyone present wshed to speak' regardng the budget. There beng none, moton by Commssoner Rand, supported by Commssoner Hannah to close the Publc Hearng. Moton carred. Grost, supported by Commssoner Hannah to adopt the Revenue Sharng Budget. Moton carred. Ebert, supported by Commssoner Hannah to recess the Cty Commsson meetng, moton carred. Meetng recessed at 8:05 pm. Ebert, supported by Commssoner Rand to. reconvene the Cty Commsson meetng. Moton carred. ' Hannah, supported by Commssoner Grost to adjourn. Moton carred. Meetng adjourned at 8:45 pm, ^^^^^^ Mchgan s the largest red tart cherry producer.n the naton, growng 79% of the U".S. crop'. Resdents of the Vllage of Ovd please do not put garbage and rubbsh to the curb for pck up n advance of Tuesday evenng or Wednesday mornng.. Any badly torn bags or ltter wll not be pcked up. Vllage Councl The Easest Way To Buy Our Servce Call our number today, No job s too large or too small for CAINS COMPLETE EDINGER They're alt here at CHEVROLET FOWLER Any Make-Any Model / Bumpng-Pantng-Recondltonlng The fnest workmanshp makes t look lke new. Buck Pontlac CAINS Inc. Ops! 20Hgham.St.Johns GMC ALWAYS IN THE MARKET FOR Oats Corn Whaat«Soybeans Whte Beans Sell, Store, or Gran Bank BULK AND BAGGED FERTILIZER AND BULK DELIVERY OF PURINA FEEDS MATHEWS ELEVATOR Fowler, Mch. Ph * RESIDENTIAL * COMMERCIAL * QUALITY WORK PLUMBING & HEATING ISL '* Stf.Johns to call on your customers tomorrow We'll get you started wth a pro. 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18 8B CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOjHNS, MICHIGAN October 4,973 WIN $on IN EVENT OF TIES, PRIZE WILL BE DIVIDED EQUALLY "PICK-A-WINNER" TIE BREAKER Select the team you thnk wll wn.,.and estmate the total ponts you beleve wll be scored by BOTH teams. % Ths Week's Wnner * ROLLINHUARD,JR. St. Johns, Mchgan Jon the fun! You can wn $20 cash, pad by The Clnton County News each week to the person who guesses the most wnners of the hgh school and college football games lsted on ths page. Shop the ads and read the rules to fnd out how you can cash n! '. Read every ad on ths page. An mportant game wll be lsted n each ad for your selecton. '2. On a separate sheet of paper, wrte the name of each merchant on ths page and after hs name, the name of the team you select as the wnner of the game lsted n hs ad. Lst n sequence thru. ' 3. Be sure and prnt your name and address planly on your entry. 4. Mal your entry to Contest Edtor, The Clnton County News, St Johns, before pm Frday or delver t personally to The Clnton County News offce before 5 pm Frday. Mal must be postmarked no later than pm Frday. 5. Contest wnners wll be announced each week n The Clnton County News.. Only one entry per person s allowed. 7. Remember - Your guesses plus the names of the merchants, must be on a SEPARATE sheet-of paper... not on ths page. 8. See copy at left for te breaker. POWER MIX U.S. 27 at the Brdge Phone St. Johns - Iona EAST DEWITT 'Th' World's Sweetest Plate to Deal" 'EE'SIHEW/^ALDS Buy Best At Bees Bath -- Pncney 200 S. U.S. 27 ST. JOHNS PHONE ISO N. CLINTON AVE. ST. JOHNS, Ml., 40S79 Complete Lne of STEREOS PIANOS ORGANS RECORDS & TAPES ^bp&tl <j$ttt*t ((faster RALPH BAILBV ;, > V PH. <B7) Ovd-Else -- Corunna ST. JOHNS CO-OP NOW HAS professonal DOG FOOD Stop n and check our Introductory prces! St. Johns Co-op PHONE Fowler -- Langsburg N. CLINTON Ralph Darefs COMMUNITY DODGE SALES 200 E. Hgham ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN Dodge Monaco Poara Coronet Charger Challenger Dart Colt Dodge Trucks Phone DeWtt -- Bellevue B NORTH CLINTON AVENUE ST JOHNS MICHIGAN 48B SALES & SERVICE SPORTS DIVISION Mch. State -- Notre Dame Ph Ext South U.S. 27 ST. JOHNS CLINTON COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE CAMERA STORE Kodak & Polarod Cameras and flm EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY PARR'S REXALL DRUGS ST. JOHNS Ph Pewamo-Westphala -- Portland St. Pats Full Prescrpton Know - How Your Pharmacst Is Traned to be Careful We fll your doctor's prescrptons wth thb utmost precson... and wll help you promptly n any emergency. --WHERE SERVICE AND QUALITY COUNT-- FlNKBEINER'S PHARMACY PLANNING AN AUCTION? 9 XJs GALLOWAY AUCTION Al Galloway, Auctoneer \ WE SPECIALIZE IN FARM MACHINERY AND DAIRY CATTLE AUCTIONS Ph or Please wrte or phone for Aucton Sale Handblls North U.S. 27 St. Johns DON'T FORGET! Quckest and Fastest Road and Wrecker Servce n Town... 5 WRECKERS-RADIO DISPATCHED HETTLER MOTOR SALES E. State St. ST. JOHNS Phone Awell made machne s one tlng. A well made machne that looks lke ths s somethng else. YOUR COMPLETE SNOWMOBILE SALES, SERVICE AND ACCESSORY CENTER... Vst Our Clothng Room - SUITS - HELMETS - BOOTS, Etc. BOB'S SPORT CENTER FOWLER PHONE Mnnesota - Nebraska, Oho State - Washngton State Wsconsn - Wyomng 50 N.Clnton ST. JOHNS Ph CMU - Illnos State Let Us TACKLE YOUR INSURANCE Problems... A Polcy ro Ft /our Needs! See Us for AUTO, HOME, LIFE, LIABILITY TRAVEL & BUSINESS INSURANCE JIM MCKENZIE AGENCY ST. JOHNS 22 N. Clnton Ph IONIA 344 W. Wash. Ph* Detrot Lons «Mnnesota Vkngs ST. JOHNS MUSIC CENTER SALES & SERVICE 30% 0 OFF ON ALL Dck and', Frances Allen Band Instruments: Mam Dolphns -- New York Jets - Tebreaker 309 I\L Clnton ST. JOHNS Ph Your Savngs Earn More Current Annual Rate EARNS DAILY COMPOUNDS QUARTERLY CAPITOL SAVINGS ST. JOHNS Incorporated 490 In Lancng, Mchgan. Member Federal Home Loan Bank System. Ferrs State - Grand Valley REALTY CO. MEMBERS MLS COMPUTERIZED LISTING SERVICE- OVER 00 OFFICES. 50 SALES PEOPLE TO SERVE YOU. SEE US FOR RESULTS!! 55 NORTH US-27 ST. JOHNS WMU--Kent State K

19 October 4,973 FlIST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Averll M. Carson, Mnster Thursday, October4 :30 pm -General Fellowshp pothck Saturday, October 2:30 p;rf Junor Chor Rehearsal.^j^f flws-pm Chldren's Chor Rehearsal Sunday, October? 9;45 am Church School :00 am Mornng Worshp 7:30 pm Doublets Monday, Octobers G:45 pm Congregators Tuesday, Octobers 7:30 pm Lnda Scott Dvson Wednesday, October 0 :45 pm Boy Scout Troop Ml 8:00 pm Chancel Chor Rehearsal UNITED METHODIST CHURCH "RevrFtancIsC'Johanndes 200 East Slate Street St. Johns, Mchgan Sunday 9:30 am Church School :00 am Worshp 7:00 pm st and 3rd Sundays Junor Youth Fellowshp 2nd and 4th Sundays Senor Hgh Youth Fellowshp. Wednesday \ :30 pm Chapel Chor 7:30 pm Chancel Chor Thursday 4:00 pm Carol Chor UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev Francs C. Johanndes - Mnster Worshp-0am FIRST BAPTISTCHURCH South US-27 PaulA. Travs, Pastor 9:45 am Bble School 0:55 am Worshp Serve It am Chldren's Churches pm IN-TIME and HI-TIME 7 pm Evenng Worshp 5:00 pm Church Tranng 7:00 pm Evenng Worshp Each Wed 7 DID The Hour of Power for the whole famly. 8 pm Chor practce. B;00 pm -Chor Practce - Jr. Basketball Frst Sunday - Communon Servce Frst Tuesday Deacon's Meetng Second Tuesday Lades' Mssonary Crcle. Mon-Fr "Moments of Medaton." 9:5 am Rado WRBJ Church offce hours 9-2 & -3 Mon thru Fr ST JOHNS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH Corner of Meadand Walker Rectory 40 E Walker Phone Offce Schedule Every Sunday 8 am Holy Communon 2d & 4th Sunday 0 am Holy Communon and Sermon Other Sundays -0 am - Mornng Prayer and Sermon Nursery & church school 0 am for nursery through Glh Every Monday eve 7 pm Sprtual Healng Servce # st - 3d Mondays 7 pm Senor Ctzens 2d & 4lh Tuesdays - Noon Senor Ctzens Eyery Tuesday mornng and evenng weght watchers ^,-B ' 2d Wednesday -5 pm Famly Plannng Clnc st & 3rd Wed mornng OEO Nutrton Class Every other Wed evenng 7:30 Cadet Grl Scouts Every 4th Thursday Jaycettes 8 pm Every Thursday 8 pm AA A] Anon Every Frday 3:5 pm Brownes CHURCH OF CHRISTOF ST. JOHNS 40OE Slate MkeHargrave, Mnster 9:30 am Sunday School 0:30 am Mornng Worshp 5:30 pm Youth Fellowshp :30 pm Evenng Servce Wed, 7:00 pm Prayer Meetng Call for more nformaton ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev, Wllam G. Hankerd, Pastor ReV. Raymond Goehrlng Assocate Pastor Rectory 09 Lnden SI. -Ph Convenl-0 S. Oakland-Ph School 20 E. Cass-Ph Mass Schedule Saturday Evenng - 7 pm Sunday - 7:30,9, o:30 and 2 Holy Days - See bulletn. Weekdays 8:30 am and 7 pm Sacrament of Penance-Saturdays, 3:30. to 5 pm; after 7 pm Mass untl 8:30 pm. Weekday cvenngs-a few mnutes before evenng Mass. Frst Frdays Sacrament of Penance. Thursday from 4 to 5 pm and after the evenng Mass untl all are heard. Mass and prayers of Adoraton at 7 pm. Holy Communon on Frday at and 7:5 am. Adoraton of the Blessed Sacrament, Thursday 7 pm on Frst Frday after evenng Mass. Devotons Our Mother of Perpetual HelpNNovena - after 7:5 pm Mass each Tuesday. Relgous Instructon Classes Adult Inqury Class, Tuesday at B pm. Hgh School CCD, Wednesday at 7:30 pm Publc Grade School CCD, Tuesdays from 4 untl 5 pm. Baptsms-Each Sunday at :30 by appontment. Other arrangements by appontment. SAINT JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH (Mssour Synod) Rev. Robert D, Koeppcn, Pastor 0:5 am Dvne Worshp 8:00 am Matns Servce, 3rd Sunday each month 9:00 am Sunday School and Bble Classes Holy Communon sland 3rd Sundays each month at I0;l5am Church Olfce Hours - 9:00-2:00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Frday mornngs, Adult Instructon 7!30 pm Mondays Weekday School and Confrmaton Classes - Wednesdays. 3:30-5:00 pm Lades Cu!d-LWML-2nd Wednesday each month al 7:30 pm Elders and' Evangelfsls -Tuesdays at :45 pm Youth-2nd & 4th Sundays at 4:00 pm Councls & Commttees - st Tuesday each month at 7:30 pm Offce Telephone: Parsonage Telephone: THE WAYSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. rlchard Abney, Pastor About 2 mles north The Corner of N US-27 and Roosevelt Rds. Sunday School -0:00 am Mornng Worshp -:00 am Sunday evenng - :00 pm Wednesday evenng servce 7:00 pm A church when everyone Is welcome SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS 8 North LanslngStreet Elder,E.F.Herzel, Pastor Servces held on Saturday 9:5 am-church Servce 0:30 am-sabbalh School Servce WESTPILGRIM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Corner of Parks and Grove Rd. Rev Bran K, Sheen, Mnster 9:30 am-worshp Servce 0:45 am Church School Next Sunday n Clnton County churches ASSEMBLYOFGOD SUS-27&EBaldwn Joseph F, Eger, Jr. Past or 0:00 am - Sunday School :00 am Mornng Worshp. :30 pm - Youth servce 7:30 pm Sunday Evenng 7:00 pm Wednesday, second and fourth WMC 7:30 pm - Wednesday evenng servce PRICE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. DaroldB, Boyd 9:45 am Church School :00 am Mornng Worshp Women's Socety meets the last Wednesday of each month. Dnner at 2:30. Meetng at :30. Youth Fellowshp meets the frst and thrd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. Councl of Church Mnstres and Admnstratve Board meets the frst Sunday of each month followng a poltck dnner at noon. Youth chor meets each Wednesday at 7 pm. Senor chor meets each Wednesday at 7:30 pm. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Kngdom Hall 993 North Lansng St. Tuesday, 7:30 pm Congregaton Book Studes. Text studed "The Natons Shall Know That I Am Jehovah - How?" Thursday, 7:30 pm -Theocratc Mnstry School - Texts Used: "Bble" and "Ad to Bble Understandng" 8:30 pm Servce Meetng. Sunday, 9:30 am - Publc Lecture - Gven by Qualfed Representatve of the Watchtower, Bble and Tract Socety. 0:30 am - Watchtower Study - Current ssue of the "Watchtower" magazne studes. PUBLIC INVITED NO COLLECTION TAKEN FIRSTCHURCHOFGOD Rcv.JeffWebb 32 N US-27 Phone :45 am Church School, :00 am Worshp Servce. 7:00 pm Evenng Worshp. B:00pmYouth Fellowshp Island 3rd Sunday of the month. Wednesday: 7:45 pm Famly Bble Sludy, CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 55 North LansngStrcel Rev Wesley Manker Phone :00 am -Sunday School :00 am Mornng Worshp :5 pm - Young People's Servce 7:00 pm Evenng Worshp. Wednesday, :30 pm - Caravan, 7:45 pm Bble Study and prayer hour. FREE METHODIST CHURCH 305ChurchStreet Phone Robert Bentley, Mnster 0:00 am - Sunday School :00 am - Mornng Worshp :00 pm - Evenng Worshp Prayer servce as announced. SALEM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH U.S. 2?and County Lne Rd Pastor Paul R.Jones Phone Parsonage $,Offce 220,. Maple Rapds Rd. Eureka. - ' ",\L Sunday, 9:00 Worshp 0:00 Church School 7:30 pm WSCS Thrd Thursday each monlh. WAYSIDE CHAPEL A BIBLE CHURCH 437 Turner Road, DeWtt Rev. Douglas Beach, Pastor Phone am Sunday School am Worshp Servce pm Young People 7 pm Evenng Servce 7:5 pm Wednesday - Bble Study and Prayer A frendly church wth a message for today. Bble Lovng - Bble Belevng - Bble Preachng DeWITT COMMUNITY CHURCH (Inter-denomnatonal) Murl J. Eastman, Pastor JmMcGovney, SundaySchoolSupt. Marlyn Kra, Co-Supt, 9:45 am.-sunday School am - Church pm - Youth Fellowshp 7 pm - Sunday Evenng Servce 7 pm - Wednesday Bble Study and Prayer Meetng REDEEMER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 05 N Brdge SI H. Forest Crum, Pastor 9:30 am Worshp, (nursery provded), 0:30 :00 am, Coffee Fellowshp, am Church School COMMUNITY OF ST JUDE Catholc Church Father Jerome Schmtt, Pastor 409 Wlson, DeWtt Daly Mass: Mon. and Thurs.- 7:30 pm. Tues., Wed,, and Fr, 7:00 am Sunday Mass: 9:00 and :5 am Servces at Mddle School, DeWtt EAST DeWITTBIBLE CHURCH (Non-Denomnatonal) Round Lake Road /4 mle East of US-27 Glen J. Famham, Pastor Sunday 0 am - Sunday School, Classes for all ages. am - Mornng Worshp 5;45 pm - Youth Fellowshp, Senor, 4 and up; Jet Cadets, pm - Evenng Servce Wednesday 7:30 pm - Bble Sludy and Prayer. Supervsed nursery for babes and small chldren n all servces, * "An open door to an open book"...a Bble preachng church wth a message for you... ST THERESE CATHOLIC CHURCH Fathers Francs Murray, Joseph Droste.' and Lawrence Delaney Rectory: 02 W. Randolph, Lansng Phone Mass Schedule - Saturday: 7 pm. Sunday:, 8,0.2: DcWtt, 9 am Holday: 7, 8,0 am; 5:30, 7:30 pm Weekday Masses: 8 am, 7:30 pm Confessons ' Saturday: 3:30 to 5 and 7:30 to9. Eves of Holdays, 8 tob Baptsm: Sunday at pm. Please call In advance. SOUTH RILEY BIBLE CHURCH, WIUardFarrler.Pastor Located /2 mle east of Francs Road on Chadwck Road ID am Sunday School am Worshp Servce HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH 380WHcrbsonRd.DeWltt Telephone *3930 Davd U, Kranzmeler, Pastor Telpehone: 9409 Sunday Worshp 9:30 Tuesday - Drectons a Dawn 7:00 am All Churches n Clnton County are nvted to send ' ther weekly announcements to The Clnton County News. They must reach us by 0 a.m. Monday to'nsure publcaton n the current week's Issue. ST. ANNE'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Corner US-27 and Webb Road Rev Glenn V. Cathey, Jr. Vcar Resdence Church Frst & Thrd Sundays Mornng Prayer 9 am Second & Fourth Sundays Holy Communon 9 am VALLEY FARMS BAPTIST CHURCH 24I-E State Road REV LaVern Brelz, Pastor 9:45-0:45 am-church School, There s a class for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. The Bble s our textbook. am 2 Noon - Mornng Worshp, Junor Church for chldren through th grade 5:30 pm - BYF for both Junors and Senors 7:00 pm Evangelstc Servce B:00 pm - Mornng Chor Practces Wednesday, 7:00 pm - Md-week Prayer Serlce; 8:00 pm - Mornng Chor Practce Saturday 0:00 am - Jr Chor practce st Thursday 7:30 pm - Woman's Msson Socety' 2nd Saturday 2:00 pm - Ann Judson Guld for Jr H grls 3rd Tuesday :30pm- Men's Fellowshp SOUTH DeWITT CHURCH OF CHRIST 293 Herbtson besde DcWtt Hgh School Mnster: Dr. James Grdwood Tel or :20 am Bble School 0:30 am Mornng Worshp Communon Weekly 0:30 pm Youth Groups 7:30 pm Evenng Worshp Wednesday, 7:30 pm Hour of Power: Prayer and Bble Study Thursday 7:30 pm Callng Program FIRST BAPTISTCHURCH OF Dc WITT, SBC Rev Jerry Cote.Pastor Meetng n the Memoral Buldng whle we buld our new worshp center. Sunday School 0:00 am. Mornng Worshp -:00 am 5:00 pm Church Tranng :00 pm Evenng Worshp Meetng n homes Md-week prayer servce Wed. 7:30 pm Youth fellowshp 2nd and 4 th Sunday at 7 o'clock pm Jon us n worshp where "everybody s somebody and Chrst s Lord." For more nformaton call or wrte Box 30, DcWtt. VALLEY FARMS UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Rev. Nell Bolnger, Pastor 55 E State Rd Phone :30 am -Sunday School :00 am -Mornng Worshp 7:30 pm -Sunday evenng Evangelstc Wednesday, 7:30 pm - Youth servce Thursday, 7:30 pm - Bble Sludy We cordally nvte you to attend any or all of these servces Lsten lo our Internatonal broadcast HARVESTIME Sunday mornng at 0:30 am. WRBJ, 580 on your dal, STPETER LUTHERAN CHURCH 3 ^'MlSSOURISYNQD, 4-/2 mtes west of St. Johns on M-2 5-/2 mles south on Francs Road 2 mles west on Church Road ' Marvn U Bora, Pastor 0:30 am - Worshp 9:5 am Sunday School and Bble Classes. Holy Communon frst Sunday of the month at B am, thrd Sunday of the monlh at 0:30 pm. Ovd Area THE UNITED CHURCH OF OVID West Front Street Rev. Claude B Rdley, Jr. Pastor Worshp Servce 0 am Church School - am Nursery servce for all chldren up to 2nd grade. WESLEY AN HOLINESS CHURCH 27W.WlllamSt,Ovd Rev Rchard D Purchase 0 am Sunday School and Mornng Worshp, Sunday Evenngs 7:30 pm 7:30 pm Wednesday Prayer Meetngs OVIDFRST BAPTIST CHURCH Man at Oak Street Rev. Earl C. Copelln, Pastor Mary Ptacek, Church School Supt. 9:45 am Church School, l:oo am Mornng Worshp, 7 pm Evenng Fellowshp. Wednesday 7 pm Prayer and Bble Study; 8 pm Senor Chor OVID FREE METHODIST CHURCH "the church wth "acls 20:20 vson" 00NManSt.,Ovd, Rev, Rchard Gleason ChurchPhone Parsonage Phone :00 am Sunday School ':00 am Mornng Worshp :00 pm Youth F.M.Y. 7:30 pm Evenng Worshp 9:30 am Lades Bble Study every Tuesday 7:30 pm Wednesday evenng Prayer Servce :00 pm Teen's Softball every Frday HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH Ovd, Mchgan Fr. Joseph Aubn 0:30 am Mass on Sunday 7:00 pm Evenng Mass on Wednesday Confessons 0 to 0:30 on Sunday mornng CALVARY BAPTISTCHURCH Rev Wayne Glassman M-2alElseRd. 9:45 am Sunday School :00 am Mornng Worshp 7:00 pm Evenng Worshp 7:00 pm Wednesday Prayer meetng Fowler Area MOST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH Rev.Fr, Albert J. Schmtt, Pastor Sunday Masses - :30,8:30 and 0:30 am Weekdays-Durng school year, 7:30and 8:30 am Holy Days - 5:30,7:30 am and 7:00 pm and 7:00 pm eve before Sorrowful Mother Novena * Frday, 7:30 pm Saturday s- 7:30 am and 7:00 pm ST,' PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH Fowler, Mchgan H.E,Rossow. Pastor 9:30 am Worshp 0:30 am Sunday School & Bble Class By 980, unless present.trends are reversed, 820 mllon adult Illterates are predcted for the world. UNICEF s explorng non-formal, out-of-school channels for educaton to reach functonally llterate youths beyond school age. CLINTON COUNTY NEWS, ST JOHNS, MICHIGAN Else Area ELSIE METHODIST CHURCH. Rev.DavdLtchfleId,Mlnlstcr 9:30 am Mornng Worshp 0:30 am Sunday School, Supt Merle Baese DUPLAN METHODIST CHURCH Rev Davd Ltchfeld, Mnster 0 am - Sunday School, Supt Kenneth Kger am Worshp Servce FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 0 am Sunday School Rev. Cowley, Sup't U am Worshp Servce :30 pm Junor & Senor B.Y.F. 7:00 pm Evenng Servce 7:00 pm Wednesday, Junor and Senor Chor Practce 7:30 pm Wednesday, Prayer and Bble Sludy t - DUPLAIN CHURCH OF CHRIST 3 mles west Ovd-Else Hgh School 555 E Colony Road Justn Shepard, Mnster BUNchelson.YouthMnlster 9:45 am - Sunday School am Church pm Youth fellowshp and adult Bble Study 7 pm - Evenng Servce 7 pm Wednesday-Prayer Meetng ST CYRIL CATHOLIC CHURCH Rev. ThomasM. Kowalczyk, Pastor POBox97,57EMalnSt. Bannster, 4B807 Phone: Sunday Lturges: Saturday 7:00 pm Sunday B:30 and 0:30 am Holy Day Lturges: 7;00 am and B:00 Pm, Confessons: One half hour before all Sunday Lturges. EAGLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Ray McBralne, Pastor Telephone or :30 am - Mornng Worshp 0:30 am Church School 7:30 pm Wednesday, Bble Study and prayer meetng KACLE FOURSQUARE CHURCH Rev. and Mrs. Royal Burnett, Pastor 0:00 am - Sunday School :5 am - Mornng Worshp 7:30 pm - Wednesday Prayer meetng Bath Area BATH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Clarence Keth 9:45 am Church School :00 am Worshp 7:00 pm Bble Study BATH BAPTISTCHURCH Rev. Rchard Cole, Pastor 0:00 am Sunday School :30 pm Youth Fellowshp 7:30 pm Evenng Servce Mdweek Servce on Wednesday 7;30 pm REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Corner UptonRd&SlollRd Elder Jerry Balrd Sunday School -0 am Preachng Servce - am Chor Practce - Wed :30 pm Md-week Prayer Servce - Wed 7 ;30 pm Everyone welcome Fulton Area FULTON FULL GOSPEL CHURCH /2 mle east of PerrntononM-5./2 mle south Rev. Larry Rhoads, Pastor 9:45 am -Sunday School :00 am -Mornng Worshp 7:00 pm -Youth Servce 7:45 pm -Evenng Servce 7:45 pm -Thursday, Prayer and prase servce UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pewomo, Mchgan Dr.LloydWalker 39 Horzon Drve, Iona Sunday: 0:30 am Mornng Worshp 7:00 pm Unted Methodst Youth Fellowshp WSCS meets thrd Thursday of the monlh at 2 pm ST JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Pewamo, Mchgan Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Bolger, MA., ' Pastor Daly Mass - 7:30 am Saturday 4:30 pm & 7:45 pm Sunday B;oo am & 0:00 am Holy Baptsm - Sunday, pm Sacred Confesson Saturday, 3:30 and 7:30 pm Famly Holy Hour for Peace - Saturday, 7:5 pm Gunnsonvlle Area GUNNISONVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Clark and Wood Roads Rev Dan Mles, Mnster 930 am Church Servce 0:45 am Sunday School Area ST MARY'S CHURCH Westphala Rev AIoystusH Mller-Pastor RevJamesJ.Schmltt-Admlnlstrator Phone 5B7-420 Saturday Nght Masses: 4:30 & 7:00 pm Sunday Mornng :00, 8:00,0:00 Weekdays Monday &Frday7:l5 & :20 am, Tues & Thurs 7:5 & B!30 am Wednesday 7:5 & 7:30 pm Holdays 5:30,7:5 & :20 am, 7:30 pm Wednesday Evenng Mass 7:30 pm Mchgan's vast crop producton s accomplshed on only 2 mllon acres of land. Amount of acreage has declned from nearly 20 mllon 50 years ago. /Maple Rapds Area THElJNITED METHODIST CHURCH Maple Rapds Pastor Rev J. Thomas Churn Parsonage-MIddleton Phone Sunday 9:30 am Worshp Servce 0:30 am Sunday School Tuesday 7:00 pm Senor Chor Practce Wednesday 2nd Wednesday each month 7:00 pm W.S.CS, Thursday 0:00 Bble Sludy' GREENBUSH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Scottand Marshall Roads Pastor-Norman Wood Sunday: 0:30 am Church School WSCS 3rd Wednesday at B pm LOWE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Lowe and North Lowe Road Mnster Rev, Harold McGuIre Sunday School 9-0 am Church Worshp 0:5-:5 Chor 8-9 pm Thursday UMW 7:30 2nd Wed of every month Prayer Study Group 0- Eureka Area CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH 29EMaple Rapds Rd Rev Paul R Jones, Pastor Phone am Bble School for everyone am - Mornng Worshp 7:30 pm Adult Bble dscussons. Nursery provded durng servces :30 pm Youth Meetngs :45 pm - Wednesday, Jr Chor; Chancel Chor, 7:30 pm Area MATIEHTON COMMUNITY * CHURCH 2:00 pm Sunday School 3:00 pm Worshp Servce Area WACOUSTA COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev EdwardF Otto, pastor Phone G2-23 Mornng Worshp; 0 am Church School Classes :5 am Jr and Sr H Y.F. :00 pm Cherub and Youth Chor Wednesday, 3:00 pm Chancel Chor, Thursday, 7:30 WSCS Noon Meetngs every 3rd Wednesday WXYZ Noon Meetng every st Wednesday Councl on Mnstres every 3rd Monday at 7:30 Admnstratve Board, 4th Monday of every 3rd month. Vctor GROVE BIBLE CHURCH Rev Robert Prange, Pastor Prce and Shepardsvlle Roads 0:00 am - Sunday School. Classes for all ages :00 am Mornng Worshp :30 pm Young People,7:30 pm - Evenng Servce 7:30 pm Wednesday, prayer meetng Lades Mssonary Crcle meets 4th Thursday Couples Club meets 4th Saturday n monlh KIMBEnLY CHURCH OF CHRIST 007 Kmberly Drve Lansng, Mchgan John Halls am Mornng Worshp 0 am - Bble Sludy pm - Evenng Worshp Mdweek servce 7:30 pm Wednesday nght _ SHEPHARDSVILLE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH DrDarold Boyd, Pastor 445 Dvson Street East Lansng, Mchgan 9:30 am Worshp Servce, 0:45 am Church School Wednesday: 7:00 pm Chor pracllce. 8:00 pm Prayer Servce Admnstratve Board frst Monday n the monlh General meetng of WSCS thrd Thursday In January, Aprl and September Afternoon Crcle meets second Thursday at Ihe homes of members Berean Crcle meets thrd Thursday evenng In each month at the homes of members Brdgevlle Area BRIDGEVILLE GOSPEL MISSION 4 mles south of Pompe Pastor J.S. Dlngman Sunday 3 pm Bble School 3:45 pm Worshp Servce Thursday 7:30 pm Cottage Prayer Meetng (Announced from pulpt) Captal Area Unted Way, Inc. &X&K&K&tt&X&K&H. ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN <^K^K^M^KtfX^X^K0K^I ^H^H^C^K^M^K^M^K^H^K^H^M^K^M^K^M^K^M^M^M^M^M^K* THESE CLINTON COUNTY FIRMS MAKE THIS CHURCH PAGE POSSIBLE Central Nat'l Bank OF ST. JOHNS St Johns-Ovd-Pewamo Member FDIC S & H Farm Sales & Servce New Holland Machnery Our Specalty 4 M. N. on US-27 to French Rd. «Phone Egan Ford Sales, Inc. 200 W. Hgham Phone D&B Party Shoppe Open Monday thru Saturday Complete Party Supples 224 N. Clnton Phone Antes Cleaners Pckup and Delvery 08 W. Walker Phone Parr's Rexall Store The Corner Drug Store Phone Schmtt Electrc 002 E. State St. Johns Phone Phllps Implement COMPANY 33 N. Lansng'St, Phone Burton Abstract and Ttle Company 9 N. Clnton, St. Johns Wes' Gulf Servce Free Pck-up & Delvery S. US-27 Phone Captol Savngs AND LOAN ASSN. 222 N. Clnton Phone Jm McKenze Agency 22 N. Clnton, St. Johns 24 W, Washngton, Iona 9B St Johns Co-op N. Clnton Phone Allaby-Brewbaker, Inc. 08'A N. Clnton St. St. Johns, Mchgan Federal-Mogul CORPORATION St. Johns Plant ffmmsmmmsbmm FOWLER Mathews Elevator Gran-Feed-Beans Phone Farmers Co-op ELEVATOR Wayne Feeds and Gran ' Phone WESTPHALIA Maynard-Allen STATE BANK Portland-Sunfeld-Westphala Member FDIC Phone 587-3

20 NOT.E Not rooomlfal. to. e, <0 moj c Prntng QUANTITY RIGHTS RE5ERVED PRICES GOODNOW thru OCT., 973 Keep thngs growng Illustrated Lbrary of An Encyclopeda, of Natural Hstory and Ecology Learn aboul BIRDS n BIRDS OF PREY corrj How buds use mar an mals lor food to manlam and resore he balance ol nature SEA BIRDS Brds lha lve along the coasts and lnd hcr food nlhe ocean BIRDS OF THE WETLANDS The many ra.,cnat ng brds IhaUre a da pled o lfe n fro marshes and Swamp*" (, CAVE LIFE CAVE LIFE Plats and anmals lha lve n djtkncsj boneah ho Qtound mmm CORN or PEAS CATSUP TOMATO JUICE HILLS BROS. COFFEE '8 $25 «=* 2-lb. Can WITH COUPON 0 OFF DETERGENT FAB 49-oz. Box WITH COUPON FAME TOP QUALITY CHICKEK Hfe SOUPS 7 VARIETIES net loh-oz. Cans. BAGGIES LAWN & LEAF SUNSHINE CHIP-A-ROOS COOKIES 5-oz LUNCH BOX TREAT o H O z n o c z H -< m CO O I CO Your chldren wll grow wlh t lor years IOC OFF DETERGENT 49-oz, Box \Ths week VVol. 4 $ 99 WITH COUPON c LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON EXPIRES 5AT., OCT., 973 WITH THIS COUPON 7 00 PURCHASE BAGGIES LAWN & LEAF BAGS WITH COUPON 39 LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON EXPIRES SAT., OCT., 973 WITH THI5 COUPON & S7 00 PURCHASE HILLS BROS. 2-lb. Can WITH COUPON $59 LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON EXPIRES SAT., OCT WITH THIS COUPON & S7 00 PURCHASE.flJD Regular or Unscented WITH COUPON DEODORANT nft. oz. C 4Q SURE». LIMIT ONE COUPON PER FAMILY COUPON EXPIRES SAT., OCT. 4, 973 TASTY 'FISH o, LIVER' _._ <_,* * nollsot. CAT FOOD en FAME CAT LITTER 0 lb. Bag D0WNY 9 «FABRIC SOFTENER J»B STEP SAVER FLOOR CARE ' 49* $" S]lb $gtu *SZ ^ BETTY CROCKER 'MIX PIE CRUST LOG'CABIN SYRUP 5KJK ^ ^ ROOT BEER vjmjk MED., WIDE, EX. WIDE W& FAME NOODLES /ftutn McCORMICK 'HOT' W r CHILI P-OWDER STIX' 22 OL Ptg. 74 DC Bll. foz. Btl. 2 ox. 2fcox. 57* 8' 49' 3* 5* FAME 'SMOOTH or CRUNCHY', PEANUT BUTTER ST. LAURENT 0 PEANUTS IN SHELL 3-lb. Bag BRACH CANDY CORN NESTLE COCOA MIX COHTADINA TOMATO PASTE t«-b. Bag _ 4 - Envelope ICE MILK $J49 59' 75' FAME - LB. BOWL REG. or UNSCENTED nel y 4-o. ^r^l Can DEODORANT WITH COUPON MARGARINE ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH LISTERINE SAVE Btl. c 9 LAND-O-LAKES 'COLBY' MIDGET LONGHORN CHEESE CALIFORNIA VINE RIPE TOMATOES W*~ IGA Sugar & Plan Doz. U.S. No. OVEN FRESH BROWN & SERVE OVEN FRESH RYE BREADb.47 c NABISCO VARIETIES' 4-oz. -.* _ COOKIES,o' o, C Y H O U,CE 3 / $ LUNCH BOX TREAT EMPEROR RED GRAPES o o > TOTAL COUPON SAVINGS ASSORTED FLAVORS YOGURT - 25 EGGS Famly P<* SUNNY DELIGHT 'FLORIDA' CITRUS r 0 c BLEND /2 Go. 3T 'Ptmsnto, Ollvq & Plmenlo' * S,&.49 c r AME COTTAGE CHEESE -lb. PKg, FAME MARGARINE -lb. Quarters DELICIOUS APPLES 3 lb Bag TENDER 'Serve wlll Cheese Sauce' BRUSSEL MENDELSON 'LARGE- 0- oz. Cup 49 c FAME 'F.oen' ORANGE.. -o. JUICE Con 57 FAME 'BREADED' FISH STICKS nt a o: Pkg. 43< ORIGINAL ITALtAft JOHN'S -U<"" «o. S, PIZZA IS o. 79' o o -+ o tr m CO

MIT News Service. Cambridge Since 1881 1 1 Massachusetts

MIT News Service. Cambridge Since 1881 1 1 Massachusetts d Contnuous ' t MT News Servce Cambrdge Snce 1881 1 1 Massachusetts Volume 97, Number 9 Tuesday, March 8, 1977 Ralph Baksh's latest branchld. Wzards, an anmated look nto the fardstant future, held great

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DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766

DOCUMENT RESUME CG 005 118 ED 037 766 DOCUMENT RESUME ED 37 766 AUTHOR TTLE NSTTUTON SPONS AGENCY PUB DATE NOTE EDRS PRCE DESCRPTORS CG 5 8 Lang, James M. Drug Educaton--Use and Abuse. A Resource Bulletn. Contra Costa County Dept. of Educaton,

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Mathematics of Finance

Mathematics of Finance CHAPTER 5 Mathematcs of Fnance 5.1 Smple and Compound Interest 5.2 Future Value of an Annuty 5.3 Present Value of an Annuty; Amortzaton Revew Exercses Extended Applcaton: Tme, Money, and Polynomals Buyng

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ibrooklyn Park SPLIT VISIONS A PLANBOOK OF REMODELING i SPLIT-LEVEL AND SPLIT-ENTRY HOUSES BY ROBERT GERLOFF, AIA + JEREMIAH BATTLES Brooklyn Park Burnsvlle Crcle Pnes Coon Rapds Dakota County Golden Valley Hennepn County Maplewood Mounds Vew New Hope Plymouth Ramsey County Rosevlle Shorevew Washngton County SPLIT VISIONS A PLANBOOK

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Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 309-242-9325

Heyworth Bu zz. 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745 309-242-9325 75 The PRST - STD US Postage Pd. Heyworth, IL 61745 Permit #24 Heyworth Bu zz September 2011 August 4, August 18, 8, 2011 2011 Vol. 1 No. 35 33 38 100 W. Main St., Heyworth, IL 61745

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Accommodating each other

Accommodating each other Accommodatng each other Lvng wth other people at unversty s an mportant part of student lfe. UWE Brstol s known for the dversty of our students and for recognzng ther dfferng needs. Sharng wth those who

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Nurse makes career of her. own apart from helping doctors

Nurse makes career of her. own apart from helping doctors t Franklin news-record.vol. 25, No. 8 \vo sections, 28 pages Phone 725.3300 Thursday, February 24, 1977 Application for second class postage pending at Manville, N.J. 08835 $4.50 a year/15 cents per copy

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Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together

Looking Back Over 2010 Focuses On What Holds The Community Together Susquehanna String Band To Perform This Friday Page 3 Winners Are Announced In Holiday Contests Page 2 Downloadable Books Available At Local Libraries Page 5 Friends of the Libraries to Show March of the

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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July Flood Damage Tops $100,000

July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 A Monthly Community Publication Volume III, Issue 8 August, 2013 July Flood Damage Tops $100,000 Torrential rains in early July caused flooding damage to Walpole roads in excess of $100,000. There was

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Death Claim Statement for RiverSource Life of NY Annuities Disability Income Life Insurance

Death Claim Statement for RiverSource Life of NY Annuities Disability Income Life Insurance DOC011838111 Servce address: RverSource Lfe Insurance Co. of New York 70500 Amerprse Fnancal Center Mnneapols, MN 55474 Death Clam Statement for RverSource Lfe of NY Annutes Dsablty Income Lfe Insurance

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Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot

Jaeley Tiana Thorell Born at Super Valu Parking Lot 201ST EDITION OCTOBER 2014 Serving the North Shuswap, Sorrento, Blind Bay, Chase, Adams Lake & Seymour Arm. Between 3500-7000 distributed (depending on time of year). By Jo Anne Malpass Jaeley Tiana Thorell

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Homeownership, Social Capital and Parental Voice in Schooling

Homeownership, Social Capital and Parental Voice in Schooling D I S C U S S I O N P A P E R S E R I E S IZA DP No. 6168 Homeownershp, Socal Captal and Parental Voce n Schoolng Arthur Grmes Steven Stllman Chrs Young November 2011 Forschungsnsttut zur Zukunft der Arbet

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AMSTERDAM, N.Y. A PORT JACKSON MEDIA PUBLICATION 75 CENTS A step closer American Pharoah is one of 16 horses nominated for the mid-summer derby. Page 22 Flag bearer Rob VanAernam and Stewart Friesen find themselves in Fonda s victory lane. Page 24 TheRecorder

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October 7, 2013. Hello Classmates, Schoolmates and Friends:

October 7, 2013. Hello Classmates, Schoolmates and Friends: Monday Update October 7, 2013 The Monday Update is published weekly, on the John Bunter Memorial Computer by Harry Diavatis, who is solely responsible for its content. Please send correspondence, photographs

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AMSTERDAM, N.Y. A PORT JACKSON MEDIA PUBLICATION 75 CENTS 70 and sunny The Amsterdam High School class of 1963 gathered last week to mark a milestone. Page 7 Taking the field The Amsterdam Rugged Rams are back at it for another season of high school football.

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Slipping Away from Justice: The Effect of Attorney Skill on Trial Outcomes

Slipping Away from Justice: The Effect of Attorney Skill on Trial Outcomes Slppng Away from Justce: The Effect of Attorney Skll on Tral Outcomes I. INTRODUCTION... 267 II. PREVIOUS WORK ON THE IMPACT OF ATTORNEY SKILL... 270 III. GOING BEYOND ABRAMS AND YOON S ANALYSIS: A NEW

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By: Susan Davis. Each candidate had four minutes to respond to. Page 10 THE NATIVE ISLANDER. Experience Integrity Professional.

By: Susan Davis. Each candidate had four minutes to respond to. Page 10 THE NATIVE ISLANDER. Experience Integrity Professional. Heats Up By: Susan Davis Andrea Champagne Real Estate Company Andrea M. Champagne Real Estate Broker 372-4500 Patti LaBounty Real Estate Professional North Hero, VT Andrea has incredible enthusiasm and

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FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS. One of the Good Guys THE. Weekly Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, August 20, 2015

FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS. One of the Good Guys THE. Weekly Newspaper. Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, August 20, 2015 TM Weekly Newspaper 911 Franklin Street Michigan City, IN 46360 Volume 31, Number 32 Thursday, One of the Good Guys by Connie Kuzydym Editor s note This week, we continue our series, Friends & Neighbors,

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Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI

Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI Second Class Permit Paid at Bronx, N.Y. USPS 114-590 Volume 38 Number 3 April 2009 Clam Digger Attempts to Survive Alaska Experiment By KAREN NANI One Dollar Filming on City Island: Nice or Not? By BARBARA

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TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper

TheBurg. Free. June 2009. Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper TheBurg Greater Harrisburg s Community Newspaper June 2009 Free Glamorous Women in Paradise opening June 5 for Harrisburg s First Friday event, 7-9 PM Featured artists: Joanne Landis, Renee Weiss Chase,

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The Natchitoches Times

The Natchitoches Times CD RELEASE COMMEMORATES 300 YEARS HERALDING OVER A CENTURY OF NEWS COVERAGE 1903-2014 LIFESTYLES School starts Monday! See Page 1B The Natchitoches Times And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall

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Tis The season To shop LocaL

Tis The season To shop LocaL OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO SAVE 2015 Dodge Dart 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Never a Document Fee Never A Dealer Prep Fee Never An Interest Rate Mark Up E. Main St., Rtes. 9 & 32, Ware Just Over the West Brookfield

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Borger News-Herald Moving forward while remembering the past...serving Hutchinson County since 1926

Borger News-Herald Moving forward while remembering the past...serving Hutchinson County since 1926 Vol. 89, No. 330 Friday, November, 2014 50 Inside Today News-Herald Moving forward while remembering the past...serving Hutchinson County since 1926 Altrusa Club hosts flea market/craft show to help community

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Ask About Our DISCOUNTS OFFof Regional Averages Some Restrictions Apply

Ask About Our DISCOUNTS OFFof Regional Averages Some Restrictions Apply Ask About Our DISCOUNTS OFFof Regional Averages Some Restrictions Apply Proud Member of Tom Martino s Exclusive Referral List Also Stick Built Room Additions, Samped Concrete, Kitchens and Baths Cosmetic

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First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete

First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete A Publication for Employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation First Safe & Sound Bridges Complete story by Bob Brendel, photos by Cathy Morrison Spring is the favorite time of year for mushroom

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Is that my teacher? Class of 2014 Learn about the Southside's graduating class of 2014. Pages 20-23. Catholic Festivals 2014

Is that my teacher? Class of 2014 Learn about the Southside's graduating class of 2014. Pages 20-23. Catholic Festivals 2014 See INSIDE BEECH GROVE CENTER GROVE GREENWOOD SOUTHPORT FRANKLIN & PERRY TOWNSHIPS FREE Week of June 5-11, 2014 Serving the Southside Since 1928 Class of 2014 Learn about the Southside's graduating class

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When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley!

When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley! FREE The Original Downtown Newspaper, 26th Year Vol. 26, No. 5 26th Year May, 2014 When It Really Counts, You Can Count On Cooper Hurley! Veteran Virginia Attorneys Who Fight For You In Norfolk, Virginia

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Wyoming Wildhorse RoundUp Continues USS ENTERPRISE MAKES FINAL VOYAGE

Wyoming Wildhorse RoundUp Continues USS ENTERPRISE MAKES FINAL VOYAGE Volume 6 Issue 10 Sunday, November 18, 2012 Proud Member of the Father Son Duo Caught Poaching Elk in Area Rhonda Zeller- TBC On the morning of October 31, 2012 Troy Tillard of Tillard Ranches witnessed

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