St. George. Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church W. 14th Street, Cleveland OH Venerable Nikon the preacher of repentance

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1 St. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church 2587 W. 14th Street, Cleveland OH Venerable Nikon the preacher of repentance Serving the Orthodox Christian Community of Greater Cleveland

2 St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church V. Rev Father John Ojaimi, Pastor Office: (216) Fax: (216) Cellular: (440) Archdeacon Yarid Sahley Subdeacon Sam Elias Pastor s Parish Sunday November 26, 2017 Tone 8/ Eothinon 03 Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost & Thirteen Sunday of Luke Venerable Alypios the Stylite of Adrianople; Nikon the preacher of repentance; Venerable Stylianos of Paphlagonia; New-martyr George of Chios; Repose of Innocent, first bishop of Irkutsk WELCOME TO OUR GUESTS We are glad you are worshiping with us today. There are Service Books in the pews. Orthodox Christians must be prepared for Holy Communion through Confession, Fasting, Prayer and by being at peace with others. Please seek and give forgiveness before receiving Holy Communion. At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, please join us for coffee hour in the Parish Hall. t ½Êà The mission of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Is to serve God and the community by commitment to the Gospel s command to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ through faith, hope, and love. It is a parish of the Self Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. The Orthodox Church follows the faith and practice of the apostles and disciples of Christ handed down by the ancient Christian fathers and twenty centuries of Church tradition. Genuine Christian life nurtures and stimulates our spiritual and moral development. The liturgical life of the Orthodox Church has been developing over the last 2000 years. By taking part in the mysteries of Christ s life, death and resurrection at the liturgical services, the community members are drawn to repentance and the gradual change of their inner selves. To join the community of St. George or to find out more information, please fill out the Guest Book in the Narthex. We hope this day will be spiritually rewarding for you. Fr John will be happy to answer any questions. Join us in the hall after Liturgy for our Coffee Hour and Fellowship.

3 Coffee Hour is offered for the Health & Safety of Our Loved Ones by Leo & Lila Koury Candles are offered for the Health, Safety & Spiritual Welfare of: Family & Friends by Michele Lakis Joanne Stevens Bob Mourad by the Hayek Family Family & Friends by George & Joie Haddad Candles are offered in Beloved Memory of: My parents George & Alice Lakis by Michele Lakis Michel Hayek by the Hayek Family My Beloved, Mother Mary, Father Abraham, Brothers Emile and James, Sitteh Zaineh & Uncle Kaiser by Emilie L. Easa Wadia Ameen by his wife Mary & Family Edward Haddad by his wife Edward Fadel by his wife & family for the sick, sufferings, shut-ins, needy, homeless, victims of disasters, war and violence in the whole universe. Then the Jews began to argue with one another, saying, How can this man give us His flesh to eat? So Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in yourselves. He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:52-54 With fear of God, faith And love draw near. Come to Church, Jesus loves you, we love you we are waiting for you. UPCOMING DIVINE SERVICES Sunday December 03, 2017 Matins 9:30 am, Divine am Confessions will be heard on Sundays Morning before Liturgy starts or by appointment. Sign up and take your turn in offering a Coffee Hour. Pick a birthday, memorial, anniversary etc.. or just a day that no one has sponsored.

4 Divine Liturgy Variables on Sunday November 26, 2017 Tone 8/Eothinon 03: Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost & Thirteen Sunday of Luke Venerable Alypios the Stylite of Adrianople; Nikon the preacher of repentance; Venerable Stylianos of Paphlagonia; New-martyr George of Chios; Repose of Innocent, first bishop of Irkutsk


6 Venerable Nikon Metanoeite, the Preacher of Repentance the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. This was the message of Saint John the Baptist (Matthew 3:2), and of Christ Himself (Matthew 4:17). This was also the message of Saint Nikon. Wherever he went, he would begin his sermons with Repent, hence hsaint Nikon Metanoeite ( the Preacher of Repentance ) was born at Pontus Polemoniacus at the beginning of the tenth century. He was the son of a wealthy landowner, and he was given the name Nicetas in Baptism. Since he had no desire to take over the management of his family s wealth and estates, Nicetas entered the monastery of Chrysopetro, where he shone forth in prayer and asceticism. When he received the monastic tonsure, he was given the new name Nikon. The new name symbolizes a new life in the Spirit (Romans 7:6), and the birth of the new man (Ephesians 4:24). A monk is expected to stop associating himself with the old personality connected to his former life in the world, and to devote himself entirely to God. Saint Nikon had a remarkable gift for preaching. When he spoke of virtue and spiritual matters, his listeners were filled with heartfelt compunction and love for God. His words produced such spiritual fruit in those who heard him that he was asked to travel through the eastern regions to preach. He visited Armenia, Crete, Euboea, Aegina, and the Peloponnesus, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. Repent, for e was called Nikon Metanoeite, or Nikon, the Preacher of Repentance.

7 At first, people paid little heed to his message. Then gradually he won their hearts through his preaching, his miracles, and his gentle, loving nature. He stressed the necessity for everyone to repent, warning that those who utter a few sighs and groans and think that they have achieved true repentance have deluded themselves. Saint Nikon told the people that true sorrow for one s sins is cultivated by prayer, self-denial, almsgiving, ascetical efforts, and by confession to one s spiritual Father. After sowing the seeds of piety, Saint Nikon began to see them bear fruit. People started to change their lives, but he urged them to strengthen their souls in virtue and good works so that they would not be overwhelmed by the cares of this world. Eventually, Saint Nikon settled in a cave outside Sparta. Soon he moved into the city, because so many people were coming to hear him. In the center of Sparta, he built a church dedicated to Christ the Savior. In time a monastery grew up around the church. Saint Nikon never ceased to preach the Word of God, and to lead people back to the spiritual life of the Church. He also healed the sick, and performed many other miracles. Saint Nikon fell asleep in the Lord in 998, and his memory was honored by the people around Sparta. During the Turkish occupation of Greece, however, he was all but forgotten, except in Sparta. After the Greek Revolution in 1821, a service to Saint Nikon was composed by Father Daniel Georgopoulos, and was based on the saint s Life, which had been written by Igumen Gregory of Saint Nikon s Monastery in Saint Nikon was recognized as the patron saint of the diocese of Monemvasia and Lakedaimonia in 1893 when the cathedral church in Sparta was dedicated to Saint Nikon, the Preacher of Repentance. Giving Thanks to God, to our Church Organizations & to our Parishioners and Friends for the success of the Thanksgiving Banquet. Joie Haddad **ATTENTION GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS AND COLLEGE STUDENTS** The 60 year anniversary of the Debutante Ball of the Lebanese Syrian Junior League will take place July 14, 2018 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. High school juniors and seniors of Lebanese and Syrian descent will be presented to the Greater Cleveland community and have their accomplishments acknowledged. Act now to be a part of the celebration! For more information or applications, visit or contact Mona Capuano at RESERVE THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDER ^ƵŶĚĂLJ ĞĐĞŵďĞƌ Ϭϯ ϮϬϭϳ ^ŝůğŷƚ ƵĐƟŽŶ Λ ƚśğ Žī ĞĞ, ŽƵƌ h ŶŝƋƵĞ, ĂŶĚŵĂĚĞ /ƚğŵɛͿ ^ƵŶĚĂLJ ĞĐĞŵďĞƌ ϭϭ ϮϬϭϳ ^ƵŶĚĂLJ ^ĐŚŽŽů ŚƌŝƐƚŵĂƐ WĂŐĞĂŶƚ ĂŌĞƌ dśğ >ŝƚƶƌőlj ^ƵŶĚĂLJ ĞĐĞŵďĞƌ ϭϳ ϮϬϭϳ ŶƟŽĐŚŝĂŶ t ŽŵĂŶ ĂŬĞ ^ĂůĞ ^ƵŶĚĂLJ :ĂŶƵĂƌLJ ϭϰ ϮϬϭϴ ' ĞŶĞƌĂů ƐƐĞŵďůLJ ŝŷ D ĞƚƌŽƉŽůŝƚĂŶ, Ăůů ĂŌĞƌ >ŝƚƶƌőlj

8 Antiochian Women ILENT AUCTION Tickets. Holiday Gifts.. Handmade Decorative Items Sunday 12, 03, 2017 After Liturgy in Metropolitan Hall Bidding 1:45PM $5 per Adult Bidder only. This include Glass of Wine & Appetizers Open Buffet. Proceeds will be used to help offset the Elevator Project Expenses. Cash and checks are accepted



11 The Antiochian Women of St. George Will be selling Ornaments this year. These Ornaments are a perfect gift for any occasion. With the Nativity Season approaching, Please consider purchasing a Beautiful Ornament as a special gift For loved ones and friends. Ornaments are in the Display Case and are available for sale

12 Church Level Street Level Church s Hall Level

13 The Teens Group Meets every Sunday after Church In The Teens Room If you re a Teen Join us For fun and Education ANTIOCHIAN WOMEN OF ST. GEORGE We will be having our next Meeting on Monday, Dec.04, :00 p.m. St. George s Men s Club Meets every First Sunday of the Month In The Yarid 7:00 pm Join us for Fellowship & Fun In Yarid Hall at the Church. God willing, see you there! St. George Orthodox Young Adult Ministy Thursday December 14, :30 pm St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church 2587 W.14th St. Cleveland.

14 For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. (Luke 12:48) Thank you to previous years wish list contributors List The Elevator and The Outside Ramp Project started 01, 02, The cost is $ We already received $ Anonymous 20 In memory of Edward Khouri by Son Clifford Imad Nader Pierre Aboukaled Dr. Salim Hayek 1200 Archdeacon Yarid & Diane 200 Dr. Adib Al Souss Dr. Marwan Hilal Ted Ziton Dr. Amir Alamir 2000 James Hussney George Dawed 200 Greg Caraboolad 150 Elias Karsheh 3000 Dr. George Hawwa Fadi Chaccour 250 Rami Karsheh Edward Caroll 30 Dr. Bachar Dergham 1 Dr. Wael Khoury 3000 St. George Fundraiser 9104 Sub. Sam Elias & Bonni 300 Hani Nader 3 Jerry Koncz Annonymous 11 LSAJL of Cleveland 125 Dr. Fadi Bashour 4000 Anonymous 2000 Dr. Afaf Zayat Tony Abdulkarim Leo Koury Dr. Bassem Zraik George & Joie Haddad 450 Anonymous Dr. Emile Sabbagh 1 Fred Koury 2 Nagi Abdulkarim Anna Deeb Dr Ghassan Ashkar Dr. Lutfi Nassar Dr. Basem Haddad Awwad Khourieh Barbara Sevchek Joyce Nader 200 Joseph & Audrey Bendetto 25 Fr. John Ojaimi Ronnie Harb Azar Khouri Ripepi Funeral Home Najdat Asad Dr. Khalil & Alma Korkor Daniel & Claudia Tanoos Irene Georgantas 150 Norma &Amelia Jacob Dr. Dergham Dergham George Bouchahine Dr. Ibrahim Bshara In memory of Samir Abdelkarim 250 Ronald Makhol American Lebanese Community Council 200 Elias Haddad Linda Ziton 20 Dr. George Jurjus Drs. Fadi & Samar Bashour 1 Dr. Gaby & Lea Khoury 400 Eric & Georgina Barnett 150 Joseph Maalouf Nuha Karsheh 300 The Arthur Gallagher Found. 1200

15 Dr. Bassem Zraik & Family 200 Beverly George 200 Jennie Sadallah William & Laverne Ameen 250 Mary Abdallah 25 Dr. Helen Hattab Mary Ameen in memory of Wadia Ameen 300 George & Christiane Abdulkarim Drs. Hassan & Julia Abbass in memory of Fr. Youssef Maalouly The Namy Family 3000 David & Kathy Jones 2000 In memory of Suheir Hanna 700 Juliet Thomas 300 Steve &Amanda Diedrik Dr. Robert Haddad & Family 200 Drs. Bassam & Natalie Haddad In memory of Joyce Nader Gregory Ziton 200 Ramona & Charmaine Darmour 250 In memory of Najib Ameen Saed Saed &Family 400 Milan Damljanovic 600 In memory of Linda Simon by her Family Dr. Yazan Al Madani Evelyn Haddad Lucy Aboid Greg Caraboolad & family Anthony Valore Karim & Minerva Gantose Charles & Joan Haddad 300 Samir & Clara Nader Please Help us to reach our Goal, we have to raise $39071 more. Also needed Two Cases of Orthodox Liturgical Wine for Communion $240 paid by William Tegreene 3 Communion Spoons and the Star for the Offering Tray $350 paid by Barbara Aboid Change the Yarid Light Hall Bulbs to LED $800 paid By Anonymous Remodeling the bathroom under the Church Labor are donated by Mazhar Kanneh $ needed for construction materials Replace the heating and air-conditioning units for the Church and Yarid Hall $9240 Fixing damaged walls and Painting the Yarid Hall $1840 Replace the damaged carpet in the rear end of Church, and replace the burned spot on the runner $3050. Also Replace the carpet on Church's Stairs, both sides, and in Yarid Hall $1785 Six cases of Taper Candles $89 each Forty Altar Pure Liquid Paraffin Quarts $8.50 each Sell the rest of the memorial tiles at the entrance of the office area. $150 each Replace the Carpet at the Rectory $4477 Change The Metropolitan Hall Light Bulbs to LED Replace the Aluminum Entry Door, back entrance to the Sunday school $4690 Thank you and may God bless you all.