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1 AGENDA REPORT Meeting Date: March 18, 2014 Agenda Item # City Manager Approval: TO: FROM: Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council Paul Nanfito, Chief of Police SUBJECT: Police Department s 2013 Annual Report RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: That the City Council accepts the Police Department s 2013 Annual Report and the brief power point presentation regarding the 2013 Annual Report. SUMMARY: The purpose of the Annual Report is to provide out City Leaders and our Community with a one year summary of the activities of the Police Department. PREVIOUS COUNCIL ACTION: The City Council has accepted prior reports and received power point presentations. DISCUSSION: The annual report is a comprehensive method of compiling the Police Department s annual activities over the course of a one-year period. It is hoped that this report will provide knowledge that is both valuable and informational to our City Leaders and the Community as a whole. The Police Department uses the Annual Report as a tool to provide direction on how to improve the quality of service to the community that we serve. The Annual Report is made available to the Public at the front counter of the Police Department as well as on the Police Department s website ( CITY FISCAL IMPACT: None. ATTACHMENTS: 2013 Annual Report. The City of Red Bluff is an Equal Opportunity Employer P:\CITY CLERK\AGENDA REPORTS\2014 Agenda Reports\ Agenda Packet\2013 Police Annual Report.doc


3 Welcome Message from the Chief The Red Bluff Police Department is a full-service Police Department that is currently staffed with twenty-five sworn police officers and ten civilian employees. The Department is divided organizationally into two Divisions. These Divisions are the Operations Division and the Support/ Special Services Division. The Operations Division consists of the Uniformed Patrol Unit. And, for the first time beginning in February 2013 the Red Bluff Police Department also has the assistance of citizen volunteers through our Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) program. This unit is also managed from the Operations Division of the Department. The Support/ Special Services Division consist of the Investigations Unit, Dispatch Unit, Records Unit and the Community Service Officer Unit. The purpose of the Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of the citizens of Red Bluff. Our goal is to maintain a well equipped and well trained department that can provide a high level of service. The Members of the Police Department are committed to providing Service with Integrity. The Red Bluff Police Department remains committed to providing a high level of quality service to the citizens of Red Bluff. With the assistance of our community partners and allied agency partners, as well as State Grants, we have re-acquired two police officers positions. This has brought us to within just one position of our 2009 sworn staffing levels. This is truly exciting as it is our hope that following the conclusion of our current traffic grant obligation we will once again be able to assign an officer to the Tehama Inter-Agency Drug Enforcement (TIDE) Task Force. During the 2013 the Red Bluff Police Department had a very busy and challenging year. There were significant increases in calls for service as well as increases in violent crimes that certainly challenged our Department. Once again, the members of the Red Bluff Police Department rose up to those challenges and performed admirably. I am very proud of the staff at Red Bluff PD. They work diligently every day to enhance the security and safety of our community. As you read through these pages, it will reflect the high level of activity and challenges as well as the quality and professionalism of the members of the Red Bluff Police Department. Our City is divided into (5) Areas of Responsibility, each headed by a Patrol Sergeant. There is a map on our website that identifies the jurisdictional boundaries of each Area of Responsibility. Each Sergeant is available to respond to questions or concerns about crime and law enforcement services in our city, and your Area of Responsibility. Each Sergeant s addresses are available on-line at I encourage every citizen to read our Annual Report and questions and or comments to the Chief of Police at You may also questions or concerns to the Division Commanders. Paul Nanfito, Chief of Police 2

4 Operations Division Captain Kyle Sanders Calendar year 2013 saw a significant transition in the composition of the Division structure within the Police Department. In July 2013, the Dispatch Unit was transferred from the Operations Division to fall under the umbrella of the Support / Special Services Division. At this same time, the School Resource Officer(s) were moved to the Operations Division along with some of the responsibilities of the Community Service Officer Unit. The Operations Division is now comprised of the Patrol Unit, School Resource Officers, the Traffic Unit, one CSO, and a cadre of VIPS (volunteers). These fine professionals deliver initial and follow up police services to the community seven days a week. The Patrol Unit remains the largest component of the Operations Division and consists of uniformed police officers who respond to calls for service as well as the initial response to emergencies or the report of a crime. This division accounts for most of the Department s measurable workload and is the most visible as they are usually the first point of contact for persons seeking police services. Personnel within the Operations Division, along with others, worked diligently throughout 2013 in the implementation or continuation of several key programs including, but not limited to: Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) Staff Development / Training Program Traffic Safety Grant All personnel within the Operations Division worked persistently throughout 2013 to address a year filled with challenges. These men and women routinely made sacrifices for the betterment of the Department and to improve the quality of life within the City of Red Bluff. The following charts represent some of the statistical data involving Operations Division personnel. Written Police Reports 2013 Original Reports 4328 Supplemental Reports 2426 Total Written Reports 6754 Total CAD Incidents Change Percentage Change RB Police Department 30,295 31,893 30,140 32,773 +2, % RB 911 Cal-Fire Transfer Calls TOTAL CAD INCIDENTS 1,965 2,244 2,760 2, % 32,260 34,137 32,900 35,261 +2, % 3

5 Operations Division (continued) Crime Change Percentage Change Homicide % Rape % Robbery % Assault-Simple % Assault-Aggravated % Burglary % Theft % Motor Vehicle Thefts % TOTAL PART I CRIMES % Arrests Change % Change Adults % Juveniles % TOTAL ARRESTS % Domestic Violence Change Percentage Change Total Domestic Calls Received % Total Cases with Weapons Involved % Firearms % Knife or Cutting Instruments % Other Dangerous Weapon % Personal Weapon (hands, fists, feet, % etc.) TOTAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARRESTS % 4

6 Traffic Officer Program The City of Red Bluff suffers from a significant collision rate and for many years has had one of the highest rates of vehicle versus bicycle collisions when compared with similarly sized communities. Methods to reduce collisions include both education and enforcement. The Department is committed to improving traffic related safety and has designated a fulltime traffic officer to focus on such efforts. As part of our commitment to improving roadway safety, when staffing allowed a portion of 2013 saw two traffic officers assigned to the role. The below chart demonstrates traffic collision statistics and shows that 2013 saw a dramatic decrease in our collision rate. Traffic Collisions Change % Change Fatal Accidents % Injury Accidents % Property Damage Only % Accidents TOTAL TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS % Department personnel once again worked to acquire an Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) grant to assist our agency in costs associated with traffic enforcement efforts. As a result, Red Bluff Police Department was awarded a significant grant from OTS. The grant, totaling $131,825.00, began October 1, 2013 and will conclude one year from that date. The funding from this grant is paying for one fulltime police officer, overtime, equipment, and training. The following is a breakdown of the grant funding allotments: OTS Grant $131,825 Total Police Officer Costs (Including Benefits) $90, Overtime for Enforcement Operations $29, Travel / Training Costs $9, Radar Devices $2,

7 Traffic Officer Program (Continued) While this chart shows a significant increase in total citations issued compared with the previous three years, when examining 2013 data to statistics over the previous 20 years, 2013 was just slightly below average. This current increase can be attributed in large part to having an assigned traffic officer who can focus time and efforts on traffic safety and enforcement. Citation / Arrest Type Change Percentage Change DUI (Drunk Driving) % Hit & Run % Speeding % Reckless Driving % Stop Sign % Traffic Light % Failure to Yield % Turning Movement % Misc. Moving Violations % Misc. Non-Moving violations % Safety Belts % Driver s License Violations % Registration Violations % Equipment Violations % Parking Citations % Bicycle Violations % Child Safety Seats % Total Traffic Citations / Arrests % 6

8 K9 Program 2013 marked the second year of having a dual trained K-9 capable of protecting officers as well as sniffing drugs. Corporal Mike Brown and his partner Many continued to produce positive results in the field and through community demonstrations. The following are several key occasions, events, or milestones involved in our K9 program during 2013: Participation in 8 Community K-9 Demonstrations: Sacred Heart Women s Guild Cub Scout Troop Animal Camp Special Olympics 8 th Grade Career Day P.E.T.S. Fundraiser Event Bidwell School Harvest Festival Little Scholar s Preschool Many was used on a total of 85 incidents during 2013 for a variety of incident types as this chart indicates: Warrants Suspicious Vehicles Miscellaneous Drug Search Disturbance Burglary Other Agency Assist General Assist Alarm Calls K9 Use

9 K9 Program (continued) Fundraising efforts continued to keep the K9 program going and included the following: Personal, business and community organization donations Dog Gone Run and Ride Event Water bill Fundraiser The K9 Steering Committee and Red Bluff Police Department continue to remain grateful to all who donated their time and or money to establish the K9 Program and to keep it going. As a program completely funded through donations, the K9 team continued to prosper during 2013 as a result of the collective efforts of our community. We sincerely thank all who have helped as we could not have accomplished this without the incredible community support. 8

10 Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) After two years of planning and organizing, the vision of creating a strong cadre of Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) came to fruition in Eight VIPS attended a 10-week VIPS Academy that began in late 2012 and concluded with graduation on 2/2/2013. The newly appointed VIPS are: Bill Conrad Daniel Jackson Bev Morris Clay Parker Curt Dahl Lilly Parker Felicia Gould Tim Weatherson VIPS Immediately began contributing to the Department in a number of important and valuable ways. Below is a brief list of a few of the key VIPS contributions during 2013: Volunteered a total of 2,803 hours. Accumulated 106 hours of service assisting in a homicide investigation. Participated in the following Areas: Records Property and Evidence Vehicle Maintenance Crime Scene Containment Fingerprinting Registrants Answering Phones Building Repair / Maintenance Projects Parking Enforcement Parade Details / Traffic Control Background Investigations Court Attendance Community Patrol Drug Take Back Event Vehicle Abatement Overseeing Inmate Workers Other Miscellaneous Functions The VIPS program proved to be even more beneficial than ever anticipated. The inaugural year of the program demonstrated what a small cadre of committed individuals can do to help their community. We look forward to the expansion of the VIPS program during

11 Community Oriented Policing Programs The Police Department divides the City of Red Bluff into five different geographical regions (Areas of Responsibility) and designates each area with a sergeant and one or two officers for community oriented policing purposes. Each Area of Responsibility participates in Neighborhood Watch meetings and the Random Citizen Contact (RCC) program. The RCC program consists of an officer contacting a citizen randomly for no other reason than to connect with them and interact positively outside of a call for service Totals Random Citizen Contacts Neighborhood Watch Meetings Community / School Presentations Area # Area # Area # Area # Area # Totals Sgt. Sgt. Flowerdew Flowerdew Sgt. Hansen Sgt. Ortega Sgt. Ortega Act. Sgt. Ferrin Act. Sgt. Ferrin Sgt. Hale Sgt. Graham Sgt. Graham Sgt. Busekist Sgt. Busekist 10

12 Areas of Responsibility Below are the current personnel assigned to each area. Activities each group completed during 2013, can be seen on the previous page. Area 1 Sgt. Hansen, Officer Fawnsworth, Officer Murgia, Officer Ferrin & VIP Bill Conrad Area 2 Sgt. Ortega, Officer Murray, Officer Coker, Officer Bowen, & VIP Danny Jackson Area 3 Sgt. Hale, Officer Rossi, Officer Thomas, Officer Talley, VIP Bev Morris & VIP Tim Weatherson Area 4 Sgt. Graham, Officer Gilbert, Officer Jungwirth, Officer Haman & VIP Felicia Gould Area 5 Sgt. Busekist, Cpl. Brown, Officer Baxter, Officer Haley, VIP Clay Parker & VIP Lilly Parker 11

13 Special Events Each year Police Department personnel work a variety of special events in the community. Some of these events require traffic control, while others only require additional patrol personnel or officers to be present. Below are the special events Police personnel were involved in during 2013 along with charts depicting the overtime costs associated with each: Special Event Rodeo Overtime TOTAL Rodeo Related Overtime Costs $ 9, $7, $7, $6, Special Event 4 th of July Overtime TOTAL OT: $ 2, , No Event $0 $ Special Event RBUHS Homecoming Parade Overtime TOTAL OT: $ $ $ $ Special Event Monster Truck Overtime TOTAL OT: $ 5, $5, $7, $4,

14 Special Events (Continued) Special Event Halloween Overtime TOTAL OT: $ 1, $ $ No Overtime Special Event Christmas Parade Overtime TOTAL OT: $ 1, $1, $ $1, Special Event 2010/ / / /2014 New Years Eve Overtime TOTAL OT: $ 1, $ $1, $1, Total Annual Special Events Overtime Comparison All Special Events Combined TOTAL OT: $21, $19, $18, $14, The above chart demonstrates the Department s goal and efforts toward reducing the annual costs of special event related overtime. Most notably is the 33% reduction of overtime costs associated with special events between 2010 and This was accomplished in large part due to our ability to staff some events with volunteers from the Department s Volunteer in Police Service (VIPS) Program, which graduated 8 members in February

15 TRAINING The Red Bluff Police Department is committed to providing ongoing training to its personnel as it is integral in developing and maintaining job relevant skills. Furthermore, certain training is mandated by state and or federal law. During 2013, a total of 25 Department personnel attended a combined total of 38 different training courses. The following is a snapshot of some of the outside training our personnel attended during 2013: First Aid / CPR Instructor Update (16 hours) Detective McAllister Gang Conference (32 hours) Officer Murray LAPD Leadership Program (136 hours) Captain Sanders Supervisory Leadership Institute (192 hours) Sergeant Graham Supervisory Course (80 hours) Corporal Wing, Corporal Brown, Sergeant Hale Lidar Training (8 hours) Officer Murgia Motorcycle Training (80 hours) Officer Murgia Public Records Act (16 hours) Records / Communications Manager Spurgeon Traffic Collision Investigation (40 hours) Officer Jungwirth, Officer Murgia, Officer Gilbert Glock Armorers Course (8 hours) Sergeant Hansen, Sergeant Ortega TASER Instructor Recertification (8 hours) Corporal Hale CVSA Recertification (24 hours) Detective McAllister Drug Influence (24 hours) Officer Coker Live-Fire Shoot House Instructor (16 hours) Sergeant Ortega G.R.E.A.T. Officer Training (60 hours) Officer Baxter Canine Program Management (24 hours) Captain Sanders Field Training Officer Course (40 hours) Corporal Brown Basic Records (40 hours) Records Specialist Alvarado Officer Involved Shooting (16 hours) Sergeant Ortega POST Training Managers Workshop (24 hours) Captain Sanders Cal Chief s Association Symposium (40 hours) Chief Nanfito Media Relations (16 hours) Sergeant Graham DUI / SFTS (24 hours) Officer Coker FBI Executive Development (40 hours) Chief Nanfito Sexual Assault Investigations (40 hours) Detective Curtis Background Investigations (32 hours) Sergeant Graham Rifle Instructor (40 hours) Sergeant Hansen NRA Law Enforcement Pistol / Shotgun (40 hours) Sergeant Hansen Motor Vehicle Interdiction (32 hours) Corporal Brown Auditing Police Performance (24 hours) Captain Sanders Basic SWAT (80 hours) Officer Gilbert Next Gen 911 (24 hours) Records / Communications Manager Spurgeon Incident Command System 400 (16 hours) Lieutenant Flowerdew Advanced Dispatcher Update (24 hours) Dispatcher McIvor, Dispatcher Erb, Dispatcher Hoover 14

16 In-House Training In house training is conducted by Department instructors and meets POST perishable skills mandates. These training sessions are critical for the ongoing development of our officers and are necessary to maintain competent skill and knowledge levels. The following is a list of some of the in-house training officers participated in during 2013: Firearms Training Force Options Scenario Training K9 Integration Crossroads Collision Reporting Ethics Training Taser Training Vehicle Pursuit / Emergency Driving Weaponless Defense Training Active Shooter Incident Training Less Lethal Weapon Training Impact Weapons Dragon Dictation Training CPR 15

17 SWAT The Tehama Inter-Agency SWAT Team consists of personnel from the Red Bluff Police Department, Tehama County Sheriff s Department and Corning Police Department. The members train 12 times annually, meeting once each month on average for training. During 2013, the team conducted a variety of training, which included the following: Tactical movement and building entries Search Warrant Review/training Armored Vehicle training Less Lethal Device training Shooting and movement drills Officer Down training Rural movement training Simmunition scenarios Hostage Rescue techniques Physical Fitness Testing / Training Sniper Initiated Assaults Gas mask fit testing Chemical Agents training Active Counter Measures, weaponless defense, impact weapons & handcuffing North State Regional SWAT Training (sponsored by the FBI) Deployment of a communication device into a building for negotiation purposes. Vehicle assaults, vehicle hostage rescue, and tactical bus assaults Firearms Marksmanship drills Night Time / Low Light training Active Shooter Response Team Medic Functions 16

18 School Resource Officer SRO Murray The Red Bluff Police Department School Resource Officer position is an integral part of our community policing philosophy. SRO Aaron Murray spends countless hours communicating with school staff, parents, students and citizens who live in the area of the Red Bluff High School. SRO Murray has been very busy this year not only in the community policing aspect but also in the enforcement of violations committed by students at Red Bluff High School and the extension schools of the Red Bluff Union High School District. The below chart represents only a small portion of the activity associated with Officer Murray as an SRO: SRO Activity Arrests, 55 Citations Issued, 66 Reports Taken,

19 G.R.E.A.T. Program During 2013 significant efforts were made toward obtaining a Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Officer fully funded by external sources. The following are a few key points regarding the GREAT program: Officer Baxter Evidence Based Program A nationwide long-term study ( ) of the GREAT Program found the following statistically significant positive effects: 39% reduction in odds of gang joining one year post program. 24% reduction in odds of gang joining four years post program. More positive attitudes toward police. Less positive attitudes about gangs. More use of refusal skills. Less risk taking. Timeline Summer 2013: The Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Committee approved recommendation of $40, for a GREAT / SRO at Vista Preparatory Academy (VPA). 7/12/13: Officer Baxter was selected to be the GREAT Officer after an internal selection process. 8/6/13: Red Bluff City Council approved the MOU with Tehama County regarding GREAT funding. 8/20/13: T.C. Board of Supervisors approved the MOU. 8/19/13 : Officer Baxter attended 60 hours of GREAT training in Portland, Oregon. 12/2/13: First day the GREAT Officer was assigned to VPA. Looking Ahead GREAT Officer Baxter will begin teaching GREAT classes to the Vista Preparatory Academy (VPA) 7 th grade classes in January 2014: Each class will be 1 hour a day, 1 day a week for 13 weeks. 7 classes will be taught weekly th grade students will receive the training. The classes will assist students to: Define their role in the school / community. Develop goals and methods to attain those goals. Develop decision making skills. Develop effective communication skills. Develop effective refusal skills. Develop effective anger management skills. Develop effective resolution techniques. 18

20 G.R.E.A.T. Program (continued) GREAT Officer Sean Baxter began his duties at VPA on 12/2/2013. While not fulfilling his duties teaching or preparing for the GREAT Program, Officer Baxter performs the role of School Resource Officer focusing primarily on VPA, but also protecting the surrounding areas including two other nearby public schools. The following is a brief overview of some the situations Officer Baxter dealt with during the month of December Highlights of the First 30 Days During his short tenure at VPA (15 actual school days), Officer Baxter has handled a variety of criminal incidents on or near campus including: Narcotics sales Student with drugs Gang related battery Gang graffiti Older (high school) gang members flashing gang signs at Vista Students Suspicious Sex Registrant near campus GREAT Officer Baxter and RBHS SRO Murray have partnered together in addressing Gang issues in both schools: Identification of 27 students claiming Norteno gang affiliation. Identification of 28 students claiming Sureno gang affiliation. Identified several hang out locations for some gang members. Case Highlights On day #2 on campus, while patrolling the area of VPA, Officer Baxter confronted an out of area sex registrant who was parked next to campus. The man was in the back of his pick-up truck with a camper shell concealing him. It is suspected that he was strategically parked to view the children. On day #3, Officer Baxter received a report of several high school aged male juveniles flashing gang signs at Vista students who were on the track during their PE class. While investigating this, he learned that the day before two high school aged gang members had battered two Vista students near campus as they walked home from school. The suspects, who were wearing red, called the Vista students (who were wearing blue) derogatory gang names and then battered them. Both suspects were arrested for battery and committing a crime while participating in a gang. Between day #5 and 8, Officer Baxter investigated three separate battery cases involving Vista Students on or near campus. On Day #10, Officer Baxter cited a Vista student for bringing marijuana to school. In a separate investigation, a Vista student was booked into Juvenile Hall for marijuana sales on campus while six other students were cited for possession of marijuana on campus. 19

21 Support / Special Services Division Lieutenant Dan Flowerdew The Support/Special Services Division is comprised of several units that include Investigations (Detectives), Records, Community Service Officers (CSO), and Dispatch. While each of these units vary greatly in the scope of work performed, all are vital to the mission and goals of the Red Bluff Police Department. The Support/Special Services Division is managed by Lt. Dan Flowerdew. Although the Units within the Support/Special Services Division have been adversely affected by the struggling economy, they are united in their commitment to providing quality services to the City of Red Bluff. INVESTIGATIONS During the calendar year of 2013, the Investigations Unit was comprised of two assigned detectives. Detective Scott Curtis and Detective Brett McAllister. 95 cases assigned, 34 were sex related Significant Cases: Marysa Nichols-Homicide Samuel Forseth-Homicide Scarlett Peterson-Homicide (young child) Detectives Special Skills Computer Forensics Cell phone Forensics A total of 95 cases were assigned to the Investigations Unit for follow-up during this year. The cases ranged from child molestations, rapes, robberies, and assaults with deadly weapons, burglaries and homicide investigations. A breakdown of investigative cases assigned to detectives can be found in the below chart. Also due to staffing levels, Detectives have assisted patrol throughout this year to help fill patrol shifts. Last year (2012) 157 cases were assigned to Detectives. Cases assignments to Detectives are down this year due to multiple factors. Many of these factors can be simply stated: The complexity of the assigned investigative cases is very time consuming and complex and due to only having two assigned Detectives they simply cannot investigate every case. This has caused Lt. Flowerdew to scrutinize the potential investigative cases and some of those cases did not meet the priority level of other cases therefore those cases were either reassigned to patrol or simply not worked. This is very unfortunate but a necessity at this time. Furthermore many of the runaway cases have been assigned to the School Recourse Officer, cases which would normally be investigated by a Detective. 20

22 INVESTIGATIONS (Continued) A total of 34 sex related investigations, 3 homicide investigations and 9 assaults with deadly weapons cases were assigned for detective follow-up. These types of cases involve an extraordinary amount of time to investigate as well as a great deal of investigative knowledge, skill and experience to do so effectively. It is also important to note that Detective Curtis initiated an additional 44 reports on his own. Detective Curtis is in charge of coordinating and scheduling the Red Bluff Police Department sexual offender program sex registration compliance checks. This program is funded by the Shasta County SAFE Grant and is overseen by Lt. Flowerdew in regards to Red Bluff Police Department overall activity and equipment acquisitions. Major Major Investigative Investigative Categories Categories Homicide Homicide Attempted Homicide Attempted Homicide Assault w/deadly Weapons Assault w/deadly Weapons Rape Rape Total Sex Related Cases Total Sex Related Cases Missing Persons Missing Persons

23 Communications Center Records / Communications Manager Cindee Spurgeon The Dispatch Center is the primary PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) for the City of Red Bluff. When a dispatcher receives a 911 call, they are trained to ascertain the nature of the call and to transfer the call to the appropriate agency if it is a medical or fire call (Cal-Fire), or a crime or traffic related incident occurring outside the city limits (TCSO or CHP). The dispatchers answer an enormous amount of telephone calls as shown in the below charts: Records/Communications Manager Cindee Spurgeon 2% 1% 15% 0% 911Call Answer Time 2% (0 seconds) Answer Time (0-6 seconds) Excellent(1 ring) (7-12 seconds) Good (2 rings) 80% (13-18 seconds) Average (3 rings) (19-24 seconds) Poor (4 rings) 40+ Dispatcher Erb Dispatcher Hoover Dispatcher McIvor Dispatcher Ochoa 22

24 Communications Center (continued) All Telephone Calls by Type Incoming Phone Calls 49, ,199 55,677 55,346 Outgoing Phone Calls 16,136 9,824 15,632 16,096 Total Phone Calls to/ from Dispatch 66,023 68,023 71,309 71, Emergency Calls Wireless (cell) 911 Calls 0 5,916 7,265 8,350 Landline 911 Calls 6,050 3,540 4,025 3,418 Total 911Emergency Calls 6,050 9,456 11,290 11,768 % of 911 Calls Answered Under 10 Seconds 96% 95% 95% 93% 23

25 The Records Unit saw a great many changes in Records Unit In March, Dispatch Supervisor Spurgeon became the acting Records Manager while continuing her duties as a dispatcher. After discussion, City Council approval, and finishing with an application and testing process, Spurgeon successfully promoted to the newly created Police Records / Communications Manager Position in July. When the Records Manager position was vacated in March, Jessica Hoehman came back to the department as a temporary Records Specialist. She was instrumental in keeping the Unit running smoothly during the staffing shortage. In December, Jessica came back to the department full time to fill the Records Specialist s position vacated by Niki Alvarado. During 2013, the Records Unit processed 4,328+ written reports and supplements. They review each report for statistical and routing accuracy, create working files for patrol and detectives and prepare all paperwork sent to the Court, District Attorney s Office and allied agencies. In addition to the reports, Records staff is also responsible for answering records-related phone calls, assisting citizens at the front counter, processing records requests from citizens, criminal justice agencies, insurance companies and others, processing all traffic, criminal and parking citations, paw slips, handling bicycle registrations, completing paperwork associated with sex, arson, narcotic and gang registrations, and a myriad of other duties. Records Unit Work Statistics 2011 Totals 2012 Totals 2013 Totals Reports Processed (excluding supplements) 4,455 4,520 4,328 Citations Processed (Traffic & Criminal) Concealed Weapons Permits Processed 1,482 1,751 3, Registration Type 2013 Arson 6 Gang 1 Narcotic 44 Sex Offender 181 Total Registrations

26 Community Service Officers The Red Bluff Police Department s Community Service Officers remained consistently busy during Although staffing for two full time positions was authorized, several months of the year were only staffed by one employee and there were brief periods where this Unit was staffed solely by a volunteer and former CSO s who are now police officers. The Community Service Officers are responsible for a variety of tasks, which include property and evidence collection and processing, vehicle maintenance, animal control, parking enforcement and special event assignments. The below charts represent only a small segment of the vast work this Unit accomplishes Calls for Service Parking Citations Traffic Complaints 384 Animal Calls 13 Abandoned Vehicle Tows Evidence Logged Evidence Purged / Returned Total Animal Calls 90 Animals Taken to Shelter Deceased Animal Pickup Animal Bite Reports 261 Other Animal Calls Barking Dog Complaints Animal Cites Issued 25

27 Community Service Officers (continued) 2013 Animal Control Functions & Responsibilities The below chart distinguishes the animal related calls for service handled by Community Service Officers (CSO s) compared to those handled by sworn police officers. This data indicates police officers handled approximately 68% of the animal related calls for service during Animal Control CSO s OFFICERS TOTALS Barking Dog Number of dogs to shelter Number of cats to shelter Animals released to owner at shelter Dogs at large Animal Bites Dead animal collected Dogs to Vet Cats to Vet All other animal calls TOTAL NUMBER OF CALLS

28 Community Service Officers (continued) Property Intake Property return or Purged Backpacks collected Bicycles collected Items In Items Out Bicycles In Firearms In Items Destroyed or Purged Returned to Owner

29 Employee Awards and Recognition Annually, the Red Bluff Police Department recognizes its employees for certain accomplishments during the previous calendar year. An Awards Committee convenes during the year to make recommendations for certain awards and or recognition. The Awards Committee made several recommendations to Chief Nanfito who approved the following awards and commendations for Calendar year 2013 (presented in February 2014): Officer of the Year Award: Officer Joe Rossi was recognized as the 2013 Red Bluff Police Department Officer of the Year. Civilian Employee of the Year Award: Dispatcher Suszette Erb was recognized as the Department s civilian employee of the year. Volunteer of the Year Award: VIPS Clay Parker was the first recipient of this award which he earned by donating over 819 hours of service during Life Saving Award: Detective Scott Curtis received this award for his intervention that led to saving a choking man s life. Meritorious Service Award: Sergeants Ortega and Graham along with Officer Ferrin were recognized with this award for their individual courage and actions taken during a significant life endangering event. Unit Citation: Detective Curtis, Sergeant Hale, Officer Murray, and Lieutenant Flowerdew were recognized for their extraordinary work in the homicide investigation involving a 14 year old victim. Unit Citation: Sergeant Ortega, Officer Ferrin, Sergeant Graham, Officer Rossi and Detective McAllister received this award for their collective involvement and teamwork during an extraordinarily intense and dynamic event. Unit Citation: Eight Volunteers, including Bill Conrad, Curt Dahl, Felicia Gould, Dan Jackson, Bev Morris, Lilly Parker, Clay Parker and Tim Weatherson graduated the VIPS academy on 2/2/2013. A few weeks later they devoted themselves to assisting in numerous ways on a homicide investigation involving a 14 year old victim. They were recognized as a group for their collective effort and donation of 106 hours in this investigation. 28

30 Employee Awards and Recognition (Continued) Good Conduct Ribbons: The following personnel were recognized with a Good Conduct commendation for completing three consecutive years of honorable and faithful service. * CSO Clint Weston * Officer Aaron Murray * Officer Sean Baxter *Corporal Mike Brown * Officer Joe Rossi Certificates of Commendation: The following personnel received certificates of commendation for outstanding service during 2013: *Sergeant Kevin Busekist * Sergeant Matt Hansen * VIPS Beverly Morris Longevity Awards: Executive Assistant Farrah Morris was awarded a Longevity Ribbon for (5) years of service. Officer Sean Baxter was awarded a Longevity Ribbon for (5) years of service. Officer Joe Rossi was awarded a Longevity Ribbon for (5) years of service. Sergeant Kevin Hale was awarded a longevity Ribbon for (10) years of service. Sergeant Quintan Ortega was awarded a Longevity Ribbon for (15) years of service. Records / Communications Manager Spurgeon was awarded a Longevity Ribbon for (15) years of service. Other Awards: Corporal Mike Brown was recognized with a Field Training Officer Ribbon. Officer Sean Baxter was awarded the GREAT Officer and School Resource Officer Ribbons. Officer Matt Coker was awarded the Honor Guard Ribbon. MADD Recognition: Corporal Mike Brown was recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for 27 DUI arrests during 2013 (5 th Award). Shooting Badge Program: The following personnel were awarded the Marksman Badge: *Sergeant Kevin Hale *Officer Alan Gilbert Cpl. Brown 2013 DUI MADD Award Recipient 29

31 New Assignments and Departures Officer Matt Coker 2/22/13 Selected as new Honor Guard Member Debi Tompkins 3/6/13 Resigned as Records Manager Officer Ruben Murgia 3/13/13 Began Traffic Officer Assignment CSO Ashley Leaf 3/18/13 Hired as a Community Service Officer Volunteer Clay Parker 5/2/13 Designated as Lead VIPS Dispatch Supervisor Spurgeon 7/6/13 Promoted to Records/Communications Manager Sergeant Josiah Ferrin 9/5/2013 Resigned to work at CHP Officer Matt Haman 9/10/13 Hired as a Police Officer Officer James Talley 9/23/13 Hired as a Police Officer Officer Alan Gilbert 9/28/13 Selected as Traffic Officer Corporal Kevin Hale 10/31/13 Promoted to Sergeant Corporal Mike Brown 11/26/13 Selected as a new Field Training Officer Officer Sean Baxter 12/2/13 Assigned as new SRO / GREAT Officer Officer Jeremy Haley 12/2/13 Hired as a Police Officer Records Specialist Niki Alvarado 12/5/13 Resigned to work at Glenn County Sheriff s Office Records Specialist J. Hoehman 12/9/13 Hired as a Records Specialist Corporal Jeff Wing 12/30/13 Resigned to work at T.C. District Attorney s Office Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Graduates (2/2/13) Bill Conrad Dan Jackson Lilly Parker Curtis Dahl Beverly Morris Tim Weatherson Felicia Gould Clay Parker 30

32 Personnel Assignments Personnel Assignment Sworn Personnel Patrol Officers Corporals Patrol Sergeants Detectives School Resource Officer GREAT Officer DARE Officer TIDE Agent (Drug Taskforce) Sworn Admin (Chief, Captain, Lieutenant) Budgeted Sworn Personnel Sworn Personnel Authorized Sworn Personnel - Unfunded Non-Sworn Personnel Dispatch Personnel Dispatch Personnel - Unfunded Records Specialist Records Specialist - Unfunded Records/Communications Manager Community Service Officers (1 vacant) 2 CSO s - Unfunded Administrative Assistant Budgeted Non-Sworn Personnel Non-Sworn Personnel Unfunded Total Department Employees Total Department Employees - Unfunded

33 The following represents only a small percentage of the hard work and dedicated service provided by the professional staff at the Red Bluff Police Department. These are some of the more significant or time consuming cases handled during January 7, 2013 / Stabbing - Officers were sent to the Red Bluff City Park regarding a stabbing and contacted the victim who was bleeding profusely. The victim reported he had been confronted by 4-5 Hispanic male adults and an argument ensued. The victim was unable to identify the suspects. January 11, 2013 / Barricaded Suspect / False Imprisonment - Officers responded to the Cabernet Apartments regarding a disturbance between a male and female inside an upstairs apartment. When officers arrived, they found the suspect had barricaded himself inside the apartment with his girlfriend whom he would not release. Negotiations ensued and the female was released after about 30 minutes. The suspect was arrested for False Imprisonment, Resisting Officers and a Warrant. January 16, 2013 / Robbery - Officers responded to Bigfoot Recycling regarding a white male adult who robbed the clerk with a handgun and then fled in a vehicle with the stolen cash. January 25, 2013 / Gang Related Shooting - Officers were dispatched to a report of gun shots and a man down in the parking lot of Tractor Supply. Upon their arrival, the officers located a sixteen year old male who was the victim of a gunshot wound to his ankle. The victim was treated and later released from St. Elizabeth s Hospital. Information indicates this shooting was gang motivated. January 27, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon Officers responded to the City Park regarding an altercation wherein a male retrieved a large knife or machete from his pocket and struck the victim once on the left side of the face. The suspect then fled the area on foot. The victim was transported to St. Elizabeth s Hospital where he was treated and released for a laceration to his face. February 3, 2013 / Drug Possession for Sale / Violent Felon Possessing a Firearm / Identity theft / Etc. - Officers responded to the report of an alarm sounding from Tuckers Automotive and contacted a male in a nearby parking lot. The male, a violent felon, was found to be in possession a loaded 9 mm handgun, methamphetamine, materials used for packaging, paraphernalia as well as driver s license numbers, Social Security numbers, PIN numbers, credit card numbers and other personal information commonly used for identity theft. 32

34 February 10, 2013 / Attempted Break-in / Paraphernalia / Flash Incarceration - Officers responded to a report of a man attempting to break into a room at the Crystal Motel and arrived to find the man attempting to pry a room window open. The male on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), had narcotics paraphernalia and prescription medication that did not belong to him is his pocket. He was booked for the charges and on a Flash Incarceration. February 10, 2013 / Grand Theft of Firearm / Threats - A victim called to report his adult son had just stolen a small safe containing prescription medications and a loaded pistol. Officers found the suspect and arrested him for the crime. The suspect called the victim from jail and threatened them, which led to additional felony charges and an Emergency Protective Order. February 11, 2013 / Drugs for Sale / Child Endangerment - Officers received information a male had been selling firearms and narcotics from a residence on Lakeside Drive and then obtained a search warrant during which firearms, numerous rounds of ammunition, 51.6 grams of Heroin, 9.0 grams Methamphetamine, prescription pain killers, Methadone and over $7,000 cash was found inside the apartment in which a young child resided. February 13, 2013 / Knife Brandishing - An employee of Firehouse Pizza called to report a suspect had struck him in the face and then threatened him with a knife after the employee tried to prevent the suspect from attacking another male. The suspect was arrested. February 14, 2013 / PRCS / Resisting / Attempted Burglary - Officers responded to a residence on the 400 block of Washington Street regarding someone attempting to break into the back door of a residence. Officers found the suspect near an alleyway directly next to attempted break in. The male, who was intoxicated and on PRCS, fought and resisted the officer. February 15, 2013 / Assault with a Knife - Officers were dispatched to the hospital to contact a sixteen year old male who was the victim of a stabbing. The victim reported he was attacked the night before by two males who asked him what gang he was associated with. February 22, 2013 / Vehicle Pursuit / Stolen Vehicle / Stolen Property - An Officer attempted to stop a vehicle for running a stop sign and discovered it was a stolen vehicle. The driver refused to stop and led the officer on a short pursuit before abandoning the car and running away on foot. The driver and occupant were located a short distance away and arrested. Stolen items were subsequently located within the vehicle. February 26, 2013 / Murder - A mother contacted the Police Department and reported her 14-year old daughter had gone to school in the morning and had not returned home. An extensive search was conducted and on 2/28/13 the victim s body was located in a field south of Red Bluff High School. The Tehama County Child Abduction Response Team (CART) was activated and approximately 60 additional personnel assisted in this investigation including personnel from Tehama County Sheriff s Office, Tehama County Probation, Tehama County District Attorney s Office, Tehama County Search and Rescue, Red Bluff VIPS and California Department of Justice. The investigation ultimately identified the suspect who was arrested for murder and is currently awaiting trial. 33

35 March 8, 2013 / Check Fraud Officers were called to the Tri Counties Bank after a female attempted to pass a forged check for $720. The suspect, on PRCS, was arrested for burglary and check fraud. March 14, 2013 / Shooting - Officers were sent to St. Elizabeth Hospital to contact an adult male victim of a shooting. The victim advised he was shot on his upper thigh while walking on Park Avenue after a sedan stopped near him and he was confronted by a male who exited and began shooting at him. Suspects were later identified and a lengthy investigation ensued. March 17, 2013 / Domestic Violence / Assault with a Deadly Weapon Officers were dispatched to the Crystal Motel for a report of domestic disturbance wherein the male broke a beer bottle over his own head and then used the broken bottle to cut the victim on her hands, face and legs. After assaulting the victim the suspect used the bottle to attempt to cut his own throat. The suspect was located and arrested. March 31, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Officers were called to the area of Scottsdale Way for a reported altercation involving several people armed with various weapons. Most of the involved people fled the area and some of them were later located at the hospital. Several of the involved suffered lacerations or contusions as a result of being struck with rocks and other items. March 31, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Domestic Violence / Possess Fictitious Money - Officers responded to Lynn Avenue for a physical disturbance. Upon arrival they learned a male had battered his wife and held a knife to her body during an altercation. A family friend used a baseball bat to strike the male on his head in an attempt to stop his assault. The suspect also possessed several fictitious $ bills. April 11, 2013 / Officer Involved Shooting Officers responded to a suspicious person call at an apartment complex at 850 Kimball Rd. This incident resulted in an officer involved shooting in which the suspicious male, who charged officers with a knife, was shot and killed. April 15, 2013 / Possession of a Concealed Firearm near School Campus - School Resource Officer Aaron Murray learned a 16 year old male juvenile, who had previously been expelled from Red Bluff Union High School, had entered a dance at the school and had to be escorted from the campus by staff. SRO Murray located the juvenile near campus, arrested him for a probation violation, and located a loaded handgun in the juvenile s waistband. April 16, 2013 / Drug Possession / Felon Possess a Firearm - An Officer conducted an enforcement stop on a vehicle on South Main Street at Diamond Avenue and contacted the driver and a passenger, who was on probation for narcotics violations. A search found him to be in possession of Methamphetamine, a smoking pipe and a loaded firearm. April 18, 2013 / Kidnapping / Domestic Violence / False Imprisonment Dispatch received a report of a woman screaming for help in the area of the Oak Hill Cemetery and made contact with an adult male on PRCS and his girlfriend near a trailer. During a domestic dispute the male followed the victim outside, picked her up and carried her approximately 50 feet back into his trailer where he held her against her will. April 30, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Officers were dispatched to an apartment where they contacted a male who said he had been assaulted with a knife on Antelope Boulevard near Gilmore Road. The suspect reportedly attacked the victim for no apparent reason while he was walking. 34

36 May 1, 2013 / Robbery / Possess Drug Paraphernalia - Officers contacted a male victim who reported an acquaintance demanded his wallet and then forcibly stole it from him. The victim later learned his bank card had fraudulently been used. The suspect was later located and arrested for possessing stolen property, drug paraphernalia and a felony warrant. May 12, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon Officers responded to a reported disturbance wherein a female was struck in the head with a rock after an apparent road rage incident. The victim went to the hospital for a head wound and the suspect was not located. May 14, 2013 / Battery on an Officer / Resisting Arrest / PRCS Officers were dispatched to the City Park where a young man reported an adult male had stolen a stereo speaker from the bed of his pick-up. Officers arrived and observed the suspect fleeing. The suspect resisted arrest and battered one of the officers. He also had a No Bail felony warrant for absconding from Post Release Community Supervision. May 15, 2013 / Indecent Exposure - Officers were sent to Madison Street regarding an indecent exposure report. Two female juveniles reported they were walking when an adult male exposed himself to the juveniles. The suspect was not located. May 25, 2013 / Suspicious Shooting Death - Officers were sent to a local trailer park for a report of shots fired with a gunshot victim at the scene. The male adult victim was not responsive and determined to be deceased. The incident was initially suspicious, but investigation concluded it was a suicide. May 25, 2013 / Drug Overdose Death Officers were sent to a residence on Homestead Drive for a report of an unresponsive man in a garage. CPR was initiated by officers and Paramedics transported the man from the scene after gaining a heartbeat. The man was later pronounced dead at St. Elizabeth Hospital and evidence surrounding the death indicates the cause was a drug overdose. May 25, 2013 / Gunshot Victim - Officers were called to St. Elizabeth Hospital to speak with a gunshot victim. The victim was reluctant to give any information about how he was injured but eventually admitted he accidentally shot himself in the foot with his friend s firearm. May 25, 2013 / Stabbing - Officers went to the Hospital regarding a stabbing victim with wounds to his chest and arm. He reported being confronted outside a local bar by three males who asked his gang affiliation before fighting with him. During the fight, the victim was stabbed and then drove himself to the hospital. May 30, 2013 / Attempted Rape / Burglary - Officers were dispatched to a residence on Oak Street where they contacted a female victim who stated a male known to her had broken into her home, disrobed her, and attempted to rape her. The victim was able to fight the suspect off and he fled. Officers located and arrested the suspect outside a residence a few blocks away. May 31, 2013 / Strong Arm Robbery - A female adult was on Antelope Blvd. when she was approached by two females who demanded her purse. The suspects tackled the victim, struck her and stripped the purse from her. The suspects fled the area on foot. 35

37 May 31, 2013 / Collision with Fire - Officers responded to Luther Road at Airport Road where they found a Ford F-150 veered from the roadway striking a PG&E power pole severing the pole in two places and igniting a vegetation fire. The driver of the vehicle could not be accessed to provide medical attention due to the downed power lines. The fire traveled south and south west through the Red Bluff airport property and near residences in the area. Homeowners were held in place and a nearby daycare facility was evacuated as a precaution. Roadways were shut off from vehicular traffic for several hours. June 2, 2013 / Rape A female adult reported she was sexually assaulted by a male adult who raped her while she was staying the night at a friend s apartment. June 2, 2013 / Robbery / Kidnapping - Officers were sent to Antelope Boulevard at Rio Street where a victim reported two males forced themselves into his vehicle while he was parked and forced him to drive to a vacant parking lot where they stole his cellular telephone, money, and his vehicle keys by force. The suspects were located nearby and arrested. June 10, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Officers were dispatched to Motel 6 regarding a clerk who was assaulted after denying to rent a room to an adult female who threw a display item and struck her with it. The suspect was located the next day and arrested. June 13, 2013 / Vandalize a Place of Worship / Participate in a Criminal Street Gang / Etc. - Officers were dispatched to a report of subjects spray painting the side of Vineyard Church and New Hope Four Square Church. Officers located the suspect who admitted he had tagged the churches with gang related graffiti. A total of ten locations were found to have been vandalized by the suspect who also had concentrated cannabis. June 16, 2013 / Possession of Silencer - Officers were dispatched to Reta Way for a disturbance between two neighbors and found an adult male who had several loaded / visible firearms and knives secured on his person. During the investigation, officers located additional firearms, along with a silencer. The male was arrested for possessing a silencer. June 17, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Officers were dispatched to a residence on Walnut Street for a report of a male who had been struck in the head with a blunt object. The victim claimed a male had struck him in the head multiple times with a metal pipe. The suspect was arrested and admitted he struck the victim in the head after losing control. June 22, 2013 / Annoy and Molest a Minor Two adult males were walking on Lincoln Street when they noticed two 13 year-old females on the opposite side of the street. The men called out to the two girls to get their attention and crossed the street toward the girls who began to run away. The men chased the girls who ran into a nearby liquor store for refuge. Once inside the store, the young girls hid in the back behind a display while one of the girls called her father. The men continued to pursue the two teenage girls until they encountered them at the back of the store. Upon seeing one of the victims on the phone, the men ran from the store. Officers were able to identify the suspects from video and arrests were made. One of the suspects was a high risk sex offender on parole. 36

38 June 23, 2013 / Resisting Arrest / Drug Offense / K9 Detention - An Officer stopped a male for a bicycle violation and noticed a large object in his pocket. The male ran from the officer and was pursued by our K9 team who detained him without further incident. The male was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, narcotic paraphernalia, and resisting an officer. June 27, 2013 / Murder - Dispatch received a 911 call regarding a male adult who was bleeding from an apparent knife attack on Pinon Way. Officers responded and found the victim, who had sustained significant wounds, had succumbed to his injuries. An investigation ensued and the suspect was arrested for Murder and is currently pending trial. June 29, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Hate Crime - Officers contacted a minority female who was approached by 8 to 10 white male juveniles while she was on the Red Bluff High School football field. After making derogatory racial comments towards the victim, a male juvenile suspect then struck her several times about the face and head with a hammer. Several suspects were later identified and prosecuted. June 29, 2013 / False Imprisonment / Threats - Officers responded to a residence on the 800 block of Franklin Street regarding a 911 call wherein a female could be heard saying put the gun down. Officers arrived and contacted the adult female who had exited the residence. It was learned the male suspect held the victim down on her bed and put what was believed to be a gun to her head while threatening to kill her. The male was arrested hours later after a standoff that ended peacefully. July 3, 2013 / Residential Burglary in Progress - Officers responded to a residence on Southpointe Drive regarding a burglary in progress reported by the female resident who found a male suspect in her room (unbeknownst to the suspect). Officers responded and found the male burglarizing the home. The suspect, a known burglar, was arrested. July 5, 2013 / Burglary / Parole Violation / K9 Use - Officers went to the Red Bluff Daily News for an alarm activation and found evidence that a person had entered into the building. The K-9 handler deployed his K-9 partner Many into the building to search for anyone inside. It was only after Many s handler gave a warning that anybody inside the office would be bitten if they did not surrender that the adult male suspect showed himself and gave up. July 6, 2013 / Vehicle Pursuit - An Officer attempted to stop a motorcycle and the driver failed to yield and chose to flee at about 50 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. The male driver attempted to evade the officer, but was contacted and arrested. July 8, 2013 / Vehicle Pursuit - An officer initiated a traffic stop on a motorcycle being ridden by a 19 year old female who fled at speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour. Officers eventually captured the suspect when her motorcycle failed due to mechanical problems. July 12, 2013 / DUI / Vehicle Pursuit - An Officer observed a motorcycle run a stop sign and initiated a traffic stop, but the driver fled at about 90 mph before stopping on his own about a mile later. He was arrested for DUI and evading. July 27, 2013 / Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon / Elder Abuse - Officers were dispatched to Walnut Street regarding an assault and learned a 25 year old grandson, became upset with his grandfather and threw a claw hammer at him. The hammer struck the 74 year old male. The suspect was arrested for elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. 37

39 July 28, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Officers were dispatched to Givens Road regarding an assault and found a 56 year old male lying in a pool of blood with head trauma. The male had been in a confrontation with an unknown bicyclist who struck him with an unknown item before fleeing. July 28, 2013 / K9 Use / Drugs / Fictitious Money - Corporal Brown contacted a suspicious male who had stopped his vehicle in the roadway. During the contact Corporal Brown used his K-9 partner Many to sniff around the truck and he alerted to the odor of narcotics inside of the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded 44.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine concealed as well as counterfeit $50 bills and drug paraphernalia. July 29, 2013 / Airplane Crash - Officers and firefighters responded to the Red Bluff Municipal Airport regarding a report that a plane had crashed. Upon officers arrival, they located burning wreckage from an Ultra Light aircraft along with a deceased older male next to the wreckage. August 3, 2013 / Suspicious Child Injury Officers were sent to St. Elizabeth Hospital for a report of an injured 18 month old female who had reportedly been struck on the head with a rock and had sustained serious head trauma. The child was flown to UC Davis and a child abuse investigation ensued wherein the mother s boyfriend was a possible suspect. August 4, 2013 / Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Collision - Officers responded to Antelope Boulevard for a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision wherein a 55 year old female driver of a Toyota sedan was traveling east when she struck a 41 year old female pedestrian who was running south across Antelope Boulevard, not in a designated crosswalk. August 8, 2013 / Child Death At approximately 1600 hours, Red Bluff Police Department Detective Scott Curtis was dispatched to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA, regarding a female juvenile that had been transported there from Redding, CA. When Detective Curtis arrived, he was notified that the child had died. The child was a 2 year old Red Bluff resident and this case is currently under investigation. August 11, 2013 / Attempted Robbery / Stabbing - Officers responded to the hospital and contacted a 51 year old male stabbing victim who indicated he was confronted at the City Park by two males who tried to take his camping equipment. The men punched and stabbed him when the victim refused. August 18, 2013 / Possession of Weapon / Under the Influence of Drugs A 57 year old man followed a female City employee to her personal vehicle outside the police / fire departments and caused her to fear for her safety as he had a large knife as he approached her. Officers confronted the male who complied with commands to drop the knife, but resisted as they detained him. He was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon, possession of drug paraphernalia and for being under the influence of a controlled substance. August 28, 2013 / Stabbing - Officers responded to St. Elizabeth Hospital for a stabbing and contacted the 17 year old victim who reported an unknown male approached him from behind and then stabbed the victim with a knife in the lower abdomen. The suspect then fled the area on foot. September 10, 2013 / Train vs. Pedestrian - An engineer on an Amtrak train reported a man sleeping near the railroad tracks and officers who went to check the area located the man lying near the east rail of the tracks. The man suffered major traumatic injuries as a result of being hit by a passing train. 38

40 October 5, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon Officers were sent to the hospital to contact a 23 year old male who reported he was walking on Gilmore Road when he was contacted by an adult male who presented a fixed blade knife and began swinging at him, striking him on his arm. October 18, 2013 / Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Collision - Officers were dispatched to Walnut Street and Franklin Street for a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision. The 18 year old pedestrian was walking in the crosswalk when she was struck and injured by an 83 year old driver in a pick-up truck. November 1, 2013 / Robbery / Parole Violation Officers were called to Wal-Mart for a reported theft in progress and located the suspect s vehicle leaving the area behind Big 5 Sporting Goods. Officers conducted a high risk stop on the vehicle, with the assistance of K9 Many and detained the 25 year old parolee who had displayed what turned out to be a pellet gun when stealing items from Wal-Mart. November 11, 2013 / Assault with a Deadly Weapon Officers responded to an apartment on Walnut Street regarding a disturbance with a male on the ground. Officers arrived and located an adult male bleeding profusely from facial injuries caused by knife. The victim refused to cooperate. November 13, 2013 / Kidnapping / Threats / Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Etc. Officers responded to a report of a domestic violence incident in which an adult female was intentionally struck with a vehicle by her boyfriend. The victim was then forcibly placed inside the vehicle, which was stolen, and driven away against her will. Her life was threatened during the ordeal and she was later released when the suspect fled on foot. The charges included kidnapping, criminal threats, felony domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. November 14, 2013 / Gang Related Fight - Two juveniles claiming opposing gang affiliation were contacted after officers learned they fought each other during their high school lunch break. Both wore gang associated attire and were booked into juvenile hall for their actions. November 24, 2013 / Vehicle Pursuit - An officer attempted to stop a motorcyclist who fled at speeds of about 60 MPH on Douglass Street. Officers continued to pursue the motorcyclist reaching speeds over 100 MPH on Baker Road and Highway 36 West. Officers subsequently terminated the pursuit for the safety of all involved in the pursuit as well as the innocent motoring public. November 27, 2013 / Discharge of Firearm at Vehicle - Officers responded to Gilmore Road regarding the sound of gunshots and located a white SUV that had its rear windshield shot out. Upon further inspection, officers located several bullet holes in the SUV and one discharged bullet. November 29, 2013 / Robbery - Officers were sent to a residence on Washington Street for a robbery. Officers contacted the victim who advised an unknown man knocked on his door, struck him several times about the face, and then left after taking an electric guitar from the victim s residence. December 4, 2013 / Possession of Stolen Property and Credit Card Numbers Officers responded to a report where a stolen credit card was used to rent a motel room at America s Best Value Inn and learned a male had rented the room using a stolen credit card. The suspect was found in the motel room where more than 40 credit card numbers and stolen items were found. The male was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant, possession of stolen property, and misappropriation of found property. 39

41 December 7, 2013 / Domestic Violence An adult male and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic violence incident where in the male hit the victim and later chased her with a 3 foot stick that had a large knife affixed to the end. The victim was able to get away and the male barricaded himself inside an apartment, which he eventually exited at officers requests. December 10, 2013 / Suspicious Male Two separate reports of a suspicious male were reported wherein female juveniles walking near South Jackson Street were followed by an adult male. The male chased one of the juveniles and fled the area after the other juvenile was picked up by a parent. December 12, 2013 / Evading / Loaded Firearm / Drug Possession An officer conducted a traffic stop on a white Lexus and the driver fled at slow speeds before running from the car. The suspect failed to comply with officers commands and was subsequently taken into custody. He was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. December 23, 2013 / Burglary - Officers responded to an alarm call at the Dollar Tree, but were unable to make entry into the business due to no store employees being available to respond. Officers returned to the business later based on a report from an employee that the roof was damaged. Officers determined the business had been burglarized and found evidence leading to a suspect who was later located and arrested for burglarizing the business. December 23, 2013 / Robbery - Officers were dispatched to a residence on Scottsdale Way regarding two juveniles and one adult (18 years old) who were pepper sprayed by unknown males who stole a bicycle from them. December 30, 2013 / Robbery - A female reported a man entered her father s home and entered his bedroom where she confronted him. The suspect threatened the female with a handgun and then left the residence after stealing her purse. 40

42 Fiscal Year Comparison of Overtime Expenditures Budget Year Overtime Expenditure ***Includes Holiday Pay, which was new to this year and was the result of MOU negotiations modifying how holidays are compensated. This is estimated to add approximately $33, annually that previous years did not include.*** $286,439 $268,406 $344,523 $343,921 $351,557 $216,434 $209,375 $195,989 $239,275 $298,627* ** /2013 Fiscal Year Overtime 20. REPLACE. SWAT 0% 21. GRANT 4% 22. SUPER. MEETING 1% 23. FTO OT 3% 24. RECORDS 0% 1. COURT 3% 2. CALLED IN 4% 18. REPLACE. W/C 2% 19. REPLACE. OTHER 7% 17. REPLACE. SICK 6% 3. HELD OVER 7% 4. OTHER 3% 5. SPEC. EVENTS 8% 16. REPLACE. VACA/ATO 13% 15. REPLACE. TRAINING 3% 14. MAJOR CASE INV. 6% 13. TIDE OT 0% 12. DISPATCH 1% 11. SWAT TRAINING 2% 9.TRAINING 15% 6. SPEC. ASSIGN. 4% 7. REPORT WRITING 8% 8. INVESTIGATION 2% 10. SWAT CALL OUT 1% 41

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Domestic Violence: Best Practices for Law Enforcement s Response. A Model Policy Manual Prepared Under the Violence Against Women Act

Domestic Violence: Best Practices for Law Enforcement s Response. A Model Policy Manual Prepared Under the Violence Against Women Act Best Practices for Law Enforcement Response DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: BEST PRACTICES FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE A Model Policy Manual Prepared Under the Violence Against Women Act North Carolina Governor s

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Second Annual Report Los Angeles County Probation Department

Second Annual Report Los Angeles County Probation Department Second Annual Report Los Angeles County Probation Department March 2013 Office of Independent Review Second Annual Report Los Angeles County Probation Department Michael J. Gennaco Chief Attorney Robert

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Table of Contents. Jail Bureau - 48 Operations Division - 50 Administration Division & Support Division - 51. SAPD 2008-09 Annual Report

Table of Contents. Jail Bureau - 48 Operations Division - 50 Administration Division & Support Division - 51. SAPD 2008-09 Annual Report Table of Contents Office of the Chief of Police - 6 Ogranizational Charts - 8 Special Investigations - 10 2008-2009 Employess Awards - 14 F.B.I. Crime Index, Part 1 Crimes, National Comparisons - 16-18

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Ventura County Community College District Police Department. ANNUAL SECURITY REPORT October 2014

Ventura County Community College District Police Department. ANNUAL SECURITY REPORT October 2014 Ventura County Community College District Police Department ANNUAL SECURITY REPORT October 2014 "Your Right To Know" This report has been produced in accordance with the

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Divorce Booklet. South Brevard. Women s Center

Divorce Booklet. South Brevard. Women s Center Women s Center Divorce Booklet South Brevard Women s Center Table of Contents How to Find an Attorney Information Needed to Prepare your Case Communicating with your Attorney What to Expect at Court Divorce

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table of contents Overview of our services and procedures... 3

table of contents Overview of our services and procedures... 3 table of contents Overview of our services and procedures... 3 Landlord-Tenant The Lease Before You Sign... 4 Breaking a Lease... 4 Renter s Insurance... 6 Repair Problems....6 Security Deposit....7 Eviction....8

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