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1 E_B_L_ TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS(S RR 12 D) Austra vs Israel Austra Israel Israel Austra N Kubak E Gelbard N Schwartz E Bamberger S Felderer W Frydrich S Sheinman W Grumm Board Contract By M D N-S E-W Contract By M D N-S E-W IMPs 17 6 E E x N E W W x S W W x S N N N x S N N N E N N E W S S N E E S S N S W E N S N IMPs Austra Israel This segment Penalty 0 0 Carryover 0 0 total References: BridgeBase online. Edited by M.Sugino

2 Board 17 this/total IMPs NS: Austra - 0 EW: Israel - 0 o 6 E c 6 E AK Q7 108 A 4 3 J K J W N S E 6 4 J Q6 3 Q7 5 Q2 AK 2 A K J N: Kubak W: Frydrich Open E: Gelbard S: Felderer W N E S p 1N p 2 p 2 p 4 p 4N p 5 p 6 p p p suketbombi: no they must be playing a direct trf as just game while a trf to 2 level and a raise to 4 a slam invite Q A K.. J davidb: W has max for his bid,but E did well to go on K A.. 9 #1 S:: J,Q,3,2 #2 W:: 3,7,Q,4 #3 E:: 2,6,A,8 #4 W:: K,J, 2, 6 #5 W:: 7,5,K,4 #6 E:: A,9, 3, 8 #7 E:: J,5,A,2 #8 W:: 4,6,K,7 #9 E:: T,Q, 5, ady: good morning all ady: nice slam to start 6 e/w..p..1n davidb: good morning all. ady: with spades behaving 2 way finesse in clubs for 13 tricks..p..2..p..2..p..4 suketbombi: hi all ady: hi Raju..p..4N suketbombi: hello david this Raju Tolani suketbombi: this trf and raise showed the tradional slammish auction..p..5..p..6..p..p..p ady: 4 in that sequence would normally be the end of the bidding maybe they play differently.. J suketbombi: yes a good slam to reach with gelbard having the Q and the requisite controls davidb: if you bid 7 you make it -dicarding club on the heart & playing 3 clubs.. Q

3 Board 17 this/total IMPs NS: Israel - 0 EW: Austra - 0 o 6 E c 6 E AK Q7 108 A 4 3 J K J W N S E 6 4 J Q6 3 Q7 5 Q2 AK 2 A K J N: Schwartz W: Grumm Closed E: Bamberger S: Sheinman W N E S p 1N p 3 p 3 p 4 p 4 p 4 p 5 p 5 p 6 p p p #1 S:: J,Q,3,2 #2 W:: 3,7,Q,4 #3 E:: 2,6,K,8 #4 W:: A,J, 5, 4 #5 W:: A,2,9,5 #6 W:: 3,6,K,7 #7 E:: A,6,7,5 #8 E:: K,9, 4, 8 #9 E:: J,Q, 5, 8 #10 W:: 8,4,A,3 jaapfr: good morning all J A K T.. Q.. 5 antoniz: witam serdecznie:) ryskiel_: witam mareczek: Teraz ju ok jameslee 2: Morning to all jameslee 2: we have starting match England - Romania janhamhurg: good morning all jameslee 2: Hand n 1 - a possible game contract of 4 /4 for N-S yuval10: hi all jillan: Hi all :) feels a bit like deja vu... jillan: so some of the strange things happening yesterday, weren t really that strange then ryskiel_: komentowaˆƒ dla Paˆ stwa bˆ dzie Ryszard Kie czewski...posi ki w drodze antoniz: to bˆ dzie bardzo ciekwy mecz ryskiel_: jest przystawka - Antoni Zdzienicki antoniz: jeszcze do cz smako yki:) ryskiel_: w reprezentacji Polski w tym pokoju wyst pi North z Southem haans: 50th European Bridge /competitions/10ostend/ostend.htm haans: Women score: /competitions/10ostend/asp/roundteams.asp? qtournid=817&qroundno=11 haans: Hi Raija antoniz: witam:) jkotor: dzieˆ dobry, tutaj polski komentarz? rmb1: Welcome to round 17 of the EBL team championship Walddk2: You are invisible. You must log off and re-enter as visible Walddk2: Please look at your screen marlowepi: welcome all to another historic clash between these two nations..p lestergold: Goo afternoon welcome to this very tough european team championship ralfwil: good afterrnoon everyone ryskiel_: dzieˆ dobry Paˆ stwu - bˆ dziemy ogl dac mecz 11 rundy Open pomiedzy Polska i Rosj spooky: Good morning all..1n antoniz: witam:) iyer7550: hi welcome to all ryskiel_: witamy w meczu XVI rundy grupy B w konkurencji Open - walczy nasza druzyna z Austri ady: part score looks the limit n/s around 9 tricks in either major lestergold: Hi Marshall..p haans: Israel new leader vs Austria in 10th. Austria 7 VP behind Final Need good win marlowepi: hi mike..3! vugraphznm: 2harts by N was endcontract - bidding went differently mareczek: cos chyba z ta licytacj nie tak... mareczek: ok mareczek: NS trafnie wyhamowali przed koˆ cˆ wk bogier: skrˆ t operatora pewnie ryskiel_: Witam Paˆ stwa w 5 rundzie ME w Ostendzie, komentow c bˆ d Marcin Le n iewski, Bogus aw Gierulski, Antoni Zdzienicki i bezposredni korespondent Marek Wˆ jcicki, a mnie chyba znacie

4 ryskiel_: jestem Kie ek mareczek: Herbst - herbst graja systemem naturalnym, starsze z pi tki, transferowe odpowiedzi po otwarciu 1 mareczek: tu pewnie by o BA pas... lesniak: witam wszystkich:):) mareczek: W otwartym Buras narkiewicz graj 1BA i N otworzy 1BA mareczek: w tej sytuacji trudno sie dziwiˆƒ, e grano koˆ cˆ wkˆ ryskiel_: narzie po 4 rundach polska dru yna jest wiceliderm 3 VP za Irlandi i 3 VP przed Angli jameslee 2: start the bidding rnmalik: Hello all and welcome. yuval10: hi all ryskiel_: polski komentarz zawsze w pokoju zamknietym rnmalik: Hello all and welcome. ady: north might double mareczek: zwlaszcza z rˆ ki N wygl da nie le, je eli E nie mia by oczywistego wistu w trefla, praktycznie by "poszla"\..p janhamhurg: n/s play a natural system with ntr ady: hi Rashed lesniak: tak konˆƒˆ wka - w zasadzie - ma tylko ok 30 % szans wyjscia- ale poniewaz przy nieinformacyjnej licytacji moze nastapic wist karo - wiec otrzymamy ok 40%..3! andreasw: hello everybody iyer7550: welcome all jeanhari: hi all bjurn: good morning ;) yuval10: might play in a 4-2 fit here, if 2NT is lebensohl jkotor: Robben 1, S owacja 0 rmb1: Or South might double again, but EW may steal it ady: well overboard e/w ady: penalty against a part score rnmalik: Good Morning David and Robin. ady: hi Robin rmb1: Neither North or South have the shape to do anything but double now vugraphznm: Doubles all over the board, director called rmb1: Hi room, hi Andreas..p yuval10: the names aren t correct, of course marlowepi: any relationship between commentator names and player names is purely...well, you ll find out:)..4! jameslee 2: block bidding by W good 3 yuval10: godmorgon and happy midsommer for our Svensk friends :) yuval10: who celebrated yesterday vugraphznm: hello from ostend jillan: thanks yuval yuval10: hi operator haans: NS Precision antoniz: ciekawe rozdanie na pocz tek lestergold: England s team is the same team that won silver in the world team olympaid in 2008 except that Andrew Macintosh replaces Artur Malinowski the other 5 the same..p jkotor: pikowy i treflowy k ad na pewno haans: clubs finesse for slam andreasw: 5 wins here..4! jeanhari: Bulgaria in 4th place after 8 matches, Croatia 8th, so both teams on an qualifiyng place yuval10: at least not the Israeli ones :) ady: at least 300 possibly 500 lestergold: The first 5 or 6 qualify for the bermuda bowl..p jkotor: sorki, le spojrza em, e S wistuje :) ady: if loses club could even go for 800 jameslee 2: they still reach to game..4 jeanhari: NS bidding too much here iyer7550: the void seems to have propelled north to overassess his hand. bjurn: since they were seated in the same direction yesterday the TD decided to replay this match jameslee 2: j lead..p jameslee 2: looks like -1 9 tricks copeyj: Good morning all from Oostende janhamhurg: hi simon jameslee 2: hi jameslee 2: simon copeyj: these two teams met in the quarter finals of the beijing world championships haans: if lead april7: since S didn t have any ruffing value,she raised NT to 2 and N passed ofcourse with minimum..5! Walddk12: East is Bekkouche Walddk12: Hello Robin and Andreas andreasw: so 1 board bekkouche is playing 3 :) hello Roland andreasw: Sjoberg should have bid 3 with that hand ralfwil: Good morning from a sunny sweden! spooky: Israel standing 4th before this match and Russia 11th

5 lestergold: start off with an unremarkable 1n which is notg likely to make..p jameslee 2: how is weather in Ostende?..5 copeyj: the England team has only one (playing) change yuval10: i believe it s Ginossar and Pachtman playing here for Israel ralfwil: hello Yuval and Gerbrand! yuval10: as EW jaapfr: 3 probably -2 but 3 makes..p Walddk12: West s full name is Binderkrantz but there is no room for -tz only 10 characters fit in iyer7550: ohh my. that was much more than what i expected. yuval10: if we can change their names, plz? yuval10: hi Ralf lestergold: that may be an understatement..6 jaapfr: welcome to Maarten Schollardt jeanhari: easy dbl for east :) copeyj: I think the Romanian team is also very similar..p spooky: Yuval, did you ever do it yourself? it s quite hard when they play fast rnmalik: lost a trick through lead, x of 3 was for majors. iyer7550: even 5diamond was going to be axed...p yuval10: i did it dozens of times actually yuval10: but thx for asking :) spooky: that s a really helpfull lead for South, but I still don t see a way how he can make this :) Walddk4: ebl/2010ostend/default.asp for convention cards and other useful information peachy: Welcome, spectators:) haans: NL has done great :) athene: hello good afternoon everyone lestergold: the irish can cash another ten tricks..p lestergold: if... they... want...! jaapfr: extra a:) iyer7550: deal no. 1 ireland should be gaining 4 imps iyer7550: the club loser cannot be avoided. iyer7550: hopefully the open room contract should be a partial in hearts iyer7550: south should have bid only 2 which would show the 16hcps haans: Have a problem with players Open Women or Senior? vugraphznm: senior haans: ty vugraphznm: no problem skollie: hi all.. J jaapfr: with this lucky layout 4 even makes skollie: with this friendly breaks, Paulissen will make 3 april7: N is not yet home, but might succeed with 2,1 3 and 2 tricks copeyj: It has been nice and sunny, but today is overcast ady: now looks like 300 reasonable but unfortunate lead cost a trick plus dropping K has saved some for e/w haans: Austria play Big Clubs april7: small to Q of and finesse, and and and then to Q of, lets see.. Q jaapfr: 3-3 and 2-2 some 15% game.. 3 rnmalik: The only lead which enables the contract to make-bad luck. The declarer has no entry to finesse. ryskiel_: jeden powiedzia "bloˆƒ" a drugi zrozumia "loˆƒ"...tu jeden blokowa a drugi atakowa.. 2 lestergold: the last trick for poor townsend i fear.. 3 othered1: Hi, everyone! iyer7550: 4d was the limit for this hand... 7 othered1: Both teams have already qualified for the finals round-robin. At the moment Estonia lies 5th with 306 VP, one more than 6th place Netherlands... Q iyer7550: south s free 2 must have enthused north to visualise a slam.. 4 jeanhari: I think there was some misunderstanding about the trump suit jeanhari: south 4 OR 5 must have been a cue in north s eyes, but even then he overbid iyer7550: guess both will have a lot of explaining to do when their team mates meet after the match. iyer7550: certainly not a good beginning. ady: as n/s can make 140 this has become a 2 imps loss for e/w jeanhari: rooms not linked yet cause in the other room the result is in, 3 E othered1: Since both teams are qualifying, the results of this match will be carried into the finals, so the scores here are important... 6 copeyj: this is a normal 4 and a normal down 1.. K rnmalik: But should not make with still 3 losers. lestergold: oh h had a sixth sense.. 8 jaapfr: but 3 would have been more lucrative if X (-2 = 300) - 5 -

6 jameslee 2: yes.. A.. J.. 5 haans: and small jaapfr: at least for EW:).. 4 janhamhurg: well-if you manage to play from north, its harder to beat peachy: /runningscores/asp/roundteamsconditstatclassicmod.asp? qtournid=817&qshowflag=1 For running scores jkotor: na wysoko ci 5 i 6 KK chyba graj wist odwrotny lestergold: and gains 2 imps for cashing the dim and giving up.. A april7: exactly.. 2 yuval10: declarer needs to decide who has the A.. 9 yuval10: if W has it then declarer can play some more s for a strip-squeeze.. 5 jkotor: m odsz z 2 honorˆ w, bo to wysoko ˆ ƒ, gdzie czˆ ciej ci ga siˆ "go e" Asy.. 3 haans: Israel april7: 1 imp for Germany.. K A yuval10: but he s going for the winning line K jaapfr: fine play for 10 tricks.. 9 bjurn: well played, Bjˆ rn!.. 4 jillan: nice and slow start.. 8 iyer7550: that would mean a 13 imp swing for e/ w.. J.. Q jeanhari: still some trick to come Board 18 this/total IMPs NS: Austra - 0 EW: Israel o 5 x N c 4 E J Q9 6 7 A Q8 A J 5 K Q J W N S E K K A A K Q J 7 5 N: Kubak W: Frydrich Open E: Gelbard S: Felderer W N E S p 5 X p p p #1 E:: K,6,8,2 #2 E:: Q,T,3,4 #3 E:: 7,4,Q,A #4 N:: K,A,3, davidb: part score battle 3D\3H.. A.. 3 ady: a good lay in hearts and e/w could make 4 but not to be..1..p ady: will n/s sac against e/w going down davidb: E has no invitational bid so has to decide - 4H ok. S might bid! ady: n/s vul this should be 500 to e/w p..p..p suketbombi: expensinive 5 by here ady: difficult decision for south with 5 card diamond support.. K ady: 6 on first hand a push Q.. T

7 Board 18 this/total IMPs NS: Israel EW: Austra - 0 o 5 x N c 4 E J Q9 6 7 A Q8 A J 5 K Q J W N S E K K A A K Q J 7 5 N: Schwartz W: Grumm Closed E: Bamberger S: Sheinman W N E S p p 4 p p p #1 S:: 8,7,J,A #2 E:: 3,K,6,5 #3 S:: 3,T,Q,A lestergold: first speck of bllod to eng Q.. A.. K.. A lestergold: blood lestergold: bit of a misfit here especially for n/s who had better not get too frisky in the aution especially at this vulnerablity lesniak: buras narkiewicz byli trochˆ "pechowi" bo s mogl miec to samo w karach co mial w treflach i bylaby inna rozmowa rmb1: North would be worried that South is bust, I don t think South had shown any valued jeanhari: back yuval10: 1 P P X 1NT... ryskiel_: witam Paˆ stwa w drugim dzisiejszym meczu polskiej druzyny Open iyer7550: does one say badluck for not finding the heart queen favourably placed ryskiel_: Kuba - a co trzeba ci gn ˆƒ z asa by by go y? rnmalik: action hand:) ryskiel_: poprzedni mecz z Rosj mozna krotko skomentow ˆƒ: mi e zlego pocz tki, lecz koniec...remisowy..1! antoniz: lol copeyj: I am told that the four Romanian players who are playing here all played in Beijing but in different partnerships..p copeyj: thanks to Florin Safta..1..alerted by E not by west ady: both sides fit well in the blackd e/w can make 11 tricks in spades jillan: possible slam here, depends on finding the Sq..2 ryskiel_: w pokoju otwartym na EW Buras Narkiewicz haans: Leading Teams april7: an impossible to reach 6 by N..3 copeyj: have to avoid getting too high here - should not be too difficult jameslee 2: a 3nt contract janhamhurg: this looks like an unlucky slam rnmalik: would you x NT? ralfwil: yes! spooky: I wouldn t yuval10: don t think so yuval10: i won t punish P for X in balancing jillan: the othe rtable staopped in 5C jillan: same bidding ryskiel_: widze Lecha Ohryskˆ - zapraszam do kolaboracji Lechu lesniak: ile pikow zpowie Cezary to problem glowny..3 mareczek: informacyjne otwarcie na dwˆ ch starszych sprawdzi oby siˆ lepiej, chocia blokowanie szybkie mog oby "podpˆ dziˆƒ" NS andreasw: Denmark will hopefully play better Bridge then Soccer:) yuval10: didn t found the Q there i persume lestergold: not surprised with this shape ideal to enter the auction but...3 skollie: XX=4+ lesniak: ns wygrywaja tu 5 karo a obrona zaledwie za 100 bogier: chyba takie pad o bo sk d znalaz oby siˆ zniesienie na Dxxxx?? mareczek: 2 "pasuj albo popraw" lechcold: witam..kolaborujˆ po cichu:) ady: tht east would open ady: now e/w kept out of the auction rmb1: For EW 2M is 6+ or 5M4m but specifically denies cards in other M h_karluk: hi all andreasw: hello everyone - 7 -

8 athene: both pairs play strong club Walddk4: Good morning Jaap, Christina and Maarten. Have fun!..p ryskiel_: ostatnia runda by a bardzo dobra dla polskich druzyn w Open wygrana z lesniak: prawdopodobnie cezary zamierza licytowac wiecej- Jego 3 pik= taktyczna odzywka janhamhurg: it goes off:) jeanhari: so a bad start for 4th placed Bulgaria ralfwil: N has a balanced hand, so it s not only balacing for me ralfwil: had anyone of you tried 5 as S? jillan: didn t want to I think :) yuval10: :) jillan: 2 s and 1 C bjurn: I would probably, being wrong about it most of the time jillan: 6 loser hand? vulnerable? jillan: It is not even good for 4 H fniss ralfwil: some players hate preempts:) jillan: If you bid 5H on this hand your opps may find 5S - or even 6C or 6S iyer7550: but still cant understand why south jumped to 3 h antoniz: tak lubiˆ :) rnmalik: With both majors and a void would you not open E hand? athene: NS are upside down carding; EW upside down attitude, std count othered1: That means the 4 bid can be made on a variety of hands, including relatively flat minimum opening bids. lestergold: not exactly what townsend wanted to hear..4 jaapfr: ty Roland we will Walddk1: ebl/2010ostend/default.asp for convention cards and other useful information janhamhurg: operator! copeyj: in what way is it unlucky? jameslee 2: by W antoniz: ju jest dobrze ryskiel_: nasz wywiad donosi, e w tym pokoju wyst pi Kalita Kotorowicz, nasza najwy ej uplasowana w Butlerze para (3 miejsce) ady: led shorter suit now only down 1 Walddk7: Terve Lasse ja Kippari..p kippari: Hi Roland kippari: okei Lasse mareczek: teraz 4 i kontra od N pewnie :) lesniak: teraz z pewnoscia Cezary powie 4 pik ryskiel_: ostatnia runda by a b.dobra dla polskich druzyn -wygrana w Open 25-4 z Grecj i w Women competition 24-6 z Libanem, panie na 7-9 miejscu z 69 VP mareczek: ale czy S utrzyma? kamyk: witam lesniak: choc moze uwazac ze wist pikowy polozy 3 ba mareczek: aktualna sytuacja w open w polskiej grupie runningscores/asp/roundteamsconditstatclassicmod.asp? qtournid=820&qshowflag=1 mareczek: i kobiet competitions/runningscores/asp/roundteamsconditstatclassicmod.asp? qtournid=817&qshowflag=1 lesniak: oczywiscie N skontruje 4 pik lesniak: nasi w pokoju otwartym - skontrowali 5 pik- niepewny wynik +100 mareczek: 4 jest licytacj zabezpieczaj c kilka opcji lesniak: moze byc duzy zysk lub duza strata mareczek: mo e i c, mo e byˆƒ na "ma y obr ˆ t" april7: on a lead alot of downs,but E won t lead a, but lets see yuval10: seem as if the X will win a lot here ryskiel_: dzisiaj dorˆ wnujemy Wlochom w liczbie wystˆ pˆ w w Vugrafie - po tym meczu jeszcze o 17 bˆ dzie transmiotowany mecz senior ˆ w przeciwko Francji lestergold: time for Gold to be circumspect..p lestergold: not a strong family charqacteristic i might add lesniak: jasne ze cezary powie 4 pik jameslee 2: 10 or 11 tricks depends on the lead copeyj: good lead from Gold copeyj: but to no avail jameslee 2: yes janhamhurg: but since east cant have more than 15 west signs off in 3 no jameslee 2: good lead lechcold: 3BA by oby du o prostsze rmb1: Will North cashout for -1, or try something clever ady: great result for n/s kippari: Heippa Kaikille kibitseille..p mdgraham: Good afternoon all mdgraham: EW basically natural with a NT mdgraham: NS pretty much the same, with a loose club jameslee 2: claim 10 copeyj: Romania "right sided" 4 on b1 so - 8 -

9 gained a game swing when Sandqvist led a at T2 jameslee 2: no play iyer7550: guess this is what we call in tennis an unforced error. ralfwil: probably majors and I have good stoppers in minors haans: not all game a make :) mareczek: N celnie nie skontrowa... 8 jeanhari: 4 en bit much for EW peachy: EW appear to play transfers in competition lasu: nˆ yttˆ ˆ kotipeliltˆ.. 7 kippari: Lasse kanssa kommentoidaan tˆ tˆ emavausta kippari: toivotaan joukkueelle onnea ja menestyst ˆ lasu: risti maski kˆ y pata nikkari oikein lasu: Jussi javesa pelaavat 5 kortin ylˆ vˆ rejˆ ja muuten luonnollinen kippari: Lasse,mikˆ on poikain systeemi kippari: ok kippari: suomalaiset tulessa myˆ s alkavalla kierroksella,vastassa Ranska kippari: olisiko pari helppoa voittoa tˆ nˆ ˆ n tiedossa:) jaapfr: not much chance to go down here jaapfr: but 9 tricks not easy skollie: 1 is supposed to show 5cards or but third in hand Jansma didn t want to pass (or open 1...) jaapfr: doess EW play same sys as drijver-brink? lesniak: jak marek powiedzial- zabezpiecza kilka opcji jeanhari: as open south went down in 2! Bulgaria will get imps back mdgraham: although EW 1NT in first position non-vul is J lestergold: Gold knows his partner is incl;ined to be conservative and as i suspected has play pard for more than two Ks and a J mareczek: po forsuj cym pasie N moga znale ˆ ƒ trefle mareczek: to po karowym nie idzie mareczek: sorry idzei bo nie mozna odebrac kiera lesniak: Herbst na N - swietny, super ostrozny pas haans: Bul Precision NL Acol lestergold: well its nopt doubled into game but as cards lie i cannot see this contract doing off.. A mareczek: flmudziak mo e powiedziec teraz 5 po takim pocz tku iyer7550: everybody is shooting much beyond their target. ryskiel_: Buras - Narkiewicz s wbutlerze na 10 miejscu, a polska druzyna Open jest wiceliderem 12 VP za Szwecj janhamhurg: some play x + new suit 17+, some play it 19 + janhamhurg: sorry ryskiel_: nazwiska Fucik i Terraneo s od lat znane w austriackim bryd u, jest to jednak pewnie kolejne pokolenie, chocia J to mo e by ˆƒ Jan Fucik - weteran austriackiego bryd a andreasw: This is a very important match for both teams. As the end of qualifying draws near, Wales and Norway are in 8th and9th place in their group. Top 9 go to next round andreasw: 266 wales 262 Norway ryskiel_: i pewnie powie.. 3 ralfwil: and also a balancing in vul! ryskiel_: dziˆ ki wspˆ lpacy z jednym ze wschodnich wywiadˆ w dowiedzia em siˆ e na We wyst pi Cho omiejew - Khiupenen lesniak: watpie niezwykle.. K ryskiel_: a jednak nie rmb1: EW play natural with (mainly) weak NT. 1m is natural (3)4+ athene: playing limited opening bid (10-15 hcp) responder can just jump immediately to game on stronger hands with no fear of missing a slam mdgraham: 1st favourable... 6 mdgraham: East has no S in his name. vugraphznm: thk mdgraham: meanwhile, this is the 9-12 version, and NS have elected to try to penalise marlowepi: as against that, EW are probably in an 8 card fit, which means the double could be shaded, and S surely has 5 hearts. so at these colors i think there is a strong case for 2H lesniak: przeciez nie wie czy przeciwnicy nie zostali juz przeciagnieci a jest na bezposredniej pozycji lesniak: powiedzialbym ze wybitnie niefartowne rozdanie mareczek: tak, on nie wie jakiej klasy "zacinkˆ " w karach ma Cezary antoniz: obaj mieli bardzo trudne decyzje i trudno lesniak: na obu stolach Izrael zagral optymalnie andreasw: Nadia(Bekkouche) need s to guess the to win antoniz: mo e sk ady s tajne? - 9 -

10 jillan: how would I explain THAT to my team mates?.. 5 iyer7550: so ireland have picked 4 imps on the firstg board. lestergold: it could be a disaster tho at unfave vul when townsend only has 4 hearts.. 3 skollie: EW play close to the system Jansma- Verhees play(ed) - Orange Club, a lot like old fashioned Polish Club skollie: but they made some changes andreasw: now with the lead it will just make rmb1: I guess 2 was artificial relay (checkback) sfoxa: nie, niestety, brakuje tu porzadku ))) haans: transfers more and more usual.. T peachy: Acol with some twists :) bjurn: with my pants down.. Q ryskiel_: juz poda em Kalita Kotorowicz na NS, cholomiejew Khiupenen na WE marlowepi: in any case, what S has promised is offense, not defense, and as i said, S almost surely has 5 hearts. even if not, it is unlikely to be disaster.. A lestergold: however it has not made yet! odysseus69: good afternoon all marlowepi: hi victor lestergold: not too many entries here to take all the finesses that declarer would like to take lestergold: may well play tyhe dim wrong odysseus69: hi Marshall and Michael lestergold: hi Victor!! antoniz: nie mo e zrobiˆƒ redukcji starszych kolorˆ, wiˆ c -1 antoniz: grali my na niego na Wˆ grzech w latach 70-tych:) ryskiel_: Polska jest wiceliderem w grupie B 204 pkt za Szwecj 215, Dania uzbiera a 167 VP i jest 10-ta kamyk: je li uwzgledni informacje z licytacji i pierwszego wistu, to moze to wygraˆƒ haans: Israel took the lead Board 19 this/total IMPs NS: Austra - 0 EW: Israel - 11 o 2 W c 2 W A K A109 3 J 9 3 A J 5 4 A W N S E K105 Q K J 7 5 Q8 4 K Q J 5 3 Q N: Kubak W: Frydrich Open E: Gelbard S: Felderer W N E S 1 p 1 p p 1 p 2 p p p #1 N:: 4,3,T,K #2 W:: 3,2,8,J #3 S:: 2,7,A,5 #4 N:: 8,J, 5, 6 #5 E:: Q,K,A,4 #6 W:: 6,9,Q,K #7 S:: T,A,3,4 #8 W:: T,6, 8, 7 #9 W:: T,4,K,2 #10 E:: 3,7, 9, 5 #11 W:: 9, J,6,9 suketbombi: e-w here have had good results on bd 1 & now on 2 ady: a possible throw in suketbombi: yes but these days they open all 11 pointers..p ady: I prefer not to open light hands..1 suketbombi: this auction will end in 1NT..p..1..p..1..p ady: they need to stop around 2 diamonds may get too high ady: east conservative with just preference 10 hcp and 4 card trump support..2..p..p..p suketbombi: 2 is fine here with a a a and 2 loosers.. T.. K ady: Israel gained 11 imps hand 18 e/w play 4 hearts down 1 in CR J A

11 J ady: looks like 9 tricks.. Q.. K.. A Q.. K suketbombi: yes 9 now one of the losser will vanish.. T.. A T Board 19 this/total IMPs NS: Israel - 11 EW: Austra - 0 o 2 W c 2 W A K A109 3 J 9 3 A J 5 4 A W N S E K105 Q K J 7 5 Q8 4 K Q J 5 3 Q N: Schwartz W: Grumm Closed E: Bamberger S: Sheinman W N E S 1 p 1N p p 2 p 2 p p p #1 N:: 3,4,T,A #2 W:: 3,2,Q,K #3 S:: T,K,A,3 #4 N:: J,8,5,2 #5 N:: 9,Q,K,6 #6 S:: 2,6,8,J #7 E:: 8,5,T,6 #8 W:: T,A,3,7 lasu: ollaan johdossa hyvˆ suomi.. T K J jaapfr: did he really claim? mareczek: wydaje siˆ e 5 by oby "na ma y obrˆ ˆ t" andreasw: Denmark takes the lead with 16 imp after only 2 board s bjurn: ready to get my ass wiped jillan: fniss (giggle in Swedish for you who have forgotten since yesterday) antoniz: w widne nie graj mlodygda83: nasi w tabeli wygl daj dobrze, ale niestety mamy dwie wysokie pora ki z dru ynami, ktˆ re prawie na pewno awansuj rmb1: Is West right for 4 second hand vul v not? rnmalik: 3 for me. vugraphznm: S passed, W thinking othered1: and the A went where?

12 athene: maybe he snuck a club through to the king haans: ok mdgraham: not sure East will be too happy about that..p marlowepi: we are forced to go for the commentary of the year award then andreasw: slam time kippari: moi taas..1! spooky: a coffee 4? yuval10: probably rnmalik: agree. yuval10: does N s hand worth a slam invitation? rmb1: 2NT = 6+D or 5D4+C odysseus69: typo from vugraph- declarer had all..p mareczek: ale akurat gra na ma y obrˆ t nie jest chyba w jego charakterze jeanhari: still no link with the open room lasu: eipˆ ollakkaan..1n mareczek: raczej walka kamyk: ale mam jaki niedosyt - Adam milcza jak grˆ b, a mia jednak 5-6 i dobra karte do obrony - niby nie mia kiedy, ale jednak... jameslee 2: part score hand rmb1: 1 artificial, strong 17+ bjurn: 1 natural or balanced yuval10: some specs suggest ( and i had to agree ) that they should ve played here for something like 24 VP s, not 30 iyer7550: interesting had. iyer7550: hand mdgraham: still, on the bididng K rated to be with North..p lestergold: a tame hand this time lestergold: you are bound to get that Marshall marlowepi: 1D = H? lestergold: i get the commentator s curse award of the year for sure odysseus69: 1NT rebid is something like D was t/fer to hearts skollie: 1NT is mareczek: 3? iyer7550: but both teams here are overbidding. yuval10: i guess it it...you can make slam against many hands ralfwil: 11 or 13 tricks, depending on the lead yuval10: can see how this one goes without a fine yuval10: *can t jillan: naturalor balanced rado: at favourable some will stretch to 3 with N s hand..2 lestergold: townsend / gold play a lot of tramnsfer sequences leqading to a lot of right siding of contracts skollie: 2 shows one major mlodygda83: atwy wist, powinno byˆƒ szybkie - 1 lechcold: chyba wszystki punkty siˆ licz w drugiej fazie? mlodygda83: tylko z tymi, ktˆ rzy awansuj lechcold: wszystkie lechcold: aaa peachy: Netherlands is currently holding a firm lead in the Womens teams, Bulgaria 14 of 28 iyer7550: will north bid 3 or a quiet 2 skollie: 4 says Jansma wants to play in partners suit..p bogier: wyglada na to e to nie ostatnia "cofka" w tym przekazie athene: hcp, 1 0-7, 1 any 19+ athene: 1 will be a second negative, about 0-3 or 0-4 lestergold: hm...2 lesniak: dzikie 3 pik wyrzuca naszych z 3ba lesniak: ale 5 kare jeszcze ciagle idzie bogier: a mo e nawet 6 lesniak: zakladajac ze rozgrywajacy zagra kara z gory vugraphznm: technical error - we are reparing - sorry lesniak: a nie na podwojny impas lesniak: teraz balicki 4 ba a Adam 5 karo? antoniz: witam po przerwie:) bogier: oczywi cie wiˆ ksz szans jest podwˆ jny impas mareczek: to rozdanie pokazuje jak agresywna licytacja mo e utrudniˆƒ zycie w pozornie p askim rozdaniu lesniak: oczywwiscie pytanie - kto tak gra zeby z karta S mowic 3 pik? mareczek: widzia em na dwˆ ch sto ach mareczek: Bocchi madala i islandia bogier: co nasz operator s abo zna siˆ na rzeczy- nie wydaje mi siˆ aby S my la mareczek: tam pad o 3 ryskiel_: dzisiaj przed parti to niedlugo na 12 kart ludzie bˆ d skakaˆƒ lesniak: to wygrywajaca strategia w tym rozdaniu ale partner gdy oni powiedza 4 kier nie wie czy ma oplacalna obrone czy tez stawia 1100 lesniak: tam - tznaczy gdzie Marku? lesniak: bo na drugim stole Buras spasowal mareczek: na dwˆ ch sto ach - tam gdzie grali

13 Bocchi Madala i jedna z par Islandii lesniak: ok mareczek: kontrolki z tego meczu s pod tym adresem: /runningscores/asp/boarddetailscondit.asp? qmatchid=26180 mareczek: my lˆ, e 4 powinno pokazywaˆƒ 6-9 PC bez czterech kierˆ w lesniak: stracilismy 11 impow w rozdaniu 2 - raczej na skutek swietnego rozwiazania przez Izrael na obu stolach mareczek: ostatnie s owo do Bala april7: a possible lead could have been the ace of and a look at the signal and then... copeyj: e/w likely to play 2 now ryskiel_: chyba jest to pierwszy mecz transmitowany kiedy prowadzenie obejmuje polska druzyna rmb1: Good lead yo_yo: hi everyone h_karluk: hi lasu: tˆ mˆ me jo nˆ htiin..p lesniak: - lesniak: ostatnie slowo nalezalo do Cezarego - trudno sie dziwic ze nie powiedzial 5 pik spooky: I would say 13 lesio: witam wszystkich serdecznie:) athene: now south gets a cheap 1nt bid in to show balanced or thereabouts mdgraham: or even at green, as Zia did in the American Trials yesterday..p mdgraham: he went for 500 against 430, so only a small loss skollie: N will lead Q and 11 tricks will be made jameslee 2: W a negative double bjurn: I believe the organisation should have noticed that the pairs we re in the wrong place yesterday ryskiel_: kiedy narzekano, e Polacy za malo punktˆ w zdobywaj ze slabeuszami, nawet robiono tebele bez slabeuszy i wtedy zawsze bylismy na pudle, teraz kiedy punkty z silnymi s... ryskiel_: wa niejsze gramy na odwrˆ t...czy instrument niestrojny, czy siˆ muzyk myli? mlodygda83: w a nie, z pocz tku stwierdzi em, e taki system jest dla nas dobry, widaˆƒ nie do koˆ ca mlodygda83: dziwna decyzja Narkiewicza w rozdaniu drugim haans: an other transfer im sure andreasw: hello Kath yo_yo: Dennind & Shields play a Strong club athene: often strong club players can play in 1nt with 20 facing nothing where the rest of the field opens 2nt and struggles a level higher rado: desperate effort to promote trump trick for defense..p lestergold: towsend rock minimum for his bid lestergold: this can make double dummy on this lead but i fear iy wont make in practice marlowepi: i think it will odysseus69: here unluckily it is wrong sided - 4nt not safe marlowepi: E will not enjoy discarding twice lestergold: east can safely discard clubs marlowepi: or if declarer plays 2 top diamonds it is over lestergold: but is that an abovious line lestergold: and when q drops does that deny the J!? marlowepi: if he discards clubs declarer s task is easy as little temptation to try club hook marlowepi: no, but there is restricted choice, plus some possibility that with diamonds that good he might have led one odysseus69: if he cashes his hearts East will be forced to make at leas 1 club discard and declarer will guess to play on diamonds lestergold: all possibe Victor but he has to play well if he is to makem this april7: a small swing for Germany by making 3 losing only 1 trick in every suit jameslee 2: 2 by E andreasw: they should get there iyer7550: i was shocked to see a 3nt from west. jeanhari: only 8 trick but the defene must be carefull yuval10: yes rnmalik: Playing 6, A I think. yuval10: i think it s better to bid 4 from N... how can P bid to slam with KQX KXX XXXX AKX? iyer7550: good north did not get carried away with the 7 card suit. jaapfr: 4 by W.. 3 jaapfr: and 4 by E:) jameslee 2: good lead 2 janhamhurg: how can south bid 2 dia, you know simon? copeyj: because they play 4 card suits copeyj: and when they have 4cM and weak NT they open 1M copeyj: so 1 is often 5 for them

14 janhamhurg: so that promisses 3+ with an honour? h_karluk: 9 cards spade fit at EW but yet not revealed yo_yo: he s worth a bid now i think h_karluk: is not it a bit strange? andreasw: 3nt wil win with 3 round s of yo_yo: 1NT by East is a 2 suiter othered1: west wanted no part of this auction, though they can come pretty close to making 2 rmb1: Gerber?.. 4 peachy: yes, both of them, 1S and 1NT responses reversed haans: odd peachy: lets make it clear, that I don t know, perhaps I should not guess at all, it is so annoying haans: if you miss 4 you just got to be right or else athene: it s up to the person with shape to get into these auctions athene: but here that wasn t happening copeyj: i dont think it "promises" that.. T copeyj: i mean he was non vul ralfwil: nice 5 lesniak: witam wszystkich haans: but good stoppers jkotor: trefle rozwi zane, ale co dalej? jkotor: karo do sto u i impas pik, a impas trefl po wej ciu pikiem? roky79: Hallo Jakub roky79: Good aftrenoon everyone jkotor: wygramy te przy 22 pikach przebijaj c ostatniego trefla vugraphznm: East asking N to play faster jkotor: good Afternoon, Polish comment here jkotor: but we ll apreciate help andreasw: 2 ask for suit? yo_yo: East has shown & or & copeyj: and just trying to be awkward for the opps.. A copeyj: but yes if you like :) janhamhurg: ok so just a 3 card raise- thx copeyj: he wants partner to lead if partner on lead copeyj: has a few values copeyj: this looks like down 1 in any case janhamhurg: that i meant with promising an honour:) marlowepi: it just seems normal to run hearts then play 2 top diamonds.. 3 janhamhurg: there is a late discard coming in spades copeyj: Romania credited with 10 tricks here on board 2 - but looks unlikely because they claimed at T1 and there were only 9 then janhamhurg: so ns must keep playing dia rmb1: I suspect a pass is missing? andreasw: yes and N-S reach Q jeanhari: diamond 7 asking for spade yo_yo: so Charlsen seems to be worth another bid lestergold: no spade lead in the open room.. K andreasw: :) andreasw: so 6 E-W here:) jillan: apportion the blame: the players should have known in which pos they were supposed to sit, the viewgraph organizer should have known, etc etc jillan: how many tricks gang?.. T roky79: I can support you with german comment if you like :-) athene: east never gets in to stick the Q through, and even if he did, declarer would have no reason to cover first time othered1: I don t get lucky when I lead their suit. But it s very likely declarer won t read the position without help. athene: so this is going to play fairly happily for declarer athene: he will beaver away at the majors othered1: back seems best here lasu: nˆ yttˆ s kotipeliltˆ jos vetˆ ˆ hertta maskin.. K copeyj: note the J at T1 from Gold copeyj: tells his partner exactly what was going on in that suit rmb1: I suspect EW did not bid after 3 ralfwil: peter has to be under pressure now bjurn: 8, I think jillan: where there is 8 there is 9 jillan: an old Swedish saying... antoniz: i tak bˆ dzie do koˆ ca:):) yuval10: he must know about the singel to know how to evaluate his hand.. A haans: 9 pls.. 3 peachy: NS conv card /documents/files/may/womensteams/bulgaria/ pancheva-yaneva.pdf ady: this line cannot really work ady: needs to play a trump and hope defence goes wrong rmb1: I don t think he can play to make, just trying to make as many as possible ryskiel_: witamy Leszka Sztyraka - tegorocznego

15 dru ynowego wicemistrza Polski (Mr govia).. J marlowepi: if LHO does have QJx of diamonds there is still the spade king onside possibility.. 8 marlowepi: i dont see this failing marlowepi: but then i dont see my own failings either:) odysseus69: yes since WEst has at least 8 major cards playing diamonds looks natural janhamhurg: can we call that a profesional play simon? andreasw: if Trine(Binderkrantz) had made the right lead:) jillan: Think Peter will find it a bit difficult... yannis3012: hi all.. 5 april7: 5 imps peachy: EW card documents/files/may/womensteams/netherlands /Pasman-Simons.pdf h_karluk: what i see W did not xfer Walddk1: Welcome Giannis.. 2 yannis3012: hello ronald andreasw: still andreasw: rimstedt could not guess the.. Q ryskiel_: no i z [posi kˆ w mamy danie g ˆ wne - Marcin Le niewski - witamy othered1: Declarer is picking up information here, which points to all the strength being on his left boedhy: hello all rado: kalispera.. K mdgraham: crunch point - has to ruff high - or are hearts 3-3 all along? lestergold: well club finesse not looking good now rnmalik: Fair observation... 6 ralfwil: and could have known it after a 4 from N Walddk10: Hi Ruud copeyj: i would imagine so.. 2 jillan: must discard his hearts and keep all D and they are blocked jillan: Peter is Fredin of course othered1: West isn t done being endplayed here. yannis3012: kalispera rad.. 6 copeyj: :) iyer7550: basic lessons. never lead away7 from a tenace holding. vugraphznm: srry +2 yuval10: big swing for Sweden either he makes or not.. 8 yuval10: and he ll make, of course lechcold: mo na by o Fucikowi zabraˆƒ to karo lechcold: i by aby nadrˆ bka h_karluk: and East s N was off shape april7: sorry,6 imps.. J copeyj: Townsend-Gold defended extremely well in a match yesterday janhamhurg: a pair that played sucessfully in bejing as well copeyj: most definitely jameslee 2: K copeyj: i hope he doesn t try to underlead his K to partner s (non existant) 10 copeyj: the thing is copeyj: he knows townsend has either K or Q of copeyj: i think copeyj: so whichever it is copeyj: he can beat the contract by playing K and another janhamhurg: may be the queen of dia wasnt the right card earlier copeyj: although i suppose if townsend had dry Q left declarer could ruff high and then crash the honours copeyj: so maybe that is not true jameslee 2: he must be thinking all his posibilitys janhamhurg: 5 imps is the difference here of making or -1- alot for a harmless looking 2 hearts mlodygda83: trochˆ to trwa o, ale ci gnˆ li co trzeba mlodygda83: nasi po multi pewnie zagraj z rˆ ki N othered1: Hi, Ruud! jillan: It seems closer to 9 than haans: do wrong in :( rado: good defence and nice play by declarer too:) T lestergold: now has to endplay east odysseus69: yes this is fine as long as East has spade king marlowepi: he just has to knock out the diamond lestergold: well townsedn has left himself ith no other realistic option haans: :) marlowepi: club plays seem premature T ady: thats what north should have done last hand settled for down 1 in 3NT knowing e/w surely had game in spades boedhy: en endplayed he is haans: and soon! C finesse.. A jameslee 2: still

16 rnmalik: agree. haans: nope jeanhari: decl probably will go for the heart finesse boedhy: Hi Ed athene: when you have a strong balanced hand on this auction, as west does, you know it s not a question of whether you get endplayed, but how often :) boedhy: You already talked about the importance of this match for both teams? athene: nope othered1: turns out, I think, that a lead from his longer major would have been more effective and given less information away boedhy: if you look at the score board both teams played not so good against the other top teams Board 20 this/total IMPs NS: Austra EW: Israel - 11 o 3 x S c 4 W K J Q J 4 3 Q9 3 2 K J A J 5 4 Q4 2 W N S E 5 A 8 6 K106 A AQ K N: Kubak W: Frydrich Open E: Gelbard S: Felderer W N E S 1 p 1 2 p 3 X p p p #1 W:: K,3,A,5 #2 E:: Q, 3, J,4 #3 S:: A,3,2,5 #4 S:: 6,4,7,9 #5 E:: 6,5,K,2 #6 W:: 2,4,8,T #7 S:: 7,8,Q, 2 #8 N:: 5,7,K,3 #9 S:: 8,J, 4, T #10 N:: 7,,, ady: party score in spades best e/w 9 tricks easy..1..p..1 suketbombi: a partial in Major for E_W but may get a bit high suketbombi: east does not know the wastage W likely to bump in to 4 which can go 2dn a ruff also comming thru..2..p..3 ady: often best to play in decent 6 card suit that has some support rather than 4-4 when the for card suit may be forced to trump early....p suketbombi: true in this case but many a times the 5/6 card wud give discards in the side suits and make it more profitable davidb: no clear rule -depends on suits quality & others ady: this is very tight if west passes suketbombi: dont understand the logic of this pass..p..p.. K

17 ady: start with 3 rounds of spades davidb: wow.pass is an alternative in pairs.. A.. 5 ady: sorry forgot south has sing spade.. Q J A ady: in CR west opened 1 and e/w were down 1 in K T ady: an overtrick.. Q K J T.. 7 suketbombi: yes and 3 X makes witha an ot here Board 20 this/total IMPs NS: Israel - 11 EW: Austra o 3 x S c 4 W K J Q J 4 3 Q9 3 2 K J A J 5 4 Q4 2 W N S E 5 A 8 6 K106 A AQ K N: Schwartz W: Grumm Closed E: Bamberger S: Sheinman W N E S 1 p 1 2 p p 4 p p p #1 N:: 2,6,A,8 #2 S:: 6,2,J,7 #3 N:: A,8,T,3 #4 N:: 4, 9, K,9 #5 E:: T,6,3,2 #6 E:: 5,A,4,7 kippari: tommonen rivakka 4 olis ollut kotona jaapfr: y indeed coffee break time Walddk4: showtopic=39931&st=0& entry if you want to read why the match Russia-Netherlands yesterday finished 18-2 andreasw: miss guessed* spooky: you need Kxx of at least, and no 2 direct losers, so a very pure hand, I think it s to much Yuval lesniak: :):) antoniz: nazwiska pary NS zosta y odtajnione, brawo:) mlodygda83: wiˆ c potencjalne +10, bo wist mo e pˆ j ˆƒ w kiera peachy: opening lead was good, surprised they switched when got in haans: yep switching cost haans: rehi all vugraphznm: Sorry connection lost

18 haans: np :) haans: but this deal played? vugraphznm: 4s north haans: rehi Raija peachy: rehi Hans, spectators peachy: This is not board 4 peachy: or is it haans: this is the board we left long time ago haans: must have been bid and played haans: +1 rmb1: 3NT-4 on bd2 was a sacrifice against 4S+1 :) +2 IMPs ady: weak 2 opening from West h_karluk: just opener hand 4441 andreasw: 4 look s fair here yo_yo: not many preempt with 2 aces so 1 opener coming up? andreasw: i wont win tho athene: ah yes sorry you said the teams were 5th and 6th i apologize boedhy: seems like a decent result 1nt making janhamhurg: operator? what happened? another dia?..1! iyer7550: advantage of precision 2 cl Walddk1: Operator please insert scores on board 1 and 2 manually h_karluk: 4 may lose on a lead haans: opening by W harder for opps to find spade ruff yuval10: it s minimum Gerbrand :)..p marlowepi: it heralds a long match when you hold 31 HCP including all aces and three kings and you have to sweat to make 4NT..1! lestergold: indeed copeyj: 1 - Nat or balanced jameslee 2: seems they could make a club trick yuval10: how come it s too much then? rmb1: Not very weak at this vulnerability othered1: But not in your detail. Really, since both teams have already assured qualification, scores against other qualifiers carry forward to the finals. Thus the result here will have... othered1: meaning in the overall final result. kippari: ikˆ vˆ n nˆ kˆ inen jako:)..2 skollie: 1 polish, 1 usually negative ryskiel_: mia em jednak dobry wywiad...domagam sie komplementˆ w odysseus69: Justin unusually silent over 2D in Open room..p lestergold: both sides can make 3 of a amjor janhamhurg: please!! janhamhurg: thats wrong for sure vugraphznm: They claimed after ace of heart mlodygda83: no cˆ, przebieg wypadkˆ w przewidzia em le, ale wynik dobrze kippari: saas nˆ hdˆ mihin koneet pysˆ htyvˆ t..p skollie: 1 two way bal or strong with janhamhurg: they claimed-? not possible he claimed 8 tricks rmb1: The only play is to play through Ax, but declarer guessed wrong as to which defender had that holding yuval10: you can also have KQJX and A spooky: It s so Pure, partner might continue with a less Pure hand... jillan: 1NT or 2H end game? antoniz: Rysio jeste niezast piony antoniz: czujˆ, e zagraja 4pik odysseus69: double is pass or convert..4 skollie: 1 waiting and EW will play in 2 Walddk4: I now hear that an appeal brought back 2 VPs to both teams, so they only lost 3 each april7: an impossible 5 contract to make, because of no access to dummy for finesse, except EW leads sometime april7: 4 or 5 now!!! april7: good idea also 3 NT copeyj: 1 here showed 4+ i think copeyj: and 2 natural reverse copeyj: no idea why Florin isn t bidding copeyj: either at his first turn or his second vugraphznm: yes he did and i cuold nt hear explanation janhamhurg: ok- that looked funny kamyk: my lˆ, e to wcale nie by taki atwy wist - Adam musia dowiedziec siˆ, czy partner ma K, czy K iyer7550: this should be a push board i think. ryskiel_: gdy zawodzi glowa to zwˆ rka pikowa ady: n/s can make 5 kippari: 3NT?..p mdgraham: nice comprehensible auction skollie: if NS pass throughout bogier: trudno komentowaˆƒ wirtualne zagrania na tym stole Walddk1: ebl/2010ostend/default.asp for convention cards and other useful information yuval10: many possibilities antoniz: +1 rmb1: South thinks he has a spade stop, or perhaps North has shown a partial spade stop. West will disabuse them

19 h_karluk: and say not led, hard to find safe parking place to his losers boedhy: yes Ed and both need a good result to have some change the coming days othered1: Scores against teams that did not qualify are irrelevant to the finals. yannis3012: :-)..p marlowepi: what was double? lesniak: dobrze ze adam wygral 5 karo- nie bylo to takie jasne- i byc moze zostalo zagrane na mniejsza szanse??? vugraphznm: we should be fine now - thanks for patience - enjoy lesniak: dosyc plaskie to rozdanie nawet jak cezary wstawi K pik to obroncy nic nie moga mu zrobic ralfwil: is easts hand worth a 3-raise with 8 points and 4333? not for me! ralfwil: including 2 jacks yuval10: yeah i agree, i think 2 would ve been enough haans: common bidding lestergold: must be values..p copeyj: 2 prolly gf asking jameslee 2: 5 other room see if they get there too rnmalik: now are -2. copeyj: 7 of Townsend s 10 points are in perfect place (K and A ).. 2 rnmalik: Would you bid 3 in E? a simple 2 imo. iyer7550: wonder what 2 was supposed to mean vugraphznm: W laughing ady: south just hoping some spade honor in north hand or a blockage janhamhurg: so 1 spade denies a 4 card major.. 6 andreasw: only beating lead is jeanhari: cards well placed for EW, will probably make 8 tricks iyer7550: yes north will get thrown in all the time. jeanhari: declarer considering if it is safe to play an heart jeanhari: but will be his most obvious play for the 7th trick iyer7550: hearts is the best suit to attack. iyer7550: will be a push board. ralfwil: as I said NO! yuval10: playing trump as quickly as possible is the key for the def. here athene: NS could have made some clubs here boedhy: some 6 teams have scores around the 140 VP s after 9 matches and both Estonia and the Netherlands are around the 100 after 8... odysseus69: no pass with hearts (agree unlikely here) or bid 2s with spades.. A lestergold: so far hard work and only a few specks of blood here and there april7: after 1 opening 3 could have also a good bid asking for a stop in, but S wanted to try for more with this hand!!! april7: a possible lead 10 of????? janhamhurg: so 1 dia shows hearts and 1 heart shows spades ryskiel_: mˆ czyzna! antoniz: skuteczne szleˆ stwo:):) athene: but tricky to get into the auction when the hand with the shortage in opps suit (north here) doesn t have the points othered1: How would you get in? lasu: Norjan joukkueesta puuttuu tˆ nˆ vuonna Hellnees - Helgemo pari mutta tasoa Norjassa riitt ˆ ˆ. Hoftaniska on tuttu niille suomalaisille jotka ovat pelanneet Rovaniemellˆ tai... 8 lasu: Saariselˆ llˆ koska hˆ n asuu Vadsˆ ssˆ. kippari: kyllˆ tˆ ssˆ pelattavaa riittˆ ˆ odysseus69: doesnt matter a jot here but if West is giving count then I am sure that the right way is to play 2nd highest lechcold: nie jest to wielki kontrakt lechcold: ale ma zaletˆ yo_yo: i tend to open 1 and rebid 4 with that west hand christinas: I imagine both teams expect to be at the top of the group. 3 vps can turn out quite expensive.. 6 jaapfr: still Denmark heading (51-37?) jaapfr: after 3 rounds rmb1: Sweden will be pleased to make game here. Not so clear on a major-suit lead andreasw: yes not easy maybe Trine could have made a move in bidding rmb1: Normally West leads J in this position, fourth highest :) h_karluk: interesting point, prev deal E also had 12 with a stiff andreasw: now this should win yo_yo: The Welsh team have had a good season yo_yo: They won the prestigious Spring Fours here earlier this year h_karluk: in case let to table maybe in a good day jaapfr: Dutch took 7 bids and OR 2 bids to both

20 end in 2 :).. 2 christinas: Funny that it took 4 rounds of bidding to reach 2. At many tables it will probably go 1-2 all pass skollie: meanwhile NS can t make anything with 25 HCP between them - they can t even bid christinas: NS has 25 hcp combined and still cannot make anything of significance jaapfr: you seem to agree with us Christina:) christinas: but still a bit surprising that none of the two NS pairs intervened lesniak: rozdanie sie zaczyna komplikowac... janhamhurg: and the x on 1 spade shows SPADES copeyj: well done april7: 5NT was last chance for a makable contract, very good decision by Auken.. J jameslee 2: yes good 5 yuval10: and N does well to do it right away in trick 2 kippari:.. 7 copeyj: amazing lead h_karluk: i mean to ten (hand) sry april7: completely missunderstanding.. A jillan: sometims I think there is a hickup, Bjˆ rn Fallenius is a quick player yuval10: 1NT + 4 is a remarkable score by EW in the OR bjurn: one does not often gain IMPs when getting that many overtricks christinas: I type too slowly. I will go put my baby asleep since you take the words out of my mouth anyway:) brb.. 8 jaapfr: x christinas: Blakset in teh S seat bids rather aggressively - He could have bid 2, but too risky if Jansma had a good hand with such a lousy suit lesniak: jesli teraz S zagra trefla to cezary jest faworytem do wppadki:( lesniak: bo zabije asem dojdzie kierem- na karo wyrzuci trefla liczac ze N bije od 2 piko lub singlowej Damy antoniz: we mie 10lew kamyk: to ile lew odda? lesniak: a jesli to s bije to tez moze od 2 pikow lub sing damy othered1: South hand is a very ugly overcall of 2 in my eyes and after that NS are done. boedhy: 2 after 2 maybe some artifical meaning janhamhurg: 5 heart works as well.. T copeyj: erm copeyj: no it doesnt janhamhurg: 4 sorry copeyj: jameslee 2: unbid suit! yuval10: to be honest i can t really see how they got so many tricks lasu: uppariin kaatuu.. 3 kippari: -Q jillan: He claimed at trick 2 yuval10: i bet he didn t claim bjurn: not gonna bet against u :) iyer7550: despite the ruff contract is in no danger. h_karluk: now sp hook and pitch dia loser h_karluk: however still 2 and a club losers there yo_yo: that duck at trick 1 seems wrong to me jillan: gotr a D lead and a heart return and claimed.. 4 yannis3012: declarer will not spend much time on this board siince the contract is safe.. 9 rado: mo q running and overtricks rado: now lesniak: na drugim stole rozgrywajacy zabil 1 lewe w stole i zrobil impas pik mareczek: tak, ale wtedy jakby N wzi na dame i powtˆ rzy kiera... mareczek: a potem pikiem b d karem doszed S i zagra w trefla to lezy yuval10: Russia picked 5 on board 2, playing 1NT undoubled andreasw: then play a to ace and back copeyj: v 4 i play A and another.. K lasu: nyt jos pelaisi hertta rouvan ja tulisi peitto niin nikkarilla pˆ ytˆ ˆ n ja alettaisiin rummuttamaan ristiˆ niin eikˆ siinˆ olisi kotipeli.. 9 copeyj: pitch copeyj: i assume? andreasw: this should win h_karluk: defenders would have no difficulty to set it lasu: etelˆ varastaisi mutta pˆ ydˆ ssˆ oleva hertta 2 olisi yhteyskortti.. T lesniak: przeciez as karo juz zszed :( rado: so some imps for Hollanf.. 6 rado: Holland ryskiel_: witamy Krzysztofa Martensa.. 3 snetram: Witam wszystkich kibicˆ w.. 2 val44: cz Krzysiu.. 5 spooky: EW play Bergen raises according to their Convention card, so he probably saw 4 trumps... A lasu: nyt on pieti ns saa vˆ kisin kaksi valttia

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Cops and Robbers The ICFP 2005 Programming Contest

Cops and Robbers The ICFP 2005 Programming Contest Cops and Robbers The ICFP 2005 Programming Contest Robby Findler & Friends PLT, Brown, Chicago, NEU TTI-Chicago, URI, Utah 1 Programming Contests 3 day sprint hacks One day in 2001, Jacob Matthews and

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Read a Story That Will Change Your Life!

Read a Story That Will Change Your Life! Read a Story That Will Change Your Life! The One Minute Manager is an easily read story which quickly shows you three very practical management techniques. As the story unfolds, you will discover several

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Tony holds numerous financial licenses, as well as educational degrees from the American College CLU program and The College for Financial Planning.

Tony holds numerous financial licenses, as well as educational degrees from the American College CLU program and The College for Financial Planning. ABOUT TONY WALKER For nearly three decades, Retirement Specialist Tony Walker has made it his life's ambition to help hard-working Americans be WorryFree! A gifted communicator and listener, Tony has that

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The Beginner s Guide To Starting An AdWords Account

The Beginner s Guide To Starting An AdWords Account The Beginner s Guide To Starting An AdWords Account Are you interested in starting an AdWords PPC account but been a little hesitant to set it up on your own? Then PPC Hero s Beginner s Guide to Starting

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Annuities: Basics You Need to Know Last update: May 14, 2014

Annuities: Basics You Need to Know Last update: May 14, 2014 Summary Annuities: Basics You Need to Know Last update: May 14, 2014 The key feature of most annuities is the promise to provide you an income for life, no matter how long you live. This paper explains

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