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1 Vol. 09 No. 3 July - September 2010 All-Energy 2010: Join our German Pavilion at Australia s biggest clean energy event Australia s most significant international clean energy event, the All-Energy Exhibition & Conference will take place on 6 and 7 October 2010 in Melbourne. Admission is free of charge to all representatives of the clean energy industry. All-Energy 2010 is expected to attract more than 2300 visitors. Last year s exhibition was the largest renewable energy event in Australia with 1750 attendees from 16 countries and 87 exhibitors on 850 net m². The German- Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce is organising a German Pavilion and invites German companies to present their products, services and solutions, while highlighting the compelling strengths of the German industry. The exhibition is highly relevant to all companies involved in the development of carbon mitigation solutions for traditional energy sources, energy efficiency improvements and all areas of the renewable energy industry. By joining the German Pavilion we can offer you a special rate and increased awareness for your business. For more, visit German Subsidiary Companies in Australia Desalination project to secure Victoria s water supply Out now! German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) A brand new edition of our muchrequested guide is now available. Includes contact details of more than 340 subsidiaries and their parent companies. To order visit AHK EVENTS 10 Aug Vancore Seminar on Translating Strategies Across Borders, Sydney 17 Aug Vancore Seminar on Translating Strategies Across Borders, Melb. 26 Aug Luncheon with European Chambers in Australia, Sydney 31 Aug At Home function with Mercedes- Benz, Sydney 8 Sep At Home function with Toga Hotel Group at Vibe Savoy Hotel, Melb. 22 Sep HRX Event, Sydney Sep WHK Horwath Seminar, Brisbane 19 Oct Visa Updates, LAFHA and more, Sydney 27 Oct At Home function with St George Private Clients, Sydney Oct Oct Twilight Forum, Sydney At Home function with HWL Ebsworth, Melbourne The $3.5 billion Victorian Desalination Project represents Australia s largest public sector investment in water infrastructure. Securing Victoria s future water supply by creating drinking water independently of rainfall, the plant will be capable of providing around a third of Melbourne s annual water supply. The sustainable desalination process draws in seawater carefully from an offshore undersea tunnel with a very low intake water speed to ensure marine life is unaffected. In order to keep our members up-to-date with ground-breaking technologies, we Successful German businesses... Accru: Positive financial solutions for all your international outsourcing, tax and audit needs. Call Accru Felsers Sydney on or visit From left: Andres Reith (PKF), Alexander Lang (Thiess Degrémont), Wolfgang Babeck DibbsBarker), Ron Koehler (Schenker) organised a Sydney Twilight Forum dedicated to this project on 27 April 2010 in cooperation with PKF, DibbsBarker and Austrade. Alexander Lang, Commercial & Finance Director of Thiess Degrémont, explained the design and construction of the project. According to Mr Lang, local business involvement has been important to the success of this venture. The project is a key part of the State Government s Our Water, Our Future plan. This long-term plan consists of 110 actions which aim to save, recycle, distribute and create water. Continues on page 4 know how to read the signs Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors

2 NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA Changes to Employer Nomination and General Skilled Migration Petra Walke, Director, Sydney Migration International In recent months Australian immigration law saw some significant changes which may have considerable consequences for employers and visa applicants. In May 2010 a temporary suspension of Skilled Independent, Skilled Sponsored and Skilled Regional Sponsored visa applications was announced. It is expected that the suspension may be lifted in July Senator Evans indicated in June 2010 that the Migration Act 1958 would be amended so that the government could cap the number of visas granted with special occupations in any year. It appears that this was reflected with the announcement of the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The new SOL has been dramatically reduced in size (the old SOL listed 408 occupations; the new SOL lists only 181 occupations). On the other side, States and Territories may now develop State and Territory Migration Plans to sponsor applicants with occupations which are not on the SOL list. With applicants under State and Territory Migration Plans given second highest priority, it is expected that states and territories will increasingly turn to this instrument. With regards to the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa the minimum salary level has been raised to $47,480 pa and $65,020 pa for IT professionals. It should be said that with the implementation of the new SOL, the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) is replaced by the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). A vast number of skills assessing authorities in Australia are dealing with these changes differently, making it not easier for employers and applicants. Employers and visa applicants need to be particularly careful when lodging an application. This now involves dealing with a puzzling number of rules and guidelines which appear to be unclear and frequently changed. For further inquiries please feel free to contact Sydney Migration International s German speaking Director Petra Walke (ph ; or visit The ultimate business model. The new Audi A6. More powerful, more stylish, more sophisticated. When it comes to business leadership, Audi presents the ultimate model for success the prestigious new Audi A6. This dynamic luxury saloon features a range of progressive enhancements that reinforce its standing as the intelligent choice for astute investors. Externally, the coupé inspired silhouette is complemented by sophisticated new design touches. In the impressive interior, the driver-centric cockpit incorporates Audi s latest innovations and driver assist systems. While under the bonnet, Audi s advanced engineering pays dividends with a choice of powerful TFSI petrol and TDI performance diesel engines so efficient, some attract Luxury Car Tax reductions. It all adds up to the ultimate business model, and a true marque of success. To experience the ultimate business model for yourself, visit your nearest Audi Dealer or Overseas model shown. AUDI4472_A6_GCOC_0102 $8', B$ B*&2&B [ B B LQGG 30

3 INTERVIEW Interview with Niels Buengen, RTL correspondent for Australia Niels Buengen is RTL Television s correspondent for Australia. Before arriving in Australia in October 2008, Niels previously worked for RTL as editor in Hamburg/Kiel. The alumni of RTL s renowned school of journalism and the German Sport University Cologne originally hails from Wipperführt near Cologne. Niels is 30 years old and lives with his Australian wife in Melbourne. What kind of stories do you cover for the German media? I mostly cover news and current affairs stories. In addition I also cover documentaries about natural aspects of Australia, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the drought, as well as documentaries about German expats who live in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific. The biggest event so far was certainly Black Saturday in February Are there any current affairs in Australia that are of particular interest to the German media? Stories which are unique and a bit bizarre are of particular interest to the German media and viewers. These can be stories about natural disasters (e.g. Chinese vessel at the Reef), sports ( Socceroos ) and politics ( forgotten kids ). Current affairs stories vary from personal destiny (e.g. missing German backpacker) to odd stories (smallest horse in the world, best job in the world, beer can regatta Darwin). How often does RTL report on current affairs in Australia? I film four to six stories in Australia per month. It varies a lot. What is the most memorable story you have covered in your career? I went to Tuvalu, an island north of Fiji, to cover a story about global warming and rising sea levels, during the Copenhagen climate summit in It was fascinating to meet the people and their different culture. It was definitely an adventure. I also find it very exciting to film in the outback. I climbed down three opal mines, and every time it felt more dangerous In the past decades, the German media strongly focused on events in Europe and the United States. Are German TV viewers becoming increasingly interested in other parts of the world? My impression is that German viewers are generally interested in foreign countries. Germans are often called Reiseweltmeister (travel world champions). They love travelling. I get the feeling that people become more and more interested in Australian culture and the Australian way of life. Australia still is one of the countries, where a lot of Germans would like to live or at least would like to visit for holidays. As you are based in Melbourne, what advantages does this city offer for your profession and what do you like about it personally? As a TV correspondent it is always an advantage to live in a big city where you have access to a domestic and international airport. It is also good to be in contact with the main TV networks. Personally, I like Melbourne because of its European architecture, its lifestyle and the great people. And I like sports - Melbourne is the place to be if you love sports. Do you often cover Australia s German community in your reports? As part of the documentaries about German expats, I have met many German families who live in Australia, e.g. Coober Pedy, QLD outback, Nimbin, New Zealand or Samoa. The last and very successful story I covered about the German community was the big party at the Löwenbräu during the Australia vs Germany world cup match. What are your impressions of the Australian media landscape? I find there is a greater variety of news and TV magazines in Germany. One reason for that is because there are more TV networks in Germany. The private Australian networks focus on local news and foreign stories do not play such a big role on Australian TV. I sometimes miss German TV, especially the news, some documentaries and the variety of more than 20 channels. Based on your experience, are there any significant differences between German and Australian media consumers? My impression is that some Australians do not care about politics as much as people do in Germany. Apart from that, they all like to be entertained with current affairs stories. These stories are mainly Australian stories most of the time. I assume that an Australian TV correspondent in Germany would not be that busy, although I think there are a few stories and events in Europe which could be interesting to the Australian public. What is your favourite part of your job? I really like travelling through Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region to discover the different places and meet new, exciting people. I find it very interesting to have a different perspective to life in Germany by observing it from the other side of the world. Is there a particular story you would like to cover? Yes, I would love to cover the Soccer World Cup 2022 in Australia! The AHK is often approached by German job seekers who believe migrating to Australia is a picnic and subsidiaries cannot wait to employ them. Many German TV shows often present Australia as a carefree paradise and run stories of successful German migrants who made it down under. Do you believe this is sending a wrong message as the lucky country can be quite challenging? I agree that documentaries about successful German expats might encourage people to migrate to Australia. Which is generally a good thing; lots of people might not have enough power to start a new life in a foreign country. Lots of them will definitely be surprised how hard it is setting up a new life or finding a job here. And the bureaucracy in Australia can be very challenging as well. Aussies are known for their hard work and Germans wanting to make it down under will have to do the same. But it is possible, a small step could be to learn to smile and always greet someone with Hello, how are you? 3

4 EVENTS Victorian Desalination Project The $3.5 billion Victorian Desalination Project is currently under construction on the Bass Coast, near the town of Wonthaggi. It is the largest seawater desalination plant currently being developed in Australia, and one of the largest reverse osmosis plants being developed in the world. It will supply up to 150 billion litres of water a year to Melbourne, Geelong and, via other connections, South Gippsland and Westernport towns. The project includes the design, finance, construction and operation of the desalination plant, marine structures, an 84 kilometre transfer pipeline, delivery of an 87 kilometre underground power supply for the project and the purchase of renewable energy. The AquaSure consortium was selected by the Victorian Government to deliver the project, with design and construction being undertaken by Thiess Degrémont. In little over 300 days, more than 2700 people have the joined the project in all kinds of design and construction roles. On the desalination plant site in Wonthaggi, almost 1200 people are working to construct the 29 buildings that will turn seawater from Bass Strait into fresh drinking water. The building frame for the reverse osmosis building, the heart of the desalination process, is well advanced, with more than 600 tonnes of structural steel in place. Foundations and formwork for the pretreatment facilities that will filter the water of impurities are well underway, along with supporting concrete tanks and water storage facilities. Two custom-built Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) have arrived from Herrenknecht in Germany to build the seawater intake and outlet tunnels deep underground. Tunnel boring has been used on construction projects for more than 150 years and has proven to be a safe and environmentally sound method of tunnelling. For this reason, TBMs are now used in construction projects all over the world, used to build everything from pipelines to huge road and rail tunnels beneath cities and the ocean. Construction of the transfer pipeline, which will transport water from the desalination plant to Cardinia Reservoir and regional water networks is already 25 percent complete, with more than 20 km of the 84 km pipeline laid. Power construction crews recently started installing underground cable, with more than 5km of power infrastructure already in the ground. Local industry continues to benefit from the project, with more than $800 million in contracts now awarded, two thirds of them to Victorian companies. The project is on schedule for completion in December Sustainability Panel Discussion at PricewaterhouseCoopers From left: Paul G. Koenig (Managing Director, European Australian Advisory Group), General Manager Marketing & Strategy Simon Gardner Lee (SITA Environmental Solutions), Managing Director Anke Koeckler (Volkswagen Group Australia) and Country Head & Managing Director Frederic Guerard (Novartis Australia & NZ) The AHK, Swiss and French Chambers organised a forum on sustainability with PricewaterhouseCoopers in May. More than 100 guests witnessed a thought-provoking discourse. Paul G. Koenig (Managing Director, European Australian Advisory Group) discussed current views on sustainability with Anke Koeckler, Simon Gardner Lee and Frederic Guerard. The audience probed the corporate leaders with questions resulting in an engaging discussion. The key concern of the audience: How did these decision-makers master the global financial crisis? The response: They stuck to their strategy whilst focussing their business. All speakers agreed that they follow a sustainability approach for their clients as well as for the environment. We would like to thank Pricewaterhouse- Coopers, our highly engaged speakers, our wine sponsor Bistrow and all attendees for providing an inspiring panel discussion. Mutti s culinary fireworks Our mid-winter At Home Function with Mutti s in Carlton, Melbourne, offered a divine blend between Germanic cuisine and networking opportunities. More than 110 members and friends gathered at this warm and comfortable venue to indulge in Mutti s modern and hearty Germanic delights on 22 June To kick-off the evening, Co-Owner Philip Arnold provided an overview of the restaurant s background and introduced his partners Co-owner and Chef Thomas Stocklinger and Manager Ulrich Koob. The name Mutti s stands for a familiar Austrian-German expression Mother s kitchen and although the restaurant also serves homestyle food, the focus is on modern European cuisine unique in Melbourne. Throughout the evening all guests enjoyed fresh bay mussels, small bread rolls with Schnitzels and typical German Germknödel. For dessert the guests were treated to yeast dumplings filled with plums. Besides that, German wine as well as ice cold Australian and German Tap Beer was served. In line with the restaurant s solgan, we let Mutti s look after us - it was a wonderful gastronomic journey! Special thanks to the Mutti s team for this successful function and the delicious food. Also, we thank all members for joining us! 4

5 EVENTS Celebrating competence for children with Froebel Federal Budget seminar The lucky winner accepting her prize Children joined this AHK event Olde Lorenzen (Managing Director, Froebel Australia) Finding child care centres in Australia that integrate bilingualism into the daily educational routine can be quite a challenge for German expat parents. However since Froebel Australia opened child care centres in Sydney a year ago, parents can enrol their children in a high-quality bilingual, German- English program. To celebrate Froebel s first anniversary in Australia, more than 60 members and friends followed our invitation to an At Home function on 22 April Froebel s Managing Director Olde Lorenzen explained the bilingual concept of the notfor-profit organisation that provides highquality childcare. The child care centre s early childhood education is modelled after Friedrich Froebel s idea of activity based learning children are encouraged to look with their own eyes and learn by their own experiments. The event brought together parents and children. While grown-ups were networking within the German-Australian business community, the kids enjoyed many games, tested toys and inspected the playground. A prize raffle for two Taronga Zoo tickets concluded the playful evening. Thanks to all guests and volunteers who helped making this event an unique experience. Craig James (Commonwealth Securities) 50 members and friends attended our timely Federal Budget 2010/2011 Twilight Forum on 12 May The seminar was a joint effort by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Commonwealth Bank, PKF, DibbsBarker and Austrade. For the first time the Commonwealth Bank joined as a Twilight Forum host. Craig James, Chief Equities Economist, Commonwealth Securities, interpreted the big picture as well as economic and financial trends. We are looking forward to further events in cooperation with Commonwealth Bank and thank all organisers and guests who contributed to the success of this evening. 7

6 EVENTS Festive Dinner enchanted Melbourne proudly sponsored by: Chairman Ron Koehler and our Patron Ambassador Dr Michael Witter Our President Lindsay Fox Councillor Joerg Ellmanns Our Festive Dinner in Melbourne presented a rare opportunity for members to dine in style with the corporate and political leaders of the German-Australian business community on 6 May guests enjoyed culinary creations and the spectacular skyline views from the RACV Club. The evening s program combined enlightening speeches with exquisite entertainment by young talented artists. The AHK s executive director Markus Gilbert and Melbourne branch manager Tina Thoms welcomed all attendees including our President Lindsay Fox AC. Joerg Ellmanns, Managing Director of Bayer CropScience Australia, took the stage and shared his company s philosophy with the guests. Addressing the megatrend of sustainability, Mr Ellmanns explained that Bayer focuses on innovation and growth in the areas of health care, nutrition and hightech materials. Our patron H.E. Dr Michael Witter, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, praised the good relationship between Germany and Australia and highlighted the excellent cooperation of both countries regarding the global financial crisis and climate change. In addition he thanked the AHK for its contribution and stressed the importance of the bilateral relationship for the future. Pianist Regina Righetti as well as vocalists Kelly Hoskin and Donna Dejkovski delivered a captivating show. The three ladies delighted the audience with their passionate performances. A special prize draw in line with the AHK s sustainability focus concluded the exciting evening: A carbon neutral hot air balloon taking the lucky winner to new heights. The flight operated by Global Ballooning offers fantastic views over the picturesque Yarra Valley. A buffet champagne breakfast at the famous winery Rochford Wines rounds off this memorable experience. We express our gratitude to our sponsors Bayer, Continental and Invest Victoria for making this festive evening possible. 6

7 EVENTS The evening s performers: Regina, Kelly and Donna 33rd Annual General Meeting: business before pleasure Paul Koenig (European Australian Advisory Group), Lindsay Fox AC (Linfox Property Group), Kai Peters (Lufthansa German Airlines), Ron Koehler (Schenker Australia), Peter van Rompaey (HWL Ebsworth), Joerg Ellmanns (Bayer CropScience Australia), David Clarke (Paul Hartmann), David Crawford (B Braun Australia), Romayne Bogtstra (Testo), Olaf Menschel (Wilkhahn Asia Pacific), Wolfgang Babeck (Buse Heberer Fromm), Markus Gilbert (AHK), David Robinson (Robert Bosch Australia), H.E. Dr Michael Witter (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany), Zoran Angelkovski (Continental) The 33rd annual general meeting and subsequent council meeting were held before the Festive Dinner on 6 May The members re-elected Lindsay Fox AC (Linfox) as President of Chamber and Paul Koenig (European Australian Advisory Group) as Vice- President. As Councillors were elected: Zoran Angelkovski (Continental Pty Ltd), Dr Wolfgang Babeck (Buse Heberer Fromm), Romayne Bogtstra (testo pty ltd), David Clarke (Paul Hartmann Pty Ltd), David Crawford (B Braun Australia Pty Ltd), Joerg Ellmanns (Bayer Australia Pty Ltd), Markus Gilbert (German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Albert Goller (Siemens Limited), Anke Koeckler (Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd), Ron Koehler (Schenker Australia Pty Ltd), Thomas Mechtersheimer (Fresenius Medical Care Australia Pty Ltd), Olaf Menschel (Wilkhahn Asia Pacific Pty Ltd), Kai Peters (Lufthansa German Airlines), David Robinson (Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd), Larry Silva (MAN Diesel Australia Pty Ltd) and Peter van Rompaey (HWL Ebsworth). At the council meeting President Lindsay Fox commended our re-elected Chairman Ron Koehler for his exceptional service. Albert Goller and Thomas Mechtersheimer were reconfirmed as Vice Chairmen. 7

8 EVENTS World Cup fever outbreak in Sydney Soccer fever hit Sydney when the Socceroos clashed with Germany s national squad in their World Cup 2010 debut during the wee hours of 14 June The majority of fans gathered at the Darling Harbour FIFA Fan Fest but 500 very lucky soccer enthusiasts outwitted freezing temperatures and united at the Löwenbräu Keller in The Rocks to cheer for Germany. Australia s biggest German fan party was organised by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with Audi Australia and Lufthansa German Airlines. The multicultural soccer celebration sold out within days and Sydney s iconic German-style venue was packed to its maximum capacity with devoted soccer fans. The Australian media appointed the Löwenbräu as the unofficial German headquarters for that morning. Alex Tobin, former Socceroo captain and assistant coach to the Central Coast Mariners, fired up the crowd while leading through the event. VIP guests including several Socceroos who played against Germany in the 1974 World Cup Finals joined the party. The enthusiasm of fans turned the telecast of the kick-off into an exciting World Cup experience. Germany s 4-0 victory overwhelmed an already ecstatic crowd. After the match the triumph was celebrated appropriately with German beer and a traditional Bavarian breakfast. As dawn rose, a prize draw kept the guests entertained. Fortuna picked one lucky owner of a soccer ball with signatures from the former Socceroos, while a few others won exciting goodies from our sponsors. We thank Audi Australia, Löwenbräu, Lufthansa German Airlines and Red Bull for supporting this outstanding event. 8

9 EVENTS From left: Sigi Damboeck, Immo Buschmann (Audi Australia), Tina Vissem (AHK), Kai Peters (Lufthansa German Airlines), Julia Arndt (AHK), Reinhard Wurtz (Löwenbräu) MC of the night: Former Socceroo captain Alex Tobin 9

10 EVENTS AHK conference unites 170 renewable energy experts in Sydney From left: Martin Poole (Epuron Pty Ltd), Markus Gilbert (AHK), Hans-Guenter Gnodtke (German Consulate General NSW), Anja Kegel (AHK), Dr Chris Briggs (Department of Climate Change, Environment and Water), Dr Muriel Watt (IT Power Australia), Dr Wolfgang Babeck (DibbsBarker), Berthold Breid (RENAC AG) Anton Neuhaeuser from the Fraunhofer Institute explained concentrated solar power technologies Discussion on solar energy: Dr Juergen Arp (German Solar Industry Association), Olivia Coldrey (Australian Solar Institute), Ludwig Schletter (Schletter), Ivan Poerwowidjojo (Schott Solar),Dr Olaf Fleck (Sunset Energietechnik) About 170 clean energy leaders from Australia and Germany convened at Solar & Wind Energy Industry Conference 2010 in Sydney on 10 May Organised by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK), the event attracted installers, engineers, government representatives, buyers and project consultants. Twenty expert speakers from associations, government and industry covered policy developments, market projections and technological progress, while promoting bilateral collaboration opportunities. Special counsel Dr Wolfgang Babeck from the Sydney law firm DibbsBarker delivered an overview of the Australian legal environment for renewable energies. He explained current federal programs as well as associated risks such as delays and procurement complications. Many speakers agreed that solid support policies were the driver of Australia s clean energy industry. Strong policy support turned Germany into a globally leading market for solar and wind energy, even though the country lacks sun radiation, available land and high wind speeds, unlike Australia. Australia had particularly ideal climate conditions for concentrated solar power (CSP) systems said Anton Neuhaeuser, researcher at Germany s renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Most German solar companies built their CSP projects in Spain s hot and sunny areas but Australia was an even better site for the next CSP hot spot. Neuhaeuser predicted a mix of innovations, mass production, automation and market growth would diminish costs that From left: Dean Storchenegger, Barry Buffier (both Industry & Investment NSW), Markus Gilbert (AHK), Georg Brakmann (Fichtner Solar) constrained the uptake of CSP technologies. Ultimately research would make solar energy more cost-competitive, said research investment manager Olivia Coldrey, who explained the operations of the government-funded Australian Solar Institute. The Australian PV Association s Chair Dr Muriel Watt examined current PV support policies. Subsidies and other instruments had doubled the Australian PV market in Dr Watt recommended introducing strict Australian quality and safety norms for PV products. These norms could prevent accidents that had haunted the now defunct insulation scheme. She warned that faulty technologies might discredit the industry. PV modules in Australia should exceed global damp heat testing standards because of extreme heat and humidity, noted Dr Juergen Arp from the German Solar Industry Association. As a priority for policy makers, the creation of green collar jobs is a major selling point for the clean energy industry. Berthold Breid, CEO of Berlin s Renewables Academy, impressed the audience with facts and figures: Employment in Germany s clean energy sector rose by 87 percent to 300,500 in the past six years. The industry reached a turnover of EUR 17.7 billion in Renewables currently generate 16 percent of Germany s energy mix. Since 1992 Germany s installed wind capacity has steadily increased to 26,000 MW. Germany s lack of land is now forcing wind farm developers to move their projects offshore. The first German offshore wind farm Alphas Ventus began its operations last November. Despite the construction of the Southern Hemisphere s largest wind farm in Silverton, NSW, wind energy resources in Australia were still underdeveloped, said Epuron s executive director Martin Poole. In conjunction with the event, Minister for State and Regional Development Ian Macdonald issued a statement saying that the NSW government wanted to attract more renewable energy investment to support sustainable industries and jobs for the future. According to Industry & Investment NSW s deputy director general Barry Buffier, sustainable technologies were already a megatrend in NSW as investments have tripled since The state government estimates that clean energy will soon create 6000 new jobs in New South Wales. Dr Chris Briggs from the Department of Climate Change, stated that New South Wales could support growth for solar and wind energy with vast resources, a strong grid and a large market. The state waives crucial infrastructure fees for clean energy investments until June In conjunction with the summit, industry representatives of eight German companies explored the Australian clean energy market and potential partnerships with local companies in 120 business meetings which were organised by the AHK. The conference was a joint effort by the AHK and the Renewables Academy. We thank Industry & Investment NSW for hosting this conference and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for sponsoring the trade delegation program. 10

11 EVENTS A greener Australia for German business Dr Marcus Tierney explained R & D Tax Concessions to 30 members The German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) has identified the area of sustainability as a major growth sector for German companies in Australia. Germany is a world leader in solar, wind, bio and geothermal energy. German energy efficiency solutions ranging from innovative products to consulting services also enjoy popular demand. So that AHK members can expand their understanding of emerging technologies, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) hosted a seminar on A Greener Australia for German Business: Risks and Opportunities on 27 May PwC s research & development incentives director Dr Marcus Tierney explained emerging sustainable technologies and related business opportunities. A 2008 study by New Energy Finance revealed that 56 percent of new globally installed capacity was renewable. Federal Government and State Governments offer a variety of comprehensive funding programs such as grants and other incentives to boost the deployment of renewables in Australia. The Federal Government has allocated $2 billion for carbon capture and storage projects and $1.5 billion for solar flagship projects. The Federal Budget 2010/2011 also included a $652 million Renewable Energy Future Fund. It will support renewable energy projects, and other low-emissions technologies, in cooperation with the private sector. Furthermore, companies investing in renewables benefit from R & D tax concessions. New investment in energy globally in 2008 Source: New Energy Finance Fossil Fuel Generation US$ 110 bn Other Renewables US$ 80 bn These measures are necessary to combat climate change particularly because Australia has increased its greenhouse gas emissions by 82 percent since 1990 whereas Germany managed to cut its emissions by 20.8 percent. PwC s economics director Brian Johnson as well as customs and international trade director Bill Cole joined Dr Tierney for a dynamic panel discussion to examine the current business environment for sustainable technologies. The three experts also answered the audience s pressing questions. The guests carried on the discourse on sustainability in a networking session that concluded the evening. We would like to thank PricewaterhouseCoopers for their generous hospitality and hosting this thought-provoking seminar. Members also enjoyed the opportunity to expand their business network Wind US$ 52 bn R & D Tax Concession The R & D Tax Concession is the principal Commonwealth Government initiative to increase the amount of R & D undertaken in Australia. The concession is available to all Australian companies and offers a tax deduction of 125 per cent of expenditure incurred on R & D activities (up to 175 percent in certain circumstances). Eligible R & D activities involve either innovation or a high level of technical risk and are undertaken in a systematic, investigative and experimental manner. Proposed R & D Tax Credit The two core components of the proposed R & D tax credit include: a 45 per cent refundable R & D tax offset for eligible entities with a turnover of less than $20 million (unless they are a tax exempt entity or majority controlled by tax exempt entities), and a non-refundable 40 percent R & D tax offset for all other eligible entities. At the present moment in time, the new Research and Development Tax Bill has not yet been debated or voted on in the Senate, with the Senate now adjourned till most probably after the upcoming Federal election. This has left industry and business uncertain as to what incentives will be available for expenditure incurred from 1 July Senator Carr has announced that he is confident the policy will pass and wants...the bill to apply from the first of July. However, the opposition believes applying retrospective legislation is foolish and unfair. It is therefore anticipated that the proposed new R & D legislation will not come into effect until at least 1 July 2011 and this will be dependent on the incumbent Government being re-elected. Dr Marcus Tierney PricewaterhouseCoopers July RAISE YOUR SOLAR PROFILE We are one of the world s leading photovoltaic system integrators We offer a full scope of services: from project development and financial concept to engineering, procurement and construction of large-scale solar power plants We have proven experience and have successfully implemented projects throughout the world Phoenix Solar Pty Ltd Level 5, 23 Peel Street Adelaide SA 5000 Tel Australia Making energy together 11

12 NEWS FROM GERMANY NEW MEMBERS Combating counterfeiting and piracy in Germany Trademark pirates use signs, names, logos and company names of well established enterprises in an illegal way. Product counterfeiters rip off foreign intellectual property. They make a point of copying and reproducing products that lawful producers have protected with registered industrial property rights. Trademark pirates and product counterfeiters have become more and more brazen. They overstock the market with faked products including cosmetics, textiles, parts of vehicles, even medicine, foodstuffs, computer software and electronic goods. The consequence is that plagiarisms not only damage the original manufacture but also implicate an enormous risk to consumer health. Due to the poor quality of these counterfeit, often defective, products or components, product liability issues and warranty disputes may taint a company s brand image. Patent Attorneys & Attorneys at Law GROSSE - SCHUMACHER - KNAUER - von HIRSCHHAUSEN (GSKH) would like to draw attention to a so far unused yet promising chance to combat counterfeiting: Directly after having granted a patent, trademark or any other design right, the enterprise should apply for a border cross confiscation proceeding by informing the respective customs authorities of the particularities that indicate counterfeit products. This information is then stored in a centralised system so that each customs authority will be able to control their border respectively. For enterprises in Germany one of the most important partners that battle counterfeiting in the above mentioned way is the German Customs Authority with its Corporate Centre of Intellectual Property Rights (ZGR) in Munich. The ZGR coordinates border cross confiscation proceedings that any company can apply for free of charge. These proceedings enable custom authorities to immobilise the counterfeited goods at an early stage. The counterfeited products are retained and the owner of the industrial property right will be contacted. In case he can prove the fact of counterfeiting, a lawsuit against the counterfeiter might follow. This proceeding only works if the company has representatives close to the German borders as the representatives need to identify potentially counterfeited goods in case the custom authorities have doubts. Thanks to GSKH s well developed network especially in Germany as well as in Europe the firm would be best prepared to apply for effective border cross confiscation proceedings for Australian companies so that combating counterfeiting becomes more efficient. Gunilla Grosse-von Kempski, Attorney at Law GROSSE - SCHUMACHER - KNAUER - von HIRSCHHAUSEN Patent Attorneys & Attorneys at Law Nymphenburger Str. 14 D München, Germany Ph.: +49 (0)89 / Fax: +49 (0)89 / Germany s top executives The Wirtschaftswoche recently reported that the Swiss consultancy firm Obermatt conducted a survey to find the executives who managed their companies during the global financial crisis most successfully. The study compared 133 German companies with a turnover of EUR 1 billion or more. According to the study Germany s most successful crisis manager is DHL Express Ben Allen. He increased profits, turnover and market share beating 88 percent of his international competitors in Siemens Energy s Wolfgang Dehen and SMA Solar s Guenther Cramer both ranked second. The two companies handled costs well and allocated high budgets for R & D. As a result they left 84 percent of their international competitors behind. Thyssen Krupp Elevator s Olaf Berlien came third. Overall every fourth German company tested performed better in 2009 than half of their international competitors. We were pleased that the top four companies all have subsidiaries in Australia who are members of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Managing the essential alignment between corporate strategy, organisational performance and an organisation s key asset, its people, is the key mission of Platinum People Solutions and Platinum Consulting Solutions. Based in Melbourne and operating nationally, Platinum delivers a range of Organisational Development, Strategic Planning, People Management, Executive Mentoring and Executive Search and Recruitment solutions across broad industry sectors including manufacturing, capital equipment, technology, environmental, import / distribution, consumer durables and professional / business services. Specific positions recruited include sales, marketing, accounting, I.T., project management, operations, business support and middle to senior executive appointments up to Board level. The Senior Management team of Platinum People Solutions and Platinum Consulting Solutions are past executives with local and international experience, including Australian-based German and Swiss subsidiaries, some being current GACIC corporate members. On a daily basis this direct commercial experience provides the key critical skills, process adherence and expertise essential in assessing individual client and candidate needs while closely partnering with the unique cultural and operational requirements of our clients globally. We welcome the opportunity to work closely within the local business community. For further specific information on our services please visit or directly contact Marcus Armstrong, Director - Platinum People Solutions on (03) or Brian Kelly, Director Platinum Consulting Solutions (03) For your diary... A Night in Style Sydney 12

13 NEW MEMBERS The THALES GROUP is a world leader in mission critical systems and solutions, conducting business in three main areas: Aerospace, Defence and Security. Thales is a global company with 68,000 employees in 50 different countries and an annual revenue of more than AU$19 billion, of which 18% is reinvested in Research and Development. In Melbourne, Thales Australia Air Operations employs more than 400 skilled people to develop and deploy Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems for customers around the world in countries such as Singapore, China, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan as well as Australia. In 2009, Thales Australia s Air Operations division had exports of more than AU$250 million, and is looking forward to strong growth in the Asia Pacific region. Long recognised as a centre of excellence for ATM systems, the division will complete a new Innovation Lab in 2010 to showcase its latest developments in air traffic management technology. With its focus on the long-term professional development of its people, Thales Australia Air Operations is an employer of choice for skilled professionals seeking a well managed career path in a vibrant, global, high-technology organisation. Martin-Ulrich RIPPLE, Vice President Thales Australia - Air Operations Division WTC Northbank Wharf, Concourse Level Siddeley Street Melbourne VIC 3005 Ph: Fax: Based in Australia, StayWell Hospitality Group is one of the few independently owned hotel management groups in the Asia Pacific. With an impressive portfolio of properties the group features hotel and apartment style rooms ideal for business and leisure travellers, whilst apartments are the perfect choice for those relocating. Locations include Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Hobart and Launceston as well as Dubai, Singapore, Morocco and New Zealand with more to be announced soon. Properties are branded under the Leisure Inn or Park Regis banners and each brand offers guests a quality hotel experience within distinctive sectors of the accommodation market. The Leisure Inn brand encapsulates what guests want and deserve from a quality hotel product. Each hotel in the portfolio offers value-for-money accommodation with all hotels being located in truly unbeatable locations with exceptionally comfortable rooms, modern facilities and friendly and welcoming staff. Leisure Inn offers economy and budget accommodation around Australia. Park Regis is a quality accommodation product and aims to deliver up-to-date features, innovative technologies and welcoming service. Park Regis properties are centrally located offering accessibility and a prime position to attend to business or act as an ideal base for sightseeing and leisure activities. Ph: Web: At D&C Interior Projects, we re driven by our passion for creating efficient workplaces that reflect the character and culture of the companies we work with. We completely tailor our design to match the values and aspirations of our client organisations and their budget. Design and Construction, or D&C, of internal office interiors is our sole focus. Having completed fitouts in Sydney for over 10 years, we like to think that we have gotten very good at delivering our projects on time, on budget and always to the highest quality. We are driven by our motto and aim to be recognised for being Australia s most honest building company and we therefore ensure that there is a focus on transparency in all our dealings with our clients. We recognise the importance of getting an office move or renovation right and ensuring the seamless continuation of our clients business. With Accredited Green Star professionals on our staff, we also make sure that there is a focus on responsible Design and Building practices. We are pleased to be members of the AHK and look forward to being of service to our fellow members. t: m: e: w: a: 4/5 Hunter St Sydney 2000 REMCO is Australia s best-known manufacturer of motorised, automated, and multifunctional pool covers and swimmingpool enclosures. Remco Australia is a private company founded in 1987 by Uli Voshege. From introducing the first motorised swimming-pool cover to the Australian market the company has steadily grown from a supplier to the local Melbourne market only to having representation in all states. Today REMCO exports its products to countries around the world. Remco pool covers keep pools child safe, clean and beautifully warm all year round, all at the touch of a button. Remco pool covers save our precious water and are environmentally friendly, dramatically reducing chemical and energy usage. Heating is suddenly affordable with Remco Pool Covers! Our thermal and solar blankets, safety covers, vinyl covers and automatic and manual rollers are of the highest possible quality and, as mentioned above available in all states and territories. Remco Australia Pty Ltd also manufactures a range of Swimming Pool Enclosures. Theses structures are also known as Pool Dome, Pool Building, Retractable Roof, Automatic Roof or Telescopic Pool enclosure. They will turn an outdoor pool into an indoor Pool. The swimming pool enclosures can easily be opened by one person, either manually or electrically. Both domestic and commercial size pools can be covered by a REMCO enclosure. Please visit our website for product details Or visit our showroom at 12 Monomeeth Drive, Mitcham VIC. Remco offers a 10 percent discount to members of the German- Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 13

14 NEW MEMBERS DOWNER EDI MINING is a division of Downer EDI an Australian Top-100 company with assets of A$3 billion, over 20,000 employees, and work-in-hand of $16.4 billion. With over 2,200 employees working across more than 50 sites in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South America, Downer EDI Mining has been successfully delivering contract mining and civil earthmoving services to an impressive list of global clients for almost 90 years. It is now one of Australia s major providers of mining and mine-development services. With recognised capabilities in both open-cut and underground mining, it has highly skilled people and a diversified fleet of mining plant, to ensure that it can offer its clients a total mining solution. It supports its coal and metalliferous mining clients at all stages of the mining lifecycle, from exploration drilling and mine planning, to pre-strip, operation and rehabilitation. It also supplies a range of additional services, such as blasting services (including explosives manufacture and supply), tyre management (through its subsidiaries Otraco International and Rimtec), crushing, and mobile plant maintenance. In addition, Downer EDI Mining can bring to its customers the total capabilities of the Downer Group as a geographically diverse, multi-disciplined engineering, construction and resource services business. Are you in an industry with resource and capacity constraints? Do you value the best deal rather than just best price? TRADESLOT offers a combination of auctioning and optimization technology that allows companies to create electronic markets for commodities with complex trading terms that would normally not lend themselves to electronic trading. Tradeslot s platforms address one of the core limiters for traditional online B2B auctions: the sole focus on price. Tradeslot s technology allows bidders to express price and non-price factors, such as payment terms, quality, bundling (with conditional pricing), etc. In real time, the optimisation engine determines the revenue optimal allocation. Bidders then respond to market feedback and improve their bids in terms of price and non-price factors. The multi-round process allows the market to find the optimal point. This approach essentially has the effect of a simultaneous negotiation with multiple bidders. The technology has proven highly successful with Government and large organisations in the allocation of port capacity, procurement of freight contracts, sale of rights and licenses and even carbon permits. Sellers using Tradeslot s technology are reporting revenue uplift of 15%+ on top of an accelerated and transparent process. Tradeslot has been operating out of Melbourne since YHA around the world began in Germany with the Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk, which in 2009 celebrated its 100th anniversary. Today there are 65 YHA organisations around the world that come together as Hostelling International. YHA in Australia operates 110 hostels around the nation, catering for more than 1.5 million overnights annually. Over the years, the German tourism market has become increasingly important, and today Germany is the second largest source of YHA guests, with 200,000 overnights spent annually by German visitors in YHA s Australian properties. Rolf Duelks, YHA Australia s German-born CEO since 2005, says that the main appeal for guests is the unparalleled quality of its properties, together with the ability to mix informally with international guests. YHA is totally transparent about its customer views on quality every guest staying in a YHA hostel can rate their stay, and all ratings are published on YHA s website. This approach to quality and engagement with guests, combined with YHA s innovations in marketing and distribution, has meant that the organisation is the market leader in budget accommodation in Australia. For more information visit or ZUEBLIN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is an arm of Ed. Züblin AG, a leading building constructor and civil engineering group in Germany with offices in 50 countries worldwide. Zueblin Australia Pty Ltd has been a successful civil contractor in Australia for the last four years. In February the company established an office in the Perth CBD to strengthen its local presence. Zueblin s first project was as an Alliance Member at the Alkimos Wastewater Scheme and the company is currently involved in the construction of the second large-scale desalination plant in Western Australia. The Alkimos project in Western Australia will service the growing population in Perth s North West corridor. Zueblin successfully completed the project ahead of schedule and in doing so drove one of the largest tunnelling projects ever undertaken in the state. Zueblin Australia Pty Ltd also supplies concrete jacking pipes and other precast concrete elements that meet worldwide standards from its factory in Thailand. Zueblin prides itself on easily adapting to client s needs. REPOWER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD based in Melbourne was founded in August 2002 and is the distributor of REpower wind turbine technology in Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Region. The business of the wholly owned subsidiary of REpower Systems AG is structured to draw on the resources of the partner companies to market, install and commission both wind turbine systems and complete turnkey wind farms in Australia, allowing wind farm developers the option to secure a fully operational, grid connected wind farm from a single source. The company offers on- and offshore wind turbines with rated outputs of 2.05 MW to 6.15 MW for almost any location, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of service and maintenance packages. The profitable and reliable systems are designed at the REpower development center in Rendsburg, Germany, and manufactured at plants in Germany, Portugal and China. Internationally, REpower can make use of the experience gained from the manufacture and installation of over 2,000 wind turbines around the world. In Australia, REpower has completed the 12MW Wonthaggi windfarm as a turnkey project, Portland stage II and III (102MW in total) for Pacific Hydro and the 30MW Cullerin project for Origin Energy. 14

15 NOTICE BOARD NEW MEMBERS Acacia Immigration Australia Mr Justin Kowalski Level 2, 5 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW Activities: Immigration Services Bombardier Transportation Australia P/L Mr David Schmidtke, Manager, Contracts Frankston-Dandenong Road Dandenong VIC Activities: Rail (manufacturing + services) D & C Interior Projects Mr Gary Poechhacker, Director Level 4, 5 Hunter Street Sydney NSW Activities: Design & Construction of Commercial Office Interiors ebmpapst A & NZ Pty Ltd Mr Simon Bradwell, Managing Director 10 Oxford Road Laverton North VIC Activities:Air Movement Products Essen Restaurant Mr Geert Elzinga, Director Broadway Ultimo NSW Activities: German Food and Beverages Freudenberg Pty Ltd Mr Michael Mueller, Division Manager Filtration 3 Brand Drive Thomastown VIC 3074 Activities: Non-woven Interlining Materials IHK Heilbronn-Franken Mr Thomas Rothfuß, Berater Außenwirtschaft Ferdinand-Braun-Strasse 20 D Heilbronn Activities: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Iso Diamant Ms Monika Arste, Manager 35 Woodland Street Balgowlah Heights NSW 2093 Activities: Dental Supply and Distributor Norbert B Bernhardi Mr Norbert B Bernhardi PO Box 727 Mossman QLD Activities: Consulting / Law Optibelt Australia Pty Ltd Mr Maurice Sartorio, General Manager Rodeo Drive Dandenong VIC Activities: Automotive and Industrial Rubber Drive Belts Platinum People Solutions Mr Marcus Armstrong, Director G12, 202 Jells Road Wheelers Hill VIC Activities: Professional / Business Services Remco Australia Pty Ltd Mr Uli Voshege, Director 12 Monomeeth Drive Mitcham VIC Activities: Manufacturer of Automated, Multifunctional Pool Cover Systems + Pool Enclosures REpower Australia Pty Ltd Mr Jan Gasche, Managing Director Level 18, 535 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC Activities: Renewable Energy / Wind Thales Australia - Air Operations Mr Martin-Ulrich Ripple, VP Air Operations PO Box Law Courts Melbourne VIC Activities: Technology - Aerospace, Air Traffic Management, Defence The Exhibition Coach Ms Gabi Schwager, Direktor Luegallee 10 D Düsseldorf Activities: Trade Fairs Services Thiess Degremont Joint Venture Mr J. Alexander Lang, Commercial + Finance Director Level 3, 541 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC Activities: Construction / Water Tradeslot Pty Ltd Mr Jesco d Alquen, Managing Director Suite 601, 365 Little Collin Street Melbourne VIC Activities: Auction + Trading Technology for Logistics Capacity + Resources YHA Australia Mr Rolf Duelks, Chief Executive Officer PO Box A2462 Sydney South NSW Activities: Tourism - Youth Hostels Zueblin Australia Pty Ltd Mr Andrew Hall, Commercial Manager Level 19, 44 St Georges Terrace Perth WA Activities: Construction - Specialists in Micro- Tunnelling Upcoming Trade Fairs BIKE EXPO Tendence CARAVAN SALON spoga + gafa InterCool InterMeat InterMopro hogatec IFAT ENTSORGA Automechanika Kind + Jugend photokina IAA commercial cars GOLF EUROPE glasstec EXPO REAL EXPOPHARM MAINTAIN Munich Frankfurt Düsseldorf Cologne Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Munich Frankfurt Cologne Cologne Hanover Munich Düsseldorf Munich Munich Munich For more business information in the German language tune in to SBS Radio: 97.7 FM Sydney 93.1 FM Melbourne Every Thursday night from 20:00 to 21:00pm: World News, Im Gespräch and the Jobs for Germans with Trudi Latour and the Wirtschaftsreport with Wolfgang Mueller or download the podcast via IMPRINT German Australian Business News is published quarterly by the German- Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and distributed free of charge to members and selected non-members in Australia and abroad. Circulation: 1,250 EDITORIAL OFFICE /ADVERTISING Christian Haag, PR & Communications Level 10, York St, Sydney 2000 Ph: +61 (0) F: +61 (0) CONCEPT b.b.advertising PO Box 115 Kew VIC 3101 Ph: PRINT SOS Print & Media Group Pty Ltd 65 Burrows Road, Alexandria NSW 2015 Ph:+61 (0) F: +61 (0)

16 WHAT IF LOGISTICS IS THE KEY TO THE SUCCESS OF MY BUSINESS? Just ask Logwin! As an integrated logistics and service provider, Logwin develop comprehensive solutions for industry and commerce. With a staff of 5,500 at locations in 37 countries around the world, Logwin offer contract logistics, international air and sea freight as well as transport solutions for road and rail. Logwin s customised logistics solutions help create sustainable growth for its customers. To find out how this can happen for you too, log on to

AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer

AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer AmongstUs A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009 AmongstUs is printed on environmentally friendly, chlorine free paper Siemens Africa cluster launched Our future is green Empowerdex level

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Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth. #ukfast50

Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth. #ukfast50 Perspectives on Britain s fastest-growing technology companies Innovation for growth #ukfast50 Contents Introduction 1 Deloitte 2013 UK Technology Fast 50 winners 2 The UK Fast 50 grow

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of any business is in its people

of any business is in its people the true value of any business is in its people annual report 2008 contents profile 3 our services 4 our mission, global presence and culture 5 our core values, unit model and strategic approach 6 profile

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CENTER FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION. Strategies for Globally Competitive Cities

CENTER FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION. Strategies for Globally Competitive Cities CENTER FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION Strategies for Globally Competitive Cities Copyright 2011 National League of Cities, Washington, D.C. 20004 CENTER FOR RESEARCH & INNOVATION Strategies for Globally Competitive

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Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably

Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably Notes: - All dollars in this publication denote U.S. dollars unless otherwise stipulated. - Travel manager and travel buyer are used interchangeably to refer to any manager from any department responsible

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Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness

Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness Making the right connections across Australia s innovation ecosystem to support our future growth and international competitiveness Welcome 4 Introduction 5 Research findings and recommendations 9 Next

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Annual Report 2006. Changes

Annual Report 2006. Changes Annual Report 2006 Changes Contents Changes 01 Letter to the Shareholders 02 Report of the Supervisory Board 04 Our Strategy 12 GFT International 16 Our Staff 24 Innovation and Development 32 GFT Share

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Our path to sustainable value creation. Annual Report 2010.

Our path to sustainable value creation. Annual Report 2010. Our path to sustainable value creation Annual Report 2010 Key figures Financial performance measures (in millions of euros, unless otherwise indicated) FY 2010 FY 2009 New orders (continuing

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Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth

Annual Report 2010. Taking control of growth Annual Report 2010 Taking control of growth We re taking control of growth at Experian by focusing our efforts on our best opportunities. Firstly, we re doing more to expand our global reach into key vertical

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Engineering the Future. The action forum for engineering. An insight into modern manufacturing

Engineering the Future. The action forum for engineering. An insight into modern manufacturing Engineering the Future The action forum for engineering An insight into modern manufacturing Engineering the Future The action forum for engineering Engineering the Future is a broad alliance of engineering

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Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers

Annual report 2012. Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers Annual report 2012 Mobistar focuses on transparency for its customers 1 The year 2012 was full of challenges, to say the least. The telecom sector underwent major changes, which had an important impact

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N ISC. Good Practice Workforce Strategies. Case Studies N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E

N ISC. Good Practice Workforce Strategies. Case Studies N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E N ISC N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E Good Practice Workforce Strategies Case Studies April 2008 Table of Contents 1 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. COMPLEMENTARY INITIATIVES 3 3. TRAINING,

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HOW TO SET UP YOUR BUSINESS IN LONDON HOW TO SET UP YOUR BUSINESS IN LONDON Contents About this guide How to set up your business in London is published by London & Partners, the official promotional company for London. Inside you ll find:

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TLB Annual Report 2010

TLB Annual Report 2010 TLB Annual Report 2010 1,181,600 European households The renewable energy projects we finance generated electricity for 1,181,600 European households, avoiding 1,624,373 tonnes of CO 2 emissions. TlB

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Doing business in the Isle of Man 2012

Doing business in the Isle of Man 2012 Doing business in the Isle of Man 2012 Contents Contents 1 Introduction 1 Constitutional Position 1 Geography and Population 1 Advantages of Investing in the Isle of Man 1 Communications 2 Language and

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Multi-Unit Residential

Multi-Unit Residential Multi-Unit Residential Facilities Management Good Practice Guide Multi-Unit Residential Facilities Management Good Practice Guide Developed through the Hi-RES project with the kind support of With further

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O KEY Group S.A. Annual Report 2013

O KEY Group S.A. Annual Report 2013 O KEY Group S.A. Annual Report 2013 O KEY aims to improve customer lifestyles by offering an outstanding shopping experience and making a broad assortment of high quality products more accessible across

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Corporate SoCial responsibility report 2010

Corporate SoCial responsibility report 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010 Scope of report Activity Entity Financial Value chain Society Safety Employees Environment Corporate Boskalis Dredging & Earthmoving Harbour Towage Salvage,

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HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits.

HP people. Tracy Keogh, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, HP. Work environment. Building careers. Pride in HP. Rewards and benefits. HP people HP s people are integral to the company s success. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the best employees provides us with a competitive advantage, so we strive to create supportive, motivating

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MORE THAN CV POINTS? The Benefits of Employee Volunteering for Business and Individuals. Edited by James Lloyd

MORE THAN CV POINTS? The Benefits of Employee Volunteering for Business and Individuals. Edited by James Lloyd MORE THAN CV POINTS? The Benefits of Employee Volunteering for Business and Individuals Edited by James Lloyd More than cv points? The Benefits of Employee Volunteering for Business and Individuals Edited

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Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2011

Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2011 Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report 2011 Introduction Introduction 2 Corporate Activities 11 Environment 17 People 25 Society 29 Results Summary 35 Scope of this Report The Ricoh Europe Sustainability Report

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BEYOND MAINSTREAM FRONTRUNNERS POTENTIALISTS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS INDUSTRY 4.0. The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed BEYOND MAINSTREAM POTENTIALISTS FRONTRUNNERS TRADITIONALISTS HESITATORS The new industrial revolution How Europe will succeed MARCH 2014 THE BIG 3 1 40% is the share of worldwide manufacturing (a total

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Business Result Upper-intermediate

Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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Contents. Company Report 6 Chairman & CEO 9 Our people 16 Our business 32 Our market opportunities 40 Our social responsibility 50 Our shareholders

Contents. Company Report 6 Chairman & CEO 9 Our people 16 Our business 32 Our market opportunities 40 Our social responsibility 50 Our shareholders Annual Report 2007 Contents Company Report 6 Chairman & CEO 9 Our people 16 Our business 32 Our market opportunities 40 Our social responsibility 50 Our shareholders Financial Review Adecco Group 60 Operating

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Together with our clients, we make a lasting contribution to a changing world

Together with our clients, we make a lasting contribution to a changing world Annual Report 2014 Together with our clients, we make a lasting contribution to a changing world Table of contents Company profile Who we are 5 Where we are 7 What we do 8 Historical Overview 9 Message

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results that endure delivering

results that endure delivering delivering results that endure Annual Report 2009 our our vision Booz Allen Hamilton is committed to being the absolute best management and technology consulting firm, as measured by our clients success,

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EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE... Annual Review 2012-13 Contents 1 We are Norland 2 Operational highlights 3 Financial highlights 4 Our mission & strategy 5 Our business 6 Chairman s report 8

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