Innovations as a Key to Unique Living Spaces of the Modern World

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1 Innovations as a Key to Unique Living Spaces of the Modern World Industry experts talking today: Ellen Søhoel Sofiya Leonidova & Vanessa Ghammachi

2 XBD Collective, previously known as Bishop Design Residential, is a multi-disciplined Design Firm that offers creative Architectural & Interior Design Services. Our versatile and comprehensive expertise includes private residential spaces and luxury villas, as well as commercial and hospitality projects including hotels, restaurants & cafes, show homes, business, lounges, resorts, spas & salons, retail and religious temples & mosques.

3 Ellen Søhoel Founder Norwegian Designer Ellen Søhoel, founding member of the international, award winning company XBD Collective is a leading name in the UAE for her project designs of some of the most prominent names in the Hospitality, Residential and Commercial sectors such as Emaar, W Hotel, The Fairmont Hotel and Dubai Properties. During the last 15 years, she has won over 50 awards worldwide including various sectors in International Property Awards in London and the IDA Global Excellence Award in Los Angeles.

4 Vanessa Ghammachi Senior Interior Designer Vanessa strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients lives. With nearly 4 years experience working in the GCC and a year experience in Italy she offers a balance of creativity, an eye for quality and superior sense of style. Sofiya Leonidova Senior Interior Designer In the past 3 year she has worked with some exceptional clients on projects that range from high-end residential to commercial. She has been involved in award winning projects and worked with leading development companies in the region.

5 Project Focus: City Walk The changing designs & approach to urban living, From confined and dysfunctional to intelligent & hip

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9 Design Overview The brief was to create an elegant but youthful Private Apartment The brief specified that we were to create design elements in every corner of the apartment so that each zone showed key features at every turn. The spaces were to remain open so as to maximize on the natural daylight and also be both interactive and social, but with the ability to create elements of intimacy when entertaining.



12 An in-house designed Coffee Table with storage in black lacquer and mirror complements the funky Swing Chair from Lee Broom. These design features create talking points & achieves a balance between luxury and funky, without it appearing too busy.

13 A Metal Mesh transparent divider wall allows the large space to be divided into specific areas and gives the spaces a sense of privacy.

14 The Kitchen has an island cladded in Champagne metal covered by a thick composite stone top from Dekton. The feature lights create a warmth which compliments the industrial style of the apartment.

15 A bar was created by cladding the existing column in the corner of the window space with finishes such as grey mirrors, grey satin, grey tinted glass and dark grey lacquer, this allowed each bottle to be lit individually by a mix of warm lights. The overall unit is then lit up by additional LED strips and is finished off with an elegant wine rack at the bottom. The overall unit appears quite down to earth during the day, but at night the addition of the lights adds some drama for intimate parties.

16 4 separate sociable & entertainment areas have been created on the terrace. 2 lounge areas, 1 of which has a fire pit, dining for 8 people & an insanely cool bar area.

17 City Walk - Design Highlights The most important elements from this project are the use of specialist lighting fixtures such as the Jimi Hendrix designed Record Lamp from Delightful that hangs in the Formal dining, along with the pendant lighting that rests in the corner of the Formal Living. Custom designed furniture throughout gives the design the luxurious feel that the client was aiming for. Interesting design elements such as a swinging chair and bespoke fire place compliment the design and bring the important aspect of comfort to the home.

18 Project Focus: Emirates Hills Villa Blending traditional and contemporary designs

19 Design Overview The design brief was nostalgically touching, as after living in Dubai their whole lives, the clients had reached a point where they missed their culture profoundly. They mentioned that the typical Indian design look was too colourful and busy for their personal taste. We were to introduce their heritage using a few signature artworks and a selection of key pieces that reminded them of home. It was understood that they sought an ambient mood one would associate with a traditional Indian temple/pooja, so were asked to bring peace and serenity to their home by keeping the palette neutral and creating a warm atmosphere using creamy tones.

20 Arabesque pendant lighting hangs from the foyer ceiling reflecting delicate patterns on the walls. Custom designed benches rest at either side of the Foyer and are accompanied by indirect lighting and ethnic detailed wall panels. In combination with the floor lamps, these pieces culminate in a uniquely comfortable and inviting way.

21 The Foyer expands midway through into a backlit onyx stone podium which is complimented by a pink onyx table and seating arrangement. The elevated platform is illuminated and a grey mirrored backdrop with lighting fixtures emulates a subtle and calming mood one would usually encounter in an Indian temple.

22 The Bar Area hosts an onyx bar counter that sits as the main focal point of the space. This custom backlit bar illuminates its surroundings and is accompanied by bespoke studded bar chairs. Elegant joinery with sliding doors was created behind the bar to allow for additional storage

23 The Bar Area hosts an onyx bar counter that sits as the main focal point of the space. This custom backlit bar illuminates its surroundings and is accompanied by bespoke studded bar chairs. Elegant joinery with sliding doors was created behind the bar to allow for additional storage.

24 The Formal Dining is home to a 4-meter dining table designed to accommodate a large group of people. This table features a white agate stone slab sitting on hammered steel legs. The bespoke dining chairs are designed to mirror that of the bar stools in the Bar Area.

25 At the back of the formal dining a nook seating area was designed to break up the space and add a further element of comfort. The nook was designed using traditional Indian architectural shapes.

26 Our client favored this particular painting which was painted by a famous Indian Artist. The splash of color breaks up the neutral tones.

27 Throughout the villa we custom designed all items and features. We achieved the correct aesthetic by finding more innovative ways of using regular paint finishes, specialist lighting techniques and clever joinery solutions.

28 Innovations are not always spacious and expensive..

29 Project Focus: Taws Printing Office Designing by the customer needs & budget

30 With their offices in Dubai Design District, we were given a shell & core base and asked to zone off areas to accommodate multiple spaces with varying functionalities. Although the space was limited, we were asked to included two Executive Offices for managerial staff, a large Conference Room for presentations, a small Meeting Room near the Coffee Bar for shorter meetings, and a working area that could accommodate up to12 staff.

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33 We will reveal our cost effective design solutions we used surrounding the industrial and raw look, whilst providing a wowfactor an element of high-end professional luxury.

34 Space planning challenges were faced down the 1.2-meter-wide corridor leading from the Coffee Bar down to the smaller Meeting Room, Executive Offices and Conference Room. These areas were sectioned off using wired glass in a black metal frame with sliding doors in the same finish.

35 Shelving and display units were created on one side of Corridor wall and acrylic light boxes were installed for showing high quality backlit graphics. A vintage guillotine sits at the far end of the corridor as a main focal point.

36 The Conference room was an important space for the Client and needed to have slightly higher end finishes. The 3.5 meter bespoke conference table is the focal point of the space. Laminate wooden flooring was used to give a slightly more high-end feel.

37 The custom-made desk in timber veneer is built around the existing column as a creative design solution and commercial carpets were used in these areas as a cost-effective flooring solution.

38 The adjacent office space takes on a more modern and simplistic aesthetic. This space was designed to accommodate staff along with large printing machinery. We were able to meet the requirements of the Client, within budget, by selecting cost-effective furniture and creating bespoke joinery solutions around the existing column, for example, more shelving and storage.

39 THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING THE PRESENTATION Please don't forget to collect your CPD certificate during the event from the CPD collection area.