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1 SECTION ELECTRICAL 1.01 DESCRIPTION A. Include all plant, labor, materials, tools, and services necessaty to complete the installation of the electrical work as indicated on the drawings and as specified herein. Comply with all applicable provisions of the General and Supplementary Conditions. B. Carefully examine the general building and coordinate with the other Contractors for plumbing, heating, ventilating, piping, and equipment plans and specifications, and cany on this work in such a manner as not to delay or interfere with the work on other Contractors DESCRIPTION OF WORK A. The Electrical Contractor shall furnish all work for electrical power, lighting systems and low voltage special system for completed installation that shall include, but are not limited to, the following, as shown on the Electrical Drawings: 1. Electrical service. 2. Stand-by generator and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) system. 3. Electrical grounding conductors and electrode rods. 4. Distribution and lighting panel boards. 5. Safety switches and individual mounted circuit breakers. 6. Fuses. 7. Conduit and fittings. 8. Fittings, boxes, etc volt insulated wire. 10. Lighting fixtures. 11. Wiring devices. 12. Motor starters. 13. Wiring of equipment furnished by others. 14. Transformers. 15. Underground wiring and conduits INSPECTION OF SITE A. Visit building site and become fully informed as to present conditions, facilities, difficulties, etc., and how they will affect the work to be done. Check against the drawings and specifications and become fully informed of all conditions. Lack of this information will not be considered as justifying any extras to the Contract price ACCURACY OF DATA A. Examine the locations carefully and verify all measurement, distances, elevations, clearances, and sizes before starting work. ELECTRICAL

2 B. Submit to the Engineer for review and approval, detailed electrical material drawings and specifications. C. Comply with the design criteria and these specifications without limitations to omissions, or lack of detail. D. Establish the wiring location by reference to the drawings. Do not scale the drawings for exact dimensions CODES, ORDINANCES, PERMITS, AND FEES A. Perform all work specified herein to conform to all regulations and codes of the various departments of the Local, State, and/or National authorities having jurisdiction, and in accordance with their latest governing rules and regulations. B. The electrical system shall comply with the latest adopted National Electric Code, the Life Safety Code, Underwriter's Laboratories, National Fire Protection Association, and Americans with Disabilities Act., C. Nothing is these specifications shall be interpreted to conflict with any Local, State, Federal, or Fire Underwriters requirements, which apply to this class of work. Should any such conflict exist, advise the Engineer, and be guided by the law or requirements, whichever are greater. D. If during the progress of the work, upon completion of the work, or at any time during the period covered under "Warranty", it shall be found that the work was not installed as specified according to any and all the regulations and codes stated herein, and in force at the time the Contract is signed, be held responsible and make the work installed conform to these regulations and codes at no expense to the Owner. E. Secure and pay for all necessary permits for the installation of equipment and materials. Upon completion of the work, submit to the Engineer for the Owner, a certificate of final inspection and approval from the Inspection Authorities. F. Comply with all provisions and requirements of the latest applicable Occupational Safety and Health Act and/or the Construction Safety Act (whichever is applicable), and with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations and orders of any public authority having jurisdiction for safety of persons or property or to protect them from damage, injury, or loss. Erect and maintain, as required by conditions and progress or the work, all reasonable safeguards for safety and protection, including posting danger signs and other warnings against hazards, promulgating safety regulations, and notifying owners and users of adjacent utilities. ELECTRICAL

3 1.06 WORK JURISDICTION A. Comply with required jurisdiction as to which pmiicular trade shall install any pmi or parts of any work or equipment specified under the heading of "Division " TIME OF COMMENCEMENT AND COMPLETION A. Commence work under this Contract on a date to be specified and thereafter coordinate the work with the work of the General Contractor and other Contractors, so that the work will be complete within the completion time fixed for said General Contractor CONTRACT DRAWINGS A. These specifications and accompanying drawings are intended for a complete installation of electrical work including, but not limited to the following: main service entrance; conduit, outlet boxes; connecting-up heating, plumbing, and air Ventilation fan, damper, pump motors and equipment in cooperation with the respective Contractors; setting and aligning driven motors; furnishing and installing electric heater, all light fixtures, lamps, devices, panels, and all necessary appurtenances, and accessories specified and shown on drawings, or as may be required for a complete operating system. B. Contract drawings and supplemental or revised drawings and specification complete with all addenda issued by the Engineer shall be part of this Contract and shall be kept at the job site at all times MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP A. All work called for in this specification shall be executed in a thorough, substantial, and workmanlike manner. All material shall be new and of the best quality, in every respect, all subject to the approval of the Engineer and Engineer. B. All materials, hereinafter mentioned, shall be of the make and quality specified and shall be installed complete. If quality of material is not specified, it shall be of the best of its respective kind for the purpose for which it was intended to be used. No substitution of material will be permitted, except by the written consent of the Engineer. C. The material and workmanship throughout the project must conform in every way to the latest adopted requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, National Electric Code and all Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances, and all material shall bear the Underwriters' Inspection Label. ELECTRICAL

4 1.10 TOOLS AND SCAFFOLDING A. Furnish all transportation, labor, apparatus, scaffolding, utensils, lights, barricades, and ladders for the due, faithful, and safe performance of the work according to the true intent and meaning of these specifications and drawings which accompany them PROTECTION OF EQUIPMENT A. Take such precautions, as may be necessary, to properly protect the materials and equipment from damage during construction from rain, flooding, wind, hail, fire, and vandalism. Failure to comply with above, to the entire satisfaction of the Engineer, will be sufficient cause for the rejection of any damaged materials LOCATION OF EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS A. The approximate locations of distribution equipment, convenience and light outlets, switches, etc., are indicated on the drawings. These drawings are not intended to give complete and accurate details in regard to exact location of the above items. Exact locations are to be determined by reference to the drawings and by the actual measurement of the building. Do not scale drawings. B. The various circuits for ceiling and wall outlets are indicated on the drawings and are to be run in conduits attached ceiling above, unless otherwise indicated. The drawings need not necessarily be followed when running circuits, except in regard to distribution of outlets and switches. C. Install the conduit, wiring, outlet boxes, panel boxes, etc., as the work on the building progresses, in order not to delay the work of other trades. D. Where dimensions are given for locating outlets, check same to discover and discrepancy and install outlets accordingly.. E. All boxes in masonry construction may be installed in nearest motiar joint to mounting height called for, except where an exact height is required to work box in with adjacent equipment REMOVAL OF RUBBISH AND CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT A. Do not allow the accumulation of rubbish and debris caused by the installation of the work. All rubbish and debris shall be periodically removed from the premises and shall be specifically removed when so directed by the Engineer. On completion of the work, all rubbish and debris created by the installation of this work shall be entirely removed, so as to leave the premises clean and ready fo1 use by the Owner. B. Exterior surfaces of all exposed equipment, trim, etc., shall be thoroughly cleaned, before apparatus will be accepted by the Owner. ELECTRICAL

5 1.12 EQUIPMENT FURNISHED BY OTHERS A. Damper motors on fans, all motors, motor starters, push buttons, and/or selector switches in connection with the heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, and equipment will be furnished by the respective Contractors (unless otherwise arranged), but the Electrical Sub-Contractor shall furnish, install, and connect-up complete all wiring and conduit for same. The Electrical Sub-Contractor shall install and set all belt driven motors, push buttons, and/or selector switches, and motor starters. B. All the electrical work in connection with temperature control shall be by the Mechanical Sub-Contractor. Connection of metering pump to the well pump motor stmier shall be by the Electrical Sub-Contractor. C. The Electric Sub-Contractor shall furnish and install all disconnects, conduit, wiring and devices for same, and make all final connections to the well pitless adapter SUBSTITUTIONS A. Materials and products previously approved by the Engineer does not constitute approval under this project. Final approval will be predicated on the adherence to the specifications. B. Bear all additional costs, labor, and/or materials arising due to difficulties encountered due to the use of substituted equipment. C. Refer to Instructions to Bidders for method of proposing substituted items SHOP DRAWINGS A. Submit, in brochure or book form, catalog cuts, printed line drawings, printed descriptions, and specification sheets to fully illustrate and describe each item of equipment. B. In submitting shop drawings or printed material of this nature for review, clearly mark each shop drawing, catalog cut, pamphlet, or specification sheet for purposes of identification and record. No shop drawing will be reviewed without signature of the Contractor, which shall signify that he has checked drawings for accuracy and dimensions. C. All shop and working drawings, catalog cuts, pamphlets, specification data, etc., shall have thereon, the signed review stamp of the Engineer and no drawings will be allowed on the building site without the review stamp. Minimum of six (6) brochures of all shop drawings will be required. D. These shop drawings will be required regardless of whether materials supplied are substitutions or as specified. ELECTRICAL

6 E. A title sheet directory shall be included as a front index sheet and each item shall be clearly identified by letter, number, plate, or similar designation so that the Engineer may associate and evaluate the equipment and materials with the Contract Documents. F. The review and approval of the Contractor's submittals do no relieve the Contractor of the responsibilities for errors, omissions, and deviations from the specified requirements and incidental work required for proper operation, equipment failure, function, and space requirements ADJUSTMENT AND TESTING A. Before final acceptance is made, adjust all apparatus and place same in satisfactory service as approved by the Engineer. Furnish all equipment, labor, and materials to perform the tests as hereinafter specified. B. After all wires, cables, etc., are in place and connected to devices and equipment, the system shall be tested for shorts, grounds, and phase balancing at each panel and service entrance. If hot conductors are found to be grounded or shorted, same shall be removed and replaced. If phases are unbalanced, circuits which are not switched exclusively at panel boards, shall be reconnected and balanced as nearly as possible. C. A voltage test shall be made at the last outlet on each circuit. If potential drop is in excess of 5%, correct the condition by locating partially grounded conductor or high resistance splice. D. Any wiring device, electrical apparatus, or lighting fixture furnished under this Contract, if grounded or shorted on any integral "live" part, shall be removed and the trouble rectified by replacing all defective parts of materials as directed. E. All wires, after being pulled in place and before being connected, shall be tested with a megohmeter. All wire, showing low insulation resistance shall be removed and replaced. Furnish all meters, cables, connections, labor, materials, or apparatus required for testing. F. Check direction of rotation of all motors, before same are put in operation SUPERVISION AND COOPERATION A. All work must be done to the complete satisfaction of the Engineer and there shall be no major deviations from the drawings or specifications without approval. B. Cooperate to the fullest extent with other trades on the work and so plan and execute the work so as to have as little interference as possible with the other trades. ELECTRICAL

7 C. Consult heating, plumbing, and equipment drawings and specifications for space allotments and coordination. Revise any work installed without regard for the work of others, or is a conflict results, as directed by the Engineer, without additional cost to the Owner. D. Be responsible for coordination of all equipment, devices, and conductors with reference to the electrical and thermal characteristics of equipment. Note the full load current rating of each motor and advise the trade, who furnished same, of overload sizes required for each stmier LAYOUT WORK A. The work shall be done under the direction of a competent foreman, who shall layout all work. Should any difficulties arise in installing the system or its components, promptly report same to the Engineer. B. Laying Out Work: Lay out all work in coordination with all trades engaged on this project whenever work of other trades is likely to affect the electrical installation. Cooperate with all other trades in order to coordinate all work and eliminate conflicts between this work and that of other trade. 1. Be fully responsible for all conflicts between this work and that of the other trades and make necessary changes in this work without additional cost to the Owner if work does not comply properly with these requirements. 2. Any and all electrical wiring, conduits, or electrical equipment, which has been installed without checking for interference and without thorough coordination with other trades, shall be moved or relocated without additional expense to Owner. 3. All equipment shall be installed with ample space allowed for removal, repair, or changes to the equipment. Ready accessibility to removable parts of equipment and to all wiring, shall be provided without moving other equipment, which is to be installed or which is already in place. C. Interpretation of Documents: Carefully compare the Drawings and Specifications, checking all measurements and conditions under which this installation is to be made. In case of any discrepancy between the various drawings or between the Drawings and Specifications, or between Sections of the entire Specifications, the matter shall be referred to the Engineer before any work is done. The interpretations of the intent of the drawings shall rest solely with the Engineer and his decision shall be considered final INSERTS FOR SUPPORT OF EQUIPMENT, ETC. A. Furnish and install all necessary inserts for the support of all the equipment herein specified. Consult with the General Contractor to determine the type of materials or forms to be used and the proper inserts for these materials of forms. ELECTRICAL

8 B. Inserts shall be toggle bolts or spider type expansion anchors in hollow masonry; lead expansions or preset anchors in solid masonry; self drilling anchor or power driven studs in concrete; machine screws, bolts, or welded studs in metal and wood screws in wood INSPECTIONS A. All work shall remain uncovered as required for inspections, if so required by inspection regulations. The Inspector or Engineer shall have the right to inspect the work whenever advisable in his judgment. Have a representative present on each inspection and give such assistance as may be required. Recommendations made by the Inspector or the Engineer shall be promptly carried out, and all unsatisfactory material and workmanship replaced at once at no expense to the Owner MISCELLANEOUS IRON WORK A. Furnish and install all angles, rods, supports, frames, braces, hangers, brackets, clamps, etc., as indicated on the drawings, as herein specified and/or as may be necessary for the proper support and hanging of all light fixtures and equipment ACCESS DOORS A. Furnish and install all access doors in building construction, as may be required for access to any electrical components or equipment that may be required for periodic inspection or maintenance. B. Furnish access doors to the General Contractor for installation under the direction of the Electrical Sub-Contractor. C. Access doors shall be designed for the particular type of surface in which they are installed, whether they be attached to a plastered, concrete block, drywall, or wood surface. D. Access doors shall be manufactured by Krueger, Milcor, Affco, or an approved equal EXCAVATION AND BACKFILLING A. Contractor shall do all excavating to install the electrical service, conduits, etc., as required to complete his work. B. Conduits and cable shall be installed a minimum depth of 2' below grade and until reach undisturbed soil. C. Do all excavating and backfilling required for the installation of all parts of the work requiring excavation. Provide and operate pumping equipment if required ELECTRICAL

9 to keep the trenches or areas free of standing water. All excavations are to be so constructed so that trees, walls or footings shall not be disturbed or injured in any way. D. Excavation shall be backfilled with clean, soil free rocks and debris, flooded, and settled to the final grade. If settling should continue, fill with soil and settle until grade is maintained. E. Where it is necessary to install work in or across roads, alleys, pavements, curbs, sidewalks, lawns, etc., restore the present construction as approved by the Engineer at no additional cost to the Owner FOUNDATION AND PADS A. Concrete foundations and pads shall be provided where indicated on drawings, or herein specified, of the size as indicated or as required. Provide all concrete materials, reinforcing, anchor bolts, labor, and forms for the erection of the foundations. All work shall be performed by skilled men of the various trades. B. Equipment concrete pad foundations extending above the floor line or grade lines shall be 4" thick troweled smooth and the top edges and corners shall be beveled Yi". C. Concrete used in making pad foundations shall be of the mixture as specified under Cast-In-Place Concrete. D. The size of equipment concrete pad foundations are given on the drawings for the equipment specified; however, if equipment other than that specified is furnished re9uiring a foundation of different dimensions, modify the foundation or pad to smt the equipment furnished, at no additional cost to the Owner. E. Where equipment is floor mounted, furnish and install 4" high concrete housekeeping pad under same ELECTRICAL SYSTEM A. Electrical service to building will be as indicated on drawings. B. Furnish and install a temporary construction electrical service as directed by the General Contractor. The temporary service shall be 30 Amp 120/240V single phase, 3 wire. C. Verify the type of current with local utility company before submitting bid and all electrical work shall be installed in accordance with type of current supplied and the requirements of the local utility company. ELECTRICAL

10 D. The lighting and convenience receptacle circuits shall be connected 1 phase wires with a neutral for 120 volts at the outlets AS-BUILT DRAWINGS A. The Contractor shall prepare a sheet of "As-Built" reproducible drawings which shall be a complete set of Drawings so marked as to show all changes from the original Contractor requirements and locations of several systems of concealed pipe, conduit runs, or other services embodied in the complete structure. The correctness of said Drawings and data shall be attested by the Contractor performing the work, and a copy of said Drawings shall be filed with the Owner IDENTIFICATION OF EQUJPMENT A. The Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for locations and sizes of all required sleeves for electrical requirements and shall give suitable information to the other Divisions in time so that all installations may be properly coordinated. The Electrical Contractor shall furnish all required sleeves and shall grout sleeves in an approved manner, after installation of raceways and cables to result in proper closures in walls. All sleeves shall be galvanized after fabrication and before installation on the project, so that ends will not rust MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT A. All materials shall be new and shall conform with the latest standards of the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. in every case where such standards have been established for the patiicular type of material in question. B. Acceptable manufacturer of materials, equipment, and devices shall be as scheduled below: ELECTRICAL Equipment or Devices Switchboard Branch Panel, Distribution Panel Circuit Breakers Motor Stmier Conduits 600 Volt Insulated Cables Fuses Manufacturer Square "D", I.T.E., G.E. Square "D", I.T.E., G.E. Square "D", I.T.E., G.E. Allen Bradley, Square "D 11 Cutler-Hammer Triangle, Conduit & Cable Co., Jones & Laughlin, Allied Tube General Cable Corp., Triangle and Wires, Conduit & Cable Co., Reynolds Metals, Anaconda Wire & Cable Bussman, Chase Shawmut, Economy

11 Conduit Fittings Expansion Joints Boxes Receptacles and Switches Safety Disconnect Switches Generator ATS Thomas & Betts, Appleton, Raco Electric Fittings Corp., 0-Z Mfg. Co. Appleton, Crouse-Hinds, 0-ZMfg. Co. Appleton, Steel City, Crouse Hinds Hubbell, P&S, Bryant, Leviton Square "D", G.E., I.T.E. Kohler, Onan, Generac Kohler, Onan, Generac C. Bids shall be based on the manufacturers specified or listed above. Substitutions may be submitted on other equal equipment together with price increase or decrease for use of such equipment DAMAGE TO OTHER WORK A. Be responsible for all damage to other work caused by this work. All patching and repairing of damaged work shall be done by the trade which installed the work, as directed by the Engineer, and the cost of same shall be pati of the cost of the Electrical Work CLEANING A. All conduits, panel boards, cabinets, lighting fixtures, receptacles and switch plates, and any piece of equipment installed by the Electrical Contractor shall be thoroughly cleaned by the Electrical Contractor before being offered for acceptance. B. Labels, stickers, etc., shall be removed and entire installation left in a clean, usable condition BASIC MATERIALS A. All materials used throughout this installation shall be new as specified on the Drawings or within this Specification. Same shall be installed in a neat workmanlike manner, coordinated with other trades, and executed in a manner entirely satisfactory to the Owner and Engineer CUTTING AND PATCHING A. The Electrical Sub-Contractor shall provide all cutting and core drilling in slabs and walls for the installation of all electrical conduit systems. After completion of the installation of work, patch all holes and openings around conduits and conduit sleeves. ELECTRICAL

12 1.32 INTERPRETATIONS A. If an interpretation of the specifications is required, or same contradiction of the specification and/or drawings is found, contact the Engineer for the interpretation, and the Engineer will interpret the specification as to the intent WARRANTY A. Furnish a written warranty in triplicate, warranting all materials, equipment, and labor furnished to be free of defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of final acceptance by the Owner. Further warrant that all equipment shall meet the characteristics, capacities, and workmanship specified and should defects appear or performance of equipment be inadequate within the warranty period, the defects and/or equipment will be replaced or made good without cost to the Owner. END OF SECTION ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL