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1 NOTICE TO TENDERERS Bid number: DBN/CAP (RTPC) 768 Bid invited for: SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF RAIL INSPECTION TROLLEY FOR METRORAIL KZN With effect from 15 JUNE 2018 to 22 JUNE 2018, the Bid document (CD) may be collected at: Address: Metrorail Regional Office 65 Masabalala Yengwa Avenue Durban Station Office hours: Mondays to Fridays 08:00 to 15:30 (ONLY) where CD s can also be obtained on payment of an amount of R per disc which is not refundable. No cash or cheques will be accepted at PRASA offices (Bank Deposit or Electronic Payments - allow for 1-day delay). Clearly indicate the Tender Number on the Deposit Slip or EFT document as reference. BANKING DETAILS:- Metrorail KZN, Standard Bank, Windermere, Branch Code: , Account No.: Confirmation of EFT payment must be ed to the Senior Buyer PRIOR to collecting the CD or attending the Briefing Session. Failing to do so will result in you not being granted access to the Briefing Session. Bidders must arrange own transport and parking. Bidders failing to attend the compulsory Bid briefing session will be disqualified. PRASA reserves the right to only allow Bidders in possession of a valid Bid document at the briefing. A maximum of two representatives per company will be allowed to attend the briefing. THE ONUS IS ON THE TENDERER TO PRINT THE DOCUMENT FROM THE CD DISC AND SUBMIT PRINTED TENDER DOCUMENTS WHEN SUBMITTING THEIR TENDERS. NB: IT IS MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR PROSPECTIVE SUPPLIERS TO BE REGISTERED ON THE CSD IN ALL REQUESTS FOR PROCUREMENT OF GOODS AND / OR SERVICES.

2 TECHNICAL EVALUATION MATRIX No 1 EVALUATION CRITERIA Previous Experience:(Relevant to Similar Projects) (Supply a Completion Certificate or reference letter on 3 similar projects that have been completed in the last 3 years). 3 projects (60) 2 projects (45) 0-1 project (30) TOTAL POINTS 60 2 Quality/Capability/Safety Submit a written undertaking in the form of a letter specifying the commitment period months to deliver (40) 40 TOTAL 100 Minimum 75% must be attained to qualify to the next evaluation stage of Price and BBBEE Price 80 BBBEE 20 Total 100


4 PART A: SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OHTE INSPECTION TROLLEY A.1 PROJECT PURPOSE The purpose of this project is to supply and deliver an OHTE Inspection Trolley. The trolley is required to perform overhead equipment inspections under dead and live conditions. It shall be delivered to Durban Electrical Depot. A.2 PROJECT DURATION Metrorail KZN requires that the Works be completed within ten (10) months which period shall include any statutory and builder s holidays falling within this period. The completion date will be determined by adding the period specified above to the date of written notification of acceptance of tender, or to such later date as may be specified in the advice of award. Lead-time has been built into the period specified. The suppliers shall provide a written undertaking in the form of a letter specifying the commitment period. A.3 ADDITIONAL WORKS Any additional work not authorized by the Project Engineer, even if proven necessary for the successful completion of the project will be tenderer s own account. A.4 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The bidder must supply all the mechanisms and fit it onto a Trolley of any brand. The bidder may submit their own model/versions according to their specifications which must meet functional requirement as mentioned in this specification. A.4.1. The trolley shall have a pantograph on the roof mounted on the roof insulators. The pantograph must be fitted with an Automatic Dropping Device to prevent damages in case of an obstruction on the line. A.4.2. Must have an inspection glass situated on the roof above the back seat of the trolley. A.4.3. Must have an infrared camera mounted on the roof top and is coupled to a monitor in the lower section. All trips to be recorded and logged on a hard drive and a G.P.S facility must be installed to record position and distance travelled. The camera shall be adjusted by turning the lens to a suitable viewing angle and be fitted in a cage that will prevent camera from being damaged under bad weather conditions. Installation must conform to railway clearances and adhere to BBD5814. A.4.4. Must have a top speed of 120kmph. A.4.5. The trolley shall be a uni-direction vehicle (but still equipped with a reverse gear) fitted with an easy to operate central turn table that enables it to be turned around on track. The jacks should be driven by a hydraulic motor, powered by an engine driven hydraulic pump. It should have a hand operated crank lever fitted for emergency use in case of engine or main hydraulic pump failure. A.4.6. The trolley shall be able to accommodate nine people seated including the driver. The seats shall be luxury coach seats with arm rests and safety belts. A.4.7. The trolley shall have head lights to be able to work at night and have suitable tail lights. The visibility during night in dry and clear weather shall not be less than 50m. The Wattage and voltage of bulbs used in head lights and tail lights shall be such that these are commonly available in the field of trade. A.4.8. The wheel diameter of the trolley shall be large enough to provide stability at maximum designed speed and capable of negotiating points and crossings. A.4.9. The Wheels shall be designed in such a way that, it can run on the following Prasa & Transnet Railway lines:

5 A The trolley shall have proper suspension system to give good riding quality in empty and fully loaded conditions at designed speed. A The trolley should preferably have an electric operated hooter to give adequate audible warning of approach. A Must have a tow bar at the back and a bull bar at the front. A Must have a compressed air system which is used to operate the brakes, siren and the engine cut-out. This system shall have fail-safe brakes which serve to automatically activate emergency brakes in the event of service air pressure loss. A Rust proof/resistant material must be used for body parts. A The trolley shall be constructed in such a way so as to ensure simple operation. A The engine shall be air cooled. The Engine shall be of adequate power having sufficient reserve power to work in conditions mentioned under clause 5.2. A Rail Sweepers must be fitted A The trolley shall have proper and efficient braking system operated by foot pedal or mechanical hand brake and mechanical parking brakes. A The bidder must ensure that the spring assembly at the rear axle is manufactured in such a way that it prevents excessive sagging when loaded. If bidder ignores this, any measure to rectify the problem, will be at the expense of the bidder. A All hydraulic, electrical, electronic and mechanical control as well as parts such as pipes, wiring, cables, control panels, etc shall be interconnected and included in the trolley as self-contained unit. A The trolley shall have a complete air conditioning system and the successful tenderer must provide manufactures operating manual. A Any other work arising out of or incidental to the above or required of the contractor or the completion of the works in accordance with the true meaning and intent of the contract documents shall also be the responsibility of the contractor. A The contactor shall design all components to conform to BBD5814 attached. A.5 TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS A.5.1. The trolley shall fulfil the following technical requirements: A Fuel tank capacity: 150 litre (allow safe range of more than 1000km at a consumption of 14 litre/100km) A Engine specification: It should be powered by a rear mounted diesel engine driving the front wheels through an automatic gearbox and a purpose built transfer box. A Seating capacity: 9 persons A Gross vehicle mass (GVM): 5300 kg A Maximum Speed: 120 kmph

6 A Size: Length = 4076mm, Width = 2194mm and Height = 3035mm, But the bidder may submit their own proposed size specifications which can meet Prasa s functional requirement to the Project Manager for approval. A.5.2. The trolley shall be operable in climatic condition mentioned below: A Atmospheric temperature: - 5 с to + 45 с A Altitude: 0 to 1800 m above sea level A Humidity: 10% to 90% A Rainfall: Very heavy in certain areas A Lightning conditions: 12 ground flashes per square kilometre per annum A Pollution: Industrial and heavy salt laden coastal pollution A.6 CONTROLS A.6.1 A.6.2 A.6.3 A control must be provided in the cab of the vehicle for engaging and disengaging the power take off attachment. Turn-table control must be provided on the control panel outside the trolley. The turn-table controls must be positioned in such a way that the operator can easily perform all the functions. A.7 SPEED SYSTEM A.7.1 A.7.2 A.7.3 A.7.4 Speedometer must be provided Odometer must be provided to monitor the distance travelled. The trolley shall have necessary speed controlling device to increase or decrease the speed to run at desired speed. Max operating Speed shall be 120kmph. A.8 WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS A.8.1 A.8.2 A.8.3 A.8.4 Body material must be rust proof/resistant. Welds, whether full or spaced, must be continuous and must have no porosity. Particular attention must be paid to cleaning of all welds so as to leave them free of scale, roughness and pits. All the working parts subjected to wear shall be accurately machined to such tolerances as will ensure the fitting of spares with minimum of adjustment. Overall workmanship and finish shall be as per best trade practices. A.9 PAINTING A.9.1 A.9.2 A.9.3 All interior and exterior metal surfaces must be cleaned of all dirt scale, welding splutter, rust and grease. Painting must be done in high quality twin pack polyurethane type paint. The underside of the vehicle must be protected with a bituminous paint or similar. A.10 TOOLS The trolley shall be supplied with a complete kit of tools required by the operator in emergency and or normal working of the machine. A.11 DOCUMENTS THAT MUST BE RETURNED AS PART OF THE TENDER The following documents must be returned by the contractor as part of the tender submitted: A.11.1 Letter confirming completion period as per evaluation matrix and the detailed program of the works stating the lead time of the product must be submitted with the tender document. A.12 DELIVERY RATES The contractor will be responsible for loading, transportation and off-loading of the inspection trolley required and the rates must be included on the Bill of Quantities.

7 A.13 LABOUR RATE See bill of quantities A.14 LEGISLATION A.14.1 The unit must comply in all respect with the requirements of the Railway Traffic Legislation. A.14.2 All tail lights, reflectors and marker lights must comply with Railway Traffic Legislation. A.14.3 The units must comply in all respect with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of A.15 EVALUATION OF OFFER A.15.1 Pamphlets (in the form of pictures, operating manuals and technical specification) of each piece of equipment that the bidder intends to use in the unit must be submitted with the bid documents. A.15.2 All figures in this specification are approximate and the bidder must state every dimension where it differs from the specification and submit the details with the bid document. A.15.3 Letter confirming completion period as per evaluation matrix and the detailed program of the works stating the lead time of the product must be submitted with the tender document. A.16 INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE A.16.1 A member appointed by Metrorail must subject all materials, workmanship and construction to inspection and acceptance. The completion of work shall be subjected to the approval of the Regional Electrical Engineer. A.16.2 Any damages shall be reported immediately to the designated representative, who will issue the necessary instructions. A.16.3 The Service Worthy certificate guaranteeing the performance of the trolley shall be supplied along with the delivery of the trolley. A.16.4 Detailed operating manual, safety precautions to be taken, maintenance and service manuals shall be supplied in three copies on delivery. A.17 WARRANTY A.17.1 The unit must be guaranteed in terms of the General Conditions of Contract. Warranty coverage shall be five (5) years which must include the service plan and replacement of any component which fails within the guarantee period. The guarantee period shall commence the day local Metrorail staff accepted the inspection trolley. A.17.2 Any part of the trolley failing or providing unsatisfactory in service due to defective design, material or workmanship within guarantee period shall be replaced by the supplier at his own expense. The repairs shall commence within 7 days of notification. A.17.3 Should the Contractor fail to comply with the requirements stipulated above, Metrorail shall be entitled to undertake the necessary repair work and the Contractor shall reimburse Metrorail the total cost of such repair of replacement, including the labour costs incurred in the repairs. A.17.4 The contractor shall make a provision on a schedule of prices for service plan of the Trolley for the duration of guarantee period (5 years). A.18 TRAINING Bidders are required to give training on the use of the product to 4 Metrorail personnel. Adequate training in operation and maintenance of the trolley shall be imparted to railway operators at the rate two operators per trolley. A.19 PENALTIES A.9.1 A.9.2 Should the Contractor supply wrong items, the sum of R (five thousand Rand) will be charged per item. The contactor shall pay Prasa an amount calculated to be 0.3% of the Contract Price per delayed day as penalties in terms of Clause as per the GCC. However, the total amount due under this Sub-Clause shall not exceed the maximum of 10% of the Contract Price. (Clause 23.9 as per GCC is applicable).

8 A.20 CIDB GRADING The CIDB grading will not considered for this project. A.21 REFERENCES Requirements for infrared Thermographic Scanning of Overhead Track Equipment BBD5814 END OF SPECIFICATION