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1 connecting Word of Life Bible Institute alumni VICTORY Issue 6, Spring 2013 Cover Story: The Second Generation Also inside: 8How You Can Help 9Introducing the new alumni director, Mike Bush

2 A Message from the Chancellor Don Lough, Jr. Chancellor We live in a world where it is unpopular to take a stand for what is right and true. The message of the cross is considered nonsense to many. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are often labeled as exclusive, intolerant, and backward. Faced with this kind of pressure, it might appear attractive at times to simply take the path of least resistance and to assume a stealth mode. The Apostle Paul s declaration in Romans 1:16 jolts us back to the reality of where we really need to be as Christians: For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. If there was ever a place for Paul to be timid and ashamed of the Gospel, it was in Rome. Rome was an arrogant city, a home to every conceivable idol as well as the center of intellectualism and philosophy. Here was Paul, a tentmaker by trade, proclaiming a message about a Jewish carpenter named Jesus who died a criminal s death on a cross. Regardless, Paul affirms, I am not ashamed of the Gospel Where does this kind of confidence come from? Here are a few truths to consider. First, Paul believed that the Gospel is superior not some fairy tale or story fabricated in the mind of man. The Gospel is from God and is about His Son, Jesus Christ. It is superior to any religious idea or philosophy. Nothing compares to the Gospel. Second, Paul believed the Gospel was sufficient. Don t ever forget that the Gospel does not contain the power of God. Instead, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Finally, the apostle also knew that the Gospel is simple. It is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes. Many cling to the idea that salvation requires good works or special requirements. No the Gospel calls for simple faith and trust in God s Son, Jesus Christ, as the One who can save from sin. Today, God has strategically placed you on this planet not simply to exist, but to make Him known. Do not ever be ashamed to share the Good News about Jesus Christ. The Victory Journal is a publication of the Word of Life Bible Institute. The name Victory Journal comes from Jack Wyrtzen, the Founder of Word of Life, who used to sign his letters with the phrase on the victory side Glendale Road Pottersville, NY Chancellor: Don Lough, Jr. Executive Dean: Mark Strout Alumni Director: Mike Bush Holding forth the Word of life. Philippians 2:16 The Victory Journal Is Now Online Visit us at to find everything you see inside the pages of the Victory Journal. We ll keep the site updated with photos, testimonies, features, and columns by alumni and for alumni. You can also comment on articles and submit ideas for new pieces. We want to get as many alumni as possible following our Facebook page. Can you help us reach our goal? Follow us at and spread the word among other alumni you know. Look for: Word of Life Bible Institute Alumni Ideas? Suggestions? Contributions? Connect with Victory Journal: For reprints, back issues, and other information, please contact us at: or Copyright 2013 Word of Life Fellowship. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from Word of Life Fellowship, Inc. To obtain permission, us at Mission Statement Just as the Bible Institute provided a place for you to learn about God, to grow in your spiritual walk, and to connect with other Christians in true community, we want the Victory Journal to be a place where you can continue that journey. We want to build a community where you can find longtime friends, share testimonies of what God has been doing, encourage others with your stories of change, and learn how you, too, can still be involved with the community and mission of Word of Life. Be part of the Victory Journal We want to hear from you! What is God doing in your life? How has He led, helped, or comforted you, even in small ways, since your time at the Bible Institute? If you have a story to share, us at Whether you have a testimony to give, a story tip to pass on, or would like to hear more about a part of Word of Life, we are here to help. We want to see you in the Victory Journal! What we re looking for The Victory Journal features all kinds of stories about Bible Institute alumni, whether you have short pieces of alumni news or ideas for longer articles. Let us know if there s something or someone you d like to see. Fill us in on people or opportunities involved with alumni or Word of Life. And finally, tell us about yourself! If you have a testimony, remember when, ministry update, or feature article idea, please send it our way. Are you trying to connect with other alumni? The Victory Journal will not only tell you stories about other alumni but will also help you connect with them. Periodically, we will let you know about different ways you can find old friends or classmates through events at Word of Life or perhaps in local church ministries around the country. But there s also a place where you can always go when looking for fellow Bible Institute graduates. Contact or visit our Facebook group to connect with other alumni right now. 4CONTENTS From the Editor Q&A with Gary Ingersoll How You Can Help Introducing Mike Bush Cover Story: The Second Generation EVERY ISSUE 5 17 Refresh Campus Update/ Staff News 18 Alumni News 19 Events 2 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 3

3 4 VICTORY JOURNAL Camp, and supervising the bakery at the Word of Life Inn during the summer. It s about what happens when an intense year becomes a life of knowing God and spreading His Truth. The message of the Bible Institute, of Word of Life, of Jesus Christ, is spread throughout the world in so many ways by those who are the alumni of the Word of Life Bible Institute. We want to make the Victory Journal something that ministers to those people that tells their stories. I hope you re encouraged to know a Bible Institute graduate is bumbling her way around Boston, sharing Jesus, and I want to be encouraged by hearing what you are doing now. We want the Victory Journal to be a continuing dialogue of what we learned at the Bible Institute but also a place to share with each other what God has done since then. So, send us your stories. Share your memories. Tell us what you like and don t like about the Victory Journal (or our online blog), and how it could be better for you. This isn t about the Bible Institute or Word of Life it s about how God changes lives through the Bible Institute and Word of Life, and that means we want to hear from you. We have big plans for the Victory Journal. We ve come a long way, but we re still trying to expand and do a better job of serving you. Please send us your ideas and stories via or We will keep you updated on what we re doing within these pages and online. And you know, this column might not be such a bad idea if you send us plenty of your stories to talk about in each issue. Jen Slothower EDITOR ever been to create a template of what every graduate should look like? When you devote a program to pushing its students deeper and deeper inside the Word, should you be surprised when some of them find Jesus Christ in the deepest of ways and then want to take Him to places where no one speaks His name, from Fenway Park to Boylston Street to Harvard Square? My professional life right now consists of me keeping the jobs I can get as journalism melts around me. But my personal life is exactly what I have prayed it will be since I first discovered the idea of a life consumed by God (Colossians 3) at the Bible Institute. I now aim to walk with God, and then to carry the only true hope I ve ever found to the people I see in everyday life. The Bible Institute is billed as a great place to start. And it is just that a start. For all that people love about their Bible Institute years and what happened there, the true glory belongs to the years after, and how God takes a short time of immersive Bible training and turns it into incredible changed lives all over the world. I live in Cambridge. You live in Lynchburg, Virginia; Hudson, Florida; Chicago; California; Brazil. I write sports. You sell insurance and help in your youth group. You teach and volunteer. You raise your kids or devote your life to missions. I rarely set foot on a Bible Institute campus, but I know why God has me using my journalism experience to make this magazine happen. The Bible Institute isn t just about Open Air Evangelism, Snow Refresh. A FROM THE lumni Director Emeritus Wayne Lewis seems to think you all will enjoy getting a column from me, the editor, in every Victory Journal (and a photo of myself, at some point). So here we go. The reason I shied away from putting my name all over this magazine in the past is mostly that I think my part shouldn t matter. If you are reading and enjoying what we are sending you, you ll be reading and enjoying it, and the person putting it together is of no consequence. (And if the opposite is true, then we just have to work harder.) But as we change this Victory Journal and aim to make it something that not only blesses the alumni population but also accurately reflects you, my role in the Victory Journal s development might be more important than I realized. First, understand that I am not a staff member at Word of Life. While I am an alumnus, I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, down near Memorial Drive, where you can look across the Charles River black like glass and see Boston, a city that has so much hope, promise, and intellect but is really as lost as this world has ever been. I have degrees in journalism and have done everything from designing the front page of a newspaper each night to covering the Celtics at the Garden to editing Sunday School lessons for teenagers. Right now, I am a diehard Yankees fan who writes baseball, football, basketball, and hockey stories for a Boston-based national sports website. So, why am I editing the Victory Journal? Well, why not? Think about this: When has the Bible Institute ever been about spitting out cookie-cutter Christians? Has Word of Life s goal Plenty of things in life can drag us down. That s why we need to remember the truth behind what we already know about joy. by Steve nicholes W hen I transferred from the Bible Institute to college, I was put in a dorm where students who decided to enroll at the last minute were housed. It was a bad scene and, to be honest, I hated my situation. I had just come from the Bible Institute, where I was a big fish in a small pond. At the new school, hardly anybody knew me. I remember one of my Bible Institute friends coming up to me one day and saying, Steve, I used to think you were really important... Every time I went into my dorm, I got depressed. That was a first for me. I was a pretty positive guy. I started asking God Why? The more I thought about it, the more depressed I became. It was like I was in this hole, and I was going down, and I didn t know how to get out. Finally, one day, in the middle of my depression, I remembered a song from when I was a little kid. Jesus and others and you what a wonderful way to spell joy, Jesus and others and you in the heart of each girl and each boy. J is for Jesus, for He has first place, O is for others we meet face to face. Y is for you in whatever you do, So put yourself last and spell joy. I knew that a lot of Scripture verses talk about this idea. Seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). He must increase; I must decrease (John 3:30). Let each esteem others better than himself (Philippians 2:3). And the greatest commands in Scripture are to (1) love God with all your heart and (2) love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-39). I believed these things were true, but I didn t know how they would bring joy. I was desperate in my black hole, though. I prayed, God, help me, and He gave me the idea to get together with some other Bible Institute alumni who were at the school. One Steve Nicholes, Class of 1981, is the director of Word of Life Northeast Asia. He now leads the campus in Jeju, South Korea, with his wife Rhonda, Class of 1985, by his side. of them lived off-campus, so I asked if we could buy the stuff to make chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies and make them at his home. After that, we took the cookies to a nursing home and began to go room to room. I took my cookies into the first room. The lady sitting there was so surprised to have a visitor. She began telling me her story. She told me that her kids never came to visit her. Over and over, she kept saying, Thank you for taking time to come and be with me. The next room was a similar story and the next and the next. By the time I stepped back onto campus, my whole mindset had changed. I had finally stopped looking at myself and had begun looking at those around me who were hurting. The path out of my hole really was Jesus first, others second, and myself last. If we really love Jesus and put Him first, then we can enjoy time with Him even if we are on a desert road without anyone else. Then, putting others second makes us stop focusing on ourselves. I can say that I have never again been depressed like that in my life. The new focus changed my life and my perspective. I don t know where this article finds you, but as I watch world news from Jeju Island in South Korea, there are so many things that can drag us down. I hope that this simple but timeless principle will help you as it did me. Lift your eyes up to the Lord first, and then look around to others who are worse off than you and lend a helping hand. I firmly believe it won t be long before you will gain victory over whatever is trying to drag you down. Jesus and others and you what a wonderful way to spell joy. VICTORY JOURNAL 5

4 GET TO KNOW Gary Ingersoll David L. Duma, Class of 1979 For many years, I could not stand to be around Christians. I hated to see those smiling faces. I just knew they couldn t be happy all the time. My childhood was unhappy. My mom and dad divorced when I was 6 years old. I remember them always fighting, and my mom crying at night after the police escorted my dad out of the house. My mom and us three children were left in a farmhouse with no heat and a bank repo letter on the door, telling us to move. The Christians I knew were counterfeit. They smiled but never helped, even after my dad left. Instead, my grandpa and grandma took us in. Mom got a decent job as a secretary in a factory, and my brother and I got jobs as kids to pay our own way. I delivered newspapers. When I was 12, I started washing dishes in a restaurant and cleaned a slaughterhouse. Getting into the working world introduced me to different people, and I made new friends who were not good for me. The Bible says bad company corrupts good manners, and it s true. I was a good boy who went bad fast. I finally had plenty of money, but having everything money could buy didn t keep me from being miserable. Still, I knew some people who didn t have much materially but always had smiling faces and seemed genuinely happy. They seemed to like me and never judged me, and I was comfortable around them for some reason. All these people wanted to do was to help me, and I began to think that they may be right when they told me I just needed Christ. Before, there was no way I thought Jesus could be the answer because everything associated with God and Christianity had been so bad in my life. But these people planted the seed that got me thinking that Christ could be what I needed as my life sank further into the sin issues I was dealing with. After battling sin and thinking about where my life was headed, one night it all finally came together. I knew I needed to come to Christ. After a series of events, on June 14, 1977, at 11:30 p.m., I knelt on a sidewalk in Akron, Ohio and asked Jesus to forgive me and take control of my life. I was 21 years old. On that night, 2 Corinthians 5:17 became real: If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away: Behold, all things are become new. Starting that night, God changed all my desires. I became one of those smiling face people. I loved to go to church, something I never did before. I loved to fellowship with believers and study God s Word. A year later, my pastor told me about Word of Life Bible Institute, and I decided I wanted a deeper walk with the Lord. I wanted to get grounded, and God led me to join the Class of I never pre-registered for the Bible Institute. My pastor told me that if God was leading me, Word of Life wouldn t send me home. My Bible study small group at home had a going-away party for me and handed me an envelope with enough cash to pay my way. I knew God s hand was on me. I drove 533 miles in a junk car with no heat to get to the Bible Institute, and I was so happy. I showed up the day before class campfire night. That year, I got grounded in God s Word, and 34 years later, I still have my verses down. They stay with you, and you ll always use them. I met the love of my life when working in the dish pit at the Bible Institute Beverly Garber, now Beverly Duma. We ve been married 32 years and have five sons, three daughters, and seven grandchildren. Three of our kids David, Bryan, and Sarah are Bible Institute graduates, and two sons, Daniel and Michael, are attending right now. As for Beverly and me, we are stewards of a family business in Ohio. That is our ministry. We are called to support the Lord s work and meet the needs of our employees. I also serve as a Sunday School teacher and elder at Maranatha Bible Church. You cannot know the will of God unless you know the Word of God. God s will is in His Word. It was God s Word that has shaped my life to where it is now, and it is God s Word that can change your life, too. Tell us how you ended up at the Bible Institute in Florida. I came 3,200 miles, from the other corner of the country, to the Bible Institute in Florida as a job transfer in I had been a Word of Life missionary with Local Church Ministries in Washington state for 12 years. The opportunity to be a professor at the Bible Institute does not often present itself (after 15 years, I am still the newest professor at the U.S. campuses), so when I heard an extension campus was opening in Florida, I began asking about transferring. How did you get into teaching the Bible? Educationally, my story begins in 1970, when I was in the second year of a five-year program to become an engineer at General Motors Institute (now called Kettering University, in Flint, Michigan). It was then that I asked Jesus to be my Savior through the ministry at the nearby Riverdale Baptist Church. I earned my engineering degree in 1974, took an educational leave of absence from General Motors (I worked in things like car crash testing ), and enrolled at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. After a recession caused me to lose an associate pastor position, I returned to seminary and then took an associate pastorship at Bethany Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington. What on earth took you from crash-testing cars to teaching the Bible? What did God do in your life? Well, I got saved in my second year of the engineering program back when General Motors was the largest company Certain teachers seem as as much a part of the Bible Institute as Scripture memory or chapter titles. But few have always been at Word of Life...or even in ministry. The Florida campus has a former titan of industry (well, close enough) as one of its resident professors a man whose Bible training went well beyond book studies. in the world. By that point, I had been around Christian friends for some three years first in high school and then again in college. I knew they had an inner joy, peace, and purpose I lacked in my life. I also came to understand before I was saved that to become a Christian meant that I must change my focus in life. I had natural abilities as an engineer, so I thought I could pursue that career, make a lot of money, and, of course, live happily ever after. Yet I was a seeker of the truth about Jesus, and I believe the Lord showed me the way, calling me not only to salvation but also to a greater purpose in life than I had up to that point. After I was saved, I had several long conversations with influential older Christians like my college calculus professor, Dr. Bolander. He and others helped me see how I could become a true disciple of my Lord Jesus. He encouraged me to finish my engineering degree and to get involved in my local church. I worked with the teen program, which was involved with Word of Life, and began to help out at some evangelistic activities in our area. I began teaching in the church on a regular basis. So, 20 years before I became a professor at the Bible Institute, I was teaching doctrinal studies to teens at my church each week. Little did I know that the Lord was going to use all of it as preparation to continue my work with young people at the Bible Institute. What makes Word of Life unique, and why did you want to stick around? My wife, Fran, and I first chose to come on staff with Word of Life and, from time to time over the past 27 years, have chosen to remain with Word of Life instead of moving on to some other ministry based upon one primary observation: Word of Life continues to afford the two of us a greater opportunity of service for our Savior, Jesus Christ, than anything else into which we could be investing our lives! We could be involved elsewhere, make more money, and perhaps gain greater fame or a more impressive title. Yet we have chosen to invest in the lives of the 120-plus young people that each year become our students. It is our goal to help them grow in their walks with the Lord as we pastor them like a one-year youth group. They truly become our young people, whom we love! Hear more from Gary online at 6 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 7

5 Jordan Bush (Class of 07 and 08), Jairus Bush, Sara Ray Bush (Class of 07), Evangeline Bush, Stefanie Paun Bush (Class of 09 and 10), Kyle Bush (Class of 09 and 10), Amy Slusher Bush (Class of 83), Mike Bush (Class of 81), Jocelyn Shelly, soon to be Bush (Class of 11 and 12), Brennan Bush (Class of 11 and 12) Many alumni ask us how they can help Word of Life at the Bible Institute or around the world. Here is one of the biggest ways you can get involved. The National Volunteer Program is an opportunity for people to use their gifts and abilities to help with the ministry needs of Word of Life New York. The purpose of the program is to assist our staff in creating and maintaining an environment in which students can be trained and equipped for future ministry, our guests can be refreshed in God s Word, and the Gospel can be clearly proclaimed. The program hosted more than 650 volunteers in 2012, including people who came on their own, couples and families, retirees, youth groups, and church groups. You don t have to be a professional or highly skilled to volunteer. Although some of our volunteers are trained in a craft, many know just the basics or are willing to simply do whatever needs to be done. Projects involve carpentry, clerical work, electrical jobs, general labor, health care, housekeeping, heating and air conditioning repair, computers and technology, kitchen work, landscaping, lawn care, maintenance work, masonry, mechanics, painting, and much more. A message from the new alumni director Mike Bush During Memorial Day weekend last year, the program hosted 300 volunteers. They helped prepare New York for summer camp and the conference season. The volunteers accomplished much and were also able to enjoy our facilities and participate in the special Memorial Day service at the Bible Institute. Alumni who are interested in helping this Memorial Day weekend will be able to enjoy Word of Life s Homecoming weekend. Some of the major upcoming projects in the first half of 2013 are: All camps: Cleanup and landscaping; volunteers and counselors for camping season Family Campground: Build a pavilion for the youth program Inn: Remodel STC housing, upgrade roofing Island: Finish building the beach/dome bathhouse, remodel bathrooms, replace decks Ranch: Remodel cabins Bible Institute: Remodel dorms We are indebted to the services of our volunteers. The support they provide cannot be measured. The National Volunteer Program is a labor of love. Please ask the Lord how He will allow you to be used as a volunteer with Word of Life in For more information, check out or us at You can also call David McClain, our program coordinator, at Hello, alumni! Don t be alarmed Wayne Lewis is still around. We just wanted to take this time to let you know about some changes that will be going on at Word of Life, and specifically for Bible Institute alumni. Wayne has spent the last couple of years ramping up our alumni connections, and now I m coming on board to help as the new alumni director. Wayne will continue as alumni director emeritus, and we re already looking at a few new ways we can connect with and serve alumni. First of all, this marks some changes for me and my wife, Amy. We have had the high honor of serving at the Word of Life Inn since September That ministry has been one of the most demanding, stretching, tiring, exciting, impactful, fun, and rewarding things Amy and I have ever done. We ve seen God at work, changing the hearts and lives of children, teens, adults, and families from all over the world. We renewed old friendships and made many new ones. We served with some of God s most faithful servants and loved being part of a wonderful family, including full-time, part-time, volunteer, and summer staff. But, like they say, all good things must come to an end. Now we ll be moving our focus to two things: connecting with alumni, and helping host the winter conference season in Florida. With alumni, I will take the lead from Wayne and continue to encourage, help, and support our 18,000-strong alumni family. Wayne and I have already been working with Greg Dyson, our new director of admissions, on events this spring in partnership with our Local Church Ministries missionaries. Wayne has called this our Back to the Future tour. We are encouraging alumni to attend these events and bring prospective students with them ( back = alumni, future = admissions). We would appreciate your help with these events as well, as we hope to introduce many new people to the Bible Institute (see page 19 for dates). We will spend the winter season at Word of Life Florida hosting the conference guests and RV park residents as well as leading Bible hours and planning activities. Time will also be spent visiting alumni and planning reunions in the Southeast. We will return to Schroon Lake in April and spend much of the spring, summer, and fall connecting with alumni and friends in the ministry at the Bible Institute, the Inn, and the Family Campground. We look forward to these exciting new changes and how we continue to extend the reach of the Bible Institute by connecting former students and finding new ones. Please be in prayer as we make these changes, and we look forward to continuing the work God has done. I will seek unto God, and unto God will I commit my cause. He does great things and unsearchable, marvelous things without number (Job 5:8-9). 8 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 9

6 the 2nd generation His mercy extends to those who fear Him, from generation to generation. (Luke 1:50) The Bible is filled with generations. Hidden within the many genealogies and stories of parents and children is a two-fold purpose. People are called not only to follow God s direction for their lives but also to pass on the Truth they learn to those who come behind them. Abraham was given a promise, and Isaac and Jacob carried it until the nation of Israel formed. David was told by God that he was just generations away from seeing a Savior come from his line. The Israelites, for years and years, watched their children grow up among them, taking God s promises into the next wave of life. In the Bible, one generation is measured as 40 years. That same time frame 40 years also marked momentous eras in Jewish history, most notably the wandering in the desert, when an entire generation died away after dismissing God s hope for entering a new land. The lesson to be learned is that one generation can fail to continue what has come before or one generation can turn away from unbelief and forge ahead by God s leading. But the best stories of generations in the Bible are those of blessing, where parents train their children according to sound teaching. One generation rises up to follow God, and their children rise up as well. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the Word of Life Bible Institute s founding, meaning the school is officially in its second generation. For years, parents have been sending their children to Schroon Lake, Hudson, Owen Sound, or now Jeju Island. But in recent years, many of those parents aren t just sending their kids to a school they heard was great. They are pointing their children to the campuses that once changed their own lives. We ve rounded up a few students attending the Bible Institute this year who have parents who are alumni as well as some of the alumni who encouraged their children to go to Word of Life and asked them to describe why they made the choice to come to the Bible Institute and what it has meant to them. Not surprisingly, many of the alumni whose children are now studying in the same system that began 40 years ago have fond memories of when they first came, and they can affirm why they wanted their children to follow. These are just a few of their stories. We would love to tell more, and to hear from any alumni about their experiences at the Bible Institute and beyond. But, most of all, we want to celebrate a new generation following Christ, as the generation before, which pursued truth and God s guidance. May we all see another fruitful 40 years. 10 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 11

7 Ruth (Nazarian) Zaharek Class of 1984 Word of Life has had a huge impact on my life. When I was a teenager, a couple of counselors on the Island convinced me I needed a year at the Bible Institute, and they were so right! I had no clear direction and needed discipline. During my year there, I met my husband, and we ve been married 27 years. Once my husband and I had children, I wanted them to experience Word of Life camps. Even though we lived 11 hours away, God made it possible. Each year my children went was a life-changing experience. My oldest daughter, Kristyna, decided that the Bible Institute was where she needed to go, and we were thrilled. Now my second daughter, Michelle, is there, and it s been an amazing year so far. My son is hoping to work at Word of Life this summer, too. So each of us has been impacted by this fantastic place! I just can t imagine where I d be without the influence of Word of Life. Michelle Zaharek The Bible Institute was always there for me as an option, but being as rebellious as I was, there was no way I ever wanted to end up going. Lucky for me, I decided to do STC on the Island, and during my junior summer, my life completely changed. I rededicated my life to Christ, and during that time, I realized how much God wanted me to go to the Bible Institute. My life needed a major change, so I knew that was where I was meant to go. I knew I was in for an adventure. God taught me that there are real people in this world who won t treat you like trash people who will show you love. I ve been given such a support group that half the time I m not sure how to respond to it. My parents didn t really influence my decision to come, but they did open the window of opportunity. I ve always been somewhat of a hopeless romantic, and the fact that my mom met my dad here was the little push I needed to remain patient for a love that could actually last. FUN FACTS: The Zahareks have been involved with Word of Life for three generations. Ruth s dad would fly Jack Wyrtzen to rallies Ruth (mom) and Michelle (daughter) both roomed in South America dorm All three Zaharek girls were involved on the Island, and all three were part of the Collegians, although Ruth s Collegians went on tour. John and Kimberly (Neve) Lingelbach Class of 1988 Little did we know that a short conversation after lunch on a dreary October afternoon in Pottersville, New York, would forever change our lives. We had both come to the Word of Life Bible Institute from similar backgrounds and for the same purpose. We had both grown up in Christian homes, but as we came to the end of our time in high school, we were weary of nominal Christianity. Our relationships with God were fractured by compromise and disobedience. Tired of churchianity, we were starving for God s truth and came to the Bible Institute to find it not in the teachings of men, but in the pages of Scripture. Just good enough was no longer good enough we wanted to live for more. During that introductory conversation after lunch, we became instant friends, and within two months, we were dating. After graduating from the Bible Institute, we knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, so we married in 1989, determined to put God at the center of our relationship and implement the principles we had learned at the Bible Institute. Fast forward through 23 years of marriage, three children, and a career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. We have seen God s faithfulness all along despite our shortcomings. Time and time again we hearken back to what we learned 25 years ago at the Bible Institute, and those principles remain applicable today, perhaps more than ever before. Because we saw what God had done for us, and because we believe so strongly in what God is doing at and through Word of Life, we insisted that all of our children attend the Bible Institute before starting their own families and careers. Consequently, each of our children has attended the Bible Institute, and currently our youngest daughter, Taylor, attends the Florida campus. No, little did we know that a short conversation after lunch on a dreary October afternoon in Pottersville, New York, would forever change our lives. But at the time, we also lacked an understanding of how God is at work through the ministry of Word of Life Bible Institute. When we first left after graduation, we were inexperienced at life, but we believed that if we would follow God s Word, He would do amazing things through us. He has. And after all these years we are even more excited about what He has yet to do. We still believe. first year, Florida Taylor Lingelbach I learned about the Bible Institute at a very young age, considering my parents met each other there. They wanted me to come for at least one year to have a firm foundation in the Word of God before diving into a secular university. Since I ve been at the Bible Institute, I ve started realizing that every little thing we do is part of God s plan. He knows what is best for us, and we should trust Him more than anything or anyone. By the time I graduate next year, I hope God will set out the direction He wants me to go. I will be attending the University of South Florida, and with the Biblical foundation that I will be gaining here, I plan on living for God in all things, especially in a non-christian environment. I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in 1985 on a recommendation from my father to know the Word of God in depth. As many graduates say, it was the best year of my life. I gained friendships, was trained for ministry, studied the Bible, acquired godly mentors, and learned where God was leading my life. I was also blessed to meet my husband at Word of Life, which I was not expecting. I can also see from life experience how the Lord used that year to help me have a bolder witness in reaching out to others. Our three children all agreed to attend the Bible Institute before beginning their careers. This was a blessing to our hearts, as we well knew the impact it would have on their lives. In 2006, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and we endured the anguish of this disease for four and a half years. He went home to be with his Savior June 12, Our Word of Life foundation kept us always trusting, remaining strong, and staying steady in this path of suffering God chose for us. Mike s testimony was a bold witness to everyone he met, but most of all, God s Word comforted our hearts throughout the journey. Our children were strengthened to see the faith of their father and how his love for his Lord never wavered. To God be the glory for His working in our lives, and we are grateful to Word of Life for its ministry to many. It is far-reaching, and we will know in eternal celebrations the impact we have had on others. Class of 1985 Debbie (Baker) Hobbs Julie Ann Hobbs My parents gleaned so much knowledge from the Word and gained such an intimate relationship with the Lord at the Bible Institute that they made attending a mandatory suggestion for us three kids. I loved the idea of gaining a strong Biblical foundation before going to college to live among people who were searching for answers, so I gladly accepted my parents wishes to come. After this year, I plan to attend Liberty University to study nursing. I hope God will use this year and my ministry experiences to help the sick and injured I will be working with in hospitals. That way, I can share my love, hope, and joy for Christ when people are at their lowest points. 12 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 13

8 Class of 1983 Valerie J. (Shrack) Donley-Mure In spring 1982, my parents attended their regional Child Evangelism Fellowship directors conference, which was at the Word of Life Inn. During the announcements one evening, the director of the Inn, Don Lough, Sr., talked about the ministry of Word of Life and said that just nine miles down the road was a Bible Institute where young people could learn the Bible in one year. This was less than two months before my high school graduation. I was scheduled to leave the day after for two months of ministry with Child Evangelism Fellowship in western Germany, and I was planning to get home just in time to pack and leave for Liberty Baptist College, which I had dreamed of attending since I was 10 years old. When my parents returned home, my dad said, I know you have your heart set on going to Liberty, but while we were in New York, we heard about a one-year Bible Institute. You don t have to go, but I would really like you to consider going there for one year first. I dismissed the thought, graduated, and went to Germany. But throughout the summer, I couldn t get the Bible Institute out of my mind and prayed about what I should do. I decided to honor my father and go there for one year. I had been involved in music, choir, band, and ministry my whole life, but I did not try out at the Bible Institute because I had no clue what the Collegians was. Then, the Collegians performed Revelation for the incoming student body. I said, If that s what the Collegians are, I want to be a Collegian! Too bad the tryouts are over. But my roommate said the choir director was really nice, and she said she would ask him if I could try out. Well, as they say, the rest is history. I was part of the Christmas musical and stayed to do tours the next year. I would call home each week and tell my parents all about the visiting professors and what they were teaching. By the time I returned after Christmas break, my younger sister, Merrilea, wanted to come for the next year. After graduation, I went on tour with Word of Life, and that really nice music teacher and my friend, Brian Donley, asked me go to the banquet with him. We were married less than two years later and raised our six daughters across the street from the Word of Life Ranch. Brian had a great love for the Bible Institute and the ministry of his beloved Collegians. We involved the girls any way we could. We wanted them to love the ministry of Word of Life as much as we did. They knew they had to eat three meals a day, breathe air to live, and attend the Bible Institute when they graduated from high school. Although Brian passed away one month before our oldest daughter s graduation and did not have his own daughters as Collegians, they all kept our desire for them to attend. Word of Life Bible Institute is one of the best places for a person to set aside one year of his or her life to dig deep into God s Word under the ministry of many top-notch Bible teachers. The impact lasts for eternity. first year, Jeju Joanna Donley When I was born, I was destined to come to the Bible Institute because I was a staff kid. I remember being in fifth grade and having to diagram sentences, and I didn t like it. So, when Bible Institute students would come to my house and diagram verses, I thought, I do not want to go to the Bible Institute and diagram verses! But I got over that. I wanted a Biblical education before going to a secular school so I would have a solid foundation. And I really wanted to come because my dad really wanted me to. I always wanted to go to the Bible Institute in Brazil or Hungary, where they teach in English, but I heard about Jeju in a newsletter, and it sounded different. It was in Korea, and on an island, and the community (of students and staff) was smaller. One major thing I m learning is to run the race set before you. God has called us to run a race, and we need to be trained and equipped to do that. People who run marathons train for years and years, and people who are in the Olympics train their whole lives. God told us to run our race, and I just need to stay focused and remember that this year is training for the rest of my life. What I learn here will affect the course of my life, and I need to run and not give up. I love it here. It has exceeded all of my expectations. I was really nervous because I thought everyone would be Korean and I am American, but it has worked out well. The first reason I decided to go to the Bible Institute was that my mom had decided before I was born that I was coming. She loved it, and it was great for her to get a firm foundation in the Bible before going out into the world. I also thought it was a good idea to go to Word of Life because I ve had a sheltered missionary kid life. (Jay has been in India for the past 12½ years.) I wanted to get a foundation and get closer to God before going to scary America, which is just really different than what I m used to. Right before I left for the Bible Institute in Jeju, my mom asked me if I was going because she wanted me to or because God wanted me to, and I definitely felt that God wanted me to come. I chose Jeju because I love Asia and I love Korea. I have so many amazing Korean friends. And I saw it as an opportunity to travel more with the trip to Israel that the school takes. I m really looking forward to that. The main thing that God is teaching me about now is relationships with other people and to have an authentic relationship with Him and how these two areas affect each other. Here, we are always together. We are in classes together; we are living together. We see how we really, truly are. People can say to me, You probably need to work on this. I can see how people handle situations and watch and learn from that. The Bible Institute is awesome. I m so glad I came. I was scared of D points when I came, but once you re here, it s just fun. I m so glad my mom told me about the Bible Institute and influenced my decision. (Jay s older sister, Maria, also graduated from the Bible Institute in Jeju in August and influenced his decision to come.) Maria couldn t stop talking about what she was learning, the community, the teachers. That had a huge part in my coming here. I was psyched to learn more about God. Anne (Halbert) Wieder I was a fairly new believer and a recent high school graduate when a godly Christian family told me about Word of Life Bible Institute. I had very little knowledge about the Bible and was convicted that I needed to know more and learn how to apply God s Word to daily living. Life at the Bible Institute was so different than anything I had ever experienced. As I look back over the past 25 years, I am so thankful that God led me there. I learned so much through the daily studies and disciplines as well as the invaluable experience of traveling with the Collegians. To this day, I still remember many of the lessons the professors taught us, and I am thankful for the godly staff. I have been married to my best friend for the past 20 years and have three amazing children. As our oldest son heard my husband and I talking about our experiences at Word of Life (my husband was a camper Brad Wieder I became aware of Word of Life Bible Institute from my family. My mom and aunt went there, and they said they liked it, so I decided to check it out. My parents thought the Bible Institute would be a good foundation and would give me direction for my future. I have made friends with people who really love the Lord and who have been an encouragement to me. One thing I really like is how close you get to your roommates and dorm-mates as well as a lot of other students. They are like your second family. You can talk to them about anything, and they are always there for you. I have really learned a lot about God s Word and how to apply it to my life. Class of 1987/2012 on the Island), he began asking questions. God soon made it very clear that the Bible Institute was the place for him. Interestingly enough, our diplomas will have the same graduation date of Due to illness, I was unable to complete the program. Twenty-five years later, it has become official, and we will share the year 2012 as our finishing date. To God be the glory! Word of Life Bible Institute has prepared me for real life and real ministry. It is not just book learning but practical, hands-on experience that equips believers to live in today s world, enabling us to make godly choices. I teach piano lessons each day and have the privilege to serve God in my local church in worship ministry, women s ministry, and ladies small group Bible studies. The education I received at Word of Life has helped shape who I am and has a direct impact on the way I teach my students and relate to others. 14 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 15

9 Kimberly Easton It was not until I took my daughter to the Bible Institute in Florida this fall that I realized Word of Life s impact on my entire life. Like my daughter, I was active in Teens Involved. My desire was only to sing, but God had a much different plan for my life. I really wanted to win the national competition for singing, but I ended up winning in Bible storytelling. It was then that God tapped me to be a storyteller, and I have been telling stories ever since. I went to the Bible Institute in New York then transferred to Liberty University, where I studied telecommunications and journalism. I have since worked as a news reporter and anchor in Lynchburg, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. While attending Liberty University, I met Andre, my future husband and Lake s father. I remember how excited he was to meet someone who attended the Bible Institute and how he had heard we knew everything there was to know about the Bible. Word of Life has such an impressive reputation. I fondly remember our dating days and how Andre would call me Lake, referring to me being from the Bible Institute in Schroon Lake. Andre would call me Lake so much that people would compliment me and say my name was unique. I would respond, Kimberly is a Class of 1986 Class of 1984 common name. They would say, No I mean Lake. Isn t that your name? After Andre and I got married and found out we were having a girl, we named her Lake. Now, I must admit it did not take long for Andre to realize I did not know everything there was to know about the Bible. What ended up impacting me the most were the life skills I acquired while attending Word of Life. The discipline of reading my Bible and praying every day, scheduling my day and ministering to others were skills that helped propel me to success in life. Unfortunately, my marriage dissolved, but God s presence remains in all of our lives. My journey with Christ has come with unexpected challenges, but I have always been assured of one thing: Christ is my all in all. Now, to see God send my daughter Lake to Word of Life is amazing. God really does design our paths. I am so excited to see the plans He has in store for her and others who have the privilege, as I did, to attend the Bible Institute. Kimberly Grocott Lake Alexandria Whitehead I decided to come to the Bible Institute after I went to camp in New York. I found the love of God for the first time and decided to give Him my all. I wanted to learn more about God s Word and build a stronger relationship with Him, and I ve already learned so much! I ve grown much closer to God than I ever imagined I could. God has given me an eternal perspective for everything. All I need to do is follow Him and His will in obedience. Part of the reason I m here is because of my parents influence. I was so blessed to have parents who love the Lord. My mom went to the Bible Institute, and she s just been a living testimony of God s faithfulness. I saw the love of God and skills she learned at the Bible Institute, and I wanted to be that strong, organized, and disciplined woman in Christ. FUN FACT: Both mom and daughter were in Collegians and ensembles and sang as soloists. It is almost like a repeat... a twin 30 years later, Kimberly says. first year, New York Both of my parents went to the Bible Institute, and they played a big part in my decision to come. They were constantly telling me how the Bible Institute helped them develop a deeper relationship with God. My dad said that setting aside one year to focus on building a better relationship with God would be well worth it and would change my life. Today, I am so thankful for the love they have for Christ, and that they strongly encouraged me to come to Word of Life. I have learned so much about God s unconditional love, His forgiveness, the need to trust fully in Him, and the importance of being in His Word every day. If you want to share the story of where your life has gone since the Bible Institute, or You can also visit Campus Update What were your apprehensions going into Open Air Evangelism? I was scared of going and sharing my faith because I feared that I would look stupid or crazy or something to that effect. What opportunities did you have to share Christ? I had many opportunities to share Christ and what He has done for my life with a few different people from what seemed like all walks of life. I had the chance to do a sketch board, which is basically street-preaching of the Gospel, and to have personal contact with complete strangers on the streets of one of Canada s neediest cities: Hamilton, Ontario. I just hope God used those conversations to speak to those people s lives and help them examine themselves and see that they need Christ. How did God work in your own heart during OAE week? God not only worked on my fear but also on how I should be viewing the people that I am sharing the Gospel with. I am trying to show them a God Who loves them and wishes that none should perish. We have broken His law and His commandments, but we can t fix that by ourselves we need Christ to pay for our sins. How has this changed your life? A member of the staff played a sermon on CD on the way to ministry our second day, and this made a huge impact on my life and witness! I realized my responsibility to share truth with people. I would like to say that all the apprehension of witnessing for Christ is gone, but I know it s not. Hopefully in my time away from school I will have the opportunity to share with friends and family the hope that I have hope in Christ. Lucas Prosper (Wyoming, Ontario) first year, Owen Sound campus Open Air Evangelism ministry staff news In May 2013, Tom and Fay Phillips will be moving into a new role with Word of Life and relocating to the Schroon Lake area. Tom will serve in an advisory role to the ministry in Florida and will travel with Bible Institute music teams from the New York and Florida campuses. He will also continue as the camp director at Word of Life Island and Snow Camp. Rich Andrews will become the new director of Word of Life Florida. Rich has been actively involved in the Florida ministry for the past 13 years, directing the youth camp, overseeing the Bible Institute Ministries Department, and taking many leading roles in the Gospel Productions presentations. Rich will be reporting directly to Mark Strout, executive dean of the Bible Institute. 16 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 17

10 70s Wilfredo Bobe ( 74) is an interim pastor at Granite Baptist Church in Milford, New Hampshire. His daughter graduated from the Bible Institute in Debbie Sanville Fanus ( 79) is a special education teacher and teaches junior church. She encourages everyone to reconnect at Homecoming on Memorial Day weekend at the Bible Institute campus in New York. It s a great opportunity! 80s encourage everyone to keep serving, John Walker ( 82) is involved in a Jamaican ministry. He would like to keep giving, and never give up. Rosario (Baez) Farese ( 84) and her husband have a vending business. They are involved in a ministry that shares the Gospel with people in a drug program and in a church Bible study. 90s in New York City. She studied marriage Victoria (Mahairas) Sotelo ( 93) and her husband pastor at Inwood Church and family therapy in graduate school. She encourages everyone to look up the New York Gospel Outreach in New York and to come and visit anytime! Michele (Lockwood) ( 99) Robert Columbine ( 98) are missionaries with World Venture in Senegal, West Africa. Michele would like to share that God's grace is sufficient. 00s Word of Life Teens Involved. He married Kelly Smith ( 01, 03) has been involved in drama and puppets with Kimberly Nolan last year, and they are planning on going to SYME (School of Youth Ministries in English) in Japan. Christopher Schmucker, 39, of Paramus, New Jersey, went home to be with the Lord on January 9. Chris was a Bible Institute student in New York in fall 1999 and is the son of Rev. John and Royce Schmucker of Paramus Bible Church. He is also survived by his brothers Paul, Marc, and Jeffrey. Chris was in the National Guard. Jeremy Biesecker ( 08, 09) is trying to establish a full-time Gospel illusion ministry. He says that becoming a Word of Life student was one of the best decisions he ever made. 2010s Rachel Williams ( 11) is majoring in psychology and hopes to graduate next year and help with a church plant back home in Connecticut. She helps with youth ministries in Connecticut and Ohio. Nathan Tse ( 12) is studying media and helping with tech needs at a local church. He encourages all alumni to keep up relationships with people! He still keeps in contact with some people he knows from Word of Life and says that has been very encouraging and has pushed him forward in his walk with God. A Family of Bible Institute Students Shirley Richards Renee (Hince) Kern recently shared the heritage and legacy of service for the Lord and our country that her family experienced through Word of Life. She wrote, All of our children have come to personal relationships with God. We are so thankful to participate in deliberate parenting and to use the base that was established as children and expounded upon at the Bible Institute to encourage further commitment to God within our children. Our legacy is truly serving God in an active and deliberate manner. Hallard A. Hince (her dad) and his family of five came to the Bible Institute from Minnesota in September He completed his studies in August 1975 and then served as a pastor until 1984, retiring due to medical issues. He was married to Joan Hince-Erickson, who wrote The Perversion of Submission: Idols in the Christian Church. In January 2001, Hallard went to be with the Lord, and Joan went to be with the Lord in Hallard s Bible Institute connection continued well after he graduated. His four daughters also came to the Bible Institute and carried what they learned into each of their life paths: Mary Joan (Hince) Fultz (Class of 1977) married Thomas Fultz and lives in Bovey, Minnesota. Mary is in charge of community programs and outreach in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The couple has five grandchildren and four children. Lynn Marie (Hince) Danielson (Class of 1978) had been working with the University of Minnesota when the Lord took her home in August Lynn and her husband, Mike, have two sons. Renee (Hince) Kern (Class of 1981) is retired from the military after 23 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. She is married to Lt. Edward Kern, RN. They have two sons. Renee volunteers at their Christian school and at the family s local church in St. Augusta, Minnesota. Lori (Hince) Christoferson (Class of 1982) has been a full-time missionary to Inland China for 25 years. Lori and her husband, Mark, have three sons and one grandchild. AlumnI NEWS Linda (Klump) Moser (1976) Someone brought a sheep yes, a sheep into the dorm above the dining hall. Sylinda (Birchard) Alfred (1978) I remember when it poured rain at graduation. We rushed into the tabernacle very discouraged, and Pete got us all singing Cheer Up Ye Saints of God! Rosario (Baez) Farese (1984) I remember the Snoopy theme song being played on the piano and Dr. Davis and Dr. Wicks humor. Jodi Rabquer (1992) When Martin jumped in front of my tube at Snow Camp to keep me from hitting a tree! Richard Kroeger (1993) I remember when there was no snow for Snow Camp. Everyone prayed, and then on the third week, it started Homecoming What it is: A special time for alumni to come home to the Bible Institute and reconnect with the Word of Life family Have a remember when you want to share? Send your thoughts to and feel free to include a photo! When: May 24-26, 2013 What s happening: Word of Life hosts the Founder s Conference and Memorial Day festivities. Dr. Stanley Toussaint, Dr. George Murray, and Captain Jeff Struecker will be speaking. Who is invited: All alumni are welcome; celebrations are planned for 5- or 10-year class anniversaries. Where: Homecoming is based at the New York campus. Accommodations available at reduced rates for alumni. Remember When to snow, and it didn t stop the rest of the year. Jonathan VanDyk (1994) I remember Youth Reachout with Rick Warken in the summer of Brad Schmidt (1995) I will never forget the Open Air Evangelism trip to Chicago and the great time we had in the van ride out there. Andrea (Miller) Barnard (1996) I remember Daniel White getting hit in the eye with a ping pong ball and having to spend time in the hospital. Tara (Eddy) Spurlin (1997) Housing in the Japan dorm and riding bikes everywhere (skirts and all!) because it was so far away from main campus. All 11 girls in the dorm were close and bonded deeply through evening devotions, study hours, and countless hours of stories and laughs. How to make it happen: Call to book your reservation. Please questions to Alumni Director Emeritus Wayne Lewis at Alumni Director Mike Bush at or Victory Journal editor Jen Slothower at Visit for complete details. This is really cool: This year s patriotic rally will feature honored speaker Captain Jeff Struecker, who served with distinction as a chaplain and lead ranger in the Black Hawk Down rescue mission in Mogadishu, Somalia. Hear his story during Homecoming weekend. Robert DeWitt (2000) Open Air Evangelism in New York City with Greg Valentine. Teresa (Davis) Green (2001, 2002) Traveling with the drama team and playing games during study hours. I was very close to my dorm-mates and loved the time we spent in the Word, praising God through music and encouraging each other in Christ. Adam Gibson (2002) Getting an eight-foot gator off the skatepark during junior camp. Brett Owen (2006, 2007) I let my roommate duct-tape me to a chair outside Australia dorm next to the road at night. John Eichelberger (2012) Being part of the last class year when men had to wear ties. Nathan Tse (2012) Two words: Snow Camp! Alumni Gatherings Alumni Director Mike Bush and the Bible Institute's new director of admissions, Greg Dyson, will host alumni gatherings on the following dates. Prospective students are welcome. Please visit for more information. APril 16 Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Clarks Summit, PA; 6 to 8:30 p.m. 23 Linworth Baptist Church, Worthington, OH; 6 to 8:30 p.m. 25 Plainfield Bible Church, Plainfield, IN; 6 to 8:30 p.m. 26 Mount Prospect Bible Church, Mount Prospect, IL 6 to 8:30 p.m. 27 Mayfair Bible Church, Flushing, MI; 5 to 6:30 p.m. 18 VICTORY JOURNAL VICTORY JOURNAL 19

11 Word of Life Bible Institute 4200 Glendale Rd. Pottersville, NY Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Word of Life Update from the Alumni Director Emeritus Stewardship & you: When I think of the fact that this is the sixth issue of the new Victory Journal, when I look at the emphasis on the children of alumni and see 54 students who had either one or both parents attend the Bible Institute, when I look at the class Facebook groups and upcoming alumni events, all of which are being facilitated by alumni, I am overwhelmed with appreciation and gratefulness. Thank you to so many for remembering what an important Wayne Lewis experience the Bible Institute is for Alumni Director Emeritus young people and for other folks, too and for investing time, money, and yourselves to help awaken the alumni giant. Most of all, I am thankful to the Lord for the way He has come along and lifted this whole endeavor to the level of ministry and significance it has reached. Pass the word: It is only the beginning. We are an alumni family, and the Lord looks highly on families. So let s believe big and enjoy the ride as He takes us to even greater heights of reconnection and ministry together. One more thing want to know what you can do right away? Whether it s your turn for a class reunion or not, plan now to join us for a great Homecoming weekend this Memorial Day. A successful life now, that is a goal that should cause us to stop and think, and maybe even take us to our knees as we seek God s direction. In Matthew 25:21, in the parable of the talents, Jesus says, Well done, good and faithful servant. You were faithful over a few things; I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord. Now, that is a successful life! The master commended his servants for their faithful stewardship of his resources equally even though they received and returned different amounts. He even would have commended the unfaithful servant if he had just used the resources in a minimal investment (the bank). What are you investing in? God has supplied your every need and has given you the opportunity to give to the needs of others. If you have not built generous giving into your success plan, you cannot be a success in God s eyes. Think about all those who could be helped if you invested generously in their lives. When you give, you lay up treasures in Heaven and place yourself in a position for God to bless you! What could be a wiser stewardship of His resources? As an alumnus of the Word of Life Bible Institute, you know the magnitude of the opportunities to support or serve those in ministry. You remember Missions Conference, missions trips, camp, chapel, and many other times in your own church where God placed a need on your heart. How are you answering His call? It is our ministry to assist God s people in fulfilling this heart desire. Please contact me for practical solutions for laying up treasures in Heaven. Wayne Lewis Contact Howard Leach at or

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Text Copyright 2011, 2006, 2005 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved. START! to Follow START! to Follow Text Copyright 2011, 2006, 2005 by Harvest Ministries. All rights reserved. Design and Typesetting: Harvest Design Copywriting: Leah Case Copyediting: Harvest Publications

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The overall health of any church or ministry depends primarily on

The overall health of any church or ministry depends primarily on CHAPTER 1 AS GO THE LEADERS, SO GOES THE CHURCH k The overall health of any church or ministry depends primarily on the emotional and spiritual health of its leadership. In fact, the key to successful

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There Is Always a Struggle : An Interview with Chieko N. Okazaki

There Is Always a Struggle : An Interview with Chieko N. Okazaki INTERVIEWS AND CONVERSATIONS There Is Always a Struggle : An Interview with Chieko N. Okazaki Note: Gregory A. Prince, a member of Dialogue s board of editors, conducted this interview with Chieko N. Okazaki

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CALL STAND APART. Challenging Young Adults to Make an Eternal Difference. Selections From the Writings of ELLEN G. WHITE A PARAPHRASE

CALL STAND APART. Challenging Young Adults to Make an Eternal Difference. Selections From the Writings of ELLEN G. WHITE A PARAPHRASE A CALL TO STAND APART Challenging Young Adults to Make an Eternal Difference Selections From the Writings of ELLEN G. WHITE A PARAPHRASE Copyright 2002 by the Ellen G. White Estate International copyright

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WHEN GOD SAYS NO. Trusting God When Your Dreams Have Died. Sheridan Voysey. Broken Dreams to New Beginnings

WHEN GOD SAYS NO. Trusting God When Your Dreams Have Died. Sheridan Voysey. Broken Dreams to New Beginnings Trusting God When Your Dreams Have Died Broken dreams sounds so hollow. There s something you desperately want but can t have. Is there purpose in your pain? Sheridan Voysey a man who walked through the

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My Foundation: Principles, Skills, Habits

My Foundation: Principles, Skills, Habits My Foundation: Principles, Skills, Habits SELF-RELIANCE Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Salt Lake City, Utah 2014, 2015 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. English

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A special thank you to Mrs. Toni Warren for her typing of these notes. Also, a special thanks to Mike Martin for the beautiful cover design.

A special thank you to Mrs. Toni Warren for her typing of these notes. Also, a special thanks to Mike Martin for the beautiful cover design. A NOTE OF EXPLANATION The material contained in this manual was generated over a number of years as I taught a course on the bus ministry at Trinity Baptist College. Eventually I bound these lectures in

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WHAT SHALL WE THEN DO? WHAT SHALL WE THEN DO? An Interdenominational Guide and Kit for Creating Healing Communities -- Developing a ministry to members of your own congregation affected by crime and the criminal justice system

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And Still I RIse: Black Women Labor Leaders Voices I Power I Promise. Institute for Policy Studies

And Still I RIse: Black Women Labor Leaders Voices I Power I Promise. Institute for Policy Studies And Still I RIse: Black Women Labor Leaders Voices I Power I Promise Institute for Policy Studies And Still I RIse: Black Women Labor Leaders Voices I Power I Promise To obtain a copy of the report, please

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Succession Planning. Resources compiled and provided by: YFC/USA Leadership Development Team

Succession Planning. Resources compiled and provided by: YFC/USA Leadership Development Team Succession Planning Resources compiled and provided by: YFC/USA Leadership Development Team Succession Planning - Executive Transition Max Dupree, author of Leadership is

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Growing Up Right, Growing Up Strong

Growing Up Right, Growing Up Strong Growing Up Right, Growing Up Strong Parents, Kids, and Scouting Thanks to the following for their contributions in the writing of this book Dan Baker, Ph.D. Mark Ray Table of Contents Dedication...1 Foreword...3

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