Members of the. On February 23, Fashion Show Is Great Success. Nearing Telefund Goal. Inside. Spring Volume 14, No.

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1 alum notes Spring Volume 14, No. 2 Nearing Telefund Goal Members of the Medical Alumni Board of Governors are continuing to make calls to those who were not contacted during the Telefund in October/November, We all have a vested interest in supporting academic and student programs. It is this commitment that helps provide an exceptional educational experience for students. To date, the school has raised $548, but is still looking to reach the goal of $550,000. The annual fund provides support for medical student scholarships, student loans, and student activities, including community outreach programs, Match Day, Student Senate Retreat, Career Day, Family Day, and the Welcome Ceremony. It also provides funding for the honors program, maintenance of the student fitness center, summer research fellowships, and investment funds to support academic and student programs. The school relies on alumni to provide this financial assistance that is essential to continued growth and academic excellence. Those wishing to make a contribution to the Alumni Annual Fund should contact Lisa Ramos in the Alumni Affairs Office at (313) or mail a check directly to: WSU Alumni Annual Fund, 101 E. Alexandrine, Detroit, MI Fashion Show Is Great Success On February 23, 2003, the Medical Alumni Association, along with Neiman Marcus, hosted a fashion show and brunch featuring a variety of spring fashions. The event took place on the morning after one of the largest winter storms of the season, yet alumni, friends and students managed to dig their way out of the snow to attend. The exclusive show was limited to 50 people and was held in the Zodiac Café on the third level of Neiman Marcus in Troy, Mich. Each guest received a lovely gift from Estee Lauder and a $25 Neiman Marcus gift card. The show featured practical ideas and displayed fashion trends intended to appeal to all age groups. Thanks to host committee members, Linda Ditkoff, Jain Lauter, Carol O Neill and Kathleen Sandler, for planning assistance. A Neiman Marcus model shows off new looks for Inside Gerber Foundation Pledges Faculty and Students Support for Fetal Alcohol Enjoy Career Night Syndrome Research 22 Chicago Alumni Reception Graduate Alum Notes

2 16Spring Volume 14, No. 2 The President s Greeting Alumni Profile: Charles Main, MD Greetings on behalf of the Wayne State University School of Medicine Alumni Association Board of Governors. This is my final alum notes message as president of the Medical Alumni Association. I have, indeed, enjoyed my term as president. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in developing new programs such as the Medical Alumni Association s new Web site and the recent alumni award that will be presented at Medical Alumni Reunion Day. It was also a pleasure to lend our support to worthwhile programs, including the freshman orientation and welcome ceremony. I hope we can continue to grow and develop additional programs that accommodate the everchanging needs of our alumni as well as support the alumni association. This past year has been financially challenging for us, as it has for many organizations throughout the country. We realize that many of our alumni have been affected by the fluctuating economy and turbulent world events. Unfortunately, these things have adversely affected our annual fundraising efforts. We would graciously welcome any support that you can provide the School of Medicine during these trying times. I would like to remind you that we are still accepting donations for the Alumni Annual Telefund. Please contact the Medical Alumni Affairs office at (313) if you would like to make a donation. I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming spring events. Michael Sandler, MD, 71 President, Wayne State University School of Medicine Medical Alumni Association Dr. Charles Main was recently awarded the Southeastern Michigan American Red Cross Everyday Heroes Award for his work and outstanding contributions to the education of the public regarding the importance of donating blood. At some level, most people are heroes, says a modest Charles A. Main, MD, chief of pediatric hematology/oncology at William Beaumont Hospital of Royal Oak. Although grateful for the honor, Dr. Main, who doesn t see himself as a hero, meets special heroes in his work every day. He says that the single mom who regularly brings in her chronically ill child for treatment, and then goes to a job, while maintaining daily parenting responsibilities, is a real hero. Dr. Main graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1964 and began working at William Beaumont Hospital in 1968 in the department of pediatric hematology and oncology. For 35 years, he has treated pediatric cancer patients. His dedication to raising awareness about the need for blood donations is exemplified by the recent efforts he put forth to meet the needs of one particular patient. As a member of the Beverly Hills Racquet Club, Dr. Main discovered that an employee s daughter, Phoebe, had leukemia and required multiple blood transfusions and, possibly, a bone marrow transplant. He saw this situation as an excellent opportunity Dr. Main thanks the people who donate blood in order to save patients like his. to call out to the community. Dr. Main, along with the club s management, promoted a blood drive. The drive not only recruited blood donors, but also offered a tissue-typing registry and identified new potential bone marrow donors. Dr. Main takes every opportunity to educate the public about blood needs. In addition to volunteering locally, Dr. Main volunteers at the Michigan Hemophilia Foundation s summer camp for hemophiliac children. The camp, located in Muskegon, Mich., draws children from across the United States and is run by former patients and medical student volunteers. Because treatment requires frequent appointments over an extended period of time, Dr. Main gets to know his patients well. Chronically ill children mature quickly because they face death at an early age. He explains, Many families exhaust their personal funds during the children s treatment process. With this in mind, Dr. Main s department has established the William Beaumont Pediatric Cancer Survivor Scholarship. We currently have approximately 28 students receiving scholarships and hope to add more next year. In my working life, the cure rate for childhood leukemia has gone from 10 to 80 percent, says a hopeful Dr. Main. One pint of blood can save three to four lives by way of red blood cells, platelets and plasma breakdown. Blood donations are crucial. But words don t always call attention to the seriousness of blood donations. Often he ll bring a patient s parent to a speaking engagement. They are close to the problem and speak eloquently and powerfully of the need not only for their child, but about the others they see at the clinics. Still, Dr. Main has many patient stories that remind us of the ongoing need for blood donations. There is a mom who has identical twins, both have leukemia. There is a man, 35 years old and a parent of two children. He has required two to three units of blood every three weeks since his birth. Blood is the medicine that has given him his life and fatherhood, says Dr. Main. Everyday lives are saved because of people who take time to donate blood for my patients. Major Gift: Gerber Foundation Supports Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research The Gerber Foundation has donated more than $200,000 to fund fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) research at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is conducting a research project titled Neurobehavioral Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Under-Nutrition of Children. The program, led by researcher John Hannigan, PhD, will study the effects that nutritional interventions could have during pregnancies of mothers at high risk of alcohol abuse. The foundation hopes this research will lead to treatment modalities that may reduce the incidence of the debilitating effects of fetal alcohol exposure, said Cathy Obits, program manager at The Gerber Foundation. By reducing the incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome, children could be spared a lifetime of suffering from these ill effects, and billions of dollars could be saved annually in health care costs within the United States. FAS has severely debilitating effects on the development of a young child effects that can last a lifetime. Many efforts have been directed at decreasing the alcohol consumption of pregnant women in the past, but research has shown that alcohol consumption during the prenatal period has actually been rising. By identifying nutritional elements that are factors in the development of this disease, the study hopes to find improved prevention and treatment approaches. Funding from The Gerber Foundation is essential to this project and we are incredibly grateful for their generosity, said Dr. John Crissman, dean of the School of Medicine. Data collected and interpreted through this research will further our understanding of how nutrition interacts with alcohol use during gestation, and could serve as the foundation for future research. Nearly three in every 1,000 live births are afflicted with FAS. The rate can increase to approximately one in every 100 births when all associated fetal alcohol disorders, including FAS, are recorded. In addition, mothers who produce one child with FAS or other fetal alcohol effects are at high risk for producing additional children with similar disorders. This means that caring for afflicted children and preventing alcohol consumption during a mother s subsequent pregnancies are equally important. Children with FAS and related disorders experience medical, cognitive, behavioral, and social problems that interfere with their education and development. At this time, there is no cure for FAS or fetal alcohol-related disorders.

3 Spring Volume 14, No. 217 Alumni and Students Enjoy Career Night On January 8, 2003, the Medical Alumni Association sponsored the annual Wayne State University School of Medicine Alumni- Student Career Evening. More than 120 WSU medical students were on hand to search for some insight into the important decisions that they ll be required to make within the next few years. Alumni-Student Career Evening is held each year to give students an opportunity to speak with physicians and learn about a variety of specialties. The evening s events began with an introductory program and educational speeches, followed by several group sessions during which students met with physicians to discuss specific specialties. During the course of medical school, students must begin to plan for their future. Only a short time is available for each of them to decide where to apply for residency programs. Once a choice is made, it is left up to the National Resident Match Program. Student Affairs Counselors Mike Webber and Ken Kish provided some background on the process that precedes Match Day. With so many options and possibilities for the medical students, Alumni-Student Career Evening offered helpful resources. The TOPIC/SPECIALTY Welcome/Announcements/Closing Remarks How to Choose a Specialty Welcome From New Dean of Student Affairs Match Day Allergy/Immunology Anesthesiology Cardiology Dermatology Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine Gastroenterology General Surgery Geriatrics Infectious Disease Medical Oncology Neurology Obstetrics/Gynecology Ophthalmology Orthopedics Otolaryngology Pathology Pediatrics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine Plastic Surgery Psychiatry Radiology program included presentations followed by Q & A on the following topics: PRESENTER Michael Sandler, MD Robert R. Frank, MD Kertia Black, MD Mike Webber and Ken Kish Jane Krasnick, MD Michael Patt, MD William O Neill, MD George Murakawa, MD Brian O Neil, MD Sheldon Stoffer, MD Maryjean Schenk, MD Stuart Gordon, MD Charles Lucas, MD Michael Maddens, MD Carl Lauter, MD David Decker, MD Robert Lisak, MD Luana Kyselka, MD Alan Parent, MD Jerome Wiater, MD Peggyann Nowak, MD David Lucas, MD John Dorsey, MD Gary Chodoroff, MD Michael Gellis, MD Richard Ruzumna, MD Michael Sandler, MD Dr. Michael Sandler welcomes students. Associate Dean Dr. Robert Frank and Dr. Kertia Black, assistant dean of student affairs, address student options. Drs. Carl Lauter, Michael Gellis, Michael Sandler, Jerome Wiater and Peggyann Nowak. Friends of Wayne State University School of Medicine Recruit Members The Friends of Wayne State University School of Medicine is an organization with a mission to stimulate, support and encourage activities helpful to the school. Friends was founded in 1972 by wives of deans and department heads, but quickly grew to include faculty, their spouses, other medical school employees, parents and friends of students and other interested persons. Some of the charter members continue to be active on the board, and, happily, many med- ical student parents remain actively involved for years. While the total membership remains large, the organization s activities are generally carried out by the board of approximately 30 members. This board meets seven times during the year and any member is always welcome to attend. The Friends are eager to have new members serve on standing committees and to join the board. For more information about Friends, please contact Cecilia Wapham at (248) Some of the Friends accomplishments and projects include: Glen Michaels mosaic mural at entrance to Scott Hall Past medical library used book sales Flag concourse in front of Scott Hall Floral beautification indoor and outdoor, planters, seasonal poinsettias, wreaths Medical museum display on main floor of Scott Hall Restoration of physicians portraits displayed in the blue auditorium in Scott Hall WSU School of Medicine lighting atop Scott Hall A $10,000 donation toward computers for the school Furnishings for the Stapleton Room of the Shiffman Library A mosaic glass panel in the Meditative Epicenter in 2202 Scott Hall, presented as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends Glass-enclosed library featuring faculty-written text books in front of 1200 Scott Hall WSU School of Medicine note cards Collaboration with Pathfinders in Medicine on annual Pathfinders fundraising event Collaboration with School of Medicine Alumni Association on fashion show presentation at Neiman Marcus Donation toward the incoming student orientation and luncheon open house

4 18Spring Volume 14, No. 2 Student Profile: Paul Bozyk Helps Cover the Uninsured The Wayne State University Student Senate participated in Cover the Uninsured Week, which ran from March This state-wide effort to inform the community and discuss the growing needs of the uninsured in Michigan consisted of several functions and activities. The WSU School of Medicine, under the leadership of fourth-year student Paul Bozyk, won a casestudy competition held at Macomb Community College and was involved in a town-hall meeting and press conference at the University of Detroit-Mercy. I can think of no problem that deserves more attention than ensuring that competent health care reaches all members of a society, said Bozyk, Student Senate vice-president and winner of the Penfil Award for outstanding patient care. The ideas that we can formulate today may make the difference for our families and ourselves tomorrow. The Campus Day, organized primarily by the United Way, was designed as an opportunity to share information with students and, through a case-study competition, allowed students to try and formulate their own opinions and potential solutions to the problem. Approximately 100 students, representing six schools, as well as other individuals from the community, attended the event. The team Paul Bozyk, class of 2003, presents his team s solutions during a case-study competition for Cover the Uninsured Week. He has taken a leadership role in addressing public health issues. from Wayne State University was comprised of students from medicine, pharmacy and health sciences, and nursing. Our strategy was to attempt to solve the problem given to us, as we would any problem that we would encounter in our training, and find the best options for health care available in each case, explained Bozyk, whose group was awarded first prize for their solution. Everyone always says that the School of Medicine excels at an individualized clinical approach to patient care, and I think our training really paid off in the eyes of the judges. Nearly 50 percent of Detroit s population is without adequate health care coverage. The Detroit Medical Center and the Wayne State University School of Medicine are known for their policies of providing care to all who are in need. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost, which can be seen in large financial losses in many area hospitals. The issue of caring for these people is of growing concern throughout the region and efforts like those during Cover the Uninsured Week addressed this problem and its possible solutions. It was an honor to be present at the town-hall meeting and press conference, said Bozyk. It was truly motivating to see the dedication to helping the uninsured not only in the words of such influential speakers, but also in the enthusiasm of the audience. The meeting, originally scheduled to seat approximately 300, required standing room only around the conference hall. The School of Medicine Student Senate worked closely with the organizers of Cover the Uninsured Week and plan to be on the frontline of any future efforts. They also continue to support the Cass Clinic, which utilizes a number of volunteer medical students each weekend to treat uninsured patients. Also, this year the senate has approved recognition of a student organization to work with Covenant House Michigan, which is meeting the health care needs of disadvantaged and homeless adolescents in the Detroit area. The Student Senate is currently constructing a letter to be sent from each medical school student to the office of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to request assistance for the Detroit Medical Center and the School of Medicine as they continue their efforts to provide uncompromising care for all who need it, regardless of insurance status. Bozyk was optimistic about the work the Student Senate has done. Hopefully, through actions like this, we can take a leadership role in educating the campus community and provide some possible for solutions for the city of Detroit and its uninsured. Chicago Alumni Host Reception On December 14, 2002, the WSU Office of Development and Medical Alumni Affairs hosted a luncheon with Chicago area alumni at the 312 Chicago restaurant in the heart of the windy city. Nearly 20 alumni attended the event. The development and alumni affairs staff presented an update on the new and exciting things that are happening at the School of Medicine. Most importantly, Chicago alumni were given the opportunity to mingle with each other and enjoy lunch together. Please contact the Medical Alumni Affairs office at (313) or via at if you would like to participate in future alumni events in the Chicago area. Dr. Charles Crotteau, 94, with daughter Molly Drs. Robert Hohh, 80, and Alan Haggar, 80

5 Spring Volume 14, No. 219 The Office of Alumni Affairs would like to recognize the following Medical Alumni Association Life Members As of February 28, 2003 Bruce T. Adelman, MD Susan H. Adelman, MD Steven C. Ajluni, MD Janice H. Alexander, RN, MD Otis G. Allen, MD Thomas M. Allen, MD Sigmund H. Ancerewicz, MD Mark L. Anders, MD James M. Anderson, Jr., MD Martin I. Apple, MD Agustin Arbulu, MD Carol L. Archie, MD Robert C. Arends, MD Michael J. Argyle, MD James E. Atkinson, MD Alfred C. Austin, II, MD Gavin I. Awerbuch, MD Ralph A. Babcock, MD Leland A. Babitch, MD Amir S. Bacchus, MD Wolfgang H. Baerwald, MD Richard Balon, MD Brian A. Barbish, MD Michael J. Barker, MD Robert T. Barrett, MD Edward G. Bartholomew, MD Kenneth P. Bartold, MD James S. Bartunek, MD Aminia M. Baruti, MD Timur A. Baruti, MD Evelyn F. Baugh, MD Rhonda J. Beale, MD Barb T. Beebe, MD Robert D. Beitman, MD Edward M. Bender, MD Laura J. Benjamins, MD John J. Bernick, MD, PhD Pamela L. Berry, MD Sanjay A. Bhansali, MD Abdhish R. Bhavsar, MD Daniel A. Biehl, MD David Blum, MD Harold I. Blumenstein, MD Lionel J. Bodzin, MD Alan M. Bolash, MD Russell P. Bolton, MD James C. Bolz, MD Leo D. Bores, MD Stephen Bossenberry, MD Anthony E. Boutt, MD Marek J. Bozdech, MD Lisa A. Braun, MD Marcia V. Brock, MD James A. Brown, MD Morris Brown, MD Henry G. Bryan, MD John M. Buday, MD Xavier P. Burgoyne, MD Matthew W. Burke, MD Robert J. Burton, Jr., MD Martin J. Bury, MD Michael J. Busuito, MD Maynard C. Buszek, MD Kenneth W. Byers, MD Jorge M. Cabrera, MD Frederick J. Cady, Jr., MD Christine L. Cambridge, MD Mary L. Cameron, MD David M. Cantor, MD Joan L. Carrellas, MD Jorge D. Carrera Del Moral, MD Joseph V. Catalano, MD Joseph L. Caten, MD Daniel J. Cecconi, MD Won B. Chae, MD Christine C. Chamberlain, MD Johanna Chapel, MD Thomas A. Chapel, MD Maurice H. Chapin, MD Chau-Chun Chien, MD Mishun D. Childs-Love, MD James L. Chinarian, MD John M. Cilluffo, MD Carol L. Clark, MD M. Bethany Clary MD James W. Clay, MD William E. Clay, MD Ronald M. Coburn, MD Della D. Cohen, MD Gina M. Conflitti, MD Michael T. Connor, MD Christopher Costanzo, MD Jean A. Craig, MD Kathryn E. Cramer, MD Robert G. Creath, MD Michael A. Crucitt, MD Rodney B. Dade, MD Laura J. Danz, MD Richard C. Dart, MD F. Thomas Day, MD Brian C. de Beaubien, MD David A. Decker, MD Arsenio DeLeon, MD Raymond Y. Demers, MD Bruce R. Deschere, MD Robin J. Dibner, MD Timothy G. Dickson, MD Ralph E. DiLisio, MD Thomas J. Ditkoff, MD Stanley A. Dorfman, MD Richard P. Driessnack, MD Patrick J. Droste, MD Kristine M. Duffy, MD Scott A. Dulchavsky, MD, PhD David L. Dull, MD Jay R. Dykstra, MD Paul T. Elder, MD Deborah M. Eldridge, MD Yehia Elsafy, MD Michael A. Engel, MD Paul H. Ernest, MD Walter L. Everett, Jr., MD Jerry S. Fagelman, MD Mark H. Falahee, MD John J. Falencki, MD Ronald Falit, MD Stephen L. Farrow, MD Paul Fecko, MD Michael J. Federman, MD Dexter L. Fields, MD Ronald E. Fine, MD, PhD Jerome H. Finkel, MD Jay E. Fisher, MD John D. Fisher, MD Gordon R. A. Fishman, MD R. Michael Flores MD Lisa M. Flynn, MD Mitchell H. Folbe, MD John M. Formolo, MD James A. Fortune, MD Anthony J. Foster, MD Brenda J. Foster, MD Michelle Foster, MD Carl D. Fowler, MD Larry J. Fowler, MD Peter J. Francis, MD Allan P. Frank, MD Robert R. Frank, MD Neil J. Fraser, MD Arthur Frazier, MD Karen E. Friday, MD David G. Fry, MD Thomas Ganos, MD Harry L. Gewanter, MD Dennis S. Giannini, MD Kenneth W. Gitlin, MD Alden B. Glidden, MD Kenneth A. Goldman, MD Robert A. Goldstrom, MD Fernando C. Gomez, MD David M. Gordon, MD Stuart C. Gordon, MD Walter D. Gracia, MD Dennis H. Grant, MD James W. Green, MD Perry W. Greene, III, MD Kimberly M. Greenwald, MD Eric J. Groskind, MD Michael G. Guertin, MD Charles J. Gwizdala, MD Cheryl H. Hack, MD Allan M. Haggar, MD George W. Haggerson, MD Roderick E. Haithcock, MD Elizabeth M. Hall, MD Jamie Hall, MD Mary B. Hardwicke, MD Deborah Hartmann Wolfe, MD Earl R. Hartwig, MD Monte L. Harvill, MD William C. Haselow, MD Dale W. Heeres, MD Mark E. Helbraun, MD James G. Henderson, MD Catherine A. Henry, MD Michael I. Hertz, MD John E. Heslip, MD Thomas R. Highland, MD Greg A. Hodder, MD Ernest N. Holburt, MD Michael E. Holda, MD David I. Hollander, MD C. Jeffrey Holmes MD Robert J. Holmes, MD John A. Hopper, MD Gregory W. Housner, MD Michael T. Howard, MD Michael J. Hubers, MD Edward K. Isbey, Jr., MD Masashi Itano, MD Samar J. S. Jaglan, MD Robert S. Jampel, MD Virgil S. Jefferson, MD Dennis C. Jerome, MD Keithley E. Johnson, MD Kerin A. Jones, MD Paul H. Juengel, III, MD Jonathan Jui, MD Mark S. Juzych, MD Melinda E. Karam-Campion, MD Christine Kassa, MD Nathan Kaufman, MD Anthony S. Keller, MD Christopher M. Kellogg, MD Brian G. Kelly, MD Judith A. Kelly, MD Kathleen M. Kennedy, MD Magdalena E. Kerschner, MD Leonard J. Kibiloski, MD Roderick S. Kim, MD Scott R. King, MD John W. Kitzmiller, MD D Anne M. Kleinsmith, MD Mary K. Kneiser, MD David A. Knuff, MD Earl R. Koenig, MD Bruce H. Kolberg, MD Bernard E. Kole, MD Jerry Kolins, MD Sanford H. Koltonow, MD Bert J. Korhonen, MD Elizabeth A. Kozak, MD Kara L. Krol, MD Ted J. Kulczycki, MD Luana J. Kyselka, MD Lilian T. Lai, MD Kenneth W. Laird, MD Thomas A. LaLonde, MD Kent T. Lancaster, MD Jerone T. Landstrom, MD Alexander Z. Lane, MD James W. Large, MD Laura J. Larsen, MD Howard S. Lasser, MD Dennis G. Laug, MD Gordon T. Lawless, MD Richard E. Leach, MD Anna M. Ledgerwood, MD Henry K. Lee, MD Anita L. Leininger, MD Kenneth J. Levin, MD Robert S. Levine, MD Andrea C. Lightbourn, MD Susan B. Lininger, MD Todd E. Lininger, MD Nancy Lipson, MD David A. Listello, MD Diana Little, MD James P. Little, MD James A. Livermore, MD Larry R. Lloyd, MD Mark B. Lubienski, MD Michelle M. Lung, MD Marson Ma, Jr., MD Paula K. Maas, MD Victoria L. Macki, MD Murthy S. Madhira, MD John C. Maino, II, MD John R. Manis, MD Sushil K. Mankani, MD Harold M. Marsh, MD John B. Marshall, MD David E. Martin, MD Carl E. Marusak, MD Gregory L. Marusak, MD William R. McCurry, MD Jay M. McDonald, MD Douglas A. McDowell, MD Michael McElderry, MD Matthew L. McGee, MD Douglas E. McLearon, MD Robert M. McNier, MD Dennis E. Means, MD Robert C. Medlar, MD Joseph R. Meerschaert, MD Alex J. Mercandetti, MD William J. Mestrezat, MD Keith M. Metz, MD John E. Meyer, MD Daniel B. Michael, MD, PhD Alexis B. Michaels-Pozdol, MD Peter Mikelens, MD Joel A. Miller, MD Patricia A. Miller, MD Stanley L. Millman, MD Jay P. Mitchell, MD Van C. Momon, Jr., MD Charles W. Moore, MD Richard A. Moore, MD G. Thomas Morgan, MD Richard K. Muir, MD John M. Murphy, MD Albert Namias, MD Rakesh Narayan, MD Louis D. Nichamin, MD Karen L. Niver-Hinske, MD Wassim E. Nona, MD Silas P. Norman, MD Gregory P. Nowinski, MD John E. Nyboer, MD Scott D. Nyboer, MD Peter J. Nye, MD Mary F. O Brien, MD Kevin M. O Connor, MD Brian J. O Neil, MD William W. O Neill, MD Melvin D. Oatis, MD John R. Oesterle, MD Neshan V. Ohanian, MD James P. Olson, MD Ricky E. Olson, MD James R. Otto, D.O. Kevin S. Packman, MD Peter Palmer, MD Daniel E. Panush, MD Donald W. Parker, MD Sudhanshu H. Patel, MD Mary I. Pearlman, MD Robert A. Pearlman, MD David B. Peisner, MD Alvin D. Pelt, MD Lee C. Perry, MD Michael C. Perry, MD Gene R. Pesola, MD Patti L. Peterson, MD Alex Pickens, Jr., MD Kevin L. Piggott, MD James L. Pita, Jr., MD Gregg Polidori, MD Arthur T. Porter, MD Lee A. Porterfield, MD Harold D. Portnoy, MD Douglas H. Posey, Jr., MD David P. Prough, MD Thomas J. Przybylski, MD Michael R. Puff, MD David B. Pugh, MD Ralph W. Raper, MD Randall L. Rasmussen, MD Thomas M. Raymond, MD Randall J. Reed, MD Setti Rengachary, MD Michelle A. Ridnour, MD Paul Rizzo, MD M. Gary Robertson, MD Erwin Robin, MD Robert M. Robins, MD Jodi M. Robinson, MD Robert B. Robinson, MD Jerry H. Rosenberg, MD Samuel Rotenberg, MD Kristen M. Roy, MD Bruce E. Ruben, MD Ralph Rubenstein, MD Richard A. Ruzumna, MD Merle F. Rydesky, MD Robert G. Saieg, MD Joseph Salama, MD Allan I. Salomon, MD Richard A. Schaar, MD Sharon M. Schafer, MD MaryJean Schenk, MD Alan D. Scher, MD Randal R. Schlosser, MD Jonna L. Schmidt, MD Neil F. Schneider, MD James J. Schoeck, MD Richard C. Schultz, MD Kathleen A. Schupner, MD Lawrence R. Schwartz, MD John J. Schwarz, MD Karl Schwarze, MD Matthew J. Sciotti, MD Gary R. Seabrook, MD John R. Sealy, MD Angela P. Shannon-Reid, MD Gerald I. Shulman, MD, PhD Richard W. Siders, MD William E. Siebert, MD Les I. Siegel, MD Thomas S. Siegel, MD Daniel L. Silvasi, MD Ernest L. Simms, MD Devinder Singh, MD Ravi S. Singh, MD Jean Sinkoff, MD Amy L. Smith, MD Roger J. Smith, MD Herbert Smitherman, MD Mary E. Smyth, MD Norman I. Snyder, MD Robert W. Snyder, MD, PhD William C. Sokoll, MD Sheldon L. Spector, MD Josette E. Spotts-Resto, MD Carolyn P. Sprague, MD Kevin J. Sprague, MD Marijo Steenstra, MD Michael J. Stender, MD Melissa A. Stevens, MD Patricia E. Stewart, MD Ruthgayle D. Stith, MD Thomas P. Storm, MD William G. Swagman, MD Paul D. Sweda, MD William P. Sweezer, MD James J. Swetech, MD Eric J. Szilagy, MD Elaine H. Tan, MD Allen J. Telmos, MD Dan R. Thompson, MD Alexander H. Tischler, MD Vasundhara Tolia, MD Mark W. Tomlinson, MD Jeffrey A. Triest, MD Laurence W. Trueman, MD Donald J. Tynes, MD Sakae Uehara, MD Sanjeev G. Vaishampayan, MD Todd K. Van Heest, MD Marinus Van Ooyen, MD Donald D. VanDyken, MD Lourdes Velez, MD Heather L. Veliz, MD Patrick M. Verb, MD Thomas R. VerLee, MD Priti Verma, MD Mark R. Villeneuve, MD Frazer A. Wadenstorer, MD Robert P. Wahl, MD Irene B. Wakam, MD Mark A. Walker, MD Douglas A. Wayne, MD Donald W. Weaver, MD Jeffrey D. Webster, MD David S. Weingarden, MD Robert D. Welch, MD Kenneth C. Westfield, MD Terry L. Westfield, MD Joel E. White, MD Mitchell Wicker, Jr., MD Chad R. Williams, MD Kathryn L. Williams, MD Stanley D. Williams, II, MD Jeffrey H. Wilner, MD Anthony Wilson, MD Helen Winkler-Minichelli, MD Mary P. Wisely, MD Sheryl A. Wissman-Devereaux, MD John C. Wlezniak, MD Thomas P. Wolfe, MD Ursula M. Wollschlaeger, MD Peter P. Wong, MD Jean A. Wright, MD Norvil Wyche, MD Dwight A. Wymore, MD Steven A. Yarows, MD William R. Yee, MD, JD Norma J. Yucht, MD Steven Yucht, MD David P. Zadvinskis, MD LoriAnn Zettell, MD Kimberly A. Zielke, MD Martin C. Zonca, MD Lauren B. Zoschnick, MD Dr. Bessie Stavropoulos, 91, Libby Kristal and Dr. Sharon Burke, 85 Dr. Charles O Laughlin, 69, and wife, Neva Dr. Michael Shapiro, 95, development officer Claude Jackson, and Dr. John Safapour, 98

6 20Spring Volume 14, No. 2 T-shirts are available for proud parents and grandparents of WSU medical students. PROUD PARENT/PROUD GRANDPARENT T-SHIRT ORDER FORM T-shirts are $25 including shipping and handling Name Address Phone Circle style PROUD PROUD PLAIN PARENT GRANDPARENT WSU/SOM LOGO ONLY Circle size and enter quantity M L XL XXL Total amount due Circle method of payment VISA MASTER CHARGE CHECK Name as it appears on card Charge number Expiration date Make checks payable to WSU Medical Alumni Association Return order form and payment to WSU Medical Alumni Association 101 E. Alexandrine Detroit, MI Wayne State University School of Medicine Upcoming Alumni Events and Meetings June 2-6, 2003 Alumni Association table at cap and gown pickup Scott Hall Detroit June 4, 2003 Alumni Board of Governors Meeting Noon 1328 Scott Hall Detroit June 10, 2003 Medical School Graduation Class of :00 p.m. Detroit Opera House June 25, 2003 (Raindate June 26) 10th Annual Freedom Festival Fireworks Spectacular Event 5:00 p.m. Hotel Pontchartrain Detroit The Office of Alumni Affairs in the School of Medicine has received notification of the deaths of the following alumni. On behalf of the university community, we extend sincere sympathy to family and friends. Adolph Spiro, MD, 31 Israel W. Silver, MD, 41 Michael Hranchook, MD, 43 Werner F. Schmidt, MD, 43 Edward Salem, MD, 53 August 2003 Welcome Day Ceremony Scott Hall Detroit In Memoriam September 2003 Department of Internal Medicine Alumni Reception Traverse City, Mich. September 2003 Department of Otolaryngology Alumni Reception TBD September 2003 Department of Urology Alumni Reception TBD James Kennary, MD, 57 Steven Befus, MD, 78 James Langeveld, MD, 98 Editor s note: We know that timely reporting of alumni deaths is important to our readers. At the same time, we must ensure that our reports are accurate. Therefore, we ask that friends and family send us either an obituary or a letter of confirmation notifying us of deaths. Please write to the WSU Medical Alumni Association, 101 E. Alexandrine, Detroit, MI, or Notes 1941 Lee Carrick, MD, retired from a 34-year practice in dermatology in Grosse Pointe, Mich. He now lives in Naples, Fla., where he has been a volunteer dermatologist for the last 10 years at the Senior Friendship Medical Center of Naples, a clinic serving indigent seniors Marshall Blondy, MD, has been named president of the Michigan Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence for Thomas Moore, MD, is still in active pediatric ophthalmology practice (30 years). He has been married for 46 years to Ellie and has four children and eight grandchildren. The American Academy of Ophthalmology presented its State Affairs Hall of Fame Award to long-time academy member Dr. Moore in recognition of his pioneering leadership that has strengthened state ophthalmology societies and promoted quality eye care. Dr. Moore is the third recipient of this prestigious award Sanford E. Pomerantz, MD, has been elected president of the Kansas Psychiatric Society and is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. For 30 years, he has been in private psychiatric practice in Topeka, Kan Joseph Stern, MD, continues solo private practice in Plantation, Fla. The American Board of Family Practice has recertified him for the fifth time. Michel Sucher, MD, was appointed acting medical director for the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for the state of Arizona. In that role he also serves as medical director for bioterrorism Jerome Hoeksema, MD, has been named president of the board of

7 Spring Volume 14, No. 221 directors of the American Cancer Society Illinois Division. Dr. Hoeksema has served the American Cancer Society for 15 years on local, state and national levels. He played a leadership role in legislative achievements in Illinois that protect citizens from insurance and employment discrimination based on genetic information and hereditary traits. He has worked to require health maintenance organizations to cover annual mammography for women 40 and older and to expand Medicare coverage for annual mammography, cervical cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening and prostate cancer screening tests. George Shade, MD, has been appointed Sinai-Grace Hospital s new chief of obstetrics and gynecology. His new position started November 1, He is the former chief of obstetrics and gynecology and interim senior vice president of medical affairs at St. John Hospital. He will also serve as an associate professor in the obstetrics and gynecology department at the WSU School of Medicine Gary Leach, MD, has been invited to give the Pearce Memorial Lectureship at a special annual urology meeting organized by the WSU Department of Urology held Sept 23-27, He is a urologist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence. He is the director of the Tower Urology Institute for Continence at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and also is clinical professor of urology at USC Steven P. Befus, died on January 9, 2003 in Akron, Ohio after a courageous battle with non-hodgkin s lymphoma. He was a graduate of Wheaton College, WSU and the University of Illinois School of Medicine Family Practice Residency. Since residency, he had served with SIM International in Liberia, West Africa, as a physician, hospital administrator and field director. His desire was to serve the medical needs of the poorest while maintaining a Christian witness. He remained in Liberia through a civil war, despite very difficult circumstances. He was instrumental in reopening ELWA Hospital twice after its destruction by fighting factions. The hospital functions today under the leadership of Liberian nationals. Dr. Befus is survived by his wife, Sue, and four children. (submitted by Sue Befus) Ernie Yoder, MD, left WSU to assume the role of chairman for the department of internal medicine at Providence Hospital and Medical Center in Southfield, Mich. He is continuing to teach WSU medical students in the clinical medicine, physical diagnosis, and year III clerkships. This year, he was elected and took office as the governor for the Michigan Chapter of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine Gene Pesola, MD, MPH, is associate clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University and associate attending at Harlem Hospital, department of pulmonary/critical care medicine, in New York City. He is currently involved in asthma research Peter Traber, MD, is the president and CEO of the Baylor College of Medicine. He was formerly senior vice president and chief medical officer at GlaxoSmithKline Mark Faber, MD, was listed in Hour Detroit magazine s Best Doctors issue. Dr. Faber gave several invited lectures at the annual Dialysis Conference in Seattle March 2-4, He is a senior staff physician, medical director of peritoneal dialysis and medical director of the outpatient nephrology clinic at Henry Ford Hospital Gregory Gerras, MD, is a neurosurgeon at Southern California Permanente Medical Group and clinical instructor in neurological surgery at the University of California-San Diego. He was voted instructor of the year in 2000 and received the Golden Scalpel Award from the neurosurgery residents at UCSD. He was elected president of the San Diego Academy of Neurological Surgeons in September 2002 for a two-year term Paul Davidson, MD, and wife, Nancy, are pleased to announce the birth of fraternal twin daughters, Clare and Hannah, born in April Dr. Davidson is practicing emergency medicine at Porter Hospitals, PC, in Denver. He can be contacted at 1992 Richard Imirowicz, MD, practices child adolescent psychiatry at a therapeutic boarding and day school in suburban Washington, D.C. Photos can be seen at: Charles A. Crotteau, MD, reports that he had a nice time at the WSU reception in Chicago last December. He and his wife, Lori, had their second daughter last year (Natalie Paige Crotteau) born May 24, Their oldest is Molly (3 years old). Dr. Crotteau practices the full range of family medicine, including OB, in the great urban setting of Chicago. He also teaches medical students and residents from the University of Illinois-Chicago. He says he misses Detroit and Wayne State, although he was able to visit briefly this past fall when he ran the Detroit Marathon. My work is fulfilling, he says Enas Tuppo, MD, is still working in private practice in northern New Jersey and enjoying New York City. He is going to be married in June 2003 in New Jersey and would love to say hello to all fellow classmates if you are stopping by the New Jersey/New York City area Cheryl Lerchin, MD, recently started a private physical medicine and rehabilitation practice located in Shelby Township, Mich Leonard Buccellato, MD, is married to Ommar Hla, MD. They have one child, Victor, born December 10, Mary Durbin, MD, started an obstetrics/gynecology practice in Bay City, Mich. She and husband, James, welcomed their third son Joseph Lewis (born July 27, 2002) who joins brothers Thomas (age 5) and Michael (age 3). Julie Howard, MD, moved to Chinle, Ariz., and is working for the Indian Health Service on the Navajo Nation. Visitors are always welcome. Sarkis Kouyoumdain, MD, completed residency in emergency medicine and is working at Detroit Receiving Hospital and Sinai Grace Hospital Becky Ashley, MD, gave birth to her first child, Tyler, on October 28, She relocated to Gaylord, Mich., in September Tom Rifai, MD, is graduating from an internal medicine residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., on June 30, During residency, he was a founding committee member of the Oakland County Health Department s Obesity Initiative. As the physician representative of the Obesity Initiative, he has spoken about the health ramifications of the nation s obesity epidemic before large formal groups ranging from Oakland County Schools to Dupont and Daimler/Chrysler World Headquarters. This year, he will join Michael Doyle, MD, MPH, practicing at the Northpointe Health Center treating obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and vascular disease through aggressive lifestyle management and pharmacotherapy when necessary. Future plans include continuing to pursue public exposure of the seriousness that the obesity epidemic poses for the nation. Also, writing a practical book on diet as it relates to cardiovascular event prevention and obesity Shyam Bhakta, MD, completes residency training in internal medicine at Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals of Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio in June He will remain at CWRU/UHC to pursue fellowship training in cardiovascular disease. Robert Edwards, MD, is chief resident in family practice at St. John Hospital and will be entering the U.S. Air Force as a family physician starting July 2003 and ending June Mark Goulas, MD, married Mari Gianniotis on July 21, Mihir Meghani, MD, recently spoke at the 1st International Emergency Medicine and Disaster Preparedness Conference in India, held in the city of Hyderabad. Also, Dr. Meghani spoke at the Kaiser Diversity Conference on Hinduism For Health Care Practitioners. He is practicing emergency medicine with the Permanente Medical Group in Hayward and Fremont, Calif. He is also active with the Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs) that are now part of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Mao, MD, graduated from a pediatrics internship at the National Naval Medical Center this spring. He completed the U.S. Navy Undersea Medical Officer course and diving medical officer school. He is currently stationed with U.S. Marines 2nd Reconnaissance Battalair for the next 24 months in Camp Lejeuna, N.C. Cynthia Sanchez, MD, completed an internship at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit. She married Kevin Sonnenfeld on January 19, 2001, and is currently serving as a general medical officer in the United States Navy in Camp Lejeune, N.C Christa Murphy, MD, writes: We are rejoicing in the gifts of our Lord we had a beautiful baby girl on the 12th of November Christianna Joy, 7 lbs., 20 inches long. David O Malley, MD, finished an obstetrics/gynecology residency at Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Clinic Foundation. He is currently at Yale University School of Medicine and is doing a gynecologic oncology fellowship. Dr. O Malley married Kerri Capron of Akron, Ohio on September 8, Resident Alumni Notes Nat Pernick, MD, resident alum in pathology 99/ 00, has established a new business that provides pathology second opinions and explains them directly to patients. More information can be obtained by visiting or by contacting Dr. Pernick at (248) Dr. Pernick is also the owner of a free Website that provides an updated on-line pathology textbook with gross and microscopic images and references.

8 22Spring Volume 14, No. 2 graduate alum notes Dear Graduate Alumni In my last report to you, I outlined the recent implementation of our new Web-based inquiry and application system. I can relate to you now that we are experiencing amazing results compared to past practices. The ease, convenience and efficiency of the online features have met with overwhelming applicant approval not to mention that of our program directors. I ll be sure to keep you updated as the recruiting year progresses. While on the topic of recruiting, I would like to offer an exciting opportunity to our graduate alumni. As we expand our graduate recruiting efforts to include wider regional and national applicant populations, the issue of local and personal contact with those potential applicants becomes problematic. Perhaps you recall that when you were in the graduate school application phase of your career, personal contact with prospective programs carried great weight in your decision-making. Although and long distance phone conversations are very useful, an informal, face-to-face discussion with an opportunity for extensive Q&A really makes a difference! I am soliciting graduate alumni throughout the country who may be interested in serving as regional recruiters for the WSU School of Medicine graduate programs. Your in-depth knowledge of our first-rate faculty and our quality biomedical science training gives you the credibility prospective students are seeking. Although the details are yet to be established, in essence, you would receive information about applicants or potential applicants in your part of the state or country. After you review the information, we encourage you to arrange personal contact with the applicants. We are in the process of developing a recruiter s package containing up-to-date information on the Detroit metro area, the school, its programs, financial aid matters, faculty and research strengths. We hope you will view this as a chance to give back to the school a measure of the opportunities and career training you experienced while at Wayne. Certainly, you will need additional information before committing to such a program, but I would like to begin collecting the names and contact information of potential volunteers in the interim. A formal call for alumni recruiters will be made at a later date. However, if participating in this initiative appeals to you, please contact me directly at or phone (313) I am excited about the potential of this program, and I look forward to establishing a dedicated group of alumni recruiters who will make it happen! As always, your keen interest in the WSU School of Medicine and the progress of our graduate biomedical science training is warmly appreciated. Kenneth C. Palmer, PhD Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Graduate Alumni Profile: Donna Krasnewich MD, PhD When Donna M. Krasnewich, MD, PhD, was a fourth-year student at the School of Medicine, she elected to take a rotation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She was given the opportunity to train at one of the world s most important medical research facilities. She was impressed by the environment at the institutes and was inspired to return after graduation. Located in Bethesda, Md., the NIH is described as one of the world s leading medical research centers, and the federal focal point for medical research in the United States. It is comprised of 27 separate institutes and centers, and is one of eight health agencies of the Public Health Service, which, in turn, is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Simply described, the goal of NIH research is to acquire new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose and treat disease and disability, from the rarest genetic disorder to the common cold. The NIH mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. Dr. Krasnewich heads the Medical Genetics Branch of the Medical Genetics Clinic and is associate investigator at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) at the NIH. I am very grateful to have this opportunity, explained Dr. Krasnewich. This is an interesting place. People here are genuinely and incredibly curious about medicine and science. As an undergraduate, Dr. Krasnewich began working in a pharmacology lab at Wayne State University. Realizing that she had an interest in research, she returned to the pharmacology department as she pursued both her medical and graduate degrees. While studying under the mentorship of Dr. Roy McCauley, she made the most of her time at the School of Medicine and believes that the education she received provided her with the confidence necessary for her current occupation. I strongly believe that the education at the School of Medicine was superior, both in terms of the diversity of programs and in the pursuits of the faculty. She went on to explain, The school had a great ratio of personal interaction between the students and the amount of personal attention provided by the instructors and this gave the students an excellent opportunity to interact with the faculty. After graduation, Dr. Krasnewich did a brief residency in pediatrics at the University of Minnesota, and then served two years at the Children s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. From there, she joined the NIH and has been there for the last 14 years. She served as the acting clinical director of the NHGRI during and continues to focus on important research. According to Dr. Krasnewich, her area of research deals with diseases in children who have problems processing sugars. She is concentrating on a rare metabolic disease, congenital disorder of glycosylation or CDG. Only 300 cases of CDG exist worldwide, and increased physician awareness has resulted in identifying approximately 70 new cases in the United States in the past six years. Dr. Krasnewich studies rare diseases like these while treating many children and adults with other developmental, growth and nervous system disorders. At the NIH, I have the ability to see my patients clinically and then have instant access to the lab for research. We can collect the information we need and immediately work on getting the problems solved. Dr. Krasnewich reflects on her current position and credits her WSU education for playing a major role in her success. We received a lot of great clinical experience. We were exposed to a wide breadth of experience incomparable to many other programs and it provided me with the remarkable ability to operate in any environment and the confidence to handle whatever situation I am put in.

9 Spring Volume 14, No. 223 Notes GRADUATE ALUMNI NOTES 1990 David M. Svinarich, PhD, is the new director of research at Providence Hospital in Southfield, Mich. He maintains adjunct assistant professor positions with Wayne State University s Departments of Immunology and Microbiology, Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology. He is a scientific advisory board member and molecular biology consultant to several biotechnology companies in Michigan. He is also a graduate medical education consultant at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital. Dr. Svinarich is active in aviation, mountaineering, technical rock climbing, mountain biking and scuba diving. He and his wife, Kathryn A. Svinarich (PhD, physics, WSU, 1992), have two children, Diana (age 9) and Joshua (age 5). Would you like advance notice of alumni events? If you would like to receive advance notice of upcoming alumni events, please send an note containing your name, graduating class, and address to: Lori Robitaille Manager, Alumni Affairs WSU, School of Medicine Please type Events Notification as the subject of your note. Thank you! We re on the Web Visit the Medical Alumni Association Web Site located at: You can access the alumni web site via the above address or through a link from the school s homepage located at: WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS... WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO INCLUDE PHOTOS TO RUN WITH YOUR CLASS NOTE (SORRY, WE CAN NOT RETURN THEM) SEND US YOUR NEWS! Let your classmates know what you ve been doing. Last name First name Year Street Address City State Zip Phone My news for class notes: Or news to and type Graduate Alumni Class Notes in subject line. alum notes is published quarterly for the faculty, staff, students and alumni of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Your comments, suggestions and submissions are encouraged. Wayne State University School of Medicine Office of Development and Alumni Affairs 101 E. Alexandrine Detroit, MI (313) Executive Director of Development David Lepper Manager, Alumni Affairs Lori Ann Haddad Robitaille Alumni Officer, Alumni Affairs Lisa Ramos Manager, Donor Relations and Communications Editor, alum notes Michael Gentile

10 24Spring Volume 14, No. 2 Send us your news Let your classmates know what you ve been doing. Last name Do you know an alum whose accomplishments should be highlighted in Alum Notes? If so, please provide us with their contact information. First name Year Name Phone Street Address City State Zip Accomplishment Phone My news for class notes: Name Phone Accomplishment Mail this form to: Wayne State University School of Medicine Alumni Affairs 101 East Alexandrine Detroit, MI Or call us, toll-free: (877) WSU-MED1 Or information to: Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No Detroit, MI Scribe /Alum Notes Spring 2003 Vol. 14, No. 2 Office of Public Affairs & Publications 101 E. Alexandrine Detroit, MI (313) Office of Alumni Affairs 101 E. Alexandrine Detroit, MI (313)

C LBY-SAWYER. CSC s Real Life CSI Kim Rumrill 84

C LBY-SAWYER. CSC s Real Life CSI Kim Rumrill 84 C LBY-SAWYER A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E The New Global Beginnings Program Takes Off! Prof. Pat Anderson s Amazing Sabbatical A Special Groundbreaking for the New Windy Hill School You Are There Mountain

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No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report

No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report Supporting Patients Families Caregivers One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over 100,000 people will

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Cord Blood Collection Expands Options for Stem Cell Transplant Candidates

Cord Blood Collection Expands Options for Stem Cell Transplant Candidates Spring 2008 A publication for friends of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Promise BANKING ON HOPE Elizabeth Shpall, M.D., left, director of the M. D. Anderson Cord Blood Bank, and Ping

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I wa. W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d.

I wa. W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d. I wa W o r l d Cl a s s Pe o p l e. W o r l d Cl a s s Me d i c i n e. f o r Io w a a n d t h e Wo r l d. Wor l d Cl a s s Edu c a t i o n Wor l d Cl a s s Edu c a t i o n University of Iowa Health Care

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UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK. Bridges SPRING 2008. Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK. Bridges SPRING 2008. Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK Bridges M A G A Z I N E SPRING 2008 Crime and Imprisonment: How Social Work Can Help Break the Cycle Bridges Table of contents Dean s Message... 1 School

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Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders

Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders Illuminations School of Nursing News from The Adelphi University School of Nursing Leading to New Horizons in Nursing 2010 Preparing Tomorrow s Leaders 2 ILLUMINATIONS Spring 2010 message from the dean

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it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS).

it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS). the gator Summer summer 2008 volume XI, Number 1 nurse the newsletter for the alumni of the uf college of nursing Innovation through Collaboration: UF and VA partner to address nursing shortage, education

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public health advancing healthy populations: the pfizer guide to careers in public health

public health advancing healthy populations: the pfizer guide to careers in public health public health advancing healthy populations: the pfizer guide to careers in public health A MUST-HAVE GUIDE THAT PROFILES THE LIFE AND WORK OF PROFESSIONALS IN PUBLIC HEALTH advancing healthy populations:

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DUKE FORWARD CAMPAIGN: Fall 2012 A Development Newsletter for Duke Law Alumni and Friends ANNOUNCING THE DUKE FORWARD CAMPAIGN: Investing in the people who make Duke Law great Our goal is to raise $85 million in the next five

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The marathon between marathons

The marathon between marathons Remembering the Marathon bombing 2014-15 MBA officers and delegates announced 10 7 See page 2 for a complete listing of this issue s contents. WWW.MASSBAR.ORG Volume 21 NUMBER 8 April 2014 The marathon

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Juan Delgado's. Poetry. The Public and Private Life of I N S I D E : Volume 13 Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2004. News for Alumni and Friends of the University

Juan Delgado's. Poetry. The Public and Private Life of I N S I D E : Volume 13 Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2004. News for Alumni and Friends of the University I N S I D E : What will the proposed observatory planned for Badger Hill be like? page 10 There s a new high school in Rialto, and no one could be more pleased than Amina page 25 The Public and Private

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connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future

connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College Legacies Point to Our Future connections WINTER 2011 John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Dr. John Ski Sygielski designated 7th president To improve your

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From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past

From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Vol. 32 No. 1 Spring 2008 School of Law From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past News for Alumni and Friends of the University

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On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 2015 Annual Conference: Social Work Paves the Way for Change. Calling All Students!

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 2015 Annual Conference: Social Work Paves the Way for Change. Calling All Students! 5750 Executive Drive, Suite 100-1979 410.788.1066 Fax: 410.747.0635 NASW-MD, through advocacy, education and collaboration with diverse stakeholders and guided by its

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Physician. Getting EMR via MLH. Main Line Health. Inside: Special report: Building a Reliable Culture of Safety: Where Safety is Our Main Line

Physician. Getting EMR via MLH. Main Line Health. Inside: Special report: Building a Reliable Culture of Safety: Where Safety is Our Main Line Main Line Health Physician Special report: Getting EMR via MLH summer 2011 Inside: Introducing Main Line Health Physician Building a Reliable Culture of Safety: Where Safety is Our Main Line Malpractice

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Taking Care of New Jersey

Taking Care of New Jersey 10 years Taking Care of New Jersey Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration. OUR MERIDIAN

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Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013

Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Southern California National Commander Visit 12/9/13 (Monday) 1000 Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van

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WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience.

WHEATON. For the Short Term. Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. SPRING 2013 WHEATON For the Short Term Rethink and reform the short-term mission experience. Inside: Make Career Connections New: Humanitarian Disaster Institute Students Tour Nashville Wheaton College

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fighting the good Fight also inside Teaching children To cope + smart phone, smart apps The winning vows + designed for women + a True reflection

fighting the good Fight also inside Teaching children To cope + smart phone, smart apps The winning vows + designed for women + a True reflection fighting the good Fight also inside Teaching children To cope + smart phone, smart apps The winning vows + designed for women + a True reflection Summer 2012 Shepherd Center

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Congratulations Nursing Compassion Award Winner Patrick Stage. Publication of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Volume 12 Number 2.

Congratulations Nursing Compassion Award Winner Patrick Stage. Publication of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Volume 12 Number 2. Volume 12 Number 2 March 2008 Congratulations Nursing Compassion Award Winner Patrick Stage Publication of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing PUBLISHED BY Arkansas State Board of Nursing University Tower

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GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APPLIED AND PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APPLIED AND PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GSAPP Faculty and Alumni Provide Leading-Edge Autism Services See inside page 3 Spring 2014 Spring 2014 Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional

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MBA presents Access to Justice Awards; Nancy King s legacy as advocate celebrated

MBA presents Access to Justice Awards; Nancy King s legacy as advocate celebrated Massachusetts Bar Association Volume 15, Number 8 April 2008 Recognizing quiet heroes Each year, the president of the MBA has the pleasure and the privilege of giving a number of awards to lawyers around

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Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated

Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Saint Louis University Also inside: Student callers Health care mission trips The renovated Rec Center A professor s Irish discoveries Fold out for a view of the Edward A. Doisy Research Center and the

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A PUBLICATION OF THE SUFFOLK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION. MORE PHOTOS page 20 PRESIDENT S MESSAGE. Today s Peacock is Tomorrow s Feather Duster THE SUFFOLK LAWYER A PUBLICATION OF THE SUFFOLK COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION DEDICATED TO LEGAL EXCELLENCE SINCE 1908 Bars Come Together for Annual Event Speaker suggests future of profession include the experienced

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YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities

YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities INSIDE MCBA Board Statement Regarding County Disputes p. 2 VLP Awards Reception p. 10 President Green in Profile p. 12 APRIL 2010 Volume 29, Number 4 YLD Gears Up for Law Week Activities The American Bar

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The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian

The Park Press. Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland. (L to R): Mason Ryan, Paul Triple H Levesque and Conor O Brian The Park Press FREE May 2013 ~ Positive news that matters ~ Winter Park Baldwin Park College Park Audubon Park Maitland New Brain Mapping Technology The Emergency Fund A Snail Spiral In Bloom 07 11 15

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GAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE COLUMNS THE MAGAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE ALUMNI & FRIENDS WINTER 2011 The Pathway to Education 224 Years and Counting... DONOR HONOR ROLL Inside Admissions Counselor Katie Price does her best to focus

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