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1 Cisco Telephony The independent report on the Cisco telephony market Tribune News Products People Events WINTER QUARTER CIPTUG CONFERENCE SPECIAL Volume 6, Issue 4 Published by Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune, Inc.TM ITEXPO SPECIAL CIPTUG INSIDER AUDIN Page 3 Pull Out Section Owen I n November of last year Andtek, based in Munich, Germany, announced their One-Stop console offering many features and functions. Enterprise customers now are able to implement full-featured attendant consoles that can also provide integration with all types of directories and databases, and offer voice recording as well as other features. In December we spoke with Roland Russwurm, a manager, to learn more. TR Could you tell us briefly about Andtek? Russwurm The company was estab- Page 4 UC&C Page 7 Bradshaw Andtek Attendant Console for Cisco By Jeff Owen, TR Reporter EFFICIENCY lished in We focused on developing and selling solutions in the Unified Communications area for the Cisco platform. We have customers all over the world and are recognized for our customized applications. TR So you have focused on the Cisco UC platform only, correct? Russwurm Yes. We decided to focus on one specific vendor so we could develop the best type of solutions for that UC environment. TR Recently you came out with what See OWEN page 10 M Managing multi-vendor IP telephony By Sue Bradshaw, Prognosis anaging large multi-vendor and geographically-dispersed IP telephony environments is a challenge faced by an increasing number of businesses. Multi-vendor implementations happen for many reasons. Need for specialty vendor-specific applications. Service providers may require client management across varying VoIP platforms. Result of M&A activity. Regional vendor presence where a local IP-PBX manufacturer dominates sales and support channels. Avoiding excessive dependence on a single vendor. The good news is that despite the inherent complexities there are many ways that managing these environments can work for you. Here are a few examples. As each VoIP platform comes with its own client interfaces, configuration, administrative tools, terminology and user skill requirements, managing hybrid environments inevitably means increased complexity. See BRADSHAW, page 7 ANDTEK Attendant Console. Just like a good book. Voice Recording Zone Paging Attendant Console CTI Client Directory Integration Crisis Conferencing Provisioning Visit us at or call

2 NetFlow Traffic Analysis Leverage Cisco technology to find the culprits on your network. We set up the UDP port ranges to monitor for VoIP payload and control characters, based on the data from Avaya, but I couldn t locate any control traffic. That was when I realized that the PBX was using the H.323 protocol instead of the even UDP ports for control. The minute we get a ticket saying a particular site or application is down, Scrutinizer is the first place we go. Jose, American International Group, Inc. TM Scrutinizer NetFlow & sflow Analyzer Try the free download! Visit us at or call

3 Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune 3 Winter 2010/2011 Audin High Power, Lower Cost PoE Up to 72W of 802.3at Compliant Power for: PTZ Security Cameras Access Points Thin Clients Video Phones POS Terminals See our full line at: Optimize COntaCt Center OperatiOns Whether you re a telemarketing firm or a small company s support staff, even if you re not a large contact center, you re still the center of contact. And every aspect of your success starts and ends with how your staff engages and interacts with the people who contact your organization. TelStrat s Engage Contact Center Suite is your means to answer this challenge. Engage combines the ease and power of our award-winning call recording technology with an array of best-practice product technologies for all areas of workforce optimization. Together, these yield an easy, affordable, total recording and workforce optimization solution for any size organization. Engage Suite optimizes your operation. See Engage Contact Center Suite in the TelStrat booth at: Cisco Live! Europe Jan Feb. 3, 2011 London, UK From capturing customer interaction to forecasting and scheduling, TelStrat s engage Contact Center Suite answers each major aspect of contact center operation. Engage lets you: Capture complete customer interaction at every point of contact Streamline call times, ensure consistency, and increase quality Elevate agent performance and training, and improve retention Knowledge mine call content, maximize resources, and enhance the bottom line Easily blend multiple PBXs & voice technologies on the same recording server Auto or On-Demand Call Recording with Exclusive Conversation Save Technology Blazing-Fast, Dictionary-Independent, Phoneme-Based Speech Analytics Complete Screen Capture and Playback, Synchronized with Audio Recording Intuitive Agent Evaluation with Weighted Scoring & Reporting Comprehensive Agent Evaluation, Performance Management & e-learning Enterprise-Scale, Multi-Site Workforce Management, with Scheduling, Forecasting, Planning, & More Engage Suite s modular design means each component augments and enhances the next, so you grow at your own pace. Within one suite. From one source. TelStrat. For more information, contact your authorized telecom equipment reseller or TelStrat T VoIP peering By Gary Audin he implementation of mixed vendor VoIP/IPT systems is increasing. The call center may be powered by Avaya while regular telephony operations are supported by Cisco products. Connecting any two VoIP islands (VoIP peering) without using either the PSTN or T1 and PRI trunks with legacy signaling from two different vendors presents significant interoperability issues. SIP is the most likely candidate as the trunk signaling protocol. Multiple levels of interoperability/normalization will be required, not just compatibility. SIP trunking is available between call managers from the same vendor. Do not, however, assume that since SIP is used this solution will interoperate with other vendors IPT systems. The value and benefits of VoIP peering are: Accurate caller ID. Global call monitoring, CDR and reports, accounting and operator services. End-to-end call quality monitoring. Eliminating PSTN connections within the enterprise. Superior bandwidth efficiency over IP trunks vs. T1 and PRI trunks. Call security. Full feature support for the user. Centralized voic , IVR and other functions across the trunk. All of these may not be possible. One of the limitations may be VARs who have to learn about SIP operations before the task is accomplished. When new IPT software is released, interoperability must be reevaluated by the VAR to ensure it still works properly. Interoperability between call managers means that the signaling system, SIP and other supporting protocols must be compatible. The SIP standard, RFC 3261, is designed to support signaling among IP devices for multiple media. It has become the vendor choice for VoIP and IPT signaling for IP phones and SIP trunking to the PSTN. There are many vendor implementation variations that all conform to the RFC 3261 standard and these are not interoperable. The most likely candidates for interoperability/normalization challenges are: Voice signaling protocol variations. Telephony feature variations. Voice codec compression differences. Transparent feature/function support. Support of Unified Communications features such as presence and multimedia. Service delivery for DTMF, multiple codecs, fax, modems, etc. Trunking security and management. Call management. Voice quality reporting. Firewall (if deployed) limitations. Trunk bandwidth management and Call Admission Control (CAC). Trunk call capacity. Uniform enterprise-wide dialplan. The possible solutions for interconnecting are not out-of-the-box products. The most likely is a Session Border Controller (SBC), a device/appliance used in VoIP networks to convert the signaling and the media streams used in setting up, conducting, and tearing down calls. The SBC acts as a server for the internal network and as a client to the external network and has been used for VoIP peering connections to the PSTN and between VoIP carriers. The SBC also provides security between the two VoIP islands, voice codec conversion (transcoding G.711 to G.729). converting fax from T.38 to T.30, standard and reverse, SIP info/notify signaling and DTMF conversion to RFC 2833 and SIP to See AUDIN, page 4 Engage Ad -Optimize- w-analyze- TR-JUNIOR indd 1 12/6/ :52:16 AM

4 Winter 2010/ Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune IT Ideas Improving network closet efficiency By Rick Bansal, Global Director - Cisco Alliance, Schneider Electric Many of today s network closets were never meant to house IT or networking equipment. Yet out of necessity they have become missioncritical environments and with the integration of PoE, which delivers power to connected devices over Ethernet lines in lieu of individual AC outlets, the level of criticality continues to grow. The switch has now become the single point of failure for an organization s phone systems. While PoE enables flexibility when deploying IP phones, LAN access points, Wi-Fi switches and network security cameras, all of which can be powered via Ethernet cable, it also increases the challenges of powering, monitoring, and cooling the high-density network closet when combined with technological advances such as convergence and virtualization. To prevent costly downtime and data loss and keep phones, wireless networks and other gear online, organizations need to consider a complete network closet solution. For many, building another closet to handle increasing demands is unrealistic, but compromised availability due to insufficient power or cooling isn t acceptable either. To address this dilemma, power, monitoring and cooling solutions should be leveraged to make the most of limited IT space. A UPS can protect data and equipment from power problems by supplying clean and reliable network-grade power. Many of today s UPSs provide extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high load levels in order to support multi-core or virtualized servers as well as telecom switches. It is vital to ensure the solutions a business chooses are compatible with their primary investment in Cisco switches and networking equipment. APC Smart-UPS is compatible with Unified Communications Manager 6.x, 7.x and 8.x. Solutions such as data center infrastructure management or DCIM can also provide a consolidated view of power, cooling, physical security and environmental data in order to make decisions regarding capacity planning and changes, energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. Schneider s InfraStruxure Operations Suite can help companies address these areas and conserve energy and cut costs by delivering active management across all key domains of the data center including power, cooling, racks and security systems. % For more visit For more Cisco visit Collaboration Calabrio and Cisco Calabrio, provider of contact center management and customer interaction software, announced its Call Recording and Quality Management software products will support Cisco s media capture platform. Customers will have the flexibility to leverage this new recording architecture across the enterprise for call recording, contact center quality management and speech analytics. Calabrio has been a valuable Cisco development and OEM partner for more than a decade. They offer close integration with our Unified Contact Center and Unified Communications Manager systems, providing our mutual customers with the advantages of less administrative overhead, efficient call retrieval techniques and reliable recording solutions, said John Hernandez, vice president and general manager of the Customer Collaboration Business Unit at Cisco. We are pleased to have them offer their software capabilities to enhance the media capture platform. Calabrio offers three recording architectures including desktop, server and network-based, which use similar techniques as the Cisco platform. Calabrio offers several options because each has its own unique applications and advantages, giving customers the flexibility to match their recording solution to technical preferences, enterprise environment and business needs. The media capture platform will provide even more options and flexibility as well as several new capabilities such as phone and video blogging. Customers will have the option to deploy one or all architectures in a single enterprise. We applaud Cisco s move to provide multi-media recording at the infrastructure layer because it enables enterprises to utilize standards for technology, reduce TCO through sharing core technology across the enterprise, support users at any location, and leverage alternative application delivery methods, said Calabrio president and CEO Tom Goodmanson. Cisco s commitment to a reliable infrastructure combined with our ability to offer software that transforms the user experience ensures that our customers will be able to optimize business performance in more ways than ever before. % For more visit AUDIN Continued from page 3 SIP-TLS over TCP or UDP. The Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) is another possibility. It can be deployed between two IPT networks to resolve interoperability issues. Avaya Session Manager is a possible second solution. Both of these will require some development effort, like the SBC, to satisfy the goals mentioned earlier. The biggest problem is that there is no real incentive for two different VoIP/ IPT vendors to interoperate. A black-box approach like an SBC, probably from a third-party vendor, will be the most likely solution. %


6 Winter 2010/ Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune The Social Media Age Spanlink SocialWatch Spanlink Communications SocialWatch is a hosted service that enables companies to find and proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Based on Cisco s SocialMiner software, the cloud-based service offers businesses a way to monitor their brand and respond to social media interactions without an upfront capital expenditure on hardware, software or implementation costs. Spanlink hosts all the hardware and software required and helps businesses set up campaigns to track status updates, forum posts or blogs from customers. Based on these campaigns, enterprises are alerted to conversations related to their brand in real-time and can engage with customers that require service through the originating social network. The Internet is always open for business and online chatter about a brand or company doesn t simply go away. Companies are quickly recognizing this and seizing the opportunities to strengthen their brand, increase sales and improve customer relationships, said Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst, Commfusion. Spanlink s cloud-based offering allows companies to begin monitoring and engaging with customers through social networks in a matter of days. They can keep an eye on the web to gain and improve business information as well as immediately reach those who need service. When companies engage proactively with customers they can improve relationships, tackle potential consumer or product issues, generate proactive sales opportunities and manage brand perceptions. According to Yankee Group Research Director Sheryl Kingstone, 70 percent of consumers want access to company experts and support via social media, and nearly 60 percent feel company outreach via social media would improve their loyalty to that company. With more than 11 million tweets per day mentioning a company or a brand, social media has become a growing new channel for customer care, said Eric LeBow, vice president of Professional Services, Spanlink. We believe that by 2013 more than 35 percent of businesses will be leveraging social media in their contact centers to proactively respond to customers and maintain and build loyalty. Highlights include: No large, upfront investments. Quick and easy implementation. Scalability. Businesses can start with a small number of agents monitoring and engaging with customers and prospects, and add and subtract capacity as needed. Easy transition to an on-premise solution. If a customer decides to bring the solution in-house and manage it, the existing configuration and data easily ports over. % For more visit Clarus award Clarus Systems, provider of integrated VoIP and Unified Communications management software and services, announced Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global marketing company, has named the Clarus Migration Certification Service for Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a recipient of its 2010 Unified Communications Excellence Award. By utilizing Clarus Services for testing and troubleshooting, an enterprise upgrading CUCM can cut costs and maximize efficiency by focusing on migration issues as soon as they arise and hone in on problems introduced as a result of the upgrade,. As a Cisco Developer Network Partner, Clarus understands the value in properly assessing Unified Communication Manager performance and availability both before and after migration, said Brendan Reidy, president and CEO. With our flexible array of services and products we are able to complement a partner or Cisco s Advanced Services teams and enable them to reduce cost and risk involved with performing these migration projects on time. ClarusIPC Plus+ can also be utilized by systems integrators to ease the concerns of clients over the Communications Manager migrations to versions 6, 7 or now 8.x. We are pleased to grant a 2010 Unified Communications Excellence Award to Clarus Migration Certification Service for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. % For more visit Spectrum Corporation is a member of the Cisco Technology Developer Program. Ad Layout1.fh11 4/26/06 2:51 PM Page Copyright 2009 Spectrum Corporation. M122CTT1208 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Cisco, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Systems logo are registered trademarks and the Cisco Square Bridge logo is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. Composite

7 Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune 7 Winter 2010/2011 Cloud Cisco and BMC A Division of Connexon Cisco and BMC Software announced a strategic alliance to develop and market new solutions for large-scale multi-tenant cloud computing infrastructures. The companies are aligning product development roadmaps and technology architectures to offer worldwide customers a complete suite of solutions that simplify and automate the delivery of cloud services. As part of the alliance, Cisco and BMC announced the availability of a new cloud solution, the Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform, designed to meet requirements of service providers and large-scale private cloud computing environments. The solution helps providers deploy end-to-end cloud services running on an infrastructure that spans data center networks, computing systems, storage and applications. The companies are building on their cloud expertise to align product roadmaps, technology architectures and development efforts to offer a complete suite of service delivery solutions. These are supported with joint marketing, services, sales, testing and certification activities to accelerate adoption. See CISCO AND BMC, page 9 UC&C Performance management By Stephen Hateley, Director of Worldwide Alliance Marketing, InfoVista Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) offers a way for organizations to become more productive and efficient. By integrating all forms of digital communication including voice, , instant messaging, file sharing and video in one common interface where connectivity between these applications is a click away, it can help organizations access expert know-how anytime and anywhere. UC&C is relevant in today s global economy where integrated real-time communications such as voice and video are required to transact business across distances and different time zones. On the flip side, however, applications can be complex to manage and conventional service policies simply will not do. Bandwidth-hungry applications that are not properly managed from a quality of service perspective will suffer from delay variation or packet loss and are likely to result in poor image and sound quality. While most enterprises want to take advantage of the benefits of unifying communications systems, many would like to avoid the operational burdens and capital expenses of deployment and support and are choosing to outsource. In the hosted model, the challenges of delivering and managing the infrastructure and services are moved to the provider, who needs to build resiliency and implement QoS measures within the delivery network, data center and application environment to guarantee continuity and performance. InfoVista s solution is aligned with the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, which monitors the physical and virtual IP-based network and data center infrastructure and provides visibility into application performance, enabling providers and enterprises to manage traffic by class and quality of service and ensure sufficient bandwidth, application availability and quality of experience. % Contact the author at BRADSHAW Continued from page 1 The best way to address this and create efficiencies is through familiarity with one product and one user interface. This means you don t have to install and load multiple software clients or swap from one set of terminology to another, learn shortcuts and acquire knowledge for multiple products. You can leverage knowledge gained managing one platform and improve the reach and productivity of support staff. Even when the terminology varies from platform to platform or information is available from one system but not another, you can use common skills to create and fine-tune monitoring for each so alerts and reports are in keeping with performance and capacity. It allows minimizing costs of monitoring and maintaining multiple versions, technologies, platforms and sites with fewer, less-specialized personnel. See BRADSHAW, page 9

8 A comprehensive and easy to use Phone Directory Solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager IPS Global Directory Multiple directories, Replicate, Merge, Distinct, Segment, Format, Speed dials, Export T 9 p re d i c t i ve s e a rc h Web search and dial To u c h s c re e n ke y b o a rd What does Total Network Visibility really mean? It s about seeing everything on your network f Knowing instantly where and why network faults exist f Eliminating mysterious slowdowns f Resolving the root-causes of poor quality VoIP calls f Getting the maximum performance out of your network PathSolutions Network Monitor The only network performance management solution that delivers Total Network Visibility. AD LDAP CUCM Database Excel, Text Exchange Domino... IPS Global Directory Reverse Lookup Try Network Monitor FREE for 5 days Call , or visit us at Download now Or contact us for more info : C T I I P P h o n e X M L Au d i o s e r v i c e s C o n t a c t C e n t e r (U C C E) Total Network Visibility Puts You in Control All the Time Looking for a Cisco Attendant Console? iq NetSolutions PC-based Attendant Console is compatible with Cisco UCM v8.x. Our customers include financial institutions, manufacturing, ISPs, contact centers, schools, medical facilities, professional services, government agencies, and packaged offices. Built-In Presence Engine Company-Wide Busy Lamp Field w/tenanting Drag and Drop Call Processing Emergency Call Notification Group Coverage Emergency Barge Employee Status Notes Competitivee Pricing Free 30-Day Evaluation Available For Price Quote Contact Sales: x1315 Company web site: Cisco, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Systems logo are egistered trademarks and the Cisco Square Bridge logo is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

9 Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune 9 Winter 2010/2011 e911 Deploying E911 for Cisco Large organizations often deploy multiple clusters of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to increase capacity and improve quality and reliability of their network. When these clusters concurrently run different versions of CUCM, providing E911 support for the entire network can be complicated and costly. This is a challenging scenario that often emerges when organizations migrate to a recent release on a cluster-by-cluster basis. As a result they have had to either upgrade their entire network at once or risk not providing employees with reliable E911 service. 911 Enable s Emergency Gateway (EGW) eliminates this challenge, providing seamless E911 support for multiple clusters concurrently running different versions of CUCM. This allows the organization to manage the network in a manner that best suits the unique needs of the deployment. EGW is an on-site appliance that simplifies E911 management and delivers capabilities enterprises require such as automatic tracking of IP hard, soft and wireless phones, and on-site security desk routing and notification. As an added benefit it also provides E911 support for extension mobility crosscluster, which allows a user to login to an IP phone at a visiting cluster and maintain the same appearance, features and capabilities as when logged in at her home cluster. This is especially important as users become more mobile and require the ability to work at various locations. Implementing multiple CUCM clusters is a common deployment scenario for many enterprises. As organizations upgrade to newer versions EGW provides the flexibility to upgrade on a cluster-by-cluster basis while ensuring all users maintain access to reliable E911 support. % For more visit Who Dialed 911? Did you know that the level of 911 protection millions of Americans have in their homes is far better than what they receive at their nearby office, campus, hospital, or government building? Enhanced 911 (E911) software enables emergency responders to determine the building, floor, and room number for a 911 caller in a multi-floor building or multi-building facility. This saves lives. CISCO AND BMC Continued from page 7 The platform helps large-scale cloud providers eliminate many of the complex manual steps required to set up and provision a service, enabling greater end-to-end simplicity across the cloud network. The integrated system is designed to operate in large-scale private, public and hybrid cloud environments. For service providers, the platform combines Cisco s Unified Service Delivery solution with BMC s CLM capabilities to deliver efficiency, service quality, reduced complexity and improved compliance. % For more visit BRADSHAW Continued from page 7 Familiarity with one management product encourages support users to explore, selfteach and achieve better job organization by leveraging previously-built components and skills. An extensive selection of key performance indicators for each platform s voice quality, availability and performance will allow you to design, deliver and validate operational and service level agreements for stakeholders and customers. % For more visit Safety is Your Responsibility. E911 is Our Business. Protect your most valuable asset: your people. Amcom Software has been a leader in E911 solutions for more than 20 years. Amcom Software, Inc. Phone: Fax: Cisco Telephony Tribune The independent report on the Cisco telephony market is a production of News Products People Events Telecom Reseller: TM Cisco Tribune Subscriptions Or change address, unsubscribe Call Fax Web Advertising Call Toll Free Fax Web

10 Winter 2010/ Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune Partner News Dimension Data Ocean County College, a community college with 40 years of distinction, wanted to further excel among the academic community. To do this they sought a dependable way to manage IP telephony systems and infrastructure to ensure minimal downtime and disruption to 10,000 faculty and students. Following a successful four-year relationship, the college decided to enlist Dimension Data s managed services, Insite and Uptime, powered by Cisco Services, to assure business continuity and allow them to focus on core learning initiatives. This includes 24x7 monitoring and resolution, patches and upgrades, and break-fix maintenance on a proactive and real-time basis to minimize downtime. Dimension Data also ensures the Cisco Unity Unified Messaging platform and Unified Communications Manager are upand-running, keeping software up-to-date, monitoring systems to assure optimal voice quality and monitoring call volumes to ascertain system performance. As a result, not only are adverse incidents often antici- pated before they occur but in many cases are resolved before college faculty and staff experience any disruptions to phone or Internet service. When performance issues are identified, Dimension Data operators examine the incident, create an Uptime ticket and dispatch an engineer to resolve the problem. The college also gains access to an online service portal that provides a transparent, real-time view of their network, including tailored reports measuring service-level agreements and performance. They have direct access to input service requests, view request status and access device inventory. They can view device status, call handling and device performance, and utilization reports on voice gateways, circuits, etc. With Dimension Data and Cisco technical expertise managing the environment, the college has seen a reduction in time and resources to manage core pieces of their network and IPT to ensure optimal performance. % For more visit OWEN Continued from page 1 you re saying is a one-stop attendant console. Tell me more. Russwurm We ve been working on desktop solutions for several years. Customers have been asking for more and more features so we decided to upgrade our product. We re calling it our attendant console and the one-stop idea is because the solution covers different requirements. It s not just an attendant console but can also be used for an agent desktop with voice recording, directories and presence. TR How does this improve on what was available previously? Russwurm One of the great things is that you have one platform, easy to setup and manage, which offers all the features required for a typical enterprise solution. It s not just an attendant console but also offers additional features like voice recording, broadcasting, some paging services, and integrating different directories such as Active Directory or even MS Exchange Server. You get everything without buying a lot of additional products. Also important is service and support. Therefore we focus on our customers to ensure they have a proper up-and-running solution all the time. TR It sounds like it also saves them money. Russwurm Usually, because when looking at typical solutions you ll need a lot of different modules and sometimes even multiple vendors to get everything the way you want. In our case, however, it s just one platform. This can be especially helpful for educating employees, and you re working with a Cisco preferred solutions partner. TR It sounds like your product was designed for an IP environment. Russwurm It was designed from the ground up that way. Besides the typical reliability options, if you ve set up multiple servers we can immediately switch to another server in the event of failure of the primary one. TR What about security? Russwurm We decided to run an encrypted protocol between the desktop and server, so it s not possible to listen to the voice stream or decode something done within the attendant console. TR You know those are high traffic environments, so I take it the system is pretty robust? Russwurm Yes. In such environments it s also important that you re able to connect multiple consoles together and even hundreds of attendants working at the same time in large volume environments. TR How do customers purchase? Russwurm We decided to market through a channel model and are working with Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partners. For more visit NATIONWIDE COVERAGE RURAL EXPERTS CAN HELP YOU INCREASE PROFITS & IMPROVE CLIENT RETENTION Cisco VAR in Detroit Adds $56,753 Monthly Net Income by Augmenting Product Line Managed Service Provider in Florida Adds $7,535 in Monthly Recurring Revenue Regional Cabling Contractor Adds $1,134 in Monthly Profits (total monthly revenue now over $13k/month) MPLS Anywhere in the country... Flat rates even across multiple LEC regions ETHERNET Widest nationwide coverage Point to point, IP & multi-point INTERNET Low, flat rates nationwide Rural T1s under $475 PRIVATE LINE T1 through OCx anywhere in the US Flat rates available BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE BY OFFERING YOUR CLIENTS BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY Enhancing Customer Contact Experience Softel offers comprehensive professional services for the application development, deployment, and optimization of multi-channel contact center solutions. please visit or call 877-4SOFTEL

11 Telecom Reseller: Cisco Tribune 11 Telepresence Book Review Cisco Video C isco unveiled a series of product introductions and service offerings designed to make Cisco TelePresence and video collaboration more affordable, simpler to manage under a common architecture, and more available through cloud services. This can help customers quickly and cost-effectively take advantage of the transition to video across the enterprise. As more organizations deploy video pervasively, Cisco announced that all of their new enterprise collaboration endpoints will be video-enabled and will interoperate natively with Unified Communications Manager. CUCM call-control and processing system provides an infrastructure that runs across a single architecture and can help enable simpler deployments, improved manageability and a quicker return on investment. It makes initiating video calls a snap with one-button-to-push technology. Cisco made other announcements focused on helping customers and partners deploy and scale video throughout their organizations while also benefiting from positive experiences. Extending the Reach of TelePresence: new endpoints for desktops and offices that extend it to a wider range of users as well as to more midrange businesses. Redefining the Web Conferencing Experience: With the launch of WebEx Meeting Center with high-quality video, meeting participants can see other participants with exceptional clarity in full-screen video mode, turning web conferencing into Winter 2010/2011 Cisco Networking Simplified (Second Edition) a virtual videoconferencing room. Offering More Flexible Deployment Options: Cisco also introduced the TelePresence Exchange System which gives service providers a turnkey packaged solution that can help them easily and costeffectively deploy telepresence services such as intercompany calling. Empowering Channel Partners: a video channel initiative aligns the Cisco and Tandberg partner communities into a single channel program. By incorporating the best aspects of channel programs, the initiative accommodates all levels of video expertise to help drive profitable growth opportunities for channel partners. These new services, endpoints and experiences combined with Cisco s recently announced infrastructure and medianet architecture advancements can help customers deploy and solve challenges around video delivery, interoperability and quality %. For more visit GET YOUR OWN DELIVERED FOR FREE Visit T he world of Cisco networking can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. There are literally hundreds of books about Cisco Systems and networking. The vast majority are narrowly focused on a specific subject and were written for those already in the industry or students guided by an instructor. It s rare to find an introductory overview covering the depth and breadth of Cisco in more simple language. This book does a credible job at making Cisco, and networking, less intimidating. In this completely revised and expanded edition, the authors have added over 100 pages, two sections, and 18 sub-sections (or chapters, if you will). Additionally, they have rearranged and changed section and sub-section titles essentially making this second edition a wholly new book. Written as a primer, the authors introduce Cisco s view of networking through illustrated overviews of how Cisco Systems equipment supports various aspects of current and emerging telecommunications/ networking applications. A well laid out table of contents guides the reader through the various sections and provides a useful snapshot of the structure and content of the book. The book s index makes finding the pages where key terms and subjects reside a snap. Unfortunately the authors didn t include a glossary and several terms and acronyms used in the book are not fully explained by the text. This book is for anyone with an interest in how the internet works in general, and how Cisco Systems supports internet- working applications including data, voice, video, image, etc. Whether you want to become a networking professional or just want to understand what they re talking about, this book is a good introduction. I like this book and recommend it to anyone with more than just a passing interest in Cisco networking. % Jeff Owen is an independent consultant with 20+ years experience in telecommunications/networking and IT. He has worked in engineering, project management, and management positions for major corporations in the telecommunications, finance, aerospace, and IT consultancy industries. As an industry analyst for Datapro and Gartner, Owen authored numerous analytical reports published for international consumption. He can be reached at jeff. Digital Guru Link: ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode= Cisco Networking Simplified (Second Edition) Authors: Jim Doherty, Neil Anderson, and Paul Della Maggiora Illustrator: Nathan Clement Softcover: 432 pages Publisher: Cisco Press (December 2007) ISBN-10: ISBN-13: Price: $44.99; Digital Guru $27.50 Reviewed by Jeff Owen, Independent IT Consultant

12 Idle ACD Calls Not Ready After Call Work Non-ACD Calls Outbound Calls DND * Artist s depiction Real data. (Really.) It s about performance. TASKE Contact s in-depth reporting revolutionizes the way you review acivity data. You can access what happened when agent, queue and trunk information, instantly view, print and vital activity and performance data and identify concerns BEFORE they become problems. Take your contact center to TASKE. Real performance data... Thatʼs TASKE Reports.

13 PULL OUT SECTION WINTER 2010/2011 Unified Communications UC assessment services By Andy Asava, VP Business Development, Sipera Systems Unified Communications provides benefits including cost-savings and increased productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately there is also the risk of introducing new vulnerabilities into existing corporate data and communications networks. Designed by the Sipera Viper Lab, the Assessment Security Tools training class addresses the need to properly understand VoIP/UC risks, perform a VoIP security assessment, and provide countermeasures to remediate vulnerabilities that may be present in internal and external networks. With enterprise IT environments always in flux and overall lack of vigilant security operations, channel partners have opportunities for service engagements that identify risks, protect sensitive assets and prevent further threats. By partnering with Cisco, Sipera helps resellers regularly test networks for vulnerabilities and develop customized mitigation solutions. More specifically, training enables authorized security professionals to identify gaps in enterprise UC security architectures and uncover configurations that threaten communications privacy, integrity See UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS, page 3 Member News CIPTUG spent last year shifting gears to rebound from a downturn in the economy. After a positive 2010, we head into 2011 with a two-fold focus. First, our decision to continue to concentrate on connecting Unified Communications end users with service providers, integrators and manufacturers at the local level means we will look for information exchange through local chapter meetings and events, as well as through Regional Technology Forums. We will also continue to work with our vendor members to get the word out on their new products and services through technical, product specific, and service related webinars. We had a great turn-out for our jointlysponsored Customer Appreciation Event during Cisco Live in Las Vegas last summer, and both of the Regional Technology Forums we hosted in San Antonio and Raleigh were huge successes. For 2011, we are working with Enterprise Connect to have a presence at their upcoming conference in Orlando, and we also hope to host another great event during Cisco Live, returning to Las Vegas over the summer. We realize that not all members are able to attend National conferences like Enterprise Connect and Cisco Live, so we will continue to work to bring the information to you locally, through face-to-face chapter meetings and events. As always, CIPTUG is an organization run by and for its members. If you are interested in helping out, even at just the local level, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our website at and reach out to us with any comments or questions. ANDTEK Attendant Console. Just like a good book. Voice Recording Zone Paging Attendant Console CTI Client Directory Integration Crisis Conferencing Provisioning Visit us at or call Enhancing Customer Contact Experience Softel offers comprehensive professional services for the application development, deployment, and optimization of multi-channel contact center solutions. please visit or call 877-4SOFTEL

14 CISCO SHOWCASE CALL RECORDING AND ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CTI Group is the developer of communication management tools Proteus Call Accounting/ Management and SmartRecord Call Recording. Leaders as stand alone applications in their own categories, these two business critical solutions are now available via a common dashboard. CTI Group s integrated delivery of quality monitoring, cost management, call recording and business intelligence tools is the new benchmark for unified communications applications. CTI GROUP, INC. Indianapolis, IN Does the right headset solution have you puzzled? Fontel & Jabra have the right pieces to complete your telephony solutions puzzle! Jabra Biz 2415 The Ultimate Corded User Experience The Jabra BIZ 2400 headsets for traditional desk phones are part of a comprehensive family of headsets that raises the bar on corded headset quality and performance. The Jabra BIZ 2400 Series features a cascade of improvements that pushes the envelope for the levels of audio quality, comfort and durability necessary for dealing with the special requirements in contact center and office environments. Superior audio with Neodymium speakers Gold contacts for crystal-clear voice transmission Improved noise canceling Break-proof FreeSpin boom with 360-degree- plus rotation Surgical steel for maximum strenth GN Biz 620 GN GO 6430 Surgical steel for maximum strenth Ultra-strong Kevlar-reinforced cord Supersoft ear cushions Choice of 3 wearing styles for mono versions only Clothing clip with ID tag 3-year warranty Link GN2000 CIPC Pro 9470

15 Telecom Reseller: CIPTUG Insider 3 Winter 2010/2011 CIPTUG Vendor News Gigamon and Cisco G igamon announced it has joined the Cisco Developer Network as a Registered Developer within the Network Management Services technology category. In addition, GigaVue has completed interoperability testing with the Softel and Cisco Network Analysis Module. The network unites Cisco with thirdparty developers of hardware and software to deliver tested interoperable solutions to joint customers. % For more visit A Discover poll, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, found the number of small businesses using social media tripled in the past three years, jumping 23% in the last six months, with 59% using it. Dell asked 3000 consumers if they would consider using a service or organization mentioned on a social or business networking site. Thirty-six percent said they would but only 29% of small businesses have actively used social media to promote their brand. Recent statistics found on the website state 25% of search results for the world s top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. If Facebook were a country it would be the world s third-largest, ahead of the US and only behind China and India. That is a lot of consumers who might mention a company s brand, and social media is also being used to monitor customer issues. Cisco has introduced UC collaboration solutions that monitor, manage and act upon information buried within consumer interactions on social media sites. SocialMiner is used to monitor these sites and pass data to the right person. Finesse acts as a container for agent information including video, enterprise social software and business details. Softel s life-cycle strategic business planning creates incremental steps that show improvement and cost-savings, and each step paves the way for the next. For example, the movement to IP lays the foundation for more advanced solutions while savings on infrastructure can be used to fund other projects. With social media, Softel helps customers understand if it is right for them and which steps they should take, and then does the integration to ensure the solutions are seamless. % For more visit UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Continued from page 1 and availability. In addition, reports provide detailed vulnerability accountings and rankings along with mitigation recommendations to further help improve security. For resellers, Vast delivers added value to customers and can expand revenue streams. For the past five years Viper Lab has monitored targeted attacks directed at particular companies, seemingly tailored to their infrastructure and designed for their people and processes, likely because so much information is publicly available. These sophisticated, targeted attacks apply to UC vulnerabilities that may compromise communications. Training helps resellers better safeguard their enterprise customers UC infrastructures and deliver high levels of communications privacy and security. Sipera s UC security appliances and services provide comprehensive privacy, security and control across the range of applications including VoIP, video, messaging and collaboration. The company s borderless UC architecture enables enterprise managers to safely extend UC over any network to any device including office and home phones, remote call center agents, video devices, softphones, collaboration tools and smartphones. % For more visit Enhancing Customer Contact Experience Softel offers comprehensive professional services for the application development, deployment, and optimization of multi-channel contact center solutions. please visit or call 877-4SOFTEL



BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE Page 29 Friday, January 30, 2004 10:34 AM CHAPTER 2 BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE FOR VOIP To leap or to hide Trust evidence to decide; Faith makes risky guide. James Coggins Taking Charge of Your

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IP Office Release 6.0 Product Description

IP Office Release 6.0 Product Description 15-601041 Issue 20.p.- (05 August 2010-11:04) 2010 AVAYA All Rights Reserved. Notice While reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information in this document was complete and accurate at the

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Technology drivers 15. Why Cisco? 15. The network 16. Call control 18. Softswitch infrastructure 19. Contact management 20. Other IPC applications 24

Technology drivers 15. Why Cisco? 15. The network 16. Call control 18. Softswitch infrastructure 19. Contact management 20. Other IPC applications 24 Cisco Powered Network IP Communications and IP Contact Centre Sales Toolkit A guide to selling managed IP Communications services to enterprises and small and medium businesses for Cisco Powered Network

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A DIRECTOR S POCKET BOOK. voice over IP. how VoIP offers cost-effective business communication A DIRECTOR S POCKET BOOK voice over IP how VoIP offers cost-effective business communication A DIRECTOR S POCKET BOOK voice over IP how VoIP offers cost-effective business communication consultant editor:

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IP Office 9.0 Product Description

IP Office 9.0 Product Description 15-601041 Issue 27.01.0 (Thursday, September 26, 2013-12:22 PM) 2013 AVAYA All Rights Reserved. Notice While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete

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VoIP Migration for Global Business Success white paper: voice over IP VoIP Migration for Global Business Success How Convergence à la Carte Can Realise the Benefits of Enterprise-Wide IP Communications By Jo Matthew Perrin Nickols and Huib Coomans

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Planning for VoIP. by John Q. Walker and Jeffrey T. Hicks a NetIQ Corporation whitepaper, April 2, 2002

Planning for VoIP. by John Q. Walker and Jeffrey T. Hicks a NetIQ Corporation whitepaper, April 2, 2002 Planning for VoIP by John Q. Walker and Jeffrey T. Hicks a NetIQ Corporation whitepaper, April 2, 2002 Treating VoIP as a Major IT Project 2 Getting It Going...2 Keeping It Running Well...3 Planning, Analysis,

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NCC Guidelines. Volume 3 Number 1. Unified Communications & Collaboration NCC Guidelines Volume 3 Number 1 Unified Communications & Collaboration National Computing Centre About the authors Lead author Doron Youngerwood is the marketing manager for converged communications at

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VoIP and IP TELEPHONY: Representing Chief Information Officers of the States May 2005 VoIP and IP TELEPHONY: Planning for Convergence in State Government Representing Chief Information Officers of the States VoIP and IP Telephony:

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These materials are the copyright of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

These materials are the copyright of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. SIP Trunking FOR DUMmIES SONUS SPECIAL EDITION by Pat Hurley SIP Trunking For Dummies, Sonus Special Edition Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 111 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774 Copyright

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Collection Center Technologies. Best Practices Collection Center Technologies Best Practices What Can Collection Center Technologies Do for You? Improve Right-Party Contacts Build Productivity Increase Debt Recovery Grow Your Business Best Practices:

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December 2008. VoIP YOUR GUIDE TO VOICE OVER IP December 2008 VoIP YOUR GUIDE TO VOICE OVER IP 2 An Advertising Supplement to USA Today CONTENTS 2 Foreword from TIA 4 What can VoIP do for me? 4 Great savings and features 5 Savings without the maintenance

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Network Rightsizing Best Practices Guide Network Rightsizing Best Practices Guide A Methodology for Reducing Network Costs and Improving Services Solution Guide Copyright 2009 Aruba Networks, Inc. AirWave, Aruba Networks, Aruba Mobility Management

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Digital Textbook. Playbook. The Digital Textbook Collaborative, February 1, 2012 Digital Textbook Playbook The Digital Textbook Collaborative, February 1, 2012 Table of Contents About this Playbook...3 Executive Summary...4 Introduction....6 Making the Transition to Digital Learning...8

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These materials are the copyright of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

These materials are the copyright of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Session Border Controllers FOR DUMmIES 2ND SONUS SPECIAL EDITION By Pat Hurley Session Border Controllers For Dummies, 2nd Sonus Special Edition Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 111 River Street Hoboken,

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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Impact and implications

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Impact and implications IBM Global Technology Services January 2011 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Impact and implications By Arup Acharya, Nilanjan Banerjee, Shachi Sharma, IBM Research, and Baiju Mandalia, Gopal Soora,

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