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1 BMC SERVICE DESK EXPRESS SUITE BMC Sftware, Inc N. Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75287

2 Table f Cntents BMC Sftware, Inc.: At-A-Glance...4 Cmpany Missin... 4 Service Management Slutins... 4 ITSM Express Slutins...5 BMC Service Desk Express Suite... 6 BMC Service Desk Express Change Management BMC Knwledge Management Express BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express Add-Ons t BMC Service Desk Express Suite...32 BMC Service Desk Express Client Services Glbal Prfessinal Services Add-On Packages List f Features BMC Service Desk Express Suite...36 Netwrk Architecture and Cnnectins...41 BMC Business Schl...42 Service Desk Express IT Service Supprt...44 Appendix 1: Hardware and Sftware Requirements fr Service Desk Express...47 Hardware Recmmendatins Sftware Requirements Wrkstatin Requirements Appendix 2: Sftware Requirements and Supprted Platfrms fr BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express...51 Server Sftware Requirements Client sftware requirements Operating system requirements Appendix 3: Suggested Deplyment Scenaris fr SDE...53 Small Business Deplyment Medium Business Deplyment Large Business Deplyment Appendix 4: Netwrk Lad Balancing...57 What is Lad Balancing? The Different Types f Lad Balancing The Effect f Netwrk Lad Balancing n thrughput Why use Micrsft NLB with BMC Service Desk Express? Appendix 5: List f Reprts...59 BMC SDE reprts, brken dwn by Reprt Categries BMC SDE Management Center Queries (User Definable) Appendix 6: Other Offerings fr MidSized Businesses...64 BMC Perfrmance Manager Express BMC Identity Management Pg 2 f 67

3 Appendix 7: Integratin Engine...66 Pg 3 f 67

4 BMC Sftware, Inc.: At-A-Glance BMC Sftware delivers the slutins IT needs t increase business value thrugh better management f technlgy and IT prcesses. Our industry-leading Business Service Management slutins help yu reduce cst, lwer risk f business disruptin, and benefit frm an IT infrastructure built t supprt business grwth and flexibility. Only BMC prvides best practice IT prcesses, autmated technlgy management, and award-winning technlgies that ffer a shared view int hw IT services supprt business pririties. Knwn fr enterprise slutins that span mainframe, distributed systems, and end-user devices, BMC als delivers slutins that address the unique challenges f the midsized business. Funded in 1980, BMC has ffices wrldwide and fiscal 2006 revenues f mre than $1.49 billin. Activate yur business with the pwer f IT. Cmpany Missin T be the leading prvider f enterprise management sftware slutins by helping custmers align their IT infrastructure with their business. Service Management Slutins IT Service Management Slutins frm BMC enable rganizatins-frm small service desks t gegraphically distributed enterprises-t autmate supprt tasks, bst prductivity, meet rapidly changing business needs, and mnitr and manage the business prcesses invlved in the delivery f IT services. Acknwledged as the market leader, ur slutins prvide an ptimum cmbinatin f functinality and flexibility, enabling rganizatins t leverage best practices while als adapting t supprt unique and changing requirements. BMC Remedy ITSM (IT Service Management) fr the Enterprise delivers cmprehensive, ITIL-cmpatible slutins t help enterprise rganizatins align IT with verall business gals thrugh practive management f assets, change, and service level agreements. It targets Enterprise custmers with larger IT staff and cmplicated needs. BMC ITSM Express (IT Service Management Express) helps grwing rganizatins meet the demands f service, security, and perfrmance thrugh IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices. BMC Service Desk Express Suite is the fundatin fr this mdular slutin, develped by the market leader in IT Service Management specifically fr the needs f the midsized business, r a department within an enterprise that needs a mid-market slutin. Pg 4 f 67

5 ITSM Express Slutins BMC ITSM Express prvides a mdular IT Service Management slutin with ut-f-the bx integratin between BMC Service Desk Express Suite and ther BMC ITSM Express prducts. This innvative mid-market slutin delivers real value by aligning IT with yur business s that yu can: Gain cntrl and reduce the cst f service management prcesses thrugh autmatin Optimize resurce utilizatin with perfrmance mnitring and event management Reduce risk and imprve cmpliance thrugh autmatin and reprting The figure belw shws the varius slutins that make a part f ITSM Express. This verview dcument fcuses n the slutins fr Incident & Prblem Management, Asset Management & Discvery, and Change & Cnfiguratin Management. Figure 1: ITSM Express Slutins BMC serves ver 4,000 custmers in the mid-market segment, thrugh its slutins featuring Incident & Prblem Management, Change Management, Asset Management and Knwledge Management. Our success histrically has been by ffering a cmplete slutin f wrld class prducts, Prfessinal Services and Best Practices. This cmbinatin has allwed ur custmers t imprve custmer satisfactin and increase prfits. By listening t ur custmers' and prspects' business needs we are able t deliver a cmplete slutin that meets ur custmers needs nw and in the future. Pg 5 f 67

6 Table 1: Sme Service Desk Express Custmers Health Care Technical Financial Retail Educatin Gvernment Cathlic Health Care West Flextrnics Wausau Financial Olan Mills Binghamtn University Defense Lgistics Agency Herbalife Internatinal Hitachi Semicnductrs J&W Seligman Ultramar Diamnd Shamrck St. Jhn s University Shelby Cunty Gvernment Iwa Health System PEC Slutins Cnsec Financial Tmmy Hilfiger UCLA Ck Cunty, IL Baptist Memrial Hspital Being Australia Limited ADP Natinal Accunt Services ClubCrp (Glf Resrt) Cllege f St. Benedict Ministry f Slicitr General, Integrated Justice BMC Service Desk Express Suite BMC Service Desk Express Suite is a pwerful slutin that ffers incident tracking, asset management, and prblem-reslutin tls fr every aspect f yur rganizatin. BMC Service Desk Express Suite has unsurpassed flexibility, allwing yu t custmize the prduct t fit the unique characteristics f yur business. These tls install seamlessly and wrk smthly with yur existing envirnments, and are designed t deliver results instantly while grwing with yur business fr years t cme. BMC Service Desk Express Suite cmprises a number f primary mdules fr incident, prblem, asset, and service level management, with additinal mdules shwn belw that can be added as yur service management needs grw. Pg 6 f 67

7 The fllwing is an intrductin t these primary mdules and features, as well as the ptinal mdules shwn abve. While the descriptins reference the riginal design f the applicatin, many variatins f usage are pssible, due t the flexibility and pwer f the custmizatin tls within the applicatin. Incident Management The Incident Management mdule prvides fr the Creatin f truble tickets and wrk rders assciated with individuals, departments, cmpanies and/r equipment Cmplete tracking, rganizatin, and analysis f truble ticket and wrk perfrmed Figure 2: Incident Management Pg 7 f 67

8 Prblem Management thrugh Autmatic Prblem Identificatin and Prblem Scanner Autmatic Prblem Identificatin and Prblem Scanner help yu t identify and manage majr prblems at an earlier stage in the prcess fr faster slutins and less end-user dwntime. These innvative features will autmatically generate an actin based n an event that ccurs a specified number f times within a given timescale. Fr example, if 10 incidents are lgged with the Categry within 30 minutes, a ntificatin is autmatically sent t the administratr and a Prblem Recrd is autmatically created. Figure 3: Autmatic Prblem Identificatin Figure 4: Prblem Scanner Pg 8 f 67

9 Crisis Management The innvative White Bard feature lets yu manage wide spread prblems that impact many peple. It prvides: Ability t create a truble ticket in ne click fr a user calling with that prblem, thereby aviding manual entries fr multiple tickets fr subsequent calls that might fllw Autmatic clsure f all linked truble tickets nce a white bard item is clsed Figure 5: Crisis Management Pg 9 f 67

10 Asset Management The included Asset Management Mdule prvides: Full tracking capability f any item thrughut all the stages f its lifecycle String f all necessary infrmatin fr the items, including warranty, leasing and accunting infrmatin, assciated department, its physical lcatin Maintaining relatinships between parts and assemblies like a Bill f Materials Maintaining details f vendrs and their service cntracts Figure 6: Asset Management Task-based Prcess Management Wrk Order generatr allws the administratr t predefine cmmn business prcesses, such as new emplyee hire r mve emplyee, and build repeatable wrk flws arund it. This simplifies the Mve, Add, Change (MAC) Request prcess by linking a set f predefined Wrk Orders t a single ticket, and ntifying all grups assciated with the MAC Request. Pg 10 f 67

11 Service Level Management (SLM) The SLM mdule allws creatin and management f all frmalized IT service cmmitments as prescribed by ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). These include: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with internal r external custmers Operatinal Level Agreements (OLAs) with departments/ grups within the rganizatin Underpinning Cntracts (UCs) with external suppliers This mdule als has prvisin fr creatin and management f Service Catalgues that list dwn all the services prvided by the IT department and the custmers f each service. Figure 7: Service Level Management Purchasing The Purchasing Mdule prvides: A central, intuitive, custmizable interface that includes all f the cmpnents necessary t initiate, direct, recrd, and cmplete a purchase transactin Ability t make purchase requests, rdering exactly what users require, charge it t the crrect department, and even frward it t that department head fr apprval befre rdering Ability t check the items directly int the inventry after their arrival; and autmatically generate a wrk rder t install the new items Pg 11 f 67

12 Brwser-based System Administratin The System Administratin mdule allws system administratrs t easily manage their users and grups frm anywhere with a web-brwser. An administratr can View/Insert/Update supprt staff and grup details "n the fly" frm the BMC SDE Navigatr Bar while users are utilizing the system. It simplifies system administratin and requires n dwntime Knwledge Search Engine The Knwledge Search Engine is a full text, high speed, prblem reslutin tl. Knwledge Search Engine uses artificial intelligence t search and retrieve all pertinent answers, ranked in rder f relevance, simultaneusly frm multiple surces including Service Desk Express, and external dcuments. Figure 8: Knwledge Search Engine Crystal Reprts frm Business Objects Market leading windws based and web based reprt writer is prvided t develp new, r mdify existing windws and web based reprts. Crystal Reprts is nt required t run reprts prvided in ur prducts. All reprts are served as web pages. See Appendix 1: List f Reprts fr the list f reprts generated ut-f-thebx frm Service Desk Express. Nte: 2 User Crystal Reprts Prfessinal licenses and 5 Crystal Server Sftware Access licenses are available with SDE suite. Pg 12 f 67

13 Dynamic Frm Transfrmatin Yu can simplify frm maintenance and enfrce business prcesses requirements in the Client Side Business Rule mdule. Dynamic frm transfrmatin autmatically changes the fields n a frm, based n the data input. Fr example, a selectin f Categry Applicatins will autmatically display three new fields n the frm, specifically asking questins related t the applicatin (See belw) Figure 9: Dynamic Frm Transfrmatin Pg 13 f 67

14 Cllabrative Wrkspace This is a new feature f SDE versin 9.0. This feature enables supprt staff and/r end users t cllabrate by creating discussin frums n specified tpics. Yu can pst, read, and subscribe t a tpic n the Cllabrative Wrkspace, a central lcatin fr all discussin messages. It adds business value in the fllwing ways: Imprve service prvided t the custmers by gaining feedback n key issues/ decisins Imprve efficiency f Service Desk thrugh greater knwledge sharing Can be easily used with the lcal language Figure 10: Cllabrative Wrkspace Cnversatin Management A new feature with SDE versin 9.0, this gives yu the capability t recrd entire cnversatins between supprt staff and end users, and archive the recrdings with the related recrd. Fr example, s that pertain t Incident #19 (See belw) are viewable in the details sectin f that incident, prviding a full audit histry f all cnversatins relevant t it. Cnversatin Management can be added t any mdule in the applicatin, including custmized mdules. The business value prvided by this feature includes: Imprved audit-ability f any incident, prblem, change, wrk rder Reduced csts by reducing issue reslutin cycle time Pg 14 f 67

15 Figure 11: Cnversatin Management Preventive Maintenance This new feature helps in simplifying the management f standard, repeating tasks that are undertaken against Inventry Items. This feature allws yu t create and schedule maintenance tasks against Inventry Items r an Inventry Catalg. Fr example, a Test Backup Restratin prcedure culd be implemented against all servers, which wuld create a Wrk Order autmatically n a given schedule (e.g. every 30 days). Business value added by this feature includes: Users can attach equipment Service Recrds t asset items in Service Desk Express Allws health care industry t ensure cmpliance with JCAHO regulatins Greater cst savings thrugh efficient maintenance schedules Reduce end-user dwntime by ensuring key assets are regularly serviced Pg 15 f 67

16 Self-Service Desk Unlimited Access Service Desk Express allws fr end users t get help wherever and whenever they need it and t help ease the supprt center's heavy wrklad. Service Desk Express Self Service prvides a cst effective benefit by prviding yur end users with limited direct access t the service desk thrugh the internet r intranet. This allws end users t d the fllwing: T create new service desk tickets Check n their call status and histry Update their client infrmatin Perfrm knwledge searches t slve prblems withut assistance frm expensive persnnel Free with yur purchase f Service Desk Express (unlimited users, des nt include Client Services) Client Services Pictured belw Figure 12: Self-Service Pg 16 f 67

17 Dashbards The Service Desk Express Dashbards gives yu a view f exactly what is happening in yur supprt center at any time. It functins as a cnsle, the ne place t g t get real-time infrmatin n yur supprt center activity. T effectively manage yur service desk, Service Desk Express Dashbards prvides the fllwing benefits: Real time charting Service Desk Express Dashbards is a great tl fr management. A manager can run a query t get a "picture" f the health f the help desk and then drill dwn t get mre detail. Fr example, a manager can graphically see hw many pen Incidents r Wrk Orders exist, t whm they are assigned, and srt the infrmatin by subject. Using the menu ptins, the capabilities t zm in, zm ut, and chse the display quality f the graph are available. Figure 13: Dashbards Pg 17 f 67

18 Quick Views The Quick Views features will allw yu t create new queries r mdify existing queries that are run by Dashbards. The easy t use Quick Views Wizard allws even a nvice t create a cmplex query statement. Yu can use the drp-dwn menus t define yur search criteria, r yu can click n a value in the data-grid and drag-and-drp it int a field. Queries can be saved fr future use. Custm queries can be used in Dashbards Quick View Wizard Interface Figure 14: Quick Views Pg 18 f 67

19 Business Autmatin Business Autmatin (BA) is a user definable rule based system that serves the fllwing functins As a Mail Server it allws service desk staff and clients/c-wrkers t create, update, and maintain prblem tickets and wrk rders, as well as check the status f tickets and wrk rders via . As an Escalatin Server it mnitrs, analyzes, creates, and updates prblem tickets and wrk rders, sends ntificatins, and escalates activities based n the imprtance f prblems received n the service desk. Business Autmatin (BA) mdule enhances the capability f BMC Service Desk Express by perfrming tasks based n events that ccur within yur Service Desk Express system. BA allws yu t create business rules that autmate and manage yur business prcesses. Rules are easily created using familiar pint and click tls and best f all, n prgramming is required. By streamlining tedius, time-cnsuming prcesses yu can greatly increase yur rganizatins prductivity. The system can be updated and administered centrally, resulting in a lwer ttal cst f wnership (TCO). Trigger rules n events such as Create, Update, and Delete: Figure 15: Business Autmatin Take actins such as Send a ntificatin via , page, NetSend; Create anther recrd; Update field values; Add Incident Details; Delete a recrd: Pg 19 f 67

20 BMC Service Desk Express als includes the Business Rules Wizard in all versins Figure 16: Business Rules Wizard Client Side Business Rules (CSBR) CSBR is an extensin f the Service Desk Express Business Autmatin functinality. This extensin enables business rules t be evaluated in real time as a user is entering data int a Service Desk Express web frm. CSBR can aut-ppulate fields n the frm, launch new frms r present the user with messages based n dynamic criteria defined by the Service Desk Express Administratr. This makes it simple t create and enfrce yur business's unique rules thrugh Service Desk Express. CSBR allws Service Desk Express Administratrs t autmate and enfrce wrkflw and business rules with mre efficiency and with greater ease than ever befre, letting administratrs ensure users are fllwing prcedure. CSBR prvides administratrs with the ability t d the fllwing: Prvide assistance when users select inapprpriate chices by presenting them with custm messages Ensure accurate reprting by using rules t duble check data befre it is cmmitted t the database Speed data entry by using rules t pre-ppulate fields based n infrmatin a user has already entered int a frm Extend functinality by calling ther Service Desk Express frms such as inventry, purchasing, client r even custm frms based n infrmatin ppulated by the end user Pg 20 f 67

21 Figure 17: Client Side Business Rules Test t Prductin Tl (TTP) TTP creates a new ptin fr Service Desk Express administratrs. With the increasing demands fr netwrk uptime, administratrs nw have the ability t custmize their user interface, change database schema, perfrm system administratin, and much mre withut bringing dwn their BMC Service Desk prductin system. TTP enables Service Desk Express custmers t mve changes frm a test database t a prductin database withut having t re-create the changes. With its easy t use wizard-like interface, TTP can mve the fllwing changes frm a test t prductin system: Database Schema Views, tables, fields, relatinships, indexes, freign keys Included with the Suite versin f Service Desk Express User Interface Custmizatin Frms, navigatr bar, pp-ups, tabs Business Rules Cnditins, actin sets, business rule templates System Admin Grups, members, permissins Micrsft SMS Viewer The Service Desk Express SMS Viewer Optin prvides a link t the Micrsft System Management Server. It prvides the fllwing benefits: View real-time hardware and sftware inventry infrmatin Included with the suite versin f Service Desk Express Supprts SMS 2003 Reslve desktp prblems quickly and efficiently Lwer yur ttal cst f wnership (TCO) Increase satisfactin with the IT supprt rganizatin Pg 21 f 67

22 Imprve prductivity within yur rganizatin Imprve first call reslutin rates Easily analyze PC prblems withut having t leave yur desk Nn-intrusive experience fr the end user Surveyr BMC SDE IT Service Supprt annunces the ability t prvide custmized randm surveys. This feature prvides the ability t distribute randm surveys fr clsed tickets. It is designed t allw the user t define the randm distributin as well as the template fr ne t many types f surveys. Fr example, a cmpany may want 20% f the randm surveys t g t their clients with the highest severity cde. They can chse their wn distributin by client, subject, escalatin, r even grup and staff. Functinality t cntrl the number f surveys a client receives within a specified timeframe is als included. This will ensure that a client des nt receive multiple surveys t clse tgether. Figure 18: Surveyr Pg 22 f 67

23 Imprt Wizard Data can be nw imprted frm text files int the fllwing mdules Clients, Categry, Departments and Categry. Figure 19: Imprt Wizard Persnalized User Interface BMC Service Desk Express is Highly Custmizable: It gives yu the pwer f drag and drp technlgy in a brwser t custmize the display f fields, screen clrs, menu and tl bars, and Navigatr bars. Service Desk Express als allws yu t cntrl wh sees what data and hw and even allws yu t custmize yur database withut prgramming knwledge. Custmize a screen r add fields t a frm all thrugh the brwser. Custmers may even create frms that dn't exist. Belw are sme screen shts shwing sme f ur easy custmizatin. Custmizatin with Service Desk Express is very easily dne using the Wizard Driven custmizatin tls. These tls enable the user t make changes t the user interface withut making all yur users leave the system. Wizard Driven Custmizatin Tls Pg 23 f 67

24 Figure 20: Custmizatin Wizard Pg 24 f 67

25 Integratin Engine In its endeavr t cnstantly deliver business value, BMC Service Desk Express Suite nw includes a rbust Integratin Engine. This utility prvides strng ut-f-the-bx integratin capabilities that lead t: Imprved efficiency and perfrmance f the Service Desk and an imprved service delivered t endusers The Integratin Engine includes ut f the bx cnnectrs (ODBC, SNMP, XML, LDAP/ADSI) that prvide the capability t integrate with generic external applicatins. These integratins are built at the UI level thereby aviding making detailed and cmplex databaselevel packages fr integratin Additinally, the Integratin Engine ensures practive Service Management thrugh synergy f different slutins as part f ITSM Express Figure 21: BMC SDE Integratin Engine See Appendix 7 fr mre details n the Integratin Engine Prgram Launcher The Prgram Launcher prvides the user the ability t add a link t the navigatr bar r any frm within BMC Service Desk Express t launch an executable such as Wrd, Excel, r Ntepad. It als allws the ability t launch batch files and scripts. Pg 25 f 67

26 BMC Service Desk Express Change Management Change Management Change management is the prcess f managing changes within an rganizatin s that there are minimal disruptins in the business. This includes: Assessing the technlgy and business risks assciated with a prpsed change Obtaining the apprpriate apprvals Managing inventry purchasing, scheduling, tracking and mnitring the change prcess Measuring the effectiveness f the change after implementatin including wh was affected, the final financial impact, the time invlved, resurces required and ther relevant cmpnents f the prcess A prcess t determine if different steps shuld be taken in future change situatins Recgnizing that many rganizatins want t create a prcess fr managing change, Service Desk Express has drawn frm a prven mdel t develp its BMC Change Management Express fr Service Desk Express t meet the needs f IT service managers. The Change Management slutin fr BMC Service Desk Express Suite prvides a Prblem and Change Management slutin based n Infrmatin Technlgy Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices t ensure quality and cnsistency. Develped by the Central Cmputer and Telecmmunicatins agency in the late 1980s, ITIL is a wrldwide, standard best practice fr managing IT infrastructures. Easily custmizable withut prgramming knwledge, BMC Service Desk Express Change Management enables managers and system administratrs t define a prblem, define a plan fr change, assess the plan fr change, and gather apprvals fr change effectively and autmatically. Change Schedule (available by Day, Week and Mnth Views) Figure 23: Change Schedule Pg 26 f 67

27 Change Management Screen Figure 24: Change Management Benefits f Change Management Increased prductivity by streamlining time-cnsuming prcesses Increased efficiencies by evaluating the risks and benefits f a prpsed change Reduced time, cst, and errrs by adpting ITIL best practices and establishing a prcess fr dealing with changes Reduced adverse impact and recurrence f incidents and prblems n the business Pg 27 f 67

28 Prblem Management Prblem Management is the prcess f investigating the underlying cause f incidents, and aims t prevent incidents f a similar nature frm recurring. The primary difference between Incident and Prblem Management is that whereas frmer aims t reslve the symptms f incidents, the latter targets the rt cause f the incidents and aims t remve them permanently. The Prblem Management mdule cnfrms t the Infrmatin Technlgy Infrastructure Library (ITIL) mdel interfacing Incident Management with Change Management. Figure 25: Prblem Management Pg 28 f 67

29 BMC Knwledge Management Express Knwledge Management Knwledge Management is a prcess that prvides end users and service desk persnnel with answers and slutins t incidents and questins. The advantages f knwledge management are cmpelling. These include a 50 t 60 percent imprved time-t-prblem reslutin and a 30 t 50 percent increase in first-call reslutin (as per the study f Cnsrtium fr Service Innvatin ). These dramatic imprvements translate int higher supprt quality, higher supprt staff prductivity, lwer supprt csts and great custmer satisfactin. BMC Knwledge Management Express (KME) helps yu build an effective knwledge management system by plugging easily int yur existing BMC SDE implementatin. Features f BMC KME include: Rich Text Authring: BMC Knwledge Management Express delivers best-practice authring with extensive rich-text HTML editing tls. Industry-standard authring templates ensure that yur infrmatin is cnsistent and useable Authring Prcess Wrkflw: Yu can custmize the authring prcess t fit yur rganizatin s unique wrkflw and prcesses Web Self-Help: The ptinal BMC Knwledge Management Express Web Self-Help slutin prvides a pwerful integratin with BMC Service Desk Express Self-Service, allwing users t search fr their wn slutins and t create their wn truble tickets Watch Lists: Users can mnitr their wn persnalized lists f slutins and be ntified when ne f their slutins is updated r mdified Ntificatins: When a dcument enters a new authring prcess, the crrect persn r team can be ntified that the dcument is awaiting input r apprval Security: Yur rganizatin may have mre than ne user cmmunity that requires access t different dmains r slutins within yur knwledge base Multiple Surce Searching: BMC Knwledge Management Express enables the user t search acrss multiple surces and view infrmatin in an integrated hit list. Our pwerful search engine allws fr simple searching using Natural Language Query as well as sphisticated Blean searches Metrics and ROI Reprting: Reprting tls help yu recrd and reprt n hw yur knwledge base is being used. Fr instance, yu can track which subject matter experts cntribute the mst infrmatin s yu can identify yur mst valuable emplyees The benefits f BMC Knwledge Management Express include: Optimized Service Desk Resurces: With Web-based self-help and autmated knwledge base updates, yur supprt staff can reduce call vlume and escalatin rates, accelerate reslutin cycles, and lwer yur verall csts. Mre Efficient IT Prcesses: By leveraging ITIL best-practice service management, yu can quickly and accurately prvide answers, determine which cntent in the knwledge base is bslete, identify infrmatin t be researched and added t the knwledge base, limit duplicate research, and help new hires t get up t speed mre quickly. Imprved Cmpliance and Risk Management: With autmated knwledge management, yu can ensure the integrity f yur database and mre easily meet cmpliance standards. Yu als lwer the risk f staff turnver by using BMC Knwledge Management Express t harvest and retain critical knwledge, even after subject-matter experts leave the rganizatin Pg 29 f 67

30 BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express Cnfiguratin management refers t the set f tasks assciated with discvering and managing the state f an element f an IT infrastructure. Mid-market custmers face a similar challenge as their enterprise cunterparts they must be able t tie tgether all the elements f an IT infrastructure (including servers, strage, databases, applicatins and netwrk devices) t prvide better service management t the business and mre chesive view fr IT. Fr mid-size custmers wh want t transfrm frm basic Service Desk capabilities, Cnfiguratin Management plays a pivtal rle because f a) Its ability t discver and maintain individual systems and sftware fr daily needs, and b) Enabling cmpanies t make better and mre predictable changes t their infrastructure t ensure cmpliance and availability. BMC addresses the Cnfiguratin Management needs f mid-market custmers thrugh tw slutins BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express and BMC Cnfiguratin Discvery Express (Nte: Bth these prducts are express versins f the market-leading prduct Marimba). BMC Cnfiguratin Discvery Express is available separately r as a part f BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express. BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express BMC Cnfiguratin Manager Express reduces the cmplexity and csts f managing business systems thrugh plicy-based autmatin f applicatin management, patch management, inventry, and sftware usage tracking. This dramatically reduces csts, imprves quality f service, and reduces the business risk assciated with the system vulnerabilities. Plicy Based Management Reduces administrative csts by defining and enfrcing cntinual cmpliance with plicies Initiates crrective actin fr any cmpliance exceptins Enfrces grup plices based n rles defined via existing enterprise LDAP directry and database structures Applicatin Management Patch Management Autmates applicatin installatin, updates, repair, and remval thrugh a single, multipurpse package Uses versinless updating t efficiently mve user base frm a mix f back revisins t the mst current revisin Prvides plicy-based, self-service, r rchestrated delivery f applicatins and updates frm single reference lcatin Prvides autmatic updates n Micrsft patches, with built-in dwnlad, installatin and rllback capabilities (requires BMC Patch Manager) Ensures that a patch always stays installed thrugh cntinuus, plicy-based enfrcement Creates a simulatin-based impact analysis f a patch installatin Inventry Management (See BMC Cnfiguratin Discvery Express belw) Sftware Usage - Identifies applicatin usage, and Web-based reprting prvides built-in reprts Pg 30 f 67

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CALL CENTER APPLICATIONS. Training Catalogue. Call Processing, Mapping, Data Management / Reporting. January 2015

CALL CENTER APPLICATIONS. Training Catalogue. Call Processing, Mapping, Data Management / Reporting. January 2015 CALL CENTER APPLICATIONS Call Prcessing, Mapping, Data Management / Reprting Training Catalgue January 2015 Airbus DS Cmmunicatins CCA Training Catalgue January 2015 CRITICAL MATTERS 1 2 Airbus DS Cmmunicatins

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Integration Competency Center

Integration Competency Center Integratin Cmpetency Center ICC Handbk Versin 3.0 29 Nvember 2012 ICC - Integratin Cmpetency Center ICC is a shared service intended fr cmpanies wh wish t design, develp and maintain integratin slutins

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Service Description VMware vcloud Air

Service Description VMware vcloud Air Service Descriptin VMware vclud Air Last Updated: June 26, 2015 Service Descriptin VMware vclud Air This prduct is prtected by U.S. and internatinal cpyright and intellectual prperty laws. This prduct

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An Oracle White Paper July 2012. The Oracle Identity Management Platform: Identity Services at Internet Scale

An Oracle White Paper July 2012. The Oracle Identity Management Platform: Identity Services at Internet Scale An Oracle White Paper July 2012 The Oracle Identity Management Platfrm: Identity Services at Internet Scale Intrductin... 2 Identity and Access Management: Cming f Age... 3 Frm IAM Suite t Cntrls Infrastructure...

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08 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

08 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 08 Custmer Relatinship Management (CRM) What s inside: An intrductin t custmer relatinship management (CRM), and why CRM plays a massive rle in marketing. We lk at different frms f custmer relatinship

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Cloud PBX Master Service Agreement

Cloud PBX Master Service Agreement Clud PBX Master Service Agreement Versin 1.2 Updated 7/1/2012 1 This Master Service Agreement (this Agreement ) is entered int this day f ( Effective

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Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation.

Certification Handbook. The IIBA guide to gaining the CBAP designation. Certificatin Handbk The IIBA guide t gaining the CBAP designatin. April 16, 2014 Table f Cntents Table f Cntents... 2 1.0 Abut this Handbk... 3 2.0 Abut Internatinal Institute f Business Analysis... 3

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Advanced Web Client User Guide. Version 5.0

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Advanced Web Client User Guide. Version 5.0 Zimbra Cllabratin Suite Advanced Web Client User Guide Versin 5.0 Zimbra Web Client User Guide Cpyright Ntice Cpyright 2008 Zimbra, Inc. All rights reserved. This dcument cntains cnfidential, prprietary

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xdb Configuration Guide

xdb Configuration Guide Sitecre 7.5 xdb Cnfiguratin Guide Rev: 9 April 2015 Sitecre 7.5 xdb Cnfiguratin Guide Cnfiguratin guide fr Sitecre administratrs and develpers Sitecre 7.5 Table f Cntents Chapter 1 Intrductin... 3 1.1

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Best Practices Guide for Provisioning Services and XenApp

Best Practices Guide for Provisioning Services and XenApp White Paper Citrix Cnsulting Best Practices Guide fr Prvisining Services and XenApp Designing an enterprise slutin fr the fast prvisining f XenApp servers Table f cntents Best Practices Guide fr Prvisining

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Sample Corporate Mobile Device Acceptable Use and Security Policy

Sample Corporate Mobile Device Acceptable Use and Security Policy Sample Crprate Mbile Device Acceptable Use and Security Plicy BYOD plicy template made publicly available by a Frtune 1000 Insurance Cmpany CISO WISEGATE MEMBER CONTENT 22 2303 Ranch Rad 620 Suth #135-165

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Impel. PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Impel. PK4 Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. simply effective Impel Fr Banks and Financial Institutins PK4 Sftware Technlgies Pvt. Ltd. N. 37, Kempapura, Hebbal Bangalre 560 024 Phne:+91-80-3008-0000 e-mail: Impel

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Backing Up SAS Content In Your SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform

Backing Up SAS Content In Your SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform WHITE PAPER Backing Up SAS Cntent In Yur SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platfrm Cnsideratins fr Creating Backups f Yur SAS Cntent Table f Cntents Intrductin...1 Understanding the SAS Enterprise Intelligence

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o Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vcenter Operations Manager

o Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vcenter Operations Manager Mnitring Business Critical Applicatins with VMware vcenter Operatins Manager Mnitring Business Critical Applicatins with This prduct is prtected by U.S. and internatinal cpyright and intellectual prperty

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Detailed Statement of Work Detailed Statement of Work

Detailed Statement of Work Detailed Statement of Work Detailed Statement f Wrk Evlve IP 989 Old Eagle Schl Rad Suite 815 Wayne, PA 19087 610.964.8000 Page 1 Table f Cntents Evlved Office: HPBX...7 General Prduct Terms and Evlve IP Deliverables...

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PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines

PCI DSS Cloud Computing Guidelines Standard: PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Versin: 2.0 Date: February 2013 Authr: Clud Special Interest Grup PCI Security Standards Cuncil Infrmatin Supplement: PCI DSS Clud Cmputing Guidelines Table

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System Administration

System Administration System Administratin ZENwrks Mbile Management 2.5.x September 2012 Legal Ntices Nvell, Inc., makes n representatins r warranties with respect t the cntents r use f this dcumentatin,

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VMware vcloud Architecture Toolkit High Performance Data with VMware vfabric GemFire Best Practices Guide

VMware vcloud Architecture Toolkit High Performance Data with VMware vfabric GemFire Best Practices Guide VMware vclud Architecture Tlkit High Perfrmance Data with VMware vfabric GemFire Octber 2011 High Perfrmance Data with VMware vfabric GemFire This prduct is prtected by U.S. and internatinal cpyright and

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ATM Security Guidelines

ATM Security Guidelines Standard: Versin: 1.0 Date: January 2013 Authr: PCI PIN Transactin Security Pint f Interactin Security Requirements (PCI PTS POI) PCI Security Standards Cuncil Infrmatin Supplement: ATM Security Guidelines

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The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services

The Total Economic Impact Of KPN s Managed Video Services A Frrester Ttal Ecnmic Impact Study Prepared Fr KPN The Ttal Ecnmic Impact Of KPN s Managed Vide Services As Used By A Large Financial Service Organizatin Prject Directr: Sebastian Selhrst March 2012 TABLE

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Executive summary. by Adam Gauci, P.Eng., Didier Giarratano, and Sandeep Pathania

Executive summary. by Adam Gauci, P.Eng., Didier Giarratano, and Sandeep Pathania 998-2095-07-21-14AR0 by Adam Gauci, P.Eng., Didier Giarratan, and Sandeep Pathania Executive summary The utility industry is under pressure t imprve substatin autmatin cyber security. Manufacturers f substatin

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SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 SECURITY GUIDANCE FOR CRITICAL AREAS OF FOCUS IN CLOUD COMPUTING V3.0 INTRODUCTION The guidance prvided herein is the third versin f the Clud Security Alliance dcument, Security Guidance fr Critical Areas

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preparing the enterprise network for VoIP

preparing the enterprise network for VoIP hp prcurve netwrking business april 2003 preparing the enterprise netwrk fr VIP business white paper table f cntents intrductin 2 chsing the right VIP slutin 3 evaluating slutins 3 critical success factrs

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Office of the Secretary Data Center Consolidation Initiative (DCCI) Plan. Unclassified

Office of the Secretary Data Center Consolidation Initiative (DCCI) Plan. Unclassified Office f the Secretary Data Center Cnslidatin Initiative (DCCI) Plan Unclassified Dcument Histry DOCUMENT VERSION # ISSUE DATE BY DESCRIPTION OF REVISION(S) Prject Team 0.0.1 Initial Draft 0.0.2 9/15/11

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A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition

A Call for Clarity: Open Questions on the Scope of FDA Regulation of mhealth. A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatory Coalition A Call fr Clarity: Open Questins n the Scpe f FDA Regulatin f mhealth A whitepaper prepared by the mhealth Regulatry Calitin December 22, 2010 Authrs Bradley Merrill Thmpsn Epstein, Becker & Green P.C.

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Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide

Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide Cnfiguring Arrays n HP Smart Array Cntrllers Reference Guide Abstract This dcument identifies, and prvides instructins fr, the array cnfiguratin tls available fr HP PrLiant cntrller and server prducts.

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THE INTERNATIONAL <IR> FRAMEWORK THE INTERNATIONAL FRAMEWORK ABOUT THE IIRC The Internatinal Integrated Reprting Cuncil (IIRC) is a glbal calitin f regulatrs, investrs, cmpanies, standard setters, the accunting prfessin and NGOs.

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