Sleeping Dog Ranch LAKE CITY, COLORADO. Hunting Ranching Fly Fishing Conservation

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1 Sleeping Dog Ranch LAKE CITY, COLORADO Hunting Ranching Fly Fishing Conservation

2 Sleeping Dog Ranch LAKE CITY, COLORADO Introduction: Featuring nearly 2 miles of exceptional trout fishing and surrounded by Powderhorn Wilderness Area to the west, and the La Garita Wilderness to the south and east, Sleeping Dog Ranch represents the ultimate in Colorado retreats. There are inspiring views to the snowcapped peaks of the San Juan Range, and the timbered draws and exposed cliff bands to the north provide excellent habitat for the extensive elk, deer and Bighorn sheep populations in the area. Brian Hartley, Broker Toll Free:

3 Location: The Sleeping Dog Ranch, perched at an elevation of nearly 9,100 feet, is located in the Gunnison River Basin in the northeast portion of Hinsdale County, Colorado. Hinsdale County is a true sportsmen s paradise with nearly 95% of the land controlled by the US Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management offering access to seemingly infinite recreational land. Located approximately 1 hour south of Gunnison accessed by paved State Highway 149 and well-maintained County Road 27, the ranch offers the nearby amenities of commercial and private air service. The Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport provides commercial service with daily service available year-round through United and direct flights seasonally through American and Continental Airlines (non-stop from Dallas and Houston). Gunnison Valley Aviation is a full service FBO. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist with any travel needs. The FBO is an AvFuel contract fueler and offers hangar space for aircraft ranging in size from single-engine to Global Express, as well as rental cars and area information. Nearby Lake City is accessible in the summer and fall via scenic Slumgullion Pass. Lake City is a charming mountain community shaped by the mining boom and incorporated in The town now serves as a transient point to the rich recreational pursuits in the area while providing all of the benefits only a short, scenic drive from the ranch.

4 Acreage: Comprised of 309 acres of partially irrigated open meadows, the ranch takes in panoramic views of the Cebolla Creek Valley. The topography is gently sloped, giving way to the steep wilderness terrain to the north and dark timbered draws to the south. The ranch receives between 16 and 30 inches of precipitation annually and enjoys a growing season with 50 to 70 frost-free days per year. Conservation Easement: Given the rich recreational resources of this unique offering, in conjunction with its location with the vast surrounding wilderness areas, Sleeping Dog Ranch is an excellent candidate for a conservation easement.

5 Live Water: Tumbling out of the San Juan Mountains into the Powderhorn Valley, Cebolla Creek forms as it collects water from hillside springs and mountain snowmelt. Making its way north to Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison County, the Cebolla offers quality dry fly fishing. Cebolla Creek is described in the Flyfisher s Guide to Colorado as offering very good dry fly action featuring an excellent food base with strong hatches of all aquatic insects. At other times, streamer fishing is a great way to bring bigger trout to the surface. The Sleeping Dog Ranch features approximately 1 ¾ miles of recently restored and enhanced fishing on Cebolla Creek, a freestone fishery teeming with trout. Both Cebolla Creek and the existing wetlands on the Sleeping Dog Ranch had been degraded by historic agricultural practices. More than 6,600 linear feet of Cebolla Creek on the ranch had been channelized or straightened, and roughly 50 acres of existing wetlands adjacent to the stream had been harmed. All wetlands and the stream channel had been impacted historically by ditching, filling, grazing, straightening and dredging.

6 Live Water: (Continued) This proactive, landowner-initiated project included restoring both the stream channel and the associated wetlands. The design goals of the Sleeping Dog Ranch restoration project increased the sinuosity and stream frontage of Cebolla Creek. Completion of this phase included increasing the quality and diversity of aquatic habitat within the channel and riparian buffer zone. Areas of streambank erosion were biostabilized with the use of erosion control blankets and turf reinforcement materials in conjunction with native seeding, willow cuttings and containerized plantings. Permanent seeding with native vegetation aided in stabilization of the disturbed soils and provided nesting material, food and cover for wildlife. The final design resulted in restoration and enhancement of nearly six acres of wetland by dip-only excavation, restoration of 4,500 linear feet of Cebolla Creek, and construction of 4,000 linear feet of new stream channel to restore an appropriate and stable geomorphology. Natural geomorphic functions include sediment transport, pool formation and nutrient transport. Completion of this project benefits the health of aquatic and terrestrial resources on the ranch and also bolsters water quality and floodplain function for downstream and neighboring properties. The proof is the in the pudding, so to speak, as the end result is a fishery offering remarkable fishing experiences for novices and experts.

7 Water Rights: The Sleeping Dog Ranch water rights include 22 cubic feet per second (cfs) from the Upper Cebolla Ditch irrigating 150 acres plus an additional 40 acres, and 1 cfs from the Pasture Creek Ditch irrigating 7 acres. Irrigated acreage on the property totals approximately 200 acres. Historically, these rights provide a reliable supply of irrigation water for a single hay cutting between May 1 and August 1. Hunting: Located in Colorado s famed management unit 66, the ranch boasts direct access to some of the West s premium elk and Mule deer habitat. This unit enjoys excellent bull to cow elk ratios and buck to doe ratios. In addition to the elk and deer seen on the ranch and on nearby public lands, Bighorn sheep, mountain lion and Black bears are also common. Given the size of the ranch the owner has historically received numerous landowner elk and deer tags per year. It is possible to build up preference points for a trophy Bighorn sheep hunt and enjoy the challenge of stalking these majestic animals directly off the ranch.

8 Recreational Opportunities: This area of Colorado offers convenient access to a near endless array of recreational options given the vast amount of public lands nearby. From crystalline alpine lakes accessed by horseback or on foot, to the grand peaks of the area s many fourteeners or 14ers, a mountain peak that exceeds 14,000 feet elevation. The Gunnison, Lake City and Creede Corridor offer exceptional opportunities to build grand memories in the great outdoors with friends and families. For the winter sports enthusiast, the nearby Crested Butte Mountain Resort offers nearly 1,200 acres of exceptional downhill skiing serviced by 16 lifts. The varied terrain offers novices and experts a range of skiable conditions to relax on a day of groomed trails or find deep powder runs in the trees. Excellent snowshoeing and cross-country skiing can be enjoyed directly off the property along the forest service road adjacent to Cebolla Creek. Colorado s premier reservoir fishery, Blue Mesa Reservoir, is located a short drive from the ranch and offers exceptional trophy fishing for an array of species from trophy lake trout to fiery kokanee salmon. Blue Mesa is the largest body of water in the state providing a great family-friendly resource for a host of activities from waterskiing to sailing to lakefront camping.

9 Summary The 309-acre Sleeping Dog Ranch, located in the picturesque San Juan Mountain Range offers recreational opportunities with nearby access to Gunnison National Park. This area offers some of the best fishing and hunting in the state, all within close proximity to the resort town of Gunnison. With exceptional dry fly and streamer fishing on 2 miles of Cebolla Creek and plus the incredible big game hunting, Sleeping Dog Ranch is rich with sporting tradition. PRICE: $2.5M, Was $3.5M TAXES: $6, in 2012 CONTACT: Brian Hartley, Broker Toll Free: Office: Notes: 1) This is an exclusive listing of Live Water Properties LLC; an agent of Live Water Properties must be present to conduct a showing. The owners respectfully request that other agents and/or prospective buyers contact Live Water Properties in advance to schedule a proper showing and do not attempt to tour or trespass the property on their own. Thank you. 2) Offering subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, change or withdrawal without notice, and approval of purchase by owner. Information provided herein is intended as a general guideline and has been provided by sources deemed reliable, but the accuracy of which we cannot guarantee. 3) Live Water Properties LLC represents the Seller as a Seller s Agent.

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