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3 Hunt ID: 5015-G-L-1995-ElkMDeer-CO-62-TAD2EL-FT3D-ICHAE1LM-Good Prices Enjoy DIY priced Guided hunting on Private Land Trophy Elk and Deer property in Southwestern Colorado on the famous Uncompahgre Plateau. You will be in GMU062 we guide only on private land fully guided they stay in our camp we cook and feed them $1995 for archery hunt and $2795 for the rifle seasons. We have no other fees we generally do all the field dressing and haul the game to the processor. There are over 5,000 Acres of private land with over 20 ponds to attract the wild game to it in the normally dry fall season. The camp started in 1991 with 3 army tents and has grown into a nice but not plush camp that has 5 separate rooms for guests. It has a modern bathroom with toilet and shower as well as old time outhouses. In the kitchen is dining room with a table that can seat 10 hunters. The outfitter and guides cook and help get your game dressed and back to camp to keep costs down. We have an old Ford truck with a winch that we can get to almost anywhere on the ranch. No hernia's - A game pole capable of holding 6 Bull Elk at once which comes in handy. We have been hunting this property for 30 years and outfitting on it for 25 years. We strive to make hunters successful, safe, and all in all have a good time on the hunt and in camp. We have many hunters that return year after year. Because of this we have very few openings for new hunters each year but are always open to meeting new hunters. The cabin is large and the private property even larger, allowing us to book 10 hunters each season. The private land begins with good deer and elk density but because it is private property we seem to continue to get more deer and elk in as the season goes. This is most likely due to public land hunters pushing them onto our property where the food and water is located. Equipment to bring to camp Rifle or Bow Sleeping Bag Blanket Solar Blanket Pillow Towel Toiletries Non-scented Soap Day Pack Knife Waterproof Matches Flashlight Compass Elk / Deer Scent Insolated Coat Pac Boots Insolated Gloves Wool Sweater Thermal Socks Elk Call Ammunition You re favorite after dinner drink Blaze Orange Cap and Vest are required Square Inches Hunters Education Card for Hunters Born 1949 and after All prices reduced but limited seating only two seats left in some of the dates the others are filled. 2 nd and 3 rd are over the counter bull licenses. This is also a good mule deer hunting area, so you can hunt deer and elk for the same price if you have a license for both. Season Days Cost Discounted Price Archery 5 days $4000 discounted down to only.. $ Archery 7 Days $4500 discounted down to only $ Muzzleloader 5 Days $3800 discounted down to only.. $ st Rifle 5 Days $4700 discounted down to only... $ nd Rifle 5 Days* $4700 discounted down to only.. $

4 3rd Rifle 5 Days* $4700 discounted down to only.. $ th Rifle 5 Days $4700 discounted down to only... $ * Extra Days are available for the Second and Third Seasons $300 per day - Non Hunting Guests are $300 per season for the duration of the hunt. First and Forth Rifle Seasons are by draw only - Applications must be submitted by April 1, There is an Excellent chance in the Draw for Elk. There are almost always left over private land tags for our area GMU062 that will be available during August. First and Forth Rifle Seasons are by draw only - Applications must be submitted by April 6 and there is an excellent chance in the Draw for Elk. There are almost always left over private land tags for our area GMU062 that will be announced in July and available for purchase in August via the Internet Colorado Parks and Wildlife is at We provide a free service to our hunting clients and handle getting their licenses application process then having the license mailed directly to their home from the Colorado Game Parks and Wildlife. =================================================================================== Season Dates are as follows: 1 st week 08/27/16-09/02 Archery 2 st Week 09/03-09/09/11 Archery 3 nd week 09/10-09/18 Muzzleloader 4th week 09/19-09/25 Archery License Fees Important Note: Anyone ages MUST purchase a Habitat Stamp in order to buy or apply for a preference point or for a hunting or fishing license. For more information, see Habitat Stamp Basics. Resident Nonresident Elk, Cow $ 49 $ 469 Elk, Bull or Either Sex $ 49 $ 629 Deer $ 34 $ 379 Moose $ 254 $ 2,084 Pronghorn, Buck or Doe $ 34 $ 379 Bear $ 44 $ 354

5 *All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a 75-cent surcharge for the Wildlife Management Education Fund and a $3 application fee for limited licenses applied for in the draw. *Nonresident fishing licenses are good through March 31. Habitat Stamps (non-refundable) Resident Nonresident Habitat Stamp (valid 4/1 3/31) $ 10 $ 10 Lifetime Habitat Stamp $ $ Mike Lollar - Owner Web = = W. County Rd. 18E Loveland, CO We accept Or ask us about our Hunt Now, Pay Later Program valid for all hunters booking our hunts you just need credit approval. We realize the hunt of your dreams will not be a reality because you will never be in better physical condition than you are today. Instead of planning the hunt when you can afford it, hunt now while you are physically able. This program is a must for a hunter filling his bucket list!