Equine Rehab Center Reins in Injuries

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1 2013 Issue 4 The Magazine of Morrisville State College Equine Rehab Center Reins in Injuries Auto Students in Driver's Seat Alumna Becomes NFL Cheerleader Vintage Tractor Gets Facelift

2 Cover Contact Contributors Cover photo: Nicolas Murphy Momentum, published by the Morrisville College Foundation, P.O. Box 901, Morrisville, NY 13408, has a readership of approximately 36,000 alumni and friends. Office of Institutional Advancement Brooks Hall IMA.GRAD Fax: Sara Way Executive Director of Institutional Advancement Kelly Gardner 04 Coordinator of Alumni Relations Torin Washington Director of Annual Giving Amy Cornue Director of Public Relations Cheryl Church 83 Administrative Assistant Paul Kearney Graphic Designer Franci Valenzano 86 Public Relations Associate Nicolas Murphy Marketing Assistant Joseph Torres 14 JT Photography Mark 77 and Ellen Dunbar Auntie El s Video & Photography Steve Samoyedny Four Seasons Photography 2013 Morrisville State College Contents 10 Auto Students in Driver's Seat 13 Alumna Becomes NFL Cheerleader 14 Vintage Tractor Gets Facelift 16 Equine Rehab Center Reins in Injuries 19 Stable Waste considered for Energy 23 Class Notes So long winter! Welcome from Dr. Murabito Dear Friends Thanks to your generous support, Morrisville State College can continue to thrive. This edition of Momentum magazine not only chronicles the rich contours of our success over the last academic year, but also demonstrates the many ways in which we are realizing our new strategic mission: Morrisville works to inspire learning through experience, to build community and to achieve a sustainable future. While we celebrate the accolades and simultaneously prepare for the challenges ahead, not a day has gone by that I am not approached by someone eager to share his or her Morrisville story whether it is a student, faculty member or an alumnus. Each time, I am reminded of both the incredible responsibility and the extraordinary opportunity MSC has played in the lives of so many. I hope you will find the following pages to be both informative and inspiring. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, or better yet, visit our campus to enjoy the Morrisville experience. Sincerely, William J. Murabito, Ph.D. President On the cover: Equine students Brieanna Teti, front, and Sara Service-Lachut, swim Modern Desire in the equine swimming pool located in the college s new equine rehabilitation facility. 2 The magazine of Morrisville State College

3 Honor Roll of Donors This list reflects donors that have given to the Morrisville College Foundation between April 1, 2012 and March 31, If you do not see your name listed or wish to make any changes, please contact us at or make your gift today at Centennial Circle Donald '59 and Caroline Babcock Gold Circle Sheila C. Johnson Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation Presidents Circle Ethel J. Crane O'Brien & Gere The Roger W. Follett Foundation Fellow Circle Caterpillar Foundation Mary T. Crowley Dominion Foundation Larry '74 and Jane Droppa Milton CAT New York State Thoroughbred Breeding & Development Fund Otis A. Thompson Foundation Member Circle Allemania Scholarship and Charitable Fund Lawrence J. Baker Jack and Shirley Crawford Betty Evans Ford Motor Company Pearl T. Gilmour Roy D. Johnson Key Bank National Association Susannah S. Lucas Emily O. Marshall Jon '80 and Karen Merrell William R. Michaels '58 John and Cheryl Mitchell New York Farm Show, Inc. North Eastern Athletic Conference Oriona Grove Lodge 229 Timothy C. Penix Pyramid Brokerage Co., Inc. The RC Smith Foundation Richard and Cindy Runyon Alfred and Joy Tector The Richard L. & Marian P. Cook Foundation Arthur R. Thompson Tioga Hardwoods Inc. W. J. Cox Memorial Fund Sara Abbott Way Caroline Willey Madison Circle Frederick W. Bach '76 Steven '80 and Deborah Barnes Belmont Veterinary Group, P.C. Bob and Sherrill '60 Betts Jean L. Boland William and Agnes Carr Lynn R. Clock '64 Edward Curtis Croen '83 Kate Ann Crowley Marlena A. Daher-Rahman Deresa Durkee Kurt and Teresa '76 Eichler David and Kathleen '90 Felton Robert '71 and Cynthia Fowler Lon Frocione John '60 and Norma Galbreath Judith Gibson-Noyes Margaret Golden Paul F. Griffin Raul Huerta Maryann Iannettone IBM Corporation John '77 and Susan Jermyn John '68 and Barbara '67 Komarisky Sheila A. Marshman Brian L. McDowell David and Beverly McKay William J. Murabito Harold '59 and Nancy Nightwine Paul O'Neil Robert and Marjorie Quaife Nancy L. Roberts David and Jan Rogers Ruth P. Rosebrooks Southeast Junior Hockey League, Inc. Alan Levinsohn and Colleen Stella Laura Symonds Harry J. Thie Travelers Community Connections Andrew '80 and Anita Ward Mustang Circle Jeffrey Scott Andresen John and Paula Angerosa Charles '67 and Susan Anna James '81 and Linda N. Apps Margaret Argentine William and Elizabeth Balke Robert R. Beebe John P. and Rowene '65 Bessey Karl K. Blixt Nathaniel Stephen Bourdeau Thomas Brindley Danielle Bunn Andrew Button Carver Sand & Gravel, LLC David J. Catalfano Central NYS Nursery and Landscape Assoc. Region IV Coach USA Harry D. Cooper Douglas and Susan Cotton Betty Crandall Andrew John Donoghue Patricia Elko Jeannette H. Evans Kevin J. Fiore Lisa M. Fischer Arnold and Arlene Fisher William Frech '68 Timothy Gadziala Louis A. Geswaldo Michael Kevin Gooden '76 Perry Michael Gordon '77 Philip '75 and Janice Hack Larry '70 and Nellie Hitchcock Geoffrey '88 and Tammy Isabelle Daniel Lawrence Jean '00 Aida A. Khalil Edward Koronowski '87 David '76 and Lori Law Debra Lori Linneman '00 Francis Robert Lust Ginger Ann MacRae '96 David E. Middlemore Merrill L. Miller Yasushi Miyajima James Irving Morgan '97 Joseph and Dede Nassimos Kenneth Robert Nearhoof '10 John and Joan Nicholson Paul S. Northrup '87 Thomas William OHare Edward '61 and Isabel Ososki Anthony Paul Patane Charles Perrotta Melissa A. Perry John Petriello Roger '67 and Roberta Powers James F. Prabucki '79 Charles F. Pronto Hugh '60 and Judy Riehlman Mitchell Mark Ryan '10 Brian Sherlock Carl '69 and Cathy Sherman William Snyder Samuel Soprano Arthur '73 and Linda '67 Tayntor Courtney R. Thompson Diane Tice Devin Thomas Tokarz The Tsehay Zewdie Akelat Family Trust Glenn Richard Tucker '78 Lisa Blair Underwood '79 Randy '79 and Susan Weatherby Allan '79 and Laura Wesche Mark and Marian Whitney David W. Wood 1908 Circle 3M Foundation Rodger D. Albert Anonymous James '71 and Adrianne Ariglio William S. Bailey George '64 and Robyn Banta Terry '85 and Jean Bartholomew Brian M. Bartlett Kimberly L. Baums '91 Roland H. Bean '69 Peter '69 and Margie Bedford Carl A. Bendfeldt Mary G. Bennett Michael and Norma Berg '60 Walter '72 and Linda Berry Sidney Binder '59 Michael J. Bintz Roger W. Bisbo '68 Michael '75 and Patricia Bloss Michael '72 and Carla Blumenthal Stephen '74 and Camilla Bock Megan Elizabeth Born '09 Eric '60 and Nancy Bowers Sharon Boyce Robert C. and Elizabeth '70 Breeze Brett B. Tormey Foundation, Inc. Joanne E. Brogan '72 Paul Buckingham Mary Ellen Burdick '88 William '66 and Elizabeth Ann Burt Robert C. Cafarelli Joan G. Carpenter '85 Lawrence '63 and Linda Carpenter Betty G. Carroll '82 Donald (Pork) '84 and Sandi Cartwright Thomas S. Case '69 Margery D. Caywood James A. Checksfield '74 Robert Charles Church '92 Elmer and Thelma Clapp Eileen F. Clark '69 Ryan R. Clarke Nancy and Joe Clayton '65 Bob and Lois '76 Grady Roderick P. Clifford Deborah L. Clouser '89 Michael Coad Michael W. Conboy Brian Karl Cook '02 Core Federal Credit Union Steven and Marsha '92 Cornelius Corning Incorporated Foundation Brian and Amy Cornue Owen D. Corpin Warren D. Costantine James Thomas Costello '06 Jeffrey '73 and Christine '77 Cring Patrick James Cronn '01 Timothy W. Crowley '74 Deborah and Donald Culeton '76 Sandra Jean Dain '68 Ronald '67 and Priscilla Davis Richard J. Davis, SCWI '69 Fred '59 and Elizabeth Day H. Michael Decker Robert and Judy DeForest David A. Denmat Stanley '80 and Tracy Derdzinski Reinald Dersch '61 Carlos Diaz-Saavedra '81 Edward and Judith Doan '62 Judith and Edward Doan '62 Garry and Lila '62 Donley Dougherty Pharmacy, Inc. Stephen E. Drachler '72 David Duchene Al '77 and Ellen Dunbar James J. Dwyer Christine D. Ehlers '71 M. Marie Ellis '67 Peter and Anne Englot Dawn C. Ewing '80 Exelon Business Services Company Willem '77 and Rena Pine MD David and Donna Farquhar Louis J. Fiorentini Gail D. Fish Robert A. Fish '60 Michael '69 and Wendy Flynn Richard and Carol '73 Fochler Kenneth W. Fogarty Peter and Angela '69 Fogg Judith '68 and Robert '65 Forbes Jeff '79 and Eileen Forward Bernard J. Fountain '60 Douglas L. Freier Robert and Christine '76 Gale Lewis and Ruth Gamlen Charles H. Jr. and Carol Gardner James A. Garvey '58 Glenn and Marion '93 Gaslin Jeffrey L. Gay David F. Gehring Genesee Photo Systems, Inc. Peter '70 and Judy Gianforte Gilbane Building Co. Michael Gilbert William Giordano '72 Carl and Sandra Glenister Jo Ann Godfrey Jonathan '00 and Lisa Godfrey C. Peter Gollwitzer '61 Michael and Denise Gormley '81 David W. and Gina '79 Graham Pamela Jane Graves '78 Victoria L. Green '82 Donald E. Greene Everett '73 and Victoria Gregory Anthony P. and Wendy '87 Groves Joseph Edward Guido '86 David and Nancy '88 Haley Richard and Myrtle Hamilton James M. Hanyak Vivian Pearl Harris Robert '61 and Susan Harrison Harold E. Hebding Thomas R. Herbert '84 Raymond and Diann '71 Higgins David and Linda-Diane '73 Hill Jordan Daniel Hoffman '00 George W. Hoffman '63 Tom and Elizabeth '80 Horner Keith and Carol '88 Johnson Cydney Johnson Thomas J. Johnston Wardwell W. Jones Richard Kapral Kenneth and Cheryl Katzenstein '75 Brendan '93 and Rebecca Kelly Jeremiah J. Killigrew '75 Patricia Anne King '77 Edward and Mary '75 King Stephen R. Klingaman James '68 and Sandi Knight Janet Lee Kohlus '65 Brian '61 and Elizabeth Koons Allen D. Kotvis '70 Linwood '85 and Kathleen Kouwe John '58 and Dottie Kuyper Timothy and Kathy '72 LaGrow Lakewood Veterinary Service Wade '78 and Linda Lamb Lamb Farms, Inc. Donald L. Larkin George Elling Lawson '81 Gregory '76 and Barbara Leach Scott E. Lee Charles S. Lee Kevin Philip Leeson '77 John '62 and Jude Legg Charles and Sandra Lehman Alan and Colleen Levinsohn Thomas D. Lewis '63 Yea-Chyn Liu Pamela A. Locke Timothy '72 and Sharon Lokken Kimberly L. Loomis Andres G. Lopez Sylvester and Ruth Lord M. '67 and Margie M. Lyon Alton and Joan MacDonald William D. Magee Timothy '67 and Fran Maguire Denis '74 and Mary Mahony David J. Mancini Richard Marcoux Frank Marsiglio Dean '71 and Joyce Martin John William Martocello Timothy M. Matthews Eileen H. McCale James J. McFadden '73 Christopher McIntosh '78 Jon E. McManis '60 Annual Gift Circles Centennial - $100,000 + Gold - $50,000 + Silver - $25,000 + Presidents - $10,000 + Fellows - $5,000 + Member - $1,000 + Madison - $500 + Mustang - $ $100 + Anniversary - $75 + Foundation - $1-$74

4 Honor Roll of Donors This list reflects donors that have given to the Morrisville College Foundation between April 1, 2012 and March 31, If you do not see your name listed or wish to make any changes, please contact us at or make your gift today at George G. McNeil Kim Mills Robert '69 and Shaye Mills Norman G. Minckler Trudy Ann Mitchell Carl J. Monahan '71 Kenneth J. Morrison '76 Charles R. Morrow Alfred P. Muss Sumio Nakajima '73 Francis and Louise Nataluk Richard '66 and Diane Neal Thomas A. New '74 Jeriluanne O'Bryan-Losee '96 Olivia B. O'Herien Mark L. Pallos Kenneth F. Patterson Patricia Payette PepsiCo Foundation Joseph and Margaret '76 Peri Walter and Ruth Petrie Richard Pidkameny James M. Pietruch '75 Thomas and Lisa Pilewski Lawrence '72 and Jean Polly Patrick '90 and Roni Marie Ponto Peter and Barbara '92 Prentice Margaret and Robert Prout '76 Ray '59 and Catharine Purdy Quantum Health Solutions of New Jersey, Inc. Sean '84 and Sandra Quinn Leroy '63 and Nancy Raymond Donald R. Resseguie '80 Brian J. Richardson Neal S. Richmond '75 Margaret M. Riley '73 William P. Ritchie '80 Carolyn Roberts James '81 and Susana Dancy Rogalski David and Jan Rogers Julie Marie Roome Nocek '79 John '76 and Jane Rowehl David and Diane Salmon '64 Frederick J. Sanczawa '76 Jeff and Diane '71 Lapides William C. Sanford '59 Carl '60 and Terry Saturno Joseph and Elizabeth Scherer Harold G. Schmidt '63 Robert '52 and Gail '75 Schumacher James '62 and Lona Schuyler Kirk J. Schwasnick '80 James J. Scibetta '62 Robert '73 and Suzanne Stoessel Seneca Lake Duck Hunters Association Kevin J. Shannon Michael and Cathleen Sheils '87 Bruce A. Siska '63 Bertha A. Skerritt David James Skinner '80 Gregory C. Slack '83 Roberta H. Sloan Kim Suzanne Smith '99 Garold '56 and Roxie Smith Donald and Judith '91 Smith Pauline H. Smith '82 Randy '71 and Jocelyn Sodoma Michael '74 and Camille Sorenson Ernest and Terri '74 Garcia Kenneth '77 and Therese Murphy Douglas '81 and Susan Stafford George '57 and Luise Stewart Earl Stifflear '59 Eric Daniel Strafel '94 Robert and Frances '73 Striegl George '59 and Sandra Sullivan Patrick '79 and Mary Jo Sunderlin Thomas D. Sutter '74 Gerard and Joan '62 Thomas Sue M. Thomas '84 Gabriel Timpano Tony's Pizza Top of the Line Hay, Straw & Transport, LLC Michael J. Tramonti Greg Tyler Barney '75 and Pamela K. Vandeweert Peter '81 and Kimberlea Vanderwoude Jeffrey '76 and Joy VanRiper Verizon Constantine and Mary Vrailas '64 Mary and Constantine Vrailas '64 Charles and Clara Vredenburg Dale '78 and Lana Wagner Torin J. Washington Michael S. Waters '62 William Werner '70 Steven '82 and Linda West Nelson and Barbara '77 Wetmore Barry A. White Brenda White '92 Brian '74 and Mary Rose White William and Patricia White A. and Betty Whitney Jean G. Wilberg '82 George E. Wildt '67 Stephen A. Wilkins '69 Kathleen M. Williams Robert Williams William F. Wilson '76 Darrel '71 and Lori Wood Frederick and Carol Woodward Douglas and Cheryl Wright '74 Victor and Patricia Zimmerman Anniversary Circle James '72 and Ellen Allen Tom and Judy '77 Arvan Ronald and Christine '88 Bacon William '68 and Johnette Bennett Francis '69 and Brenda Berdine Curtis and Mary '67 Fullmer Jim '79 and Ann Burdick Cheryl A. Church '83 Donald '57 and Bonnie Conners Stephen '67 and Sue Conrad Elizabeth Currie Robert Dushay Jack '75 and Donna Emrick General Electric Foundation Kurt '78 and Sandy Ginter Lee '57 and Shirley Hill Norman J. Landis '69 Rodman W. Lott Raymond O. Lyon '57 Marybeth Lyons '82 Andrew '72 and Deborah MacLean Northwoods Company Frederick and Karen '79 Ohman Joseph '73 and Jeannette Peek Edward '64 and Diane Polczynski Eleanor Prouty James Alan Resue '76 Laurie Ann Romer '97 Gregory '84 and Ann M. Shepherd Michael C. Squires '82 Mark '77 and Ching Stella Roderick '92 and Jo Ann Wormuth Albert and Barbara Wagar Bob and Judy '77 Weissman Walter L. Wilcox '66 Karen Jean Wolff '75 Judi Lynn Zollweg Jakubowski '84 Alumni List 1936 Robert D. Ossont Willard E. Ossont 1939 Robert E. Clayton Norman Hudson 1940 Mary G. Bennett William Hildreth Walter Petrie 1941 Thelma Clapp 1942 Howard A. Haffenden Charles C. Vredenburg 1943 Jane Alvord Leslie B. Gray Eileen H. McCale Donald H. Turk 1944 Barbara B. Stupke 1945 Donald L. Larkin Mildred Simpson 1947 Robert V. Norris Anna Travers 1948 Kenneth H. Conklin Louis J. Fiorentini Anna R. Fish Marjorie J. Hedden Robert V. Heller William F. Helmer Howard C. Hildreth Roger K. Klossner Patricia Wright White 1949 Frederick W. Fuess Lewis B. Gamlen Robert Williams Jr. Rolland R. Miller Norman G. Minckler William T. Rielly Carolyn Roberts William Salina A. Sherman Whitney 1950 Salvatore F. Baggetta Elizabeth Currie Sebastian N. Fasano Jr. John F. Flanagan Richard C. Hamilton Charles Maine Robert A. McClelland USAF (Ret.) Anthony Simone Stanley Slusarczyk Laura Symonds David F. Traub 1951 John R. Braun Barbara A. Eggleston Arthur Goldsmith Leighton C. Kinner Sr. Norman E. Laube Sr. Ethel L. Lupinski LPN Leon F. Miller Richard Monson William A. Robertson Ronald A. Sandroni Clifford J. Scoons Gerald S. Stevens Jr. Jack Wallace Raymond Victor Widrig Jr Malcolm B. Adsit Robert E. Bennett Jay A. Blake John A. Brookman Frederick W. Doerrer Carol A. Gardner Anna B. Hobart William B. Johnson Thomas J. Johnston Charles B. Jones III Henry White Jr. Charles M. Lehman Joan M. MacDonald George G. McNeil Charles J. Renschler Marvin Schulman Gail Schumacher Robert S. Schumacher Fred J. Warnes Victor C. Zimmerman 1953 Richard F. Allen William S. Bailey Beulah Christopher Harriet W. Crosby Joyce A. Gould William A. Harrold Sylvester A. Lord Jr. Arlene Mozo Gerald R. Pfeifer Roy F. Powers Marjorie M. Quaife ONC Richard D. Slocum Gerald Stanton Ruth Stefanovich Alfred J. Tector Richard M. Waldron 1954 William Balke Ardith Bennett Robert C. Bresee Norman D. Brewer Domenic Caraccilo Esther S. Cox Donald H. Duger James C. Hennessey David C. Morey Joseph B. Scherer Albert E. Wagar Jr Anthony J. Baccile Joy Baccile Margery D. Caywood Robert F. DeForest Charles M. Fuller Gerald Haverly Donald P. Misch Richard M. Powers Lawrence R. Snyder Wesley W. Uitos Charles J. Zeitvogel 1956 Joan M. Cincotta Robert W. Dorman William K. Fones Raymond N. Greene Clyde Hotaling Roger W. Hoyt Thaddeus H. Kernozek Paul A. Moore Leroy C. Murdock Dorothy Pezanowski James M. Schaefer Garold E. Smith Lyle Whitford 1957 Merton E. Bartels Joan M. Boyce Donald C. Carver Donald J. Conners Ronald J. Drisgula USN(Ret.) William P. Goodman Lee R. Hill Raymond O. Lyon John H. Mason Keith W. Merkt Reynold F. Missall Richard J. Osbeck Dale W. Powers Robert J. Saturn George G. Stewart Robert A. Tompkins Robert D. Waghorn 1958 Duane A. Button Janice Button Mary M. Davis James A. Garvey John C. Kuyper Waldo R. Latimer William R. Michaels James E. Northup Merilyn Yantch Panarisi Joseph E. Pidgeon James J. Shear Beverly A. Stamp Donna Supper Harold Supper 1959 Donald Edward Babcock Carl A. Bendfeldt Joseph W. Berchtold Sidney Binder Fred Paul Day John B. Dixon Langdon and Donna Ames Ruth B. Donovan Gwendolyn E. Egan Gerald K. Griffith Robert S. Harris Donald R. Hartshorn Harold E. Hebding Robert C. Jackson Thomas and Kathleen Flanagan Mary Catherine Major Ronald S. McGay Harold W. Nightwine Martin S. Phillips Ray L. Purdy Smith S. Salisbury William C. Sanford Mary A. Shadigian Earl Stifflear Dale C. Stockton George R. Sullivan John Tacinelli Shirley M. Wilcox 4 The magazine of Morrisville State College

5 Honor Roll of Donors This list reflects donors that have given to the Morrisville College Foundation between April 1, 2012 and March 31, If you do not see your name listed or wish to make any changes, please contact us at or make your gift today at M. June Austin David C. Baker Gene Lynn Baker James A. Baldwin Sherrill Betts Eric L. Bowers Henry Charache Meta M. Currie Robert A. Fish Bernard J. Fountain Patricia Fritz John W. Galbreath Donald B. Gallery Warner Leuenberger John Carlson Loope Jr. William A. Massey Jon E. McManis Michael and Norma Berg William Payette Hugh R. Riehlman Carl D. Saturno Bernard E. Schader William Welch 1961 Alfred Arthur Banzer John Basher Donald G. Bauer James Harding Beachel Kenneth Cobb John P. Cymore Reinald Dersch Earl A. Epps Lorraine Epps David F. Gehring C. Peter Gollwitzer Robert S. Harrison Brymer Humphreys Brian D. Koons William Lester Keith R. Lynch Edward J. Ososki Donald L. Pickett Jo Ann Sawyer Donald Russell Smith Jr. Richard W. Sternberg Timothy W. Stone 1962 Gerald and Avalene Bishopp John R. Beach Mark T. Boyle Merwyn Eugene Crane Linda W. Diehl Lila Fae Donley John Eugene Doule Wayne T. Green Roberta M. Harrington John G. Hudson Charles S. Hungerford Edward and Judith Doan John Keefe Kaaren M. Kundell John T. Legg Shirley J. Lester Michael R. Mancini Richard G. Orbaker Dillwyn Jesse Otis Salvatore V. Pappalardo James M. Schuyler Thomas J. Schwindler James J. Scibetta Donald A. Simpson Roger James Smith William C. Steinberg CPM Joan C. Thomas Michael S. Waters 1963 Mary Kellman Adamo Franklin C. Adams David L. Allen Daniel L. Bellinger Margaret M. Boehme Frank Boyce Lawrence E. Carpenter J. Leslie Derkovitz Edwin and Elaine Haffenden Roy F. Elk Robert A. Fouts George W. Hoffman IV Faith P. Lee Sharon D. Leo Thomas D. Lewis Jr. Dale and Louise Zabel David S. Ludwig William E. Mapes Barbara McCabe Thomas J. McCabe Charles McClumpha Jeanne M. Pacco John C. Pierce Leroy W. Raymond Robert J. Reynolds Harold G. Schmidt Bruce A. Siska Elwood and Suzanne Johnson Marian L. Trump John D. Wickham Barbara Woodford 1964 Ralph Ascoli George W. Banta Daniel R. Buchinger Lynn R. Clock David and Diane Salmon Lynne Clinch DTR Thomas Charles Fabb Mark S. Gates Robert G. Kronenwetter Peter L. Larry Everett Laursen Jeannie Laursen Mark C. Leeson Daniel F. Licata Constantine and Mary Vrailas Mary C. Needle Edward R. Polczynski Robert H. Potts Joanne F. Salmon Ronald V. Updike Kathleen D. Williams Clifford J. Wraight 1965 Rhonda J. Austin Richard A. Beaumont Karen W. Beehm RN Rowene K. Bessey Pauline Black Lynda H. Brown Robert C. Collins E James Colyer Diana S. Cordell David William Courter Livia D'Antonio Philip D'Antonio Dale Filkins Wendy Hardy Donald E. Hawbecker Donald Holman Donald J. Keib John M. Kohan Janet Lee Kohlus Stephen Kowalewski Robert K. Lockwood Joe and Nancy Clayton Albert Lewis Noteboom Jon M. Remein III Larry W. Rogers Edna Mae Silvernail Andrew W. Tarasek Eric Thoren Vincent J. Weisbrod 1966 Catherine O. Allen Kathleen Benton William L. Burt Kathleen Ford David H. Foster Ronald E. Holl Kelvin J. Kelkenberg Phillip Kelley Bruce T. Lee Scott A. Lynk Linda M. Mann William F. McDermott Richard L. Neal Geoffrey Sans Victor Sawenko Suzanne M. Sommer Nancy B. Stiles John L. Terry Gary R. Travis Marilyn Travis Sharon Travis William Travis Kathleen A. Wadell Barry A. White Walter L. Wilcox 1967 Charles T. Anna Ronald J. Bissi Mary E. Brindak Kathleen A. Brown Stephen Parker Conrad PE Michael L. Darmento Ronald E. Davis Stanley E. Davis John B. Donahue M Marie Ellis Daniel Lee Evans Judith G. Goldsmith Henry Grabow Philip B. Greene Susan Greene Wayne Gardiner Haver Sr. Maureen A. Henderson Gaylen J. Hill Charles A. Hoffman Peter M. Kehoskie M. Fay Lyon Timothy J. Maguire Mary Norejko Ann Powell Edwin R. Powell Roger W. Powers Paul Reynolds Ronald N. Rumsey Terence R. Smith James Treubig Marilyn J. Upton John K. Werlau George E. Wildt 1968 Kenneth M. Balamut Kathy Balog William David Bennett Roger W. Bisbo David S. Brown Richard Brundege James L. Cary Joseph Catalina Patricia Catalina Nancy B. Crisino Suzanne E. Cusack Sandra Jean Dain Fred C. DeVore Bruce E. Drowne Irene Drowne Jonathan C. Everdyke Judith M. Forbes Robert Forbes William Frech John Thomas Hammer Everett E. Harrington Richard and Judy Zilkowski James A. Knight Barbara Komarisky John E. Komarisky Timothy Laraway Glenn M. MacKenzie Richard O. Marriott Phyllis J. Paliotti David R. Petley Darla D. Ryan Joan A. Swieton Margaret E. Watson 1969 Margaret J. Baccaro Roland H. Bean Peter A. Bedford Donna A. Belanger Francis C. Berdine Gerald Bissi Susan V. Bordiuk Linda G. Boucheron David Byrne James W. Carpenter Jr. Joan M. Casanova Thomas S. Case Eileen F. Clark Richard Patrick Corbett Richard J. Davis, SCWI Toni M. Domagal Susan C. Donahue David H. Eckler William R. Ernisse Michael G. Flynn Angela M. Fogg Susan K. Gyore Donna Kelley Gerry C. Kelley Richard P. Krzal Bonnie A. Lancaster Norman J. Landis Wilfred F. Miller Robert P. Mills Stephan B. Morgan Kathleen A. Nuss Gary L. Orbaker Gary Pafk Bill J. Podfigurny Daniel A. Popek Diane Popek Carl Dixon Sherman Joseph P. Sutherland Stephen A. Wilkins Mary Wilson Benjamin J. Wood 1970 William T. Arehart Nancy Baylis Karen J. Bedette Elizabeth Ann Breeze Anne C. Bremiller Cheryl Burton-Conover Debra A. Carolla RN Deborah Cary Rex W. Cary Janice Cook Thomas and Diane Liebst Barbara Elias George V. Elias Linda J. Faulkner Gerald Fish Norbert J. Fuest Peter Gianforte Evelyn S. Ginney John Goggin William F. Graham Jr. Beverly Graves Gordon G. Graves Larry Hitchcock Robert R. Hutton Donna L. Kelley Gerry Kelley Allen D. Kotvis D and Marianne Jacobson Douglas J. Millis Richard H. Pettersen Bonnie R. Pfeffer Judith Pierce Katherine Psyck David E. Senke Thela Snow Michael F. Snyder Charles D. Thousand Jr. Carol A. Turnbull Harold Walker William Werner 1971 Adrianne Ariglio James A. Ariglio David E. Askew Linda B. Baker Michael and Cynthia Renne Linda M. Davis Christine D. Ehlers USN Robert G. Fowler Donna Fulmer Diann S. Higgins Donald F. Johnson Marshall R. Johnson Robert B. Kenyon Dean Richard Martin Carl J. Monahan Susan Mott Katherine Peters Candace A. Powers Diane L. Sands Nancyjo T. Sauerbier Daryl V. Smith Randy E. Sodoma Anita B. Suski Brian E. VanDewark Richard L. VanGys Norma J. Warner Darrel E. Wood 1972 James S. Allen Deborah M. Audley Walter A. Berry Jr. Michael H. Blumenthal Joanne E. Brogan William and Carol Grove Michael Steven Cornell Joseph B. Dandeneau Nancy Degilio Stephen E. Drachler Robin K. Drum Lattimer Kendall M. Eaton

6 Honor Roll of Donors This list reflects donors that have given to the Morrisville College Foundation between April 1, 2012 and March 31, If you do not see your name listed or wish to make any changes, please contact us at or make your gift today at Virginia Eaton Gerald L. Fuller William Giordano Robert B. Harris Thomas C. Hatch Francis J. Heidelmark Jr. William F. Henry James A. Herley John D. Hoffman James E. Hoyt Garry N. Hubbard William J. Huntoon Kenneth G. Kabelac Linda Kabelac Colleen M. Kenefick Brian Kidwell Russell J. Kiggins Norbert J. Kula Kathy A. LaGrow Mary Patricia Lanfair Christine Leween Timothy J. Lokken Andrew P. MacLean John K. Mason John W. Monroe Jr. Sharon Beth Muchler Robert R. Nydam Patricia Orcutt Thomas C. Pavlis David Pendergast Lawrence Polly Paul N. Robinson Bonnie M. Saunders Diane M. Stirling Roger E. Tanner Scott C. Tibbitts Allen J. Weller 1973 Greg M. Bleeker Donald W. Bowen Jeanne M. Burnash RN, CCM Arthur and Carol Schwartz Dana A. Clarke Gail R. Connolly Cynthia Craig Gerald A. Craig Jeffrey W. Cring Kathryn M. Croft Daniel E. Crosby Fredrick and Deborah Hudson Alvin D. Deming Norman Miles Ellis Carol M. Fochler Patricia A. Ford Diane Galusha Roxanne Giovannone Everett D. Gregory Stephen H. Gressel Janice L. Hettler Linda-Diane Hill Deborah Hudson Michael R. Kennedy Patricia J. Koenig Michael and Mae Slaunwhite John D. McCullough James J. McFadden Brian N. Messenger Sumio Nakajima Eva L. Norris Steven C. Olcott Norreen V. Opper Joseph L. Peek Carl J. Popp Margaret M. Riley Thomas E. Roszak Robert J. Seitz Jr. Frances Striegl Arthur C. Tayntor Linda Tayntor Gary S. Wilcox 1974 Nancy L. Baker RN Stephen T. Bock Patricia A. Brodowski Teddi L. Caltabiano Maura C. Caughey Thomas G. Chapman James A. Checksfield Douglas and Cheryl Wright Harold Ron Cooke Susan B. Cosgriff Timothy W. Crowley Bonnie Jean Diefendorf Larry D. Droppa Marian T. Dybas Allan S. Edmunds Frank W. Faulring Frederick A. Fazio Joellen Folts Roberta D. Games Gordon W. Green Constance J. Hart Thomas and Joellen Folts Joan M. Johnson Deborah J. Kelly Timothy George Kelly Thomas C. King Jeffrey L. Lape Fredric Linhart Harold J. Lockwood Denis W. Mahony Gregory M. Martin Bruce and Mary Trombley Dean M. Mauro Margaret M. McCann Kathleen A. Melia Arthur C. Muller Michael John Murphy Thomas A. New Joseph J. Palumbo Margaret L. Phillips Sandra L. Schneider Michael B. Sorenson Terri M. Spiegel Barbara S. Stevenson Clifford T. Strohmeyer Thomas D. Sutter Susan R. Tarbox Myron J. Thurston Michael G. VanNorstrand Charles W. Walker Brian E. White Kirk G. Williams 1975 Michael J. Bloss Bruce J. Burgdoff Carl Edwin Campbell Theodore W. Carley Jr. Kenneth and Cheryl Katzenstein Mary E. Cohen Thomas A. Coletta Roger Paul Combs William P. Cone Denis J. Cox Frank M. Day Daniel H. Defrees Patrick B. Emerson Jack R. Emrick David J. Fierle Patricia M. Forenz Robert L. Gates Jr. Mark C. Greenfield Philip C. Hack Karen and Jerry Rogich Andrew Svisco Jr. Ann F. Killeen Jeremiah J. Killigrew Mary L. Kirkendall Thomas E. LaBarge John L. Mandarano William A. McCausland Michael R. Murphy Corinne Page James J. Page Mark R. Palmer Michael A. Pettinella James M. Pietruch David G. Putnam Carol A. Raby Peter Raby Neal S. Richmond Jerry Rogich David and Sandra Martinichio Elissa N. Silvio Patricia A. Snyder RN Maryann Strong Benjamin M. Tardiff Nancy E. Tuzzolino Barney B. Van De Weert William W. Wadeikis Matthew W. Wainright Gary J. Weldgen Robert J. Wisse Jr. Karen Jean Wolff 1976 Frederick W. Bach Lois Marie Clermont David Duane Coville Donald and Deborah Culeton Katharine F. Dickson John Joseph Distefano Patrick Michael Drew Teresa Ellen Eichler Christine M. Gale, BS, R.D.C.S. Michael Kevin Gooden Robert Alan Gottesman Rebecca Anne Hauf Gale Harriet Horton Gay Alice M. Kolb RN David Wayne Law Gregory Keith Leach Ellen Rose Luchsinger Michael A. Marchase Robert and Margaret Prout Trudy Ann Mitchell Kenneth J. Morrison Laura Jean Murphy Sandwick Jeffrey and Paula Robinson Margaret D. Peri Daniel Edward Pollock James Alan Resue John Edward Rowehl Peter Michael Saile Frederick J. Sanczawa James Gene Soychak David Stanley Stage Debra Stage Paul Francis Taranto Mary Elizabeth Taylor Bruce M. Trousdell Timothy Paul Tureski Brian Vincent Urban Jeffrey L. VanRiper James C. Waters Jay L. Weaver William F. Wilson 1977 Judy A. Arvan Gary Joseph Beach Calvin Douglas Beck Douglas John Benedict Brian Lee Berman Lee C. Blood Thomas Edward Brocker Nancy Chilluffo Nancy P. Clark Christine A. Cring Monica Susan DiNicola Al Mark Dunbar Diane Marie Dunlavey Willem Dirk Faber PhD Allen Ralph France Thomas Robert Geiss Perry Michael Gordon Gale S. Hamstra George G. Harris James Arthur Hektor John F. Jermyn Patricia Anne King Karla Helen Knuth Kevin Philip Leeson Steven and Mary Conklin Gary Lynn Mason James D. Miller Terrance P. Mosher Eugene R. 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8 No matter your age, health or wealth, you can support Morrisville in a way that can be remembered forever. When you leave Morrisville State College in your will, you ensure a future for our students to learn, grow and become successful. Don t have a will or need help modifying one? Let us help you! Contact the Development Office for information, resources and assistance on creating or modifying a will to benefit your family and Morrisville State College. Contact: Torin Washington Director of Annual Giving To drive yourself to work, school or to the store, you spend more than $3 a gallon in gasoline. To drive a student to learn, grow and be successful, you contribute only $3 a month in support of scholarships. Become a Morrisville Student Driver and help drive our students to their ultimate destination to success. Call or Torin Washington for more info Yesterday I received your letter containing the Liberty Mutual Insurance offer for Morrisville alumni. Three months ago, our automobile insurance carrier increased our rate by 98.8%. Shocked, we called our agent to get an explanation. He told us that in the state of Florida, because so many persons had lost their employer provided health insurance, the carrier was getting more medical claims so rates had to be adjusted. So, my wife and I have stewed about this for almost three months. We ve been with this company for a long time and our agent has always provided excellent customer service in the past. But, seeing that outrageous amount leave our checking account each month really bothered us. I got your letter and read it, then handed it to my wife. She called Liberty Mutual that morning. We were careful to get a rate quote that was based on EXACTLY the same coverage we had. Liberty Mutual s price? $ LESS than our carrier for 12 months of coverage. That s almost $85 per month less! So, in total, this alumni benefit just saved us $ over the next 12 months. We appreciate this very much. Warmest regards, Anthony 80 and Cindy Campione Tampa, Florida Liberty Mutual offers an Auto, Home and Renters Insurance program for Morrisville State College alumni. Visit for more information. 8 The magazine of Morrisville State College

9 The Mustangs are on a roll! Stay up-to-date by visiting athletics.morrisville.edu! Men s Basketball: NEAC North Division Regular Season Champions NEAC Tournament Champions NEAC Player of the Year: Mickey Davis NEAC Coach of the Year: Joseph Smith College s first ever bid to the NCAA tournament, also program s first Women s Lacrosse: 2012 NAC West Division Regular Season Champions (perfect 9-0 record) NAC West Division Tournament Champions ECAC Quarterfinals NAC West Division Rookie of the Year: Shelby Wood NAC West Division Coach of the Year: Amanda Nobis ECAC Mid-Atlantic Rookie of the Year: Shelby Wood Men s Lacrosse: 2012 NEAC Regular Season Champions (perfect 7-0 record) third straight title ECAC Semi-finals NEAC Rookie of the Year: Jack Martocello NEAC Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Hinchey Men s Cross Country: 2012 NEAC Runner-ups (by less than a second, literally.) Men s Soccer: 2012 NEAC Tournament Champions Program s first NCAA Bid NEAC Rookie of the Year: Danny Peckham NEAC Player of the Year: Sanley Pierre-Louis Men s Basketball: NEAC North Division Regular Season Champions NEAC Tournament Champions NCAA Sweet 16/Sectional Round D3hoops East Coach of the Year: Joseph Smith D3hoops final poll Morrisville State #20 overall in the nation in D3 (First NCAA National Ranking) Hunt Seat: Reserve Regional Champions Western: Regional Champions for Zone 2, Region 3 Regional High Point Rider Champion: Catherine Howland Catherine Howland was third in reining and high point rider competition at Nationals Western: Regional Champions for Zone 2, Region 3 Regional High Point Rider Champion: Kelsey Stewart Kelsey Stewart finished 16 th in the nation in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National Championships Congratulations to the MSC Men's Basketball team for making it into the NCAA Division III Sweet 16! Division III

10 By Franci Valenzano 86 Before he even graduates from Morrisville State College, Mike Filosi will most likely have already been recruited by an employer for his skills. The automotive technology bachelor degree student is among those in demand to fill a wave of positions in an auto industry craving seasoned and highly skilled technicians. A bulletin board posted in a lab filled with neatly stacked car parts and vehicles lined up for repair bears proof a lofty list of jobs waiting to be filled by qualified professionals. Auto is one of the most in-demand careers in the industry and with a shortage of qualified auto technicians, there are more openings than people to fill them, said Ron Alexander, chair of the automotive department and a 1989 graduate of the college s automotive technology associate degree program. Anchoring a career in today s automotive industry means students have to know about a lot more than just what s under the hood. To keep up with the accelerating pace of vehicle s today, they have to be tech-savvy and familiar with the latest electronics and sophisticated devices coming on to the auto scene. And the consummate skills Filosi and other Morrisville State College auto students are receiving are putting them in the driver s seat. We are noted for our auto programs, Joe Kidd, assistant professor in the automotive department, said. We are very hands-on and our students skill set is exceptional when they graduate. We have recruiters who come to our campus seeking our students for high-skilled positions with high starting salaries and great benefits, Alexander said. The industry needs qualified talent and we provide them with qualified professionals, Kidd said. Many of our students are recruited by companies and secure jobs in the automotive industry before they even graduate. MSC took another step toward preparing its automotive students to keep up with the driving demands of the auto industry, with its recent certification by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) of its automotive technology bachelor degree program. The college s automotive technology Ford ASSET (Automotive Students Service Education Training) program also received recertification. The news, which follows an extensive review and analysis, means the programs met or exceeded nationally accepted standards of excellence in areas that included instruction, facilities, and equipment. Achieving NATEF certification is a testament to the continuing level of excellence that has been established in the college s auto programs, which are designed to reflect the most recent advances in the industry and to provide students Steve Absolu, of Elmsford, an automotive technology bachelor degree student, works on a trainer being built in a lab. with the best technical training, said Dan Akers, director of the Ford ASSET Program. Akers is a 1990 graduate of the college s automotive technology associate degree program. We are very proud of our program and this accomplishment, Alexander said. We know to compete in the industry we have to show we are excellent at what we do. That s why the college applied for the voluntary certification which included reviewing records, checking faculty credentials, and performing an on-site evaluation that entailed everything from counting tools to interviewing students. Contacts and corporate sponsors look for this certification, Kidd said. This gives our already renowned auto program instant credibility nationwide and will assist graduates in their career pursuits. Along with the prestigious certification, the college scored the highest rating for faculty quality. We have known for a long time that our automotive faculty provides a high quality of instruction to our students, said David Rogers, provost at MSC. The assessment by the evaluation team substantiates that fact. The drive behind Morrisville State College faculty is preparing students to work on today s modern, sophisticated automobiles that are equipped with extensive electronics that require highly specialized training to service. We are always ensuring that our students have top-notch training in the technical aspects of the field, Kidd said. 10 The magazine of Morrisville State College

11 It s no surprise that among 16 faculty members who teach in the program, 15 are Morrisville State College graduates. It is affirming to know that each of our faculty members, after leaving as graduates, came back to teach in the program that provided them with a cutting-edge education, Rogers said. We have a wide variety of instructors who have years of experience in the automotive industry from turning wrenches for a living, to past manufacturer trainers and those who graduated from Morrisville State College then continued on to get their master s degree before returning to Morrisville, Akers said. Students are also giving faculty members high marks for taking them from classroom to career. My professors at Morrisville pushed me to think outside the box while guiding me as I found my way, said Benjamin Laudin, manager of the applications engineering team at Hansen Industrial Gearboxes in Verona, Va. Their help and support had a direct effect on my success today, and I am thankful for all that I learned from them. Mark Ashton, left, instructional support associate, assists Tim Rood, of Syracuse, as he works on a brake system in a lab. Rood is an automotive technology Ford ASSET student. Laudin graduated in 2008 with an automotive technology bachelor of technology degree. When I left Morrisville, I was very confident in my abilities, said Morrel Findlay, whose Internet search for colleges took him on a journey from the Caribbean island of Anguilla to Morrisville, to follow in his father s footsteps by pursuing an automotive career. What stood out most to me about Morrisville were the instructors, he said. They were very knowledgeable about what was current in the industry and I also liked the small class sizes that allowed for more interaction with them. A 2011 graduate of the automotive technology bachelor of technology program, Findlay is now an automotive teacher at a high school in his native homeland. Current students also echo alums sentiments. Their (faculty) years of experience really show in labs, said Steve Absolu, an automotive technology bachelor of technology student from Elmsford, NY. They pass on their extensive knowledge and they are always available if you need help. In addition to expert proficiency, automotive faculty members are master auto technicians with a myriad of field experience. Their strong ties with professional organizations, government agencies, major automobile manufacturers, oil companies and program graduates helps to ensure that the program is at the forefront of automotive industry awareness. That has companies eagerly eyeing Morrisville State College automotive students. Our experience with MSC graduates has been positive, said Daniel Sturtz, Snap-on Industrial District Sales Manager- New England/ Upstate NY. They have shown a strong work ethic and a commitment to follow through and stay on task. Snap-on is a leading US designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools and equipment to professional tool users. Chris Martensen, National Sales Manager for Bahco, a division of Snap-on Industrial Brands, was impressed when MSC 2010 automotive technology bachelor degree grad Chris Suter joined his company with a wellrounded set of skills and a solid work ethic. I don t think Chris has shied away from any task that he has been given. I can give him a task and he runs with it and returns with a very good product or result in the end, Martensen said. If he has a question, he is quick to get the answer and move on. Bottom line, he can work independently and come back with results. That s what we were looking for and, that is what we got. Our business relies heavily on relationships which we build every day with our customers, Sturtz said. I am very happy that we have built a strong relationship with MSC. I certainly hope we can continue to draw from the graduates for future employees of Snap-on. For many alumni, those industry ties are still opening doors. Suter, 24, obtained his current position as a technical sales rep with Bahco in Pittsburg, Pa., through a college connection. And 25-year-old Gordon Grange, a 2011 automotive technology management bachelor of business administration graduate was already gainfully employed when he was recruited by Snap-on Industrial, through Morrisville. I m so grateful for Morrisville, said Grange, who was recently offered a job as an Industrial Account Manager with Snap-on Industrial in Brooklyn, NY. The real-world business courses I took toward my automotive management degree combined with the hands-on experience I received, greatly prepared me for my career, he said. That job readiness provided in modern facilities with the newest, latest and greatest equipment is another feather in the auto program s cap. About 75 percent of the work students perform in the programs is hands-on in technologically sophisticated environments. While being certified identifies the auto programs excellence to recruit more students, it also increases the potential for funding from public and corporate sources. That manifests itself in donations of equipment and vehicles equipped with the latest technology for students to work on in labs. Basically, anything you experience in a dealership, you will see here, Alexander said referring to the college s Automotive Technology Building, equipped with a showroom and technologically advanced labs where students can also hone their skills assembling cars.

12 In January 2012 we lost a dear friend, Ralph Whitehead, who passed away at the age of 91. He was a former professor, advisor and friend to students for more than 28 years. We are blessed to have known Ralph and decided to honor him by starting an award/scholarship in his name. Throughout the year we have received many notes from alumni and friends who were inspired by Ralph. Here are a few excerpts: He was one of the best. Randy Sodoma 71 I enjoyed his classes and I used his style of humor in my classes. Jack Wright "It was truly a privilege to have been a student of Mr. Whitehead. He exuded a true enthusiasm for the subjects that he taught us. Carlos Diaz-Saavedra 81 "Ralph Whitehead was a great teacher and mentor. My career has developed from his inspiration and direction. John Komarisky 68 During Mustang Weekend 2012 the Agricultural Engineering Club sponsored a memorial service and tractor ride in honor of their group's founding advisor, Ralph Whitehead. Giving in Ralph s memory. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Bill Carr and Agricultural Engineering Professor Fred Bach 76 are spearheading a campaign to endow a scholarship and be able to honor Ralph in perpetuity. Regardless of the amount raised, the dollars will be used to give an award/scholarship to a deserving student. With the help of many of his former students, Mr. Whitehead will be forever remembered as a wonderful mentor to the students of Morrisville State College. For more information please call us at IMA.GRAD. Donations can be sent to The Morrisville College Foundation, PO Box 901, Brooks Hall 3rd Floor, Morrisville, NY By Franci Valenzano 86 Morrisville State College served up some of its tasty local fare on Capitol Hill. The college showcased an array of food samples during New York Farm Day held in Washington DC on Sept. 12, an annual event which boasts New York state agricultural products. The event, sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, attracted approximately 700 federal officials, guests, area restaurant operators and media. Attending from Morrisville State College were: Christopher Nyberg, dean of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Rebecca Dowsland, executive chef, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC) Dining Services, Meredith Beardsley, of Interlaken, NY, and Cora Mason of Silver Springs, NY. Beardsley and Mason are both students in the college s agricultural business development bachelor degree program and active participants in Morrisville Fresh LLC which produced some of the food served during the event. Farm Day is a unique and important opportunity for us to showcase the best of what New York s farmers and producers have to offer. Every year we bring New York to Washington DC, and I am thrilled that this has become such an anticipated event on the congressional calendar, Gillibrand said in a news release. Morrisville State College s menu, designed by Dowsland using local products also used in the college s dining centers, included a variety of delicacies produced oncampus or locally with help from Morrisville State College students. At the Morrisville State College food sample table are, from left, Meredith Beardsley, MSC student; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Cora Mason, MSC student; and Rebecca Dowsland, executive chef, Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC) Dining Services. Among the indulgences presented by the college were cheese curds made by agricultural business development students, in addition to a number of value-added products made through Morrisville Fresh LLC, a business formed in conjunction with Nelson Farms, the college s unique entrepreneurial agri-business incubator and food processing facility that helps budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into marketable products. In addition to showcasing local products, a unique aspect of Morrisville State College s menu was its representation from many students in a variety of programs. Through our participation in this event, we were able to show so many people how we use local products and utilize them on campus, Dowsland said. Through Morrisville Fresh LLC, students are involved with everything from making products to labeling and marketing them with assistance from Nelson Farms. 12 The magazine of Morrisville State College

13 by Catherine Flood 13 The first time I ever met Athena Lazo was at a meeting for the campus newspaper, The CHIMES when it was announced that she was the Campus News Editor and I was now on her staff. Freshmen were told to either pick sports or campus news. I was more than glad I picked the section I did once I figured out I would be working for Lazo. I spent the fall semester working on her staff and soon became friends with her more than just professionally. She was vice president of the Student Government Organization, was a part of the African Student Union Black Alliance (ASUBA) dance team, and served as Resident Assistant (RA)Association President. She was always busy, but never let any stress show while smiling and cracking jokes every day. I started to look up to her work ethic and I would say I owe the growth in my own work ethic to her guidance. She later began to manage more than just school work. She informed everyone that she was trying out for the New England Patriots Cheerleading Team. We all supported her and were ecstatic once we found out she had been chosen for a spot on the team. The next few years she drove back and forth from school and we didn t see her much, but she continued to make the extra effort to stay close to The CHIMES and all of her friends from MSC. When asked how she was able to attend MSC and cheer for the Patriots at the same time Lazo replied, Now that I think back on all of the travel and gas money and lack of sleep, I m not actually sure how I was able to cheer and attend school in New York. Lazo had close friends, a great family and understanding professors who pushed her when she just wanted to hit the snooze button or skip a class. She never missed a practice or a game her rookie year and she traveled from Central New York to the Gillette Stadium two or three times per week. The moment I stepped into auditions in 2010, I put it all in God s hands; What s meant to be will be; Where there is a will there is a way, she said. Lazo s experience as a cheerleader has shown her what she is capable of. Hard work, extreme practices, summer heat, and freezing games are small parts of living her dream. The New England Patriot Cheerleaders have two formal practices a week. Michelle Nigro, Patriots cheerleader teammate, says one day you can be at a school in Connecticut for an appearance with NFL Play 60 and the next day could have a six-hour practice in the Gillette Stadium. There is no normal day for a Patriots cheerleader. Nigro, of Swampscott, Mass. is a thirdyear teammate of Lazo. Nigro says Lazo lights up a room as soon as she walks in it. She has great energy, a fun personality and a contagious laugh. Within five minutes of talking to her you realize she is intelligent and has an awesome sense of humor, Nigro said. Lazo is able to work 40 plus hours a week and cheer because of her understanding staff at All- Access Fitness Academy, where she is a community relations director. She said when something for cheer comes up the staff covers her shifts. She laughs as she says, Even though one of the owners is a Giants fan, everyone is extremely supportive. Lazo s job entails building marketing pieces, writing press releases, event planning and working with social media. She applauds MSC for giving her the necessary skills in order to do this and says that she has found her home. Lazo says she uses everything she has learned from the Journalism & Communication for Online Media degree and her job as a community relations director is exactly what she went to school for. My advice to recent grads is to stop worrying and trying to find the perfect career; you re in your early twenties; you re not going to step off of campus and be handed a BMW, a salary of $90K and an apartment in the middle of NYC, she said. If you do let me know how you do it. Lazo transferred to MSC after two years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She said she was unable to prosper there largely due to the fact that UMASS is a university with 25,000 undergraduates. MSC s small population allowed her to reach out to individuals she would have otherwise never saw herself being friends with. I was challenged to maintain a 3.9 GPA all while traveling 1,200 miles per week to practices and appearances to stay a Patriots cheerleader, she said. College was amazing; I made friends. I went out. I had a social life, but I was able to learn professionalism and chase my dreams. Lazo says it s hard to narrow down her favorite memory of MSC, but that she adored being an RA of a boy s floor in West Hall, where some became like brothers. She reminisces on late nights in The CHIMES newspaper lab trying to get the print issue out and arguing with other editors. I fell in love at Morrisville, I had my heart broken, I got good grades, I got a few bad ones, she said. I learned who I was, who I didn t want to be and I was given direction; the relationships I ve made and these memories go everywhere with me. About the author: Catherine Flood 13 is the Editor- In-Chief of Morrisville s student-run newspaper, THE CHIMES. She is also a member of the MSC women s soccer team and is involved in many other club and activities around campus. She aspires to work in the magazine industry. Photo by Justin Hammond

14 By Franci Valenzano 86 Some would have considered the 1925 Fordson F tractor only for its scrap metal value. But when Charles Chip Ax III, took a look at the vintage farm tractor, he saw an opportunity. Ax, assistant professor of agricultural engineering and diesel technology at Morrisville State College, and four of his students set out to restore the tractor, donated to the New York FFA Foundation by retired agricultural educators Daryle Foster and Donald Farrand, as a class project. The extensive undertaking involved more than 1,000 hours of manpower and included a complete overhaul, metal work, paint, and a set of new rubber tires. The fully restored antique was raffled off at the New York Farm Show in Syracuse on Feb. 22 with proceeds going to the New York FFA Foundation to benefit students across the state. The winner was Ray Adamson, of New Charles Chip Ax III, and his agricultural mechanics students stand with the 1925 Fordson Model F they restored as a class project. Pictured from left are; Ax, Nathan Geertson, of Penn Yan, NY, Austin Goodwin, of Morris, NY, Travis Huttar, of Middlesex, NY, and Caleb Day, of Smyrna, NY Berlin, NY, a retired dairy farmer who works for the USDA. We tried to make it the same or better than when it came out of the factory, Ax said of the relic gleaming with a shiny new coat of paint and red-steel rims. This tractor is as old as it gets, Ax said, recalling its similarity to the first tractor ever used on Morrisville State College s campus. The condition and age of the hand-crank tractor, which is known for taking the place of horses in the field, raised initial concerns, but Ax and his students were up for the challenge. Finding parts for the 20-horsepower, four-cylinder antique wasn t easy. The parts were hard to find due to its age and things didn t disassemble too easily when we were working on it, said Nathan Geertson, 20, of Penn Yan, NY, one of the agricultural mechanics students who worked on the project. Also working on the project were: Austin Goodwin, 20, of Morris, NY, Travis Huttar, 19, of Middlesex, NY, and Caleb Day, 19, of Smyrna, NY. A second tractor donated by Foster and Farrand and another donated to the department by Ax supplied many of the parts, while others had to be custom made or reproduction modified. When they couldn t match pistons, they modified the engine block to fit pistons from a 1936 tractor. Additional engine block machining included new valves, valve seats and guides so it could run on today s fuels. Age also factored into getting the ignition system working, but a custom-made part helped spark the tractor s tired engine. Typically we work on tractors owned by students or student family members and we rebuild them, Ax said, as opposed to restoring them. This is the oldest tractor ever restored in our department. In addition to its educational, hands-on value, the project served as a history lesson for students. It brought awareness to our students about where we have come in terms of ag equipment and how things, namely technology, have changed over the years, Ax said. The whole process of taking the tractor from nothing to something that runs was certainly interesting and was a great learning experience, Goodwin said. Funding from various sources, including the New York FFA Foundation and the Morrisville Collegiate FFA, helped absorb some of the cost of the project. There were also generous donations from Titan International-Tires, Gary s Carb and Magneto Repair, Syracuse Crank and Machine, Zeigler Machine Shop, Steve Bono, of M&S Restoration in Bouckville, NY, Fred Marshall and Marshall Farms, Inc. of Munnsville, NY. Faculty and students in the college s automotive programs also stepped in to help. It was in pretty rough shape and needed metal patching, dent removal and filler work, said Ryan Tabolt, instructional support assistant in the automotive technology department. Auto body technology students in Tabolt s labs worked on the sheet metal parts, smoothing out the fenders and the hood. One of the unique aspects of this project is that the sheet metal components of this tractor were made out of mild steel, instructor Gil Wistrup said. It is very different to work with than modern cars students are used to working with and it gave them experience learning other metal work skills and techniques. Tabolt and auto body students also pitched in with prep work first sanding, priming then painting the Fordson in the auto body program s Garmat paint booth, matching its original colors with DuPont ChromaBase colors they mixed in lab. The refurbished classic has become a showpiece at various shows and events including Empire Farm Days, The Great New York State Fair, the Western New York Farm Show, and most recently at the New York Farm Show. It generated a lot of interest because of its age and uniqueness, Ax said. Students dedication played a vital role in the successful completion of the project that took nearly a year and earned them college credit. Their work ethic was laudable, Ax said. It was challenging at times, but they remained focused and their skills and ability saw it to fruition. 14 The magazine of Morrisville State College

15 Do You Know A Future Mustang? There is something for everyone at MSC! With 75+ different majors in highly technical industries including business and entrepreneurship, agriculture, natural resource conservation and sustainability, hospitality and restaurant management, criminal justice, applied psychology, videojournalism, equine science and rehabilitation, automotive, health careers, and more it s easy to find a perfect fit! The Morrisville advantage is quite simple: a quality experiential learning environment that leads our graduates to specialized employment. If you know someone who can benefit from the MSC advantage, recommend them to us. They ll be glad you did! Call: Fill out below and mail us at: Morrisville State College Admissions, P.O. Box 901, Morrisville, NY Name: Street Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: High School Graduation Year: A Fresh Recipe from the Past Famous Two Layer Coconut Cake By former MSC Director Malcolm B. Galbreath. Recipe originally appeared in the Morrisville College Alumni Cookbook published in ½ c. sugar ½ c. shortening 3 eggs 3 c. flour 1-2 coconuts ¾ c. coconut milk, saved from coconuts listed above 2 1/8 tsp. salt 2 tsp. baking powder 1 can of your favorite frosting (buttercream preferred) Career Services News: Whether you already have a very specific career goal or are still seeking the right fit, Career Services can assist you in your efforts. We encourage students and alumni of all class years, areas of study, and career ambitions to speak with us! Grease 2 layer cake pans (8-inch) with cool butter or nonstick spray. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together, return to sifter to sift again into cake. Cream shortening and sugar in a large bowl, add eggs one at a time, blending well after each addition. Blend in flour and coconut milk alternately a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat until smooth. Bake in 350 degree oven for minutes or until done. Remove from oven, cool 2 minutes in pan then remove and continue cooling. Remove coconut from shell and grate fine. Frost with your choice of frosting on the center, top and sides. Sprinkle coconut between layers, on top and sides. Keep refrigerated until gone. Take advantage of our free and exclusive job search site, College Central Network (CCN) - Morrisville. It is more robust than ever and includes jobs specifically requesting MSC alumni! Visit to register for CCN today. Would you like to speak with an advisor? We now offer two options. 30-minute in-person, telephone or Skype individual advising sessions (appointment required) 15-minute Advising Express on-campus drop-in hours (see Career Services calendar for dates, times, and locations) Considering grad school? Career Services is here to help you navigate this new path, providing support and resources to guide you through this new experience. Do you have a job or internship opportunity you would like to market to Morrisville students or graduates? If so, call to speak with Barbara Roback, career planning and development officer, about how you can use your alumni connection to meet your staffing needs.

16 By Franci Valenzano 86 Spinner is pretty keen on all of the TLC he s getting from Morrisville State College equine students Christie Carlson and Kelly Hunter. Every day Carlson and Hunter walk the two-year-old standardbred, whose registered name is Ship of the Line, and assist him during his 10-minute workout in the large underwater treadmill inside the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center (MSCERC). Carlson, 23, of Chestertown, NY, and Hunter, 23, of Rhineback, NY, are interning at the rehab center this semester, focusing on getting Spinner, their case study, back on track as a racehorse. The internship is a requirement for seniors in the bachelor degree in equine science: equine rehabilitation and therapy option. Spinner was sent to the college s rehab center when he showed signs of lameness and wasn t acting like himself. Diagnosed with a joint disorder which forms cracks in cartilage and bones in his right hind hock, (similar to a human knee), his chances at a harness racing career are looking brighter thanks to the top-notch care he s receiving. Open now for more than a year, the facility is home to state-ofthe-art equipment used in the rehabilitation of equine athletes recovering from injury or surgery and in the conditioning of healthy horses. Ten years in the making, the facility rests on 103 acres of land and includes a Lexi Hansen from Taberg, NY stands beside Sebastian at the underwater treadmill located in the college s new equine rehabilitation facility. Hansen is a student in the college s equine science: equine rehabilitation option. 40,000-square-foot riding arena, stabling for 40 horses and rehabilitation equipment including an 80-footwide exerciser, solariums, a cold saltwater spa, laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound. Its centerpiece is a 50-feet long, 14-feetdeep pool, where horses receive an intense cardiovascular workout designed to improve tone, strengthen and condition muscles. One of few publicly accessible equine rehabilitation facilities in the Northeast, the center is also home to the college s thoroughbred racing management program. This new facility adds a lot to Morrisville s equine programs, said Carlson, who especially likes the hands-on aspect. Learning how to use all of this equipment is very beneficial. While Carlson and Hunter are concentrating their efforts on helping Spinner through recovery and conditioning this semester, they re also performing daily treatments, utilizing all of the equipment on a variety of horses. The center immerses students in a live, learning laboratory environment, where they are actively involved in implementing physical rehabilitation plans developed by the center s veterinarian and overseen by faculty and licensed veterinary technicians. Spinner s treatment includes workouts in the underwater treadmill which is helping to increase the range of motion in his hock and also getting him to use his back muscles more. Signs that he s improving are evident in the return of his playful behavior. Until it opened, the greater equine community of horse owners and trainers didn t have the center s unique level of service available locally. This is something needed in the industry, said Bill Maddison, a former equine professor at the college and vision behind the facility. With this facility, you are not just filling a need; you are broadening a burgeoning industry in 16 The magazine of Morrisville State College

17 New York state, further cementing Madison County and Route 20 as Equine Alley, said Sen. David Valesky, D-49. The educational benefits are outstanding, and the economic development potential is unlimited. The facility is broadening horizons for Morrisville State College students too. I ve always loved horses and this new program is helping me with my future goal of rehabilitating them, said Cassie Clark, of Rochester, NY. After she graduates, Clark plans to attend Ontario Veterinary College then pursue a career specializing in equine lameness and treatment. While the new center spells out more employment opportunities for students; it s also providing the equine industry with more students who have training in equine rehabilitation. Leading the care at the facility is Mike Bednarek, manager and veterinary technician, Dr. Erin Morgan-Paugh, veterinarian and assistant professor of equine rehabilitation and physiology, and Samantha Keklak, veterinary technician. Under their direction, students are helping to carry out each horse s individualized treatment or fitness program. Morgan-Paugh assesses the horses and works with a referring veterinarian to develop a physical rehabilitation plan best suited to each horse s needs, then Bednarerk and Keklak, as veterinary technicians, implement the plan with students helping to complete the tasks. Among students embracing it all is Katey Rowe, 26, of Cortland, NY. Alyssa Nilsen, from Lindenhurst, NY, holds Angie in a solarium at Morrisville State College s new equine rehabilitation facility. I want to learn everything I possibly can, said Rowe, who already has an associate degree in equine science from Morrisville State College. The exposure to all of the equipment and modalities, and getting this hands-on experience, is very valuable. Rowe, who works for a large animal vet, jumped at the chance to return to earn a bachelor degree in the equine rehabilitation option. So did Abbie Giacona, 20, of Auburn, NY. For me to actually work on the equipment in this amazing facility is huge, she said. So far, the new facility is receiving high marks. We have had great success conditioning racehorses, Morgan-Paugh said. We have also worked with many yearlings through our Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing programs here at Morrisville, preparing them for sales. The equine rehabilitation center represents the true essence of Morrisville State College s mission combining facets of agriculture, science, technology and entrepreneurialism into a higher educational experience that benefits students and also the larger economy of the region and state, Valesky said. To learn more about the MSCERC, operated by the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC), visit facilities/equinerehab.aspx. Modern Desire, "MD," performs a demonstration in the equine swimming pool located in Morrisville State College s new equine rehabilitation facility.

18 Morrisville State College is more than 100 years old. The college has evolved with our country through two World Wars, economic prosperity and short falls, fashions, fads and the explosion of modern technology. As the pages of The Farmer s Almanac and The Wall Street Journal chronicle the history of the country, Morrisville grads tell the history of the State of New York and the unique place where they started their education. When I graduated in 2004 with my associates in business administration, a few of my classmates were the first to receive a Morrisville bachelor s degree. That s something I tell people all the time. Another thing I tell them is that Morrisville is where I learned to be an adult. I m not sure why that s so important to me, maybe because I m proud of the rigorous schedules and course loads that a Morrisville degree demands. Or maybe it s because I learned how to interact with so many different types of people. Whatever the reason, it s still true: Nobody gets you there like Morrisville. You will find a lot of variety and good news in our Class Notes section of this issue. As I was reading them I couldn t help but think that the notes and stories are like a love letter to Morrisville and to the countless graduates and educators who, like you and I, have trudged through the snow, hummed along to the Carillion chime and told your own when I was at Morrisville story. While it s very hard to generalize the experiences you had while at Morrisville, it s easy to talk about what you remember. You may have opened your own jewelry shop or went back home to run the family farm after graduation, you may have married your Morrisville sweetheart or attended graduation with your own children and grandchildren cheering you on, you may have ridden the bus seven hours in a snowstorm to come back for the spring semester or stayed over break to birth foals. Whatever your experience was, I enjoy hearing it and I relish the opportunity to help you write a new chapter of that experience in the future. Thank you for sharing! A well-traveled path... Save the date! Mustang Weekend 2013 September 20-22, IMA.GRAD Kelly Gardner 04 Coordinator of Alumni Relations 18 The magazine of Morrisville State College

19 By Franci Valenzano 86 Horse manure is gaining attention on the Morrisville State College campus and it s not for its common use as a fertilizer. The stable waste is instead being considered as a source of energy. Ben Ballard, assistant professor of renewable energy and director of the college s Renewable Energy Training Center (RETC), along with students in the college s renewable energy programs, are studying the viability of converting the tons of stable waste produced at the college s equine facilities weekly into an alternative energy source. The study is part of a multi-million dollar grant, Distributed On- Farm Bioenergy, Biofuels & Biochemicals (FarmBio3), awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). Thirteen institutions are working on the project being led by the USDA Agricultural Research Service s Eastern Regional Research Center, including Morrisville State College, which received $200,000 to coordinate the feedstock portion and work on the logistics and processing of agricultural residues (equine manure and bedding material). According to Ballard, the three-year research project specifically involves studying on-farm production of liquid biofuels from thermal conversion (pyrolysis) of biomass which includes switchgrass, agricultural wastes (equine manure and stall bedding) and low-grade wood from forest operations. Additional studies will also shine light on the feasibility of using horse manure to power a new biomass gasifier (BioMax), a cogeneration system (heat and power) which was installed adjacent to the Commons I residence hall this past December, through the Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC). The BioMax system is a green alternative to conventional fossil fuel systems, which reduces users dependence on high cost, non-renewable fossil fuels such as diesel fuel, natural gas and propane. The BioMax system, which gasifies wood chips or other biomass, to generate heat and electrical power, was designed and installed by Community Power Corporation (CPC) of Colorado. The MSC BioMax is in the commissioning stage, and when it is fully operational, it will convert the gas it produces into energy which will provide electricity and heat to two residence hall buildings. Ballard and his students hope to come up with a solution to make equine manure and bedding as fuel in the form of briquettes, which could replace wood chips and also be used in future BioMax units on campus. Morrisville s is the first CPC BioMax system on the East Coast. So far, Ballard and students in his Biomass Energy Resources class have been collecting the manure/stall bedding from different campus equine facilities and compressing it through a grinder. We re sampling and determining the moisture content which affects how it will be processed into fuel for pyrolysis or gasification, Ballard said. Data they collect will be used in the USDA FarmBio3 project. On top of research through the USDA grant and the new BioMax gasifier, Morrisville State College is also taking other strides in its renewable efforts. The college was awarded a SUNY Sustainability Grant ($7,500) which will pave the way for the campus to expand its biodiesel production operations. The project, Establishment of a Campus-Wide Biodiesel Cooperative and Addition of Methanol Recovery to Existing Campus Biodiesel Production Facilities, will establish a Morrisville Biodiesel Cooperative (MBC) and new methanol recovery, storage, and handling systems. Students process equine waste for sampling purposes According to Ballard, these changes will increase the amount and sustainability of current on-campus biodiesel production. The MBC will also provide campus and community members with the opportunity to use a more sustainable fuel than petroleumbased fuel. The current biodiesel production facility, located at the college s Aquaculture Center, includes a 50-gallon batch biodiesel processor, a dry wash system, feedstock storage tanks, temporary biofuel storage tanks, associated storage cabinets for corrosives, flammables, and PPE, and spill containment. Campus sustainability efforts are providing MSC students with experience working on lab models in addition to fullscale systems in real-world situations, while offering research opportunities in areas that include food production, biofuel crops, renewable energy economics, biomass gasification and solar energy production. A solar/wind lab in Shannon Hall provides students with handson experience with the electrical components for both wind and solar PV systems. Additionally, a 10kW wind turbine at the college s dairy complex is used as a real-world laboratory for students in agricultural science, agricultural engineering and renewable resources degree programs, while reducing energy costs at the complex by an average of $600/year. Morrisville s green efforts also made headlines this year when the college became involved with Solarize Madison, a volume purchasing solar initiative in New York State. The college offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Renewable Energy Technology and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Technology Management (renewable energy option). A new Bachelor of Technology degree in Renewable Energy is awaiting final approval from the State Department of Education.

20 Student wins awards at rodeo pageant MORRISVILLE, N.Y. Paige Jerrett, a business administration bachelor degree student, recently competed in the 2013 Miss Rodeo America Pageant. During the competition, Jerrett won two awards; the Judge s Rising Star Award and the Raeana Wadhams Spirit Award. The Judge s Rising Star Award is based on exceptional horsemanship skills, enthusiasm for the professional sport of rodeo and giving back to others. Last year, Jerrett shined in the horse world and was named Miss Rodeo New York During her reign as Miss Rodeo New York, she focused on serving as an ambassador for the professional sport of rodeo. She attended community events, rodeos, and participated in radio and television interviews, educating others and promoting the sport throughout the Northeast. Among her memorable moments in that role were attending the Pioneer Days Rodeo in Oklahoma and opening for the Mesquite Rodeo, in Mesquite, Texas. Jerrett is also active in her community and also volunteered at Solid Rock Christian Ranch, a ranch in West Monroe, N.Y., where she worked with special needs children, teaching them to ride and care for horses. She is also a lifetime member of the Harmony Riders Association, a local riding club in her hometown, Parish, NY, which hosts open shows throughout the season. Jerrett has won numerous year-end and achievement awards, and belt buckles through that organization, including an All-Around Horse and Rider belt buckle with her prized horse, Sonny, a mare born and raised by her father. She is also actively involved on the Morrisville State College campus where she serves as manager of the men s ice hockey team, and is a three-sport athlete, playing field hockey, softball and is a member of the western riding team. She also works part-time for the college s athletics department. Additionally, she started Miss Rodeo New York Inc. (MRNY), an organization that promotes the rodeo sport. Nelson Farms of MSC helps avid outdoor sportsman develop thermal bar to combat cold MORRISVILLE, N.Y. You ve heard about performance bars that give you energy and boost endurance. How about one that ll keep you warm too? Introducing the Thermal Bar, an edible performance energy product that enhances circulation to combat the cold. It s the mastermind of Cazenovia resident Bob Rose, an avid outdoorsman who came up with the idea to help him stay warm while enjoying his favorite activities. Rose utilized the help of Nelson Farms to help to fine tune his recipe and move Thermal Bar into the production phase. Nelson Farms, a unique entrepreneurial agri-business incubator and food processing facility, operated by Morrisville State College, helps budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into marketable products. He worked alongside Amanda Hewitt, product development manager, to help with his recipe. Rose s high-energy bar packed with organic grains, nutrients, anti-oxidants, omega acids and spices hit Student represents N.Y. Farm Bureau at national leadership conference MORRISVILLE, N.Y. Ryan Willits, a freshman in the agriculture business program, represented New York Farm Bureau (NYFB) in the Collegiate Discussion Meet held at The American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. Feb Willits qualified for the national competition after placing first at the New York State Collegiate Discussion Meet competition held at Cornell University. During the three-day leadership and development conference in Arizona, Willits participated in numerous sessions where he learned about the Farm Bill, rising trends in the agricultural industry, and how to be a better leader. The Collegiate Discussion Meet is a competition in which four contestants simulate a committee meeting where they discuss rising issues in the agricultural industry and develop possible solutions for these problems, taking into account how the problems change across state boundaries. Judging is based on contestants constructive criticism, cooperation, and communication while analyzing agricultural problems and developing solutions. A member of Dairy Club, Collegiate Future Farmers of America (CFFA), and Morrisville Fresh LLC, Willits was named to the Dean s List and received the Mustang and FFA State Officer Scholarships. The American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference focuses on leadership and personal development opportunities for Farm Bureau young farmers and ranchers. The interactive leadership development conference also featured motivational speakers, tours of agricultural operations, and the Collegiate Discussion Meet competition which provided networking opportunities for more than 800 young farmers and ranchers from at least 45 states. the shelves and is available at Eastern Mountain Sports stores throughout the country. He s heating up the shelves, selling his Thermal Bar at the Nelson Farms Country Store too. They are also available through the Thermal Bar website www. thermalbar.com. Word is out about the 230-calorie bar, a mix of carbs, anti-oxidants, omegas and protein that also contains Thermal Blend, a special mix of healthy spices, including grains, soy protein, nuts and oats. Outdoor sports enthusiasts aren t the only ones who can benefit from the bar wrapped in vibrant red and orange packaging designed by Rose s brother, Don Rose. It s for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in the cold: construction workers, landscapers, EMTs, hunters, sports fans and anglers. Rose s plans for Thermal Bar are heating up and include adding more flavors to his apple cinnamon line and marketing it as product that s nutritionally beneficial year-round. Hamilton resident, Clinton native named career planning and development officer at MSC MORRISVILLE, N.Y. Barbara Roback, of Hamilton, NY, has joined Morrisville State College as the career planning and development officer. In her new role, Roback will drive campus-wide efforts to prepare students for successfully pursuing employment and educational goals leveraging their hands-on experience gained through Morrisville s living classrooms. She will also collaborate with employers, faculty, alumni, and college consortiums on events and platforms to connect students and alumni with career opportunities. Our college community is thrilled with the strong credentials that Barbara brings to Morrisville State College, said Leslie Crosley, director of admissions. Her wealth of experience working with students in career development as well as her track record of collaboration with colleagues across many different disciplines makes her a natural fit for us. She has hit the ground running, and we expect great things. A native of Clinton, NY, Roback worked at Colgate University as associate director of career services prior to working at MSC. Roback earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Inter- American Studies from the State University of New York at Albany and a Master of International Business Studies degree from the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest

WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest A M A G A Z I N E F O R S U N Y I T A L U M N I, F A M I L Y, F R I E N D S & S T U D E N T S The WINTER 2005 Hail to the Chief Alum Leads Rome s Finest Bridge The 2 3 4 22 23 Staying the Course SUNYIT

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and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels Spirit of Giving and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels 1 Benedictine College Fall 2013 EDITOR Tom Hoopes, G 10 PRODUCTION MANAGER Beth Hoffman, 09 DESIGNER Hayleigh Diebolt

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Be The Match Report to the Community 2011. Because Every Patient Counts. David Jr., transplant recipient, with his dad, David Sr. Be The Match Report to the Community 2011 Because Every Patient Counts David Jr., transplant recipient, with his dad, David Sr. Scan this QR code to view our 25th Anniversary video mrrw.org/25years Because

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Meet our 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees Meet our 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees Like every year for the last nineteen, the Alumni Association Hall of Fame selection committee has the undaunting task of selecting up to four winners from a hugely

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2014 DEMOCRATIC & REPUBLICAN DALLAS COUNTY ELECTION RESULTS DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 2014 BEGINS AT 2:00 AM ON SUNDAY, MARCH 9 2726 S. Beckley Ave Dallas, Texas 75224 50 ISSN P.O. Box 763939 Dallas, Texas 75376 # 0746-7303 Serving Dallas More Than 60 Years Tel. 214

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Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts

Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts Published by John Burroughs School for Alumni, Parents and Friends July 2009 Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts It had been more than a decade since so many JBS constituents had gathered

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Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013 MADD s Mission Statement From our Chairman Dear Friends of MADD: MADD National Board Of Directors Calendar Year 2012 (01/01/12 12/31/12) Thanks to your continued support

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2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors

2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors 2010 Annual Report Edition Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors INSIDE RADY CHILDREN S MAGAZINE Rady Children s Magazine is published three times a year for the friends

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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