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1 hij Teacher Resource Bank GCE Psychology A AS and A2 Resources List The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number ) and a registered charity (registered charity number ). Registered address: AQA, Devas Street, Manchester M15 6EX. Dr Michael Cresswell, Director General.

2 RESOURCES LIST AS and A2 Web-based materials Note to teachers and parents The presence of a website on this list does not mean that it is endorsed by AQA or that it is appropriate for students to access it. Some sites contain advertisements, or may not be accessible through school networks. Content is changing all the time and it is the teacher s responsibility to assess a site s suitability if recommending it to students. Some material on websites may have copyright issues affecting how it may be used. Note to students Some of these sites may not exactly match the new specification, but may still have relevant information and/or links. Many of these sites will have links to other websites, topics, worksheets, podcasts, etc, some of which will be referenced below in the specification topic areas. Whilst some of these links will be directly relevant to students who could utilise the material immediately, others are more for teachers as background information: for example, research study articles which might be rather daunting for the novice psychology student. However, one or two could be a useful introduction for how research studies are presented and link to PSYA4, which is concerned about the presentation of scientific reports. Hint Some websites require registration to gain full access to resources. If you are loath to use your usual (for example, to avoid unsolicited spam), you can create a new address specifically for this type of activity, using Hotmail or Googl , for example. Websites providing links with or covering several areas of the specification Google search engine (and search engines in general) A general search of a topic or psychologist can yield fruitful results. If you are looking for a PowerPoint presentation which you could adapt or use, try searching for the topic (eg models of memory ) followed by the file extension for PowerPoint (ie.ppt ). Using the same technique for other file extensions is also useful: eg for audio, try.mp3 ; for video, try.mpeg or.mpg ; for still images, try.jpeg etc. This is useful for carrying out more academic searches and will often bring up links to abstracts about research in the area being searched for. ClickPsych.com Useful links for A level Psychology, eg general psychology, evolutionary psychology, PGCE in psychology, physiological psychology, etc. klm 1

3 College Open Learning Exchange Group (COLEG) Produces a range of learning material, but limited access unless teaching within the listed Scottish institutions it is linked with. Higher Education Academy Psychology Network The website states We have mapped the resources included in our resources database on to the syllabi for A and AS level psychology. You can browse the resources following the syllabus of each of the four exam boards: AQA A, AQA B, OCR and EDEXCEL. We also provide a list of general resources about psychology and about the teaching of psychology that are relevant for A and AS level students and teachers. Holah.co.uk Mainly aimed at OCR Psychology, but contains some useful resources. Internet Archive According to the site: The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artefacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars and the general public. This link takes you to a one-hour program Open Mind 1974 with a debate about the Limits of Human Freedom. B F Skinner, Charles Frankel and Eugene Kennedy discuss this. Black and white. NGfL CYMRU Teaching resources aimed at the WJEC specification, but again some material may be worth investigating for ideas. Open2.net Open2.net is the online learning portal from The Open University and the BBC. A range of resources appear here linked to BBC programmes such as Child of our Time, and some materials are linked to the BPS and include excerpts from OU learning materials, activities, etc. Many activities relate to AS specification as well. Psychlotron Teaching Resource Bank A brilliant site covering all specifications. It is a free resource-sharing site aimed at teachers and lecturers - so contribute! It contains PowerPoint presentations with accompanying worksheets, podcasts, study skills/revision activities (eg memory bingo, an evaluation wheel), to name but a few. All is organised into topics and each item linked to relevant specification(s). Worth its weight in gold! PsyOnline Initially started as a partnership of schools in the northwest, it is now managed/organised more by Edge Hill University. It has a Student Room which contains a large section of links and information linking to the specification. Links are rated on a scale of There is also a teachers area (resources to download, facilities to upload your resources for others to share, and a staffroom). 2 klm

4 SALMON Materials Many links below relate to this website homepage (SALMON materials): the award winning Study And Learning Materials ON line website which contains material to support students studying evolutionary psychology, the biological bases of behaviour and psychobiology. It is aimed at undergraduates, but it does have lots of pictures, some video links, graphs of studies and summaries of studies. Could be quite useful as a basis for independent study with an accompanying worksheet, or for the more able student who wants to dig into things a bit more deeply or the student who is really interested in a particular topic. Scottish Further Education Unit Links to other sites: Psychology Higher and Intermediate support packs for teachers, eg brief overview of some textbooks, background information topics, activities to use in class, etc. S-Cool a UK revision website ( material totally FREE ) This link takes you directly to the psychology part of this website. It is one that many students are likely to be familiar with from their GCSE exams. There is a teachers area and discussion groups that can be signed up to. SimplyPsych.com Mainly aimed at the OCR specification. There is sample material to view but it is a subscription site for teachers and students. Subscriptions can be individual or site licences can be obtained. It is a registered Curriculum OnLine Content Provider, meaning that school elcs can be used here. Simply Psychology Sam McLeod s A-Level Psychology Website Aimed at AQA Psychology Specification B, but much will be useful for Specification A as well, eg the section on research methods. Social-Science.co.uk A site maintained by a teacher/lecturer of the Social Sciences aiming to provide online safe resources for students and teachers. Materials mainly relate to OCR A level Psychology, and OU DD100 (An Introduction to the Social Sciences). Browsing the site led to a little stats calculator and some material for experiments. Textbook Site for Psychology (6 th edition) by Bernstein, Penner, Clarke-Stewart, and Roy Interactive media tutorials on a range of topics covered in the text but general enough to be used without it, eg correlations, classical conditioning, anxiety, schizophrenia, aggression etc. Some useful scenarios to increase critical thinking skills and flashcard activities (see menu on left of web page). Suitable for student use. klm 3

5 The PsiCafe This site aims to provide links to good quality websites about psychology. It aims to operate as a gateway. It was developed for academics, eg students, teachers, etc. Could be a useful starting point for students doing some independent research. The Psych Files The Psych Files is for anyone who is taking or teaching a class in psychology and is interested in the science of psychology presented in an informal and fun way. Covers a range of topics and has an American feel about it. Contains mp3 podcast, short video clips, etc. VideoJug Launched September 2006, this website is the world s most comprehensive library of free factual video content online. Has Ask the expert sections and How to tutorials. It is continually being updated as people upload material. There may be problems showing clips directly in class if your institution does not allow you to access the website. However, it can be downloaded to an iplayer if you register on the site (free) in two separate formats:.3gp (a WMV file for mobile phones) and.m4v (a MPEG4 video file). Virtual Psychology Web Site by Lana Crosbie Provides a range of links, PowerPoint presentations, careers information about psychologists, study skills focused on the AQA A old specification at the moment. Would be suitable for students to use. Companies/Organisations selling Psychology resources EHd OnlineClassroom Contains a range of resources, eg short clips of classic studies in psychology, Understanding Psychology Series (VHS/DVD), Psychology Critical Issues (VHS/DVD) and i2i Magazine, an online resource archive aimed at supporting psychology teachers with short video clips, articles and downloadable materials, etc. Preview material is available to view. Uniview Psychology and Sociology Teaching Resources Sells posters, videos/dvds, cd-rom, audio cd and materials such as stress balls, bio-dots, brain model. The Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences This is the ATSS web page, where you can purchase psychology curriculum resources. 4 klm

6 Organisations The British Psychological Society (BPS) The British Psychological Society is the scientific society and professional body for psychologists in the UK, incorporated by Royal Charter. At present, anyone can call themselves a psychologist, but since 1987 the Society has established and maintained a Register of Chartered Psychologists, which has stringent entrance requirements. It also maintains a professional Code of Conduct for all its members. Only those members on the Register of Chartered Psychologists are permitted to use the term Chartered Psychologist. The Society has nine Divisions catering for professional specialisms, including teachers and researchers in psychology. In order to gain full membership of a Division, the appropriate accredited training is usually required. On the formation of the Division for Teachers and Researchers in Psychology in 1998, a route to Registration as a Chartered Psychologist was established for teachers of psychology. Full membership of the Division on the basis of teaching psychology will be granted on the fulfilment of various criteria, including evidence of professional contributions, such as experience as an external examiner; experience as a trainer/supervisor of teachers; published teaching material; and teaching experience. Please visit the web site for further information. Of further relevance to psychology teachers/students are the following BPS links: Research Digest You can subscribe to receive this fortnightly by (free of charge) and each brief article is linked to the relevant A level specifications. This is definitely worth subscribing to and encouraging students to do so as well. The web page has a wealth of other links and information, eg podcasts, etc. Student Membership Students studying A level psychology can become student members of the BPS for about 20 per year if they are not paying income tax. A school stamp is needed on the application form. Careers Advice Site provides some posters, etc: material here could be adapted for open evenings or similar. Division for Teachers of Psychology The web page for teachers and researchers in psychology. Ethics and Code of Conduct klm 5

7 The Association for the Teaching of Psychology The Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) is a voluntary body run by psychology teachers for psychology teachers. It has an annually elected committee and provides a variety of services for members including a telephone helpline, help via , ethics advice for practicals and coursework, a magazine, journals and economically priced one-day and weekend courses for teachers new to psychology. It also has an annual conference in July, each year at a different university. There are lecturers, workshops and seminars, meetings with the examiners and opportunities to put queries to them, and chances to make useful contacts. Reasonable annual subscription. Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2 of the American Psychological Society) Contains some teaching resources in various formats (.rtf,.pdf and Intern resources) in a range of topic areas, eg classroom tips, ethical issues, introductory psychology. The Times Education Supplement This is the TES Staffroom link for the social sciences. As well as having hints and tips about problem areas in teaching psychology, it is a great site for teachers on their own in schools, particularly if you have had one of those days. Someone else has usually had one recently as well! The site is usually very helpful and if you have a query, a reply is posted pretty quickly. You need to register on the site to post and reply to messages. This is the resources area for psychology on the TES web site. Again, registration is required to download these free resources. Institute of Educational Assessors The Institute of Educational Assessors is a professional body dedicated to supporting the needs of everyone involved in educational assessment. Members include everyone involved in assessment, from senior examiners, moderators and markers to individuals with an interest in or responsibility for assessment in schools, colleges and other educational organisations. National Assessment Agency The site to visit to apply to become an examiner. Excellent for adding to CPD and for honing what you need to deliver in terms of knowledge and skills to improve students performance, etc. The American Psychological Association There is an online APA journal the APA Monitor published every month, helps with upto-date information. APA also runs Psychport, a help-centre for psychological questions and a jumping-off place to other resources. 6 klm

8 Video/Film Resources Google Video/You Tube Searches on topics and psychologists in the specification can often yield some good 4-5 minute clips eg Milgram s obedience study, Zimbardo s Prison Study, Ainsworth s Strange Situation, people with mental health problems talking about the experience of being schizophrenic, having OCD, etc. It is suggested that these are always viewed in their entirety before actually recommending them to students to watch. It is unlikely that such sites will be accessible in schools, as most establishments have bans on them. There are ways to rip such clips and adjust file extensions, etc, to give a hard copy, but you are likely to be infringing copyright. Houston Community College Southwest Contains links to a range of short clips (3-5 minutes) on a range of psychological topics. Some are clips from videos/dvds that can be purchased. Annenberg Learning Organisation This is an excellent site covering a range of subjects. It has the whole of Zimbardo s updated Discovering Psychology : the World of Abnormal Psychology, The Brain: Teaching Modules, The Mind: Teaching Modules, Seasons of Life, Growing Old in a New Age, Looking at Learning, Death: A Personal Understanding, The Whole Child: A Caregiver s Guide to the First Five Years. They are free to view but require registration (free) with the site to view it. There may be problems attempting to show such videos in schools due to competing with other users for bandwidth, which may mean poor quality or freezing of the programme. School/College Web Sites The links below take you to various school/college psychology web pages. Some contain useful outlines for year plans and schemes of work handy if you are new to teaching and concerned about how long to spend on various topics. They may contain links to other sites as well as work sheets. They may also be useful for seeing the variety of ways that schools are developing such initiatives. Harris CTC Psychology Robert Smyth School Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College Sutton College klm 7

9 Book Publishers Sites These can sometimes provide additional tools/worksheets/activities to go with various textbooks that they produce which could be adapted to the classroom. Some have sample chapters on a range of topics. Some require registration and a fee to access all facilities but may be worth considering if you are using the textbook in class. Nelson Thornes AQA endorsed materials Worth Publishers Media Room The above two links may be worth checking out. Contains material associated with various psychology textbooks, etc. Palgrave PsyPress This is a summary of chapters with links to a textbook, but contains a range of student support activities that do not need the book. Hartshill Press Resource packs include handout material, suggestions for class and individual activities, short answer and essay questions, and suggestions for practical work and further reading. The entire contents of the packs are available in Word format. The content can be modified to suit individual purposes or placed on your intranet or VLE. Podcasts Psychlotron BPS podcast links People s Web Sites and Blogs! These are websites that are worth a visit, often set up by psychology teachers. Gerard Keegan and his Psychology Site 8 klm

10 PsychAde Rob s Psych Resource (ex A-level student). Sam McLeod s A-level website Aimed at AQA specification B but some parts useful for specification A. Mr Tombs and Mr Hewes of Eggbuckland College An interesting blog aimed at AQA specification A. The World s First AS Psychology Wiki A wiki works like a website with links and other features, but once you have access, you can take part in constantly improving the contents. This wiki is designed to support the AQA AS Specification A, so any contribution that relates to the content of that specification is welcome. For example, you could correct and clarify existing material or add further examples and explanations. All changes can be undone - either by you or the administrators - so do not be afraid to experiment. You could always post a comment (say about changing one of the key studies) and wait for feedback from other users. General resources/tools Discovery Education Puzzlemaker You are able to create a range of word searches and other types of puzzles on line and then print out for use. There are instructions on how to do this on the web page. You could get students to use this site to build up some basic revision activities, etc. PsychNet-UK Links to sites offering information for planning and presenting psychology courses. Links to sites which offer information to a variety of student lecture information. This could include literature references, online presentation, quizzes and course notes. You may not find a complete lecture course but the link could be useful in your studies. Please note the lectures are not in subject order. Science Museum (UK) Making the Modern World Produced in association with the Peter Symonds College, there is a range of very good interactive learning modules, eg stress and stress management (fits in well with AQA A specification) and measuring the immeasurable. klm 9

11 BBC All in the Mind BBC R4 regular psychology programme. Evolutionary Approach Behavioural Approach 10 klm

12 Websites related to specific units Unit 1 Cognitive Psychology Memory Multi-store model of memory Working memory Has general overview of working memory and links to printout and PowerPoint presentations. Targeted at A level students. Eyewitness testimony The home page for Elizabeth Loftus. There are links to various articles about EWT. 622,en.pdf A State of High Anxiety: How Non-Supportive Interviewers can Increase the Suggestibility of Child Witnesses A summary of Loftus and Palmer s study on the effects of language on EWT recall. A page about EWT and age The Effects of Repeated Questioning on Young Children's Eyewitness Testimony. Amina Memon & Rita Vartoukian, University of Southampton The Effect of a Prior Cognitive Interview on Children s Acceptance of Misinformation Robyn E. Holliday, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK A review of the cognitive interview by Amina Memon, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, USA and Philip A Higham, University of Northern British Columbia, BC, Canada Strategies for Improving Memory. A link to various mnemonic techniques ns%20with%20communication%20disability/down%20syndrome/developing%20working %20Memory%20Skills%20for%20Children%20with%20Down%20Syndrome.aspx An interesting application of working memory model to help improve/maximise limited shortterm memory for verbal information in children with Down s Syndrome klm 11

13 Memory Experiments Neuroscience for Kids Contains some simple ideas for memory experiments short-term memory, eyewitness memory that should be quick and easy to set up and a useful medium through which to deliver research methods. An online serial position experiment Three memory experiments that could be done as a class. The experiments consist of 20 words: the first links to organisation in memory, the second to familiarity of words and the third to the role of an interfering task. There follows a general overview of MSM model and bit more explanation of the memory experiments so quite useful for delivering research methods as well as bit of information on memory and role of organisations. Developmental Psychology Early Social development Attachment This site has two useful media downloads one is an mp4 download, which highlights the Strange Situation and shows secure/insecure (avoidant and resistant) clips with commentary. They also have a BBC R4 programme on Ainsworth as an mp3 download. The site appears to be building up an early attachment theory resource including some reasonably priced DVD/videos that may be worth exploring for interviews with John Bowlby and similar price for an 8-minute clip of Strange Situation. Contains many online articles relating to attachment some scanned, etc, that can be downloaded. A bit gimmicky and lacking an academic feel, but background information on large number of feral children and links to some research on effects and to further information on most privated children, eg Genie, Victor, Kamala, etc. Attachment in everyday life National Evaluation of Sure Start Research Methods A.htm Zoo Cams These sites could be useful for naturalistic observation exercises. Ferrets, tigers, mole rats, kingfishers, giraffes, pandas, octopuses Polar bears, pandas, apes, elephants 12 klm

14 Unit 2 Biological Psychology Stress 7 Social Psychology Social Influence Individual Differences Psychopathology (Abnormality) Unit 3 Biological rhythms and sleep Neuroscience for Kids website. This has some experiments that could be done in class quickly eg estimating elapsed time and comparing with stopwatch; online version of elapsed time; ability to wake prior to alarm going off, which could be used as starters prior to discussion, etc. There are some longer ones that could be homework based, eg monitoring body temperature, and could be used as exercises for Section C in Unit 4. This site, the American NIH of Science Education, offers lessons plans, activities, etc, on Sleep, sleep disorders and Biorhythms. Has a series of other related psychological topics at home page An American company dealing with advising on shift work patterns for business/industry. The Journal of Biological Rhythms. Abstracts can be accessed for free. The site may be useful for some up-to-date studies. Online resource from the old specification, so not all relevant, may be useful as an extra resource for students. NHS overview, introduction, symptoms, treatment and prevention of jet lag. Overview of evidence about jet lag. Overview of evidence pertaining to sleep apnoea. Overview of evidence pertaining to insomnia in the elderly. klm 13

15 A pdf file of a piece of research on Effects of melatonin on jet lag after long haul flights and could also be related to Section C of Unit 4 (Conventions of reporting, etc) A web page about changes in sleep with age, some video case studies, sleep problems in older adults, sleep strategies later in life. Includes references to source of material. Of peripheral relevance and of more interest to mature FE-type groups. The article assesses the ways in which three central aspects of women's gender roles the night-time behaviours of their partners, night-time behaviours of their children, and night-time worries impact on women's sleep, while also considering how disadvantaged socio-economic circumstances and poor health may compromise women's sleep. Perception Richard Gregory s web site. This contains copies of some of his papers (downloadable in.doc or.pdf), experiments (narrated video clips of some illusions) etc. ect_perception.doc Outline of Gibson s theory aimed at A2 students (.doc file). PowerPoint and.pdf version about the development of perception. PowerPoint with many examples focusing on Gregory/Gibson debate and role of culture. A starter for face recognition A free resource on face recognition and prosopagnosia with some exercises aimed at complementing the textbook: Psychology: An International Perspective by Michael W Eysenck Web site from a person with prosopagnosia Short YouTube clip introducing basics of prosopagnosia. 9HqCg&q=prosopagnosia&hl=en-GB A one-hour GoogleTech talk on prosopagonsia. Traditional lecture format with case studies, ways of researching the area, etc, probably best as an additional resource for students or background for teachers. 14 klm

16 Relationships The sweaty t-shirt study and mate choice, complementary immune systems, etc sychology.htm SALMON materials. This covers rise and principles of evolutionary psychology and relationships eg parental investment, desirable partners, short and long term relationships. This covers sexual attraction and human reproduction dualism_collectivism_1988.pdf Paper about relationships in different cultures https://openaccess.leidenuniv.nl/retrieve/3267/168_153.pdf A research paper providing a background to attachment types in parents and children: Adult Attachment Representations, Parental Responsiveness, and Infant Attachment: A Meta-Analysis on the Predictive Validity of the Adult Attachment Interview, Marinus H van Ijzendoorn, Leiden University Methods of Assessing Adult Attachment by Kim Bartholomew and Philip Shaver. A bit heavy for students but could be useful as background for considering relationship between attachments and adult relationships, and methodological issues concerning assessing such adult attachments. Attachment and the Experience and Expression of Emotions in Romantic Relationships: A Developmental Perspective by Jeffry A Simpson, W Andrew Collins, SiSi Tran, and Katherine C Haydon (University of Minnesota) A range of articles related to attachment. Some of these are relevant to effects of early experience (via attachment types) on adult relationships. Breaking up Romantic Relationships: Costs Experienced and Coping Strategies Deployed Carin Perilloux, David M Buss, Psychology Dept, University of Texas at Austin, USA klm 15

17 Aggression SALMON materials Biological and evolutionary focus to aggression including role of hormones and neurotransmitters SALMON materials Nature and Nurture of aggression A study into relationships between adult attachment styles and types of anger, a bit heavy for students but again could give indications of how a psychological investigation is reported, could provide the basis for some investigative class work. pter18/aggression/overview.html Interactive multimedia tutorial based around Bernstein et al Psychology 6 th edition, but can be used independently of text Eating Behaviour A PsychQuest tutorial about how we regulate food intake and body weight Public Broadcasting Service. This has the TV programme Dying to be thin, broken into short 4-7 minute clips with associated further information. SALMON material Regulation of Food intake euralfactors.htm SALMON material Effects of lesions in hypothalamus on eating behavior m_shell.html An activity allowing student to do a simulated experiment on the role of the hypothalamus in the control of food intake and weight in rats Gender SALMON materials Hormones and sexual behaviour tm SALMON materials Sex and gender: Nature or Nurture Includes an extract on Kohlberg s theory A couple of Bem-like sex role inventories to assess levels of androgyny could be useful as a research methods session on how you would devise such surveys, assess validity and reliability etc. 16 klm

18 NHS overview of this disorder, including definition, symptoms, causes, etc, and a video clip. ria.htm Mental Health site giving overview on Understanding gender dysphoria. This could be quite useful here and in other areas of specification as well. Paper on the Representations of Parenting and Gender Roles in the Shosika Era (sustained decline in Japanese birth rate). Comparison of Japanese and English-Language Parenting Magazines. Potentially covers some of social contexts of gender role. From 1997 Children, Television and Gender Roles Intelligence and Learning Interactive tutorial on intelligence with interactive samples of the sub-tests in WAIS. There is also an accompanying PDF work sheet. nces%20tests A site on Howard Gardner s multiple intelligences with free multiple intelligence tests, including one geared towards young people Cultural bias in intelligence testing Intelligence and Psychological Testing (2005) background and links, defining intelligence, history and development of intelligence, IQ tests, theories of intelligence, measuring intelligence, nature/nurture of intelligence. Mainly text-based. A brilliant little game to do with Pavlov s dogs! pter6/classical/overview.html Interactive multimedia tutorial on classical conditioning based around Bernstein et al Psychology 6 th edition, but can be used independently of text. Interactive tutorial on operant conditioning klm 17

19 Cognition and development &ns=0 PsychSim interactive tutorial. Purpose: to describe Piaget s theory on the growth of intelligence and simulate the performance of three children of different ages on some of Piaget s tasks. There is also an associated worksheet. PowerPoint presentation with some image slides about Piaget s theory. Searching Piaget ppt, will yield a wide range of such presentations. Another PowerPoint suitable for A2 level An interesting video of a person doing Piagetian task with their offspring could be useful to illustrate the way Piaget did his tests and the problems of investigating children! This web site, if you search using Piaget, also has some of his original text available. Most videos and texts can be downloaded in a variety of file formats to suit a variety of uses, eg for mobile phone, class use etc. The Autism Research Centre. This contains a lot of useful information for Theory of Mind. On the test button on the left hand side of the web page, you can download ToM type tests. The Adult or Child s Eyes test is one of the easier ones to do. You need give your name, institution and address. The material is free, but note that material is to be used for research purposes and care/sensitivity may be needed if you have people in your groups on the autistic spectrum. html An interactive tutorial introducing mirror neurons and their role in observational learning, with an interactive simulation of Rizzolatti s work with macaque monkeys. Unit 4 Section A Psychopathology N A portal to various links to depression, schizophrenia, etc. BBC Radio 4 All in the Mind web page. You can access previous radio programmes in this series and they can be downloaded and played back in Real Player. The Royal College of Psychiatrists web page. Has lots of link to leaflets about disorders, and podcasts, etc. A good source of information. Podcasts are under the tab for publications. 18 klm

20 Schizophrenia SALMON materials focusing on role of amphetamines in relation to schizophrenia s/psy335schizophreniadrugtreatments.htm Focus on biological basis/treatment of schizophrenia pter15/schizo/overview.html Interactive multimedia tutorial based around Bernstein et al Psychology 6 th edition, but can be used independently of text Depression SALMON materials Biological, mainly on role of dopamine and noradrenalin in depression SALMON material Depression and learned helplessness ntheory.htm SALMON materials Permissive amine theory, role of Prozac, role of HPA system, Fawcett s model of suicide A PsychQuest tutorial on depression Anxiety disorders pter15/anxiety/overview.html Interactive multimedia tutorial based around Bernstein et al Psychology 6 th edition, but can be used independently of text Phobia Background information leaflet NHS web page with symptoms, causes, treatments and video case study etc. OCD OCD-UK national charity Background information klm 19

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Introduction to the Research Process

Introduction to the Research Process The NIHR Research Design Service for Yorkshire & the Humber Introduction to the Research Process Authors Antony Arthur Beverley Hancock This Resource Pack is one of a series produced by The NIHR RDS for

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Business English Certificates

Business English Certificates Business English Certificates Handbook for teachers www.cambridgeesol.org EMC/1525/7Y2 UCLES 28 Preface The BEC examinations assess language skills in a business context. BEC is suitable for both professionals

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School of Psychology. Undergraduates. School of Psychology A Guide for Undergraduates

School of Psychology. Undergraduates. School of Psychology A Guide for Undergraduates 2014-2015 School of Psychology A Guide for Undergraduates 1 Admissions Tutors Dr Marc Buehner School Leavers BSc Psychology & BSc Psychology with Professional Placement Email: BuehnerM@cardiff.ac.uk Dr

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Completing GCSE, AS and A Level Reform

Completing GCSE, AS and A Level Reform Completing GCSE, AS and A Level Reform June 2014 Ofqual/14/5466 Contents Foreword... 3 1. Purpose of the consultation... 5 How to respond... 5 2. Background... 5 3. Subject content... 6 4. Developing core

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO MASTERY LEARNING Introduction by Carla Ford 1 Perspective on Training: Mastery Learning in the Elementary School 2

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO MASTERY LEARNING Introduction by Carla Ford 1 Perspective on Training: Mastery Learning in the Elementary School 2 Table of Contents THE MASTERY LEARNING MANUAL CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO MASTERY LEARNING Introduction by Carla Ford 1 Perspective on Training: Mastery Learning in the Elementary School 2 CHAPTER 2 AN OVERVIEW

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Summary. Remotivation. Closure

Summary. Remotivation. Closure Steve Davis: Tips for Better Teaching and Learning 1. Faculty Development Tidbit: Presentation Principles they never change! Tell them what you re going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told

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Using the CEFR: Principles of Good Practice. October 2011

Using the CEFR: Principles of Good Practice. October 2011 Using the CEFR: Principles of Good Practice October 2011 What [the CEFR] can do is to stand as a central point of reference, itself always open to amendment and further development, in an interactive international

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Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) Undergraduate Studies 2014-2015 Handbook http://pnb.mcmaster.ca/

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) Undergraduate Studies 2014-2015 Handbook http://pnb.mcmaster.ca/ Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) Undergraduate Studies 2014-2015 Handbook http://pnb.mcmaster.ca/ NOTICE: If you find any errors or omissions within this document, please feel free

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