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2 A Message from the President Stephens Mundy, CVPH President & CEO On any given day, the physicians and staff at CVPH Medical Center are working tirelessly to provide the care our North Country communities need. At the same time, we are working to build a strong foundation with other health care providers in the region to meet our future needs in this ever-changing health care environment. Assuring the future of quality health care was the focal point of We joined Fletcher Allen Partners along with partner hospitals Fletcher Allen Health Care, Central Vermont Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital to create an integrated health care system for this region. On a national level, collaboration and quality driven payment are the key components of the Affordable Care Act. Accordingly, our efforts turned to programs and services as well as bricks and mortar that address both. This can be witnessed in the creation of the Adirondacks ACO (Accountable Care Organization) with health care providers in Northern New York and in the transition to private rooms throughout our Medical Center. On the local level, CVPH is keeping pace with the continual call for integrated communications and information sharing. Our fi nancial software upgrade, touching nearly every facet of our organization, was completed in late This big undertaking now gives us the tools we need to collect accurate information from our patients at the beginning of their CVPH experience, improving their quality of care, enhancing communications and ensuring our fi nancial sustainability through more accurate coding and billing. With so much going on, it s important not to lose sight of the great work that happens at CVPH on any given day. The collaboration and teamwork that occurs here for the sake of our patients is often awe inspiring. We are successful at adapting and changing to the national, regional and local infl uences because of the employees, physicians and community partners who dedicate themselves to doing their best each and every day. With these forces at work, our future is bright CVPH ANNUAL REPORT

3 Leveraging Technology to Improve Care In December, after nearly a year of planning, CVPH upgraded to the Soarian Financial System to create a unified patient database and billing solution. Certified health care access associates use the new system to collect accurate data during the registration process. Their specialized training combined with the new software allows for improved revenue generation by assuring our billing accuracy through better coding. This financial stewardship ultimately improves the patient experience. The move to Soarian Financials also positions CVPH to adapt and grow amidst a challenging environment for health care reimbursement and a future that will include new payment models such as accountable care and bundled payments. From collecting data for state and national quality initiatives to putting test results at a provider s fingertips, seamless sharing of information is paramount to achieving our goals. Our efforts to create timely access to information that supports decision making are continual. Providers are now trained in computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and like many health care organizations across the country, computers are as common in our patient care areas as stethoscopes. 100 calls to the Information Services and Support Department 14,000 s in and out of CVPH 8.64 TB (8,640,000,000,000 bytes) of data transmissions on the CVPH storage network

4 Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience The Patient Experience Council was established to improve the patient s experience and satisfaction through the redesign of our approach to patient care and service delivery. The Council is comprised of thirty employees - frontline staff, physicians and leadership - each with a passion for caring and service to patients. Each council member acts as an ambassador, sharing best practices and simple messages with peers. The Council also regularly engages with patients to identify issues and opportunities as well as collect input and garner insight that can be leveraged to help shape projects, policies and mindsets. The group s mission is to serve as the voice of the patient in strategic hospital initiatives that will ultimately enhance every aspect of the patient experience. 14 ambulance calls by EMT of CVPH Medical Center 133 patients seen in the CVPH Emergency Care Center

5 732 medications infused via IV pumps 2013 CVPH ANNUAL REPORT 104 beds & stretchers are sanitized and returned to active status by Environmental Services

6 Building Safety Into Everything We Do 350 calls to the Health Care Center 1,600 calls handled by CVPH Operators When the R4 Progressive Care Unit opened in November, it marked the debut of a new kind of nursing unit: one with safety and quality care included in the blue prints. That the staff had a hand in designing this 22-bed unit is a surprise to no one. Aesthetically impressive, it s also a high functioning, efficient work environment playing an important role in the high quality care provided by R4. It was the first unit at CVPH featuring all private patient rooms. And while privacy played a role in this decision, safety played a larger role. The hand off of care (that is when a patient is transferred from one area to another, for example, moving from Intensive Care to a medical surgical unit) is a hot point for potential miscommunication. This new unit is designed for universal care - meaning that when a patient is admitted to Progressive Care level, and then downgraded, they will remain in the same room until discharge. The private rooms reduce the transferring required when there is a shortage of beds and relocating patients is necessary to be sure all admissions are where they need to be. This new unit features: new, larger, private patient rooms improved supply stocking points adjacent nurse work desks and increased storage capability improved visibility between improved bathroom accessibility patient and nurses fully integrated and upgradeable reduced unit noise technologies including telemetry improved infection control measures capability The reconstruction was completed in 11 months and was funded in part by a $5.6 million grant from the New York State Department of Health s Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law (HEAL NY) which provides resources to uniquely situated hospitals and health care providers seeking to reconfigure business strategies and clinical services to better meet community health care needs.

7 Fletcher Allen Partners: Partnering to Improve Services FLETCHER ALLEN PARTNERS: We have taken important steps to shape our future that just five years ago, would have seemed unimaginable. We partnered with other community hospitals including former competitors to provide better care to the people of our region. In response to the rapidly changing health care landscape, CPI, the parent company of CVPH Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital, joined Fletcher Allen Partners which also includes Fletcher Allen Health Care and Central Vermont Medical Center. As a team, Fletcher Allen Partners works together to deliver higher quality care, at the lowest possible cost, as close to home as possible. 1 million+ people in a 26,000 square mile region 1,000+ physicians 2,000+ nurses and countless other health care professionals Our four-hospital system dedicated 2013 to developing strategic goals and areas of focus as well as several long-term initiatives already underway: Cardiovascular integration, which includes growing the CVPH Heart Center Establishing a Family Medicine residency program at CVPH Medical Center; and Creating Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in northern New York and Vermont, like the Adirondacks ACO, designed to provide high quality individualized care, delivered close to home, coordinated for safety, effectiveness and lower cost for Medicare beneficiaries In everything we do, Fletcher Allen Partners strives to be a highly reliable health care system delivering the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

8 Building Bridges to Better Care 23 units of red blood cells and 3 units of platelets are collected by the North Country Regional Blood Donor Program and distributed to CVPH, Adirondack Medical Center, Alice Hyde Medical Center, Elizabethtown Hospital, Glens Falls Hospital and Massena Memorial Hospital 9.2 units of red blood cells and.88 units transfused at CVPH The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to prompt innovative and cost effective ways to deliver care. Collaboration and quality driven payment are the key components of the ACA and we re fortunate to have physician and community partners who share our commitment to the people of the Champlain Valley. Patients benefi t when we all work together to deliver the best care in the right place, at the right time. Partnerships with Clinton County Department of Health, Hospice of the North Country, American Cancer Society and Behavioral Health North have greatly impacted the variety and quality of the care provided. In 2013, we began work on establishing Adirondacks ACO, an accountable care organization, to make it easier for doctors and hospitals to collaborate, improve care and slow the growth of health care costs. An evolution of the Adirondack Region Medical Home Pilot, which focuses on preventative care and enhanced coordination of chronic conditions, the Adirondacks ACO focuses on improving community health by delivering high quality care through increased coordination for the 25,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the North Country. THE ADIRONDACK ACO 25,000 Medicare beneficiaries in the North Country 450 primary and specialty clinicians in Franklin, Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Washington and Northern Saratoga Counties of New York and Grand Isle and Chittenden Counties of Vermont Six health care organizations across the region

9 Hightlights of 2013 In 2013, CVPH: Paved the way to expand skilled nursing in our community by working with Meadowbrook Health Care to secure approval for an 80 bed addition to their facility. Welcomed American Renal Associates who now operates our renal services. 1,377 pounds of waste (paper and zero sort) recycled 125 pounds of construction and e-waste (wood and computers) recycled Recruited 13 new physicians to medical staff, expanding the services offered in our community and increasing access to health care. Successfully completed a Joint Commission Survey, a credit to everyone at the Medical Center. Enhanced the work environment of our 2,300 employees by creating a dedicated computer portal improving staff access to a variety of important websites. Established the GNOSH Film Festival as a creative outlet for staff to express their experience as a member of the CVPH family. Rededicated our learning and development efforts to help train our leaders of tomorrow and provide our team with a number of opportunities for professional growth.

10 ANY GIVEN DAY Average Volumes Births Admissions Cancer Center Visits Surgeries Clinic Visits ER Visits Ourpatient Visits Therapy Treatments Inpatient Census Other Outpatient Procedures ANY GIVEN DAY Utilization Statistics Admissions 11,430 13,155 12,068 Patient Days 99, ,235 92,343 Births Emergency Visits 49,660 51,028 48,656 Surgical Procedures 17,649 20,139 20,824

11 Financials OPERATING REVENUE : Net Patient Service Revenue $277,717, ,544, ,872,330 Other Patient Revenue $6,804,174 11,128,557 11,065,662 Total Operating Revenue $284,521, ,672, ,937,992 OPERATING EXPENSES Salaries and Wages $129,366,331 $136,191,271 $138,668,324 Employee Benefits $37,055,691 $40,014,281 $36,883,710 Supplies and Other Expenses $86,457,237 $91,979,786 $92,209,473 Interest $4,077,207 $4,028,311 $3,583,629 Depreciation and Amortization $19,086,069 $18,273,845 $17,339,600 New York State Gross Receipts Tax $1,170,232 $1,510,110 $1,416,803 Total Operating Expenses $277,212,767 $291,997,604 $290,101,539 OPERATING MARGIN $7,309,208 ($5,324,678) $2,836, cups (38 gallons) of coffee sold daily. That s 121,178 cups or 13,768 gallons a year. 1,501 retail transactions in the cafeteria 827 resident, patient and outpatient meals

12 Supporters of the Foundation of CVPH Medical Center can be proud of the number of lives they have touched in Through a tremendous amount of programming and partnership, more than $650,000 was invested into the health and wellness of our North Country communities. With community outreach, educational support, patient care enhancements and travel assistance, we are making a real impact on the lives of our friends and neighbors in the Champlain Valley. Special projects this year included cancer patient room renovations, expanded support of CVPH staff education, and increased assistance to patients who need help getting to CVPH for care. Robert T. and Helen Saxe Booth were the fi rst to donate a room for the R5 room renovation project this past spring. Since then, many more supporters have come on board to ensure our cancer patients have the best healing environment possible. FUNDING PROGRAMS The Foundation began raising money in 2013 to renovate the patient rooms on the R5 Oncology Nursing Unit. The purpose of this project was to support the healing process by creating a comforting and soothing environment for those battling cancer. Using suggestions from a Patient Advisory Group, unit staff and through research, warm paint colors, art work, white noise machines, new TVs and comfortable sleeper chairs and recliners for families are being incorporated into the design. A family meeting area has also been added offering privacy and a quiet place to talk. ENHANCING CARE Requests for educational support by CVPH employees has been at an all-time high. In 2013 the Foundation awarded 65 scholarships to: CVPH registered nurses pursuing advanced degrees Employees attending nursing school Staff who are pursuing certifi cations and additional education to enhance their role at the Medical Center Supporting education and training to enhance the clinical skills of our health care professionals is an essential piece in providing the best possible care to our community CVPH ANNUAL REPORT

13 HELPING PEOPLE When Patricia Snyde s husband, Ernie, had a heart attack, he was rushed to the CVPH Heart Center where he underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery. Living an hour away posed a tough issue for Patricia while Ernie was in the hospital. With grandchildren to care for, she frequently needed to go between the hospital and her home. Patricia was paying a friend to drive her back and forth but the cost became unaffordable. Ernie was afraid to be alone; afraid to die. He needed me there, explained Patricia. Fortunately, Patricia received assistance through the Travel to CVPH program so she could be with her husband. He has always been by my side and I needed to be there for him to help him recover. With the Foundation s support, I was able to do that. TOUCHING LIVES It is the support of so many community members, businesses, organizations, employees, volunteers, board members and medical staff that makes these programs possible. Whether you ve made a donation to our annual campaign, a memorial contribution for a dear friend, purchased a raffl e or event ticket, or sponsored a program, scholarship, or room, you have touched so many lives with your gift. Harnessing the collective good will of our community while, addressing a number of health related needs has been a hallmark of this very successful year. We ve been fortunate to partner with a number of organizations and groups to the benefit of a wide variety of programs and services. Plattsburghers in Paradise $50,000 Mayor s Cup Bike Ride $7,500 Glengarry Bhoys Concerts $6,700 Families Helping Families 5k $985 Jim Abbott & Dick Coffey Memorial Golf Tournament $14,000 Play to Give Softball Tournament $19,000 CancerBgone $7,500 Your support is helping people, funding programs, enhancing care and touching lives CVPH ANNUAL REPORT

14 2013 Donors Each year many donors request that we restrict their gift to a specific program or hospital department. The following is a list of the recipients of those gifts in 2013: Adam Jarvis Scholarship Ambulatory Surgery Center April LaValley Fund Bill Shene Asthma Education Fund Cardiology Department Chelsea s Rainbow Fund Circle of Healing & Hope CVPH Travel Fund David Reuter Free Helmet Fund Diabetes Education Elizabethtown Community Hospital Kidney Dialysis Unit Employee Education Fund EMT of CVPH Medical Center Families Helping Families FitzPatrick Cancer Center Helping Hearts for Christopher H. K. Freedman Renal Center Janice McLean Employee Assistance Fund Jim Abbott & Dick Coffey Memorial Golf Tournament Laboratory Education Fund Medical Library Melissa Lahtinen-Penfield Organ Donor Fund North Country Regional Blood Donor Center Nursing Scholarship Fund Nursing Units: Adult Mental Health Unit Alice T. Miner Center for Women & Children Cancer Patient Room Renovation Project Child & Adolescent Mental Health Unit Emergency Care Center Intensive Care Unit Pediatrics Progressive Care Unit R4 R5 R6 R7 Skilled Nursing Facility Pearl Douglas Scholarship Pet Therapy Program Pharmacy Education Fund Rabin Fund Radiologic Technologist Educational Fund Radiology School Roger Senecal Fund Safe Kids Adirondack Shelly s Watch Nursing Honor Guard Program Stephanie Wheet Scholarship The Treasure Chests ~ Breast Cancer Survivor Group Warren H. & Maria R. Olmsted Scholarship Zaferakis Family Fund CVPH HERITAGE SOCIETY MEMBERS Mr. & Mrs. Michael Antkowiak Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Boire Mr. & Mrs. Alan B. Booth Mr. & Mrs. Neil Fesette Mrs. Henry K. Freedman Ms. Michelle Gosselin Mr. Gerard Kelly Ms. Clara LaRose Mrs. Francine Luck Mark & Deena McCullough Mr. Patrick Russell Mrs. Arabella Trudeau Dr. H. Alan Walker Mr. John Weldon Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Zurlo BUSINESSES & ORGANIZATIONS Leadership Level ($10,000 & Above) Lake Champlain Transportation Play To Give Softball Tournament William H. Miner Foundation Diamond Level ($2,500 - $9,999) Abbott, Frenyea & Russell, CPAs A.N. Deringer AuSable Valley Golf Club, Inc. CancerBgone Casella Waste Systems, Inc. Coca-Cola Bottling/NNE Fesette Realty, LLC Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Fust Charles Chambers Georgia Pacific-Plattsburgh KeyBank Manning & Napier Foundation, Inc. Meadowbrook Healthcare Moriah Car Show Nixon Peabody, LLP Northern NY Electrical Contractors, Inc. PC Construction Pepsi-Cola Keeseville Plattsburgh Lions Club Plattsburgh State University PrimeLink Rocky Bog Fund Stafford, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher & Trombley, PLLC Schluter Systems, L.P. Valley Vending Service, Inc. Women of the Moose Chapter 2347 Platinum Level ($1,000 - $2,499) Adirondack Avalanche Girls Basketball Agency Insurance Broker, Inc. Ausable Valley Booster Club Boquet Foundation, Inc. Champlain Valley Electric Supply Church Oil Company, Inc. Community Bank, NA Condo Pharmacy Dick s Customizing Dig Pink Volleyball Tournament at AVCS Eastern Technical Services Fosters Tent Rentals Giroux s Poultry Glens Falls National Bank GSM by Nomad, LLC Graymont Materials, Inc. Hall Communications HCR Homecare KeyBank Kiwanis Club of Plattsburgh

15 2013 Donors Lake Champlain Cardiology Associates Luck Builders, Inc. MM Hayes MorrisSwitzer & Associates Murnane Building Contractors Nine Platt Hospitality Group Nova Bus Plattsburgh Breakfast Kiwanis Club Plattsburgh Noon Rotary Plattsburgh Pediatrics Press-Republican Plattsburgh Sunrise Rotary Club UFirst Federal Credit Union Rogers-Carroll Family Foundation Siemens Medical Solutions The Prescription Shoppe Touraid Travel Wells Communication Service William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute Wilson Appliance Centers, Inc. Gold Level ($500 - $999) Adirondack Mall Realty Alexander Edwards & Company Archer Bodyworks, Inc. Associates in Radiology of Plattsburgh, P.C. Brian Mehan Memorial Fund Champlain National Bank Coaches vs. Cancer Basketball Tournament Conroy, Boulrice, Telling & Trombley CVPH Employee Federal Credit Union CVPH Medical Center Laboratory Staff CVPH Medical Center Medical Staff Dame s Discount Liquor & Wine Donlan & Barcomb Durocher Auto Sales Durocher Kia Eye Care for the Adirondacks Fountain Bros. Post 1619 James C. Smith & Son, Inc. KEY Foundation Knights of Columbus Plattsburgh Council #255 LaBarge Agency, Inc. Lake Placid Vacation Corp. Liquor & Wine Warehouse Lockrows, Inc. Martindale Keysor & Co. Medique USA Inc. Monaghan Medical Corporation Northeastern NY Basketball Officials Northern Insuring Agency, Inc. Peru Central School Credit Union Plattco Plattsburgh City School District Riley Ford, Inc. Saranac Teachers Association Smith & Shepard, DDS TD Banknorth Trahan Construction Walden University Silver Level ($250 - $499) American Legion Riders Barton International Brown Funeral Home, Inc. CVPH Medical Center - Cardiology Staff CVPH Medical Center MIS Staff Cumberland Head Elementary School Dannemora Federal Credit Union Delta Marketing International D.S. Specialties, Inc. Elizabethtown Community Hospital FireProTec Loremans Embroidery, Engraving & Screen Printing Northeastern NY Basketball Officials IAABO Board 43 Marvin Land Surveyors Mirror Lake Inn Morrisonville Schuyler Falls Ambulance Service Mousseau Properties Northeast Irrigation & Landscape Northern Adirondack Board of Realtors Plattsburgh State University Women s Basketball Team PHS Extra Classroom Activity RE/MAX North Country R. W. Walker Funeral Home Raville Painting Corporation Swarovski Treasure Chests Support Group Trend Business Solutions X-Plo, Inc. Bronze Level ($100 - $249) Adirondack Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Adirondack Tool Co., Inc. Aero Precision Sheet Metal, LLC AES Northeast, PLLC Airbus Arnie s Restaurant Art Devlin s Olympic Motor Inn Beekmantown Booster Club CDC Real Estate, Inc. Champlain Centre Clinton County Board of Realtors Clinton County Department of Probation Country Expression CVPH Medical Center - ISS Department CVPH Medical Center - X-Ray School Curtis Lumber Eagle s Nest Veterinary Hospital G&G Tire Glens Falls National Bank Hi-Falls Lounge, Inc. J. Hogan Refrigeration Johnson Painting Co. JFP Enterprises, Inc. Kirby Risk Corporation Lewis Volunteer Fire Co. Inc. Mickey s Restaurant & Lounge Morrisonville Elementary School Mountain Lake Electrical, Inc. NAC Bobcat Booster Club NBT Bank, N.A. Northern Adirondack Central School Northern Adirondack Safety & Health Council NSC USA INC. NYSCOPBA Clinton Paisley Vending, Inc.

16 2013 Donors Palmer Veterinary Clinic Facility Dr. Paolo Fedi Ms. Karen Phillips Payson & Stoughton Jewelers Cimetra, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jeffords Mr. & Mrs. Robert Porter Peru Indians Basketball Booster Club Plattsburgh Ford Plattsburgh NY Harley Owner s Group Chapter 3360 Plattsburgh Post Office Post Office Pharmacy Public Employees Federation Richard Crawford Construction Rockwell Automation S & K Campus Corner Saranac Booster Club Sassy Images Seton Catholic Booster Club State Farm Insurance The Chauvin Agency The Development Corporation The Orchard House Catering The Wolf Organization Ticonderoga C.S.D. Multi Fund Underwood Club, Inc. Warren County Association of Realtors WELCare Family and Sports Chiropractic World Realty Holding, LLC Friends Level ($50 - $99) Adirondack Daily Enterprise AE Phelps Fire & Rescue Company Architecture, Engineering, and Land Surveying, Northeast Beekmantown Teacher s Association Belcam, Inc. Chateaugay Correctional Clinton Correctional Facility Annex Dartmouth-Hitchcock Fleet Promotional Products Lake City Ladies Red Hat Members Lake Placid Central School District Lees Corner Social Committee McSweeney s Red Hots Morrison & Miller North Country Golf Club, Inc. Raymond James Financial Services Salamanca City Central School District Twinstate Voice Data Video Warren Tire Service Center Westport Central School INDIVIDUALS Leadership Level ($10,000 & Above) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Antkowiak Estate of Teresa Brawner Dr. & Mrs. Brent Hastings Ms. Francine Luck Mr. George Moore Diamond Level ($2,500 - $9,999) Dr. & Mrs. Robert Collins Mr. & Mrs. Miles Donahue Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Donnery Dr. Robert Eberle & Dr. Angela Mallozzi Dr. & Mrs. Duck Kim Mr. & Mrs. Stephens Mundy Dr. & Mrs. Merrill Reuter Dr. & Mrs. Wouter Rietsema Dr. David Stinson Dr. & Mrs. Curt Snyder Ms. Meegan Trombley Platinum Level ($1,000 - $2,499) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Ayres Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Brunell Mrs. Kathleen Carey & Family Ms. Lynne Crouse Dr. & Mrs. Richard Dal Col Mr. & Mrs. Jerry DeCelle Mr. & Mrs. Michael Della Bella Mr. & Mrs. Mason Forrence Mrs. Eleanor Goldman Dr. & Mrs. Wallace Good Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Hausrath Ms. Allison Hoff Ms. Michelle Lebeau Mr. & Mrs. Dean Lombard Dr. & Mrs. Victor Ludewig Dr. Thomas Mainzer Dr. & Mrs. Edward Miller Ms. Lea Mitchell Mrs. Janet Murnane Drs. Soham & Sudha Patel Mr. & Mrs. Glendon Rafferty Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Ransom Mrs. Doris Rury Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Russell Dr. & Mrs. Samer Siouffi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Socolow Mrs. Cynthia Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Merle Thornton Mr. Jeff Titherington Mr. & Mrs. James Tooley Mr. & Mrs. James Trow Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weerts, II Ms. Lisa Zaferakis Gold Level ($500 - $999) Ms. Karen Ashline Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Boire Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Boire Mr. & Mrs. Alan Booth Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Boshart Ms. Nikol Boulanger Ms. Lisa Bovee Mrs. Jane Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burnell, Sr. Mr. Douglas Chaves & Ms. Debra Good Ms. Kathleen Clancy Mrs. Shirley Coffey Dr. Lisa Connery Ms. Sue Ellen Coste Mr. & Mrs. David Dalton Mr. Mike DiNunzio & Ms. Eleanor G. Berger Ms. Shirley Doolen Ms. Isabel Drzewiecki Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Duprey Mr. & Mrs. James Evans

17 2013 Donors Mr. & Mrs. Albert Faiella, Sr. Ms. Cheryl Favro Mrs. Phyllis Freedman Drs. Marty & Richard Frost Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Garrand Mrs. Mary Gibbs Mrs. Libby Goller Mr. Robert Grady & Ms. Lois Clermont Ms. Ruth Guydosh Mr. & Mrs. William Haley Dr. & Mrs. Kent Hall Mr. Alan Hipps & Ms. Jane Preston Dr. James Johnson Ms. Florence Kaufman Judge & Mrs. John Lahtinen Dr. Dane Larsen Dr. & Mrs. Hyuk Lee Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon Light Mr. Vincent Ludewig Ms. Tina Manion & Family Mark & Deena McCullough Ms. Deborah McNamee Dr. John Mills & Dr. Margaret Balassone Mrs. Jean Moore Mr. Steven Moore Mr. William Morgan Mrs. Anna Nardelli Mrs. Annette Ormsby Dr. & Mrs. Jacques Piché Mr. & Mrs. Jack Piller Dr. & Mrs. Robert Potter Dr. & Mrs. Duane Record Mr. & Mrs. William Reif Mrs. Beverly Reuter Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sands Mr. Mark Schneider, Esq. Ms. Kathleen Smart Mr. Kellum Smith & Ms. Angela Brown Mr. & Mrs. Casey Spiegel Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Spiegel Dr. Giuseppe Ventre Mr. & Mrs. Dan Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wyand Silver Level ($250 - $499) Ms. Beverly Agnew Mr. Mark Barie Mr. & Mrs. Milton Barnes Ms. Colleen Bell Ms. Holly Benoit Mr. & Mrs. Terry Beyer Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Booth Mr. & Mrs. Robert Booth Dr. & Mrs. William Bradley Ms. Marsha Brean Ms. Angela Bucci Mrs. Jamie Burdo Ms. Trista Bushey Dr. Anne Cahill Dr. & Mrs. William Caldon Mrs. Gail Calongne Mr. & Mrs. John Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. David Champagne Mrs. Joyce Channell Mr. Walter Church & Dr. Nancy Church Mr. & Mrs. Mal Cutaiar Dr. & Mrs. Michael Darst Dr. & Mrs. Robert Davis Mr. Brodney Diabo Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dickie Dr. George Disney Mrs. Barbara Dorrance Mr. William Drew Mr. James Favreau Ms. Charlene Fournier Mr. Joseph Gannon & Dr. Barbara Gannon Mr. & Mrs. Randall Giltz Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Giroux Mr. Thomas Glasgow Mr. William Glaude & Mrs. Dawn Ryan-Glaude Ms. Amelia Goerlitz Mr. & Mrs. Alan Gordan Thomas & Charlotte Gosrich Ms. MaryAnn K. Green Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haley Mr. & Mrs. John Hay Dr. & Mrs. Craig Heins Ms. Shelly Hurd Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hurley Ms. Mary Jarvis Lola & Raymond Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Don Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kemp Dr. & Mrs. Jin Kim Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kinblom Mr. & Mrs. William King Mr. Michael Lagree Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Laramie Mr. & Mrs. Trevor Laughlin Ms. Janice Lee Mr. Arthur LeFevre Ms. Diane Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Loughan Mr. Jack Lukasiewicz Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lutinski Ms. Hongvan Ly Mr. Matthew Lyman Dr. & Mrs. Nidal Makhoul Mr. Robert McBride Dr. & Mrs. Alan Michaud Ms. Catherine Mondon Mrs. Linda Moore Mr. & Mrs. John Mousseau Mr. & Mrs. Michael O Connor Dr. Joseph Odnoha & Ms. Nancy Houth Mr. Douglas Osborn Congressman & Mrs. William Owens Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parks Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Peryer Drs. Brenda & Michael Phillips Ms. Holly Plumadore Mr. & Mrs. Harold Recore Ms. Jean Relation-Spinner Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Remchuk Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rock Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Rogers Mr. John Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryder Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sabella Mr. Shey Schnell Ms. Michelle Senecal Mr. & Mrs. George Seymour Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith Ms. Cheryl Spinner Mr. & Mrs. Keith Stay Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stemper Ms. Maureen Stiefel Mr. Roger Stone Rev. & Mrs. David Sullivan Dr. & Mrs. John Tanner Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Thayer Mr. Thomas Tietenberg Mrs. Lucille Trahan Dr. & Mrs. Frank Ultee Dr. & Mrs. Richard Webber

18 2013 Donors Mr. Cody Webster Mr. Richard West Ms. Erma Wilson-Cogan Ms. Erica Wood Mr. & Mrs. John Zielinski Bronze Level ($100 - $249) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Adams Mr. Todd Agans Dr. & Mrs. Kristin Ambler Mr. & Mrs. Ara Asadourian Mr. Ray Aubin Mr. & Mrs. Al Austin Ms. Becky Bacon Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barber Mr. & Mrs. James Barcomb Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Bassett Mr. Greg Bechard & Ms. Joann Gerrish Mr. & Mrs. Robin Bechard Mr. Wayne Bedard Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Bedell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beebe Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bell Mr. & Mrs. John Bell Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bennett Ms. Sharon Benson-Perry Mr. & Mrs. John Bernardi Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Berry Ms. Laura Bessette Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bigelow Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bishop Mr. & Mrs. George Bissell Dr. & Mrs. Howard Black Mr. & Mrs. Donald Blake Mr. Rance Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bogucki Mr. & Mrs. James Boire Ms. Tara Bombard Dr. & Mrs. George Boolukos Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Booth Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Bouchard Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Boula Dr. & Mrs. Michael Boulé Mrs. Kathy Bracero Ms. Noreen Brady Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brelia Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bresette Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Bressette Ms. Carol Brown Mr. & Mrs. James Brubaker Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bryson Mr. Stephen Buergin Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Bunker Mr. James Buran Dr. & Mrs. Robert Buran Mr. & Mrs. Michael Campbell Mr. Brian Carney Mrs. Sue Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. James Carroll Ms. Courtney Chandler Dr. & Mrs. Harold Chaskey Ms. Nancy Cheeseman Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clairmont Dr. Debra Clark Ms. Margaret Cooke Ms. Penny Cowan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cringle Mr. & Mrs. David Curry Ms. Sandra D Aran Dr. Michael Davey Ms. Nikki Davison Mr. & Mrs. Don Dayton Mr. & Mrs. Donald Decosse Mr. Vincent Delio Mr. & Mrs. Richard DeNeale Ms. Katie Dennie Mr. & Mrs. Frank Desantis Dr. Ceila Dominguez & Mr. Etienne Verret Mr. & Mrs. Garry Douglas Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Dresden Mr. & Mrs. David Drollette Mr. Felice Druziak Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Duley Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duley Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duprey Mr. & Mrs. Burt Duquette Dr. & Mrs. Jan Duus Mr. John Edwards & Ms. Cathy Labare Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Egglefield Ms. Carol Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Barton Ellsworth Dr. John Ettling & Ms. Lisa Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Evans Mr. Robert Evans Dr. Lonnie Fairchild Mrs. Julie Falletta Ms. Wendy Farrell Mr. Christian Ferrari Ms. Cecile Filion Mr. Robin Flint Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Fortin Ms. Beth Francis Mr. & Mrs. Steve Frederick Mr. Gary Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Furnia Mr. David Gadway Mr. & Mrs. Garth Gallagher Ms. Norma Garrand Mr. Robert Garrow Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Getz Ms. Mary Glen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Goldman Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Gonyea Mr. & Mrs. Stoyan Grakov Mr. Paul Grasso Mr. Phillip Green Mr. James Grenier Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Gretz Mr. Normand Guay Ms. Therese Guay Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gucker Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Guererri Ms. Barbara Guerin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guglielmo Ms. Patricia Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hazel, Sr. Ms. Marion Herrmann Ms. Patricia Higgins Ms. Rachel Hite Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hochreiter Mr. & Mrs. Ulrich Hoffmann Mr. Lawrence Holdridge Mr. & Mrs. John Homburger Mr. Edwards Hopple Ms. Carrie Howard-Canning Ms. Jennifer Hrnjic Ms. Elizabeth Hughes Ms. Josephine Hum Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hurwitz Mrs. Bertha Irwin Mr. Frank Irwin Ms. Beverly Jabaut Mr. & Mrs. Craig Jackson Ms. Dana Jeweler Ms. Kati Jock Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Austin Jubert Ms. Christine Kaiser Drs. Kathleen & Donald Kasprzak Dr. & Mrs. Donald Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. James Keable Mr. Edward Kehn Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly

19 2013 Donors Mr. Todd Kempainen & Ms. Jorunn Gran-Henriksen Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kempisty Ms. Margaret Kennedy Ms. Susan Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kilkeary Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth King Col. & Mrs. George King Mr. & Mrs. Harold Klein Ms. Mary Krakowski Dr. & Mrs. Perry Kurtz Mr. & Mrs. Eric LaBounty Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lacki Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lacy Mr. & Mrs. Timothy LaDuke Mr. & Mrs. Dale LaFountain Ms. Rebecca LaPointe Mr. Travis Larche Mrs. Patricia Latourelle Mr. William Laundry Mr. & Mrs. Richard Laurin Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lazure Ms. Neta LeBlanc Lt. Col. Warren Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Jay LePage Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lett Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Levesque Dr. & Mrs. Steven Leveston Ms. Sharron Lintner Mr. & Mrs. Martin Lynch Ms. Thelma Lyon Ms. Barbara MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Robert Manchester Mrs. Judith Mannix Mr. Stephen Mansfield & Ms. Wendy Braje Ms. Kathleen Martin Mr. & Mrs. John Masella Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mason Dr. & Mrs. John Mazur Ms. Ann McCadam Ms. Katherine McCallister Mrs. Renee McCauley Mrs. Elizabeth McCann Mr. & Mrs. Edward McCarthy Ms. Kathleen McClellan Mrs. Judy McCusker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McNierney Ms. Louise Meisenheimer Mrs. Gizelle Menard Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Menard Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Meseck Ms. Iwona Miazek Ms. Trudy Miller Mr. & Mrs. Craig Miner Mr. Rudolph Miner Ms. Sarah Mitchell Mr. Rodney Moore & Dr. Heidi Moore Drs. Stephanie & Robert Moore Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mooso Mr. Richard Morrison Ms. Marianne Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Ramzi Murat Ms. Brenda Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Steven Murphy Ms. Kristia Murray Mr. & Mrs. William Murray Mr. & Mrs. Allan Nautel Mrs. Patricia Neverett Ms. Joyce Neville Ms. Shery Newgarden Mr. & Mrs. Peter Niland Ms. Tami Nori Ms. Shirley O Connell Ms. Susan O Loughlin Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Opal Ms. Melanie Osterczy Dr. & Mrs. Charles Paepke Ms. Amy Parent Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Parrott Ms. Barbara Patinka Ms. Jennie Pelkey Mr. Robert Perkins Ms. G. E. Perras Ms. Katherine Peterson Ms. Carolyn Phillips Mr. & Mrs. George Poitras, Jr. Mr. Mark Pope Mr. Frank Preston Mr. William Proulx Mr. Bruce Ratliff Ms. Pamela Rice Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Rivers Ms. Lorraine Roland Mr. & Mrs. Albert Rose Mrs. Cindy Rougeau Ms. Jeannette Rowe Miss Ruth Rushby Mr. & Mrs. Robert Russell Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan Dr. Vladimir Sabayev Ms. Kathy Sajor Mr. & Mrs. Robert Samuels Mrs. Monique Sarnow Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sears Mr. Richard Seaver Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Seguin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sheehan Mrs. Beatrice Shutts Mr. Leonard Skillan Mr. Stanley Sklute Mr. Frederick Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Snell Mr. Daniel Snyder Mr. William Soldato Mr. Robert Solomon Mr. John Sommers Dr. Wayne Spronk & Ms. Suzanne VanArragon Mr. Randy St. Louis Mr. Adam Stanley Mr. & Mrs. George Steele Mr. & Mrs. Noel Stewart Mr. & Mrs. David Stortz Mr. & Mrs. Charles Surber Mrs. Eleanor Tart Mrs. Vicki Tedford Dr. & Mrs. Winston Thomas Ms. Beth Thurz Mr. & Mrs. Wei-Lung Ting Mr. & Mrs. Norman Torrance Mr. Joey Trombley & Ms. Margaret Ryan Ms. Charleen Tuthill Ms. Myra Tyndall Mrs. Ethel Valach Mr. & Mrs. John VanNatten Mrs. Elizabeth Vicencio Dr. & Mrs. Robert Virostek Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Walpole Mr. Cody Webster Dr. & Mrs. Bradley Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Lester Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Donald West Ms. Peggy Whipple Mr. Andy White Ms. Debra White Mr. Wade Whitney Ms. Samantha Woodley Mr. & Mrs. Donald Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Fred Woodward Ms. Deborah Zinser-Curry Ms. Patricia Zitz Mr. & Mrs. John Zurlo Friends Level ($50 - $99) Dr. & Mrs. Robert Adler Ms. Kelly Ahern Ms. Marilyn Alexander

20 2013 Donors Mr. & Mrs. Derrick Allan Ms. Cynthia Allen Mr. & Mrs. Donald Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Arce Dr. & Mrs. Richard Archuleta Ms. Dawn Ashline Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ashline Ms. Elizabeth Ashworth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ayotte Mr. & Mrs. George Barota Ms. Erin Barrow Mr. & Mrs. John Beahan, Jr. Mr. Paul Beattie, Jr. Ms. Alissa Benware Ms. Susan Biondolilo Mr. Chase Blaisdell & Ms. Victoria Coleman Mr. Vincent Bodah Mrs. Joanne Boulé Ms. Stephanie Bouvia Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bova Mr. & Mrs. Mark Boyea Mr. & Mrs. George Brendler Mr. Brian Bresette Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brogowski Mr. Dennis Brooks Ms. Robin Brown Ms. Jean Buchman Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Burgin Mrs. Laurie Burke Ms. Cheryl Bush Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Bushey Mr. Robert Butterfield Ms. Terry Bylsma Mr. & Mrs. Servando Canas, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cassese Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Castine Ms. Tracy Cates Mr. Scott Charette Ms. Jacqueline Chauvin Ms. Judith Clark Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Clermont Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Coe Ms. Kathleen Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Scott Coleman Mr. Donald Cook Ms. Alexandria Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Michael Corcoran Ms. Michelle Corrigan Ms. Margaret Coryer Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Courneene Ms. Catherine Davenport Ms. Debra Defayette Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Delventhal Mr. & Mrs. Brian Desso Mrs. Edrie Dickerson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Dominy Ms. Thelma Douglas Ms. Emily Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dragoon Mr. & Mrs. Alan Drake Ms. Michele Drollette Ms. Andrea Drown Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dubay Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Dubray Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Ducharme Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dumas Mr. & Mrs. Clark Duquette Ms. Diana Duquette Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Duquette Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Duval Ms. Tara Ebere Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Edwards Mr. Thomas Edwards Ms. Kathy Eppler Mr. John Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Todd Estes Mr. & Mrs. Kent Faus Mr. Donald Favreau Ms. Joyce Favreau Mrs. Esther Favro Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fessette Mr. & Mrs. Casey Flynn Ms. Kathleen Fornecker Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Fortin Mr. & Mrs. Steven Freedman Ms. Cherylene Gallagher Mr. Glenn Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. William Gearhart Mrs. Claire Goineau Mr. James Gonyea Mr. & Mrs. James Gonyo Ms. Amanda Gooley Ms. Bobbi Gooley Ms. Kathryn Goyette Ms. Elizabeth Green Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gregory Ms. Sandra Guynup Ms. Priscilla Hackett Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Haley Mr. Richard Hammond Ms. Hannah Hanford Mr. & Mrs. William Harp Ms. Teresa Hart Ms. Sheila Hartley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hartman Dr. & Mrs. Driss Hassam Mrs. Maria Hayes Mr. Dominick Hendrickson Ms. Dusti Hidook Ms. Corinne Hoffman Ms. Lyla Hogle Mr. Michael Holland Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hollingsworth Ms. Laura Holzer Ms. Lynne Hunt Ms. Erin Hynes Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hynes Mr. & Mrs. Edward Jolly Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones Ms. Melissa Joyce Ms. Haley Judd Mr. & Mrs. Derren Juneau Ms. Ami Kadar Mr. Frederick Kapper Ms. April Kasper Ms. Julie Kelly Ms. Sharon Kelly Ms. Rachel Kern Mr. & Mrs. Richard Klinski Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kowalowski Mr. David Laclair Mr. & Mrs. Roger Lacroix Mr. & Mrs. Carl LaFontaine Mr. Craig LaFountain Ms. Wendy LaFountain Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Lapine Mr. & Mrs. Lester LaPlante Ms. Rebecca Larkin Ms. Clara LaRose Mr. & Mrs. George Larson Ms. Jean Latour Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Lattrell Mr. & Mrs. Scott LaValley Mr. Bryan LaVigne Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lawliss Ms. Janis Layn Mr. & Mrs. Stephen LeClair Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lenoff Mrs. Richard Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Paul Liberty Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lieber Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Liem

A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community.

A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. A proud heritage. A promising future. Years of caring for the community. Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Gettysburg Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2012 Be proud of what you ve helped

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2012 ANNUAL REPORT. Hanover Area YMCA. www.hanoverymca.org

2012 ANNUAL REPORT. Hanover Area YMCA. www.hanoverymca.org 2012 ANNUAL REPORT Hanover Area YMCA www.hanoverymca.org Dear Y members: On behalf of the Hanover Area YMCA Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and YMCA staff, thank you for your support in 2012. Our

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2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors

2010 Annual Report Edition. Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors 2010 Annual Report Edition Celebrating our New Acute Care Pavilion Honoring our Most Generous Donors INSIDE RADY CHILDREN S MAGAZINE Rady Children s Magazine is published three times a year for the friends

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WINTER 2010. www.atlantahumane.org. two. are twice as nice Another location coming soon!

WINTER 2010. www.atlantahumane.org. two. are twice as nice Another location coming soon! WINTER 2010 www.atlantahumane.org two are twice as nice Another location coming soon! Heart to Heart Atlanta Humane Society Doubles its Effort and Size The time is right. The cause is worthy. The desire

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Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery

Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FY2011 annual report edition Rosecrance embraces behavioral health Art of Healing illustrates goal of lasting recovery FROM THE CEO Respect roots, embrace future Rosecrance leads the way in behavioral

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WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest

WINTER 2005. The. Hail to the Chief. Alum Leads Rome s Finest A M A G A Z I N E F O R S U N Y I T A L U M N I, F A M I L Y, F R I E N D S & S T U D E N T S The WINTER 2005 Hail to the Chief Alum Leads Rome s Finest Bridge The 2 3 4 22 23 Staying the Course SUNYIT

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and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels

and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels Spirit of Giving and Donor Report 2012-2013 Fall 2013 St. Michael s Guardian Angels 1 Benedictine College Fall 2013 EDITOR Tom Hoopes, G 10 PRODUCTION MANAGER Beth Hoffman, 09 DESIGNER Hayleigh Diebolt

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NASHVILLE SYMPHONY ANNUAL REPORT NASHVILLE SYMPHONY ANNUAL REPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS MISSION STATEMENT The is dedicated to achieving the highest standard for excellence in musical performance and educational programs, while engaging the

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Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006

Alumni News. GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet. Spring 2006 Alumni News Spring 2006 GSC s Alumni Reunion and Evening Awards Banquet Back by popular demand, GSC alumns from far and near will be returning to campus for their special reunion weekend on April 22, 2006.

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Annual Report 2008. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Research Education Support Advocacy. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation

Annual Report 2008. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Research Education Support Advocacy. Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Annual Report 2008 Research Education Support Advocacy Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation research - education - support - advocacy Our Mission The Mesothelioma

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Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers

Lakeland: ProBike/ProWalk Florida city comes up with the right answers Vol. 13, No. 2 Spring 2010 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA BICYCLE ASSOCIATION, INC. Reviewing the April 8 event. Florida Bike Summit brought advocacy to lawmakers doorstep by Laura Hallam, FBA Executive

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For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You

For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You For Good. For Ever. The Difference is You Annual Report 2013 Making a difference starts with an individual. Every time someone decides to get involved in an issue they care about their lives are enriched.

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HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010

HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010 HACC Foundation Annual Report 2009/2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 About the HACC Foundation HACC Foundation Board of Directors 2009-2010 3 Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director 4-5 Celebrating

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Taking Care of New Jersey

Taking Care of New Jersey 10 years Taking Care of New Jersey Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration. OUR MERIDIAN

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people&progress New hip fracture rehab program at Grandview helps patients go home New year, new signs Mailing Address

people&progress New hip fracture rehab program at Grandview helps patients go home New year, new signs Mailing Address INSIDE CEO Column--------------------------------------------- 2 Letters... 3 Centre activities ----------------------------- 4 & 13 Donor List-------------------------------------------7-10 In Celebration

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onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila.

onewith Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION those who are Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 www.ssjphila. Magazine of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia onewith Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 2012 those who are Hungry ANNUAL REPORT EDITION www.ssjphila.org Welcome to One With, the magazine of the Sisters of Saint

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Private gift support for UC Santa Cruz

Private gift support for UC Santa Cruz U C S A N T A C R U Z Private Support Making a Difference Inside: Annual Report of the UC Santa Cruz & Honor Roll of Donors, 2004 05 November 2005 shmuel thaler At her investiture as chancellor, Denice

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2014 DEMOCRATIC & REPUBLICAN DALLAS COUNTY ELECTION RESULTS DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 2014 BEGINS AT 2:00 AM ON SUNDAY, MARCH 9 2726 S. Beckley Ave Dallas, Texas 75224 50 ISSN P.O. Box 763939 Dallas, Texas 75376 # 0746-7303 Serving Dallas More Than 60 Years Tel. 214

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Road to a. Safer Nation. MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING 2013 Annual Report MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING. 2013 Annual Report

Road to a. Safer Nation. MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING 2013 Annual Report MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING. 2013 Annual Report Road to a Safer Nation 1 Laying the Foundation for a Safer Future Dear Friends: 213 National Board of Directors Each and every day, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is working to eliminate drunk driving

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CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators.

CLASS ACTION. in as a freeman of the City of London and installed as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators. CLASS ACTION Class of 1954 Reunion Pictured first row: Wesley Nuxoll, Robert McKanna, John O Connor, Leonard Cockrill. Pictured second row: Maurice Clark, Elvin Vandeberg, Keith McGoffin, Harry Hartinger,

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100 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801 407-841-8310 407-648-9240 Fax Email: info@legalaidocba.org URL: www.legalaidocba.org

100 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801 407-841-8310 407-648-9240 Fax Email: info@legalaidocba.org URL: www.legalaidocba.org 100 East Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801 407-841-8310 407-648-9240 Fax Email: info@legalaidocba.org URL: www.legalaidocba.org The Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. Orange

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ClassNotes CLASSNOTES ClassNotes 29 In August 2007, the late Dr. James Otis Brooks was elected to the Marion County (Al.) Sports Hall of Fame. Brooks, who practiced medicine in Hamilton County from 1939 until his death in 1972,

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Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Annual Report Fiscal Year 2012-2013 MADD s Mission Statement From our Chairman Dear Friends of MADD: MADD National Board Of Directors Calendar Year 2012 (01/01/12 12/31/12) Thanks to your continued support

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connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future

connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College Legacies Point to Our Future connections WINTER 2011 John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Dr. John Ski Sygielski designated 7th president To improve your

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Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts

Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts Published by John Burroughs School for Alumni, Parents and Friends July 2009 Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts It had been more than a decade since so many JBS constituents had gathered

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You are part of an honorable tradition entrusted to advance the cause of the impoverished, defenseless, and oppressed

You are part of an honorable tradition entrusted to advance the cause of the impoverished, defenseless, and oppressed You are part of an honorable tradition entrusted to advance the cause of the impoverished, defenseless, and oppressed YOU made a stand when others turned away You spoke for someone who could not speak

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MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED RESEARCH FOUNDATION Annual Report 2006 Board of Directors Chairman Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD Nevada Cancer Institute Secretary M. Ann Abbe Arlington, Texas Treasurer Ulf Jungnelius,

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With a Bar membership as diverse as

With a Bar membership as diverse as GBJ Feature Georgia Lawyer Legacies by Sarah I. Coole, Jennifer R. Mason and Johanna B. Merrill Illustration by Marc Cardwell With a Bar membership as diverse as Georgia s where people relocate to our

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A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab

A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab A.G. RHODES Health & Rehab Quality Care, Quality of Life ANNUAL REPORT 2013-2014 Call us toll free at 1-800-247-7887, or contact us at these convenient locations: A.G. Rhodes of Atlanta 350 Boulevard SE

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