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2 MANAGEMENT Management, support services and finances Organisation and personnel

3 MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGEMENT, SUPPORT SERVICES AND FINANCES ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT SERVICES The road map of the support services towards integrated quality requires administrative simplification, transparency and unitormity. Extensive analysis and discussions between the heads of the support services and the departmental budget managers led to the decision to acquire an integrated data processing system for all administrative services (purchasing, accounting, external funding and departmental management) allowing also online information exchange. This search for an optimal software package began in mid with the compilation of detailed terms of reference of all administrative processes. The tender procedure and assignment started end 2004 and should finish by early In the meantime, the project received the nickname IVAN (ITM s Innovative Administrative Network). The operational start is planned for January In the course of 2004, the general Accounts Services processed 7,928 invoices, 1,412 claims and 620 foreign payment requests; the Medical Services Accounts Unit invested in the introduction and optimisation of a new patient administration system; the Purchasing Unit processed 4,650 purchase orders, 1,498 shipments to overseas partners, booked 530 flights and processed the related visa requirements. Personnel Services managed the salary administration for 340 employees and coordinated the recruitment of 45 new staff members. The External Funding Unit finalised a project database containing all the relevant substantive and administrative information. This database can be consulted on the ITM website, with an automatic link to the European research database SHARED ( ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES As in previous years, the Graphics Unit was responsible for the layout of this annual report. They also contributed to the Memory of Congo exhibition in the Royal Museum for Central Africa, covering the cooperation between the ITM and the Congo in the post-colonial period. The electronic slide management system (Cumulus) was further implemented and extended to 13,000 images. The Unit also provided graphical support to the new CD-Rom Lecture notes on Tropical Medicine. Together with the distance learning working group, market research was conducted on single source editing tools for the production of CD-Roms, electronic course material and possible integration into e-learning projects. The equipment was modernised with a high-speed colour photocopier with a faster capacity and two high-tech black and white copiers. The Applied Technology and Production Unit improved its qualitative service to the research departments, the clinical laboratory and a large number of external organisations and NGOs. Within the framework of the quality control system it received accreditation for its culture medium preparations for the mycology laboratory. As well as other diagnostic reagents and test kits, 2.9 million CATT tests were produced for various sleeping sickness control programmes in West and Central Africa. A new test kit was developed for the serodiagnosis of visceral Leishmaniasis (DAT/ VL-FD) and evaluated in Nepal, Sudan and India, in cooperation with the Department of Public Health. Further details about the activities of the Library (chapter Services) and the Student Services (chapter Education) can be found elsewhere in this report. External Funds team Accounts Services Personnel Services Accounts Unit of the Medical Services 134

4 TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES One of the most important achievements of the Technical Services was the construction and equipment of new high security laboratories (Level BL3) for research on HIV and tuberculosis. This project was completed by the end of 2004, as foreseen in the Building Master Plan. Intensive preparations, discussions and coordination with the various users were essential to this success. Other maintenance and upgrading work included: the conversion of classroom O into a laboratory, the installation of a new high-voltage transformer, the replacement of the main water pipes, the expansion of the data network, the installation of multimedia equipment in all classrooms and meeting rooms, various painting tasks, the extension of the electronic security system and the refurbishment of the offices of the Technical, IT and Security Services. After several years of preparation and discussion, the renovation work on the convent in the Sint Rochusstraat finally took off. Hopefully the restoration of the chapel will directly follow so that the entire complex can be ready for use by mid In addition to the achievements mentioned above (IVAN project, project database and multimedia) the IT Unit also supported the further development of the website (Alumni Forum, Telemedicine, new intranet facilities) and the purchase and upgrade of Cumulus (electronic database and processing of imaging material). In addition, all users were moved to Outlook, group training sessions (Outlook, internet web tool and internet for editors) were organised, anti-virus and spyware were upgrade by the installation of an intrusion prevention system, and the server centre was consolidated. The Health and Safety Unit together with the Technical Services worked on the expansion of the electronic entrance and access control system. They contributed to the safety regulations for the L2/L3 laboratory, made an inventory of the biological and chemical agents and secured the waste containers for chemical agents. They also produced a legionella management plan, in cooperation with Hidrocontrol. QUALITY MANAGEMENT In 2001, the ITM embarked on a plan to implement formal quality control systems in all its departments and activities. The target is an institute-wide certification by the end of Halfway this period, we are well on track although the path is demanding and resources are limited. A bottom-up approach, intensely involving all ranks and files, is therefore mandatory but all the more rewarding and sustainable. In 2003, we had achieved formal accreditation from the Belgian regulatory authorities (ISO 17025) of the Medical Laboratory and the AIDS Reference Laboratory, including underlying institutional procedures (see 2003 annual report). In 2004, the accreditation was successfully extended to all other references laboratories and laboratory support services, in the medical services as well as in the research departments (see above). By now, about half of the scientific and technical staff of the ITM is working in laboratories and services accredited according to the same high standard. This implies not just biomedical Standard Operating Procedures, but also tightly regulated administrative procedures and staff competence management. In the mean time, quality management has also been strongly enhanced and formalised in the educational programmes and in the project cycle management. The next phase will include extension to research laboratories, medical services and clinical research, implying also consolidation of general administrative procedures. PERSONNEL On 31 December 2004 the ITM employed 346 people, an equivalent of full-time positions. The following data and graphs are based on this cross-sectional time point. As established in the management agreement with the Flemish Government, the ITM applies the same salary scales, recruitment procedures and working conditions as the Flemish universities. The personnel structure and policy are also very similar to those of the Flemish universities. MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGEMENT The Permanent Secretary and her permanent secretary The central Quality Management team 135

5 The personnel categories are: Permanent scientific staff: autonomous academic staff, scientific staff and medical staff. Temporary scientific staff: assistant academic staff, assistant scientific staff and assistant medical staff. Administrative, technical and maintenance staff. In October 2004 the final version of the respective staff regulations for the three staff categories was approved by the Board of Governors. They update the procedures for recruitment, vacancy, job classification, promotion, salary, social and professional career breaks. These regulations are a major element in the development of an integrated quality system and a transparent, fair and efficient personnel management. The increase in staff was mainly financed by external funding (+32 FTE) and the Medical Services (+15 FTE). The institutional staff increased by 25 FTE entirely funded through extra own income. External funding now finances 41% of the total number of personnel, the Medical Services 14% and institutional resources (government subsidies and own income) 45%. This graph does not take into account the 59 PhD students who perform research work at the ITM. University 44% Figure 2 - Education level Other graduates 36% MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES Total Support staff Temporary Scientist Permanent Scientist Figure 1 - Overview Personnel (FTE) Institute External Funds Medical Services ,0 50,0 100,0 150,0 200,0 250,0 300,0 350,0 Figure 1 gives an overall picture of the number of staff in each category and their evolution over the past 7 years, indicating also the funding source. During this period the number of staff increased by 72 full-time equivalents or 30%. After the strong growth of 2003, 2004 was more of a consolidation year, with internal shifts between the different departments and between the three personnel categories. Secondary school or lower 20% Figure 2 shows the educational level of the personnel. 80% of the personnel have higher education diplomas, of which 44% are from universities and 36% from other schools of higher education. Continued education of scientific, technical and support staff is stimulated by internal scientific seminars and external training courses. Senior Scientist 8% Grade 1 & 2 6% Grade 3 7% Figure 3 - Categories of personnel Post-doctorate 9% Assistant 19% Grade 7 & higher 6% Grade 6 2% Grade 4 34% Grade 5 9% Figure 3 gives the relationship between the different personnel categories and the grades of administrative and technical positions. The relatively high proportion of the latter (64%) is partly a result of the inclusion of medical services and diagnostic laboratories as well as the in-house maintenance and technical teams. If we exclude these, the ratio becomes 52% sientific and 48% non-scientific staff. When the doctoral students are included, this ratio becomes 60% versus 40%, showing a healthy scientific environment. 136

6 Figure 4 gives the distribution of temporary and permanent contracts. While the majority of personnel have worked for the ITM for a long time, only 52% have permanent contracts. The mandate of the assistant scientific staff is intrinsically temporary. Also most contracts linked to external funding are of limited duration. The employment conditions for staff with temporary contracts have since 1998 been harmonized with those of staff with permanent contracts, however. Senior Scientist Assistant Scientist Admin. & Techn. Figure 4 - Relation Permanent / Temporary contracts Permanent Temporary Figure 5 shows that women now represent 55% of the ITM staff. There is a gender equilibrium within the temporary scientific staff and the technical staff, but a clear under-representation of women in the permanent scientific staff. Hopefully, the ongoing feminization of this category will be strengthened in the following years. As in many other organizations, the ITM has more women than men in administrative and maintenance positions. Figure 6 gives the age structure of the personnel. 29% of total staff are older than 50; and 66% of the permanent scientific staff and 15% of assistant scientific staff belong to this age group. 29% of total staff are in their 40 s and 29% in their 30 s. 12% of ATP are older than 55. Obviously, staff replacement planning will be a major challenge but also an opportunity in the coming decade. Total Senior Scientist Assistant Scientist Technical Personnel Administrative Personnel Maintenance Staff Total (FTE) Figure 6 - Balance male/female per category Figure 5 - Balance male/female per category Male Female MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES Maintenance Senior Sc. Temp. Sc. ATP MANAGEMENT FEMALE MALE

7 MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES FINANCES This chapter begins with some general observations and graphs, followed by a detailed financial statement of the annual accounts and the balance sheet including the auditor s report. The graphs below do not take into account the income and expenditure of the sections Trusts and Legacies and Investments. A number of duplicate entries in the results (registration fees, overheads, internal adjustments) have been neutralised. Income In 2004 we recorded 32 million Euro net income, a stagnation in relation to 2003 but nevertheless an increasing trend in the long-term (+ 19% since 2001, + 96% since 1995). In 2002 and 2003 we recorded indeed exceptional income from the AIDS- Impulse programme funded by DGDC (Federal Government Agency for International Co-operation). The proportion of project funding in the total income is 38%. The basic subsidy from the Ministry of Education remains at 28%, registration fees account for 4%, scholarships 3%, the medical service 13%, and own income (overhead, social and fiscal refunds and internal invoices) 14%. Figure 7 gives an overview of ITM s income since The core subsidy from the Flemish government (Ministry of Education) has nominally increased by 19% in the past 9 years. With an average increase in salary costs of 3.5% however, this amounts in fact to a partial reduction of 16%. This core funding nevertheless remains a guarantee for the scientific independence of research, education and service provision, and the international standing of the ITM. Figure 7 - Total income Own income saw a strong increase. It is composed mainly of overhead, internal invoicing, fiscal and social refunds. Since 2002, the production of diagnostic kits was also incorporated in the ITM s core and budget activities. The proportional contribution thus rose to 14%, a six-fold increase since The turnover of the Medical Services is up by 94% since 1995, due to the increase of the number of medical acts, and of the governmental subsidies for reference tasks. Nevertheless, this income remains insufficient to cover the costs of our labour-intensive medical reference tasks. Project funding saw an exceptional peak in 2002 and 2003, due to the AIDS impulse programme from DGDC. The relative fallback in 2004 was therefore to be expected, but with an increase of 137% over the past 9 years, the long-term upward trend continues strongly. Figures 8 and Table 9 give an overview of the evolution of project funding and its sources since The income from secondary Belgian and European research funds fell from 17% in 2002 to 9% in However, this was entirely compensated by an increase in tertiary and quaternary (contract) research funding. The latter funding account for 73% of the total income via projects, 55% of which comes from DGDC. In 2004 income via other international organisations (e.g. IMMPACT, Union against Tuberculosis and Nutrition Tiers Monde) doubled for the implementation of collaborative projects in the South. Their contribution amounts to 15%. The negative amounts in Table 9 are an adjustment of received advances and final accounts of projects against previous years. Projects and DGDC Ministry of Education Medical Services Own revenue Registration fees Scholarship

8 Table 9 - Overview income Project Financing (x 000) Research Organisations (secondary funding) FWO IWT Institute for Biotechnology , EC - DG Research 905 1,733 1,061 1, ,140 1,328 2, Subtotal 1,289 1,973 1,626 2,109 1,427 2,014 1,863 3,232 1,776 1,303 Contract research and teaching (tertiary and quaternary funding) Flemish Authorities Federal Authorities ,101 1, ,810 1, DGDC/BTC * 1,537 1,562 1,666 1, DGDC Agreement 2,293 3,379 4,090 5,106 5,949 7,500 8,300 DGDC Impulse Progr ,718 1,500 0 National Lottery ** EC - other DG s ,792 1,586 1, ,422 WHO Others Subtotal 2,799 2,909 3,776 6,182 7,799 8,809 8,804 13,919 12,012 11,107 Other organisations ,904 1,948 2,107 1,877 1,973 2,040 1,957 1,372 2,286 Sponsoring TOTAL 5,338 6,811 7,362 10,410 11,346 13,161 13,025 19,426 15,447 15,154 * Excluding Framework Agreement ** Not including investment subsidies other than DG Research MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES Figure 8 - Overview Project income according to sources (x 000) DGDC Agreement Contract research and services MANAGEMENT Research Organisations Sponsoring Other organisations

9 Expenditure Figure 10 gives the distribution of effective expenditure, which is very similar to last year. The proportion for education and research in 2004 remained 66% of total expenditure, project funding at 41%, the medical services at 13%, management and maintenance at 18%. Table 11 gives the financial details of expenditure under the DGDC programme (see chapter on Development Cooperation). The strong increase in general costs and scientific support since 2003 is due to the new contract format, with a fixed fee for scientific support of 25% (previously spread as working costs over the different projects) and 12% overhead. 63% of the DGDC programme funds are spent in the South and for students from the South. Geographically, 53% is spent in Africa, 11% in Asia and 30% in South Amercia Figure 10-0verview expenditure (x 000 Euro) External Funds MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES Table 11 - DGDC Agreement - Expenditure Research & Teaching Support Services Medical Services DGDC-Scholarship Miscellaneous Activities Training in Belgium 371, , ,459 1,013,885 1,310,019 1,022,416 1,145,388 Fellowships 396, , , , , , ,707 Local Courses 86, ,284 82,759 0 Conferences 99,157 59,494 84,284 61,973 36,021 24, ,141 Institutional Cooperation 768, ,769 1,170,057 1,296,483 1,392,670 1,519,080 1,804,767 Operational collaboration 322, , , , , ,569 1,034,021 Policy research 223, , , , , ,846 General costs and scientific support 24,789 96, , , ,679 2,437,022 2,912,610 Total 2,293,015 3,378,789 4,090,243 5,022,323 5,417,018 6,918,948 8,084,480 AIDS Impulse Programme 431,335 3,003,481 1,446,

10 FINANCIAL RESULTS 2004 The following pages give an overview of income, expenditure and results of the ITM over The books are divided into four sections: 1. Institute, 2. Medical services, 3. Project financing and DGDC agreement, 4. Trusts and Legacies. The financial result for the section Institute is positive, and the remaining funds can supplement the 2005 budget. The Medical Services show a negative result which we could cover so far with our own funds. A request to increase in the subsidy for medical reference tasks in particular HIV/AIDS care, has been submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs. The positive result for the diagnostic production is allocated to the Production Fund, which serves as a buffer against a possible fall in market demand, and supports improvement and innovation of new diagnostic tests. A number of unused funds will be carried forward to The section Project Finance and DGDC Agreement contains duplicate entries with the section Institute, mainly from overhead and registration fees as mentioned above. The balance from this account will be carried forward to next year. The results in the section Trusts and Legacies were allocated to the specific objectives (investments, awards, early retirement premiums, etc.). 49% of total expenditure was spent on personnel costs; for the section Institute this was 76% of expenditure and 70% of income.the global increase in personnel costs was 7% as compared to 2003, partly through additional reserves for early retirement but also for new tasks in projects and in the Medical Services. In 2004, 1,270,771 Euro from the Investment Fund was allocated to the renovation of the convent into a new campus, and the constuction of new high-security laboratories. INCOME AND EXPENSES ACCOUNT INCOME Section Institute EURO EURO Section Subsidy Flemish Government 8,438,000 8,319,000 Social security reductions 511, ,448 Training subsidies 2,460 3,000 Tuition fees 1,324,457 1,292,150 Financial income 117, ,388 Rent 14, Overhead 1,414,042 1,031,258 Other 3,415,302 2,453,286 Subtotal 15,237,958 13,761,280 Project Financing Section and DGDC Agreement * Flemish Community 1,289, ,752 Federal Government -103,830 1,954,825 European Community 2,393,296 1,210,819 WHO 258, ,573 Private 3,909,441 2,804,692 Sponsoring 971, ,470 DGDC / BTC (not included in agreement) -130,066-10,223 DGDC Agreement 8,300,000 9,000,000 Subtotal 16,887,787 16,820,910 Section Medical Services Turnover (Medical acts) 3,069,277 2,864,782 Reference subsidies (University Hospital Antwerp) 85,552 83,873 (Flemish Government) 25,342 25,014 (RIZIV,DOSZ) 739, ,411 Miscellaneous 141,732 92,241 Subtotal 4,061,104 3,717,322 Section Funds and Legacies Niederfullbach fund 3,352 3,759 Broden Legacy 4,875 9,366 Broden Award Feron Award 640 1,112 Fund for early retirement premium 0 0 Investment fund 1,081, ,749 Subtotal 1,090, ,635 Total income 37,277,600 34,858,147 MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGEMENT * including overhead and registration fees 141

11 EXPENSES PERSONNEL COSTS EURO EURO Section Institute Senior academic staff 2,321,154 2,040,044 Assisting academic staff 2,168,992 2,041,250 Administrative and technical staff 5,305,921 5,054,181 Other personnel costs 718, ,174 External lecturers 94, ,446 Subtotal 10,609,042 9,955,095 Section Project Financing and DGDC Agreement Senior academic staff (Project Financing) 82,727 41,828 Senior academic staff (DGDC) 0 65,913 Assisting academic staff (Project Financing) 1,936,384 1,356,356 Assisting academic staff (DGDC) 1,777,820 2,077,699 MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES Administrative and technical staff (Project Financing) 1,122, ,154 Administrative and technical staff (DGDC) 287, ,184 External lecturers (Project Fin. Sect.) 0 2,156 External lecturers (DGDC) Subtotal 5,207,188 4,825,473 Section Medical Services Salaries and social costs 2,034,327 1,866,291 Non-medical fees 5,028 5,141 Medical fees 389, ,067 Subtotal 2,428,786 2,201,501 Total personnel costs 18,245,016 16,982,070 OPERATING AND EQUIPMENT COSTS EURO EURO Section Institute Operating costs 2,785,895 2,399,247 Equipment costs 377, ,278 Financial costs 266, ,597 Subtotal 3,429,515 2,969,122 Section Project Financing and DGDC Agreement Operating costs External Funds 3,715,203 3,264,548 DGDC (Framework Agreement + AIDS Impulse programme) 3,375,526 3,661,764 Overhead External Funds 627, ,495 DGDC (Framework Agreement + AIDS Impulse programme) 844, ,764 Subcontracts External Funds 2,012, ,184 DGDC (Framework Agreement + AIDS Impulse programme) 1,821,401 1,913,028 Subtotal 12,397,626 10,478,

12 Section Medical Services Operating costs 1,493,027 1,340,554 Depreciation 139, ,783 Depreciation of current assets 21,404 19,955 Provisions 6,108 28,233 Investment provision -7,096-6,274 Financial costs 14,687 18,527 Exceptional costs 828 1,005 Subtotal 1,667,986 1,604,782 Section Funds and Legacies Result carried forward from previous financial year 4,407 9,201 Awards 1,000 1,000 Financial costs 1, Early retirement premiums 0 0 Investments 1,270, ,116 Patient support 3,718 8,085 Subtotal 1,280, ,103 Total operating and equipment costs 18,776,029 15,615,791 Total expenses 37,021,045 32,597,861 RESULTS Section Institute 489, ,732 Balance Production Fund 333, ,681 Balance BWS 71,093 58,302 Balance courses * 93,173 82,909 Balance of working budgets * 16,247 66,440 Carry forward to Investment Fund 196,000 0 Section Project Financing * -909,842 1,066,189 DGDC Agreement * 192, ,465 Section Medical Services -35,669-88,961 Niederfullbach Fund ,471 Broden Legacy 0 0 Broden Award -1, Feron Award Early retirement premiums * 0 0 MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES MANAGEMENT Investment Fund * -189, * Carry forward to balance for use next year. 143

13 BALANCE The balance sheet below gives an overview of all assets, provisions, the state of the financial accounts, debits and credits. The reserved funds for investment in the Medical Services and the positive results carried forward add up to an increase of Own Funds with 240,000 Euro compared to The Provisions for risks and costs also rose by 230,000 Euro. These include statutory provision for early retirement and the unused departmental working funds of the courses and the production unit. The Short and long-term debts fell by 1.3 million Euro. On the active side, Fixed Assets rose by 500,000 Euro due to the work in progress and Financial accounts by 2 million Euro. Claims on the other hand fell by 3.5 million euro. The financial indicator for Fixed Assets, which is Own Assets (2.4 million Euro) and long-term External Assets (4.4 million Euro) minus Fixed Assets (6.6 million Euro), gives a net company balance of 0.2 million Euro. The financial indicator for Floating Assets is the ratio between the Floating Assets (20.2 million euro) and Short-term Debts (8.3 million Euro), which is 2.4. There are thus sufficient fund available to cover short-term debts. The accounts and balance were examined and approved by the auditors, as certified in their report on the next page. MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT SERVICES BALANCE ASSETS Fixed assets 6,650,108 6,140,616 Stock of consumables 128, ,536 Claims on maximum one year 4,588,615 8,068,772 Financial accounts 13,723,921 11,698,453 Transferable accounts 1,791,105 1,334,439 Floating assets 20,232,243 21,214,200 Total assets 26,882,351 27,354,816 LIABILITIES Own funds 2,450,141 2,212,115 Provisions for risks and costs 3,010,504 2,778,808 Long-term debts 4,443,074 4,666,954 Short-term debts 8,337,697 9,429,012 Transferable accounts 8,640,935 8,267,927 Total liabilities 26,882,351 27,354,


15 MANAGEMENT ORGANISATION AND PERSONNEL ORGANISATION AND PERSONNEL BOARD OF GOVERNORS Chairman: Mr. C. Paulus Governor of the Province of Antwerp Honorary Chairman: Mr. A. Kinsbergen Minister of State and Honorary Governor of the Province of Antwerp Vice-Chairman: Prof. Dr. F. Van Loon Rector, University of Antwerp Members: Mr. L. Bertrand CEO, Ackermans & Van Haaren nv, Coopted member Baron Th. Bracht Chairperson, SIPEF nv, Co-opted member Prof. Dr. M. Coosemans Representative of the Senior Academic Staff of the ITM Prof. Dr. P. De Baetselier Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Free University of Brussels Prof. Dr. B.Gryseels Director of the ITM Prof. Dr. R. Lagasse Free University of Brussels (ULB) Prof. Dr. G. Mannaerts Vice-Rector, Catholic University of Leuven Prof. Dr. A. Meheus Representative of the Ministry of Welfare, Flemish Community of Belgium Mrs. M. Molemans Chairwoman of Prof. Dr. P. Pastoret, University of Liège, Co-opted member SAC Prof. Dr. M. Reynaert Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Coopted member SAC Dr. D. Reynders Representative of the Federal Ministry of Public Health Prof. Dr. F. Reyntjes Institute for Development Policy and Management, University Antwerp Mrs. M. Scheys Representative of the Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community of Belgium Professor Dr. P. Van Cauwenberge Dean, Faculty of MedicineUniversity of Ghent (RUG) Mr. L. Van Rossum Representative of the Federal Ministry of Development Co-operation Mr. T. Van Wallendael Representative of the Antwerp City Council Observers: Prof. J. De Groof Liaison Officer of the Minister of Education Dr. E. Thys Representative of the Assisting Academic Staff of the ITM Mr. E. Magnus Representative of the Administrative and Technical Staff of the ITM Mr. T. Vervoort Representative of the Medical Services of the ITM Secretary: Mrs. L. Schueremans Permanent Secretary of the ITM BUREAU Chairperson: Mr. C. Paulus Members: Prof. Dr. B. Gryseels Prof. Dr. G. Mannaerts Prof. Dr. F. Van Loon Observers: Prof. J. De Groof Prof. Dr. M. Coosemans Secretary: Mrs. L. Schueremans SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COUNCIL Chairperson: Prof. Em. Dr. H. Vanden Berghe Honorary Vice-Rector, Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) Universities: Prof. Dr. A. Billiau Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) Prof. Dr. R. Lagasse Free University of Brussels Prof. Dr. N. Lameire University of Ghent Prof. Dr. Vet. P. Pastoret University of Liège (UL) Prof. Dr. D. Pipeleers Free University of Brussels (VUB) Prof. Dr. M. Reynaert Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) Prof. Dr. E. Van Marck University of Antwerp (UA) International Organisations: Dr. L. Chitsulo Special Programmeby Tropical Disease Research, WHO Dr. Siem-Tjam World Health Organisation Dr. J. Slingenbergh Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Dr. M. Traoré Ministry of Health, Mali Co-opted experts: Prof. Dr. W. Decleir University of Antwerp Dr. G. Thiers Scientific Institute of Public Health, Brussels PERSONNEL Management Director Gryseels Bruno Permanent Secretary Schueremans Lieve Deputy Permanent Secretary De Sadeleer Koen Secretariat Van Melle Danielle Wynants Kristien Coordination Staff Coenen Jan Nauwelaerts André Van der Roost Dirk Van Heusden Govert Verbeure Stephanie 146

16 Department of Animal Health Head of Department Vice-Head Dorny Pierre Geerts Stanny Permanent scientific staff Berkvens Dirk Brandt Jef De Deken Redgi Other scientists Billiouw Michel de Borchgrave Jean Deckers Nynke Delespaux Vincent Duchene Els Fandamu Paul Geysen Dirk Kanobana Kirezi Kubi Christopher Madder Maxime Maes Louis Marcotty Tanguy Mbao Victor Mtambo Jupiter Mulumba Masumu Justin Roels Karen Speybroeck Niko Thijs Eric Van Den Bossche Peter Van Hul Anke Vermeiren Lieve Victor Bjorn Administrative and technical staff Ceulemans Frank De Bois Danielle De Witte Ko Goemaere Noor Jochems Marc Lezaire Filip Van Hees Jos Vercammen Marc Vewerft Lisette Department of Clinical Sciences and Medical Services Head of Department Van den Ende Jef Vice-head Vervoort Tony Head of Medical Services Van Gompel Fons Permanent scientific and medical staff Colebunders Robert (on sabbatical) Swinne Danielle Vandenbruaene Marc Van den Enden Erwin Other scientists and medical staff Apers Ludwig Arnould Line Boeckx Thomas Bottieau Emmanuel Clerinx Jan Cordemans Katrien Croughs Wilhelmine De Munter Paul De Roo Ann De Schacht Caroline Delgadillo René Dils Gunter Dreezen Christa Gillet Philippe Hertens Eddy Heyrman Goedele Hulstaert Marc Huyst Veerle Kint Ilse Luyckx Guy Lynen Lut Moerman Filip Nöstlinger Christina Raes Wim Schrooten Ward Soto Alonso Stevens Ann Van de Winkel Kristien Van Den Bulcke Johan Van Esbroeck Marjan Van Lent Kurt Van Sprundel Marc Vekemans Marc Vlieghe Erika Weuts Wouter Wouters Raymond Zolfo Maria Administrative and technical staff Albertijn Sofie Anthonissen Frank Baeten Greet Bolle Johnny Boons Denise Borguet Pascale Cloetens Marina Combes Matthieu Cornelis Edna Cox Hilde De Bie Hilde De Bruyne Leentje De Greef Geert De Paepe Danielle De Wachter Jos Deprest Arlette Desmet Patrick D Hondt Agnes Feyens Anne-Marie Geuens Marijke Goffin Bernadette Hemelaer Eva Ketels Joseph Kinif Michèle Konings Peter Kouraich Ahmed Laaziz Karima Lamonte Cora Lemmens Karine Lepage Bernadette Leybaert Katrien Meermans Michèle Mertens Liesbet Mertens Wendy Meurs Frieda Platteau Tom Potters Idzi Roovers Miek Salomez Sabien Tahiri Malika Van de Walle Christel Van den Branden Danny Van den Daele Alex Van der Meer Annemie Van Dingenen Martine Van Gessel Heidi Van Humbeeck Veerle Van Looveren Karin Van Rompaey Sandra Van Wijk Veronica Vereecken Henk Verhaegen Nadine Vermeulen Anita Vermeulen Louis Vleeschouwer Daphne Wuytack Chris Department of Microbiology Head of Department Kestens Luc Vice-Head Laga Marie Permanent scientific staff Fransen Katrien Janssens Wouter Portaels Françoise Vanham Guido Other scientists Ablordey Anthony Alou Assebide ORGANISATION AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 147

17 MANAGEMENT ORGANISATION AND PERSONNEL Ariën Kevin Administrative and technical staff Beels Dominique Abdellati Saïd Blommaert Ellen Aerts Laetitia Buvé Anne Baeten Yvette Cleybergh Claude Beelaert Greta Crabbé François Boel Luc Crucitti Tania Coppens Sandra Debacker Martine Cuylaerts Vicky Delvaux Thérèse De Deken Bénédicte Eddyani Miriam De Rijk Pim Gali Youssef De Rooy Myriam Jennes Wim De Vos Valérie Jespers Vicky Eyomgeta Achale Johnson Christian Fissette Kristin Lizroth Amber Garcia Ribas Sergio Lorent Natalie Gumusboga Mourad Manirankunda Lazare Hanquart Viviane Nduwamahoro Elie Heyndrickx Leo Njai Harr Freeja Hilgert Marianne Ntemgwa Michel James Tessa Ondoa Pascale Janssens Karin Ostyn Bart Kara Zehra Palomino Juan Carlos Keijmel Esther Pirard Marjan Koczorowski Natacha Rigouts Leen Maeckelbergh Ciska Shamputa Chola Isodore Mangelschots Marianne Stragier Pieter Martin Anandi Struelens Roland Michiels Jo Suyckerbuyck Patrick Nys Patrick Tavernier Ann Penne Lieve Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira Salden Evelyne Van Deun Armand Smet Hilde Van Herrewege Yven Tilborghs Cindy Vandenhoudt Hilde Torrea Gabriela Vandepitte Judith Uwizeye Cecile Vuylsteke Bea Van Aerde Anita The following staff members retired after many years of devoted service at the ITM. From left to right: Frank Ceulemans, Hilde De Bie, Marc Jochems, Jos de Wachter and Annie Van Dessel. Van Griensven Johan Van den Heuvel Annelies Van Dyck Eddy Willems Bart Vereecken Chris Vereecken Katleen Vermoesen Tine Vielfont Jan Willems Betty Department of Parasitology Head of Department Coosemans Marc Vice-Head Dujardin Jean-Claude Permanent scientific staff Büscher Philippe D Alessandro Umberto Other scientists Decuypere Saskia Annemans Nadine Claes Filip Deborggraeve Stijn Erhart Annette Fanello Caterina Gies Sabine Halidou Tinto Lejon Veerle Mulugeta Desalegn Naus Cynthia Nyachieo Atunga Obsomer Valérie Okello Paul Polman Katja Protopopoff Natacha Quispe Wilber 148

18 Romanus Bart Sow Seydou Talisuna Ambrose Thao Tran Tilmant Isabelle Van Bortel Wim Van den Abbeele Jan Van Geertruyden Jean-Pierre Verdonck Tine Vereecken Kim Verhaegen Katrijn Wördemann Meike Xu Ying Administrative and technical staff Balharbi Fatima Bebronne Nicolas Correwyn Anne De Doncker Simonne De Ridder Karine Desager Sabine Roelants Patricia Van den Houdt Wendy Van Overmeir Chantal Department of Public Health Head of Department Van der Stuyft Patrick Vice-Head Kegels Guy Permanent scientific staff Boelaert Marleen Criel Bart De Brouwere Vincent Kolsteren Patrick Unger Jean-Pierre Van Dormael Monique Van Damme Wim Other scientists Basaza Robert Blaise Pierre Boffin Nicole Buttiëns Hilde De Groote Tony De Paepe Pierre Devadasan Narayanan De Vos Pol Dubourg Dominique Dugas Sylvie Ghilbert Patricia Hoerée Tom Kober Katharina Lachat Carl Lambert Marie-Laurence Lefèvre Pierre Marchal Bruno Matthys Francine Meessen Bruno Nebardoum Derguedbe Noirhomme Mathieu Orach Christopher Garimoi Perez Cueto Armando Pirard Marianne Richard Fabienne Robays Jo Roberfroid Dominique Soors Werner Van der Vennet Jean Van Lerberghe Veerle Waelkens Maria-Pia Administrative and technical staff Baraté Pascale Bogaert Isa De Greef Lieve De Kok Vanessa Jacob Yvette Pattyn Anne Platteau Willy Segers Gerlinde Trooskens Anne-Marie Van Maerken Claire Verhulst Greet Verlinden Rita Vervecken Eva Support Services Head Schueremans Lieve Secretariat Van Melle Danielle Administrative and technical staff Abelshausen Irene Arnaiz Shirley Barcelon Azouagh Jamila Baelmans Rudy Belunjak Senka Blijweert Marc Bodges Helga Bogaerts Willy Bosmans Kristien Bousnina Souad Braat Patricia Bru Paula ( ) Buttiëns Hilde Buys Devillé Sarah Casier Lieve Christiaensens Patrick Claes Jan Claes Mike ORGANISATION AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 149

19 MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL Clymans Jacqueline Cornelis Molly Correwyn San-Ho Cuyt Monique Daems Patrick De Deken Joëlle De Groof Hugo De Lathouwer Patricia De Paepe Danielle De Smedt Eric De Smet Alexia Declercq Leen Delanghe Paul Demedts Veerle Depuydt Henri Desager Jan Dieltiens Herman Dierckx Jan Dillen Carine Dumez Mathieu Efutu Tuakapuamoyo El Fellous Batoul Scientific Advisory Council Directorʼs Committee Academic Council Clinical Board Works Council Safety Committee Ethical Committee Academic Co-ordinator Board of Trustees Director Floré Luc Gentjens Hilde Goemaere Noor Hendrix Luc Ilegems Peter Jacquet Diane Jansegers Ivo Kraus Saskia Lamot Ingrid Laureys Christoph Lenaerts Machteld Lezaire Robert Lucas Leo Maes Fanny Maes Yolanda Magnus Eddy Mattelaere Claudine Mertens Irene Michiels Marc Moeyaert Nancy Mol Nadia Ollevier Henk ORGANISATION CHART Permanent Secretary Administrative Services Technical Services Academic Support Services Registrars Library Graphical Services Quality Manager Peeters Brigitte Peeters Yvonne Quesada Romero Josefa Rabijns Annemieke Robertson Fiona Romero Jimenez Ana-Marie Sakho Bineta San Schellinckx Anne Schevernels Ann Schoonbaert Dirk Schreurs Anne Senecaut Monique Swannet Gisela Teugels Willy Van Acker Rudy Van Bergen Fons Van Den Bosch Maria Van den Kerckhove Pascale Van der Veken Paul Van Dessel Annie Van Eyndhoven Peter Van Hoorick Mon Van Lint Jef Van Peer Nadine Van Rossum Sandra Van Tiggel Louis Vanvinckenroye Lisa Vanvinckenroye Herman Vercruyssen Raoul Verhelst Luc Verheyen Hilde Vermeulen Rita Wenseleers Jean-Pierre Wouters Ingrid Wuilmart Viviane Zavala Pena Andrea Scientific Departments Medical Services Microbiology Parasitology Animal Health Public Health Clinical Sciences Tropical & Travel Clinic AIDS/STD Clinic Medical Laboratory Hospital Unit (UZA) The making of this annual report by Kristien Wynants and San-Ho Correwyn. 150

20 WORD OF THANKS The Institute is grateful to the many organisations and individuals that support our activities and objectives. The Ministry of Education of the Flemish Community of Belgium provides our academic core funding for teaching and scientific research. The Federal Ministry of Development Cooperation supports our international capacity strengthening programme. The Federal Ministries of Public Health and Social Affairs finance our medical reference tasks. We would also like to thank: Abbott NV Ackermans & van Haaren NV American Foundation For AIDS Research (AMFAR) Antwerp Aids Foundation Antwerp Dinner Foundation Armand Féron Foundation Artsen zonder Grenzen Belgische Technische Coöperatie (BTC/CTB) Belgolaise Bank Becton Dickinson Benelux Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bio-Mérieux Benelux NV Boehringer Ingelheim Bristol-Myers Squibb British Biotechnology, UK Conrad, USA Center For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), USA Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD), France Damiaanaktie Danish National Research Foundation, Denmark Deutsche Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (GtZ), Germany Drukkerij Roose BVBA Eurogenetics NV European Commission Family Health International (FHI), USA Federaal Agentschap voor de Veiligheid van de Voedselketen (FAVV) Federale Diensten voor Wetenschappelijke, Technische en Culturele Aangelegenheden (DWTC) Fonds Bastanie-Cant Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen (FWO) Fortis Bank Glaxo SmithKline NV International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Austria International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Italy International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya International Trypanotolerance Centre (ITC), Gambia The International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (UNION) Innogenetics NV Jaico RDP NV Janssen Pharmaceutica NV KBC Bank NV Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Dierkunde Antwerpen (KMDA) Medicus Mundi Belgium Merck Sharp & Dohme Interpharma NV Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, France Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO), The Netherlands The Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NIGZ), The Netherlands Nissan Belgium NV Organisation de Coopération et de Coordination pour la lutte contre les Grandes Endémies (OCCGE) Organisation de Coordination pour la lutte contre les Endémies en Afrique Centrale (OCEAC) Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen Provincie Antwerpen Provincie Vlaams-Brabant Rijksinstituut voor Ziekte- en Invaliditeitsverzekering (RIZIV) Rocaf NV Rucquoy Frères NV Roche NV Roche Diagnostics NV Stad Antwerpen Stichting voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek in de Tropen (WOTRO), The Netherlands Tibotec/Virco BVBA UCB Pharma NV UNAIDS, Switzerland United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Switzerland United States Agency for International Development (USAID), USA Van Glabbeek & Co Van Noten Dries NV Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB) Vlaams Instituut voor de bevordering van het Wetenschappelijk Technologisch onderzoek in de industrie (IWT) Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad (VLIR) Vlaams Ministerie voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Vlaams Ministerie voor Welzijn Vlaams Ministerie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Voeding Derde Wereld/Nutrition Tiers Monde World Health Organization (WHO) WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (WHO/TDR) The Wellcome Trust Westerlund Group NV World AIDS Foundation... and many other organisations, companies and individuals. INFO MANAGEMENT 151

Annual Report 2011. For family businesses and liberal professions.

Annual Report 2011. For family businesses and liberal professions. Annual Report 2011 For family businesses and liberal professions Annual Report 2011 Content Preface 4 Basic figures 6 Annual report 9 Organisation chart 31 Corporate governance 33

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LISBON STRATEGY National Reform Programme 2005-2008. Belgium More growth, more jobs... Progress report 2006

LISBON STRATEGY National Reform Programme 2005-2008. Belgium More growth, more jobs... Progress report 2006 LISBON STRATEGY National Reform Programme 2005-2008 Belgium More growth, more jobs... Progress report 2006 Table of contents Introduction 1 1. Belgium at the present time 1 2. Six lines of action for

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CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013

CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 CompuGroup Medical AG Annual Report 2013 Our vision CompuGroup Medical stands for the best possible healthcare. Our vision is the best support for healthcare through intelligent IT. We facilitate diagnosis

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2 0 0 7 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l r e p o r t

2 0 0 7 2 0 0 8 a n n u a l r e p o r t 2 0 0 7 2 0 0 8 annual report Core figures Dolmen Group Earnings per share Dolmen Profit and cash flow in million euros 18 Net profit Cash flow 16 Operation profit Consolidated sales 205,25 14 15,62 12

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Call for proposals. Green Genetics. Designing genotypes, improving phenotypes. A STW TKI-U/Plantum Programme

Call for proposals. Green Genetics. Designing genotypes, improving phenotypes. A STW TKI-U/Plantum Programme Call for proposals Green Genetics Designing genotypes, improving phenotypes A STW TKI-U/Plantum Programme Deadline for submission of applications: Pre proposals: March 3, 2015 Full proposals: May 31, 2015

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INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE CIENCIAS DA SAUDE NORTE (ISCS-N) EVALUATION REPORT. April 2010 INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE CIENCIAS DA SAUDE NORTE (ISCS-N) EVALUATION REPORT April 2010 Team: Henrik Toft Jensen, chair Gintautas Bražiūnas Thomas Ziehmer Anne-Marie De Jonghe, team coordinator Institutional

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Royal Vopak Annual Report 2006

Royal Vopak Annual Report 2006 Royal Vopak Annual Report 2006 Key data Income from rendering of services EUR 778.1 million Net profit attributable to shareholders EUR 131.9 million Earnings per ordinary share EUR 2.08 Employees 3,442

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Financial Statements 2010 11

Financial Statements 2010 11 Financial Statements 2010 11 Financial Statements 2010 11 Contents Page Operating and Financial Review 3-13 Statement and Report on the University s Charitable Purpose and Public Benefit Activities 14-16

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Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research. Annual Report 2009

Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research. Annual Report 2009 Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research Annual Report 2009 Publisher Coordination Photographs Lay-out Translation Erik Van Bockstaele Nancy De Vooght, Karin Van Peteghem, Maurice Moens ILVO Nancy

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Strategic Social Reporting 2015. Belgium 24/4/2015

Strategic Social Reporting 2015. Belgium 24/4/2015 Strategic Social Reporting 2015 Belgium 24/4/2015 Contents 1. Overview 1 1.1 New political developments 1 1.2 Economic and social developments 2 1.3 Stakeholder involvement in policy development 2 2. Delivering

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EAEVE. Wissensbilanz der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien (vetmeduni vienna) Self Evaluation Report Stage 2 2012

EAEVE. Wissensbilanz der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien (vetmeduni vienna) Self Evaluation Report Stage 2 2012 EAEVE Wissensbilanz 2008 der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien (vetmeduni vienna) Self Evaluation Report Stage 2 2012 University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna Veterinärmedizinsche Universität Wien

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Annual Report and Accounts 2011 12

Annual Report and Accounts 2011 12 Annual Report and Accounts 12 Our Mission Imperial College embodies and delivers world class scholarship, education and research in science, engineering, medicine and business, with particular regard to

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National Social Report Austria 2014

National Social Report Austria 2014 National Social Report Austria 2014 National Social Report Austria 2014 List of contents 1 Introduction 3 1.1 New political developments 3 1.2 Impact assessment 4 1.3 Involvement of the actors federal

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Cyber Security Research

Cyber Security Research Physical Sciences Call for proposals Cyber Security Research The Hague, juli 2012 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Available budget 2 1.3

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You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit this work, under the following conditions:

You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit this work, under the following conditions: Key Words: Research and innovation for health, national health research systems, human resources for health research, financing for health research, Latin America, conference ISBN 978-92-75-13254-8 Copyright

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IT West ANNUAL REPORT 1999-2001

IT West ANNUAL REPORT 1999-2001 IT West ANNUAL REPORT 1999-2001 Table of contents Annual Report 1999-2001...1 1. What is IT West?...4 2. Annual report 1999-2001...5 Report from the IT West Board... 5 Report from the Aarhus School of

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A Study of Health Human Resources in Nova Scotia 2003

A Study of Health Human Resources in Nova Scotia 2003 HEALTH CARE HUMAN RESOURCE SECTOR COUNCIL A Study of Health Human Resources in Nova Scotia 2003 Human Resources Development Canada Développement des resources humaines Canada HEALTH CARE HUMAN RESOURCE

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2011 MMXII. Holland Colours Annual Report 2011/2012

2011 MMXII. Holland Colours Annual Report 2011/2012 ANNUAL REPORT MMXI 2011 MMXII 2012 HCA ANNUAL REPORT MMXI 2011 MMXII 2012 2 4 7 8 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 16 16 16 19 21 21 22 25 28 31 72 73 75 76 Contents Profile Key figures An eventful year Vision, mission,

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UNIVERSITY THE VIRTUAL. University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA. Mark L. Parker. Edited by Susan D Antoni

UNIVERSITY THE VIRTUAL. University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA. Mark L. Parker. Edited by Susan D Antoni THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY Models & Messages Lessons from Case Studies Edited by Susan D Antoni University of Maryland University College (UMUC), USA Mark L. Parker An evolution of an existing institution

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Improving Social Protection for the Poor: Health Insurance in Ghana. The Ghana Social Trust pre-pilot Project

Improving Social Protection for the Poor: Health Insurance in Ghana. The Ghana Social Trust pre-pilot Project GLOBAL SOCIAL TRUST.. Improving Social Protection for the Poor: Health Insurance in Ghana The Ghana Social Trust pre-pilot Project Final Report The International Labour Organization March 2005 Copyright

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Developing Doctoral Degrees and Qualifications in Europe. Good Practice and Issues of Concern*

Developing Doctoral Degrees and Qualifications in Europe. Good Practice and Issues of Concern* Barbara M. Kehm Developing Doctoral Degrees and Qualifications in Europe. Good Practice and Issues of Concern* Barbara M. Kehm Main challenges, needs and trends in the field of doctoral studies in Europe

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2004 Regular Report on Bulgaria s progress towards accession

2004 Regular Report on Bulgaria s progress towards accession 2004 Regular Report on Bulgaria s progress towards accession A. INTRODUCTION...4 1. Preface...4 2. Relations between the EU and Bulgaria...6 B. CRITERIA FOR MEMBERSHIP...12 1. Political criteria...12 1.1

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OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education. Jon File, Thomas Weko, Arthur Hauptman, Bente Kristensen and Sabine Herlitschka

OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education. Jon File, Thomas Weko, Arthur Hauptman, Bente Kristensen and Sabine Herlitschka OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education Czech Republic Jon File, Thomas Weko, Arthur Hauptman, Bente Kristensen and Sabine Herlitschka OECD Reviews of Tertiary Education Czech Republic Jon File, Thomas Weko,

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Micro-insurance and Health Care in Developing Countries

Micro-insurance and Health Care in Developing Countries A publication from the Horizonten series Micro-insurance and Health Care in Developing Countries An International Picture PATRICK DEVELTERE, GERLINDE DOYEN AND BÉNÉDICTE FONTENEAU Investing together in

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Investing for our prosperity

Investing for our prosperity BUDGET 2013-2014 Investing for our prosperity The government s economic vision Budget 2013-2014 INVESTING FOR OUR PROSPERITY The government s economic vision Legal deposit - Bibliothèque et Archives nationales

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1 November 2008. BOLOGNA PROCESS TEMPLATE FOR NATIONAL REPORTS: 2007-2009 Completed National Reports and National Strategies for the Social Dimension should be sent to the Bologna Secretariat by email ( no later than 1 November 2008. PART I Notes:

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Introduction. (a) Australia (b) Canada (c) Finland

Introduction. (a) Australia (b) Canada (c) Finland Introduction In the deliberations of possible financing options to enhance the sustainability of Hong Kong s public healthcare system, reference has been made to the healthcare financing arrangements in

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Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A.

Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 06 Sustainability Report Sonae SGPS, S.A. 05.Index 1. Chairman s Statement 07 10 10 10 13 15 16 16 16 17 18 18 19 22 24 25 27 29 33 33 38 46 50 56 62 69 74 2. Sonae Group business approach and portfolio

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R E F E R E N C E D O C U M E N T R E F E R E N C E D O C U M E N T 2004 ANNUAL REPORT CONTENTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Serge Kampf CHAIRMAN Ernest-Antoine Seillière VICE-CHAIRMAN 01 Financial highlights 02 The Capgemini Group 27 Management

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