The Anatomv Of A. Conspiracy Of Race Riots & Revolution. The 0. J. Simpson Frame-Up

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1 The 0. J. Simpson Frame-Up The Anatomv Of A Conspiracy Of Race Riots & Revolution August 19, 1994 last thing in the world I want to be called with silly accusations of just a word, is paranoid. It could ruin me, just the paranoia. THE ANATOMY OF A slightest implication alone is devastating One more thing must be completely CONSPIRACY OF RACE if they put it on you. Webster calls it, 'A understood by loyal Americans in this RIOTS AND REVOLUTION chronic mental disorder, characterized deadly, last chance, conflict to save Chris- (MISHPUCKA) by delusions of persecution." tians and their families. The enemy, this The O.J. Simpson Frame-up But this is not so; for once, Mr. Webster single source must be glaringly identiis wrong. I came upon an amazing thing: fied, and spotlighted under full beam by Gary L. Wean paranoia is not a shameful, to be shunned once and for all, unveiled for everyone to mental disorder at all. see and know with no doubt in their This is a notice. Wednesday, August A man, Thomas Pynchon, who, to my mind whatsoever remaining as to who 19, A claim and demand for the positive thinking, will go down in history and what it is. And this will be done. $500, reward posted by O.J. as one of the greatest philosophers (the Everyone who reads a newspaper or Simpson, "for tips" (information) leading general laws that furnish the rational watches TV has heard about the Mafia to the exposure and arrest of the killers explanation of anything) of all time, an- (the Italian Crime Family), and no doubt of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. cient Chinese and Greek philosophers has heard about the Jakuza (the Japa- The main object and purpose of O.J. included. Pynchon clarifies paranoia nese Crime Family), and the Triad Soci- Simpson's posting this reward is to con- rationally in an eye-opening fashion with ety (the Chinese Crime Family) and the firm to the public that he is innocent of merely a few words: 'Paranoia is the Mexican Mafia (The Mexican Crime Famall charges in this matter-this requested leading edge of the awareness that every- ily). In my book, There's a Fish in the confirmation to the public is herein and thing is connected." Courthouse (first printed in 1987), Chaphereby made certain. Said above sum is Suddenly you realize, you awaken, ter 40 acknowledged the existence of all to be paid to Gary L. Wean no later than the picture is clear, you are not becoming these crime families operating in America ten days after delivery (service) of these mentally disordered at all. You have many years ago. We will get to the real documents to O.J. Simpson or his de- been merely, slowly becoming aware that enemy, the real 'Crime Family" shortly. fense lawyer, Robert Shapiro or LeRoy all the dastardly, evil past events that Early in his presidency, Ronald Taft, his business attorney. have been occurring and are still taking Reagan named U.S. Federal Judge Irving This barbarous conspiratorial plot's place have emanated from a single source; Kaufman to head his new Crime Comfull intent is the total destruction and everything: is connected. Holding this mission to crack down on Organized the takeover of city, county and state enlightening knowledge you can no longer Crime. Kaufman-secretly a high level civil governments through unbelievable be frightened, intimidated or deterred member of the Anti-Defamation League, chaos, massive uncontrollable racial ri- from your fight for truth and freedom a vicious hidden foe of America and ots, pitting white and black people against - each other, thrown at each others' throats in deadly combat by lies and instigations conjured by the sinister provocateurs of a mysterious Crime Family. Looting, burning, murder and mayhem in an eradication of Christian Americans' values and ways of life forever. But wait. Before proceeding further with such an expose of the evil conspiracy of America's destruction, a fearful word has reared its head. Paranoia! 'My God!", the Christians cry. We are talking paranoia!! For God's sake, the Editor's note: This information on the Mishpucka has been printed by CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT and may be ordered by calling , or by writing to: P. 0. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV You may order this complete issue of the paper (cost $2.00 ) or simply request this Mishpucka insert section (cost $1.00 ). The subscription rates for CONTACT, which is a weekly publication, are: $20 for 13 issues, $40 for 26 issues, or $75 for 52 issues. Author Gary Wean has asked that this information "be spread far and wide, specifically to all law enforcement personnel and members of Congress" and, furthermore, suggests frequent calls to radio talk shows asking the question, "Do you know about the Mishpucka?" Gary's credentials speak with commanding authority on this sinister matter.

2 Page 2 O.J. SIMPSON FRAME-UP against everything Christians stand for- this separation of Jews and Italians, or ingrained greed, their abject cruelty in after two-and-a-half Years of directing they can never fully understand and know the manner in which they dominate other the so-called "Crime Commission", came who their enemy is. And it is impos- people-and the Mishna corruption in out with an announcement denouncing sible to fight back until you have identi- the failure of their judicial, financial and the Italians, the Japanese, the Chinese fied the enemy. military affairs. and Mexicans. Quoting my book, There's a Fish in the The Mishpucka hierarchy is over ev- Quoting Kaufman's "great revelationw: Courthouse (1987), Chapter 35, "The im- erything. They are all powerful, they "We have uncovered new criminal orga- portant difference is that the so-called sacrifice the life of a Jew without hesitanization networks emerging in U.S. cities Mafia is a loosely knit group of Italian tion, as swiftly as a Christian or Muslim in drugs, gambling, prostitution and ex- Criminals. They are loyal to the United life is snuffed out when it becomes expetortion. The operations are highly struc- States in the sense of having no con- dient to their agenda. tured and disciplined. They operate vir- scious intent to destroy America. But The evil brain of the Mishpucka which tually unnoticed by the American pub- the Mishpucka is a secret organization, a controls evervthing is in the ADL B'nai lic." Kaufman then emphasized gravely criminal bloodline owing allegiance to B'rith headquarters in New York City, his uncovering of these Italian, Japa- the Family alone. Their sworn declara- not in Israel as some believe. It was nese, Chinese, and Mexican gangsters tion and evil goal is the subjugation of located in New York City long before with hypocritical, phony concern. Quot- the people and total control of the world's Israel was ever created. All orders and ing Kaufman, "These crime groups must power and wealth." direction come from this location. be stopped." Then he identified dramati- The Mafia knows where their best in- Their financial headquarters and cally the criminals he claimed to have terest lies, they are more than willing to source of the Mishpucka's great wealth uncovered, "The Mafia, the Jakuza, the be subject to protection under the fair is the Federal Reserve System in Wash- Triad Society and the Mexican Mafia." laws of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of ington, D.C. Mishpucka Alan Greenspan But Irving Kaufman, a federal judge Rights. But the Mishpucka operates is the head of the Federal Reserve Sysand head of the President's Crime Com- under the Mishna, the Jew law, the law of tem and the Federal Reserve Banks, but mission to expose Organized Crime, while the Rabbi. strange as it seems, even in this seemfalsely posing as a loyal American never The Mishna is diametrically opposed to ingly top post Greenspan is stillonly middleonce mentioned the Mishpucka (the Jew the United States Constihtion and the Bill of level in the Mishpucka hierarchy. Crime Family) the most secret, deadly, Rights except when in the event the Constitu- The source of the Mishpucka's great powerful organized crime family in the tion can be used for their own personal physical power, their unbendable world and the only one dedicated to the benefit. And that is what is eating the heart strength to overpower the U.S. Governtotal destruction of America and the out of America right now, we are operating ment and its people is their overwhelmeradication of Christianity. And why under the Mishna and not the U.S. Constih- ing superior numbers wearing the Black would Kaufman cover-up and fail to alert tion and Bill of Rights. Robes in every federal and state court- America to this fearful enemy? Because Quote (1987) of my book, Chapter 36, house in the United States of America. Federal Judge Kaufman is a ranking "After the Crucifixion of Jesus, High They have usurped the power to control agent of the ADL and a Mishpucka ac- Priests of the Jewish Temples were called at their will any and all criminal and civil tively engaged in the plot to destroy Rabbis. Rabbi Juda wrote the "Mishna". lawsuits or issues filed and to destroy America and Christianity. The Mishna became the law that all Jews the people who filed them. The Mishpucka is not something new, must study and follow in criminal, civil, The gross, unmercifully evil brain of just well concealed. For thousands of political, religious and family matters. the Mishpucka octopus whose slimy tenyears they have been a bloodline, a cult After this accomplishment Rabbi Juda tacles writhe across the breadth of the practicing and idolatrizing usury, assas- was known as "The Holy" and all Rabbis land is in the ADL B'nai B'rith headquarsination, extortion, prostitution, drugs became spiritual heads of their commu- ters in New York City, New York. With its and most expertly the undermining, pil- nities. This was about the same time the head cut off, the monstrous tentacles laging and despoiling of innocent peace- Khazars of Asia converted to Judaism. with millions of suctions attached everyful governments and their people. All the To be a Jew you must follow and obey the where sucking the lifeblood from our while they eternally pose as philanthro- Mishna. This has been the Jews failing, country would shrivel and die. RE: pists, do-good people. The word their problem in every country in the CONTACT, Volume 6, Number 3, oftues- Mishpucka (Family) is never uttered by world-if they follow the Mishna it is an day July 12, 1994, page 40. Jews in front of Christians except on very impossibility for them to assimilate under The Mishpucka has in their possesrare occasions. But I have discovered Christianlaws,valuesandmorality. Norhas sion millions of tons of gold, precious several articles wherein noted Jews have it been possible for them to assimilate under stones, ivory, bonds and securities, slipped up, verified the existence of the the laws of any other established religions deeds, and fortunes looted clear back to Mishpucka and the meaning of the word and their governments. WWI when the Mishpuckas from New as The Family. Try it on Jews, see the So, immediately they set about un- York City slaughtered the Russian Czar reaction; don't let them tell you they never dermining and bringing that country in and his entire family and stole the world's heard of it, watch closely their eyes. which they have established their 'com- greatest fortunes. And continuing right The word Mishpucka and its mean- munityn under the domination of their up to the present day destruction of ing, 'Jewish Crime Family" must be Mishna. America's Savings and Loans, banks, gibrought out in all police communica- But the Mishna, (Jew law) does not ant corporations, pension funds, and tions, recognized by all law enforcement work anywhere; observe Israel, their own devastation of individual citizens' foragencies and the news media exactly like country which was handed to the Jews tunes-trillions and trillions of dollarsthe word Mafia has become common us- on a platter in hope that they would all go hidden hundreds of feet beneath the age by law officers and news media when there and stop their depredations on the burning sands of Israel's Negev Desert in labeling and describing the Mafia (the rest of the world. their secret Dimona nuclear factory. Italian Crime Family). Americans must In Israel the Mishpucka has proven, There in this monstrously huge subterbecome aware, alerted to the distinction, they can blame no one else for their ranean chamber the fabulous treasure is

3 SEPTEMBER Page 3 protected by thousands ofnuclear armed Further Quote (1987), Chapter 35, hurdle is that she has to win the election long-range missiles capable of reaching 'Irving Rubin's (head of JDL-Jewish De- to the U.S. Senate in If Feinstein and incinerating the heart of America, fense League [and recently arrested,pro- wins the Senate she will easily become Russia and Europe. The Mishpucka will testing apatriot gathering in Bakersfield, the next President of the U.S in 1996, the not allow the U.N. or anyone else to CAI) predilection for murder and may- most powerful Mishpucka in the world. inspect their nuclear warhead factory hem was extremely evident when he of- Willie Clinton cannot figure out where where not only these world-destruction fered a cash bounty, of five hundred all the crap that is being dumped down weapons, but also their secret treasure dollars to any Jew who kills, maims or his neck is coming from. He blames the as well, could be discovered. Israel re- seriously injures any member of the Christian Far Right. But the Mishpucka fuses inspection even though the U.N. American Nazi Party. He added, 'If they controlled TV and press secretly is bedemands that all other nations in the bring us their ears we'll make it one hind Willie's problem-they don't want world comply. thousand.' To Rubin anyone who is not to entirely destroy him and maybe in the A high ranking Mishpucka in the Is- a Jew is a Nazi. After the offer was made process seriously damage the Demo raeli government, a madman, Shimon at a well publicized JDL speech, Rubin Party-they just intend to disgrace him Peres has threatened the entire world was prosecuted for solicitation of mur- enough to the point where the Party will with annihilation by their nuclear arse- der, but he was found not guilty. All it in no way endorse him for reelection, nal. Referring to the alleged Holocaust, took was to get one Jew on the jury. To leaving it open for Feinstein. Peres tirades that, 'Next time we will take make all of Rubin's plans for murder and Even though the Mishpucka political all of you with us." mayhem easier, [then] Mayor of San Fran- power and money was able to kill the December 1992 was a fateful month cisco Diane Feinstein and Congress- prosecution of the ADL, the two San of events. Two brave, dedicated San woman Bobbi Fiedler are trying to pass Francisco Detectives accomplished Francisco police detectives had been laws taking hand guns away from honest much. The secret ADL files revealed that quietly investigating the ADL B'nai B'rith. American citizens. For many years Fiedler Diane Feinstein while Mayor of San Fran- Obtaining search warrants, they raided has been a close confidant of Menachem cisco had secretly arranged a liaison bethe ADL headquarters in San Francisco Begin, the Mishpucka terrorist. Rubin tween the city's police department and and Los Angeles and confiscated over 2 has taken over the militant Jewish De- the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in tons of secret files and records the ADL fense League organized by Rabbi Meier She had ordered police to work agents and spies had compiled against Kahane. Rubin trains preteen Jew boys closely with the ADL to smash an out- American citizens that went back over 70 and girls, preparing them for paramili- break of alleged Anti-Semitism and deyears. tary operations against Christians after stroy everyone who was against Jews. This could have proved to be the end their guns have been taken. These young Feinstein finally admitted that she had of the vicious Mishpucka, right there and Mishpuckas are taught the fine art of strategy meetings with the leaders of Jew then, not just in America but all over the killing while they enthusiastically chop communities about conducting secret world. apart human silhouettes with sub-ma- sabotage actions against those involved A vigorous, competent prosecution chine guns. Rubin boasts that police in alleged incidents against Jews. And would have imprisoned all of the leave the Jewish Defense League alone had ordered policemen to make contact Mishpucka hierarchy, with some of them because it would be 'anti-semitic' to in- with the ADL and its paid spy Roy Buleven being executed, for their horren- terfere with his guns." End quote. lock. One of the San Francisco P.D. dous crimes against humanity. The so- Irving Rubin's job of genocide against Intelligence officers, Thomas J. Gerard called war crimes trials of Nuremberg, white and black Christians will be a mas- turned traitor to America and performed would have been revealed for the sacre after Feinstein has taken away all illegal covert operations for Diane falsity and pretence that they were when the Christians' guns and they have no Feinstein and the ADL. Gerard began the truth about the Mishpucka was fully means to fight back. spying on and sabotaging innocent Ameriexposed. Jerry Brown, 'Governor Moonbeam", can citizens and making secret records, But Arlo Smith, the District Attorney was stuffing his pockets with Mishpucka (more than 12,000 individual files) which of San Francisco, sold out not only money during his last days in office for he turned over to the Mishpucka spy, America but the whole world. One of the appointing untold dozens of shyster Roy Bullock. Gerard's motives for treamost powerful and influential Mishpucka lawyers to the California son came about, he said, 'because he Mishpuckas and a secret agent of ADL bench, one being Jack Berman, Diane had been told that his maternal grand- B'nai B'rith is U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein's ex-husband. mother was a Jew and supposedly had Feinstein and her accomplice Barbara Further quote (1987), Chapter 38, perished in the holocaust. This led him Boxer, also a U.S. Senator from Califor- "Mayor Diane Feinstein, 'Queen of Aids' to want to become a religious Jew." nia. With unlimited bfishpucka money in San Francisco is chief designer of This is the same reasoning Jonathon they bought off Arlo Smith and killed the legislation to take away citizens' guns. Pollard gave when he was caught steal- Grand Jury investigation and prosecu- She aims one day to be President of the ing and delivering National Security Setion of the insidious, treasonous ADL. United States of America." (This informa- cret documents to Mishpucka agents, Quote (1987) of my book, Chapter 35, tion, received from my inside sources and now the great Mishpucka shyster 'Unlike the macho Italian Mafia, the Jew approximately , advised me that Alan Dershowitz is attempting to get Pol- Mishpucka has always known the value in the not-so-far future the time would lard out of prison. The fact that Pollard of women members to their organization. be ripe for a woman, a Jew woman, to be was a Jew was sufficient cause for him to The most powerful female Mishpucka in elected as President and that woman put a foreign country's interests and be- California is Judge Joan Dempsey Klein." would be Diane Feins tein). The liefs before America's. I just don't believe Feinstein presently overrides Klein as Mishpucka has spent millions on this it would work for a high ranking Italian her power now is national since her ad- project already. And the last info I got to approach an American girl whose job vent to the U.S. Senate Judicial Commit- from my inside source was that the was handling secret documents in the tee and her Mishpucka ties to Ruth Bader Mishpucka was ready to spend billions Pentagon and ask her to steal a secret file Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. more to get Feinstein in. The last big for him and she would do it because her

4 ~age J. SeIMPSON FRAME-UP maternal grandmother was Italian. Why volved. Back when Reagan first ran for killings were to be accomplished by a does this work with Americans who have President there was a ltot at stake. laser weapon attack. a Jew ancestor? In Portland, a church, the "Church of This massive assassination conspiracy It obviously is a serious problem. the Conceptual Truthw, was a front for to wipe out a group of people who knew Diane Feinstein can easily get Americans illegal gambling. A reporter, James Long, too many secrets was covered-up by the to commit treason anywhere she goes on the Portland Oregonian had been qui- Secret Service and Ventura Sheriffs Deand her daughter, Katherine Feinstein, a etly probing the large scale gambling partment on themishpuckasorderstocon- Mishpucka shyster appointed to the San operations and was going to expose it in ceal the fact that it was a Mishpucka plot. Francisco Police Commission to investi- the paper. I knew that this operation was Illegal gambling still flourishes in Orgate ADL treason, covers up evidence part of Judge Jerome Berenson and his egon under the control of Mayor Vera exposing her mother's treasonous crimes law partner, Ben Nordman's gambling Katz with millions of dollars being launand she refuses to step down for having ring covering the entire West Coast and dered through banks and then funnelled a conflict of interest. With unmitigated the huge profits were being laundered into the Mishpucka's political campaigns. Mishpucka gall, Katherine Feinstein tells through Nordman's Bank of A. Levy in The Mayor is closely associated with Cali- America, "I don't have any conflict of Oxnard, California. The proceeds were fornia Senator Feinstein whose husband interest." then funnelled to Reagan's Republican Richard Blum owns interests in Oregon's The evidence obtained from the raid Campaign committee for his presidential huge trucking and Savings and Loan and disclosed that more than one hundred election. I tipped off Oregon law enforce- banking industry and is a highly influential major U.S. city police and Sheriff depa ment agencies, Portland, P.D., State At- behind the scenes Mishpucka in Oregon. ments have been infiltrated by the ADL torney General and County District At- During Feinstein's 20-million-dollar and they have secretly and successfully torney; combined, they raided the phony 1992 Senatorial campaign, 8.4 million recruited strategic officers to steal confi- church and the gambling operations. The dollars became lost and was never found dential police records and sabotage and Oregon Attorney General filed State Rack- or explained. Several millions came from frame honest citizens. eteering Influence and Corrupt Organi- Bank of America President Richard One city, Portland, Oregon, fell into zation Act (RICO) violations against the Rosenberg, another extremely wealthy an important category and the high rank- gangsters. San Francisco Mishpucka. But in seing,olice officer involved refused to co- Arrested in the raid was Carl E. Ward, quence to Feinstein's plot to discredit operate with the San Francisco detec- Jr., a lawyer from Berenson and Willie Clinton and thus eliminate him, tives and covered-up involvement of Port- Nordman's law office in Oxnard and the Mishpucka scheme goes deeper. It is land City Officials with the ADL. Captain Michael H. Wallace, an Oxnard business- at Feinstein's powerful instigation that Dan Noelle, Portland police, is a high man, both close associates of William P. the women's attack on Senator Packwood ranking police officer in the ADL setup Clark, Reagan's right hand man. Wallace is a scam designed to remove Rabert who covered-up and lied about their in- in was Reagan's National Cam- Packwood as Senator, to replace him volvement. paign Finance Director, a sensational with Vera Katz. But Noelle did admit that he was con- fund raiser in charge of contributions, The "Oregon Jews" and Vera Katz, nected with the ADL organization and he and William P. Clark funnelled all the Neil Goldschmidt and Richard Blum conalso that he sent secret documents to the laundered gambling money into the Presi- trol the Portland Oregonian newspaper ADL regional office in Seattle, Washing- dential campaign funds. Oregon's two which is beating it into Packwood. And ton. A special directive of February 1985 U.S. Senators were unaware of this scam Blum during the recent Teamsters strike was discovered in the confiscated ADL and did not receive any of the money made political inroads into the Oregon files wherein "FBI Director VIilliam derived from the gambling operations. It Teamsters Union. Feinstein has another Webster had ordered special agents in 25 makes no difference, Democrat or Re- ambitious political take-over scam going major FBI field offices to establish liaison publican-this time the gambling pro- in the State of Washington where Thowith Regional ADL Directors in their divi- ceeds go to Diane Feinstein's Democrat mas Foley isn't near so loyal to Clinton as sion and cooperate with them fully," in campaign. The illegal gambling money is he would have people believe. And this other words give the Mishpucka what- still being laundered through the Bank would leave Feinstein in total control of ever files and cooperation they want. of A. Levy in Oxnard, Calif. Washington, Oregon and California, the One top FBI official, Oliver Buck Revell, Oregon's Assistant Attorney General, entire West Coast in her run for the when asked about giving the ADL secret Timothy M. Wood took depositions from Presidency in FBI files, covered-up; he could only say, Ward and Wallace (under penalty of per- On the TV in July 1994 Feinstein 'I haven't studied their methods of col- jury) wherein they confessed but the pow- made a serious, great big 'slip of the lipn. lecting information." erful ADL eventually won out, very simi- She declared her true colors publicly, There is an organization in Oregon larly to District Attorney Arlo Smith in "We (meaning Mishpucka politicians and called the 'Oregon Jews," very wealthy San Francisco. judges) are not afraid of gang members influential and politically powerful Carl E. Ward, Jr. was involved in the with guns on the street, but of law-abid- Mishpucka. JFK assassination and also was con- ing citizens with grievances." Vera Katz, Portland's present mayor, nected to the Cabazon Indian Reserva- Who Feinstein is referring to is us, and Neil Goldschmidt, past mayor, are tion gambling and murders, also the present day Americans who, like the Colovery high ranking Mishpucka agents in Inslaw affai;. Carl E. Ward, Jr's. brother nists back in 1776, filed petitions of the ADL. One of their operations, illegal Robert Ward was arrested by the Ventura grievances to King George and all they gambling, with the huge profits being County Sheriff Department and Secret got was ignored and further trouble used to finance Mishpucka politicians, Service involving a conspiracy to kill heaped upon them. goes back a long ways. Keep in mind that Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Jimmy In 1776 if those Americans had had being Democrat or Republican means Carter, Jerry Ford, Richard Nixon and all their guns taken away from them there nothing; Ronald Reagan was once a their wives in one swipe when they gath- would be no America of today. And if the Democrat, it's only a matter of conve- ered at the inauguration of Reagan's Li- Mishpucka takes away our guns of today nience when money and power are in- brary in Simi Valley, California. The there will be no America of tomorrow.

5 SEPTEMBER 6, 1994 Page 5 Think about it-think real deep about other places with Benny Wong and victims to death and been back in Israel Feinstein and the Mishpucka! Abraham David.ian, nqtorious drug deal- almost before the bodies were discovered Now, thinking about the present, right ers and smugglers, Abraham Davidian had it not been for the keen-eyed officer. today, about Simpson, O.J., and the was a member of the International And then: who else-maybe some inno- Anatomy of Race Riots and Revolution, we Davidian Crime Family which is con- cent person accused and convicted-and suddenly find ourselves speeding back nected all the way up the line to the all the while the Mishpucka laughing in through time. Propelled back over 50 Waco Davidian holocaust. the background as they turned it into a years, into mysterious, dark crevasses of Davidian and Wong had' a huge, mil- racially motivated crime (the intended the past, and ever keeping in mind that a lion-dollar drug caper going with Mickey victims were Jews) with the able assissingle source is behind it all, "Everything Cohen, Pregerson and t he others. tance of the TV and news media. is connected." L.A.P.D. and Federal Narcotics busted The Rabbis Feld possessed detailed We reach out, back and forth, travel- Davidian and he agreed to testify against diagrams of the intended victims' home, ing the murky roads across a half-cen- Cohen and Pregerson and other top L.A. murderous knives, ski masks and plastury of years, back to early Al- city politicians and judges. Davidian tic handcuffs in their rental car when though he wasn't yet even born, watch as was hidden out and protected as a gov- arrested. No one in their right mind will O.J. Simpson emerges as the catalyst- ernment witness by Federal Narcotic ever believe that these two Mishpucka the international event the Mishpucka agents when he was murdered, shot and assassins had come all the way from had schemed for-waited so long for, the killed. That blew the whole case and let Israel just to pay a friendly social call on most fabulous Hollywood scenario of all Cohen and Pregerson off the hook. Pres- the victims in their bedroom in the middle time-the gruesome, bloody murders of ently a federal appeal court judge, of the night. These paid assassins had two young people, a beautiful white Pregerson, in the Rodney King trial, made powerful connections with ADL Headquarwoman and a white man, allegedly slain a key ruling to allow excluded evidence ters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New by the woman's former husband, a black into the federal trial of four L.A.P.D. of- York, who immediately secretlywent to work man-a famous, popular, black man, a ficers which convicted Sgt. Koon and to kill the charges against them. football hero and businessman idolized Officer Powell. This was testimony which Several weeks after the arrest of the and respected by everybody, both black had been given during the Ventura two Rabbis the two San Francisco detecand white. County trial in which the four officers in tives came to Los Angeles with warrants What better circumstances, and set of the King case were found innocent. The to search the ADL Headquarters and seize facts could the Mishpucka ask for-or, judge in the Ventura County, King and remove evidence. Stanley had these facts not been by chance at all, trial was Stanley Weisberg, who ma- Scheinbaum, the head of the L.A. Police but precisely manufactured, made to or- nipulated and whipped the trial into a Commission, secretly gave Chief Willie der-a setup, the greatest frame-up of all racial frenzy of hatred that incited the Williams acrimonious orders not to allow time. A setup to instigate, foment and second Watts riot within a few short any L.A.P.D. officers to assist the San incite hate, horrendous hate between minutes after the verdict was read. Francisco detectives to enter the ADL black and white-bloody race riots- One year before that Superior Court Headquarters. death and hell throughout every city in trial started in Simi Valley and the sec- Stanley Scheinbaum, a Mishpucka, is the U.S. and at the same time get rid of ond Watts riot occurred, I handed an a secret agent of the ADL and of other O.J., a black hero who everyone looked affidavit to Chief Daryl F. Gates, the organizations sworn to the overthrow of up to and who could be followed as a NAACP, and TV and newspaper services, the United States of America. leader. What better reason to then "de- etc., with information and evidence of Being dedicated law officers the two clare" a Presidential National Emergency the Mishpucka's Race Riot and Revolu- San Francisco detectives bravely, with- Order placing the entire country under tion Conspiracy that was being precipi- out hesitation even though they had defimilitary control, halting and putting an tated. A copy of the affidavit is part of nite qualms about their own personal abrupt end to &l civil process and any this report. As will be seen, this con- safety, entered the den of assassins. and &l Constitutional Rights in America- spiracy comes from a single source. Without any 'backup officersn from the we ourselves, inexcusably, both black L. A.P. D. Homicide investigated a L.A.P.D. they removed approximately one and white will have stupidly thrown our- double murder and, with the L.A. Dis- ton of secret files that the ADL had comselves right into the evil hands of the trict Attorney, convicted two Mishpucka piled on innocent, unsuspecting citizens. Mishpucka, just as they have planned we assassins from Israel, Joseph Yakaria These were files used by the Mishpucka would; there will be no more Rights for and Jehuda Avital who were connected for purposes of sabotaging, framing and white or black. to Irving Rubin's JDL and the ADL. This blackjacking citizens and politicians into Early in 1946 and through 1948 I was involved a drug deal and a large sum of doing their evil bidding in all sorts of a Los Angeles Policeman working patrol money. Mishpucka drug peddlers, Esther treasonous scams against America and in University Division and plainclothes and Ele Ruven, were killed with knives its people. in Metropolitan Division out of the old and their bodies and pieces were thrown It was way back in those days, 1946 Lincoln Heights City Jail, North Ave. 19. in a trash bin. that I and other L.A.P.D. officers who Then transferring to Hollywood Division In Palo Alto, California, in November were interfering with the Mishpuckas the first of I'd watched Harry 1992, an observant police officer, in an criminal operation sunknowingly became Pregerson as a young law student, and excellent performance of his duty to pro- victims, case numbers in the ADL secret later as a shyster lawyer involve himself tect the safety and welfare of the citizens, files and marked for destruction. and profit in organized crime, racetrack arrested two Israeli assassins on their An associate of mine was told by Arlo wire service, murder, gambling, prosti- way to commit a double murder of a man Smith, the District Attorney of San Frantution, extortion and drugs, etc. with and his wife. Two Rabbis, Austin Yoncy cisco himself, that my file dating back to gangsters Mickey Cohen, Abe and Hy Feld and his brother, Scott Leon Feld, 1946 was among the ton of records seized Phillips, Sidney Bocarsky and Nathan who had traveled all the way from Israel and removed from the ADL headquarters Turkebtahn. I observed the above named to commit this double murder, would in L.A. in December, Also that my gangsters meet in Old China Town and have sliced the throats and stabbed the thick, nearly fifty-years-old file was cur-

To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up.

To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up. To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up. Second edition 1996 1992 AWT, Inc. ISBN: 0-9632158-0-9 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 92-070074 First Edition: First

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The Tate Murders were a False flag and the Greatest Unknown Success Story of Project CHAOS

The Tate Murders were a False flag and the Greatest Unknown Success Story of Project CHAOS The Tate Murders were a False flag and the Greatest Unknown Success Story of Project CHAOS all photos here are reproduced under the fair use doctrine of the USA Sharon in a wig on the set of Fearless Vampire

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Part 1: The O.J Simpson murder (criminal) trial, 1995

Part 1: The O.J Simpson murder (criminal) trial, 1995 M1- Elise Le Goff The O.J. Simpson trials: criminal and civil American law I. General presentation of the case: Part 1: The O.J Simpson murder (criminal) trial, 1995 Introduction: a celebrity case / the

More information October 1, 2000 One Bad Cop By LOU CANNON The case that would eventually spark the most damaging scandal in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department began early on the afternoon of Nov. 26, 1996,

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art 1 Crime in America How does our system of justice work toward balance? chapter chapter 2 The Crime Picture chapter 3 The Search for Causes

art 1 Crime in America How does our system of justice work toward balance? chapter chapter 2 The Crime Picture chapter 3 The Search for Causes art 1 chapter Crime in America 1 What Is Criminal Justice? chapter 2 The Crime Picture chapter 3 The Search for Causes chapter 4 Criminal Law INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS VERSUS PUBLIC ORDER The accused has these

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911: Descent Into Tyranny

911: Descent Into Tyranny 1 911: Descent Into Tyranny 2 911: DESCENT INTO TYRANNY 2002 by Alex Jones All rights reserved. We encourage the use of this material; however, in order to protect the contents from change, neither this

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Interview of Former Special Agent of the FBI Roger T. Young (1975-2001) Interviewed by Clarence H. Campbell On Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Interview of Former Special Agent of the FBI Roger T. Young (1975-2001) Interviewed by Clarence H. Campbell On Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, Inc. 2007 Interview of Former Special Agent of the FBI Roger T. Young (1975-2001) Interviewed by Clarence H. Campbell On Wednesday, Edited for spelling, repetitions,

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Minnesota Police Journal

Minnesota Police Journal Minnesota Volume 88 No. 2 April 2015 Police Journal The Official Publication of The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Photo by Michael Murray St. Paul Police Federation Helps to Score a Goal

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K - Cole-Adachi_7 (M. Stevens) (Do Not Delete) Speeches. Perspectives on Criminal Litigation Ethics: James Cole & Jeffrey Adachi.

K - Cole-Adachi_7 (M. Stevens) (Do Not Delete) Speeches. Perspectives on Criminal Litigation Ethics: James Cole & Jeffrey Adachi. Speeches Perspectives on Criminal Litigation Ethics: James Cole & Jeffrey Adachi Introduction Rory K. Little* In August 2013, U.C. Hastings College of the Law was honored to host its first ever MCLE conference

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A Grief Like No Other

A Grief Like No Other S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 7 A Grief Like No Other by Eric Schlosser Copyright 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved. The Atlantic Monthly; September 1997; A Grief Like No Other; Volume

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Crime, Corruption and Cover-ups

Crime, Corruption and Cover-ups Crime, Corruption and Cover-ups in the Chicago Department Anti-Corruption Report Number 7 January 17, 2013 Authored by: John Hagedorn Bart Kmiecik Dick Simpson Thomas J. Gradel Melissa Mouritsen Zmuda

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JURY TRIAL BOOKLET People v. Clarence Darrow

JURY TRIAL BOOKLET People v. Clarence Darrow JURY TRIAL BOOKLET People v. Clarence Darrow 1 TRIAL BOOKLET A. Charges: Clarence Darrow has been charged with offering a bribe to juror George N. Lockwood. Count One: Giving a bribe to a juror Count Two:

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Well, it s time again for another article.

Well, it s time again for another article. POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION S UN C OA S T The official quarterly publication of the Sun Coast Police Benevolent Association Volume 41 Issue 2 April 2014 INSIDE THIS ISSUE 2 SCLEC Keeping Busy! 4 What

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Lawyers Destroying America - A Parasitical Culture

Lawyers Destroying America - A Parasitical Culture Lawyers Destroying America - A Parasitical Culture PREFACE by: Sammy Sorrell -National Director For United Citizens For Legal Reform & Author Of America Agenda For Legal Justice Reform There are many

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A CHOICE NOT AN ECHO A CHOICE NOT AN ECHO is a clear, concise statement of the issues of the 1964 presidential campaign, including the hidden issues within the Republican Party. It gives a fascinating inside account of Republican

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99 Things You Wish You Knew Before

99 Things You Wish You Knew Before 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen Your guide to protecting yourself from identity theft and computer fraud Robert Siciliano The 99 Series 85 N. Main Street Florida, NY 10921 646-233-4366

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Informant. Honoring the Fallen. Initiative Qualifies for Ballot

Informant. Honoring the Fallen. Initiative Qualifies for Ballot The Informant The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association T Volume XXXII, No. 6 June 2012 Inside: Memorial Activies Honoring the Fallen CASE Act Update Initiative Qualifies for

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Federal Courts and What They Do

Federal Courts and What They Do Federal Courts and What They Do Contents What is a court? 1 What is a federal court? 1 What kinds of federal courts are there? 1 Who sets up the federal court system? 2 What s the difference between civil

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Why the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Should be Repealed

Why the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Should be Repealed Why the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Should be Repealed M.L.K., Jr. s Life and the Aftereffects Brought to you by: The Creativity Movement Introduction It is generally believed that

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Mock Trial U.S. v. Dominique Stephens

Mock Trial U.S. v. Dominique Stephens Mock Trial U.S. v. Dominique Stephens A woman admits to shooting and killing her husband and is charged with first degree murder. She asserts that she acted in self-defense after suffering years of severe

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AND I UNMAKING O F A THE MAKING I MOSSAD VICTOR OSTROVSKY C LA I R EL--- - H O Y THE MAKING AND I UNMAKING O F A I MOSSAD - VICTOR OSTROVSKY C LA I R EL--- - H O Y This electronic version of By Way of Deception, has been produced by lovers of freedom. It has been produced with the

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Bruce Teitelbaum and Laura Ellsworth [husband and wife], chairs.

Bruce Teitelbaum and Laura Ellsworth [husband and wife], chairs. Law 735, Federal Criminal Law Background information on Bruce Teitelbaum, Esq. For 4/22/2013 Bruce Teitelbaum and Laura Ellsworth [husband and wife], chairs. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium hosts black-tie

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4. The Nazis Take Power

4. The Nazis Take Power 4. The Nazis Take Power Anyone who interprets National Socialism as merely a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than a religion. It is the determination to create the new man.

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HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN.... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are.

HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN.... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are. HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft 1 Dedication For my sons, Colin Thomas

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HOW CAN YOU DEFEND DRUNK DRIVERS? 1 HOW CAN YOU DEFEND DRUNK DRIVERS? There is no such thing as a legal technicality. Americans are presumed innocent and our Constitution attempts to protect the innocent from the State. If the State cannot

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The Price of Justice:

The Price of Justice: RESEARCH AND COMMUNICATIONS The Price of Justice: Money, Fairness and the Right to Counsel Analysis of Focus Groups on Indigent Defense conducted for the Open Society Institute and the National Legal Aid

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The Nature, Purpose, and Function of Criminal Law

The Nature, Purpose, and Function of Criminal Law The Nature, Purpose, and Function of Criminal Law 1 May the police officers be subjected to prosecution in both state and federal court? As the videotape begins, it shows that King rose from the ground

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When National Security Trumps Individual Rights

When National Security Trumps Individual Rights When National Security Trumps Individual Rights A Lesson by Linda Weber SUMMARY On December 18, 1944, the Supreme Court handed down one of its most controversial decisions when it upheld the government

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THE PEOPLE LEO FRANK TEACHER S GUIDE THE PEOPLE v. LEO FRANK BLPI Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc The People v. Leo Frank TEACHER S GUIDE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Robert G. Sugarman, National Chair Abraham H. Foxman, National Director

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