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1 NEWSLETTER OF THE FAIRBROTHER GROUP OF COMPANIES ISSUE 81 what s building DECEMBER 2014 Project Updates Project Updates Across the Group Fairbrother Groups Top Achievers 2014 Employee & Apprentice of the Year Awards Master Builders Award Winners 2014 State & National MBA Award Results

2 Contents Cover photo: The Port Sorell Community Centre, contructed by the Fairbrother North West Team, completed on the 1 st October Features 7 Safety First Timely Reminders 9 Apprentice of the Year Nominations Young Talent on the Rise 10 Employee of the Year Nominations Role Models Recognised News 3 In the News Encouraging Community Spirit 13 MBA Awards for Excellence State and National Award Winners 16 Recent Projects From Inception to Completion 19 Bulletin Board Information and Announcements, to Share thirteen nine In the Business 5 Construction, Joinery & Facility Management Tasmania-wide Round Up 12 Construction Victoria Exciting Times Ahead 8 Degree C A Year of Growth twelve

3 Craig s Communiqué 2 Welcome to our December 2014 Edition of What s Building. It is hard to believe another year has nearly come to an end. It has been another very busy year for everyone. Annual Report We have just held our Annual General Meeting and produced our Annual Report for the 2013/2014 financial year where we reported our group turnover at $211M. I think this is a remarkable achievement in what has been very difficult and highly competitive market conditions. I also see it as a testament to the commitment and tenacity of our management teams to secure work at critical times to keep our people employed. While market conditions will be much the same for the immediate future I am encouraged by promising signs that conditions will improve. RHH Update We continue to support the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment project providing information and assistance as required for the review being completed by the Minister appointed Rescue Task Force. This is now complete and with the State Government to make a decision on the future of this project. We are still hopeful that the project will commence in early Excellence Awards I had the pleasure of attending the MBA National Awards at Parliament House in Canberra on the 21 st November where we were successful in winning two major awards. Firstly, the National Commercial / Industrial Construction Award up to $5M for the St Patricks College, Edmund Rice Centre in Launceston and secondly The National Commercial / Industrial Construction Award between $50M and $100M for the UTAS Medical Sciences 2 project constructed as a Joint Venture between Fairbrother and John Holland. I was very proud to collect these awards on behalf of our people that worked on these projects. Pictured Above and Below: CEO Craig Edmunds accepting National Master Builder Awards in Canberra. In addition we were finalists in three other award categories which really put us in the spotlight on the National stage. With consistent success over a number of years at a National level I think we are living up to our vision of being a symbol of excellence in the Australian Construction Industry. I congratulate everyone who worked on our winning projects not only at the National level but also state level. Employee News In this newsletter you will read about our Divisional Employee and Apprentice of the Year winners. These awards are recognition for exceptional performance and achievement. Congratulations to the winners who will now be considered for the prestige overall winner of the 2014 Fairbrother Group Employee of the Year and the Apprentice of the Year which will be announced in our first newsletter in the New Year. Following a period of operating without a full time General Manager in Victoria due to an industry downturn and a quieter period, I am pleased to announce that we have now appointed Michael Josey as our new Victorian General Manager. Mick commenced early December and is eagerly looking forward to the task of supporting our two Victorian construction divisions and leading the development and growth of the business unit. Over recent months we have commenced another round of the Diploma of Business Management. This is part of our development program which is aimed at ensuring that we have sufficient key people for the future growth of the company. Since the last newsletter there have been further milestone achievements reached for Years of Service with the Company. I would like to congratulate these employees for their loyalty and fantastic achievement. You can read about these achievements on page 19 of this newsletter. Finally, thank you all for your commitment and contribution throughout the year. I wish you and your families a safe and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Craig Edmunds Chief Executive Officer

4 In the News 3 BURNIE 10 On Sunday 19 th of October 25 eager Fairbrother and Degree C participants took part in this year s B&E Burnie 10. It was a glorious Spring day and a total of 2,859 people took to the track and participated in this premier event. Our very own Mikaela Adams (Peter Adams North s daughter) took out the Female 18 and Under category in speedy time of 00:50:33. Our fastest athlete on the day was Joinery s Toby Enniss completing the course in a swift pace of 00:41:46 followed by Jason Waldron (00:45:04), Peter Adams North (00:45:31), Peter Elliott (00:45:43) and pushing a pram with his lovely daughter on board John Cornell (00:47:44). A huge congratulations to everyone who participated in this event. THE GIFT OF BLOOD They say the gift of blood is the gift of life, so we would like to send out a big thank you to all the Degree C Fabrication employees who recently rolled up their sleeves and donated blood helping out those in need! Trent Madden managed to organise approximately 15 of his fellow workers from the Fabrication Division to head down and donate blood at Red Cross. Trent is a regular donor and his wife Erin works at Red Cross so on hearing that donations where a little low he put out the call for help. Well done Trent and all the Fabrication Team for rolling up your sleeves. For more information on blood donation or to find out if you are eligible to become a donor please visit Pictured to the Right: Employees Tim Smith and Neil Collins doing their bit and giving blood. PAVING INDUSTRIES PATHWAY Each year Fairbrother support the roll out of the Master Builders Association Pathways into the Building and Construction Industry Program which aims to encourage young students to think seriously about their future and to open their eyes to the benefits of entering the building and construction industry as a career choice. Master Builders Tasmania visit the majority of high schools around the state, talking to approximately 54 schools and 2,000 students. As part of the program Fairbrother assist Master Builders by allowing a number of past and present apprentices to accompany them on the delivery of the program allowing students to hear from someone first hand and close to their own age on what it is like to work in the construction industry. Topics covered are broad with a range of information, explaining things like: how to enter the industry through different pathways, subject choices leading into year ten, preparation for job interviews and the importance of obtaining work experience. Fairbrother employeees are also able to pass on knowledge and expand on real life experiences and their own journey from school into the work force. We would like to thank Phil de Jong, James Cullen, Brayden Rosendale, Jake Herbert, Ash Smith and Mitchell Hill for participaing within the program and representing the Company so well. We would also like to thank the Divisional Managers for allowing employees time out of their normal work routine to support such an important industry forum. Pictured below: Ash Smith speaking to students about his apprenticeship experience.

5 In the News Continued... 4 F1 CHALLENGE PUTS US TO THE TEST Degree C s Fabrication Division recently extended a helping hand to students at Ulverstone High School by supporting them to design, manufacture, test and race miniature F1 racing cars as part of their school program and the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge. The students combined their classroom learning with hands on learning. They applied skills such as using CAD software package to design their race cars, the use of a CNC machine to cut out the body of the car, wood work and paints skills to further shape and paint the race car, mathematics to calculate and ensure the car was aerodynamically correct and even English to write letters to companies to obtain sponsorship. This is where Degree C became involved. Students contacted Fabrication Divisional Manager Tim Smith looking for support in the manufacture of the racing cars. Tim allowed the students to come to the workplace so they could learn and best consider to how to gain maximum speed from the race cars, resulting in Tim agreeing to supply several sets of aluminium wheels, axles and bearings for the race cars. On delivery of the race car parts students were extremely excited and thankful for the support, they were very eager to put their cars and the new parts together so that they could test out their new race cars. Once installed, using a gas cartridge they were then able to finalise their race cars ready for racing against all other schools in the State F1 in Schools Technology Challenge, where overall winners would be sent to a National Competition in Canberra. It seems the supply of the aluminium wheels and associated parts proved very successful. Students reported that no other team had such advanced techniques, they also reported racing results well exceeded their expectations resulting in an overall first and two seconds. These teams will now go on to Canberra to compete in a National Competition thanks to the support of Tim and the Fabrication team. Pictured Above: Tim Smith explaining to students the requirements of fitting the car parts supplied. Employee Achievements & Awards To Aspire is to Achieve... WORLDSKILLS COMPETITION UPDATE Following on from our last newletter article, Joinery Cabinetmaking employee Jordan Flannery and Northern Construction employee Luke Young competed in the National Worldskills competition after being awarded positions in the Tasmanian team for competing so well in the state competition. Jordan and Luke along with approximately 13 other of Tasmania s most talented trade and skilled technicians prepared, trained and competed in the 2014 Worldskills Australia National Competition held in Perth, Western Australia from September The event saw nearly 500 representatives from all states across Austrlaia compete to be recognised as the best in their specialised skill category. Jordan represented Tasmania in the Cabinetmaking section and Luke represented Tasmania in the Joinery section and although neither Jordan or Luke positioned in the medal presentations, we are extremely proud of their achievements, earning a position within the Tasmanian team. Competing as part of the Nation s best in Western Australia, showcasing their skills as being the best in Tasmania and representing what quality talent we have within our own Company. Well done to both Jordan and Luke in representing Tamania and Fairbrother so well. STATE TRAINING AWARDS Tim Bryant and Luke Young recently represented Degree C and Fairbrother Construction well by being award finalists in the Tasmanian State Training Awards. Both Tim and Luke were lucky enough to be invited for and interviewed in front of a prestigious interview panel to be judged for an Apprentice of the Year award. Unfortunately neither Luke or Tim brought the award home, however as a group we find it wonderful that two of our very own were talented enough to be considered finalists. AIRAH AWARDS Chris Fontana also represented Degree C extremely well recently, having also been selected as a finalist for the Future Leader Award within the Australian Institue of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) industry. Chris too was unsuccessful in winning the award, however we are also extremely proud of his achievments having been considered a finalist against a national contingent of entries. MBA APPRENTICE OF THE YEAR AWARD Our own Luke Young of the Northern Construction division was recently awarded as the Tasmanian Winner Master Builders Association Apprentice of the Year. Luke was recognised as being a highly skilled tradesman who has a strong work ethic, committment and a passion for his trade. He was described as having special quality and talent in his chosen field. He was described as being mature well beyond his years and spoke well with honesty and integrity. Luke demonstrated that he is determined and has a high level of motivation. Is studious, reliable and a consistently good performer. Luke s win as Apprentice of the Year is the fourth consecutive win at State Level for Fairbrother an unparalleled achievement in the Tasmanian construction industry. Well done Luke and well done to all award finalists mentioned herein. The details of these awards demonstrates the quality of people employed within our group companies and shows the efforts of others to train and develop the best apprentices and employees. Congratulations to all involved. Pictured Above: Tim Bryant accepting State Training finalist certificate. Pictured Above: Luke Young accepting MBA Apprentice of the Year Award.

6 Construction, Joinery & Facility Management Tasmania-wide round up 5 As we head rapidly towards Christmas it s a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and also what opportunities are ahead of us. From my own personal point of view, apart from the challenging market, the last 12 months have probably been one of the most enjoyable years I have experienced in my time at Fairbrother. It s truly a remarkable effort what our Divisions have managed this year and some of the accolades that we have received. I have attempted to summarise these, whilst at the same time commenting about the road ahead. Fairbrother Facility Management It s been a busy year for our FM team, right across the State. We had several weather events that created many opportunities and busy periods for all the FM teams. Sadly, our 4 year contract with the UTAS Medical Sciences facility has come to an end. However we have picked up several new contracts including the Heritage listed Female factory tourist attraction in South Hobart, as well as the renewal of the Hydro Tasmania maintenance contract for another 2 years. At the same time we have maintained our strong relationships with RACT for insurance works and ongoing works with DHHS across the State. This past year has seen FM undertake a very definitive type of work, without us straying too far away from what we define as our core business works. This has assisted in ensuring the works we do take on fit our method of operations and we are not doing work for the sake of turnover. We still get the odd project out of left field, but that is a strength of the Division and what our clients are looking for. Our Risdon maintenance contract hit a milestone during the year in that we are over the half way mark of the contract with now just on 7 years to travel. Richard and Tony have continued to build on the very strong relationship we have with Prison Management. The year ahead is pretty much more of the same; however we would be pleased if we could increase our market opportunities in the Northern area of the State. This would enable us to employ a permanent staff member in the Northern office. We wish Kathryn Ryan all the best as she commences maternity leave in the New Year. North West Construction What a standout year our guys in the North West have had, in fact you really have to go back two years when looking at what has been achieved in the North West. When you consider that we undertook Port Sorell Primary School, Devonport Homemakers and Project Frost all concurrently, it s an amazing achievement. This last 12 months has seen our work at Project Frost continue solid for the year, with our works completed on this project approaching $60M. This is the largest value of work that Fairbrother has undertaken in our own right, that s an amazing accomplishment on the North West Coast. Whilst I don t like to single people Pictured Above (Far Right): Peter Killick accepted a State Master Builders Award in Hobart. out, it s very appropriate that I mention Jim Brinkman s awesome work on Project Frost. Jim is approaching three years on Project Frost, which is a feat all on its own! Jim has led this project and our site team from the front and hasn t wavered once even though it s been a roller coaster of a project and extremely stressful at times. Jim, I commend you on what you and your site team have achieved with this project - thank you. As I said it is dangerous singling people out, especially when the entire Division has done such a great job. There has been a mixture of away projects in Strahan and Queenstown plus project teams travelling to Launceston over regular periods. This is combined with a group of young employees coming into the office to commence their management careers and doing an excellent job, finding work when it is needed the most. It has been a fabulous effort and year from Darryn and his team, well done. The year ahead is possibly the most challenging the North West have faced for some years, but we are buoyed by the opportunities that are on the horizon a little closer to Launceston, so if we need to head up that way for a project or two that s what we will do! Southern Construction The Southern Division has had its own roller coaster of a year, for very different reasons. Casting our minds back earlier in 2014, we had a team of five staff working on the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment Joint Venture and were one weekend away from commencing construction works on an early works package when the project was placed on hold. The effect on the office was significant with resources available immediately and work needed to be found instantly. To their credit, Paul Ransley and his team jumped to the challenge and secured much needed work to ensure the fallout damage from the RHH was kept to a minimum. This meant that projects were secured with very competitive margins but it also meant that redundancies were minimised even though we had been ramping up towards the RHH. For a region that hasn t been as busy as what the area has experienced over the last few years, we have undertaken some extremely significant projects; Fairway Rise Aged Care Facility within days of being completed, the new Bunnings Glenorchy store underway, Trinity House accommodation project well underway, and of course you can t go past the floating Brooke St Pier project. This has been an absolutely amazing project to be part of and all our staff and employees are to be congratulated for their efforts on this project. The client is extremely complimentary towards our management and our site teams who have worked on the project. This is another one of those jobs that we ll finish and move on, only to think back in the years ahead as being an amazing feat. I have to admit, I have struggled with the whole concept of floating a 5000t concrete structure from its construction place at Glenorchy into the heart of the city! Well it happened but the photos just don t do it justice!

7 6 Hobart is facing a massive opportunity for works in the year ahead. One after another, significant projects are being unveiled with plans to commence in I have some strong reservations as to the market s ability to handle some of these projects and wonder, in particular, where some of the sub trades will come from. Fair to say 2015 should be a year of opportunity in Hobart. We will also have some definitive answers on the direction of the RHH! Fairbrother Joinery A challenging year would be how I d summarise the year that Fairbrother Joinery have had. Summing it up, we went from surviving on small projects and unfortunately downsizing our workshop capacity during the year to meet the work volumes to being awarded the MBA Specialist Contractor of the Year. Coming off Medical Sciences 2 and IMAS Joinery projects in the millions, back to projects lucky to reach $300,000 was always going to be a hard gig to manage. Kurt and his team have managed this and apart from a small period in the middle of the year, when we were lucky to have work for a third of our workforce, we have scraped through the year in reasonable shape. We have been competitive in a very tough market and completed some good jobs through the period. We have secured a project with John Holland in Sydney which will see our workshop busy in the first part of 2015, whilst we continue onwards with sub $300,000 projects. As the projects in Hobart come on line, so will Fairbrother Joinery s opportunity to regain some of those million dollar plus contracts that will be up for grabs. We have bitten the bullet and replaced our aging edgebander during the year as Pictured Below (Left and Right): George Town Community Centre HUB reliability issues started to creep into our manufacturing capability. This has proven very quickly to be the right decision and I look forward to this significant investment helping to ensure we remain competitive going forward. Northern Construction When we speak of tough journeys, I see an instant analogy with our Northern Office. What a tough market this has been throughout the year, but I have been so impressed with our small team in the North to scrape, fight and bash our way through a ridiculously tough period. The UTAS NRAS Newnham Project ensured we had a busy start to the year, but from then on it has been get what you can from the region which has given so little for a number of years now. We have maintained a smallish crew with small and sub $4M projects which is a tough ask for any Division, but I have been truly amazed at some of the achievements from the Division. The work completed at Georgetown Hub, the Australia Post GPO, and the Australia Post Distribution Centre, along with some of the other smaller projects, have been excellent results for us one way or another. We have maintained some wonderful relationships with clients and consultants, as well as renewing past relationships and commencing new ones as we build our Northern office back to what we know it can be and what we want it to be. We have welcomed Lawrence Robinson, a Senior Estimator into the North West and North offices this year, as well as Tammy Williams and Jake Herbert into the Northern office over recent weeks, as Nick continues to rebuild his Division for the long term future. It s been tough, but the entire team can be well pleased with their efforts throughout the year. Congratulations again to Luke Young on achieving the MBA Tasmanian Apprentice of the year - great effort Luke! The immediate future in the North looks amazing, with numerous $5M - $10M projects on the drawing board for commencement during I remain exceptionally confident that we will have a fruitful period ahead in the North, definitely something to look forward to. From a personal perspective, there are a few things that I will take from this year as I move into 2015 with much anticipation. To achieve the MBA Commercial Contractor of the Year was a real buzz, and 14 awards, that was great! The restructure and support that has been provided by our Corporate and Administration teams this year has been a real positive and will only get better. We have some wonderful people in these areas and they provide us with so much support, that we (I) often lose sight of this. Thank you to all our Admin and Corporate teams for your efforts throughout the year. Closer to home, my Divisional Management team with Divisional Managers, Darryn, Paul, Kurt, Nick and Richard, along with other key managers from their Divisions, have been fantastic support throughout the whole year. I look at their ability, commitment and efforts and can only think what an amazing group of people we have leading our Divisions. Thanks for all your efforts guys. To all our employees and their families, please have a wonderful festive season and I look forward to working with you in Peter Killick General Manager

8 Safety First Timely Reminders... 7 VEHICLE SAFETY In recent months there has been an increased number of motor vehicle related accidents, ranging from minor to potentially fatal involving fleet vehicles, and sub contractors personal vehicles During many employees day to day work you may encounter a variety of driving situations, road conditions and can easily experience four seasons in one day. Driving to the conditions and driving for everyone else on the road is just two of the many skills required. To add another element to the challenge is the festive period. As always, this Christmas / New Year holiday period, we will see an increased level of vehicles on the road and more pedestrians. The travel tips below are courtesy of the AUSTRALIAN ROAD SAFETY FOUNDATION and are a reminder of what we need to do every time before setting off in our vehicles. 1. Plan ahead & be flexible - Take a little time to make sure that you and your vehicle is safe before hitting the road. Plan to avoid the worst peak traffic periods when many highways become congested. Allow plenty of time and make the journey part of the holiday. Schedule regular rest stops. 2. Be alert to changes - Check relevant State traffic and travel information websites or call SUN SAFETY REMINDER Australia has the highest incident of skin cancer in the world and Construction Workers have a higher risk of skin cancer than many other workers due to long periods exposed to UV radiation from direct sunlight and UV rays reflected from nearby surfaces such as concrete. Therefore be sun smart this Summer adopt the 5 simple principles of sun protection when working outside: SEEK, SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SLIDE! 1. Seek Shade and Reduce Exposure - Staying in the shade is one of the most effective ways to reduce sun exposure. where possible find and work in natural shade or when no natural shade is available and where reasonably practical erect temporary shading. 2. Slip on some Protective Work Clothing- One of the best barriers between your skin and the sun is clothing, so cover as much skin as possible, and remember: Long pants and shirts with collar and long sleeves are best. Keep cool in light weight clothing, closely woven the relevant number for real time updates about road changes, delays, closures and incidents. 3. Drive to the conditions - Conditions doesn t just refer to the weather. It includes: the road you re on; weather; traffic conditions; speed (the speed limit and a safe speed may differ); you are you tired or on medication that affects your driving; and your vehicle and load. 4. Watch out for fatigue - Long trips are tiring and fatigue can be deadly behind the wheel. Plan to get enough rest beforehand and during the trip so that you drive fresh. Plan in advance where you ll take breaks on your trip. A large percentage of fatal traffic accidents are single vehicle crashes where fatigue is a contributing factor. 5. Identify the safest routes - Some routes are safer than others. You need to know that roadside hazards like trees, ditches, poles and narrow shoulders can increase risk. Intersections can be dangerous and so can busy roads without a median barrier. Armed with that knowledge you can adjust your driving to the conditions and take extra care on higher risk rural roads. 6. Before you travel - Check your vehicle including tyre tread and pressure, lights, brakes, engine oil, coolant and power steering fluid. Also, when packing your material with UPF of 50+ provides more protection. Loose fitting clothing will also be cooler in the heat. 3. Slop on SPF30+ Sunscreen - Apply sunscreen regularly, and always wear it with other sun protection measures. It should not be relied on as the only form of sun protection, remember to use in combination with protective clothing, hats and sunglasses. Sunscreen is available to all our employees and should be: SPF 30+. Labelled broad spectrum as this filters bother UVA and UVB radiation. Water resistant, so not washed or sweated off. Meets Australian Standards and has a valid expiry date. Applied 20 minutes before going outdoors, then every 2 hours, or more often if near water or when sweating. Applied in a thick layering action rather than rubbing into the skin. On your lips too (a common skin cancer site), zinc or lip balm will provide longer protection. 4. Slap on a Hat - Sun protection is needed to protect the face, head and neck, ears and eyes. Helmet and hard hat accessories are available to all our employees for attaching to helmets, items such as broad brims with peaks and flaps provide much more shade to our heads: vehicle, make sure everything is securely stowed. Even small objects can become dangerous missiles in the event of a sudden stop or crash. 7. Check your trailers and caravans - Check all towing attachments and make sure the couplings are compatible. Also remember to check the safety chains, trailer lights, tyres and brakes. 8. Keep your cool - Holiday driving can be frustrating with busy roads and potentially slower sightseeing travellers. Be courteous and patient and don t be provoked by other drivers aggressive behaviour. 9. Buckle up and use correctly fitted child restraints - Seat beats save lives. Making sure you and everyone in your car are wearing a seat belt is arguably the most significant thing you can do to improve your level of safety whilst driving. Additionally, correctly using and fitting child restraints, booster seats or child safety harnesses can substantially reduce the risk of serious injury or death. 10. Remember you re sharing the road - Traffic volumes increase during the holidays and you ll be sharing the road with other cars, as well as pedestrians, cyclists, heavy trucks, buses, campervans and vehicles towing boats or caravans. Always keep a safe following distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. Attachable broad brims and neck flaps are available for hard hats or helmets. When used alone a broad brimmed hat can reduce exposure to the eyes by 50%. When teamed with other forms of sun protection, exposure substantially reduces. 5. Slide on some Sunglasses - Eyes are also susceptible to sun damage and need protection, so slide on some safety sunglasses to protect your eyes: Close fitting, wrap around style safety sunglasses are best, this design stops solar UVR from entering the sides and top of the lenses. Safety sunglasses comply with Australian Standards and protect the eye from flying objects or glare. Extra care should always be taken between 10.00am and 3.00pm when UV index levels are most intense. Skin cancer can usually be cured if detected and treated early. We encourage you to check your own skin often and look for spots that are new or have changed colour, size or shape. Seek medical advice as soon as possible should you notice anything unusual.

9 Degree C A Year of Growth... 8 Reflecting on 2014 Whilst 2014 seems to have come and gone in no time at all, when I look back over the past 12 months, DegreeC has ticked off on a number of achievements and as a company we have made significant contributions to a number of major projects in Tasmania. As a company we commenced the financial year with 170 employees and as of the middle of November we had reached 192, which in the most part has been driven by the decision to employ a number of key (ex PSG) staff and electrical trades across the state.. taking the electrical divisions numbers to 46 employees. Our contracting, fabrication and service divisions have also experienced moderate growth over the period and whilst the market is still ultra competitive, there is a feeling of optimism within the industry for the near future. Our North West team has now been in the new Ulverstone facility for over 12 months. The move to this facility has been a great success, with all divisions benefiting from the additional space and amenity that the building provides. In particular the Fabrication division has benefitted enormously from the state of the art workshop and the advantages that come with the additional manufacturing and storage space not to mention the overhead crane!! Milestones & Achievements of Our Employees This year also sees some significant milestones for some our employees, with Cody Beach and Scott Brown achieving 10 years service Greg James, Brendan Sheehan and Judy Meers achieving membership to the 25 year club Tim Smith achieving 30 years and incredibly Colin Taylor achieving 40 years of service. From my perspective as the General Manager, I can t stress enough the significance of reaching these milestones and the benefit that this type of commitment and loyalty brings to our business.. That s 165 years of experience in those 7 people! Well done to all of you and I look forward to many more years. Once again we have some very worthy divisional winners for the Employee and Apprentice of the Year Awards, with Anthony Coulson, Des Gallagher and Jason Matthews all divisional winners for the Employee of the Year and Brad Buston the Winner of Apprentice of the Year for Degree C. Well done and I would like to wish you all well in the Overall Group Awards. Another Year Over Whilst it is hard to believe that another year is ending, I would like to take this opportunity to individually thank Tim Smith and the Fabrication guys, Wayne Hobson and the expanding state wide electrical team, Brett James and the Ulverstone team, Bruce Fraser and the team in Launceston, Brett Mountney and the Service and Refrigeration team across the state, Kent Nugent and the team in Hobart, and last but by no means least, the hard working admin team lead by Judy Meers. I would also like to thank our contractors, suppliers and loyal clients for their continued support this year. Finally I would like to wish all our staff, clients, contracting partners and all their families a safe, happy Christmas and New Year. Michael Rogers General Manager Pictured to the Right: 1. Judy Meers, 25 Years of Services 2. Tim Smith, 30 Years of Service 3. Colin Taylor, 40 Years of Service 4. Greg James, 25 Years of Service 5. Brendan Sheehan, 25 Years of Service

10 Apprentice of the Year Nominations Young Talent on the Rise 9 The annual search for the Apprentice of the Year has started with the selection of winners at the Divisional or Business Unit level. In previous years the quality of those selected for recognition has been exceptional and this year is no different. Each of the five winners below will go foward for consideration in the Overall Fairbrother Group Apprentice of the Year Award. Selected for a number of attributes including positive attitudes, committment to learning and strong work ethics, James, Will, Jarrard, Jordan and Brad each receive a $250 gift voucher and a special certificate. Well done to this year s winners and good luck in the overall award James Cullen, 4 th Year Carpenter Apprentice - Fairbrother Southern Tasmania Commenced: 17 th January 2011 James is currently in his 4 th year of his carpentry apprenticeship. Jimmy has improved out of sight during the past year, he still has his cheeky side but is always willing to listen and learn. He is motivated and prepared to work hard at any task at hand. All of his apprentice appraisals from a variety of Foreman and Leading Hands have detailed his exceptional work ethic and mentioned the capable carpenter he is developing into. He played a key role in the Fairway Rise project looking after the external cladding. In this role he also coached and mentored other apprentices. 2. William Parker, 4 th Year Carpenter Apprentice - Fairbrother North West Tasmania Commenced: 17 th January 2011 Will has been an absolute consistent performer over the course of his apprenticeship and has developed the skills and knowledge of tradesman beyond his years. He came to us full of enthusiasm 4 years ago now and soon demonstrated that he had a natural talent for construction. Great skills, highly motivated, pleasure to work with are just some of the consistent feedback that he has received from his peers. 3. Jarrard Scott, 3 rd Year Carpenter Apprentice - Fairbrother Northern Tasmania Commenced: 30 th January 2012 A worthy recipient of the Northern Award, being team focused, providing appropriate leadership and demonstrates an attitude of enthusiasm and nothing is a problem. Jarrard has excellent communication skills with fellow employees, staff and subcontractors and displays leadership and direction to site employees. Jarrard is prepared to get in and assist others with whatever the project or task maybe. He is a quiet achiever, undertakes his work with minimal fuss achieving good results in projects he has taken responsibility for. 4. Jordan Flannery, 4 th Year Cabinet Maker Apprentice - Fairbrother Joinery Commenced: 17 th January Jordan has been a big improver over the past 12 months, as he has started to extend himself to levels beyond our expectations. Specifically his performance while producing 136 Bedside Cabinets for Barossa Park was a stand out earlier this year. His application to that particular project was a real milestone for Jordan and since that point he has continued to impress through his desire and commitment to achieving various goals. Throughout the later part of the year Jordan has developed into a well rounded 4 th year apprentice with a solid site install stint at George Town Hub where he acted as Jamie Padman s fall back man. Jordan also competed in the World Skills competition this year, taking out the state title in Cabinet Making, which was a great achievement. This gained him entry into the National competition held in WA which was a great experience competing against the Nation s best Cabinet Makers. 5. Brad Burston, 2 nd Year Electrical Apprentice - Degree C Launceston Commenced: 2 nd January 2013 Brad is a 2nd Year Electrical Apprentice based in Launceston, who is certainly a team player developing excellent relationships with all of his Degree C colleagues. In fact his fellow tradesmen are always keen to have him work alongside them because they know he will give 100% effort every time. He accepts and performs all tasks he is given with enthusiasm and a can do attitude. Brad consistently performs well in his off the job training and is held in high regard by the TasTafe staff. Regularly positive feedback is received from Brad s customers. A recent call from a customer said how impressed they were with how hard Brad had worked and his polite manner, they said that we are lucky to have such a great young man working with our company. We agree!

11 Employee of the Year Nominations Role Models Recognised 10 As with the apprentices, the process of identifying employee role models has started with the selection of nine winners at the Divisional or Business Unit level. Selected for demonstrating a consistent and strong aligment to the company values, each of the 2014 award recepients has been recognised as a role model and leader in his own right. We congratulate Justin, Adrian, Nathan, Jamie, Adam, Daniel, Anthony, Des and Jason on an outstanding year and thank them for their hard work, energy and committment. Each winner will receive a $ gift voucher and a special certificate and will progress to judging in the overall Fairbrother Group Employee of the Year Award Justin Pegg, Foreman - Fairbrother Southern Tasmania Commenced: 29 th September 2004 Justin has now been with Fairbrother for just over 10 years. In this period he has worked on projects for Norske Skog, Friends Assembly, MS2, Barossa Aged Care and is currently delivering the Brooke Street Pier project. Justin has a quiet demeanour and goes about the delivery of his projects with little fuss. He has strong working relationships with all his clients, consultants and subcontractors and is well respected. He is an excellent choice as this year s Divisional award after a strong track record of delivering difficult projects and taking on additional roles to assist the Project Managers. 2. Adrian Lynd, Foreman - Fairbrother North West Tasmania Commenced: 24 th February 1999 Adrian is a very worthy recipient of this award in recognising not only the great contribution that he has made this year, but consistently across all of his time with the Company. Adrian over the years has often been in a support role but readily steps up to run projects when asked. One of his key challenges this year was the delivery of the iconic Darrel Baldock Memorial project at Latrobe. Faced with stringent time and budget constraints that were met along with delivering the project to an exacting high quality standard is testament to the exceptional value Adrian brings to the business. Through this project his work has gone on to receive significant media coverage both locally and nationally and has been a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase what has been just a little different to mainstream construction. 3. Nathan Murfet, Project Manager / Estimator - Fairbrother Northern Tasmania Commenced: 19 th January 2009 Nathan has provided enthusiasm, team focused outcomes and has a real sense of taking on anything that is thrown his way type approach. Nathan is the first person to the office and is generally the last to leave, he is prepared to get in and assist others with whatever they or the business may require. He is an example of great leadership and he is prepared to commence with a positive aspect in all situations.this is the type of attitude and commitment that inspires others and is needed. Nathan should be very pleased with the outcomes attained through his efforts on recent projects, developing strong and trustworthy relationships with his clients. 4. Jamie Padman, Joiner - Fairbrother Joinery Commenced: 4 th July 2011 Since Jamie began his employment with us back in July 2011 he has been a stand out employee and this year has been no exception. The nurturing manner in the way Jamie works with his fellow employees is very rare and he has an ability to extract the best out of our apprentices when they are working with him on-site. Jamie displays an exceptional work ethic which is hard to match. The output that Jamie can produce is impressive. Even with a relatively junior team around him at George Town Hub, he still managed to surpass our expectations. Jamie s quality of work on project installations is fantastic. When Jamie is working on an installation you can be confident that he has it under control, on all fronts.

12 Employee of the Year Nominations Role Models Recognised... continued Jason Matthews, Sales / Heat Pump Consultant - Degree C Launceston Commenced: 16 th April 2007 Jason has consistently had great domestic sales over the past 6 to 7 years and has grown this side of our business. It has been a challenging task the past couple of years but he has managed to meet budget requirements or better. His outgoing personality and friendly disposition is a big key to his success. He has built up great relationships with clients and is an outstanding team member in the Launceston branch. 6. Adam Dance, Facility Management Tradesman - Fairbrother Facility Management Commenced: 24 th June 2009 Adam has been involved in the maintenence industry for many years and has gained the respect of clients with his excellent communication skills and become a likeable tradesman to carry out works on their premises. He is proactive in managing tasks safely, is diligent in ensuring a safe workplace and has a mature outlook with an attention to detail, having no issues in stating unfavourable outcomes and attemps to offer solutions for the benefit of Fairbrother. More recently Adam has taken on the role as Project Foreman for the Medium Ceiling Hardening Project at Risdon Prison Centre. In a difficult environment Adam has excelled in managing contractors, timelines, correctional staff and inmate relations to ensure that the project is delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the client at handover. He has represented Fairbrother in a professional manner and has gained the respect of correctional staff and developed a fruitful and productive relationship with contractors to meet tight deadlines. 7. Daniel Miller, Foreman - Fairbrother Bendigo / Warrnambool Commenced: 12 th January 1998 Dan has been a loyal memeber of our site team for over 15 years. He has fulfilled a number of roles and responsibiliies over this time and continues to contribute and impress with his flexibility. Over the years he has covered the roles of Carpenter, Leading Hand, Foreman, and has also very successfully led a concrete crew and continues to be extremely versatile in the projects and tasks he undertakes. No matter what the situation, Dan accepts any challenge with his trademark smile and positive outlook. He is a great mentor for younger carpenters, is extremely driven and has a real focus on maximising on productivity, this is proven with the project results he achieves and how he always looks to get the most out of his team. 8. Anthony Coulson, Electrical Coordinator - Degree C Launceston Commenced: 19 th September 2011 Anthony has proven to be a valuable employee in his position as the Northern Electrical Coordinator. The depth of his knowledge and experience has gelled the electrical team in Launceston. His organisational skills has brought efficiencies to the division plus his interaction with the Launceston branch has helped grow the electrical division. His duties include labour scheduling, quoting, technical advice to the tradesman and on occasions advice for the electrical section of heatpump installations. He is a great asset to the Degree C Electrical division. 9. Des Gallagher, Project Manager - Degree C Hobart Commenced: 5 th February 2007 Having had two employment periods over previous years, Des Gallagher has been with Degree C for a total of 19 years, starting out as a Sheet Metal Worker. Currently Des is in the role of Senior Project Manager / Estimator for the Mechanical Division in Hobart.This role also includes project management and administration works. Des has made an exceptional contribution to the Company over many years and as is now helping to deliver our current projects - Brooke Street Pier, Tas Networks(Maria Street) and the Myer Redevelopment Project, on time and in budget. Des has an outstanding ability to use his time very efficiently (those who talk with Des on the phone will understand what I mean) and his knowledge of the industry is second to none. Des will think outside the square to find the right solutions when required. He has been a very loyal servant of the Company and deserves this Divisional award.

13 Construction Victoria Exciting Times Ahead There are mixed fortunes across the Victorian business units for South West Victoria have really found their feet, and embarked upon a number of exciting new relationships, such as Midfields, Deakin University and also getting a foot in the door with Woolworths, in being awarded the contract to construct the new Curlewis Shopping Centre. In Central Victoria, the team have battled with a number of challenges, which have threatened their spirits at times. However as we approach the New Year, Central Victoria also has some exciting opportunities, particularly with new relationships being developed with both Aviagen and Hy-Line Australia, who are both constructing new hatcheries, and long-time clients such as Girton Grammar School and Hazeldene s, looking to continue the development of their sites. Notable projects for both regions completed throughout 2014 include the Bendigo Art Gallery Major Expansion, Girton Grammar School Science Building, Choices Flooring Showroom, Mercy Health, Warrnambool Mazda Showroom, Wannon Water, just to name a few. The new Bingo Hall project is also set to be completed before the long break. On a real positive, the amount of upcoming tenders is very encouraging. If we are able to pick up our fair share. It will put us in a great position for the rest of this Financial Year, and into the next. Employee of the Year Awards It is with great pleasure that we announce the Central Victorian Employee of the Year. It has been a year where many have stood up, but there could only be one winner. Employee of the Year Daniel Miller Dan has continued to contribute and impress with his flexibility. Over the years he has covered the roles of Carpenter, Leading Hand, Foreman, and has also very successfully led a concrete crew. No matter what the situation, Dan accepts any challenge with his trademark smile and positive outlook. Dan has proven that he is very results driven, and always looks to get the most out of his team. Congratulations Dan, you continue to show us all that you are an extremely important member of our team. Keep up the good work. Staff Changes In Warrnambool, the team remains fairly settled, although with the number of potential opportunities arising, it seems inevitable that Billy will be looking to recruit management staff in the very near future. Not to mention Billy s current workload with the arrival of the twins! Congratulations Amy and Billy. Meanwhile the Bendigo unit has gone through another important phase in the recruitment of key staff. Nick Hayes (Trainee Estimator) joining us from a window contractor based in Echuca,. Nick brings a sound knowledge of what it takes to measure a job. There is no doubt still a lot to learn, but the same can be said for all of us! Mitch Boyd (Trainee Contracts Administrator) having spent some time in a similar role in the UK, Mitch returns to his home town of Bendigo to continue the development of his career. We are encouraged by what Mitch can offer, and what we can offer in return. Michelle Perry (Project Manager) after gaining valuable experience with Kane Construction, Michelle comes on board to add to our Project Management capacity. Michael Josey (General Manager Victoria) also from Kane Construction, Michael is set to add some much needed experience into our relatively young team. This will greatly assist in supporting our current Victorian management structure, along with investigating further opportunities in new regions in due course. Years of Service Recognition This year quite a number of staff and employees have achieved significant milestones, which we would like to recognise. 10 Years - Michael Draper, 15 Years - Barry Jane and Tim Hurford and 20 Years - Noel Giri. A big thank you and congratulations to all for their achievements over such a long period. We would also like to extend a congratulations out to our apprentice Matt Huf. Matt has been selected to play in the Australian Country Under 21 s hockey side in December. He travels to Fiji and spends two weeks playing against six other countries. Its a great effort, especially when he travels to Melbourne twice a week after work for training and is back at work at 7.00am the next day. Well done! To all of the Fairbrother Team throughout South West and Central Victoria, your contributions have been vital to our success, and we are proud of what has been achieved. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and may your festive season be filled with fun and relaxation. Simon Kelly Manager - Central Victoria Pictured Below: Bendigo Art Gallery

14 Master Builders Association Awards Victorian and Tasmanian Project Success 13 Fairbrother Construction teams have been quite successful this year in both the Victorian, Tasmanian and National Master Builders Association Awards for Excellence. Tasmania was very pleased to recieve a total of 14 awards including four special awards - Builder of the Year Award (Commercial), Judges Inspiration Award (Commercial), Apprentice of the Year - Luke Young and Specialist Contractor of the Year Award. Victoria was also successful at their recent awards night proudly taking out the Regional Commercial Builder of the Year Award. In addition to this we were delighted to be awarded and to accept two National Master Builder Association Awards, an excellent reward recognising all staff and employees efforts which enable these projects to be successfully undertaken - well done to everyone! Regional Commercial Builder of the Year (Vic) Builder of the Year Commercial (Tas) Specialist Contractor of the Year (Tas) Girton Grammar Science Building project required considerable attention to detail when planning the construction of the Science Building. Structural steel setout was laid at various angles and had a number of cantilevered components at each level. Internally, the laboratory walls are lined with chemical resistant boards while the floors and emergency shower are commercial grade vinyl throughout. LED light fittings make a significant positive contribution to saving energy and running costs. Strategically positioned sunhoods provide shade during the peak of summer, and large glass curtain walls allow natural sunlight to enter from all the sides of the building, reaching the central core. The large atrium space also allows in natural light and creates a very open and cheerful interior ambience. This year Fairbrother Construction impressed with many outstanding projects several of which were without peer. The Norske Skog Boyer project was judged as a superb achievement completed within a tight time frame in a functioning facility - an object lesson in probelm solving. The IMAS building at Battery Point is an outstanding success on a difficult site. Medical Sciences 2 is yet another landmark fearure for Hobart. The daring GASP project (Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park) is aptly named, the sucess of which relied heavily on the building to make it work. Fairbrother Joinery were awarded as the Specialist Contractor of the Year. Pre-project planning is a strong focus for Fairbrother Joinery. They rely heaviliy on their skilled personnel. With good management and the use of detailed labour scheduling tools they are able to deliver projects that accurately reflect their client expectations. At the commencement of each new project careful consideration is given as to how they are going to deliver the project. Their shop drawing process and the inspection and test plan system is a driver for the exceptionally high standard of joinery outcomes. Judges Inspiration Commercial (Tas) Project: Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park Stage 2 This bold architectural interpretation is situated on the Derwent River foreshore at Glenorchy. A set of blade walls establishes a pavaillion and courtyard with select openings to frame views of the surrounding landscape. A large cantilevered precast and structrual steel lookout extends 15 metres over the river and features coloured glazing. The result is an eye-catching community arts facility hosting functions and events surrounded on three sides by the waters of the spectacular Derwent River. This project is inspirational. The concept and the execution of the work have transformed the site into a place of beauty. Heritage Listed Restoration / Renovation Open Value (Tas) Project: Launceston LINC The brief was to refurbish the heritage listed School for Seniors campus on High Street, Launceston and to bring the complex up to the client s standard whilst complying with all the statutory authorities including Heritage Tasmania. The works included the demolition of part of the existing premises to allow for the new amenities block, flexible learning and teaching spaces, kitchenettes and a high end data system. Delivery of this project was required within eight weeks with new challenges as work progressed due to the heritage buildings. Resolving arising issues required close cooperation between the architect, client, subcontractors and management teams and a high leel of communication to bring the project to a successful outcome. Lifestyle Housing for Seniors Open Value (Tas) Project: Barossa Park Lodge First commenced in February 2007 however was put on hold due to the global financial crisis. The project was re-commenced in July 2012 and completed January The facility is designed to cater for Class 9c dementia, general aged care and hospital step down. Working from a documented design which was over five years old it continually required alterations to meet the current building standards and regulations. Residents lived in close proximity to the construction site requiring work to be carefully and sensitvely managed in order to minimise disturbance and disruption. The residents and health care team now enjoy the highest of quality, safety and building standards.

15 Master Builders Association Awards Continued Civil Construction Open Value (Tas) Project: Norske Skog The paper mill conversion project at the Norske Skog site included modifications to the existing high consistency bleach plant and new bleaching facilities, paper mill machine hall extension and the additional paper machine equipment on the dry end of the paper mill. This complex project was delivered with only minimal disruption to ongoing operations with over 3,200 cubic metres of concrete being poured. The logistical challenges were many. Time frames were extremely tight to reduce the plant s downtime as much as possible. The site team worked alongside the client on a daily basis to ensure that both their requirements were in alignment at all times. The key to the success of this project was the extremely successful team relationships developed over the life of the project. New Construction $2M to $5M (Tas & National) Project: St. Patrick s College The project involved the construciton of a new teaching centre - The Edmund Rice Centre at Prospect. A key challenge was working within a fully functional, very busy school campus. A process of regular communication was established to ensure that staff and students were aware of, and contributed to, the risk management process. A high level of skill was needed to frame the architecturally designed raking and angled external walls necessitating extensive scaffolding. During both the design and construction phases, sustainablity was a key consideration to all involved with this project. New Construction $5M to $10M (Tas) Project: Target Mowbray The scope of this project at Mowbray encompassed the demolition of existing residential properties and the construction of six retail facilities, arcade, car park and new Target store, completed with fit-out as the anchor tenant. Given the site s close proximity to a major retail precinct much of the work effectively took place within an operating environment. The shared use of an in-service car park required continual attention on the movement of plant, equipment and deliveries of materials in order to maintain public safety. The project construction time was condensed from twelve months to nine to meet client needs. A collaborative approach ensured the delivery of this project was on time and on budget. John Holland / Fairbrother Joint Venture New Construction $20M to $50M (Tas) Project: Institute for Marine and Antartic Studies Situated on the Hobart waterfront at Sullivan s Cove, the Institute for Maritime and Antartic Studies is destined to become a powerful global research precinct. The building has three levels accomodating 290 people. The sustainablity intitiative in the layout, orientation, facade treatment and the chosen materials has resulted in a 5 Star Green design rating. Delivered by the John Holland Fairbrother Joint Venture the new shed acknowledges the character of the adjacent historical wharf buildings. The overall result is an outstanding building that does justice to its prominent location - one to be proud of. John Holland / Fairborther Joint Venture New Construction $50M to $100M (Tas & National) Project: Medical Sciences Two This project commenced with the demolition of the pre-existing warehouse buildings along Bathurst Street in Hobart and involved extensive archaeoloigcal investigations. Construction of the new bulding included substantial pre-cast and suspected slab elements and comprised of seven levels. Its most striking feature is its facade. The design provides a concrete lattice shading came across the building with a contour form providing secondary sun shading. Mountain peaks and water formations, including Derwent River and Risdon Brook Reservoir have been mapped using a combination of steel and coloured glazing. This is a thoroughly modern building constructed to a very high standard. Construction of Commercial Buildings over $6M (Vic) Project: Girton Grammar Science Building, Bendigo The first stage in the construction of the Science Building for Girton Grammar School involved the demolition of two existing residential buildings, previously used by the school as administration hubs. The final build has provided the school with new staff offices and amenities, along with modern learning spaces, made up of both wet and dry laboratories. The top level provides a designated library for all senior students. Woodgrain panelling integrates well with the acoustic fabrics and coloured paneling. A key feature of this remarkable building is a first class lecture theatre, complete with full acoustic wall and ceiling linings, and dedicated theatre seating.

16 Master Builders Association Awards Continued John Holland / Fairbrother Joint Venture (Tas) Best Use of Glass Commercial Project: Institute for Marine and Antartic Studies The Institute for Maritime and Antartic Studies project is situated on the Hobart waterfront at Sullivan s Cove. The glazing component is very unique due to the high detail design. Th aluminum suite for the windows required four new dies produced to achied the final result. Distinctive features are the frameless glass louvres of the western end and are electrnoically controlled. The glass has a 70 per cent opacity frit pattern. The public exhibition space features a custom made toughened laminate glass with no fins. Fairbrother Foundation Supporting Youths Access to Education Renovation Under $500,000 (Tas) Project: Haywards The Haywards project located at Western Junction near Launceston Airport involved a partial demonlition and the creation of a new administration building. The client required to be fully operational during the 12 week construction period. A new concrete slab was poured into the exising building s slab. The roof was extended and a feature parapet installed. The entire facade old and new was clad with Alucobond and all windows double glazed. Limited working space required the trades to work on a tight programme requiring constant management and cooperation enabling the job to be delivered on time. Best Use of Brick Commercial (Tas) Project: St Patrick s College This education project involved the construction of a new teaching centre replacing a single level building that formed part of the original campus constructed in the late 1950 s. Among the special features of this project is the tile cladding to the external walls along with panels of traditional Homestead Red brick from the Austral range. The brick work was beautifully intergrated into the exterior facade. The bricks were meticulously laid qualifying this project for the Best use of Brick award. This year the Fairbrother Foundation had its Donations Policy approved by the Fairbrother Pty Ltd Board, giving us formal acceptance of the long term philanthropic goals we have for the Foundation. As stated in our Donations Policy, the Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that: Facilitate access to quality education, particularly amongst youth; Support activities or research striving for improved health and well-being; and Support initiatives that enrich the communities and environments in which Fairbrother operates, and particularly in which our Fairbrother employees live. In , the Foundation acknowledges the financial support of Fairbrother Pty Ltd, Degree C Pty Ltd, and Royce and Thea Fairbrother, which has enabled the Foundation to continue to build a solid base whilst actively supporting our goal to assist youth access to education. We believe that the Foundation has now reached a size and level of effectiveness that makes it appropriate to accept donations from a broader base; and openly encourage Fairbrother employees, clients and interested persons to consider making a tax deductible donation to the Fairbrother Foundation. Please talk to any of the Foundation Directors, Peter Killick, Gaye Rutherford, or Yvonne Rundle, if you are interested in finding out more information on donating to the Fairbrother Foundation. University Scholarships In 2014 the Fairbrother Foundation was in a position to fund three UTAS Scholarships, with Jordan Gergely (son of Steven Gergely, Fairbrother Joinery), Sandon James (son of Brett James, Degree C), and Thomas Mountney (son of Brett Mountney, Degree C) our newest Foundation Scholarship holders. Sandon and Thomas are the first Scholarship representatives from Degree C. Rebekkah Ransom (nee Rundle), pictured on the right, a Scholarship holder from 2011 to 2013 while she was completing her Bachelor of Arts at UTAS, has continued to excel in her studies, being awarded the prestigious and coveted Sue Napier Scholarship for her work Pictured Above: Rebekkah Ransom and Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training in her Masters of Education. The Fairbrother Foundation congratulate Rebekkah on this outstanding achievement. Her passion for education is sure to inspire many years of primary students in the near future and we are sure that her goals will be achieved. Fairbrother Group Victorian employees are reminded that employee s children looking to enrol at La Trobe University, are eligible to apply for the Fairbrother Foundation La Trobe University Scholarship (providing $4,000 p.a. over a three year degree). Peter Killick Foundation Chairman

17 Recent Projects From Inception to Completion 16 Servicing the Salmon Industry with SALTAS SALTAS is one of Tasmania s largest Atlantic salmon hatchery and smolt producers based in Wayatinah. The salmon industry in Tasmania is growing at a rate of around $1M a week and this is an industry with huge future growth potential. Currently all of the major salmon growers in Tasmania are only supplying to the Australian market and they cannot keep up with the current demand. The chilling of the water that goes into the tanks where the fish are grown is an important part of the fish farming process. This water temperature is used to control the incubation of the eggs so that the hatching of the eggs can be staggered throughout the year. By controlling the water temperatures and artificial light conditions Saltas are able to mimic changes in the seasons which bring about different developmental stages from eggs to fully grown salmon. When the salmon are fully grown they are sent out to sea for 3 months which changes the composition of the fish before being harvested for consumption. Degree C currently carry out work for four of the major players in the salmon industry and have over 15 years of experience working in the industry from the design and installation of new water chilling and refrigeration equipment to repairs and servicing of the equipment. SALTAS contracted Degree C to replace two old carrier chillers that had reached the end of their life cycle. They were becoming increasingly unreliable and costly to keep them running. They were also under capacity for SALTAS requirements. A requirement of the project was to replace the existing chillers with a chiller that was going to give trouble free operation, have a life span of over 20 years and have around 50% more capacity. Degree C designed and constructed this new system with a focus on simplicity and reliability and ended up installing a Hitachi chiller as it met the desired criteria. Wayatinah is a remote site and the last thing we and the client needed was to be caught out needing parts that will take days to arrive, as such a two stage chiller was selected and installed so in the unlikely event of a failure of one circuit there is a second circuit as a backup. On completing the project Degree C was also able to provide a full ranges of services having the ability to carry out the plumbing and electrical works, the commissioning, maintenance and ongoing support of the equipment. The provision of the full service treatment also included two of our technicians being sent to Sydney to ensure they were fully trained and up to date in carring out Hitachi chiller commisioning work and after sales service and support, ensuring we were able to carry out the commissioning and after sales support. Since the completion of this project we have received an order for another identical system and five futher smaller chiller systems. Pictured Above (Left): Degree C employee wiring up chiller, (Above Right) standing vertically 316 stainless plate heat exchanger, (Left) installed new Hitachi water chillers.

18 Recent Projects Continued Port Sorell Community Project Fairbrother North West Construction team undertook the challenging project of constructing the new Port Sorell Community Centre for the Latrobe Council. This project valued at $2.3M, consisted of a 2200m 2 approximate extension to the Camp Banksia gym incorporating a full size basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton stadium with a high end sprung sports floor. The stadium structure is built from a mixture of timber truss box beams, glue laminated rafters with steel wall infills. This was then clad in insulated Kingspan panels, which was used for their thermal properties. The remainder of the building is clad in a mixture of timber, brick, colorbond and aluminium composite panel. Along with the stadium is full amenities, 2 large meeting rooms, offices commercial kiosk, store rooms for sporting groups and a refurbishment to the existing hall. The key challenge for this project was the timber beam to steel integration in this project considering it was a relatively new concept. The project was successfully completed by the 1st October 2014 and within the 30 week timeframe allocated and now links in well with the Port Sorell Primary School across the road which Fairbrother completed in Pictured Above: External View of Completed Port Sorell Community Centre and internal view of the Community Centres Gym. Australia Post - Launceston The Australian Post building was a little tired and worse for wear and was in need of attention and required a full heritage refurbishment. The building needed internal and external painting throughout, the existing roof sheeting needed removing and replacing with new galvanised roof sheeting, the slate roofing required replacement, along with a significant number of existing copper and lead gutters and cappings. The buildings sandstone also needed replacement and rectification, which also included cleaning the entire external building facade. This was a high profile project being situated in the centre of Launceston s busy CBD. Fairbrother Northern Construction team, under the guidance of Project Manager Nathan Murfet, were contracted to undertake the works by Australian Post. The project involved careful management and constant consultation with all key stakeholders including building tenants, council chamber (whose offices are across the road), the general public and other businesses in close proximity to the area. The installaion of a 15.0m high scaffold around the entire facade of the building made refurbishment work access easier and also assisting in allowing a busy and fully functional building to maintain operationing in the centre of Launceston s CBD. The clock tower work was completed externally from 125ft and 80ft boom lifts which required road closures in the centre of town for a total of 6 weeks. It was a high pressure and challenging project from start to finish. The project was successfully completed in November 2014 managing a fully operational building with seven tenants throughout the duration of the project. Pictured Left: Australia Posts Newly Refurbished Clock Tower.

19 Recent Projects Continued Pumphouse Point Joinery Division recently completed a project which required the supply and installation of joinery to the highly featured Pumphouse Point at Lake St Claire. This project consisted of the refurbishment of the original Pump house which sits at the end of a 300 metre long walk way out onto the lake and the Lake house into 18 suite accommodation, with a value of $200, The Joinery Division was contracted through Mead Con to supply and install, kitchenettes, vanity units, wall panelling and feature fire place units for the 18 suites and lounge joinery to common areas on the ground floor of each building. The finishes consisted of stained Tas Oak and polished CSR barestone splash backs, with an emphasis to keep the finishes as natural as possible. Tradesman on site had a tough job ahead of them, with a mix of weather conditions being quite warm, sunny and calm one day and snowing, blowing a gail in blizzard conditions the next day. Pictured Above: Newly installed Ensuite. The project ran for 13 weeks from the start of manufacturing to completion of installation. Pictured Above : Newly installed kitchenette. Pictured Left: View of the Pump House from the Shore. Victoria - Woolworths Project Start Up. The new $17.0M Shopping Centre Development for Woolworths in Curlewis has commenced. The development in Greater Geelong, Victoria was awarded to Fairbrother and is due for completion in August An official turning of the soil ceremony was carried out by Cr Darryn Lyons, Mayor, City of Greater Geelong. The first picture is a concept drawing of the new development and the second picture is the Mayor of Greater Geelong, Darryn Lyons congratulating our CEO Craig Edmunds on Fairbrother s success.

20 Bulletin Board Information and announcements, to share ANNOUNCEMENTS Congratulations and best wishes to the following couples who recently celebrated the arrival of bouncing bundles of joy: Corporate s Nikola Murray and her partner Matt Moncrieff welcomed Mason William Moncrieff into the world on 29 th June Degree C Electrician Beau Graham and his partner Angela McIntyre welcomed the arrival of baby boy Jack on 6 th November On the 14 th December 2014 Nick Hills of Degree C Hobart and partner Abby McNaughton welcomed the arrival of baby boy Felix James Hills. Jacob McCloy of Degree C Launceston and his partner Danielle Rogers welcomed their baby boy Alexander into the world on 31 st October On the 22 nd August Matthew Hill of Degree C Launceston and his wife Louise welcomed the arrival of baby boy Blake. Warrnambool Divisional Manager Billy Edis and his wife Amy welcomed twins recently, a boy named Archie and a girl named Nellie on 14 th November Congratulations also to the following couples who recently married or were engaged to be married: Facility Management s David Miller recently become engaged to his partner on a recent trip to Western Australia. Joinery s Jordan Flannery and his partner Shelby Bryan were engaged on 5 th May Tony D Amico from Facility Management married partner Narelle on the 20 th August 2014 during a holiday on Magnetic Island. YEARS OF SERVICE MILESTONES Congratulations to the following employees who recently celebrated Years of Service milestones: 10 Years Adrian De Jong (Construction - South) Duncan Saul (Construction - South) John Rundle (Construction - North West) Richard Coleman (Facility Management Michael Draper (Construction - Victoria) Justin Pegg (Construction - South) Nick Freeman (Construction - North) Kim Gleeson (Construction - South) Mitchell Direen (Construction - South) Alex Coombs (Construction - North West) David Cocerill (Construction - South) Scott Brown (Degree C - North West) Arno Krause (Degree C - South)Hilda Gough (Degree C - North West) 15 Years John Cornell (Construction - North West) Richard Conelisse (Joinery) Jim Brinkman ( Construction - North West) Adrian Spencer (Degree C - North West) 20 Years Robery Ayres (Construction - South) Clinton Mead (Construction - South) Mark Hallsworth (Construction - South) 25 Years Judy Meers (Degree C - North West) Greg James (Degree C - North West) Brendan Sheehan (Degree C - North West) 30 Years Tim Smith (Degree C - North West) 40 Years Colin Taylor (Degree C - North West) ADDITIONAL CONGRATULATIONS To Degree C s Blair Kirkcaldy who competed in the 2014 Australian Eight Ball Championships in Darwin for the second time in a row. To Fairbrother Victoria s Matt Huf for being selected to represent the Australian Country Under 21 hockey side in Fiji later this month. The tournament will attract Australian Hockey Commonwealth and Olympic selectors, good luck Matt. A PASSION PROJECT FOR TONY The Mawson s Huts Replica Museum on the Hobart waterfront has been named as a finalist in the 2014 Tasmanian Tourism Awards. Opened in December last year, the Museum is a full scale replica of Mawson s Huts at Cape Denison, East Antarctica, which served as the main base for the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of led by Douglas Mawson. Built and operated by the Mawson s Huts Foundation to help generate funds for the ongoing conservation of Mawson s Huts at Cape Denison, the Replica Museum has developed into one of Hobart s major tourist attractions with 20,000 paying visitors in the first seven months. The Foundation is a not for profit charity established in 1997 to conserve the historic huts which it does in partnership with the Australian Antarctic Division, which has responsibility for the Cape Denison site for the Australian Government. Since it was founded, the Foundation has funded and organised 11 expeditions to the huts, raising in excess of eight million dollars in cash and in kind sponsorship. Fairbrother Facility Manager, Tony D Amico, has ventured to Antarctica on four expeditions most recently in 2008 as Building Services Supervisor at Mawson Station. Tony is a volunteer at The Mawson s Huts Replica Museum. In this role he has met tourists from all parts of the globe, interested in learning more about the story of Douglas Mawson and Antarctica. The volunteers play an important role, in providing information to visitors in addition to the many displays and artefacts. Tony also gets to share the odd tale or two about his time down South! If you would like more information or are interested in visiting the Hut, contact Tony via or mobile. Alternatively go to What s Building, Issue 81, December 2014 Newsletter of the Fairbrother Group of Companies Head Office 12 Stony Rise Road Devonport Tasmania 7310 Ph. (03) E. W. Editor Corporate Services Ph. (03) E. Visit our website or follow the links on Facebook to download a copy of this newsletter in the Adobe PDF format. Printer Impress Print, Devonport. This newsletter is printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled paper.

N ISC. Good Practice Workforce Strategies. Case Studies N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E

N ISC. Good Practice Workforce Strategies. Case Studies N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E N ISC N A T I O N A L I N D U S T R Y S K I L L S C O M M I T T E E Good Practice Workforce Strategies Case Studies April 2008 Table of Contents 1 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. COMPLEMENTARY INITIATIVES 3 3. TRAINING,

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Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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PRCA Intern Guidelines. Compiled by the PRCA and its members PRCA Intern Guidelines Compiled by the PRCA and its members PRCA Intern Guidelines Compiled by the PRCA and its members for the public relations and communications industry and for aspiring PR interns

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April. Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services. Around the Units. Clipsal 500. Situational Awareness THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED Introducing the Minster for Emergency Services Clipsal 500 Around the Units Situational Awareness

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UNCORRECTED PROOF ISSUE Wednesday 3 December 2014 - Legislative Council - Government Businesses Scrutiny Committee B - Motor Accidents Insurance Board LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL GOVERNMENT BUSINESSES SCRUTINY COMMITTEE B Wednesday 3

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Careers for Human Resources Graduates. Australian Human Resources Institute Careers for Human Resources Graduates Australian Human Resources Institute Contents Introduction...................... 1 Overview........................ 1 Functional Areas of Human Resources Management

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A Penn State Lehigh Valley Student Newspaper May 2009, Vol. 6, No. 3. Influential Journalist to Speak at Commencement by Lauren Coughlin Tim Brion, 1997 Penn State graduate, values the importance of networking with and guiding fellow Penn Staters. See story on page 4. Dr. Jennifer Talwar and her students Sam North and Anthony Amato flank

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The good councillor s guide The National Training Strategy for Town & Parish Councils The good councillor s guide Essential guidance for town and parish councillors Second Edition foreword I AM THRILLED to introduce this second

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Succession Planning Retaining skills and knowledge in your workforce HR Series for Employers Succession Planning Retaining skills and knowledge in your workforce Catalogue Item # 759914 This publication is available to view or order online at alis.alberta.ca/publications.

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AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer

AmongstUs. A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009. Pg 3 Pg 10 Pg 17 Pg 20. Our future is green. Empowerdex level 4 contributer AmongstUs A Siemens Southern Africa newsletter Vol 29 August 2009 AmongstUs is printed on environmentally friendly, chlorine free paper Siemens Africa cluster launched Our future is green Empowerdex level

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WHY TRAIN TO BE A LAWYER WITH CLIFFORD CHANCE? WHY TRAIN TO BE A LAWYER WITH CLIFFORD CHANCE? IN OUR OWN WORDS We want to explain why Clifford Chance is a stimulating and rewarding place to train as a commercial lawyer, and provide insights into our

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Reality Check GRADUATE SCHOOL. 4 Prepare Yourself for the Challenges. 4 Receive Tips and Strategies from. 4 Tap into ACS Resources SECOND EDITION SECOND EDITION A M E R I C A N C H E M I C A L S O C I E T Y GRADUATE SCHOOL Reality Check 4 Prepare Yourself for the Challenges You Will Likely Face 4 Receive Tips and Strategies from Faculty and Graduate

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Turning Strategies into Action Turning Strategies into Action Economic Development Planning Guide for Communities Turning Strategies into Action Table of Contents Introduction 2 Steps to taking action 6 1. Identify a leader to drive

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Answer key. 1 Building a career. 1.1 About business The education business. 1.2 Vocabulary Education and career. 1.3 Grammar Tense review Building a career. About business The education business telemarketing, personal referrals, weekends at Harvard, mail shots, travelling shows a,000 applications for the new academic year b % of applications

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HONDA: AN AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY: REVOLUTIONIZING THE ART OF MANAGEMENT 52 Actes du GERPISA n 13 HONDA: AN AMERICAN SUCCESS STORY: REVOLUTIONIZING THE ART OF MANAGEMENT (extraits en français des paragraphes les plus significatifs après la version anglaise.) 1. THE BOOK Honda:

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Child Care Staff: Learning and Growing Through Professional Development. the Australian Government. the Australian Government. Published by the Professional Support Coordinator Alliance (PSCA) Child Care Staff: Learning and Growing Through Professional Development A practical A practical resource resource for Children s for Children

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Autumn 2012. thelink. The quarterly magazine of the Telecare Services Association The industry body for Telecare and Telehealth Autumn 2012 thelink The quarterly magazine of the Telecare Services Association The industry body for Telecare and Telehealth Chance favours the prepared mind transforming services, enhancing lives Conference

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College Handbook. Guidance Department College Handbook Guidance Department Dear Cadet and Parents: This College Application Handbook was designed to provide you with a resource to help all of you successfully navigate the college admission

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Getting to Grips with the Year of Care: A Practical Guide Getting to Grips with the Year of Care: A Practical Guide October 2008 Contents Page No. Foreword 3 Introduction 5 What can the Year of Care offer me? 6 What is the Year of Care? 7 What the Year of Care

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Business Result Upper-intermediate Business Result Upper-intermediate Student s Book Answer Key First impressions Starting point Possible answers Answers will vary, but students might say that the business is modern and forwardthinking,

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INDUCT, TRAIN AND DEVELOP 1. Induction 50 Why should I provide an induction? 50 What do I include in the induction? 51 How long should it take? 52 Some tips on good inductions 52 Anticipate arrival 52 Informal follow-up 52 The

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John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO. The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo John G. Stumpf, Chairman, President & CEO The Vision & Values of Wells Fargo 2 Regardless of our growing size, scope and reach, our common vision and distinct values form the fabric that holds us together

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