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1 NN-PRFIT RG U S PSTAGE PAID DURANT.K PERMIT»117 Vlue 80, Nuber 2 klaha State University, Durant, klaha, August 27, 1998 Aviatrs Are Ready t Take Flight Alpha Eta Rh Welce Rushees Calendar Aug. 10-Sept. 11 Art exhibit. Wil Martin, Art Instructr University f Texas at Edinburg Art Building, n the lp. Aug 17-Sept. 20 K-3D. VPAC. Chris Rasay - SU, L. Bensn Warren - Caern University, Sebastian Mendes- Univ -ersity f klaha. (Mature Subject Matter - Viewer Discretin) August 27 Panhellenic Rush Activity fr Srrity Rush August 29 Panhellenic Retreat Septeber 1 Savage Sftball vs Cnnrs JC 2 p.. at he. IFC Rush Activities Panhellenic PCR 5p.. Texa Bass Angelers Meeting, Russell 113, 6-9 p.. Septeber 2 Lunch n the Lawn rganizatin Fair 11 a.. t 1 p.. Frnt Lawn. IFC Rush Activities Septeber 3 Rush Kickff Party. 4:30 IFC PCR. SGA Candidate's Meeting 5:30 p.. UC :30 SGA PCR Shay Jnes Aviatin ajrs, David Bray, junir and Brent Reubin, junir, keep an eye n this valuable piece f equipent. The airplane was "flwn" in n a trailer earlier in the wee hurs f the rning. The airplane was used as a recruiting tl fr the Aviatin Club, Alpha Eta Rh. Alpha Eta Rh is pen t aviatin ajrs and inrs. SSU Library Webpage Available Access Labyrinth f Inf n Kisha Snider The Wrld Wide Web has created the single st technlgical advanceent in recrded histry. We nw have a glbal sciety that cutes alng and extensive infratin highway that leads virtually right int ur laps. The Library Webpage is a ultilevel labyrinth f infratin that will cpetently jettisn ne directly nt that highway. The Henry G. Bennett Merial Library Webpage site is divided int tw sectins: Library Services and Electrnic Resurces. The Library Services ptin serves as a clearing huse f useful library infratin. Threaded within the list f links are sites that shuld nt be issed. The Gvernent Dcuents ptin that was created by the Reference Librarian, Ms. Neta Cx, cntains links t all Federal and State agencies available. Cx used ther universities as a guide, then ade the selectins fr the page based n frequently requested aterial. "The site prvides infratin n any subject yu can See Library page 5 pht by Kisha Snider "I wuld like t encurage all aviatin students t jin," Bray, Alpha Eta Rh president, "We have a very exciting calendar lined up this year," Bray Bray and Reubin are bth part f The Flying Savages, 's wn flight tea. Student Senate Electins See yu at the plls n Septeber 11 WWW Shay Jnes Electin day fr Student Senate will be held Septeber 11, 1998, in frnt f the Bkstre. T vte yu ust shw yur Student I.D. Students ay vte fr up t 10 candidiates. The Student Senate is ade up f 25 Senatrs and three fficers. There are 10 available seats. Students wishing t run fr Student Senate ust pick up a packet in the ffice fr Student Life, lcated in the Student Unin next t the Ballr. Packets include an appl icatin and a petitin that ust be signed by at least 25 full-tie students. "Students dn't have t knw everything abut t run," Liz McCraw, Assistant Dean f Students, There will be a candidates eeting t talk abut duties and respns-ibilites n Septeber 3rd, at 5:30 p.. in UC224. Students wh cannt ake the eeting ust cntact Rick Reding at ext. 2352, befre starting t capaign. "All students are welce t ce t the eetings," McCraw Packets are due by Septeber 4th at 5:00p.. in the Student Life ffice SU138. Student Senatrs ust carry at least a 2.0 cuulative GPA. An excutive ust have at least 2.5 cuulative GPA. Accrding t McCraw. student senatrs are expected t attend weekly eetings held each Thursday at 6:30 p.. in the President's Cnference r. Students Senatrs ust als wrk ne scheduled hur in the Student Gvernent ffice each week and ust participate in all StudentSenate spnsred activities. Candidates can be freshan thrugh senirs, but ust be fulltie students. SSU Weather Update KSSU Radi Receives Majr Facelift Back n the Air Sn It's still Ht!!! (Butit ight rain).what's Inside Kara Stevens The KSSU Radi Statin has been in the prcess f renvatin since last August. Hwever, the ajr redeling started Mnday, August 17. The renvatin includes a fresh cat f paint, se new furniture, and carpet. Accrding t K S S U Faculty Adviser, Dr. Hendricks, they have been wrking n the renvatin plans fr a year. "They're ging t put carpet int the studi fr sund purpses," Hendricks Letter t the Editr...2 Because f acustics, the studi wuld prduce an ech with Cputing 3 SSU Headstart 4 ut the carpet r se fr f sund-absrbing aterial because f acustics. BSU 5 Sprts 6 Althugh renvatin was t be cpleted by August 25, the statin is nt yet n the air this seester. An exciter, the part that helps t get signals ut fr the transitter, needs replaced. KSSU is waiting n a new exciter t arrive and hpes t be back n the air in a cuple f weeks. When KSSU radi returns t the air, "We shuld be bradcasting fr seven in the rning until ne 'clck at night," Hendricks Accrding t Hendricks, KSSU Radi previusly started bradcasting n Mnday rnings. In the future, they plan t start bradcasting in the iddle f the afternn n Sundays. Beginning last fall, KSSU changed their frat fr Alternative Rck t Tp 40, "s that there's cntinuity thrughut the day," Hendricks KSSU is nw lking fr vlunteers t wrk an air shift. Vlunteers need t have cpleted Fundaentals f Bradcasting I (CMM 2573). Fr re infratin cntact the Statin Manager, Jasn Sith, at ext r 2480, r cntact Dr. Hendricks at ext r KSSU'at KSSU has had a he page since the Spring Seester. Yu ay visitit at KSSU is a eber f The Natinal Bradcasting Sciety. Accrding t Hendricks, this rganizatin prvides a link fr students int the prfessinal arket. A nuber f SSU bradcasting students als wrk at ff-capus radi statins such as KLAKE in Denisn, TX, and ther statins in the Dallas area. Pht by Kara Stevens Willie Knipe is sprucing up the KSSU walls with a fresh cat f paint.

2 L The pinins August 27, 1998 Letter t the Editr. Hecing vs Exas SU Acadeics n the Back Burner Dear Editr, As I read the first editin f The fr the fall seester, I was re than a little verwheled at the respnses t the current Clintn situatin. What really threw e ver. the edge was the article by Macy Nickles. I write this nt as a plitcal fcus, but rather as a ral fcus. Mr. Nickles ade se very gd arguents in his article, but t suggest that the atter just be put behind us is unthinkable. What the president did was wrng. He aditted ' that, yes. I frgive hi, yes. The president shuld g unpunished, n. The atter isn't just the affair with Mnica Lewinski. If it were, then the atter wuld be ver. The gvernent has n right t punish the president n that situatin, but the fact f the atter is that the affair happened n ur tie. We the peple f the United States, we the taxpayers, vted this an in t run ur cuntry, nt t waste ur tie with scandal. Even wrse than the fact that the affair happened n ur tie is the very serius atter that he LIED abut it. Legally, he saysit wasn't a lie. Ethically and rally it was. If there is anything that I have learned in y tie at in y business and educatin classes, it is the fact that ethics ust be upheld. When the President f the United States denstrates that ethics aren't iprtant, I have a prble with that. Withut rals and ethics, ur pr cuntry is headed fr d. All I can say is Gd have ercy n us. The fact that the president was ethically and rally in the wrng says that he desn't have respect fr the presidency, nr the peple he serves. That, y fellw students, is unacceptable. Gd will handle the affair situatin, but Aericans can nt just stand by and watch ur values be trashed. Staff Editrial Daily 'Cllegian (klaha State U.) {U-Wire) Stillwater, kla.-- SU faculty ebers received a surprise in their capus ailbx this suer: a e asking the t refrain fr giving exas the week befre hecing. The e, sent by Rn Beer, vice president fr student affairs, cuches the request in philsphical and financial reflectins abut the iprtance f hecing events t the university and cunity. While we, the editrial bard, take n issue with the significance attribute t hecing, we believe SU tk a giant step back with this letter. We questin what a letter like this says abut ur university's pririties. Des it nt say, ludly and clearly, hecing befre acadeics? Pping befre educating? Beer asks that "cnsideratin be given t this special event which requires a lt f wrk between ctber 26 and ctber 31." Pssible translatin: srrity girls and frat bys will be t busy aking their hecing parade flats t study fr exas. And SU strives t be the Harvard f the Midwest? h, the irny. Granted the suggestin was erely just that, a suggestin, a respectful request. Faculty ebers will still ake the final call, as they shuld. But as lgical peple, we cannt help but t think that a e such as this fr a tp adinistratr has the ptential t underine a universities reputatin. Rn Beer sent re than just a e t faculty. He sent a disappinting essage: at SU, learning is secnd t schl spirit. Billie B. Brewer Senir, Business Educatin Majr The welces guest cluns, pinin pieces and Letters t the Editr.. All subissins ust be signed and subitted by Mnday f each week. The Editr has the right t edit all subissins. "What d yu think abut President Clintn bbing the tw terrrist sites?" interview and phts by Shay Jnes,, * * * * * * «" I think he is trying t take everyne's ind ff his sexual prescuity.. Lisa Riddles Senir Advertising\Public Relatins It ay have been justified. I think his persnal situatin ay have played a part in it. Jnathn Saple Junir Matheatics If it was sething that had t be dne, he was ding his presidential jb. Tdd Fischer Junir English Ed. I think he did it t avert attentin away fr hiself. Derrick DeVne King Senir Music ^r- * * - W- W- klaha State University Bx EXT edu MEMBER klaha Cllegiate Press Assciatin klaha Press Assciatin Assciated Cllegiate Press Student Press Law Center Editr-In-Chief Faculty Shay Jnes. Janet F. Reeder Advisr Advertising & Business Manager Jdie Duke St aff Staff Tay Kisha Snider Kara Stevens Sarah Weibling Writers J Baker Publicatin Plicy The is published as a leaching instruent fr jurnalis students under the Departent f Cunicatin and Theatre n Wednesday during the schl >ear and biweekly during the suer, except during exainatins and hlidays pinins expressed in The d nt necessaiil) represent thse f the student bdy, facull) 01 adinistratin pinins appearing in b\ -I d articles, cluns r letters are thse f the individual writer. pinins in unsigned editrials are thse f the editrial bard. Letters t the editr ust be signed, althugh naes as be withheld upn request t the editr and the adviset Vnnyus letters will nt be published Letters ust als include the authr's address and telephne nuber fr verificatin The edit at rtueivesiberighttediiletteafrspace liitatins and t cply with libel laws. Every effrt will be nude t preserve the integrity fthe letter Letters ay be ailed r delivered t Fine \rts 203 Subscriptins are $10 per year. Vdvertlsing rate cards are available upn request

3 August Cputing The Cputer Hacking Charges Leave UF Student Hanging Michael Sauels Independent Flrida Alligatr (u. Flrida) Apple JMac Shipent Arrives at Dartuth Late Edward Thas The Dartuth (Dartuth Cllepel (U-Wire) Hanver, N.H. Mre than 600 imac Apple c (U-Wire) Gainesville, Fla. After being kicked ff capus fr puters were expected t arrive August 20 a week after Apple's allegedly hacking int UF's cputer syste, the future f a UF student prised delivery date, accrding t Assciate Directr f Cnsulting fr Cputing Services, Randy Spydell. set t graduate this nth is in lib. Jrdan Nran Hazen, 24, was scheduled t graduate at the end f The delivery had been delayed fr unknwn reasns, Spydell Suer, but that has been delayed indefinitely due t a pending Judicial Affairs hearing and an nging investigatin int his tives fr hacking int the syste. He has nt yet been arraigned and n curt date has been set, Hazen purchase f their prduct have chsen nt t deliver [the cputers] "Right nw, things are pretty uch in lib," Hazen said, fr St. n tie," Spydell Augustine, where he has been living with his parents since his July 21 arrest. Hazen's actins als have raised cncerns abut cputer netwrk security in light f UF's new cputer access requireents fr students. Public Relatins, Jhn Santr, Assistant State Attrney Geffrey Fleck said the case is, "still under tt adviseent." A 600 imac purchase is nt the biggest rder we've had, but it Citing the Buckley Aendent, UF Judicial Affairs fficials wuld is iprtant because f Dartuth's prestige in the cputing nt release any infratin abut Hazen's case. wrld. The Buckley Aendent states that n infratin abut any, Santr Wk student can be released withut written ntificatin fr the student, said Jhn Daltn, assistant dean f Student Affairs. Hazen, wh wrked in the Cputer Science and Engineering building, develped a "bx," a heade cputer hused in cardbard used t dial int UF's netwrk fr his he and ther cputers thrughut capus. He hid the heade syste in the ceiling abve a hallway in the fifth flr f the CSE building. UF technicians, checking fr the cause f several phne-line interruptins, fund the bx and traced the hkup t Hazen's Gainesville apartent. Hazen said he had n interest in tapering with UF recrds. He was released fr jail the day f his arrest and faces felny charges f burglary and ffenses against cputers. Right nw, Hazen cannt return t capus and ight have t transfer t anther university, he "They are talking abut expelling e," Hazen V : -.-'"* ^5* J-*^ University f klaha Curse Includes 'Net Instructin Valerie Thpsn klaha Daily (U. klaha) (U- WIRE) Nran, kla. Chatting n the Internet and studying fr an exa erge with a pilt prgra se curses are ffering this fall. Thrugh CurseNet, students can chat with prfessrs and ther students abut the class and can get infratin fr instructrs abut things like assignents, exas, and due dates. Lee Claw, directr f cputing and telecunicatins services, said he hpes the prgra will help students cunicate better with their instructrs and with each ther. "A lt f ties, yu sit in a class, and yu knw there's a persn yu'd like t talk t because f cents they've ade in class, but yu barely knw wh they are," he "This allws students t cunicate electrnically." Claw said the idea riginated last February fr casual cnversatins between students and faculty. "Peple were saying thatit wuld be nice if we culd enhance cunicatin arund a curse. We talked re and re, and it build entu," he In May, a wrking grup was fred. The grup decided in July t create a pilt prgra fr this fall. Frty participants, including faculty, staff and graduate students vlunteered t test the prgra. Currently, 50 curses are using CurseNet, and apprxiately 10 percent fthe student ppulatin has been intrducedt it, Claw "A wide variety f curses are using it," he "Everything fr grad curses t 1000 level curses curses with several hundred students and curses with just five students." Students can asses CurseNet at A standard lgn screen appears, where an U ID and passwrd is required. nce yu lg in, yu're shwn a screen, where yur U ID picture is shwn - yur picture is available nly t yu and yur instructr, Claw The curses yur're enrlled in are listed. If a curse is part f the CurseNet prgra, curse infratin, entered by the instructr, will be displayed. Students and instructrs can send e-ail t individuals r t the class, chat, r pst and read essages n an archived Web bard. Je Griss, assistant directr f acadeic user services said students are assigned separate CurseNet e-ail addresses t prtect their privacy. He said when ail is sent t a student's CurseNet address,it is autatically frwarded t their U eail accunt. Claw said student participatin is ptinal. If a stu lent des nt chse t ake their CurseNet address available t classates, they will nly receive e-ail fr the curse instructr. Bb Swisher, assciate prvst, helped develp the pilt prgra. He said in the past, he'd psted Web pages fr his classes but CurseNet ade the infratin re easily assessable t students. said, and has generated frustratin ang thse n capus wh rdered the new and cntrversial Apple prduct. "It's irnic that the cpany that chse t capitalize n ur The Aplle crpratin has included Dartuth Cllege n its web page fr the imac, and fficially pints t Dartuth' s purchase in press releases and edia inquiries, Apple Senir Manager fr Santr cited Dartuth's cprehensive Ethernet syste, its website resurces and the Cllege's "fabulus" incrpratin int higher technlgy as reasns why Apple is s pleased with the recent purchase. Stanfrd nline Access Prices Increase Daniel Wan The Stanfrd Daily (Stanfrd U.) (U-WIRE) Stanfrd, Calif. Surfing the Wrld Wide Web and sending e-ails fr a dr r have just bece re cstly fr Stanfrd students. This fall, Residental Cputing plans t raise the cst f an in-r cnnectin t $80, nearly twice as uch as the frer $45 fee. Accrding t Residental Cputing fficials, the priary reasn fr the increase is budgetary. "ur funding is liited," said Ethan Rikleen, assistant directr f netwrk supprt fr Res Cp. "Much f it ges t prviding cluster cputers, and ur csts are increasing." Res Cp is respnsible fr anaging Stanfrd's residental cputer netwrks and clusters. It als pays fr residental cputer crdinatrs. In previus years, revenue fr the fee accunted fr apprxiately 10 percent fthe ttal perating budget and was used priarily t suppleent the csts f resident cputer crdinatr cpensatin. With the fee increase, the additinal revenue generated will be used t upgrade active netwrk equipent such as hubs, ruters and gateways. "Fr the first tie, we can fully [fund] actual active netwrk equipent purchase, replaceent, aintenance and staffing supprt," Cl Tls Apli Inc. NEC Technlgies said Res Cp Directr Jeff Merrian. "These are csts that have nt been funded in the past." The additinal revenue will nt be used t pay fr adinistive csts, upgrading residental cputer clusters r rewiring residences with faster Internet cnnectins. ther funding is being sught fr thse purpses. "Keep in ind that Internet services prviders charge $20 per nth fr 1 /20th the speed f ur netwrk," Merrian "T subscribe at he t cparable netwrk speeds wuld cst arund $400 per nth." Anther charge is that the fee will nw be assessed as an annual fee rather than as an activatin fee. Therefre, students will nt have t repay if they ve during the sae schl year. It still has nt been decided whether the fee will be prrated r if it will be charged as a netie fee when students register r quarterly. This suer, Res Cp has als upgraded residential cputer clusters acrss capus with PwerMac G3/266s t replace the lder PwerMac 7100 achines. They are als prviding updated versins f sftware n all cluster cputers, including se new titles such as Adbe Illustratr, Matheatica and Virtual PC. The Internet cnnectins at several residences, including Lagunita Curt and Stern Hall, will be upgraded t the faster 100Base-TX cable. Res Cp is als planning t replace lder 13- and 14-inch nitrs with new 17-inch Apple nitrs and t pssibly prvide a PC in each large dr cluster by the iddle f the schl year. Kensingtn Technlgy Grup Uniden Aerica Crp. Metric Str Technlgy Accrding t Santt, the news f Dartuth's purchase has helped Apple t secure an additinal imac deal with Stanfrd University. Fifty upperclass students, graduate students and Cllege eplyees are currently n the wait-list fr the imac, and re that 600 incing freshan have rdered the cputer, Spydell The imac is knwn fr its characteristic blue clr and saller size. Accrding t Spydell, se ebers f the Cllege cunity have criticized Dartuth fr recending the imac t freshen. "There are any peple wh are asking why this Ivy League schl is using this cputer when the whle wrld is using Windws," Spydell But Spydell stated that any are excited abut the purchase due t.mac's pwerful hard drive which is twice the size f the Perfra del ffered last year and t its lw price. Mebers f the Class f 2002, will spend alst alst $400 less than last year's class n the recended cputer. "They are a gd value fr the dllar," Spydell Thugh the imac des nt ce with a flppy disk drive, students can purchase a cnnecting drive fr $50. A bulletin will be psted when the shipent arrives August 21 fr thse wh have rdered the imac, Spydell Spydell hypthesized that the Apple cpany was lax abut the shipent's arrival tie as it knew Dartuth des nt begin classes until the end f Septeber. With TV Ces Decreased Huan Cntact Dave Stawinski State News (Michigan State U.) (U-Wire) East Lansing, Mich. After spending all suer writing abut technlgy issues related t the sftware industry and the Internet, I wanted t get back t y rts and spend se tie n a fr f edia technlgy that st f us are uch re accusted t. Actually, when speaking f TV, aybe "saturated with" is a better ter than "accusted t." It's n secret that TV is becing re prevalent all the tie. There are even peple ut there wh are chsing nt t wn sets in an effrt t better spend and anage their tie. Still, the prliferatin f TV sets in the public spaces f ur cuntry is driving the ajrity f us t distractin whether we ntice it r nt. I' writing this, y last clun fthe suer, in New Yrk City. Here, in Ties square, in New Yrk City. Here, in Ties Square, the gargantuan NBC televisin screen ls ver the city and sets the pace fr the st infratin-intensive city in the natin. Walking dwn a Manhattan, N.Y. street, the sheer nuber f TV sets running in bars, electrnics shps, the public transit statins and even in the pals f peple waiting fr buses is aazing. New Yrk just never stps bradcasting. Back he in East Lansing, I have been nticing that I have truble hlding a cnversatin in any eeting places are filling up with banks f bth sall and big-screen televisin sets. Sprts, atchbx 20 vides, and trivia gaes are c-pting y attentin span withut y cnsent. I guess it was the eergence fthe "sprts bar" that started this ass clnizatin fthe rest f ur public spaces with TV. Televisin sets are re present all the tie, and all t ften in places where peple g t eet and relate t each ther. This has gt t stp. This wrld is sggy with edia. That is uniquely apparent in NewYrk, but als certainly true f East Lansing and ur capus. Peple hang ut tgether fr the huan cntact. Friendships and rantic relatinships are hllw withut the deeper knwledge f each ther that we get fr cnversatin. Scial relatins aybe even sanity depend n this srt f huan cntact. I a sick t death fthe distractin nt t entin the useless waste f energy f these nipresent windws int sterile, crprate vistas. We need t slw this dwn, but slutins are hard t ce by. A byctt f places that spil their wn atsphere alng with ur cnversant sciety with TV sets prbably wn't wrk in a twn where activis is generally reserved fr ties when the nuber f places t drink is threatened. A "Turn It ff veent f spntaneus citizens siply getting up and shutting ffsets in places where they are ut f cntrl wuld prbably just lead t vilence. That suggestin is ut, t. Hw abut self-regulatin? Establishents that cntain sets culd just ask their custers, "Hey yu guys want these sets n? " and then take a quick hand vte. The perative wrd in such a scenari: want. D we want t be cnstantly bathed in TV? Such a dialgue between the purveyrs f TV nt the netwrks theselves, but thse wh ake the chices fr televisins t exist in ur public spaces culd reduce the sheer aunt f TV that we are expsed t. It culd lead t re and better interpersnal cunicatin and re lve. It ight even spark cnversatins abut televisin itself abut it effects n ur lives, nt the pr celebrities that Letteran skewered last night and ever-increasing presence in ur daily lives. Stawinski, a State News Web and technlgy writer, is a secnd-yea jurnalis graduate student. He can be reached at

4 The N, ews Ausust27. Head Start Prgra ffered fr Children f Students 1998 Kara Stevens Head Start has fun and educatinal prgras fr children. Children enrlling shuld be fur by Septeber first. Hwever, if all available slts are nt filled, three yearlds will be accepted. Accrding t Teacher's Assistant, Rse Ledfrd, they try t base the enrllent f children fr the klaha State University students' children. klaha State University and Sutheaste Head Start are cnnected in any ways. SSU wns the building in which the prgra resides. Head Start ften takes their children t the SSU track fr celebratins and exercise. SSU students, nrally thse whse ajr is in Teacher's Educatin r Psychlgy, use the Head Start t bserve the children and their behavir. The bservatin f children is necessary t accplish their educatinal gals. Head Start als fcuses n nutritin and health. They prvide a physical and dental exa fr each child annually. These services are at n expense t the child's parents. They als have a set tie t brush their teeth daily. "We cncentrate n nutritin and health," Ledfrd The Head Start als prvides breakfast, lunch, and a snack Mndays thrugh Thursdays. n Fridays, the Head Start prvides breakfast and lunch. The eals are at n charge t the parents. They als ffer a "Cking Experience" nce a nth. In the "Cking Experiences," the children learn hw t easure and ix ingredients tgether t create interesting, fun, r favrite fds. Last nth they ade "Green Eggs and Ha," and t Ledfrd's surprise, they ate and enjyed it. Every rning the children have "Circle Tie" in which they learn the days f the week, nths f the year, weather. seasns, and uch re. There are 30 different theatic units cvered within a year. ' *» * * pht by Kara Stevens Chay, a fur year-ld, is enjying the utdr, playgrund equipent that is prvided fr the Head Start. "ur rnings are directed t learning activities," Ledfrd At least nce a nth, they take a field trip. The field trips are crdinated with the theatic unit. In Septeber, Head Start plans t take their children t attend the Bryan Cunty Fair t cplient their "Far Anials" thee. "We help t develp scial skills, t," Ledfrd The Head Start has just started a "Reading Readiness" prgra this year. They als have a "Transitin Prgra." The public schl's principal and teachers get tgether t give parents the pprtunity t ask questins. "We really encurage faily invlveent," Ledfrd The head start prvides a nthly parent eeting. The eetings address nutritin, hw t budget, health issues, and ther subjects that parents vice an interest in. They als have speakers wh address issues, such as safety. "Head start is fr the whle faily," Ledfrd Enrllent in Head Start is ince based. Head Start ften helps failies with clthing, transprtatin, r ther needs. Head Start has fund-raisers fr the Head Start Center and fr Christas gifts. Accrding t Ledfrd, Santa usually ces t hand ut the gifts t the children. Head Start has a certified teacher, teacher's assistant, and a ck-aid. They can have up t 20 students. Currently they have nine penings. Their hurs are fr 8 a.. t 2:30 p.. Mnday thrugh Thursday and 8 a.. t 11:30 a.. n Friday. The Head Start keeps the sae hliday schedule as Durant Public Schls. It is a free prgra funded by Big Five Cunity Services. Fr re infratin cntact Charltte Reeves at Left Picture: Kaylie (left), a fur year-ld, is enjying buncing during the Head Start recess. Alicyn (iddle), a fur year-ld, and Landry (right), a furyear-ld, are enjying each thers cpany by playing ball. pht by Kara Stevens Right Picture: Kalie (left), a fur year-ld; Rachel (iddle), a three yearld; and Elizabeth (right), afur year-ld, take turns playing n the swing-set at the Head Start. pht by Kara Stevens BSU Prvides Student Activities Lunch n Wednesday's fr #7 Dnatin Tay J Baker The Baptist Student Unin ffers a place fr new students t get away fr the stress f the day. This grup is dedicated in helping students see cllege in a Christian perspective. BSU's Internship President, Chris Skeltn, better.knwn as "M," will assist Students in finding the right grup. The iediate gal fr the BSU is, "a bible study grup n every flr f every dr at the SSU capus," Skeltn The first nn lunchen was n Wednesday, August 26, fr 11:30 a.. t 1:00 p.. fr a requested dnatin f $1. Accrding t Skeltn, different churces prvide a prepared eal and devtin each week. Lunchen dnatins prvide the suer issins funded by the BSU. Als this week, Vespers is n Thursday, August 27, at 9:00 p.. Vespers is fr wrship, fellwship, and fun. Accrding t Skeltn, these festivities are held fr students t ingle with thers in fellwship, and t wrk thrugh the struggles f life n the capus. The BSU has grups Vernica Stcktn, Beth leading wrship services, Harwd, Mike Dewitt, rallies, banquets, and revivals, Jnnie Tnihka, Angela bth n and ff the Hayes, Chris Skeltn, and capus. Bible studies and discipleships are here t help develp faith as a pririty Lindsey Hargett. Accrding t Skeltn, develping relatinships at the BSU, Directr, with ther Christians is a JhnHeath, The grup study fr students cvers tpics that help the ature in faith as Christians. BSU staff includes vital part f grwth and aturity, while attending cllege. Activities are pprtunities fr eeting new friends and deepening the friendships that already exist, Heath The BSU is lcated n capus acrss fr the baseball field. This grup ffers several events in the nths t ce. A calendar is avialable at the BSU. The BSU is lcated n capus acrss fr the baseball field. Fr re infratin cntact Heath at r ft Haydyn Blakely Hendricks 6 punds 10 1/2 unces 19 3/4 inches Brn August 13, 1998 at 11:04 pan. Atr cngratulates The and Sauage staff Dr. Jhn Alien and Stacy Hendricks. ^l^^^l«^.^.l^<^t<^.^.t^1^..^...<5>--^ 1-^M.^K^VV^W.t^H.f^.V

5 August K Library cntinued fr page 1 think f," she Cx used the White Huse Page as an exaple. The fral icns listed all fthe agencies and ffices related t that site. Students can access the GP Database, Bureau f Census, Library f Cngress and the Federal Register instantly. "Within the selected sites, references bece re cprehensive", Cx She then referred t Dennis Miles fr re infratin. Mr. Dennis Miles, the Autatin/ Internet librarian, said the webpage was started suer befre last. "ne f ur librarians has a husband wh is really gd at this. He's the ne wh stated us with the siple ain page. Things were added as I saw the need," he Miles authred the Internet Training ptin. It explains a yriad f internet functins and hw t perate the. The Webpage Develpent ptin ffers the user a hw-t site with a the basic frat t HTML cnstructin. He said, "The user can actually g fr this page t a search link." The Ter Paper Clinic ptin will cntain the ajr cpnents f his wrkshp that is ffered in the library each spring and fall seester. The Electrnic Reserve Server is an in-huse service. It will allw students and faculty t reserve bks electrnically when it is cpleted. There will be liited access due t the cpyrighted aterial it cntains. Bth sites are still under cnstructin. Miles plans t cnvert passwrds int student ID nubers whenever pssible. This will allw students t access the library sites fr their he cputers. The Electrnic Resurces captin cntains the index f ff-capus databases available. This area is credited t the Public Services Librarian, Ms. Janeen Zhu. The links cntain SSU Library Catalg, ther Libraries, and 12 ajr research databases. Miles said st were chsen fr the depth f infratin, while se were added because f free archive access. The ajr databases are: * INF WEB accesses articles fr 500 newspapers. * SNER SEARCH cntains ver 60 state gvernent websites. * FIRST SEARCH has ERIC, MLI, jurnals, etc. (Capus use nly) * INFTRAC is a searchbank f agazine and jurnal articles. * CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MNITR ffers free archives access t * LTN (K Library Technlgy Netwrk) database f K library hldings. * DAILY KLAHMAN NLINE has archive access at $4.95 per. * CCHIINTERNETTAX RESEARCH NETWRK fraccunting students. *MEDLINE is a database fr edical jurnals. *AGRICLA (Natinal Agriculture Library) with public access catalg. *FED STATS; fr gvernental agencies. Subjects fr A-Z. The well knwn ED (xfrd English Dictinary) is currently n rder. Miles "It is the st cprehensive in the wrld." He is als waiting fr the Facts n File news suary site. It will access news stries back t "There will be ther things added in the future," Miles 'Things in ind are RM prducts, such as Bigraphical Databases." Als being cnsidered is the Petersn's Publisher's f Cllege Infratin. It cntains cllegiate catalgs in full text. "This will be very useful fr students, " Miles said, "We are always adding re all the tie." Fr fun, he has included Iage Archives. This site has free stuff, such as Clip Art, that can be dwnladed nt the users hard drive by a 'right click' f the use. This is where Miles gt the aniated 'under cnstructin' dude digging up the dirt at the very btt f the page. The SSU Library Webpage was designed fr students and faculty t cust tailr their research. With the aunt f infratin available (and sn t be available) n questin shuld g unanswered. After all, Isn't that why we cae t cllege? ews The New Students Take it All In First Seester Here Tay J Baker Kiberly Nichls is a new face n capus knwn as a freshan. Nichls ved here fr Jnes, klaha. She is here n a schlarship playing fr the sftball tea At the early age f eight, Nichls discvered her interest in sprts. Her first sprt f interest was basketball. She reained n the basketball tea fr re than eight years. Next, she was interested in track, which she cpeted in at state cpetitin. Nichls favrite sprt f all is sftball and she has played this gae all f her life. Nichls has played utfield psitins, alng with shrt stp. As a Lady Savage, Nichls will play utfield. Nichls enters cllege a bit scared, because she has never been away fr he until nw. Accrding t Nichls, the first day while ving int her dr, she felt sad. Fr her, leaving faily behind is nt an easy task. Nichls has tw lder brthers, her and dad and a byfriend. The faily will be driving in t see her play the first sftball gae n Septeber 1. Nichls is ajring in Pyschlgy and, "lves t advise peple hw t handle stress in life." Nichls has attended any student activities, "aking dr life easier t adapt." She is aking any new friends n and ff her sftball tea. Nichls thinks peple here are friendly, helpful and kind. Durant is a uch larger twn than her hetwn and she feels that change is fr the gd. Shannn Sart is als a freshan this year. Her he is less than ten iles away s she des nt wrry abut becing hesick. Sart attends schl n a presidential schlarship. She is prud t be in the hnrs prgra. Sart's ajr is cputer science and she enjys wrking n her cputer at he. Sart als enjys playing basketball and wants t try ut fr the Savage tea. Student activities have helped her ake any new friends. Sart speaks highly abut attending Victry Life Schl in Durant. "It was a place I did nt need t wrry abut drugs, attitudes r gangs, " Sart Sart cutes t capus inher wn vehicle and is saving up fr a newer del. She hpes her next car will be, "sething like a Trans A." She ften visits her yunger sister and grandther wh are eight iles away. Her faily ved t the Durant area abut five years ag. While n vacatin driving fr Phenix, Arizna t Tennessee, they liked klaha, and decided t ve here. The biggest adjustent fr Shannn has been adapting t the slwer pace arund her. Arizna was faster paced, Sart Nw at the grcery stre, she laughs t herself when the cashier knws and chats with everyne. The slwer pace is a nice adjustent fr her and the entire faily. The nly thing Sart said she isses is, "the big all in the big city." Grapevine Mills Mall, in Grapevine, Texas, has filled in that vid. The cst f living here is lwer, Sart But s are the wages s it all equals ut t be abut the sae, she Sandy Sheebin is anther new face n capus, classified as a nn-traditinal student She entered cllege fr the first tie at the age f twenty-eight. Sheebin is interested in Special Educatin. The children she wrks with required special training.autistic children need help with nral rutine tasks such as feeding theselves. Sheebin entins hw ne f her kids has a tantru if his tag n a shirt cllar tuches his neck. Perhaps his ther frgt t reve the tag n a new shirt, and at schl he will lay in the flr crying and having a fit until sene zers in n the exact prble. Sheebin, fr Kingstn, has been a teacher's aide fr the past fur years. She wrks with children ranging fr kindergarten t fifth grade. She feels, "her calling is t give her attentin t these needy children." Sheehin is drawn t helping these children, "fr there are s any Sheebin enjys giving t the children. She feels that she has a gift f patience and understanding." She feels thes traits assist her in ding her wrk in a ' cpassinate, nurturing anner. BY RECYCLED. AND SAVC.' WYT» ycu hiy fxduft* a<t- tni rr/y \ca "uitsnau IV^Uv, Iwj^ anrt*v. l0 tnt r,a nvr. <»! I «fl f Al I EF SEPA d Il lks like the perfect cl. The nly prlile is, il's a p. 1M (h-uij A rr*!inp iliulir, vberc **nr kidi cnfine chrit d'l»iih p\ I.', and q't. H. villi UI]. n«w n( ibc UK,-an pi n l il well in vhnl (.all I 8»» GRK MINI) n* Then', n rrainn In be held haek. C-ClCL tfp yuiur xr? A vlunteer prgra fr kws wh cars. Help yur child t d sething tun and Iprtant while helping the cunity. Encurage the t vlunteer r vlunteer with yur child. Fr re Infratin n hw yu can get yur kid Int II, give us a call at YUTH. 3& Kiberly Nichls, freshan Shannn Sart, freshan IV.I^II.; ii Always keep a shvel, rake and water nearby when burning debris. l;han. l il;n;l.l, i V.TTrr PREVENT FREST FIRES. E B I H AJV*:S»*cl haus»fr«u Qxni San** and >H> 9*1'<>*«^ >a "D i_ " C 0 Q_ C D >. E X "D x: c Cartn Cntest 1. Pick ne r re ideas and draw a siple black ink cartn: a) SSU freshan's first day f class, b) SSU freshan's first rate, c) SSU freshan's first "whatever-yu decide" 2. Bring yur cartn The newsr FA206 befre Septeber 4. ^"»^! r ~«>«wciiiiammicia^^ A Systes, Inc West Evergreen Telephne MISSING IMPRTANT CALLS? N MRE, IF YU PURCHASE A PAGER FRM -A A SYSTEMS PAGING A T Extended Cverage including 1 ulsa, *Jj klaha City, Durant, Sheran, _Dallas & Hustn Mtrla - NEC Vice/Maif - Sure Paging - ther ptins A SYSTEMS PAGING DURANT, KLAHMA REMEMBER THERE IS N REASN T MISS ANTHER CALL era Q2SH0 Skin Prtectin Made Siple fr Everyne Under the Sun. ^Yu've nly gt ne skin. Take carefit Lk fr Jhady place t play in the iddle f the day. And always reeber t SUP1 n a shirt, SLP! n SPF15* sunscreen and SLAP! n a hat every day! Fr re infratin, call 1-80-ACS-2345 r visit ur web site at F l/i/ri,cvitfvfife;1 The Distributin, sprts writers, graphic artists, phtgraphers, and prductin gurus. Paid psitins fr tw t ten hurs weekly, experience helpful but nt necessary.

6 6 The Sprts Auxust Ftball Players and Caches Excited They Anticipate a Gd Seasn Sarah Weibling Cach Slan's ftball players are very excited abut their upcing seasn. There are abut ninety players n the squad this seasn. Arund twenty f the are new faces. Ten t twelve are senirs this year. The tea has gained three new caches. They are Greg Hinkle, Gerald Flyd and Jhn Schrff. The tea and caching staff are especially exited abut their first gae against McNeese State n Septeber 5, at 7:00p. McNeese, by the way, is ranked nuber ne in the natin! Dnnie Middletn, a junir transfer fr Rswell, New Mexic said, "I' real excited abut it. (the gae) It's gnna be rugh." New cach, Greg Hinkle said, "I' excited! It's y first fficial cllege ftball gae t be caching, s I' buncin' ff the walls!" The Savages have ade se iprveents since last year accrding t Hinkle. He said, "ffensively, I think we've gt a better grup f guys. We had a running back ce in fr western New Mexic, and we've had se guys get healthy that were ut last year, s I think we're ging t be a real iprved unit n ffense. We'll scre se pints." The tea is expecting a gd seasn. Accrding t nuerus players and Cach Hinkle, a big gal fr the is t g t the Natinal Playffs. ne player cented, "I think we're ging t d a lt better than ur 3-7 recrd last year." Cach Hinkle said, "I think we'll be pretty gd, barring injury. We culd win eight r nine gaes." bviusly, the ftball tea and caches are psyched and ptiistic abut their seasn. Cach Rbinsn's basketball tea(pictured left) gets ready t sprint anther ne. They are already wrking hard t get in shape fr the upcing seasn. 27, 1998 Tribute t a True Sprts Fan It was ver 40 years ag when a Cllege student had se dry cleaning dne at Unique Cleaners, nw Tip Tp Cleaners, just ff the capus n Nrth Fifth street. The student never paid prprietr Flyd "Pp" Mahanay fr that cleaning, unitl recently when an annyus letter arrived in Durant with twenty dllars attached t it. The letter read, "When I was in schl at Durant I had a little bit cleaned. This was ver frty years ag. I had n ney, s I never paid. The cleaners was naed Unique. I can'tfind it nw and I want t ake itrights I a ailing it t yu (Fashin Cleaners). I a s srry I a s slw. I was s ashaed r I wuld have dne this sner. Frgive e please." Pp Mahanay died in 1979, but his living heirs, Sue Burke and Flyd Bnd Mahanay, knwing what an avid sprts fan Pp was, are passing the twenty bucks n t the Athletic Departent. The ney was received by Athletic Directr Dr. Dn Parha, wh said he has fnd eries f a great sprts fan. Pp Mahanay. This stry was subitted by Dr. Dn Parha, Athletics Directr i. MM" f Sftball Gaes Sn t Ce Sep. 1 Cnnrs Jr. Cllege 2:00 Sep. 8 Cllin Cunty 2:00 Sep. 12 Texas Wan's Turn. Dentn, TX TBA Sep. 15 Seinle Jr. Cllege 3:00 Pht by Sarah Weibling USEAUTTIERKIRAIMT WITH YUR KIDS. TVtart <ti d* bi purfr*»h ddd 11 l inirr afwlr firvvn a ittgra pawf** r«lln-t >D ihftart irvl u-vi,. ru ca ILUW A LTreNA warc BUM*TURSArBHI JC e/f W YU CAN HELP STP CHILD ABUSE BEFRE IT EVER STARTS. T tea hw yu can help, cal Bw dnat Cittee l ievenl Child Abuse tday KM! CHILREN K\H.VD.I0tSlM)S0FHI)S BRL\C(;t,\S T SCHL l-lnil Mil bnti l" p-l L-IIIIS il»f llir IMIHU f, I.H.Irrn WE-PRE VENT MaaavaaarrhafMt v«ari-w * JJ01 t Sf^ Jasn J.Ashby Killed by a drunk dnver jr. August n Rute 5 in Great Mills, Maryland triuatalal rrtfe trin <rnt r Cleaners and Laundry Next day service Mnday-Thursday pen: Mnday-Friday 7 a..-6p.. Saturday 8a..-lp.. Alteratins Available 1115 N. First L, Student/Staff/Faculty Discunt J Lking fr a place t belng? The ffice fr Student Life is in a new lcatin and invites students t ce by. The new lcatin is in Student Unin 138. Church f Christ Student Bible Center. Just acrss the street fr the ftball field FCUS - Mnday night at 7:00 PM Pl and Ping-Png Tables Quiet place t study (whatever that is!?) Great Devtinals and Bible Studies [Djpn D n 215 University r call us at ec/a Buy ne Regular Sub... Get ne Fr.99 Drive thru r call in. All day August 28th Nt valid with any ther ffer, prtin, r discunt. Excludes duble eats *SUBUURY* ZliLi ^LL aildl B H a D Find ut abut student rganizatins, eet the Student Life staff, and see the student art n exhibit. GETINU0LUED The pssibilities are endless. If yu bring this invitatin by the ffice fr Student Life yu will receive a free gift. ph ext and click n the Student Life buttn. 1 L-ue ^ ^