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1 W h ere the biggies leave off... H i l l & Lak e Pre s s Published VOLUME 33 NUMBER 11 for East Isles, Lowry Hill, Kenwood Isles, & CIDNA NOVEMBER 20, 2009 HAPPY THANKSGIVING December issue of HLP will be distributed Dec. 11, a week earlier than usual. Reservation deadline is Nov. 30. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. Drawing by Joyce Murphy C EDAR L AKE PARK A SSOCIATION A giant thank you to all of you for your hard work last Saturday October 24. A ll who enjoy this area and are working to restore it to its native grandeur are grateful! (Site at Cedar Lake is a 100% volunteer undertaking to rid the site of invasive plants and restore it to native plants.) By Ruth V. Jones, Site Coordinator Cedar Lake Park Association Woodland Restoration I went out to the site immediately after work on Saturday and was of course thrilled to see the results of all of your labor; I then gathered a couple of site volunteers yesterday, who collectively gave the area another 10 hours of hard but rewarding work, inspired in part by all of your hard work the day before. We are planning for next spring s work after MidMay and before July 1 when our big need will be getting rid of garlic mustard, motherwort and burdock that has invaded the site before they have a chance to go to seed. (Note: These are the three most invasive of the herbaceous plants in our area. Anytime before mid-may is just too early as the plants are not yet far enough out of the ground and by July 1, some of the earlier blooming plants are already starting to go to seed.) We are hoping that many volunteers would consider a return work day at that time. In the meantime, if any would like to continue the work in which they first participated this last Saturday, come anytime! Thank you Scott Dahl for removing logs and branches from Excel line clearing at Cedar Lake Woodlands Restoration Site and for your restitution work picking up materials left from your clearing power lines at the Burnham Boulevard entrance to the Woodland Restoration site. This is particularly appreciated by the volunteers who have worked 1300 hours Minneapolis Chief Financial Officer Patrick Born speaking at Lowry Hill s What s up with property taxes meeting Nov. 17 at the Walker Art Center. Visit to restore these woods to their native status. Your crew was already hard at work when I arrived at the site at 8:00 a.m. Nov. 6 so we missed the opportunity to have our HLP photographer get pictures of the operation since she came exactly at nine, expecting the work to be starting then. The only photo she got was of your trucks driving away! Alas we certainly planned to give you credit for your responsible restitution work as well as for hauling away your own stuff! Footnote: We also discov- Xcel Energy truck driving away after cleanup. ered that the line crews had dumped the old electrical poles in the woods when they replaced them recently with new ones. These poles were too heavy for the volunteers to move. We realize that there will be no further line work done at our restoration site for another five years and hope that by that time Asplundh and Excel Energy personnel will come to an understanding that it is not ok to leave line-work generated logs and branches on site. Inside MPRB Candidate Anita Tabb leaving her polling place on November 3, Photos by Dorothy Childers Calendar & Classified Advertising Meet your Neighbor Minneapolis Minds Library News Thomas Lowry Park News KIAA, LHNA, EIRA Real Estate News Masthead Editor Madeleine Lowry Sand Upon the Waters ,

2 2 NOVEMBER 20, 2009 CALENDAR & ANNOUNCEMENTS LUNCH WITH LISA BEGINS AGAIN IN DATE TBA. FREE MOVIE TROUBLE THE WATER 6:30 PM Monday, August 17th Parish Center, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, 4537 Third Avenue, Minneapolis TROUBLE THE WATER Winner 2008 Sundance Film. 24-year old rap artist and her husband document the stories of the victims of hurricane Katrina. New York Times critic says it is one of the best American documentaries in recent history. MINNEAPOLIS AUDUBON SOCIETY Bryant Square (31st & Bryant Avenue S) Friday, December 11, p.m. Paul Fusco will update us on his Ten Years with an Osprey Family. Please join us for the program and refreshments. All are welcome. For more information please call BIRCHBARK BOOKS READING SERIES Birchbark Books continues its monthly reading series on December 9, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Reading will be GE Patterson and Morgan Grace Willow. The series is curated by Michael Kiesow Moore. Full deli menu at the Isles Deli starting 6:15 p.m. (next door to the bookstore, and location of the reading). This ongoing series features new, emerging, and established writers presenting their work at Birchbark Books on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from September through May. For more see HENNEPIN COUNTY WILL HOLD A PUBLIC TRUTH IN TAXATION HEARING AT 6 P.M., THURSDAY, DEC. 3. Hennepin is proposing expenditures of $1.6 billion in 2010, which is more than 6 percent less than the 2009 final budget of $1.7 billion. The proposed net property tax levy is $663.6 million or a 3 percent increase. This increase is designated for Hennepin County Medical Center, which is faced with financial and liquidity issues due to the state s transition from General Assistance Medical Care. The budgeted levy amount is less than the maximum property tax levy (4.95 percent) that was set in September; the proposed property tax notices mailed to homeowners reflect the maximum levy amount. In addition, the county s Solid Waste Management Fee ($16.1 million collected in 2009) is slated for elimination in The hearing will be held in the County Board Room on the 24th Floor of the Hennepin County Government Center, 300 S. Sixth St., Minneapolis. Free parking is provided for residents testifying at this hearing who park in the Government Center s underground ramp after 4:30 p.m. The ramp entrance is on 3rd Avenue between 5th and 6th streets. CHIMNEY REPAIR AND REBUILDING SHINGLE ROOFS CEDAR ROOFS SLATE ROOFS TILE ROOFS ROOF REPAIRS SKYLIGHTS PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS GREEN ROOFS ROOF REPAIRS We re not your average roofing company. We re a full service roofing contractor. Providing peace of mind since 1932 LOCAL HOLIDAY SHOPPORTU ITY Isles Artisan Holiday Sale Set for 10 a.m. 4 p.m., Saturday, December 5, at cozy Lake of the Isles Market and Deli and Gallery The Isles Market and Deli, nestled in the heart of Downtown Kenwood, will host its second annual Isles Artisan Holiday Sale 10 a.m. 4 p.m. Saturday, December 5. Shoppers can peruse fine arts and crafts borne from Lakes of the Isles-area talent. Offerings include playful paintings and prints, beautiful jewelry, mosaic wonders, winter wearables, vintage holiday decorations and more. Steamy coffee drinks and homemade soups, sandwiches and delicious treats for sale on the premises by the Isles Deli, sister to the popular Isles Bun and Coffee in Uptown. The Isles Market and Deli is located at 2115 West 21st Street, at the corner of West 21st Street and Penn Avenue South in Minneapolis, across from Kenwood Elementary School and adjacent to Birchbark Books and Native Arts. THE KENWOOD RETIREMENT COMMUNI- TY SPONSORS A PHOTO CONTEST. Minneapolis Kenwood-Isles area is picture-perfect! That s why The Kenwood Retirement Community is sponsoring a photo contest to capture the year-round fun and beauty of this special place. The Photo Contest is open to all ages. Everyone whether living, working, playing, shopping or going to school in the Kenwood-Isles area is invited to submit their best images by Monday, November 30, The contest includes cash prizes and other awards. Photos should convey a sense of our community in any season and may include: > Events and activities > Animals, plants and landscapes > Landmarks, buildings and other structures > People from all walks of life Photos may be recent or historic images, but photographers must be able to verify it is their original work. MINNESOTA DRY CLEANERS HOLD ANNUAL BLANKET DRIVE Once again, the Minnesota Cleaners Association (MCA) is sponsoring their annual blanket drive to benefit Sharing and Caring Hands, a nonprofit organization which serves over 20,000 people in need each month. Dry cleaning customers across the state are encouraged to drop off new or gently used blankets, comforters, bedspreads and throws at their local MCA dry cleaner. Each of the more than 100 MCA dry cleaners are donating their time and resources to process the items before delivering them to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. Sharing and Caring Hands, in turn, will distribute the items to people in need. The blanket drive is currently running and continues through the end of November. The Phone: MN License # ROOF MAINTENANCE METAL ROOFS CEDAR TREATMENT ICE DAM REMOVAL RUBBER ROOFS GREEN ROOFS FLAT ROOFS GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS CUSTOM COPPER WORK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NOVEMBER 2009 CARPENTRY, experienced. Windows and doors replaced. Finish carpentry. Professional tile work. Drywall, taping, plaster repair, texture and paint. Local refs, free ests. Tom Cat Sitting, House Checks, Plants. Over 15 years experience. Reasonable rates. Excellent references. Jennie Lake of the Isles Dog Walking Service Eight years experience walking dogs in your area. Best rates in town: $14/half hour walk. Your neigh bors are my best references! Cat and bird sitting servicestoo. Mary Taylor Rates: $7.00 for two lines, $4.00 for each additional line. Send ad and check to Hill & Lake Press, c/o Jean Deatrick, 1821 Dupont Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55403, payable to Hill & Lake Press. There are approximately 48 characters (letter, punctuation, space, number) per line. BREAKFAST WITH A PRESERVATIONIST - MILWAUKEE AVENUE Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., ADM Conference Room, Mill City Museum, 710 South Second Street After participating in Vietnam war protests during the 1970s at the University of Minnesota, Jeri Reilly and a few other students used their organizing skills to save a narrow street in the Seward West Urban Renewal Area, known as Milwaukee Avenue. Its piquant array of brick houses were listed for urban renewal demolition by a public agency that wanted to save a neighborhood by destroying it. Historian-writer Reilly and former neighborhood activist Bob Roscoe will present the story of Milwaukee Avenue s immigrant past and the 1970s plan that renovated houses in their historic context and transformed the street into a coveted public space. Coffee and bakery items will be available to help you fuel up for the day, and we end the event right at 9 AM. Parking at meters is available in front on the street, and a self-pay public parking ramp is right across the street. This event is free! Remember you can always go to our website to learn about upcoming events and other items of interest. Minnesota Cleaners Association encourages the public to participate, as it is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of struggling Minnesotans. Visit the MCA website for more details and to find your local participating dry cleaner: minnesotadrycleaners.org

3 NOVEMBER 20, MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR, MEG TUTHILL Craig Wilson interviews Council Member Elect Meg Tuthill about her decades of community activism and service, the state of Ward 10, her iconic business on Hennepin, and her vision for Uptown and beyond. Congratulations on your recent election! How does it feel to have won? It s very exciting to start a new chapter in my quest to make the 10th Ward a wonderful place to work and live. Ward 10 is commonly known as the Uptown ward. What parts of the Hill Lake area are in Ward 10? The 10th Ward includes 7 neighborhoods. The Hill and Lake Press area is East Isles and a portion of CIDNA. Among other things, you are a founder of the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (LHENA) and the South Hennepin Business Association (SHBA). What prompted you to found these organizations? LHENA was founded to save our historic homes, hold the absentee landlords accountable for their properties, and to start the first recycling program in Minneapolis. SHBA was founded to strengthen the business community. By forming the association we felt we could improve our own businesses and create a stronger bond in serving the greater community. How has the area changed over the years? I think the neighborhoods have gotten safer, more desirable to live and work in. What are issues facing uptown in your immediate term? As I was door knocking this summer, the concerns of the community are balanced development, property taxes, and safety. I often hear area residents complain that we need better transit and local retail, and in the same breath complain about increasing density and traffic. Given the investment required to upgrade our infrastructure, it seems to me it would be difficult to support transit and local retail without density. Ward 10 Council Member Meg Tuthill Can we absorb density while retaining quiet, treelined neighborhoods? It s all about balance. We need to make sure that we have smart, sustainable development. We have good transit to downtown. But, getting folks out to the suburbs for jobs leaves a lot to be desired. Uptown is an entertainment destination for the entire metro area, especially for youth. This gives Uptown a wonderful vibrancy that is shared by other American cultural capitols. But neighborhood residents often feel alienated with such a disproportionate emphasis on entertainment with limited amenities. How do we strike a balance? As I stated earlier, it is all about balance. We need to be diligent to make sure that along with great restaurants, clubs, and movie theaters we have businesses that will serve the residents as well. The new hardware store to go on Hennepin seems like a step in the right direction. Are there other examples of neighborhood oriented businesses coming to Uptown in the near future? I was thrilled to have Fratalones open a hardware store on Hennepin. This is a great example of a business that will serve homeowners, condo owners, renters, and other businesses in our community. I haven t heard of any other new business opening in the near future. You ran a successful neighborhood business for years and recently sold it. For readers unfamiliar with Tuthill s, please tell us what you specialized in and what will happen to this iconic Uptown business. Tuthill s Balloon Emporium was on 25th and Hennepin for 30 years. We were a full service party and decorating [social and corporate] retail business. The store is still there under new ownership. It is now the Corner Balloon Shoppe. The new owners are doing a great job. We are just thrilled to see the store continue under new leadership. Many residents are concerned about escalating property taxes and declining or static income. I am troubled that high property taxes will lead to increased income segregation, with fewer moderate and lower income residents in Uptown, or people fleeing to the suburbs. The diversity of Uptown residents keeps it vibrant, how do we maintain this? We need to get our fiscal house in order. The beauty of living and working in the 10th Ward is the diversity. If we don t get our property taxes under control and maintain a safe community we will not have the diversity that makes this one of the most vibrant places in Minneapolis to live. What will Uptown look like in 2030? I m hoping that it will maintain the eclectic mix that we have now. We will have protected the lakes, and it will still be a very desirable place to live, work and play. What do you do in your free time? Do you have any special hobbies? Free Time? I am accustomed to working hours a week! I do like to travel, garden, gather with friends on our front porch, read [nonfiction] and above all spend time with our children and the Darlings [grand children]. What is something about you that people may not know? I have been a leader of 3 Girl Scout Troops and taught knitting to children after school. Sold! Happy Holidays from The Wille Group If you plan to sell your home in 2010, please invite The Wille Group over soon for a consultation. We will help you prepare your home to sell for the highest price possible. Rely on our experience and expertise for all of your home buying and selling needs Knox Avenue South Distinctive Service. Guaranteed Results. Sophisticated 5 bedroom, 6 bath Georgian colonial mansion. Gracious public rooms, gourmet kitchen and main floor family room. Luxurious master suite. Over 8,000 square feet of perfection! Josh Zuehlke Michael Wille Leanna Privette

4 4 NOVEMBER 20, 2009 F o r W h a t i t s W o r t h There s something going on here. What it is ain t exactly clear. No. No. Nothing like what Buffalo Springfield was singing about in Rather, there s something going on now days if you happen to be an 8th grader. It s high school choice season for the more than 2,100 Minneapolis freshmen enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools, not counting the additional number of 8th graders presently enrolled in private, charter, or parochial schools MINNEAPOLIS MINDS By Steve Kotvis who too are considering their high school options. For those of us in the Hill & Lakes Press reading audience, that s roughly 728 8th graders who live in Zone 3 as defined by the Changing Schools Options (CSO) Plan. Zone 3 includes homes geographically aligned with either Southwest or Washburn. Decisions of which of Minneapolis seven main high schools got a bit simpler with CSO. If you live in Zone 3, you can go anywhere but if you want a bus ride you re going to Southwest or Washburn. But wait, you can also get a bus ride to North. North? Yes, North High School (which happens to be amazingly nearby if you venture in that direction) is the district s only citywide main high school. (I refer to these as main high schools because there are also a number of alternative high schools that typically serve students who benefit from a significantly different high school experience than most of us might envision. I think that s a topic worthy of a future Minneapolis Minds article.) As mentioned in a previous Minneapolis Minds article, I ve started working as a volunteer with the school leadership at North. Admittedly, North High School (or as it s most recently being referred to as new north ) has got some seriously strong reputation issues to overcome before it even gets on the list of some future students. But I have to admit it. I ve met firsthand an amazing student body, a committed and dedicated team THE SANTA RUN TO BENEFIT LEGAL AID - Saturday Dec. 5, 4 p.m. Run begins & ends at YWCA on Nicollet Mall downtown Minneapolis. Running, walking, rolling, or strolling. Register, get required sponsorships, pick up your santa suit and white beard the day of the run or create your own dreidel costume. Legal of teachers, leadership, and culture at North that has me thinking this might be one of the district s best-kept secrets. (Given schools have typically not marketed, I m seeing a number of kept secrets in our schools.) North s Digital Media program led by visionary, instructor, coach, and all around great guy, David Sylvestre is a wonderful example of a hands-on approach to high technology being offered at North. His student team of Polar Producers are using the latest in digital audio and video recording, filming, and editing to produce some high level pieces. KBEM radio operates on premises offering studio experience to students pursuing broadcasting. And what really astounded me was seeing the data that says North has among the city s highest school participation rates in many of the advanced level courses, especially the career technical education in robotics, engineering design, digital media, and biomed engineering. I m not saying North is for everyone. But neither is IB. (North and all of the main high schools except South plan to offer IB soon if they don t now.) So for what it s worth, consider what s going on ain t exactly clear. It s time 8th graders would do well to stop, hey, what s that sound? Look and consider what s going on. S teve Kotvis, a Kenwood resident who refers to himself as a graduate parent having two children attend K-1 2 and graduate from Minneapolis Public S chools serves on a number of boards and committees relative to public education and offers a monthly perspective in the Hill & L ak e Press Minneapolis Minds column. Art Exhibition at Traffic Zone Gallery Famously Private, an exhibition of new paintings by Hill & Lake Press area resident Lisa Nankivil will be shown Nov. 24 to Jan. 5 at Traffic Zone Gallery, 250 Third Ave N, Minneapolis. Gallery hours: Monday- Friday 9 to 5 p.m. Reception: Saturday, Dec. 5, p.m. at the gallery. For more information please visit: or Aid provides free civil legal services for poor and disadvantaged Minnesotans. Click on Santa for more information and to register or donate! Photo Contest Deadline: Monday, November 30, 2009 Your firewood may be home to an invasive species With winter on its way, many residents are stocking up on firewood for the colder months. If you re planning to get some wood for your fireplace, be aware that there could be a destructive stowaway in your logs. The emerald ash borer is an invasive pest that attacks ash trees, and can end up in the wood of these trees. The beetle has already killed more than 40 million ash trees nationwide, primarily in southeast Michigan. Minnesota has the potential to lose 867 million trees, D hole : Emerald Ash Borer because it has one of the nation s highest volumes of forestland ash on public property. Although the emerald ash borer has not reached Minnesota yet, it has been discovered in Wisconsin. It is likely that bug will eventually reach Minnesota. However, residents can play a part in delaying and minimizing the damage to our trees. Minneapolis 200,000 ash trees make up 20 percent of all trees on public and private land in the city, which makes it especially important to take steps to protect against the emerald ash borer. Adult borers can t fly far, so the most likely way the beetle will reach Minnesota is by people moving ash logs, ash firewood, or infested ash trees from nurseries. You can help slow the spread by: Buying or harvesting your wood near the area where you are going to burn the wood. Avoid moving firewood from its area of origination; especially avoid bringing wood into Minnesota from out of state. Asking firewood dealers about their wood. When buying firewood here in town, find out where it came from. Firewood dealers in Minneapolis are required to be licensed by the City, so ask to see the City license. Watching your ash trees carefully. The earlier the emerald ash borer is found, the sooner it can be addressed. Residents should examine ash trees in their Emerald Ash Borer to page 5 ß Sarah Beth Photography Minneapolis Kenwood area is picture perfect! That s why The Kenwood Retirement Community aims to capture the essence of this very special area in a photo contest that s open to all ages. Grand Prize $100 Second Place $50 Third Place $25 For photo contest guidelines, visit or call SUMMIT AVENUE MINNEAPOLIS, MN Serving seniors for more than 20 years, The Kenwood Retirement Community offers independent, assisted and short-stay apartments with high-quality services, amenities, activities and personal care. SCHEDULE WINTER TRIMMING NOW! THEY did the research. YOUR choice is easy. Highest ratest tree service according to a Twin Cities consumer magazine in which 36 local tree services were rated.

5 NOVEMBER 20, Stumped By That Tree Stump? In late April 2010, the MPRB (Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board) will begin replacing boulevard trees that fell to Dutch elm disease or other problems. You don t want to find yourself staring at an ugly stump all summer, so now s the time to get in line for tree replacement. Your first resource is the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) web site, Looking under the Urban Forest section, I found answers to most of my questions, though not all. A call to the MPRB answered the rest. If a tree in front of your home was cut down, you should have received a door hanger with information explaining the process for tree replacement and your options. You can call the MPRB Forestry Division and refuse a replacement tree. Hopefully, that won t be your choice. A much better option is to call the MPRB requesting the replacement of the boulevard tree in front of your home. By doing this you move to the front of the queue when tree planting starts. While it sounds a little like the squeaky wheel getting the grease, there is some logic to granting the request of a homeowner to have a tree replaced sooner rather than later. By calling the city, the homeowner has demonstrated an interest and willingness to care for the tree once it goes in the ground. The MPRB relies on the homeowner to water the newly planted tree frequently to give the tree its best start. Tell them what kind of tree you d like. Back in the 80s blocks were assigned certain types of trees for replacement, but today the Forestry Division is more Emerald Ash Borer from page 4 neighborhood for tree canopy thinning or small D- shaped exit holes left in the bark by the borer. If there is any suspicion that a tree is infested, residents can contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture s Arrest the Pest hotline at (651) for the metro area or for greater Minnesota. Borers kill trees over a period of one to four years. The larvae live under the bark of the tree and feed in the tissue layer directly beneath the bark, which disrupts water from reaching all sections of the tree. This can cause a major thinning of a tree s canopy, with as many as one half of a tree s branches dying during the first year of infestation. Trees generally try to compensate for the loss of limbs by sprouting new growth below the level of infestation. At this time the bark may begin to split. Eventually the adult beetles emerge from the bark. In the process of emerging as adults, they leave a D-shaped exit hole that is about 1/8 inch wide. For more information on the emerald ash borer, visit b.htm By Jackie Mattingly open to having a variety of trees on the block. They have about forty types of trees that can be planted. The tree you choose just needs to fit with the other trees in terms of size. It seems a good idea to vary the trees on a block since a block with a more heterogeneous set of trees will not be wiped out when the next wave of disease hits. If you re partial to instant landscaping, it is possible to plant a larger specimen, however you must bear the cost of this choice. You ll need to work out the details with the MPRB. The Forestry Division will mark the tree stump with a T indicating where the replacement tree will be planted. If there is a legitimate reason to replant the boulevard tree in a different spot, have that discussion. The District Forester will make the call to plant in vacant boulevard spots that a homeowner has not claimed. But the city has limited funding, which is why homeowner-requested trees get first dibs. If you are concerned about boulevard spots that remain empty, you can encourage the closest homeowner to request a replacement. You can also try calling the MPRB yourself and offer to adopt a tree if replaced. You ll be signing up to water the tree during dry periods. I don t know Tree Stump if this will work, but it may be worth a try. Positive action on our part from prevention to replacement will help keep our little part of the Urban Forest healthy.

6 6 NOVEMBER 20, 2009 EWS FROM THE LIBRARY Gary Thaden, Gthaden at Gmail dot Com Northeast Library Closed for Renovation Northeast Library at 2200 Central Ave. N.E., Minneapolis closed on Oct. 29 in preparation for construction, which will begin in December. The projected renovation completion date is In planning for the renovated library, the Northeast Library Advisory Team, which consists of members of the community, provided feedback on what the community wants in a library. Design plans also include a new early literacy/interactive discovery zone for young children. Wireless access will be available. More visible and welcoming entrances will open onto an improved parking area and Central Avenue. Sustainable features incorporated into the renovation include maximizing use of natural daylight through window design, new and updated mechanical systems for energy efficient operation, use of renewable products, native plantings, and a storm water management system. See ngprojects.cfm for updates. Walker Library Community Advisory Committee The Walker Library is scheduled for renovation/construction. The timeline is to go out for RFP for construction in the first quarter of The first couple of meetings took place in October. The demographics of the community and of library users were important components of the discussion by the committee. Hennepin County Library Budget All Hennepin County departments have been asked to make reductions in order to help balance the County budget. This would mean cutting $3-5 million from the library s budget. The library s 2009 budget is $73 million. In the first half of 2009, over $8.3 million items were checked out of the 41 Hennepin County libraries, up 4.5% over Program attendance is up, as is demand for public computers and assistance by librarians. How much does the library save you? We all know that public libraries are truly invaluable - their contribution to society can t be represented in dollars and cents. However, it can be interesting to calculate how much money you save by using the library. How much would you pay out-of-pocket for library services each month? A calculator is available at The Library Foundation will use these figures to lobby for the monetary value of libraries. Please support this effort. Pen Pals Lecture Series: Hopkins Center for the Arts Azar Nafisi Thursday, December 17, 2009, 7:30 PM Friday, December 18, 2009, 11 AM Expelled from the University of Tehran for refusing to wear the mandatory Islamic veil, Azar Nafisi has spent much of her career advocating for Iranian intellectuals, youth, and especially women. Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir In Books has been translated into 32 languages, has won numerous literary awards, including the 2004 Nonfiction Book of the Year Award from Book Sense, and was 117 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Dr. Nafisi is a Visiting Professor at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Sarah Vowell Thursday, March 11, 2010, 7:30 PM Friday, March 12, 2010, 11 AM Is there anything Sarah Vowell hasn t done? Contributing editor to Public Radio International s This American Life, a regular on Late Night with Conan O Brien, music critic and author of audio books featuring the likes of Norman Lear, Vowell is also the acclaimed author of five books, including Assassination Vacation, a road trip to the tourist sites devoted to the murdered presidents. Her most recent book is The Wordy Shipmates, a history of American Puritans. Vowell also happens to be the voice of Violet in the Pixar Film, The Incredibles. Michael Chabon Thursday, April 22, 2010, 7:30 PM Friday, April 23, 2010, 11 AM Washington D.C. native Michael Chabon has wowed the literary world almost since he left the cradle. The novel he wrote for his Master s Thesis at U.C. Irvine, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, became a New York Times bestseller. His second book, The Wonder Boys, became a feature film starring Michael Douglas and Toby Maguire. The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in In 2007 he released the wildly popular novel The Yiddish Policeman s Union. He has appeared before audiences in nine countries and lectures widely on what is clearly his favorite topic, the art and craft of fiction. William Kent Krueger Thursday, May 13, 2010, 7:30 PM Friday, May 14, 2010, 11 AM The north woods of Minnesota are the setting for William Kent Krueger s eight-book mystery series, featuring Cork O Connor - the part Irish, part Ojibwe, part-time P.I. A resident of St. Paul, Krueger has received numerous awards, including four Minnesota Book Awards and the Loft McKnight Fiction Award. Before becoming a full-time writer, Krueger logged timber, worked construction and, he says, got himself kicked out of Stanford University for radical activities. Krueger does his writing in Booth #4 at the renowned St. Clair Broiler in St. Paul. How do I thank thee... Let me count the ways: TAK Dziekuje Gracias Thank You Merci beaucoup Danke buíoćas Ua Tsaug Takk

7 NOVEMBER 20, INVEST IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD! I VE GOT FOUR BIG DUPLEXES FOR SALE IN KENWOOD! FOR SALE 2419 W 22ND STREET LARGE DUPLEX IN KENWOOD JUST AROUND THE CORNER FROM LAKE OF THE ISLES! TWO BIG 4-BEDROOM/2 BATH UNITS WALLS OF WINDOWS, SPACIOUS ROOM SIZES CALL COTTY TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE OTHER 3 DUPLEXES! CALL COTTY LOWRY KELLER WILLIAMS INTEGRITY Palio says Thank you to the Community Palio 2009 would have never happened without these many volunteers. Shanti Mittra and Amy Sanborn with very little advance notice took over Palio and kept the tradition alive along with the fun, the games, and the music. Thank you Shanti and Amy. Also: Janet Hallaway keeper of the tradition; Maggie Mercil Queen of the Rec Center, who supplied pragmatic ideas, delivered all that she agreed to, and maintained calm efficiency; Three other rec center staff Kristi Pearson She found the right team for set up that made what has historically been a nightmare an absolute breeze this year. Special thanks to Matt Allen, whose jeep and wood trailer allowed many of the set up crew to go home early to start dressing for Palio. She also succeeded in fully staffing all volunteer positions for Palio this year. In her spare time, she rounded up all that was green to co-captain LH s parade. Palio judges East Isles: Ann Bailly has been here forever. And before Ann, her family. Ann can tell the best stories about the old houses in the Lake of the Isles area and all the people who have lived in them. After the heaviest snow storm, Ann is out first thing, shovel in hand, meticulously cleaning her side walk (long before any of the commercial services the rest of us hire!) In the fall, she s raking leaves, big piles of them that her beautiful dog Lucy tries to jump in. She stands as one of those great souls in our neighborhood, the ones that always greet you with a big smile, make you want to stand taller and give back. Whether it s serving as an election judge, as Ann frequently does, or starting a business like Alexis Bailley Vinyards, just to prove there isn t a business that can t be started in the snow, sleet and draught of Minnesota. Kenwood: Steve Remole. He and his wife Katie moved to the area in 2004, and he loves taking advantage of all Lake of the Isles offers from long walks (he can make it around in 45 minutes Katie, in 40) to canoeing (people may have seen him portaging over from his house on Oliver) to cross country skiing to ice skating. Steve even included neighborhood elements in his daughter s wedding last month an event that Steve says was the best in his whole life. Before watching his daughter say her vows at the Calhoun Beach Club, Steve rented a bus to give out of town visitors a tour of the Twin Cities and the lakes. Steve s an expert on heart rhythms (an electrician of the heart, you could say). And since moving to Kenwood, he s also become quite adept at handling bats the furry kind, not wood. Lowry Hill: Craig Wilson is on the Lowry Hill board and was the former president. Craig is active in the neighborhood and in politics...an all around good guy whom we love to have in our neighborhood. Pam Hockenberry grill mistress extraordinaire, thoroughly staffed and made available all related to Palio to page 12 Wishing you a relaxing Thanksgiving with friends & family. We are thankful for the extended stimulus for buyers~ Call us today for more info! Margaret Thorpe Richards Mary Thorpe-Mease Mobile: Mobile: Coldwell Banker Burnet

8 8 NOVEMBER 20, 2009 SECTION I Month Ending: Deposits Deposit Notes Withdrawals Withdrawal Notes Balance donation from Barry bank fee for check Nov 2008 $2, for start up $6.75 printing $2, Oct 2008 $0.00 $2, donation from Barry attny fees covered by Nov 2008 $ for start up $2, Barry's donations $ Dec 2008 $ donations $ Jan 2009 $ donations $60.00 attny fees covered by Barry's donations $ Feb 2009 $0.00 $25.00 State of MN $ Mar 2009 $0.00 $ April 2009 $0.00 $ May 2009 $0.00 $ June 2009 $ July 2009 $ $853 coffee event donations $1, $570 reimb Barb for donations from ice labor/mulch, $600 cream social $1, logo $ Aug 2009 $1, from Barry/Sara for logo/printing $2, Sep 2009 $75.00 donations $2, $6, $4, Friends of Thomas Lowry Park (FTLP) Hi neighbors, more news from Friends of Thomas Lowry Park (FTLP). Prior to setting forth FTLP's financial information, please note FTLP was set up properly by retaining Joseph Noack, Esq. of the law firm of Briggs and Morgan, P.A. Not only did his firm draft and file the Articles of Incorporation, but also drafted the Bylaws, first minutes, and the Conflict of Interest Policy of the Board of Directors. His firm also prepared and submitted the long and complicated IRS form for FTLP to be granted tax exempt status as a IRC Section 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The application was granted effective to July 17, 2008, the date of FTLP s incorporation. Mr. Noack provided these services at below his firm s normal billing rate as a courtesy to the FTLP community. The current financial summary and status of FTLP is as follows to the left on this page and continues on page 9. The FTLP logo was created by Christopher Bohnet of xt4, Inc. at a cost of $600, which was a charge far below Mr. Bohnet s usual rate. (If you need great graphic art services, why not contact Mr. Bohnet at Park Nicollet Clinic Minneapolis nn is offers fer complete e health care for your entire e family. You can trust our team of experienced health h professionals to keep you healthy. Convenient n nt location on with free e parking Family and internal medicine, ine, pediatrics, nurse-midwifery ry and physical therapy 7 a.m. appointments t available able Quick Check Express walk-in care ef for minor illnesses lne ses (Monday Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Pharmacy and complete eye care All major insurance plans accepteded For more information or to make an appointment, call or visit parknicollet.com.

9 NOVEMBER 20, Friends of Thomas Lowry Park (FTLP) Friends of Thomas Lowry Park will continue to incur legal fees, filing fees, and administrative expenses at a substantially lower level than the start up costs. FTLP hopes these costs will be mostly paid by its Board of Directors. Future expenses for fundraisers and events held in the park but not as fundraisers, and for additional plantings, raking, and maintenance to supplement MPRB will be significant and will depend on the users and neighbors of the park for financial and sweat equity support. To make a tax deductable donation, please send your contribution to: Friends of Thomas Lowry Park 1801 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, MN Our volunteers not only have fun, but also get immediate gratification from the beautiful gardens they help maintain. Barb Fogel organizes volunteer sessions on the second Saturday of each month, from 10am to 12 noon. Please contact Ms. Fogel at for more information and to let her know how you would like to help. Can we count on you? For example, Lee Tricker, Todd Hess, Jim and Barb Fogel, and Bill and Suzanne Payne devoted many hours this summer to watering the plantings and grass. FTLP now provides the thanks, but we welcome help to keep the park looking as good as it did this year. We are also excited to announce our new web site: We would love to hear your comments or answer your questions, which can be sent to: (Many thanks to John Peterman for setting this up.) Please also think about what events you would like to see at the park but more on that subject in the January, 2010 column. See you in the park! q y pp p y SECTION II Friends of Thomas Lowry Park IN KIND/SERVICE & OTHER DONATIONS: 1801 Irving Ave S $46.00 Barry donated puppy dog tails for the June Coffee Event Minneapolis, MN $24.00 Sara donated cold beverages for the June Coffee Event Our volunteers not only have fun, Sebastian but also Joe's get immediate donated coffee gratification etc for the from June the Coffee beautiful Event gardens they Barb Fogel organizes volunteer sessions Christopher on Bohnet the second at xt4, Saturday inc. contributed of each design month, and from consulting 10am to 12 noo Ms. Fogel at for services more information and to let her know how you would like to help. Ca you? For example, Lee Tricker, Value Todd of Hess, services Jim donated and Barb by Fogel, Briggs & and Morgan Bill and Suzanne Payne devote summer to watering u/k the plantings Value and of grass. seasonal FTLP plantings now provides donated the by Tangletown thanks, but Gardens we welcome help to looking as good as it $ did this year. Barry donated remittance envelopes John obtained /web domain and hosting for 2 years $ $2, LHNA donated planter $9, (This amount is the total of money actually deposited plus the value of donations otherwise received.) SECTION III NOTES: Total organization expenditures to date are $ including $ for one time administrative expenses covered by Board Member donations and $ spent on labor and mulch Current account balance is: $ KENWOOD SCHOOL RECYCLING By Matthew Allen, school parent Students at Kenwood School have joined a wider effort in the school district to recycle organic waste from the lunchroom. The program, known as Let s Recycle Our Trash (or Let s R.O.T. ), requires students to separate food scraps, paper, and milk cartons into special bags for later delivery to a commercial composting facility. According to the district, twentyone sites are participating this year. Kenwood s Green Team, a collection of volunteer parents and staff, introduced the R.O.T. program in October and with a little training things have gone quite smoothly. The kids now easily toss leftovers one way and plastic the other, with the knowledge that every bag of organics will help produce compost to be used in gardens, playing fields, road construction, and landscaping. The compost is just one of the numerous efforts by Kenwood s Green Team to champion environmental sustainability, student health, and community responsibility at the school. The group has also twice participated in the Million Acorn Challenge, a five-year effort to restore oak savanna communities across the Twin Cities. The Green Team also has introduced a pilot vegetable garden, sponsored three Walk/Bike-to- School days, and coordinated recycling efforts for major school events. They ve even added a special green cart in the school library for quick reference to related topics. ikenwood.com real time real life real estate real estate and info portal for kenwood Explore ikenwood.com for all current real estate activity in Kenwood. Check out Maggie and Steve s current listings near you: 1819 Kenwood Parkway $ 1,150, Sheridan Ave S (condo) $ 424, James Ave S $ 1,950, Humboldt Ave S (duplex) $ 429, Laurel Ave (Bryn Mawr) $ 739,900 contact steve gouert maggie hood

10 10 NOVEMBER 20, 2009 KENWOOD ISLES AREA ASSOCIATION (KIAA) By Amy Lucas November 2009 KIAA Meeting Minutes KIAA meeting was held on November 2, Chair Michael Bono called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Board Members present: Michael Bono, Chair, Terry Campbell, Jeanette Colby, Jordan Hart, Eric Lind, Amy Lucas, Sam Murphy, Josine Peters, Ed Pluimer, Pat Scott, Kathy Williams, and Roy Williams. Others present: Lisa Goodman, City Council 7th Ward; Maggie Mercil, Kenwood Rec Center Director; Dylan Thomas, Southwest Journal; Sherry and David Goodman, and Larry Olson. Treasurer s Report Roy Williams Only expense for Oct was $250 for Palio community event. Income from interest and member contributions totaled $701. Account balance as of is $35,503. City Council Update Lisa Goodman (7th Ward) Later with Lisa will be held in December, date TBD. Property Tax 101 discussion, sponsored by Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association, will be held on Nov. 17 from 6-7:30 at Walker Art Center. City Assessor and Finance Director will be presenting and available for questions. Public Hearing on City tax levy and 2010 budget will be held Nov. 19 at 6:05 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of City Hall. The 2010 projected property tax information should be mailed to property owners before the hearing. This hearing replaces the truth in taxation public hearing. Visit for proposed 2010 budget. Minneapolis Civilian Police Review Authority Board is seeking applications for four vacancies. Visit Foundation Repair? Concrete Installation? We re the professionals Save big on Winter Basement Wall Resurfacing rates Glass Block Windows Cracked Walls/ Wall Replacement Floor Repair/Wet Basements Steps, Walks, Drives, Patios Garage Floors South Area Call for FREE ESTIMATE West Area Locally Owned & Operated MN Lic.# MPLS Lic. #0271 Metro LICENSED BONDED FULLY INSURED City of Minneapolis is working with Minneapolis Public Schools, Hennepin County, and the Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency to implement an H1N1 pandemic plan. Buses will return to Marquette and 2nd Avenues on Dec. 14. Visit or call (612) to learn more about downtown transit changes. Neighbors brought up concern regarding rezoning proposal along proposed Southwest Transitway/Kenilworth Corridor. CIDNA doesn t favor up-zoning from R2 to R5 at Cedar Shores Townhomes and CM Goodman will not support. Discussion followed regarding a park and ride lot at 21st Street. Mpls City Council does not have a position on the park and ride lot along Kenilworth. Southwest LRT Update Eric Lind Southwest Policy Advisory Committee voted in favor of Kenilworth Alternative on Oct. 14. Hennepin County Commissioners will vote on the alternative on Nov. 3.Their vote will be forwarded to Henn Co Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA). (Update: The Henn Co Cmmrs also recommended the Kenilworth Alternative and will be forwarding to HCRRA.) Neighborhood needs information on pros/cons of a rail station in the neighborhood. Eric will have more information after the Dec. CAC meeting. Visit southwesttransitway.org for more info. Kenwood Rec Center Special Events- Maggie Mercil Amy Lucas, chair of KIAA Events Committee will meet with Maggie to discuss budget/future planning and report back to KIAA. Kenwood Playground Equipment-Kathy Williams Kenwood resident questioned safety/appearance of Kenwood Park play equipment. Park Board inspects park board equipment and some vendors take a while to get parts. Sand is slippery and dangerous. Some equipment has been vandalized and needs paint and repair. Kathy will learn more about Adopt a Park program and potential partnership with Lowry Hill, CIDNA, and others. KIAA s remaining Phase II NRP funds for Neighborhood Livability projects: $14,000. Winter Solstice/Ice Skating Social-Mike Bono Winter Solstice event at deli may not need funds. The event will continue, date TBD. cell Ice Skating Social- Kenwood has budgeted funds to event. Date TBD. Update on Crime and Safety Committee- Jordan Hart Distributed Kenwood Crime Stats for 2008 and Neighborhood crime down 22%. Waiting for Hidden Beach stats for Crime Alert flyers on cars may have helped. Honorarium for League of Women Voters- Pat Scott Big turnout and participants felt they received valuable information. Few expenses-park Board filed meeting permit, school provided chairs, PA system. KIAA approved honorarium for League of Women Voters of $150 for moderator and time keeper. Announcements The KIAA updates may be used for inclusive neighborhood/area fundraisers/events, but KIAA communications networks and print materials are not appropriate for private functions. Resident Larry Olson asked the KIAA Board to help get an improved connector road between Dunwoody Blvd and Kenwood Pkwy, adjacent to the Parade playing fields and Ice Skating arena. Options seem to be either to resurface the existing deteriorated roadway, or to create a new, more direct connection immediately east of the playing fields through the western edge existing large surface parking lot that serves the Sculpture Garden. Discussion has already begun since the roadway is in the Lowry Hill neighborhood; this topic will be discussed at the Nov 10 LHNA Board meeting, including possible repaving, relocation, funding sources. Pat Scott will attend that meeting on behalf of KIAA, with a report back to KIAA in December. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m. Reminder: The next KIAA Board meeting will be held on Monday, December 7 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Kenwood Recreation Center. The public is welcome to attend these monthly meetings. To the Editor: Some of us have formed an organization to advocate for property tax reform. It is called Minnesotans For a Fair Property Tax and the web site is at - We want property taxes to be affordable and fair for all homeowners and taxpayers. We invite you to visit the web site as soon as you can. We hope that we can develop information on property tax issues and advocate for change using the web site. For instance we have added information about where the Minneapolis candidates stand on property taxes and have invited all of them to make a statement. Some have and you can see what they have said on the page The Candidates The election is Nov 3 and you can see how many have identified property taxes as an issue for the election. We hope you can take some time to visit it and even add to what we have started. And make sure you tell your friends about the web site and what we are trying to do. And if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. Dave Sadler ARTHRITIS AND CARPAL TUNNEL--REAL, PSEUDO, OR MISDIAGNOSED--MAY BE SUSCEPTIBLE TO CURE OR AMELIORATION Copyright This notice may be run in its entirety in any publications as a tax donation to Hankes Foundation. Add your name here and submit to the Foundation for acknowledgement. This ad is run as a public service by the Hankes Foundation because chance events in my life indicate that painful afflictions such as ARTHRITIS and CARPAL TUNNEL are susceptible to cure or amelioration. When I had medically diagnosed cases of both of these afflictions in recent years, utter and fortuitous chance cured me of both (at separate times) by the administration of sequential regimes of two different antibiotics. In each case the second of the two was CIPRO. Different U of M doctors issued the prescriptions for unrelated infections several years apart, but neither can tell us now what their first choice was. You may notify the Foundation of any friends hits and misses--no medical details please. If warranted, a professional How does this impact on you? Not at all if you re without those debilitating joint pains. BUT for those board will be established who do have them, I suggest that you coax your physician into a professionally monitored and controlled for detailed physiological antibiotic administration to see if you too may be helped. If you try without success let us know and we ll evaluations. The medical profession will lament and publish (no names); but if you score an ace, you owe us big time and we would hope that you would then select a small newspaper and run a monthly ad such as this for 24 issues. We d like to start a arrange to collect chain-letter ad and eventually get the word to everyone who might be helped. and evaluate Elmer Hankes 1768 S Colfax Ave., Minneapolis, MN data.

11 NOVEMBER 20, LOWRY HILL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION (LHNA) By Madeleine Lowry Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association Board Minutes November 10, 2009 Attendees: Janet Hallaway (president), Brian Hols (vice president), John Gridley (treasurer), Madeleine Lowry, Rob Reul, Anita Tabb, Marty Broan, Brian Meeker, Jolane Jones, Melissa Townley, David Weinstein, and Kathy Byrn. Excused Absences: Brian Austin Guests: Pat Scott, Bob Hinck, Barbara and Jimmy Fogel The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Janet Hallaway, noting a quorum was present. The agenda was approved. Minutes from the October meeting were approved by . Introductions followed. Announcements: Letter from Barry Lazarus, Friends of Thomas Lowry Park thanking LHNA for partnering with them. Treasurer s Report: (Gridley) All current bills have been paid and LHNA has a cash balance of approximately $28,700. A Palio expenditure of $500 was the only significant expense last month. He will present a written report on our finances at the next meeting. Community Issues/ Open Forum: Seventh Ward City Council member Lisa Goodman gave a quick update. There will be an evening Later with Lisa event in December, but the date has not been set. City of Minneapolis Truth in Taxation Hearing will be held November 19, 6pm, City Hall. Check out the City s flu website: Street sweeping for leaf collection is going on now. See the schedule: KIAA Board Member Pat Scott spoke about Kenwood residents interest in fixing the road that provides access to Parade Stadium and connects to Dunwoody Blvd. This is a Park Board road. A motion was made to delegate this topic to the Zoning and Planning Committee. Committee Reports: Communications (Townley) December focus will be crime prevention. A videotape interview of Inspector Eddie Frizell, 5th Precinct Police, on the top three things we can do to stay safe over the holiday will be posted to the LHNA website. Links will be distributed by eblast and Facebook. An amount up to $260 was approved to replace the LHNA banner used at events. Crime and Safety (Jones) The multi-neighborhood crime and safety meeting was held at Temple Israel on October 20. The top four issues identified by our neighborhood attendees were 1) vehicular traffic on side streets, esp. Fremont, 2) vandalism, 3) burglaries in the Mt. Curve area, 4) concern that residents are not calling 911 to report suspicious activity. KIAA s and LHNA s Crime and Safety committees will meet together in November, date TBA. Thanksgiving dinner for the 5th Precinct police will be coordinated by Rob Reul again this year. Crime stats are increasing because people are leaving GPS units and other valuables in plain sight in their cars. Zoning and Planning (Tabb) What s Up With Property Taxes? informational forum will be held at Walker Art Center Cinema on Tues, Nov 17, 6-8 pm. Submit written questions to Anita Tabb: An amount up to $250 was approved to purchase refreshments for this event. Committee completed a walking review of Hennepin corridor businesses and found that the section between the former Auriga and 24th street is in need of improvements and new commercial tenants. The possibility of using some NRP funds to create matching grants for businesses to do street lighting and other property improvements was discussed. Finally, a variance has been applied for by a residence on Humboldt and Mt. Curve to combine two residential parcels into one. Environment (Broan) The Environment Committee requested and received a map of vulnerable boulevard trees. There are 272 ash and 402 elm trees in Lowry Hill. We may ask the arborist to speak at an informational forum on tree issues. Suggestions are being compiled for the 10-year landscape review of Lake of the Isles by a joint task force of the four neighborhoods surrounding the lake. It was brought to our attention that a new water standard for shallow lakes is being applied to Lake of the Isles and under that standard, it is no longer considered polluted. Because of this Isles will now longer be eligible for state funds to address impairments that make the lake less desirable for recreation, such as swimming and boating. Friends of Thomas Lowry Park presented a map of the future vision for the park, including eleven new trees which were donated by People for Parks. Kenwood Trail Project (Hallaway) Kickoff meeting set for December 8, 7pm at Kenwood Rec Center. All stakeholders are invited: residents, Park Board, landscape architects, planners, Kenwood School and Rec Center staff, WESAC and other heavy users of the park. The committee is soliciting funds and design services for an aesthetic landscaping plan for the walkway. Unfinished Business: Board Vacancies (Hallaway) The Board has two vacancies including one for Secretary. Janet Hallaway has spoken to many potential nominees without success. Any suggestions for additional nominees are welcome. New Business Property Tax Meeting: The Board discussed plans for an Arbor Day event. The date of the next regular meeting of LHNA is Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 7:00p.m. at the Kenwood Rec. Center. Please visit us at and contact us at We welcome public attendance at all monthly Board Meetings and all Committee Meetings. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm. 1850S HOLIDAY PARTY AT THE HISTORIC ARD GODFREY HOUSE Sunday, Decembr 6, 12:30-3:30 p.m.. Located at the corner of University & Central Avenues SE. Entertainment and light snacks. Free admission. Donations suggested. For more information call Sponsored by The Woman s Club of Minneapolis. TRADITIONS C l a s s i c H o m e F u r n i s h i n g s ACCESSORIES SALE! SAINT PAUL ST. LOUIS PARK 4245 Excelsior Blvd. (952) NAPLES, FL

12 12 November 20, 2009 EAST ISLES RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION By Michael T Kach, Secretary Minutes of the Board of Directors Tuesday October 6th, 2009, 6:30p.m ~ 9 p.m. Grace Trinity Church Our Website is: We are updating our distribution records: Please help us collect your address Everyone is welcome at our neighborhood meetings; you do not have to be a registered member to participate. If you would like to join and become a member, please send an to: A quorum was present, and the meeting was opened by Vice-President Mark Lofstrom. Attending: Mark Lofstrom, Michael T Kach, Rosita Acosta, Rose Matthys, Jerome Ryan, Karen Carney, Harvey Ettinger, Ginna Portman. The minutes of the September 2009 meeting of the East Isle Resident s Association (EIRA) board of directors had been approved by the Board online. All previous meeting Minutes are available for you to view on our website. This meeting began 30 minutes early as it is the Semi-Annual General Membership meeting. BOARD BUSINESS: A motion to make a donation of $500 from East Isles Resident s Association (EIRA) account funds for the Palio Parade and Festival on October 4, 2009 was made, seconded and passed. A motion to nominate Jerome Ryan as the East Isles Resident s Association (EIRA) elector for the November NRP Board election was made, seconded and passed. Harvey Ettinger provided some background from the Park Board regarding our Triangle (Levin) Park discussion. He said that it was scheduled for a 2011 timeframe for refurbishment and that this park renovation had been included in previous 5-year plans. Based on the Mayor s budget, a figure of $250,000 was disclosed for this proposed project. The board discussed becoming a part of the process to have the neighborhood concerns included and recommended writing a letter of cooperation to the Park Board stating that an East Isles Resident s Association (EIRA) steering committee would gather local input and be willing to assist the final design and planning. Harvey, Kate Lynch, Pam Hockenberry, and Jerome Ryan have shown interest in participating in the steering committee. Kenwood School Corner Post signage: East Isles Resident s Association (EIRA) donated $900 to Kenwood School for a beautification on 21st and Knox Ave. That project is now complete. A previously passed motion allowed our East Isles Resident s Association (EIRA) name to be added to the four sided sign at the Kenwood School without requirement of a donation or other consideration. East Isles (EIRA) History: A neighborhood history was prepared professionally by Landscape Research in 2006 for our Association and the Board discussed using funds to reprint this 64 page historic document and make it available to all new members who recently participated in our neighborhood membership drive. The cost is estimated to be about $1,000/100 copies. Bids will be solicited locally for this project. This issue was tabled for further discussion at the next Board meeting. TREASURER S REPORT: Peter Levine, EIRA Treasurer, submitted the financial report. Our balance as of 9/30/09 for checking & savings is $7,327 cash-on-hand plus a Certificate of Deposit for $7,000. Our membership drive was successful and added 48 New members and 90 Renewing members. Total collected between donations and dues was $3,240 A motion to adjourn our regular meeting was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting was opened to the general public commentary. Council Member Ralph Remington provided updates on several neighborhood and city wide issues. First, the recent LRT routing decision has made it through another important procedural stage with the Technical Advisory Committee now recommending Route 3A (down the Kenilworth corridor to downtown). Oct 14th will be the meeting of the Policy Advisory committee and he expected they will make the same 3A route recommendation. He strongly recommended that the neighborhood communicate with Hennepin County officials to get funding assistance from the county to provide the connecting transit services between the two rail lines within the city, ideally, a rubber-track streetcar in the 29th street Midtown Greenway Corridor. The Uptown Bar has applied for a demolition permit and will become retail space. The patio area has already been sold-off and converted into a new retail establishment. Also, the homeowner of 2863 East Lake of the Isles Parkway applied for a demolition permit at that address. Energy funding for Minnesota homeowners has been released from the Federal Government effective October 1st and he believes it will be used up quickly people should get information at The new Walker Library building plan discussions were shared. The $40 million project has a commitment of $10 million from Hennepin County for construction. There are many unknown details for this project. Notices: Zoning Changes Public Hearing at City Hall Room 317 on October 13th and Oct, 26th at 4:30pm. National Community Planning Month Public Hearing is October 14 in the City Hall Rotunda from 11:30a ~ 1:30p Crime and Safety Meeting: Four nearby neighborhoods are invited to participate in an October 20th meeting at Temple Israel from 6 ~ 8:30pm. Elections in Minneapolis on November 3rd will be ranked choice style, a first for us, please familiarize yourself with this new 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice voting system. Dan Shaw presented an overview of how the process will work. A Restorative Justice meeting will be help October 20th and Nov 19th at 5:30pm Please contact NRP: Jerome Ryan reported that Phase 1 report is almost done, and the Phase 2 pre-planning steering committee has met. The next meeting is Nov 10th here at the Grace Trinity Church; see our website for details. Phase 2 is expected to distribute $379,000 to East Isles Neighborhood projects with the bulk being dedicated towards low income housing. Only 70% of the project funds have been allocated in the city budget. Guests: Candidate for State Representative 60A, Marion Greene, visited and made a brief presentation of her campaign to run for office to the Board. Zoning Committee Karen Carney and Sue Durfee, co-chairs: Karen presented proposed zoning changes to properties in our neighborhood. Please attend the October 13th or Oct, 26th city zoning meetings. Crime & Safety Committee OPEN: Mark Lofstrom announced a NPP/Burglary Prevention meeting will be conducted by Chelsea Adams and a representative of the police force on October 20th at Temple Israel, 2324 Emerson Av, S, Joseph Room, from 6 ~ 9 pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. The message will be that we are the key to crime prevention - we know our neighborhoods, and if we see suspicious activity we can do two things: #1 Call 911 (it s not a problem) #2 Get as much detail as possible Social Committee - Amy Sanborn: Amy reported that Palio, a five neighborhood event and fundraiser for Kenwood Park, was a big success and that East Isles won the judging. This year a D.J. played music and coordinated activities proving to be very popular. Thank you to D Amicos and Sons for donating sandwiches, Kowalski s Grocery for donating brats and hotdogs and Red s Uptown Savoy Pizza for pizza! The next big neighborhood event is the Ice Skating Party in January NEXT BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING: Because the November Board Meeting falls on election day, November 3, the next EIRA Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday November 10th, 2009, 7:00 p.m. at Grace Church. With no further business; the meeting was adjourned. Palio from page 7 food; Jerome Ryan the beverage king, iced sodas, brought hot chocolate, still had time left over to volunteer for set up; Nicole Valentine bake sale coordinator. Parade Captains: East Isles Parade Captains: Mindy Sloo and Laura Kay Jelinek led the East Isles neighborhood to victory. Thanks to Kate Lynch for her enthusiastic gong banging. Melody Ng, just moved to Kenwood in past year, stepped up to lead Kenwood this year. Mary Van Note, Parade MC, armed with a wireless microphone wandered among the parades greeting each neighborhood and welcoming individual participants. Mary is like Santa Claus, she made a list of what each neighborhood s parades brought to Palio, noted who was well costumed, and who wasn t, checked it twice, and is looking forward to gathering more information Palio to page 13

13 NOVEMBER 20, Stats, Buyers, Tax Credit Extended By Steve Havig, President/Broker Owner GRI, CRS Lakes Area Realty of Minneapolis 2009 President Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors Low mortgage rates, affordable supply and the home buyer tax credit kept home sales moving in October. There were Steve Havig 4,676 signed purchase agreements during the month, up 34.4 percent from a year ago the 16th consecutive month of year-over-year increases in pending sales. The recent extension and expansion of the home-buyer tax credit should mean continued buyer movement into early If you were a potential first-time home buyer who was qualified to purchase, odds are good you already bought. But the higher income limits and the $6,500 credit for move-up buyers that are in the new bill open things up a bit. Traditional pending sales (excluding foreclosures and short sales) were up 55.0 percent from last October, a sure sign that demand is beginning to spill over into that segment. The October median sales price of $169,000 is a slight dip from the prior month, but the dip is much REAL ESTATE NEWS less extreme than typical in the fall months. Compared to last October, it s a 6.1 percent decline the lowest year-over-year decline in 24 months. The median sales price of traditional homes in October was $193,500, down 13.2 percent from a year ago. Lender-mediated homes posted an October figure of $129,000, down 4.4 percent from a year ago. Foreclosures are still selling much more frequently than short sales, bringing the month s supply of foreclosures to 1.4, while short sales still have 13.2 months of supply. More information on these market segments is available with the October 2009 Update to Foreclosures and Short Sales in the Twin Cities, now updated monthly and available at Good news for sellers: Homes are selling quicker and sellers are receiving closer to their original asking price than they were a year ago. However, the experience varies by price point as activity in the upper-bracket price ranges is still relatively slow. The lower and middle price brackets will probably see a lot of movement over the next nine months. MAAR s President-Elect, Brad Fisher, said it best: If you re a buyer in those ranges, action is your best weapon. All information is according to the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS (MAAR) based on data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc. MAAR is the leading regional advocate and provider of information services and research on the real estate industry for brokers, real estate professionals and the public. MAAR serves the Twin Cities 13-county metro area and western Wisconsin. Palio from page 12 on everyone for next year. You may see her taking notes as she gets to know everyone better. Vendors, generously gave of their time and talent: Kowalski s Uptown Market; D Amicos and Sons Uptown; Red s Savoy Pizza Uptown; Isles Bun & Coffee; Brueggers Bagels; Kidsdance Chris, J, and founder Howard Walstein; Mary Van Note, parade MC. Amanda Vallone tirelessly painted faces thru lunch time and even when drizzle picked up pace; helped kids make masks representing each of their neighborhoods. Firefighters Hall and Museum wonderful, wonderful place, must see in Mpls. Brought 3 firefighters and a truck, sounded siren, kids (and adults) loved it. Funjumps always a hit. Many a parent thankful as they put their tired child to bed that day. Lewis White, 11, thanks for initiative and manning the guess how many pieces of candy we welcome more games for kids by kids. Jan Heasley's yoga class, normally at the Rec Center, Sat 9:15am, enjoyed their asanas in sunny Kenwood park- November 7th! 818 MOUNT CURVE AVENUE, MINNEAPOLIS Stately 4-level Townhome w/ 2-car Garage & Downtown Views! 3 BR/3 BA 2250 SF $699,000 Photo by Marian Moore If you are looking for excellent performance, look no further! We re ready to go to work for you. Loan approval is subject to program guidelines. Not all loan programs are available in all states for all loan amounts. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change without notice Member FDIC

14 14 HILL AND LAKE PRESS EDITORIAL & LETTERS NOVEMBER 20, 2009 H i l l & Lak e Pre s s Hill & Lake Press has a new address: and new phone number: BY EDITOR JEAN DEATRICK Congratulations to the winners! We are pleased to recognize Anita Tabb who will represent us as our 4th District Park Board Commissioner. And to Lisa Goodman, our council member, we are thrilled and thankful to have her continue as our advocate in the Seventh Ward. Meg Tuthill, a familiar face and activist in the Hill & Lake Press neighborhood, will ably and assertively represent Tenth Ward residents. We are glad the November election is behind us, but anticipate better days ahead. Because of the continuing count, we don t yet know the results of the Park Board at-large election results. And we may never know exactly how we should have voted on the referendum for the Board of Estimate & Taxation. Mayor Rybak won and is on to his campaign for governor. We live in a neighborhood where many residents were willing to knock on doors, drop flyers, attend fundraisers, and write checks. It is what makes democracy work. Thanks to all of you. Our readers know and love Tom Cook, a former resident of East Isles who now lives in Los Angeles (our West coast correspondent) with his wife JoAnne. When he became ill a few years ago and couldn t write his column, I was overwhelmed with s and phone calls asking about him. I replied that in the future if he became ill I would inform our readers. Well it happened! Tom became ill only this time he did write even though he was barely out of the hospital. Tom and JoAnne visited Minneapolis in October. I suspect Tom did some heavy lifting. He has been seen at garage sales. He didn t say, but he may have purchased a huge vintage record player along with a box of vinyls and lugged it to California. I may be wrong. This may not be exactly what happened. Tom is recovering and we are grateful. I recently received the following.: Dear Friend, Do you have time in your busy day for a quick question, or are you too preoccupied with looking at postings of little kittens that are being raised by a mallard? If the answer is yes, read on How many Americans suffer from Compartment Syndrome every year? a} 14,000,000 b) Define suffering c} d} 6 The answer may be d. Shocked? Well I was, and that is why I have joined the late Art Linkletter to help eradicate Compartment Syndrome. The pain and embarrassment of having an ailment that does not have a flashy Latin name, may be made up and no one has ever heard of can be devastating. It sounds like you fell out of an upper berth on a train or did you bang you arm on a file cabinet? These are the hurtful remarks CS sufferers have to endure. While you are reading this letter and after you log Hill & Lake Press 2101 West Franklin, Minneapolis, MN Volume 33 Number 11 November 20, 2009 Next issue: December 11, 2009 Reservation deadline November 30, Jean Deatrick: Managing Editor 1821 Dupont Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN55403; Dorothy Childers Photographer: Heidi Deatrick Editor s A ssistant & Store Deliveries John Gridley Business Manager: 1821 Dupont Ave S Minneapolis, MN Alexa Johnson Drago, Webmaster Since March 1976, Hill & Lake Press has served the community as a nonprofit newspaper staffed by volunteers. Views expressed are not necessarily those of Hill & Lake Press. Readers! When you read through Hill & Lake Press, please take note of the advertisers. When you need a new roof, a realtor, a painter, or have other needs, please call our advertisers. Most of them have advertised in our neighborhood newspaper month after month, year after year and continue in this bad economy. Try them! Jane Johnson and I have done so and we have been pleased with the quality of work We could not publish without our advertisers support. Please remember them the next time you need a can of paint, a car repair, tree work, your chim- Support Hill & Lake Press Our goal is to make our neighborhoods stronger and better by providing information about the residents and the issues that are important to the residents. Read our website at Perhaps you can support our newspaper with a contribution of $10, $25, $50, or $100 or more. Make checks payable to Hill & Lake Press, c/o John Gridley, Business Manager, 1821 Dupont Ave S. Minneapolis, MN Please include name, address, and /Phone. Thank you. off and get something to eat and enjoy the Holidays, in that span of time someone may get compartment syndrome!!! Granted it probably won t be someone that is even a friend of a friend. You may not even hear or read about it, that is why we call it the silent hurter. What follows is a testimonial... Suddenly my arm swelled up and got rock hard. It took two surgeries and a week in the hospital. I was in great pain, but they gave me extras on Vicodin and jello, which I am hooked on, particularly raspberry. I have a giant divot in my arm Lloyd Smith, Residential Deliveries: Hill & Lake Press is a non profit newspaper and funded and supported by its advertisers and neighborhood associations: East Isles Residents Association (EIRA); Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA); Cedar Isles Dean Neighborhood Assocation (CIDNA); and Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association (LHNA). Hill & Lake Press welcomes stories, poetry, articles, photos, and ideas. Please direct contributions and advertising queries to Jean Deatrick at or Hill & Lake Press is a volunteer newspaper. W e appreciate your patience when calling or ing. A lthough we do not k eep traditional office hours, we will return your calls and messages. Please hillandlak e- bitstream. net immediately if you do not receive your newspaper. ney repaired, or many other services. When you want to sell or buy a home, please check Hill & Lake Press for a realtor. Where to find HLP Burch Pharmacy Isles Bun & Coffee Isles Market & Deli Kenwood Barbers Calhoun Vision Kenwood Rec Center Dunn Brothers The Woman s Club Quality Coaches Uptown YWCA Mainstreet Bank Framestyles Sebastian Joe s Green Mill Tuthill s Walker Library Hennepin Lake Liquor Lowry Hill Liquor and it feels like some extra terrestrial is going to pop out and try to take over the world! Mr. T. Cook Redondo Beach, CA Chilling isn t it. There is so much costly and ineffective research to be done before CS can be conquered. Many of you have already contributed funny cards, s, and phone calls. I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. Still unable to play the piano, Tom Tom Cook and Hannah Rachael Leigh Cook with her father. Photos by JoAnne Cook

15 NOVEMBER 20, F AREWELL C ANDY L ADY By Madeleine Lowry When I saw the For Sale sign go up I was sure my children would cry. Candy Lady is selling her house and the neighborhood will never be the same. Candy Lady is the code name my kids have for the lady who lives on our block in a Madeleine Lowry perfect little house that faces Franklin Avenue. I remember the first time my kids Trick-or-Treated at her house. They were small and the night was chilly. They could only make it around our block and one other before turning into popsicles. When you are small and candy-driven, you make the most of the territory you can cover. They returned home, eyes big as jack-o-lanterns. Look at what we got! They did a giddy victory dance as they pulled out multiple oversized boxes of candy a full-sized box of Milk Duds, another of Jujubes and a full-size orange-flavored chocolate bar all tied together beautifully with a bit of raffia. It was the candy jackpot of a lifetime. My son s pupils were dilated as he rhapsodized, Next year, I am going to that house first. That, my friends, is called one-step learning. Even I was impressed. This was truly a haul. And all from one house! And it was not so early in the evening by this time, mind you. I realized that this was a woman with deep candy reserves. For those of you that don t live in my corner of Lowry Hill, let me tell you that Halloween is a serious business here. I buy twelve bags of candy every year about 250 pieces and I parse them out one at a time. Even at that pace we usually barely make it to nine o clock before we are flat out of candy. The first year we lived here I was ill-prepared. I had to resort to pennies and oranges by the end of the evening. Now I make sure to tell new neighbors to have at least ten bags on hand. I hear that trick-or-treating traffic varies greatly by block in our neighborhood and I have wondered what makes our block such a mecca for kids. First of all, we have about twenty kids on our block. Another reason is that we have a high concentration of kids in our immediate neighborhood since we are so close to Kenwood School. But the full explanation goes beyond neighborhood kids alone. Neighborhood kids start coming around 5:30 and are mostly done by 7:30 pm. After that, it s a steady stream of non-neighborhood kids. The vans pull up and groups of kids emerge. They probably come from other areas of the city that are not as safe or pro-candy. Possibly they have zeroed in on our block because of Candy Lady. Kids have highly refined candy radar. I am happy to support the Halloween dreams of small children and not-so-small children. I can understand why they come. We have a nice, well-lit neighborhood with lots of families that make it a priority to have candy on hand for them. Also, our houses are close together and that means more candy per meter walked. You don t need a Ph.D. in candy to figure that out. Did I ever tell you that we chose this neighborhood based on Halloween? Yes, well, it was Halloween seven years ago when we were trying to decide whether to put an offer on a house in Kenwood, or one in Lowry Hill. We drove around trying to judge which block had the most kids by the trick-or-treater traffic. It was dark and mostly quiet on Sheridan. Then we came over to the block that we now call home and knew we d found our neighborhood. There were scads of kids streaking all over the place, the houses were all lit up and there were these beautiful streetlights that made it very bright and safe! It looked like the happiest place on earth. This year, with the departure of Candy Lady imminent, I tried to imagine handing out hundreds of handtied candy parcels instead of the one meager mini Almond Joy that is my norm. I broke out into a sweat. No, I didn t think anyone will try to fill Candy Lady s big shoes. She s in a class of her own. Perhaps there is a place for her in the pages of the Ripley s Believe It or Not for most candy dispensed in one night. Well, Candy Lady is moving and it s the end of an era. I can imagine my grown kids telling their kids one day, You know, there was once a lady who gave out tons of candy for Halloween. And she lived on my block! Madeleine L owry is mother of three and a member of the L owr y Hi l l Resi dents Inc. board. Her favorite candies are Peppermint Patties, A lmond Joys and Junior Mints. Find her on Facebook.

16 16 November 20, 2009 sand upon the waters By Tom H. Cook Jan (not her real name): Hey Tom, maybe you can help me. My great uncle Clarence was born in 1931 and we are having a big birthday party for him up in Ely. We re going to sneak him out to like Fuddrucker s and decorate his whole trailer in like 1930s stuff and really surprise him. Me: I d love to come, but I am busy, whenever that is Jan (punching me playfully, flirtatiously, and with surprising power.): You know it s just for family. Remember I was over your house that time and you showed me all of your old magazines, and the toys, and those old radios! You ve got the greatest stuff, you re like an encyclopedia about it, and I d take good care. Besides, you d like Unkie Clarence; he s had four bypasses and still smokes like a fiend! Me: Sounds like my kind of guy. I ll see what I can throw together. (weeks pass) Me: So how was the thing for Carl? Jan (wishing she were somewhere else): Tom, that was so sweet of you, but we didn t end up using your stuff. We thought we d just run into Fuddrucker s first, and everybody was already there! Clarence was hammered. I tried to show him a couple of those old newspapers. I m sorry but he may have gotten a little beer on them * * * * * * * Granted, not all of my lending adventures were this successful. As the pop psychologists would say, I set myself up. I set myself up to be the guy who might have the theme song from Zabriski Point, the Supremes first album, or an 8 x 10 of Sinclair Lewis. My collection was more motley than valuable. Obscure ephemera, music, and videos themed loosely around American sports, politics, and pop culture in other words, junk. Let me say at the onset, this is not a sour grapes rant about being replaced by the Internet. I happily cede the thankless, paralyzing duty of warehousing this stuff. Why I took on the task in the first place remains a painful question. Whether it is grim consolation or belated enlightenment, I have learned a something about myself: I have a need to appear smarter and nicer than I am. Part of the reason I have kept so much stuff is to show/lend/flaunt it. Perhaps I am secretly shy and thrust the stuff forward as a barrier or a diversion. Maybe in a Rosebud manner I am trying to relive a childhood I never had. Last spring I bought a pennant collection of Rock City, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, etc. from a guy who had been on countless family vacations as a kid. I paid three bucks for the box full, but later realized what I really wanted was to have spent my childhood riding all over the US in an old station wagon. Jim Bouton, the former Yankee pitcher and author of Ball Four, wrote that for years he thought he was gripping the baseball, but it turned out it was the other way around. That is the relationship between me and my stuff. JoAnne is even more determined than I am to start divesting. We are 500 books down, and who knows how many more to go. I will revisit this theme later, no doubt. In the meantime, Happy Holidays. May we be thankful for what we have and ready to part with what we do not need. Tom H. Cook is a recovering collector whose heart still flutters when he sees a garage sale sign. London Chimney Sweeps, Ltd CSIA Certified Technicians 30 Years Experience Hill & Lake References Coldwell Banker Burnet Total chimney repair and restoration (historical preservation standards) Expert brick and mortar matching Tuckpointing and chimney crowns Chimney relining for woodburning or gas appliances Chimney cleaning & 21 point safety inspection Free Chim-Scan video inspection of your chimney interior with any service. BELL/THIES SECLUDED SOFT CONTEMPORARY IN MINNNETONKA W/ POND VIEWS! OPEN FLRPLAN & HIGH CEILINGS DESIGNED TO ENTERTAIN & SHOWCASE ARTWORK! KIT/GRT RM W/CORIAN, HWF, WRAP AROUND DECK, 3BDS/4BA, 4-CAR GARAGE. LIST PRICE $695K Ed Bell/Jeff Thies THE JEWEL OF LAKE CALHOUN PRIVATE SETTING ON 1.19ACRES, 5 BR, 6 BA, W-CARETAKER QUARTERS, 4-CAR GARAGE, INGROUND POOL, OPEN FLOOR PLAN FOR GRACIOUS ENTERTAINING W/LAKE & SKYLINE VIEWS W. CALHOUN PARKWAY LISTINGS ~ BELL/THIES AGENTBYDESIGN.COM